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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] May 11, 1927

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Wednesday,   May  llth,   1927
The   fourth   regular  meeting  of   the   Senate   of
The   University  of   British   Columbia  for  the   session
1926-27   was  held   on  Wednesday,   May  llth,   1927,   at
9:30  A.M.,   in   the   Board   Room.
Present:   President  Klinok   (in   the   Chair),
Dean   F.   U.    Clement,   Acting  Dean  J.   U.   Turnbull,   Dean
H.   T.   J.    Coleman,   Mr.   H.   M.   King,   Mr.   A*   F.   Barss,   Dr.
R.   H.    Clark,   Dr.   D.   Buchanan,   Dr.   M.   Y.   Williams,
Judge   Peter  S.   Lampman,   Mr.   James  Henderson,   Dr.   E.   B.
Paul,   Rev.   W.   H.   Smith,   Dr.   G.   G.   Sedgewiok,   Dr.    C.
Killam,   Rev.   A.   H.   Sovereign,   Judge   J.   D.   Swanson,
Dr.   W.   B.   Burnett,   Mr.   A.   E.   Lord,   Mr.   J.   S.   Gordon,
and  Mr.   G.   E.   Robinson.
Mr.   Gordon   )
Dr.   Burnett)   That   the   minutes   of   the   third
regular  meeting of  February   16th
and   of   the   special   meeting  of
April   llth,   be   taken  as   read,   and
I Carried
Expressions   of   regret   at   inability   to   be
present   at   the   meeting were   received   from Mr.   G.   A.
Fergusson,   Mr.   A.   E.   Richards,   Mr.   Sherwood   Lett   and
Mr.   G.   W.   Scott.
Dean   Clement)
Hr.   Barss        )   That   these   communications   be
The   appointment   by   the   President   of   Mr.
1064 H.   T.   Logan,   as   Faculty   representative   on   the   Inter-
Fraternity   Council  was   announced,   for   the   information
of   Senate. 512
' > Wednesday,   May   llth,   1927
^P Notice   of Appointment   of   Committee
, To   Study   the   Question  of  Summer  Session  and
Extra-mural   Courses,   in  all   its   Bearings:
■^      1065 Mr* Sherwood  Lett,   Chairman
Dr. D.   Buchanan
t The Most   Rev.   A.   U.   de   Pencier
Mr. G.   A.   Fergusson
Dr. U.   Y.   Williams
♦• Ur. A.   E.   Lord
Recent   Senate   elections  will   necessitate
some   change   in   the   personnel   of   this   Committee.      The
Chairman  of   Senate   will   consult  with   the   Chairman  of
the   Committee.
From  the  Board  of  Governors
A   letter   from   the   Board   of  Governors  was   read,
approving  of  the   recommendations  of  Senate   in  regard   to
,Q6g (a)   American Women's   Club  Bursary  and
(b)   The   Khaki   University  Scholarships.
A   communication  from   the   Board  of  Governors
re   recommendations   contained   in  the   report   of   Senate
on Extra-mural  and  Summer  Session work  was   read.
Dean   Coleman)
Dr.   Buchanan)   That   the   communication  be
received  and   filed.
From   the   Faculty  of  Arts  and  Science
New  Course   in Philosophy -   Philosophy 9
1067 Philosophy  9   -   Psychology  of  Mental  Measure
ment.     A   study  of   the   concept  of   intelligence.      Its
practical  bearing in modern  life.     Principles  and
applications   of   the   measurement   of   intelligence.
Practical   training  in   the   methods   of   individual
and   group  examinations.      The   nature   and   causes   of t
( '
Wednesday,   May   llth,   1927
mental   defects  and  peculiarities.      Treatment   of
subnormal,   normal  and   gifted   children.
References:     Terman,   Stanford  Re. vis Ion  of   the
Blnet-Simon Teats;   Hollingworth,   The,  Gifted   Child:
Burt,   The   Young  Delinquent:   Hart,   The   Psychology
of   Insanity.
Prerequisite:   Philosophy  1  or its  equivalent.
Two   hours   a  week 2   units
Summer  Session 1-& units
( Dean   Coleman)
Dean   Clement)   That   this   recommendation  be
t Carried
^        1068 Medals  offered  by   the   National   Committee   for   the
Celebration  of   the   Diamond   Jubilee   of   Confederation
1 That   the   University aooept   three  medals
offered  by  the  National   Committee   for   the
„ celebration  of  the   Diamond  Jubilee   of
^ Confederation   for essay   competition   in  a
^ topic   connected with   the   Confederation
era and   the   subsequent   development  of   Canada;
that   the   details   of   the   competition   shall   be
handled  by   the   Committee   on  Prizes  and
* Scholarships.
^ Dean   Coleman)
Dean   Clement}   That   this   recommendation  be
Report   of   the   Decisions   come   to  by   the
1069                Faculty  of Arts  and  Science   on Extra-mural   Courses,
'                                  Reading   Courses,   Saturday and  Evening   Classes,   and
of   the   reasons  for   these   decisions. 	
* Dr.   Killam     )
Dr.   Williams)   That   the   report   be   referred   to
the   Committee   to   Study  the
Question of  Summer  Session and
Extra-mural  Work  in  all   its
- bearings.
Oarried 514
r Wednesday,   May   llth,   1927
^P From   the   Faculty  of  Applied  Science
1 That   the   foot-note   on  page   145   of   the
1927-28   calendar,   in   reference   to
/       1373 Chemistry,   be   rescinded.
Hr.   Turnbull)
' Dr.   Williams)   That   this   recommendation   be
ado pted.
, Carried
Report   of   Committee   on   Calendar
< Ur.   Henderson,    Chairman   of   the   Committee   on
Calendar,   reported,   for   the   information   of   Senate,   that
the   1927-23   calendar,    the   Summer   Session  Announcement
and   the   Matriculation   Reouirements  had   all   been   issued.
Report   of   the   Scrutineers   and   of   tha   Registrar   in
Y        1072 reference   to   the   Senate   Eleotions	
To   the   Senate   of   The   University   of   British   Columbia
We,   the  undersigned,   having been  appointed
your   scrutineers,   beg   to   report   that:-
The   Chancellorship  of   the   University having
been  filled  by acclamation,   no   ballot  was   received
for   that   of fi ce.
The   total   number  of   ballots   received   for
Members   of   Senate  was   699.      Of   these,   693   were
valid;   6  were   spoiled.
We  have   counted   the   votes   on   the   above-
mentioned   693   ballots   and   find   the   following  to
be   the   result: 515
Wednesday, May llth, 1927
Candidates        -   Votes Received -   In order of
       vote3 received
Anderson, Sydney 379 14
Argue, William Piritte 345 17
Boggs, Theodore H. 575 1
Burnett, William B. 372 15
Clearihue, Joseph B. 235 22
De Pencier, Rev. A. U. 409 13
Duckering, William E. 197 23
Foreman* Alvah Ernest 135 24
Gordon* John Simpson 288 19
Grant, John Allan 358 16
Howay, Frederic W. 548 3
Jamieson, Annie Bruce 415 12
Killam, Cecil 418 11
Lett, Sherwood 530 5
Lord, Arthur Edward 539 4
MoKee, Charles Sears 124 26
Pearson, John Mawer 140 25
Powell, William Holl 238 21
Richards, Albert Edward 521 6
Robinson, George Edward 291 13
Scott, Gordon Wood 450 9
Sedgewick, Garnett G. 563 2
Sovereign, Rev. A. H. 469 7
Swanson, John Donald 454 8
Turnbull, John Monorieff 279 20
Wood, Urs. Beatrice 445 10
Candidates Elected      -   Votes Received
Boggs, Theodore H. 575
Sedgewiok, Garnett G. 563
Howay, Frederic W. 548
Lord, Arthur Edward 539
Lett, Sherwood, 530
Richards, Albert Edward 521
Sovereign, Rev. A. H. 469
Swanson, John Donald 454
Scott, Gordon Wood 450
Wood, Mrs. Beatrice 445
Killam, Cecil 418
Jamieson, Miss Annie Bruce       415
De Penoier, Rev. A. U. 409
Anderson, Sydney 379
Burnett, William Brenton 372
(Signed) G. A. Fergusson,
(Signed) D. M. Robinson,
Scrutineer 518
Wednesday,   May   llth,   1927
(From  Registrar's   report:-     "As   there   was   only   one
candidate   nominated  for   Chancellor,   namely,   Robert
Edward  McKechnie,   Esq.,   he   was   duly  elected   by
Dr.    Clark )
Judge   Lampman)   That   the   report   be   received  and
adopted  and   spread  on   the   minutes.
1073 Notice   of   appointment   of   representatives   on   Senate
Faculty  of  Arts   and   Scienoe    :      Mr.   H.   F.   Angus
Dr^   ^   ^   Williams
Faculty  of  Applied  Science      :     Mr.   W.   E.   Du eke ring
t Dr.   R.   H.    Clark
, Faculty  of Agri culture :     Mr.   H.   M.   King
1.1 r.   A.   F.   Barss
The  Anglioan  Theological   College   of  British
^k Columbia	
Rev.   Principal  W.   H.   Vance,   M.A. ,   D.D.
* Unjon   College -      in   abeyance
Dr.   E.   B.   Paul   stated   that  he   was   retiring as
1074 Prinoipal   of   Victoria   College.     The   President  and  the
Dean   of   the   Faculty  of  Arts   and  Science   paid high   tribute
to   Dr.   Paul's   long and  faithful   service   in  the   cause   of
higher  education   in  British   Columbia  and  as   a member   of
the   University  Senate.
Dean   Coleman     }
Mr.   Sovereign   )   That   the   Chairman  be   authorized
to   appoint   a   committee   to   prepare
an   appropriate   resolution  and   to
see   that   the   resolution has   the
appropriate   publicity.
Carried 1075
Wednesday, May llth, 1927
The Secretary of Senate stated that a number
of members of Convocation had raised the question of
allowing more time between the sending out of the ballots
for the University Senate elections and the counting of
the ballots.  Certain other matters in reference to
Senate elections were also discussed.
Judge Swanson)
Dr. Killam   ) That this matter be placed in the
hands of the University solicitors
and if there is necessity for an
amendment to the Aot that it be
prepared; and that the Registrar
acknowledge these letters with
the statement that the matter will
be attended to.
In amendment:
Mr. Lord      )
Judge Lampman ) That a committee be appointed by
the Chair to bring in recommendations to Senate with regard to
the election of Senate.
Judge Swanson, with the consent of Dr. Killam,
withdrew his motion.
Motion of Mr. Lord was put to vote and oarried.
A recommendation of the High School and
1076     University Matriculation Board was submitted in reference
to proposed changes in Matriculation Examinations for
students of the High School Technical Course.
Mr.    Lord)
Dr.   Paul)   That  this   recommendation  be   referred
to   the   Faculties   concerned.
i 1077
Wednesday, May lxth, 1927
Dr. Killam  )
Dr. Williams) That this motion be laid on the
table with item 9(c) of the
agenda until we have dealt with
item 10 - Examination Results.
The   results   of   the   examinations   in   the   various
years   in   the   Faculty   of  Arts  and  Science,   including  those
of   Victoria   College  were   presented   by  Dean   Coleman
and  were   considered  and  passed,   section   by   section.
Dean   Coleman)
Dr.   Buchanan)   That   the   report,   as   a whole,   be
adopte d.
The   results   of   the Examinations   in   the   various
years  In   the   Faoulty  of Applied   Science  were  presented
by  Acting-Dean   Turnbull and  were   considered   and   passed,
section   by  section.
Mr.   Turnbull)
Dr.    Clark        i   That   the   report,as  a
The   results   of   the   examinations   in   the   various
years   in   the   Faculty  of Agriculture   were   presented   by
Dean   Clement   and were   considered  and  passed,   section
by   section.
Dean   Clement)
Ur.   King )   That   the   report,   as   a whole,   be
Carried 1073
Wednesday, Hay llth, 1927
Dr.   Williams)
Dean   Coleman)   That   the   report   of   the   Committee
on   Frizes   and   Scholarships,   as  a
whole,   as  amended,   be  adopted.
(Award to Lloyd Williams held in abeyance)
Dr.   Williams)
Dr.   Buchanan)   That  9(b) and   (c)   be   taken  from
the   table and   that  we   oonsider
those two Items.
From  the   High  Schoo^   and   University Hatri qulation   Boards
Ur.   Lord)
Dr.   Paul)   That   this   recommendation   be   referred
to   the   Faculties   concerned.
Car rle d
1080 A  letter  from Mr.   Melville   Bryson was   read,
requesting  that   his   daughter  be   allowed   to   reside   in a
house   in  which   there  were  men  students   lodging.
Dr.   Sedgewiok)
Dr.    Buchanan   )   That   such matters   be   referred   to
the   Dean  of  the  Faculty   concerned
and   the   Dean of  Women.
Dean   Clement)
Ur.   Barss        )   That  we   adjourn.


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