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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] May 11, 1936

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Array 490.
Monday, May llth, 1936
An adjourned meeting of the Senate of The University
of British Columbia was held on Monday, May llth, 1936, at
8:00 p.m., in the Board and Senate Room.
Present: President L. S. Klinck (in the Chair),
Acting Dean J. M. Turnbull, Dean D. Buchanan, Mr. E. A.
Lloyd, Dr. G. G. Moe, Mr. F. A. Wilkin, Mr. A. H. Finlay,
Mr. H. F. Angus, Dr. A. H. Hutchinson, Dr. J. Roy
Sanderson, Mr. H. T. Logan, Mr. Sherwood Lett, Miss A. B.
Jamieson, Mr. John C. Oliver and Dr. Evlyn F. Farris.
Expressions of regret at their inability to attend
the meeting were received from Dean F. M. Clement, Mr.
0. J. Thomas and Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale.
Reports of Committees
The third and final report on the grant for books
for undergraduate reading made by the Carnegie Corporation
of New York on recommendation of its Canadian Advisory
Council to The University of British Columbia had been
sent to all members of Senate.
Mr. Finlay )
Mr. Oliver ) That the report be accepted and
To Prepare a Plan or Constitution for a Department
of Physioal Eduoation
Mr. Finlay and Dr. Hutchinson presented the report
of the Committee on the organization and functions of a
Department of Physical Education.  The Faculties had
approved the report, and recommended its adoption. t
k   A
Monday, May llth, 1936
The report was considered section by section.
Mr. Lett  )
Mr. Oliver) That parts A and B be adopted and
that part C be received as a progress
The report was as follows:
A summary of replies received from twenty out of
twenty-seven Universities approached was presented by your
Committee as a progress report.  It is felt that the
information available, which has been condensed on a
special attached chart, will be of considerable value to
the Administration and to those who may be responsible, in
the future, for the organization of physical education
work at the University.  Details regarding courses of
instruction, salary schedules, requisite accommodation,
etc., may be found in the appended files and chart.
Your Committee recommends the formation of a Department of Physical Education - along the lines suggested
under "C of this report - when gymnasium space, at present definitely inadequate, and other necessary accommodation can be made available.
While your Committee feels convinced that such an
organization will, in time, enjoy a success similar to
that attained at many other Universities of this Continent, it suggests that the formation of the Department
be postponed at least a year.
In the meantime, it is suggested that the system of
Physical Education at present in operation under a
President's Committee be continued and that further time
be thereby allowed in which to ascertain, more definitely,
the support which Physical Education may expect at this
Name:  "The Department of Physical Education." 492*
Monday,  May llth,   1956
Relationship   to  Administration  and  Other Existing
Although,   eventually,   students  from all  Faculties
may   do  work for  credit under  this   Department,   the  majority
will  be  found among  those   taking Education under the
Faculty  of Arts   and  Soience.     It   is   suggested,   accordingly,   that  the  Department  of  Physical   Education be
responsible   for  its  academic work  to   the  Faculty  of Arts
and  Science.
In  regard  to  non-academic work   offered by  the  Department,  and presumably  constituting  the  major part   of
its   activities,   it  is   suggested  that  the   Department   of
Physical  Education be  arranged under  a  special President's
1. To  give   training   in Physical  Education as  a
subject  for   credit   towards  a  degree   or   diploma.
2. To  provide   suitable   physical   education  for   the
whole   student body;   this   to  be   voluntary,   or  compulsory
in the   first  and   second  years,  at  the   discretion  of   each
Faculty  and  with  the  approval   of  the   Senate   -  but   in
either case   to   carry no  academic  credit.
5.     To   offer  and provide,   in  co-operation with   the
Department     of  Public  Health,   such work  of   a  remedial
nature  as  may  be  considered  advisable.
4.     In  co-operation with the  President's  Committee,
to   arrange   the   direction  of   and  to provide  for  coaching
in athletics  where   this   is   considered  advisable.
1. A Director who shall be Head of the Department
and a member of all Faculties concerned.
2. Men and Women Instructors as may be required.
From the Faculties
A statement from the Faculties in reference to the
request of the British Columbia Teachers* Federation for
additional courses in Geography was presented.  The V
Monday, May llth, 1936
Changes made in courses in the .Department of Ceology and
Geography, as contained in the Report on Calendar for
1936-57, would meet the request of the Federation.
The recommendations of the Faculties with respect to
(a) the resolution of the High School Principals'
Association that Biology be accepted as a single science
in the Junior Matriculation requirements and
(b) the recommendation of the Central Committee on
Curriculum Revision (of the Provincial Department of
Education) that General Scienoe be substituted for special
science courses such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology,
were presented by Dean Buchanan.
A letter from Mr. MacCorkindale in regard to the
High School science course was read.
The recommendations were considered clause by clause
and approved, and, on motion of Dean Buchanan, seconded
by Dr. Hutchinson, the report as a whole was adopted*
The report included a statement of the considerations
that influenced the Faculties, and, as amended, set forth
the following decision:
1. That general science has, apart from its cultural
function, a genuine value in preparing for the study of
the special sciences.  The study of general science
should not, however, be carried beyond the end of Grade X,
in the case of Junior Matriculation candidates.
2. That the following requirements in science are set
for all candidates for Junior Matriculation: 494.
Monday, May llth, 1936
(a) For admission to Applied Science, Agriculture,
or any Science Major in the Faculty of Arts and
Science at least one science, Chemistry or Physics,
is required, and two laboratory sciences should be
taken where possible.
(b) Students entering the Faculty of Arts and
Science and not intending to do major work in a
science in the University, or to enter Applied
Science, are required to take, at Junior Matriculation,
Biology, or Chemistry or Physics.
Note 1.  Students who plan to seek admission to
Applied Scienoe should take both Physics
and Chemistry.
Note 2.  In order to meet the required standard for
Junior Matriculation in science, students are
strongly advised to take their science in the
two final High School years.
Note 5.  Three languages without a science may be
A statement from the Faculty of Arts and Science in
reference to the request of Victoria College for a course
in Beginners* Latin was presented.  Changes made in the
General Regulations in regard to courses in Arts and
Soience, as contained in the Report on Calendar for
1956-57, would meet this request.
Report of Joint Committee of Provincial Department
of Education and Senate on the Accrediting of High Schools
Mr. Angus reported, for the information of Senate,
that the Committee constituted by the Department of
Education to consider the accrediting of High Schools
had prepared a draft report, which was being circulated 495.
Monday, May llth, 1956
for revision, and which would be presented to the
Department of Education within the next few weeks.
Notices of appointment of Representatives on
Senate were received,-
Faculty of Arts and Science
Mr. H. F. Angus
Mr. Ira Dilworth
Faculty of Applied Science
Dr. H. Y. Williams
Hr. A. H. Finlay
Faculty of Agriculture
Dr. Blythe Eagles
Dr. D. G. Laird
The Anglican Theological College of British Columbia
Ven. F. C. C. Heathcote.
The Chairman expressed to the retiring members the
appreciation of Senate for the excellent service rendered
during their term of office.
Hr. Logan    )
Dean Buchanan) That Senate record its appreciation
of the services of Dr. Cecil
Ki1lam, extending over a period of
eighteen years; and that a copy of
this motion be forwarded to Dr.
Killam by the Secretary of Senate.
Carried unanimously
An offer was received from the Vancouver Alumnae
Chapter of the Delta Gamma Fraternity to establish a
bursary of an annual value of $75.00 in memory of Mrs. I,
Monday, May llth, 1936
V        Brock, who was a member of the Fraternity.  The Bursary ii
i to be known as fhe Mildred Brook Memorial Bursary.
Mr. Logan )
I Mr. Oliver) That Senate recommend the acceptance
of this bursary and that a letter of
appreciation be sent to the Delta
Gamma Fraternity.
^ An offer was received from Mrs. Thomas H. Kirk
(Mabel Southcott Kirk) to establish a scholarship in
') memory of her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. John James
Southcott.  The scholarship is to be known as The John
and Annie Southcott Memorial Scholarship and is of the
'* annual value of $100.00.
Mr. Logan )
£ Mr. Finlay) That Senate recommend the acceptance
of this scholarship and that a letter
of appreciation be sent to the donor.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr.   Logan )   That  announcements   of   these  be
H included  in the  calendar for
Letters were received from Mrs. Jordan and Mr.
English, acknowledging the receipt of expressions of
1 sympathy from Senate.  The letters were ordered filed.
3 Mr. Logan presented a recommendation of the Com
mittee on Prizes and Scholarships:
That a Khaki University and Y.M.C.A. Bursary of
$100.00, additional to those awarded in May, be
made available for Mr. Bernard Neary, subject to
there being funds available for the payment of an
additional bursary. y
Monday, May llth, 1936
Mr. Logan)
Mr. Angus) That this recommendation be adopted*
Mr. Lett asked if the percentage of failures of
members of the Players' Club was unduly high as compared
with that of members of other organizations in the
University.  The Chair stated the information would be
obtained and presented at a later meeting.
Mr. Lloyd asked if any attempt has been made to
answer the perennial charge that this institution is a
place for the sons and daughters of wealthy families to
indulge in social activities.  The Chair replied that
nothing had been done.
Mr. Lett    )
Mr. Turnbull) That we adjourn.
1 ^cy.—xiyf^CZ^r^^0u^y


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