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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1954-10-20

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 Wednesday, October 20th, 1954   2092
The first regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the Session 1954-55 was
held on Wednesday, October 20th, 1954, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present: President N, A. M. MacKenzie (in the
Chair), Miss Marjorie Agnew, Dr. John Allardyce, Dr. W. J.
Anderson, Dean G. C. Andrew, Dean H. F. Angus, Dr. W. G.
Black, Mr. C. B. Bourne, Mr. F. C. Boyes, Dr. J. J. R.
Campbell, Dean S. N. F. Chant, The Hon. Mr. Justice J. V.
Clyne, Dr. Harold Copp, Miss Mollie Cottingham, Dr. Ian Cowan,
Mr. L. G. R. Crouch, Dean G. F. Curtis, Dean Blythe A. Eagles,
Miss Mary Fallis, Dean W. H. Gage, Mr. Bernard C. Gillie,
Dr. A. E. Grauer, Dean H. C. Gunning, Dr. W. H. Hickman,
Major H. C. Holmes, Dr. F. A. Kaempffer, Mr. Stuart Keate,
Mr. F. M. Knapp, Mr. H. T. Logan, His Honour Judge A. E. Lord,
Mr. E. D. MacPhee, Dean A. W. Matthews, Dean M. Dorothy
Mawdsley, Mr. W. 0. Richmond, Mr. F. H. Soward, Dr. W. S.
Taylor, Dr. Harry V. Warren, and Dr. R. M. Wellwood.
Messages of regret for their inability to be present
were received from Dean George S. Allen, Mr. J. M. Buchanan,
Mr. K. P. Caple, Mr. Davie Fulton, Mr. H. C. Gilliland, Dr.
Rocke Robertson, Dr. W. N. Sage, Dr. R. F. Sharp, Dean M. M.
Weaver and Dr. H. F. Woodhouse.
Representatives of the British Columbia Teachers'
Federation had been invited to Senate to present their brief
on Teacher Training. Wednesday, October 20th, 1954 2093
Dr. J. K. Friesen was present to speak to the
reports concerning the Department of University Extension.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dr. Cowan  )
Dean Curtis) That the minutes of the fifth regular
meeting of Senate for the Session 1954-55,
having been circulated, be taken as read
and adopted.
Memorial to Mr. H. 0. English
The Secretary read the following Memorial, which
had been prepared by the Committee on Memorial Minutes, in
accordance with the request of Senate on August 27th, 1954.
Mr. Hickman )
Major Holmes)  That this Memorial be spread upon the
minutes of Senate and a copy be sent
to the family of the deceased.
Carried unanimously.
In Memorjam. Mr. H. 0. English
Senate wishes to record its deep sense of loss
sustained through the passing of Mr. H. 0. English
on August 4th, 1954.
Mr. Harry Oswald English died suddenly on
August 4th, 1954.
He had taught in Victoria for thirty-two years,
having been appointed to the staff of Victoria High
School in 1922 to teach Agriculture. Later he
specialized in General Science and Health Education.
Mr. English joined the staff of the Provincial Normal
School in Victoria in 1938 and became Principal in
1944 succeeding the late Dr. V. L. Denton.
Mr. English was born on a farm in Harding,
Manitoba. He was a gold medallist at the University
of Manitoba where he took a Bachelor of Arts degree.
He first came to British Columbia in 1915 as expert
in Soils and Crops with the Department of Agriculture,
Later he returned to the family farm and took a
degree in Agriculture at the University of Manitoba. Wednesday, October 20th, 1954 2094
For two summers he studied towards a doctorate in
education at the University of California.
Mr. English prepared prescribed school texts in
General Science; he wasauthor of "Mastering our
Environment", and co-author of "Science and Life" and
"Science and Progress".
During his ten years as a member of Senate, Mr.
English showed a keen interest in young people; he
was always on the side of youth, anxious that students
should receive the advantages of a good counselling
service and of a well-developed athletic programme.
He was serious in out-look, and intense in his
interest in all developments at the University of
British Columbia.
Mr. English discovered and emphasized a man's
good points. As Normal School Principal, he seemed to
have a faith that each young person in his school could
succeed; his convictions and personal influence were
so strong that he, in turn, convinced prospective
teachers of their innate powers, and encouraged them
to tackle and to overcome their problems. The
qualities most evident in his personality were those
of modesty, faith, strength, determination, energy.
Mr. English was a lover of sports, a keen athlete,
and a believer in the true values of athletics. During
his University years he played many games and was a
member of a winning hockey team in the Allan Cup series.
He was taking part in trophy play on the 10th hole of
Uplands Golf Course, Victoria, on the evening of
August 4th, when he collapsed and died of a heart
Mr. English was tireless in his daily tasks.
Deeply religious, he was on the Board of Stewards of
the Metropolitan Church in Victoria, where for years
he assisted in directing finances and the building
programme.  The vigorous spirit of the pioneer prairie
farmer had remained in him, and he applied his knowledge
of Agriculture to his home garden in which he grew
prize raspberries, sweet corn and stringless beans.
The same spirit was revealed also in the practical
and forthright manner evident in his personal relationships and in the administration of his school.
He will be greatly missed by a large circle of
friends in all walks of life. Wednesday, October 20th, 1954  2095
Appointments to Senate
A letter dated October 8th, 1954, was received from
the Deputy Minister and Superintendent of Education, advising
(1) Dr. R. F. Sharp, Superintendent of Schools, Vancouver,
had been appointed as a member of Senate by the
Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council, as of September 1st,
1954, replacing Dr. H. N. MacCorkindale, who had
resigned; and that
(2) Mr. H. C. Gilliland had been appointed Acting Principal
of the Provincial Normal School, Victoria, in place of
the late Mr. H. 0. English, and would therefore
represent that School on Senate, ex-officio.
Dr. A. F. Barss, Secretary of the Board of Governors
of the Anglican Theological College of British Columbia, in
a letter dated October 4th, 1954, notified Senate that the
Board had elected Dr. H. F. Woodhouse, Principal of the
College, to represent it on the Senate.
Delegation of B. C. Teachers* Federation
Re - Teacher Training Report
The President, with the permission of Senate, asked
the representatives of the B. C. Teachers* Federation to come
in at this time, in order to present their views on Teacher
Training and to answer any questions members of Senate might
have pertaining to the brief previously submitted.  The
delegation consisted of the following:
Miss Hilda L. Cryderman - President of Federation
Mr. C. D. Ovans        - General Secretary
Mr. Harold Parrott     - Chairman of Teacher Training
and Certification Committee
Mr. F. M. Wallace)     - Members of the Teacher Training
Mr. L. MacKenzie )        and Certification Committee.
Mr. Parrott stated that the policy of the Committee Wednesday, October 20th, 1954 2096
on Teacher Training of the B. C. Teachers' Federation was to
promote the establishment of a Teacher Training College on
the campus of the University of British Columbia, in order
to raise the status of teachers and standards of teaching.
Although the Committee had begun its deliberations in 1948,
its report was only now being presented.  The brief had been
sent to the Department of Education in Victoria and had been
received favourably. After a number of questions had been
answered with respect to the brief, the President suggested
that if necessary a special meeting of Senate might be
called at a later date to discuss the whole matter when more
details had been worked out.
The delegation then withdrew from the meeting.
Appointment of Standing Committees.
Session 1954-55
The Secretary read the names of those recommended
by the Chairman for membership in the following committees:
Press Committee
Mr. K. P. Caple (Chairman)
Mrs. Dorothy Coryell (Secretary)
Dr. A. E. Grauer
Dr. C. A. H. Wright
Dr. H. V. Warren
Mr. F. J. Burd
Miss Marjorie Agnew
Mr. S. Keate.
Honorary Degrees
Dean H. F. Angus (Chairman)
Dean M. D. Mawdsley (Secretary)
Dean G. F. Curtis
Dean S. N. F. Chant
Dean H. C. Gunning
Dean Blythe Eagles
Dean A. W. Matthews Wednesday, October 20th, 1954 2097
Honorary Degrees. Cont'd.
Dean M. M. Weaver
Dean George S. Allen
Dean W. H. Gage
Mr. K. P. Caple
Dr. A. E. Grauer
Miss Mollie Cottingham.
Military Education
President N. A. M. MacKenzie (Chairman)
Chancellor Emeritus E. W. Hamber
Dean S. N. F. Chant
Dean W. H. Gage
Mr. A. H. Finlay
Mr. C. B. Wood
Officer Commanding, U.B.C. Contingent, C.O.T.C.
Cradr. F. J. E. Turner, O.C., U.N.T.D.
S/L. R. G. Herbert, O.C, R.C.A.F. (Auxiliary),
University Flight
Mr. Dick Underhill, President, Alma Mater Society.
Memorial Minutes
Dr. H. Hickman
Mr. H. T. Logan (Chairman)
Professors Emeriti
Dr. W. N. Sage (Chairman)
Dr. J. J. R. Campbell
Dr. M. M. Maclntyre.
Committee to Consider the Colour
of Hoods for New Degrees
Mr. H. T. Logan (Chairman)
Dean H. F. Angus
Dean M. D. Mawdsley.
It was noted that the Chancellor, the President,
the Registrar and Dean G. C. Andrew, are ex-officio members
of the Committees named.
Representative on University
Committee on Public Relations
Mr. K. P. Caple.
It was agreed that certain other committees, such Wednesday, October 20th, 1954 2098
as Fisheries, Personnel and Counselling, Dentistry, although
they had not been active, should stand with the present
membership and be called into action if necessary.
Library Committee
The Secretary read the following nominations of
the Faculties and of the Chairman of Senate to the Library
Committee of Senate for the Session 1954-55:
Arts and Science - Dr. Malcolm F. McGregor
Dr. Ian McTaggart-Cowan
Dr. Gilbert N. Tucker
Applied Science - Dr. Wm. H. Mathews
Agriculture - Dr. Walton H. Anderson
Law - Mr. Gilbert D. Kennedy
Medicine - Dr. Sydney M. Friedman
Pharmacy - Mr. Finlay A. Morrison
Forestry - Dean G. S. Allen
Graduate Studies - Dr. J. Lewis Robinson
Dr. B. A. Dunell  )
Dr. T. M. C. Taylor) Appointed by President
Dr. A. D. Moore   )
Dean Gage )
Dean Chant) That the Committees as constituted be
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations
of Senate
Agriculture Bursary (Anonymous)
The Summerland Kiwanis Club Bursary
The Canadian Life Insurance Medical Fellowship
The Barley Improvement Institute Fellowship
The Tri-Services University Training Scholarships
Extra-Sessional Courses for the Session 1954-55. Wednesday, October 20th, 1954 2099
New Awards. Accepted Subject
to Approval by Senate
The Dr. Alice Ravenhill Memorial Scholarship
The Ronald L. Cliff Student Aid Fund.
From the Faculties
Report on Supplemental Examinations.
Special Examinations and Re-Readings
Copies of a report, dated October 14th, 1954, on
Supplemental, Deferred, Special Examinations and a Report on
Re-readings, together with a report on Examination Results
for the Session 1953-54, were circulated for information.  It
was noted that there had been a slight decrease in the number
of supplemental examinations compared to 1953.
The Examination Results included those students who
had been granted supplemental examinations in the Spring and
had passed these in August.
Candidates for Degrees and
The Secretary referred to a list dated October, 1954,
copies of which were circulated to the members, containing the
names of 249 candidates for the following degrees, to be
presented at the Autumn Congregation on October 29th, 1954:
Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master
of Applied Science, Master of Science in Agriculture, Master of
Forestry, Master of Social Work, Bachelor of Social Work,
Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Bachelor
of Arts (General Course), Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of
Home Economics, Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Wednesday, October 20th, 1954 2100
Applied Science, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of
Architecture, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Bachelor of
Science in Pharmacy, Bachelor of Science in Forestry, Doctor
of Medicine, Bachelor of Laws, one candidate for the diploma
in Criminology, and four candidates for the diploma in
Hospital Administration. This list included the names in
the Faculty of Arts and Science which had been presented to
Senate and approved at its meeting on August 27th, 1954. The
number of degrees granted in course in October, 1953, had
been 268.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That Senate approve the conferring on the
candidates listed the degrees and granting
of diplomas for which they have qualified,
and that authority be given the Chairman
to make any necessary corrections of or
additions to this list.
Course Changes. New Courses.
Changes in Calendar Material
Notice was received that the Faculty of Graduate
Studies, on October 19th, 1954, had approved and recommended
to Senate the following new courses:
Chemistry 542 (1) Proof of Structure of Natural Products
Physics 534 (l)   Radiological Physics I
Physics 535 (l)   Radiological Physics II
Electrical Engineering 563 (2) Servo-mechanisms
Chemical Engineering 598 (0)   Chemical Engineering Seminar
Notice was received that the Faculty of Applied
Science, on October 15th, 1954, had approved and recommended
Civil Eng. 471 (Soil Mechanics) be changed from
(0-0, 2-2) to (2-0, 2-2) Wednesday, October 20th, 1954  2101
The following new courses and Calendar changes were
approved and recommended to Senate by the Faculty of Agriculture:
Agronomy 303 - increased to 2 units (3-2; 0-0) from
14 (2-2; 0-0)
Agronomy 407 - decreased to 1^ units (2-2; 0-0) from
3 (2-2; 2-2)
Horticulture 300 (3) Fruit-Growing: title changed to
Small Fruits.
Horticulture 420 (3) Methods of Research - unitage and
title changed to 2 units, Problems
in Horticulture (2-0; 2-0)
Horticulture 423 (1) Seminar - new course.
Notice was received from the Council of the School
of Commerce, in a letter dated October 18th, 1954, that the
Council had approved and recommended to Senate, a new option,
Option 16. Commerce and Actuarial Science, and revision of
Option 2. Marketing.
The following recommendation, concerning revised
prerequisites, for the course leading to the degree of M.B.A.
was approved by the Faculty of Graduate Studies on
October 19th, and recommended to Senate:
"That the Calendar (1954-55, p. 372) in reference to
prerequisites be amended by the deletion of Commerce 151."
Dean Chant)
Dr. Warren)  That the new courses, including course
changes and changes in Calendar material,
as recommended, be approved.
New Degree - Radiological
Notice was received that the Faculty of Graduate
Studies, on October 20th, had approved of a proposed course
leading to the degree of Master of Science in Radiological
Physics. Wednesday, October 20th, 1954 2102
Dr. Copp )
Dean Angus)  That a course leading to the degree of
Master of Science in Radiological Physics
be authorized, subject to the approval of
the Board of Governors.
Additional Extra-Sessional
Courses. Session 1954-55
Notice was received that the Faculty of Arts and
Science, on October 15th, 1954, had approved and recommended
to Senate, the following additional Extra-Sessional Classes,
for the Session 1954-55:
Education 575 - Educational Classics - Dr. Argue
Education 535 - Evaluation - Mr. Smith, Victoria
Education 535 - Evaluation - Dr. Kenny.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That the courses listed be approved.
Faculty of Medicine
Admission Requirements
Notice was received that the Faculty of Medicine,
on October 14th, 1954, approved and recommended to Senate,
the following changes in pre-medical requirements:
That Physics 220 be dropped as a pre-medical requirement
That Chemistry 205 be accepted in place of Chemistry 200
at the option of the student; and
(3)  That Zoology 304 be dropped as a pre-medical requirement.
Dr. Copp )
Dr. Cowan)  That the changes stated above be approved.
Additional Members
The Faculty of Arts and Science, on October 13th,
recommended to Senate that Dr. S. Rothstein and Miss Anne
Smith be made members of the Faculty of Arts and Science;
the Faculty of Applied Science on October 14th, recommended
that they be made members of the Faculty of Applied Science; Wednesday, October 20th, 1954  2103
and the Faculty of Graduate Studies on October 18th, recommended
that they be made members of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
Dean Gage)
Mr. Knapp)  That these recommendations be approved.
Reports of Committees
Prizes. Scholarships and Bursaries
Postponement of Award Cancelled
The postponement of the Canadian Foundation for
the Advancement of Pharmacy Scholarship, which had been
awarded to Miss Ellen Arnet, was cancelled since Miss Arnet
had decided to attend University this year.
Change of Name
In a letter from Dean Gage, dated September 9th,
it was reported for information that the New Westminster
University Women's Club had changed the name of its scholarship to the Ruth E. Cameron Memorial Scholarship.
Rewording of Terms
The new wording for the Calendar is as follows:
Charles E. Frosst and Company Scholarship
This scholarship, of $125.00, is offered by Charles
E. Frosst and Company of Montreal for annual award
to a student of special promise and ability in the
Faculty of Pharmacy. Students entering the final
year of the degree course are eligible to compete
and the award is made on the basis of scholarship,
leadership, and financial need. Wednesday, October 20th, 1954 2104
New Awards
The Western Canada Steel Ltd. Scholarship
in Metallurgy
A scholarship of $1,000.00, the gift of Western
Canada Steel Ltd., is offered annually to a student
who has completed the Second Year in Applied Science
and is proceeding to Metallurgical Engineering at
this University. The winner of this scholarship
will receive $500.00 during each of the Third and
Fourth Years, payment in the Fourth Year being
dependent upon satisfactory standing in the previous
years.  Selection will be based on: (l) proficiency
in studies; (2) interest in and aptitude for work
in Metallurgy; and (3) character and qualities of
leadership.  If no suitable candidate applies, the
award will be withheld and two scholarships will
be available in the following year.  Intending
applicants should consult the Dean of Administrative
and Inter-Faculty Affairs before the close of the
spring term.
The A. H. Hutchinson Scholarship in
Biology and Botany
A scholarship of $150.00 per annum has been endowed
(through the University Development Fund) by Alumni,
the Vancouver Rotary Club and friends of Dr.
Andrew H. Hutchinson upon the occasion of his
retirement as Head of the Department of Biology and
Botany (1916-1953) in recognition of his years of
devoted service to his students, to his Department
and to the University. The award will be made in
the Fall to a promising student who has entered
the Third Year (or, exceptionally, the Fourth Year)
with First Class standing in biological subjects
and is registered for Honours or Major studies in
the Department of Biology and Botany.  The recipient
will be selected in consultation with the Department
of Biology and Botany.
The Dr. Alice Ravenhill Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship of $ established from the
bequest of the late Dr. Alice Ravenhill will be
awarded to the student obtaining highest standing
in the Second Year of the Home Economics Course
and proceeding to the next year.
Dean Chant)
Dr. Warren) That these new awards and recommendations
be approved and acknowledgements sent
where appropriate.
Carried. Wednesday, October 20th, 1954 2105
Copies of List No. 4 and List No. 5 were circulated
for information.
Dean Gage )
Judge Lord)  That these lists be accepted by Senate.
Dean Gage reported for information that a loan fund
had been set up by the Pi Beta Phi Sorority for the School of
Social Work and that a loan fund of $50,000.00 had been
provided from the Ronald L. Cliff estate.  He pointed out
that, in the years 1934-35, the contribution of University
awards for Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries was approximately
$14,000.00; for 1944, approximately $25,000.00; for 1949,
approximately $68,000.00; and at the present time,
approximately $160,000.00. The loan funds now total
approximately $380,000.00. This amount does not include the
National Research Council grants of approximately $35,000.00
a year, which are paid directly to the students.
The Chairman pointed out that the amounts paid to
student assistants, from the various departments, had not
been considered, and suggested that Dr. Jennings might look
into this matter.
Professor Soward, on behalf of the members of
Senate, extended a vote of thanks to Dean Gage for all his
work and for the excellent reports of the past year. Carried
The President, referring to Dr. Ravenhill, who had Wednesday, October 20th, 1954  2106
left her estate to the University, stated that she had written
her biography and sent the M.S. to him for his advice.
Professor Read edited it and the University provided a
subsidy toward the cost of publication.  Dr. Ravenhill had
also arranged that the royalties would be paid into a fund
for Home Economics students.
Honorary Degrees
Dean Angus stated that there was no report from
this committee at the present time.
Report on Registration
Copies of a statement showing comparative enrolment
by Faculty and courses, as at October 20th, 1954, were
circulated for information.  It was noted that enrolment for
1954 was 5,875, compared to 5,463 for 1953.
Reports of Department of University
Extension: Extra-Curricular Summer
Session Courses: Extension Programme
for B. C. Fishermen: and Dominion-
Provincial Youth Training School
At the request of the Chair, Dr. Friesen, Director
of University Extension, was present to discuss these reports
and answer any questions raised by members. He referred
briefly to increasing contacts with the Northern parts of the
province, and in particular to the visit of the "Capsule
College" to the Peace River area in May, 1954.
With regard to the Youth Training School, Dr.
Friesen pointed out that in the past most of the students
coming to it had been interested in Agriculture but his Wednesday, October 20th, 1954 2107
Department hopes to promote an interest among those engaged
in Fisheries, Forestry and other industries. Personal
contacts with the students had been an important factor in
bringing them to the Youth Training School.
The Banff School of Advanced
Mr. MacPhee stated that Mr. Donald Cameron and Dr.
Andrew Stewart of the University of Alberta had taken the
lead in organizing the course. The School is to be incorporated
under the Societies Act of Alberta, with the Universities of
the four Western provinces, Alberta, British Columbia,
Manitoba and Saskatchewan, taking part in it. Plans are now
complete for the Fourth Session of the School, to be held in
February, 1955. Although the School is still in an experimental
state, it is felt that it will make a valuable contribution to
the universities, and to the people of Canada.
Dr. MacKenzie and Mr. J. M. Buchanan, of the Board
of Governors of the University, and Mr. E. D. MacPhee, as
Director of the School of Commerce, are on the Board of
Management of the School.
No "academic" credit is given but students are
presented with a certificate on completion of the course.
Iowa Plan
The Executive of the Alumni Association had appointed
a committee under the chairmanship of Dr. W. G. Black, known
as the "Iowa Plan" Committee, to study the possibility of
introducing courses in religious education at the University Wednesday, October 20th, 1954  2108
of British Columbia.
The President suggested that a committee of Senate
be authorized to examine and make recommendations about this
report for a later meeting of Senate.
Judge Lord)
Dr. Black )  That a Committee as stated above, be
Memorandum on Responsibilities
of Staff Members
It was pointed out by the Chair that this report
prepared by a committee under the Chairmanship of Dr. Gunning,
had been circulated to the Deans and Heads of Departments to
be brought to the attention of the teaching members of the
staff.  Copies were also circulated to members of Senate for
Report of Housing Committee
The Housing Committee report had been circulated
to Senate members.
With regard to the housing of married students on
the campus, the President pointed out that it had never been
the policy of the University to provide married quarters for
students, except during the emergency for veteran students,
but that where possible we were glad to help them. Accommodation for Faculty and Staff fills a real need.
Autumn Congregation
Dr. MacKenzie outlined plans for the Autumn
Congregation to be held on Friday, October 29th, 1954, at Wednesday, October 20th, 1954  2109
8:00 o'clock in the evening, in the Women's Gymnasium with
Sir Douglas Copland as the speaker. Following the Congregation
Tea, a portrait of Mrs. Wesbrook would be unveiled and later
placed in the Anne Wesbrook residence.
Victoria College Council
Dr. Hickman reported that the registration had
reached 337, compared with 290 in 1953, and was the highest
since 1949. Dr. Brock Chisholm was the speaker at the recent
Annual Assembly on October 15th.
A letter was received from Sir Douglas Copland,
High Commissioner for Australia, accepting the invitation of
Senate to receive an Honorary Degree at the Fall Congregation,
A letter dated September 13th, 1954, was received
from Professor H. T. Logan, with reference to Miss Betty
Bryson, Gold Medalist of Arts *52, who had just completed
her Ph.D. preliminaries in Classics at the University of
Illinois and had been awarded a fellowship for a year's study
in Athens.
Other Business
International House
Dr. MacKenzie reported for information that the
Rotary Club of Vancouver had agreed to build an International
House at the University at a cost of $150,000.00 on a site,
tentatively suggested, East of the Brock adjacent to the
wireless station and just South of Union College. Wednesday, October 20th, 1954  2110
Building Programme
It was pointed out by the Chairman that this programme
was substantially the same as it had been three years ago.
With reference to the Swimming Pool, the President
stated that recently there had been discussion as to whether
it was advisable to cover the present pool, or to build a
smaller covered pool at approximately the cost of roofing the
present one.  Operating costs would be much less for the
smaller pool. Further information about this was being
Faculty Salaries
Dr. MacKenzie pointed out that one of the most
difficult tasks for the Board of Governors is the distribution
of a limited amount of money for the various needs of the
University including increases for Faculty salaries. The
President stated, however, that he was most sympathetic to
the Faculty's request for increased salaries, and would give
this request every consideration.
Mr. Harlow. Librarian
Senate agreed to extend an invitation to Mr. Harlow,
the Librarian, to attend the meetings of Senate as an observer
and guest, and to send him notices and other materials
circulated to members.
Athletic Scholarships
The President reported that he had been asked by
the daily papers why the University of British Columbia did Wednesday, October 20th, 1954  2111
not provide athletic scholarships and, in reply, explained that
Senate had made an extensive study of this question over a
considerable period and had unanimously agreed that athletic
scholarships were not in the best interests of the University.
Eligibility Rules Report
Dean Matthews, Chairman of the Men's Athletic
Committee, read a tentative report on the experience of the
Committee in administering the rules governing eligibility
of male athletes, as approved by Senate.  This report included
a request for certain discretionary powers, specifically:
(1) That a Freshman student with an average of 60$ on his
last year of matriculation work might, upon appeal to
the Committee, be granted temporary eligibility, subject
to review following the Christmas examinations;
(2) That a Freshman student who obtains a satisfactory
standing in the Christmas examinations might, upon
appeal, be re-classified; and
(3) That the circumstances of all students coming to this
University after previous attendance at another college
or university be reviewed with a view to exercising
discretionary powers.
It was hoped that, after further experience during
this present session, it would be possible to make certain
recommendations in regard to the transfer rule.
Dean Matthews)
Dean Gage   ) That this tentative report and specific
recommendations be approved.
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.
A^A *zsz^&e^r yzxc^>'


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