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Annual Report of the University Librarian 1964-11

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The Report
of the University Librarian
to the Senate
49th Year
September 1963 to August 1964
For those who have been associated with the university for a long
period the steady growth of the library may have seemed at times imperceptible. In the past year, however, change has been both evident and rapid,
reflecting increases in services, collections and staff, increases which in
turn may be traced to the recognition by the university of the importance
of the library in the development of this institution and its academic program.
Barely four years ago the Main Library was enlarged by the addition
of the Walter Koerner Wing, which provided a much-needed College Library,
Science Division and Special Collections Division, as well as increased stack
capacity. Yet in this short space of time the need for additional book space,
seating and services became very apparent. Completion of a stack well and
remodelling of the older parts of the building began simultaneously on the
first of June. The plans satisfied a number of requirements: more seats,
more shelves, better traffic flow, new and improved areas for Fine Arts,
Upper Year Reserve Books, Maps, Government Documents, Periodicals, Xerox
Copying and Faculty study. Also included were improvements in ventilation,
plumbing and fire protection. In order to expedite construction, hours of
service were limited during the Summer Session. Many factors conspired to
delay progress, with the result that the building was far from completion at
the end of this report year, a circumstance which was bound to work a hardship against users and staff in the fall term of 1964. 2
By the end of August the Woodward Library, a new branch designed
to serve the biomedical sciences, was near completion. Made possible by a
gift of the Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Woodward Foundation, this library is a manifestation of a policy of decentralization of collections and services based
on broad areas of knowledge.
Within this academic community the function of the library is to
provide information and reading matter to a user population of over fifteen
thousand persons. Insofar as sheer numbers are a measure of success, the
library was successful in fulfilling its function, since the general circulation of library resources increased from 653,091 borrowed items in 1962/63
to 743,155 in 1963/64. Additional hundreds of thousands of books were consulted in the library's stacks.
As the library grows it inevitably becomes more complex, and the
user is less able to find the information he seeks guided only by instinct
or guesswork. The role of the reference librarian is an expanding one, as
is evidenced by increased workloads in all subject reference and special
divisions. The Humanities, Science and Social Sciences Division together
replied to some 28,000 separate inquiries in the course of a year. Other
divisions noted startling increases: Fine Arts, for instance, loaned 41.3%
more books than in the previous year. Yet despite the statistical increases
it is suspected that the real need for services outstripped our capabilities,
One of the major problems of mass education is how students are to be
trained in the effective use of the library. If they are not trained, or
if a plentiful amount of reference assistance is unavailable, the quality
of education will suffer. In the educational process it is very often the
reference librarian who carries on where the teacher leaves off, guiding
students to materials which will make it possible for them to complete
their assignments. 3
In its second year of operation the Xerox copying service again
proved its popularity and usefulness by producing more than 150,000 exposures
for students and faculty. This inexpensive process has saved hours of hand
copying for students, and has undoubtedly helped to stretch the library's
resources. Despite the success of this service, a need exists for self-
operable copying machines in several locations in the library.
The finest library buildings and the most highly developed services
would be useless without a book collection adequate to the needs of students
and faculty. There are roughly three kinds of demands-lb be satisfied by the
library's collections. First, the library should provide for that majority
of students who require many copies of books which are on reading lists. In
providing a College Library and an Upper Year Reserve Book Collection the
library began to contend with the logistics of undergraduate reading. Cheap:
xerox copy has assisted, as has the "paperback revolution'', which has
brought many essential works within range of the student budget. Yet a
great need exists for additional copies of scores of titles, and this need
must be met, even though there may be no perfect solution to the problem of
serving courses which enroll hundreds of students all requiring the same
books at the same time.
Second, a collection of hundreds of thousands of scholarly books
is required for the purposes of graduate study and faculty research, particularly in the humanities and social sciences. In the past year we moved
toward fulfilment of this requirement through increased allocations to departments and through programs for purchasing a wide selection of books as they
came into print. As in previous years, we relied on gifts and grants from
generous donors and foundations. Despite impressive progress, our need for
funds for research collections seems to increase, even more rapidly than
our growth. Finally, to expedite the work of students and faculty in the
sciences there is a need for duplication of scientific publications, particularly journals. Science escapes the bounds of library classifications and
of formal academic divisions. Fields of knowledge and interests overlap to
an increasing degree, with the result that a single subscription, or even
two or three subscriptions to a critical journal will not suffice. In preparing for the opening Ofothe Woodward Library, a beginning was made in
dealing with this need. As the decentralization of the library progresses,
the need will be intensified.
These three types of need compete for the same funds, but as funds
increase, competition decreases. In 1963/64, $393,838 was spent on books
and periodicals, a 34.7% increase over the previous year. In 1964/65 we
will be spending more than double the amount spent in 1961/62.
It is interesting to note that the staff in the Processing Divisions
I'Acquisitions, Cataloguing, Serials and Binding) will have increased only
36.7% in the same three-year period. Disproportionate increases in output
were achieved however. The Acquisitions Division ordered 43,196 books,
compared with 29,771 in the previous year. The Cataloguing Division added
53,711 books and periodicals, a 50.6% increase over 1962/63, bringing the
size of the collection to 613,878. volumes. The Serials Division placed subscriptions to 361 titles and purchased 227 backfiles. The Bindery staff
was increased by three persons for half the year, with the result that output
increased by 23%, for a total of 16,172 volumes. Increased efficiency and
plain hard work are not the only answers to problems of sheer numbers. A
library is not only books and buildings, but also personnel and equipment. 5
In 1963/64 the library staff was approximately twice the size of
the 1957 staff, numbering 171 persons, of whom 55 were professional librarians,
Of this number 21 were graduates of our own School of Librarianship, which
has graduated only 3 classes. The average age of the librarians is 36, the
median 35.
In the library assistant and clerical categories, which account
for about two-thirds of the staff, turnover continued to be a problem.
The rate of turnover was 52.58%, only 1.86% less than in 1962/63. Time
spent retraining personnel is time wasted. To operate effectively any large
organization needs staff continuity. Employees at all levels should receive
salaries competitive with those paid in comparable positions elsewhere, and
they should be assured of some prospects of promotion. There is no substitute for quality personnel, well-trained.
The relationship between expenditures for staff and for books
provides an interesting yardstick for comparisons. The Association of
Research Libraries, an organization of all major North American Research
Libraries, reported that its members spend an average of $2.84 on personnel
for each dollar they spend on books. In 1963/64, this library's ratio, was
$1.45 to $1.00. Hopefully, efficient operation accounts for part of this
difference, but it should be noted that work arrearages have developed in
many critical areas. The library is understaffed for its work load, and
as book funds increase, similarly dramatic increases must be made in staff.
An inaccessible collection, no matter how eminent, is of little value to
its users.
A list of all resignations and retirements is to be found in
Appendix D. Two departures merit special notice. 6
Dr. Jim Ranz, University Librarian, resigned in December. His
period of service was brief but critical to the university. Under his
guidance a number of innovations in policy and service were introduced.
Incorporated in the plans for the main building, now under construction, are
many features the benefits of which will not be realized until almost a
year after his departure. His resignation was much regretted by the library
staff and university community.
Miss Anne M. Smith, Assistant Librarian, retired in June, leaving
as her monument a superlative collection of reference works, bibliographies,
and government documents, created over a period of thirty-three years.
Anticipating the growth of the university, she has left the library well-
prepared for research at a graduate level. The university will wait many
years before it sees her equal in devotion to service and the welfare of
In taking giant steps forward the library has long relied on
donations of books and money. In the past year, as in previous years, we
have been generously treated by such persons and organizations as: Dr. H.R.
MacMillan, Mr. L.W. McLennan, Dr. N.A.M. MacKenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Stan
Arkley, Mr. Walter Koerner, Mr. W. Heriot, Mr. J.F. Brommell, The Canada
Council, Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation, Alliance Franchise of Vancouver,
High Commissioner for India, Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany,
Italian Consulate and the Japanese Consulate.
Scores of persons assisted us by earmarking their donations made
through the Alumni Association.
Within the university the library received generous support and
guidance from the Board of Governors, the Senate, the President, and 7
administrative staff and faculty at all levels. The Librarian personally
owes countless debts of gratitude to friends and associates, and most particularly to the library staff, whose tolerance and cooperation in a time of
physical and administrative upheaval has been appreciated and admired.
Traditionally the librarian's report looks both forward and backward, dealing with hopes and predictions as well as hard realities.
The realities of the coming library environment have been made
obvious by the events which followed upon the publication of President
Macdonald's Higher Education in British Columbia and a Plan for the Future.
All parties to the educational process must come to grips with the problems
inherent in a rapidly increasing student population. In British Columbia in
1963 over 20,000 students were enrolled at universities, and in ten years
that number will double. In 1973 U.B.C. will enroll 22,000 students, of
whom over 16,000 will be undergraduates, and yet this may not be the end
of growth. To contend with these numbers this library and libraries at
other provincial universities must grow swiftly both in respect to collections and physical facilities.
It is difficult to set an upper limit to the useful size of any
university library, for even the largest libraries are met with requests
for materials not in their collections. However, it can be stated that
academic libraries in this province should be able to meet independently,
the demands of their individual undergraduate programs. Following upon
this, they should be able to satisfy the majority of demands placed upon
them by their own graduate programs.
From the province-wide point of view,, this would imply, desirably,
a number of self-sustaining undergraduate libraries with graduate collections which would complement rather than duplicate one another. To avoid unnecessary duplication there are two basic requirements. First, graduate
academic policy should be established on a provincial not local basis.
Since libraries tend to follow the direction of academic interests, it is
necessary that academics be clear in their directions. Second, communications between libraries should be improved, both in respect to the transfer
of information and of printed materials.
Development on this campus inevitably will follow on a course
that has already been set. Decentralization of collections and services,
on the pattern established by the Woodward Library, is proceeding, with
individual libraries for music, forestry and agriculture next on the
schedule. Further decentralization, which will improve services without
impairing the logic of collections, must proceed apace orlhe Main Library
will become an obstacle to the use of books. To guide the library during
this period of development, a policy on branch libraries and reading rooms
will be drafted by the Senate Library Committee for Senate approval.
Expenditures on books have increased dramatically in the last
few years, and the prospect is for an accelerated rate of increase, The
problem of book selection grows with the size of the book fund, and with
the expanding interests of the university;  In this connection the library
has relied for all of its years on the expert knowledge of individual
members of faculty. The creation of our present collection has required
the cooperation of hundreds of persons. Eventually it may devolve upon
the library to engage in more book selection, by adding to its staff on
a full or part-time basis literature specialists with graduate degrees.
In-print buying programmes for other major languages could be instituted
to acquire important scholarly publications. It is commonly said that we are living in a computer age, and
the library is often asked when will it enter that age. In fact, many
libraries have been experimenting with automatic data processing equipment,
and it is being demonstrated that such equipment can perform routines
involving the purchasing., cataloguing and loaning of library materials.
Two considerations should determine where and when conversion to computers
is desirable. First, the end result should be increased usefulness and
efficiency to users and to staff. Second, costs of operation should not
vastly exceed those of conventional methods. The benefits of automation
are undoubted, the costs suspect.
The future of this library, and others in the province, is
bright but full of complexities. A vast increase in academic collections
must come, and with it the creation of many new libraries. The operations
of these libraries will be performed to an increasing degree by electronic
equipment. One can forsee a network of largely self-sufficient academic
libraries, interdependent for less frequently consulted research materials,
sharing a central computerized catalogue for swift location of specific
titles and information concerning them. But whatever revolutions take
place, the aims of all libraries must remain unchanged: to provide the
individual user with whatever material he needs as quickly and conveniently
as possible.
Basil Stuart-Stubbs
University Librarian Salaries and Wages
Fiscal Years, April-March
1961/62   1962/63     1963/64     1964/65*
$ 439,387  $ 491,290   $  594,177  $  751,889
Books and Periodicals
240,931   292,247
393,838     518,124
33,067    37,820
Supplies. Equipment. Etc.
29,575    63,350
$742,960     $884,707        $1,116,559     $1,379,287
* Estimated Expenditures APPENDIX B
March 31
March 31
107 :
feet**     29 feet
136 feet
* Figures approximate
** Thickness of files APPENDIX C
September 1963 -
August 1964
General Circulation
Main Loan Desk
College Library
Biomedical Division
Fine Arts Room
Humanities Division
Science Division
Social Sciences Division
Special Collections
Asian Studies Division
Curriculum Laboratory
Reserve Circulation
In-ter-Library Loans
To Other Libraries
From Other Libraries
To Other Libraries
From Other Libraries
Grand Total   447,031
Library Staff as of Aueust 31. 1964
Stuart-Stubbs, Basil
University Librarian
May 1956
Ranz, Jim
University Librarian
June 1962 -
Dec. 1963
Bell, Inglis
Associate University Librarian
June 1952
Hamilton, Robert
Assistant University Librarian
July 1964
Smith, Anne M.
Assistant University Librarian
Sept. 1930 -
June 1964
Turner, George G.
Supervisor Technical Services
Supervisor Technical Services
June 1956 -
June 1964
Dewar, Audre
Secretary IV
Sept. 1962
Scott, Lynne
Secretary II
Nov. 1962
Head Librarian IV
Butterfield, Rita
Librarian II
June 1962
Shields, Dorothy
Librarian II
July 1961
MacNair, Mareia
Library Asst. in Sr.Lib.Asst.
Sept. 1963 -
Aug. 1964
Marx, Marion
Senior Library Assistant
Sept. 1963 -
Dec. 1963
Yulll, Susan
Library Asst. in Sr.Lib.Asst.
Oct. 1963 -
Aug. 1964
Baker, Judy
Library Assistant
July 1964
Gorgenyi, Patricia
Library Assistant
June 1963
Jarmain, Joanna
Library Assistant
Sept. 1963
Kaye, Hannelore
Library Assistant
July 1964
Kirman, Pa-ulina
Library Assistant
Sept. 1962
Milrose, Sharon
Library Assistant
Sept. 1963 -
Sept. 196;
Mirvis, Gwen
Clerk II. in Lib. Asst.
Apr. 1961
Scott, Clare
Clerk II in Lib. Asst.
July 1963 -
Oct. 1963
Von Baeyer, Renata
Library Assistant
June 1963 -
Sept. 196;
Williams, Judy
Library Assistant
July 1964
Benyovits, Julius
Clerk II
Apr. 1961
Dew, Patricia
Clerk II
Mar. 1962
Forsythe, Yvonne
Clerk II
Feb. 1954
Bolton, Anne
Clerk I
Apr. 1964
Haas, Maria
Clerk I
July 1964
Johnson, Judith
Clerk I
May 1963  -
Mar. 1964
Jorgenson, Vivi
Clerk I
July 1964
LaRoy, Janet
Clerk I
June 1962
LaVac, Patricia
Clerk I
June 1963
Melendy, Patricia
Clerk I
Sept. 1963 -
June 1964
Price, Rhoda
Clerk I
Aug. 1962 -
Dec. 1963
Siu, Sui-Cheong
Clerk I
Mar. 1964
Ng, Tung King
Head (Librarian III)
Dec. 1960
Fukuyama, Margaret
Senior Library Assistant
Aug. 1959
Chang, Jane
Clerk I
Aug. 1963 -
Aug. 1964 Appendix D Continued
Mclnnis, Douglas
Fraser, Doreen
Allan, Helen
Cummings, John
Erickson, Ture
Haydock, Eleanor
Jupp, Elizabeth
Parker, William
Rennie, Jean
Harding, Siupatie
McAully, Elizabeth
Perth, Deirdre
Leighton, Margaret
MacMillan, Beryl
Sheppard, Dorothy
Spaulding, Hildegarde
Thomas, David
Coutts, Leslie
Hepplewhite, Terri
Hildebrand, Leila
Hughes, Elspeth
Miller, Sheryl
Simpson, Lorraine
Dobbin, Gerry
Little, Margaret
Brongers, Lore
Elliston, Graham
Rowley, Ann
Sampson, Islay
Fisher, Robyn
Fiszhaut, Gustawa
Gibson, Barbara
Gray, John
Kincaid, Jane
McDonald, Heather
Macaree, Mary
Priebish, Andr^
Crawford, Joan
Fukuzawa, Kay
Ho, Berching
Pike, Mary
Baker, Joan
Hanson, Linda
Ricardo, Valerie
Stieda, Sieglinde
Walker, James
Head Librarian IV
July 1964
Head Librarian IV
July 1947 -
June 1964
Librarian II
Sept. 1958
Librarian II
Oct. 1962
Librarian I in Librarian II
July 1964
Librarian I
July 1962 -
May 1964
Librarian I
July 1964
Librarian I
July 1964
Librarian I
July 1964
Librarian I
Library Assistant
July 1962 -
Apr. 1964
Library Assistant
Mar. 1963
Library Assistant
Sept. 1959
Library Assistant
July 1963
Secretary II
Oct. 1962
Secretary II
Oct. 1961
Clerk II
July 1964
Clerk II
Apr. 1964
Clerk I
Oct. 1962
Clerk I
July 1964
Clerk I
June 1963 -
Sept. 1963
Clerk I
Oct. 1963
Clerk I
Aug. 1964
Clerk I
Aug. 1964
Clerk I
Head Librarian IV
June 1956
Librarian III
Sept. 1956
Librarian II
Sept. 1960
Librarian II
Sept. 1961 -
Aug. 1964
Librarian I in Librarian II
June 1964
Librarian I in Librarian II
June 1962 -
Feb. 1964
Librarian II
Librarian I
July 1962 -
Feb. 1964
Librarian I
Sept. 1964
Librarian I
Sept. 1963
Librarian I
July 1964
Librarian I
July 1963
Librarian I
July 1964
Librarian I
July 1963
Librarian I
July 1964
Librarian I
Senior Library Assistant
Apr. 1963
Senior Library Assistant
May 1962
Senior Library Assistant
June 1962
Senior Library Assistant
Mar. 1958 -
June 1964
Library Assistant
Sept. 1963
Library Assistant
June 1962
Library Assistant
Aug. 1962 -
Nov. 1963
Library Assistant
June 1964
Library Assistant
Aug. 1964 CATALOGUE DIVISION Continued
Appendix D Continued
Lindberg, Barbara
Library Assistant
Nov. 1963 -
Aug. 1964
Richter, Elfriede
Library Assistant
May 1964  -
Aug. 1964
Gillanders, Ann
Clerk II
July 1964
Goossen, Lorna
Clerk II
June I960
Rose, Bessie
Clerk II
Jan. 1957
Turnbull, Brian
Clerk II
Sept. 1963 -
Apr. 1964
Beattie, Loraine
Clerk I
Mar. 1963
Blackwood, Nola
Clerk I
Jan. 1964
DeFriez, Rosemary
Clerk I
Jan. 1964 -
July 1964
Eigendorf, Elvira
Clerk I
Aug. 1963
Garrard, Sharon
Clerk I
Apr. 1961 -
Apr. 1964
Glattli, Josette
Clerk I
May 1964
Herbert, Carol
Clerk I
Aug. 1962 -
Nov. 1963
Hurford, Susan
Clerk I
Feb. 1963
Mulhern, Catherine
Clerk I
Feb. 1963 -
Oct. 1963
Clerk I
July 1964
Wakelin, Diane
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Sept. 1963 -
• Feb. 1964
Harris, Robert
Librarian III
June 1962
Constable, Helen
Librarian I
Jan. 1964
Dodson, Suzanne
Librarian I
June 1963 -
July 1964
Ward, Katherine
Librarian I
July 1964
Haughian, Terry
Senior Library Assistant
Dec. I960 -
June 1964
Kuipers, Marianne
Senior Library Assistant
Oct. 1956
Lagies, Mary
Senior Library Assistant
Jan. 1962
MacLeod, Sheila
Senior Library Assistant
July 1964
Bennett, Barbara
Library Assistant
May 1964
May 1964
DeRuyter, Anita
Library Assistant
Mar. I960 -
June 1964
Dienes, Jennie
Library Assistant
Sept. 1963 -
May 1964
Hinds, Gloria
Library Assistant
May 1964  -
Aug. 1964
Jones, Robert
Library Assistant
May 1964
July 1964
Kelgard, Sonja
Library Assistant
July 1964
Murby, Robert
Library Assistant
Aug. 1963 -
May 1964
Obana, Mitsue
Library Assistant
May 1963
Sept. 1963
Pf elf fer,. Carol
Library Assistant
Jan. 1963 -
Mar. 1964
Sawkins, Maureen
Library Assistant
June 1964
Wisdom, Jean
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
July 1964 -
Aug. 1964
Harries, Joyce
Secretary II
Mar. 1964
Lee, Lena
Secretary II
Nov. 1963 -
Feb. 1964
Williams, Leonard
Stack Attendant
Mar. 1958
Cull, John
Stack Attendant
July 1964
MacDonald, Lillian
Clerk II
Jan. 1963
Towers, Louise
Clerk II
Aug. 1962
Whittingham, Irene
Clerk II
July 1964
Adamovitch, Laurene
Clerk I
Sept. 1963 -
Aug. 1964
Borradaile, Lilla
Clerk I
Feb. 1964 -
June 1964
Braga, Lynne
Clerk I
Appendix D Continued
Cowgill, Lesley
Clerk I
Nov. 1963 -
Fernie, Lynne
Clerk I
July 1964
Fieber, Doreen
Clerk I
June 1963 -
Hart, Shanon-Dale
Clerk I
July 1964 -
Kerr, Mary
Clerk I
June 1964
Kerr, Diana-Rose
Clerk I
Sept. 1963 -
Meyer, Gail
Clerk I
Sept. 1962 -
Richards, Beverley
Clerk I
July 1964
Rosebrugh, Diane
Clerk I
June 1962 -
Veto, Magda
Clerk I
May 1963  -
Williams, June
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Jan. 1964 -
Hoeg, Eleanor
Head (Librarian III)
Sept. I960
Berry, Marilyn
Librarian I
June 1963
Kelly, Eleanor
Library Assistant
Sept. 1962 -
July 1964
Robinson, Janet
Library Assistant
Aug. 1962
Seto, Marilyn
Library Assistant
Aug. 1964 -
McLellan, Marie
Clerk II
July 1962
Marches!, Judith
Clerk II
Nov. 1963 -
Ashton, Bernice
Clerk I
Aug. 1964
Butterfield, Diane
Clerk I
Feb. 1964
Hurford, Susan
Clerk I
Feb. 1963 -
Lobach, Lydia
Clerk I
Clerk I
July 1962 -
Woodward, Emily
Head (Librarian II)
July 1957
Mercer, Dorothy
Clerk II
Mar. 1963
Thornley, Marilyn
Clerk II
Sept. 1963 -
Kagna, Terri
Clerk I
Aug. 1963 -
Ollenberger, Dorothy
Clerk I
Clerk I
Nov. 1963
Stewart, Edith
Head (Retired)
July 1948 -
June 1964
Mercer, Eleanor
Head (Librarian IV)
Oct. 1938
Herbert, Merle
Clerk I in Secretary II
July 1962
Dwyer, Melva
Head (Librarian III).
July 1953
Belak, Margot
Librarian II
Sept. 1962
Wine, Ann
Library Assistant
Feb. 1963 -
Pelman, Ronna
Clerk I
Oct. 1962 -
Rosebrugh, Diane
Clerk I
Feb. 1964 Appendix D Continued
Selby, Joan
Head (Librarian III)
Sept. 1959
Burndorfer, Hans
Librarian I in Librarian II
June 1964
Dowd, Doreen
Librarian II
July 1961 -
June 1964
Hand, Susan
Librarian I
July 1963
Horvath, Maria
Library Assistant
Feb. 1961
Lobach, Lydia
Clerk II
Dec. 1963
Olma, Terry
Clerk II
Aug. I960 -
Nov. 1963
Traff, Vera
Clerk II
Dec. 1956
Symons, Gwen
Clerk I
July 1964
Whittingham, Irene
Clerk I
June 1962 -
July 1964
Leith, Anna
Head (Librarian III)
Sept. 1959
Gaensbauer, Ena
Librarian II
Sept. 1961
Buttery, Jill
Librarian I
June 1963
Esakin, Helen
Library Assistant
Sept. I960
Soomet, Lillian
Library Assistant
June 1962 -
June 1964
Adolph, Mary
Clerk II
June 1964
Rankine, Sheila
Clerk I
Feb. 1964
Seebaren, Verna
Clerk I
Aug. 1963 -
Feb. 1964
Lanning, Roland
Head (Librarian IV)
Sept. 1926
Johnson, Steven
Librarian III
July 1957
Lanning, Mabel
Librarian II
Aug. 1963 -
June 1964
Freeman, Carol
Librarian I in Librarian II
June 1964
Buckley, Frances
Librarian I
July 1964
Medveczsky, Louis
Library Assistant
Aug. 1961 -
Sept. 1963
Nielsen, Roswitha
Library Assistant
Aug. 1963
Parker, Barbara
Library Assistant
Sept. 1962 -
Aug. 1964
Richter, Elfriede
Library Assistant
May 1964  -
Aug. 1964
Wallace, Maureen
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Aug. 1962
Clark, Valerie
Clerk II in Library Assistant
Sept. 1963
Roth, Evelyn
Clerk II
May 1961
Cameron, Carole
Clerk I
Sept. 1962 -
Oct. 1963
Carlson, Alida
Clerk I
Clerk I
Oct. 1963
Fryer, Percy Sr.
Fryer, Percy Jr.
Harrison, Roger
Gutensperger, Walter
Brewer, Elizabeth
Jamieson, Margaret
Schmidt, Edel
Lynch, Isobel
Dec. 1951
Apr. 1952
May 1957
Aug. 1963
Feb. 1952
Oct. 1960
Aug. 1963
May 1963 Appendix D Continued
O'Rourke, Joan
Anderson, Susan
Cummings, Joyce
Wilson, Maureen
Dutton, Marilyn
Greenall, Diane
Robb, William
Wilder, Gillian
White, Doreen
Lissack, Susan
Biden, Maureen
Boyd, Barbara
Crotogino, Giselle
Goddard, Janet
Johnston, Joanne
Kennedy, Anne
Carson, Anne
Keevil, Susan
Mclnnis, Douglas
Townesend, Antony
Head (Librarian IV)
Librarian II
Librarian II
Librarian II
Librarian I
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Library Assistant
Secretary I:'in Secretary II
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I
Clerk I,
Clerk I!
Clerk I
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Library Assistant
. July 1948
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June 1963
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Sept. 1962 - Aug. 1964
Sept. 1963
Sept. 1963
July 1964
Aug. 1960 - June 1964
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June 1963 - May 1964
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June 1963 - June 1964
July 1961
July 1964
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May 1963
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Aug. 1964 APPENDIX E
Senate Library Committee
Dr. I. McT. Cowan, Chairman
Dean S. Wah Leung
Dean D. M. Myers
Dr. M. F. McGregor
Dean G. Ni. Perry
Dr. S. Rothstein
Dr. J. Norris
Chancellor Phyllis G. Ross (ex officio)
President J. B. Macdonald (ex officio)
Mr. J. E. A. Parnall (ex officio)
Mr. Basil Stuart-Stubbs (ex officio)
Terms of Reference:
The Senate Library Committee shall advise and assist the
Librarian in:
1.) Formulating a library policy in relation to the
development of resources for instruction and research;
2.) Allocating book funds to the fields of instruction
and research;
3.) Developing a general program of library service
for all the interests of the University;
4.) Keeping the Librarian informed concerning the
library needs of instructional and research staffs;
5.) Interpreting the Library to the University. APPENDIX F
New Periodical Titles Received
A.D.M. Revista de la Asociacion Dental Mexicana
Abstract cards of the fluoride.literature
Abstracts of efficiency studies in the hospital service
Academie Nationale de Ghirugie Dentale. Bulletin
Academy of Dentistry for the Handicapped. Bulletin
Accounting trends &.techniques in published corporate annual reports
Acta stomatologica Belgica
Advanced energy conversion
Advances in fluorine chemistry
Advances in marine biology
Advances in mathematics
Advances in oral biology
Advances in organometallic chemistry
Advances in spectroscopy
Aeronautical quarterly
Africa report
African Communist
African wild life
Alaska review
American Academy of Child Psychiatry. Journal
American Association of Industrial Nurses. Journal
American educational research journal
American philosophical quarterly
American Society of Psychomatic Dentistry & Medicine. Journal '
American Statistical Association, Business and Economics Section.
i Proceedings
American west
American zoologist
Annales de gene'tique
Annales odontostomatologiques
Antarctic research series
Anthropological journal of Canada
Anthropology psychology engineering
Appollonia (Sydney)
Archives d'anatomie pathologique
Archives of oral biology
Archivio stomatologico
Archivio storico italiano
Arkhitektura SSSR
Arts in society
Atlantic community
Auckland Historical Society. Journal
Australian accountant
Australian books in print
Australian literary studies
Australian university Appendix F Continued
Background; journal of the International Studies Association
Behaviour research and therapy
Biotechnology and bioengineering
Blew ointment press
Boletin dental uruguayo
British journal of oral surgery
British journal of social and clinical psychology
British Society for Parasitology. Symposia
British Society for the Study of Prosthetic Dentistry. Proceedings
British technology index
British universities annual
Brussels. Universite Libre'. Institut de Sociologie Solvay. Revue
de 1' Institut de Sociologie
Budapest. Tudomany egyetem. Annales. Sectio mathematica
Bulletin of African studies in Canada
Business archives and history
Cahiers du communisme
Calcutta Mathematical Society. Bulletin
California education
Campus Canada
Canadian consumer
Canadian dimension
Canadian Education Association. Reports
Canadian geotechnical journal
Canadian interiors
Canadian journal of physiology & pharmacology
Canadian library horizons
Ceska literature
Chamber's encyclopedia world survey
Chinese mathematics
Chirugien-dentiste de France
Civic administration
Clay mineral bulletin
Club musical et litteraire de Montreal. Conferences
College of Radiologists of Australasia. Journal
Collier's encyclopedia yearbook
Columbus Dental Society. Bulletin
Commonwealth Mycological Institute. Descriptions of pathogenic fungi
and bacteria
Compendium of pharmaceutical specialities. (Canada)
Concours medical
Contemporary religions in Japan
Contributions to Indian sociology
Council of Planning Librarians. Exchange bibliography. Eastern
European series
Current trends in linguistics Appendix F Continued
Dental cadmos
Dental delineator
Dental technician
Dental world
Dermatologia tropica et ecologica geographica
Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft. Berichte
Deutsche stomatologie
Deutsches Dante-Jahrbuch
East African Wildlife journal
Economics and politics of public education
Education in chemistry
Engineering and technical conventions
English language notes
L'Esprit createur
Explorations in entrepreneurial history
Fertility abstracts
Flower grower
Folklore and folk music archivist
Forschungen und Fortschritte
Frangais dans le monde
Gas chromatography abstracts
Geomorphological abstracts
Georgia Dental Association. Journal
Gleanings in bee■culture
Groupement International pour la Recherche Scientifique en
Stomatologie. Bulletin
Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften
Guide to microforms in print
Harvard journal of legislation
Helvetia medica acta
Hitotsubashi journal of law and politics
Hitotsubashi journal of social studies
Hospital abstracts
Hospital administration
Hospital administration in Canada
Human factors
Huntia Appendix F Continued
Index veterinarius
Indian Chemical Society. Journal
Indian journal of physiology & pharmacology
Information dentaire
Institute of Mediaeval Music. Collected works
International aerospace abstracts
International Arthurian Society. Bulletin bibliographique
International journal of electrical engineering education
International journal of mechanical sciences
International journal of rock mechanics and mining sciences
International review of connective tissue research
International social science journal
Inventory of social & economic research in health
Investigative urology
Israel journal of chemistry
James Joyce quarterly
Japanese circulation journal
Japanese journal of parasitology
Japanese religions
Jen min jih pao
Jeunesses musicales du Canada. Journal
Jewish social studies
Jezyk polski
Journal de stomatologie
Journal du droit international
Journal francais d'oto-rhino-laryngologie et chirugie maxillofaciale
Journal of arms control
Journal of Chinese literature
Journal of common market studies
Journal of general and applied microbiology
Journal of hydrology
Journal of implant dentistry
Journal of industrial relations
Journal of marketing research
Journal of medical entomology
Journal of organometallic chemistry
Journal of programmed instruction
Journal of quantitative spectroscopy and radioactive transfer
Journal of rehabilitation
Journal of research in crime & delinquency
Journal of research in science teaching
Journal of school psychology
Jugoslovenska Akademija Znanasti i Umjetnasti. Odjel za filozofizu i
drustvene nauke. Zagreb. Starina
Jugoslavenska Akademija Znanosti i Umjetnosti. Zagreb. Rad
Jugoslovenski istorijski casopis Appendix F Continued
Keizaigaku bunken Mho
Kitsato archives of experimental medicine
Knizhnaia letopis
Komunist (Belgrade)
Kunstgeschichtliche Anzeigen
Landscape design and construction
Living wilderness
Long Ashton Agricultural and Horticultural Research Station. Annual
Louisiana Dental Association. Journal
M.L. Abstracts
Maine Library Association. Bulletin
Management technology
Marxism today
Masters abstracts
Matica Srpska. Nov! sad. Letopis
Matica Srpska. Novi sad. Zbornik za drustvene nauke
Medical care
Melbourne critical review
Mexico (City). Institute Politechnico Nacional. Centro de investigacion
y de estudios avanzados. Indice bibliografico. Seccion 4.
Microchemical journal
Midwest journal of political science
Mineralogical society of America. Special papers
Mirovaia ekonomika i mezhdunarodnye otnasheniia
Modern refrigeration
Molodi Kommunist
Monthly list of Chinese books
Moscow. Universitet. Vestnik. Seriia filologiia i zhurnalistika
Municipal journal
Municipal world
Musica antiqua Batava
Mutation research
National Rose Society of Great Britain. Rose Annual
Nautical almanac. (London)
Netherlands journal of sea research
Neudrucke deutscher Literaturewerke des 16 & 17 Jahrbunderts
Neue Zeitschrifte fur Musik
New Zealand timber journal and wood products
Nihon. Kyosei Shika Gakha Zasshi (Japan Orthodontic Society. Journal) Appendix F Continued
Nordisk matematisk tidsskrift
Norsk geologisk tidsskrift
Nucleic acids
Nuova rivista storica
Nursing science
Nyasaland journal
Oceanography &■ Marine biology
Odontologia uruguaya
Odontostomatological progress
Ohio dental journal
Oregon state dental journal
Osaka daigaku shigaku zasshi
Pakistan development review
Pathological monographs
Pest control
Philosophy east and west
Photochemistry and photociology
Planta medica
Politicheskoa samoobrazovanie
Polynesian "Society. Maori monographs
Prensa medica Argentina
Prescribers' journal
Prilozi za knjizevost, jezik, istorijii i folklor
Private library
Programmed instruction
Progress; the Unilever quarterly
Progress innttcleic acid research
Progress in oceanography
Przeglad humanistyczny
Psyche (StUtt'gart)
Public administration (Sydney)
Publicationes mathematicae
Quick frozen foods Appendix F Continued
Radio and electronic engineer
Radiologic clinics of North America
Rassegna di diritto publico
Rassegna internazionale di stomatologia practica
Referativny zhurnal. Geografiia SSSR
Referativny zhurnal. Geografiia
Regelungstechnik; Zeitschrift fur Steuren, Regeln und Automatisiern
Rehabilitation monographs
Researches on population ecology
Residue reviews
Reticuloendothelial Society. Journal
Reviews of geophysics
Revista de estudios politicos
Revue administrative
Revuebelge de m^decine; dentaire
Revue d'odonto-stomatologie
Revue de droit international et de sciences diplomatiques et
Revue du droit public et de la science politique
Rhododendron handbook
Revista storica Italians
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Journal
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Observer's handbook
Royal Institute of Chemistry. (London). Journal
Schimmel briefs
Schweizerisches medizinisches Jahrbuch
Science citation index
Scottish studies
Seed world
Shukyu Kenkyu
Slavisticna revi casopis za literarno zgodovino in jezik
Social compass
Socie'te' de Pathologie Exotique. Bulletin
Societe des Africanistes. Journal
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Journal
Society of Rheology. Transactions
Sociological analysis
Solid State abstracts
South Carolina dental journal
Southern Review
Sovetskaia muzyka
Sovetskie profsoyuzy
Sports Turf Research Institute. Journal
Studi Danteschi
Studia liturgica
Studies in short fiction
Studies in Soviet thought Appendix F Continued
Studies in the history of libraries and librarianship
Sud medical et chirurgical
Sudan notes and records
Suomeri Hammaslaakariseura. Toimituksi
Surface science
Te Reo. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of New Zealand
Technology and culture
Tennessee State Dental Association. Journal
Times, London. Index to the Times
Transcultural psychiatric research review and newsletter
Twentieth century
Verkhovnyi Souda. R.S.F.S.R. Bulleten
Verkhovnyi Suda. S.S.S.R. Bulletin
Voprosy geografii
Wellcome Historical Medical Library. Publications
West Africa
Wildlife in Australia
World review of nutrition and dietetics
World trade union movement
World youth
Yugoslav survey
Zeitschrift fur anglistik & amerikanistik
Zeitschrift fur ethnologie
Zeitschrift fur Klinische Chemie
Zeitschrift fur psychotherapie und medizinische psychologie
Zeitschrift fur Wahresceinlichkeitstheorie und Verwandte gebiete
Zoonoses research. APPENDIX G
Selected List of Notable Acquisitions
Part I: Serials
——— i i ' in ii ^^——.11   i in  ■■
Acta scientiarum mathematicarum, v. 1-10, 1922-1943
Aeronautical quarterly, v. 9-13, 1958-1962
Akademiia nauk SSSR. Doklady, v. 1-56, 1933-1947
Akademiia nauk SSSR. Izvestiia. Seriia matematicheskaia, v. 1-24,
Ambit, v. 1-17, 1959-1963
American Fisheries Society. Transactions, v, 1-75, 1870-1947 (set 2)
American journal of nursing, v. 1-10, 1900-1910
American rose annual, [ v. 12-32, 1927-1947]
Archaeologia Polona, v. 1-3, 1958-1961
Archiv der Pharmazie, und Berichte der Deutschen Pharmazeutischen
Gesellschaft. [v. 210-287, 1877-1955]
Archiv fiir Reformationsgeschichte. Texte, und Untersuchungen, v. 1-40,
Archiv fiir slavische Philogie, v. 1-42, 1875-1929
Aristotelian Society. Proceedings, v. 1-3, n.s.v. 7, 1891-1895,
Asia major, o.x. v. 8-10, 1932-1935
Aurora, v. 13-23, 1953-1963
Bibliographical Society, Chicago. Yearbook, v. 1-4, 1899-1903
Bibliographical Society of America. Papers, v. 1-4, 16-18, 1904-1927
Bibliotheca scriptorum medii recentisque aevorum, n. 1-39, 1930-1946
Bibliothek des Litterarischen Vereins, Stuttgart.  [1846-1937]
Botanical Society of the British Isles. Proceedings, v. 1-4, 1954-1962
Botaniska notiser. [1922-1956]
Brussels. University Libr^.  Institut de Sociologie Solvay. Revue de
1'Institut de Sociologie, v. 24, 1951 to date '
Budapest. Tudomany egyetem. Annales. Sectio mathematica, v. 1-  ,
1958 to date
Buhne und Welt. [ v. 1-13, 1898-1911]
Business history review, v. 1-27, 1926-1953
Byzantion, v. 1-4, 15, 1924-1941
California fish and game,: v. 1-48, 1914-1962 (set 2)
Canadian Labour newspapers, to end of 1963. Microfilm of all Canadian
Labour newspapers
Canadian theosophist, v. 1-7, 29-34, 1920-1954 a
Caaopis archivni skoly, v. 1-16, 1923-1938
Catholic historical review,  [v. 32-47, 1947-1962]
Catholic library world, v. 1-18, 1929-1947 (microfilm)
Cesky lid.  [v. 1-44, 1891-1957]
Chetham Society, Manchester, England. Remains historical and literary
connected with the palatine counties of Lancaster and Chester.
Volumes in series I-III.  [1869-1954]
Chugoku bungakuho.  (Journal of Chinese Literature. Kyoto University)
v. 4, 1956 to date Appendix G Continued
Church history, v. 1-9, 1932-1940
Classical museum, v. 1-7, 1844-1850
Clay mineral bulletin, no. 1, 1947 to date
Copeia. [no. 1, 1913 to date]
Cuadernos de historia de Espafia, no. 3, 1945 to date
Dental magazine and oral topics, [v. 41-60, 1924^-1943]
Dental survey, [v. 1-27, 1934-1951]
Deutsche Literaturzeitung. [v. 66-81, 1945-1960]
Deutsche Revue, [v. 24-44, 1899-1919]
Deutsche Rundschau, [v. 112-220, 1901-1929]
Deutsche Sudpolar Expeditions, [v. 1-20, 1901-1903]
Deutsches Dante-jahrbuch. [v. 5-35, 1920-1957]
Dome, n.s., v. 1-6, 1898-1900
Dominion dental journal, [v. 15-41, 1903-1929]
Economic development and cultural change, v. 1-6, 1952-1958 (microfilm)
Envoi, no. 10, 1959 to date
Ergebnisse der Biologie. [v. 18-23, 1941-1960]
Ergebnisse der Gesamten Zahnheilkunde, v. 1-7, 1910-1924
Estudios de historia moderna, v. 2-6, 1952-1956
Euphorion.  [v. 1-20, 1894-1913]
Faust, v. 1-4, 1921-1926
Germania, v. 1-10, 1836-1853, (microfilm)
Germania; vierteljahrsschrift fur deutsche altertumskunde, v. 1-37,
1856-1892.  (Microfilm)
Genera insectorum. [1902-1963]
Georgetown University. Institute of Language and Linguistics. Monograph
series, v. 3-13, 1953-1963
Glasgow Mathematical Association. Proceedings. [ v. 1-5, 1952-1962]
Great Britain. Public record office. Calendar of state papers.
Colonial series, no. 2-7, 29-30, 1862-1930
Hermaea.  [no. 7-32, 1909-1936]
Index veterinarius, v. 13- , 1963 to date
Institut fur oesterreichische Geschichtsforschung. Mitteilungen,
[v. 24-37, 1903-1916]
International Arthurian Society. Bulletin bibliographique, v. 4 to date
International Association of Theoretical and Applied Limnology.
Mitteilungen, no, 2-13, 1924-1956
Israel. Ha-mo'atsah ha-le'umit le mahkar ule fituah. Bulletin. Sections
A: Chemistry, v. 5-11, 1955-1963 Appendix G Continued
Japanese journal of limnology, v. 1-22, 1931-1961
Jezyk Polski, v. 9-24, 1924-1939
Johnstons' dental miscellany, v. 1-8, 1874-1881
Journal asiatique, no. 234- , 1943 to date
Journal du droit international, [1930 to date]
Journal of business, [v. 2-17, 1929-1944]
Journalism quarterly, v. 1-12, 1924-1936
Literaturnoe nasledstvoe, v. 16-44, 1934-1941
Living wilderness, no. 27- , 1940 to date
Lund. Universitet. Matematiska Seminarium. Meddelanden. [no. 3,
1935 to date]
Marz, Jg. 1-4, 1907-1910
Magyar Tudomanyos Akademia, Budapest. Matematikai intezetinek
kozlemenyei. v. 1- , 1956 to date
Mass und Wert, v. 1-3, 1937-1940
Materialien zur Kunde des alteren englischen Dramas, [no. 4-44,
Mathematics teacher, v. 1-13, 1908-1920
Matice moravske, Brunn. Sbornik. [v. 52-73, 1928-1954]
Modern review.  (Calcutta) [v. 39-77, 1926-1945]
Monetary times, 1906-1929. (microfilm)
Monumenta germanlae historica. Scriptores in folio, [v. 5-29,
National Rose Society of Great Britain. Rose annual. [1950-1963]
National union catalogue, v. 1-54, 1958-1962
Nederlansche Botanische Vereinigung. Mederlandsch kruidkundig
archif. deel 1-58, 1904-1949
New Jersey state dental journal, v. 19-27, 1948-1956
Noise control, v. 1-6, 1955-1960
Norsk geologisk tidsskrift. [v. 6, 1920 to date]
North China herald and supreme court and consular gazette.
[v. 5-n.s.v. 219, 1869-1941]
Northern Rhodesian journal, [v. 1- , 1950 to date]
Odontological Society of Great Britain. Transactions, v. 1-25,
Ohio dental journal, v. 10-17, 1937-1944
Opera, v. 1- , 1955 to date
Operations research, v. 1-4, 1952-1956
Organ, v. 2-22, 1923-1943
Ortodoncia, no. 27, 1950 to date
Oxford, University. Commonwealth Forestry Institute. Papers.
[no. 2-14] (microfilm) Appendix G Continued
Pacific dental gazette, [v. 16-41, 1908-1933]
Pacific tribune. [1939-1947]
Partisan review, v. 1-3, 1934-1936
Pharmaceutics acta Helvetiae. [v. 2-26, 1927-1951]
Pharmazie. [v. 1-15, 1946-1960]
Philological museum, (Cambridge), v. 1-2, 1.832-1833
Philosophia, v. 1-3, 1936-1938
Philosojftiy east and west, v. 7-12, 1957-1963
Planta medica, v. 3, 1955 to date
Prague. Narodni Museum. Casopis. [v. 2-16, 1828-1842]
Presence Africaine, v. 1- , 1955 to date
Queensland Museum. Memoirs, [v. 1- , 1912 to date]
Renaissance, v. 1-14, 1839-1851
Repertoire d'art et d'archeologie, v. 31-64, 1926-1960
Review of economics and statistics, [v. 4-18, 1922-1936]
Revista de historia, v. 1-17, 1912-1928
Revue d'histoire de la deuxiime guerre mondiale. [v. 1- , 1950 to
Revue d'histoire economique et sociale, v. 17-21, 1929-1933
Revue de Paris P Bruxelles. [1829-1940]
Revue de stomatologie, v. 28-61, 1926-1959
Revue des deux mondes. [v. 55-82, 1940-1944]
Revue generale de droit international public, Ser. 3, v. 1 -ser. 4,
v. 15, 1927-1958
Rhodes-Livingstone communications. [2-19, 1943-1960]
Saturday night, v.. 1-50, 1887^1935. (microfilm)
Scrutiny, v. 1-20, 1932- .
Signature, v. 1-n.s. 18, 1935-1954
Sino-Swedish Expedition, (Sven Hedin), no.. 1-45, 1927-1935, 1937-1963
Socie'te' Geologique de France. Bulletin, 5th Ser., y, 1-8, 17, 1931-1947
Society for the Preservation of the Fauna of the Empire. Journal,
[n.s. 9-46, 1929-1942]
Sociological Analysis, v. 1-11, 1940-1950
Texas. University. Institute of Marine Science. Publications,, v. 2- ,
1951 to date
Times, London, 1829-1929 (microfilm)
Times, London. Index to the Times, [1950-1960]
Traditio, v. 2- , 1944 to date
Tropical diseases bulletin, v. 1-5, 1912-1915
Tuermer; monatsschrift fiir gemut und geist, v. 24-32, 1921-1930
U.S. Bureau of foreign and domestic commerce. Survey of current
business, v. 1-19, 1921-1939 Appendix G Continued
Verein fur Geschichte der Deutschen in der Sudetenlandern. Mitteilungen,
[v. 14-36, 59-72, 1876-1934]
Vergilius, no. 3- , 1957 to date
Wentia, no. 1-5, 1959-1961
World orthodontic literature index, v. 1-4, 1954-1957
Wort in der Zeit. [v. 4-9, 1958-1963]
Writings on American history, [1902-1912]
Zahnarztliche Mitteilungen, v. 37-45, 1949-1957
Zeitschrift fur Botanik. [v. 1-11, 1909-1919]
Zeitwende, Jg 25-30, 1954-1959
Zentralblatt fur bibliothekswesen, v. 51-60, 1934-1941
Zoological records, no. 31-40, 1894-1903 Appendix G Continued
Part II; Books
Adanson, [ Michel]
Histoire naturelle du Senegal. Coquillages.
Paris Bauche, 1757.  (MacMillan Family Fund)
Alai-Pamir Expedition 1928.  Wissenschaftliche ergebnisse der Alai-Pamir
Expedition, 1928.  Berlin, D. Reimer, E. Vohsen,
1932.  6 Bde.      (MacMillan Family Fund)
Interaction of color. New Haven, Yale Univ. Press,
Cosmographia Petri Apiana per Gemman Frisium apud
Lovaniensis medicum et mathematicum unsignem, ian
deum ab ombibus vindi. Cologne, Brickman, 1574.
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, illus. by Arthur
Rackham. 1906.       (Gift of L. W. McLennan)
Bible. N. T. Greek, 1534.  Novum testamentum graecum. Paris, Culines,
1534.       (Leon & Thea Koerner Foundation)
Revelation., Lapocalypse figuree par maistre Iehan Duuet.
A. Lyon, 1561.  [London, Eugrammia Press, 1962]
America, a prophecy. London, 1793.  [William;
Blake Trust, 1963]
Les six livres de-la Republique. Lyon, 1579.
(Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation)
Flora Orientalis. Basileae, apud H. Georg, 1867-
1884. [Amsterdam, A. Asher, 1963] 6 volumes.
British Museum, Dept. of Printed Books. Catalogue of books printed in the
15th century now in the British Museum. London,
British Museum 1963i  2 volumes.
British Museum. King's Music Library. Catalogue of the King's Music
Library, by W. Barclay Squire. London, The
Museum, 1927.  3 volumes.
British School at Athens. Perachora, the sanctuaries of Hera Akraia and
Limenia.  Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1940. 1
Brosses, Charles de.   Histoire des navigations aux Terres Australies.
Paris, Durand, 1756.  2 volumes.  (MacMillan
Family Fund)
Canadian Crisis and Lord Durham's Mission to the North Colonies. London,
J. Rodwel, 1838.
The works of Geoffrey Chaucer [ed.] by John Urry.
London, printed for B. Eintot, 1721.
Les Nouvelles Decouvertes des Russes, entre l'Asie
et l'Amerique. Paris, Neuchatel, 1781.  (MacMillan
Family Fund)
Memoires glographiques de tous les pays du monde,
Lyon, 1686.
Tabulae Anatomicae clarissimi viri. Venetius,
Locatelli, 1769.      (P. A. Woodward Fund)
Introduction a la geographie avec une description
historique sur touttes les parties de la terre.
2e id.    Paris, Chez le Sr. Danet, 1717.
The centaur. Montague, Mass., Montague Press, 1915.
(Leon & Thea Koerner Foundation)
Albers, Josef.
Apianus, Petrus.
Barrie, I. M.
Bible. N. T.
Bible. N. T.
Blake, William.
Bodin, Jean.
Boissier, Edmond.
Chaucer, Geoffrey.
Coxe, William.
Duval, Pierre.
Eustachi, Bartholomew.
Fer, Nicolas de.
Guerin, Maurice de. Appendix G Continued
Head, Sir Francis Bond. Bubbles from the brunnens of Nassau. London,
J. Murray, 1834.
Ingersoll, Charles Jared. Historical sketch of the second war between
the United States of America and Great Britain.
Philadelphia, Lea and Blanchard, 1845-1849.
2 volumes.
Jarvis, Samuel Peters. Statement of facts relating to the trespass on
the printing press, in the possession of Mr.
William Lyon Mackenzie, Ancaster, Ont., Geo.
Gurnett, 1828.
La Condamine, Charles Marie de. Relation abregee d'un voyage fait dans
1'interieur de L''Ame'rique Meridionale. Paris,
Veuve Pissot, 1745.      (MacMillan Family Fund)
Lahontan, Louis Armand de Lom d'Arce, Baron de. Nouveaux voyages, dans
L'Amerique Septentrionale. La Haye, Chez les
freres l'Honore', 1703-1704. 2 volumes.
(MacMillan Family Fund)
La Perouse, Jean Francis de Galaup. Comte de. A voyage round the world,
in 1785, 1786, 1787, 1788. Edinburgh, Printed
by J. Moir, for T. Brown, 1798.
Luis de Granada.      Doctrina Christiana. Burgos, Philippe Lunta,
1587. (Leon & Thea Koerner Foundation)
Manuel II, King of Portugal. Livros antigos portuguezes, 1489-1600 da
bibliotheca de Sua Majestade Fidelissima, descriptos
por S. M. el-rei D. Manuel. Cambridge, Impresso
na Imperenda da Universidad, 1929-1935. 3 volumes.
Martin, Robert Montgomery. History, statistics and geography of Upper and
Lower Canada. 2nd ed. London, Whittaker, 1838.
Mercator, Gerardus.    Atlas sive Cosmographicai Meditationes de fabrica
mundi et fabricati figvra. Dvisbvrgi Clivorvm.
[1595. Bruxelles, Culture et civilization, n.d.]
(Gilbert Tucker Memorial Fund)
Monk, Sir James.      State of the present form of government of the
Province of Quebec. London, printed in the year
Moore, Thomas.        The ferns of Great Britain and Ireland, ed. by
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