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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1916-02-16

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 ffinutes of
The  Senate  of the University of British Columbia.
> *e <~v-
(1) The Senate of the University of British Columbia
0„    held its first meeting in the President's Office, Arts
^ * ?'-*" Building, corner of Eleventh Avenue and Willow Street,
Vancouver, at 2 P.M. on Wednesday, February l6th., 191k,
the President of the University, Dr. J}1. J}\ wesarooic in
the chair.
(2) The President first asked the opinion of the meeting
^„fUt           as to the advisability of admitting newspaper reporters.
It was agreed that they should be admitted.
(3) The President then read a report of:
1. An informal meeting of the available members of
?«uWi    the Senate held at the Vancouver Club on July 3rd.,1915*
*'H 2. What had been accomplished in University work
and development up to the present.
3. The plans of the Board of Governors for next
(4.)       Mr. Wade     )
&  • >~ Mr. Creighton j That the organization of the Senate
f 0 be proceeded with. Carried.
Mr. Wade   )
(5)       Br. Pearson ) That there be an executive committee
Sr"\        consisting of the Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary,
~*-"r/"- a Treasurer and three other members. Carried.
Dr. Pearson)
^     (6)       Mrs Farris )  That Mr. Wade be Vice-Chairman.
i/>o. r/,,,,,.,.     There being no  other nominations  the   Chairman declared
Mr.  Wade  elected.
Mr. Gordon     )
(7) Dr. Brydone-Jack) That the Registrar be Secretary.
**      So-'U..        There being no other nominations the Chairman declared
the Registrar elected.
Dr. Davidson    )
(8) Dr. Brydone-Jack )That Mr. Gordon be Treasurer.
^wit..'-*       There being no other nominations the Chairman declared
Mr. Gordon elected.
(9) The following were then nominated for the Committee,
^ lU. >4tZ           ^rs Farris by Dr. Pearson, Dr. Brydone-Jack by Mr. Wade,
,t '    and Dean Klinck by Mr. Gordon.
Dr. McKechnie)
(10) Mr. Gordon  ) That nominations close.
The Chairman then declared the above named duly elected.
*&*^ (2)
•The question of Procedure having arisen
(11) Mr. Robinson)
/w> r l\u<kw Dean Klinek ) That the order of bxxsiness be that
'c "^  '  proposed by the Chair, namely that of the list of the
powers and duties of the Senate given in the University
Act. Carried.
The Chairman then declared the Senate duly
The following were the members present:
The Chancellor,F. Carter-Cotton, Esq., M.L.A.
(12)        The President, F.F.Wesbrook, M.A., M.D., C.M.,LL.D.
L. F. Robertson, M.A. representing the Faculty of
Henri Chodat, M.A., representing the Faculty of
Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science, Reginald
W. Brock, M.A. F.G.S., F.R.S.C.
J. G. Davidson, B.A., Ph.D., representing the
t/Lu^ W Faculty of Applied Science.
/ G. E. Robinson, B.A. representing the Faculty of
-•'    . Applied Science.
Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Leonard S.
m Klinck, M.S.A.
D. Mcintosh, M.A., D.Sc, representing the
Faculty of Agriculture.
H. Ashton, B.A., D. Litt. representing the
Faculty of Agriculture.
J. W. Creighton, Esq.,
The Right Rev. A. U. de Pencier, D.D.
The Hon. D. M. Eberts, K.C., M.L.A.,
The Superintendent of Education, Alexander
Robinson, Esq., B.A., 11.D.
The Principal of the Normal School, Vancouver,
William Burns, Esq., B.A.
The Principal of the llormal School, Victoria,
D. L. MacLaurin, Esq., B.A.
R. E. McKechnie, Esq., M.D., CM.
Hon. F. W. Howay, LL.B.
J. S. Gordon, Esq., B.A.
Mrs J. W. deB. Farris, M.A.
F. C. Wade, Esq., B.A., K.C.
W. P. Argue, Esq., B.A.
W. D. Brydone-Jack, Esq., B.A., L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S.
J. M. Turnbull, Esq., B.A.Sc.
J. M. Pearson, Esq., M.D.
Under (a) the following resolutions were then
HA, ' 1
Q?)        Dr. Brydone-Jack)
Dr. Pearson    ) 1. That the quorum be eleven members  '
exclusive of the Chairman.
Bishop de Pencier)
'14)       Tr. Ashton      ) 2. That there be four regular
Rj^,,u., kuLy     meetings, one in October, one in December, one in February
each on the second Wednesday of the month, and one on the
Wednesday preceding Convocation.
(15)        Dr. McKechnie)
Jy&i*^ ■Dr* ^earson  H. That notices of all meetings be
sent out ten days before the days named.
.  .        Dr. MeZechnie)
_ '^"'       Dr. Pearson )lT.   That special meetings may be called
$/u*<*(/i^ip       at any time by the President, and must be called by him on
the written request of six members.
(17) The President reverting to the question of the membership of the Senate called attention to the Affiliation
.M^'iW-v•■•■■(  of Theological Colleges. Letters in this connection were
'C*J,'.it. read from William T. Clarke, Secretary of the Anglican
Theological College, W. W. Praser, Secretary-Treasurer
Westminster Hall, and Principal McEay of Westminster Hall.
(18) A legal opinion regarding the position of the
Anglican Theological College with respect to affiliation
with the University was read by Bishop de Pencier.
Bishop dc Pencier)
(19) Mr. Eberts      )  That the Senate requests the
President to take such action as is necessary to make
clear the powers of the Senate in the matter of the
affiliation of Theological Colleges.
Under (b) The President presented the Calendar of
(20) IQI5-I6 for formal adoption by the Senate.
CcJs-u* h^-'L. Dr. McKechnie   )
Bishop de Pencier) That the calendar of 1915-16
£-i K^ be adopted.
It was moved in amendment
Mr. Wade  )
Mrs Farris) That the consideration of the question
(20a)  be postponed till next meeting,  regular or adjourned, in
order that the members of the Senate have opportunity to
familiarize themselves with it.
The amendment was put and declared lost.
A show of hands being called for this was confirmed. ' »
The original motion was then put and carried.
Under.(c) the following resolution was passed.
(21) Bishop de Pencier)
Gr>^.,lfu <n Mr.   Wade )     That   a  committee  of three be
TivcjUM. k-C*l      naraed by the  President  to  consider and report  on  the  pro-
&.«,,„,.,    '" J    cedure  in the  conferring of degrees. Carried.
(22) Bishop de Pencier)
7tv" Judge Ho way     )  That the meeting adjourn at 5.30
*f";'""    and resume business at 8. Carried.
(23) Bishop de Pencier)
Si^uLi^i'.   ■ Judge IToway     )  That the Superintendent of
Wf/:;. ;,   Education be given permission to read his resolution to
be moved at a later stage. Carried.
htn <
(24) The  Secretary then read  a letter from Dr.   Sawyer
fh-i/wifij of Summerland,   a member of Senate  regretting his  in
ability to  be present  and  protecting against  the  delay in
calling the  Senate together.
The meeting then adjourned to meet again at 8 o'clock,
At 8 P.M. business was resumed, the President in
the chair.
(25)       Under (d) there was presented a report from the
Faculty on Prizes, Medals and Scholarships. The
Chancellor explained that when the McGill University
College concluded its work it was found that it had in
equipment and buildings, property the value of which was
placed at $32,000. This the Royal Institution had
Rtt-;-..i».^*r.>1  offered to the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors
ryhi. ^l- >• ■ -v ' 1na& accepted it, undertaking to provide annually the sum
fUxt hM*,l-\jtih- .■  °f §l600, the interest at *$>  on the amount of the gift,
"* ' '• as the Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning
in British Columbia's Scholarship and Loan Fund. The
Scholarships mentioned in'the earlier part of the report
were, therefore, already provided for, but it would be
necessary for the Board to find the money for the later
Dr. McKechnie   )
Dr. Brydone-Jack ) That the Senate approves the
(2o) recommendations of Faculty with regard to Prizes, Medals,
Scholarships and Loans and requests the Board of
. Governors to provide $830 additional for University
P^P Scholarships and Prizes. Carried.
S (5)
r   t
Under (e)
(27) Mr. Wade  )
» ,/.;/,IMlt_3 Judge Ho way) That section 109 be amended so as to
^ '*'""' "'  provide that revenues derived from the sale or other dis-
*if*v ^w  position of the lands be devoted to the maintenance of
any University Faculties now existing or that may be
established from time to time hereafter.        Carried.
Bishop de Pencier)
(28) Mr. Wade        ) That a Statute be passed
Stiut L •'■*,,«*  recommending the establishment as soon as possible of
%CZLk.-  F««</£v  Faculties in Arts, Applied Science, Agriculture and
'~*   "'   J      Forestry. " Carried.
(29) Under (f) there was submitted from the Faculty
the requirements for Junior and Senior Matriculation
and the courses in Arts and Applied Science for the
session 19.16-I7.
Dr. McKechnie )
Mr. Gordon   ) That the courses as submitted
be accepted.
llhlHih In amendment
fat*,-***.!* Dr. Brydone-Jack )
1 Bishop de Pencier) That the report be referred
back to the Committee on Courses and Calendar in order
that suggestions from members of the Senate may be considered; and that it be submitted again at the next
After considerable discussion the amendment was
put and carried.
Under (g)
. Dr. Brydone-Jack)
l™) Mr. Wade       ) That as the staff had not had
frk^'in,. %*■..; time to draw up regulations for this meeting, the mid term
*.-■!<*&,}r*uu'r examinations be left in the hands of the Faculty and that
- a report be prepared for the next meeting of the Senate.
(3D Under   (h)   a report from the  Faculty on the
rUf^t ^ Library was  presented.
rU~*Ar'i Bishop de  Pencier)
Principal Burns     )   That   the   rules  and
regulations as  set  forth be adopted until further amended.
(32) Dr. Pearson  )
U»*n Cr»-»>iL Dr* McKechnie) That a Library Committee of
'*"  three, to be named by the Chairman, be appointed. Carried.
W \*>*>} Under (k) Dean Klinck read a report on the
.°'S        work in the Faculty of Agriculture.
M& to)
^fc $ Dr. Pearson)
^^/v' (34)        Mr. Gordon ) That we recommend ta the Board the
fy+~i> consideration of Dean Klinck's report on Agriculture,
especially the portion dealing with the education of
returned soldiers. Carried.
(35) The Chancellor then reported the two plans which
had been laid before the Committee of the Executive
(a) The first contemplated beginning work on the
rJ   ■ jU   -bX University site, completing the building which had been
, '' " \^ begun, erecting the necessary temporary buildings, and
.jU»<- *»<*»M«> providing transportation, and would necessitate an
■«M„ expenditure of $714,126.
(b) The second made provision for carrying on at the
present site, and for this $263,626 would be required.
The President next reported the formation of a
(36) University Battalion for Overseas Service bythe four.
faj-liv^k        Western Universities with an Ambulance Corps to be
vfc. ..-7    recruited mainly in Winnipeg.
;iA^«.        Mr. Wade   )
(a)        Dr. Pearson) That the Senate heartily approves
the formation of a Western Universities' Battalion and
of the participation in it of The University of British
Columbia. Carried.
Mr. Wade  )
(37) Mrs Farris) That we strongly urge a permanent
selection as expeditiously as possible of the land
/iu^-fijflwv*/  Endowment under the University Endowment Act of 1907 as
amended and that the period allowed by the Statute for
selection be extended for three years.       Carried.
y (38)       Under (1) the following resolutions of the
Faculty with regard to the standing to be granted to
students enlisting for Overseas Service, were then
1. That students who leave in their Fourth Year be
given their degree at the end of the session,
PUjhi lit'-j-*" 2, That those who attend for the major part of any
^Li-tJi'h-ixC        year be given their standing for that year.
3. That it be made possible for those who leave
before the end of the First Term to graduate when they
have completed three full years at the University.
That former students of the McGill University
College of British Columbia at present at the front who
4M- (7)
^        would otherwise be now enrolled in the University of
British Columbia, be given an opportunity of enrolling as
students of the University of British Columbia without
payment of fees.
(39) The following resolution of Faculty with regard to
the standing to be granted to students of Matriculation
classes who enlist for Overseas Service.
5(a<-<^-[  ''♦        "Students who maintain their standing in the
/j,£7,,.,./„ ,-  Matriculation Year of High School work in British
Columbia up to the time of enlistment for Overseas
Service will be admitted to the University of British
Columbia without further examination on presentation of
their High School credentials in detail".
Mr. Wade        )
Bishop de Pencier) That these recommendations be
adopted. Carried.
(40) The report of the Faculty on Costume and Colours v/as
then presented.
Mrs Farris  )
C^^. .-O"^      Dr. Davidson) That the part of the report recommending
the "blue and gold of the Coat of Arms as the University
colours be approved, and that the rest of the report be
referred to the Committee on Procedure at Convocation.
(41) The President then named Dean Brock, Mr. Wade and
^        fi            Mrs Farris the Committee on Procedure at Convocation.
Dean Brock )
Dean Klinck) That the meeting adjourn to meet on
//,-'.,,„,.vJ-      Wednesday, March 1st at 4 P.M. at the same place.
The following members were present at this session."
The Chancellor, The President,
(42) Mr. Chodat, Dean Brock, Dr. Davidson,
Mr. Robinson, Dean Klinck, Dr. Mcintosh,
fruxtnh Dr. Ashton, Mr. Creighton, Bishop de Pencier,
Hon. Mr. Eberts, The Superintendent of Education,
Mr. Burns, Mr. Maclaurin, Dr. McKechnie,
Hon. Mr. Howay, Mr. Gordon, Mrs Farris, Mr. Wade,
Dr. Brydone-Jack, Mr. Turnbull, Dr. Pearson.


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