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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1971-05-18

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Tuesday, May 18, 1971
The ninth regular meeting of the Senate of The University of British
Columbia for the session 1970-71 was held on Tuesday, May 18, 1971 at
8:00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present: President W. H. Gage (Chairman), Dr. A. E. Aho, Miss D.
Allen, Mr. R. M. Bibbs, Dr. C. A. Brockley, Mr. D. M. Brousson, Dr. D. G.
Brown, Dr, T. H. Brown, Dr. S. D. Cavers, Dr. J. D. Chapman, Dr. D. H.
Chitty, Dr. M. F. Clarke, Mr. C. J. Connaghan, Dean I. McTaggart Cowan,
Dean G. F. Curtis, Dr. R. Daniells, Dr. B. A. Dunell, Dr. C. W. J. Eliot,
Rev. R. W. Finn, Dr. S. M. Friedman, The Hon. E. D. Fulton, Dean J. A. F.
Gardner, Mr. S. E. Garrod, Dr. W. C. Gibson, Dr. D. F. Hardwick,
Mr. D. S. M. Huberman, Dr. R. F. Kelly, Dr. J. M. Kennedy, Dean D. T.
Kenny, Dr. W. D. Kitts, Mrs. J. MacD. Lecky, Mr. S. S. Lefeaux, Dean S. W.
Leung, Dr. P. A. Lusztig, Miss E. K. McCann, Dr. A. J. McClean, Dean J. F.
McCreary, Dr. C. A. McDowell, Mr. J. A. McEwen, Dr. M. F. McGregor,
Mr. K. R. Martin, Mr. D. F. Miller, Dr. J. R. Mitchell, Dr. B. N. Moyls,
Dr. J. M. Norris, Dean V. J. Okulitch, Mr. R. F, Osborne, Dr. P. H. Pearse,
Mrs. A. Brearley Piternick, Dean B, E. Riedel, Mr. J. V. Rogers, Dean N. V.
Scarfe, Dr. R. F. Sharp, Dean M. Shaw, Dr. J. H. G. Smith, Mr. A. M.
Smolensky, Mr. B. Stuart-Stubbs, Dr. G. M. Volkoff, Dr. H. V. Warren,
Dr. W. A. Webber, Dean P. H. White, Mr. A. P. York.
Observers: Mr. J. A. Banhara, Mr. J. P. Blaney, Miss D. Hopper,
Mr. T. A. Myers.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from:
Chancellor A. M. McGavin, Deputy President W. M. Armstrong, Dr. C. S.
Belshaw, Dr. C. B. Bourne, Dr. R. M. Clark, Dean W. D. Finn, Mr. I. F.
Greenwood, Mr. J. Guthrie, Dr. S. Israels, Dr. F, A. Kaempffer, Mrs. W. T.
Lane, Mr. A. J. Longmore, Dean Helen McCrae, Mr. P. Plant, Dr. I. Ross,
Mr. R. S. Sandhu, Mr. D. R. Williams.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dean Cowan     ) That the minutes oh the eighth regular
Dean Scarfe    ) meeting oh Senate h°i the session 1970-71
having been circulated, be taken as read
and adopted.
Carried 5452
Tuesday, May 18, 1971
From the Board of Governors
Notification of approval in principle of Senate recommendations -
subject, where applicable, to the proviso that none of the programmes
be implemented without formal reference to the President and the formal
agreement of the President; and that the Deans and Heads concerned with
new programmes be asked to indicate the space requirements, if any, of
such new programmes.
(i)   Extension credit courses May-July, 1971, recommended by the
Faculty of Arts.  (P.5449)
(ii)  Extension credit courses 1971-72, recommended by the Faculty
of Education.  (P.5449-50)
(iii) Course and curriculum changes recommended by the Faculty of
Science.  (P. 5450)
(iv)  Revision of the Combined Biology and Chemistry Honours
Programme.  (P. 5443)
The Chairman referred to a resolution passed at the March 24, 1971
Senate meeting concerning the advertising of U.B.C. job vacancies. He
stated that Board approval had been given to advertise job vacancies in
accordance with the regulations laid down by C.A.U.T. Advertising in
two publications had not been made mandatory although letters had been
sent to the Deans suggesting that in some instances this might be
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee
Faculty of Arts
Dr. Norris presented the report of the Senate Curriculum
The Curriculum Committee recommended approval of the following
proposed change in the calendar statement concerning programmes
and courses: 5453
Tuesday, May 18, 1971
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee
Faculty of Arts  (Continued)
"With the permission of the Department or School
concerned, a student may take (in the combined third
and fourth years) as a part of a major or honours
programme or as electives up to 9 units chosen from
the list of courses from other Faculties approved
for credit in the Faculty of Arts. In no case may
such courses be considered as fulfilling the requirement of the Faculty of Arts for 6 units of courses
outside the major or honours programme"
Dr. Norris ) That the proposal to alter regulations
Dean Kenny ) concerning courses hi°m other h&cutties
which may be approved h°i credit in the
Faculty oh Arts hor honours or majors
programmes or as elzctivzs in the
combined third and hourth years be
Faculty of Law
The committee recommended approval of two new courses proposed
by the Faculty of Law with the proviso that in the case of 410 the
words "some of the inadequacies of" be deleted from the description.
Dr. Norris    ) That the new courses recommended by the
Dr. Cavers    ) Faculty oh Law, outlined in Appendix 'B'
pagz 5450, bz approved subject to the
deletion oh the words "some oh the
inadequacies oh" hi°m the description oh
As a result of a discussion at the previous Senate meeting the
Curriculum Committee submitted the following proposal for streamlining
procedure for submission of course proposals and changes to Senate: 5454
Tuesday, May 18, 1971
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee (Continued)
That the Faculty Curriculum Committees be asked to submit
proposals in two categories:
Category A Proposals for new courses and substantive
changes in existing courses, especially
those involving more than one Department
or Faculty.
Category B Proposals involving routine and minor changes:
e.g. changes in credit, teaching hours, teaching
methods (lecture, seminar, lab. etc.), minor
changes in wording of title or course description, agreed minor changes involving more than
one Department or Faculty.
Category A proposals would be handled by the established
procedure of referral by Senate to the Senate Curriculum Committee
for examination and recommendation to the Senate.
Dr. Norris    ) That thz rzcommendations oh thz Senate
Mr. Osborne ) Curriculum Committee h°i streamlining
procedure h°i f>u.bmission oh course proposals
and changes to Senate be adopted.
Whilst the recommendations of the curriculum committee would
assist in expediting the approval of minor curriculum proposals, concern
was expressed at the time involved in obtaining approval for major items.
It was suggested that there was still a need for a review of the whole
procedure. After further discussion it was agreed that a President's
Committee be established as suggested at the previous meeting (P. 5443-4).
The new committee would be set up to review the whole procedure for the
handling of proposals of the Faculties and Schools for new courses, course
and curriculum changes, both minor and major. 5455
Tuesday, May 18, 1971
Reports of Committees of Senate
Tributes Committee
Hood for M.Eng. Degree
Dr. McGregor reported the recommendation of the Tributes
Committee that the hood for the M.Eng. degree be the same as that
for the M.A.Sc. (i.e. solid red lining), trimmed with cord of
University blue.
Dr. McGregor ) That the hood hor the M.Eng. degree, as
Dean Cowan  ) recommended by thz Tributes Committee,
be approvzd.
Committee on Degree Programmes for Part-time Students
Dr. R. F. Kelly presented an interim statement which explained
that the committee had concentrated on the collection of information
on the general demand for degree programmes for part-time students and
the nature of such programmes offered by other Canadian universities.
Consultations with individual faculties were still taking place and
the committee hoped to be in a position to present its final report
to Senate at the September 15, 1971 meeting.
Committee on Standards for Quality Education at U.B.C.
Dr. A. J. McClean presented the report of the committee. The
committee had been asked to propose minimum standards for the physical,
financial and academic resources per student required to maintain the
quality of education at the University. A large volume of information
had been collected and summarized in the appendix of the report.  It
was felt that this information would be useful in proposing a schedule
of optimum and maximum class sizes for the various courses offered by 5456
Tuesday, May 18, 1971
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Standards for Quality Education at U.B.C.  (Continued)
the University but that such proposals should come directly to Senate
from the individual faculties.
Dr. McClean  )   That each Faculty propose directly to
Mr, Smolensky )   Senate minimum standards in terms oh
physical, htnancial and academic resources
and propose optimum and maximum class sizes.
Candidates for Degrees and Awards - Congregation 1971
Lists of candidates for degrees to be awarded at the Spring
Congregation 1971 were circulated at the meeting.
The Chairman offered congratulations to two student senators, Miss
Drina Allen and Mr, A, Perry York, who were to receive their degrees at
Mr. Lefeaux )     That thz candidates h°i degiees as approved
Dr. Mitchell )     by the Faculties be granted thz degrees h°i
which thzy were rzcommzndzd.
Dean Scarfe  )    That the Registrar, in consultation with
Dean Gardner )    thz deans concerned and the Chairman oh
Senate make any necessary adjustments.
Dean Cowan  )     That the mzdals, prizes, scholarships
Dean Scarfe )     and hcllowships bz awarded as recommended
in List No.  I.
Proposals of the Faculties
Faculty of Arts
The Agenda Committee had suggested that the proposal to offer
new courses, Urban Studies 200 (3) and Urban Studies 400 (1*5), be
referred to the Senate Curriculum Committee. However, Dean Kenny 5457
Tuesday, May 18, 1971
Proposals of the Faculties
Faculty of Arts  (Continued)
stated that the Faculty was anxious to offer one of the new courses
in the Fall.
Dean Cowan   ) That thz new courses in Urban Studies,
Dean Kenny    ) recommended by thz Faculty oh Arts, be
approved subject to no objections being
raised by the Senate CurJiiculum Committee.
The Senate Agenda Committee had recommended that a proposal
of the Faculty of Arts to abolish supplemental examinations on courses
offered by the Faculty be referred back to the Faculty of Arts for
discussion with the Faculties and Schools whose students take Arts
courses and then returned to Senate with a full explanation.
Mr. Smolensky ) That the recommendation oh the Agenda
Dr. Lusztig   ) Committee be approvzd.
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
The Senate Agenda Committee had recommended that the following
proposals be referred to the Senate Curriculum Committee:
(a) proposal to drop Commerce 490 as a required course
for the Bachelor of Commerce degree
(b) proposal to retain Commerce 490 as an elective course
for a student who effects a mutual arrangement with
Faculty for supervision of his essay
(c) proposal that each student in Fourth Year be required
to complete Commerce 492 and 494;  option requirements;
and sufficient electives (at least three units of which
must be in Commerce) to complete an 18-unit programme
Dean White suggested that Senate deal with the proposals
immediately since the decision affected whether students would be
required to write a thesis in order to graduate. 5458
Tuesday, May 18, 1971
Proposals of the Faculties
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration (Continued)
Dr. Norris    ) That thz proposals oh thz Faculty oh
Dean White    ) Commence and Business Administration
outlinzd in paragraphs  (a),   (b) and (c)
be approved subject to no objections
being raised by thz Sznatz Curriculum
Proposals of Senate Members
Mr. Smolensky gave verbal notice of the following motion at the
April 28, 1971 meeting of Senate tentatively as follows:
"That Senate strike a committee to advise on possible
changes in the Universities Act so as to better reflect
the changed composition and philosophy within the
University governing structure",
A question was raised concerning the reference to "the changed
philosophy within the University governing structure", Mr, Smolensky
stated that the University had altered since the last revision of the
Universities Act.  Senate itself now had student members and was open
to observers.
It was suggested that the motion was ambiguous and should have
been given more thought. The Chairman stated that it was within the
right of Senate to choose not to have the motion put.  However, it
could put the motion and then decide by a vote what action should be
Mr. Smolensky )   That this motion bz put.
Mr. Garrod    ) 5459
Tuesday, May 18, 1971
Proposals of Senate Members  (Continued)
The Chairman asked if it was understood that the motion now being
voted on was:-
"that the motion as worded here should be put"
Considerable discussion followed regarding procedure.  It was felt
that the motion would have been acceptable had it read "That Senate
strike a committee to advise on possible changes in the Universities Act".
It was then decided that since Senate had already voted that the motion
not be put further discussion was pointless. Mr. Smolensky asked for
the vote count. The number of votes recorded was 37 against and 22 in
Affiliation of Vancouver School of Theology
At the November 18, 1970 meeting Senate agreed to the affiliation
of the Vancouver School of Theology to replace the Anglican Theological
College and Union College upon the incorporation of the new school.
The Act to incorporate the new school was passed by the Legislative
Assembly on April 2, 1971 and the Acts for Anglican College and Union
College were repealed.
The Chairman reported that the representative of the new school on
Senate would be the school's principal, Rev. W. S. Taylor.  In accordance
with a resolution of Senate, page 5328, the Vancouver School of Theology
named the Rev. J. Blewett as an observer. 5460
Tuesday, May 18, 1971
Affiliation of Vancouver School of Theology  (Continued)
The Vancouver School of Theology Act also made provision for the
appointment of two members of the University Senate to serve on its
Senate. The Agenda Committee had requested the Chairman of the
Nominating Committee to present to Senate suitable nominations and
Dr. Volkoff reported that Dr. Clark and Dr. Moyls had been nominated.
Dr. Hardwick    ) That nominations be closed and that dr, Clark
Dr. Gibson       ) and dr. Moyls bz named representatives oh the
University's Senate to serve on the Senate oh
the Vancouver School oh Theology.
Request for representation on Senate - Canadian Union of Public Employees,
Local No. 116 - progress report
The Chairman reported that a preliminary opinion from the University
Solicitor concerning the request of the Union had been received which
expressed some doubts in terms of one section of the Universities Act.
The Agenda Committee had recommended that a committee be selected to
study this opinion carefully.
Dean Shaw      ) That a committez bz Szlzctzd by thz
Mr. Miller    ) Nominating Committzz in consultation
with thz President to study the przliminary
opinion oh thz Univzrsity Solicitor and to
gather, harthzr inhormation relating to the
Next Regular Meeting of Senate
The Agenda Committee recommended that in view of the lack of
prospective business the regular meeting of June 9, 1971 be cancelled. A
special meeting, if necessary, would be called by the Chairman.
Dean Okulitch )   That the regular meeting oh June 9,  7977
Dean Scarfe   )    be cancelled.
Carried 5461
Tuesday, May 18, 1971
Other Business
It was reported that Religious Studies courses 500, 503 and 510,
listed in Appendix 'B' on page 5373 of the Senate minutes, were still
awaiting approval of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
On behalf of Senate the Chairman paid tribute to Dr. C W. J. Eliot,
Dean V. J. Okulitch and Dean Curtis who were attending their last meeting.
Senate agreed to a request to move a shortened version of
Mr. Smolensky's motion regarding the Universities Act.
Dr. Gibson )
Dr. Norris )
That Senate strike a committee to advise
on possible changes in thz Universities
The meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday,
September 15, 19 71.
I J Secretary


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