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Report of the University Librarian to the Senate 2014

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 UBC Library
Report of the
University Librarian to the Senate   20132014
The Library continued on its path during this fourth year of its strategic plan in offering new and
ongoing programs and services. We began the year with priorities that focused on transforming
ibrary spaces to accommodate evolving learning and research needs. New student pavilions were
constructed in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, creating more opportunities for students to
congregate for individual and group study and to access peer-to-peer services such as Coaching and
This year also saw the Library partnering with UBC IT to deliver IT services. As a mutually beneficial
relationship, the Library will be able to have its interests represented at the IT campus-wide level and
UBC IT will be able to take advantage of enterprise wide resources and infrastructure to help the
Library better support the technology needs of faculty and students.
In our ongoing efforts to address key findings from the UBC Workplace Experiences Survey as well
as from previous Library External Reviews, a Workplace Culture Review by a renowned team of
consultants was conducted this year. Improving the workplace culture requires the commitment and
attention of all Library staff, and this work will continue well into the next few years.
This was also the second year of a three-year deficit reduction plan. The Library continues to work
together with the VP, Finance and the Provost's office to identify sustainable budget models.
And these were only a selection of the activities that we had initially planned for the year. In addition,
the Library added to its physical and digital collection, and strengthened our ties with the First
Nations and Asian communities through signature events and activities. Indeed, this year's Senate
Report shows that the Library is revving up as it heads into 2014/15 and the conclusion of our
strategic plan.
A sincere thank you to all our stakeholders for your support, and to the Library staff for their
dedication in achieving the results described in these pages.
a place of mind
This was a milestone year for additions to the Library's collections, a major intellectual resource for the university. Major acquisitions to
our Rare Books and Special Collections included a photography collection of early B.C. history and a medieval manuscript that dates
back to the 14th century. In addition, public access to the much-loved Videomatica collection become available at UBC's Koerner
We also continued to make progress with digitizing 45 of our collections to support teaching, learning and research at UBC and beyond
Lastly, the Library received university approval to begin construction of a new collections storage facility as part of its long-term strategy
for storage, access and preservation.
Manuscript's impact spans centuries
Aided by the expertise of a UBC instructor who specializes in early European medieval history, the Library acquired a manuscript whose
scholarly impact stretches across the centuries. The main piece in the gorgeous bound text - which originates in France and was copied
sometime in the 14th century, possibly during the time of the Black Death pandemic - is called the Compendium Theoloaicae Veritatis
Cor Compendium of Theological Truth). The Library acquired the manuscript from an antiquarian bookseller in London, England; it's housed
at Rare Books and Special Collections (RBSC), located on level one of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre,
This work, an introduction of sorts to theology and the oldest book in UBC Library's collections, was a highly popular tome for university
students more than 700 years ago. At UBC it is destined to become a vital classroom text once again - this time for UBC history
students enrolled in Department of History undergraduate classes spanning the early, central and late Middle Ages. The text has
already been used as a valuable teaching tool in these courses.
• View the press release announcing the acquisition of Compendium Theologicae Veritatis,
• View the online Flickr gallery featuring images related to the medieval manuscript,
• View media coverage about the manuscript acquisition.
Videomatica Collection Launches at UBC and SFU
Videomatica's legendary film collection became accessible for borrowing from UBC and SFU libraries in January 2014. The unparalleled
collection spans more than 35,000 titles, including feature films from more than 75 countries, documentaries, cult and art films,
Canadian works and selections from the Vancouver International Film Festival. UBC and SFU acquired the $1.7-million collection after
Videomatica's 2011 closure, due to a donation and purchase agreement brokered by Vancouver philanthropist Yosef Wosk. UBC
received 28,000 movie DVDs, 4,000 VHS titles and 900 Blu-rays, and SFU received more than 2,500 documentaries,
• View the joint press release issued by UBC and SFU
• View media coverage of the Videomatica announcement.
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate This albumen print,"(
Soda Creek" is from a
of photographer Fred'
. *^*^^^»-
Langmann photo collection donated to UBC
A treasure trove of rare historical photos from the early days of British Columbia will be preserved, digitized and made public, thanks to
a $1.2 million gift from a Vancouver art collector to UBC. The Uno Langmann Family Collection of B.C. Photographs, donated by Uno
and Dianne Langmann, consists of more than 18,000 rare and unique early photographs from the 1850s to the 1970s. It is considered
the premiere private collection of early provincial photos, and an important illustrated history of early photographic techniques. Images
from the collection are being digitized and updates on the digitization of the collection will announced on the Library's website. Faculty
and students are also able to request items from the collection through the Library's Rare Books and Special Collections unit
• View the press release announcing the Uno Langmann Family Collection of B.C. Photographs,
• View an online Flickr gallery featuring select photos from the collection
• View media coverage about the Langmann announcement.
Digitized Collections
The Library's Digitization Centre officially opened in 2011 with the goal of creating sustainable, world-class programs and processes to
make the collections and research at UBC available to the world and to ensure the authentic, long-term preservation of these digital
holdings for the future. Locally hosted collections saw more than 300 website visits per day with visitors from more than 100 countries
accessing rare and unique UBC Library holdings. Indeed, as the Library's digital collections grow in popularity and recognition, the
number of online visits has grown steadily, with more than 124,000 visits in 2013
Digitized collections contain materials which directly support the UBC curriculum and which are rare and unique. While the priority of
digital projects is based on their value to researchers at UBC, the online nature of the digitized collections means access to anyone with
a desire for knowledge or a sense of curiosity about the Library's full range of collections,
A selection of the Library's digitized collections that were completed during 2013/14;
BC Sessional Papers
In partnership with the Legislative Library of British Columbia, the Library has digitized the first 10 years (1876-1886) of the British
Columbia Sessional Papers The collection includes maps, annual reports, land sales, voter records, proclamations and more.
Members of the British Columbia Research Libraries Group (University of Victoria, University of Northern British Columbia, Simon
Fraser University and UBC) worked together to provide access to these significant documents; the Legislative Library provided the
physical volumes that were digitized.
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate W** 1
wij^* 3MI
Metro Vancouver Land Use Map Series
The Library completed digitizing a Metro Vancouver land use map series which consisted of 596 detailed maps produced from
the 1970s - 1980s by the Greater Vancouver Regional District. The maps are used by urban planning and geography students and
are frequently consulted by the local business community, including environmental engineers, site remediation consultants and
property development firms.
Tremaine Arkley Croquet Collection
A collection of fascinating illustrations, engravings, photographs, cartoons and paintings about the history of croquet (circa 1850
-1950) was donated by Tremaine Arkley, a former player for the U.S. National Croquet Team to the Library several years ago
Digitization of the Tremaine Arkley Croquet Collection was completed this past year. This is not just a collection about croquet;
rather, its multidisciplinary depth spans into topics such as gender studies, athletics, social economics, art history and photography.
An event was held to show physical pieces from the collection as well as the digitized images. Guests included Mr. Arkley and his
family as well as members from the Vancouver Croquet Club and the former AMS Croquet Society,
Approval for Library Preservation Archives
In addition to the Automated Storage Retrieval System (ASRS) located in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, the Library received
approval this past year to begin construction on Library Preservation Archives (Library PARC) a new modular, high-density storage
and preservation facility to accommodate the future growth of library collections by storing low-use items. Even in a digital age, UBC
Library's print collections continue to grow and require a long-term strategy for storage, access and preservation. Increasingly, North
American research libraries are using high-density storage facilities to address these needs,
PARC will be located in UBC Vancouver's South Campus in the Research precinct and be completed in mid-2015. When complete,
Library PARC will provide 2,280 square metres of high-density collection storage, capable of housing about 1.6 million volumes. Library
PARC is estimated to cost about $10.5 million, funded jointly by the Library and UBC. The facility will also include a campus-wide
records management service, a small digitization facility, a contained freezer area for decontamination; a staff work area and a publicly
accessible reading room
• View FAQs about Library PARC
• View the Library PARC live webcam
New Library Conservator
As UBC Library expands its varied and unique collections, preservation and conservation activities become ever more significant to
ensure collections are accessible for years to come. The Library hired Anne Lama as its first Conservator this year to oversee the
Library's conservation program Working closely with staff in Rare Books and Special Collections, University Archives and the
Digitization Centre, Lama oversees the treatment of individual items as well as collection-level projects. She has also provided
in-house training to library staff and developed Preservation Week programming on campus and for elementary schools
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate '   I^H|
Couples quarrelling over a game of
croquet, circa 1910.
The Library continues to support the development of life-long information literacy skills in an increasingly information-intensive world.
The Library provides its users with instruction that not only addresses how to access and use information, but also how to critically
analyze the information retrieved. But increasingly, the Library has been tapped for its expertise in course support, copyright and rights
permission and other areas that have opened up with flexible learning initiatives on campus.
The Library's Scholarly Communications and Copyright Office (SCCO) provides a range of services - including faculty course support,
rights and permissions assistance, and workshops and educational resources - to support UBC faculty, staff and students in the
preparation of their course materials, presentations, and publications,
Coursera MOOC Support
UBC launched four Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) through Coursera in 2013, with plans to launch more in 2014. Library
staff have worked in collaboration with the Centre for Teaching and Learning Technologies (CTLT) to guide MOOC developers through
complex questions and issues that arise from copyright. As a result, targeted copyright guidelines have been developed for MOOC
developers and ongoing workshops on best practices for using copyrighted materials in open courses continued throughout the
academic year.
Impact of the Library's Teaching and Learning
• In 2013/14, more than 35,000 students participated in 1,450 classes led by librarians and library staff on topics including
information literacy, citation management, thesis formatting, copyright, social media and how to use digital collections,
• In 2013/14,111 peer student leaders facilitated 24,660 in-person interactions with students at the Chapman Learning
• The SCCO experienced growing demand for faculty course support services in 2013/14, completing a total of 620 public
services interactions, an increase of 20% more activity than the previous year.
Figure 1: Library instruction
sessions and participants,
2009 - 2014.
In 2013/14, 85% of
participants attended
sessions that
complement specific
UBC courses.
Most visited tutorials, 2013/14
How to cite
Evaluating information sources
Journal articles
RefWorks Write-n-Cite
Using Summon
Figure 2: Most Visited Online Tutorials, 2013/14. UBC Library's online
instruction resources enhance student learning anywhere, at any time with
more than 50 tutorials available.
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Copyright and Scholarly Communications Highlights
The Scholarly Communications and Copyright Office (SCCO), in consultation with the Office of the University Counsel, supports
the UBC community by publishing UBC's copyright guidelines and providing information that assists community members navigate
new developments in copyright law and scholarly publishing. The SCCO provides information and a range of services to support
faculty, staff and students in the preparation of course materials, presentations and publications,
SCCO staff provide in-depth consultations and course material reviews for faculty, staff and graduate students both remotely (phone
and email) and in-person. Course reviews involve assessing instructional materials for copyright compliance, as well as assisting the
resolution of related copyright concerns in consultation with the course instructor. Once UBC faculty and staff submit their reading
requests, the SCCO provides feedback and the options available to make those readings available.
2013, Summer
2013, Fall
2014, Winter
■Accessible by open weblinks
■ Permissible under fair dealing
Requires transactional permission
Figure 3: Number of Copyright determinations, 2013 - 2014.
The 3,126 assessments are broken down by our usage of the fair dealing
exception, transactional permissions from rights holders, and links to
publically available online content.
Weblinks are assessed to ensure the legitimacy of the linked content
(i.e., to ensure that the content was uploaded by or with permission of
the copyright owner).
The chart below indicates several of the options available to make readings available, and their prevalence.
■in person
comprehensive     advanced       intermediate
Figure 4. Number of consultations by complexity and contact method.
Comprehensive consults take over one hour and typically involve several
interactions with the user.
Advanced consults require advanced subject expertise and dialogue with the
Intermediate consults require subject familiarity and use of several information
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Students can now enjoy
reduced prices for course
materials at the UBC Bookstore.
SCCO also provides copyright and permissions support to campus-wide initiatives including flexible learning and the Library's efforts to
support open access publishing. This past year, the SCCO developed new iterations of the UBC Copyright and Scholarly
Communications website with a range of updated guides and educational resources for the university community. This coincided with
a new series of instructional workshops including well-attended sessions on copyright and the digital environment, open access
publishing, and author rights and funder mandates.
In September 2013, it was reported that UBC students enjoyed an average 33% reduction in the price of course packs through the UBC
Bookstore due in part to the Library working with the Bookstore to ensure that digitally licensed materials were incorporated into course
TLEF Grants 2013/14
UBC's Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) supports and encourages innovation in teaching and the learning environment.
The Library applies for and receives TLEF funding on a yearly basis. The Library successfully received two grants for the 2013/14 year
- the first to expand the graduate Research Commons in Koerner Library and the second to create Asian-language citation guides
through the Asian Library. More details about the Library's TLEF projects can be found online
The Library is critical to the research endeavour, connecting faculty and students with local and global information resources and
enables new forms of knowledge creation, dissemination and exchange. The Library's research endeavours for the past fiscal year
included beneficial collaborations with campus and other institutional colleagues to provide wider dissemination of UBC's research
UBC Fish Collection goes Global
In 2014, thousands offish notebooks" containing valuable research data were available for online viewing as a result of a project
between the Library's Digitization Centre and UBC's Beatv Biodiversity Museum The collaborative effort involved the transcription of
more than 11,200 notebooks containing extensive environmental data on the UBC Fish Collection. The collection is the third largest of
its kind in Canada with more than 850,000 specimens and more than 50,000 DNA and tissue samples with some of the resulting
records more than a century old
Data from this project will be used for environmental assessments, conservation efforts, understanding the factors influencing the
formation and extinction of species, and more. Future plans include meeting with Fishbase. a self-described "global information system
on fishes" located in the Phillipines, to discuss incorporating the digital notebook records into its database.
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Map of Mt. Nikko from the
Japanese Maps of the Tokugawa E
Collaborative cataloguing project wins CLIR grant
The Library became a supporting partner in a collaboration led by the University of Washington (UW) funded by a grant from the
Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) - supported by the Mellon Foundation. The Cataloguing Hidden Special Collections
and Archives grant, worth $183,500, is for a project entitled "Discovering Modern China: University of Washington (UW) & University
of British Columbia (UBC) Collections." This marks one of only two international collaborative efforts funded by the Washington,
D.C.-based CLIR, and the first involving a Canadian university. This project involves the cataloguing of rare Chinese-language materials
at the UWs East Asia Library and UBC's Asian Library. Work will begin during the summer of 2014 and conclude within 18 months;
when finished, up to 2,000 special Chinese publications - including pre-modern texts and rare publications of the Chinese Republican
era - will be made accessible to scholars worldwide. More information is available at the Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL) News
cIRcle Ranking
UBC's digital repository. cIRcle. became the #1 ranked repository in Canada; globally, cIRcle consistently ranks in the top 5 of Canadian
repositories according to research by the Cvbermetrics Lab in Spain. In North America, cIRcle is ranked #12, and #29 internationally
out of 1,660 institutional repositories as of February 2014. By making UBC scholarship openly available, cIRcle ensures that UBC
research is promoted and shared as widely as possible,
cIRcle Highlights for 2013/14
• In 2013, UBC research in cIRcle was accessed from nearly every country in the world
• There are currently more than 44,732 items in cIRcle as of March 2014,
• The top three academic unit content contributors for 2013/14 are: Applied Science, Education, and Science,
Graduate and undergraduate students have also responded favourably to cIRcle as a destination to openly share their work. Graduate
students are required to deposit their theses and dissertations into the Electronic Theses and Dissertations (2008+) collection. As of
April 2014, there are more than 7,300 items in this collection, making it a rich student-learning environment,
BIRS Lecture Series Available through cIRcle
A recent highlight for cIRcle was the inclusion of videos from the lecture series of the Banff International Research Station for
Mathematical Innovation and Discovery (BIRS). The series produces 20 lectures per week, 49 weeks of the year with approximately
1,000 files per year requiring 8 terabytes of storage. The Library's role includes processing the videos, identification and resolution of
icensing, metadata and multimedia digital preservation issues. The end result in cIRcle is the first large-scale project to digitally
preserve and disseminate math research output in video format. International math scholars can now access the lecture series directly
through cIRcle.
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate RESEARCH
Library Support for Campus Research Data Management
The Library has been assessing UBC's readiness to respond to initiatives requiring research data management and curation. A pilot
project involving the Library, UBC IT, the Office of Research Services and the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility (CHHM) studied the
data requirements of a complex research group on the campus. The project was selected due to the breadth and scope of research data
that was acquired, generated, analyzed, stored and disseminated by its researchers. An information-based research data management
website was launched in the summer of 2013 and recently updated to provide tools to assist with data management work for campus
users. Several Data Cafes were held during the fall to increase the knowledge base of library staff so that they are ready to support
Supporting Open Access Activities
While UBC Senate at both Vancouver and Okanagan campuses only approved the UBC Open Access Position Statement in 2013, the
Library has been at the forefront in promoting open access and open educational resources. The Library uses Open Access Week
annually as a platform to bring in workshops, seminars and guest speakers for the campus community,
• Vancouver Campus: Open UBC activities included presentations on open access journals, flexible learning, and a 3D printing
demo. Guest speakers for 2013 included Peter Binfield (PeerJ) and Mary Burgess (BCCampus) as well as student
representatives from the Alma Mater Student Society of UBC and the Graduate Student Society,
• Okanagan Campus: An Open Access Hall of Fame was created to recognize those who use open access when disseminating
their research. Twenty-four faculty members, graduate students, and librarians provided research publications in disciplines
ranging from Engineering to Fine Arts,
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate This hand-painted photograph
from 1891 appeared as cover
art on the Okanagan Historical
Society's 56th annual report
Okanagan #morelibrary Campaign
Over the past year, the UBC Okanagan Library has been running the #morelibrarv campaign Developed and launched in the fall of
2013, the campaign solicited feedback about the library from the Okanagan Campus community. Though the campaign largely targeted
students, staff and faculty members were also welcome to participate in the process. The campaign asked Okanagan library users to
answer "What more do you want from your library?" through online and social media platforms. Over the past year, there have been
more than 400 responses to the #morelibrary questions which have resulted in improvements to the Okanagan library based on many
of the suggestions (view the results in appendix G). The #morelibrary campaign will continue through the 2014/2015 academic year,
encouraging students and faculty to continue to think about their library.
Okanagan Historical Society Annual Reports
Nearly 70 volumes of the Okanagan Historical Society's annual reports were digitized by the Library at UBC-V. The publication is one of
the longest, continually published historical periodicals in B.C. and covers a large geographic area of the Okanagan Valley, extending
from Salmon Arm in the north to Osoyoos in the south. With more than 15,000 pages dating from 1926 to the present available online,
this digital collection was the most visited resource on the Library's collection website with online users from across the globe.
Reciprocal Borrowing with Okanagan College
Students, faculty, and staff at UBC Okanagan are now able to access the resources of Okanagan College (OC) Library more quickly and
easily. In the fall of 2013, UBC Okanagan Library signed an official agreement with Okanagan College Library to formalize and enhance
the practice of reciprocal borrowing between the two institutions. Though faculty, students, and staff of UBC and OC have had onsite
borrowing privileges since September 2005, the new agreement simplifies and improves the process, ensuring students and faculty
researchers always have access to the best material needed for their research as conveniently as possible. The agreement allows users
to utilize their own institution's card to borrow from either library, as well as order books to be transported from any of the OC campus
ibraries to UBC Okanagan Library. This agreement has resulted in increased access to resources for faculty, students, and staff and has
allowed commuter students to access UBC Okanagan Library materials at their closest library.
UBC Library welcomes the Pacific Rim Digital Library Alliance
As host to the 2013 meeting of the Pacific Rim Digital Library Alliance (PRDLA) in October, the Library welcomed visitors from 31
academic institutions on both sides of the Pacific. In addition to providing an opportunity to showcase the Library's digital projects, the
annual PRDLA meeting is a significant learning opportunity. Library staff learned about advances in data visualization technology, and
institutional repositories that have evolved into research information systems. PRDLA members also discussed best practices for
sharing and managing information access while respecting the cultural traditions of indigenous peoples.
Aboriginal Engagement
The Library held its second-annual Aboriginal UnHistorv Month in June 2013, which focused on ways UBC Indigenous scholars are
bridging communities and transforming academic spaces through Indigenous approaches to research. Campus and community     ron+y
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate The Library welcomed PRDLA
delegates in October.
m Digital Library Alliance
Annual Meeting
lunity & Collaboration:
he Digital Pacific
partners teamed up for an exhibit in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre to bring awareness to issues such as language and literacy
education, aboriginal medicine and health, and Indian Residential Schools,
In September 2013, UBC participated in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada's national events in Vancouver,
The Library contributed by highlighting the Indian Residential Schools in different contexts. Its online research guide on Indian
Residential Schools in Canada offered background information on this important and sensitive part of Canada's history and also
highlights UBC's Indian Residential School Initiative During this time, staff at Xwi7xwa Library provided support and information to
residential school survivors and their families and staffed an information booth at the First Nations Longhouse for campus and
community members.
Other events created to support the TRC included a reading by author Richard Wagamese from his novel Indian Horse, which recounts
the harrowing story of a residential school survivor. The event was well attended and webcast for later viewing as part of the Learning
Centre's webcast program. In addition to aboriginal collections displays at Asian, Education and Koerner libraries, there was also a
collaborative exhibit with several campus partners including the Museum of Anthropology, the Centre for Teaching, Learning and
Technology, Xwi7xwa Library, the First Nations Studies Program, the First Nations Language Program and the Musqueam Indian Band
Research Collaborations
UBC's Asian Library and its rare and special collections continue to draw interest and praise from international researchers and pave the
way for unique partnerships, prompting applications to the Mellon Curatorial Program. In recent years, we have had visiting delegates
from institutions such as the China National Library. Taiwan National University and the China Academic Digital Associative Library
- all of whom have noted the rarity of several Library titles which were of significant historical importance to China, especially the
unique and comprehensive Puban and Pang Jingtang collections.
Alumni access to electronic resources
UBC alumni can now access some Library resources both on- and off-site, thanks to a partnership initiative with Alumni UBC Recent
icensing benefits include access to EBSCO Academic Search and Business Source Alumni Editions for all UBC alumni. This database
provides access to more than 4,150 full text journals. Alumni can access the content once they register their A-Card using the online
Small Business Accelerator Program
Created by subject experts at UBC Library and an initiative of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, the Small Business Accelerator (SBA)
program provides current content to support the start-up market research needs of BC entrepreneurs. In October 2013, the SBA
partnered with Entrepreneurship at UBC (e(S>UBC) to offer secondary market research support, as well as digital content curation
services to support flexible learning environments. SBA library staff offer business research support to the Entrepreneurship 101
course, the Lean Launch Pad workshop series, in addition to aiding the development of e@UBC Online, which aims to be an online
platform for self-directed learning and venture creation. Aspiring entrepreneurs can access essential online courses and resources to
help augment their growth and development. The SBA maintains an online collection of targeted Accelerator Guides spanning over 100
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate CAPITAL CAMPAIGN UPDATE
UBC Library raised more than $2.4 million during 2013/14 through donations and gifts-in-kind from generous supporters. This funding
has helped support collections, spaces, services and programs for faculty and students, and contributes to start an evolution. UBC's
fundraising and alumni engagement campaign
The Library's start an evolution campaign goal is $25M
The total raised for Fiscal 2013/2014 was $2,467,520.
Overall, the total raised as of March 31, 2014 for the campaign is $19,506,764 (78% to goal).
Over the coming year, the Library will continue to focus on in-kind gifts, digitization projects as well as on several priority space projects
at the Vancouver campus:
Asian Library
Since its inception in 1960 with the acquisition of the notable Puban collection, the Asian Library has developed into the largest
research collection of Asian language materials in Canada. The Asian Library remains a top capital campaign priority with plans to
reinvigorate the current facility, provide updated programming, inspirational spaces, and a research-intensive teaching and learning and
community engagement centre for Asian cultures at the University,
Koerner Library
The development of a centre for digital scholarship in Koerner Library acknowledges the key role the Library has on campus in providing
copyright services, supporting open access, maintaining the digital repository for the University's scholarly output and providing
technology rich learning spaces for students and faculty. This integrated space will also include the graduate-student focused Research
Commons, which provides services that include thesis formatting, citation management, statistical software support, and workshops
and events.
Woodward Library
Woodward Library is the only science research library on the UBC campus and the largest in Western Canada. Plans include
transforming Woodward Library into an interactive research laboratory, providing state-of-the-art technology equipment, additiona
silent and group study areas, and re-activating signature rooms (such as the Sherrington Room and Memorial Room) in the Library for
multiple purposes.
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate ENVISIONING THE FUTURE
In looking at the future, one always hopes it will be bigger and better. 2015 will mark the end of the Library's five year strategic plan.
While there have been many exciting and innovative developments, this next year will be challenging as internal and external factors put
pressure on the Library's strategic and operational activities.
Broader budget cuts, the inflation increases charged by major publishers, and the fluctuating currency exchange continue to affect the
Library's budget. This is not a new situation for academic research libraries in North America; however, we continue to seek a
sustainable budget model and align our available resources with the research and teaching needs of faculty and students.
While the budget remains foremost in our minds, the Library is well positioned to expand its role and expertise in two burgeoning areas
on campus: records management and research data management.
The Library has proposed a centralized Records Management program for UBC as a means to adopt a consistent approach to records
management and to mitigate corporate risk. Plans are also underway to providing research data management services, building on our
relationships with UBC IT (in particular the Research Computing Services Team), the Office of Research Services and various faculties
and departments.
UBC will be celebrating its centenary in 2015/16 and the Library is one of several academic units who will also mark its 100th
anniversary during the same time. This is a unique opportunity to work with our campus colleagues to profile how the Library has
contributed to research, teaching, learning and student life and also provides an opportunity to open our doors to community users,
supporters, and external partners. A Library Centenary Working Group, which I chair, has been struck and a calendar of Library events
for 2015/16 has been prepared.
We are all looking forward to the opening of our new PARC facility, as well as receiving and acting on the observations to be made
through the External Academic Review process. These, and other developments, will inform the extension to the Library's new strategic
While the conclusion of the Library's 2010 - 2015 Strategic Plan may render us somewhat nostalgic, there are many opportunities
already set in motion and the Library will continue to be a catalyst and leader on campus and in the community as it plans for its future
in close association with University administration, faculty and students.
Respectfully submitted,
/■     /  <SLA*~-\
Ingrid Parent
University Librarian
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix A
(April 1,2013- March 31,2014)
Asian Library - Eleanor Yuen (retiredJul. 2014), Acting Head, Jing Liu (effective, Jun. 1,2013),
Acting Head, Shirin Eshghi (effective Oct. 1,2013), Acting Head, Jing Liu (effective Feb. 1,2014)
Assessment - Jeremy Buhler
Biomedical Branch Library - Dean Giustini
Borrower Services, Circulation - Lynne Gamache
Borrower Services, Interlibrary Loan - David Winter
Chapman Learning Commons -Julie Mitchel
Collections - Jo Anne Newyear Ramirez
Communications and Marketing - Linda Ong
David Lam Management Research Library - Jan Wallace
Education Library - Chris Ball
Humanities and Social Sciences Division - Trish Rosseel
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre - Simon Neame
Law Library - Sandra Wilkins
Library Development - Leslie Fields
Library Digital Initiatives - Allan Bell
Library Systems and Information Technology - Renulfo Ramirez
Music, Art and Architecture Library - Acting Head, D. Vanessa Kam
Rare Books and Special Collections - Acting Head, Katherine Kalsbeek, Acting Head,
Chris Hives (effectiveSep. 1,2013)
Technical Services - Alvan Bregman
UBC Okanagan Campus Library - Heather Berringer
University Archives - Chris Hives
Woodward Library-Aleteia Greenwood
Xwi7xwa Library - Ann Doyle
University Librarian - Ingrid Parent
Deputy University Librarian - Melody Burton
Associate University Librarian, Collections - Jo Anne Newyear Ramirez
Associate University Librarian, Planning and Community Relations - Leonora Crema (untilDec.3i, 2013)
Associate University Librarian, Research Services - Lea Starr
Associate University Librarian, Library Systems and Information Technology - Renulfo Ramirez
Director, Communications and Marketing - Linda Ong
Director, Finance and Facilities -Jean-Paul Eidsvik
Director, Human Resources -Keith Kawa
Director, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre - Simon Neame
Director, Library Digital Initiatives - Allan Bel
provided by Library Human Resources
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix B
LIBRARY STATISTICAL SUMMARY (includes Okanagan Campus)
(April 1,2013 - March 31,2014)
Library Collections
Total volumes
Total physical volumes (excluding e-books)
Digital Collections
E-joumal titles
cIRcle (includes e-theses)
Other Formats
Archives (metres)
Audio/visual, cartographic, graphic
Teaching and Learning
Total questions answered
Online reference
E-book use (section downloads)*
E-joumal use (article downloads)*
Loans (includes renewals)
In-person visits**
Website visits***
Staff (FTE)
Management and Professional (M&P)
Support Staff
Student employees
Total FTE all staff
*Resources accessible through Library search interfaces (includes some free and open access content)
** Music Library relocated May 2013; Education Library count not available
*** New counting method adopted January 2013
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix C
Fiscal year April 1,2013 - March 31,2014, figures listed in thousands of dollars.
Total Expenditures
*Benefit funding and expenses were transferred to UBC Library in 2010/11.
These benefit charges were paid by UBC Finance prior to 2010/11.
**The revenue increase is due to one-time funding of $2.5 million for facilities projects
and $1.2 million for copyright compliance, consisting of one-time and recurring funding.
If this funding and associated expenses are excluded, the operating loss is about $1.5
Scope of financial information
The funds included in this financial report are:
General purpose operating funds
Fee for service funds
Specific purpose funds
Endowment funds
Sponsored research grants
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix D
The following donors contributed gifts between April 1, 2013 and March 31, 2014.
$250,000 AND ABOVE)
$25,000 TO $249,999)
Wallace B. Chung
$1,000 TO $24,999)
Nine anonymous donors
Timothy Armstrong
Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing
Sandra L. Cawley
Marilyn Y Chung
Bruce P. Dancik
Robert E. Dorrance
Bruce Frankard
Michael J. Fraser
William and Jessica Hancock
Donald W. Laishley
Jean G. Lane
Joanne G. Louie Mah
Mariana L. Luttmann
Karen L. MacWilliam
Colin Mclver
Kevin McLafferty
Vera Pech
D Lynn Porter
Gordon H. Price
Roland Whittaker Charitable Trust
Michael J. Roman
Shahryar Shahangyan
Peter A. Simmons
John E. Stainer
Nancy Stuart- Stubbs
Vancouver Foundation
Wilson Zhang
$500 TO $999)
Three anonymous donors
Jenny Au-Yeung
Dr. Christaan Avenant Inc.
Charles B. Bailey
Elements Physical Therapy and Acupuncture Ltd.
lain S. Begg
Sarah Benitz
Laurence L. Bongie
Gerald C. Chan
Portia Chan
Mike Chang
Dr. Lloyd and Mrs. Kay Chapman Charitable Foundation
Yin Fair Chee
Teresa Chung
Ronald M. Clowes
Ashis Das
Caroline Downey
Bruce Echeverria
Maria L. Eden
Qing Fan
Dean E. Feltham
Simon Feng
Sun Life Financial
Richard D. French
Tony Geheran
Duane Gingrich
James H. Goulden
Teruo Harada
Thomas A. Hobley
Huang W. Hung
KristosJ. Latridis
Kevin Le
Raj Johal
John S. Keenlyside
Monica Khoe
Magda Khouzam
Teri-Jo Kiloran
Robert V. Kubicek
Francis Lau
Stan Liu
Nadejda Medvedev
Kumiko Miyako
James M. Orr
James A. Rainer
Robert S. Rothwell
David T Shuen
Neville Spillman
Marie Sweeny
cont'd on next page
UBC Library strives to ensure the
accuracy of this list - if there are updates,
please contact the Library Development
Office at 604-827-4112.
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix D
The following donors contributed gifts between April 1, 2013 and March 31, 2014.
$500 TO $999)
David Tims
Elisabeth Tiso
Balaji Venkataraman
Sau May Windsor Lau
Shen Xu
Xin Zhai Yu
Wei Zhang
$250,000 AND ABOVE
Uno and Dianne Langmann
- Collection of BC Photographs, over 18,500 items from
1850's to WO's
Uno Langmann Limited
- Collection of BC Photographs- over 18,500 items from
1850's to WO's
$25,000 TO $249,999
Peter Chew
- Collection of classical and contemporary Chinese books
and family records of Mr. Wei Tingsheng
Douglas Coupland
- Additional materials to Douglas Coupland Fonds consisting
of textual, drawings, drafts and art objects
John Keenlyside
-Materials related to BC Laws and regulations including bills,
acts and proclamations created during 1858-1871
George F. MacDonald
-Materials related to Native Arts and Culture
-Northwest Art Card Collection -including art cards by
various First Nations Artists (1968-1994)
-Engravings and maps
Leonard Roberts
-Archival and published material related to the artist Arthur
$1,000 TO $24,999
Alison Bailey
- Monographs and journals for Chinese literature studies
William H. Bamford
- Materials including diaries, books and ephemera
David E. Bond
- Poster Auctions International Inc. issues
Benjamin F. Clifford
- Books by Roderick L Haig-Brown
Don Cochrane
- Original copies of the Harmac Newsletter from 1938-1945 belonging to
Laura Cochrane's files
Norman C. Collingwood
- Materials relating to BC history and monograph and monographic sets
John S. Conway
- Additional materials to existing John Conway Fonds
Stanley Deane
- 57 books including warfare and history
- 60 books, relating to popular history, art and travel
Robert Duncan
- textual records and photographs related to the documentary film
Greg E. Franklin
- materials related to the Duchess of Atholl taken by Benjamin Franklin
Michael Friedlaender
- German Language Monographs
Jorge Garcia
- Monographs on various aspects of Latin America, mostly in Spanish
Helen L. Hager
-Materials belonging to Mary Bollert and Totem yearbook issues
Janet Hall
- Archival material and ephemera related to Jack Scott, circa 1930's-
Blanche Howard
-Additional materials to Blanche Howard fonds including correspondence
with Carol Shields and family
George Knox
- Three antiquarian books
Joy Kogawa
- Archival material on the National Association of Japanese Canadians
- Materials on Japanese redress and events related to the Joy Kogawa
cont'd on next page
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix D
The following donors contributed gifts between April 1, 2013 and March 31, 2014.
$1,000 TO $24,999
Rudolf Kovanic
- Two video tapes and an interview with Ian McTaggart-
Cowan by Bristol Foste
- Antiquarian maps and engraved views
Walter F. Lanz
- Additional materials to the Dorse McTaggart Fond and two
prints by George Hunter
Stan Manson
- Folio leaves from psalters and books on calligraphy and
George McWhirter
- Personal papers created/collected by George McWhirter
Dorothy Morse
- archival material related to Robert Allison Hood ca.
William H. New
- Four boxes of papers created/collected by William H. New
Trudy Pekarsky
- Architectural Digest issues
Gordon Price
- Digital images of urban design
F Leslie Reed
-Records related to Leslie Reed
- Materials related to Canfor Forest Products in the 1980's
and photographs in 1950's
- Flyfishing books
Karen Smithson
- Materials created by Elliot Weisgarber including musica
sketches and recordings
Yvonne Smitz
- Correspondence sent by Claire Culhane 1979-1996
Martin R. Taylor
- Three boxes of materials related to the Paisley Snail Case
Madhu Varshney
- Hindi poetry by Madhu Varshney
Jean Wilson
■ Letters written to Jean Wilson by Jane Rule or Helen Sonthoff from
Cen-gion Yen
- Chinese books
Thomas C. Brown, Sheila J. Munro and Lynda Tanaka
- Archival material related to Frank H. Brown, circa 1930-1982
Jill Cooper-Robinson, Jean Robinson Hughes, and Christoper
-Collection of photographic negatives on Japan
$500 TO $999
Corinne L. Durston
- Historical Canadian children's books
Stanley Greenspoon
- Mathematics books
Christine M. Hellwig
- Monographs on Southeast Asia
John M. Klassen
- Monographs, mostly in Czech
Kristin Krimmel
- Materials including maps, atlas and conference proceedings
Costa Papadopoulos
- Dental journals
Mary Ridington
- Materials for the John Ridington Collection
- Mechanical engineering textbooks
Grants play a vital role in funding UBC Library's services and
projects. Highlights from 2013/14 include:
Council on Library and Information Resources
Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives grant.
$88,332.00 to support the Discovering Modern China project.
Korea Foundation
$20,836.00 for the expansion of Korean collections in the Asian
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix E
The Library administers a number of award programs and provides funding for
various community engagement projects on an annual basis. Each program has
eligibility criteria, an adjudication or nomination process and recipients are formally
recognized and announced through the Library's communication channels and, in
some instances, more formally at specific events.
The GSS cIRcle Open Scholar Award is a collaboration between the Graduate Student Society and cIRcle - the University's
digital repository that was set up by UBC Library in 2007. The award highlights UBC as a leader in the open dissemination of
graduate student work, and creates an incentive for graduate students to populate cIRcle with material beyond theses and
Authors of each winning submission receive a cash prize of $500.
Sam Bailey and Shona Robinson were recognized for their entry Aesthetic Assessment of Drinking Water at UBC: A
Comparison of Waterfillz and Tap Water: both belong to the Pollution Control and Waste Management Group at UBC's
Department of Civil Engineering.
Christian Brady - a Master's student in the Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies - was selected
for his entry, entitled Podcasting Lucan and the Classical World
Robert J. DeAbreau, a graduate student in UBC's Mathematics Education Program, was recognized for Poor Roots and
Weak Stem: Potential issues in STEM Leadership Programs, a paper written for an education leadership course
Donnard MacKenzie, a PhD student in UBC's Drama and Narrative Studies, won for Thomas at Mile Zero, a coming of
age story set as a West Coast drama/comedy circa 1982.
Established by the UBC Library in 2010, the Innovative Dissemination of Research Award focuses on new and innovative
ways of communicating and disseminating knowledge. The Award honors UBC faculty, staff and students who are expanding
the boundaries of research through the creative use of new tools and technologies that enhance the research findings being
disseminated. The award consists of a $2,000 cash prize.
David Ng. a UBC geneticist, was recognized for Phvlo. a trading card game with a biodiversity twist and crowd-sourced content.
The game attempts to engage players in environmental education through gamification and an open philosophy that makes
all Phylo elements - ranging from printable cards to computer coding - freely available to anyone. Contributors have included
scientists, artists, programmers, educators, intellectual property lawyers and gamers.
The Basil Stuart-Stubbs Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Book on British Columbia is an annual prize sponsored by
UBC Library and the Pacific BookWorld News Society, and recognizes the best scholarly book published on a B.C. subject
by a Canadian author. The author receives a $1,000 prize. The award was established in memory of Basil Stuart-Stubbs. a
bibliophile, scholar and librarian who passed away in 2012.
In 2014, North Vancouver author David Stouck won for Arthur Erickson: An Architect's Life, a biography on the renowned local
architect. His extensive study details the manifold contrasts and contradictions of Erickson - a one-time UBC architecture
professor who became internationally renowned and designed some of Vancouver's signature buildings (including UBC's
Museum of Anthropology. The two other short-listed titles were Charles Edenshaw by Robin Kathleen Wright, Daina Augaitis,
Robert Davidson and James Hart (Black Dog Publishing) and Inventing Stanley Park: An Environmental History by Sean Kheraj
(UBC Press).
UBC Library's Staff Recognition Awards acknowledge the many ways in which staff contribute to UBC Library through creativity,
innovation, excellence, and customer service. Nominations are from within the Library and each recipient receives a cash $750
award and glass-etched award, presented at the annual Library Staff Appreciation Luncheon during the summer. The Award
program began in 2012. 2013 Award Recipients:
Unsung Hero Award - Mahmoud Moulay, Facilities Assistant
Innovation Award - Paul Joseph, Systems Librarian
Employee Excellence Award - Rod McFarland, Programmer Analyst
More details about each award category and recipient profiles for the current and previous years are available online
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix E
The Library administers a number of award programs and provides funding for
various community engagement projects on an annual basis. Each program has
eligibility criteria, an adjudication or nomination process and recipients are formally
recognized and announced through the Library's communication channels and, in
some instances, more formally at specific events.
The Aboriginal Audio Digitization and Preservation Program (AADPP) provides matching funds for B.C. Aboriginal organizations
to digitize audio cassette tapes for preservation and access. The AADPP is a pilot initiative led by UBC Library's Irving K. Barber
Learning Centre in partnership with the Museum of Anthropology.
2014 Recipients
Lake Babine Nation
Splatsin Tsm7aksaltn Teaching Centre Society
Tsleil-Waututh Nation
Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs
Tahltan Central Council
Additional details about how much each recipient received and their project overview is available online
The BC History Digitization Program promotes increased access to British Columbia's historical resources by providing matching
funds to undertake digitization projects that will result in free online access to unique provincial historical material.
In 2014, successful projects included the Nikkei National Museum's Japanese Canadian Stories project; Barkerville Heritage
Trust's effort to digitize Chinese language Collections; the Museum of Vancouver's Fashion Accessories Digitization; and the BC
Dairy Historical Society's Butter-Fat magazine Digitization Project.
Recipients for 2014:
Barkerville Heritage Trust
BC Dairy Historical Society
Beaty Biodiversity Museum - Spencer Entomological Collection
BC Government Publications Digitization Group
Esquimalt Municipal Archives
Jewish Museum and Archives
Museum of Vancouver
Nikkei National Museum
Northern BC Archives
Prince George Public Library
Reach Gallery and Museum
Simon Fraser University Library
Squamish Public Library
Thompson-Nicola Regional District Libraries
Touchstones Nelson
Trinity Western University Archives
United Church - Bob Stewart Archives
University of Victoria Libraries
City of Vancouver Archives
Vancouver Public Library
Additional details about how much each recipient received and an overview of the projects funded is available online
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix E
The Library administers a number of award programs and provides funding for
various community engagement projects on an annual basis. Each program has
eligibility criteria, an adjudication or nomination process and recipients are formally
recognized and announced through the Library's communication channels and, in
some instances, more formally at specific events.
The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and the Centre for Community Engaged Learning provides funding to faculty members
creating remote community based experiential learning (CBEL) opportunities for UBC students. The funding supports
collaborations between UBC students and organizations located in BC communities outside of the Lower Mainland. Applications
are accepted on a rolling basis until the full amount of $30,000 is awarded.
Recipients for 2013/14:
Six applications were received for the 2013/14 academic year. Half of the applications were for Term 1 and the other half for Term
2. Additional details about how much each recipient received and project overview is available online
Term 1:
Course - COMM 468 (Marketing Applications)
Community Partner: Whistler Grocery Store
Amount: $3,000
Course - PLAN 548F (Sustainability, Planning and Governance Approaches to Whole Region Change)
Community Partner: Shawnigan Basin Authority
Amount: $5,000
Course - Student Directed Reesarch for graduating thesis
Community Partners: Canadian Wildlife Service, Parks Canada, BC Wildfire Management, Ecological Restoration, private sector
consultants in Okanagan and East Kootenays
Amount: $4,970
Term 2:
Course - COMM 468 (Marketing Applications)
Community Partner: Tofino Surf Shop
Amount: $3,000
Course - SOWK 415 (Field Education)
Community Partner: Ministry of Family and Child Development, Gibsons and Pemberton
Amount: $4,950
Course - FRST 424 (Sustainable Forest Management)
Community Partner: MacLeod Lake Indian Band, District of Mackenzie, Nuxalk Development Corporation
Amount: $5,000
Course - LFS 350 (Land, Food and Community II)
Community Partner: Gambier Island Sea Ranch, Galiano Island Club Community Food Program
Amount: $4,080
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Appendix F
Prepared using data from the 2013/14 academic year.
UBC Library advances research, learning and teaching excellence by connecting
communities within and beyond UBC to the world's knowledge. The Library, a high-
ranking member of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), is the largest library
in British Columbia and provides access to expanding digital resources and houses an
on-site digitization centre. For more information, visit
15 branches across
2 campuses
$34M annual GPO
259 full-time staff
• 86 librarians
■   173 management & support staff
• 41 student employees
• 14 out of 115 university libraries in the
Association of Research Libraries (ARL)
• 2nd among Canadian academic
libraries (ARL)
• cIRcle, UBC's information repository,
ranks 2nd in Canada and 44th globally
among 1,650 repositories.
More than 7™ volumes
More than I.4M e-books
220,000e journals
500,000+ items
locally produced digital collections
More than
5 miflion e-book downloads,
8 million e-joumal downloads
How we spend $ on
Shifting from
print to electronic
79"    72
PRINT # ^m
LLLL I   null IV.
t—'l     —'
2002/2003     2011/2012
VisitS (JAN-DEC 2013)
Copyright assistance
■ Provided 27 copyright workshops to
campus groups
■ Assisted 600 courses
■ Reviewed more than 2,000 items
(course readings, images, and media)
on request
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate
Librarians provided
1,466 instructionals
to more than 35,500
and answered
■ 54,648 in-person
■ 11,740 online
reference questions Appendix G
The UBC Okanagan Campus Library's #morelibrary campaign encouraged
responses to the question, "What more do you want from your library?"
The responses are shown in the infographic below.
Library Services
Food/Food Services
We received over 400
responses, which Tell into
6 categories
Study Space
\a/P I  IQTPM PPi Bc,sed on ^e #nnorelibrary feedback, weve
WD LIO I DIN DL/ made numerous imnrovemente to tie libraru
Significantly reduced login
rimes on library computers
New wall-mounted
whiteboards For study rooms
An additional study room
and new tables for group
work available on main floor
128 seats added, including
new study carrels and
group tables
More working electrical
outlets for the new tables
and study carrels
15+ new laptops for the
laptop lending program
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate Acknowledgement
/ would like to thank the many contributors to this ret
those who aided in its development and production.
Linda Ong
Assessment Librarian
Jeremy Buhler
Jessica Woolman
Published By
University of British Columbia Library
rving K. Barber Learning Centre
1961 East Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia
Photo Credits
From left to right:
ROW 1: Martin Dee
ROW 2: UBC Library
ROW 3: Martin Dee
Bottom: UBC Library
PG 2: Martin Dee
PG 3: "Colonial Hotel. Soda Creek." 1867
PG 5: "Photograph depicting couples quarrelling," ca. 1910
PG 8: Nikko ovama ezu. 1850
PG 9: University Endowment Lands map, 1926
PG 10: 56th report of the Okanagan Historical Society, 1992
PGs 4, 6,7,11,12,13: UBC Library
UBC Library
January 2015
Report   of   the   University
Librarian   to   the   Senate our Ninety-Ninth Year
UBC Library
I UBC I      a place of mind


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