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The Report of the University Librarian to The Senate 1961-11

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The University of British Columbia
46th year: September i960 to August 1061
The Report of the 'University Jybrarian to The Senate The University of British Columbia
The Report
of the University Librarian
to the Senate
46th Year
September i960 to August 1961
November 1961 Contents
Review  1
Collections  1
Sevices and Facilities  4
Staff  7
Recommendations  9
Acknowledgments  11
Report Upon Library Divisions  13
A. (1) Expenditures for Books, Periodicals,
and Binding
(2) Volumes added to the Collections
B. New Periodicals Received
C. Selected List of Notable Acquisitions
(I) Serials  (II) Books  (III) Manuscripts
D. Loan and Interlibrary Loan Statistics
E. Library Staff as of August 31, 1961
F. Professional Activities of Staff
G. Senate Library Committee
H. Council of the Friends of the Library
Cover design by Robert R. Reid The Report of the University Librarian to the Senate
On Becoming a Research Library... The shape of things to come
for the University of British Columbia Library is easily foreseen.  Its record of growth and its continuing responsibilities
assure its eventual development Into a large research library.
In 1960/61 the University Library took two long steps into its
future; the collections passed the half-million mark, and the
creation of the subject divisions provided the organizational
basis for service in depth.
The fine, round number of 500,000 (achieved this summer)
gives an unaccustomed visibility to the state of the book
stock. Normally collections grow up all but Imperceptibly
and only the cataloguer's statistics mark the cumulative
effects of daily acquisitions.  In 1960/61 the University
Library came 37,556 volumes closer to its goal of excellence;
the size of the collection at the end of the fiscal year was
489,926 volumes.
These figures compare favorably to the preceding year's
32,951 volumes added and total of 452,370, but the Increase
warrants no smugness. The gain is almost wholly attributable
to the growth of the College Library (11,093 volumes). The
net increment of new titles, as distinguished from volumes
added, proceeded, in fact, at a somewhat lesser rate than
before. New periodical subscriptions, to cite a telling example,,came to only 193 this year, as contrasted with 272
in the preceding period.
This slackening pace directly reflects the effects of a
fiscal setback which saw the Library's book funds from all
sources held pretty well static ($236,884 as against $221,534).
In a period of constantly rising book prices, more input is
regularly needed to produce the same output. The devaluation
of the Canadian dollar aggravated the problem.
Fortunately, the Library's acquisitions do not derive
solely from purchases or University appropriations. Notable
contributions of funds were again received from such regular
friends of scholarship as Mr. Walter C. Koerner (Slavonic
studies, humanities); Dr. H. R. MacMillan (forestry, history);
the Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation (Asian studies, literature,
history, and law); the Otto Koerner Memorial Fund (fine arts);
the Men's Canadian Club of Vancouver (Canadiana); the Institute
of Chartered Accountants of B. C (accounting); the B. C.
Association of Broadcasters (communications); and Frank W.
Horner Ltd. (pharmacology).
To this roll of honour are to be added this past year's
new and welcome names: the Anne S. Campbell Estate (the Osier
Collection); the Pacific Division of the Canadian Jewish
Congress (Judaica); the Frederick Townsend Estate (international relations); the Wellcome Fund (history of science
and medicine); the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (physiotherapy); the Canada Council (Slavonic studies).
For a library, books make common currency with dollars,
and in 1960/61 the collections were substantially enriched by
the following donations of impartant research materials:
Mrs. Leonard R. Andrews (the Tolmie papers); Mrs. Henry F.
Angus (first editions of Christina Rossetti); Mrs. Henry Bulwer
(English literature and history); the late Henry Doyle
(Canadiana); Mrs. H. A. Dyde (the Alan B. Plaunt papers);
Mr. Neal Harlow (Callforniana); the late Robert Allison Hood
(personal papers); the Japan-Canada Society (fine arts and
gardening); Mr. Walter C Koerner (rare Bibles); Dr. H. R.
MacMillan (history and Canadiana); Mr. Justice Norris (military
trials); the Honourable Frank Ross (periodical files); Dr. W. N.
Sage (history); the late T. L. Thacker (biological sciences);
the Ukrainian Book Society (Ukrainian literature and history).
Through the good offices of Professor W. Holland, the University Library also acquired the collection formed by the Institute
of Pacific Relations, a fine working library of some 5,200
volumes on Asian studies.
An acquisition of international interest was neither
purchase nor gift. The four Shakespeare Folios, ..a collector'.s
dream, came to the University as a permanent loan from the
famous Folger Library of Washington.
When friends and benefactors bring such good tidings, it
is only fair to let joy break in. The University Library can now boast of a substantial and youthful collection, strong at
the points of greatest need (periodical files, standard works,
reference sets) and with little of the deadwood that encumbers
the shelves of older libraries. It is certainly a far better
library than its size alone would indicate.
But these reports, by tradition and design, stress needs
more than accomplishments. The University Library will be
truly adequate only when it provides in large measure the
materials needed for advanced study by its own faculty; it
will be distinguished only when its resources attract scholars
from other institutions. Even the lesser goal is not yet in
sight, and the next half-million volumes must come quickly on
the heels of the first.
Services and Facilities
In matters library, demand apparently follows supply.
When the new Walter C. Koerner wing made available attractive
accomodation for another thousand students, seemingly double
that number came to take advantage of it. The College Library
expanded its book stock and circulation mounted at a proportionate rate. The subject divisions offered a more extensive
reference service and the demands for assistance grew in scope
and depth.
The heavy use of the Library was visible and audible;
visitors from other universities have invariably described it as unusually high. No formal count of attendance was made,
but the staff's impression is that 90$ of the seats were occupied right up until 5 o'clock.
With some 1,500 students in the building during most hours
of the day and several hundred coming and going at the end of
every class period, noise inevitably continued to be a problem.
However, the employment of a commissionaire did much to reduce
distractions and decibels, while the removal of the public
catalogue to the concourse area alleviated the congestion outside the Ridington Room, Interestingly enough, some of the
reading rooms (Humanities, Science, and Special Collections),
by a self-induced policing on the part of the students who
used them, established a pattern of customary quiet. All in
all, the noise problem has been, could be, worse.
Statistics of circulation confirm the influence of augmented collections and Improved facilities. Total issues
through the Circulation Division rose by 19$ over 1959/60
(391,355 vs. 328,142); of these, the College Library accounted
for about one fifth. It is perhaps more significant to note
that issues of "reserve books" declined by 26$ as students,
particularly in the College Library, were provided with enough
copies to obviate the necessity for restricting loans to two-
hour periods. When it is considered that in this past year,
for the first time, all students had access to the shelves
and needed not charge out materials merely to examine them, the extent of effective reading may be fairly judged to have gone
up appreciably, certainly by a factor well exceeding the rise
in enrollment.
The lengthening files of call slips attest to the work of
the lending services, but how to mark the dimensions of the
Library's teaching functions? How much information did the
Social Sciences Division convey in answering some 17,000
reference questions? What bibliographical guidance did the
Biomedical Librarian bring by her fifteen lectures to eight
classes? When 1,500 students voluntarily attended illustrated
talks on the use of the Library, what effect did these have on
their studies? How much reading did the Library's displays
promote? What gain or saving did librarians' searches bring
to scholars' researches?
No certain answers can be given, but queues at the desks
and the testimony of satisfied inquirers suggest that the Library's informational services operated at greater range and
depth than ever before.  Advanced students and faculty members
gravitated to the subject divisions for the assistance that
specialized bibliographical knowledge could furnish. Individual conferences with the College librarians helped freshmen
get their bearings in the choice and use of books. Two new
services met up with old needs: the Science Division assembled
translations, and the "information desk" staff made a complex
catalogue seem less formidable. The realignment into subject divisions brought its share
of difficulties too, notably in the retraining of staff and
the relocation of materials. In the Chinese manner, 1960/61
could certainly have been called "the year of the guinea pig".
But the problems of reorganization were basically temporary
and managerial, and the gains are likely to be permanent and
solidly academic. Working within a more restricted field than
traditional reference librarians, the divisional staff should
come to have a much closer knowledge of their materials and
the needs of their clientele. Given opportunity for additional
training, the "subject librarians" should be able to provide
specialized bibliographical knowledge for the support of
advanced study and research.
It is the Library staff that translates books and building
Into an effective educational force. In its own interest the
University must therefore seek to assure for its librarians the
salaries and working conditions that make for high morale and
professional growth.
A vexingly high rate of turnover, particularly among the
library assistants, continued to be a serious problem. For
example, the Circulation Division had to contend with eight
resignations from five such positions, the Acquisitions Division
with five resignations from three positions, and so on.  In one 8
topsy-turvy period of four months, over 45 vacancies had to
be filled in all I
With a constantly changing non-professional staff plus a
wholesale realignment of duties to effect in the subject divisions, the division heads had to carry exceptional responsibilities. Their importance to the Library and to the University
has never been adequately recognized. The present range in
salary between beginning professional librarians and division
heads is only $2600. The resultant squeeze seriously hinders
staff development.
The beginning professional salaries at the Library, once
as good as any in Canada, have fallen behind those at Toronto
and .Alberta, and the same is true of the intermediate ranks.
The University Library has never been able to fill its complement of professional positions (four were vacant last year).
It must seek to bring its whole salary scale up to a fully
competitive level.
Another requisite is greater opportunity for librarians
to enhance their professional qualifications. A research
library calls for staff with specialized knowledge. Librarians
at U.B.C. should be given time and funds for observational studies
of other libraries and for courses in university departments.
In a year when changes were almost too numerous to note,
three resignations still call for special mention. Neal
Harlow, the University Librarian, resigned in June after ten
years of truly outstanding leadership. Mrs. Anne Brearley, the organizer and first head of the Science Division, resigned
in August, having made signal contributions in the inception
and improvement of services. Miss Anna Leith is her capable
Miss Mabel Lanning, head of the Circulation Division,
retired after the end of the period under review, but her
thirty-five years of unstinting work cannot wait another
year for the telling. Always visible and seldom sufficiently
recognized, Miss Lanning never gave less than her best. She
has come to constitute a large part of the University's small
stock of legend, and the Library will simply not look the same
without her. Mr. Inglis Bell, a seasoned administrator,
takes over her responsibilities and tradition of service.
1. Collections. Teaching departments have rung yearlong changes on a common theme: more funds for books and
periodicals. Last year's report recommended an increase of
$50,000 (none was forthcoming). No less is needed now and
much more would be quite in order.
2. Staff. Beginning professional salaries should be
as good as the best in Canada. It is recommended that the
base rate be raised from $4600 to $5000.,
Serving scholarship, university librarians should be
encouraged to Improve their own scholarship. It is recommended that provision be made for study and travel leave and 10
that staff members be allowed to take university courses
at no charge.
If the Library is important to the University, then so
are the Library's chief officers. Division heads with long
experience are now paid less than many high school teachers.
Salaries for this key group of Library personnel should be
reviewed and brought into line with their responsibilities.
The Library's service load grows inexorably as collections,
enrollment, teaching programmes and graduate studies expand
annually. The need for more staff on all levels is easily
projected, and it is recommended that additions be made to
obviate crises rather than palliate them.
3* Facilities. Many faculty members miss having a
reading room of their own in the Library. An area in the ,'
stacks, conveniently close to the books themselves, could
be remodeled to this end. The proposal warrants serious
consideration for a special grant.
"Photocopies while you wait" represents an old dream
of librarians and scholars. Recently developed equipment
makes the provision of such service quite feasible. A number
Of university libraries now furnish photocopies to faculty
members at nominal charges and consider the convenience well
worth the cost. The argument is equally valid here, and it
is recommended that budgetary provision be made for the
operation of a freely available photocopying service. 11
With Thanks
If annual reports could bear dedications, Neal Harlow
would have incontestable claim to this one. The accomplishments described herein have been chiefly of his doing, as
will future progress stem largely from his planning. He
has relinquished his office but not his place in the Library.
In a year of so many beginnings and "interim" direction,
tfhe division heads and senior librarians have had to take on
added burdens and unusually heavy responsibilities. Invariably
they were cheerfully borne and ably carried out; the rest of
the story is told in the reports that follow. The writer
owes all these friends and colleagues personal as well as
official thanks.
The Library touches the university community at many
points and commensurably claims the help of many people without its walls: the President, Board of Governors, and members
of the University administration; the Senate Library Committee
and the Senate itself; Its own "loyal order of Friends of
the Library"; the faculty members who acted as representatives
of their departments to and from the Library; the many other
faculty members who had no such duties but gave similar
assistance. They more often hear of the Library's claims
than its thanks. Let this statement of sincere appreciation
be some redress.
The School of Librarianship, for so long a regular topic
of discussion in these pages, is now a reality which must 12
account for itself. But as the Librarian's annual report
carried the School's story up to the present, so should it
record the thanks of the School for all that is past.
Finally on a personal note, As Acting University
Librarian I have been peculiarly dependent upon others and
particularly upon the Assistant Librarian and the Chairman
of the Library Committee. May I acknowledge here my
indebtedness to Miss Anne Smith and Dr. Ian Cowan for the
advice I solicited from them and for the encouragement they
freely gave. Most of all, thanks to Hilda Maclean and
Basil Stuart-Stubbs for daily help that was never measured
out in office hours.
Samuel Rothstein
Acting University Librarian 13
Report Upon Library Divisions
Acquisitions Division.  (Miss Eleanor Mercer)
Buying books is the main business of the Acquisitions
Division.  In the past year 32,493 volumes were received
(compared with 28,515 in 1959/60), of which 4,637 (2,931)
came by gift or exchange. Expenditures increased by $15,353.11
to attain a new high of $229,884.20; even so, lack of funds
made it necessary to hold back some 3,000 requisitions.
Increases were also noted in incoming and outgoing mail, and
the Faculty Delivery Service handled 14,691 books and magazines (14,240). Against a background of increased work load,
the Division suffered an unfortunate turnover of staff, with
nineteen changes in thirteen positions.
Serials Division (Mr. Roland Lanning)
With the reorganization of the Library, the Serials
Division no longer served the public directly and became
almost wholly a purchasing, preparations and recording centre.
As such, it now shares the technical services area with the
Acquisitions and Cataloguing Divisions. The grouping of related activities has brought a real gain in convenience, but
the bindery preparations section is still handicapped by
inadequate quarters. Like the subscription list, the Division's
work load grows steadily larger, and this pressure may account
for the high rate of turnover in staff. Statistics record a
modest Increase in bound volumes delivered to the stacks
(10,423 vs. 10,286), but it is only proper to note that the
number of missing and mutilated issues seems to have gone up
as well.
Bindery (Mr. Percy Fryer)
The Bindery's notable record of producing annual increases
in output with the same size of staff was maintained this year;
12,356 volumes in full binding were processed (11,797). It is
also clear that existing facilities have probably reached their
maximum. A second shift will soon be required to deal with the
impending backlog of journals, paperbacks, and rebinds.
Cataloguing Division (Mr. G. G. Turner)
In its task of organizing and describing the Library
Collections, the Cataloguing Division catalogued and classified 14
41,147 volumes (33,485 last year), of which 10,423 were bound
serials (10,286).  Including volumes withdrawn, recatalogued,
rebound and replaced, the Division's total production reached
49,529 volumes handled during the year.  In addition to its
usual duties, the Division was heavily involved in recataloguing
and record-changing as a result of library reorganization, and
in preparing some 16,000 volumes for the College Library. For
the first time the cataloguing of materials in Chinese and
Japanese has been undertaken. Even with one professional
position vacant most of the year, the backlog of unprocessed
material (2,982 volumes) increased by only 336 volumes.
Additional staff will be needed to reduce this backlog and
to commence the cataloguing of the extensive and important
collection of the Institute of Pacific Relations.
Circulation Division (Miss Mabel Lanning)
At the main Loan Desk a record 220,125 (201,833 the
previous year) volumes were loaned, despite the existence of a
new College Library as the primary lending agency for first
and second year students. The Reserve Book Collection was
reduced to less than half of its 1959/60 size, yet circulation
decreased by only 26$ to 92,470. Total book circulation,
including College Library books, was 391,355 volumes, a 19$
Increase over last year's total. With growing use of the
collections, wear and losses have become serious problems.
A partial inventory revealed that 1,049 books were missing,
and rebinding on a large scale is a pressing need.
College Library (Miss Eleanor Cock)
In the College Library first and second year students
find an open stack collection of books adjacent to two reading
rooms furnished with individual study desks. The combination
is designed to induce wider and more effective use of library
materials. Students are encouraged to browse as well as study;
the collection includes many books of general interest, with
paperbacks and current magazines as added enticements to
reading. The formula has seemingly worked, for attendance
and circulation have both been high. The 8,000 volumes of
September grew to 16,000 by August, but until the optimum
stock of 40,000 volumes is attained, faculty members and
librarians will have to give high priority to the work of
book selection. 15
Science Division (Miss Anna Leith)
The raison d'etre of the Science Division is better
and more specialized service to members of faculty and students
in the fields of chemistry, mathematics, physics, engineering,
agriculture, botany and home economics. The arrangement of
materials places abstracts, indexes and reference books
conveniently close to current journals and to the collection
of bound scientific journals and books. This arrangement not
only brought books and readers closer together, but also
brought the staff into closer contact with faculty and
students. The staff has tried to make its patrons aware
of library resources outside the science departments' own
laboratory collections and to have its services give maximum
support to research.
Social Sciences Division (Miss Joan O'Rourke)
The Social Sciences Divison provides specialized
reference service to students and faculty in anthropology,
sociology, geography, political science, economics, commerce
and education. In large addition, the Division also acquires,
records, and gives reference service with the Library's collections of maps, microfilms and government documents. During
the year 5,871 of the Division's collection of unbound periodicals were circulated, 36,927 government documents were added
to the collection, and 17,177 questions were answered. It is
probably the busiest of the subject divisions and the need for
additional staff is a paramount concern.
Humanities Division (Mrs. Joan Selby)
The Humanities Division gives reference service in the
subject areas of philosophy, religion, history, literature
and language. During the year the Division answered 6,979
personal and telephone inquiries. The Division is also responsible for interlibrary loans; these amounted to 848 items
secured and 2,220 volumes lent in the course of the year.
Bibliographical services arebeing expanded to include the
publication of subject guides to the Division's reference
Fine Arts Room (Miss Melva Dwyer)
The Fine Arts Room provides reference service for and
circulates the Library's materials on fine arts, architecture, 16
music and the dance. Remodelling greatly increased reading
space, and with the addition of a new staircase its stack area
was doubled. To keep abreast of growing demands, the Division
extended hours of service from 54$ to 65f per week. Increased
enrollment in music and fine arts courses made Itself felt
in book use: 13,435 volumes were loaned, and thousands of
others were used within the study area of the Division.
Biomedical Library (Miss Doreen Fraser)
The Biomedical Library, the prototype of the subject
divisions, celebrated its tenth anniversary by the formal transfer of the biological sciences, excepting botany, to Its sphere
of operations. The holdings in medicine alone now total 43,342
volumes, the Cunha Osier Collection being the most notable
acquisition of the year. The use of the Library, particularly
at the Branch maintained in the Vancouver General Hospital, has
gone up sharply, with attendance nearly one-third higher and other
statistics on a similar pattern. Commensurate increases in staff
must soon follow. The establishment of the B. C Medical Library
Service by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British
Columbia is worthy of special note, for the new Service promises
to have a close working relationship with the Biomedical Library,
Asian Studies  (Miss Tung King Ng)
In mid-December i960 the Asian Studies department was
established to order, receive, catalogue and give public service for all materials in Asian languages. Operations and
services are now well under way; 676 titles have been catalogued,
1480 have been ordered, 741 have been received and 497 loaned.
The collection, now approximating 80,000 volumes, is dominated
by the P'u Pan Chinese library, which includes 309 titles of
extreme rarity. Modern works, both in Chinese and Japanese,
cover a comprehensive range of subjects, with chief emphasis
on history and social science. But development raises new
problems: space is limited, and book funds fall short of needs.
Special Collections Division (Mr. Basil Stuart-Stubbs)
The Special Collections Division provides facilities
for the preservation and use of rare, valuable and beautiful
books, manuscripts, special subject collections and university
archives. The book collection is dominated by the libraries
of the late F. W. Howay, R. L. Reid, A. J. T. Taylor and
Thomas Murray; in combination they provide one of Canada's 17
most notable collections of Canadiana. The collections also
contain many books notable for their beauty, rarity or provenance, such as the four Shakespeare folios deposited here
by the Folger Library in October, i960. Almost two hundred
volumes have been purchased this year to supplement the
collections; 2,237 volumes were consulted, of which 925 were
University of British Columbia theses.
Curriculum Laboratory (Mrs. Emily Woodward)
The Curriculum Laboratory, operated by the Library
with the support of the Faculty of Education, supplies
student teachers with text-books, course outlines, pictures
and other materials needed in the preparation of lesson plans.
Now located in the old Faculty Club, it will eventually move
to a central position in the new Education Building. In
keeping with the general pattern of expanding library use,
circulation of all materials rose from 42,169 items to 60,337.
At the end of the year the collection stood at 13,859 volumes,
an Increase of 3,730. Losses are a source of growing concern,
as is the well evident shortage of staff.
Extension Library (Miss Edith Stewart)
The Extension Library provides direct and mail service
in four areas: general reading to residents of British Columbia
who do not have access to public libraries; plays for theatre
groups; assigned reading for Correspondence Course students;
supplementary reading to those taking non-credit extension
courses. The services of the library are not widely advertised, so that the number of registered borrowers changes
little from year to year. This year a total of 626 borrowers
used 21,228 books. But numbers cannot express the degree of
appreciation expressed every year by the province-wide
membership, composed of persons who would otherwise find
it difficult or impossible to read as widely and as well as
they do. APPENDIX A
(1) Expenditures for Books, Periodicals, and Binding
(Fiscal years, April through March)
Binding Books-Periodicals-Blndine
Books and Periodicals
Library Budget $112,449.15
College Library 26,544.73
Research Special Grant
Faculty of Medicine 26,716.76
Faculty of Law 12,012.17
Faculty of Education 10,131.96
Non-University Funds  25,494.90
$131,791.19 $23,730.52
$213,349.67  $229,884.20 $30,734.00  $37,974.49
(2) Volumes added to Collections (Net)
1959/60 1960/61
Books 22,565  27,133
Serials 10,286  10,423
Total volumes    32,851  37,556
Size of Library 452,370 489,926
$244,083.67  $267,858.69 APPENDIX B
New Periodical Titles Received
Abstracts of Japanese medicine
Academia de la Historia. Boletin
Acta arithmetica
Acta Poloniae hlstorlca
Acta virologica
Advances in analytical chemistry and instrumentation
Advances in fluorine chemistry
Advances in morphogenesis
Advances in X-ray analysis
African studies
Akademiia nauk SSSR. Institut istorii. Doklady i sooshcheniia
Akademiia nauk SSSR. Institut Okeanologii. Trudy.
Akademiia nauk SSR. Izvestiia. Seriia geograficheskaia
Akademiia nauk SSSR. A translation of Doklady, biological
sciences sections
Akademiia nauk SSSR. A translation of Doklady, botanical
sciences sections
Akzente; Zeitschrift fiir Dichtung
Alberta journal of educational research
Altdeusche Textbibliothek
Altdeutsche Ubungstexte
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
Accounting trends and techniques
Annales de chirurgie infantile
Annales pharmaceutiques francaise
Annual review of pharmacology
Annuale mediaevale
Architectural history
Archiv der Pharmazie
Archiv fiir Molluskenkunde
Archiv fiir Protistenkunde
Archive for history of exact sciences
Archives des lettres canadlennes
Arctic circular
Association for Computing Machinery. Communications
Association of Pacific Coast Geographers. Yearbook
Australian and New Zealand journal of obstetrics and
Australian journal of education
Beautiful British Columbia
Beitrage zur neotropischen Fauna
Biophysical journal
Bird migration
Bird study
British journal of aesthetics
Business horizons Appendix B (cont.)
Cahiers de civilisation medlevale
Canadian Sikh
Central Asian review
Chemical titles
Children's Asthma Research Institute and Hospital, Denver.
Computer bulletin
Computer journal
Computing reviews
Contemporary China
Distribution age
Drama survey
Dun's review and modern industry
Electrochlmica acta
Elemente der Mathematik
Engineering and industrial psychology
Export trade
Expository times
Gazette des beaux-arts
General and comparative endocrinology
Genetica Polonlca
Geograflcheskoe obshchestvo SSSR.  Izvestila
Geografiia v shkole
Gnomon; kritische Zeitschrift fiir die gesamte klassische
Historical Society of Ghana. Transactions
Historical Society of Southern California. Quarterly
History and theory; studies in the philosophy of history
I P Q; International philosophical quarterly
ISA journal of Instrumentation, automatic control and
Index chemicus
Index to book reviews in the humanities
Indian geographical journal
Industrial wood processing (tr. Russian)
Insecta Japonlca
International Atomic Energy Agency. Bibliographical series
International journal of comparative sociology
International journal of heat and mass transfer
International Journal of neurology
International review of tropical medicine
International series of monographs on nuclear energy.
Division V. Health physics
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. Journal
International zoo yearbook
Istorickl casapis
Japanese heart journal Appendix B (Cont.)
Journal of atherosclerosis research
Journal of atmospheric and terrestrial physics
Journal of cardiovascular surgery
Journal of chemical documentation
Journal of child psychology and psychiatry and allied
Journal of counseling psychology
Journal of ecclesiastical history
Journal of education [Hong Kong]
Journal of education for librarianship
Journal of health and human behaviour
Journal of Industrial economics
Journal of insurance
Journal of mathematical analysis and applications
Journal of retailing
Journal of surgical research
Journal of theological studies
Journal of theoretical biology
Journal of trauma
Kootenay graphic-news
Kunst und Literatur
Kwartalnik historyczny
Labor history
Le magazin Maclean
Manitoba pageant
Medicine, science and the law
Michigan history
Minnesota. University. Pamphlets on American writers
Modern Language Association of America. French III.
Bibliography of French seventeenth century studies
Motor carrier
Musica liturgica
National Industrial Conference Board [All publications]
Nation's business
New York history
New Zealand monthly review
Newcomen Society for the Study of the History of
Engineering and Technology, London. Transactions
Newsletter on intellectual freedom
Notre Dame journal of formal logic
Nouvelle revue francaise d'hematologie
Nova hedwigia
Nuclear fusion
Office administration
Office equipment and methods
Operations research
Osteuropa-Recht. Gegenwartsfragen aus dem sowjetischen
Rechtskreis Appendix B (cont.)
Pakistan geographical review,
Paris.  Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientlflques.
Publications mathematiques
Paris. University. Institut Henri Poincare. Annales
Perceptual and motor skills
Pharmaceutica acta helvetica
Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. Index of
new products
Plains anthropologist
Plan Canada
Plant administration
Polish western affairs
Problems of the north (tr. Russian)
Progress in aeronautical sciences
Progress in cryogenics
Progress in experimental tumor research
Psychological reports
Pure and applied chemistry
Quarterly checklist of classical studies
Quarterly checklist of medievalia
Quebec (City) University Laval. Institut d'histoire.
Recherches sociographiques
Revue de 1'enseignement superieur
School counselor
Scientific information notes
Selected translations in mathematical statistics
and probability
Sinn und Form; Beitrflge zur Literatur
Skriabin, Konstantin I. Trematody zhivotnykh cheloveka
Societe' Geologique de France. Memoires
Soil and foundation
Southern speech journal
Steam chest
Stratford-upon-Avon studies
Studies in philosophy and education
Studies in Asia
Symposium on comparative biology ^
Szazadok; A Magyar Toertenelml Tarsulat koezloenye
Texas quarterly
Theatre research
Thrombosis et diathesis haemorrhagica
Torrey Botanical Club. Memoirs
Traffic world
Uchenye zapiski po novoi i noveishei istorii
Ukranian record Appendix B (cont.)
Vocational guidance quarterly
Wall street journal [Pacific edition]
Walpole Society. Annual
Water Pollution Control Federation. Journal
Why magazine
Wine magazine
World affairs
Yale University. School of Medicine. Department of
the History of Medicine. Publications
Yale University. Yale studies in English
Zastosowanla matematyki
Zeitschrift fiir allgemeine MIkrobiologie
Zeitwende; die neue Furche
Zoology of Iceland APPENDIX C
Selected List of Notable Acquisitions
Part I: Serials
Acta eruditorum. v, 1-6, 1682-87
Akademiia nauk SSSR. Institut Istorii. Srednie veka.
v. 4-8, 10-16
Akademiia nauk SSSR. Institut Okeanologii. Trudy.
Transactions, v. 21, 24, 25, 28, 30-32, 34
Altdeutsche Textbibliothek. Nr. 2-3, 18, 23, 39, 46, 49-54
Altdeutsche Uebungstexte. v. 1-17, 1946-60
American journal of pharmacy, v. 1-29, 33-86, 112-114, 118
American Laryngological, Rhinological and Otological Society.
Transactions, v. 4, 6, 13-14, 45, 48, 50-53
American midland naturalist, v. 1-8, 1909-23 (Mlcrocard)
Annales de geophysique. v. 8-12, 1952-55 (Mlcrocard)
Annales mycologici. v. 37-42, 1935-44 (Mlcrocard)
Arbor. 118 volumes
Archaiologike Etaireia. Ephemeris. 1862-74, 1883-96, 1956
Archaiologike Etaireia. Praktika. 1870-82, 1885-86, 1888-93,
Archives Internationales d'histoire des sciences, n. 1-4,
10-16, 25-29, 31-51
Arctic circular, v. 1-13, 1948-60
Association of Pacific Coast Geographers. Yearbook.
v. 1-9, 19-22
Bach-Jahrbuch. Jahrg. 22-27, 37, 39-42, 44
Church.  1837-56 (Microfilm)
Columbia University. Psychology Library. Author Index to
Psychological index, 1894 to 1935, and Psychological
abstracts, 1927-to 1958. 5 volumes
Dawson news. 1900-54 (Microfilm)
Deutsche pharmazeutische Gesellschaft. Berichte. v. 1-33,
Elements der Mathematlk. v. 1-15
Hispanla; revista espaftola de historia. No. 1-79
Jahrbuch fiir romanlsche und englische Sprache und Literatur.
15 volumes (Mlcrocard)
Jahresbericht GynSkologle und Geburtshllfe. v. 1-3, 5-50,
Journal of atmospheric and terrestrial physics, v. 5-20,
Journal of experimental education, v. 1-4, 11, 1923/33-
1935/36, 1942/43
Journal of experimental psychology, v. 2-3, 6-9, 1917-20,
1923-25 (Mlcrocard)
Iburnal cf philosophy?-'v. 1-3, 1904-06'(Mlcr6card) .r«)
'Jourrjal.of political economy, v. 1t16, 1892-1908 *•
Jugoslavenska  Akademija Znanostl 1 Umjetnosti. Rad.
24 volumes Appendix C (cont.)
Monatshefte fiir Chemie und verwandte Telle anderer
Wissenschaften. v. 1-74, 1880-1943 (Mlcrocard)
Muzejsko Drustvo za Slovenijo, Ljubljana. Glasnlk.
v. 1-26, 1919/20-45
New York times. 1939-45 (Microfilm)
Paris. Universite\  Institut d'Ethnologie. Travaux
et memoires. 17 volumes
Perceptual and motor skills, v. 1-4 (Mlcrocard),
v.  5-11,   1955-60
Pfliigers Archiv fiir die gesamte Physiologie. des Menschen
und der Tiere. 18 volumes
Pravda. 1917-37 (microfilm)
Protoplasma. v. 32-35, 1939-41 (Mlcrocard)
Psychological monographs: general and applied, v. 1-3,
5, 28 (Mlcrocard)
Revolution francaise; revue d'histoire contemporaine.
v. I-69, 1881-1916; Tables. 1-59
Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. North
China Branch. Shanghai. Journal, v. 27, 37-38,
44-45 66-67 69-70 72
The times/ London. 178(3-1828, 1930-37 (Microfilm)
Tokyo. University. Earthquake Research Institute.
Bulletin, v. 24-37, 1946-59
The Vancouver daily province. 1955-1960 {Microfilm)
Virchows Archiv fiir pathologische Anatomie und Physiologie
und fiir klinische Medizin. v. 247-249, 251-255,
257-258, 271-282, 307, 309
Walpole Society. Annual, v. 5-6, 9-10, 12-22, 24-32,
34, 36-37
Welt und Wort. Jahrg. 1-13, 1946-58
Yukon sun. v. 1-5, 1897-1904 (Microfilm)
Yukon world, v. 1-5, 1904-09 (Microfilm)
Zeitschrift fiir die gesamte Neurologle und Psychiatrie.
v. 1-175, 177-178; v. 1-4, 1910-13 (Bibl.)
Zentralblatt fiir Gynakologie. v. 13-16, 45-52, 61-64, 68
Zentralblatt fiir Hals- Nasen- und Ohrenheilkunde sowie
deren Grenzgebiete. v. 1-37, 1922-43
Zentralorgan fiir die gesamte Chirurgie und ihre
Grenzgebiete. v. 6I-67, 69-74, 92-96, 100-108
Part II: Books
The address presented to His Excellency the Right Honourable
Sir Chas. I. Metcalfe, Bart., G.C.B., Governor-
General of British North America, on the occasion of
the resignation of his late advisers. Toronto, 1844.
(Gift of Dr. H. R. MacMillan) Appendix C (cont.)
Allied Commission for Austria. Minutes of the Allied
Council and of the Executive Committee, 1945-1955,
Microfilm edition. 23 reels.
Ambros, August Wllhelm. Geschichte der Musik. Mit
Zahlreichen Notenbeisplelen und Musikbeilagen.
Leipzig, 1880-1911. 5 v. (The Leon and Thea Koerner
Astrana Marin, Luis. Vida ejemplar y heroica de Miguel
de Cervantes Saavedra, con mil documentos hasta ahora
ine'ditos y numerosas ilustraciones y grabados de
epoca. Madrid, 1948-56. 7 v.
Atkins, John. A voyage to Guinea, Brasil, and the West
Indies; in His Majesty's Ships the Swallow and Weymouth.
2d. ed. London, 1737.  (Gift of Dr. H. R. MacMillan.)
Baker, Edward Charles Stuart. Birds. 2d. ed. London,
1922-30. 8 v.
Benyowsky, Mauretius Augustus. Memoirs and travels ...
consisting of his military operations in Poland, his
exile into Kamchatka ... London, 1790. 2.v.
(Gift of Dr. H. R. MacMillan.)
Bible. Latin.  [Blblia Sacra] Venice, Octavianus Scotus,
1480.  (Gift of Mr. Walter C. Koerner.)
Bible. English. The whole Byble ... truly and purely
translated into Englische by Mayst. Thomas Mathewe
... Zurich, Christopher Froschover, 1550.  (Gift of
Mr. Walter C. Koerner.)
Bible. English. The Holie Bible. London, Richard Jugge,
1568.  (Gift of Mr. Walter C. Koerner.)
Bible. English. The Bible, that is, The Holy Scriptures
conteined in the Olde and Newe Testament ... London,
Christopher Barker, 1599,  (Gift of Mr. Walter C.
Bible. English. The Bible: that is, The Holy Scriptures
conteined in the Old and New Testament. London,
Robert Barker, 1603.  (Gift of Mr. Walter C Koerner.)
Bible. English. The Holy Bible, conteyning the Old
Testament, and the New: Newly translated out of the
Orlglnall tongues ... London, Robert Barker, l6ll,
(Gift of Mr. Walter C Koerner.)
Bible. English. The Bible: that is, the Holy Scriptures
contained in the Old and the New Testament. London,
Robert Barker, 1616.  (Gift of Mr. Walter C. Koerner.)
Bible. English. The Holy Bible containing the Old Testament
and the New ... Cambridge, Tho. and John Buck, 1633.
(Gift of Mr. Walter C, Koerner.)
Biologie centrali-americana. London, 188-  51 v.
Bodoni, Giovanni Battista. Manuale tipografico ... Parma,
1818. 2 v.  (The Walter C. Koerner Grant for the
Humanities and Social Sciences.) Appendix C (cont.)
Boswell, James. The life of Samuel Johnson ... London,
1791. 2 v.  (Gift of the late Henry Doyle.)
British Museum. Dept. of Manuscripts. A catalogue of
the Harleian manuscripts in the British museum.
London, 1808-1812. 4 v.  (The Leon and Thea Koerner
Calvin, John. The Institutions of Christian Religion,
translated by Thomas Norton. London, 1578.  (Gift
of Mr. Walter C. Koerner.)
Ceske biografle. Prague, 1936-41. 3 v.  (The Walter C.
Koerner Grant for the Humanities and Social Sciences.)
Claudin, Anatole. Histoire de 1'Imprimerie en France au
XV et au XVI siecle. Paris, 1900-14. 4 v.
Cortes, Hernando. Cartas de relaci6n^de la conquista de la
Nueva Espaha, escritas por Hernan Cortes al Emperador
Carlos V ... Graz, i960. Facsimile edition.
De Bury, Richard. Philobiblon; The text and translation
of E. C Thomas. Oxford, 1959.  (Gift of Richard
and Julian Blackwell.)
Dlugosz, Jan. Joannis Dlugossii senloris canonici
cracoviensis opera omnia. Cura Alexandrl
Przezdziecki edita. Cracovia, 1863-87. 14 v.
(The Walter C Koerner Grant for the Humanities
and Social Sciences.)
Erasmus, Desiderius. The seconde tome or volume of the
Paraphrase of Erasmus upon the New Testament ...
London, Edward Whitchurche, 1549.  (Gift of Mr.
Walter C. Koerner.)
Forbonnais,^Francois Veron Duverger de. Recherches et
considerations sur les finances de France, depuis
1595 Jusqu'en 1721.  Liege, 1758.  6 v.  (The Leon
and Thea Koerner Foundation.)
Foster, Sir William. The English factories in India; a
calendar of documents in the India Office, British
Museum and Public Record Office. Oxford, 1906-27.
13 v.  (Gift of Dr. H. R. MacMillan.)
France. Laws, statutes, etc. Bulletin des lois.
Paris. 56 v.
FriedlSnder, Max J. Die altniederlandische Malerei.
Leiden, 1934-37. 14 v. (The Otto Koerner Memorial
Gesellschaft fiir Geschichte der Juden in der Cechoslovakischen
Republik, Prague. Jahrbuch. Prag, 1929-1938. 8 v.
(Canadian Jewish Bicentenary Collection, Gift of
Canadian Jewish Congress.)
Gombrich, Ernst Hans Josef. Art and illusion; a study in
the psychology of pictorial representation. New York,
i960.  (The British Columbia Association of Broadcasters
Fund.) Appendix C (cont.)
Great Britain. Laws, statutes, etc. Die Gesetze der
Angelsachsen, hrsg. im Auftrage der Savigny-Stiftung
von F. Liebermann. Aaleh, 1960-61. 3 v.
Hamilton, G. D. Trout-fishing and sport In Maoriland.
Wellington, N. Z., 1904.  (The Harry Hawthorn
Foundation for the Inculcation & Propagation of the
Principles & Ethics of Fly-Fishing.)
Hollingsworth, S. Relation de l'gtat actuel de la Nouvelle
Ecosse. Traduit de l'anglois par F. Soules.
Edinburgh, 1787.
Linne", Carl von. Museum S:ae R:ae M:tls Adolphi Friderici
regis Svecorum ... Stockholm, 1754.  (The Fisheries
Library Fund.)
Micheli, Pierantonio. Nova plantarum genera iuxta
Tournefortii ... Florence, 1729.
Mollien, G. Travels in the interior of Africa, to the
sources of the Senegal and Gambia ... London, 1820.
(Gift of Dr. H. R. MacMillan.)
Musculus, Wolfgang. Commonplaces of Christian religion ...
for the use of suche as desire the knowledge of Godly
truthe ... London, 1563.  (Gift of Mr. Walter C. Koerner.)
New York. Public Library. Reference Dept. Dictionary
catalog of the Oriental collection. Boston, i960. 16 v.
New York Academy of Medicine. Library. Portrait catalog.
Boston, i960. 5 v.
The Parliamentary history of England from the earliest
period to the year 1803, from which last-mentioned
epoch it is continued downwards in the work entitled
"Hansard's parliamentary debates." London, l8o6-20.
36 v.  (The Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation.)
Rae, John. Statement of some new principles on the subject
of political economy, exposing the fallacies of the
system of free trade, and of some other doctrines
maintained in the "Wealth of nations." Boston, 1834.
(The Walter C. Koerner Grant for the Humanities and
Social Sciences.)
Richardson, John. Personal memoirs of Major Richardson ...
as connected with the singular oppression of that officer
while in Spain by Lieutenant General Sir De Lacy Evans ...
Montreal, 1838.  (The Men's Canadian Club of Vancouver.)
Rossettl, Christina.  [Her complete works, In first editions] »
(Gift of Mrs. Henry F. Angus.)
Rothschild, Lionel Walter Rothschild, baron. Extinct birds.
London, 1907.
Rymer, Thomas. Foedera, conventiones, llterae, et
cujuscunque generis acta publica, inter reges Angllae
... London, 1704-35. 20 v.  (The Leon and Thea Koerner
Sclater, Philip Lutley. The books of antelopes. London,
1894-1900. 4 v. Appendix C (cont.)
Staehlin, T. von. An account of the new northern
archipelago lately discovered by the Russians in
the seas of Kamtschatka. London, 1744.  (Gift of
Dr. H. R. MacMillan.)
Part III: Manuscripts
Malcolm Lowry Papers. 30 boxes, literary and personal
manuscripts, published and unpublished.
Alan B. Plaunt Papers. 28 boxes, dealing with early
history of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
(Gift of Mrs. Dorothy Dyde.)
S. F. Tolmie Papers. l8l boxes, comprising the official
and personal files of the late premier of B. C.
(Gift of Mrs. Leonard R. Andrews.) APPENDIX D
CIRCULATION STATISTICS—September i960-August 1961
Jun.  Jul.
Aug.  Totals
Loan Desk
11,156  22,476 26,913 15,644 27,678 27,986 27,666 15,048 7,546  5,849 20,441  11,722 220,125
Reserve Book
3,360  11,370  9,982  8,587  9,234 10,221 13,128 10,093   230   179 10,733   5,353 92,470
Pine Arts
Social Sciences
21,644  49,428 53,679 32,961 54,511 55,033  58,204 35,447 10,528 8,647 40,988  22,818 443,888
Extension Library
Interlibrary Loan Statistics
1960/61  1959/60
Volumes borrowed 643      843
Volumes leaned 2,220    2,504
Photocopies purchased        205
Rothstein, Samuel
Smith, Anne M.
Maclean, Hilda
Fukuyama, Mrs. Margaret
Traff, Vera
Mercer, Eleanor B.
Scott, Priscilla
Shields, Dorothy
Pavri, Mrs. Roda
Benyovits, Gyula
Mirvis, Gwendoline
StUck, Rudolf
Vltalis, Mrs. Esther
Forsythe, Mrs. Yvonne
Keddie, VICki
Spence, Joyce
Young, Nancy
Ng, Tung King
Fraser, M. Doreen E.
Allan, Helen
Killeen, Mrs. Phyllis
Ledgerwood, Mrs. Lynn
Mitchell, Delrdre
Dournovo, Tanya
Nielsen, Mrs. Roswitha
Turner, George G.
Dobbin, Geraldine
Little, Mrs, Margaret
Bewer, Lore
Dowd, Doreen
Selth, Geoffrey
Acting University
Assistant University
Stenographer II
Clerk II
Librarian II
Librarian I
Library Assistant
Clerk II
Clerk II
Clerk II
Clerk II
Clerk II
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Librarian I
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Stenographer II
Clerk I
Librarian III
Librarian II
Librarian I
Librarian I
Librarian I
Sept. 1947-
Sept. 1930-
Aug. 1959-
Aug. 1959-
Dec, 1956-
Oct. 1938-
July 1953-
July 1961-
July 1961-
April 196I.
May 1958-
Apr. 1961-
June 1961-
Feb. 1961-
July 1948-
July 1961-
Sept. 1952-
Aug. 1961-
Dec. 1960-
July 1947-
Sept. 1958-
Aug. I90I-
June 1959-
Sept. 1959-
July 1959-
May 1961-
June 1956-
June 1956-
Sept. 1956-
Sept. 1960-
July 1961-
June 1959- Appendix E (cont.)
Barr, Wendy
Buckle, Rex
Pike, Mary
Thompson, Mrs. Marilyn
Ross, Mrs. Wilma
Chute, Mrs. Dlanne
Garrard, Sharon
Goossen, Lorna
Rose, Mrs. Bessie
Lanning, Mabel M.
Bell, Inglis
Haughlan, Helen T.
Mossop, Helen
Williams, Leonard
Kuipers, Mrs. Marian
Rolfe, Dorothy
Blair, Diana
Bottinga, Mrs. Gertie
DeRuyter, Mrs. Anita
Ramsey, Lois
Wheatley, Carolyn
Zack, Marilyn
Cock, Eleanor
Hempell, Mrs. Lettice
Coe, Ngalre
Robertson, Kristine
Roth, Mrs. Evelyn
Woodward, Mrs. Emily
Cymbal, Halina
Bertsch, Mrs. Anneke
Stewart, Edith
Doby-Salamon, Mrs.Csilla
Dwyer, Melva
G^ongjfossy, Mrs. Maria
Brooke, Lynda
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Clerk II
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Librarian III
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Stackroom Attendant
Clerk II
Clerk II
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Senior Library
Library Assistant
Clerk I
Clerk I
Librarian I
Clerk I
Clerk II
Extension Librarian
Stenographer II
Clerk II
Clerk I
Sept. 1960-
May 1960-
Feb. 196I-
Sept. 1960-
May 1961-
July 1957-
Sept. 1960-
Sept. 1960-
July 1948-
July 1959-
July 1953-
Feb. 1961-
May 1961- Appendix E (cont.)
Selby, Mrs. Joan       Head
Kannawin, Jane        Librarian I
Williams, Mrs. Elizabeth Library Assistant
King, Mrs. Lorna       Clerk II
Forbes, Theresa        Clerk I
Sept. 1959-
Sept. 1960-
Sept. 1960-
Sept. 1959-
Aug. 1960-
Lelth, Anna
Johnson, Mrs. Marion
Thornton, Patricia
Hall, Mrs. Anne
Esakin, Mrs. Helen
Vanry, Mrs. Judith
Lanning, Roland J.
Johnson, Stephen
Chlkamori, Mrs. Elko
Edmonds, Mrs. Barbara
Gerwlng, Howard
Medveczky, Louis
Carroll, Jeanne
Dahl, Mrs. Eleanor
Fryer, Percy
Fryer, Percy, Jr.
Brewer, Mrs, Elizabeth
Jamieson, Margaret
Harrison, Roger
O'Rourke, Joan
Anderson, Susan
Maiin, Audrey
Wilson, Maureen
Simpson, Sarah
Blusson, Sandra
Boyd, Barbara
Ross, Elizabeth-Anne
Stuart-Stubbs, Basil
Carson, Anne
Atherton, James
Blazicevlc, Branko
Librarian II
Librarian I
Library Assistant
Clerk I
Clerk I
Librarian II
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Clerk II
Clerk II
Librarian I
Librarian I
Librarian I
Library Assistant
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Librarian I
Library Assistant
Clerk I
Sept. 1959-
June 1958-
July 1961-
Nov. 1960-
Sept. I960-
July 196I-
Sept. 1926-
July 1957-
July 196O-
Mar. 1960-
June 1960-
Aug. 1961-
Sept. 1960-
Feb. 1961-
Dec. 1951-
Apr. 1952-
Feb. 1952-
Oct. 1960-
Mar. 1957-
July 1948-
Aug. 1960-
July 1961-
Oct. 1959-
Sept. 1960-
Aug. 1960-
Aug. 1960-
Aug. 1960-
May, 1956-
July 196I-
June 1961-
Sept. i960- Appendix E (cont.)
Harlow, Neal
Bowker, Mrs. Mary
Library Assist.
Breuer, Otto
Library Assist.
Dennis, Mrs. Faith
Library Assist.
Higgs, David C.
Library Assist.
Szepesi, Mrs. Jane
Library Assist.
Bangert, Adolph
Clerk II
Lokhorst, Mrs. Judith
Clerk II
Brolund, Mrs. Mary-
Clerk II
Montgomery, Mae
Clerk I
Morrison, Marian
Clerk I
Rempel, Mrs. Hilda
Clerk I
Cummings, John
Library Assist,
Vespry, Mrs. Marianne
Bartlett, Martin
Macaree, Mrs. Mary-
Plows , Sharon
Robinson, Marian
Baker, Mrs. Gloria
Cunningham, Audrey
Mondin, Mrs. Elena
Butterfield, Rita
Harris, Robert
Kelly, Mrs. Eleanor
Wilton, Mrs. Margaret
Minard, Sylvia
M. Anne
Cartwright, Mrs. Edith
Librarian I
Library Assist.
Library Assist.
Library Assist.
Library Assist.
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Library Assist.
Library Assist.
Library Assist.
Library Assist.
Librarian I
Library Assist.
Clerk I
Aug. 1951-June 196I
1960-Aug. 1961
1960-Mar. 1961
1960-June 1961
1960-Apr. 1961
196l-Aug. 1961
1959-Apr. 1961
1959-Apr. 1961
1960-Oct. I960
1960-Aug. 1961
1960-Nov. i960
1959-June 1961
July 1958-Aug. 1961
June 1961-July 1961
July 1959-Nov. i960
May 1960-May 1961
Nov. i960-July 1961
Dec. 1956-Apr. 196I
June 1960-Sept. i960
Aug. 1960-Feb. 1961
Sept. 1959-Aug. 1961
Sept. 1960-Aug. 1961
May 1959-Nov. i960
June 1961-Aug. 1961
July 1960-June 1961
Sept. 1959-Feb. 1961
Sept. 1960-May 1961 Appendix E (cont.)
Flackett, Mrs. Gail
Magnuson, Mrs. Norma
DeJong, Mrs. Freya
Vogel, Betty
Brearley, Mrs. Anne
Charnley, Elizabeth
Conway, Marjorie
Morton, Mrs. Seraphine
Boak, Anne
Ball, Mrs. Mary
Gutteridge, Mrs. May
Lynch, Mrs. Isobel
Beattie, Margaret
Campbell, Edith
Library Assist.  Sept. 1960-Apr. 1961
Library Assist.  Sept. 1959-Feb. 1961
Clerk I Aug. 1960-May 1961
Librarian I
Library Assist.
Clerk II
Clerk I
Library Assist.
Clerk II
Clerk II
Librarian I
Library Assist.
Sept. 1956-Aug. 1961
Aug. 1956-July 1961
Sept. 1960-Oct. i960
Oct. 1960-Feb. 1961
Sept. 1960-June 1961
Nov. 1959-Sept. i960
Nov. 1960-Jan. 1961
July 1959-Nov. I960
Oct. 1953-Oct. I960
Aug. 1960-Sept. i960
May 1958-Sept. i960
Mozer, Mrs. Lorna
Library Assist.  Sept. 1960-Apr. 1961 APPENDIX F
Professional Activities
The University Library Staff
ALLAN, Helen. Member: C.L.A.; B.C.L.A.; A.L.A.
ANDERSON, Susan. Member: B.C.L.A.
BELL, Inglis F. Member: B.C.L.A.; C.L.A.; A.L.A. (Library
Periodicals Round Table); Bibliographical Society of
Canada; Editorial Committee, U.B.C. Alumni Chronicle;
Editorial Committee, Canadian Literature (Promotion
Manager); U.B.C. Publications Board. Attended:
B.CL.A. Conference. Lectures and Papers: Six
lectures on bibliography to students in English 200.
Publications: "Canadian Literature, i960: A Checklist,"
CanadlanTTE"erature No. 7:85-104, Winter, 196I;
"Libraries and Librarianship: Canada 1959/60,"
British Columbia Library Quarterly 24:5-8, October,
I90O; Canadian Editor, Annual BloTiography of English
Language and Llterature"voi. 3'd,   1955-1956T Cambridge,
University Press, 1961.
BEWER, Lore.  Member: B.C.L.A.
BREARLEY, Mrs. Anne. Member: B.C.L.A.; C.L.A.; A.L.A.;
(British) Library Association; B.C. Society for the
Study of the History of Science and the Philosophy
of Science. Lectures and Papers: B.C. Research
Council Research Colloquium, May, 1961, ("Problems
relating to scientific information"); Translations
available in the University Library (Reference
publication No. 15, Mimeographed); five lectures
to students in English 100; three lectures to
students in Summer Session; one lecture to students
in Home Economics; one lecture to students in
Mechanical Engineering.
CARSON, Anne. Member: B.C.L.A.; C.L.A.; A.L.A.
COCK, Eleanor. Member: B.C.L.A.; C.L.A.; A.L.A. Attended:
B.C.L.A. Conference. Lectures and Papers: Three
lectures to students in English 100; rive lectures
to students in English 200; one lecture to students
in Summer Session.
DOBBIN, Geraldine F. Member: B.C.L.A. (Secretary, Publications Committee); C.L.A.; P.N.L.A.; A.L.A.
Attended: B.C.L.A. Conference. Lectures and Papers:
Two library orientation lectures to students.
DOWD, Doreen. Member: C.L.A.; A.L.A. Appendix F (cont.)
DWYER, Melva.  Member: B.C.L.A.; C.L.A.; A.L.A.; Canadian
Music Library Association (Council); Council of
Planning Librarians (Secretary); International Music
Library Association. Attended: B.C.L.A. Conference;
C.L.A. Conference; Council of Planning Librarians
Meeting. Lectures and Papers: One lecture to students
In Architecture; one lecture to graduate students in
Planning; one lecture to students in Fine Arts.
Publications: A Bio-bibliographical finding list of
Canadian musicians and those who have contributed to
music in Canada!
FRASER, M. Doreen E. Member: B.C.L.A. (Committee on the
Dictionary of Canadian Biography); C.L.A.; Medical
Library Association (Chairman, Medical School Group;
Convention Planning Committee); P.N.L.A.; Special
Library Association (British Columbia Representative,
Puget Sound Chapter); B. C Medical Library Service
(Advisory Panel, Executive Committee; Standing
Committee; Conference Committee); Greater Vancouver
Health League (Executive Committee; Board of
Directors; Chairman, Library Committee; Chairman,
Interprofessional Education Division), Attended:
B.C.L.A. Conference; Medical Library Service Con-
ference (Chairman, Panel Discussion, "Role of
Medical School Libraries in the Community'1); B. C.
Medical Library Service Conference (Panel Discussion,
"Making Libraries Work"). Lectures and Papers:
Fifteen lectures to students and staff of Medicine,
Nursing and Pharmacy; three lectures at the B. C.
Medical Library Service workshop; Report to the
British Columbia Library Association Committee for
the Canadian Library Association survey project,
"Special Library Collections of British Columbia"
(typewritten). Publications: Medical Bibliography
Manual and Library Guide ^Prelim, ed. 1900. mimeographed); "You are Tuned to a World-wide Network,"
British Columbia Medical Journal, 3:200-201, April,
19bl. Library Consultant, B. C. Medical Library Service.
HARLOW, Neal, Member: B.C.L.A. (Representative on A.L.A.
Council); C.L.A. (President; Committee on Committees;
A.L.A.-C.L.A. Liaison Committee; Microfilm Committee;
Finance Committee; Canadian Library Research Foundation);
A.L.A. (Executive Board; Council; Committee on Accreditation; Headquarters Visiting Committee; International
Relations Committee; Director, A.C.R.L.); P.N.L.A.;
Bibliographical Society of Canada; National Research
Council Associate Committee on Scientific Information;
Canadian Universities Foundation Committee on Research
Libraries; B. C. Department of Education Board of Appendix P (cont.)
Certification for Professional Librarians; B. C.
Medical Library Service (Board; Advisory Panel);
Friends of the University Library (Secretary);
many University Committees. Attended: B.CL.A.
Conference; C.L.A. Con ference (Chairman); A.L.A.
Midwinter Conference; A.L.A. Conference.
Publications: Every Idle Silence (Vancouver,
Privately Printed, 1961); "The U.B.C Library-
Revised and Enlarged Edition," P.N.L.A. Quarterly,
25:119-22, January, 1961.  Secretary, Projects
Committee, Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation.
JOHNSON, Mrs. Marion. Member: B.CL.A.; C.L.A.; A.L.A.;
Beta Phi Mu (Library Science Honorary Fraternity).
Lectures and Papers: Three lectures to students in
English 10'C	
JOHNSON, Stephen. Member: C.L.A.; A.L.A.
KANNAWIN, Jane. Publications: Abstracted "Tamarack Review"
for Twentieth Century Literature.
LANNING, Mabel M. Member: B.C.L.A.; C.L.A.; P.N.L.A.; A.L.A.
LANNING, Roland J.  Member: B.C.L.A.; C.L.A.; P.N.L.A.; A.L.A,
LEITH, Anna R. Member: B.C.L.A. (Committee on Recruitment);
C.L.A.; P.N.L.A.; A.L.A.; Medical Library Association;
B. C Society for the Study of the History of Science
and the Philosophy of Science. Attended: Medical
Library Association Conference.  Lecture's and Papers:
One lecture to students in Summer Session.
Publications: Medical Bibliography Manual and Library
Guide (Prelim, ed. i960, mimeographed).
LITTLE, Mrs. Margaret L.  Member: B.C.L.A.; C.L.A.; P.N.L.A.;
MALIN, Audrey.  Member: C.L.A.
MERCER, Eleanor B. Member: B.C.L.A. (Chairman, Committee
'on the Dictionary' of Canadian Biography); C.L.A.
(Councillor, Research Section); P.N.L.A. (Nominating
Committee, Technical Processes Section); A.L.A.;
Bibliographical Society of Canada.  Attended: B.C.L.A.
Conference. Lectures and Papers: Three library
introduction lectures.
NG, Tung King. Member: B.C.L.A., (British) Library
Association; H.K.L.A. Attended: B.C.L.A. Conference. Appendix F (cont.)
O'ROURKE, Joan. Member: B.C.L.A. (Committee on the
Dictionary or Canadian Biography); C.L.A.; P.N.L.A.;
A.L.A.; Institute of Social and Economic Research.
Lectures and Papers: Seven library introductory
lectures; Three lectures to students in Summer
Session; Eight lectures to students In Commerce,
Education, Physical Education, Economics, Anthropology,
Public Administration. Publications: Reference Guide
to Economics Literature (Prelim, ed.).
ROTHSTEIN, Samuel. Member: B.C.L.A. (Past-President;
Programme Committee); C.L.A. (Council; Councillor,
Cataloguing Section; University Library Statistics
Committee}] P.N.L.A.; A.L.A. (Reference Standards
Committee); Bibliographical Society of Canada (Council);
University Committee on the University Bookstore
(Chairman); University Committee on Audio-Visual
Services; University Committee on the Computing Centre;
University Committee on Linguistics; College of Education
Curriculum Laboratory Committee. Attended: B.C.L.A.
Conference (Panel Discussion on the Librarian in the
Pacific Northwest); A.L.A. Midwinter Conference; C.L.A.
Conference (Chairman, Panel Discussion on the Canadian
Library Inquiry). Lectures and Papers: U.B.C. ("The
University Library; Revised and Enlarged Editlorf);
Kamloops ("The New School of Librarianship"); Lethbridge
("Library Education"); Course for Public Library Association Personnel ("The Library as an Information
Centre"); High School Counsellors, Vancouver ("The
New School of Librarianship"}; Burnaby High School
("Librarianship as a Career"). Publications: "Canadian
Libraries: Revelations and Implications; the Summary
Findings of the Canadian Library Inquiry," Felieiter,
6:3-11, August, 1961; "Reference Service: the New
Dimension in Librarianship," College and Research
Libraries, 22:11-18, January, 1961; "The Teacher-
Liorarian Program at the University of British Columbia,"
in Education for Librarianship in the Pacific Northwest
... edited by carl Hlntz ^Eugene, P.N.L.A. Library
Education Division, 1961), pp. 1-4; 1,Through British
Columbia Eyes," P.N.L.A. Quarterly, 25:165-67, April,
1961; review of A Bibliography oF'Canadlana, First
Supplement, by Gertrude Boyle, The Library Quarterly,
3i:120-27, January, 196I; review or Libraries and
Librarians in the Pacific Northwest, edited by Morton
Kroll, The Library Quarterly, 31;272-4, July, 1961.
SCOTT, Prlscilla R. Member: B.C.L.A. (Publications Committee;
Social Committee); C.L.A. (Membership Committee).
Attended: B.C.L.A. Conference. Lectures and Papers:
Two library Introductory lectures"; Book Review
Editor, British Columbia Library Quarterly; Librarian,
St, Andrew's Hall Library. n
Appendix F (cont.)
SELBY, Mrs. Joan. Member: B.C.L.A.; C.L.A.; A.L.A. (Selection
Committee on the Essay and General Literature Index).
Attended: B.C.L.A. Conference (Panel Discussion "The
Librarian of the Northwest"). Publications: Review
of Short of the Glory, by E. M. Stewart Granger,
Canadian Literature, 8:73-74, Spring, 196I; "The Trans-
mutatlon of History: Landmarks in Canadian Historical
Fiction for Children,!' Canadian Literature, 6:32-40,
Autumn, i960 (reprint ed~Tn' Ontario Library .Review,
45:91-96, May, 1961); "Catherine Anthony Clark: myth-
maker," British Columbia Library Quarterly 24:26-31,
January, 1961; abstracted Culture for Twentieth
Century Literature.
SELTH, Geoffrey. Member: B.CL.A. (Publications Committee;
Constitution Committee); (British) Library Association.
Lectures and Papers: Three library orientation lectures
to students; five lectures to students in English 200.
Publications: "Library Associations in Canada,"
Australian Library Journal, 9:179-181, October, i960;
"Litterature Canadienhe-Francaise," Canadian Literature,
7:96-104, Winter, 196I. Editor, B.C.L.A. Reporter";
Assistant Librarian/Union College.
SHIELDS, Dorothy.  Member: A.L.A.
SMITH, Anne M. Member: B.C.L.A.; C.L.A. (Chairman, Committee
on Liaison with Asian Libraries; Certification Committee)j
P.N.L.A.; A.L.A. (Subscription Books Bullettin Committee):
Institute of Economic and Social Research (Council);
U.B.C. School of Social Work (Council); B. C. Society
for the Study of the History of Science and the
Philosophy of Science; Bibliographical Society of
Canada.  Attended: B.C.L.A. Conference.  Publications:
Editor, Publications of the ^Faculty and Starr,
University or British Columbia, 1959/ou ^Vancouver,
1901); "Recruiting,"^ Britisn uoiumoia Library Quarterly,
24:13-9, April, 196I; "Our First Librarians: Miss
Russell, Dr. Stewart," BCLA Reporter, 4:5-6, May, 1961.
STEWART, Edith. Member: B.C.L.A. Publications: Bi-monthly
annotated lists of current general reading (multilithed).
STUART-STUBBS, Basil.  Member: B.C.L.A.; C.L.A.; P.N.L.A..
(Bibliography Committee); A.L.A.; Bibliographical Society
of Canada. Publications: "Books and Pamphlets about
British Columbia, I960," P.N.L.A. Quarterly, 25:232-234,
July, 1961. Circulation Manager, Canadian Literature.
Associate Editor, British Columbia Library Quarterly.
THORNTON, Patricia. Member: B.C.L.A.; A.L.A. Appendix F (cont.)
TURNER, George Godfrey. Member: B.CL.A. (Chairman,
Publications Committee; Chairman, Constitution Committee); C.L.A. (Chairman, Librarians Committee;
Inter-Library Association Liaison Committee;
Canadian Copyright Committee; Cataloguing Section
Committee on the Canadian Library Inquiry); P.N.L.A.;
A.L.A.; American Association of Law Libraries; Beta
Phi Mu (Library Science Honorary Fraternity);
President's Committee on Education Week (Secretary).
Attended: B.C.L.A. Conference (Parliamentarian);
C.L.A. Conference (Parliamentarian); Canadian Institute
on Cataloguing Principles and Rules. Lectures and
Papers: Three library lectures to students In English
2o0. Editor, British Columbia Library Quarterly.
VESPRY, Mrs. Marianne. Member: B.C.L.A. (Bursary-Loan
Committee; Publications Committee); C.L.A.; A.L.A.
Lectures and Papers: One library orientation lecture
to students.
VOGEL, Betty. Member: B.C.L.A. Publications: Abstracted
Canadian Literature for Twentieth Century Literature.
WILSON, Maureen. Member: B.C.L.A. (Social Committee);
(British) Library Association. Attended: B.CL.A.
Conference. Lectures and Papers": One lecture to
students in English 100. APPENDIX G
Senate Library Committee
Arts and Science
Applied Science
Graduate Studies
Appointed by President
'Dr. Peter Remnant
|Dr. Marion B. Smith
,Dr. John Norris
Mr. S. L. Lipson
Dr. C. A. Rowles
Mr. W. 0. Perkett
Mr. W. Lanning
Dr. R. W. Wellwood
Dr. J. Halpern
Mr. E. C, E. Todd
Dr. W. C. Gibson
Dr. A. M. Goodeve
'Dr. M. F. McGregor
>Dr. Ian McT. Cowan, Chairman
kDr. F. A. Kaempffer
Chancellor A. E. Grauer
President N. A. M. MacKenzie
Dean G. C Andrew
Mr. Neal Harlow (Vice-chairman)
Mr. J. E. A. Parnall
Terms of Reference:
The Library Committee shall advise and assist the
Librarian in:
Formulating a library policy in relation to the
development of resources for instruction and research,
Advising in the allocation of book funds to the
fields of instruction and research.
Developing a general program of library service
for all the interests of the University.
Keeping the Librarian informed concerning the
library needs of instructional and research staffs,
and assisting the Librarian in interpreting the
Library to the University. APPENDIX H
The Friends of the Library
of the University of British Columbia
To develop the Library resources of the University and to
provide opportunity for persons interested in the University
Library to keep informed about its growth and needs and to
express their own interests more effectively.
The following persons are members of the Council of the
Friends of the Library:
Kenneth Caple, President
Wallace Wilson
Dr. Ethel Wilson
Mr. Leon J. Ladner, Q.C.
Dr. Ethlyn Trapp
Dr. H. R. MacMillan
Mrs. Frank Ross
Mr. Walter C Koerner
Mr.. .Harold S. Foley
Dr. Reginald H. Tupper, Q.C
Dr. Leon J. Koerner
J. V. Clyne
A. E. Grauer
Mr. Justice J. 0. Wilson
E. T. Rogers
General Sir Ouvry L. Roberts
Dr. W. Kaye Lamb
Dr. Luther Evans
Dr. Leslie Dunlap
Mr. Lester McLennan
Mr. Willard Ireland
Mr. Peter Grossman
Dr. N. A. M. MacKenzie
Dean Geoffrey Andrew
Mr. Aubrey F. Roberts
Mr. Arthur H. Sager
Dr. Ian McT. Cowan
Dean Gordon Shrum
Dean F. H. Soward
Dean S. N. F. Chant
Dr. Samuel Rothstein
Mr. Neal Harlow, Secretary
Ways and Means Committee:
Mr. Walter C Koerner, Honorary Chairman
Dr. H. L. Purdy, Chairman
The Council will be the governing body of the organization.
The Executive of the Council will consist of a President,
Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and the President
of the University.
The membership fee will be five dollars and upward a year
the funds to be used for the purchase of Library materials.
Special meetings and publications for the group will be
provided, and reports upon needs and accomplishments.
Other activities will be determined by the advice of the


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