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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1915-06-16

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WORK IN SEPTEMBER -1915 Informal Meeting of the Senate of the University of
British Columbia, July 3-I915.
The President of the University invited the members of the
Senate as at present constituted to lunch at the Vancouver Club on
July 3-1915.
There were present the Chancellor, the Honourable the
Minister of Education, Mr.E.P.Davis, Dean R.W.Brock, Dr. W.D.Brydone-
Jack," Professor Mcintosh, Mr. J.S.Gordon, Mr.F.C.Wade, Right Rev.
A.U. de Pencier, Dean L.S.Klinck, Mr.W.P.Argue, Dr. J.M.Pearson and
Mr. J.W.Creighton.
In view of the necessity of the issuance of an official
announcement and provisional calendar concerning the beginning of
University work in September,1915, i* seemed desirable that certain
important matters be brought to the informal attention of the
members of the Senate, amongst which were the following:
1. The incompleteness of the Senate which precluded the
possibility of a formal meeting at this time was pointed out.  The
fact that a number of the University staff had not yet arrived made
it impossible to call faculty meetings for the election of the
two representatives of each faculty. Furthermore, the Deans of the
Colleges of Arts and Forestry had not yet been appointed. In addition,
no member had yet been elected by the high school principals and
assistants, nor had a member been elected by the Provincial Teaohers'
Institute.  It seemed unwise, in view of the impossibility of
laying composite faculty views before the Senate for it to act formally
upon certain specified matters which could only be formulated after
the faculty had been assembled.  For this reason also, the
calendar would laok definiteness in certain particulars.
1 2. A provisional report of progress was made of the work of
the joint committee of the Boards of Governors of the University of
British Columbia and of the Royal Institution for the Advancement of
Learning in relation to
(a) Provision for continuation of the work of the students
of McGill University College in the University of
British Columbia.
(b) Utilization by the University of certain available
members of the staff of the Royal Institution.
(c) The acquirement by the University of equipment and
buildings of McGill University College.Vancouver.
It was informally mentioned as possible that the Royal
Institution might recommend that the cash value of its buildings and
equipment about to be transferred by it to the Board of Governors of
the University, be invested by the University so that the interest
might be utilized each year as a students' loan fund or for scholarships. Ho formal action however, has been taken as yet on this proposal which would have the double effect of perpetuating the name
and admirable work of the Royal Institution and provide much needed
assistance to worthy students.
In discussion, appreciation of the splendid work of the Royal
Institution was expressed by the Senators.
5.  The material at present proposed for the calendar for 1915-16
was presented by Dean Brock as Chairman of the Committee on Curriculum
and Calendar, the other members of the Committee being G.E.Robinson,
L.F.Robertson and Douglas Mcintosh.
4» The name under which the University should operate in its
war time commencement was discussed.  In spite of possible danger
to standards and ideals involved in the beginning of work on less than
the original scale, it was the unanimous opinion that the beginning
should be made in the name of the University of British Columbia.
2 5. The arms designed by the Richmond Herald and suggestions for
motto were presented and met with approval.
6. The appointments thus far made to the University staff were
7. Mrs.V/.W. deB.Farris, who was unable to be present, asked
particularly that the suggestion of the University W omens1 Club of
Vancouver in regard to the need of formal arrangements for housing
out-of-town women students receive consideration even in the earliest
days of University work.  The members of the Senate in discussion,
agreed as to the importance of this timely suggestion.
8. The curriculum of McGill University College and the courses
which the University would be in a position to add during the year
1915-16 were discussed as presented by Dean Brock.  The following is a
list of these additional courses;
Geography, geology, mineralogy, scientific basis of agriculture, chemistry, physics, bacteriology and public health,history,
economics, French,Cerman and Latin.   It was stated that the University
hoped also to be able to add work in English,mathematics, mining and
certain phases of applied science in engineering branches.
9»  Junior and senior matriculation were discussed and it appeared
to be the opinion of the Senators that only senior matriculation should
constitute the highest outside school work recognized by the University.
10. Military training.  The members of the Senate were unanimous
in their belief that compulsory military training should be demanded
of all men students who were physically fit.
11. It was pointed out that degrees were granted upon the recommendation of the Senate and since the Senate could not be formally
3- convened prior to the issuance of the announcement of the University as
to the beginning of work, assurances of the members present as to their
sympathy with the granting of degrees in the spring of 1915-16 to
those who had completed the prescribed work as outlined in the calendar
presented, were asked and given.
12. A short report to the Senators present was made of the conference of the Canadian University Presidents, as convened by President
Falconer,of Toronto, on June 2-1915*  The importance of such conferences
in relation to the development of standards, migration of students and
other inter-university matters was discussed.
13« Areport was made on the present status of the library which
now has 'bees—twenty and thirty thousand volumes.  The donations to the
University library were announced as follows:
A complete file of the Hews Advertiser up to 191°, bound in
case, from Mr.F.Carter-Cotton,Vancouver.
Complete set of Debates and Parliamentary Papers from
H.M. Imperial Government, London.
Reports and Publications of the Canadian Geological Survey
from O.E.LeRoy,Ottawa.
Publications of the Carnegie Institution of Washington.
Publications of the United States Geological Survey and
Bureau of Mines.
Publications of the Imperial Bureau of Entomology from
C.Gordon Hewitt, Ottawa.
The M.S.Notes of HarveyTs Lectures from Sir Y/illiam Osier.
Reprints and Official Publications from R.W.Brock, Vancouver.
Makers of Canada, Cornhill Magazine, Life of Edgerton Ryerson, Life
of Sir John A.Macdonald, from Henry Lye,Vancouver. 14*  The work of the Agricultural Department as undertaken by
Dean Klinck at Point Grey and elsewhere was discussed and the Senators
on all sides expressed gratification that work of such signal importance
to the Province had been begun.  All were desirous of seeing the experimental plots whioh are under development at Point Grey.
15« Mr.Wade emphasized the necessity of at once taking steps to
carefully select lands and secure the necessary Crown grants under the
University Land Endowment Act.   The question was discussed by the
Chancellor who pointed out the work already done in this direction. He
and several other Senators agreed that action should be taken at once.
16. Mr.Creighton expressed his strong approval of the principle
which had been adopted by the University of doing thoroughly any work
which was undertaken.  It was most important that the University should
adhere to this policy as it would be fatal to spread limited means and
effort over a wide range. Even if it meant restricting the University to
a few subjeots well done, the University would be useful and successful.
17. The Honourable Dr. Young expressed his pleasure at finding
that the University was fitting itself in as an integral part of the
educational system of the Province, to build upon and complete the
training commenoed in the public and high schools.  Whilst the Government wished to be relieved of the responsibility of looking after the
higher education, they wished to see it in close touch and correlated with
their public school systems. The Chancellor spoke in appreciation of the spirit of cooperation
shown by the members of the Senate and recalled to the minds of
the Senators, the unsettled financial condition of the world at
the time the decision of the Board of Governors was made in regard
to building and other measures, of which the Senators had just
War was declared on August 4-1914 a*1*3- "the opening of the tenders
for the erection of the Science Building was announced for August
10-1914» At the meeting of August 10th no action was taken but at
the meeting of August 13-14t i* was voted to return the tenders
unopened and advertisements for tenders for the concrete work of the
Science Building were ordered, which in case the war proved abortive,
would prevent needless delay.
The President drew the attention of the Senators to the
difficulty at this time of securing the services of department
heads when the Empire is at war.
The Bishop of New Westminster moved a vote of thanks to the
President which was seconded by Mr.W.P.Argue.
This informal conference afforded evidence of the keenest
interest on the part of all the Senators and gave convincing
assurance of the heartiest cooperation.


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