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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1956-10-17

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 Wednesday, October 17th, 1956  2334
The first regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1956-57 was
held on Wednesday, October 17th, 1956, at 8:00 p.m. in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Miss M. Agnew, Dr. J. Allardyce, Dean G.S. Allen, Dr. W.J.
Anderson, Dean G.C. Andrew, Dr. A.E. Birney, Miss CS. Black,
Dr. W.G. Black, Mr. C.B. Bourne, Dr. J.J.R. Campbell, Dean
S.N.F. Chant, Dr. D.H. Copp, Miss M. Cottingham, Dr. I.McT.
Cowan, Mr. L.G.R. Crouch, Dean G.F. Curtis, Dean B.A. Eagles,
Miss M.M. Fallis, Dean W.H. Gage, Mr. B.C. Gillie, Mr. C.C.
Gourlay, Dean H.C Gunning, Dr, R.D, James, Dr. F.H. Johnson,
Dr. F.A. Kaempffer, Mr. J.S. Keate, Mr. F.M. Knapp, Mr. L.J.
Ladner, Colonel H.T. Logan, Dr. J.R. Mcintosh, Dr. M.M.
Maclntyre, Dean E.D. MacPhee, Dean A.W. Matthews, Dean M.D.
Mawdsley, Mr. F.A. Morrison, Dean J.W. Patterson, Mr. W.O.
Richmond, Dr. W.N. Sage, Dean N.V. Scarfe, Dr. R.F. Sharp,
Dean F.H. Soward, Dr. H.V. Warren, Dr. R.W. Wellwood, Mr.
L.G.J. Wong, Rev. H.F. Woodhouse and Mr. Neal Harlow.
Messages of regret for their inability to be present
were received from Chancellor Sherwood Lett, Mr. J.M. Buchanan,
Mr. K.P. Caple, The Honourable Mr. Justice J.V. Clyne, Dr.
H.R. Robertson and Dean G.M. Shrum.
Welcome to New Members
On behalf of the Senate, President MacKenzie
welcomed the new members present for the first time: Wednesday, October 17th, 1956  2335
Dr. Birney and Miss Black as representatives of the Faculty
of Arts and Science; Dr. Johnson and Dr. Mcintosh as
representatives of the Faculty of the College of Education.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dr. Sage    )
Dean Matthews)  That the minutes of the fifth regular
meeting of Senate for the Session
1955-56, having been circulated, be
taken as read and adopted.
Notice of Election of Representatives
on Senate of the College and Faculty
of Education
Notice was received that the Faculty of the College
of Education, at its meeting on October 1st, 1956, had elected
Dr. J. R. Mcintosh and Dr. F. H. Johnson as representatives
of that Faculty on Senate for the remainder of the current
term, ending May, 1957.
Annual Financial Report.
Year Ending March 31st. 1956
Dean MacPhee)
Dean Gage   )  That the annual financial report of the
University for the year ending
March 31st, 1956, be received and filed
in the office of the Secretary for
reference by members of Senate.
Appointment of Standing Committees
for the Session 1956-57
Dean Curtis)
Dean Chant )  That the appointment of members of the
standing committees of Senate be left
in the hands of the Chairman, and that
the list of members be incorporated in
the minutes of this meeting.
Carried. Wednesday, October 17th, 1956  2336
In accordance with this resolution, the committees
have been constituted as follows for the 1956-57 Session:
Committee on Honorary Degrees
Dean F. H. Soward (Chairman)
Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley (Secretary)
Dean G. F. Curtis
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean H. C Gunning
Dean Blythe A. Eagles
Dean A. W. Matthews
Dean John W. Patterson
Dean George Allen
Dean W. H. Gage
Mr. K. P. Caple
Dr. A. E. Grauer
Miss Mollie Cottingham
Dean E. D. MacPhee
Chancellor Sherwood Lett  )
President N.A.M. MacKenzie)  Ex-officio
Dean G. C. Andrew        )
Mr. C. B. Wood )
Committee on Military Education
President N.A.M. MacKenzie (Chairman)
Chancellor Emeritus E. W, Hamber
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean W. H. Gage
Mr. Allan H. Finlay
Mr. C. B. Wood
Lt.Col. J. F. McLean, O.C, U.B.C. Contingent, C.O.T.C
Lt.Cmdr. E.S.W. Belyea, O.C, U.N.T.D.
W/C R. G. Herbert, O.C, R.C.A.F. (Auxiliary)
University Flight
President, Alma Mater Society
Chancellor Sherwood Lett)  Ex-officio
Dean G. C. Andrew      )
Committee on Memorial Minutes
Mr. H. T. Logan (Chairman)
Dr. Harry Hickman
Chancellor Sherwood Lett )
President N.A.M. MacKenzie)  Ex-officio
Dean G. C Andrew        )
Mr. C. B. Wood )
J Wednesday, October 17th, 1956  2337
Press Committee
Mr. Kenneth P. Caple (Chairman)
Mr. Edwin Parker (Secretary)
Dr. A. E. Grauer
Dr. C.A.H. Wright
Dr. H. V. Warren
Mr. J. Stuart Keate
Miss Marjorie Agnew
Chancellor Sherwood Lett )
President N.A.M. MacKenzie)  Ex-officio
Dean G. C. Andrew        )
Mr. C B. Wood )
Committee on Professors Emeriti
Dr. W. N. Sage (Chairman)
Dr. J.J.R. Campbell
Dr. M. M. Maclntyre
Chancellor Sherwood Lett  )
President N.A.M. MacKenzie)  Ex-officio
Dean G. C Andrew        )
Mr. C. B. Wood )
Committee to Consider the Colour
of Hoods for New Degrees
Mr. H. T. Logan (Chairman)
Mr. B. C Binning
Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley
Chancellor Sherwood Lett )
President N.A.M. MacKenzie)  Ex-officio
Mr. C. B. Wood )
Dean G. C Andrew        )
Committee on Examinations.
B. C Institute of Agrologists
Dean Blythe Eagles (Chairman)
Dr. V. C. Brink
Mr. Jacob Biely
Chancellor Sherwood Lett )
President N.A.M. MacKenzie)  Ex-officio
Dean G. C. Andrew        )
Mr. C. B. Wood )
Senate representative on Public Relations Committee -
Miss Marjorie Agnew
J Wednesday, October 17th, 1956  2338
Ad Hoc Committees
The President had approved recommendations that
the Committee re Combined CA. and B.Com. Programme in
Commerce; Committee on Personnel and Counselling Services;
and Committee to Consider Future Enrolment be discharged
with thanks.
Appointment of Library Committee
for the Session 1956-57
The Secretary read the following nominations of
the Faculties and of the President to the Library Committee
for the Session 1956-57:
(Dr. Malcolm F. McGregor
Arts and Science  (Dr. Ian McTaggart-Cowan
(Dr. Harry B. Hawthorn
Applied Science - Dr. G. V. Parkinson
Agriculture     - Dr. Walton J. Anderson
Law - Mr. G. D. Kennedy
Pharmacy        - Mr. Finlay A. Morrison
Graduate Studies - Dr. K. C McTaggart
Medicine        - Dr. S. M, Friedman
Forestry        - Dean G. S. Allen
Education       - Dr. J. Katz
Commerce        - Mr. R. M. Bain.
(Dr. B. A. Dunell
Appointed by     (Dr. R. E. Watters
the President    (Dr. A. D. Moore.
Dean Soward)
Dr. Warren )  That the Library Committee be constituted
as recommended.
Appointment of Special Committees
Committee on Senate Elections
The Secretary read the names of members of the
Committee on Senate Elections appointed by the President on
instruction of Senate: Wednesday, October 17th, 1956  2339
Mr. C B. Wood (Chairman)
Mr. C. B. Bourne
Mr. L.G.R. Crouch
Dean G. S. Allen.
Committee on Child Development
The following membership had been recommended for
the committee established at the request of the British
Columbia Pre-School Education Association:
Dean Neville Scarfe (Chairman)
Mrs. G. Birkett (Secretary)
Miss C Black
Mr. E. Belyea
Mrs. Helen McCrae
Miss Lorna M. Horwood
Dr. W. C. Gibson
Dr. R. Potashin
Miss Grace Dolmage
Mr. R. G. Herbert
Dr. K. Naegele
Mr. H. D. Whittle
Miss Mary Fallis
Mrs. C. Borden
Miss Marjorie V. Smith
President N.A.M, MacKenzie)
Dean G, C Andrew        )  Ex-officio
Mr. C. B. Wood )
Mr. Gillie )
Dr. Johnson)  That the Committee on Child Development
Centre be constituted as recommended.
Additions to Committee on
Compulsory Physical Education
The Secretary read a recommendation from the Board
of Management of the University Health Service Hospital that
the Committee on Health Education Programme should be
dissolved, and its membership and responsibilities
transferred to the Senate Committee on Compulsory Physical
Education.  This would enlarge the activities of the Senate Wednesday, October 17th, 1956 2340
Committee to include a consideration of the health and
physical fitness of the student body, and would add Dean
Gage and Miss Horwood to the Committee membership.
Dean MacPhee )
Dean Matthews)  That the terms of reference and the
membership of the Committee on
Compulsory Physical Education be
expanded as recommended.
Committee on Additional
Extra-Mural Courses
The Senate at the meeting on August 24th had
approved the appointment of a committee to consider the
problem of offering more courses to persons not in regular
attendance on the campus.
Dean Gage  )
Dr, Campbell)  That the motion of the previous meeting
of Senate relative to a committee on
additional extra-mural courses be
rescinded; that the question of
additional extra-mural courses for
persons not in regular attendance on
the University campus be referred to
the Committee on University Extension,
with power to appoint a sub-committee
and to discuss the recommendations of
that sub-committee; and that the Committee
on University Extension be asked to
report to Senate in due course.
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations
of Senate
Notice was received that the Board of Governors,
on August 27th, 1956, had approved Extra-Mural Credit
Courses for 1956-57, and the affiliation of St. Mark's
College as a theological college of the University, as Wednesday, October 17th, 1956  2341
recommended by Senate on August 24th.
Acceptance of Awards. Subject
to Approval of Senate
The Board of Governors reported acceptance on
September 24th, 1956, of the following new awards, subject
to the approval of Senate:
Entrance Scholarship in Medicine (anonymous donation)
The Inco Scholarships
The British Columbia Electric Company Limited
Scholarships in Planning
The Canadian Medical Association, British Columbia
Division, Bursary Fund.
From the Faculties
Sessional Examination
Results. 1955-56
Copies of a report on Examination Results for the
1955-56 Session, taking into consideration results in the
Supplemental Examinations, were circulated for information.
Report on Supplemental Examinations.
Special Examinations and Re-Readings
Copies of a report, dated October 9th, 1956, on
Supplemental, Deferred and Special Examinations, and
Re-readings, compared to the previous year, were circulated
for information.
Candidates for Degrees
and Diplomas
Copies of the list of candidates recommended for
the following degrees, to be conferred at the Autumn
Congregation on October 26th, 1956, were distributed: Wednesday, October 17th, 1956  2312
Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Arts, Master of Science,
Master of Applied Science, Master of Science in Agriculture,
Master of Social Work, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of
Arts (Honours), Bachelor of Arts (General), Bachelor of
Commerce, Bachelor of Home Economics, Bachelor of
Physical Education, Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor
of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture,
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Bachelor of Science in
In addition to the 313 candidates completing
requirements for degrees, the following numbers had
qualified for diplomas: six in Teacher Training, two in
Hospital Administration, twenty-two in Public Health
Nursing, and seven in Clinical Supervision.
Dean Chant )
Dean Soward)  That Senate approve the granting of
degrees and diplomas for which the
candidates are recommended, and that
the Chairman be authorized to make any
necessary corrections in, or additions
to, the list.
Recommendations re
Membership in Faculties
The Secretary read recommendations from the
Faculties designated that the following be made members of
those respective Faculties:
Faculty of Pharmacy Dr. S. K. Sim )  for the Session
Mr. J. G. Moir)  1956-57
Faculty of the
College of
Mr. E.B. Dobson )
Mr. R.H. Heywood)for the Session
Dr. L. Slind   )l956-57
Mr. O.J. Thomas )
The Deans of Arts and Science and
of Agriculture; the Librarian;
the Directors of Extension and of
Dramatics; the Heads of the
following Schools or Departments or
their nominees: Physical Education, Wednesday, October 17th, 1956  2343
Home Economics, Architecture, Biology
and Botany, Chemistry, English,
French, Geography, German, History,
Latin, Mathematics, Music, Physics,
and Zoology.
Faculty of Arts
and Science
Mr. L.P. Edwards
for the Session
The Director of Summer Session; the
Dean and the following representatives
of the Faculty and College of
Education:  Dr, Mcintosh, Dr, Johnson,
Mr, Boyes, Dr, Stein, Dr. Katz.
Dean Gage )
Dean Chant)  That the recommendations with regard to
membership in these various Faculties
be approved.
Course Changes
The Faculty of Applied Science on October llth,
1956, had approved a recommendation that the time allotted
to Chemistry 459 be changed from one hour lecture plus 4£
hours laboratory to 4 hours laboratory per week for the
First Term.  The Faculty of Graduate Studies had approved a
recommendation of the Faculty of Applied Science that,
because of the increase in material in Civil Engineering 556,
its credit value be increased from one to two units.
Dean Gunning)
Dean Soward )  That these changes in time allotment and
credit value be approved, as recommended.
Faculty of Medicine -
Recommendation that Certain
Students be Required to
The Faculty of Medicine, on October 10th, 1956, Wednesday, October 17th, 1956  2344
had recommended that Lome R. Barnes (who did not write a
required supplemental examination) and Helena Martinek (who
failed a supplemental examination when repeating her Second
Year) should be required to withdraw from that Faculty.
Dean Patterson)
Dr. Copp     )  That these two students be required to
withdraw from the Faculty of Medicine.
Reports of Committees
Prizes. Scholarships
and Bursaries
Copies of Awards Lists Nos. 4 and 5 for awards
made since the middle of the summer, were circulated. Dean
Gage referred to a Senate minute of December 18th, 1929,
authorizing the Chairman of Senate to make awards during
the summer and autumn on the recommendation of the Committee
on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries, these awards to be
confirmed by Senate in due course.
Dean Gage)
Dr. Cowan)  That the students whose names appear on
Lists Nos. 4 and 5 be granted the award
for which they are recommended.
Dean Soward reported on two additional Leonard
Foundation Scholarships awarded since the preparation of the
Postponement of Award
Dean Gage)
Mr. Knapp)  That Peter Hector Pearse be granted a
postponement of one year in the case of the
University Graduate Scholarship and the Wednesday, October 17th, 1956  2345
Canadian Pulp and Paper Association,
Western Division, Special Award.
New Awards
Acceptance of the following new awards was recommended to Senate under the terms of award indicated:
The British Columbia Electric Company
Limited Scholarships in Planning
Two scholarships of $500.00 each, the gift of the
British Columbia Electric Company Limited, are
offered annually to graduates proceeding to a
Master*s degree in Community and Regional Planning.
Of these awards, one will normally be available
in the First Year of the course and the other in
the Second Year.  To be eligible, applicants
must have good academic standing.  In the selection of
the winners, consideration will also be given to
aptitude for and interest in a career in the field,
character, and personal qualities.
The Canadian Medical Association. British
Columbia Division. Bursary Fund
This fund, established and maintained by annual
contributions of $1,000.00 from the Canadian
Medical Association, British Columbia Division,
provides financial assistance for undergraduate
students in the Faculty of Medicine, Those who
are assisted are asked to accept a moral obligation
to reimburse the Fund when they are able to do so.
Entrance Scholarship in Medicine
An anonymous donation of $120.00 for this year
The Fisheries Association of B. C
Four scholarships of $300.00 each, the gift of the
Fisheries Association of B. C are offered to
students in the field of fisheries. Normally
these awards will be available to undergraduates
proceeding from the Second to the Third Year and
to students proceeding from the Third to the
Fourth Year.  They may be given, however, to
students beginning or continuing graduate study
J Wednesday, October 17th, 1956 2346
at this University.  Awards will be made on the
basis of interest, promise and ability in the
field of fisheries; character and personal qualities
and academic standing.  To be eligible a candidate
must be intending to pursue a- career in some area
of fisheries. Winners will be selected by a
committee consisting of the Head of the Department
of Zoology, the Director of the Institute of
Fisheries and the Chairman of the Scholarship
Committee in consultation with a Committee of the
The Inco Scholarships
Two scholarships, the gift of The International
Nickel Company of Canada, Limited, are offered
annually to students entering the freshman year
at the University.  Of these awards one is limited
to study in the fields of geology, geophysics,
mining, metallurgy, and engineering, and the other
is unrestricted as to the field.  Each scholarship
will cover annually tuition and fees, will allow
$300.00 to the winner toward books and living
expenses, and an unrestricted grant to the
University. Awards will be made by the University
to financially deserving students on the basis
of academic standing and personal qualities.
Renewals are subject to satisfactory progress.
The Unknown Warrior Chapter. I.O.D.E,
Bursary in Public Health Nursing
A bursary of $100,00, the gift of the Unknown
Warrior Chapter, I.O.D.E., will be awarded to a
woman student entering the Final Year of Public
Health Nursing. The award will be granted to a
student who has high scholastic standing and is
in need of financial assistance.
Dean Gage    )
Dean Patterson)  That these new awards be accepted and
appropriate letters of thanks sent
to the donors.
Awards in the College and
Faculty of Education
Dean Gage  )
Dean Scarfe) That the sincere thanks of the Senate be
extended to Miss Cottingham for her
initiative and energy in securing Wednesday, October 17th, 1956 2347
scholarships for students in the College
and Faculty of Education.
Carried unanimously.
Dean Gage
A unanimous vote of thanks was also extended to
Dean Gage for his energetic and faithful service through the
year in securing and administering assistance to students.
Accounting Office
Dean Gage   )
Dr. Maclntyre)  That letters of appreciation be sent
to Mr. White and Miss Lalonde for
their interest in the award and
administration of student loans.
Dean Mawdsley pointed out the need for increased
bursary assistance for women students, who by reason of
lower earning power were reluctant to apply for large loans,
Senate Elections
Mr. Wood, as Chairman of the Committee on Senate
Elections, read the following recommendations from the
1. That the election of Chancellor and members of Senate
be held on Tuesday, May 28th, 1957, in the Board and
Senate Room, Administration Building of the
University of British Columbia.
2. That the following be appointed as scrutineers:
Dr. Walton J. Anderson
Mr. Finlay A. Morrison
Miss Charlotte S. Black
Dr. F. A. Kaempffer
Mr. Leslie G. J. Wong
Dr. F. Henry Johnson. Wednesday, October 17th, 1956  2348
3. That in the event of any of these being unable to
serve as scrutineers, it be left to the Chairman of
Senate to appoint substitutes.
Mr. Crouch )
Dean Curtis) That the recommendations of the Committee
on Senate Elections be adopted.
Fraternities and Sororities
A meeting of the Committee on Fraternities and
Sororities on October 15th had passed the following
resolutions in connection with the proposed Panhellenic
1. That the committee go on record as approving in
principle the construction of a Panhellenic House on
the campus of the University of British Columbia,
subject to arrangements satisfactory to the Board
of Governors for financing construction and for
2. That the committee recommend that in order that the
building be of the greatest service to the students
in providing accommodation for lunch and for studying
between lectures, the site be as close to the centre
of the campus as possible and reasonably close to
the area designated for women's housing.
Dean Mawdsley)
Miss Fallis  )  That the report and recommendations
of the Committee on Fraternities and
Sororities be adopted.
Mr. Keate urged that every avenue be explored to
include all the sororities in the Panhellenic House, to
avoid unjustified charges of discrimination which might
result if the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority was unable to
participate for financial reasons. Wednesday, October 17th, 1956  2349
Establishment of a
School of Music
A progress report from the Committee to Consider
the Establishment of a School of Music indicated that the
committee expected to make a recommendation to the President
in time for appointment of a Department Head for the next
academic year.
Bachelor of Science Degree
The Secretary read a report from the Committee to
Consider the Granting of a Bachelor of Science Degree by this
University, endorsing in principle the granting of such a
degree in the Faculty of Arts and Science and recommending:
1. That this degree, if established, should be granted
in both the General Course and the Honours Course,
2. That the matter should be referred to the Faculty of
Arts and Science for consideration and appropriate
Dean Gunning)
Dr, Cowan  )  That the recommendations of the Committee
on the Granting of a Bachelor of Science
Degree be approved.
Professors Emeriti
Dr. Sage    )
Dr. Maclntyre)  That Dr. M. M. Weaver be recommended to
the Board for appointment as Dean
Emeritus of Medicine.
Report on Registration.
Session 1956-57
Copies of a statement of comparative enrolment by
Faculty, Course and Year as at October 16th, 1956 and Wednesday, October 17th, 1956  2350
October 19th, 1955, were circulated for information.  An
increase in total enrolment from 6,356 to 7,623 was noted.
Increase in the percentage of women students from 24.0 to
27.6$ was also noted.
Autumn Congregation
The President reminded the members of Senate that
the Autumn Congregation would be held in the afternoon of
Friday, October 26th. Father Carr would give the Invocation
in addition to receiving an honorary degree.
Victoria College Council
It was reported that the University had been
represented at the October 9th meeting of the Victoria
College Councils by Dr. Friesen (representing the President),
Dean Scarfe and Dr. Savery.
Reverend H. F. Woodhouse
A proposal from Reverend H, F. Woodhouse as to the
appointment of a committee to hear appeals from students was
read by the Secretary.
Dr. Woodhouse)
Mr. Bourne  )  That the Senate appoint a committee to
hear appeals from students, as provided
by the University Act.  Such committee
would consist of three to five members
chosen from amongst the Senate.  The
committee would have power to co-opt
up to five additional members and also
to call any witnesses whom they desire.
The committee should be widely
Carried. Wednesday, October 17th, 1956  2351
Other Correspondence
The Secretary read letters from Father Carr
expressing appreciation for Senate's approval of the
affiliation of St. Mark's College as a theological college
of the University; from Reverend L. K. Shook of St. Michael's
College expressing appreciation for the honorary degrees to
be conferred on Father Carr and Dr. Sidney Smith; and from
Mr. C P. Leckie in connection with the Class of Agriculture
1921 Graduate Scholarship Fund,
From the Council of the School
of Physical Education
Pursuant to the recommendations of the Committee
on Compulsory Physical Education approved by Senate at the
previous meeting, the School of Physical Education reported
that members of University teams were being given appropriate
credit towards their compulsory physical education, and that
the recognition of club activities was under consideration.
It had not been found necessary to use the University Armoury
except for one event. Proposals for revision of the
regulations concerning compulsory physical education would
be made in time for inclusion in the 1957-58 Calendar.
Other Business
B. C. School Trustees'
Association Convention
The President reported briefly on the B. C School
Trustees* Convention in Cranbrook which he had attended
along with Dean Scarfe, Professor Read, Mr. Hughes and Mr.
Sager, Wednesday, October 17th, 1956  2352
Federal Grants to
The President commented on statements made by the
Prime Minister in relation to possible increase in the
Federal grants to the Universities.
New Buildings
Dean Scarfe extended an invitation to the members
of Senate to attend the official opening of the College of
Education Building on Thursday, October 18th.  Dean Chant
accompanied this by an invitation to the Sod-Turning
Ceremony for the Arts Building on the same afternoon.
Miss Marjorie Smith
It was agreed that a letter of sympathy and good
wishes should be sent to Miss Marjorie Smith, who was
seriously ill in hospital.
Death of Dr. J. G. Brown
The President referred to the death of Dr. J. G,
Brown, principal of Ryerson College and subsequently of
Union College, who had represented those colleges on the
Senate from 1924 to 1948.
Dean Curtis)
Mr. Gillie )  That a letter of sympathy be sent to the
family of Dr. J. G. Brown; and that the
Committee on Memorial Minutes be asked
to prepare a suitable statement for
inclusion in the minutes of the Senate,
with copies to be sent in due course to
the members of the family.
Carried. Wednesday, October 17th, 1956 2353
Homecoming Luncheon
The President transmitted an invitation from the
Alumni Association to the members of Senate, their wives
and friends, to attend the Homecoming pre-Game Luncheon in
Brock Hall at 12:00 noon, Saturday, November 3rd.
The meeting adjourned.
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