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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1965-11-04

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 Thursday, November 4, 1965       3560
The second regular meeting of the Senate of the University
of British Columbia for the Session 1965-66 was held on Thursday,
November 4, 1965, at 8:00 p.m., in the Board and Senate Room,
Administration Building.
Present:  President John B. Macdonald (Chairman),
Mrs. H.F. Angus, Dr. K.F. Argue, Mr. F.K. Bowers, Mr. W.T. Brown,
Mr. F.L. Burnham, Mr. K.P. Caple, Dr. J.D. Chapman, Dean I. McT. Cowan,
Dean B.A. Eagles, Mr. H. Elder, Dr. J.F.K. English, Dr. J.G. Foulks,
Dr. S.M. Friedman, Dean W.H. Gage, Dr. W.C. Gibson, Mr. C.C. Gourlay,
Dr. H.B. Hawthorn, Dean D.M. Healy, Dr. J.A. Jacobs, Dr. F.H. Johnson,
Dr. J.E.A. Kania, Mr. J.S. Keate, The Reverend E.C. LeBel,
Dean S.W. Leung, Mrs. H. McCrae, Dr. M.F. McGregor, Mrs. H.J. MacKay,
Dr. K.C. Mann, Dr. W.H. Mathews, Dean A.W. Matthews, Mr. D.F. Miller,
Dr. D.C. Murdoch, Mr. J.F.M. Muir, Mr. E.P. Nicol, Dr. J.M. Norris,
Dean V.J. Okulitch, Dr. M.A. Ormsby, Dr. A.J. Renney, Dr. W. Robbins,
Dean N.V. Scarfe, Dr. A.D. Scott, Dr. R.F. Sharp, Dr. D.V. Smiley,
Dr. Ross Stewart, Dr. T.M.C. Taylor, Dr. F. Turnbull, Dr. H.V. Warren,
Mr. A.A. Webster, Dr. R.W. Wellwood, Mr. P.H. White, Dr. Z.H. Zbarsky,
Mr. G.R. Selman.
Messages of regret for absence were received from Chancellor
Phyllis G. Ross, The Honourable Mr. Justice N.T. Nemetz, Mr. C.B. Bourne,
Mr. R.M. Bibbs, The Reverend J. Blewett, Dr. J.E. Halliday,
Dr. H.L. Keenleyside, Mr. S.L. Lipson, Dr. G.W. Marquis, Dr. G.J. Parfitt, Thursday, November 4, 1965        3561
The Honourable James Sinclair, The Reverend W.S. Taylor, Mr. F.E. Walden.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dean Gage )
Mr. Elder ) That the minutes of the first regular meeting of
Senate for the Session 1965-66, held on
September 8, 1965, having been circulated, be
taken as read and adopted.
Senate Membership
Appointment of Replacement for
Faculty of Pharmacy Representative
The Senate Representative of the Faculty of Pharmacy,
Mr. F.A. Morrison, had been granted study leave for the Session 1965-66.
In accordance with the procedure approved by Senate, the Chairman had
appointed Dr. J.E. Halliday as his replacement.
Report of the Registrar
At the meeting of Senate on September 8, 1965, the Report of
the Registrar had been discussed.  With regard to the Section dealing
with standing of students at the First Year of University following
Grade XII, Dr. Kania asked that a summary of figures be provided
showing a comparison of results before and after the new admission
requirements came into effect.
The Registrar had prepared and circulated to the current
meeting of Senate a summary showing the figures for the Session 1964-65,
with comparable figures for 1962-63.  Overall comparative figures were
also shown for 1960-61. Thursday, November 4, 1965       3562
The Chairman said that the figures for students who had
obtained clear standing showed an improvement, being 45.4% for May,
1965, as compared with 37.57o for May, 1961.  The figure for students
with partial standing had not shown any change, being 39.1% for 1965,
as compared with 36.4% for 1961.
The Registrar said that many students with partial standing
were marginal cases.  There had been some recommendations for a change
in the grading system, as it hardly seemed reasonable that a student
should fail because of a very slender margin.  The Registrar hoped to
draw up a proposal for submission to Senate for a revised system of
The Report was received for information.
Approval by the Board of Governors
of Senate Recommendations
The Board of Governors had approved the following Senate
(1) New Programmes of Study:
Ph.D. in Plant Science
Ph.D. in Soil Science
M.Sc. and M.S.A. in Food Science
One Year Diploma Course in Psychiatric Nursing
Third Year curriculum, Faculty of Dentistry
Master of Music
(2) New courses, changes in courses and curricula in the
Faculties of Arts, Dentistry, Education, Graduate
Studies and Science. Thursday, November 4, 1965        3563
It was noted that the programme for Master of Library Science
was not approved as funds for that programme had not been provided in
the 1966-67 Estimates.
The notification of approval was received for information.
Senate Committees for the
Academic Year 1965-66
At its meeting on September 8, 1965, Senate had set up a
Striking Committee to assist in proposing membership of Senate
Committees for the Academic Year 1965-66.  The recommendations of
that Committee were before Senate for its approval.
The Striking Committee had recommended five new Senate
Admissions and Promotions
Liaison with Provincial
New Programmes
Report from the Board
To consider and review admissions
policy and promotions.  To review
performance in relation to admissions
policy, and to make recommendations
to Senate.
To consider reports from faculties
proposing changes, additions or
deletions of courses, and to make
recommendations to Senate.
To review proposals for co-operative
academic arrangements with public
universities and to make recommendations
to Senate.
To consider proposals for new programmes
of study, new academic organizations
and new degrees, and to make recommendations
to Senate.
To report from the Board of Governors to
Senate on important decisions or discussions, Thursday, November 4, 1965        3564
The Canadian Overseas Student Service Committee, Child Study
Council and Extra-sessional Credit Programme were not included in the
Striking Committee's recommendations for 1965-66.
Dr. Kania  )
Dr. Jacobs ) That the personnel of Senate Committees as
recommended by the Striking Committee be
Recommendations from the Faculties
Faculty Membership - Pharmacy
When the membership of the Faculty of Pharmacy was approved
by Senate, by an oversight a representative of the Faculty of Commerce
and Business Administration had been omitted.
Dean Matthews )
Dean Cowan   ) That the membership of the Faculty of
Pharmacy be amended by the addition of
one representative from the Faculty
of Commerce and Business Administration.
Certificate Course in Adult Education
The Faculty of Education and the Department of University
Extension had proposed a certificate programme in Adult Education.
The proposed programme was designed for persons of high scholastic
aptitude who had a background in a field or discipline, and who wished
to acquire the skills and knowledge required to organize, conduct,
evaluate and generally administer programmes in adult education, but
who did not have the formal course prerequisites for graduate work, or
who did not wish to pursue a graduate degree. Thursday, November 4, 1965        3565
Senate noted that the proposed required courses included
courses normally only taken by graduate students, and considered that
to accept students who did not have the usual prerequisites for such
courses, might have an adverse effect on the standard of the Master's
degree course in Adult Education.  It was suggested that there could
be other course numbers and names.
Dean Scarfe )
Dr. Norris  ) That the proposed Certificate Course in Adult
Education be referred to the new Programmes
Committee for detailed study, particularly in
relation to the possibility of its having an
adverse effect on the standard of the Master's
degree course in Adult Education.
Renaming of Departments
Faculty of Science
Senate was asked to approve the renaming of two Departments
in the Faculty of Science.  It was proposed that the Department of
Biology and Botany should be known as the Department of Botany, and
that the Department of Bacteriology and Immunology should be known as
the Department of Microbiology.  The Chairman said that there had been
transfer of personnel from Dairying in the Faculty of Agriculture to
the Department of Bacteriology and Immunology, and that the proposed
name change was related to new developments coming on in that area.
Dean Cowan   )
Dean Okulitch ) That the proposed renaming of Departments
in the Faculty of Science be approved.
Carried. Thursday, November 4, 1965       3566
Proposal concerning granting of degrees
in November - Lists of candidates who
had completed degree requirements
The abolition of the Autumn Congregation had placed some
students who had completed degree requirements during the summer in a
difficult position.  Licensing and internship regulations of certain
professional associations dated interim obligations from the time of
the granting of the relevant degree.  In some instances, students
might be penalized by a delay of eight months unless their degrees were
awarded in the Fall.
It was proposed that the University of British Columbia
should follow the procedure which had been in force for many years at
Dalhousie University.  The proposal was as follows:
(1) That Faculties and School Councils recommend successful degree
candidates to Senate at its October or November meeting as
has been customary;
(2) That following Senate action the candidates be informed by the
Registrar that they have been granted their degrees;
(3) That each candidate be asked to decide whether he wishes to
receive the degree diploma by mail or to appear in person to
receive the diploma at the next Congregation;
(4) That the names of candidates who have been granted their
degrees by Senate in November be listed in the Congregation
programme at the next Congregation.
Dean Curtis, Faculty of Law, had informed the Secretary to
Senate that he was in entire agreement with the proposal.  In his
opinion, Congregation was a ceremony which did not affect the legal
validity of the granting of degrees by Senate. Thursday, November 4, 1965       3567
Lists of candidates who had completed degree requirements
were circulated at the meeting.  The number of graduands of 865, 31 of
whom had completed Ph.D. degree requirements, compared with 868 for
last year.
Mr. Gourlay )
Mr. Miller ) That the proposal concerning the granting of
degrees in November be approved.
Dr. English )
Dr. McGregor) That the candidates for degrees as approved
by the Faculties be granted the degrees for
which they were recommended, subject to any
necessary adjustments in the lists to be
made by the Registrar in consultation with
the Dean concerned and the Chairman of Senate.
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
The Senate Executive Committee recommended acceptance of the
following new awards, subject to the approval of the Board of Governors
where necessary:
Quote (Appendix I) (see pages 3574-75)
Dean Gage )
Mr. Miller ) That the new awards be accepted, subject to
the approval of the Board of Governors where
necessary, and that letters of thanks be
sent to the donors of new awards.
Proposed Award in Athletics
A Company wished to offer to the University of British
Columbia an athletic award for swimming for the academic year 1965-66
in the amount of $500, and a paper had been circulated to Senate setting Thursday, November 4, 1965       3568
out the details of the proposed award.
The Senate Executive Committee saw no reason to question the
form of the proposed award as it was within the statement of policy
authorized by Senate, in respect to awards for athletes, at its meeting
of March 3, 1965.  At that time, however, there had been considerable
opposition to the principle of accepting awards for athletes, and the
Senate Executive Committee therefore urged Senate to give the proposed
award careful consideration followed by an unequivocal decision.
Dr. Gibson  )
Dr. McGregor ) That the proposed athletic award for swimming
for the academic year 1965-66 in the amount
of $500 be rejected.
After a lengthy debate, during which many members of Senate
expressed their views, the motion was carried.
The following motion was tabled for discussion at the next
meeting of Senate:
Mr. Bowers   )
Dean Matthews ) That the resolution establishing awards for
athletes be rescinded.
Statement of Library Policy
Senate Library Committee
At the invitation of the Chairman, Dean Cowan, Chairman of
the University Library Committee, commented on the policies which
governed the establishment and growth of branch libraries and reading
rooms outside the main Library building of the University of British
Columbia. Thursday, November 4, 1965        3569
The policies which had been formulated to ensure an orderly
development of the library system and to make books readily accessible
to the groups using them, were as follows:
Branch Libraries
Branch Libraries are major collections located outside the
Main Library and are integral parts of the University Library, available
to the entire University community and under the supervision of the
University Librarian.
1. Branch Libraries are the primary repositories for materials usually
covering several related subject areas.  The Main Library, in
general, does not duplicate the collections of Branch Libraries.
2. Branch Libraries are oriented toward the needs of those faculties
and departments primarily served by them, but as extensions of the
Main Library are responsible for serving all members of the
University who have occasion to use their resources.
3. Branch Libraries are staffed by at least one professional librarian
and such other clerical and student assistance as is required,
appointed by and responsible to the University Librarian.
4. Branch Libraries maintain the same, or approximately the same hours
of service as the Main Library.
5. Branch Libraries have complete catalogues for materials in their
collections, and organize and administer the collections in a
manner consistent with established university library procedures.
Establishment of Branch Libraries
Branch Libraries can only be established upon the recommendation
of the University Librarian and the Senate Library Committee in
consultation with the academic deans concerned and with the approval of
the President.  The decision must rest primarily on the following
1. The extent of teaching, graduate and research programmes.
2. The number of students and faculty to be served. Thursday, November 4, 1965        3570
3. The nature of the collection which can be formed as compared with
the needs of a broad group of users.
4. Present or future availability of quarters in a suitable location.
5. The degree of financial support available for staff, collections,
and catalogue preparations.
Reading Rooms
Reading rooms provide departments with certain minimum library
facilities, through the location within their own quarters of small
collections of books in conjunction with suitable reading space.
1. Reading room collections should be restricted in size, consisting
for the most part of reference and other heavily-used materials,
together with such ephemeral and expendable publications as may
accrue to the department concerned.  In most instances, materials
in these collections will be duplicated in the Main Library.
2. Although reading rooms are maintained primarily for the benefit and
convenience of particular departments, the quarters and collections
are available to the entire University, since they are the property
of the University.  Materials in the collections may be purchased
from the Library, departmental or research funds.
3. Reading rooms are ordinarily staffed by departmental secretaries,
clerical and student assistants, and are under the supervision of
the department concerned, working in co-operation with the Library
when required.
4. Reading rooms frequently maintain restricted hours of opening,
depending in part on the needs of the department; however, while
the University is in session they must as a minimum be open during
the normal office hours of the university.
5. Reading rooms usually have only an author catalogue, not a full
card catalogue.
Establishment of Reading Rooms
Reading rooms involving expenditure of library funds can only be
established upon the recommendation of the University Librarian, the
Senate Library Committee and the Dean of Inter-Faculty Affairs, in
consultation with the academic dean concerned, and with budget approval
by the President and Board of Governors.  Considerations relating to Thursday, November 4, 1965       3571
the establishment of reading rooms roughly parallel those set out for
branch libraries.  The following conditions apply to reading rooms so
1. Materials for reading rooms are purchased from individual reading
room budgets within the library budget, and are the property of
the library.
2. Departments may contribute to the reading room materials purchased
out of departmental or personal research funds.
3. All books purchased, catalogued or bound by the Library are the
property of the Library, regardless of the funds with which they
are purchased.
4. Library materials in reading rooms will be duplicated in the main
library, wherever the need arises.
5. Approval of a reading room does not preclude transfer of library
materials at a future time, should this be in the common interest.
6. Supplies, equipment and capital development costs for reading
rooms are the responsibility of the department concerned.
A Department Head who wishes to form a reading room should
take a proposal to the Dean of his faculty, who will, in turn, arrange
with the Dean of Inter-Faculty Affairs for a suitable location.   If
a location can be provided, the proposal should be sent by the Dean to
the Librarian, as Secretary of the Senate Library Committee.  If the
Senate Library Committee approves the proposal, the Librarian will seek
financial support for the reading room from the President and Board of
Governors, through the Library's annual budget presentation.
Dean Cowan )
Dr. Norris ) That the statement of policy by the Senate
Library Committee be approved.
Report on Registration
The report on registration as of October 4, 1965, which had been
circulated in advance, was received for information. Thursday, November 4, 1965       3572
Recommendations of the
Honorary Degrees Committee
In the absence of Dean McCreary, Chairman of the Honorary
Degrees Committee, Dean Eagles was asked to put the recommendations of
the Committee to Senate.  The Committee recommended that the following
should be invited to receive Honorary Degrees on June 1 and 2, 1966:
Miss Gabrielie Roy - D.Litt. Canadian Novelist
Sir John Eccles - D.Sc. Australian National University
Mr. A. Y. Jackson - LL.D. Artist
Mr. Loyd Royal - LL.D. Director, International Pacific
Salmon Fisheries Commission
Mr. Walter E. Disney - LL.D.
The Hon. Paul Martin - LL.D.
Dr. G. Neil Perry - LL.D.
Miss Martha Moscrop - LL.D. Social Worker
In addition, the Committee recommended that the following
should be approved as a reserve:
Dr. Louis T. Rader - D.Sc. President, Univac Division of
Sperry-Rand Corporation
Mr. Loren Corey Eiseley - D.Sc.     Head of Anthropology, University
of Pennsylvania
It was thought likely that Congregation would run to three
Dean Eagles  )
Dean Okulitch ) That the recommendations of the Honorary
Degrees Committee be approved.
Other Business
Dr. Scott asked that Senate be informed of proposed changes
or new programmes before such changes or programmes were put before
Senate for its approval.  Senate had been asked to approve the renaming Thursday, November 4, 1965        3573
of Departments in the Faculty of Science and Dr. Scott asked that the
Dean of Science should explain the changes taking place in the Life
The Chairman said that he hoped the newly-established
Committee of New Programmes would allow for exchange of views and full
discussions between Faculties and Departments before new programmes
came before Senate for its approval.
It was agreed that Dean Okulitch should speak on the Life
Sciences programme at the next meeting of Senate.
The meeting adjourned at 10:10 p.m.
\^_A  Secretary
J Thursday, November 4, 1965 3574
APPENDIX I - New Awards
(see page 3567)
The North Fraser Harbour Commissioners Scholarship
This scholarship of $500, the gift of the North Fraser Harbour
Commissioners, is offered annually to students in Commerce.
It will be awarded for study and research or investigation in
the field of transportation related to the operations of the
The Westcoast Transmission Student Loan Fund
This fund, donated by West Coast Transmission Company
Limited, provides loans for graduate students in the field of
Mineral Engineering.  Loans will be made to students recommended
to the Scholarship Committee of the University by the Head of
the Department of Mineral Engineering.  Terms of repayment and
other details will be decided on the basis of individual
The Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Waldman Bursary
This bursary of $50 was donated by the family of Mr. M.M.
Waterman and by Dr. and Mrs. S.B. Gelfand in honour of Mr. and
Mrs. Meyer Waldman on the occasion of their Fiftieth Wedding
Anniversary.  It will be awarded to a student in any year and
faculty who needs financial assistance and has a good academic
The Moses Fouks Bursary
This bursary, in the amount of approximately $150,
established by a bequest from the late Moses Fouks, is offered
to students in any year and faculty.  It will be awarded to a
student who has a good academic standing and needs financial
The Pearl MacKenzie Scheel Scholarship in Nursing
A scholarship of approximately $250, established and endowed
by a bequest from the late Pearl MacKenzie Scheel, is awarded
annually to students in Second Year Nursing.  It will be awarded
on the recommendation of the School to a student with high standing. Thursday, November 4, 1965 3575
New Awards (Cont'd.)
Dr. William Campbell Memorial Bursary
The Class of Medicine 1954 (University of British
Columbia) decided on the occasion of its tenth anniversary
reunion to establish a bursary as a memorial to Dr. William
Campbell.  The annual bursary of approximately $100 will be
awarded to a student who is entering his Third Year of Medicine,
has satisfactory scholastic standing, and needs financial
The W.S. Berryman Memorial Scholarship Fund
This fund, established in memory of her husband by the
late Mrs. Berryman, provides an annual scholarship of approximately
$250 for a worthy and promising medical student or students
needing financial assistance.  It will be awarded by the Joint
Faculty Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries from
among the applicants who submit applications for bursaries.
The A.J. Mann Scholarship in Horticulture
This scholarship of $100, established by Mrs. Arthur J.
Mann to honour the memory of her husband, is offered annually
to students continuing their studies at the University of
British Columbia in the field of horticulture.  It is open to
any student entering this field, but first preference is given
to students who are graduates of Summerland Secondary School.
Although the scholarship is available to students proceeding
to a higher year, preference will be given to a student entering
the First Year.  The award will be made on the recommendation of
the Faculty of Agriculture.


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