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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1919-02-12

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Wednesday, February 12th., 1919.
(263) The third regular meeting of the Senate of the University of
British Columbia for the session 1918-19 was held on Wednesday,
February 12th. 1919 at 8 P.M. in the Board Room, University Offices.
(264) Present: The Chancellor, Dean Klinck, Dr. Ashton, Dr. Boggs,
Mr. Killam, Dr. Mcintosh, Mr. Boving, Mr. McLean, Mr. Burns, Mr. Brough,
Judge Howay, Dr. Brydone-Jack, Mr. Gordon, Dr. Clark, Dr. Wolverton,
Mr. Paul, Mr. Argue, Magistrate Shaw, Miss Jamieson, Principal Vance,
Miss Clement, Mr. Turnbull and the Secretary.
Dean Klinck,the Acting President, asked the meeting to
appoint a chairman.
Principal Vanee)
Dr. Clark     ) That Dean Klinok take the Chair at this
meeting. Carried.
Dr. Clark    )
Principal Vance) Inasmuch as the minutes of the meeting of
December 11th., 1918 had been d.Lstributed to the members of Senate,
that they be S1&G&V&&  as read^ ^"Carried.
(265) A letter of December 20th., 1918 from Dr. S. D. Scott,
Honorary Secretary of the Board of Governors, stating that Mrs
Farris had asked that her address on the University, which the
Senate by resolution had requested the Board to publish and distribute, be not published at this time, was presented. A letter of
January 5th., 1919 from Mrs Farris thanking Senate for their kind
suggestion and giving her reasons for wishing to postpone
publication was also placed before Senate.
Mr. Gordon   )
The Chancellor) That the correspondence be filed. Carried.
(266) A letter of December 31st., 1919 from Mrs Wesbrook, expressing her appreciation of the resolution passed by Senate on the death
of Dr. Wesbrook, was read.
Dr. Clark)
Mr. Burns) That the letter be received and filed. Carried.
(267) A letter of January 10th. from Mr. J. R. Davison, Secretary
pro tem, asking that Senate appoint a representative to act on the
Section of the Reconstruction League appointed to study and report
upon the question of Education, was read.
Dr. Clark )
Mr. Brough) That Secretary Robinson be appointed to represent
Senate.  Carried,
(268) A letter from the Acting President, dated February 10th.1919,
re change of dates of Senate meetings so as not to conflict with
Julge Howay's fixed appointments, and a letter from Mr. E. B. Paul,
Municipal Inspector of Schools, Victoria, dated December 2nd.,1918,
stating that it would be impossible for him to attend Senate meetings
m4^ (80)
called for the second Wednesday of any month, were read.
Principal Vance)
Mr. Boving    ) That the letters be received and filed and
that a conmittee consisting of Dean Klinck and the Secretary be
appointed to consider new dates for Senate meetings.   Carried.
(269) The following letter, dated February 8th., 1919 from Mr.
J. S. Gordon, Municipal Inspector of Schools, Vancouver, was read;
"A considerable number of adults in this city are making
inquiries from time to time as to the possibility of preparing for Matriculation by attending night classes.
At present we are attempting nothing in that direction,
but I have brought the matter to the attention of my Board
and they have expressed their willingness to take up all
subjects leading to University Matriculation, providing a
sufficient number of students offer themselves and the Senate
of the University will make arrangements whereby night school
students may enter the University by writing on a certain
number of subjects yearly till they have completed their
I shall be pleased if you will place this matter before
the Senate for consideration at its next meeting."
After a thorough discussion of the matter, during which the
question of tutorial work was brought up, it was moved by
Mr. Gordon    )
Principal Vance) That the letter be received and that the
matter be referred to a committee to investigate the v/hole question
of tutorial work for matriculants and others and to report to
Senate at a subsequent meeting.     Carried.
Principal Vance)
Mr. McLean    ) That the conmittee consist of Dean Klinck,
Dr. Clark, Mr. Gordon and Miss Jamieson.    Carried.
(270) a letter of January 8th., 1919 from the Superintendent of
Education transmitting a letter of January 6th., 1919 from the
Principals of the High Schools of Victoria, Oak Bay and Esquimalt,
in connection with the Applied Science Matriculation requirements
of the University of British Columbia, was presented: Mr. Killam,
at the request of the Chairman, spoke in explanation.
Dr. Clark )
Mr. Burns ) That a Committee be appointed to consider this
whole matter and report to Senate.  Carried.
Dr. Clark    )
Principal Vance) That the Committee consist of Mr. Killam,
Dr. Mcintosh, Mr. Brough and Mr. Paul.   Carried.
(271) A letter of February 13th., 1919 from Dr. M. T. MacEachern,
General Superintendent of the Vancouver General Hospital, asking
the University of British Columbia to take over the instruotiua of (81)
(271) their nurses, either by the establishment of a Department of Nursing
or a Chair of Nursing in the University, was read. The Chancellor,
who is Chairman of the Education Committee of the Vancouver General
Hospital, explained in some detail what it was hoped to do.
The Chancellor)
Mr. Gordon   ) That a committee be appointed to confer with
the Education Committee of the Vancouver General Hospital to
elaborate the scheme and report further to Senate.   Carried*
The Chancellor)
Miss Jamieson ) That the committee consist of Dr. Brydone-
Jack, Dr. Ashton and Miss Clement. Carried.
(272) The Chairman then adverted to the report of the Conference of
University representatives with the Repatriation Committee held in
Ottawa on January 14th., 1919, which had been sent tc all members of
Senate on February 7th., 1919.
Dr. W'olverton)
Mr. Boving  ) That the report be referred to the Matriculation
and Tutorial Comrrittee to be taken into consideration with the other
matters that have been referred to it.  Carried.
(273) Judge Howay presented the report of the Committee on
Affiliation of Theological Colleges.
Principal Vance)
Judge Howay   ) That the report be received and considered
clause by clause.   Carried.
Clause 1. In response to the Committee's request for a definition of
the term "affiliation" the Committee representing the
Theological Colleges submitted the following, which was
"The Theological Colleges may be situated upon the campus
of the University and come under any general regulations
governing such campus, but in their own proper work of
teaching theology they shall be completely autonomous,
determining their own courses in accordance with the regulations of the Church to which they belong."
Judge Howay)
Mr. Gordon ) That Clause 1 be adopted, it being the
interpretation of the Theological Colleges.  Carried.
Clause 2. Religious Knowledge options to students in Arts shall only
be permitted students who file with the Registrar a written
statement expressing their intention of graduating in
Principal Vance)
Dr. Clark     ) That Clause 2 be omitted. Motion lost by a
vote of ten to nine.
-J (82)
a*h  (273)    Clause 3. The details of the Religious Knowledge options shall appear
^* in the curricula of the affiliated colleges, not in the
curriculum of the University.
Mr. Gordon )
Judge Howay) That Clause 3 be adopted. Carried.
Clause 4. The Religious Knowledge options for intending theological
students shall be Hebrew, Biblical Literature, New Testament
Greek, Church History, Christian Ethics and Apologetics.
£2hese  may be offered in the affiliated Theological Colleges
"until such time as the University is prepared-to offer any
of these courses itself. As soon as these are taken up by
the University, they will not longer be regarded as
Religious Knowledge options. For the present, the
University is willing to accept the subjects of Hebrew,
Biblical Literature, New Testament Greek, Church History,
Christian Ethics and Apologetics as equivalents for
regular subjects in all the four years of the regular Arts
course1-* Not more than one of these subjects can be taken
in any one year. The amount of work demanded in any
Religious Knowledge option course must be such as to meet
v/ith the approval of Senate.
Mr. Gordon     )
^^ Dr. Brydone-Jack) That Clause 4 as a whole be adopted,
^P with the suggestion, that the fourth sentence be changed
to read: For the present, the Committee recommends that the
University accept etc.
Principal Vance)
Mr. Paul     ) As an amendment that the words from
"These may be offered" to "Arts course" inclusive be
omi tted.
Ayes 10; nays 9 . Carried.
It was agreed that the word "should" in the first
sentence be changed to "shall".
Clause 5. In conference with the representatives of the Theological
Colleges, it was mutually agreed not to take action with
regard to the proposed changes in the University Act as
set forth by Secretary J. G. Brown in his letter of
August 29th., 1918.
No action necessary on Clause 5.
Judge Howay)
Dr. Clark ) That the report as amended be approved and
adopted. Carried.
(274)        Principal Vance presented the following report of the Committee
af^ to Investigate the matter of making provision for instruction in
the Philosophy, Literature and Sociology of the Nations of Eastern
) > (83)
"Your Committee considered the question referred to them and
beg to report that they are unanimously of the opinion that in
view of the many pressing needs of the University at the
present time, it would be unwise to undertake the work".
Principal Vance)
Dr. Ashton    ) That the report be adopted.   Carried.
Report of the Committee on Home Economics.
Dr. Clark, Chairman, reported progress and asked leave to sit
Judge Howay )
Dr. Clark  ) That further time be granted the Committee.
(276) Report of Committee on Text Books of History.
Judge Howay, Chairman, reported that the Committee had not
yet concluded their work and asked that further time be given them.
(277) Report of Committee to confer with Committee of Faculty re a
memorial for the late President.
Dr. Brydone-Jack, Chairman, asked and was granted further time.
The Secretary)
Judge Howay ) That we adjourn to meet March .cth., 1919 at
3 P.M. Carried.
Chai rman


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