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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1916-03-01

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 1 In.
Wednesday, March let., 191b,
(43)       An adjourned meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia was held in the
President's Office, Arts Building, on Wednesday^ March
1st, at 4 P.M.
(44) Present: The President, in the chair, the
Chancellor, Dean Klinck, Dean Brock, Dr. Mcintosh, Dr.
Ashton, Dr. Davidson, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Robertson, Mr.
Chodat, Bishop de Pencier, The Superintendent of
Education, Mr. Burns, Judge Howay, Mr. Gordon, Mrs
Farris, Mr. Wade, W. P. Argue, Dr. Brydone-Jack, Mr.
Turnbull and Dr. Pearson.
The minutes of the meeting of February l6th., 1916
//•,.^ u*J>        were read by the Secretary. \  . -. ,' .
(45) Dr. Wesbrook announced that on account of Dean
Brock's inability to act on the Committee on Procedure
C^. ny^c^-c    of Convocation, he had appointed Dr. Ashton in his place,
and that Mr. Wade was now Chairman of the Committee.
(4b)       Br. Wesbrook announced the members of the Library
Committee as follows:
Dr. Pearson
Judge Howay
'* • Mr. Robertson
(47)       The President reported on the action of the Board of
Governors on Senate recommendations.
Mr. Gordon and Mrs Farris.
(a) That the report submitted by the President
regarding the action of the Board of Governors be
received and adopted and ordered to be spread on the
minutes of the meeting.
The report follows.
"Action of Board of Governors on Senate
J  Recommendations".
"" 9i       ^$r) On motion of the President, seconded by McPhilips,
Ki^nA- «x .'-•->- these recommendations were received and the following
^/^♦,j 0' ,w-,.v~ action taken in regard to those calling for action by the
H  T^^j^: Board of Governors.
(a) It was ordered that the President and Mr.
McPhilips, who have been authorized to prepare amendments
l^fe   (a)  "to ^e University Act, draft a clause to make clear the
powers ^^p
«/' (9)
powers of the Senate in the matter of affiliation with
Theological Colleges.
(b) (b) On motion McKechnie-McLennan and carried, it was
ordered that the $830 additional for University Scholarships and Prizes recommended by the Faculty and approved
by the Senate, be provided.
(c) (c3 That the amendment proposed by the Senate in regard
to revenue derived from the sale of lands shall be
included in the legislation sought by this Board.
(d & g)  (d) and (g) That these recommendations of the Senate be
(e) Dean Klinck's report on Agriculture was referred by
the Board to the Buildings and Grounds Committee with
power to act".
(49)      ^e President also reported the following action of
the Board of Governors.
"It was moved Scott-Mclennan and resolved that the
fyw-u. tU.ylZs*   President be authorized to notify the Senate that the
K»t~V-   Board is of the opinion that the expenses of out-of-town
members of the Senate for attendance at their meetings
should be paid from University funds."
Mr. Gordon and Dr. Brydone-Jack.
{50)        " That the Senate express its appreciation of the
action of the Board of Governors in making it possible
for out-of-town members to the Senate to attend these
meetings.without expense to themselves."
Mr..Wade and Mr. Gordon.
(5D        "That the matter of a Baccalaureate Sunday,
liiu.^e^Jz-M^    suggested in the communication of February 17th, 1916 from
H~\ the Corresponding Secretary of the University Women's
^.^/ww. ciub, re referred to the Committee on Procedure at
Convocation for report".
(52) A request from A. Lee Ballard, a student of St.
r^.^s,    Mark's Hall, for permission to sit at a University
Examination, for which he was preparing extramurally was
The matter was discussed, but no action was taken.
(53) The following recommendations of the Faculty were
then submitted.
1. That Mrs Marie E. Dempster's request that her
A <Us(a) daughter be allowed to take Junior Matriculation in June
be granted.
s case"
Mr. Wade and Bishop de Pencier.
"That permission be given in this particular
(b) 2. That D. L. Thompson's request that he be given
%*fuf*         standing in Analytic Geometry on his class work and
Christmas examination be granted.
Bishop de Pencier and Mr. Argue.
"That the Faculty recommendation be concurred in'.'
(c) 3. That the request of Mr. Pattison, Principal of
'ftuuZ**. <-        the King George High School, and Mr. Palmer, Principal of
'TV*..-/   South Vancouver High School that Aeneid I be accepted
a  ' V h    from their pupils instead of Aeneid II for Junior
h*j.*.t.   A*~- Matriculation be granted.
Bishop de Pencier and Mr. Burns.
"That the Faculty recommendation be concurred
(d) 4.  That examinations  in Algebra,   Arts  I and
T""*» jd/7       Calculus Arts  III and Applied Science  II be held on
*        "a^'/a    Saturday,  March 11th.
Dr. Davidson and Dr. Pearson.
"That the recommendation of the Faculty be
r (54)       The part of the 1916-17 calendar dealing with
LoM^-Jt (1) Registration, (2) Attendance, (3} Examinations in
iqiL-'f     Arts and (4) Examinations in Applied Science was
presented, and attention was called to the points in
which it differed from that of 1915M.6. The following
clause in the second paragraph under Examinations in Arte
was discussed.
"Students failing in more than two subjects at the
Christmas examinations will be required to discontinue
attendance for the remainder of the session."
Dr. Pearson and Mr. Wade.
"That this clause be amended by adding the
y (11)
clause, "unless for special reasons,  the Faculty
decides to direct otherwise".
The motion was put to vote by the Chairman and was
(55) The President suggested that the dates of Senate
meetings should appear in the calendar.
(56) Under (42 Examinations in Applied Science, second
and third paragraphs, it was ordered that the word "full"
be stricken from the phrase "major full subjects",
wherever it appearB.
In the second paragraph under Examinations in
. Applied Science, the clause "Any partial student of the
first year who fails in the Christmas examinations will
not be allowed to continue his course, except under
special circumstances and with the consent of the
Faculty", was discussed.
Mr. Wade and Judge Howay.
"That the clause be amended to read: 'That any
partial student of the first year who fails in the
Christmas examinations in any subject will not be allowed
to continue his course in that subject".'.
The motion was put and lost.
It was agreed that the clause should read as
"That any partial student of the first year who fails
in the Christmas examinations in any subject will not be
allowed to continue his course in that subject, except
under special circumstances and with the consent of the
UJ^^    (57)      Dr. Mcintosh reported having received letters from
^^/*rr^ *   Mrs Farris and Mr. Wade containing suggestions with
frir,-u-<-J-*       regard to certain courses,.but too late for presentation
to the Committee on Calendar and Courses.
(58) Dr. Mcintosh stated that the work of the Calendar
Committee was nearly completed, with the exception of
the history of the University and other introductory
and general matter.
Dr. Pearson and Mr. Argue.
(59) "That a letter of thanks be sent to His Royal
/ (12)
♦ &/*vw i+tJ     Highness the Governor General for the Gold Medal which
a    ''    he' will present annually for competition among Fourth
****' Year students".
Mr. Wade and Mrs Farris.
"That the meeting adjourn to March 15th., I916
j^^h      at. 4 P.M.".       - Carried.
Chairman Secretary.


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