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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Feb 17, 1926

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Wednesday,   February   17th,   1926
The   third   regular meeting  of   the   Senate   of   The   University   of   British   Columbia  for   the   session  1925-26  was
held   on   Wednesday,   February   17th,   1926,   at   8:00   P.M.,   in
the   Board  Room.
Present:   The   President   (in   the   Chair),    the   Chancellor,
Dean   F.   M.    Clement,   Dean   R.   W.   Brock,   Dean  H.   T.   J.
Coleman,   Mr.   H.   M.   King,   Mr.   A.   F.   Barss,   Mr.   H.   R.    Christie,   Dr.   R.   H.   Clark,   Dr.   D.   Buchanan,   Dr.   M.   Y.   Williams,
Mr.   James   Henderson,   Mr.   G.   A.   fergusson,   Rev.   Dr.   W.   H.
Vance,   Dr.   G.   G.   Sedgewick,   Dr.    C.   Killam,   Judge   J.    D.
Swanson,   Most   Rev.   A.   U.    de   Pencier,   Dr.   W.   B.   Burnett,
Mr.   G.   W.   Scott,   Mr.   A.   E.   Lord,   Mr.   Sherwood  Lett,   Mr.
J.   M.   Turnbull,   Mr. -G.   E.   Robinson  and Mr.   W.   P.   Argue.
Archbishop   de   Pencier)
Mr.   Lord )   That   the   minutes   of   the
second   regular meeting of
December  16th,   1925,   and  of
the   special   meeting  of
January   2nd,   1926,   be   taken
as   read,   and   confirmed.
Letters   from  Rev.   A.   H.   Sovereign   and   Judge   Lampman,
regretting  their   inability  to   be   present   at   the   meeting,
were   presented:
Dr.    Coleman   )
Dr.   Buchanan)   That   these   letters   be   received  and
No,tices   of   appointment   of   CoTnmi ttees
On   Baccalaureate   Service
Dr.   R.   H.    Clark,    Chairman
Mr.   J.   S.   Gordon
Rev.   Br.   W.   H.   Smith
Mr.   A.   E.   Lord
Dr.   R.   W.   Brock 449
Wednesday, February 17 th, 1926
9 32 On Name "Convocation" or "Commencement" for
Graduation Ceremonies
Judge J. D. Swanson, Chairman
Rev. A. H. Sovereign
Dr. H. T. J. Coleman
From the Board of Governors
933 A letter from the Board of Governors was read,
approving the acceptance of the Canadian Club Bursary.
Dean Coleman)
Dr. Sedgewick) That the letter be received and
A   letter   from   the   Board   of   Governors   in   resnect   to
Senate's   recommendation   re   a   course   in  Oriental   Languages,   was   read.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Dean Coleman ) That the communication be
received and filed.
From   the   Faculties
Arts   and   Science   and   Applied   Science
935 Re-award   of   third   portion   of   Canadian   Club   Bursary
That,   since   Mr.   W.    C.    Ince   has   shown   no   intention   of   claiming  the   Canadian   Club   Bursary
awarded  him,   the   amount   of  #100,   thus   made
available,   be   divided  equally  between   the   other
two  holders   of   the   Bursary,-   O.E.   Anderson   and
W.   G.   Smith.
Principal   Vance)
Dean   Clement        )   That   the   recommendation   be
accepted,   subject   to   the   approval   of   the   Faculty  of  Agriculture.
Carried 450
Wednesday,   February  17th,   1926
Faculty  of  Arts  and   Science
93 6 Standing  of  Mr.  ,F.   E.   Saunders
That   the   same   action   be   taken  in   reference   to
Mr.   Frederick E.   Saunders,   who   failed   in   re pea t-
ing his   First   Year,   as  was   taken   in   the   case   of
Helen   V.   Briggs.   and  Emil  H.   Ewert.   namely,   that
his   case   be   referred   to   the   Dean   of   the   Faculty
of  Arts   and   Science   with   instructions   to   exclude
from   the  University  for  the   rest   of   the   present
session  unless   there   are   extenuating   circumstances.
Dean   Coleman)
Dr.   Buchanan)   That   the   recommendation   be   adopted.
In   amendment*
Mr.   Lord )
Archbishop   de   Pencier)    That   the   matter   be   referred
to   the   next   regular  meeting
of  Senate.
Amendment   put   to   vote,   and   lost.
Motion   carried.
Reports   of Commi t tees
9 37 On   Calendar
Matriculation   requirements  -   Junior and  Senior -
approved   by Heads   of   Departments   and   Superintendent   of  Education.
Change   of   text-book   in  English  and   Chemistry.
Senior  Matriculation   Physics   redefined.
Mr.   Henderson)
Mr.   Turnbull   I   That   the   Matriculation   requirements  be   adopted.
Part   I  -   (pp.   1  -   54)   Introductory
Historical   sketch   brought   up   to   date
p.   19.      New  par.   on   Retiring  Allowances
" Donations
p.   40        Fees  -   that   Senate   approve   of   these
being  published   in   Calendar  as   they
shall   be   determined   by   Board   of
Governors. 451
Wednesday,   February   17th,   1926
Mr.   Henderson)
Mr.   Lett )
That   Part   I   be   adopted.
Part   II  -   (pp.   55
pp.   61-63
Carrie d
-   121)   Arts   and  Scienoe
Clause   added -   "Credit  will   not
be   given   for more   than   18   units
in   either   year."
Teacher   Training   Course
Placed   in  Arts   section   of   Calendar
Additional   courses
Courses  more   fully   described
M.A.    requirements  -   placed   at
end   of   Arts   section   of   Calendar.
Hende rson)
Turnbull ')
ore fully stated.
II   of   the   Calendar  be
That Part
adoote d.
.   <
Under   section   6   of   the   announcement   re   Courses
in   Education,   it   was   agreed   to   delete   the
words   "Greater  Vancouver  District"   from
clauses   1   and   2   and   substitute   therefor  "the
Frovince . "
i   <
Fe r gu s s o n)
Sedgewi ck)
That   the   Senate   go   on   record  as
being   in   favor  of   strengthening
the   requirements   for  admission   to
the   course   (Teacher-Training)   as
mentioned   in   section   2  under  Registration;   that   the   requirements
under  section   2   be   demanded   of   graduates   of   other   institutions;   and
that;   the   subjects  mentioned   in
number 4  under  Preparatory   Courses
be   made   obligatory.
Carrie d
Part   III   -   (pp.   125   -   201   )   Applied   Science
p.   126     Admission   retirements   -   stated
more   fully.
Biology   1   (1st   Year  Arts)   added   to
the   subjects   in  which  50$  must
be   obtained,
pp.   128,   135,   140     Re-arrangements   in   courses   -   mainly   alterations   in   time
given   to   courses
pp.   145   &   197   Nursing and Health   Courses
(a)   The   whole   re-written
Ly j—i 5P-3-
Wednesday,   February  17th,   1926
(b) Increased   facilities   for  outside
work  with  hospital   and  medical
(c) List   of  outside   lectures   given
(d) Graduate   nurses   to   be   allowed   to
take   Nursing  B   or   C   spread   over  2
or 3   years   instead   of   in   1  year,   if
unable   to   take   it   otherwise
p.    149      Double   Course   -   re-arrangement   of
course s
p.   227     M.A.Sc.    Courses
Requirements   revised  and moved   to
Applied  Science   section  of   Calendar.
Pass-mark   specified  as   75$   in  major
and   65$   in  minor   subjects
p.    151     Examinations   and   Advancement
Clause   added   to   Section  7  -"Students
in  Nursing A  must   remove   all   supplemental   examinations   before   entering
their   third  year
Mr.   Henderson)
Dean   Brock        )   That   Part   III   of   the   Calendar  be
adopted,   subject   to  the   approval,
by   the   Faculty of  Arts   and  Science,
of   the   section   dealing with   double
courses   in   Arts   and   Applied   Science
Part   IV -   (pp.   205   -   226)   Agriculture
New   Course   -   Administration   Course   -   a
4-year   course   for   degree   of   B.S.A.
1st   year  outlined.     New   course   as
follows:-   "Agricultural   resources
and   the   world-trade   in   Agricultural
2nd  year  outlined   but   courses   not
given.      (Not   given   in   1926-27)
New   Course   -   Occupational   Course   -   a
1-year   course   planned   for  boys   and
girls   who  have   had   practical   experience,   but  whose   academic  qualifications   are   not   of   Matriculation
grade.      This   course   leads   to   a
diploma  at   end  of  one   year.
Under  this,   two   new   courses   outlined  in   Calendar:-
(a)   "Farm   organization   and   management"
(b)"Principles   of  Economics  as
applied   to   the   Farm"   -   open
only  to   students   of  Occupational   Course   (No   credit   for
others) 938
Wednesday,   February   17 th,   1926
p.   227     M.S.A.    requirements   removed   to
Agricultural   section.      Not   ready.
Power   to   act,   to   Senate   Committee
Mr. Henderson)
Mr. Barss    ) That Part IV of the Calendar be
adopte d.
Part V - (pp. 229 - 275)
List of Students
Summer Session - Information -
("Announcement"   separate)
Student   organization
Alumni   Association
Victoria   College
Affiliated   Theological   Colleges.
No   change   (except   dates,   etc. )
Mr.   Henderson)
Mr.    Lord )    That   Part   V   of   the    Calendar   be
adopte d.
In amendment:
Dr. Vance   )
Dean Clement) That the list of students be
Amendment wi thdrawn
Motion   carried
Mr.   Henderson)
Mr.   Turnbull   )   That   the   report   of   the   Calendar
Committee   as  a  whole   be   adopted.
On Baccalaureate Service
In view of the action of the Senate on October
the 20th, 1920, adopting a report of a committee giving an
interpretation of the University Act to the effect that
the University has no authority to conduct chapel exercises, your Committee recommends that the Senate obtain
the opinion of the University Solicitor as to the right of
the University authorities to hold Baccalaureate or other
interdenominational religious services.
If the opinion of the University Solicitor is in
keeping with the interpretation above noted, that steps be
taken to have the University Act so amended as to permit 454
Wednesday,   February   17th,   1926
Baccalaureate   or   other   interdenominational   religious
services   to   be   held under  the   authority  of   the   University.
Dr.    Clark)
Mr.   Lord   )   That   the   report   be   adopted.
939 On Proposed Changes in the Constitution of the
Alma Mater Society
That the opinion of the University Solicitor
be obtained on the question of the jurisdiction of
the Senate under the University Act in so far as
matters of discipline are concerned, and further
that the request for this opinion should include
such other matters relating to jurisdiction of the
Senate as this Committee may deem advisable,  and
That in future Committees of Senate be.authorized to obtain at the expense of the University the
opinion of the University Solicitor on such matters
as may be referred to committee by Senate.
Mr.' Lett   )
Mr.   Scott)   That   the   reports   be   adopted.
940 On Name "Convocation" or "Commencement" for
Graduation Ceremonies
The report contained at some length a statement
in reference to the terms used in this connection
by the Universities of Canada and by a number of
those of the United States, and included the following recommendation:
After dua consideration of all sides of the
case we therefore respectfully beg to suggest
to the Senate the adoption of the term "Convocation" in lieu of the term "Congregation"
now in use in this connection by our University.
Judge Swanson        )
Archbishop   de   Pencier)   That   the   report   be   adopted.
In   amendment:
Dr. Sedgewick)
Dr. Buchanan ) That this report be filed.
Amendment put to vote and carried 455
Wednesday,   February  17th,   1926
941 To   Define   thu   Functions   of   the   Library   Committee
Dr.   Killam   reported   progress.
A   communication  was   received  from   the   Convent   of   the
Sacred Heart   requesting affiliation  with   The   University
of   British   Columbia.
* Dean   Coleman)
Dr.   Vance        )   That   Senate   appoint   a   committee   to
942 deal   with   the   question  of  Junior
\ .      Colleges,   and   that   in   the   meantime,
pending  the   report   of   this   committee,
the   communication   from   the   Convent
< of   the   Sacred  Heart   be   laid   on   the
table   and   that   they  be   so   advised.
I Carried
Dean   Coleman )
Archbishop   de   Pencier)   That   the   committee   be   app-
<■ ointed   by   the    Chair.
t        943 A letter fron Mrs. L. M. Selig was read in which she
asked to be permitted to write the B.A. examinations in
the Spring.
Judge Swanson)
Mr. Lord     ) That Mrs. Selig's request be
refuse d.
^ Oarried
\   944 Class of Arts '28 Bursary
An offer of a Bursary of $100.
1 Dr.   Vance)
Mr.   Lett   )   That   the   matter   be   referred   to   a
committee   to   be   appointed   by   the   Chair.
' Carried 455
k <
Wednesday,   February   17th,   1926
Dr. Buchanan)
945 Dr. Williams) That the Secretary be empowered to
communicate with the winners of
Matriculation Scholarships as announced by the Matriculation Board,
or take any other action he deems
desirable, prior to the notification
by Senate of these awards, in order
to ascertain whether the winners
propose to accept the scholarships,
and .attend the University.
Mr. Lett asked if the University had been consult-
946 ed in reference to the amendments to the Public Schools
Act permitting students enrolled in the Normal Schools or
the Teacher Training class to go into the schools of the
Province for practice teaching, and if so, how the matter
was dealt with and by what body of the University.  The
Secretary was asked to have the information at the next
meeting of Senate.
947 The question of fraternities and sororities at
the University was raised and the President was asked to
ascertain whether Senate had any jurisdiction in the
Dr. Vance    )
Mr. Fergusson) That we adjourn.
Carrie d
S/^^X^    yV^L^OS
Se cretary
/} 0. /^Qx^tJC


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