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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1988-10-12

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October 12, 1988
The Second Regular Meeting of the Senate of The University of British
Columbia for the Session 1988-89 was held on Wednesday, October 12, 1988 at
8.00 p.m. in Room 102, George F. Curtis Building.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from
Chancellor L. R. Peterson, Dr. S. E. Grace, Dr. s. W. Hamilton, Dean R. W.
Kennedy, Dr. A. Kozak, Mr. D. Mclnnes, Mr. E. S. Reid, Dr. G. G. E. Scudder,
Dr. M. Shaw, Dr. J. K. Stager, Dr. L. J. Stan.
Senate membership
Mr.  Reginald L.  Peters  - Faculty of Science student  representative
replaces Mr. A. K. Colbeck
Minutes of previous meeting
Dr. Birch     )  That the minutes of the First regular
Dean Webber   )  meeting of Senate for the Session 1988-89,
having been circulated, be taken as read
and adopted.
Carried 93 48.
October 12, 1988
Business arising from the Minutes
(i)   Procedures for dealing with medical, emotional and other problems of
students (pp.9292, 9328-9)
Senate was informed that this proposal was not yet available.
(ii)  Definition of enrolment restrictions (p.9333)
There was no discussion of this item.
(iii)  Election of two representatives to serve on the Senate Nominating
Committee by ballot at meeting (p.9334)
Dr. A. J. Elder and Dr. S. Katz had been nominated at the previous
meeting, and a nomination had subsequently been received for Dr. J.
Dean Suedfeld ) That nominations close.
Mr. Haffey    )
A ballot was conducted at the meeting.  The results will be
announced at the November 16, 1988 meeting.
Chairman's remarks and related questions
Dr. Strangway informed Senate that the provincial government would
shortly be releasing the report of its Access Committee for discussion with
post-secondary institutions throughout the whole province prior to the
committee preparing its final recommendations.
President Strangway referred to the network of Centres of Excellence to
be established across Canada, and stated that the University had submitted
letters of intent in connection with this matter.
President Strangway noted that the fund-raising campaign would
officially get under way on March 16 and that the slogan for the cover of
the campaign material is to be "A World of Opportunity". 93 49.
October 12, 1988
Chairman's remarks and related questions (continued)
In conclusion, President Strangway reported that the Asian Pacific
Report had been published and widely distributed.
Dr. Morrison congratulated the President, the President's Office and the
Community Relations Office, on the excellent work done in producing the
Asian Pacific Report.
in response to a query, President Strangway stated that an Employment
Equity Officer had not yet been appointed. However, he anticipated that an
appointment would be made in the very near future. He also confirmed that
the person appointed would report to the President's Office.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Academic Policy
Dr. Tees, Chairman of the Committee, presented the following report:
"Senate, at its meeting of April 20, 1988, agreed that the Committee
have as its first responsiblity, "the election of its Chairman and the
preparation of proposed terms of reference for approval by Senate."
The Committee recommends acceptance of the following terms of reference:
1. To advise the Senate on such matters of important
academic policy as may be referred to it from time to
2. To advise the Senate on significant academic policy
matters which, in the judgement of the Committee,
might be brought to the attention of an appropriate
standing committee of Senate for review. If the
subject is not addressed in the mandate of another
committee, the Academic Policy Committee may review
the issue itself and report to Senate.
3. To advise the Agenda Committee, when requested, on
matters brought before Senate.
4. To assess, when requested by Senate, the impact of
decisions on academic policies or regulations approved
by Senate and report on the results of such analyses.
5. To report to the Senate at least annually on its
deliberations." 9350.
October 12, 1988
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Academic Policy (continued)
Dr. Tees      ) That Senate adopt the terms of reference
Mr. Williamson )  recommended by the Committee.
Dr. Tees explained to Senate that in trying to establish the terms of
reference, the Committee had reviewed documents from about eight major
Canadian universities in order to obtain information as to how the
structure of Senate's in other universites might deal with policy and
planning. He stated that whilst the documents gave some insight as to how
such an academic policy committee might be effective at UBC, they did not
help in developing terms of reference; the major difference being that,
at UBC, there are eight standing committee of Senate which have as their
mandate academic policy of some sort.
One of the problems the Committee had to deal with was the mandate
contained in item (b) of the terms of reference of the Agenda Committee,
which reads: "To initiate discussion by Senate of matters of academic
policy and to prepare material for the information of Senate relating to
such discussion." Dr. Tees said that if the Committee had avoided that
mandate in developing its terms of reference, it would have caused some
difficulty. The Agenda Committee had therefore agreed that if the
Academic Policy Committee's proposed terms of reference were approved,
they would agree to the deletion of item (b) from their terms of reference.
Dr. Tees felt that the Committee could act as a catalyst by ensuring
that those committees that have a legitimate interest in academic policy
in their own domain, deal with significant academic policy, implications
or issues. 9351.
October 12, 1988
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Academic Policy (continued)
In conclusion, Dr. Tees stated that the Committee needed the assurance
of Senate that any issues to be considered by the Committee were in fact
timely. He stated that the Committee would present its own ideas to
Senate as well as ideas received from other members of Senate.
The motion was put and carried.
Agenda Committee
Dean Webber recommended that, as the terms of reference of the Academic
Policy Committee overlapped significantly with item (b) of the Agenda
Committee's terms of reference, item (b) of its terms of reference be
Dean Webber   ) That item (b) of the terms of
Dr. Tennant   ) reference of the Agenda Committee
which reads:  "To initiate discussion
by Senate of matters of academic policy
and to prepare material for the information
of Senate relating to such discussion."  be
Nominating Committee
Dr. Tennant, Chairman of the Committee, presented the following report:
"1. Vacancies on Senate Committees
The  Nominating  Committee nominates  the  following persons  to  fill
vacancies on Senate Committees:
Academic Building Needs
Mr. Raymond Bush      - replacing Mr. D. W. Barron
Dr. R. C. Tees        - replacing Dr. J. L. Wisenthal
Applied Science rep.  - replacing Professor D. Pavlich
Academic Policy
Ms. Anne Ironside     - replacing Mr. J. Kulich 9352.
October 12, 1988
Reports of Committees of Senate
Nominating Committee
"1. Vacancies on Senate Committees  (continued)
Dr. S. Mindess
Mr. R. L. Peters
- replacing Dr. R. A. Spencer
- replacing Mr. A. K. Colbeck
Appeals on Academic Standing
Mr. R. L. Peters
Mr. S. B. Alsgard
Dr. D. A. Wehrung
Continuing Education
Ms. Anne Ironside
Dean P. B. Robertson
Dr. s. Katz
replacing Mr. A. K. Colbeck
replacing Mrs. D. Jones
replacing Dr. M. A. Goldberg
- replacing Mr. J. Kulich as ex-officio member
- additional member
replacing Dr. S. W. Hamilton
Extracurricular Activities
Dean J. F. Richards   - replacing Dean G. S. Beagrie
Dr. W. C. Wright, Jr.  - replacing Dr. C. E. Armerding
Liaison with Post-Secondary Institutions
Acting Dean D. Dolphin - replacing Dean R. C. Miller, Jr,
Dr. S. E. Grace       - replacing Dr. J. L. Wisenthal
Mr. N. A. Davidson    - additional member
Student Appeals on Academic Discipline
Professor P. L. Bryden - replacing Professor D. Pavlich
Mr. N. A. Davidson
Dean P. B. Robertson
Dr. S. W. Hamilton
University Library
Dr. J. A. McLean
Dean J. H. McNeill
additional member
additional member
replacing Dr. M. A. Goldberg
- replacing Dean P. A. Lusztig
- replacing Dean R. C. Miller, Jr 9353.
October 12, 1988
Reports of Committees of Senate
Nominating Committee (continued)
2. Membership and Officers of Senate
Item 2.3 of the Senate Procedures, adopted at the April 23, 1986 meeting,
states that: Senate shall elect a Vice Chairman at least annually, who
shall chair meetings in the absence of the president; but in no case
shall a vice chairman serve more than two consecutive terms.
The Nominating Committee nominates Dean W. A. Webber for the position of
Dr. Tennant   )  That the recommendations of the
Dr. Dennison  ) Nominating Committee concerning
vacancies on Senate committees be
Dr. Tennant   )  That Dean W. A. Webber serve as
Dr. Dennison  )  Vice-chairman of Senate for the
1988-89 session.
Committee on Student Awards
In presenting the report, Dr. Cook, Chairman of the Committee, drew
Senate's attention to the Gideon Rosenbluth Prize in Economics and noted
that this prize had been established in honour of a Professor Emeritus of
the Department of Economics.
Dr. Cook also noted that the last sentence of the R. Angus P. Macleod
Memorial Award should read: The award is made on the recommendation of
the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.
Dr. Cook      )  That the new awards (listed in the Appendix)
Mr. Williamson ) be accepted subject to the approval of the
Board of Governors and that letters of
thanks be sent to the donors. 9354.
October 12, 1988
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Student Awards (continued)
In response to a query concerning the Telecommunications Workers Union -
J. Douglas Booth Memorial Scholarship, Dr. Cook stated that one of the
terms of the award was that in the case of candidates who are academically
equal, financial consideration will be a factor in making the award. It
was suggested that the wording of the award should be clarified to reflect
Dr. Cook's explanation.
After further discussion it was agreed that the award be referred back
to the Committee for clarification.
The motion to approve the awards, with the exception of the
Telecommunications Workers Union award, was put and carried.
Student elections to Governing Bodies
The following recommendations for the 1988-89 student elections to
Governing Bodies had been circulated.
That the schedule for the 1988/89 Academic Year be as follows:
- call for nominations in The Ubyssey, Tuesday, November 15, Friday,
November 18 and Tuesday, November 22, 1988
- close of nominations, 4.00 p.m. Friday, December 2, 1988
- election date Friday, January 20, 1989
advertisement  listing the candidates in The Ubyssey on Friday,
January 13 and Tuesday, January 17, 1989
- evening polls 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. Wednesday, January 18, 1989
- daytime polls 9.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
January 18, 19 and 20, 1989
The rules and regulations remain unchanged.
Dr. Tennant   )  That the recommendations for the
Mr. Williamson )  1988/89 student elections to
Governing Bodies be approved.
Carried 9355.
October 12, 1988
Other business
Budget Committee
Dr. Dennison referred to the Financial Statements circulated at the
September meeting, and reguested that the Budget Committee, in accordance
with its terms of reference, report to Senate on the advice that it is
giving to the President regarding academic planning and priorities. He
suggested that Senate would be particularly interested to hear about the
percentage of the budget allocated to faculty salaries.
Dr. Robitaille, Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, responded that
he hoped the Committee would be in a position to submit a report to Senate
in the near future.
Dean Lusztig reminded Senate that the the previous meeting he had asked
Vice-President Gellatly about a pattern that appeared to be emerging in
the Financial Statements in relation to the percentage of the budget
allocated for faculty salaries as compared to administrative staff
salaries. He also requested that the Senate Budget Committee report back
to Senate on this matter.
Committee on Continuing Education
Dr. Elder requested that the Senate Committee on Continuing Education
report on its deliberations and recommendations on Continuing Education
for the benefit of the recently established Task Force on Continuing
Education. 9356.
October 12, 1988
The meeting adjourned at 8.45 p.m.
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday, November
16, 1988.
Chairman 9357.
October 12, 1988
New awards
Delta Kappa Gamma Bursary - A $500 bursary has been made available by Delta
Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, an honour society of women
educators. The award is intended to assist undergraduate women students in
the Faculty of Education.  (Available 1988/89 Winter Session)
Diachem Industries Awards - Up to five $500 awards are made to soccer
players entering UBC These awards provide incentive to talented players to
continue to develop their soccer skills while pursuing post-secondary
education. The award is made on the recommendation of the Director of
Athletic and Sport Services. (This replaces an existing external award.
Available 1988/89 Winter Session)
McNeil Pharmaceutical (Canada) Ltd. Prize in Psychiatry - McNeil
Pharmaceutical (Canada) Ltd. provides a $300 prize to the student in third
year Medicine who has achieved the highest standing in Psychiatry. The
award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Medicine. (Available
1987/88 Winter Session)
R. Angus P. Macleod Memorial Award - A $75 book award has been established
in memory of R. Angus P. Macleod, B.Sc.(Agr.) 1986, by his family, friends
and colleagues to recognize a student in the Faculty of Agricultural
Sciences who demonstrates scholarly achievement, personal integrity, and
involvement in sports, and recreational activities, as Angus Macleod did.
The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Agricultural
Sciences.  (Available 1989/90 Winter Session)
Gideon Rosenbluth Prize in Economics - A $50 book prize is awarded on the
recommendation of the Department of Economics to recognize an outstanding
essay in empirical economics. The competition is open to both undergraduate
and graduate students. Essays will be nominated by instructors in the
Department of Economics. Weight will be placed on innovative collection and
analysis of data, and clarity and style of exposition. (Available 1988/89
Winter Session)
Donn Spence Award - A $500 award has been established in memory of Donn
Spence, B.P.E. '56, M.S. '67, in recognition of his contribution to the
University and the community in Rugby. The award was established by the
1984 UBC Rugby team, the Canada and B.C. Rugby Unions, and friends of Donn
Spence. The award is made to a student who has completed at least one year
of full time study at UBC and exhibits high standards of leadership and a
demonstrated interest in Rugby. The award is made on the recommendation of
the Director of Athletic and Sport Services. (Available 1988/89 Winter


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