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Report of the University Librarian to the Senate 2011

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2 010-2011
L            T
—J*      ^—L
llJ 4.         -m
>*iUU  Pt-
Transforming into a 21st-century Research Library
a place of mind
01 Message from the
University Librarian
09 A: Library Staff
10 B: Library Statistical Summary
ii C: Library Expenditures
12 D: Friends of the Library and the
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre 2010/11
14 E: Grant Funding
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www. library.u be. ca Message from the
University Librarian
It is my pleasure to present the 2010/11 Report of the University
Librarian to the Senate. This past fiscal year was a defining one for
UBC Library. The implementation of a transformational strategic plan
began, innovative digital initiatives were pursued, and the Library
engaged actively with students and the community. Highlights of
these and other activities are outlined in this report.
Ingrid Parent
University Librarian
UBC Library's Strategic Plan 2010-2015
In the spring of 2010, UBC Library presented a new
strategic plan to guide the institution for the next Ave
years (please see for
more information). The document, prepared following
extensive consultation with internal and external stakeholders, features Ave strategic directions: Enhance Student
Learning; Accelerate Research; Manage Collections in a
Digital Context; Engage with Community; and Create an
Exceptional Work Environment. These directions also align
Report of the University Librarian to the Senate   oi Message from the University Librarian
with Place and Promise, the strategic plan for UBC as a whole (please see for more information).
Next steps included beginning the plan's implementation and informing stakeholders about developments. The Library produced its first Community Report, an
overview of the strategic plan's first year. Highlights include a new collaborative
space for users at Woodward Library; the establishment of the Canaccord Learning
Commons at the Sauder School of Business (Canada's first dedicated learning
commons within a business school); the establishment of the GIS/Data Research
Lab at Koerner Library, offering spatial and statistical analysis to support research;
and the launch of the Small Business Accelerator, a gateway to business information for entrepreneurs throughout British Columbia.
UBC Library was able to leverage its funding to purchase more material, largely due
to the Canadian dollar being above par with the U.S. dollar for a lengthy period.
Total collections in fiscal 2010/11 expanded by 300,000 items to about 6.4 million
items. In addition, the Library enhanced access to its collection of more than
02   Report of the University Librarian to the Senate 875,000 e-books, thanks to the significant addition of bibliographic descriptions to
the Library catalogue. Although loans of print materials dropped slightly, visits to
UBC Library's website totalled about 6.9 million, an increase of nearly 500,000 over
the previous year.
While print publications continue to be acquired, an increasing amount of material
is available in electronic formats. In 2010/11, e-resource spending accounted for
more than 70 per cent of the Library's collections budget, up from 25 per cent a
decade earlier.
cIRcle ( - UBC Library's open access digital repository for the
University's research and teaching materials - continued to expand, growing to
31,700 items. Items include the full text of more than 28,000 UBC theses and
dissertations, ranging from 1919 to the present.
The Library was able to acquire large sets of digital resources requested by UBC
faculty. Two significant examples include: the British Periodicals Collection I and II,
which feature more than 460 journals in total; and the newspaper bundle from
Gale CENGAGE Learning, which features British and U.K. newspapers from the 17th,
18th and 19th centuries.
The Library also had important accruals to five archival collections: children's
illustrator Anne Blades; author/artist Douglas Coupland, science fiction and
technical writer Crawford Killian; science fiction writer Spider Robinson; and John
Keenlyside, whose collection encompasses the history of law in B.C.
Each year, UBC Library benefits greatly from the generosity of donors, who provide
valuable funding for many projects and gifts-in-kind that enhance collections
(please see Appendix D for further donor details).
One highlight involved Canadian Pacific (CP), which provided $500,000 for projects
related to the promotion of the Chung Collection (,
including its digitization, a video recording of Dr. Chung and the collection, and an
illustrated publication. UBC Library is grateful to CP, and to all of its supporters.
The Library's strategic plan emphasizes the importance of preserving collections in
order to meet curriculum and research needs. In January, a Librarian of Preservation
and Collection Management Programs was appointed. This role will: establish a
Report of the University Librarian to the Senate   03 Message from the University Librarian
preservation program to address the needs of UBC Library's collection assets;
advance the preservation of, and access to, Library collections in support of learning
and research at UBC; and ensure the continued existence over time of outstanding
print, electronic and other information resources for students, faculty, staff and
community members.
While the Library is pursuing an ambitious digital agenda, it is also dedicated to
providing proper stewardship of, and access to, its vast print collections. Indeed,
another strategic plan goal is to make collections easier to find for Library users. An
inventory program was developed to ensure that the Library catalogue reflects, as
accurately as possible, its holdings of physical items that are available for consultation and lending.
By the end of fiscal 2010/11, the inventory program had been completed for Koerner
Library and the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. It was also underway at the
Education Library, and is set to expand to the Music, Woodward and David Lam
libraries in the next fiscal year.
The Digital Agenda
Addressing the challenges and reaping the benefits of today's digital environment is
a top priority at UBC Library. As part of this process, the Library hired a Director of
Library Digital Initiatives, who led the formation of the Digital Initiatives Unit. This
team - which features specialists in digitization, scholarly communications and
copyright - was formed to lead the Library in transforming its services to meet the
teaching, learning and research needs at UBC.
Photo caption goes here.
Meanwhile, the B.C. History Digitization Program
marked its fifth year of assisting communities
throughout B.C. to celebrate and promote their
heritage. This innovative initiative from the
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre provides
matching funds to libraries, archives, museums
and other organizations around the province to
digitize material related to the history of British
Columbia. In 2011, nearly $180,000 was awarded
to 21 projects; altogether, program funding has
totalled more than $820,000 for 98 projects
throughout British Columbia.
04   Report of the University Librarian to the Senate '   .00
, ~*M
if iff win
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
In 2010/11, student engagement highlights involved initiatives undertaken by the
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and its Chapman Learning Commons (CLC), a
collaboration between the Library, Student Development and the Centre for Teaching,
Learning and Technology.
The CLC, located in the restored core of the historic 1925 Main Library, offers a range
of services to support learning, research, writing and technology use. The campus-
wide Learning Centre website, found at, is a vital tool
that students access to benefit from learning support resources, including tutoring,
academic coaching and study toolkits.
The Learning Commons Student Advisory Committee was established in 2010 to
offer a venue for students to bring forward issues and ideas related to the Chapman
Learning Commons and the Learning Commons website. The committee's mandate
was expanded in early 2011 to include items related to student learning on a Library-
wide basis.
The Interim Director of the Learning Centre continued in his role as the Chair of the
B.C. Digitization Coalition, which facilitates discussion regarding digitization strategies in communities across the province.
The Learning Centre regularly partners with groups to present events that explore a
range of current issues. For example, it partnered with UBC Continuing Studies and
worked with various UBC departments, including the Department of Asian Studies
Report of the University Librarian to the Senate   05 Message from the University Librarian
The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre will be not only
a focal point of education for students and teachers
at UBC but will also support lifelong learning by
people throughout B.C. and the world. It will enable
them to work effectively together in continuing to
build a better British Columbia through the sharing
of knowledge and experience.
From The Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Statement
of Purpose and Charter of Principles
and the First Nations Studies Program, to
develop the Lifelong Learning Series.
The Learning Centre also partnered with
the Vancouver Institute to present an
illustrious speaker series.
The Robson Reading Series, put on by the
Learning Centre and UBC Bookstore,
presented readings and talks by esteemed
Canadian authors at UBC and beyond.
Events included Action from Annabel Lyon
and narratives from Michael Nicholl
Yahgulanaas, who combines traditional
Haida stories with Japanese-style
manga comics.
Chinese Canadian Stories
One of the best examples of the Library's many engagement activities is the Chinese
Canadian Stories portal (, a collaborative project that
features the legacies of Chinese Canadians who helped shape Canada. The project
received a $900,000 grant from Citizenship and Immigration Canada's Community
Historical Recognition Program (CHRP), which was announced in August by Alice
Wong, Parliamentary Secretary of Multiculturalism, during a visit to UBC's Vancouver campus. The final portal will launch in the fall of 2012 and provide a one-of-a-
kind site with English, Chinese and French resources for students, researchers and
teachers, along with learning resources for elementary and secondary teachers, and
virtual experiences on portable interactive kiosks. A series of promotional events
and workshops will be offered across Canada.
Collaboration is key to success for many initiatives, and UBC Library is involved in
an array of partnerships and projects. The Library is a member of various regional
and national organizations, including the Canadian Association of Research Libraries, the Association of Research Libraries, the British Columbia Electronic Library
Network and the BC Digitization Coalition.
06   Report of the University Librarian to the Senate Encouraging Diversity
UBC Library presented its first "Living Library" event as a way to promote diversity,
and share a broad range of views and opinions, in an interactive setting. This concept
features real people, most of whom hold UBC connections, who are "lent out" to
speak about their lives and experiences with interested users. UBC Library acknowledges the input and assistance from Douglas College and the Coquitlam Public
Library for this special event.
The 21st-century Research Library
Opportunities and Challenges
Fiscal 2011/12 promises to be another decisive year for UBC Library as it deals with
issues of space, staff and technology. As noted earlier, the Library is in the midst of
implementing an ambitious five-year strategic plan that will see the evolution of
many existing services, programs and operations.
Four core service reviews will be undertaken, for Library Services and Information
Technology, Technical Services, Reference Services and Circulation. While we anticipate some needed changes, we also acknowledge that uncharted areas lie ahead. The
Library will need to adopt a flexible approach in order to meet shifting user needs,
adapt to rapid technological change and help support Place and Promise.
The repurposing of space will be a priority, as we investigate how parts of the
Library's vast print collection can be efficiently housed and accessed elsewhere. This,
in turn, will provide us with opportunities to envision new and flexible spaces for
students. Indeed, the Library will pursue the establishment of a Research Commons
in Koerner Library with a goal of developing new user-centred spaces, services and
technology. With a focus on graduate students and faculty in the humanities and
social sciences, the space will support interdisciplinary research and collaboration.
UBC Library's digital agenda will benefit greatly from the opening of a new, innovative space to house the Digitization Centre. Priorities include the British Columbia
Historical Newspapers Digitization Project, the British Columbia Bibliography Project
and the development of digital preservation programs and services.
The creation and use of data in its myriad forms by faculty and researchers is
increasing in academia. Accordingly, UBC Library will participate in an ARL (Association of Research Libraries) eScience Institute, along with several other universities
across the US and Canada. This process will assist the Library to play a leadership role
Report of the University Librarian to the Senate   07 Message from the University Librarian
in terms of developing a strategic agenda for eScience support on campus. It is
expected that a pilot project around data curation and other activities supporting
data management for UBC's research communities will be implemented.
UBC is transitioning to a new copyright environment, spurred in part by changes
proposed by Access Copyright, an organization that collects copyright fees for publishers from postsecondary institutions. The Library will need to be actively involved to
inform and support its users and the broader University community about changes to
policies and procedures related to the copying and distribution of information.
As Co-Chair of the Scholarly Communications Steering Committee, spearheaded by
UBC Library in 2010,1 look forward to working with my other committee colleagues
from across the University on topics regarding scholarship in the digital age. Priorities include the development of a University-wide position on open access, the
impact of new forms of information creation and distribution on tenure and promotion, and a review of challenges facing university publishing.
These are inspiring times for UBC Library and, indeed, for all academic libraries that
are defining their roles in the 21st century. As we pursue our paths and take on new
directions and responsibilities, I look forward to working with the Senate Library
Committee, an invaluable liaison between the Library and the broader academic
Finally, in 20111 will take on an additional position as President of the International
Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). IFLA, founded in 1927 and
headquartered in The Hague, includes more than 1,600 members from 120 countries.
It is the only organization that speaks for library associations, institutions and
librarians around the world (see for more information). A Deputy
University Librarian will be appointed to direct the Library when I am away for
IFLA-related business.
This will be the first time that a Canadian will head IFLA, and it is a great honour to be
elected to this international position. I look forward to using my experience as UBC's
University Librarian to influence my vision for IFLA, and I hope to bring IFLA values
and activities to Canada - and to UBC.
Ingrid Parent
University Librarian
08   Report of the University Librarian to the Senate Appendix A
Library Staff
(April l, 2010 - March 31,2011)
Heads and Branch Librarians:
Art + Architecture + Planning - D. Vanessa Kam
Asian Library - Eleanor Yuen
Biomedical Branch Library - Dean Giustini
Borrower Services, Circulation - Lynne Gamache
Borrower Services, Interlibrary Loan - David Winter
Chapman Learning Commons - Simon Neame; Julie Mitchell (effective December 2010)
Collections -Jo Anne Newyear Ramirez
Communications and Marketing - Linda Ong (effective August 2010)
David Lam Management Research Library - Jan Wallace
Education Library- Christopher Ball
Hamber Library - Tricia Yu
Humanities and Social Sciences Division - Peter D James
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre - Sandra Singh (resigned effective December 2010);
Acting Head, Simon Neame
Law Library - Sandra Wilkins
Library Digital Initiatives - Allan Bell (effective September 2010)
Library Systems and Information Technology-Renulfo Ramirez
Music Library - Kirsten Walsh
Rare Books and Special Collections - Ralph Stanton
Robson Square Library - Leonora Crema
Science & Engineering - Aleteia Greenwood
St. Paul's Hospital Library - Barbara Saint
Technical Services - Maniam Madewan
UBC Okanagan Library - Melody Burton
University Archives - Chris Hives
Woodward Library and Hospital Branch Libraries - Greg Rowell (resigned effective November
2010); Acting Heads, Teresa Lee, Kathy Hornby; Life Sciences Libraries - Interim Head,
Kathy Hornby (effective February 2011)
Xwi7xwa Library - Ann Doyle
Library Operations Management Group
University Librarian - Ingrid Parent
Associate University Librarian, Collections - Jo Anne Newyear Ramirez
Associate University Librarian, Planning and Community Relations - Leonora Crema
Associate University Librarian, Public Services - Lea Starr
Associate University Librarian, Library Systems and Information Technology - Renulfo Ramirez
Director, Communications and Marketing - Linda Ong (commenced August 2010)
Director, Finance and Facilities - Corey Sue
Director, Human Resources-Deborah Austin
Director, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre - Sandra Singh (resigned effective December 2010);
Acting Director, Simon Neame
Director, Library Digital Initiatives - Allan Bell (commenced September 2010)
Report of the University Librarian to the Senate   09 Appendix B
Library Statistical Summary (includes Okanagan Campus)
(April l - March 31)
March 31,2011
March 31,2010
Library Collections
Total Volumes
Digital Collections
E-journal titles 2
cIRcle (includes e-theses)
Digitization projects (pages
, images, titles, files)
Other Formats
Archives (metres)
Audio/visual, cartographic,
Services: Teaching and Learning
Online classes
Online participants
Total questions answered
Online reference
In-person visits
Website visits
Staff (FTE)
Management and Professional (M&P)
Support Staff
Student employees
Total FTE All Staff
1 Number of catalogued titles
2 Journals accessible through Summon, UBC Library's discovery tool
10   Report of the University Librarian to the Senate Appendix C
UBC Library Statement of Expenditures
(Fiscal Year April l, 2010 - March 31, 2011, Vancouver campus)
1 Benefit funding and expenses were transferred to UBC Library in 2010/11. These benefit
charges were paid by UBC Finance prior to 2010/11.
2 Includes UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan; aside from 2006/07, financial reporting includes
results solely for UBC Vancouver
Scope of Financial Information
The funds included in this financial report are:
1   General purpose operating funds
1   Fee for service funds
1   Specific purpose funds
1   Endowment funds
Report of the University Librarian to the Senate   11 Appendix D
Friends of the Library and the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
(April l, 2010 - March 31,2011)
The following donors contributed
gifts between April 1, 2010 and
March 31, 2011.
President's Circle
(Lifetime Contribution,
$250,000 and above)
Chancellor's Circle
(Lifetime Contribution,
$25,000 to $249,999)
Wallace B. Chung
Estate of William C. Gibson
Hamber Foundation
ITF MC Leaseholds Ltd.
Estate of Toni Onley
David T. Suzuki
Wesbrook Society
(Annual Contribution,
$1,000 to $24,999)
Anmar Fund
Mike Apsey
S. Tremaine Arkley
Franc Boltezar
Canadian Council of Archives
Joanne Caple
Sandra L. Cawley
Columbia Basin Trust
Sharon M. Crabtree
Robert K. Dent
Allan S. Donsky
David Drazin
Estate of Oenone Judith Dundas
Daniel G. Foster
Ethel M.Fulton
Frederick Greer Charitable
Remainder Trust No. 1
Hartley & Marks Publishers Inc.
Andrew Hinds
John F.Howes
Ronald A. Jobe
Clive L. Justice
John S. Keenlyside
Kuyzah Kim
Joy Kogawa
Sam T. Kwauk
Jenifer C. Liew
Henry Luck
Mary L. MacDonald
Parviz Maghsoud
Carolyn A. Malchy
Elizabeth Malcolm
George L. Malpass
H. Edward McLean
Patricia J. Montpellier
Sarah Neale
Donald G. Newton
Cornelia H. Oberlander
Donald I. Ourom
Douglas D. Paterson
Vera Pech
Port Alberni Shipping Co. Ltd.
Potters Guild of B.C.
James A. Rainer
12   Report of the University Librarian to the Senate Andres Resto
Estate of Doris Kathleen Shadbolt
Ursula M. Schmelcher
Heather Spears
Spectra Energy
John E. Stainer
Ralph J. Stanton
Diana Sullivan
Theresa Thomas
Shui Y. Tse
Roland Whittaker Charitable Trust
Estate of Sonia Williams
(Annual Contribution,
$500 to $999):
Elizabeth Anda
Gordon R. Ashworth
Ivan Avakumovic
G. Pat Blunden
Laurence L. Bongie
John H.Bowles
Marjory Bromhead
Tin L. Chan
Janice Chapman
Catherine A. Clark
Gerry Clarke
Bruce P. Dancik
Santoso Danudjaja
Theresa Dietrich
D. Bruce Dyck
Bruce Frankard
Edward B. Freeman
Richard D. French
Kathleen Giffin
Sean D. Gilbert
Goreff/Neuwirth Charitable Trust
James H. Goulden
Ronald A. Greene
JeanM. Groves-Sordi
Chantal Hilton
Don Hopkins
John Kastelic
Kazutoshi Komiya
Michael Laine
Peter Lannon
Michael LeRoss
David G. Malaher
Dr. Maureen O'Brien
Professional Corp.
James M. Orr
Mark Robinson
Robert S. Rothwell
Lois P. Smith
Carmen Uifalusi
Len Vandenberg
Steve Wang
Lorraine Whale
Jadeene Wheaton
We strive to ensure the
accuracy of the list of
donations received between
April 1,2010 and March 31,
2011. If there are any
omissions or updates,
please contact the Library
Development Office at
Report of the University Librarian to the Senate   13 Appendix E
Grant Funding
(April 1, 2010 - March 31,2011)
With budgets underpressure,grants
play an increasingly important role in
funding services and projects. Highlights
from 2010/11 include:
Columbia Basin Trust
$3,000 for University Archives.
$4,600 for University Archives.
UBC Bookstore
$5,000 for the Robson Square
Reading Series.
David Drazin
$6,185 for cataloguing of donations to
Rare Books and Special Collections (RBSC).
Canada Council for the Arts
$6,400 for the Robson Square
Reading Series.
$10,000 for Asian Library renovation.
Sharons Credit Union
$10,000 for the Korean Canadian Heritage
Archive database project, Asian Library
Estate of Oenone Judith Dundas
$10,260 for the maintenance of
Renaissance Studies books.
Hamber Foundation
$25,000 for the last instalment of a five-year
grant for RBSC cataloguing.
BCcampus Online Program
Development Fund
$25,407 (second instalment) for the Digital
Tattoo project.
Wallace B. Chung
$16,470 for student hiring, summer 2010,
by RBSC; $25,000 for changes to the
Chung Room.
UBC Classroom Services
$50,000 for the Woodward lower level
VP Research
$25,512 for TLEF Awards 2010/11 - online
learning opportunities for commuter
and distance education students; $32,300
for TLEF Awards 2010/11 - co-curricular
learning tools assessment, evaluation
and development for a business school
learning commons.
Department of Citizenship and
$448,741 for the Chinese Canadian
Stories project.
Korean Foundation
US$4,500 for the Korean Studies
e-Resources program, Asian Library;
US$20,000 yearly contribution for Korean
collections expansion, Asian Library.
MC Leaseholds Ltd.
$25,000 for junior archivist for Bick
Lee Collection
14   Report of the University Librarian to the Senate Acknowledgement
/ would like to thank the many contributors to this report
and those who aided in its development and production.
Ingrid Parent
University Librarian
Glenn Drexhage
Assessment Librarian
Margaret Friesen
kube Communication Design Inc.
Photo/Image Credits
Cover, PGs 10,15,16, 21 - Rare Books and Special Collections
PG 01-Eugene Lin
P(5ssQ3, 04,13 - University Archives
PGs o5^*i20 - Lara Swimmer Photography
PG 07 - Bud Mor*«rison
PG 11 - Kat McGratrf*
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Published By
University of British Columbia Library
Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
1961 East Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6T 1Z1
vh 2012 


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