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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1963-10-23

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 Wednesday, October 23, 1963      3295
The second regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columtoia for the Session 1963-64 was
held on Wednesday, October 23, 1963, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President J. B. Macdonald (in the Chair),
Chancellor Phyllis G. Ross, Mrs. H. F. Angus, Dr. C. S.
Belshaw, Dr. A. E. Birney, Mr. F. K. Bowers, Mr. W. T. Brown,
Dr. W. A. Bryce, Mr. F. L. Burnham, Mr. A.W.R. Carrothers,
Dean S.N.F. Chant, Dr. J. D. Chapman, Dr. I. McT. Cowan,
Dean G. F. Curtis, Mr. H. Elder, Dr. J.F.K. English,
Dr. S. M. Friedman, Dean W. H. Gage, Dr. W. C Gibson,
Dr. J. A. Jacobs, Dr. F. H. Johnson, Dr. J.E.A. Kania,
Mr. J. S. Keate, Dean S. W. Leung, Mr. S. L. Lipson, Mr. R. R.
Loffmark, Dean Helen McCrae, Dr. M. F. McGregor, Mrs. H. J.
MacKay, Dr. K. C Mann, Dean A. W. Matthews, Dr. D. C. Murdoch,
Dean D. M. Myers, Dr. K. D. Naegele, The Honourable Mr. Justice
N. T. Nemetz, Rev. W. Nicholls, Mr. E. P. Nicol, Dr. J. M.
Norris, Acting-Dean V. J. Okulitch, Dr. M. A. Ormsby,
Mr. H. N. Parrott, Dean G. N. Perry, Dr. J. Ranz, Dr. A. J.
Renney, Dr. B. Savery, Dean N. V. Scarfe, Dr. A. D. Scott,
Dr. R. F. Sharp, Dean F. H. Soward, Dr. T.M.C. Taylor,
Rev. W. S. Taylor, Mr. E.C.E. Todd, Dr. F. Turnbull, Mr. F. E.
Walden, Dr. H. V. Warren, Dean T. G. Wright, Dr. S. H. Zbarsky,
Dr. J. K. Friesen and Mr. J. McGechaen.
Messages of regret for their inability to be
present were received from Mr. J. F. Brown, Mr. K. P. Caple, 1
Wednesday, October 23, 1963     3296
Dean B. A. Eagles, Dr. H. B. Hawthorn, Mr. W. E. Ireland,
Mr. D. F. Miller, Mr. F. A. Morrison, Dr. W. Robbins,
The Honourable Mr. Justice D. R. Verchere, Mr. A. A. Webster
and Dr. R. W. Wellwood.
Elevation of Mr. Nemetz
The Chairman, on behalf of Senate, congratulated
Mr. Nemetz on his appointment to the Supreme Court of
British Columtoia.
Welcome to New Memtoers
Mr. F. E. Walden, newly appointed to Senate, and
other members of Senate present for the first time were
welcomed to the meeting.
Minutes of the Previous
Dr. Kania)
Dr. Mann ) That the minutes of the first
regular meeting of Senate for the
Session 1963-64, held on September
20, 1963, be adopted as circulated.
Re-appointment of
Rev. J. Blewett
Notice was received that Rev. J. Blewett had been
re-appointed as the representative to Senate from the
Anglican Theological College of British Columbia for a
three-year term ending in May, 1966. Wednesday, Octotoer 23, 1963     3297
Change in Representative of
Alumni Association Board of
Mr. A. M. Eyre had resigned from Senate following
his appointment to the Board of Governors of Simon Fraser
University.  In his place, the Alumni Association Board of
Management had appointed Mr. Franklin E. Walden to the Senate
for a three-year term ending in August, 1966.
Recommendations from the
Senate Executive Committee
Faculty Memtoership
The Faculty of Graduate Studies had recommended
that all Instructors and Lecturers actively engaged in the
supervision of graduate studies be made members of the
Faculty of Graduate Studies. The Senate Executive Committee,
after consideration of this recommendation, suggested instead
a confirmation of previous policy "That members of the
teaching staff on full-time yearly appointment below the
rank of Assistant Professor be eligitole for Faculty memtoership on a year-to-year basis if they are individually
nominated toy their respective Faculties."
Dean Gage expressed the opinion that greater
uniformity was achieved if members of the teaching staff not
of Faculty status were granted membership in Faculties by
the same procedure; individual nomination by Faculties
ensured that a record was maintained of those granted
Faculty status, and permitted general recognition of status.
The President added that there had toeen reference in the Wednesday, Octotoer 23, 1963      3298
Executive Committee meeting to the general view of Senate
in the past that the majority of members of a Faculty should
toe of senior rank, with academic experience.
Dr. Murdoch felt there was no objection to granting
Faculty status to all memtoers of the teaching staff on
full-time yearly appointment, to keep them informed of
Faculty action and discussions.
Mr. Bowers stated that this University had in the
past admitted junior memtoers of the teaching staff to Faculty
status. These individuals had often made significant and
original contributions to Faculty meetings. Referring
specifically to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, he believed
that the Faculty itself suffered if it excluded from memtoer-
ship instructors in graduate courses or supervisors of theses
who were not of professorial rank. He felt individual
nomination was not practicatole.
Dr. Cowan pointed out that the categories named in
the original recommendation of the Faculty of Graduate Studies,
"Instructors and Lecturers", included honorary and clinical
appointees, some of whom might toe considered to be supervising graduate studies. Dr. Belshaw added that the Executive
Committee had no intention of opposing the general sense of
the recommendation, tout merely wanted to ensure that Faculty
membership was not extended beyond the categories envisaged
by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
Dean Myers reminded members of Senate that any
Faculty could grant Faculty status to members of its teaching Wednesday, Octotoer 23, 1963      3299
staff on condition that it subsequently reported to Senate
- there was no delay in giving effect to the status.
Mr. Bowers stated that since this procedure had
been approved by Senate, a new Universities Act had come into
force which gave Senate the power "from time to time to
determine which members of the teaching and administrative
staffs shall be members of each Faculty". He felt Instructors
should be considered on the same basis as Assistant Professors.
The President pointed out that the question before Senate at
the moment was specifically concerned with the Faculty of
Graduate Studies.
Following lengthy discussion, it was moved
Dr. Scott   )
Dr. Friedman) That the question of memtoership
in the Faculty of Graduate
Studies be deferred to the next
meeting of Senate, and that in
the meantime the Chairman appoint
a committee to bring a recommendation to the next meeting of
Senate in respect to Faculty
membership as a whole.
Membership of Senate
The Senate Executive Committee, on the basis that
it would be impractical to include in the membership of
Senate representatives of all professional groups interested
in the academic affairs of the University and contributing
in a significant way to the economic or cultural welfare of
the Province, had recommended that no society or group or
organization as defined in Section 23(i) of the Universities
Act be asked to elect a member to the Senate. Wednesday, October 23, 1963     3300
Mr. Parrott presented a case for continuing
representation on Senate of the British Columbia Teachers'
Federation as one of the largest professional groups in the
Province, and one directly concerned with the affairs of
Senate in view of Senate's control of curricula. The
teachers were required to prepare pupils for university
training in all professions.  Representation of the B. C.
Teachers* Federation on the Joint Board of Teacher Education
provided liaison with training for the teaching profession
Dr. Belshaw suggested the University might develop
other methods of keeping the teaching profession informed
of changes in the University curriculum, and making the views
of the teaching profession known to the University.
Dr. Johnson stated that on many occasions Senate
had been grateful for the expression of opinion by the
representative of the B. C Teachers* Federation.
Mr. Parrott)
Mr. Burnham) That consideration of representation
on Senate of the British Columbia
Teachers' Federation toe referred
back to the Senate Executive Committee
for submission to Senate at a later
Dean Matthews)
Mr. Justice
Nemetz     ) That no additional society or
group or organization as defined
in Section 23(i) of the
Universities Act toe asked to
elect a memtoer to the Senate.
Carried. Wednesday, Octotoer 23, 1963      3301
Central Budgeting for
Litorary Funds
Senate at its previous meeting had tabled a motion
approving the recommendation of the Committee of Deans that
budget funds for Library purposes should be centralized
under the Litorary, pending distribution of the detailed
recommendation from the Librarian to all memtoers of Senate.
In the meantime, the Librarian had discussed the proposal
with Dr. Scott and Dr. Friedman who had expressed concern
at the previous meeting over the possitoility that Departments
securing outside donations for Litorary purposes would lose
part of their allocation from general funds, or that
Faculties would lose control over their Library allocations.
Dr. Scott now stated that he agreed with the
principles involved, particularly the intention of
encouraging the decentralization of Litorary facilities.
He was still concerned, however, that the system of toudgeting
might tend to equalize the allocations to the various
Faculties and Departments.
Dr. Scott )
Dr. Ranz  ) That approval toe given to the proposal
concerning central budgeting for
Litorary funds, provided that this
central budgeting toe in so far as
possible undertaken without regard
to Litorary grants from outside sources
to individual Faculties, Schools or
Dr. Friedman expressed continuing apprehension
that large Departments might lose their initiative for
obtaining outside grants for their Libraries, thus becoming -J
Wednesday, October 23, 1963      3302
more of a drain on general revenues to the detriment of
smaller Departments with no outside sources of funds.
Other Recommendations
of the Senate Executive
Dean Gage  )
Dr. Chapman) That formal approval be given to
the offering of the M.Sc. degree and
the Ph.D. degree in Geophysics as
proposed by the Faculty of Graduate
Studies; that curriculum changes as
proposed by the Faculty of Applied
Science toe approved, effective in
the current Session; that awards
recorded on Lists Nos. 10 to 13
inclusive of fellowships, scholarships, prizes, etc., be conferred
on the winners indicated; that
the following new awards be
accepted according to the terms
indicated, and that letters of
appreciation be sent to the donors.
The Scandinavian Businessmen's Cluto
The Scandinavian Businessmen's Cluto offers a
scholarship of $250.00 to a student of Scandinavian
(Danish, Icelandic, Finnish, Norwegian or Swedish)
parentage on the paternal side, continuing studies
at this University toward a degree in science or
engineering. The winner will toe selected toy the
University on the basis of academic standing and
with some consideration of the need for financial
The Vancouver Girl Guides Council
This scholarship of $100.00, gift of the Vancouver
Council of the Girl Guides of Canada, is offered
to active memtoers of the Girl Guide Movement in
Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver (City
or District), Richmond or Burnatoy. It is open
to students in any year, faculty, or field. In
selecting the winner, the academic standing of
applicants and the financial circumstances of
applicants may toe considered together with their Wednesday, Octotoer 23, 1963      3303
continued interest in Girl Guide activities.
Those selected to receive the awards assume a
moral obligation to maintain association with
the movement. Applications must toe received
by the University not later than May 31st.
Application forms may be obtained from the
office of the Dean of Inter-Faculty and Student
The MCA Scholarship in Creative Writing
A scholarship of $850.00, gift of MCA Inc., New
York, is offered in the field of creative
writing to a full-time graduate student attending
the University in the Session 1964-65.  It will
be awarded to a student who shows exceptional
promise in the field of creative writing for the
performing arts (i.e., the legitimate theatre,
motion pictures, or television). The award will
be made toy the University. Further information
may toe obtained from Professor E. Birney or
Mr. J. Zilber, Buchanan Building, University of
British Columbia.
The Joel Harold Marcoe Memorial Scholarship
As a memorial to Joel Harold Marcoe, who attended
the University from 1961 to 1963, this scholarship
has been established toy his brothers, Dr. K. D.
Marcoe of Vancouver and Dr. M. Marcoe of Houston,
Texas.  In the amount of $100.00, it will be
awarded annually toy the University to a student
who has completed the First Year of Science and
is proceeding to the Second Year of a B.Sc.
programme. The award will toe made to a deserving
student with high academic standing.
The Carroll Aikins Prizes in Buddhist Studies
Two prizes, a first prize of $50.00 and a second
prize of hooks to the value of $25.00, are
offered annually for an essay in the field of
Buddhist studies. Students, to toe eligible,
should be currently registered in or have
successfully passed at least one course involving
studies in Buddhism.
VanDusen Graduate Fellowships in Forestry -
increased in value from two of $1,500.00 each to
two of $3,000.00 each, with the proviso that
each award may be divided. Wednesday, Octotoer 23, 1963      3304
Notice was received that the Board of Governors
had approved the establishment of the Lambda Chi Alpha
Fraternity Student Aid Fund.
Appointment of Senate Committees.
land Senate Representatives on
Other Committees and Bodies, for
Lists of memtoership of the standing committees of
Senate for 1963-64, and Senate representatives to the
Academic Board, Joint Board of Teacher Education, Men*s
Athletic Committee, and Board of Directors of the Health
Centre for Children, had toeen circulated.
Dr. Ztoarsky inquired as to the significance of
the name "Warden's Committee on University Art". Following
brief discussion, it was agreed that the word "Warden's"
should be deleted.
Minor changes were suggested also in membership
of the Religious Council and the Committee on Canadian
Overseas Student Service. With these changes, the standing
committees were approved.
Ad Hoc Committees
In accordance with the authorization of Senate at
its previous meeting, the Chairman had appointed the
following _ad hoc committees: 1
Wednesday, Octotoer 23, 1963      3305
To recommend rules and regulations
governing the establishment of an
Executive Council of the Convocation
(Section 9(2) of the Universities Act)
Mr. K. P. Caple (Chairman)
Mr. J. F. Brown
Mr. A.W.R. Carrothers
Mr. T. Hollick-Kenyon
Dr. Frank Turnbull
Chancellor )
President ) Ex-officio
Registrar )
To recommend rules in respect
to Senate Elections
(Section 27 of the Universities Act)
Mr. J.E.A. Parnall (Chairman)
Dr. A. D. Scott
Dr. D. V. Smiley
Mr. E.C.E. Todd
Chancellor )
President  ) Ex-officio
The Chairman recommended also that an ad hoc
committee with the following membership be appointed to
prepare a torief for the Royal Commission on Bilingualism
and Biculturalism:
Dr. D. M. Healy (Chairman)
Miss S. M. Boyles
Dr. J. K. Friesen
Dr. S. Jamieson
Dr. K. D. Naegele
Dr. H. B. Neatby
Dr. J. 0. St. Clair-Sotoell
Dr. G. R. Tougas
Chancellor )
President  ) Ex-officio
Registrar )
The Committee would toe instructed to report to
Senate, and Senate would have the option of approving,
rejecting or amending the torief. Wednesday, Octotoer 23, 1963      3306
These three committees were accepted as
Candidates for Degrees
and Diplomas
Lists of candidates recommended toy the various
Faculties for degrees and diplomas were circulated at the
meeting. Dean Soward commented that this was the largest
number of graduands recommended by the Faculty of Graduate
Studies for Autumn Congregation: 129 for Master's degrees,
16 for Ph.D. degree. The first Ph.D. in Bacteriology was
toeing conferred this year.
Dean Gage )
Dean Soward) That the candidates for degrees
and diplomas as listed, and as
approved by their respective
Faculties, be granted the degree
or diploma recommended.
Notification of the Granting
of Faculty Status
In accordance with past procedure, the following
undergraduate Faculties and Schools had granted faculty
status to memtoers of their teaching staff not of professorial
Applied Science: Mrs. A. M. Armstrong
Dr. A.CD. Chaklader
Dr. I. H. Warren
Commerce and Business       Mr. L. B. Rosen
Admin ist rat ion:
Education: Miss M. E. Brown
Miss J. Stevenson
Mrs. F. B. Vey
Mr. S. Towell 1
Home Economics:
Physical Education:
Wednesday, October 23, 1963
Mr. J. G. Moir
Mr. M. Mezei
Mr. N. Zacharias
Miss C Daem
Mrs. R. McGreer
Mrs. A. Brearley
Mr. R. H. Hilton-Smith
Miss R. Vainstein
Miss A. Leith
Miss H. E. Cawston
Miss R. M. Pallister
Mr. F. Gnup
Mr. R. J. Phillips
Mr. L. Davies
Mrs. H. Goodwin
Mr. J. R. Johnson
Miss M. Russell
Dr. I. B. Kelsey
Mrs. E. Loomer
Miss E. Wiseman
Rehabilitation Medicine:
Miss M. Hood
Miss W. J. Hudson
Mr. H. J. Howard.
This report was received for information.
Report of the Director
of Summer Session. 1963
The report of the Director of Summer Session, 1963,
and report on Summer Session registration in credit courses,
were returned to the agenda. Mr. McGechaen, who had toeen
in charge of the 1963 Summer Session, was in attendance in
case of queries.
Dr. Cowan)
Dean Gage) That the reports on Summer Session,
1963, toe received.
Carried. Wednesday, October 23, 1963      3308
Report on University
Extension. 1962-63
The report of the Department of University Extension
for the period Septemtoer 1, 1962 to August 31, 1963, had
toeen circulated.  It was noted that some of the on-campus
credit courses had been given late in the day for mixed
classes consisting largely of full-time Winter Session
students, with a few teachers.  It was agreed that, where
applicable, this should toe indicated in future reports to
explain apparent low registration.
Dean Soward)
Dr. Kania ) That the report of the Department
of University Extension for 196263
be received.
Dr. Friesen asked whether at some time
consideration might be given to a possible change in the
name of the Department from University Extension to
Continuing Education. The latter term was being adopted in
both professional and general education fields across the
It was agreed that this suggestion should be
referred to the Senate Executive Committee for discussion
and recommendation to Senate.
Recommendations from Faculty
Christmas Examinations
The Registrar reported that for many years attempts
had been made to lengthen the first term. One means adopted
in 1939 was to reduce the examination period in December toy Wednesday, Octotoer 23, 1963      3309
holding three examinations per day. However, increasing
enrolment since 1948 had prevented the compilation of results
prior to the opening of the second term, and in consequence
the Registrar's Office had toeen unatole to continue requiring
weak students to withdraw at that time. The protolem had toeen
discussed at frequent intervals. The most recent report to
the Committee of Deans recommended that, to reduce the
present nine days spent in Christmas examinations, the
individual tests should be shortened to one hour each and
should be held in the final week of the term by cancelling
alternate lectures. The Deans had referred this recommendation
to the Faculties, which had differed in their reactions.
The Faculty of Science had feared that informality might
lead to indifference on the part of students. Another
advantage of formal examinations was that a common
examination in all sections of a course with high enrolment
served to evaluate the instructors as well as the students.
On the recommendation of the Senate Executive
Committee, Christmas examinations for 1963-64 would toe held
as in the past.
Students with poor academic standing in 1962-63
had toeen admitted on probation for 1963-64; the Faculties
would toe asked to give at least an estimate of the first
term standing of these 670 students prior to Christmas in
order that they could decide whether or not to return for
the second term. Wednesday, Octotoer 23, 1963      3310
Mr. Justice Nemetz suggested that the first term
might toe advanced toy one week, thus providing results on
the work of the first term toefore the beginning of January.
Dr. Friedman suggested the whole issue might be debated by
Senate at some time in the near future, and that Faculty
members with strong views on either side might be invited
to present their case.
The President felt that many matters relating to
the length of the academic year, admission standards, etc.,
would be considered, at least in general principles, in the
current study of academic goals.
Faculty of Arts - Degree
in Mathematics
The Faculty of Arts had recommended:
1. That approval be given for the granting of the
degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honours in
2. That approval continue to be given for the
granting of the degree of Bachelor of Arts
with Combined Honours in Pure Mathematics
and another subject field within the Faculty
of Arts.
Dean Chant commented that this would apply to
"pure" as distinct from "applied" mathematics.
Dean Chant  )
Dr. McGregor) That this recommendation of the
Faculty of Arts be approved.
Carried. Wednesday, Octotoer 23, 1963      3311
Standing of Degree
Candidates. May. 1963
As requested by Senate at its meeting in May,
1963, a schedule had been prepared of the standing of degree
candidates in May, 1963, by grade and by Faculty. Dean
Gage pointed out that the percentage of students in each
grade was not significant in the small Faculties and
Schools.  Inquiries had been directed to other Canadian
universities as to comparatole data, but at this date it was
available only from the University of Alberta.
The Faculty of Law, which had not granted First
Class standing to any of its 1963 graduates, although they
were highly regarded in relation to other Canadian law
graduates, had decided to give special consideration to its
leading graduands in 1964 to determine whether First Class
standing would be merited.
It was agreed that it might be useful to prepare
similar analyses for another year or two for comparative
Death of Mr. Cecil Killam
The Secretary read the following memorial statement
on Mr. Cecil Killam, a former member of Senate:
In the death of Cecil Killam on Octotoer 2,
1963, the University of British Columtoia lost one
of the original memtoers of Convocation and a
former member of Senate who served continuously
from 1921 to 1936. Wednesday, Octotoer 23, 1963      3312
Born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, in 1877, he
graduated from Mount Allison University. He
obtained his Master of Laws degree from Dalhousie
University and the degree of Doctor of Civil Law
from George Washington University.
Coming to Vancouver in 1901, he was called
to the Bar in the same year, and practised law
in this city until his retirement in 1962. His
active career, co-extensive with the rapid growth
and change of this century, was entirely spent in
the service of his adopted province. The
organizations to which he belonged show the
diversity of his interests, and the quality of
his contribution to those organizations was
recognized in the honorary life memberships
accorded him by the Board of Trade, the
Shaughnessy Heights Golf Club, and the Bar
Association. Devoted to the work of his church,
he was Sunday-School Superintendent, Clerk of
the Church Roll for thirty years, and an Elder
of Canadian Memorial United Church from the
time of its inception.  He retained his
connection with his Alma Mater through active
participation in the Mount Allison Alumni group.
In his fifteen years on the Senate of the
University of British Columbia, he showed a
keen interest in all its plans and projects,
especially, as Chairman of the Founders
Committee, in the early stages of preparing
a History of the University.
The records of some men blaze with the
bright colours of spectacular achievement; the
records of others glow more softly in the warmth
of remembered kindnesses.  In the tributes of
friends and colleagues to Cecil Killam there is
unanimous witness to the depth and genuineness
of his human sympathies. He gave freely of his
professional help and skill to those unatole to
pay; he had no enemies because he cherished no
sense of injury; he combined a natural benevolence
with the teachings of his Christian faith. So
runs the testimony, calling to mind an appropriate
text: "Charity suffereth long and is kind; charity
envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself; is not
puffed up." The influence of such a man tells in
quiet ways; it permeates the life of the
community. The Senate of this University joins
in the general tribute to Cecil Killam, and is
honoured in being able to pay special tribute
to his memory as one of its own membership. Wednesday, October 23, 1963      3313
Dean Gage  )
Dean Soward) That this statement be spread on
the minutes of Senate, and that a
copy be sent to the family of
Mr. Killam.
Letters of appreciation were received from
Mrs. W. N. Sage, Professor Emeritus F.G.C Wood and Miss
Dorothy Somerset for communications sent by Senate at its
previous meeting.
Goals for the Library
Dr. Ranz presented an informative and interesting
report on the Library, setting forth goals for the near
future.  It was agreed that the report should be circulated
to Senate with the minutes of this meeting. The following
comments were made during the question and discussion period:
1. The increasing demand for Library materials for
undergraduate students, particularly periodicals
and special monographs for students in the
fourth year, was being met partly by duplication
of materials on the Xerox machine, and partly by
the more realistic funds available for book
2. It did not appear feasible or possible to
assist Simon Fraser University with Library
material for undergraduate courses, since the
students should have material available on
their own campus. Help might be given with
Library material for the graduate programme
if requested. The University of British
Columbia and the British Columbia Library
Association had already urged the governing
body of Simon Fraser University to start
building up its Litorary collection. •
Wednesday, Octotoer 23, 1963      3314
3. The demand for hooks has increased enormously in
recent years, and there has toeen a sharp rise in
prices. Publishers make short runs, and hooks
may soon toe out of print. The University of
British Columtoia should endeavour to increase
its appropriation on a regular toasis to match
purchasing power and to meet competition since
hooks may not remain available unless ordered
upon publication.
Dean Soward stated that the University of British
Columbia had been remarkably fortunate in the loyalty and
devotion of its Library staff from the very beginning.  It
would be hard for any University Library elsewhere on the
continent to find a toetter group of keener people. The
staff had toeen aided by the calibre of the Librarians themselves. No Librarian had done more than Dr. Ranz to help
the University to greater success in the time he had been
The President added that it would toe essential
for the University to provide increasing funds to the Library
each year for the foreseeable future. There would be new
goals ahead toy 1970.
Other Business
Mr. Bowers inquired about the suggestion at the
previous meeting that the Senate Executive Committee should
recommend whether members of Faculty elected to Senate as
Faculty representatives were eligible to attend Senate
meetings while on leave of absence. The President stated
that the Senate Executive Committee had decided this was a
matter to be determined by the Board of Governors in relation 1
Wednesday, October 23, 1963
to the terms of leaves of absence. A report from the
Board would be brought to Senate at a later date.
The meeting adjourned at 10:20 p.m.


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