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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1973-06-06

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Wednesday, June 6,  1973.
The Tenth regular meeting of the Senate of The University of British
Columbia for the session 1972-73 was held on Wednesday, June 6, 1973, at
8.00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:     President W. H. Gage (Chairman), Mr. D. V. Anderson,
Mrs. M. F. Angus, Deputy President W. M. Armstrong, Miss A. J. Baumgart,
Dr. L. L. Bongie, Dr. D. G. Brown, Dr. T. H. Brown, Mr. R. M. Buzza,
Dr. S. D. Cavers, Dr. R. M. Clark, Dr. R. Daniells, Dr. N. Epstein,
Mrs. F. Field, Mr. D. B. Fields, Dean W. D. Finn, Dr. J. G. Foulks,
Dr. N. C. Franz, Dean J. A. F. Gardner, Dr. R. F. Gray, Mr. J. Guthrie,
Dr. N. A. Hall, Dr. D. F. Hardwick, Dr. B. Howard, Mr. P. A. Insley,
Dr. F. R. C. Johnstone, Dr. J. M. Kennedy, Dean D. T. Kenny, Dr. L.
Kraintz, Mrs. W. T. Lane, Mrs. J. MacD. Lecky, Dean Helen McCrae,
Mr. J. A. McEwen, Rev. J.P. Martin, Mr. J. G. Matkin, Dr. J. M. Norris,
Dr. G. V. Parkinson, Dr. P. H. Pearse, Mr. P. S. Plant, Dr. R. A.
Restrepo, Dr. I. S. Ross, Dean N. V. Scarfe, Dr. A. D. Scott, Dean M.
Shaw, Mrs. H. W. Sonthoff, Mrs. C. A. Soong, Dr. K. S. Stockholder,
Mr. B. Stuart-Stubbs, Mr. D. A. Swain, Mr. G. A. Thorn, Dr. M.
Uprichard, Dean G. M. Volkoff, Mr. F. C. Walden, Dr. W. A. Webber,
Dean P. H. White, Mr. D. R. Williams, Mr. A. P. York.
Observers:     Mr. J. A. Banham, Dr. B. N. Moyls, Mr. T. A. Myers.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from
Chancellor N. T. Nemetz, Dr. A. E. Aho, Dean D. V. Bates, Dean I. McT.
Cowan, Dr. J. D. Dennison, Miss V. C. Embree, Dr. C. V. Finnegan,
Dr. W. C. Gibson, Mr. I. F. Greenwood, Dr. W. D. Kitts, Dr. R. V.
Kubicek, Dean A. J. McClean, Dr. C. A. McDowell, Dr. M. F. McGregor,
Mr. R. J. Mattiussi, Dean B. E. Riedel, Dr. R. F. Sharp, Dr. J. K. Stager,
Mr. B. B. Trevino. 5898.
Wednesday, June 6, 1973.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
The Chairman reported that the Minutes of the May 23, 1973 meeting
were not available.
Business arising from the Minutes
Committee on Appeals on Academic Standing
Notice of motion was given at the previous meeting by Mr. Anderson.
Mr. Anderson    ) That student representation be equal to
Dr. Foulks ) that of Faculty on the Senate Committee
on Appeals on Academic Standing.
Mr. Anderson pointed out that the membership of the committee
consisted of three Faculty members of Senate, two Convocation members,
one student, and the Chancellor, President and Registrar who were
ex-officio members of all Senate committees.
One of the reasons given for the proposal to increase the number of
students on the committee was that in a group situation there was a great
deal of psychological pressure on the individual student to conform to the
opinion of the majority.   The lone student representative on the committee
was under such pressure when he had reservations about the protection
of the appellant's rights.
Mr. Anderson stated that there were several tactics for dealing with
a recalcitrant student committee member but emphasized that such tactics
were not used at U .B.C.     He felt, however, that the addition of more
students would reduce the possibility of such tactics being applied. 5899.
Wednesday, June 6, 1973.
Business arising from the Minutes
Committee on Appeals on Academic Standing    (continued)
The proposal was considered moderate in Mr. Anderson's opinion,
in that it did not call for student parity but for representation equal to
that of Faculty, which would mean that there would be three or four
students placed on the committee dependent upon how the role of the
Registrar was defined.
In the ensuing debate arguments were made that the size of the
committee should not be increased;  that it would be wrong to have too
many members who had an interest in the outcome of a particular appeal,
and that there was no evidence to suggest that the additional student
members would result in the deliberations of the committee being any
more unbiased than the deliberations of the present committee.
Some members expressed the opinion that a single student member
of a committee had a heavy responsibility which ought to be shared by
other students.
It was argued that since decisions of Faculty members made it
necessary for a student to appeal in the first place, having student
representation equal to that of Faculty might give students more
confidence in the committee.
The motion was put and carried . 5900.
Wednesday, June 6, 1973.
Business arising from the Minutes   (continued)
Criteria for admission to professional  Faculties
Mr. Insley stated that since there had been some discussion
concerning the wording of a motion introduced by him at the
May 23, 1973 meeting he had re-drafted the resolution as follows:-
"That Senate henceforth require that professional Faculties and
Schools involved in post-baccalaureate programmes such as
Architecture, Dentistry, Law, Medicine, and Planning, send
their criteria for admissions to the Senate Admissions Committee
before or at least concurrently when selections are being made
for the next Academic Year.    The documents to be sent to the
Senate Admissions Committee shall include amongst other things
data on the number of applicants and the number of candidates
accepted.   Such items as the number of men who apply and are
accepted, and the number of women who apply and are accepted,
as well as the average age of all the candidates accepted to the
class shall be considered an integral part of the material to be
forwarded to the committee.   Furthermore, the committee is
empowered to require such further information and documentation
from the affected Faculties and Schools as they deem necessary
in carrying out their function. "
The Chairman suggested that the re-wording of the motion be
included in the Minutes and that any objections could be raised at the
September 12,  1973 meeting of Senate.
Residence requirements for Graduate Studies
Dean Finn raised the question of residence requirements for Graduate
students.   He stated that his interpretation of the recommendations made
by the Senate Admissions Committee in their report on part-time degree
studies meant that residence requirements were no longer necessary for
Graduate students.   It was stated that this interpretation was incorrect. 5901.
Wednesday, June 6, 1973.
Business arising from the Minutes
Residence requirements for Graduate Studies   (continued)
Following a brief debate it was agreed that the matter could not be
settled until the Minutes of the meeting of May 23,  1973 were available.
Committee on Prizes,  Scholarships and Bursaries
Dr. Norris    ) That the new awards listed in
Dr. Clark     ) Appendix 'A' be accepted subject
to the approval of the Board of
Governors, and that letters of
thanks be sent to the donors.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee
Dr. Norris presented the report on items circulated to Senate at the
May 23, 1973 meeting.
School of Architecture
Approval of Architecture 417 had been withheld at the previous
Dr. Norris ) That the proposal of the School of
Mrs. Sonthoff    ) Architecture to offer a new course.
Architecture 417, be approved subject
to the inclusion of the following phrase
in the Calendar description:-
"Prerequisite:   Computer Science 251
or equivalent, or permission of the
instructor. "
Carried 5902.
Wednesday, June 6, 1973.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee   (continued)
Faculty of Graduate Studies -  Revised Master's Programme in
Nursing   (See Appendix 'B')
The committee recommended approval of the proposed revised
programme for the M.S.N, degree subject to the inclusion of the
following statements in the Calendar:-
(a) Under Admission Requirements:
"Some of the new roles may require additional study in the
biological and physical sciences.   Students interested in
becoming clinical nurse specialists should seek counselling
from the Director of the School of Nursing. "
(b) Under Requirements:
"Additional courses or reading in biological and physical
sciences may be required of students wishing to become
clinical nurse specialists. "
Dr. Norris     ) That the proposal of the Faculty of
Dr. Cavers    ) Graduate Studies to offer a revised
Master's Programme in Nursing be
approved, subject to the inclusion
of the statements outlined in (a) and
(b) above.
Following a brief discussion the motion was put and carried .
Election of three members of Senate to serve on the Advisory Committee
for the selection of Presidential  candidates
The following members of Senate were elected to serve on the
Advisory Committee for the selection of Presidential candidates being
established by the Board of Governors:-
Dr. C . V . Finnegan
Dr. N. A. Hall
Mr. B. Stuart-Stubbs Pages 5903 - 5904
Restricted access - not scanned 5905.
Wednesday, June 6, 1973.
New awards recommended to Senate
The Mrs.   Marjorie Elliott Memorial Award   -   This fund established
by her family in memory of the late Mrs. Elliott provides an annual
scholarship of approximately $100 for a medical student needing
financial assistance.   It will be awarded by the Joint Faculty
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships, and Bursaries from among
the applicants who submit applications for bursaries.
The Eurocan Pulp & Paper Co.   Ltd.   Bursary   -  A bursary of $500,
gift of Eurocan Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd., is offered annually to students
in any Year and Faculty who have taken courses in the field of pulp
and paper technology and/or forestry and who are continuing studies
in this field.   Candidates will be considered on the basis of financial
need, standing, and interest in the field in which the award is offered.
Special preference will be given to students from the Kitimat area.
The Dr.   Isabel Maclnnes Memorial Scholarship   -  A scholarship of
$350, established by W. H. Maclnnes, Esq., of Vancouver, in memory
of his sister, Dr. Isabel Maclnnes, is offered annually to a student who
is completing the third of the first three years of University work.   In
choosing the winner, consideration will be given to overall scholastic
achievement and to outstanding distinction in German studies.
The R.  J.   McMaster Scholarship   -  This scholarship of $500 is made
available each year by the Westcu Foundation.   The scholarship will be
awarded by the Joint Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
to a student entering First, Second or Third Year Law.   The recipient
of the scholarship must be a Canadian citizen, and a preference will be
given to native Indians.   In making the award the committee will take
into account the financial need of the student, and, although it is not
made a condition of the making of the award, recipients of the scholarship
will be encouraged to repay the amount received when circumstances
permit.   If the recipient of the scholarship maintains a good academic
standing and is in continued need of financial assitance, the scholarship
awarded to a student entering First Year may be renewed in each of the
Second and Third Years and a scholarship awarded to a student entering
Second Year may be renewed in the Third Year. 5906.
Wednesday, June 6, 1973.
Course and Curriculum Proposals
A = new courses or substantial changes
B = minor changes (approved unless otherwise indicated)
A     New courses 515 (3) Systematic Approaches to Nursing Care
522 (li) Methods of Nursing  Research
524 (3) History of Nursing
535 (3) Nursing and  the Development Years
536 (3) Nursing and the Adult Years
537 (3) Nursing and  the Declining Years
564 (3)       The Nursing Curriculum
565 (3-6)   Nursing and Behavioural  Disturbances:
Physiological and Psychological
574 (3)       Nursing Service Administration:
Purpose and  Function
584 (3)        Consultation  in Nursing  Practice
591  (3)       Seminar  in Clinical  Nursing Research
597 (3)        Departmental Seminar  in Nursing


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