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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1916-12-13

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Wednesday, December 13th,191b,
^P  (98) The second regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the session 1916-1917
was held on December 15th at 5 P.M. in the Board Room.
University Offlees*
(99) Present: The.President, in the Chair, Dean
ELinok, Mr* Robertson, Dr* Davidson, Mr* Chodat, Mr*
Creighton, Judge Howay, Mrs Parris, Mr. Wa&e, Mr.
Turnbull, Dr* Pearson ami the fiegistrar.
(100) Before proceeding with the business of the
meeting, the President asked the members if there was
C«« k. k>?   any objection to Press representatives being present. Ho
objection being made, the Press representative was
The minutesof the meeting of October 11th, 1916
were read, and on motion of Mrs farris, seconded by Dr*
Pearson, appjrovejiL*___^
(101) ^fZXhe  following (letters fromi members of the Senate
acknowledging receipt of notice ofJthe meeting and
Lm^, i,juj;,:i      regretting inability to be present, were read by the
u^>idn:;,c Scoretary*
Alexander Robinson, Superintendent of
Education, December 4th., 1916.
Unsigned letter, dated Deoember 9th, 1916
from Summerland, B.C* presumably from Dr*
D. M. Bberts, Victoria, B.C* dated Deo* 12th*
(102) The President announced that the following
committees had been appointed to report upon questions
which had arisen at the Senate meeting of October 11th.
Committee on the Teaching of Russian
Dr* Pearson (Chairman)
Jhe»  Ashton
Dr* Boggs
Mr* Chodat
Committee on the Relation of the University to Learned
Dr* Ashton (Chairman)
Dr. Davidson
Mr. John Davidson
a.,../! i u*~^. I'.,* Mr. L. Robertson
Mr. f. Dallas, Business Agent
*t fs
V,,-... "/
Committee to Memorialize the Dominion Government re
oooperation in Providing Agricultural Training for
Returned Soldiers.
Mr. wade (Chairman)
Dean Klinek
Mr. J. S. Gflgdon
Mr. F. M. Clement
(103) The President reported that word had been
jt^nur,, a^,:   received from the Department of Militia and Defence
h*uc that nothing oould be done by that Department in the way
of providing a drill hall at present.
(104) The President also reported that the Board of
Governors of the University was asking for a refund Of
jiL^,'-,-        #2500 from the Department of Militia and Defence, being
'        moneys expended by the University in clearing on the
University site at Point Grey the ten acre plot which is
to be exchanged for that originally set aside for
military purposes.
(105) Dr. Pearson, Chairman, presented a report from
the Senate Library Committee, and moved, Seconded by Dr.
' Davidson.that the report be adopted and that the following resolution passed at the joint meeting 61 the Senate
Library Committee and the faculty Library Committee on
Hovember 23rd., 1916 be included in the report.
"That this joint meeting of the Benate and
the faculty Library Committees recommend to
the Senate'that application be made to the
Provincial-Government to place at the
disposal of the University Library fifty
oopies of all provincial publications, as each
is issued, and also the same number of such
publications already issued as are yet
available; that these be used as a basis of
exchange between the University Library and
Universities and Learned Societies outside
the Province of British Columbia; and that
the University Library be made the distributing agent of Provincial documents to
Universities and Learned Societies outside
the Province". C*^U*C
. &vUI t}!n<.!
(106)        she President reported that the Senate recommendation to the Board of Governors in regard to the
proposed School of forestry, forest products,
laboratory and timber testing plant, was presented to
the Board at its meeting on December 1st* The Board of
Governors unanimously resolved that the Senate
recommendation be carried out, provided Governmental
approval can be obtained*
..ijkajj.. . »,:,...,  .-...-.-.■    -,-.i... ■-.-., «■ .~^^,,^U*&t^.JM^:^^J^i^-:S^ (27)
(107) The President reported that the Senate recommendation to the Board of Governors regarding the provision
gW^Wr-L"*   of Short Courses in Mining was, on motion, approved by
K ^     the &oar& a* *be meeting held Deoember let., 1916.
Dr* Pearson )
Mr. Wade   ) That the President's report in
(108) regard to the forestry Sohool and the Short Courses in
^H-^'   Mining be received*     Carried*
(109) Professor Turnbull presented a report with
regard to the Short Courses in Mining* ^
Judge Howay)
Mrs farris ) That the report be received.Carried.
%p, . > ,;. jn the discussion of Professor Turnbull1 s
U^,,,yh..-       report, the question arose as to fees to be charged to
aliens who wish to take the Short Courses in Mining.
Judge Howay )
Mr. Creighton) That Professor Turnbull's
report be adopted as for this year, and that the
President be requested to appoint a Committee to
investigate the way in whioh American Universities deal
with Canadians applying for similar courses. Carried.
JtA*&., '   j£
(110) Dr. Pearson presented the report of the
Committee on the teaching of Russian. The report also
dealt with the matter of the establishment of a faculty
of Commerce, the larger matter having arisen as a
.'-.:..'    result of discussions with the Vancouver Board of Trade.
Hr*  Pearson )
Mr* Chodat  ) That the report be adopted*
Judge Howay)
(111) Mr* Wade  ) That the portion of the report
dealing with the formation of the proposed commercial
' (shiw,ts*!'0>nii.     course or faculty be laid upon the table to come up for
discussion at the next meeting of the Senate*
Amendment carried*
(112) Mr* Wade reported progress with regard to the
work of the Committee on Publicity re Teaching of
jiWtoV  Agriculture to Beturned Soldiers.
I Judge Howay )
&4,w v-. ,- j)y# Davidson) That the Committee be granted
further time and leave to sit again*  Carried.*
(113) The report of the Committee on the Belations
of the University to Learned Societies was not available
.'     because of the Chairman's illness, and this item was
h^.tA-Mr/t- carried over to the next meeting*
m *
.'"; <.
\.fj\ii,... <■
Dean KLinck presented a report concerning Short
Courses in Horticulture*
Dean Klinck )
Judge Howay ) That the report be adopted* Carried*
The following recommeatfttions from faculty were
read by the Secretary and gassed uponi
(a) That Sir Thomas Taylor»s donation of $50 be
a            divided into two prizes of #25 each to be
awarded thiB year
^,7/^;^ (1) by the Department of English
?>u,■•-/ (2) by the Departments of History and
a That Miss Katie L. Baker be allowed to post-
K*eu >' a**"- pone the enjoyment of her scholarship until
next session.
Judge Howay )
Dean JQinok ) That the faculty recommendations
under (a) be adopted. Carried.
(b) That Thomas Hall fright be granted credit for
b the work he has accomplished at Queen?s
University, but that in view of the fact that
this work was done? extra-murally, this concession shall not constitute a precedent.
That a course lea#tng to the degree of B.A* be
arranged for Mr. Wright by faculty*
Dr* Davidson )
Judge Howay ) That the faculty reoommendation
under (bj be adopted. Carried.
c (c) That the Constitution of the Alma Mater
. , Society be approved.
Af™'»■'!'> Dean Klinek  )
Mr. Creighton ) That the amended Constitution of
the Alma Mater Society be approved. Carried.
d (d) That Mr* Wobdsworth be asked to deliver at
., the University a series of special lectures
t^~*~iCL on Western Canadian Sociological Problems.
Judge Howay    )
Mr.  Creighton)  That the Senate approve of this
arrangement  if it can be made.    Carried.
1/ 4- (23)
(115) (°) That the University cooperate with Mr. John
Kyle, Vocational Officer for British
e Columbia of the Military Hospitals
ju~ ^£-" Commission, Canada, in offering technical
y .<> Y„^^« courses to returned soldiers.
C4(    'ti
Dr. Davidson )
Mr* Robinson ) That the recommendation be
approved* Carried*
f (f) That Mr. E. J. MeLatchy be admitted as a
candidate for the degree of M*A. provided
he finds it possible to do resident work
Mf,-l,'J equivalent to ten hours per week during the
t ■ academic year*
That Mr. McLatohy be allowed to take hiB
major in Plant Boology and his minor in
'' Plant Morphology and Physiology.
That Mr* E. 8* LogieAbe admitted as a
candidate for the degree of M.A. on
condition that he present a thesis in
Economics and continue courses in History
and Ethics as a minor; in this latter he
shall pass a special examination.
Mrs farris      )
Mr. Turnbull ) That these recommendations be
adopted.      Carried.
fS  l*4u.
Mr. Wade      )
Mr. Chodat  )    That the President be asked to
appoint a committee of five to prepare statutes for
affiliating theological colleges with the University.
AfH/^/v Carried.
(117) Mrs farris gave notloe that at the next Senate
meeting she would bring up the matter of the wearing
of gowns by University students*
t^H -i
Mr. Wade  )
(118)       Mrs farris j That the President appoint a
<\^  Ar-<v.-.x-"w  committee of five to consider the report of the
ljT* "1  v,/0  Matriculation Board and the articulation of the
^ **''■"* University with the school system of the Province.
On motion the meeting adjourned.
™ Chairman. Secretary,   fygrf.


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