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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1953-02-09

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 Monday, February 9th, 1953.     1929
The third regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1952-53 was
held on Monday, February 9th, 1953, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the
Chair), Dr. John Allardyce, Dean H.F. Angus, Dean Lowell
Besley, Mr. Jacob Biely, Dr. V.C. Brink, Dean S.N.F. Chant,
Miss Mollie Cottingham, Dean G.F. Curtis, Dr. Roy Daniells,
Dean Blythe Eagles, Mr. H.O. English, Miss Mary Fallis,
Dr. W.A. Ferguson, Dr. R.E. Foerster, Dean W.H. Gage,
Dr. W.C. Gibson, Dr. A.E. Grauer, Br. W.H. Hickman,
Dr. R.D. James, Mr. G.D. Kennedy, Dr. R.B. Kerr, Mr. F.M.
Knapp, Dean A.W. Matthews, Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley,
Mr. Finlay A. Morrison, Mr. J.F. Muir, Mr. i.O. Richmond,
Dr. W.N. Sage, Dr. T.M.C. Taylor, Dr. W.S. Taylor,
Dr. G.M. Volkoff, Dr. H.V. Warren, Dean M.M. Weaver and
Dr. C.H. Wright.
Messages of regret for their inability to be
present were received from Chancellor Sherwood Lett,
Dean H.J. MacLeod, Mr. J.M. Buchanan, Mr. F.C. Boyes,
Mr. K.P. Caple, Mr. H.N. MacCorkindale, Miss Marjorie
Agnew, Mrs. F.M. Ross, Mr. E. Davie Fulton and Dr. George
S. Allen. Monday, February 9th, 1953.     1930.
Minutes of Previous Meeting
Mr. Kennedy )
Dr. Sage    )  That the minutes of the second regular
meeting of Senate for the Session
1952-53, having been circulated, be
taken as read and adopted.
Notice of Election of Representative
of the B.C.T.F.
The Secretary read a letter, dated January 15th,
from Mr. C.D. Ovans, General Secretary, B.C. Teachers'
Federation, advising that Miss Mollie Cottingham had been
elected representative of the British Columbia Teachers'
Federation on the Senate of the University of British
Columbia, replacing Miss Florence S. Mulloy.
Dr. MacKenzie extended a welcome to Miss
Cottingham on behalf of Senate, and expressed the hope that
she would find the work interesting and worthwhile.
Notice of Appointment of Committee
on Student Affairs
Notice was received by letter, dated
December 22nd, from the President, that he had appointed
the following Senate Committee on Student Affairs, to
report on University policy in respect of athletics to the
present meeting of Senate, in accordance with the
resolution of Senate on December 17th. Monday, February 9th, 1953.   1931.
Dean W. H. Gage (Chairman)
Dean S. N. F. Chant
Dean H. F. Angus
Dr. A. E.Grauer
The Hon. Mr. Justice p,  V. Clyne
His Honour Judge A. &.  Lord
Dr. John Allardyce
Dr. H. V. Warren
Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale
Dr. R. D. James
Miss Mary M. Fallis
Dean A. W. Matthews
Mr. C. B. Wood
Dr. T. M. C. Taylor
Chancellor Sherwood Lett    )
President N. A. M. MacKenzie )  ex officio
Mr. 0. c. Andrew )
From the Board of Governors
Notice was received from the President that the
Board of Governors had approved on January 5th the
recommendation of Senate adopted at the meeting of
December 17th concerning the following:
Changes in Philosophy Curriculum
C*hanges in Awards provided by Dr. L. L. Horvath
Spring Congregation, 1953
Acceptance of New Awards? subject to approval by
The CKNW Scholarship in Television
Bursary (Anonymous) (%». T. le Nobel)
H.M.C.S. Skeena Chapter. I.O.D.E. Bursary
Notice was also received that the Board had
approved on January 26th of the following changes in the
annual value of certain awards:
The Captain LeRoy Memorial Bursary - from $125.00 to
The Dunsmulr Scholarship - from $150.00 to &190.00
The Flying Officer Reverend George Robert Pringle
Memorial Bursary - from S200.00 to $250.00
TheMorrow Scholarship ih Commerce - from $60.00 to
$65.00 t Monday, February 9th, 1953.     1932
,A The Nancy Ryckman Scholarship - from $130.00 to
w $190.00
' The Teachers' Christian Fellowship Bursary -
from $75.00 to $12 5.00
The Triple Entente Chapter, I.O.D.E.. Bursaries -
* from three awards of -^75.00 each to three awards of
From the Faculties
4 Arts and Science - re Double Degrees
• Dean Chant reported that, in accordance with the
action of Senate at its meeting on December 17th,
representatives of the Faculties of Law and Medicine had
been invited to meet with the Curriculum Committee of the
Faculty of Arts and Science to reconsider the recommendations made by that Faculty re double degrees.  The
fc       folloxving alternative proposal had been made by Medicine:
"That students of this university approved for
admission to the Faculty of Medicine register in the
Fourth Year of Arts and Science, and that the
following courses offered by the Faculty of Medicine
be accepted as fulfilling the Fourth Year requirements for the B.A. degree:
Anatomy 401, Microscopic Anatomy - 6 units
Physiology 400, Human Physiology - 6 units
Biochemistry 400, General Biochemistry - 5 units
Public Health 400, Introd. to Public Health -
1 unit
Psychiatry 400, Human Behaviour - | unit
Survey 400, History of Medical Progress - \  unit
"In addition to students proceeding in Medicine, these
courses would be open to other properly qualified
students In Arts and Science insofar as facilities
permitted.  Students in Medicine would take
Anatomy 400, Gross Human Anatomy - 9 units, along
with the above to complete the full programme of
First Year Medicine."
^       The Faculty of Arts and Science, at its meeting on
January 2$th, had reconsidered the whole question and. had Monday, February 9th, 1953.     1933.
adopted the following resolution:
"That the Faculty of Arts and Science reject the
proposal of the Faculty of Medicine and that the
Faculty reaffirm its opposition to Double Degrees."
Dean Chant  )
Dean Besley )  That the recommendations of the Faculty
of Arts and Science regarding Double
Degrees, as presented to the
December 17th, 1952, meeting of Senate,
be approved.
Law - re Supplementals and Advancement
Dean Curtis reported a recommendation of the
Faculty of Law, that the present regulation (whereby a
student, in order to pass, must obtain at least 50 per cent
in each subject, and whereby a student who has failed at
the regular examinations innotmore than two subjects but
has made an average of at least 50 per cent on the work of
the year may be granted supplemental examinations in the
subject or subjects in which he has failed) be changed, as
"That a student, in order to pass, must obtain an
average of not less than 55 per cent on the work
of the year.  No supplemental examinations will be
granted or held."
Dean Curtis )
Mr. Kennedy )  That this change in regulation be
Further in this connection,
Dean Curtis )
Mr., Kennedy )  That this regulation become applicable
immediately for the first and second
years. Monday, February 9th, 1953.     1934.
After some discussion, the vote was taken and resulted in a
tie.  The Chair thereupon cast the deciding vote in the
negative.  It was understood, therefore, that this change
of regulation would be effective in the Session 1953-54
for all years of the Law Course.
School of Social Work
Dean Chant presented the following resolutions
adopted by the School of Social Work on February 3rd, 1953>
with reference to admission to the School:
"That we recommend to Senate the approval of a notice
in the Calendar reserving the right of selection and
admission to the School of Social Work," and
"That the Chair consult Deans Chant and Gage concerning
the advisability of adding to the Selection Committee
one or more members from departments outside the
Dean Chant )
Dean Gage  )  That these recommendations be approved.
All Faculties. Calendar Material 1953-54
Dean Gage, Chairman, presented the report of the
Calendar Committee.  Proposed changes in all Faculties for
the Session 1953-54 had been circulated in mimeographed
In connection with the material from the Faculty
of Arts and Science, Dean Gage indicated the folloxving new
courses which were listed for approval:
Anthropology 411 (3) Cultures of India
Biology 513 (2) Marine Organisms and their Environment
Botany 510 (3) Advanced Phycology
Botany 512 (2) Marine Phytoplankton
Botany 521 (2-3) Problems in Forest Ecology Monday, February 9th, 1953.     1935.
Chemistry 506 (1) Theory of the Chemical Bond
Classical Studies 333 (3) The Roman Empire
_ English 403 (3) Wordsworth
v. English 425 (3) Milton
4 English 433 (3) Early Modern Period
„ It was noted that these three courses
(English 403, 425 and 433) would not increase the
total programme of the Department of English,
because English 424, 44$ and 500 will not be
offered this year.
French 420 (3) French Language and Literature
Political Science 420 (1?) Municipal Government
Physical Education 480 (Ij) Supervised Field Work
Dean Gage also commented on a new option being
offered in the School of Commerce, Option 9, Transportation
and Utilities, designed for students interested in the
development of rail, highway, air, water, pipeline and
other transportation agencies; traffic management, rate-
making; marketing, public control of utilities.
Notice was taken also of the following revision
of the note in the Calendar covering supplementals in
practice teaching, in the School of Education, to replace
the former statement that supplementals will not be
"Students who are granted supplemental standing in
Practice Teaching may, with the approval of the
School of Education, clear the deficiency by
repeating intra-murally, and completing satisfactorily, one-half of the teaching assignment of
a subsequent year.  The required supplemental fee
must be paid."
Dean Gage  )
Dean Chant )  That the Calendar material for the
Faculty of Arts and Science, including
the various Schools, be approved.
Carried. Monday, February 9th, 1953.
In the absence of Dean MacLeod, Mr. Muir
presented the Calendar material for the Faculty of Applied
Science, including a recommendation that the following new
courses be aooroved:
Chemistry 557
Chemistry 556*
Civil Eng. 471
Civil Eng. 554
Civil Eng. 555
Mech. Eng. 367
Mech. Eng. 531
Metallurgy 456
Metallurgy 476
Metallurgy 473
Metallurgy 556
Metallurgy 553
Metallurgy 593
Metallurgy 699
Metallurgy 576
- Fluid Flow
- Heat Transfer
- Introductory Soil Mechanics
- Advanced Reinforced Concrete
- Theory of Plates and Shells
- Mechanical Design
- Fluid Mechanics II
- Metal Chemistry
- Rate Processes in Metals
- X-Ray Metallography
- Structure of Metal Compounds
- Theory of Metal Surface Reacti
- Research Conference        no
- Thesis for Ph.D. degree
(1) Magnetic Properties of Metal
1 unit
1 unit
3 units
3 units
2 units
1 unit
ons 1 unit
unit value
s - Theory
of paramagnetism and ferromagn
ferromagnetic single crystals; domains;
application of band theory of solids to
ferromagnetic alloys.
He drew attention also to the following recommended changes
in policy:
1. Honour graduate standing to be accorded those
students with First Class standing in fourth year,
an average of 75$ in previous three years, and no
supplementals in any year.
2. Supplemental examinations to be held in August and
3. Student obtaining Second Class average in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry will be considered
for admission to Faculty.
Mr. Muir    )
Mr. Richmond )
That the Calendar material for the
Faculty of Applied Science, as
presented, be approved.
Carried. Monday, February 9th, 1953.     1937.
Dean Eagles presented the material for the
Faculty of Agriculture, including the following recommendations:
Field Trip
"Each student is required to complete one week of work
on a field trip taken in September prior to the
beginning of lectures.  Usually the field trip is to
be taken between the Second and Third years.  This
work must be completed to the satisfaction of Faculty
before graduation.  The cost to each student may
approximate $20.00."
New Courses
Agriculture 300 (1) Field Trip
Agriculture 303 (3) Agriculture in the Economics
(Replacing Agricultural Economics 301 (Is))
Agronomy 300 (3) General Soils - The genesis,
characterization, classification, distribution and
use of soils.  The course if designed for students
requiring a general knowledge of the characteristics
and factors determining the suitability of soil for
specific uses.  Credit will not be given to students
for this course and Agronomy 210.        (2-2;2-2)
Horticulture 430 (1^-3), Directed Studies - On an
approved problem.
Dean Eagles )
Mr. Biely  )  That the Calendar material as
presented for the Faculty of Agriculture
be approved.
Dean Curtis presented a recommendation of the
Faculty of Law that the following changes in wording be
made in the section on Admission (Calendar 1952-53> p. 303):
"(c) In place of 'the Arts and Science requirements in
the combined B.A., LL.B. course' substitute 'the
first three years of the course leading to the
degree of Bachelor of Arts.' Monday, February 9th, 1953.     1938.
"(d) In place of 'First and Second Years in'
substitute 'first two years of.'"
He also recommended the addition of the words "and
examinations" after the words "in respect of attendance at
lectures," under the heading Attendance and Examinations.
on page 304.
Dean Curtis )
Mr. Kennedy )  That the amendments, as presented, in
the Calendar material for the Faculty
of Law be approved.
Dean Matthews presented the material for the
Faculty of Pharmacy and pointed out that the proposed
changes were all readjustments of existing courses.  He
noted that, effective in the Session 1953-54, an undergraduate thesis would be required of all students as part
of one of the Fourth Year courses.
Dean Matthews )
Mr. Morrison  )  That the Calendar material for the
Faculty of Pharmacy be approved.
Dean Besley presented the material for the
Faculty of Forestry and reported a proposed new Option in
Forest Products and Wood Technology, consisting of a combination of existing courses in the Faculties of Forestry,
Arts and Science, and Applied Science.
Dean Eesley )
Mr. Knapp   )  That the Calendar material for the
Faculty of Forestry be approved.
Carried. T
Monday, February 9th, 1953.     1939.
Dean Weaver presented the Calendar material for
the Faculty of Medicine, consisting of minor amendments
plus the addition of material for the final year of the
course.  He also drew attention to the recommendation that
the examination of the Medical Council of Canada be used as
a final examination in the medical course at this
University, as a co-incidental examination.  The following
clinical courses to complete the fourth year curriculum
were noted:
t Medicine 475 (Medicine)
476 (Therapeutics)
( 490 (Principles of Therapeutic Radiology)
\ Obstetrics and Gynaecology 475 (Obstetrics)
476 (Gynaecology)
' Paediatrics 475 (Paediatrics)
, Pathology 475 (Clinical P-.thology)
•Psychiatry 475 (Psychiatry)
Public Health 475 (Preventive Medicine II)
r Surgery 475 TSurgery)
476 (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)
' Conjoint Courses 475 (Medical Ethics and Medical
'T Economics)
476 (Medical Jurisprudence)
Also noted were the following graduate courses:
r Anatomy - 500 (6) Gross Human Anatomy
501 (3) Microscopic Human Anatomy
502 (4) Microscopic Anatomy
4 503.  A refresher course in human Anatomy as
applied to Surgery. (l-0;l-0)
f 510 (2)*Neuroanatomy
549 (6) M.Sc. Thesis
t Biochemistry - 500 (2) Intermediary Metabolism
501 (2) Enzymology
1 502 (1) Endocrinology
; 503 (2) Molecular Structure and
Biological Function
510 (1) Biochemistry of Cancer
520 (5) Advanced Biochemical Techniques
^_ 530 (1) Seminar in Biochemistry
<f 549 (6) M.Sc. Thesis
649    Ph.D. Thesis !
Monday, February 9th, 1953-     1940.
•Physiology - 511 (3) Seminar in Mammalian Physiology
512 (3) Advanced Physiological Techniques
513 (1) Developmental Physiology
x 514 (1) Physiology of Respiration
t 549 (6) M.Sc. Thesis
649    Ph.D. Thesis
, Conjoint Courses 500 General Seminar in Experimental
Neurological Research 500 (1) Seminar in Research
501 (6) M.Sc. Thesis
Dean Weaver )
Dr. Kerr   )  That the Calendar material as
presented for the Faculty of
Medicine be approved.
Dean Angus presented the Calendar material for
the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  He drew attention to a
number of revisions of wording of general regulations and
P       recommendations of the Faculty that the following
additional programmes for the Ph.D. degree be approved:
Agronomy and Dairying
Social Sciences
He noted a recommendation that a course leading to either
the M.A. or M.Sc. degree in Community and Regional
Planning be substituted for the existing Diploma Course in
this field, effective in the current Session.  He also drew
attention to a proposed announcement re an Institute of
Fisheries.  It was noted that all courses numbered 500 and
above, as listed in the reports of the Faculties of Arts
and. Science, Applied Science, and Medicine, had been
approved also by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. t
Monday, February 9th, 1953.     1941.
Dean Angus )
Dr. Sage  ) That the Calendar material for the
Faculty of Graduate Studies be approved,
subject to approval by Senate later in
the meeting of a recommendation re the
Institute of Fisheries.
Dean Gage  )
Dean Chant ) That the full Calendar report be
adopted and that authorization be
granted for any necessary editorial
Reports of Committees
Prizes. Scholarships and Bursaries
Dean Gage, Chairman of the Committee, reported
that Mr. Edward Fulgham, a student in Second Year Arts and
Science, had been forced to withdraw because of illness.
It was recommended that Mr. Fulgham's withdrawal be considered effective as of the end of the first term and that
the balance of his scholarship and any refund due him be
placed in the scholarship fund for his use in case he
returns in the Fall of 1953.
It was further recommended that the award of The
Lower Mainland Fur Breeders' Association Bursary of #50.00
be made to David V. Winteringham. It was noted that this
bursary was usually awarded in the Fall, but that the funds
had not been made available at the usual time.
Dean Gage  )
Mr. Kennedy ) That these recommendations be approved.
Carried. Monday, February 9th, 1953-     1942.
Change in Awards
Notice was received that The Pharmaceutical
Association of the Province of British Columbia Scholarship
of $100.00, and The Pharmaceutical Association of the
Province of British Columbia Prize of $50.00, are to be
renewed for the Session 1953-54; and that the Prize is to
be renamed "The Dean E.L. Woods Memorial Prize."
It was reported that the following awards had
been increased in value as indicated below:
The R.C.A.F. Chapter, I.O.D.E.. Bursary in Nursing
- from $50.00 to $75.00
The R.C.A.F. Chapter. I.O.D.E.. Bursary in Medicine
- from 175.00 to $100.00
The Triple Entente Chapter. I.O.D.E. Bursaries - from
three awards of $75.00 each to three awards of
$100.00 each
The Gamma Phi 3eta Bursary - from $75.00 to $100.00
The Teachers' Christian Fellowship Bursary - from
$75.00 to $125.00
The Anne Wesbrook Scholarship - from $125.00 to $200.00
The Rotary Memorial Bursaries - each of five bursaries
awarded annually increased from $200.00 to $250.00
Dean Gage   )
Dr. Foerster )  That letters of appreciation be sent
to the donors in this connection.
New Awards
Acceptance was recommended of the following new
awards, in accordance with the following Calendar
BURSARY (ANONYMOUS) - A bursary of $100.00, provided by
an anonymous donor, is available in the Session 1953-54
for a promising and deserving student. Monday, February 9th, 1953.     1943.
gift of CKNW, International Broadcasting Company Ltd.,
New Westminster, is available for a student who has
taken work in advertising and is graduating in Commerce.
It is tenable at Northwestern University, Evanston,
Illinois, in the special summer course in Television.
Under the terms of award, the winner will receive transportation, living expenses, and tuition fees for the
course.  To be eligible, an applicant must indicate an
aptitude for work related to radio and television and a
desire to follow a career in these fields.  In making
the award, consideration will also be given to scholastic
standing, character and personality.  Applications must
be submitted to the Director of the School of Commerce
before January 31st.  The winner will be chosen by the
University in consultation with the donors.
memorial to Annie B. Jamieson, B.A., LL.D., a scholarship of $150.00 will be awarded annually to a student
entering the University from Grade XII or XIII of a
Vancouver High School.  Applicants should have high
scholastic standing and should show evidence of those
qualities of character which make for leadership in
community affairs and an interest in world events.  By
this award it is hoped to perpetuate the spirit of
public interest and public service ivhich Miss Jamieson
embodied during a pioneer period of the city's development, and especially to give recognition to her
distinguished contributions as a teacher in the
Vancouver Schools, and as a member of the Vancouver
School Board, the Public Library Board, and the Senate
and Board of Governors of the University of British
Columbia.  The fund supporting this scholarship was
contributed to by friends and associates of Miss
Jamieson; it was augmented by contributions made in
memory of the late Victor Osterhout, at his own request.
bursary of $50.00, the gift of the H.M.C.S. Skeena
Chapter, I.O.D.E., will be awarded in the Session 1953-54
tc a woman student beginning her studies in the First
Year at the University.  The award will be made to a
student who, having good scholastic standing, will be
unable without financial assistance to attend.
Dean Gage   )
Dr. Foerster)  That the new awards listed be accepted
and that letters of thanks be sent to
the donors.
Carried. Monday, February 9th, 1953.     1944.
Dean Gage referred to a letter, dated February 6th,
from the B.C. Inter-High Boys' Basketball Association,
presenting a proposal to provide a scholarship for award at
this University to be known as the B.C, Inter-High Boys'
Basketball Association Scholarship and to be available to
all members of teams affiliated with the Association.  It
was noted that the award was to be made on the basis of the
following qualifications:  good scholastic standing,
character, qualities of leadership, demonstrated active
interest in athletics, and on the recommendation of the
candidate's school principal.
Dean Gage  )
Dean Chant )  That, if this offer is confirmed, the
scholarship be accepted on the terms
At the request of the President, Dean Gage
outlined the terms of award of The Mackenzie King
Travelling Scholarships, which were provided in the Will of
the late Right Honourable William Lyon Mackenzie King, to
be awarded to graduates of Canadian universities who propose to engage, either in the United States or the United
Kingdom, in post-graduate studies in the fields of
International or Industrial Relations.
Student Affairs
Dean Gage, Chairman, reported that this
Committee had met with the Students' Council to ask what
proposals the Council would make to safeguard against the r
Monday, February 9th, 1953      1945.
introduction of certain undesirable practices, e.g.
professionalism and commercialism, into university athletics.
At the suggestion of the Committee, the students had drawn
up a proposed set of regulations and had obtained approval
of them from the Men's Athletic Directorate, the Men's
Athletic Committee and the Students' Council.  These
regulations had been circulated to members of Senate, and
in amended form read as follows:
"A. Regulations governing eligibility of male athletes
participating on any University 'first' athletic
team (i.e., the Varsity or Thunderbird team).
1. Transfers from universities or colleges not
affiliated with the University of B.C. must have
attended the University of B.C. or Victoria
College as a full-time student for at least one
winter session before becoming eligible to
participate on a first team.
2. No student shall be eligible to compete on a first
team unless in the last winter session, if any
previously attended, he was granted standing, in
whole or in part, for the work of that session,
and after writing any necessary supplementals, he
completed all but at most three units (or the
equivalent) of a full year's work.
3. A student with no previous attendance at the
University of British Columbia or Victoria College
may not compete on a first athletic team unless he
has standing which admits him without condition to
the second year of University work.  A student in
this category, however, may with the approval of
the Men's Athletic Committee be permitted to play:
(a) if he is over twenty-two years of age; or
(b) if no freshman or J.V. team can be organized.
"B. Lists of the players for all teams are to be submitted by the Athletic Director to the Registrar's
Office not later than one week prior to scheduled
games.  Players' eligibility will then be verified or
otherwise and the Athletic Director will be
responsible to the Men's Athletic Committee for
enforcing the Registrar's ruling." Monday, February 9th, 1953.     1946.
Dean Gage  )
Dr. Grauer )  That Senate approve and accept these
regulations concerning athletics as
approved in principle by the Men's
Athletic Committee and the Men's
Athletic Directorate, and as approved by
the Students' Council for inclusion in
the M.A.D. Constitution, on the understanding that Section 3 of Regulation A
is subject to Section 1 of the same
Regulation, and on the understanding
that the Students' Council and the Men's
Athletic Committee will give effect to
the terms of the proposal.
Further in this connection, Dean Gage read a letter dated
February 5th from Mr. R.F. Osborne, Director, School of
Physical Education, recording the following motion which
was passed at a meeting of the Men's Athletic Committee on
January 23th, 1953:
"That it be recommended to the Council of the School of
Physical Education that the following changes be made
in the membership of the Men's Athletic Committee:
1. That the Athletic Director be a non-voting member
and permanent secretary, with the right of voice
and initiative.
2. That Senate be asked to appoint a representative to
the Men's Athletic Committee."
Dean Gage  )
Dr. Grauer )  That, subject to ratification of this
proposal by the Council of the School of
Physical Education, the Chairman of
Senate be authorized to appoint a
representative of Senate on the Men's
Athletic Committee.
Dean Gage referred also to a letter, dated
February 9th, from Mr. Raghbir Basi, President of the Alma
Mater Society re-affirming the students desire to maintain
a high degree of responsibility and autonomy. This letter Monday, February 9th, 1953.     1947.
was received and ordered filed.
Some discussion took place on the subject of
protection against injuries to players.  The President
stated that it had always been the understanding that it
was the responsibility of the individual student playing
or the Alma Mater Society to provide for their own
protection.  Dr. Kerr suggested that it might be worth
communicating with the University of Toronto with regard
to coverage provided at that institution in this
Miss Fallis spoke with regard to the women's
athletic situation on the campus, and
Miss Fallis )
Mr. Kennedy )  That it be suggested to the Women's
Committee on Athletics that they discuss the question of regulations
pertaining to women's athletics in the
light of the regulations set forth
above regarding men's athletics.
Honorary Degrees
Dean Angus presented the recommendation of the
Committee on Honorary Degrees, that the degree of Doctor
of Science be conferred on Frank E. Buck, Professor
Emeritus of Horticulture.
Dean Angus  )
Dean Curtis )  That this recommendation be approved.
Carried. Monday, February 9th, 1953.     1943,
Professors Emeriti
Dr. MacKenzie spoke to this item and reported
that much to everyone's regret a large number of senior
members of the teaching staff will retire this year and
next year, including the present Chairman of the Committee
on Professors Emeriti, Dr. W.N. Cage.  Since retirement
does not take place until the first of July, he suggested
that, in the case of those who retire this year, that
action be taken after that date.  It was agreed that the
President be authorized to consult with the Chairman and
other members of the Committee to bring in recommendations.
Copies of a letter, dated December 16th, 1952,
from Dr. Gilbert Tucker, Chairman of the Library Committee,
with  reference  to the   Twenty-third Report  on  the University
Library, were circulated in accordance with the resolution
of Senate on December 17th, and the Report was returned to
the agenda for possible discussion.
Dean Gage )
Dr. Brink )  That this Report and Dr. Tucker's letter
be received.
Carri ed.
Institute of Fisheries
Copies of a report prepared by Dr. W.A. Clemens,
setting forth certain principles in connection with the
formation of an Institute of Fisheries, were circulated in
accordance with the resolution of Senate on December 17th,
and this item was returned to the agenda for discussion. Monday, February 9th, 1953-     1949«
Dr. James questioned item 3(c), under "Special
Considerations" on page 2 of the report, with reference to
the establishment of an annual graduate scholarship and
research grant, and the President assured him that the
intention, was that industry, private citizens or government
would provide the necessary monies for this award, not the
Dean Angus  )
Dean Curtis )  That the report as circulated be
Requirements for University Entrance
and Senior Matriculation
The Secretary presented a proposal that the
publication of the bulletin "Requirements for University
Entrance and Senior Matriculation" should be discontinued,
and that the essential points of admission requirements
should be included in the University Calendar.
Dean Gage )
Dr. Sage  )  That Senate authorize the discontinuance
of the publication of this bulletin.
Report of Department of University Extension
The Annual Report, September 1st, 1951 to
August 31st, 1952, was returned to the agenda in accordance
with the resolution of Senate on December 17th, 1952, for
possible discussion.
Dr. Wright   )
Dr. Foerster )  That this report be received.
Carried. Monday, February 9th, 1953.     1950.
Statistical Studies
Tables II, III and VI, being certain statistical
studies prepared by the Comptroller and circulated to
Senate under cover of a letter, dated December 1st, 1952,
from the Honorary Bursar, were returned to the agenda for
Dean Gage  )
Dean Chant )  That these studies be received.
After some comment, and in amendment,
Dr. Daniells )
Dean Chant   )  That these statistical studies be
received with great caution.
The amendment was put and carried.
Dean Gage suggested that those who were working
on these studies should be advised of Senate's interest in
seeing such reports.
Annual Congregation - dates and speakers
The President reported that because of the
announcement that Victoria Day would be celebrated as a
national holiday on May 13th, 1953, rather than May 24th
as in previous years, the Ceremonies Committee had
recommended that the Spring Congregations, 1953, be held
on Tuesday, May 19th, and Wednesday, May 20th.
He reported also that he expected Mr. Dana
Wilgress would give one of the Congregation Addresses, and
presented the suggestions that the second Address should be
given by Mr. Alfred Rive or the Honourable H.H. Stevens. It
was agreed that the matter of speakers be left with the President. Monday, February 9th, 1953.     1951.
Victoria College Council
Dr. Hickman reported briefly on Victoria College
matters and commented on the shortage of trained librarians
in Canada.
Other Business
The President commented on the Advanced Management Course being offered at the Banff School of Business
Administration, January 19th to February 23th, 1953, under
the joint sponsorship of the Universities of Alberta,
British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan; and presented
a copy of the Calendar of the School for the information of
Dr. MacKenzie reported that he had recently
received notice from the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa,
that Parliament had provided for the continuance of grants
to universities in the fiscal year 1952-53.
A motion to adjourn xvas carried.
A^A*iSL£em yi


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