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[Librarian's Report to the Senate] [1933]

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 The ttalvarsity of British CoUwblft,
Vancouver, Canada.
L.S.EUtiek,   Saq«» M.S.A.,  B.Sc.,  LL.B.»
Ch&lraMi of th® Seaete,
fhe UalMrsity of British ColoabU.
&© Library Coas&tte® has the hoaor to present herewith the
Librarian** report for tfce jeer September ISSl-Soptemher 1S3S, as epproveii.
ay the Committee at Its meetlog April 11, 1333.
fhe Oosaitte® regrets ths Xefcenesa of this report, and also tits
f&cfc that it 1® e&le to provide only a *orjr limited number of copies.    In
expl&netion of these two unhappy features wo would ref>r to a statement im&@
by the Librarian  to the Senate in « letter dated  Feoruery 14,  1933,  In which
he sftid that, lack of funds forbade the printing of a report this year,  and
that he proceed to raport next .rear oa the work of the Library during the
two ^aers 1931-1933.    After considering this letter the Committee decided that
the proper procedure ««s to hstr« the report of the ./car 1931-2 written uM
wads ar&n&sle for the memosr» of Senate.    ?he present report ^ivess effect to
that resolution, and ©no of the sopies 1« presented herewith.    Other copies
are in the hands of th® Secretary of tho Somite, the Librarian, the Cbelrasaa
and oa© or t*o others of the Cowittee.    Any member of Senate who wishes to
consult th® report may ha*e ascess to eny of those copies.
the difficult elreuaetanees under which the Comffiittee is laboring
are sufficiently set forth in tho Librarian's report,    'fell® of aeeeseitj se
ho* to th© dsmsoda for the most rigid economy, at  the sasse tine we wish to
keep Doforo the Senate tte principle announced in-the letter of the Chairman
of th© Committee prefixed to -th© report of September 8, 1931s
,c -t-
fhe main difficulty tthich stands in the way
of a satisfactory budget Is that the votes—
sometimes verj genmrous votes - $sad© by the Board
of Governors at the oloeo of a financial year
have cose to be relied on not only for new books,
but even for meeting fixed charges, "e ®i8ft to
have these windfalls in the future, bat oni^ if
they can be real windfalls, and »e appeal to Senate
to support oyr request for a regular budget appropriation at the 'beginning of each ^ear whleh sill
cover the routine requlreae-ts for »e» books as
weil as the fixed enar&ee for periodicals, etc.
Kiere is no special appropriation in sight this #esr, and it ieun-
U-Jsely that there will be one to belp the Library provide for its special
needs. I© account is taken uers for the Carnegie Grant which caiw to as
last lovember. For one reason the time of the grant fslls oatslde the period
of this Report, and furthermore the conditions of the ,sift do aot permit ua
to look n|>on it sg in an;? aense a substitute for normal grants by  tho
Se appreciate the generosity of the Bosrd of Governors in jears of
prosperity, and their great difficulties in  a*ys of depression; »e also
realise the fact that what eae lost to the Library in Looks, aa^asinas and
binding was eared for personnel. It ia frankly recognised that, at present,
conditions are unprecedented so far aa this University at least is concerned,
and that any permanent oolicj will 'Lave to await the advent of aore normal
tiaes. We feel, however, that if and when the period of reconstruction
arrives, the appropriation for books, periodicala, and binding should be
placed on a acre secure basis than has besn <aaintainec in tho last live or
six /eara.
The following Lepert, like ail t^ose which have precede.., ;*i*s to
do with the jroar September 1331-September 1932$ bat of necessity it also glances at the p^y'iod September ISS2 - larch 1933.    As the overlapping
©f th© fiscal y^ajr ©f the Oaiv©rsity Uprll-larehl with the jear represented bj th^Llhtarlan's report (Sept.-8»pt.} is always a cause of
eonfuclrj*, sh© Cesjpittee r.«© decided, with the concurrence of th©
1,1 "^r«ria», t© mUM the years coincide.    It is, therefore, proposed to
issue a half-yearly report a©xt fail  {say, in September] to cover the
period 3ept«»ber 195t to Kareh 1933, and thereafter yearly repsrts cor-
responding with the fiscal year.
Yours very truly.
Ohairwan, Library Coaalttee. The University of British Columbia,
Vancouver, Canada.
t. L. iaeLenald, 2so.., f-h.S.,
Library Coasttt©e,
fhs University of British Columbia.
i befe to present herewith, for your information and that
of the Library Cowsittee, a Heport of ths *»ork of the Library, ia
continuation of that presented to the Senate in September 1931.
this fiaoort covers the succeeding teeltre Months,
In Septsaber, 1932, the book collection was about 65,000
volumes, this represents an increase of alaoet £,000 during the year.
Accessioned voluses numbered 61,352, as against 76,429 in September
1931—an increase of 4,8£3 books—«hile duplicates are estimated to
be about S50 lesa than in ths preeedin* year, »nen 2,760 were reported. This is due to the efforts of the Staff to sxcLaaS's unneeded
duplicates for required book material.
fhe growth of ths book collection for the past five /ears
is as belows
Sept. Sept.   Sept.   Sept.   Sept.
193§ 1931    1930    1929    1928
lee volusaa             WS$ 35If   W?    4221    4273
fetal vols, accessioned 812S2 764gS 72666 66&00 6468S -
Implicates             3600 3750 3681 3400 3400
1481? 80IW 76367 TESTS' 68089
For reasons to be explainer later the Library did not eeeure
any large nus&er of notable or ©xpensiva sorks. Amt>n&  the additioal, Pace 2.
exceeding- #15.00 in value, art the following*-
Swinburne, Algernon Charles $38*00
International Labor Office Boeamentg §0.00
Cattdes Society: lleceilaneons 62*00
* " British Dlploafttlo Instructions 3T.0O
toysl Histories! Se«lety 46.00
teerlean Journal of ^rohesolely: 5 vols. 38.SO
Marie: tables anaueliett 9 vols. 108.0©
Da MonUlfilom  Seoueil General 16.60
Oroebor?    Grandiris der roaania often philolotie, 4 cs.      S6«00
Der Srosae Ireeklsus 60.00
tBoyclopaedia of the Social Sciences, 6 vols. 40.00
Motions*!1 of American Blo^raohy, 10 sols, 120.00   ■
London Bibliography of the Social Sciences, 3 vola. 30.00
Soswrat Dramatic Barks of 2fy€en, 6 vols. 54.00
Bnglneering It&m 1931 SO. 00
la previous Reports, Mfflttion has been rs«<Se of B#il3tein Bandbueh'
d«r orgaalschea chemie, a wort that has been In course of publication for
years, and ia not yet completed.    Sixteen volumes, and eight supplements,
have sirea4y been issues!, the total cost to <Iat© b%in& in excess of fo&G.OO.
two volumes have been received in the $&&? aae>Jf re vie*.    In the same category
are the ^cyclopaedia of the Social Sciences! Maries Tables Awretellea, an<l the
Dictionary of American Biography,  in none of wftlch have all the volmaes beea
received daring th© year dealt with in this Beport.
One notable feature ©f the year*a activity has hmn the large increase In ths nu*ber of book sifts.    Mover In the history of the Library
have these M&n so »s»eroi&e.    Of ths 4,S0O volumes a4dea in the teeive nonths
following September 1931, perhaps one half iter®  oy t>ift.    TM mmimr of
personal contributors was net greatly in excess of previous j>eara, but Conations bj aoveraasnta, institutions mA societies exceeded all previo'aa
records,    fhese donations «era In mo»t cases the generous response* to requests stade bg letter, and tre all the sore appreciated because the Library ?ag» 3.
cannot offer, either ©n its ©v® account or that of ths University, anything
In exchange. Practically the onl^ official fabllcstioa of the Uaiversity
is it® calendar, fhs library forwards this to other Institutions, receiving
tnelrs in exchange, but in addition it receives «any series of publications Is-
sa.ec by ©any American, and two or three Canadian universities, aueh aa ^u@e»*s»
Toronto, Weatern and JfcSaster. In many instances tnese institutions have
presented complete files of these general ana departmental series, representing authoritative contributions to research in different fields of knowledge.
Ths obligation has been indefensibly one sided. For a few years after the
organisation of the Onlverslty, the hO£Hi could be held out that we ralfiht In
a few jrears be In a position to offer something In sacnan.ijs, but nearly
teentv ^ears have gone bft  and to all appearance the "Jniversitj is ao nearer
the realisation of its hope to fostad a Press or Issue publications on its own
account, fill this is doss, the Library will he In the invidious position
of asking favors It cannot reciprocate. Wills, das to the writing of scores
of courteous begging letters, the harvest of donated 'oooks has In the last
t*o or three years been larger than at any previous tins, it should also b©
reported that, with increasing frequency, the embarrassing' enquiry is
aade, "When d© you hope to be aoie to opea oven a smsli ^chen^e Accountf—
and to this ©.ueatlon ao satisfactory answer can yet bo given.
JaaOHg those who have presented the Library with hooks, the
following- should be mentioned t
Miss Alice Bavenhill Vancouver
R. L. field, K. £. Vancouver
Iiss L. Phillips Mge Vancouver
Prof. H. T. Angus h. B. C.
Prof. J. Turntall Mining Pamphlets, Sto. Page 4.
Dr. Ifartin Peacock
Willie Baltoa
B. W. Hellish
Br. W. II. Sage
aifred Shaw
Count fhua~8©hensteln
Leonard Morris
Dr. I. Matsunani
C. fiaflsld Metheaoa
Prof. ?. E. Soward
f. fakawa
Dr. M. Laureys
Mrs. alio© *. Walker
K. X. Casakami
Geological Books
0. B. C.
Cri ashaw
U. B. G.
St. Johns
Sew York.
A»ng ^governments and institutions to whose generosity the
Library is indebted should h@ nataed:
Great Sritaia
The United States
Onion of Soviet Republics
South Africa
Sew Zealand
Canadian Provinces
Carnegie Corporation
of Raw fork
Smithsonian Institute
Carnegie tadowaent
fer International Peace
Carnegi© Institute,
Carnegie Onited
kingdom frust
Hansards, Bills and acts, and many
official publications
Publications of most of the Departments
01 ficial publications of manjr Dep*»rt»ents
Publications concerning national Policy
and International Iterations* Industrial
and Cowaereial pualications.
Official jpublioatlons
Consular documents
Consular documents
Official and frsde publications
Official and State documents
Geological Survey
Jaraui * Kashmir: Forest Service
Consular documents
Official and trade publications
Geological Survey
Sept. of Public Weifere
Division of Documents
State Board of agriculture
Official publications
Publications Fa#« S.
Ifisnanlo Society ©f Aaerlea Publications
iaerieaa Academy of Arts % Letters Publications
International lelatloas Club - Pacific
Affairs (Courtesy Prof. Soward} Publications
istural Resources Council of Canada Publications
Asserleaa Council on Education Puellcatlcas
lockefeller Institute of Medical Research Publications
fh© Llbrsrj of Congress, Washington, D. C. Publications
Jteuat Allison University Pablleatioas
University of California Selected Publications
ttolvarsity of Southern California Selected Publications
Glasgow University Selected .Publications
diversity of Michigan Selected Publications
Cornell University, Ithaca Selected Publications
ScSlll University, »*©atreal Selected Publications
nniversitj of Wisconsin Selected Publications'
%Msem*s Uaiversity, Kingston Selectee" Pubiieatieas
fuisne T7niverglty of Loulsan* SelecteJ Publications
IMlversity of Wsshiagtoa, Seattle Selected Publications
eelKHtoia University Selected Fufelicatioat
Sift of the "fripitaka" by ff. 1. the King of Bimm
Aa  Interesting aad aotehie gift to the Library during the year
was tm&»  in February, nhaa Captain f. L. 1. tatson ar«stroa4:, Consul
Seaeral for Stem, presented to the Library a special edition of the
fripitaJca, or Buddhist Scriptures, In forty-aev«?n volume*, fhis »as a
special edition, thra© years la preparation, aad eo»pile<i at the wish of
the present Saperor as a sseaorial to his b»©ther and predecessor, laaa TTf
fas ©altioa is beautifully printed ia the characteristic Siataes© type, and
wa$ aesoapanied by three voluases of eossaentaries, the gift of the Siamese
Sinister of Justice. It is one of alas such sifts that case to Canada,
and was formally sceepte-5 )iy  the Chancellor at a special meeting of the
Library Soataittee.
LIP»:.*LY iCH>K  •aaC-iLL-? PLKL
It is the custom of the graduating classes to present to the
Daivarsity a gift expressive of their interest in their Aiwa Itater. fhe Page 6.
tssbrook Memorial 3eal,   tho Athletic frophy Cabinet,  tae Chancellor's
chair, are  instance a.    liepreaeutativea of tie classes have In several
cases consulted with tne Librarian as to  the forts such & &ift might
take.    Be suggested.  t^.e inauguration of a Look Knciow^nt Fund for tho
Library,  the Interest of which would be devoted  to the purchase of Looks.
fhe Classes of 1532, after iiscusaion,  approved end adopted
this suggestion, and  the bus of  £350 **»» contributed for this purposa,
A ohequ© for this amount was t>re:*onVea  the Chancellor at one of the
craduetloft exercises held in the  Laasifie Hoota last '"lay.     The &"ift «ag
accepted by  the Board,  ano oro.*:»r«d  to  be Invested  aj  tae  Pxraar as a
trust.    While not  largs  in amount,  it  Is the nucleus of a fond that aun
oe expected  to increase witn time, aad tnat will  serve u vaiuaule  yarpoae
in providing revenue,  indep^ndeut o£ grants by the 3o«rd of Governors,
for tho development of the Horary"» Book collection.
Other 'Mok Orants and Sifts
During tae year the Sttaaer Session Students Association mad--< a
e;rsnt of  'PSOO to  the Library.     It »a« decided  to use  this aoney lor  the
purchs.se of Cooks for  the uae of light Classes, and to distribute th© payments
to  the departments concerned over a period of  two years.    Phus f-100 each ®as
allotted to "jvjlieh,   Vconosics,  History * Philosophy for the first /ear,
whlls the sua of 1400 will this year be distributed shelly between English,
Economics and History.
fhe Student Athletic Association also ssade a grant of +26.GO for
the purchase of books dealing eith Sports.
Library Check
fhe Library was closed from May 6-14 for the annual check.     It
ess found that 1S4 volumes ears Kissing, about one-fourth of which have Pas® ?*
since been recovered. The loss «as slightly less than in the preceding year,
when £03 books sere xiissin-,, but ©reater than In 1^20 and 19S9, whea the
losses were 114 &nd 1454 volumes respectively.
tlae of FacultyrBoob
Through the kindness of the faculty Association, the If acuity Mooss
was equipped as a Supplementary Leading Boo® during the pressure on accoaKaod-
stion incident to the Christ-ass aad Spring XasajBinations. This #«ive additional
reading and atndy facilities to sixty students at times when the building aould
otherwise have fteen unable to accommodate mor© than ose half the students *ho
desirtd to nerk therein.
Peduction of -Staff-—Volunteer Ssrvise
fhe koriotts reduction in the ^ront made b^» the Provincial Government
to the University so«pelied the jk>ard of ^ovarnora to allot scalier appropriations to the Library. Has Banking, one of the stenographers, had to be tivea
notice, Mr. Ha«els, for 14 years a aeasber of the Staff, consented to be placed
on half time. It was due -to the saving- this effe^teP th&t ;,*o Call .Boys could
'm engaged for the Season. There taa no fund froa which to pay the services
of Student assistants- at the Loan Beak.
fhestg Staff reductions, at a tiae when the use of the Library %ag
greater than ever, created « very serious problem of administration, all the
work of the Loan Sssk fell upon 'Mi%&  LsnniSb.  it ia a >hysioal iaspossibiiity
for one person to give the service required, a«d for a tiaa it looked us  if
"open access" to the book eoiiection weald h&ve to fte given to all students,
with the unavoidable result that, in a few weeks, a largo proportion of the
foluaes moat frequently required in the Teaching Courses would be misplaced
and unfiadable. Furtner, tt appeared that the hours of service would h&va to
be redacsd,—a most serious matter to students who uss the buildlag for efcudy Page 8,
In ths evening. Since the opening of the buildln^a at Point Grey, the Library
has a'iven 13 hours of daily service—from 8.45 a.a. to 2.43 p.m., except Saturday, ebon the hours uee  from 6.45 to 5.00 p.m. This is a total of 73 hours
a week.
f»o (generous offers sade avoidable a condition so serious. The
first was tPe offer of four members of the Library Ptaff—the Misses Jefferd,
Smith and Lennia;-, and ?*r. Roland Lanning—each to take an extra evening: duty.
fhe second «sa the offer of a ntjsber of students to volunteer their services
aa oapaid Loan Leak assistants. These students »eres-
ttiss Isabel Arthur Mr. Douglas Clarke
Mies IMj  Bescoby Mr. ^« H. Csckburn
ICIbs Patricia Johnson Mr. Donald Davidson
Mas I. wl©anor Xillaa iffr. fl. -Pater r.rauer
lias Grace T'no^lton Mr. Laurence Gray
Ms® Margaret Stable ifr. Robert Herbison
Mas ::&xj  Tardea **r. Fillard Ireland
Mr. Frederic Bernardas Mr. 1b. '*•» Mathers
Mr. Peter Caddy Mr. Jack Sparks
Mr. Barry J. Cauty Mr. 0. A.  Madeloy
la addition to tho foregoing, recognition awst be made of the
valuable volunteer strvice given by Mian Patricia Rarvey, a gr&duat© of
193®. Slss Harvey has com© on rscalar duty at the; Loan S©sk dally, between
the hours of 10.00 and 1.00, throughout the session. Her interest In the
work, and her devotion thereto, cannot m  too highly pr&iaed.  She ia a
very efficient, though unpaid, etember of the Staff.
fheee offers have enabled the library to *,i/e f-rvice for alnost
the sane hours as in previous sessions, fhe only reductions b«ve been on
Friday, when the building is closed at £.00 inate&d of 'i.45, and on 'Jaturdbya,
when the closing hour is 1.00 instead of  5.00. Page 9,
Before leaving the matter of volunteer service,  it is
appropriate  to record,  in this place,   the library's obligation to
tries iary Barton,  B,  A., B. *&. S.    Has Bartow ia a graduate of this
Oniversity, and of the School of Library Science in the University
of Toronto.    Reduction of Incomes, and of  staffs,  In puolic and institutional  libraries have Tjade it difficult  to procure positions.
Bather thi.a ba idle, Miss Barton offered to vive unpaid service to
this Library.    She nu» assigned  to  the Catalogue  Department under
Iiss Jefferd, who  spells in M§;h tarm© of her stork.
fhe Catalonia Department has long he insufficiently
staffed.    One person cannot do, as it  shoald  oe ^.one,  the requirea
work.    There  should  re many  thousands of "analytics" in the raain
Catalogue that are not  there, and a continuous *afconfaInea3 is necessary for serial publicationa,  public dooaoents,  etc.,  whioh in
a library of this sise,   should h«v© tne undivided attention of a
specially assignee' member of  tna oatalagsie stfeff.    For financial
reasons, none of these things have be«n possible.    Kiss lartoa»s
work hss greatly helped In Improving conditions,    fhe Librarian
would bs glad to roeosmenl her ior a permanent position,  if finances permit ted, and  in the meantime wast acitnoeledoe  the obligation
ths 'Jnlveraity o«sa her for unpaid, competent professional services.
In saa-aary,  therefore,   the Library has operated for 64
hours a week, as against  73 in previous y**ars.    'Phis hss been rendored
possible bjr assumption of extra work- by the pfrrsanent Staff, and by
the unpaid labor of students and graduates. Page 10.
Use of the Library
During the .year, S824 (Outside feha Teaching- Staff} were
registered as users of the Library. Of these, 19R7 were students
enrolled In the autumn aad spring sessions, t4S were enrolled ia
th© Suawr ©estion, end 64 ware, "extra fturalH readers,—students
sot sotmectert el th the tlniversity.
For the first tisse in its history, tho Library circulated
over 100,000 relumes in a year, the total froa October 1931 t©
September ISSt being 1C1,406 hooka. Of these, 40,©31 were "Ordinary",
or six-day loans, unS  60,874 were '•Reserved*' loans, for use in th©
building, or for overnight uae. lo record is kept of the us© ©f
standard reference material, aach as general or special encyclopaedia,
year books, or oerledicals.
fhe detailed statement I® herewith given, *ith comparisons
for th© pac-st four jeer®.
Ordinary Loans         IfgS-li^g
'   'IMS	
41 &g
.  Sg4t
611  A
Monthly average
■ 2m
# Library closed part of aonth for annual check. fa^© 11.
laserved Loaa®
lonthly average
■  65*4
*:a-.or   JewJion  '•.:-'£■-;• veal"   ". u»...s
~ 166o"'"
SUBlASr Of CIjrULrrlPK 13^9-1332
Ordinary Leans
Reserved loans
Sumer Session
Total Cirealation
Monthly Average
#  7 sooths
Hweniais Attendance
fhe atteadano« at  the Heading Books after 6.00 p. si.
reasins at about the gbme figure as last /ear,   to ja%e ay the
statistical returns,    in reality, however,  «venire use of the
Library was greater than is indicated by the figures,   the build-
Itta being open on fewer evening a In both December,  January and
April,    the attendance for ths paat three years is as folios©* it*
V&g* 12.
1931-32 1930-31 1929-30
total atteadaaee
■satbly Average g??6 8717 2123
fh© Beading Hooa was also kept oi>en during the a©nth©
©f July aad august, for studenta of the Sussaer Session..    The
•tteadaue© vas:-
19Sl-gg 19L0-31            1989-50
July     ,               S17 95                   340
August                635 SIS                  308
852 613                   796
It Is satisfactory  to report that each year sess a  better
appreciation hj the student oody of the necessity for conditions of
qui** within th© Lthmr^ building.    There wers fifty feser cases for
discipline in the year under review thaa in the one previous, th©
figures, being 191 as against 241.    Oa© hundred and sixty-two first P««© 13.
©*£•»«©• ©er© dealt sltfa by lr. taaalag (in charge ©f student discipline),
a d«er©as© ©f S6. There were m  second effemees, as agelast 41 la ths previous s«saioa, and 6 third offences, as eeapered with 18. Ia but one
©as© aaa it neoeesery to report tho a»tter t© th© Faculty Council, (ther©
©ssr© four such eases in th® session of If30-31) and this was referred
saw* ay the President to th© Chairman of the Library Cosssitt©©, vtft*
lastraatieas that in future all each eases be dealt with dj Comlttee sad
Practically all the ©sees of diseipilne were for eonveraatioa
la the Reading Booms, or the asking ©f uaaeceseary noise in halls or
staircases* Par the first off©ace, the student is excluded frost the
Library-for a day, i&r  the secoad there is the loss of Library privileges
fer © weak, while for a third, a student may low his Library privileges
fer a longer ti«e, be Barred from lectures, or even «ore severe penalties
- l&© great Majority ef the ©ffences were due to thoughtless©©*©
or earelessaess. The student body, as a whole, it apparently la sympathy
witn all the regulations necessary fer tie maintenance, si thin the building,
ef the conditions of qutot required for study, and co-operates slth th©
Staff In securing these.
fr©» a financial staadpoiat,  the period under revies ha© beea
by far th© sost seiioas ia the history ©f the Uaiversity, ©ad the Horary
had perforce t© take its full shar© of the sacrifices necessarily involved
la the very serious reduction* of revenue.    Bef«r«ac© has already &©ea
to the effeot of thrae oa th© Staff, aad t© the ad,}uatiwrat» ©y which th©
hit-. Page 14.
Bepartaeat continued t© give 90 per ©eat of Its usual service. But
nettling ©©old be done to ae«t the situatlea ©reat©d h^ ths cutting, to
less thaa one-fifth, of the appropriatioa© for looks aad Magasiaes, ©r
©f the total sedition of  that for Blading, while the redaction ef th©
Supplies and Expense icaount froa #SN)OO.00 t© #1000.00, created difficulties that have t&xea to the utwost the insanity of the Staff, m
illustration of the a? difficulties is the fact that Ue ir«ney is not
available te print, fB haa been cautoasry for some year*, this Bsport
to the Senate.
In the University /ear 1930-21, the  Fain Appropriation f©r
Books and Hagaslnes wor ^£500, and, fer the work of the Summer Session,
§600, This $6000 w&s supplemented by a Special Appropriation of
$4600 .and by special CTrentB and frunsfgrs, so thtt the available total
was over *11,£00.CC.
Por the year dealt with in this Report the total grant for
Books and Isptsines ws« $2000.
This ©scant was only about one Half that require:! for subscription® to Periodicals and far annuals r*gul*rly subscribed for by
ths Library. The former problem did act become acute for the year under
review, this ia accounted for by the fact that the University year run©
frow ipril to Hareh. Subscriptions to periodical® have to be placed la
iovesber to snsure continuity of files, as the mjorlty of periodical
volumei coincide with the ealandsr year. Provision r.ad therefore beea
wide, by funds available in tii© diversity year 1930-50, for the sufe8eriptl®a©
for the calendar year 1S32.  fh© pressure for 1923 subscriptlea© would ta«r©-
for© ©©a© in ioveaber ltS2, aad the situation thereby crested, aad th© special Pas© 16.
aeans ^ which it was at Isast partly set, nere properly belong t© a«xt
year's Ssgort.
Th© aainten&nc© of the files of important periodical* ia a
first sad fixed charge on all Library book revenues.     In perhaps ninety
y«r cent oi  the cases,  the  filling in of these files, after the currency
of subscription,  will coat considerably noro  tnaa if tncj sere  aought at
the  tiv-se of pub.. Peat; or, 3.     iu uuny eaaea,  praotlcaliy no extra oopi<?a are
printed, and aa a  raauit   t:.e attempt   '.o  secure tlvso,  two, or i'ive, or'
ton ye«trs iaWr is  foredoomed  so   failure.    TLIb Li"Jr.'»ry i.aa b«ea looking
far tftflive oi* iiiteen yc.'ars,  lor (.lisain^ parts of  3«ta of some fileo  it
desire* to casapio'.c,  a^d,   in thos« i- stancm in  >hli-h Pt ^.s  ae@n successful,  nas Law,  to p»y  m«uy  tistea what  the   vaL.i:*e ^souli  puvo co.it,   if   iab-
scri'oad  &o <-s«   **he  tirta oi   i^sue.
Saaileing tils,   tP« whole of  tho Book Fund of   /3,00G wu* conserved,
to «;© ao far ass poasisle   in ne^ti.i*., subscription co^ts,     lot a doli«r could
&e a?t asido for the purchase of u>  single book.
Another phase of ths problems resulting frott re .Motions in Library
iraata o^a properly  i.* «rntioi»eu  in  this piacf-.     -it In,'-:,  to do with the question
of Binding.
Tae Library is  in regular receipt of nearly ?CC periodicals.    Seariy
ail oi tfcss© are of psraar.er.t v&iue for  refT-mce end r<* search.    To be made
available,  and to avoid  loss,  they must  b&  bound.    For .five ysars an annual
appropriation of £3000 was sasde for this purport;.    Two yeara ago it was reduced to £2000 a sum inadequate to keep coreest of requirements,    la tha yaar Pair© 16.
with which this leper* deal© a© aoney ©©aid fe© set aside for this purpose.
la cons©qu«ae«, alsoat 600 volumes are tied up in bundi©-©, awaiting bladiag.
33*ey caaaot be consulted, except under special conditions, ©r under supervision, for reference to the® iavolves to© great a risk ef 1©«© ©r alspiaee-
aeat of parts, Indexes or title pag«s.    Each year that gees h^ without «   '
Madlng Ajparopriation will add to th© difficulty,  to both Staff aad studeats,
and pil© %kp aa annual liability of about $£§00 that,  sooner or later, will
have t© be «©t«
this explication of a serious financial situation Is aado for the
purpose of advising the Senate of the Library's difficulties,    ia a© seas© i©
it a ©riticism of the Uaiveraity Administration, for it is known that the
reduction ia the Book Appropriation, sud ths  inability,  for the past year,  to
«ake provision for Binding, were steps taken with the utsost reluctance, end
only upon th© hard eoiispalsion of financial necessity.
Unavoidable aad regrettable circuttat«nco» sasy coapel a university t©
•Copt such « policy for a single yaar—aad p-srhaps no great harm eill be don*.
Staff sad students alike will he kept out of to-oh with the newer developseats
ia special fields of kaowlcdt;©, but tho leeway wy be overtaken la a yasr or
two, if faads are forthcoming.    But the coritins.iaj.es, for t* few ^e«»rs, of
starvation of the Library inevitably iavolves the impoverishment of the la-
©titutioa t© whieh it should sinister,    §©'unitarsi ty without a well-equipped,
well«Hid«lalsw©#ed collect ion ©f hook© covering th© various domains ef ka©wl«%©
is today In s position properly t© s©rv© its Constituency.    Sine© its organisatioa,
this University ha© accepted this as © fov©rain& principle, aad »$>©a it has
shaped its library policy,    Shis year abnormal oonditioas, quite ©aistde their
control, haw© compelled those responsible to abaadoa thai policy—eily It i© Pag© 17.
believed, for a tiuie. ill conoaraed in its welfare deeply appreciate
the continuous support fcivea the Library by th© Board of Governors for
tlfehtees years. That support naa placed the Library in the forefront of
those of Western Canadian universities, sad in a better po@it!o» to
serve staff and students than are those of a majority of those la Eastern
Gaaada. Ail connected with, or iatereuted in, ths Library will join in
ths hope that improved financial conditions will enable the administration
speedily to rstvert to the established, and reasonably g^n^rous, appropriations.
fnterllbrary Loan©
During the yfcer, the j-lhrary has continued to de und^r obligation
to sister institutions for lotos of boose not in its  o#n coiiect.on. a list
of these universities and colleges was given in the iaet report, *..ad
is  practically unchanged for the period under revioa.
Wie total of books borrowed «as 108—46 on 'behalf of student a—
47 for faculty, and 9 for extra-aural readers, thirteen lot-as were requested that ©ould not be arraaged, while 36 volumes wsre leat Jjy this
Library te other requesting universities.
ft»far©a©e Work
?hls department of the library, ia charge of Iiss Asa Smith,
has had a fcasy and fruitful year not alone in finding material for undergraduate essays, and giving i?uid»ncs in general-reading, out la special
work for class and Inter-universlty debates, bibliographies for club-
studies (both in and out of the Oawpus) and in giving help and Interpretation of th© nam  of tho Library, valuable and appreciated assists©©© has be«a
givan, while i© graduate atudenta preparing fer Senior degrees, aad te th©
teaching Staff, the Sspartsseat ha© ©Is© readered service. f'-
Pag© 16.
fh® Library is fortunate ia being fairly well sqaipped with
bibliographies.    One of the aost interesting and profitable phases ©f
Reference work Las been tho mkln& of students—particularly upp»r
classsaea-f ami liar with the important bibliographies in their i lelds of
special study.
Government  Document 8\
In  the  Report  of e year atj©  them «^s  rtic-sse:;  the need  for
crjr*;fii2i3fc cf tiOvcrr.ri.ent cccunenta.     A good doal  in this direction
see do»e Purine the Suaw^r vacation.    Most of the Csriadies. pablic documents i-rc. not c'-tLlo^ued, while a £co(S deal of the  r"LreairapLe<i notorial
is organixed in such a is ay as to «ak«   it avi.ils.Ple.     D-.riT,^  ths  suasaer ell
the "Cdw find "C.1.P" :.apetc of the British Govern .ici.t,   f.he Colonial P.eports,
the Diplomatic and Consular Reports,   the "I'lucrlitn-sous Series",  and the Foreign
Trade % Ceareree,  and the Savi^fttlon Perils were cLeokcd.    fhe Library now
know© wfttt  it has,  and ehat to order,  when funds are available,   in order to
fill  in the £»&ps.
Since the "list of Serials 1 Psrlo-Sicels In the Mhrery of the
University of British Columbia" was corapiled,  And  issued in asir<?ographed
form a year ago,  there has heen a notable decrease  in application© from
-peeial'sta,  snd fro® other li&raries,  for look material not  in ths collection.
Though loans have  Increased, correepoadeace r.aa lessened,  for, applicants knowing, b«ca--se of ths "List of Serials**, the series of doou-sents,  runs of periodicals, etc., owned here, n&ke application t© Other libraries for material
not owned by this.      a former years we endeavored to secure loans fxtw other
Libraries on behalf of these applicants.
Similarly, the "List of Serials" ia Libraries in the 'forth feat Is Pag© It.
a gr©»t asset to ©at ©aa lefereae© SJeaartweat, aa h^ it w© can locate
libraries with Material act possessed by ouroelves, and desired for
professors and research students.
Library Staff
lb© Staff ef the Llhrary consists ofi-
Jeaa Eldin^-ton Librarian
Sorothy U. J«fferd Cataleguer
M& M* Smita Bsferano©
aEaoel Leaning Circulation
fielaad Lanning Periodicals
Lioael Haweis Accessions
Svelya Hearsay Ord-ars
Ralph Little Call Boy
Clarke Wilkin C©11 Boy
it gives tne librarian piwasure  to b*«r te«ti«ony *© tae Oowaltte©
arid tae Senate, concerning the loyal aad intelligent service given by th©
Staff,    it ass bssa reduced in number,  though work has lucreased: aoat ©f
its mashers voluntarily iissuaed additional aad uapaid duties ia order that
the ©ervioe might be kept aa neur as possible, to high standards of efi'icieaey.
fhaaks are due from students, professors and extra rwral readers for such
.interest and sacrifice.
fhe Library Committee consists of: -
fir.  W.  L. H&eLesald, Chairsasa
Br. L. S, Eliack, Presideat, ©ac-offiol©
Prof.  1. 1.  Seward,  representing Faculty oi" arts  k Science
Or. 1. f. Seyer * «•»«»»
©r.  Gordon G.  Moo,  representing Faculty of i^riculture
Prof. f. W,' Vernon, ropreaeatinn Faculty of applied Sei«ac©.
WSfi Page 20
Seven meetings were held during the period covered by this
The Librarian desires to express his appreciation of the interest
shewn, and the co-operation given, by all members of the Committee in the
Library's work. In many respects their terra of office has been one of exceptional difficulty. Adjustments and modifications have had to be made
to meet abnormal and unprecedented situations. . In planning these, the
advice and counsel of the Committee has been of the utmost value. As a
result, the Library can look back on a year which, despite its anxieties,
mast be regarded as the most successful in its history, so far as essential services - number of loans and use of hooks - are concerned. With
the return of normal conditions it will, in equipment, experience and
personnel, be in a position to yet more satisfactorily contribute its
quota to the work and welfare of the University.
lespectfully submitted.
John fiidington


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