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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1935-08-23

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Friday, August 23rd, 1935
The fifth regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the session 1934-55
was held on Friday, August 23rd, 1935, at 8:00 p.m., in
the Board and Senate Room.
Present: President L. S. Klinck (in the Chair),
Dean D. Buchanan, Dean F. M. Clement, Dr. G. G. Sedgewick,
Miss A. B. Jamieson, Dr. J. Roy Sanderson, Miss Isobel
Harvey, Mr. H. E. HacCorkindale, His Honour F. W. Howay,
Hr. P. A. Boving, Hr. E. A. Lloyd, Dr. G. G. Hoe, Hr.
H. T. Logan, Dr. C. Killam, Hr. F. A. Wilkin, His Honour
J. D. Swanson, Mr. J. C. Oliver and Mr. Sydney Anderson.
Judge Howay)
Mr. Boving ) That the minutes of the fourth
regular meeting of May 8th, 1955,
and of the special meeting of
August 14th, 1955, be taken as
read, and adopted.
Expressions of regret at their inability to be
present at the meeting were received from Mr. J. N. Harvey,
Mr. P. H. Elliott, Mr. H. C. Holmes, Miss M. L. Bollert
and Mr. Sherwood Lett.
Dr. Sedgewick, on behalf of the Committees on
Resolutions, appointed at the last meeting, presented
statements for record in the minutes in regard to the
death of Principal Vance and the death of Dean and Mrs.
Dr. Sedgewick )
Judge Swanson ) That these resolutions be placed
upon the minutes of Senate and
that a copy be forwarded to the
relatives with suitable expressions of sympathy.
Carried 419
Friday, August 23rd, 1935
The resolutions were as follows:-
In the passing of the Reverend Principal William
Hugh Tance , The University of British Columbia has
suffered great loss.  He was enrolled in the lists of
its original Convocation; he was an elected member of
Senate from 1918 to 1921 and member by virtue of his
office from 1922 until his death.  During his whole
life in this Province he befriended every good cause
that summoned him; and on the service of his Church,
his College, and the University he expended without
stint the full resources of his nature: & trenchant
power of criticism, tireless energies, notable
executive ability, and an unbending loyalty to
principle.  To these virtues the noble college devised
by his mind and vision will stand as permanent memorial. 420
Friday, August 23rd, 1935
The Senate feels that it is impossible to measure
the debt which the University owes to Dean Reginald
Walter Brock and Mrs. Brock or the loss it has sustained in their sudden and tragic death.
The founder and first Dean of the Faculty of
Applied Science came to this institution with a distinguished record of civil service and scientific
achievement which steadily lengthened until the end
and to which were added notable military distinctions
both during and after the Great War.  From the Faculty
which he informed with high and rigorous discipline
have issued many men-whose work has brought honour to
this University from every quarter of the globe and
erected, as he would be glad to think, his best and
most enduring monument.
Mrs. Brock's contribution to the community was all
the greater for being utterly self-effacing.  For over
twenty years she touched our life at every point with
skill that seemed effortless and with sympathies
generous and unerring.  Herself a university graduate,
she revealed and exemplified to all who knew her and
especially to numberless students that harmony of
disciplined culture and active goodness which has
always been the University ideal. 421
Friday, August 23rd, 1935
The secretary reported that a letter was being
sent to Dr. Moe expressing the sympathy of Senate in
his bereavement through the death of Mrs. Moe.
From the Board of Governors
Calendar for 1935-56  -  Approved.
The Beverley Cayley Scholarship (by way of renewal)
The following resolution, passed by the Board of
Governors, was received in reply to the request of
Senate that copies of the Balance Sheet and Statement of
Receipts and Expenditures for the fiscal year ended
March Slst, 1935, be made available to individual
members of Senate:
"Resolved, That the attention of Senate be
called to the fact that a copy of the
Balance Sheet and Statement of Receipts and
Expenditures for the fiscal year ended
March Slst, 1935, had been sent to the
Secretary of Senate under date of May 1st;
and that the stencils used by the Bursar
for the mimeographing of the statement had
been destroyed."
Notice of Appointment of Senate Representatives on
Committee to Consider the Question of the Accrediting
of High Schools in this rrovlnce
Mr. H. F. Angus, Chairman
Dr. A. H. Hutchinson
Miss A. B. Jamieson
From the Faculty of Arts and Science
Dean Buchanan presented the Results of the
Examinations of the Summer Session.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Logan    ) That the report from the Faculty
of Arts and Soience concerning the
examination results of the Summer
Session of 1935 be approved, and
that.degrees be granted to the
candidates recommended.  _   . .
Carried 422
Friday, August 23rd, 1935
Recommendations in regard to Prizes and Scholarships,'
1. That Philip J. Kitley, completing the Third
Year, be granted The British Columbia
Teachers' Federation Scholarship.
2. That Alexander F. Robinson, completing the
Second Year, be granted The Summer Session
Students' Association Scholarship.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Logan    ) That these recommendations be
Amendment to Calendar regulation re Admission to
Social Service Courses
That the calendar statement (oalendar 1935-36,
page 109 - also page 29) in reference to
admission to Social Service courses be
amended to read,-
"A student must be a University
graduate or be of the full age of
twenty-one years for admission to
any of these courses."
and that this amended regulation be effective
commencing in the session 1935-36.
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Killam   ) That this recommendation be
In amendment,-
Hiss Harvey)
Mr. Lloyd  ) That graduates be allowed to
proceed to the Social Service
Course irrespective of age,
but that those who are not
graduates be required to be of
the age of twenty-five years.
Amendment lost
The original motion was then put to vote and carried. 423
Friday, August 23rd, 1955
In accordance with a resolution of the Faoulty of
Arts and Science giving the Departments of History and
Economics authority to make changes in the announcement
of courses for the session 1955-56 the following
recommendations in reference to proposed changes in
courses in History were presentedr-
Hlatory 4, Medieval History, to be given by Dr.
Sylvia Thrupp instead of by Dr. Sage*  This course
is announced in the calendar as not given, in the
session 1955-56.
History 16, Social and Economic History of Medieval
Europe, to be given by Dr. Sylvia Thrupp.  (This
course does not overlap History 4 as Dr. Thrupp is
carefully drafting both courses to prevent repetition*)
History 18. British History 1485-1760, to be given by
Dr. Sylvia Thrupp.
This course affects also History 10 and History 19*
In the past, two courses have been given in British
history.  It has been felt for a long time that it
would be necessary to make over these courses into
three.  History 10, therefore, will deal with the
period up to 1485; History 18, from 1485-1760; and
History 19, the British Isles, from 1760 to the
present day*
Dr* Sage will give History 10, and Professor Cooke,
History 11*
Professor Soward will give History 20*
Dean Buchanan)
Dr* Sedgewiok) That these courses be approved and
that authority be given to put them
into effect this coming session*
A. letter was received from the President expressing
the wish of the Committee on Ceremonies that a speaker be
secured for the Autumn Congregation.  The Senate was
asked to consider this matter and to take whatever steps 424
Friday, August 23rd, 1935
it might deem advisable.
Dr. Sedgewick    )
Mr. MacCorkindale) That the Senate record its
approval of the engagement
of a speaker for the Autumn
Congregation; that the other
arrangements for the Con-
, gregation in October be
'* extended accordingly, and
that the President he given
power to act.
' » Carried
> ' ■
The following letter was received from the
, "     In a recent conversation with the Honourable
the Minister of Education, he expressed the hope that
the Board of Governors, in preparing the Estimates
for 1956-57, would request that provision be made
for (a), Adult Education; and, (b), for conducting
research into problems which have a direct bearing
on the industries of the Province.
I would respectfully suggest, therefore, that
Senate give early consideration to these two matters
in order that, should they be approved, provision
can be made for the inclusion of these items in the
Estimates for 1956-57."
' . Dean Clement)
Mr. Lloyd   ) That the matter of Adult Edu-
I cation as outlined in the letter
i from the President be referred
to the Committee on Extra-
University Teaching; and that the
question of Research noted in the
same communication be referred
to a Committee to be appointed by
the Chair.
A general discussion took place on this question,
and the President asked that item No. 8. (o), Report
of Committee on Extra-University Teaching, on the
agenda, be considered before voting on the above motion.
11 425
Friday, August 23rd, 1935
Dr. Sedgewick)
Hr. Logan    ) That this matter be tabled until
consideration is given to item
No. 8. (e).
In regard to the work of the Co-ordinating Committee of the Board of Governors and Senate attention
was called to the recent change in the University Act
in accordance with which henceforth three of the members
of the Board of Governors would be representatives from
Dr. Sedgewick)
Hr. Anderson ) That the Co-ordinating Committee
be discharged.
A letter from Mr. Sherwood Lett with respect to the
form the Celebration of the 21st Anniversary of the
Opening of the University might take, was taken as a
progress report.
Item Nq. 7. on the agenda .(Letter from the
President - attitude of Minister of Education re extension and research) was then considered in conjunction
with item No. 8. (c) (Report of Committee on Extra-
UnlTersity Teaching.)
Dr. Sedgewick)
Dr. Killam   ) That the matter of the President's
letter in so far as it relates to
Adult Education be referred to the
Committee on Extra-University
Teaching, and that this Committee
be asked to report on Adult
Education at a special meeting
three weeks hence*
Carried 4
t -
Friday, August 23rd, 1935
Dr. Sedgewiok)
Mr. Logan    ) That the matter of the President's
letter in 80 far as it relates to
Research into problems which have
a direct bearing on the industries
of the Province be referred to a
Committee to be named by the
President, and that this Committee
report at the same meeting.
The President named, as the Committee,-
Hr. Sherwood Lett, Chairman
Dr. Evlyn F. Farris
Hiss A. B. Jamieson
Dean Buchanan
Dean Clement
Acting Dean Turnbull
Hr. H. H. HacCorkindale.
Mr. MacCorkindale)
Dr. Killam      ) That to the personnel of the
Committee on Extra-University
Teaching there be added the
names of Mr. Sherwood Lett and
Miss A. B. Jamieson.
A letter was received from Mr. Elliott in reply to
a letter of sympathy sent to him.
In further reference to the matter of the recognition
of the Matriculation Examinations of British Columbia by
the University of London a letter was received from the
University of London outlining the procedure that they
considered it necessary to follow in order to maintain an
adequate standard, expressing a desire to co-operate, and
signifying the hope that it might be possible for the
Senate to re-consider its decision to take no further
Mr. Logan    )
Judge Swanson) That this letter be received and
t *
Friday, August 23rd, 1935
The following resolution in regard to courses in
Education was received from the British Columbia Teachers'
"Whereas it is not possible to study Education as a
major subject in taking the Bachelor of Arts degree,
' and, whereas this subject is of great importance to
teachers now working toward the B.A. degree or the
M.A. degree and to students intending to enter the
Teacher Training Course, be it resolved that the
. t University of B.C. and the Department of Education
be asked:
(a) To arrange the courses leading to the B.A.
degree so that Education shall be a major
(b) To provide additional courses in Education
so that this subject may be taken as a major
for the M.A. degree."
Dr.   Killam)
Mr.  Boving)   That   this be   referred  to   the
v^ Faculties.
The following resolution in regard to courses in
Geography was received from the British Columbia Teachers'
I Federation:
| "Whereas the University of British Columbia fails
conspicuously in the provision of the Academic and
' professional training specially required by teachers
t of High School geography, and
Whereas the meagre course in geographical methodology
* available to teachers in training in 1933-34 was
withdrawn in the academic year 1934-55,
Be it resolved that this Association protest to both
the Department of Education and the University and ask
that increased and enriched courses in the field of
geography be made available to undergraduates and that
the professional training of teachers of high school
M geography be put on an equality with that of teachers
I of other sciences." 428
Friday, August 25rd, 1935
Dean Buchanan )
Judge Swanson ) That this be referred to the
A request was received from Otto H. Gill that he be
given the opportunity of writing another supplemental
examination in Electrical Engineering 12*
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Boving   ) That this matter be referred to the
Faculty of Applied Science to
determine whether or not it is
possible for Mr. Gill to undertake
study in this subject with a view
to completing it next spring, and
also if and under what conditions
Mr. Gill would be allowed to
write •
The following recommendation was received from the
High School and University Matriculation Board:
"That an extra scholarship be provided for Noel
Arthur Scott Owens, John Oliver High School, who
made an average of 89.1$ on the Junior Matriculation Examination, and who practically tied
with William Maurice Sibley, who made 89.4$."
Dean Buchanan    )
Mr. MacCorkindale) That this matter be referred
to the Board of Governors with
the recommendation of Senate
that this Scholarship be
Mr. Oliver  )
Mr. Anderson) That we adjourn.
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