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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1934-05-09

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Wednesday,   May  9th,   1954
The  fourth  regular  meeting  of  the   Senate   of  The
University  of British Columbia  for  the   session  1955-34
was held on Wednesday, May 9th, 1934, at 9:30 a.m., in
the Board and Senate Room.
Present: President L. S. Klinck (in the Chair),
Dean F. M. Clement, Dean R. W. Brock, Dean D. Buchanan,
Hr. E. A. Lloyd, Dr. G. G. Moe, Mr. F. A. Wilkin, Dr.
H. F. G. Letson, Mr. H. F. Angus, Dr. A. H. Hutchinson,
Mr. J. N. Harvey, Hr. H. N. MacCorkindale, Hr. G. W.
Clark, Mr. P. H. Elliott, Rev. Dr. J. G. Brown, Rev.
Dr. W. H. Vance, Mr. H. T. Logan, Dr. G. G. Sedgewick,
His Honour Judge F. W. Howay, Miss M. L. Bollert, Miss
A. B. Jamieson, The Most Rev. A. U. de Pencier, His
Honour Judge J. D. Swanson, Dr. C. Killam, Dr. Evlyn F.
Farris, Mr. Sydney Anderson and Miss Isobel Harvey.
Mr. Clark)
Dr. Howay) That the minutes of the third regular
meeting of February 21st, and of the
special meeting of March 23rd, be
taken as read, and adopted.
Examination Results submitted by the Faculties
Arts and Science:
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Killam   ) That before we consider the results
in the Faculty of Arts that the
question of standing of First
Class in the Faculty of Applied
Science be considered.
In amendment:
Dr.  Vance        )
Dean Clement)   That we  proceed  to   consider the
examination  results  and make   the
awards   on  the  basis  of   the   classification  in  the   1935-34  calendar.
Amendment withdrawn. 390.
Wednesday, May 9th, 1934
Dr. Vance)
Mr. Clark) That we proceed to consider the report
of the Faculty of Applied Science.
Aocepted by Dean Buchanan and Dr. Killam in
lieu of original motion.
Motion put to vote and carried.
Applied Science
The following recommendations from the Faculty of
Applied Science were presented for approval:
1. That students whose marks range from 75.0 to
79.9 per cent, be reported separately.
2. That this division for students whose marks
range from 75.0 to 79.9 be called Class I.
Dean Brock )
Dr. Letson ) That recommendation "1" be approved.
Unnecessary to present recommendation 2*
Dean Brock presented the results of the sessional
examinations in the Faculty of Applied Science.
Dean Brock)
Dr. Letson) That the classification with regard to
Honours be made retroactive so that
graduates who have made an Honours
standing in past years, may be given
that standing in letters of recommendation, and certificates.
Dean Brock)
Mr. Wilkin) That Walter A. Lammers, Third Year -
Failed -, be granted the privilege of
writing in September on the five
subjects in which he made less than
50% but be required to pass in all of
them ii  he wishes to proceed to the
Fourth Year*
Carried *
Wednesday,May 9th, 1934.
Dean Brock)
Mr. Wilkin) That the recommendations of the
Faculty with regard to examination
results be adopted, with the modifications that have been made.
Dr. Vance )
Mr. Harvey) That results be released to the
press as soon as passed by Senate.
Arts and Science
Principal Elliott presented the sessional examination results of Victoria College.
Principal Elliott)
Dean Buchanan    ) That the report be approved.
Dean Buchanan presented the sessional examination
results in the Faculty of Arts and Science.
The name of Harold Dew was added to the Teacher
Training Course list.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Angus    ) That the report as a whole with
the changes suggested be adopted,
Faculty of Agriculture
Dean Clement presented  the   sessional  examination
results   in  the  Faculty   of  Agriculture.
Dean Clement)
Mr.   Lloyd       )   That  the  report as  a whole  be
Carried 332.
Wednesday, May 9th, 1934.
Sean Brock   )
Dean Buchanan) That the question of grading of
students be referred to the
Faculties for consideration and
report to Senate.
Report on Prizes and Scholarships
Sessional Awards
Mr. Logan presented the report of the Faculties in
reference to Medals, Scholarships, Prizes and Bursaries
for 1933-54.
Mr. Logan)
Mr. Angus) That the report be adopted.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr.   Angus )   That  R.   Morris  Wilson be  granted
the  B.A.   degree   in   view   of   the
fact  that  he   is a   returned
soldier  and   that  he   has  completed
his   third year work.
The  Chairman  expressed  appreciation  of   the   very
painstaking way  in which  the  results   of   sessional   examinations  were  presented.
from the  Board   of  Governors
Constitution and Code   of Alma Mater  Society.
Constitution and Code,  as  amended,  approved.
Inter-Faculty  student  fights  - preparation  of
statutes   of  prohibition.
Report  approved;   suggestion that  statutes
of prohibition be prepared by Senate   rather
than by  Co-ordinating  Committee. 333.
Wednesday,   May  9th,1954
Archbishop  de  Pencier)
Dean Clement )   That the   letter be   received
and  that   the  Chair   appoint
a   committee.
From the  Faculties
Re-adjustment   of   Junior Matriculation   Scholarship
Recommendation of the High School and University
Matriculation Board in reference to a re-adjustment of
the Junior Matriculation Scholarships, endorsed by the
1. That an extra Junior Matriculation Royal Institution
Scholarship be requested by the Board of Examiners
from the Senate of the University of British
2. That this new Junior Hatriculation Scholarship District comprise the schools as follows: New Westminster, Burnaby North, Burnaby South, John Oliver,
Prince of Wales, Hagee, Lord Byng, Richmond,
Bridgeport and University Hill.
3. That this new district be known as Number 4, and
the districts previously numbered 4, 5, 6 be renumbered 5,6, 7 respectively.
4. That the West Vancouver and North Vancouver High
Schools be transferred to district Number 3, now
comprising Britannia, King Edward, King George,
Kitsilano and Technical.
Note. This helps to balance the number of candidates
in the districts.  It also gives the Island and
small Mainland schools a better chance in competition, and hence distributes the scholarships.
5. That all private schools be considered within their
respective areas when making awards.
Mr. MacCorkindale)
Mr. Logan       ) That the recommendation be
adop ted*
Carried 33ft.
Wednesday, Hay 9th, 1934.
United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada (Vancouver
Branch) Silver medal with gold shield.
Recommended, that this prize be accepted and that
the Calendar statement be,-
The  Vancouver  Branch  of   the  United  Empire
Loyalists  Association  of  Canada   is   offering
a  silver medal   for   the  best   essay  received
during   the  Session  1934-35  on any topic
dealing with   the   history  of   the United Empire
Loyalists  and their  influence   on the   development   of  Canada.
The  award  will be  made   on the   recommendation
of   the   Department  of   History,   the   competition
being  open  to   all  undergraduates  of  the  University,   preference being  given to   students  enrolled   in  a Canadian History course.
Archbishop  de Pencier)
Mr.   Logan )   That   the   medal be   accepted.
(c)     University Women's. Club   of Vancouver  Bursary  of  $100.00
Recommended  that  this  Bursary be  accepted and  that
the   Calendar  statement  be,-
The  Bursary   of   $100,00   given by the   University Women's  Club   of  Vancouver  will be   available   for  a woman  student  of  high  scholastic
standing  in the   Third Year  of   the   Faculty  of
Arts  and Science   who  is  proceeding  to  the
work  of  the  Fourth  Year.
Dr. Farris   )
Miss Jamieson) That the Bursary be accepted.
(d)    Summer  Session  Students*  Association  Scholarship
An  offer  has been  received  from the   Summer  Session
Students'  Association  of  a  scholarship   of  $30.00
to be  awarded  annually to   the   Summer  Session
student  who  completes  the   second  year with  the
highest   standing.     To be  eligible  a  student must
have   taken his  entire   second  year at   The  University
of British Columbia  Summer  Session  or  Extra-
sessional   classes and must   continue   in his   third >
0 Wednesday, May 9th, 1934
year at The University of British Columbia*
It is recommended that this scholarship be
Mr. Clark)
Mr. Logan) That this scholarship be accepted.
Mr. Logan)
Mr. Angus) That in each of these cases (b,c,d)
the donors be communicated with and
the gifts gratefully acknowledged by
Sena te•
Mr. Logan, Chairman of the Joint Faculty Committee
on Prizes  and Scholarships,  reported that  the  Board  of
Governors  had   set  aside   $2,000.00  for   special bursaries
for  the   Session 1934-35.
Mr. Logan)
Mr* Angus) That the special bursary fund of
$2,000.00 provided by the Board of
Governors for the session 1934-35 be
distributed under the same conditions
as the special bursary fund of last
session; and that awards made from
this fund be administered as summer
and autumn awards*
From the Faculty of Arts and Science
General Proficiency Scholarships of the Third Year
That the two General Proficiency Scholarships of
the Third Year be awarded respect!vely,-
1.  To the student standing highest with majors
in group (a) (calendar page 82),-
Bacteriology, Botany, Chemistry, Geology,
Hathematics, Physics, Zoology.
2*  To the student standing highest with majors in
group (b),-
Economics, Education, English, French, German,
Government, Greek, History, Latin, 356.
Wednesday, May 9th, 1934,
Mathematics, Philosophy,
That   this   recommendation be  adopted,
with the understanding  that  if  full
honours were   taken  in Mathematics   it
would appear  in  Group   (a)   only.
From the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Faculty of
Applied Solence
Standing of Florence H. Walker
Miss Walker presented Ontario departmental and
McGill University academic certificates, and transcript
of her training, examinations and experience in the
Hamilton General Hospital School of Nursing.  Recommended
by the Faculties of Arts and Science and Applied Science:-
1. That Miss Walker's academic credentials be accepted.
2. That the professional course taken by Miss Walker in
the Hamilton General Hospital School of Nursing be
approved as satisfying the requirements for the professional years of the degree course in Nursing.
3. That Miss Walker be granted permission to come up for
the B.A. degree on completion of 15 units in Arts and
Science selected in conformity with Calendar regulations.
4. That Miss Walker be allowed to come up for the B.A.Sc.
degree in Nursing on completion of 15 units including
Bacteriology 1 and 2, together with the extra course in
Organic Chemistry for nurses, all courses to be selected
with the approval of the Acting Head of the Department
of Nursing and the Dean.
Dean Brock    )
Dean Buchanan ) That these recommendations be
Notices of appointment of committees
On alterations in draft Constitution and Code of
Alma Hater Society.
Dr. C. Killam 337.
Wednesday, May 9th, 1954*
Representative on University Committee on Public
Mr. Sydney Anderson.
Reports of Committees
On Honorary Degrees
His Honour Judge Howay reported that the Hon. Mr.
Iyemasa Tokugawa would be present to receive the honorary
degree of LL.D. on May 10th.
Press Committee
The information that the honorary degree would be
conferred on the Honourable Iyemasa Tokugawa at the
spring Congregation was given to the press when notices
were being issued that Mr. Tokugawa was to give the
Convocation address on May 10th.
Appointment of Committees, and representatives on
University Committees
Dr. Letson)
Hr. Wilkin) That these committees be nominated by
the Chair and approved at the first
meeting of Senate in the academic
A  letter   was   received  from Dr.   S.J.  Willis,   Superintendent  of Education,  together  wi th a   letter from Dr.
Fletcher,   Deputy Minister   of  Education,  Manitoba,   in
reference   to   the  question  of  joint  action with   the
Prairie Provinces   in regard  to  Music as  an  option  for 338.
Wednesday, May 9th, 1934.
Junior Matriculation.
Dean Clement)
Mr. Clark   ) That this communication be referred
to the Faculties.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Clark    ) That the Chair be empowered to
authorize the holding of examinations during the Summer Session
for candidates taking reading
courses and who are not in attendance at the winter session; and
that no fee be charged the candidate for the first examination in
the course*
Dean Buchanan)
Dr.  Brown )   That   the   sessional  examination
results for extra-sessional
classes be approved.
Mr. Angus)
Mr. Logan) That we adjourn.
g/y^Jj, a) .7X&2f£h3


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