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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1968-09-11

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 Wednesday, September 11, 1968.
The first regular meeting of the Senate of The University of
British Columbia for the Session 1968-69 was held on Wednesday,
September 11, 1968 at 8.00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room,
Administration Building.
Present:  Dr. F. K. Hare (Chairman), Dean W. M. Armstrong, Dr. C. S.
Belshaw, Mr. S. Black, Rev. J. Blewett, Dr. M. Bloom, Mr. R. M. Bibbs,
Mr. C B. Bourne, Mr. F. K. Bowers, Mr. D. M. Brousson, Mr. W. T. Brown,
Chancellor J. M. Buchanan, Mr. F. J. Cairnie, Mr. C. M. Campbell Jr.,
Dr. S. D. Cavers, Dr. J. D. Chapman, Dr. R. M. Clark, Dean I. McT. Cowan,
Dr. D. H. Copp, Dean C F. Curtis, Mr. D. A. Freeman, Dr. S. M. Friedman,
Dean W. H. Gage, Dean J. A. F. Gardner, Dr. W. C Gibson, Asst. Dean
C C. Gourlay, The Hon. Howard C Green, Dr. N. A. Hall, Mr. J. S. Keate,
Dr. D. T. Kenny, Dr. P. Larkin, Rev. E. C LeBel, Mr. S. Lefeaux,
Dean S. W. Leung, Mr. K. M. Lysyk, Dean Helen McCrae, Dean J. F. McCreary,
Mr. Justice J. MacDonald, Dr. C. A. McDowell, Dr. J. R. Mcintosh,
Mrs. H. J. MacKay, Mr. I. S. McNairn, Mr. D. F. Manders, Mr. D. F. Miller,
Dr. Finlay A. Morrison, Mr. D. Munton, Dr. J. M. Norris, Dr. H. P.
Oberlander, Dean V. J. Okulitch, Dr. G. J. Parfitt, Dr. A. J. Renney,
Dean B. E. Riedel, Mr. J. V. Rogers, Dr. G. Rosenbluth, Dr. A. D. Scott,
Dean M. Shaw, Acting Dean C E. Smith, Dr. J. H. G. Smith, Dr. M. W.
Steinberg, Dr. R. W. Stewart, Mr. B. Stuart-Stubbs, Dr. C H. N. Towers,
Mr. M. Waldman, Mrs. B. E. Wales, Dr. H. V. Warren, Dr. Wm. A. Webber,
Mr. D. R. Williams, Acting Dean J. H. Young, Dr. S. H. Zbarsky,
Observers:  Mr. J. Banham, Mr. A. Myers, Mr. G. R. Selman,
Mr. J. F. Stott.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received
from Mr. J. Guthrie, Dr. W. S. Hoar, Mr. W. L. Holland, Dr. H. L.
Keenleyside, Mr. John R. Meredith, Dr. R. F. Sharp and Dean P. H. White.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Mr. Miller   )   That the Minutes oh the h*-bih
Dean Okulitch )   regular meeting oh Senate hor the
Session 1967-6%, held on May 21,
196%, having been circulated, be
taken as read and adopted.
Carried Wednesday, September 11, 1968.
Committee on Long Range Objectives
The Chairman referred to the recommendation on Page 3917 of the
Senate Minutes concerning the addition of one student senator to serve
on this Committee and proposed the name of Mr. Don Munton.  Senate
agreed to this proposal.
Notification of approval by the Board of Governors
of Senate recommendations
(a) Establishment of an M.A. programme in Comparative Literature as
recommended by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
(b) Establishment of a Department of Food Sciences in the Faculty of
(c) That the name of the Faculty of Agriculture be changed to The
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.
(d) That the description of the degree B.S.A. be changed to B.Sc.(Agr.),
as proposed by the Faculty of Agriculture.
(e) Institution in September 1968 of a Diploma in Administration for
Engineers, proposed by the Faculty of Applied Science.
(f) Revised course material for the programme of study leading to the
degree of Bachelor of Architecture.
(g) Minor revisions in course offerings in English, German, History,
Music and Religious Studies, put forward by the Faculty of Arts.
(h)  Establishment of a New Arts II programme for the 1968-69 session
on a trial basis, as recommended by the New Programmes Committee.
(i)  Establishment of a new course Commerce 317 for the First Year of
the M.B.A., programme.
(j)  Requirement recommended by the Faculty of Dentistry that all First
Year students take a modified version of Interdepartmental
Requirements 400.
(k)  That a new course Education 482 (1*5) Introduction to Statistics in
Educational Research be offered as an alternative to the present
course Education 482 which is renumbered 483 (1*5) Educational
Statistics. Wednesday, September 11, 1968.
Notification of approval by the Board of Governors
of Senate recommendations  (Continued)
(1)  That a Ph.D. programme in Business Administration be offered as
recommended by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
(m)  New courses and course changes in Biochemistry, Biology, Commerce,
Geology and German, including the new course in Commerce in support
of the Ph.D. degree programme in Business Administration.
(n)  That the laboratory portion of Biochemistry 410 be offered as a
separate course Biochemistry 411, as recommended by the Faculty of
(o) New course Pharmacology 410, as recommended by the Faculty of
(p)  New courses, course and curriculum changes in the School of
(q)  New courses and course changes in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry
and Physics, as recommended by the Faculty of Science.
(r)  Acceptance for credit toward the B.Sc. degree of Commerce 459, as
recommended by the Faculty of Science.
(s)  That a student in the Faculty of Science be refused admission to a
Third Year course if he obtains precisely 50% in the prerequisite
Second Year course in the same department.
(t)  Extra-sessional courses for 1968-69, in Arts, Science and Education.
(u)  Change in regulations governing the B.S.F. Thesis as recommended by
the Faculty of Forestry.
Annual Financial Report of the University, 1967-68
As required under Section 50 of the Universities Act, the Board
of Governors had forwarded to Senate a copy of the Annual Financial
Report, Balance Sheet and Financial Statements of the University,
March 31, 1968.
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
It was explained that in future the Scholarship lists would be sent Wednesday, September 11, 1968.
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries  (Continued)
to all the deans instead of being circulated to all members of Senate.
Copies would, however, be available in the Secretary's office on
Dean Gage )
Dr. Young )
That the new awards and changes in
awards as shown in Appendix A be
accepted, subject to the approval oh
the Board oh Governors, and that letters
oh thanks be sent to the donors; and
that the award oh medals, prizes,
scholarships and h^Howships shown on
Lists No.  2,  3, 4,  5, 6 and 7 be
New Programmes Committee
Proposal of the Faculty of Graduate Studies to
offer a Ph.D. Programme in Pharmacy
The report of the Committee recommended Senate's approval of
the proposal.
Mr. Bourne )
Dean Cowan )
That a Ph.d. programme in Pharmacy
be  o^e^ied by the Faculty oh Graduate
Proposal to give the degree of Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation
Medicine following only one year of study, under certain circumstances
The Committee had recommended Senate's rejection of this
proposal.  The Committee had concluded that there was insufficient
demand for the programme to merit its introduction here in view of
the fact that it was offered by the University of Manitoba.
Moreover the Committee strongly opposed the principle of offering
a one-year degree at the undergraduate level. Wednesday, September 11, 1968.
New Programmes Committee
Proposal to give the degree of Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation
Medicine following only one year of study, under certain circumstances
Mr. Bourne   )   That the recommendations oh the
Dean McCreary )   the New Programmes Committee be
accepted and that the proposal to
give the degree oh Bachelor oh
Science in Rehabilitation Medicine
hollowing only one year oh study be
Curriculum Committee
It was reported that the Curriculum Committee's report on the
proposal from the Faculty of Dentistry concerning curriculum and courses
for the Second Year of the Dental Hygiene Programme would be submitted
to the next meeting of Senate, together with other matters on curricula.
Membership of Senate Committees
The Chairman of the ad hoc Nominating Committee explained that he
had been asked to suggest the membership of the Senate Tributes Committee
which now replaced the former committees on Memorial Minutes, Honorary
Degrees and Professors Emeriti.  However, in making these recommendations
he requested that the new procedure for forming a standing nominating
committee be put into effect as quickly as possible.
Dr. McDowell )   That the recommended membership hor
Dr. Kenny   )   the Senate Tributes Committee be
approved, with the addition oh the
director oh Ceremonies.
Carried Wednesday, September 11, 1968.
Senate Membership
It was reported that since Professor Opechowski was on leave, the
next eligible candidate, Dr. S. D. Cavers, had been asked to serve as a
replacement for Professor Smiley, a member of Senate representing the
Joint Faculties, who was now on leave of absence.
The suggestion that the Director of the Department of University
Extension, who had for some years been invited to attend Senate Meetings
as an observer, be made a member of Senate was briefly debated.
Dr. Scott )      That the director oh the department
Dr. Smith )      oh University Extension continue to
be invited to Senate Meetings as an
observer pending the revision oh the
Universities Act, and that the
Secretary oh Senate be instructed to
draw the attention oh those concerned
with the investigation oh the revision
oh the Universities Act, to Senate's
recommendation that  j{uXc membership
be granted.
The following motion, notice of which had been given by Dr. Gibson,
was seconded by Mr. M. Waldman:
"That a member of Senate who goes on leave or who will not be
available during the regular session forfeit his membership
on Senate".
After discussion, in which it was apparent that Senate in general
was satisfied with procedures currently in use, the motion was withdrawn. Wednesday, September 11, 1968.
Budget Advisory Committee
The Chairman referred to the Report of the Committee on the Role
and Organization of Senate dated May 9, 1968, Page 10, III A., concerning
Senate's part in advising the President and the Board of Governors on
Budgetary questions affecting the academic policy of the University.
The Committee had indicated their consideration of such a proposal but
had deferred making a recommendation to Senate pending discussion with
Dr. Hare.  The Chairman reported that the Committee had approached him
on the matter.  He had found the idea acceptable that Senate should
advise the Board of Governors on budgetary matters affecting academic
policy.  He further reported that during the summer he had appointed
a Presidential Advisory Committee of five members of Senate which he
had consulted together with the Committee of Deans.  He reported that
this Committee structure had proven most effective and suggested that
Senate adopt this ad hoc committee as a regular Senate committee.  The
members of the ad hoc committee, which had been selected with the help
of the Senate nominating committee, were as follows:
Professor C B. Bourne
Faculty of Law
Professor J. D. Chapman
Department of Geography
Professor R. W. Stewart
Department of Physics
Professor J. R. Mcintosh
Faculty of Education
Professor F. K. Bowers
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Professor Noel A. Hall
Faculty of Commerce & Business
Senate concurred with the suggested membership and ratified the
establishment of this committee as a Senate Budget Committee to advise
the President on all budgetary matters. Wednesday, September 11, 1968.
Report of the Senate Committee on the Student Brief on
"The Open Senate"
The recommendation of the report was that Senate open its meetings
to observers, subject to the following conditions:
1. Observers be limited to members of Convocation, students
registered at the University of British Columbia, and to
members of faculty and others with Board of Governors
2. News media and their representatives, either student or
professional, be excluded from the gallery.
3. Attendance in the gallery be limited initially to thirty
observers plus visitors invited by the Chairman of Senate.
4. Tickets to the gallery be obtained from the Secretary of
Senate on a first come, first served basis, but that no
application for a ticket be accepted less than 24 hours in
advance of the Senate meeting.
5. General legislative rules for persons in the gallery apply
and in the event of disruption or public misrepresentation
of Senate business by an observer or visitor, Senate may revoke,
by simple majority vote, the privilege or such individual(s)
attending meetings.
6. Senate, by simple majority vote, can clear the gallery and
consider items of the agenda "in camera".
Dr. Kenny who had chaired the Committee spoke briefly on the
Dr. Kenny  )     That the above recommendations oh
Dr. Smith  )     the ad hoc committee to consider
the Students' Brieh on "The Open
Senate" be approved.
Dr. Kenny felt that a special vote of thanks should be made to
ex-Senator Ray Larsen who had contributed considerably to the work of
the Committee. Wednesday, September 11, 1968.
Report of the Senate Committee on the Students'
Brief on "The Open Senate"  (Continued)
On behalf of Senate the Chairman thanked Dr. Kenny and his
colleagues for the work they had done in producing their report.
In opposition of the motion, it was suggested that this could
create a precedent which would lead to a similar demand being made on
the Board of Governors, and that the argument that Senate kept matters
secret was not longer valid in view of the full and informative agendas
and the summaries of proceedings which were now widely circulated.
In support of the motion it was suggested that Senate's business
was public business and consequently Senate meetings should be open to
the public.
It was argued that recommendations 1 and 2 were impracticable since
members of the press could quite well be members of Convocation and, in
any case the situation was adequately covered by Item 6 of the
Mr. Lysyk   )    That the motion be amended by the
Mr. Munton  )    deletion oh paragraphs 1 and 2, the
other recommendations to stand.
Regardless of whether the meetings were opened or closed, it was
firmly and categorically stated that the case that Senate's business was
public had not been made and that the students themselves in the A.M.S.
Council Brief had suggested that the University paid too much attention
to public opinion. Wednesday, September 11, 1968.
Report of the Senate Committee on the Students'
Brief on "The Open Senate"  (Continued)
It was pointed out that should the Senate meetings become open
there was the danger that the power would shift to smaller committees.
It was contended that no large decision making body could operate in
After further discussion the amendment to the motion was put and
carried.  (40:21)
The question of the likelihood of major decisions being made by
the smaller committees was then discussed and it was suggested that
confidence should be placed in the Chairman of Senate to see that this
did not happen.  Some members were convinced, however, that a public
body could conduct its business effectively in open meetings.
A suggestion that the matter be referred to the Committee considering the brief submitted by the A.M.S. Council was put to a vote and lost.
The Chairman then called for a vote on the proposal that Senate
approve in principle opening its meetings to observers - this was
carried.  (35:24)
Mr. Lysyk  )     That Senate approve recommendation
Mr. Bowers )     Nos. 3, 4, 5, and 6 oh the Report.
Mr. Munton )     That recommendation No. 3 be amended
Mr. Waldman )     to read:    "Attendance in the gallery
be unlimited except in respect oh
seating capacity at the place oh the
Lost Wednesday, September 11, 1968.
Report of the Senate Committee on the Students'
Brief on "The Open Senate"  (Continued)
The motion approving recommendations Nos. 3-6 was then put to the
vote and carried.  (57:1)
Mr. Waldman )    That representatives oh the mass
Mr. Munton  )    media be invited to the Senate
chambers with the proviso that they
bring technical equipment along only
with the sanction oh thz Chairman oh
It was argued that it was not relevant to consider invitations to
press representatives as this was not part of the original proposal under
discussion.  It was felt that anyone representing the news media would
come under the general regulations set out in No. 5.  The motion was
then voted upon and defeated.
Dr. Clark  )     That on controversial matters the
Mr. Waldman )     agenda give a summary oh the proposals
and recommendations.
The Chairman suggested that this motion be withdrawn and that the
matter be taken up with the Agenda Committee - this was agreed.
Senate agreed to a request that in the summary of proceedings
senators be identified by name.
It was also agreed that the Agenda Committee be asked to find a
suitable room for future meetings of Senate.
The situation with regard to the conference between Senate members
and members of the Student Council as proposed at the special Senate
Meeting on September 4, was clarified in that this would not be a Wednesday, September 11, 1968.
Report of the Senate Committee on the Students'
Brief on "The Open Senate" (Continued)
regular Senate meeting and would not be open to anyone but: members of
the two bodies concerned.
Report of the Director of Summer Session 1968
Received for information.
Report of the Registrar on Summer Session Registration
Received for information.
The Use of the Summer for Teaching Purposes
The report submitted to Senate by Dr. Belshaw and Dr. McTaggart-
Cowan at the request of Senate, was received but it was agreed that
discussion of it be deferred to a subsequent meeting of Senate.
Report of Standing of First Year Students
Received for information.
Other Business
The Chairman reported that the Student Council had accepted Senate's
invitation to a joint reception and suggested the evening of September 17
at 8.00 p.m. Senate agreed to this date and time.
The Chairman then referred to the agreement of Senate at its meeting
of September 4 that he should appoint a committee to examine the student
brief.  Having consulted the Senate Nominating Committee he made the
following recommendations: Wednesday, September 11, 1968.
Other Business  (Continued)
Dr. C S. Belshaw Mr. D. F. Miller
Mr. D. M. Brousson Dr. A. D. Scott
Dr. J. D. Chapman Dean M. Shaw
Dr. S. M. Friedman Mr. M. Waldman
Dr. C A. McDowell Dr. Wm. A. Webber
The Chairman recommended that the committee be given authority to
co-opt certain non-members of Senate and this was agreed.
The Chairman pointed out that he had deliberately not put anyone on
this committee who was connected with the central administration. He was
himself anxious to be free of direct involvement with this committee.
He said he would then instruct the committee to convene a meeting without
University Government
The Chairman then referred to the agreement of Senate that he form
a Presidential Advisory Committee on University Government. He said this
was now even more urgent as it was his understanding that the Perry
Committee had made its deadline October 15 for receiving of briefs from
interested parties.
The meeting ended at 10.45 p.m.
The next regular meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 2, 1968.
(^_A  Secretary Wednesday, September 11, 1968.
Summary of New Awards and Changes
in Awards Recommended to Senate
New Awards
The John E. Bier Memorial Prize in Forest Pathology
As a memorial to Dr. John E. Bier, who served with distinction as
Professor in Biology and Botany, and Forestry, his colleagues and friends
have established a prize.  This prize will be awarded annually to the
most outstanding student in the forest pathology portion of Forestry 351.
The Theodore Boggs Prize in Economics
This prize of $100, the gift of Andrew V. Gray, and named in honour of
the first Head of the Department of Economics, is offered to the student
in the Second Year of Arts who, in the opinion of the Department, is the
most outstanding in Economics.
The Grahame M. Budge Rugby Award
A bursary of $250, gift of Grahame M. Budge, is offered annually to a
student who has played on the Varsity Rugby team in a previous year and
who registered for further study at the University in a full programme.
The winner of the award will be selected by the Joint Faculty Committee
on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries, after consultation with the
Chairman of the Men's Athletic Committee, the Director of Athletics and
the head Rugby Coach.  The award will be made on the basis of academic
ability, qualities of character and demonstrated proficiency in rugby.
The Centennial Pharmacy Scholarship
This scholarship, given jointly by the Canadian Pharmaceutical
Association and the Pharmaceutical Association of the Province of
British Columbia and with travel expenses provided by Mr. L. G. Elliott,
enables a third year student to join with students from other Faculties
of Pharmacy in Canada in attending the Annual Meeting of the Canadian
Pharmaceutical Association and in visiting the Food and Drug Directorate
and other governmental, industrial and academic institutions of interest
to pharmacy in Eastern Canada.  The winner of this scholarship also
receives a cash award of $200. Wednesday, September 11, 1968.
Summary of New Awards and Changes
in Awards Recommended to Senate
New Awards  (Continued)
The Parke, Davis & Company Ltd. Awards
Through the generosity of Parke, Davis & Company Ltd., several awards,
each consisting of a copy of the illustrated history of pharmacy entitled
"Great Moments in Pharmacy", will be made available annually to outstanding students in the Faculty of Pharmacy.
Fraser Valley Chapter of the Society for Children with a
Hearing Handicap Bursary for Teachers of the Deaf
This Bursary of $250, the gift of the Fraser Valley Chapter of the
Society for Children with a Hearing Handicap, will be awarded to one or
two students in the Diploma Programme in Education of the Deaf.  The
award will be made on the basis of promise and ability in this field and
on need for financial assistance.
The Honours Economics Scholarship
This scholarship of $300, the gift of Management Science, Vancouver, will
be awarded to the student in the Third Year of Arts who, in the opinion
of the Department, is the most outstanding in the Honours Economics
Programme and is proceeding to the Final Year in that programme.
The Mary Isdale Memorial Scholarship
The Mary Isdale Memorial Scholarship is offered annually to a student
who achieves high academic standing in the Third Year of the Bachelor of
Education or Bachelor of Physical Education and Recreation Programme.
Consideration will be given to eligible students, who, over a period
of years, have demonstrated particular interest in highland dancing,
Scottish country dancing or piping, either through university
participation or outside the University.
The Jessie L. McLenagen Scholarship
This scholarship has been established as a tribute to Dr. Jessie L.
McLenagen, Provincial Director of Home Economics from 1926 to 1946, in
recognition of her leadership in the development of Home Economics in Wednesday, September 11, 1968.
Summary of New Awards and Changes
in Awards Recommended to Senate
New Awards
The Jessie L. McLenagen Scholarship  (Continued)
this Province.  Dr. McLenagen received an Honorary doctoral degree
from the University of British Columbia on the Twenty-first anniversary
of the establishment of the School of Home Economics.  An award of $200
will be made to a graduate of the School of Home Economics who will be
entering the fifth year programme in education in order to prepare
herself as a teacher of Home Economics.  This award will be made in
The C V. Mosby Company Prizes in Dentistry
Five prizes, each consisting of the choice of a book up to the value of
$30, are offered annually by the C. V. Mosby Company of St. Louis,
Missouri, to dental students who show excellence or promise in their
studies as determined by the Faculty.
The Fred W. Rollins Bursaries
Two bursaries, each of the value of $250, the gift of Mr. F. W. Rollins
of Vancouver, are offered annually to male students who have achieved
sound scholastic standing, have indicated strong moral character and
qualities of leadership, and have participated with proficiency in
tennis.  One award will be made to a student entering the University
from a secondary school in British Columbia.  To be considered for this
award an applicant must submit a letter of recommendation from his
secondary school principal and from an individual in the community
actively interested in tennis.  The other award will be made to a
student who is a Canadian citizen, who has completed at least one year
at this University, and who has been a regular member of the University
tennis team.  Prior to making these awards, the Joint Faculty Committee
on Prizes, Scholarships, and Bursaries will consult with the Director
of the School of Physical Education and Recreation.
Changes in Awards
The E.E.N.T. Section, B.C. Medical Association, Prizes
The B.C. Medical Association has now reconsidered the award and is
providing instead two prizes of $125 each.  The Calendar statement to
cover these two prizes as follows: Wednesday, September 11, 1968.
Summary of New Awards and Changes
in Awards Recommended to Senate
Changes in Awards
The E.E.N.T. Section, B.C. Medical Association, Prizes  (Continued)
A prize of $125, gift of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Section, B.C.
Medical Association, is offered annually to the final year student who,
during his academic years, has attained the best aggregate standing in
the Department of Surgery, Sub-Specialty of Ophthalmology.  Another
prize of $125, gift of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Section, B.C.
Medical Association, is offered annually to the final year student who,
during his academic years, has attained the best aggregate standing in
the Department of Surgery, Sub-Specialty of Otolaryngology.
The Thomas Francis Hurley Prize
Change in description to meet new terms of award which has been
increased from $100 to $150.  Description now reads:
A prize of $150, the gift of Isaac Shulman, Esq., in memory of Thomas
Francis Hurley, offered annually in the Faculty of Law.  It will be
awarded on the recommendation of the Faculty to the student obtaining
the highest mark in the Criminology Seminar offered in Third Year.
Malcolm Maclntyre Prizes in Law
Changes in the awards which up to now have been known as the Best
Printer Co. Ltd. Prizes in Law.  These are replaced by the following:
Three prizes, gift of Best Printer Co. Ltd., are offered annually in the
Faculty of Law.  Each award consists of $50 plus certain case books
produced by Best Printer Co.  The awards offered are (a) the Malcolm
Maclntyre Proficiency Prize which will be awarded to a student in any
year with good overall standing; (b) the Malcolm Maclntyre Prize in
Legal Institutions for highest standing in Legal Institutions 1 (First
Year); and (c) the Malcolm Maclntyre Succession Prize, for highest
standing in Succession (Third Year).


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