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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1970-02-07

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Saturday, February 7, 1970
A special meeting of the Senate of The University of British Columbia
was held on Saturday February 7, 1970 at 9:00 a.m. in the Board and Senate
Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President W. H. Gage (Chairman), Chancellor A. M. McGavin,
Miss D. Allen, Deputy President W. M. Armstrong, Dr. C. S. Belshaw,
Rev. J. Blewett, Mrs. A. Brearley, Dr. C A. Brockley, Mr. D. M. Brousson,
Dr. D. G. Brown, Dr. T. H. Brown, Mr. C M. Campbell Jr., Dr. S. D. Cavers,
Dr. J. D. Chapman, Dr. D. H. Chitty, Dr. R. M. Clark, Dr. M. F. Clarke,
Dean G. F. Curtis, Dr. C W. J. Eliot, Rev. R. W. Finn, Dean W. D. Finn,
Dean J. A. F. Gardner, Dr. R. F. Gray, Mr. I. F. Greenwood, Dr. N. A. Hall,
Dr. D. F. Hardwick, Dr. R. F. Kelly, Dr. J. M. Kennedy, Dr. D. T. Kenny,
Dr. W. D. Kitts, Mr. P. Ladner, Mrs. W. T. Lane, Mrs. J. MacD. Lecky,
Dean S. W. Leung, Miss E. K. McCann, Dean Helen McCrae, Dean J. F.
McCreary, Dr. M. F. McGregor, Mr. K. R. Martin, Mr. J. R. Meredith,
Dr. B. N. Moyls, Dr. J. M. Norris, Miss D. J. O'Donnell, Dean V. J.
Okulitch, Mr. R. F. Osborne, Mr. S. Persky, Dr. R. A. Restrepo, Dean B. E.
Riedel, Dr. G. Rosenbluth, Dr. I. Ross, Dr. R. F. Scagel, Dean N. V.
Scarfe, Mr. G. R. Selman, Dr. R. F. Sharp, Dean M. Shaw, Dr. J. H. G.
Smith, Dr. J. K. Stager, Mr. B. B. Trevino, Dr. G. M. Volkoff, Dr. H. V.
Warren, Dr. W. A. Webber, Dean P. H. White, Mr. D. R. Williams, Dr. W. E.
Wilmott, Mr. E. Wood, Dr. W. D. Young.
By Invitation:  Dr. J. R. Mcintosh, Mr. A. F. Shirran.
Observers: Mr. J. A. Banham, Miss D. Hopper, Mr. T. A. Myers,
Mr. P. Thompson.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from
Mr. S. Black, Mr. A. Dobrey, The Hon. E. D. Fulton, Mr. D. S. M. Huberman,
Mr. D. F. Miller, Dr. J. D. Spouge.
The Chairman extended congratulations to Dr. W. D. Finn on his
appointment as Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science.
The Chairman then asked that a brief report be given by each of the
Deans concerning the recommendations contained in the report of the
Senate Committee on Long-Range Objectives. 5192
Saturday, February 7, 1970
Dean Okulitch reported that the Faculty of Science had selected two
committees to study the entire report. The overall reaction of the two
committees and the Faculty to the report was unfavourable. The Dean said
that the Faculty of Science was strongly of the opinion that undergraduate
enrolment should not exceed 20,000 students and that this restriction
should be based entirely on academic grounds. With regard to graduate
enrolment it was felt that a reasonable balance would be attained if it
were limited to a maximum of 5,000.  In conclusion the Dean said that the
Faculty of Science did not see the need for a standing Long-Range
Objectives Committee.
Acting Dean Moyls stated that Executives of the Faculty of Graduate
Studies and representatives of other Faculties had formed a committee
to study the Report.  The Committee reported and gave opinions on certain
recommendations. Dr. Moyls referred specifically to Recommendation 29
which required the Faculty of Graduate Studies to report on the
implementation of the recommendations contained in "A Review of Graduate
Study at The University of British Columbia, 1966".  Dr. Moyls said that
much of the material had been collected from Department Heads and the
information would be presented to Senate in due course.
Dean Finn explained that the Report had been discussed by the Faculty
of Applied Science primarily at the Departmental level, then the Faculty
Executive Committee discussed the results of the departmental deliberations.
He stated that there had been a great deal of apathy and reluctance in
the Faculty to deal with the report but they had held one Faculty meeting
and confined the discussion to the enrolment question.  The Faculty was
strongly in favour of limiting enrolment but did not commit itself to the
figures in the recommendation of the report. 5193
Saturday, February 7, 1970
Dean Curtis said there was agreement in the Faculty of Law with the
figures recommended in the report regarding limitation of enrolment.
He said there had been a great deal of discussion by the Faculty,
particularly concerning Recommendation 4 in which the Long-Range
Objectives Committee opposed quotas limiting enrolment which were based
upon geographic origin of students.  The Faculty had considerable doubts
about this. The Faculty felt there was a responsibility in cases where
a professional Faculty was the only facility in the Province for the
training and education of members of a profession. Regarding the periodic
five year review of activities of Faculties and Departments, the Faculty
of Law accepted the principle but felt that to tie it down specifically
to a five year review might add complications and involve a considerable
commitment of manpower.
Dean Shaw stated that the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences had set
up five committees to examine the report. While the Faculty agreed with
certain of the views in the report they disagreed with most of the major
recommendations. With regard to enrolment the Faculty found itself in
an equivocal position because it was unable to agree with the proposal
for limiting enrolment in Agricultural Sciences or with the overall
figure of 22,000.
Dean McCreary said that the recommendations of the Long-Range
Objectives report had been debated by the Faculty of Medicine and asked
Dr. Hardwick who was Chairman of their ad hoc committee to report.
Dr. Hardwick stated that the Faculty had adopted a more positive approach
to the report than some other Faculties. They felt it was a good
beginning asking Faculty to bring out their own observations and goals 5194
Saturday, February 7, 1970
for the development of the University. They felt there was a lack of
detailed information about job needs in various fields and that the
Office of Academic Planning might assist in developing information on
what manpower needs will be.  The Faculty were in general agreement that
enrolment should be restricted on the basis of academic achievement.
Dean Leung said that in the Faculty of Dentistry the report was
considered by a committee of Department Heads, and members of Faculty
endorsed the decision adopted by that committee.  They were in favour
of enrolment restriction but were uncertain what the size should be.
They were in agreement that efforts should be made to improve teaching
quality but were not sure they agreed with how the Long-Range Objectives
Committee stated it should be done.  They supported the suggestions
that good teaching should be a recommendation for promotion.  They were
not in favour of a Federated Colleges system and were opposed to a
Faculty of Continuing Education.
Acting Dean Kenny reported that the committee appointed by the
Faculty of Arts worked very hard but the reaction to the report was
disappointing in many ways. The general reactions of the Faculty to
the report were distributed to Senate. The Faculty felt that a serious
deficiency of the report was its failure to face up to the basic task
of setting priorities. The Faculty did believe there should be some
restriction on enrolment but did not necessarily agree with the
recommended figures in the report. Reaction to a Federated Colleges
system was negative.  It was felt that each Faculty should themselves
study in what way that Faculty could be arranged more appropriately.
Regarding the use of residences for instruction, the Faculty felt that
this should not be continued as it had not worked out well last year. 5195
Saturday, February 7, 1970
Dean Gardner said the Faculty of Forestry had also appointed a
committee.  The Committee had three meetings of the whole staff to
consider the report point by point.  In the case of enrolment the
Faculty found themselves in a difficult position. They felt that
Forestry enrolment was much too low, therefore they had very mixed
feelings about any restriction in enrolment at U.B.C. that would affect
enrolment in Forestry such as a restriction in First Year Science.
They did not support the proposal for a Federated Colleges system.
Dean Riedel said that the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences had
discussed the Long-Range Objectives Committee report at Faculty and
staff meetings. They felt there should be a restriction on enrolment
but could not make a decision as to what the total number should be.
As far as their Faculty was concerned enrolment was not meeting the
demand for this professional field.  They were in favour of upgrading
instruction and any approach to more effective teaching.
Dean Scarfe informed Senate that the Faculty of Education had set
up a committee and asked Dr. Gray who was chairman of the Committee to
report. Dr. Gray said the Faculty was strongly opposed to only one of
the 39 Recommendations.  It opposed the suggestion that the present
7-week summer session should be entirely phased out within five years.
They considered the continual evaluation and assessment of long range
planning to be necessary and supported the idea of a five year review.
They felt recommendations on teaching and instruction were commendable
but should not be made compulsory.  The Faculty tended to support the
principle of open enrolment but would support the kind of recommendations
in the Long-Range Objectives Report as provisional measures only. 5196
Saturday, February 7, 1970
Dean White stated that the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration felt that the report was overly concerned with forms of
organization and administration and displayed a lack of appreciation of
the role of professional schools on the campus. Of the 19 Recommendations
on which the faculty took a specific stand it was in favour of 12 and
opposed 7.
Dr. Belshaw said the statements made by the Deans were important
information though very few of the comments revealed whether a
particular analysis was right or wrong, and, if wrong, what should be
done about it.  He felt that Faculty interests were important but that
Senate must not be limited by them. No-one on the committee expected
that any particular recommendation could be accepted as written but
anticipated that discussion would result in a positive statement
acceptable to Senate.
After further discussion the Chairman suggested that Senate consider
the first item on the agenda.
Dean Finn    ) That the admissions policy oh The University
Dr.  Clark    ) oh British Columbia be modihied to limit the
total undergraduate enrolment on this campus
to a maximum oh approximately 22,000.
Dean Finn said there was nothing reprehensible about limiting
enrolment because resources are limited. Another reason for limiting
enrolment was that when an institution gets too large it does not
become very functional in the educational sense.  He appealed to Senate
to take a stand on the enrolment question. 5197
Saturday, February 7, 1970
It was explained that in choosing the figure for limiting enrolment
the committee had in mind the amount of time it takes for regional
colleges to develop, the number of students coming out of high schools
and the need for U.B.C. to establish a goal for planning purposes.  It
was estimated that the limit of 22,000 would not be reached for five
Dr. Young thought that the committee had aimed at too high a figure
as the university was already overcrowded.
In amendment:
Dr. Young    )     That the hi^o^re oh 22,000 be struck out
Dr. Willmott )    and replaced with a figure oh 18,000.
There was further discussion as to the suggested figures of 22,000
and 18,000.  Some members felt that the University really did not know
the capacities of Faculties, and that the figure of 22,000 was not a
restriction but rather an increase by one-third over present enrolment.
It was pointed out that setting a figure now would give notice to
the community and people presently planning their education.
Dr. Rosenbluth )   That the amended htgure h°i limiting
Dr. chitty    )   enrolment be changed  <$Aom 18,000 to
approximately 20,000.
The amendment to the amendment was carried.
The amended amendment was lost.
The motion was then put and carried. 5198
Dean Finn  )
Dr. Norris )
Saturday, February 7, 1970
That the admissions policy oh The
University oh British Columbia be
modihied to Unit the annual rate
oh increase oh total graduate enrolment
on this campus to 15 percent and to
limit the total graduate enrolment on
this campus to a maximum oh approximately
It was stated that the figure of 5,500 in relation to a total
undergraduate enrolment of 22,000 seemed to be a feasible percentage
though it was not thought that graduate enrolment would be anywhere
near 5,500 at the end of the next five years.
The motion was carried.
Dr. Belshaw gave notice of the following motion:-
"That Senate endorse the technique of a student admission
budget along the lines suggested in his minority report".
Dean Finn  )
Dean White )
Dr. Belshaw )
Dean Curtis )
That Recommendation 1   (b)  oh the Long-Range
Objectives Report which reads "That a
Senate committee on long range objectives
should review the impact oh enrolment policy
every hive years, and make recommendations
on enrolment policy hoi the next ten years",
be tabled.
That special meetings oh Senate to discuss
recommendations oh the Long-Range Objectives
Committee report be held on Wednesday,
March 4 and Wednesday, March 18.
Carried 5199
Saturday, February 7, 1970
Dr. Young stated that the question of how U.B.C. limits enrolment
affects other B.C institutions of higher education.  He gave notice of
the following motion:-
"That Senate recommend to the Board (under section 54K of
the Universities Act) that it make representations to the
Department of Education with a view to the establishment
of a four year degree granting institution in the interior
of B.C., at the earliest possible time".
For similar reasons Dr. Gray gave notice of the following motion:-
"That whereas The University of British Columbia has found
it necessary to recommend a limitation of enrolment, and
whereas the overall needs of the province for higher education
are undefined be it resolved that The University of British
Columbia Senate recommends that this University call upon
the Provincial Government to establish a representative
province-wide commission on Higher Education for the
purpose of developing an overall master-plan which will
make provision for the higher education needs of the province
over the next ten years".
The meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon.
(      J  Secretary
irmeci, ,cyP
Chairman. yy


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