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The Report of the University Librarian to the Senate 1963-11

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 The Report
of the
University Librarian
to the Senate
48th Tear
September 1962 to August 1963
The University of British Columbia.
The Report
of the University Librarian
to the Senate
48th Year
September 1962 to August 1963
A report of the activities of the Library for the fiscal
period ending 31 August, 1963 is submitted herewith. The year was
characterized by a continuing heavy use of library facilities and by
unprecedented demands for additional books and periodicals which,
despite encouraging increases in funds, could not be fully met with
existing appropriations. These and other notable library developments are described below.
Growth of Collections
The Library's resources were increased by 35,792 fully
catalogued books and periodicals during the year. With these
additions, the Library's holdings now consist of 560,720 volumes
and uncounted numbers of government documents, micro-reproductions,
maps, manuscripts, newspapers, pictures and prints. To obtain
these materials, the record sum of $292,247 was expended — an
increase of some $50,000 over the previous year.
Many individuals, societies, organizations and business
firms also contributed to the growth of the book collections during
the year. Mr. Walter Koerner,. Dr. H. R. MacMillan, the Leon and
Thea Koerner Foundation, Mrs. E. T. Rogers, Mrs. B. T. Rogers, and
many other perennial benefactors of the Library continued their much appreciated good work. There were also new friends, such as Mr.
Alfred Blundell who has begun the strengthening of our collections
on Slavic law. In addition, the Library received books from several
estates: a collection of 2,000 volumes, rich in agricultural publications, from the late George Hampden Crabtree, for many years associated
with Buckerfield's Ltd., and a resident of Abbotsford; an excellent
collection of Canadian poetry from the estate of Annie Charlotte
Dalton, Canadian poet and grandmother of Dr. A. D. Scott of the
Department of Economics; and, a collection of several hundred well
chosen volumes on history, literature, biography, and current topics
of interest from the estate of Mrs. Margaret Jane Boulton.
Use of the Library
The rapidly changing nature of our University has produced
in recent years a greatly increased demand for and use of library
services. The inauguration of new and expanded graduate programs,
the acceleration of faculty research, improved teaching methods,
larger enrollments, and a general intensification of student effort
have all contributed to this development.
The number of books charged out by students and faculty
reached an all-time high — 653,091. This represented a ten per
cent increase over the previous year and about a forty per cent
Increase over the past two years. Circulation figures, of course,
represent only a part of the reading done by our students and faculty.
Also substantial is the reading resulting from the direct consultation
of the books on the open shelves. 3
Much of the use made of our resources involves the direct
assistance of the librarians in the various subject divisions of the
Library —■ giving instruction and assistance in the use of library
materials, finding specific information, preparing bibliographies and
other library aids, answering requests for information by correspondence, and arranging for inter-library loans.
In-Print Buying Program
A program with great potential for the improvement of the
Library's book resources was successfully inaugurated during the year.
After full consultation with library representatives of departments
and faculties, a sum of money was set aside for the support of an In-
Print Buying Program of books in the English language. Under the
arrangements, the Library selects and purchases immediately after
publication all books published in the United States and the United
Kingdom falling in certain categories. Emphasis is placed upon
scholarly works within fields covered by the present program of
research and instruction. Excluded are introductory texts covering
broad subject areas, popularizations, juvenile and children's literature, inspirational works, propaganda, fiction and poetry of minor
or unknown contemporary authors..
The In-Print Buying Program gives promise of many advantages, both for faculty and students and for the Library.  Since
books can be purchased immediately after publication and the cataloguing process begun at the same time, it is hoped that in most
instances books will be in the Library and on the shelves by the 4
time they are needed. It is also hoped that the Library will acquire
a broader coverage and a better selection of books published in the
English language. The tendency to pass over expensive books or books
which fall between the interests of departments has resulted in the
loss of many useful acquisitions to the Library in previous years.
Another advantage is that faculty time can be diverted from the routine selection of new English language books to the more specialized
out-of-print and foreign language book markets. Finally, the Library
will be able to save clerical time since, formerly, it was not unusual
to receive four or five requests for the same book from different departments.
Centralized Administration of University Library Funds
With the increased blurring of the boundaries between the
traditional academic disciplines, the difficulties of organizing
libraries along faculty and departmental lines have increased. Recognizing this, the Committee of Academic Deans recommended, and the
University Senate approved, "that the budgeting for all Library services
should be under the supervision of the Librarian, and that all estimates
for Library requirements should be submitted by the Librarian and not
included in the Faculty budgets submitted by the Deans".
Reconstitution of the Senate Library Committee
At an early meeting of the University Senate, a plan for
the reorganization of the Senate Library Committee was proposed.
This Committee, which is charged with the responsibility of advising
and assisting the Librarian in the formulation of library policy, has
for many years consisted of representatives from each of the 5
faculties, three nominees by the Chairman of Senate, and the University
Librarian. The Committee had become rather large and unwieldy, and it
was believed a smaller group, selected upon the basis of competency to
deal with library matters rather than upon faculty membership, would
function more effectively. The plan was approved and a Committee of
six members of faculty appointed, all with broad university responsibilities and demonstrated concern for the Library.
Meetings of Departmental Library Representatives
Periodic meetings of members of the Library staff with
representatives from the various faculties and departments were
instituted during the year. These meetings provided a most useful
liaison between the Library and its users, especially since the
Senate Library Committee, as reconstituted, no longer was representative of faculties. In order to obtain similarity of interests and
the informality of smaller groups, separate meetings were set up with
the representatives of each of the broad subject groupings — fine
arts, social sciences, biomedical sciences, humanities, applied
sciences, and pure sciences. The first meetings were devoted to a
consideration of the many problems in ordering books and periodicals
for our collections. Later meetings dealt with the inauguration of
a systematic program for the purchase of currently published books
in the English language.
New Facilities
The Library is presently engaged in one significant addition
to its plant and will shortly begin a second. Construction has begun
on the Woodward Library which will serve Faculty and advanced students in the health and biological sciences. The building, which will
cost about $1,000,000,00 will seat 300 students and house over 100,000
volumes. It is expected to be ready for occupancy in the fall of 1964.
Construction is expected to begin shortly after the completion of classes next spring on a $500,000.00 bookstack addition to the
General Library, This new facility, occupying eight levels and 50,000
square feet, will eventually house 500,000 volumes; initially, however,
it will be used in part for the seating of students. In this stack
addition, it is hoped to accomplish three things: additional book space,
additional reader space, and a simplification of the General Library
building. The present building can be made less complex if the heavy-
traffic functions of reserve book and general circulation are removed
from the second floor of the Library to the first, and if a sharper line
is drawn between public and staff areas, thus permitting the removal
of many fences and cages now obstructing passage in the stacks.
Planning is also well under way for substantial library
facilities in the projected Music, Engineering, and Agriculture-
Forestry buildings*
Internal Improvements
In addition to the foregoing developments, the Library
introduced  several internal improvements in its routines, which it
is hoped had a beneficial effect upon its services. Leading the
list was the installatior of a Xerox 914 copier which enabled faculty
and students to obtain excellent copies of selected pages from books
and periodicals at the. low cost of ten cents per exposure. Striking 7
evidence of the use to which they put the copier was furnished by the
$10,000 in receipts which accrued during the year. A second copier
was installed in the Library as the fiscal period drew to a close.
Other advances in the Library were the adoption of new
routines intended to shorten the time materials sent to the Bindery
are absent from the shelves; the installation of a simpler procedure
for charging books from the College Library; the preparation of a
complete card catalogue for the library materials in the Curriculum
Laboratory; the compilation of a public card record of all the books
shelved apart from the central collection; the dissolution of the
Library's extensive collection (10,000 volumes) of paper bound books
by sending a portion directly to the bindery and the remainder to
their normal location in the bookstacks.
Resignations Among the Clerical Staff
Modest progress was made during the year on a long-standing
Library problem — resignations of clerical staff. With the cooperation of the Personnel Department, several positions were upgraded,
salaries improved slightly, and the qualifications for the various
clerical grades revised to permit the gradual progression of employees
through the ranks. The Library also continued, whenever possible,
to fill vacancies by promotion of employees on the staff.
Expansion of the Bindery
It has been increasingly obvious for some time that the
Library's small but excellent bindery would have to be enlarged,,
Despite a maximum effort by the staff, the backlog of unbound 8
materials continued to mount. Toward the close of the year, the
bindery area was increased by almost 500 square feet through the
removal of a wall separating it from an adjoining corridor. This
has permitted the addition of three new staff members and will increase our annual productive capacity by almost 7,000 volumes*
Goals for the Library
In the formation of goals for the Library, a single
consideration dominates all others — the development of our graduate
and research programs. As long as the University was primarily an
undergraduate institution, our library needs could be met with the
expenditure of relatively small sums of money* But, with the
advent of the graduate program, all this has changed. Two or three
new doctoral programs, particularly in the social sciences and the
humanities, frequently require more books than are needed for an
entire undergraduate program. Providing these new facilities will
require large expenditures of money andj just as important, time,*
Specifically, then, it is suggested that the Library adopt for
itself three primary goals to be achieved by 1970, each concerned
with a major aspect of its operations -- collections, building,
Collections. The Library's collections now total
slightly less than 600,000 volumes. This is, admittedly, a large
number of books and it might be asked why more are needed. Our
scientists and scholars would reply that they cannot work
effectively on the frontiers of their fields without access to most 9
of the important literature. If we consider that the University
either now has, or intends to have soon, scholars doing research in
most of the recognized disciplines, we are committed to providing
access to most of the scholarly literature of the world, published
and unpublished. This involves something like 30,0009000 titles.
Although our scholars would ideally like to have them all, how many
must they have right here on campus in order to carry on? The
experience of other institutions with large graduate and research
programs and with reasonably adequate libraries should help us0
There are no fewer than forty university libraries in the United
States and one (Toronto) in Canada with collections of over 1,000,000
volumes. It is not coincidental that in these same institutions,
nine-tenths of the really significant faculty research is carried on
and nine-tenths of the substantive doctoral degrees awarded. If we
are sincere about wishing to become a first-class graduate institution,
our immediate goal should be quite clear —-a collection of 1,000,000
volumes, and the sooner the better. A brief prepared by the Faculty of
Arts and Science calls for a collection of 1,200,000 volumes, to be
obtained through progressively larger appropriations for books until,
by 1970, approximately $1,000,000.00 is being expended annually.
This sounds like, and is, a large sum, but more than a dozen institutions in the United States are spending this sum; and, for the most
part, they merely have to keep up already good collections, while we
have the additional task of remedying past omissions,, It is pleasant
to report that, with the increase for the current year and that
requested for next year, the Library is pretty much on schedule with
its program to reach 1,000,000 or more volumes by 1970. 10
It might be well to consider what the consequences will be
for the University of British Columbia if the collections goal is not
met. First, the Library places a real limit on the possibilities for
development of the entire University. A first-rate University is
impossible without a first-rate Library. It is equally true that a
university with a first-rate Library can scarcely escape being itself
first-rate, which should be encouraging to the University of British
Columbia for it is well on its way toward having a good library.
Second, without adequate collections, outstanding scholars
will be reluctant to come to and to remain at our University. Paul
Buck, long-time scholar and administrator at Harvard University, has
estimated that their Library is worth from $3,000 to $5,000 in salary
discussions with prospective professors.
Third, any form of "quality" education, or "excellence",
even on the undergraduate level, requires extensive collections of
books. Unless our collections are strengthened, the University's
efforts in this direction will be blocked.
Finally, inadequate library collections do not particularly
inconvenience our less able and less dedicated faculty and students;
rather, it is the top ten or fifteen percent that are frustrated.
Thus, once again, any aspirations we have for excellence would be
Building Space. The second goal for the Library is adequate
space to house its collections and to seat its readers. It has
already been stated that, by 1970, our collections should number
1,200,000 volumes. By that same date, our student body will most 11
certainly be not less than 17,000 and, hopefully, less than 20,000.
As a university with a large off-campus student population that comes
out to the campus for the entire day, we must be able to seat not less
than one-third of them, i.e., 6,000 students. Thus, by 1970, we will
need space for 1,200,000 volumes and 6,000 readers*.
How much of this space is presently available? In the
General Library, we now have space for 550,000 volumes and 1,800
readers. In other campus library facilities we have space for another
50,000 volumes and 700 readers. The Woodward Library currently under
construction will provide space for 100,000 volumes and 300 readers.
The new bookstack addition will initially house 300,000 volumes and
700 readers. In all, the University has either now or in immediate
prospect space sufficient for 1,000,000 volumes and 3,500 readers.
Thus, to meet our 1970 goal for building space, we need only to provide for an additional 200,000 volumes and an additional 2,500 readers.
This additional space can probably best be provided in two
ways, — through the creation of substantial branches of the University
Library in locations convenient to those departments that would use
them, and through the provision of reading rooms and study halls in
academic buildings being newly erected. The reasons are these:
First, the General Library building is quite unsatisfactory.
The central portion was erected in the 1920s and is typical of the
style of building then in vogue. The first wing was added in about
1950, the second ten years later. Unfortunately, the central unit
dominated both additions, with the result that the entire building is
quite dated, although two-thirds of it is less than fifteen years old. 12
It would be quite unwise to attempt to make anything other than stack
additions to the present building.
Second, as campuses become more complex, both academically
and physically, it becomes increasingly unsatisfactory to render all
library service from a central building. A physical decentralization
of the University of British Columbia library collections is obviously
in order. If this is done deliberately and according to plan, the
results can be quite satisfactory. It is true that the decentralization of libraries requires additional money; however, when the
convenience and time of faculty and students are considered, the decentralized library may well be an economy from an all-University
point of view.
Third, the best interests of neither the General Library
nor the students are furthered by the former's attempting to provide
all needed study space. By serving primarily as a study hall, the
General Library compromises its ability to assist students and faculty
in the serious use of its resources. Equally serious, by requiring
students to come from distant academic and classroom buildings to
the Library each time they wish to study, much time is wasted.
Staff. It is discouraging to faculty and librarians alike
that large expenditures for books require large expenditures for
staff to process and service these books. The sixty largest university libraries in the United States and Canada spend, on an average,
$2.00 for staff for every $1.00 for books. The University of
British Columbia Library's expenditures for staff (55$) are somewhat below average, which may explain some of our work arrearages0 13
In our budget requests for 1964/65, an even smaller proportion is
scheduled for staff; nevertheless, we are making inroads on our backlogs. Between now and 1970, we shall have to expect to spend at least
one dollar for staff for every dollar spent for books.
Acknowledgement s
During the past year, the Library profited from the counsel
and support of many individuals and groupss Dr. John B. Macdonald and
the University Senate, who saw with rare clarity the importance of the
Library to their plans for a developing university; the University
faculty, who gave full support to requests for additional funds for
the Library; Chancellor Ross and the Board of Governors, who honored
these requests; and, perhaps most of all, the Library staff, who
carried on under admittedly trying circumstances to transform this
increased support into improved library service.
* * * #
The Library was deeply saddened twice during the year by the untimely
and tragic deaths of two of its number. Mrs. Barbara Edmonds, a
graduate of our School of Librarianship and a member of our Serials
Division, was killed, with her husband and daughter, in an automobile
accident. A short time later, we were shocked again by the death of
Miss Audrey Malin of the Social Sciences Library.
Jim Ranz
University Librarian APPENDIX A
'1960/61    1961/62 1962/63    1963/64*
Salaries and Wages        $ 384,152  $ 439,387 $ 491,290  $  605,272
Books and Periodicals       229,884    240,931 292,247 360,000
Binding                    33,751     33,067 37,820       49,701
Supplies. Equipment, etc.     29,582     29,575 63,350       50,329
$ 677,369  $ 742,960  $ 884,707  $ 1,065,302
* Estimated Expenditures APPENDIX B
March 31
—, r
78 feet**
March 31
29 feet**
107 feet**
* Figures approximate only.
** This measurement indicates thickness of files. APPENDIX C
General Circulation
Main Loan Desk
College Library
Biomedical Division
Fine Arts Room
Humanities Division
Science Division
Social Sciences Division
Special Collections Division
Asian Studies Division
Curriculum Laboratory
Reserve Circulation
Inter-Library Loans
To Other Libraries
From Other Libraries
To Other Libraries
From Other Libraries
Grand Total
653,091 APPENDIX D
Library Staff as of August 31. 1963
Ranz, Jim
University Librarian
June 1962
Rothstein, Samuel
Honorary Univ. Librarian
Sept. 1947
Smith, Anne M.
Assistant Univ. Librarian
Sept. 1930
Turner, George G.
Supervisor Technical Service
June 1956
Bell, Inglis
Sup'r. Personnel & Circ.
June 1952
Stuart-Stubbs, Basil
Sup'r. Collections
May 1956
MacLean, Hilda
Secretary IV
Aug. 1969 -
. 1962
Dewar, Audre*
Secretary IV
Sept. 1962
Scott, Lynne
Secretary II
Nov. 1962
Head (Librarian IV)
Butterfield, Rita
Lib'n. I in Lib'n II pos.
June 1962
Shields* Dorothy
Librarian I
July 1961
Davy, Franklin
Library Assistant
May 1963 -
Flynn, Patricia
Library Assistant
June 1963
Kirman, Paulina
Library Assistant
Sept. 1962
Nielsen, Grethe
Library Assistant
Sept, 1962
Pavri, Rhoda
Library Assistant
July 1961 -
. 1962
Sandeman, Barbara
Library Assistant
Sept. 1962-
Szepesi, Jane
Library Assistant
Oct. 1961 -
Von Baeyer, Renata
Library Assistant
June 1963
Mlrvls, Gwendoline
Clerk II in Lib. Asst. pos.
Apr. 1961
Scott, Clare
Clerk II in Lib. Asst. pos.
July 1963
Benyovltz, Gyula
Clerk II
Apr. 1961
Dew, Patricia
Clerk II
Mar. 1962
Brown, Catherine
Clerk I
May 1963 -
Forsythe, Yvonne
Clerk I
July 1948
Johnson, Judith
Clerk I
May 1963
LaRoy, Janet
Clerk I
June 1962
LaVao, Patricia
Clerk I
June 1963
Lavallee, Joyce
Clerk I
Sept. 1962-May
Prloe, Rhoda
Clerk I
Aug. 1962
Ng, Tung King
Head (Librarian III)
Dec. I960
Fukuyama, Margaret
Senior Library Assistant
Aug. 1959
Chang, Jane
Clerk I
Aug. 1963
Tsoi, Heng
Clerk I
Apr. 1963 •
Fraser, M. Doreen
Head (Librarian IV)
July 1947
Allan, Helen
Librarian II
Sept. 1958
Haydock, Eleanor
Librarian I
July 1962
Cummings, John
Librarian I
Oct. 1962
Continued Appendix D Con't.
Harding, Siupatie
McAully, Elizabeth
Matthews, Michael
Perth, Deirdre
MacMillan, Beryl
Sheppard, Dorothy
Gemmill, Roberta
Leighton, Margaret
Coutts, Leslie
Hildebrand, Leila
Nielsen, Roswitha
Ramsay, Lois
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Secretary II
Secretary II
Clerk II
Clerk II
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
July 1962
Mar. 1963
Aug, 1962 -June 1963
Sept. 1959
Oct. 1962
Oct. 1961
Feb. 1963 -June 1963
July 1963
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June 1963
Oct. 1963 -Feb. 1963
July 1956 -May 1963
Dobbin, Geraldine
Little, Margaret
Bewer, Lore
Elliston, Graham
Sampson, I slay
Fisher, Robyn
Kincaid, Jane
Macaree, Mary
Crawford, Joan
Ho, Berching
Pike, Mary
Fukuzawa, Kay
Hanson, Linda
Hay, Marion
Lindberg, Barbara
Ricardo, Valerie
Goossen, Lorna
Beattie, Lorraine
Chute, Diane
Eigendorf, Elvira
Garrard, Sharon
Herbert, Carol
Mulhern, Catherine
Peters, Elizabeth
Rose, Bessie
Ross, Elizabeth
Head (Librarian IV)
Librarian III
Librarian II
Librarian II
Lib'n. I in Lib'n. II pos
Librarian I
Librarian I
Librarian I
Librarian I
Sr. Library Assistant
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Clerk II
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Clerk I
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Mar. 1963
Sept. 1962-
Aug. 1963
Apr. 1961
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May 1962 -
Jan. 1957
Aug. I960 -
• Feb.
Bell, Inglis
Harris, Robert
Dodson, Suzanne
Haughian, Terry
DeRuyter, Anita
Head (Lib'n. IV)  See Administration
Lib'n. I in Lib'n. Ill pos.  June 1962
Librarian I June 1963
Senior Library Assistant     Dec. I960
Library Assistant Mar. 1960
Continued Appendix D  (Cbn't.)
Erickson, Ture
Library Assistant
Aug, 1962 - Aug.
Kuipers, Marianne
Library Assistant
Oct. 1956
Lagies, Mary
Library Assistant
June 1962
Murby, Robert
Library Assistant
Aug, 1963
Obana, Mitsue
Library Assistant
May 1963
Pfeiffer, Carol
Library Assistant
Jan. 1963
Rolfe, Dorothy
Clerk II
Clerk II
Sept, 1944-Apr,
Williams, Leonard
Stack Attendant
Mar. 1958
Ellis, Nancy
Clerk I
June 1962 - Jan.
Fieber, Doreen
Clerk I
June 1963
MacDonald, Lillian
Clerk I
June 1962
Meyer, Gail
Clerk I
Sept. 1962
Rosebrugh, Diane
Clerk I
June 1962
Towers, Louise
Clerk I
Aug. 1962
Veto, Magda
Clerk I
May 1963
Wheatley, Caroline
Clerk I
July 1959 -Dec.
Hoeg, Eleanor
Head (Librarian II)
Sept. 1960
Berry, Marilyn
Librarian I
June 1963
Kelly, Eleanor
Library Assistant
Sept. 1962
Leask, Margaret
Library Assistant
Sept. 1962-Dec
Hurford, Susan
Clerk I
Feb, 1963
Lobach, Lydia
Clerk I
July 1962
McLellan, Marie
Clerk I
July 1962
Robinson, Janet
Clerk I
Augo 1962
Woodward, Emily
Librarian I
July 1957
Alexander, Kathryn
Library Assistant
Sept. 1962-Aug.
Bertsch, Anneke
Clerk II
Sept* 1960-Mar,
Mercer, Dorothy
Clerk II
Mar. 1963
Kagna, Terri
Clerk I
Aug. 1963
Stewart, Edith
Head (on leave)
July 1948
Mercer, Eleanor
Head (acting)
Oct. 1938
Herbert, Merle
Clerk I in Sec ' t,. II pos.
July 1962
Doby-Salamon, Csilla
Secretary II
Sept. 1962-Aug.
Marchant, Mella
Secretary II
Sept, 1962-May
Dwyer, Melva
Head (Librarian III)
July 1953
Belak, Margot
Librarian I
Sept, 1962
Wine, Ann
Library Assistant
Feb. 1963
Ball, Anne
Clerk II
Jan» 1963 - Apr.
Mitchell, Haruko
Clerk I
Oct, 1962-Oct.
Pelman, Ronna
Clerk I
Oct. 1962
Siggers, Lynda
Clerk I
May 1961 - Sept
. 196
so     e Appendix D (Con't.)
Selby, Joan
Dowd, Doreen
Hand, Susan
Horvath, Maria
Potter, Priscilla
Traff, Vera
Olma, Terry
Whittingham, Irene
Leith, Anna
Gaensbauer, Ena
Buttery, Jill
Johnson, Marion
Thornton, Patricia
Nivichanov, Lillian
Soomet, Lillian
Esakin, Helen
Radford, Kathleen
Rocchini, Halina
Seebaren, Verna
Lanning, Roland J,
Johnson, Stephen
Lanning, Mabel
Edmonds, Barbara
Chikamori, Eiko
Jenkins, Ann
Medveczsky, Louis
Nielsen, Roswitha
Parker, Barbara
Wallace, Maureen
Carroll, Jeanne
Roth, Evelyn
Cameron, Carole
Dahl, Eleanor
Morton, Seraphine
Binding Section
Fryer, Percy
Fryer, Percy Jr,
Harrison^ Roger
Gutensperger, Walter
Brewer, Elizabeth
Jamieson, Margaret
Schmidt, Edel
Lynch, Isobel
Head (Librarian III)
Librarian II
Librarian I
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Clerk II
Clerk II
Clerk I
Head (Librarian III)
Librarian II
Librarian I
Librarian II
Librarian I
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Clerk I
Head (Librarian IV)
Librarian II
Librarian II
Librarian I
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Library Assistant
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Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Clerk II in Lib. Asst. pos,
Clerk II
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Sept. 1959
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Feb, 1961
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June 1962
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Sept. 1962-Nov. 1962
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Sept, 1926
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Sept, 1960-Mar, 1963
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Feb, 1961 -Jan. 1963
July 1962- June 1963
Dec, 1951
Apr, 1952
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Aug. 1963
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Oct, I960
Aug. 1963
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Appendix D (Con't.)
O'Rourke, Joan
Anderson, Susan
Wilson, Maureen
Dutton, Marilyn
Malin, Audrey
Brown, Ian
Hunt, Marlene
Robb, William
Wilder, Gillian
Kemp, Judith
Blusson, Sandra
Boyd, Barbara
Campbell, Ann
Goddard, Janet
Kennedy, Anne
Head, (Librarian IV)
Librarian II
Librarian II
Librarian I
Librarian I
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Secretary II
Secretary II
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
July 1948
Aug. 1960
Oct, 1959
June 1963
July 1961-Aug. 1963
May 1963 -Aug, 1963
Aug, 1962- July 1963
Aug. 1963
Sept, 1962
Apr. 1963- July 1963
Aug. I960- May 1963
Aug. 1960
Sept. 1962-June 1963
June 1963
June 1963
Stuart-Stubbs, Basil
Carson, Anne
Mclnnis, Douglas
McArther, Pamela
Townesend, Antony
Blazicevic, Branko
Head (see Administration)
Librarian II
Librarian I
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Clerk I
Clerk I
July 1961
June 1963
Sept, 1961-Mar. 1963
May 1963
Sept. 1960-May 1963 APPENDIX E
The Friends of the Library
of the University of British Columbia
To develop the Library resources of the University and to provide
opportunity for persons interested in the University Library to
keep informed about its growth and needs and to express their own
interests more effectively.
The following persons are members of the Council of the Friends
of the Library:
Mr. Kenneth Caple, President
Dr. Wallace Wilson
Dr. Ethel Wilson
Mr. Leon J. Ladner, Q.C,
Dr. Ethlyn Trapp
Dr. H.-R. MacMillan
Chancellor Phyllis G. Ross
Mr. Walter C. Koerner
Mr. Harold S. Foley
Dr. Reginald H. Tupper, Q.C.
Dr. Leon J. Koerner
Hon. J. V. Clyne
Hon. Mr. Justice J.O. Wilson
Mrs. E. T. Rogers
Dr. W, Kaye Lamb
Dr. Leslie Dunlap
Mr. Lester McLennan
Mr. Willard Ireland
Mr. Peter Grossman
Dr. N, A. M. MacKenzie
Mr, Aubrey F. Roberts
Dr. Ian McT. Cowan
Dean F. H. Soward
Dean S. N. F. Chant
Dr. Samuel Rothstein
Mr. Neal Harlow
Dr. Jim Ranz
Mr. Stanley Read, Secretary
The Counoil will be the governing body of the organization.
The Executive of the Council will consist of a President, Vice-
President, Secretary-Treasurer, and the President of the
The membership fee will be five dollars and upward a year, the
funds to be used for the purchase of Library materials.
Special meetings and publications for the group will be
provided, and reports upon needs and accomplishments. Other
activities will be determined by the advice of the Council. APPENDIX F
Senate Library Committee
Dr. I. McT, Cowan, Chairman
Dean S. Wah Leung
Dean D. M. Myers
Dr, M, F. McGregor
Dean G. N, Perry
Dr. S. Rothstein
Chancellor Phyllis G. Ross (ex officio)
President J. B. Macdonald (ex officio)
Mr, J. E. A. Parnall (ex officio)
Dr, J. Ranz (ex officio)
Terms of Reference:
The Senate Library Committee shall advise and
assist the Librarian in:
1.)  Formulating a library policy in relation
to the development of resources for instruction
and research;
2.)  Allocating book funds to the fields of
instruction and research;
3.) Developing a general program of library
service for all the interests of the University;
4.) Keeping the Librarian informed concerning
the library needs of instructional and research
5.)  Interpreting the Library to the University, APPENDIX G
New Periodical Titles Received
Acta classica
Acta odontologica scandinavica
Actualites odonto-stomatologique
Adhesive age
Administrative science quarterly
Advances in comparative physiology
Advances in parasitology
Advances in petroleum chemistry and refining
Alabama Dental Association, Journal
All-India Dental Association,  Journal
American College of Dentists,  Journal
American Council on Education, Fact book on higher education
American Council on Education. Report on questionnaires (monthly)
American Dental Association, Journal
American Dental Hygienists' Association. Journal
American Dietetic Association.  Journal
American documentation; a quarterly review of ideas, techniques,
problems and achievements in documentation
American Entomological Institute. Memoirs
American journal of medical electronics
American journal of orthodontics
American journal of physiology
American journal of public health
American music teacher
American nurseryman
American Power Conference, Proceedings
American Sociological Association. Current sociological research
American vocational journal
Ampere, Archives des sciences
Anaesthesia and analgesia; current researches
Angle orthodontist
Annales medico-psychologiques
Annals of dentistry
Annual review of entomology
Annual review of pharmacology
Architectural science review
Archiv fuer orthopadische und Unfall-Chirurgie
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics
Archivum, Revue internationale des archives
Arizona dental journal
Arkansas dental journal
Artibus Asiae
Asian recorder
Associacion odontologica argentina
Associacao paulista de cirurgioes
Australian-book review
Australian dental journal Appendix G  (cont,)
Australian geographical  studies
Bacteriological reviews
Basler Studlen zur deutschen Sprache und Literatur
Beitrage zur deutschen Philologie
Beitrage zur Geschichte der Zahnheilkunde
Bibliography of reproduction
Bibllotheca cartographica
Bibliotheoa germanica
Biochemical journal
Bloohimica et biophysica acta
Bol'shaia sovetskaia entsiklopeiia, Ezhegodnik
Bonner Arbeiten zur deutschen Literatur
Books in print
Brief booklets
British dental journal
British dental surgery assistant
British journal of educational psychology
British journal of industrial relations
British journal of plastic surgery
British Society for the Study of Orthodontics, Transactions
Buecherei des Augenarztes
Bulletin du Cange
Bulletin of ezech, law
Bulletin of mathematics statistics
Burns chronicle
California Academy of Periodontology
Canadian hospital
Canadian journal of public health
Canadian personnel and industrial relations journal
Cancer, a manual for practitioners
Cardiovascular abstracts
Catholic library world
Central Asiatic journal
Chicago, Children's Memorial Hospital, Case studies
Chicago schools journal
Child development abstracts and bibliography
Chinese journal of archaeology
Chuan chi wen hsueh
Chung chi journal.
Cleveland Dental Society, Bulletin
Colorado. School of Mines, Golden. Mineral industrial bulletin
Colorado, (state) Dental Association
Dental assistant
DDZs Das Deutsche Zahnarsteblatt
Dental. Association of South Africa. Journal
Dental Digest
Dental health
Dental management Appendix G (cont.)
Dental practitioner and dental record
Dental progress
Dental register
Dental students magazine
Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Kreislaufforschung
Deutsche Zahn-, Mund-und Kieferheilkunde mit Zentralblatt fuer die
gesamte Zahn-, Mund-und Kieferheilkunde
Deutsche zahnarztliche Zeitschrift
Deutsche Zeitschrift fuer die gesamte gerichtliche Medizin
Durham. England. University. King's College. Medical School.
Eastern horizon
Economic development and cultural change
Edinburgh dental hospital gazette
Egyptian dental journal
Electric power
Electromyography monthly bulletin
Engineering index
Ergebnisse der Chirugie und Orthopftdie
Ergebnisse der gesamten Tuberkuloseforschung
Ergebnisse der inneren Medizin und Kinderheilkunde
Etudes et conjecture
European Orthodontic Society. Transactions
Le Figaro litteraire
Fishing news
Fishing news international
Florida State Dental Society. Journal
Fogorvosi szemle
Folia primatologica
Fortschritte der Keifer- und Gesichts-Chirurgie
Fortschritte der Kieferorthopadie
Fortschritte der psychosomatischen Medizin
Die Fortschritte der Zhanheilkunde nebst Llteraturarchlv
Freies Deutsches hochstift, Frankfurt am Main
Geburtshilfe und Frauenkeulkunde
Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Goethe Gesellschaft. Schriften
Great Britain. General Dental Council. Minutes
Great Britain.  General Registry. Office of births, deaths and marriages.
Scotland. Births and deaths, infectious diseases, weather
Grillparzer-Gesellschaft, Jahrbuch
HNO; Wegweiser fuer die facharztliche Praxis.  (Title varies: Bd. 1 - HNO;
Beihefte zur Zeitschrift fur Hals-, Nasen- und Ohrenkeilkunde
Handbuch der experimentellen Pharmakologie
Halifax chronicle herald
The Harvard theological review
Health education monographs
Heating and air conditioning; air treatment engineer
Helvetica odontologica acta Appendix G (cont.)
Herald .of library science
Historischer Verein fur Steiermark. Zeitschrift
Hospital management
Hospitals; the journal of the American Hospital Association
Human organization
Human relations
ICC bulletin
Illinois dental journal
Index der Zahn&rztlichen Zeitschriften der Welt
Index hepaticarum
Indian journal of medical sciences
Indian Medical Association.  Journal
Indiana State Dental Association, Journal
Indice de la literatura dental periodica en castellano y portugues
Industrial relations
International anaesthesiology clinics
International bibliography of sociology
International Camellia Society, Journal
International geology review
International Federation of Automatic Control. Congress. Proceedings
International Journal of abstracts
International journal of health education
International labour office
International review of experimental pathology
International series of monographs on oral biology
International Society for Cell Biology. Symposia
The Iowa dental journal
Irish dental review
Japan dental association
The Japanese journal of microbiology
Jazykovedny casopis
Journal for the scientific study of religion
Journal of accounting research
Journal of african languages
Journal of applied meteorology
Journal of applied physiology
Journal of biological chemistry
Journal of conflict resolution
Journal of co-operative extension
Journal of dentistry for children
The Journal of economic abstracts
Journal of gas chromatography
Journal of mechanical engineering science
Journal of modern african studies
Journal of nursery education
Journal of oral surgery, anesthesia and hospital dental service
The Journal of periodontoiogy:
The Journal of physiology
The Journal of prosthetic dentistry
Journal of the reading specialist
Journal of the west
Journal of transport history
Journal of verbal learning and verbal behaviour Appendix G (cont,)
Kentucky Dental Association, Journal
Kootenay graphic news
LED newsletter
Labor history
Labor law journal
Library journal
Literaturnaia gazeta
Litterature de jeunesse
Living bird
The Manchester guardian weekly
Maple leaves
Maske und Kothurn
Massachusetts Dental Society,  Journal
Mathematical Association of America,  Studies in Mathematics
Medieal research
Medical times
Mental retardation
Metropolitan transportation
Michigan State Dental Association.  Journal
Michigan State Medical Society. Journal
Microbiological associations
Minnesota studies in the philosophy of  science
Mississippi Dental Association.     Journal
Missouri Dental Association.     Journal
Le Monde
Montreal   star
Museums  journal;   the  organ of the Museums Association
Music across Canada
Musikalische Denkmaler
Mycopathologica et mycologia applicata
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.     Yearbook
National Dental Association,     Quarterly
National Medical Association.     Journal
Nature;  a weekly illustrated  journal of  science
Nebraska Dental Association,    Journal
Nederlands tandartsenblad.
Nederlands  tijdschrift voor  tandellkunds
New Hungarian quarterly
New Jersey State Dental Society.    Journal
New Mexico  dental   journal
New  scientist
New  society
New technical books
New York journal of dentistry
New York review of books
New York State dental journal Appendix G (cont.)
New York university journal of dentistry
New Zealand dental journal
Nieman reports
Nippon dental review
Norske tannlaegeforening
North Carolina Dental Society, Journal
North-west dentistry
Nuclear energy
Nutrition abstracts and reviews
Nutrition reviews
Occupational therapy
Odontologia Chllena
Odontologisk revy
Odontologisk tidskrift
Odontologiska foereningens tidskrift
Opera in Canada
Osaka University Dental Society. Journal
Osnovi Paleontologie
Osterreichische Zeitschrift fttr Stomatologie
Ottawa journal
Paedogogoca historica
Pakistan dental review
Panstwo i prawo
Pavlov journal of higher nervous activity
Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrice, Tne.
Pensylvania dental journal
Perspectives of new-music
Pharmacological review
Phi Delta Kappan Symposium on education research
Philippine geographical journal
Philippine journal of science
Physik der Kandensierten Materie-Physics of condensed matter
Physiology for Physicians
Plastic and reconstructive surgery; journal of the American Society of
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Polymer science USSR
PDM. Practical dental monographs
Praktlsche Zahnmidizin
Pratt planning papers
Progress in industrial microbiology
Progress in inorganic chemistry
Progress in liver .diseases
Public health dentistry
Qlaowu bao (journal of overseas Chinese affairs)
Die Quintessenz der Zahnaerztlichen Literatur Appendix G (cont.)
Recent advances in biological psychiatry
Refuat hashinaim
Repertoire bibliographique de la philosophie
Revista de occidente
Revista gaucha de odontologia
Revista interamericana de bibliografia
Revista italiana de stomatologia
Revue des lettres mondernes
Royal Anthropological Institute- Index to current periodicals
Royal Asiatic Society. Hong Kong branch journal
Royal Society of Medicine, London, Proceedings
Sammlung Meusser
Schweizerische Monatsschrift fttr Zahnheilkinde
Science and psychoanalysis
Science teacher's world
Scientific American
Semaines sociales du Canada
Sight and sound
Societe chimiques beiges, Bulletin
Sociologie du travail
South African pharmaceutical journal
Soviet law and government
Studia Germanica
Studia i materialy z dziejow slaska
Studia theologica
Studies in East European history
Studies in English literature
Subject guide to microforms in print (annual)
Svensk tandlakare-tidskrift
Symposium on Cineflurography. Proceedings
Symposium on information theory
Symposia at Royal Institution
TAAB; the library bookseller
Tanganyika notes and records
Texas dental journal
Theatre world
Theoretics chimica acta
Toilet Goods Association.  Scientific Section. Proceedings
Tohoku University.  Science reports of the research institute, Ser, G,
Toronto education quarterly
Toyoshi-kenkyu, journal of oriental research
Transplantation Appendix G  (cont,)
Ultrastructure  in biological  systems
Unicorn review
Verien fuer Reformationsgeschichte
Victoria poetry
Virginia journal of education
Virginia State Dental Association. Bulletin
West Indian Medical journal
West Virginia dental journal
Western Society of Periodontology, Journal
Wiener medizinische Wochenschrifte
Wiener Studiens  Zeitschrift fttr klassische Philologie
William Morris Society, Journal
Wilson library bulletin
Wirkendes Wort
Wisconsin State Dental Society, Journal
Wiseman (Dublin) review
World review of pest control
Zahnarztliche Praxis
Zahnarztliche rundschau
Zahnarztliche welt, zahn&rztliche reform
Zahnmedizin im Bild
Zeitschrift fttr Kirchengechichte
Zeitschrift fttr klinische Medizin
Zeitschrift fttr Metallkunde
Zeitschrift fttr Mundartforschung
Zeitschrift fttr Orthopttdie und ihre Grenzegebiete
Zhurnal vychlslitel'noi matematlke i matermatisheskoi fiziki
ml i  ■ ■    .'
'>,   (I  'I
Selected List of Notable Acquisitions
Part ff'Serial's-
Academia de buenas letras de Barcelona, Bullete, v. 1-, 1901 to date
Acta botanica neerlandica, v. 1-, 1952 to date
Acta odontologica scanfiinavica, v. 1-,1939 to date
Actualltes odonto-stomatolique, v, 1-, 1947 to date (several missing)
Advanced management, v, 1-8, 1936—1943
African wildlife, v. 1-, 1947 to date
Akademiia nauk SSSR, Leningrad. Zoologicheski musei, Annuaire,
v. 1-32, 1896-1931
Albert I, prince of Monaco, Resultats des campagnes scientifiques
accomplis sur son yacht, no, 39-, 1912 to date
Altnordische Saga-bibliothek, v. 1-16 (incomplete), 1892-1921
American journal of orthodontics, v, 13-16, 1927-1930
American journal of physiology, v. 167, 170, 180-203, 1951-1962
Annalen der Hydrographie und maritimen Meteorologie, v. 13-67,
Annales odonto-stomatologique, v, 11-, 1954 to date
Annals of agriculture and other useful arts, v. 1-40, 1784-1803
Annals of dentistry, series 2, v, 9-14, 1950-1955
Archiv der Gegenwart, v, 1-14, 1931-1944
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics, v. 1-41, 1942-1953
Asian recorder, v, 3-, 1957 to date
Australasian Antarctic expedition. Reports, 1911-1914 (complete in
20 volumes)
Beitrage zur deutschen Philologie, no, 2- (incomplete), 1954 to date
Beitrage zur Erforschung steirischer Geschichtsquellen, v, 1-44, 1864-
1939 (slightly incomplete)
Berichte uber die wlssenschaftliche Biologie, v, 1-39, 1926-1936
Berliner entomologische Zeitschrift, v, 1-16, 25-49, 1857-1913
Biochemische Zeitschrift, v, 258-304, 1933-1940 (microfilm)
Biochimica et biophysics Acta, v. 1-25, 1947-1957
Breviora, no, 1-, 1952 to date
British ceramic society,. Transactions, v. 37-, 1938 to date (several
British dental, journal, v. 1-8, 1872-1879? new ser., v, 1-24, 1880-
British society for the study of orthodontics. Transactions, 1951 to
Cancer, v. 1-13, 1948-1960
Celtic review, v. 2-10, 1905-1916
Central Asiatic journal, v, 1-, 1955 to date
Challenger expedition,  section V, Zoology, 13 further numbers,
(very rare)
Child development abstracts and bibliography, v, 6-7, 16, 19-26,
Clinical chemistry, v. 1-7, 1955-1961
College of physicians of Philadelphia,. Transactions and Studies
Serials 3, v. 19-31, 38-46, 1897-1924
Consort, v, 5-, 1948 to date
Critica, v„ 12, 19-37, 42, 1914, 1921-1939, 1.944
Dental newsletter, v, 1-12, 1847-1859
Deutsche botanische Gesellschaft, Berichte, volumes to complete 26
(1908) to date Appendix H (cont,)
Deutsche mathematiker vereinigung, v. 1-10, 1890-1909
Deutsche Monatschrift fttr Zahnheilkunde, v. 1-5, 20-44, 1883-1926
Deutsche Zahn-, MsmhsUmj ti»d;";Ki«f Whellkundeii-v-i ^ll^al^^ato date
Deutsche zahnarztliche Zeitschrift, v. 1-14, 1946-1959
Emerita, v, 1-, 1933 to date
Estudios de edad media de la corona de Aragon, v, 2-6, 1946-1956
Ethnomusicology, v, 1-, 1953 to date
Europaische Staatscanzley, v. 1-114, n,s. v. 1-50, 1697-1782
Fortschritte der Keifer- und Geschichts-Chirurgie, v, 1-, 1955 to
Fortschritte der Zahnheilkunde asbst Literaturarchiv. v. l-99
Gazette des beaux arts, v. 13-55, 1935-1960 (slightly incomplete)
Grillparzer-Gesellschaft. Jahrbuch, v. 1-26, 33-34, 1890-1937
Hattori botanical laboratory, Journal, no* 3-, 1948 to date
Improving college and university teaching, v. 12-, 1954 to date
Indian Academy of Sciences. Proceedings, A & B v. 1- (incomplete)
Inland seas, v. 1-, 1945 to date
International Trust for Zoological Nomenclature. Opinions and
declarations, v, 1-, 1943 to date
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Istoricheskii pregled, v. 11-, 1955 to date
Journal of American folklore, v. 2-17, 1890-1904
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Journal of geophysical research, v. 1-57, 1896-1957 (microcards)
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Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics, v. 71-75,
77-79, 90, 1941-1947
Journal of Physiology, v. 131-, 1956 to date
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Librarian and book world, v. 14-42, 1925-1953
Le Manitoba, 1881-1900 (microfilm)
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Matice Moravska, Brttnn Casopis, 1955 to date
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"Michael Sars" N0rth Atlantic deep-sea expedition, complete in 5
Migne, J. P. Patrologiae cursus completus.  series hatina, microcards
to complete set, v. 1-244
Month at Goodspeed's, v. 1-, 1929 to date
Monumenta serica, v. 13-, 1948 to date
Mountain club of South Africa. Journal, no. 15-63, 1912-1960
Moyen age, v, 15-31, 33, 1902-1922
Muttersprache, v. 67-, 1957 to date
Mycopathologia et mycologia applicata, v. 1-, 1938 to date Appendix H (cont,)
New England quarterly, v. 1-6, 8, 1928-1935
New Hungarian quarterly, v. 1-, 1960 to date
New Spalding club. Publications, v. 21-23, 34, 37-39, 1900-1912
Nova Scotian, 1840-1855 (microfilm)
Numismatic chronicle, series 6, v. 1-16, 1941-1956
Nutrition abstracts and reviews, v. 1-, 1931 to date (slightly incomplete)
Nutrition reviews, v. 12-, 1954 to date
L'Odontologie, 1881-1953
Odontologisk revy, v. 1-, 1950 to date
Oesterreichische Zeitschrift fttr Stomatologic, v. 25-31, 33-41, 59-,
1927-1943, 1962 to date
Ostrich, v. 1-, 1930 to date
Oxford economic papers, v. 1-8, n.s. v. 1-2, 1938-1950
Pakistan Historical Society. Journal, v. 3-, 1955 to date
Paris, Universite, Seminaires mathematiques (Bourbaki, Cartan, etc.)
12 series
Philippine geographical journal, v. 1-, 1953 to date
Philologus, v. 71, 79-90, 96-97, 1912-1959
Phylon, v. 10%$g., 20-, 1949 to date
Poetry, a magazine of verse, v, 1-6, 11, 12, 1912-1918
Psychological abstracts, v. 21-30, 1947-1956
Quellen und Forschungen zur Sprach- und Kultur- Geschichte der
Germanischen Vttlker, nos. between 1879 and 1900; n.s, v. 2-,
1958 to date
Quintessenz der Zahnarztlichen literatur, v. 1-, 1950 to date
Regesta diplomatics nee von epistolaria Bohemia et Moravia, pt. 2-4
Regina standard, 1891-1906 (microfilm)
Revista de dialectolgea y tradiciones populares, v, 1-, 1944 to date
Revista de literatura, v. 1-, 1952 to date
Revue d»entomologie, v. 1-28, 1882-1910
Revue d'odonto-stomatologie, 1937, 1948, 1952 to date
Revue de philologie frangaise et de litterature, v. 28-41, 1914-1923,
Revue des lettres modernes, v. 1-, 1954 to date
Revue germanique, v. 23-30, 1931-1939
Revue stomato-odontologique du nord de France, 1958 to date
Royal Central Asian Society, London. Journal, v. 18-31, 1931-1944
Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow. Proceedings, v. 15-57, 63,
66, 70,, 76,  1883-1952
Royal Society of South Africa. Transactions, v. 1-, 1908 to date
Russia. Arkheograficheskaya Kommissien Akty istoricheskii, v. 1-5,
1841, 1842; dopolneniia, v. 1-12, 1846-1872 (microfilm)
Sammlung Meusser, v. 38-, 1955 to date
Scarlet and gold, 15 volumes between 1939 and 1962
Schweizerische Monatschrift fttr Zakaheilkunde, v, 32-, 1958 to date
Scottish national antarctic expedition e"Scotia"a, 1902-1904, v. 2,
Sewanee review, 10 scattered volumes in reprint
Social compass, v. 1-, 1953 to date Appendix H (cont.)
Socie'te" chemique de Belgigue, Bulletin des societes chlmiques beiges,
v. 54-, 1945 to date
Socie'te des Africanistes. Journal, v. 1-, 1931 to date
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Sociological papers, 1904-1906
Sondages, v. 14-, 1952 to date
South Atlantic quarterly, v. 1-9, 26, 1902-1927
Sprache und Dichtung, no. 2-3, 5-11, 20, 25-31, 33-34, 37, 40*53,
56-63, 66-67, 69, 72-75, 77-79, n.s. no, 1-, 1910 to date
Stettiner entomologlsche Zeitung, v. 1-76, 86, 89-105,  1840-1944
Stimmen der Zeit, v. 142, 146-147, 151-152, 154-155, 157-161, 163-168
Stoma, v. 2, 9-, 1949, ,£.956 to date
Svensk tandlaekaretidskrift, v. 8-10, 17-26,  1915-1933
Synthase, v. 5-10, 12,  1947-1959
Tanganyika notes and records, no. 1-, 1932 to date
Teutsche Staatskanzley, v. 1-18, 21-38; series 2, v. 1-4, 7-8,
Tokyo,  Toyo bunko. Publications, series B. Research department.
Memoir)|, v. 1-, 1926 to date
Toronto (daily) mail, 1872-1881 (microfilm)
Wales,. University Board of Celtic studies. Bulletin, v. 1-13,
Wiener Studien: Zeitschrift fttr klassiche Philologie, v. 61-, 1943 to
Zahnarztliche Rundschau, v. 38-50, v. 60-, 1929-1941, 1951 to date
Zahnarztliche Welt, v. 1-10, 1946-1955
Zahnarztliche Welt und zahnarztliche Reform, v. 57-, 1956 to date
Zeitschrift fttr slavische Philologie, v. 1-18, 1924-1942
Zeitschrift fttr vergleichende Sprachforschung, v. 1-, 1852 to date Appendix H Con'to
Part lis Books
Academic des inscriptions et belles-lettres, Paris. Histoire de l'Aca-
demie des inscriptions et belles-lettres, avec les memoires
l'Academie, 1701-1793, Paris, 1717-1809.  50 vols, and 2 indexes,
Apianus, Petries. Cosmographiae introductio cum quibusdam geometriae ac
astronomiae principiis ad earn rem necessariis, Ve«**e, 1541,
(Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation)
Appianus of Alexandria, Romanarum historiarum Celtica, Libyca vel
Carthaginensis. Paris. .,C. Stephanus, 1551.  (Leon and Thea
Koerner Foundation)
Baird, Robert, Impressions and experiences of the West Indies and North
America in 1849. Edinburgh, W. Blackwood, 1850.  2 vol.
Barbe"-Marbois, Frangois, Marquis de. The history of Louisiana*, Philadelphia, Carey and Lea, 1830.
Bible, English.  1599, Geneva version. The Bible. London, Christopher
Barker, 1599, (Gift of Mr. Bevan Savory)
Blake, William. The book of Urizen. London, 1958.  (Blake Trust facsimile)
Blake, William. The marriage of heaven and hell. London, I960.  (Blake
Trust facsimile)
Blake, William, Visions of the daughters of Albion. London, 1959, (Blake
Trust facsimile)
Browne, Sir Thomas. Pseudodoxia epidemica. London, Edward Dod, 1646,
Burchett, Josiah. A complete history of the most remarkable trans««ijiiy»<s
at sea. London, J. Walthoe, 1720»
Cleveland, Richard Jeffry. Voyages and commercial enterprises of the sons
of New England. New York, Leavltt and Allan, 1855.
Cyriax, Richard Julius. Sir John Franklin's last arctic expedition.
London, Methuen, 1939.
Dwight, Timothy.  Conquest of Canaan, a poem in 11 books. Hartford,
printed by Elisha Babcock, 1785,
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