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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1931-07-24

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Friday, July 24th, 19 31
A special meeting of the Senate of The University of
British Columbia was held on Friday, July 24th, 1931, at
8:00 p.m., in the Board Room.
Present: President Klinck (in the Chair), Dean F. M,
Clement, Dean D. Buchanan, Mr. E. A. Lloyd, Dr. G. G. Moe,
Mr. J. M. Turnbull, Dr. F. P. Patterson, Mr. G. W. Clark,
Mr. P. H. Elliott, Rev. Dr. W. H. Vance, Dr. G. G.
Sedgewick, Mr. Sherwood Lett, Mr. H. T. Logan, Mr. A. E.
Lord, Judge J. D. Swanson, Dr. Evlyn F. Farris, Dr. C.
Killam, Miss A. B. Jamieson, Mr. Sydney Anderson, The
Most Rev. A. U. de Pencier and Mr. Lyle Atkinson.
The Secretary read the call of the meeting:
1. Report of the Committee on Calendar
2. From the Faculties
Department of Agricultural Economics
in the Faculty of Agriculture.
3. Correspondence:
(a) Resolution from the Eraser Valley Milk
Producers Association re Department of
Agricultural   Economics.
(b) Secretary  to   the  Governor  General.
(c) Secretary,   High   School   Principals
Association   of   the   Lower  Mainland.
A  letter was   received   from Mr.   J.   N.   Harvey   regretting  his   inability   to   attend  the   meeting.
Report   of   Committee   on  Calendar
Before   the   question   of  adopting   the   various  parts   of
the  calendar   was   taken up,   Dr.   Killam called  attention  to
the   fact   that   the   Senate   had  not  been advised by  the
Board  of   Governors   as  to   what   the  budget   appropriations
to  the   Faculties   for  the   fiscal   year   1931-32  would be.
He   felt   that   such   information  was   necessary  to  enable
Senate   to   plan  courses   for   the   different  Departments. 143.
Friday, July 24th, 1931
' *^ Dr. Killam)
* Dr.   Vance    )   That   the   Board be   requested   specifi-
} cally  to   give   us   the   appropriations
I to  each   Department   and   that we   do
not  proceed  with   the   passing   of   the
calendar  until  we   have   that  infor-
ma ti on.
** Carried
i From   the   Faculties
I y 	
p Department   of   Agricultural   Economics   in  the
Faculty   of   Agriculture:	
Faculty  of  Agriculture: March  2nd,   1931
That   the  resolution  respecting   the   establish-
* ment   of   a  Department   of   Agricultural   Economics
and   Farm  Management,   as   referred   to   the   Facul-
y ties  by   the  Board   of   Governors,  be   forwarded
to   the   Senate   with  the  approval   of   this   Faculty.
v Faculty  of  Arts   and   Science: April   1st,   1951
[ That   In   view  of   the  financial   situation of
the  University   this  Faculty   doe 3  not   consider
the   proposal   contained   in  the   resolution  of   the
British  Columbia Fruit  Growers'   expedient.
Faculty  of  Applied   Science: May  4th,   1951
That   aa  the   matter   does  not directly  affect
this  Faculty we   do  not  wish to   make   a   recommendation.
Dean  Clement)
Dr.   Moe )   That   the  matter   of   the   organi
zation of   a  Department   of
Agricultural   Economics   and
Farm  Management   be   laid   on   the
table •
In amendment:
Dr.   Killam)
Mr.   Lord      )   That   the   request   to   add   a   new   course
in   the   Faculty   of   Agriculture  be
laid   on   the   table   to  be  brought  up
at   the   next   meeting   of   Senate   when
the   calendar   is   considered.
Amendment   lost -     Motion  carried 144.
Friday, July 24th, 1951
Resolution from the Eraser Valley Milk Producers
Association re Department of Agricultural Economics.
Mr.   Lord )
Mr.   Elliott   )   That   the   matter  be   laid   on   the
table  until   such   time  as   we   have
a   report   from the Board   of   Governors,
A  letter   from   the   Secretary   to   the  Governor  General
was   read   stating   that   His   Excellency  was   afraid  he   could
not  give   two   Gold Medals  to   the   University   of   British
Columbia  for   award   to'Malcolm  H.   Hebb   and Miss   Shirley  I.
Mayse,   who   tied   for   first place.
Mr.   Logan)
Mr.   Lord   )   That   the  matter be   referred   to   the
Faculty  Committee   on  Scholarships
and  Pri zes.
A  communication  was   received   from  the   High   School
Principals  Association   of   the   Lower  Mainland,   transmitting
the   following  resolution:
"That   this   association 'go   on   record  as   favoring
a   system   of  Accredited   High   Schools,   and  that   a
copy   of   this   resolution be   forwarded   to   the
Minister   of  Education,   to   the   Superintendent   of
Education,   and   to   the   University   Senate."
Dr.  Vance)
Mr.   Lett   )   That   the   matter be   referred  to   the
Faculties .
Reference   was  made   to   the  minute   of   Senate
(Meeting  of   March   18,   1951)   in  which the   Dean of   the
Faculty   of  Agriculture  was   asked- to   submit   to   Senate   a
statement   of   the   courses   that   could be   offered   in  the * 145.
Friday, July 24th, 1931
7^»* Faculty of Agriculture at a cost not to exceed $50,000.00.
The Dean stated that he had covered the matter verbally
in the report made by him at the joint meeting of the
Board of Governors and the Senate in which he had quoted
from  "Statement   (c)".     Copies   of   this   statement were
given  to   the   members   of   Senate   present.     After   perusal   of
Statement   (c)   in  reply   to   Dean   Clement's   enquiry   if   he
* had   given   all   the   information  as   required,   Mr.   Atkinson,
t the  mover  of   the  motion,   stated   that   he   was   satisfied
_, that   statement   (c)   was  a   fair  answer   to   the   question   of
Mr.   Lett:   "If   the   verbal   statement   made   by   the   Dean
of  Agriculture   means   that  he   cannot   put   on  any   courses
in  his  Faculty  next   year   if   only  $50,000.00   is   available,
I   accept   it,   and  would   like   it   so   recorded   in   the
Dean  Buchanan)
Mr.   Lord )   That  we   adjourn   until   8:00  p.m.,
Wednesday,   July   29th,   1931.
Ay.     %Js*si~~ Cs4*~-£*—<w^<


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