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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] May 3, 1916

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Array (17)
Wednesday, jaay 3rd., 191b,
J73)       The second regular meeting of the Senate of the
, j**, rTJ*** University of British Columbia was held in the
President's Office, Arts Building, on Wednesday. May 3rd,
at 2 P.M.
t (74)       Those present were: The President, in the Chair, the
Chancellor, Dean Brock, Dean Klinck, Mr. Creighton,
ff^td' Principal Burns, Dr. McKechnie, Mr. Gordon, Mrs Farris,
Mr. Wade, Mr. Argue, Mr. Turnbull, Dr. Pearson, Mr.
Robertson, Mr. Chodat, Dr. Mcintosh, Dr. Ashton, Dr.
Davidson, and Mr. Robinson.
The minutes of the first meeting having been read
^vw_^    at tke adjourned meeting of March 1st, it was agreed that
these minutes should be taken as read.
The Secretary then read the mintites of the first
adjourned meeting held on 7/ednesday, March 1st.
The minutes of both meetings were on motion of Dr.
Davidson, seconded by Mr. Burns, confirmed.
The minutes of the second adjourned meeting were
next read, and, on motion of Dr. McKechnie and Dr.
Pearson, confirmed.
(75)      The President reported that the Legislature had
amended the British Columbia University Act as requested
^jvJf   in the matter of the taxation of University Lands, the
/   Affiliation of Theological Colleges, the extension of the
*\fa*L*>■>■■*'    f/   time for selecting University Lands, and the disposition
of the revenue derived from the University Lands, and
placed copies of the amendments in the hands of the
'#      )76)      The following students, who had successfully passed
*        ^-    the examinations of the Fourth Year in Arts were
■tyridU-*!-*'*        recommended by the Faculty for their degrees:
Graduating Class.
The following, having enlisted for service overseas,
are granted their degree without examination:
(Uames in Alphabetical Order)
Berry, Edward Weldon
Duncan, Charles Andrew
Le Messurier, Ernest
Lett, Sherwood
Maxwell, William Forrest
^fc Sex8mith, Franklin Frederick Burrows (18)
♦Shearman, Thomas Stinson Becket
Southcott, James Percy Caldwell
Wilson, William Cochrane
The following have qualified by examination:
(Names in order of Merit)
Lennox Algernon Mills
Edna May Taylor
James Robert Galloway
Thomas Stinson Becket Shearman
Gladys Clotilde Johanna Schwesinger
Agnes Johnston Dick
Ada Irene Vermilyea
John Edward Mulhern
Lawrence Charles Luckraft
Jessie Josephine Anderson
Marjorie Mae Dunton
George Reynolds Annable
Grace Winifred Miller
Bertha Muriel Carruthers
Laura Mathilda Lane
Chitose Uchida
Jean Robinson
(76)    Roland McLeod Miller
Florence Birkett Chapin
Harold Edgar Walsh
Donald Hugh Munro
Clausen A. Thompson
Henry James Gibson
Thomas Joseph Robertson
Mary Letitia Wilson
David Angus Smith
Jean Marie MacLeod
Edward S. Logie
Isabel Gray MacMillan
Ella Gladys Cameron
Carrie Isabel Elliott
Arts Degree,   Class Il.Clive Elmore Cairnes
* has also  qualified by examination.
Mr. Wade   )
Dr. Pearson ) That the degree of Bachelor of
Arts be conferred on these students.     Carried.
Exception having been taken to the list of
&K- (77)
' fb   ■   i
graduates appearing in the programme of Congregation in
alphabetical order it was agreed to insert a leaflet
giving the names in order of merit as above.
The following list of the winners of Scholarships
and Prizes was submitted, and, on motion of Dr.
McKechnie and Mr. Argue, approved.
Medals, Prizes and Royal Institution Scholarships,
Faculty of Arts.
Fourth Year.
Lennox Algernon Mills        Governor General's Medal
Edna May Taylor (proxime accessit) Prize $30,00
James Robert Galloway Second Prize $20.00
Third Year.
John Hamilton Mennie
John Russell
Second Year,
Abraham Lincoln Marshall
Caroline Pansy Munday
Harold Remington Stevens
First Year.
Constance Elizabeth Highmoor
Pauline Emma Gintzburger
Isabel Martin Thomas
Elizabeth Agnes Thomas
Kosaburo Shimizu
First Prize $25.00
Second Prize $15.00
First Prize $25.00
Second Prize $20.00
Third Prize $15.00
First Scholarship
Second Scholarship
Third Scholarship
First Prize $15.00
Second Prize, $10. 00
*W- k
Faculty of Applied Science.
Third Year.
Clive Elmore Cairnes        ) equal
Charles Alfred Holstead Wright) Prize $25.00 divided.
Second Year.
Theodore Harding Morgan  ) equal.
Frederick Choate Stewart ) Prize $20.00 each,
First Year.
William Orson Banfield        Scholarship
George Frederick Fountain      Prize $15.00
(78) The President reported that in order to make the
financial year of the University coincide with that of
"1-- w(/..£''»-' the Province the Government had made provision only for
''hj'*/;    tIie nine months ending March 31st., 1917. He announced
£->^ iu^-        that the Board of Governors would erect new buildings on
the Hospital site, and said that he hoped shortly to be
able to announce the appointment of new members to the
(79) Dr. Ashton gave details of the arrangements made for
Cwf                 Congregation..These were approved without formal motion.
(80) The courses in History submitted by Faculty for the
lUi-lCrj            approval of the Senate were read by the Secretary.
After some discussion it was agreed that the
sentence in 1. "Special attention will be given to
Britain, France and Germany" should be omitted, and on
motion of Dr. Davidson seconded by Dr. McKechnie the
courses as submitted with this amendment were adopted.
(81)      Mr. Wade  )
Mr. Argue )  That at the Conference of University
Presidents to be held in Montreal in June, the President
be asked to urge that Canadian History receive special
attention in our Universities. C^n»-^6 •  (21)
A   (82)      Mr. Gordon )
^^    <■ Mr. Argue  )  That the Faculty be authorized to
-ff?vk^q'(^"**•'' proceed with the publication of the calendar to include
^ as last year's, the names of members of Convocation.
The meeting then adjourned.
Chairman. Secretary.


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