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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1916-10-11

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W«dn«sday, October 11th., 191o,
(83)      The first regular meeting for the Session I916-17 of
the Senate of the University of British Columbia was held
«'« </W  on Wednesday, October 11th., 1916 at 3 P.M. in the Board
Room, University Offices.
(84)      Present: The President, in the Chair, Mr. Chodat,
Dr. Davidson, Mr. Robinson, Dean Klinck, Dr. Ashton, Mr.
Robertson, Mr. Wm. Burns, Dr. McKechnie, Dr. Wolverton,
sTiu/tJ Mr. Gordon, Mr. Wade, Mr. Argue, Dr. Brydone-Jack, Mr.
Turhbull and Dr. Pearson.
«3T    f
C£jwdf n in,lr.
The minutes of the meeting of May 3rd. were read
and confirmed.
(85)      The President reported on the registration for 1916-
17, there being 366 students (186 men and l80 women)
enrolled. A table showing the registration for the years
1915-16 and 1916-17 was presented. She decrease in the
enrollment of men in 1916-17 as compared with the
'uvhJih^J-        preceding year, due to enlistment for overseas service,
and the Increase in the registration of women students as
compared with 1915-16, were commented on. The President
stated that at a later meeting of the Senate, a report
would be made showing the different localities (cities,
provinces and countries) from which students come.
(86).      The President submitted a memorandum advocating the
establishment of short c'ourseB in Forestry.
Mr. Wade      )
Dr. Brydone-Jack)  That the Senate recommends to
the Board of Governors the immediate establishment of a
->; :h,.w Faculty of Forestry and that the memorandum submitted by
the President, be forwarded to the Board of Governors.
(87)       The following resolution, adopted by the Vancouver
Chamber of Mines at a meeting of the Executive of that
Chamber held on October 4th., 1916, was transmitted to
the President, under date of October 10th., 1916.
"The Vancouver Chamber of Mines respectfully suggest to the Dean and Faculty of the
Twr University Of British Columbia, the desirability of
*k,;/W^      including in their syllabus a "Short Course for
Mining Men", similar to the course now taught by
the University of Washington."
As a result of the above resolution, a report
prepared by a committee of the Faculty, with regard to
short courses in Mining, was presented by the President.
The report outlined the subjects that could be given to
y (25)
to a limited number of students in such a course, with
the present staff and equipment and indicated the
additional work possible within the present
Dr. McKechnie)
(87)      Mr. Wade    ) That the Senate recommend to the
Board of Governors the establishment of short courses in
Mining as outlined in the report submitted.    Carried.
Mr. Argue  )
Dr. Pearson)  That if these courses are established,
the Senate recommend that tuition be gratuitous and a
registration fee of $5«0O be required in advance.Carried.
Mr. Gordon  )
(88) Dr. Wolverton) That the matter of the teaching of
v          Russian be referred to the Faculty.
*p iA        Mr. Bobertson) In amendment.
;-' : Mr. Argue ) That the matter of the teaching of
Russian be referred to a committee to be appointed by
the President. Amendment carried.
■< Mr. Gordon )
(89) Mr. Argue  )  That the recommendation of the
Faculty that the fee for special examinations be fixed
at $7.50 w^Bcendorsed. Carried.
Mr. Robertson)
Dr. Pearson ) That the recommendation of the Faculty
that a course of two hours a week in Browning and Tennyson be offered, Ws^'adopted.      Carried.
Mr.  Gordon  )
Mr.  Burns     )       That  the  recommendation of the Faculty
that a course  in Spanish be given wKs**fendorsed.  Carried.
Mr. Argue   )
Dr. McKechnie) That the report of the Matriculation
Board be published - 300 copies.  Carried.
Dr. MoKeohnie)
Mr. Burns j  The action of .the Faculty with regard
to Matriculation scholarships W*^*-confirmed.     Carried.
Dr. Brydone-Jack)
(94) Mr-Burns )  That the Militia Department be
most  strongly urged to  act favorably upon the recommendation approved by the D.O.C.  for the provision of a
5*fl^ty»W'.W.    temporary drill hall for the University of British
Columbia on the present Hospital site. Carried.
L^tt^rjJ   n.
• ' !   .
r   03)
1/ (24)
(qr\        The President gave a verbal report concerning the
a      ^   196th Battalion, Western Universities, which he had
Hi-G^K^  visited at Camp Hughes, early in October, 19l6.
Mr. Wade  )
(96) Dr. Pearson) That the Senate urge upon the
Dominion Government the immediate necessity of completing arrangements to cooperate with the University in
providing agricultural training for returned soldiers
A^w^fe,,^  and that the President nominate a committee of five t©
!*"<-.,   prepare a comprehensive resolution with this end in view
/u^.7.u, bMiri     ana to take all other necessary steps.     Carried.
The President appointed Mr. Wade and<Bbo«Klinek
en the Committee, the remaining members to be announced
by him later.
Dr. Pearson)
(97) Mr. Burns ) That the appointment of a committee
t© deal with the relations of the University to learned
^ v/:     Societies and the utilization ©f the University buildings
,   7     so as t© make the University a focalizing point for
'* ^,t7ui  activities ef University scope, be approved.    c^^l^
The President suggested that this committee should
include the Business Agent of the University.
It was moved and seconded that the meeting adjourn,
Chairman. Secretary,


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