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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1927-10-19

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Wednesday,   October   19th,   1927
The   first   regular meeting of   the   Senate   of  The
University  of  British   Columbia for  the   session  1927-28
was  held  on  Wednesday,   October 19th,   1927,   at   8:00   P.U.,
in  the   Board  Room.
Present: President Klinck (in the Chair), Dean F. H.
Clement, Dean R. W. Brock, Dean H. T. J. Coleman, Mr. H. H.
King, Mr. A. F. Barss, Mr. W. E. Duokering, Dr. R. H. Clark,
Ur. H. F. Angus, Dr. U. Y. Williams, Hr. James Henderson,
Ur. J. A. Campbell, Ur. D. L. MacLaurin, Hr. G. A. Fergus-
son, Mr. P. H. Elliott, Rev. Dr. W. H. Vance, Dr. T. H.
Boggs, Dr. G. G. Sedgewick, Ur. A. E. Lord, Hr. Sherwood
Lett, Hr. A. E. Richards, Rev. A. H. Sovereign, Ur. G. W.
Scott, Hrs. Beatrice Wood, Dr. Cecil Killam, Hiss A. B.
Jamieson and The Most Rev. A. U. de Pencier.
Archbishop de Penoier)
Mr. Lord ) That the minutes of the fifth
regular meeting of September
7th, 1927, be taken as read,
and adopted.
Expressions   of  regret  at   inability  to  be   present   at
the   meeting were   received   from  Judge   Swanson,   Judge   Howay
and Mr.   Anderson.
Dean   Coleman)
Mr.   Lett )   That   these   letters   be   received  and
From the Board of Governors
Philosophy 9     New Course
"That the resolution of Senate re Philosophy
9 be approved by the Board with the exception
of credits for summer session work."
1085 Diamond Jubilee of Confederation Medals
A letter from the Board of Governors was read,
approving of the recommendations of Senate in regard
to Diamond Jubilee of Confederation Medals.
1034 524
Wednesday,   October  19th,   1927
1386 Notices  of  Appointment   of   Committees
To   draw up   definite   Statutes   of Affiliation   for
Junior   Colleges
Ur. G. W.   Scott,    Chairman
Dr. W. H.   Vance
Dr. C. Killam
Mr. A. F.   Barss
Mr. W. E.   Duckering
To   bring  in   recommendations  with   regard   to   the
Election   of  Senate
Mr.   Arthur  Lord,    Chairman
Judge   P.   S.   Lampman
Rev.   Dr.   W.   H.   Vance
To   prepare   an   appropriate   resolution   re   Dr.   E.   B.   Paul,
retiring from  Viotoria   College
Dr.   H.   T.   J.    Coleman,   Chairman
Hr.   J.   S.   Gordon
To   study   the   question   of  Summer  Session  and Extramural   courses   in  all   its   bearings
Ur.   H.   F.   Angus  will   take   the   plaoe   of
Dr.   D.   Buchanan,   who   is  no   longer
a  member  of   Senate
1087 Report   in  reference   to   official   recognition  of   Fraternities
Lambda Sigma  Delta
Sigma  Alpha  Phi
Hr.   Barss   )
Hr. Scott ) That the applications be received, and
recognition be granted to Lambda Sigma
Delta  and  Sigma Alpha   Phi.
1088 Appointment   of   Committee   on   Calendar
Archbishop   de   Pencier)
Hr.   Fergusson )   That   the  President  be
requested   to  appoint   the
Committee   on   Calendar.
Carried 525
Wednesday, October 19th, 1927
1089 Application of Union College of British Columbia -
(Theological) for affiliation
Dr. Vanoe   )
Dean Clement) That this item stand until Dr. Brown
Is given an opportunity to make his.
From the Faculties
1090 Membership on Faculty Council - (For information of
President Klinok
Dean Coleman
Dean Brock
Dean   Clement
Dr.   Buchanan       (Arts  and  Science)
Hr.   Turnbull       (Applied  Science)
Hr.   Boving (Agriculture)
1091 Nominations   for  Library  Committee
Arts  and   Science  -     Mr.   Angus
Dr.   Sedgewiok
Dr.   Hennings
Applied  Science     -     Dr.   Sohofield
Agriculture -     Mr.   King
Dean  Coleman)
Dr.   Vance        )   That   Senate   approve   of   the   appointments.
Proposed changes in
Matriculation Requirements for
students of the
High School Technical Course
Proposed changes in
Matriculation Requirements for
students of the
High School Home Economi cs Course
The  Seoretary  reported   that   the   Faculty  of Arts
and Science  was  not  prepared   to   report  on  these   items.
The   Secretary   stated also   that  a  letter had  been
received  from Miss   Riddell,   correcting an  error  in   the   statement  prepared  by  the  Provincial  Director  of Home Economics i
Wednesday,   October   19th,   1927
and Hiss  Rlddell,   in  reference   to   the   inclusion  of  Home
Economics  as  an elective   science   for Junior Matriculation
In     Toronto  University.
Dean   Clement   )
Mr.   MacLaurin)   That   the   letter  be   read  for  the
information   of  Senate.
From  the   Faculty  of Arts  and Science
1093 Recommendation   that   the   application   of  Alan  J.
MoLuckle   for   credit   for   subjects   in which he
made   50$   In   1924-25   be   approved.
Dean   Coleman)
Dr.   Killam     )   That   this   recommendation  be   adopted.
In  amendment:
Dr.   Vance)
Hr.   Lett   )   That   this   matter  be   referred   to   the
a 1094 Greek  in   the   first   two  years
That   students  who  have   not  matriculated   in
Greek  be   allowed   to   take   Beginners'   Greek
in   their  First   Year  as   a  matriculation
subject  and  follow 11  up with  Greek 1  and
Greek 2   to   satisfy   the   language   requirement.
Dean  Coleman)
Dr.   Williams)   That   this   recommendation   be   adopted.
1095 Proposed   change   in   course   for First  and  Second  Years
Regulation   (d)
A  student   taking four  science   courses  in  the
first   two  years  may   defer   the   course   selected
under  (d)   to   the   Third  or Fourth  Year,  without
loss  of   credit.
That   this   regulation  be   operative   during  the
present   Calendar  year.
Dean   Coleman)
Dr.   Williams)   That   this   recommendation  be   adopted.
Carried A
Wednesday,   October  19th,   1927
Recommendations   in   reference   to  award  of
1096 (^   Khaki   University  Scholarship
Last   spring the   Vancouver Women's   Conservative
Association  Prize   in Uathematics,   and   the
Khaki   University Scholarship which  were   to  be
awarded   to  Lloyd Williams  were  held  in  abeyance
because   of  questions   connected  with   copying  in
the  examinations.     He   is   now exonerated and   the
granting of  his   scholarships   should  be   confirmed.
Dean  Coleman)
Dr.   Williams)   That   this   recommendation   be   accepted.
1097 (2) P.E.O. Sisterhood Scholarship
The P.E.O. Sisterhood Scholarship for first
standing in English of the First Year in Arts
was won last year by Helen Bell by reversion
to Mary L. Brown.  Hiss Brown is not In
attendance and is not in a position to state
that it is her intention to return to the
University.  Accordingly the scholarship
should be awarded to the next ranking student,
Jean Woodworth, who is now in attendance at
the University.
Dr. Williams)
Mr. Richards) That this recommendation be adopted.
1093 Hr.   Angus   raised   the   question  of  a  Fall   Congregation
by  presenting  the   case   of  Mr.   J.   Frank  Meagher who  had
finished  his   course   in  Arts   and   Science   by  passing a
supplemental  examination   in  September.     Hr.   Meagher  had
applied   for   registration  as   a   student-of-law with   the   Law
Society  In  their  regular  three-year   course,   but had  been
informed   that  unless  he  had  actually   received  his   B.A.
degree   he   could   not   be   enrolled   as  a   student. 1
Wednesday, October 19th, 1927
Dr. Vanoe)
Mr. Angus) That students who have met the requirements for degrees be granted such
degrees and that a special Congregation
be arranged for at the earliest possible
date after the September supplemental
Dr. Killam )
Dr. Coleman) That Senate confirm the reports of
Faculties on all supplemental
examinations to date.
From  the   Faoulty  of  Applied  Science
1099 Recommendation   tha t   the   decree   of   B.A.So.   be granted
to  H.   V.   Warren.
It  was  pointed   out   that   the   case   of  Mr.   Warren  was
covered   by   the   resolution   just  passed   in   reference
to   a  Fall   Congregation.
1100 Proposed   addition   to  Membership  of  Faoulty
That  Mr.   G.   Sinclair  Smith,   Mr.   John  F.
Bell,   Mr.   A.   Li^hthall   and  Hr.   A.   G.
Stuart   be   appointed  members   of   the
Faculty of Applied Science.
Dr.   Clark )
Ur.   Sovereign)   That   this   recommendation  be   adopted.
Reports  of   Committees
1101 To   draw up   definite   statutes   of Affiliation   for
Junior   College q
Hr.   Scott,    Chairman  of   the   Committee,   reported
i progress. 529
F Wednesday,   October  19th,   1927
1102 To  prepare  a   resolution   re   Dr.   E.   B.   Paul,   retiring
from  Victoria  College
Dean   Coleman)
Hr.   Lord )   That   the   report  be   adopted  and   that   a
copy  of   it  be   sent   to  Mr.   Paul  by   the
1103 To   study  the   question of  Summer Session and Extra-mural
Courses   In  all   Its   bearings
Ur.   Lett )
Dean   Clement)   That   the   order  of   the   agenda  be
changed  and   that   other  items  of
business   be   considered  before
this   report  and  items   11   (a)   and  (b).
1104 Report   of   Library   Committee
i i
Ur. Angus    )
Mr. Fergusson) That the library regulations, which
follow the report of the Library
Committee, as circulated to members
of Senate, be adopted.
1105 Appli cation  for  Ph. D.   degree,   in  absentia,   -
Rev.   Dr.   J.   Appleyard,   M.A.
Dean Coleman)
Hr. Angus   ) That the Secretary be instructed to
Inform Mr. Appleyard that The University
of British Columbia does not grant the
Ph.D. degree.
1105 From   the  High  Sohool  and  University Matrioulation  Board -
Request   that   the   University provide   this  year  for   the
granting of  an  additional   scholarship  of $150.00.
Letter  from  the   Board  of  Governors  advising  that
$150.00  would  be   provided  for  the   additional   scholarship.
Dr. Killam )
Archbishop de Pencier) That the Board be thanked and
the scholarship, granted.
Carried 530
Wednesday,   October  19th,   1927
1107 from  the  Deputy Provincial  Seoretary .   representatives  on
Senate   appointed  by   the  Lieutenant-Governor-ln-Counoil
His  Honour  Judge   P.   S.   Lampman
James  Henderson,   Esq.,   M.A.
J.   A.   Campbell,  Esq.
Victoria   College  -   representative   on  Senate
P.   H.   Elliott,   Esq.,   M.Sc.
1103 United   Church Theological  Alumnl  Association   of  British
Columbia     -     resolution   in   reference   to   the   Sumner Session.
Dean   Coleman}
Mr.   Barss        )   That   the   communication   be   received
and  filed.
The   Secretary   read  a   letter  from  Judge   Swanson  in
1109 reference   to   the   report   of   the   committee   on  Summer Session.
Dr. Vance  )
Dr. Coleman) That this letter and the communication
from the United Church Theological
Alumni Association of British Columbia
be handed to the committee on Summer
1110 Hr. Lett presented the report of the Committee on
Summer Session.
Ur.   Lett )
Archbishop  de   Penoier)   That   the   consideration  of
this   report  be   first   in  the
form  of   a   report  as   a whole.
The   report  as  a whole  was   considered. 531
Wednesday,   October   19th,   1927
Dean   Clement   )
Ur.   Fergusson)   That   the   question   of   the   consideration
of   the   report   on   Summer  Session  and
Extra-mural  work  be   delayed   for a
special  meeting of  the   Senate   to   be
called   by   the   President;   that   the
matters   of   domestic   science   and
industrial  arts,   and   other unfinished
business   on   the   agenda   be   taken  up
at   the   same   time;   that   in   the   meantime   this   report   be   transmitted   to
the   faculties  for  recommendations;
and   that  Senate   request   the
Committee   to  extract  from   the   report
its   specific  recommendations  for
transmission   to  Faoulties  and
thereafter  to   Senate.
Dr.    Clark      )
Dr.   Killam   )   That  we   adjourn.
W & /*' Chairman
\ (


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