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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] May 5, 1920

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Wednesday, May 5th, 1920.
425 The fourth regular meeting of the Senate of the University
of British Columbia for the session 1919-20 was held on Wednesday,
May 5th, 1920, at 1.30 p.m., in the Board Room at the University
426 Present:- The President in the Chair, the Chancellor, Dean
Clement, Dean Brock, Dr. D. Mcintosh, Mr. L. Killam, Dr, T. H. Boggs,
Dr. H. Ashton, Mr. L. F. Robertson, Mr. T. A. Brough, Judge F. W.
Howay, Dr. W. D. Brydone-Jack, Mr. J. 3. Gordon, Mr. W. P. Argue,
Magistrate H. C. Shaw, Miss A. B. Jamieson, Mr. J. M. Turnbull.
427 Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Argue ) That the minutes of the regular meeting of
February 18th and of the special meeting of
April 20th be taken as read.
428 A letter was reid from Mr. J. A. McLean regretting his
inability to bo present or account of his ahsence from the city.
The Chairman ordered the letter to be filed.
429 A letter was read from Mr. Judson F. Clark tendering his
resignation as a member of Senate.
Mr. Brough )
Dr. Mcintosh)  That this resignation be accepted and that
a letter of appreciation and regret be sent
to Dr. Clark.
On request of the Chairman, Mr. Brough agreed to write the
letter. (156)
430 The Chancellor brought up the question as to how this vacancy
should be filled and it was decided that Senate fill the vacancy and
make an appointment.
431 A letter from Mr. A. T. Bridgeman, in reference to the
taking of a photograph of the members of Senate, was read.
The Chancellor)
. Mr. Gordon   ) That this letter be filed.
432 A letter from Mr. J. K. Harvey was read offering to continue
year after year until otherwise ordered the prize in memory of Gerald
Myles Harvey.
Mr. Gordon)
Dr. Boggs ) That the letter be filed and that Mr. Harvey
be thanked for his offer to continue the prize.
433 Communications from the Board of Governors with regard to
its action in the following matters were read:-
1. The recommendation from Senate supporting the request
of Toronto University for the privilege of holding LL.B.
examinations in British Columbia, pending the establishment
of a Department of Law in the University, was adopted.
2. The Senate recommendation in respect to post-graduate
instruction in medicine as part of the University extension
movement was read. It wan resolved that action on the
matter be postponed and that it be referred to the British
Columbia Medical Assocaition for an opinion.
3. The Senate recommendation with regard to the curriculum
for fifth year academic work in the course leading to the
degree in ITursing was approved.
4. The recommendation from Senate in regard to short
courses for Public Health Eurses was adopted. (157)
5. The recommendation of Senate that a Board of Examiners
in Music be established was submitted and it was resolved
that no action could be taken at the present time.
6. The statute passed by Senate setting forth the conditions of affiliation of theological colleges was confirmed.
7. The minute from Senate re the following Scholarships
and Prizes was adopted:-
The Anne Wesbrook Scholarship
The Arts '19 Scholarship
The Women's Liberal Association Prize
The Women's Canadian Club Prize
The Gerald Myles Harvey Prize in Economics.
8. That the registration fee for the short course in
Public Health TTursing would be $2.00.
Mr. Gordon  )
Miss Jamieson) That these communicatiorsbe filed for
future reference and that Convocation be
notified as to what had been done with regard
to the appointment of a Board of Examiners
In Music.
434 Faculty Recommendations.
1.  That, for 1920, the request from Mr. G. A. Fergusson,
principal of the King Edward High School, that the Algebra,
Geometry and trigonometry papers of the Technical Leaving
Examinations he accepted instead of the general Matriculation course papers in these subjects, be granted, subject
to the approval of Senate.
The Chancellor)
Mr. Argue    ) That this recommendation, be Confirmed.
435 2.  That students who have had to withdraw from the
University shall not be re-admitted until all conditions
have been removed.
Mr. Gordon  )
Mr. Robertson) That this recommendation be endorsed.
436 3.  ."hat Faculty pass on to Senate a recommendation that,
if Wells Wintemute Coates is successful in his examinations (158)
this year, he be permitted to graduate with the class of
Arts '20.
Mr. Brough  )
Miss Jamieson) That this recommendation be approved.
437 4.  That Faculty pass on to Senate a recommendation that,
if Miss Violet C. Walsh is successful in her examinations
this year, she be permitted to graduate with the class of
Arts '20.
Mr. Argue)
Dr. Boggs) That this recommendation be approved.
438 5.  That practical work such as Shopwork, Freehand
Drawing, Mechanical Drawing, Surveying, etc., done outside
the University, be accepted in lieu of laboratory or
Field Work (but not Ir. lieu of lectures) in these subjects,
on the recommendation of the Head of the Department and
approval of the Dean.
That students engaged in Summer work that, in the opinion
of the Head of the Department and Dean, affords the necessary practical experience In connection with their academic
courses, such as Geological students or Geological Survey
Field Parties, and w3io cannot, by reason of such work,
enter College at the specified time, be allowed to register
and enter classes without penalty after the time specified
in the Calendar, on presentation of statements from their
employers that circumstances rendered it impossible for
them to report at College earlier.
That regulation 1 under attendance (Page 56, Calendar 1920-
21) be modified as follows:-
Students are required to attend at least seven-eighths
of the- total number of lectures delivered in each
course, dating from the time they register for the
Dean Brock )
Mr. Turnbull,) That these recommendations be adopted.
439 6.  That for First Year Returned Men, who cannot retvirr. to the
University next year unless they have five months' summer
work in which to earn the necessary funds. Field Work be
postponed until the beginning of the session.
Mr. Gordon)
Dean Brock) That this recommendation be adopted.
Carried. (159)
440 In the matter of a request for Credit to students participating In College activities:-
(aj  That credit for studert activities be given
only where they may be regarded as an integral part
of some course beingtaken by the student concerned.
(b) That such credit be confined to term work.
(c) That the granting of such credit and its extent
be leit to the discretion of the department concerned.
Bean Clement)
Dean Brock ) That this recommendation be adopted.
441 8.  Examination Results.
That the report on the subject of Medals, Scholarships
and Prizes be taken as read with the following additions:-
Fourth Year
Ro.5 - Returned Soldier Prize, $75.00
awarded to  Frank Hepworth Buck
Third Year
lTo.5 - Returned Soldier Scholarship, $75.00
awarded to   Samuel Tait Galbraith
Ko.6- Returned Soldier Scholarship, $75.00
awarded to Seaman Morley Scott
Mr. Robertson)
Dr. Boggs   ) That this statement be adopted.
That the following reports be taken as read:-
Degrees of MASTER OF ARTS conferred on M. L. Barclay, R. C.
Emmons, P. Gintzburger, S. McGuire, E. Marwick, J. H. Mennie,
I. Mounce, W. S. Ryder, H. Wilband.
Dr. Mcintosh)
Mr. Gordon I That Senate endorse this recommendation.
Degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE conferred on c. A. H. Wright,
in absentia.
Dr. Mcintosh)
Mr. Argue  ) That this recommendation be approved.
Carried. (160)
Mr. Robertson)
Dr. Boggs   ) That the fifty students be granted tveir
Dean Brock)
Mr. Gordon) That the nine students be granted their degrees.
Third Year.
Mr. Robertson)
Dr. Mcintosh) That Third Year standing be granted to all
students whose names are listed on the report
with two modifications In regard to Seaman
Morley Scott and Dorothy Bov/es, the first
being raised to Class I and the latter to
Class II.
Second Year.
Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Brough  ) That this report be approved.
First Year.
Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Argue   ) That this report be adopted.
Explanation was then riven by Mr. Robertson with regard to
"Unranked" s tud ent s.
Third Year.
Dean Brock )
Mr. Turnbull) That the students as listed be granted Third
Year standing.
Second Year. (161)
Dean Bvock )
Mr. Turnbull) That Second Year standing he granted to the
students as listed.
First Year.
Dean Brock )
Mr. Turnbull) That the students whose names appear on the
report be granted First Year standing.
Third Year.
Dean Clement)
Dr. Boggs  ) That Senate grant Third Year standing to the
students as listed.
Second Year.
Dean Clement)
Dr. Boggs  ) That Senate grant Second Year standing to
these students,
. Carried.
First Year.
Dean Clement)
Mr. Argue  )  That this report be adopted.
Dean Brock   )
The Chancellor) That the two candidates be granted Second
Year standing.
442   Affiliation of Westminster Hall.
Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Brough) That the letter of October 29th, 1919, from
Westminster Hall be considered a satisfactory
application for affiliation with the University.
Dean Clement)
Mr. Turnbull) That the whole matter of affiliation of
Westminster Hall be referred to a special (162)
committee of five, appointed by the President,
to cons-'der it and to bring it up again at
the next meeting.
In Amendment:-
Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Brough) That we proceed to vote on the question of
Dean Clement, with the permission of his seconder, withdrew
his motion and Mr. Gordon, with the consent of his seconder, reworded
his motion as follows:-
That we grant the affiliation of Westminster Hall with the
University of British Columbia.
Carried by a two-thirds vote.
443 The following recomr endation of Faculty was read in
reference to credit in Arts for subjects of the course in Theology:-
"That as soon as the University offen; courses in Hebrew
and New Testament Greek, Clause 4.will be changed to
read as follows:- (Senate Minute 273)
Undergraduates who have declared (as provided in
Clause 2), their intention of graduating in Theology,
may select two of the following subjects: Biblical Literature, Church History, Christian Ethics and Apologetics,
in their third and fourth years, one in each year. The
amount of work demanded in any Religious option course must
be such as to meet with the approval of Senate."
Mr. Robertson)
Judge Howay ) That this recommendation of Faculty be
referred to a special committee (to be
appointed by the Chair) as a hasis for
consideration and report.
Mr. Killam)
Dr. Boggs ) That the Board of Governors he informed that
action with regard to the affiliation of Westminster
Hall was taken by Senate, due to the fact that
Senate believed' that matters in this connection
standing between the Senate and the Board were
there as the result of a misunderstanding
between the two.
i (163)
444    Interpretation of Act re the holding of Chapel Exercises.
Mr. Argue   )
Mr. Robertson! That this subject be referred to a committee,
to be appointed by the Chair.
445   Reports of Committees.
Committee on Appointments to the University Staff.
"Whereas it is found that the system, of making appointments
followed by this University is essentially the same as
that of other Universities as exemplified by the information collected by this Committee, and submitted herewith,
the Committee unanimously recommends that no change be
made at the present time.
Methods of Appointments to University Staff.
Alberta A
Saskatchewan A
President consults those interested.
Personal Interview with candidates in
major appointment.
President consults those interested.
Head of Department makes arrangements
for appointment.
President nominates. When senior appointment usually a Committee of those interested
who offer advice.
President consults Head cf Departnent.
President and Dean recommend.
Head of Department recommends to President
who is Chairman of Board.
Nomination by President. Board satisfies
itself that he has .canvassed field and has
good reasons for his selection.
President consults with those interested.
Department recommends to Dean, who recommends to President, who recommends to Board
of Regents. (164)
Wisconsin   A  Same as Minnesota.
A.- nominated by President - appointed by Governors.
B.- power of appointment is in Board of Governors."
Mr. Gordon     )
Dr. Brydone -Jack,)  That the report be received and that the
recommendation he endorsed.
446 Committee on Calendar.
(a) Calendar:  Committee reviewed Calendar material,
and the Calendar has now been published and is
in the hands of the members of Senate.
(b) It is recommended that, additional Honox;r Courses
(1) French
(2) Philosophy and Economics
(3) Philosophy and Latin
be added to the list of courses already authorized.
(c) Special limits for Matriculation in 192C recommended giving slight reduction in come subjects,
owing to the difficulties under which High School
students were compelled to work during the
influenza epidemic a year ago."
Mr. Robertson)
Miss Jamieson) That this report be accepted.
447 Committee on Rome Economics.
"At the request of President Klinck the Cor
called together by T'r. Brough'," in the absence of the
Chairman, Dr. Judson Clark.
The Committee met February 23rd, 192C, in the Board Room
of the University.
Present:- Miss Jamieson, Prof. McLean., Prof. Boggs and
Mr. T. A. Brough. Fresident I'llnek also attended the
meeting. Mr Brough in the Chair.
Miss Jamieson, Prof. McLean and the acting-chairman were
appointed a sub-committee to Interview the Board of Governors and urge that immediate steps' be taken to establish
the course. This sub-committee was granted a hearing the (165)
same evening by the Board of Governors, and the members
emphasized their views ac follows:-
1. At present the subject of Home Economics has an
important place on the curricula of the public and high
schools of the Province, yet any one wishing to train as
a teacher of the subject must submit to the inconvenience
and expense of taking the work In one of the colleges of
Eastern Canada or of the United States.
2. Many of the women students of the University, while
preparing themselves for some other line of employment,
would gladly take up some of the Home Economics subjects
while attending the University.
3. 'As time ?oes on an increasingly large number of young
women in Vancouver and in other parts of the Province will
attend the University to secure a general training that
will fit them specially for their duties in the home and
in the community, and not with a view to remunerative
employment by others. It is felt that a great majority
of these future home-makers would prefer a Home Economics
course to any other.
4. At present there Is a class In the Technical Department of the King Edward High School, Vancouver, taking the
High School Home Economics course, and expecting to matriculate into the University In June 1920, while a much larger
number in the same Department expect to present themselves
for matriculation in June 1921. If a Home Economics course
is not established In the University of British Columbia
these young women must either stop short in their chosen work,
or must leave home and attend a college in Eastern Canada
of the United States.
The Board of Governors accorded the delegates a courteous
hearing, and promised careful consideration of the matter.
However, on April 28th, 1920, the following memorandum was
received from Dr. S. D. Scott, Honorary Secretary of the
Board of Governors:-
"Dear Sir,
1 am instructed by the Board of Governors of the
University of British Columbia to inform you that in the
present condition of the University finances it is
impossible to take action In regard to the establishing
of a Faculty of Domestic Science.
Yours very truly,
(Signed)   S. D. Scott,
Honorary Secretary." (166)
Respectfully submitted,
T. A. Brough,
Mr. Brough)
Mr. Gordon) That this report he adopted.
Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Killam      )    That we adjotxrn.
£/]. /^tu^J^.
Chairman. Secretary.


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