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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1917-07-17

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 Tuesday, July 17th., 1917.
(169) A special meeting of the Senate of the University of British
Columbia was held on Tuesday, July 17th., 1917 at 8 P.M. in the
Board Boom.
(170) Present: The Ghanoellor, the President, Dean Klinck, Dr.
Ashton, G. E. Bobinson, L. F. fiobertson, Henri Chodat, Mr. Justice
Eberts, Dr. Alexander Bobinson, Dr. B. E. McKechnie, Mrs Farris,
Mr. Argue, Dr. Brydone-Jack and Dr. Pearson.
The call for the special meeting of Senate was read by the
(171) The report of the meeting of Convocation held on June 16th,
1917 was read by the Secretary.
(172) The following letter, dated June 19th., 1817, addressed to
the Begistrar of the University of British Columbia from Mr. J. S.
Gordon, Secretary of Convocation, was read:
"At an extraordinary meeting of Convocation held in
the Assembly Hall of the University on Saturday last
the following resolution was passed, and I was
instructed to forward a copy of the same to you for
the Senate'8 consideration.
'That Friday the 31st of August 1917 be
the date for the eleotion in 1917 of the
Chancellor and elective members of the
Senate and that the Begistrar proceed
with the said eleotion under the Act and
that a copy of this resolution be sent to
1 the Senate recommending action accordingly.'"•
Mr. Robertson)
Dr. Pearson ) that the Senate appoint the 31st of August,
1917 for the election of a Chancellor and the elected members of
the Senate.
M^ (44)
(172) pj»# McKechnie)  as an amendment
Dr. Bobinson )  that the date of the eleotion be August
30th., 1917.
G. E. Bobinson ) an amendment to the amendment
!»•  Brydone-Jack) that the Senate do not at this time fix
the date of the eleotion but that it reoommend to Convocation at ita
meeting.on.August 31st., 1917 that the sleo^ien be held in April
1918. H^wa* further resolved that if it s&SfiXeT be the sense of   ft^t
Convocation at that time (August 31, 1917) that an eleotion should
be held at an earlier date the Senate fix tiie eleotion for October
26th., 1917.
The first amendment was withdrawn by the mover and seconder.
Mr. G. E. Bobinson* s amendment was then put to the meeting
and carried.
(173) Dr. MoKeohnie)
Mr. Argue   ) that the Senate hereby appoints the
Begistrar'a office of the University of British Columbia as the
place where the votes are to be counted.     Carried*
Dr. Brydone-Jack)
Dr* MoKeohnie  ) that tiie Senate appoints as the two
(174) scrutineers, William Burns, Principal of 1fce Normal School,Vancouver,
and D. L. MacLaurin, Principal of the Normal School, Viotoria.
(175) A letter was read from Dr. Bobinson with regard to the
\                              eleotion of a representative of the High School Teachers to the
T Senate of the University.
While no formal action waa taken the feeling waa expressed
that the best course would probably be to submit to the whole body
of High School Principals and Teachers the names of the seven
teachers for whom votes had been received, the former request being
treated merely as one for nominations. The desirability of proceeding
f in this way, it was thought, might be suggested to Dr* Bobinson, and
the feeling waa expressed that if he accepted the suggestion and
' acted upon it he would be placing the Senate under still further
j obligation.
The meeting then adjourned.
[ Confirmed*
Chairman Secretary


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