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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1926-11-12

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Friday,   November  12th,   1926
A  special  meeting of   the   Senate  of The  University
of  British   Columbia was  held  on   Friday,   November   12th,
1926,   at   8:00   P.M.,   in   the   Board   Room.
Present:     President   Klinck   (in   the   Chair),   Dean
F.   M.    Clement,   Hr.   H.   H.   King,   Mr.   A.   F.   Barss,   Mr.
H.   R.    Ohristie,   Dr.   R.   H.    Clark,   Dr.   D.   Buchanan,   Dr.
M.   Y.   Williams,   Dr.   E.   J.   Rothwell,   Mr.   G.   A.   Fergus-
son,   Dr.   E.   B.   Paul,   Rev.   Dr.   W.   H.   Smith,   Rev.   Dr.
W.   H.   Vance,   Rev.   Dr.    J.   G.   Brown,   Dr.    C.   Killam,   Eev.
A.   H.   Sovereign,   The   Most  Rev.   A.   U.   dePencier,   Dr.
W.   B.   Burnett,   Mr.   A.   E.   Lord,   Mr.   Sherwood   Lett,   Mr.
J.   M.   Turnbull,   Mr.   J.   S.   Gordon   and  Mr.   G.   E.   Bobinson.
The   Seoretary   read  the   call   of   the   meeting.
Regrets  at   their  inability   to  attend   the   meeting
were   received   from  Dean   Coleman,   Mr.   Richards,   Hiss
Jamieson   and   Mr.   Henderson.
Notices   of  appointment   of   Committees
On   Constitution  of  Summer  Session Association
Dr.   R.   H.    Clark,    Chairman
Mr.   G.   W.   Scott
Mr.   H.   M.   King
On  Senate  Eleotions
Mr.   G.   E.   Robinson,   Chairman
Mr.   J.   M.   Turnbull
Mr.   J.   S.   Gordon
On   1927-28   Calendar
Mr.    J.   Henderson,    Chairman
Mr.   J.   M.   Turnbull
Hr.   A.   F.   Barss
Rev.   Dr.   J.   G.   Brown
Miss   A.   B.    Jamieson 487
Friday, November 12th, 1926
Reports   of   Committees
1016 On  Senate .Elections
1. That   the   election  of   Chancellor  and
elective   members   of   Senate   be   held   at
the  Registrar's  Office,   at   the   University.
2. That   the   day  of   the   election   be   the   first
Thursday   of  April  -   Thursday,   April   7th,
3. That   the   scrutineers   be,-
Hr.   D.U.Robinson,   Principal   of   the   Normal
School,   Vancouver,   and
Mr.   G.A.Fergusson,   Principal  of   the  King
Edward High  School,   Vancouver.
Hr.   Robinson)
Hr.   Gordon     )   That   the   report   of   the   Committee
be   received  and adopted.
Carrie 4
1017 On   Junior   Colleges
Ur.   Fergusson)
Ur.   Gordon       )   That   the   report be   received and
dealt  with   clause   by   clause.
Clauses   (l),   (2).   (3)   and   (4)   were   considered  and
Hr.   Fergusson)
Ur.   Gordon        )   That   Clause   (5)   be   adopted,   with
the   addition   of   the  words   "Such
institutions  will  have   to   meet
the   requirements   of   Section  58  -
sub-section   j   of   the  University
Clause (6) Should any institution in the Province
undertake a programme of second year work, the
University would, we feel, give all assistance in
its power and would, in the case of graduates from
such a course, consider each case upon its merits,
since there would be nothing to be gained by requiring students to repeat in University classes
work which had already been adequately covered.
^ 488
Friday, November 12th, 1926
Mr.   Fergusson)
Mr.   Gordon        )   That   Clause   (6)   be   adopted.
In  amendment:
Dr. Buchanan)
Dr. Clark   ) That Clause (6) be deleted.
Mr. Fergusson)
Mr. Gordon   ) That the report as a whole, as
amended, be adopted.
The report, as amended and adopted, is as follows:
(1) The Committee have held three meetings in which
they have »one very carefully into the question
assigned them.  At the outset they addressed a
questionnaire to all Canadian state institutions of
higher learning, to American state universities
west of the Mississippi, and to a selected list of
Eastern American institutions.  While a considerable
number have not replied and while certain of the
replies are of so general a character as to make
them of little value, the information received was
sufficient to indicate the general trend of university policy on this Continent in regard to Junior
(2) The one Junior College operating in British Columbia at the present time is the Victoria College
at Victoria.  Students from this institution, upon
completing satisfactorily the work of the first two
years, enter the Third Year of the University of
British Columbia.  The University exercises a general sunervision over examinations but does not, we
believe, participate in the administration of the
(3) The application of the Congregation of the
Sacred Heart for the affiliation of their school with
the University as a Junior College, presents certain
features which the Committee would briefly note.
The new regulations as to Senior Matrioulation make
it possible for candidates to take the examination
in parts.  We understand that the authorities of
the school conducted in the Convent of the Sacred 489
Friday,   November  12th,   1926
Heart,   wish   to   continue   preparing  candidates   for
Senior  Matriculation   rather   than   for   the   University
examination  of   the   First   Year.      They  feel   that   to
do   this   latter would  mean   an   undesirable   shortening
of   the  academic year  for   the   students   directly
concerned.      Their  application  Is,   then,   really  one
for   recognition  of  work  to   be   done   by   them  with
students   of  Seoond   Year  University   standing.      It
would   seem  that   if   such   recognition  were   granted,   it
would   be   necessary  for   the   University   to   provide
special   examinations   in   June   since   the   policy  of
the   school   in  question  is,   we   believe,   to  have
approximately   a  nine  months'   year.
(4) Our   survey   of  American   institutions  brings   out
clearly   the   arguments   for  and   against   Junior   Colleges.      The   disadvantages   are   those   which   attend
small   institutions,   at   times   restricted  as   to   library  and   laboratory  facilities,   and  without   the   inspiration  and   intellectual   stimulus   that   comes  from
the   presence   of  a  fairly  large   body  of   students   interested   in   the   same   work.      The   advantages,   which
are   recognized  as  very   genuine,   consist:   first,   in
the   relief   given   to   the   University  in   the   matter  of
the   overwhelming  large   first  and   second  year   classes
now  attending  most   State   institutions;   second,   in
the   longer   school   year  which   is   usually  made   possible;
and   third,   in   the   amount   of   individual   attention
which   the   students   receive   at   the   hands   of   the
ins t ructors.
(5) We  believe   that  a   system  of   Junior   Colleges  as
a   recognized  feature   of  higher education   in   this
Province   is   still   a  matter  of   the   future,   though
not,   perhaps,   of   the   very  remote   future.     A   necessary   safe-guard   In  all   cases  will   be   the   establishment   of  a   scholarship   standing for   the   staff   of
such   institutions,   as,   for example,   the   requirement
that   all   instructors   shall   have   at   least   the   standing of   the   H.A.   degree   or  Its  equivalent.     Another
would be   the   fixing of   the   minimum  number  of
students  who   must   be   in   attendance   before   the   institutions   can   be   recognized.      It  would   seem   that
25   students   taking first   and  second  year work  would
be  a  reasonable  minimum and we   note   that   the   tendency  in   the   United  States   is   to   require   a   larger
number.      A   third  would   be   provision   for   regular
and   continued   inspection   by   the   University.      Such
institutions will  have   to meet   the   reouirements  of
Section  58   sub-section  j   of  the   University Act. 490
Friday, November 12th, 1926
10 ig On Amendments to the University Act
The report of the Committee was considered clause
by clause.
Dr. Killam  )
Dr. Rothwell) That Section 58 (f) be adopted.
Dr. Killam  )
Dr. Rothwell) That Section 58 ( g) be adopted.
In amendment:
Mr.   Gordon)
Dr.   Vance   )   That   the   lines  after   the   word
"aggrieved"   be   deleted.
In amendment to the amendment:
Mr.   Barss        )
Dean   Clement)   That   the   last   line   "and   in   no
other manner whatsoever"   be
deleted   *
Dr.   Killam     )
Dr.   Rothwell)   That   Section  58   (h)   be   adopted.
Dr.   Killam      )
Dr.   Rothwell)   That   Section   80A   be   adopted.
Dr.   Killam     )
Dr.   Rothwell)   That   Section  SOB  be   adopted.
It  was   agreed   to   consider   the   sub-sections
Sub-Section (a) Agreed
Sub-Section (b) Agreed
Sub-Section   ( c)     Agreed
Mr.   Lord )
Dr.   Buchanan)     That   sub-section   (d)   be   deleted.
Sub-Section   (e)   Agreed 491
Dr. Killam
Dr. Rothwell
Dr. Killam
Dr. Rothwell
Dr. Killam
Dr. Rothwell
Dr. Killam
Dr. Rothwell
Dr. Killam
Dr. Rothwell
Dr. Killam
Dr. Rothwell
Dr. Killam
Dr. Rothwell
Dr. Killam
Dr. Rothwell
Dr. Killam
Dr. Rothwell
Friday, November 12th, 1926
That Section 80B be adopted as
Chat   Section   82   (d)   be   adopted.
Tnat   Seotlon   32   (g)   be   adopted.
Carrie d
That   Section   83   be   adopted.
That   Section   84   be   adopted.
That   Section   85   be   adopted.
That Section 87 be adopted.
Carrie d.
That   Section  88   be   adopted.
That the report, as a whole, as
amended, be adopted.
The report as a whole, as amended and adopted,
is as follows:
58.  (f) The words following "Department of the
Unive rsi ty "to be deleted.
58.  (g) to be deleted. 492
Friday,   November   12th,   1926
New 58.      (g)   To  make   provisions   so   as   to  enable   the   students   in   the   University   to   appoint   a   representative   committee   of  themselves   to  be   chosen  in
such  manner as   shall  be   approved  by   the   Senate,
which   said   committee   shall   be   the   recognized
official   medium  of   communication   between   the
students  and   the   Senate,   and   said   committee
shall  have   the   right   to  make   communications
through   the   President   of   the   University  to   the
Senate   upon  any   subject   or   subjects   in  which
they are   or  may  deem  themselves  interested;   and
to   give   to   such   committee   such powers   of  Government  with   respect   to   the   conduct  of  the   students
as   the   Senate   shall   deem  meet,   but  always   subject   to   all  powers  and   rights   of   the   Board,
Senate,   President,   Faculties,   Faculty   Council
and   Deans   of  Faculties  as   in   this  Aot   set   out;
Provided  that   nothing herein   contained  shall
take   away  or   impair   the   right   of  any   student   of
or  in  the  University  to make   complaint   to   the
governing bodies   thereof   or  either  of   them  in
respect   to   any matter  as   to   which   such   student
may   deem himself   or herself  aggrieved,   but
every   such   complaint   shall   be   transmitted   over
through  the   President   to   the   proper   governing
58.      (h)   To  exercise   disciplinary  Jurisdiction  with
respect   to   the   students   in  attendance   at   the
University  either   directly  or  by way  of  appeal
from  any   decision  of   the   Faculty   Council  and
such   disciplinary  powers   shall   be   held   to   include   the   making and  enforcing  such   rules   or
regulations  as  may be   deemed  advisable   in   respect   to   the   establishment   of   Fraternities   or
Sororities   among  the   students   and   the   general
conduct   of   the   members   thereof,   including  the
power  to  prevent   the   same   if   deemed  advisable;
and   such   disciplinary   jurisdiction   shall   include   the   power   to   impose   fines  and   to   suspend
or  expel   any   student   in   case   of   non-payment
the reof.
Re-number   the   subclauses   of  58   accordingly,
i.e.   (h)   to   be   (1),   (I   -   j).
80A.     There   shall   be   a  Faculty   Council   for   the  University  and   such  Faculty   Council   shall   consist
of   the   President,   the   Deans  and  one   representative   from  each  Faculty  to  be   eleoted  annually
by   the   members   of  each   such  Faculty. 493
Friday, November 12th, 1926
80B.  The powers and duties of the Faculty Council
shall be:-
(a) To fix the times and places of the meetings
of the Council and to make rules and regulations
for governing its proceedings. Including the
determination of the quorum necessary for the
transaction of business.
(b) Notwithstanding the disciplinary powers
herein given to the Senate, but subject to any
rules or regulations made by It, to exercise
disciplinary jurisdiction with respect to the
students in attendance at the University; and
such disciplinary jurisdiction shall include the
power to impose fines and to suspend students
for non-payment thereof; and, subject to the
approval of Senate, to expel students for nonpayment of any fine so imposed.  Any person
aggrieved by any decision of the Faculty Council
shall have the right to appeal therefrom to the
Senate, in accordance with any rules or regulations made by it, and the decision of Senate
shall be final.
( c) To authorize lecturing and teaching in any
Faculty to be given by others than the duly
appointed members of the teaching staff.
(d) To fix and determine the time tables for
the lectures and other instruction in the Univ-
e rsi ty.
(e) Generally to deal with all such matters
as may be assigned to it by the Board or by the
Senate provided that in each case such matters
fall within the powers respectively conferred
upon the Board or Senate by this Act.
82.  Id) to be deleted, and new
82*  (d) To prohibit lecturing and teaching In their
respective Faculties, by others than the duly
appointed members of the teaching staff thereof,
or such as may be authorized by the Faoulty
Council, and to prevent such lecturing and
teaching so prohibited.
82.  (g) To be deleted.
^ 494
Friday, November 12th, 1926
83. If any questions arise in respect to discipline either by way of jurisdiction or the
exercise of disciplinary powers, the same
shall be determined by the Senate whose decision shall be final.
84. A copy of every general rule or regulation
made by a Faculty or by the Faoulty Council
shall be transmitted to the Senate, and no
such general rule or regulation shall have
any force or effect until It has been approved by the Senate, in accordance with Sections
59 and 63 of this Act.
85. Either the Faculties or the Faculty Council
may advise the President in any matter affecting the interests of the University, whether
academic or in relation to discipline, but
the powers and authority of the President
shall not be subject to control by reason
The President shall be ex officio Chairman
of the Senate and a member of the Faculty
Council and of each Faculty, and in the absence of the Chancellor he shall be Chairman
of the Convocation and confer degrees.
Add ( d)  To suspend any student
deal summarily with any matter of
cipline notwithstanding anything
Sections 58 (g) and 80B of this A
shall exercise such power he shal
report his action to the Faculty
a statement of his reasons theref
Faculty Council shall have power
vary, or reverse his action In re
to, subject in all cases to appea
or   to
student   dis-
contained  In
ct.     When  he
1   forthwith
Council  with
or,   and  the
to  approve,
spect   there-
1   to   the  .
On Fraternities and Sororities
The Committee presented data with respect to the
situation as It exists at this University, data with
respect to the relations between student societies and 495
Friday,   November  12th,   1926
University  authorities in   other  institutions   in   Canada
and   the   United   States, and   the   following. re commendations
in   reference   to   action that   might   be   taken  at   the   present   11me : -
(1) That the letter of the University Solicitor
with respect to fraternities and sororities
be   received  and  filed   for  future   reference.
(2) That,   in   view  of   the   expressed wish  of   several   fraternities   that   the   University  exercise   a measure   of   control   over   their  respective   organizations,   the   secretary  be   instructed
to  write   these   fraternities   and   invite   them   to
make   application   for  official   recognition.
(3) That   Senate   recommend   that   the   President   take
such   action  as  he  may  deem  advisable   with
respect   to   the   leasing of   lands   to   fraternities
and   sororities.
Dr. Killam  )
Mr. Christie) That the report be taken as read.
Hr. Barss)
Mr. Lett ) That the report be adopted.
1020 Explanation of Agricultural Exhibit.
Dean Clement)
Dr. Rothwell) That we have a recess of a few
minutes to study the agricultural
1020 Dean Clement submitted a further statement on the
Faculty of Agriculture.
Dr. Vance)
Dr. Paul ) That the statement be received and
that mimeographed copies be placed
in the hands of Senate.
Carried 496
Friday,   November   12th,   1926
The Chairman stated that three matters had been
brought to his attention that day which were not on the
agenda:- one by Mr. Lett; one by Dr. Vance, Dr. Brown
and Dr. Smith; and one by Dr. Killam.
Archbishop  dePencier)
Dr.   Clark )   That  we   consider  these
matters   in   the   order
name d.
Course   in   Oriental   Languages     -     Mr.   Lett
Mr.   Lett)
Mr.   Lord)
Whereas   it  has   come   to   the  knowledge
of  Senate   that   certain moneys   from
the   Boxer   Indemnity have   been   set
aside   by  the   Imperial  Government   for
educational   purposes,   that   Senate   request   the   Board   of   Governors   or  other
proper  authority   to  make   Immediate
application  to   the  Boxer  Indemnity
Commission  for a monetary  grant  out
of   the   proceeds   of   such  fund   to  be
used   for   the  establishment  and  maintenance   of  a   course   in   Oriental
languages  and   Pacific  trade   and
comme roe".
That the Faculty of Arts and Science
be asked to prepare and submit to the
next meeting of Senate a syllabus for
a course in Oriental languages. Oriental trade and Commerce and Pacific
trade relations together with an
estimate of the cost of the establishment and maintenance of such
proposed course.
Carried 497
Friday,   November  12th,   1926
1022 Amendment   to  University Act     -     Dr.   Vance
Dr.   Vance)
Dr.   Smith)   That   Section  96   be   amended  by
striking  out  all   the  words  after
"power"   and   substituting  therefor
"to   grant   degrees,   including hon-
ourary degrees,   and   certificates
of  proficiency  in   Theology".
1023 Amendments to University Act -  Dr. Killam
(1) The Senate, with the approval of the
Board of Governors, may enter into agreements with any corporation or society in the
Province which has power to prescribe examinations for admission to such sooiety or
association, for the purpose of conducting
such examination, and reporting the results
thereof; and such society or association
shall have power to enter into such agreements.
(2) Where by virtue of any Statute of the
Province of British Columbia, or by such
agreements as are provided for by Clause 1
thereof, the Senate shall have power to pass
regulations for the holding of or the right
to hold examinations then and in such case it
shall have power to make all such regulations as may be necessary or convenient for
the due conduct of the same, subject always
to the provisions of any Statute of the Province of British Columbia in respect thereof,
and such regulations may include:
(a) The dates when and places where such
examinations are to be held.
(b) The subjects to be included in such
(c) The appointment of examiners and other
persons necessary or convenient for
preparing for and carrying out the
said examinations.
(d) The notice to be given to candidates
proposing to present themselves for
examination, and the fees payable by
such candidates for such examinations. u
Friday, November 12th, 1926
(e) The appointment of examiners and other
persons necessary or convenient for the
preparing for and conducting such examinations, valuing the answers of candidates and transmitting the results
thereof to the proper parties and to
fix the fees of the persons so employed.
(f) The payment of all expenses incurred in
respect thereof.
(g) And generally to provide for all
matters necessary or convenient for the
proper carrying out of such examination
in accordance with the authority of the
Statute or the terms of any such agreement*
Provided always that no part of the expenses of any such examination shall be a
charge upon or be paid out of the University
funds but shall be paid out of the fees chargeable to the candidates or funds supplied by
the persons or society requiring such examinations or otherwise; and in default of a sufficient amount to meet such expenses being deposited with or guaranteed to the Bursar of the
University prior to the same being Incurred,
the Senate shall not allow any such examination
to be held or any expense to be Incurred in respect thereof.
Lord  )
That Senate approve
of 60A as read.
of the insertion
Dr. Killam  )
Mr. Robinson) That In Section 58 (J) the word
"arts" be substituted for the word
Mr.   Lord )
Dr.   Buchanan)   That   we" adjourn,
A (?■ /AW;
Se eretary


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