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Report of the University Librarian to the Senate 2015

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 UBC Library
Report of the
University Librarian to the Senate   20142015
As a leading research library and key campus and community partner, UBC Library remains
focused on supporting the University's mission to provide excellence in research,
transformational student learning and community engagement. There was no shortage of
milestones and achievements in support of the University's direction during this past fiscal year.
We continued to expand our rare and special collections with the acquisition of a 770 year old
Papal Bull and two early works from Oscar Wilde, exclusive to UBC. Our special collections
contribute to positioning the Library and UBC as a top-tier, global research leader. With the
support of University administration, we also expanded our records management services to the
campus, resulting in saved costs and greater sustainability for units, departments and faculties
Provincially, we made a difference for community groups across BC by providing project funds
for digitization and community-based research through the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. Our
collaborations with industry colleagues nationally and internationally has resulted in greater
community access to our collections and opportunities to discuss trending issues such as open
access publishing models.
We began 2015 by celebrating the Library's 100th anniversary. Key events were held to share
this occasion with faculty, staff, students, donors and community partners. So much of the
Library's history can be found in the experiences of alumni, librarians, emeriti, and staff and to
recall stories of our past is a reminder of where we've been and how we have always served the
University and our community.
Thank you to all of our supporters and partners, and to the librarians, archivists, staff and student
workers for all they do for the Library.
a place of mind
A 770-year-old Papal Bull yielded
edia, campus, and community
interest and has become a rich
teaching tool.
Collections — both physical and digital — are at the core of UBC Library's mission. With more than seven million volumes, the
Library is a vital support for research, learning and teaching excellence at UBC.
From Oscar Wilde to a Papal Bull, the Library added historically notable documents to its rare and special collections. Last
November, Justin O'Hearn, a PhD candidate in Victorian literature at UBC, launched a crowdfunding campaign to claim Teleny
and Des Grieux, two rare texts connected to Oscar Wilde There are only three known copies of Des Grieux, published in 1899
The additions complement UBC Library's Colbeck Collection of 19th-century literature, which includes a number of rare Wilde
Another exciting addition was the Papal bull, a medieval document written in 1245 and acquired last fall. A legal decree issued
in Latin by Pope Innocent IV to the Italian convent of San Michele in Trento, it features the signatures of the Pope and 13
cardinals (including future pope Nicholas III). The bull has been viewed by a number of special guests to the Library, including
Archbishop Michael Miller of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver. Both acquisitions received widespread media
coveraee locally and nationally for UBC in print and TV. In 2014/15 the Library added to collections supporting the Sciences
with several major acquisitions including a second edition of Treatise on Geochemistry and a subscription to Global Plants — a
database of digitized plant specimens with contributions from UBC Herbarium.
The Library's Digitization Centre made several special collections and rare items available for viewing online over the past year,
with digital collections accessed by scholars and students globally, and new content added regularly. Online visits to the
Library's digital collections continue to grow, showing a visitor increase of 10% over the last fiscal year. Recent additions
include: the Puban Collection, consisting of 45,000 hand-stitched volumes spanning Chinese history and literature from the 12th
to 19th centuries; Discorder Magazine, published by UBC's student-run CITR 101.9 FM radio station and devoted to the
in-depth coverage of Vancouver's independent music scene; and BC Sessional Papers, documenting the political, historical,
economic and cultural history of the province through committee reports, petitions, maps, voter lists and more from 1887-
A unique collaboration with the libraries at the University of Victoria and Simon Fraser University resulted in providing all BC
residents with free ongoing access to the Gale Digital Archive Collections — an online database of nearly 200 million pages of
digital historical content including publications such as The Economist and Smithsonian Magazine. Working with the BC Electronic
Library network, access has been provided via local public and academic schools, libraries and museums. The resources will
enrich learning and research in subject disciplines including interdisciplinary studies, Canadian, American, British and world
history from 1400-2012, First Nations studies, science technology and medicine, women and gender studies, theatre studies
and history of banking and finance.
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Construction of the Library's second
on-campus collections
To better manage our collection materials, construction continued at the Library Preservation and Archives (PARC) building, to
be completed in summer 2015. The modular, high-density storage and preservation facility will provide 2,280 square metres of
collection storage and is capable of housing 1.6 million volumes. It is the Library's second on-campus storage facility after the
Automated Storage Retrieval System (ASRS), which opened in 2005. The facility will also house the campus-wide business
records, in addition to a small digitization area, a conservation lab, and a publicly accessible reading room
The arrival of Library PARC comes at an advantageous time for the Library. In 2014, the University approved the creation of a
centralized Records Management Service This expanded scope ensures better coordination for a comprehensive University
records management program. Other benefits include reduced business risk associated with managing confidential records,
transitioning to digital records, retention of records in a secure, on-campus facility, and reduced storage costs.
The Library continues to be affected by the escalating costs of maintaining and acquiring collections that are core to the
research and teaching needs of faculty and students. The Library licenses over 1.5 million electronic holdings and titles,
including indexes, databases, individual e-joumals and e-joumal packages, e-books and datasets.
More than 70% of the Library's collections budget is allocated to purchases from US vendors and publishers. For the past two
fiscal years, the acquisitions budget was adversely affected by serials inflation (on average six to eight percent) and by the
downward trend in the exchange rate of the Canadian dollar with the US currency exchange.
A collections cost reduction strategy was developed and implemented after campus consultation with faculties, librarians and
staff. The strategy was communicated with faculties and posted on the Library's website Liaison librarians continue to be
updated on decisions made regarding collection acquisitions to share with their faculty constituents
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate ENHANCING STUDENT LEARNING
This past year, the Library provided 1,335 instructional classes to more than 32,000 participants and answered over 113,000
questions in-person and online. In 2014/2015 UBC Library successfully secured eight TLEF grants, partnering with Faculties
and departments across UBC. Two of the TLEF initiatives are multi-year projects that directly support UBC's Flexible Learning
Initiative, Gold Rush in the Digital Age: Immersing UBC Students in Primary Sources in an Online Environment and Collaborative
Piloting of Badge-Based Learning Pathways, both of which were successful for a second year of funding for 2015/2016. For more
information about specific funded TLEF projects, please visit the Library's Teaching and Learning webpage
Library-led activities during this the past fiscal year included working with faculty and students to promote secondary market
research tools including the Small Business Accelerator, targeted research clinics, library instruction in the Lean Launchpad
Program, specialized research consultations and drop-in research assistance at the Sauder School of Business Canaccord
Learning Commons. BC entrepreneurs and small businesses now have access to high quality business information as part of a
new strategic partnership agreement between e@UBC and the IKBLC, effective November 2014. The agreement includes the
curation of digital business information for an online flexible learning platform to support entrepreneurs.
A feasibility study re-imagining Levels 4 and 5 of the Walter C. Koerner Library was completed with the assistance of campus
partners and architect Andrew Larigakis. This expansion will create dedicated academic space for graduate students, including
a reading room, research services, workshops and other programming. Consolidating services that articulate the Library's
growing role in supporting digital scholarship is also a priority.
The proposal for the two floors includes a more visible presence to access librarians and staff with expertise in the areas of
Copyright, cIRcle (UBC's digital repository), and open access. In the proposed plan, the Centre for Digital Scholarship would be
positioned as a service and technology hub, bringing together support for new forms of publishing, knowledge production and
digital humanities scholarship. The Library also hopes to expand its Research and Graduate Success Commons to include
dedicated graduate student writing and research, as well as provide expanded space for programs and services. Consultations
with key stakeholders, the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Faculty of Arts, IT Services, faculty, graduate students
and library staff, continue to take place.
UBC faculty and students had the opportunity to weigh in on open access publishing fees and realistic financial models as part
of UBC Library's participation in a US-based project with University of California, Davis, Harvard University and Ohio State. The
project, Pay It Forward. Investigating a Sustainable Model of Open Access Article Processing Charges for Large North American
Research Institutions, is studying the economic implications of open access for scholarly journals and creating a financial model
to inform policy development in scholarly publishing. UBC Library is the only Canadian Institution participating in this large-
scale grant, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, creating a unique opportunity to work closely with other large
research institutions.
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UBC research is more accessible in
part to the Library's role on research
data management and its support of
open access.
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In 2015, the Library forged ahead on its work supporting research data management Awareness-building and training are key
elements in helping researchers prepare for effective data handling, and the Library is working proactively to support
researchers to comply with anticipated Tri-Agency data management policies. Through collaborations with Harvard, University
of Toronto, Scholars Portal, and other research libraries, the Library implemented Abacus Dataverse Network, a robust research
data management software designed to manage and preserve research and licensed data. This software is available to all UBC
faculty, labs and institutes, allowing researchers to organize, maintain and analyze their data throughout the research lifecycle
With approximately 29,000 datasets hosted in Dataverse, it is currently the second largest repository after Harvard's.
Through our collaboration with the University of Alberta Library, we launched data management planning software (DMP
Assistant) to serve UBC researchers. The tool satisfies government requirements for research data management plans, and the
number of UBC accounts using this tool continues to grow. In addition, the Library co-led the development of a national tool for
data management plans through the Portage project.
The Library is working to increase the visibility of research datasets already added to UBC's data repository. These datasets can
be discovered through many search interfaces, including Google, Google Scholar and Summon. We have embarked on the
Open Collections project to assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) to all UBC Library digital assets including datasets. DOIs will
increase the further visibility and discoverability of UBC research outputs. In the coming year, the Library will further develop
research development work and partner with UBC's Advanced Research Computing Initiative and national initiatives to address
the inherent challenges.
In keeping with the Library's goal to ensure the authentic, long-term preservation of UBC digital collections and research into
the future, our persistent digital collections strategy features the Archivematica digital preservation software. Archivematica
creates Archival Information Packages (AlPs) for storage. In order to preserve digital assets for the long term, the Library began
using Archivematica in 2013 and has since stored over 1,000 AlPs We completed a self-audit of our digital preservation
capabilities in December 2014. The self-audit was intended to assess the strengths and identify gaps in our existing digital
preservation system. The audit and its results position the library to implement a comprehensive digital preservation strategy
and prepare for a successful external audit and certification.
The Tri-Agencv Open Access Policy on Publications (released in February 2015) requires all grant funded publications to be
made openly available via an institutional or subject repository within a year of publication. The Library supports faculty and
researchers in achieving compliance with this policy by depositing their work in cIRcle, UBC's open access digital repository
Since 2009, cIRcle has helped UBC researchers manage and enhance their scholarly profiles by making it more accessible
through an online portal.
The repository is ranked as #1 in Canada, and is ranked 14th in North America and 43rd globally based on the Webometrics
rankings. In the last fiscal year, cIRcle had 2.7 million views and 7 million downloads. In April 2015, cIRcle hit a milestone,
reaching 50,000 full-text, openly accessibly items.
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Aboriginal communities received
funding from the Library to preserve
their oral histo™—
New additions to cIRcle this year included the Consortium for Nursing History Inquiry, which captures the oral history projects
in the field of nursing identified by UBC School of Nursing graduates who served in the First and Second World Wars and
Justice, Equity, and Biodiversity, which discusses the benefits and consequences of conservation by researchers from UBC's
Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability.
Twenty-four communities received funding this past year from the British Columbia History Digitization Program, which
provides matching funds to undertake digitization projects that will result in free online access to our unique provincial historica
material. Successful recipients included the Museum of Vancouver's Vancouver Historical Costume Digitization Project, the
Nikkei National Museum's Tashme Internment Experiences Project, the Sechelt Community Archives' Dear Betty: A Persona
History of Sechelt through Letters and Interviews Project and the Western Front Society's Western Front Early Literary
Digitization Project.
Three aboriginal communities received funding to preserve their oral histories through the Indigitization Program, a collaborative
project between the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (IKBLC), UBC's Museum of Anthropology (MOA) and UBC's iSchoo
(School for Library, Archival and Information Studies). The program provides up to $10,000 in matching funds for Aborigina
organizations to conduct six-month digitization projects.
The Yuul ?tl?ath First Nation's digitization project focuses on language materials; the Tsilhqot'in digitization project will focus on
preservation of audio tapes that contain invaluable knowledge from Elders, of oral histories, land use, and sites referring to
hunting, fishing, trapping, medicine plants, and ceremonies; the Hupacasath First Nation will conduct a project which will
connect the community's resources with those held by the American Philosophical Society's Centre for Native American and
ndigenous Research.
KBLC and the Network of Inquiry and Innovation (NOII) continued their partnership to support the Aboriginal Enhancement
Schools Network (AESN) initiative, providing small grants and recognition certificates to schools that develop projects
specifically enhancing the aboriginal student experience. This past year the Learning Centre provided additional funding to
support those projects that include a focus on inspiring aboriginal students to think about attending post-secondary education,
including university, college, and applied programs. Twelve schools participated in the Learning Centre's transitions stream.
The Remote Community Based Learning Fund provided opportunities for students across seven faculties to work in Fort St.
James, Prince Rupert, and Saturna Island in the areas of sustainable forestry practices, social work and marketing. The fund,
established in 2012 as a partnership between IKBLC and UBC's Centre for Community Engaged Learning, expands UBC's
community service learning programs to geographically rural and remote communities. Since the establishment of the fund,
over 200 students have participated in service learning projects in 28 communities.
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate In fall 2014, the Education Library hosted Authorfest, an annual UBC children's author panel, along with the Vancouver
Children's Literature Roundtable. Panelists this year included Norma Charles, Robert Heidbreder, and Deborah Hodges. The
Library also hosted National School Library Day featuring Dr. Vivian Howard speaking on Reading Practices in a Digital World.
More than 200 people attended the "Japanese Design Today" lectures that took place in October 2014. The event, co-presented
by the Japan Foundation and Asian Library with the sponsorship of the Consulate General of Japan in Vancouver and the Asian
Studies Department, featured two of the foremost experts on Japanese design. Professor Hiroshi Kashiwagi from Musashino
Art University spoke on common elements of current Japanese design, including compact and minimal design. Yoshifumi
Nakamura, an architect and furniture designer, delved into the construction and design of a one-person, minimalist hut
The Library welcomed many national and international visitors, officials and scholars from other academic institutions for tours,
meetings and events. A full list is available on Page 20 (Appendix F).
The most important development of 2014/15 was the student referendum wherein UBC Okanagan's own students voted to
contribute up to $10 million toward the expansion of the campus' Library and Learning Centre, demonstrating the kind of
remarkable vision and commitment that will enable fulfilment of the promise to bring #MoreLibrarv to the Okanagan Campus
In 2014, the Okanagan Library assumed responsibility for campus writing services, and launched a new Writing & Research
Services unit to better align the undergraduate Writing & Research Centre with the highly successful Centre for Scholarly
Communication. In its first year of operation, a user survey indicated extraordinary satisfaction with the new unit - 96% of
users said they would return, and 95% of users said that they would recommend the services to a friend. The Centres have
provided support to students in all disciplines, including international students and students for whom English is an additiona
2014 also marked the launch of UBC Okanagan's special collections program, providing dedicated collections and space to
further the Library's service to the institution, community, and region by reflecting the unique history, literature and culture of
the Okanagan Valley. A gift from the Vancouver Foundation enabled significant renovation of an existing space, and a smal
digitization lab was funded to begin the task of providing online access to two very special Okanagan archival collections: the
Simpson Family Collection and the Doug & Joyce Cox Collection. The launch of these important digital collections is planned for
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate r*W»
UBC Library raised nearly $2.4 million during 2014/15 through donations and gifts-in-kind from generous supporters. This
funding has helped support collections, spaces, services and programs for faculty and students, and contributes to start an
evolution. UBC's fundraising and alumni engagement campaign.
UBC Library's start an evolution campaign Goal: $25,000,000
Total raised for Fiscal 2014/2015: $2,375,095
Total raised for campaign as of March 31, 2015: $21,881,859
In the coming year, the Library will continue to focus on several projects to refresh and reimagine spaces to meet the needs of
UBC students and researchers. In addition to the Koerner Library transformation, another high priority project which will require
fundraising efforts is to renovate the Asian Library by providing updated programming, inspirational learning and exhibition
spaces and a true community centre for Asian cultures at UBC and in the region. This transformed space will be part of a
renewed Asian Centre, which will fully integrate the Department of Asian Studies and the Asian Library with shared spaces that
build capacity for enhanced programming, teaching and learning.
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate The 2014/15 fiscal year end marks the close of the Library's five-year strategic plan - one of the first tasks I took on as
University Librarian. With the expertise and dedicated support of everyone at the Library, we have achieved many of our
The scope of our work is constantly expanding. And yet there is continuity with the fundamental and timeless mission of a
great research library: preserving the past while anticipating the future of scholarship, learning and teaching.
The Library has launched a new two-year Strategic Plan for 2015 - 2017. The Plan builds on the success of the five
strategic directions from the 2010 plan with the addition of Diversity and Inclusion goals, reflecting the significance of
equity and inclusion both in the Library and on campus. The new Plan was informed by the Library's external review and
continues to be aligned with UBC's Place and Promise.
Our priorities include:
• Addressing and implementing the recommendations in the Library's external review including strengthening our
workplace culture, developing a sustainable budget and establishing strategic alliances
• Supporting Aboriginal commitments on campus and in the province, responding to the Truth and Reconciliation
Commission's final report, delivered in June 2015
• Expanding our services in the areas of managing research data, digital preservation and digital collections to foster
creativity, discovery and shared knowledge
• Reinventing library facilities as experiential learning environments for students, whether it is specialized technology-
enhanced labs or innovative, inspiring work spaces.
Going forward, we must maintain and build partnerships to help address the University's research and learning priorities.
Strong alliances are key to the Library's success as we face increasing pressure on our budget to support current and new
collections and services. I encourage you to read our renewed Strategic Plan and work with us in providing excellence in
research, student learning and community engagement.
Respectfully submitted,
Ingrid Parent
University Librarian
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix A
(April 1, 2014- March 31, 2015)
University Librarian - Ingrid Parent
Deputy University Librarian - Melody Burton
Associate University Librarian, Digital Programs & Services - Allan Bell
Associate University Librarian, Learning and Engagement & Director, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre -
Simon Neame
Associate University Librarian, Collections - Jo Anne Newyear Ramirez
Associate University Librarian, Research Services - Lea Starr
Associate University Librarian, PARC - Renulfo Ramirez
Director, Communications and Marketing - Linda Ong
Director, Development - Leslie Fields
Director, Finance and Facilities - Jean-Paul Eidsvik
Director, Human Resources -Keith Kawa (until May 19, 2014), Ina Reiche (effective May 20, 2014)
Chief Librarian, UBC Okanagan Library - Heather Berringer
Asian Library - Acting Head, Jing Liu (effective Feb. 1, 2014), Hana Kim (effective Sep. 8, 2014)
Biomedical Branch Library - Dean Giustini
Borrower Services, Circulation - Lynne Gamache
Borrower Services, Interlibrary Loan - David Winter
Chapman Learning Commons -Julie Mitchell (on leave), Acting Branch Librarian, Devin Soper (effective
Nov. 17, 2014)
David Lam Management Research Library - Jan Wallace (retired Sep. 5, 2014), Acting Head,
Christina Sylka (effective Sep. 6, 2014), Christina Sylka (effective Dec. 3, 2014)
Digital Programs and Services - Bronwen Sprout
Education Library - Chris Ball
Koerner Library - Trish Rosseel (until Jul. 18, 2014), Acting Head, Ellen George (effective Jul. 19, 2014)
Law Library - Sandra Wilkins
Music, Art and Architecture Library - D. Vanessa Kam
Rare Books and Special Collections -Acting Head, Chris Hives (until Aug. 31, 2013), Acting Head,
Katherine Kalsbeek (effective Sep. l, 2014)
Technical Services - Alvan Bregman (until May 21, 2014), Acting Head, Doug Brigham (effective May 22, 2014)
University Archives - Chris Hives
Woodward Library-Aleteia Greenwood
Xwi7xwa Library - Ann Doyle
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix B
LIBRARY STATISTICAL SUMMARY (includes Okanagan Campus)
(April 1, 2014 - March 31, 2015)
Library Collections
Total volumes
Total physical volumes (excluding e-books)
Digital Collections
E-joumal titles*
cIRcle (includes e-theses)
Other Formats
Archives (metres)
Audio/visual, cartographic, graphic
Teaching and Learning
Classes offered
Total reference questions answered
Online reference
E-book use (section downloads)*
E-joumal use (article downloads)*
Loans (includes renewals)
In-person visits
Website visits
Staff (FTE)
Management and Professional (M&P)
Support Staff
Student employees
IT staff (FTE)**
Total FTE all staff
^Figures include purchased and free content accessible through Library search interfaces
** New measure in 2014/15 due to transfer of Library IT staff to central IT
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix C
Fiscal year April 1, 2014 - March 31, 2015, figures listed in the thousands of dollars.
Specific purpose fund
929  **
-j       ***
Total Expenditures
^General purpose operating funds
**Delayed staffing
***lncludes non-research grant from Council on Library and Information Resources
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix D
The following donors contributed gifts between April 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015.
$250,000 AND ABOVE)
Mark Achbar
S Tremaine Arkley
Brian Bosworth
Canadian Pacific Railway
Wallace B. Chung
Douglas C. Coupland
Paul M. Fang
Terry Halleran
Uno Langmann
Sam A. Martz
Julia McKeough
Paperny Films Inc.
Graham Peat
Sutherland Foundation
Uno Langmann Limited
$25,000 TO $249,999)
Stephen D. Aberle
AshokN. Aklujkar
Robert G. Baldwin
Thomas R. Berger
Sandra L. Cawley
Vicwood Kee Ting Chong
Alice M. Chung
Marilyn S. Chung
Stephen W. Chung
Council on Library and Information
Stanley Deane
Jan Drabek
Dr. Lloyd and Mrs. Kay Chapman
Charitable Foundation
Lisa Fang
John H. Farris
Habitat Conservation Trust Fund
Elizabeth Hawkins
Ronald A. Jobe
Anne M. Kaplan
John S. Keenlyside
Crawford Kilian
Joy Kogawa
Dan N. Kuhn
Patricia R. Logie
Lawrence E. Lowe
George F. MacDonald
Henry 0. Messerschmidt
William H. New
Leonard Roberts
John E. Stainer
Ralph J. Stanton
Alan R. Twigg
W.P. Ward
David Watmough
David T. Yorke
$1,000 TO $24,999)
Anmar Fund
Lucia Cascioli
Barry Chase
Clark Wilson LLP
Bruce P. Dancik
Robert K. Dent
Lynn Elston
Estate of Doreen Heaps
Michael J. Fraser
Gordon Gray
John H. Hay
Kulwamjit Jagpal
Cheng Zhi Jin
Alan Y. Lam
Leslie D. Lee
Tong Liu
Tin Y. Lung
Karen L. MacWilliam
Parviz Maghsoud
Justin O'Hearn
Vera Pech
Roland Whittaker Charitable Trust
Rosalie Stronck
Caroline Sze
Vancouver Chinese Cultural Productions
$500 TO $999)
Kay Abelson
Muna Addulhussain
Lara Ade
Gordon R. Ashworth
Jenny Au-Yeung
Peter N. Bannister
Deborah Bateson
Richard E. Beck
lain S. Begg
G.P Blunden
Laurence L. Bongie
Katherine Brewer
Paul S. Budihardjo
Doug Campbel
Ada Chan
Chen-Yao Chang
Jiaruey Chao
Mou Che
Alex Chen
Cammy Cheong
Daniel Chernoff
Keng Chow
Ralph M. Christensen
Lisa Conacher
Bernie Corbach
melda N. Cua
Ashis Das
Bruce Frankard
Richard D. French
Lily Gao
Sumer Gil
Juliyana Golestaneh
Harminder Grewa
Cathy Ha
Sudi Hardjojo
Thomas A. Hobley
Agnes Huang
Wei Wei Hu Jiang
Hans Jonasson
Sumer Khangura
Monica Khoe
Magda Khouzam
Vibyana Kumiawan
UBC Library strives to ensure the
accuracy of this list - if there are updates,
please contact the Library Development
Office at 604-827-4112.
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix D
$500 TO $999)
Joungmi Kwon
April Lai
Elizabeth Lai
Lai Ying J. Lam
Penina Lan
Sau May W. Lau
Angela Leung
Isis Leung
Maria Levy
Peresilva Levy
JunJie Lin
Paul Lin
Corina Lynn
Zahra Madjd
Rick Mccaffrey
J.D. Miller
Joyce Moore-Williams
Ebida Nasreen
Renee Neumann
Winnie Ng
BingHui Ni
Randall F. O'Brien
James M. Orr
Jiankiang Ou
Suzanne Padula
Roberta Pak
Chan Pimmang
James A. Rainer
lan M. Roote
Robert S. Rothwell
Joaquin Ruiz
Sergio Santoro
Tinnette Savage
Ursula M. Schmelcher
Anthony F. Sheppard
Janette Siwa
Spectra Energy
Shilin Sun
Sustainable Resource Systems
Elisabeth Tiso
Yim Tse
Vancouver Foundation
Carmen Van Vliet
Weiqing Wang
Dong Wei
Sau May Windsor Lau
JinXia Wu
Yuchen Yang
Wei Zhang
Huiping Zhang
Linxue Zhao
Lucy Zhtu
$250,000 AND ABOVE
Wallace B. Chung
- New additions to the Wallace B. and Madeline H. Chung Collection
Paul M. Fang
- 23 rare Chinese books and 68 scrolls
$25,000 TO $249,999
- 6 boxes of archival material related to Ann Blades' career as a children's book
Stanley Deane
- 82 books on various subject matters
Alan R. Haig-Brown
- Approx. 74,000 digital images depicting fishing and boating practices in BC
and internationally
Alexander B. Woodside
- 750 Vietnamese books, journals and newspapers
$1,000 TO $24,999
- 33 books on engineering
Sonja E. Arntzen
- "Genji monogatari emaki" 4 scrolls in box, with 1 book and 1 leaflet
Gloria A. Back
- 4 maps by Ortelius
lan H. Back
- 9 maps and framing
Hubert Bunce Jr
- Archival materials related to the forestry career of Hubert Bunce Sr
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix D
$1,000 TO $24,999
Jill Cooper-Robinson, Christopher Robinson & Jean
- John Cooper-Robinson fonds
John S. Conway
- Accession to existing John Conway fonds, consisting of
correspondence and other files
Peter D. Curtis
- Accrual to the personal papers of UBC's first Dean of Law, George
F. Curtis
Peter Davis
- Materials related to production of "At Home in the Universe: The
Life and Times of William Shatner"
- 33 books on engineering
Sherrill E. Grace
- Research files documenting Dr. Sherrill Grace's biographies of
Malcolm Lowry and Sharon Pollock
Richard L. Harrison
- 7 volume set of Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Ben Jacques
-1,502 feature films on DVD
Graham E. Johnson
- Walks in the City of Canton by John Gray, Hong Kong, 1875
Edward V.Jull
-18 books on electrical engineering
Julian R. King
-165 Korean language volumes
Jeanette Langmann
- Set of Antiques Magazines, Jan 1922 to Dec 1943 and May
1986 to Feb 2007
- Approx. 1,750 negatives and 1,100 prints of photographs of
UBC Point Grey campus (1995-2009)
Sheila J. MacKenzie
- Letters written by Norman A.M. MacKenzie, president of UBC
(1944-62) to his family
Keith L. Maillard
- Primary drafts of novels including "Gloria" and "The Clarinet
Polka" by Keith Maillard
Harvey McKinnon
- Materials related to production of At Home in the Universe: The
Life and Times of William Shatner
Hilda McLennan
- Approx. 100 works, dating from 1648 to the early 1900s
- The McLennan Family fonds
Guiti Mehrvarzan
- Shahnameh Book of Kings
William & Margaret New
- Various personal and professional papers created or collected by
William New
Thomas I. Norris
- Papers of Dr. Norris, including correspondence and research notes
Cornelia H. Oberlander
- Publications and documents from the archives of Dr. Peter
Helen Potrebenko
- 2 binders of textual records related to "My Life in SORWUC"
Gordon H. Price
- Approx. 96,000 digital images of urban design
George Read
- 6 items from Stanley Read's collection related to fishing
- 9 books on various subject matters
Heather Redfern
- Bookbinding equipment
Carol Sawyer
-142 monographs and ephemera on ancient Peruvian art
Maria Seo
- 223 items related to Korean language, music and culture
- Personal archives of Dr. Anthony Scott including research materials
and UBC administration records
Celeste W. Shannte
- Personal archives of artist Cameron MacLeod
lan D. Slater
- Digital manuscripts of novels by Dr. lan Slater
Karen Smithson
- Various musical sketches, drafts, student works, teaching materials
of Elliot Weisgarber
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix D
$1,000 TO $24,999
Daniel Shimizu
-1,502 feature films on DVD
Avrum C. Soudack
- 45 books on electrical engineering
Tom Lee Music
-1 Yamaha digital piano, 1 set Yamaha Studio Monitor
Byung S. Van
- Collection of books on Korean Christianity and literature
William Walker
- Various Sanskrit titles on grammar, poetry, drama and
Jim Wong-Chu
- Jim Wong-Chu fonds
$500 TO $999
Joy D. Coghill
- Materials documenting theatre work of Joy Coghill
Barj S. Dhahan
-1 black and white photograph of the Sikh Sangat, Macao,
March 13, 1927
Marianne Gibson
- 7 maps, including maps of New Orleans and Stieler's Hand
Betty Gourlay
- 5 rare children's books
Fred Herzog
- 3 Books of Fred Herzog Photographs and an issue of Canadian
Art magazine
- 8 books on various subjects
Tae C. Kim
-1 viewing stone
Kristin L. Krimmel
-1 box of professional papers to add to the Sybren de Jong fonds
at UBC Archives
Steven G. Morgan
-Approximately 300 reports published by Centre for Health
Services and Policy Research
- Issues of journal American Heritage of Invention and Technology,
Roland B. Stull
- 3 volume set of Marie Lodrup Bang's Johan Christian Dahl: Life
and Works
Sally E. Thome
-1 book, Notes on Nursing: What it is and what it's not by
Florence Nightingale
Christopher Whitney
- 44 print music scores of important 19th & 20th century
saxophone music
Grants play a vital role in funding UBC Library's services and
projects. Highlights from 2014/15 include:
Council on Library and Information Resources
Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives grant
$88,332 to support the Discovering Modern China project
Korea Foundation
$22,898 for the expansion of Korean collections in the Asian
Mr. & Mrs. P.A. Woodward Foundation
$30,283 for cataloguing and exhibition of a rare antique
medical equipment collection.
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix E
The Library administers a number of award programs and provides funding for various
community engagement projects on an annual basis. Each program has eligibility criteria
and an adjudication or nomination process. Recipients are formally recognized and
announced through the Library's communication channels and, in some instances, more
formally at specific events.
The GSS cIRcle Open Scholar Award is a collaboration between the Graduate Student Society and cIRcle - the University's
digital repository that was set up by UBC Library in 2007. The award highlights UBC as a leader in the open dissemination
of graduate student work, and creates an incentive for graduate students to populate cIRcle with material beyond theses and
dissertations. Authors of each winning submission receive a cash prize of $500. This year's recipients include:
Catherine Haney, a PhD student in Nursing, was selected for Considering oral history: Methodological questions and
Saule Chikeyeva, a Master's of Education student, was selected for Policy Analysis of the Per Capita Funding of Public
Schools in Kazakhstan
Helen Halbert, a Master of Library and Information Science student, was selected for Toward a Model of Mobile User
Polly Ng, a Master's of Science in Planning student, was selected for Making the case for using development cost
charges for climate change mitigation
Established by the UBC Library in 2010, the Innovative Dissemination of Research Award (IDEA) focuses on new and
innovative ways of communicating and disseminating knowledge. The Award honors UBC faculty, staff and students who are
expanding the boundaries of research through the creative use of new tools and technologies that enhance the research findings
being disseminated. The award consists of a $2,000 cash prize.
As of 2015, the name of the Award has changed to the Innovative Dissemination and Engagement Award, to reflect a
broadening of the Award criteria, with an increased emphasis on community engagement and teaching tools. A repositioning
the Award and promotional strategy was planned this fiscal year; the awards program resumes in fiscal 2015/16.
The Basil Stuart-Stubbs Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Book on British Columbia is an annual prize sponsored by
UBC Library and the Pacific BookWorld News Society, and recognizes the best scholarly book published on a B.C. subject
by a Canadian author. The author receives a $1,000 prize. The award was established in memory of Basil Stuart-Stubbs, a
bibliophile, scholar and librarian who passed away in 2012.
In 2015, Faculty of Education emeriti Jean Barman won for French Canadians. Furs, and Indigenous Women in the Making
of the Pacific Northwest, which examines French Canadians during BC's early fur trading and the connections made with
indigenous women and families. The book recasts the history of British Columbia from a French Canadian perspective, exploring
how the relationship between fur trappers and indigenous peoples has shaped the Pacific Northwest.
The two other shortlisted books included Ancient Pathways, Ancestral Knowledge: Ethnohistory and Ecological Wisdom of Indigenous
Peoples of Northwestern North America, by Nancy J. Turner and The Sea Among Us: the Amazing Strait of Georgia by Richard
Beamish and Gordon Macfarlane.
UBC Library's Staff Recognition Awards acknowledge the many ways in which staff contribute to UBC Library through creativity,
innovation, excellence, and customer service. Nominations are from within the Library and each recipient receives a cash $750
award and glass-etched award, presented at the annual Library Staff Appreciation Luncheon during the summer. The Award
program began in 2012. 2015 Award Recipients:
Unsung Hero Award - Jessica Woolman, Communications Coordinator
Innovation Award - Katherine Miller, Reference Librarian
Employee Excellence Award - Alan Doyle, University Records Manager
More details about each award category and recipient profiles for the current and previous years are available online
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix E
The Aboriginal Audio Digitization and Preservation Program (AADPP) provides matching funds for B.C. Aboriginal organizations to
digitize audio cassette tapes for preservation and access. The AADPP is an initiative led by UBC Library's Irving K. Barber Learning
Centre in partnership with the Museum of Anthropology.
2015 Recipients
• Haida Gwaii Museum
• Heiltsuk Cultural Education Centre
• Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group
• Musqueam Indian Band
• Stswecem'c Xgat'tem First Nation
• Treaty 8 Tribal Association
• Tsilhqot'in National Government
• Wuikinuxv Nation
• Xaad Kihlgaa HI Suu.u Society
Additional details about how much each recipient received and their project overview is available online
The BC History Digitization Program promotes increased access to British Columbia's historical resources by providing matching
funds to undertake digitization projects that will result in free online access to unique provincial historical material.
More than $188,538 in funds was provided for community groups this past year, including the following:
Audrey & Harry Hawthorn Library and Archives
Beaty Biodiversity Museum
City of Vancouver Archives
First Metropolitan United Church Historic Photographs Digitization Project
grunt gallery (Visible Art Society)
Jewish Museum and Archives of British Columbia
Lund Community Society
Museum of Vancouver
Nikkei National Museum
Prince George Newspaper Digitization Project
Prince Rupert Public Library
Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford
Richmond Museum Society
Royal British Columbia Museum Corporation
Salt Spring Island Archives
Sechelt Community Archives
Simon Fraser University
Thompson-Nicola Regional District Library
Touchstone Nelson Museum of Art and History
University of Victoria Libraries
Vivo Media Arts Centre
Western Front Society
Additional details about how much each recipient received and an overview of the projects funded is available online
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix E
The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and the Centre for Community Engaged Learning provides funding to faculty members
creating remote community based experiential learning (CBEL) opportunities for UBC students. The funding supports
collaborations between UBC students and organizations located in BC communities outside of the Lower Mainland. Applications
are accepted on a rolling basis until the full amount of $30,000 is awarded.
Funding awarded in 2014/15
Course: EDCP 467e/96a & EDCP 532/96a [Special Topics in Curriculum and Pedagogy]
Instructor: Dr Tracy Friedel, Assistant Professor in Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Faculty of Education
This intensive two week immersion (July 21-Aug 01, 2014) offered upper-level undergraduate and graduate students an
opportunity to engage directly in place-based learning. The course brought together partners from UBC, Bamfield Marine
Science Centre (BMSC), and Huu-ay-aht First Nation, all focused on the restoration of ancient clam gardens in the Grappler
Inlet region on the west coast of Vancouver Island.
Course: COMM 468 Marketing Applications, COMM 468
Instructor: Jenny Dickson, Instructor of Marketing in the Sauder School of Business
In 2014/15 students worked with Whistler Blackcomb Resort, and Parks Canada: Saturna Island
Course: LFS 350 Land Food and Community II
Instructor: Dr. Will Valley, Associate Professor, and Dr. Vivien Measday, Associate Professor, both with the Faculty of Land and
Food Systems
In 2014/15 four LFS 350 student groups were funded to work with remote partners. Two groups worked with the Gambier
Island Sea Ranch; and the Galiano Club Community Food Programs - building off the research projects completed in 2013/14.
One group worked with the Lush Valley Food Action Society (LVFAS) on the Land Linking Project.
Course: FRST 424 Sustainable Forest Management
Instructor: Dr. Gary Bull and Dr Verena Griess, Dept. of Forest Resources Management
In the 2014/15 academic year funding was sought to support two groups of students to work with the Anahim Lake First
Nations Community, and with the Maiyoo Keyoh household near Fort St James
Course: SOWK415, Field Education
Instructor: Natalie Clark, Instructor and Chair of Field Education, School of Social Work
In 2014/15 students completed placements with The Ministry for Children and Families: Vernon, ANKORS: (AIDS Network
Kootenay Outreach and Support Society), St. Mary's Hospital Sechelt, Intensive Integrated Case Management team (IICM) in
Home and Community Care, VIHA. Nanaimo, BC, Prince Rupert Aboriginal Community Services Society, and The Ministry of
Children and Family Services: Vancouver Island.
Course: GEOB 379B, Human and Environmental Geography Field School
Instructor: Dr Siobhan McPhee, Instructor, Department of Geography
The course exposes students to issues of public concern through engaging with local community organizations both in
Vancouver, and in Williams Lake, BC.
Course: ENVR 400, Research Project in Environmental Science
Instructors: Dr Tara Ivanochko, Instructor, and Dr Sara Harris, Senior Instructor, Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric
Funding was sought to support a team of four students to work with YMCA Camp Elphinstone in Gibsons, BC.
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix F
UBC Library welcomes many international visitors and scholars annually. Here is a
compilation of those who visited our campus this past year.
March 2014
• Dr. Laifong Leung visited from the University of Alberta,
to review and discuss informal learning spaces in Irving
K. Barber Learning Centre (IKBLC) and on campus.
• 25 universities leaders in Chinese Central and West
Regions visited IKBLC.
April 2014
• Prof. Sherry Hsueh-Hua Chen, University Librarian,
visited from National Taiwan University Library, Taiwan,
seeking partnership with the Asian Library. During her
visit she toured Rare Books and Special Collections,
IKBLC, Koerner, Digitization Centre and Xwi7xwa Library.
May 2014
• Haiyan Xu, Deputy Chief Engineer, Chen Huang,
Deputy Director, visited from China Academic Digital
Associative Library (CADAL) in Zhejiang University
Library, China. Initial discussion with the Asian Library on
the CADAL program.
June 2014
• Sebasten Lebel-Grenier, Doyen de la Faculte de droit,
visited from the Universite de Sherbrooke for a tour of
the Law Library, Allard Hall and discussion of space
planning and legal citation.
July 2014
• Prof. Yeh Chia-ying, Director of the Institute of Chinese
Classical Culture and 7hang Jing, Associate Professor
visited from Nankai University, China. She attended an
exhibition celebrating the life and work of Dr. Florence
Chia-Ying Yeh (Professor Emerita of Asian Studies).
• Sarah Fredline, Director, Central Service at University of
New South Wales Library in Australia visited IKBLC to
discuss management of print collections, co-operative
storage of/access to print collections and refurbishment
of spaces (freed up by downsizing print collections) into
student learning/research spaces.
• Chief Roger William, Xeni Gwet'in, of the Tsilhqot'in
People of Nemiah visited the Xwi7xwa Library.
October 2014
• Jerry Guspie & three colleagues from Vancouver
Community College, visited for an on-site tour and
review of IKBLC (with many functional, design and
funding questions in mind).
• Ten Indigitization project participants visited Xwi7xwa
Library for informal training.
November 2014
• 15 people from a Learning Environment Design
Workshop from UBC, as well as delegates from other
institutions across Canada and the UK visited for an on-
site tour and review of IKBLC.
• Jaydeep Balakrishnan, Associate Dean (Academic);
Jane Brown, Facilities Manager; Scott Radford, Associate
Professor, Marketing; & Sylvia M Fuchek, Area
Administrator, Accounting/Management Information
Systems visited from the University of Calgary to receive
an on-site tour and review of the IKBLC and Sauder
School of Business as part of their planning for a new
business school at their institution.
• Deborah Lee, an Aboriginal Engagment Librarian at
the University of Saskatchewan, visited the IKBLC to
interview librarians for an Indigenous Librarianship
research study.
February 2015
• Prof. Boyue Yao, Chinese Rare Book Librarian visited from
Beijing University Library, China, to discuss the CLIR
Hidden Collection Project with the Asian Library.
• Kristen Harvey, Strategic Aboriginal Enrolment
Initiatives, visited Xwi7xwa Library as part of the UBC-
Lanagara Aboriginal Transfer Program.
March 2015
• Angela Ko visited from the University of Hong Kong,
China to discuss developing a partnership exchange
program with the Asian Library.
• Li Wang from the University of Auckland visited IKBLC
• Two visitors from the Dakehl First Nation visited
Xwi7xwa Library to discuss the Indigitization project.
• UBC professor and four visiting scholars from Japan
visited Xwi7xwa Library for a tour.
Rare Books and Special Collections (RBSC) received
guest visitors throughout the fiscal year from:
McGill University
University of Aberdeen
Drake University
Mount Saint Vincent University
University of New Brunswick
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of Victoria
University of California, Los Angeles
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix G
UBC Library Snapshot
UBC Library advances research, learning and teaching excellence by connecting
communities within and beyond UBC to the world's knowledge. The Library, a high-
ranking member of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), is the largest library
in British Columbia and provides access to expanding digital resources and houses an
on-site digitization centre. For more information, visit
- A   A   -
- A   A   -
*-   —   —
15 branches across
2 campuses
309 FTE
• 84 librarians
• 165 management & support staff
• 46 student employees
> 14 out of 115 university libraries
in the Association of Research
Libraries (ARL)
) 2nd among Canadian academic
libraries (ARL)
) cIRcle, UBC's information
repository, ranks 1st in Canada
and 44th globally among 2,154
More than 7.8m volumes
More than 2.1m e-books
> 370,000+e-journals
> 700,000+ items n
locally produced digital collections
5 million e-book downloads
7 million e-joumal downloads
How we
spend $
on library
resources ™
55% 450,
Librarians provided
1,335 instructionals
to morethan 32,744
and answered
reference questions
• 101,233 in-person
• 12,285 online
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Librarian   to   the   Senate Acknowledgement
/ would like to thank the ma,
innrt nnri
those who aided in its development and productior
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UBC Library
Martin Dee
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lain Library concourse, 1929
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Report   of   the   University
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UBC Library


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