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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1946-12-18

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December 18, 1946.
The second regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia was held on Wednesday,
December 18th, 1946, at b:00 p.m., in the Board and Senate
Present: President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Chancellor E.W. Hamber, Dean D. Buchanan, Dean F.M. Clement,
Dean J.N. Finlayson, Dean G.F. Curtis, Dr. O.J. Todd, Mr.
W.H. Gage, Dr. H.J. MacLeod, Mr. F.A. Forward, Dr. J.C.
Berry, Dr. G.H. Harris, Mr. F. Read, Mr. H.N. MacCorkindale,
Mr. A.R. Lord, Mr. H.O. English, Dr. J.M. Ewing, Dr. J.G.
Brown, Mrs. K.M. Beckett, Mrs. Sally Murphy Creighton,
Mr. A.E. Lord, Dean M.Dorothy Mawdsley, Miss Florence S.
Mulloy, Dr. W.N. Sage, Dr. G.G. Sedgewick, Dr. A.B.
Schinbein, Dr. F.A. Turnbull, Dr. J.F. Walker, Dr. H.V.
Warren, Dr. C.H. Wright.
Expressions of regret for their inability to be
present were received from Dr. A.E. Grauer, Mr. W.R.
McDougall, Major H. Cuthbert Holmes.
Dr. Todd  )
Dr. MacLeod) That the minutes of the First regular meeting of October 23rd,1946,
be taken as read and adopted.
Notice was received from the Minister of Education
that Major H. Cuthbert Holmes had been appointed by Order-
in-Council to complete the unexpired term of the late Mr.
W. J. Spencer on the University Senate.
After receiving information from the President
regarding the resignation of Judge Murphy from the Board
of Governors
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Warren ) That the election of a representative of Senate on the Board of
Governors be held over until the
vacancy created by Judge Murphy's
resignation has been filled. ,
Carried 1269
December 18, 1946.
Appointment of Committee on Fraternity and
Sorority Relations
The following members of Board, Senate and Faculty
have consented to serve on the Committee to deal with
Fraternity and Sorority Relations with the University:
Chancellor E.W. Hamber   )
President N.A.M. MacKenzie) ex-officio
Mr. K. P. Caple - Board of Governors
Mr.   W.  H.   Gage )
Dean M.Dorothy Mawdsley )
Mrs.   Sally Creighton )   Senate
Dr.   Frank A.  Turnbull )
Mr.   F.  A.  Forward )
Dr. L.   E.   Ranta )
Mr. H.   M.   King )
Mr. S.N.F.   Chant )  Faculty
Mr. Stanley Read )
Dr. Joyce Kallamore )
Mr.  MacCorkindaleJ
Dr.  Wright j  That this action be approved.
From the Board of Governors
New Courses and Changes in Courses, 1946-47 - Approved
Committee on Military Education - Approved
H. H. McDougall Bursary - Approved
B.C. Sugar Refining Company Limited Scholarships -
Toronto General Trusts Corporation Prize - Approved
Establishment of a Faculty of Pharmacy
A letter was received from the Board of Governors
referring to Senate communications from the Department
of Pharmacy and the Pharmaceutical Association of British
Columbia requesting that a Faculty of Pharmacy be
organized. * 1270
December 18, 1946.
;^ Mr. A.E.Lord)
w Mr. Forward ) That it be left in the hands of
the Chair to appoint a Senate-
Faculty Committee to consider the
■* question and to report back to
Report of the Committee of the Board of Governors
-» on a Faculty of Medicine.
A letter was received from the Board of Governors
including the report of a Committee appointed to review
and summarize the reports of the medical experts with
reference to the establishment of a Faculty of Medicine,
^ and also the following resolution of the Board in
reference thereto:
> "That   this report  of  the Board Committee be
received;  that  the recommendation with re-
• ference to the circulation of the reports be
approved;  and that a  Committee,  to be appointed
k by the  Chancellor and  the President,  meet with
the  Government  as  soon as possible to  discuss
this whole  matter."
At the  suggestion of the President discussion of
this report was deferred until the report of the Senate-
* Faculty Committee was presented.
> J'rom the Faculties
Constitution of  the  Faculties
* Recommendations were received from the Faculties of
Arts and Science and Applied Science that the Statute be
changed to   enable  the Faculties to  add to   their  member-
* ship without  reference to Senate.     The Faculty of Agri-
_w culture desired no  change in the present   arrangement.     As 1271
December 18, 1946.
the Faculty of Law had not met it was deicded to defer
discussion until a report had also been received from that
From the Faculty of Arts and Science
A recommendation was received from the Faculty of Arts
and Science that Dr. Harry Ashton be made a member of that
Faculty during the period of his appointment as Lecturer in
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Sedgewick) That this recommendation be
Dean Buchanan presented recommendations from the
Faculty of Arts and Science concerning proposed courses in
Music and credit for recognized degrees in Music, as
1. That an announcement be included in  the Calendar for
1947-48   to  the  effect   that   the   present  regulation
permitting  six units of credit toward the degree of
B.A.   for a recognized degree in music will remain in
force until those now registered in First  Year or
Senior Matriculation have had time to  complete  their
course;   i.e.,   up  to  and  including  the Session 1949-50.
2. That  in the  Session 1947-48  the  following courses  be
(a) A 3-unit  course in the History and  Criticism
of Music,  without   prerequisite,   limited to
Third and Fourth Year  students who take the
course for credit.     Students who claim six units
of  credit  for the A.T.C.M.   or other degree  in
music  to be given no additional credit  for this
(b) A First  or  Second  Year  course of  3  units  open to
students who have  University Entrance standing
in music or  its equivalent.     This  course to be >
December 18,   1946.
one  of  a series  that might  ultimately be offered
for  credit   toward  the degree  of  3.A.  with a Major
or Honours  in Music.
Students holding the A.T.C.M.   or other recognized degree
in music   to be exempt  from one or more of  these  courses,
upon recommendation of  the Head of  the  Department,   but
no  credit allowed for the degree in music  in their case.
Dean 3uchanan)
Mr.   Gage )   That  these recommendations be approved
and included in the Calendar  for
For the information of Senate Dean Buchanan pointed
out that the Committee did not feel prepared to make any
recommendation concerning the granting of credit for work
in the Fine Arts in view of the absence of any nationally
accepted standards such as exist in the field of music.
Recommendations regarding curriculum changes in the
Faculty of Arts and Science were received as follows:
la) Honours Course in International Studies
Prerequisites:  First class or good second class
standing in History 1U1 or Economics
French dO'd,  or its  equivalent.
Course:     International Studies 40U   (3 units)
A graduating Essay dealing with International
Relations   chosen in consultation with the
Director of  International Studies   (3 units).
A language course in the third or fourth year.
Three  courses to  be  selected  in consultation
with  the   Director from the following:
History  j>iu,   4j_5,   419,   427.
Economics  310,   325,   330.
Government 400, 425, 435.
Geography 306.
Slavonic Studies 310.
- > 1273
December 18, 1946.
Students will be required to attend the Economics
Seminar during the third year and the seminar on
Canadian External Policy during the fourth year.
A general paper will be set at the end of the fourth
year on the work of the seminars and the courses
studied in the third and fourth years. There will
be an oral examination on the topic covered in the
graduating Essay.
Students whose work at the end of the third year has
not been of sufficiently high standard may be
required to withdraw from Honours.
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Sage    ) That Senate approve the honours
Course in International Studies.
(b) (i) That Economics 310 be no longer a required
course for the degree of B.Com.
(ii) That Social Work 508 be increased in value from
1 to 1£ units.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Gage    j  That these changes be approved.
The Faculty of Arts and Science forwarded a recommendation that the report of the Committee on a course leading
to a degree in Physical Education be approved.  As the
latest outline had not been circulated it was agreed to
table the report until the next regular meeting of Senate.
Faculty of Applied Science
A recommendation was received from the Faculty of
Applied Science with reference to the First Year of the
Architecture course:
"That, for this year only, Chemistry 150 be
replaced by Architecture 252 (Building Construction) , consisting of one lecture and three hours
laboratory per week." >
December 18, 1946.
Dean Finlayson)
Mr. Forward  ) That this recommendation be
Prizes,   Scholarships and Bursaries
Mr.   Gage,   Chairman of the   Joint  Faculty Committee on
Prizes,   Scholarships and Bursaries presented the report of
the Committee regarding a proposed University Medal for
Arts and Science:
1. That the Senate and Board of Governors be requested
to provide annually an additional medal  to  be
awarded  on much the same  terms as the Governor-
General's Medal.
2. That,   in the  event  the Governor-General's Medal,
which is awarded to  the student  standing at the head
of the graduating class for the 3.A.   degree,   is won
by a   student taking his  two majors  or an honour
course in subjects of Group 1   (page 94,   Calendar),
the new medal be awarded to the highest ranking  student taking  two majors or an honours course in
subjects of Group 2; or vice-versa.
Mr. Gage    )
Dean Buchanan j That Senate request the Board of
Governors to provide a medal and,
if the 3oard consents, that Senate
approve the awarding of this medal.
Mr. Gage presented the following recommendations of
the Committee on Prizes, Scholarships, and Bursaries:
That the University Scholarship in Nursing and
Health ($200.00) be awarded to Margaret Anne
Mr. Gage)
Dr. Todd) That this recommendation be approved.
That the two Cariboo Gold quartz mining Company
Limited Scholarships of $100.00 each be awarded
to John Lamb and  John Walter Young. 1275
December  18,   1946.
W Mr.   Gage     )
Dr.  Warren)  That  this recommendation be approved.
That the recommendation of the Department of Geology
and Geography that Charles Henry Howatson be re-
■*- awarded the Britannia Mining and Smelting Company
Limited Scholarship on the same terms as last year.
Mr.   Gage     )
Dr.   Warren)  That this recommendation be approved.
On behalf of the  Scholarship   Committee Mr.   Gage re-
x commended that the following new awards be accepted on the
terms as stated:
The Penfield Prize
A cash prize of  $100.00,  the  gift of
Dr.   Wilder Penfield,  will be awarded in May,
1947,  to  a student  in the graduating class
of any Faculty.     The purpose of  the award is
to recognize the initiative of an undergraduate who has done  outstanding work  in  the
University  of  British Columbia.     To be eligible
for  the award the   student must have good scholastic  standing.     Selection of the winner will
be made by  Senate on the  recommendation of  the
Joint Faculty  Committee on Prizes,  Scholarships
and Bursaries.     Staff and   students are invited
to  submit   recommendations to  the Committee
before the  final day of lectures.
Mr. Gage    )
Dean Mawdsley) That this prize be accepted and a
letter of thanks sent to the donor,
It was noted  that  the Penfield Prize is  for one year
The Players* Club Alumni Scholarship
A scholarship of $50.00, the gift of the
Players1 Club Alumni of the University of British Columbia, is available annually for award
to an active member of the Players' Club.  The
winner, who will be selected on the basis of
A 1276
December 18, 1946.
outstanding work and interest in any phase of
theatrical activity, must enroll in the current
Summer School of the Theatre.  In making the award
preference will be given to a member of the graduating class.  The award will be made by Senate
on the recommendation of the Honorary President
of the Players' Club, the Director of its spring
production, and the Executive of the Players' Club
Alumni.  Applications must be submitted to the
Honorary President of the undergraduate club before
April 15th.  If no suitable applicant is found,
the award will not be made.
Mr.   Gage     )
Dr.   Warren)  That the  Players'   Club Alumni
Scholarship be accepted and  a letter
of  thanks   sent to  the donors.
The  Frosst Proficiency Awards
A number of cash prizes,  provided from Pharmaceutical Association,   Incorporated,  by the Charles
E.  Frosst Company of Montreal,  are available for
ex-servicemen completing the  first year of the
course in Pharmacy  (Second   tear University).
Awards will be made on the  basis of merit.     For
the Session 1946-47,  two prizes of §50.00 each and
five prizes of $25.00 each are offered.     Similar
awards will be offered for the session 1947-48.
Mr.   Gage )
Mr.   A.E.Lord)  That  these prizes be accepted and
a letter of thanks  sent to the
Mr. Gage announced that the j.W. Dafoe Foundation were
again offering prizes for essays on international cooperation in either the political or economic field.  No essays
had been submitted last year of a qulaity to merit an award.
Mr. Gage also pointed out that the 3.C.Electric Railway Company had agreed that the money for their Research
Scholarship which had been relinquished by the last recipient, Mr. sest, be turned over to the Department of 1277
December 18, 1946.
Electrical Engineering for the purchase of special laboratory equipment.
Mr.   Gage       )
Dr.   MacLeod)  That  this recommendation be  approved
and a  letter of thanks   sent  to   the
Report  of  Committee on Fraternity  and  Sorority Relations
Mr.   Gage,   Secretary of the  committee,   reported progress.
Report of Committee on 3uilding Programme
The  President reported that   tenders had been  called
for the addition to the Power House.     The next buildings
on the  list   for construction are the Applied Science Building,     the  Pharmacy,   .fisheries and Biological Sciences  Building,   and  the Home Economics Building.     It was noted  that
the money allocated to Physical Education,  Agriculture and
Medicine  is  to   be left  intact.
Report of the Senate-Faculty Committee on a
Faculty of Medicine.
Dean Finlayson,   chairman, presented the  report of  the
Committee on a Faculty of Medicine.
Dean Finlayson;
Dr.   Turnbull     )  That  this  report  be adopted and
forwarded to  the Board of Governors.
In amendment
Mr.  MacCorkindale)
Mr.   A.   R.   Lord       )  That  Senate receive the  report
of  the  Senate-Faculty  Committee
and pass it  on to the  Board of
The amendment was  put   to  vote and  Carri ed A
> 1278
December 18,   1946.
9 Victoria  College Council
Dean  Curtis,   one of the representatives of the University at the  last meeting  of the  Council,   reported that
>. -arrangements had been made with the formal School in victoria
to house Victoria College and that   in making the  change all
those  concerned  had  been most  co-operative and helpful.
j Dean  Buchanan )
Mr.  MacCorkindale)  That   English,  Principal of
the Normal School be accorded a
vote of thanks for his assistance
; in accommodating  victoria  College
in  the Normal School Building.
Speaker for the spring Congregation
The President   stated  that   the Hon.   L.   B.   Pearson had
been invited to give the Congregation address  in May,   1947,
^^ and that  Mr.   Pearson had accepted subject  to final confir
mation which could  not  be  given until the  end  of January.
"* Senior Matriculation - Seaview School
A communication was  received from the Department of
Veterans'   Affairs  stating  that  Seaview School would  give
Senior Matriculation  classes beginning in  January,   1947,
for ex-service personnel who are at present taking Junior
Matriculation at  that  school and  for those who  had left
-1 Seaview in October, 1946.     Other applicants are being re
ferred  to Victoria  College which is  organizing a  special
session for this purpose.
For the  information and  comfort of Senate  Chancellor
a Hamber read a  letter   from the Consolidated Mining and 1279
December  18,   1946.
Smelting  Company enclosing  a  cheque  for  $50,000.00  for
scientific work in chemical and non-ferrous metallurgical
research  under  the direction of  the  Company or in collaboration  between it and members of the University staff.
The meeting adjourned.


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