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APRIL    1st,   1965    TO    MARCH   31st,   1966  THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA
Abbott Laboratories Ltd. (Montreal):
research    in   pharmacology     _   _    $      1,000.00
Adams, Careen (Portland):
Research   and   Postgraduate   Fund,   Neurosurgery ._  25.00
Alcon Laboratories Inc. (Fort Worth, Texas):
research   in   glaucoma   medication          1,900.00
Dr. C. S. Allen:
Trauma   Research   Unit  _ 268.00
Allied Chemical Corporation (Morristown, N.J.):
research   in   inorganic  tluorine  compounds  _ ..._           3,500.00
American Philosophical Society (Philadelphia):
grant from  Penrose Fund for research in zoogeography          1,000.00
Anderson, Mrs. C. T.:
Research  and  Postgraduate  Fund,   Neurosurgery        16.00
Atomic Energy of Canada (Chalk River):
research  in  thermoelectric  properties            33,345.00
Ayerst Laboratories (New York):
research    in   opthalmology      .     12,066.00
Ayerst, McKenna & Harrison Ltd. (Montreal):
research   in  opthalmology         __        1,000.00
research    in   pharmacology            1,000.00
B.C. Cancer Foundation:
research   in   medicine     ._ ___ -       8,250.00
B.C. Heart Foundation:
research   in   anaesthesia     ____   ____        1,000.00
research   in   anatomy   ____          28,700.00
research   in   chemistry                3,825.00
research   in  medicine            43,750.00
research   in   paediatrics       _        4,925.00
research   in   pharmacology     _   _._     32,800.00/
research   in   surgery    _     ____     23,750.00
research   in  zoology                 4,000.00
B.C. Medical Association:
research  in  continuing medical  education      5,000.00
B.C. Medical Research Foundation:
research   in   dermatology              5,800.00
research   in  medicine      ___     _     1 0,515.00
research   in  obstetrics  and  gynaecology   _   _.__         1,100.00
research   in   sociology                 4,510.00
grant to  instal hyperbaric oxygen  chamber             7,500.00
grant to   purchase  refrigerated  centrifuge   _   __       2,800.00
G.   F.   Strong   Laboratory  Research   Fund        _ 800.00
B.C. Tuberculosis Society:
research   in   medicine   „___     ____       12,025.00
research   in   respiratory  diseases  _          12,000.00
research  in  continuing  medical  education            5,000.00
Banting Research Foundation (Toronto):
research   in   medicine     __       437.50
Barley Research  Institute (Winnipeg):
research   in   barley   physiology                 2,000.00
Bastian, Paul:
cancer   research        _   _  3.00
Beet Sugar Development Foundation (Colorado):
research   in   biology  and  botany               4,200.00
Bio-Metals Corporation Ltd.:
research   in   mineral   engineering                7,000.00
Blueberry Co-Operative Association:
research   in   plant   science   ____        500.00 Bostock, Miss A. E. (Monte Creek):
Jean  Bostock Memorial   Fund,  Agriculture          1,000.00.
Bostock Ranch Ltd. (Monte Creek):
Jean  Bostock Memorial   Fund,  Agriculture              4,000.00
Boucher, Dr. H. H.:
Trauma   Research   Unit        _      126.00
Bradshaw, Mr. and Mrs. P. L:
McGeer Research Fund           7.00
British American Oil Co. Ltd. (Toronto):
grant for graduate  study  in  electrical   engineering     .        1,000.00
Bruce, Mrs. W.:
Research and Postgraduate Fund, neurosurgery   5.00
Canada Council:
research  in  preventive   medicine                1,250.00
Canadian Arthritis & Rheumatism Society (Toronto):
research   in   medicine   __ _        20,500.00
research   in  pathology              9,620.00
Canadian Arthritis & Rheumatism Society, B.C. Division:
research   in   medicine     __._          28,958.37
Canadian Audobon Society (Toronto):
research   project,   bald   eagles    —           3,096.00
Canadian Council on Urban & Regional Research (Ottawa):
urban  and  regional   research                    1,000.00
community  and  regional  planning  research            2,200.00
Canadian Cancer Society, B.C. Division:
Cancer   Research   Unit   expenses         84.67
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (Rexdale):
research  and  summer student  programme             5,900.00
Canadian Explorations Ltd.:
research   in   geophysics                  5,000.00
Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Therapeutics (Montreal):
research   in   medicine                7,570.00
Canadian Fund for Dental Education (Toronto):
Dean   of  Dentistry   Fund                  1,000.00
Canadian General Electric Co. Ltd. (Peterborough):
grant for publication of research abstracts & reports in electrical engineering 500.00
Canadian Industries Ltd. (Montreal):
award  in  chemistry      _   400.00
Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (Toronto):
research   in  civil  engineering                   2,250.00
Canadian Institute of Timber Construction:
research   in  civil   engineering           750.00
Canadian National Institute for the Blind, B.C. Division:
research in electrical engineering ...              5,000.00
Central Mortgage & Housing Corporation (Ottawa):
research   in  group housing  development            4,642.20
research  in community and regional  planning          4,235.13
research  in estate management                1,874.94
Centre d'lnformation du Cobalt (Belgium):
research   in  metallurgy                    3,000.00
Chemcell (1963) Ltd. (Edmonton):
research   in  applied  science                  1,500.00
Cheney, Mrs. T. A. (Seattle):
Research and Postgraduate  Fund, neurosurgery     __ 2.00
Children's Hospital:
research   in  paediatrics            10,000.00
Christina Lake Mines Ltd.:
research   in   biochemistry                   2,000.00
C.I.B.A. Company, Pharmaceutical Division (Dorval):
research  in  anatomy                  2,500.00
City of Vancouver:
consultants' services,  urban   renewal  program    - __        1,725.00
Clayburn-Harbison Ltd.:
research   in   metallurgy                3,000.00
Coast Range Explorations:
geological   explorations      __ ..__     581.75
Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research (Connecticut):
research   in  animal   science             12,000.00 College of General Practice of Canada (Toronto):
research  in preventive medicine    - -         1,200.00
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co. Ltd.:
research   in   mineral   engineering             10,000.00
Davidson & Co. Ltd.:
Division  of  Finance  Research,  commerce            2,000.00
Dediluke, Mr. and Mrs. John:
Research and Postgraduate Fund, neurosurgery    —  5.00
DeJulius, Mr. and Mrs. B.:
cancer   research     —    1 0.00
Dickey, Dr. M. R.:
research   in  opthalmology   250.00
Dill, Dr. Dwight (Philippines):
research   in  plant  science              1,000.00-
Dow Chemical of Canada Ltd. (Sarnia):
research   in  chemical  engineering          250.00
Dunn, Dr. Henry:
Faculty  of   Medicine   Fund        — .— 30.16
Jay Emery Research Fund in paediatrics     77.40
Dupont of Canada Ltd. (Montreal):
grant for graduate school program, physics   . .. .—        5,000.00
grant   in   aid       _...    300.00
Dynasty Explorations Ltd.:
research  in  mineral  exploration         15.00
Eldorado Mining & Refining Ltd. (Ottawa):
research   in  metallurgy  —.          25,000.00
Emery, Mr. and Mrs. P. C:
Jay Emery Research Fund in paediatrics             1,000.00-
Emrex Mining Ltd.:
research  in  mineral engineering   .—          5,000.00
Fahrni, Dr. W. H.:
Trauma   Research   Unit        336.00
Fisheries Research Board (Nanaimo):
research  on  marine  mammals       „.. .—        3,000.00
Fisheries Research Board, Technological Station:
research  in  fisheries                 2,007.53
Forward Engineers Ltd.:
research   in   metallurgy               2,304.26
Gillespie, Dr. H. S.:
Trauma   Research   Unit          168.00
Government of Canada, Department of Agriculture:
research   in  agricultural  engineering            3,850.00
research in dairy science               1,750.00
research   in  micro-biology   _   _         1,250.00
research  in   plant  science              6,800.00
research  in poultry science              2,000.00
Government of Canada, Department of Citizenship & Immigration:
Indian   Research   Project,  Anthropology            75,000.00
Government of Canada, Department of Defence Production:
research  in  electrical   engineering           38,436.02
research   in   geophysics                50,433.35
research   in   metallurgy              16,927.14
Government of Canada, Defence Research Board:
research   in  bacteriology               5,600.00
research    in   chemistry       _ _.     12,000.00
research  in  mechanical   engineering                5,600.00
research   in  medicine             6,400.00
research   in   metallurgy             34,800.00
research   in   oceanography               52,550.00
research  in  physics and  geophysics        39,910.00
research   in  surgery   _.            8,550.00
research   in   zoology       _.       7,750.00
Government of Canada, Department of Forestry:
research  in  forestry             4,500.00
Government of Canada, Department of Fisheries:
research   in   fisheries                   7,500.00
research  in industrial  relations          5,000.00
research  in zoology __               1,000.00 Government of Canada, Department of Health & Welfare:
grants  in  physical  education      _   860.12
grants   in   social   work                 61,575.75
Government of Canada, Medical Research Council:
common  grant  _            630,000.00
personnel   awards    —        86,106.82
Government of Canada, Department of Mines & Technical Surveys:
research  in  geology                  8,210.00
research   in   geophysics               1,950.00
research   in  mineral   engineering         _.       5,500.00
research   in   physics            2,690.00
Government of Canada, National Research Council:
common   grant              2,156,058.21
grants for graduate study and  lectureships                4,000.00
research  in biology and  botany              2,000.00
research   in  chemistry               8,882.18
research  in  mathematics     -              2,000.00
research  in  medicine                2,500.00
research   in   metallurgy          —         2,000.00
research in physics                  3,250.00
research  in  planning      _            2,347.71
research   in   zoology                    1,000.00
Government of Canada, Department of Northern Affairs & Natural Resources:
grant for arctic  and  alpine  research            15,000.00
grant for  cariboo  research   —         1,050.00
Government of Canada, Department of Transport:
research   in  meteorology               12,000.00
research in  transportation   —   —. __         7,000.00
Government of Canada, Department of Veterans' Affairs:
research   in   medicine                   7,200.00
Government of Canada:
research   in  physics              2,000.00
Graves, Mr. and Mrs. R. D.:
Research and  Postgraduate  Fund,  neurosurgery _ .___   ..   10.00
Hammon, Mr. and Mrs. J. C:
cancer   research   ____     —     5.00
Hoelzwell, Mr. and Mrs. C:
McGeer Research Fund  —_ —        5.00
Hogarth, D. T. (Victoria):
Research and Postgraduate Fund, neurosurgery    15.00
Horticultural Trades Association:
research   in   horticulture   -     —. - -   200.00
Imperial Oil Ltd. (Toronto):
grants for research and equipment in chemistry             8,200.00
Inglis, Dr. A. M.:
Trauma   Research   Unit         98.00
International Atomic Energy Agency (Vienna):
research  in  metallurgy ____       _   400.00
International Copper Research Association Inc. (New York):
research   in  metallurgy          _.    19,439.49
International Lead & Zinc Research Organization (New York):
research   in  metallurgy             17,107.29
International Nickel Co. of Canada Ltd. (Toronto):
grant for equipment, geology __ __   __        2,500.00
research   in   metallurgy       —     500.00
Irwin, Mr. and Mrs. J. D.:
Research and Postgraduate  Fund, neurosurgery     5.00
Isley, Mr. and Mrs. B.:
Research and Postgraduate Fund, neurosurgery    2.00
Kawneer Co. Canada Ltd. (Scarborough):
research  in  biogeochemicals      —   __        1,000.00
Kerr Addison Mines Ltd. (Toronto):
research   in   geophysics           —. 740.00
Koll, Mr. and Mrs. B.:
Research and Postgraduate Fund,  neurosurgery      5.00
Langley, Charles:
Research and Postgraduate Fund,  neurosurgery      5.00 Licensed Beverage Industries, Inc. (New York):
research   in   pharmacology   __          3,600.00
Life Insurance Medical Research Fund (Rosement, Pa):
research   in  chemistry    _ _.         1 7,600.00
research  in pharmacology   —         7,150.00
Lott, Mrs. Mary D.:
Research  and Postgraduate Fund, neurosurgery  ...     _  2.00
McAlister, Mr. and Mrs. D.:
cancer   research       —     25.00
McKenzie, Dr. A. D.:
Research and Postgraduate Fund, neurosurgery _ _    500.00
McRae, Mr. and Mrs. R. N.:
McGeer Research Fund    _     30.00
MacMillan, Bloedel & Powell River Ltd.:
research   in  chemistry    _     ._         5,000.00
MacMillan, Bloedel & Powell River Ltd., Employees' Charity Committee:
grant for  Kidney Research  Unit         500.00
MacMillan, H. R.:
grant" for investigations re Mexican coastal fishing                 1,602.80
McRae, Elsie:
Research and Postgraduate Fund, neurosurgery      5.00
Marchant, E. A.:
cancer    research           15.00
Marchant, Mr. and Mrs. George:
cancer   research     ._    10.00
Marchant, Mr. and Mrs. T.:
cancer    research             15.00
John and Mary Markle Foundation:
fellowships  in  medicine        18,000.00
Maslanka, Mr. and Mrs. W.:
Research and Postgraduate Fund, neurosurgery    10.00
Mason, M. E.:
cancer   research     -  10.00
Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation (New York):
research  in  plant  science        500.00
Merck, Sharp & Dohme of Canada Ltd. (Montreal):
grant to  Kinsmen Laboratory of Neurological Research          2,000.00
Paediatric  Research  Fund          400.00
Walter E. Meyer Research Institute of Law (New Haven, Conn.):
research in law          500.00
Miller, Dr. H. S.:
Trauma   Research  Unit          98.00
Morton, Dr. K. S.:
Trauma Research Unit    _   _.  154.00
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada (Montreal):
research   in   pharmacology              8,950.00
Muscular Dystrophy Association (Toronto):
research  in anatomy            8,265.00
research  in animal  science     _.           1,000.00
research  in  medicine        293.86
research in pathology  _             4,800.00
research   in   pharmacology             20,446.00
research   in   poultry  science           7,550.00
Muskoka Hospital Memorial Research Fund (Toronto):
research  in  medicine                1 7,500.00
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto):
grant  to  Cancer  Research  Centre       188,154.21
research  in  biochemistry              6,624.41
research   in  chemistry            11,472.00
research   in  medicine —           28,116.64
research   in  paediatrics              6,604.00
research  in  pathology             10,876.52
research in preventive medicine            2,180.00
research   in  surgery      _. _            5,388.73
National Council to Combat Blindness Inc. (New York):
research   in   physiology             528.00
National Institute of Dental Research (Bethesda, Maryland):
research  in  dentistry            5,563.74 National Institute of Health (Bethesda, Maryland):
research   in  biochemistry     ____ 38,269.33
research   in   chemistry     _.__   .  6,191.18
research  in  psychiatry      16,600.77
research   in   psychology        ..—        ....  12,973.78
National Science Foundation (Washington, D.C.):
research   in   neurology        —     16,600.00
research  in  zoology   _.    ______ ______  l 8,300.00
National Trust Company:
grant for equipment, Cancer Research  Unit      5,721.50
Naughty, Mr. and Mrs. W. L.:
McGeer Research Fund  ____.      25.00
Nett, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.:
Research and  Postgraduate Fund,  neurosurgery       10.00
New Gateway Oils & Minerals Limited:
research  in  biogeochemicals        _—  280.00
Noble, Mr. and Mrs. R. S.:
McGeer Research Fund   —_     _   ^           2.00
Norris, Henry:
cancer  research   .          3.00
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Paris):
research   in  chemistry            11.073.11
Parke, Davis & Co. Ltd. (Ann Arbor, Mich.}:
research   in opthalmology                  _    _               330.00
Patrick, Dr. W. H. L:
grant for neurological research    300.00
Patterson, Dr. F. P.:
Trauma Research Unit         350.00
Peers, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. L.:
McGeer Research Fund       . 5.00
Preston, Dr. F. C:
Trauma Research Unit        __._  98.00
Province of British Columbia, Department of Agriculture:
research in agriculture            4,558.50
research in plant science  .—____ _.__ ._ ._   _ 1,200.00
research  in poultry science        2,500.00
research in soil  science               1,594.61
Province of British Columbia, Department of Corrections:
research  in  psychiatry          1,300.00
Province of British Columbia, Department of Health & Welfare:
research  in continuing  medical education _   __ ____   „. 8,101.72
research  in  dentistry               3,670.49
research   in   epidemiology               122.75
research  in  medicine   ——     — -  51,800.30
research in neurology   - —     46,056.00
research in nursing     .__       2,01 8.94
research in obstetrics and gynaecology     ..—_  14,278.18
research in opthalmology    _.   —.       31,344.78
research in paediatrics   —_       100,1 66.38
research in pathology           1,291.97
research  in  pharmacology          13,1 68.35
research  in  pharmacy          5,940.37
research  in preventive medicine        19,878.73
research  in psychiatry   __ —_.   _   „ 90,096.39
research in psychology    „„   —   4,509.36
research in rehabilitation medicine   „.    26,001.24
research  in social work „ -      7,750.00
research in surgery   _     .      26,086.95
post graduate training  -   ——   6,424.66
short term  grants           497.74
Province of British Columbia, Department of Recreation & Conservation:
research in zoology and fisheries        4,002.28
Province of British Columbia, Public Library Commission:
Public Library research study     -   7,250.00
Province of British Columbia:
grant for research in neuro-psychiatry  ._ —.  _. 22,500.00
grant for research  in zoology   - - —    5,500.00 Province of British Columbia, Department of Lands 8. Water Resources:
research  in biology     _           2,500.00
Pulp & Paper Research Institute of Canada (Montreal):
research   in forestry    —         6,000.00
Rehabilitation Foundation of B.C.:
grant for research in child reading disabilities            1,000.00
grant  for  neuropsychological  technician              2,750.00
A. H. Robbins Co. Inc. (Virginia):
research   in  paediatrics                 1,935.00
Schnack, M.:
Research  and Postgraduate Fund, neurosurgery     10.00
Estate of G. C. Schwesinger (Ventura, Calif.):
bequest to Psychology Dept.    109.751  IK
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. R. H.:
Research and Postgraduate Fund, neurosurgery       5.00
Scott, Dr. and Mrs. W. R.:
Research and Postgraduate Fund,  neurosurgery      5.00
Scurry-Rainbow Oil Ltd. (Calgary):
research   in  geology            50.00
Shim, Dr. Sun Shik:
Trauma   Research   Unit   ._      215.14
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation:
research  in chemistry              17,375.78
research  in mathematics  .           6,900.00
Smith, E. E.:
Faculty of Medicine Research  Fund  __ _     50.00
Smith, Kline & French Laboratories (Philadelphia, Pa.):
research in chemistry     _             7,000.00
Smith, Miller & Patch, Inc. (New Brunswick, N.J.):
research in chemistry                 9,200.00
Smith, Sidney Garfield:
J. W. Thomson Memorial Fund in surgery             1,000.00
Socony Mobil Oil of Canada Ltd. (Calgary):
research   in  geology     __             1,000.00
research  in mineral engineering              1,000.00
Southwest Potash Corporation:
research   in  biogeochemistry      275.00
Sprague Electric Company (North Adams, Mass.):
research   in  electrical  engineering   __             6,875.00
St. Thomas' Church Women's Auxiliary:
Research and Postgraduate Fund, neurosurgery       5.00
Summer Session Association:
grant  for audio-visual  equipment,  education              1,000.00
Estate of Grace B. Sullivan:
Grace B. Sullivan Cancer Research Fund       10,000.00
Ternent, Mrs. J. W.:
cancer   research   _   -..      5.00
Thompson, Dr. G. B.:
Research and Postgraduate Fund,  neurosurgery           1,000.00"
Thompson, Dr. W. J.:
Trauma   Research   Unit               336.00
Thompson, Mrs. J. W.:
Dr. J. W. Thompson Memorial Fund, Surgery             2,000.00 —
Tollefson, Lars:
Research and Postgraduate Fund, neurosurgery        5.00
Tollefson, T. S.:
Research and Postgraduate  Fund,  neurosurgery       5.00
Traffic Injury Research Foundation of Canada (Ottawa):
Trauma Research Unit         69.00
Estate of Elizabeth Ellen Turner:
Faculty of Medicine Research Fund       100.00
United States Air Force (Washington, D.C.):
research in chemistry     _         9,257.00
research  in  mathematics             31,426.00
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission {Washington, D.C.):
research in  zoology _.            20,237.30 U.S. Navy (Washington, D.C.):
research   in   biology          9,798.95
research in  fisheries ....          3,000.00
research  in geomagnetic signals    _____  __ 25,000.00
research  in  oceanography  _.    __  7,762.00
University of California:
research in biology and botany..         130.98
University of Oregon:
research in philosophy    __   2,224.79
Vancouver Chinatown Lions Club:
research  in cystic  fibrosis    ._   __..__. 1,500.00
Vancouver Fire Fighters' Union:
heart   research   — .__...-   500,00
Vancouver  Foundation:
grant, B.C.  Disaster Relief Fund    ...      ______   12,820.59
grant to Child Study Centre    ____     2,000.00
grant to neurological research  (Bischoff Fund)     1,537.23
grant, Sick Children's Research Fund   ._     4,000.00
Research and  Postgraduate Fund, neurosurgery       _  1,500.00
research in anthropology    5,000.00
research  in  forestry   _. 10,000.00
research  in  geriatrics    ._.___   _  1,032.42
research   in  neuropsychology  __   __ 2,750.00
research in paediatrics    __ _   1 6,400.00
research   in  psychiatry      ._  5,000.00
research   in  psychology    1,000.00
Vancouver General Hospital:
research   in   medicine  __ __ ____ __   _ 10,746.57
research   in  psychiatry  ____ 9,000.00
payment for services, G.  F. Strong  Laboratory     _ 6,500.00
B.C.H.I.S.   projects   .....   _. 2,729.41
Ventura Syndicate (Terrace):
research  in  mineral  exploration         1,825.00
Wada, Dr. J. A.:
research in neurology .    1,225.67
Warner-Lambert Canada Ltd. (Toronto):
research   in   pharmacy       1,500.00
Webb, Herbert (Saskatoon):
research   in   opthalmology   .  —._      10.00
Rob and Bessie Welder Wildlife Foundation (Sinton, Texas):
graduate study in  wildlife     1,500.00
West Kootenay Power & Light Co. Ltd. (Trail):
research in electrical engineering  __ 1,000.00
Westinghouse, Mrs. Aubrey:
Research  and  Postgraduate  Fund,  neurosurgery  2,800.00_
Whittall, Norma R., Ltd.:
grant to Division of Finance  Research, Commerce     _. 500.00
Williamson, Mrs. A. H.:
Williamson Fund for research in mental retardation       100,000.00 -
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Woodward Foundation:
research   in   neurology           500.00
Young, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold:
McGeer Research Fund   _     _  5.00
Anonymous gifts to "Kit"  Malkin Memorial  Fund  $ 800.00
Anonymous gift to  Intellectual  Prospecting  Fund   ...       5,000.00
U.B.C.  Rajasthan Trust Fund   ....   100.00
Allied Chemical Canada Ltd (Montreal):
unrestricted grant from student aid programme     — ... 250.00
Alma Mater Society, U.B.C:
courses  in   commerce          6,51 0.00
Aluminum Co. of Canada Ltd. (Montreal):
unrestricted grants    600.00
10 Aluminum Laboratories Ltd. (Montreal):
fellowship   in  metallurgy                 1,000.00
American Alumni Council (Washington):
U.S.  Steel  Incentive Award       1,000.00
American Can Co. of Canada Ltd. (Hamilton):
grant in  aid to education    500.00
Atlas Steel Co. Ltd. (Welland):
scholarship in applied science       50.00
Aykroyd, F. M.:
President's Committee, Students Services Overseas     25.00
B.C. Cancer Foundation:
Bio-Medical   Library              3,312.00
B.C. Honey Producers' Association:
Extension   Department  Fund        25.00
B.C. Library Association:
School  of  Librarianship          100.00
B.C. Regional Council of Canadian Clubs:
U.B.C. Rajasthan Trust Fund   120.00
B.C. School Trustees Association: 1
courses for school trustees             1,585.22
B.C. Tuberculosis Society:
grant to  paediatrics             7,700.00
Bene, Dr. Eva:
Friends of International  House          ...          150.00
Bloomfield, L. M. (Montreal):
Yearbook of International  Law        100.00
Boyce, H. M.:
U.B.C. Rajasthan Trust Fund         35.00
British Ropes Canadian Factory (1963) Ltd.:
Educational  Programme,  1966            300.00
Buchanan, John M.:
U.B.C. Rajasthan Trust Fund      50.00
Canada Council:
grant re Canadian Yearbook of International  Law            1,000.00
award  in romance studies                 2,000.00
Canadian Bankers' Association:
grant toward summer school course             3,400.00
Canadian Cancer Society, B.C. & Yukon Division:
lectureship  fund     500.00
Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy (Toronto):
Dean of Pharmacy Fund   ._           2,400.00
grant for advancement of pharmacy __     . 600.00
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (Toronto):
grant for scholarships in education           ....    1,600.00
Canadian Life Insurance Association (Toronto):
grant in aid, commerce   _          2,500.00
summer workshop programme   -..             3,400.00
Canadian Life Insurance Officers' Association:
grant in aid, adminstration        . 750.00
Central Mortgage & Housing Corporation (Ottawa):
grant, community and regional planning           1,741.57
Ceramic Students' Fund:
Acadia Ceramic Studies        250.00
Certified General Accounts' Association:
grants for  instruction in  commerce           98,398.39
Children's Hospital:
grants for salaries - paediatrics                8,000.00
C.l.B.A. Company, Pharmaceutical Division (Dorval):
grant in aid, medicine          100.00
City of Vancouver:
grants for salaries in medicine                1,200.00
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co. Ltd.:
Cominco Chair of Geology  .            8,500.00
grants for student aid   __.__            2,400.00
Elliott, D. G. B.:
P.  A.  Woodward Collection,  psychiatry         200.00
Embassy of Ghana (Washington, D.C.):
International  House   _               1,400.00
1 1 Ford Motor Co. of Canada Ltd. Employee Services Dept. (Oakville):
grant   in  aid    —   15.00
Forward, Dr. F. A.:
Industrial  Tour  Fund,  Metallurgy ....   350.00
Friesen, Dr. J. K.:
Extension   Department   Fund    ............   ...    .      200.00
Friesen, Dr. J. K.:
U.B.C.  Rajasthan Trust Fund ............    237.00
General Motors of Canada Ltd. (Oshawa):
grant in aid from student aid programme _..._.__  4,000.00
Giant Yellowknife Mines Ltd. (Toronto):
grant   in  aid   ...........     —... ...   .. 500.00
Government of Canada, Department of Citizenship & Immigration:
Indian  Leadership Training  Programme  27,420.25
Government of Canada, Department of External Affairs:
University of  Rajasthan   Project   __   35,898.23
grant for salaries, education    11,380.85
unrestricted grants     25,91 6.00
Government of Canada, Department of Fisheries:
Fisheries  Educational  Programme   _.   9,856.27
Government of Canada, Fitness and Amateur Sport Directorate:
grant in physical education .....   ...  6,311.32
Government of Canada:
grant in aid, commerce         5,115.53
grant for salaries, psychiatry ...    385.00
unrestricted grants to student aid ....  5,500.00
Health Centre for Children:
contributions for salaries in paediatrics ..  __ 36,978.62
Heller, Paul:
U.B.C. Rajasthan Trust Fund  20.00
Institute of Chartered Accountants:
courses  in commerce    41,938.50
Institute of Chartered Accountants (Edmonton):
courses   in   commerce      2,225.00
International Nickel Co. of Canada Ltd. (Toronto):
unrestricted grant from Student Aid Programme  1,889.00
Junior Chamber of Commerce:
executive training  course  in commerce    9,966.50
Junior League of Vancouver:
contribution  for reading  room,  psychiatry         1,000.00
Kapoor Singh Siddoo Foundation:
Kapoor Singh Siddoo Fund   __ ____   5,153.32
Langston, Dr. R. G.:
U.B.C.  Rajasthan Trust  Fund  150.00
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
grant to Department of Asian Studies     1,000.00
grant to Faculty of Commerce (Publications Management  Committee)    3,000.00
grant to  Faculty of   Law    1,000.00
grant to Projects Committee    ..._  250.00
grant for teacher education   .    1,000.00
grant toward mapping  B.C.      1,500.00
seminar in home economics       600.00
study in child development _   _     1,000.00
study in  visual  aids  _.  500.00
summer courses in  mathematics ....   500.00
summer courses in music  __   ____   1,000.00
collection   of   rhododendrons  ____ ____     1,500.00
material  for  museum    1,000.00
summer courses in theatre    1,000.00
course in stagecraft    1,900.00
expansion of programme in Fine Arts Gallery  _._  1,000.00
experimental  work of projection  techniques in architecture     1,200.00
purchase of items of primitive art    3,000.00
Canadian Yearbook of International Law  1,500.00
Japan  student exchange programme  ....    700.00
Koerner, Walter C:
grant to museum of anthropology  ._..  975.00
President's    Fund       3,000.00  - Kucera, Fred:
Totem   Park Painting             90.00
MacLazwil Foundation (Montreal):
grant to  English  Reading  Room         400.00
McLean Foundation (Toronto):
grant for acquisition of contemporary works of art           5,000.00
grant for project in social work               2,000.00
MacMillan, Bloedel & Powell River Ltd.:
Japan Student Exchange Programme       250.00
MacMillan, H. R.:
grant for graduate studies,  Institute of Fisheries   —    750,000.00
Malkin, Mrs. Robert E.:
"Kit" Malkin Memorial  Fund         500.00
Merck, Sharp 8< Dohme of Canada Ltd. (Montreal):
grant re lecture programme, medicine    	
Moore, Alex:
Moore Nursing Memorial Fund     	
National Museum (Ottawa):
payment  for reprints bibliography       60.00
NOMA University Course:
grant for courses in commerce  :  —   539.00
Pacific District Investment Dealers' Association:
grant  in commerce           400.00
Province of British Columbia, Department of Education:
grants for salaries in education            45,204.00
Province of British Columbia, Hospital Insurance Service:
grants for salaries in medicne    	
Province of British Columbia:
grant to Dept. of Psychiatry Contingency Fund   	
Rayonier Canada (B.C.) Ltd.:
grant   in  forestry       —	
Real Estate Council of B.C.:
salesmen's  courses in commerce      	
Rehabilitation Foundation of B.C.:
grants for salaries in paediatrics    	
Reiner, R. M.:
U.B.C. Rajasthan Trust Fund        	
Royal Bank of Canada:
unrestricted   grant   —   — 	
Shaw, Ralph M.:
Japan Student Exchange Programme       	
Shell Oil Co. of Canada Ltd. (Toronto):
grant  in  aid             500.00
Simmons & McBride Ltd.:
lectureship fund in medicine     500.00
Society for Industrial and Cost Accountants of B.C.:
accounting  courses, commerce   —   _.    34,782.00
Sokol, A.:
purchase  of books, architecture     _   150.00
Southam, Gordon T.:
U.B.C. Rajasthan Trust Fund     50.00
Southworth, Mrs. Sheila:
Dean of Dentistry Fund             5.00
Soward, Dean F. H.:
Japan Student Exchange Programme        10.00
Steel Co. of Canada Ltd. (Hamilton):
grant to student  aid               2,000.00
Summer Session Association:
Japan Student Exchange Programme           300.00
Susuki, Shuji (Tokyo):
contribution to  Nitobe  Gardens           20.00
Taylor, Mrs. Barbara D.:
Friends of  International House           25.00
Trans Mountain Oil Pipe Line Co.:
unrestricted   grant       __   600.00
United Nations (New York):
grant  to   planning            107.17
35.00 Vancouver Board of Trade:
sales management courses, commerce _.           12,069.19
Vancouver Foundation:
grant, Williamson Foundation Professorship .Retarded Children           8,361.87
grant, MacMillan Education  Fund, Fisheries             10,000.00
grant, MacMillan Education Fund, Forestry             9,000.00
Vancouver Junior Chamber of Commerce:
grant toward law course for accountants       777.00
Waldman, Dr. Roy:
Dean of Dentistry Fund          100.00
Walter, Dr. and Mrs. M. B.:
Dean of Dentistry Fund        7.00
World Wide International Travel:
Japan Student Exchange Programme     100.00
Wu, Ten Tsu (Richmond, Calif.):
Dean of Forestry Fund             1.50
California Standard Co. (Calgary):
unrestricted   grant     __  $        500.00
Canadian Johns-Manville Co. Ltd. (Port Credit, Ont.)-.
grant for expansion programme         500.00
Company of Artists (Toronto):
capital construction grant (shares)     _.   500.00
Government of Canada:
Health  Sciences  Centre          200,000.00
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
construction grant, Forestry and Agriculture  Building         50,000.00
Province of British Columbia:
capital  construction   grants       2,750,000.00
Three Universities Capital Fund:
capital construction grants   ____   ...1,358,484.21
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Woodward Foundation:
P. A. Woodward Health Sciences Centre             80,173.25
U.B.C. Development Fund:
payments on pledges ._        121,775.00
(Total contributions in this list — $875.00)
Ames, Dr. C. Katz, Dr. F.
Blond, Dr. E. S. Kline, Dr. T.
Blumes, Dr. J. Krasnoff, Dr. M.
Buckwold, Dr. A. K. Levine, Dr. M.
Checkik, Dr. M. M. Marcoe, Dr. K. D.
Cohen, Dr. Sherin Margolese, Dr. S.
Corbin, Dr. T. Mickelson, Dr. M. M.
Diner, Dr. A. Nacht, Dr. M.
Fishman, Dr. J. L. Naimark, Dr. J.
Fransblow, Dr. Peter Olfman, Dr. A.
Friedman, Dr. J. C. Panar, Dr. B. D.
Fuldauer, Dr. H. Panar, Dr. M.
Gelfand, Dr. S. B. Sanders, Dr. N.
Gelmon, Dr. J. Shuster, Dr. H.
Hayes, Dr. A. M. Smordin, Dr. S. B.
Hock, Dr. L. Snider, Dr. I. E.
Kanee, Dr. A. Yorsh, Dr. R.
Kaplowitz, Dr. H.
A total  of $500,000.00 was received in gifts and pledges from alumni during 1965. Of
this  $190,000.00 was in cash through Alumni Annual  Giving and Three Universities  Capital
Fund.   Funds  received  directly  to  Alumni  Annual   Givng   amounted  to  $75,660.1 1 and  was
distributed as  follows:
President's Alumni  Fund   —    $ 8,300.00
N.  Mackenzie  Alumni Scholarship      .—  14,700.00
Alumni  Graduate  Scholarship        3,000.00
N.  Mackenzie  American Scholarship      _  1,000.00
University  Nurses Scholarship    1,000.00
Athletics and   Recreational  Facilities     1,000.00
Frederic Wood Theatre Fund _.      _  1,000.00
Fine   Arts  Award           2,000.00
Distinguished  Teaching Award —    1,000.00
Student  Union  Building   __.     1,000.00
Friends of the  Library     —    4,000.00
Unallocated           —  2,000.00
$  40,000.00
Other Gifts Through Alumni Annual Giving
John Owen Memorial Bursary Fund      $ 2,731.00
Dr.  William Campbell Bursary Fund       1,535.00
Hartley   Bursary    —    1,500.00
Sherwood Lett Memorial Fund          7,662.00
Class of '25 Anniversary Fund      3,463.57
U.B.C.  Rowing  Club       10,836.15
Victoria  University             1,087.00
Miscellaneous other projects less than $500.00 each     $ 6,845.39
$  75,660.11
Akerly, Mr. and Mrs. E.:
Friends of the  Library      .._..$ 5.00
Andrew, Dr. Geoffrey C:
Harry  Hawthorn  Foundation     65.00
Beduz, Louis (Comox):
Friends of the Library      _  15.00
Boag Foundation Ltd.:
grant to purchase books on labour and socialism       500.00
Bowdler, Mrs. H. M.:
Friends of the  Library _. ._        5.00
Canada Trust Company:
H. R. MacMillan 10 Year Book Fund      667,208.57
H. R. MacMillan Oxford Medical Library   270,000.00
Canadian Society of Radiological Technicians:
grant to  purchase books  .___       50.00
Coldwell, Mrs. F. S.:
Friends of the Library   _    5.00
Forsyth, T. F.:
Friends of the Library        15.00
Ladner Foundation (c/o Canada Permanent Trust Co.):
Harry  Hawthorn  Foundation    _    850.00
Hopwood, Dr. V.:
purchase  of  books         136.70
Horner, Frank W., Ltd. (Montreal):
grant for Horner Reading  Room, Pharmacology . .. 1,000 00-
Hughes, T. S.:
Harry  Hawthorn Foundation    _   50.00
Leung, Dr. So Wah:
Harry Hawthorn Foundation     50.00
McCreary, Dr. J. F.:
Harry  Hawthorn Foundation        15.00
15 MacDonald, Dr. and Mrs. John B.:
Harry Hawthorn   Foundation        25.00
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M.:
Harry Hawthorn Foundation           40.00
McLean, J. F.:
Harry  Hawthorn  Foundation     50.00
MacMillan, H. R.:
Friends of the  Library           11,581.81
Margetson, Alan R.:
Friends of the Library       10.00
Morris, C. D.:
Friends of the  Library   _     115.00
Peterson, Avery:
Harry Hawthorn  Foundation          50.00
Price, T. E.:
Friends of the  Library          15.00
Read Stanley E.:
Harry Hawthorn  Foundation        50.00
Rogers, Mrs. E. T. (Ottawa):
grant to Rogers-Tucker Map Collection Fund     500.00
Scott, Mrs. Ruby (Qualicum Beach):
Friends of the Library          30.00
Taylor, Dr. H. E.:
Harry Hawthorn  Foundation    .___      70.00
Taylor, Dr. Malcolm G.:
Harry Hawthorn  Foundation —     55.00
Vancouver Foundation:
MacMillan  Education  Fund          500.00
Vancouver General Hospital:
grants for Bio-Medical  Library          16,950.00
Whitelaw, Dr. D. M.:
Harry Hawthorn  Foundation       30.00
Wood, Dr. A. J.:
Harry Hawthorn Foundation            26.00
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Woodward Foundation:
grant to purchase rare books for Woodward Memorial Library         8,921.37
(Total contributions in this list — $247.00)
Chan, Dr. G. H. and family
Chan, Mr. and Mrs. Ming and family
Ching, Mrs. Lee
Chow, Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Chow, Mr. Tin S.
Chow, Mr. and Mrs. William
Con, Mr. and Mrs. H.
Fong, Dr. Amy (Edmonton)
Gee, Mrs. Lily
Gin, Mr. Foon
Huey, Dean
Huey, Lock Sang
Lam family
Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Kepment
Lee, Mr. and Mrs. S. and family
Louie, Alex, Henry and Victor
Lowe Brothers and families (Calgary)
Lowe, George and friends
Mah, Mr. and Mrs. Henry and friends
Ming, Mr. and Mrs. J. and family
Quon On Co.
Sam, Mr. and Mrs. T. Quon
Wing, S. Quan
Wong, T. family and friends
Wong, Mr. and Mrs. Wing
Wong, Mr. and Mrs. W. Y.
(The amount shown is normally the annual value of the award or awards).
Acadia   Camp   Residents—bursary          $ 140.00
Adelphian Scholarship Fund—scholarships      1,000.00
V"Agnew, the late Dr. A. M. (fund established by family and friends)—scholarship .. 200.00
Agriculture  Women's  Undergraduate Society—bursary       75.00
Aikins,   Mr.   Carroll—prizes            75.00
Aljean of Canada Limited—scholarship         1,000.00
Allardyce,   Mrs.  W.  J.  and   family—scholarship         100.00
Allied   Chemical   Canada   Ltd.—scholarship       651.00
Allied  Officers'  Club  Auxiliary—busary     125.00
Allstate   Insurance   Co.—bursary     _ 100.00
Alpha  Delta  Phi  (B.C.  Chapter)—bursary     50.00
Alpha  Delta   Pi Sorority (Beta  Kappa Chapter)—bursary      50.00
Alpha Gamma- Delta  Fraternity (Delta Zeta Chapter)—bursary     50.00
Alpha Gamma  Delta Mothers' Club—bursary     100.00
Alpha Omega Society—bursary       100.00
Aluminum Company of Canada Limited (Montreal)—scholarships and grants   1,400.00
Alumni  of U.B.C, through the Annual  Giving—scholarships  ■_  17,700.00
Aluminium   Laboratories   Limited   (Montreal)—fellowship     2,446.00
American  College of  Dentists  (Washington - B.C.  Section)—scholarship    50.00
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers
(B.C.   Chapter)—scholarship          250.00
American  Smelting  and  Refining  Company—scholarship  and grant     1,000.00
American  Society  for  Metals,  B.C. Chapter—scholarship   400.00
American   Woman's  Club—bursary         250.00
American Zinc  Institute and Lead  Industries Association—fellowship    2,500.00
v    Andison, the late Mrs. J. G.—fund established by her friends as a memorial   100.00
Anglo-Canadian  Shipping   Company   Limited—bursary      300.00
Architectural   Institute of British Columbia—prizes and scholarship    450.00
Armstead,  Mrs.  Daniel  (Lions Bay)—scholarship and  prize    __  350.00
Aron, Mrs. Jack—bursary in memory of her husband     50.00
Association  of  Professional  Engineers of  British Columbia—prizes    300.00
Attending  Staff,  Department  of  Psychiatry, V.G.H.—prize       200.00
Automotive  Transport  Association of B.C.—scholarship    250.00
/^Badenoch, the  late Ida Helen—scholarships       600 nn
Baird, Mrs. W.  S. and Gibson, Mrs. W.  C.—prize     50.00
\   Balfour, the   late  Helen  L.—prize        -3^0 nn
-.. Barton, the  late  Dr.  G.  F.  R.—scholarship established  by friends and  colleagues 100.00
'     Bass,  Mrs.  Muriel  and  family—bursary         100.00
Bateman, Mrs.  S.  J.  (Chilliwack)—scholarship         100.00
B.C. Association of District Superintendents and Inspectors of Schools—scholarships 300.00
B.C.   Beef  Cattle  Growers'  Association—bursaries    1,000.00
B.C.  Dental Association—scholarship and bursaries    1,000.00
B.C.   Dentists'   Wives   Association—bursaries        2,000.00
B.C.  Federation of Women  Doctors—scholarship      100.00
B.C. Fish and Game Protective Association, Lower Mainland Zone—scholarship .... 150.00
B.C.  Society of   Internal  Medicine—bursary      550.00
Belkin,  Mr.  Morris—prize           100.00
Bell,   Mrs.   Angela—bursary         150.00
Bennett & White Construction  Co.  Ltd.—bursaries     2,000.00
V Berryman, the   late Mrs. W. S.—scholarship   _    100 00
Best  Printer  Co.  Ltd.—prizes and  bursary     300.00
Beta Sigma Phi  Sorority (Xi Alpha Chapter)—bursary   50.00
Billig,   Mrs.   Ernest—bursary        150.00
Birks  Family   Foundation  (Montreal)—bursaries     3,250.50
Bishopric, the  late Mrs. Alice—anonymous (memorial  prize)      25.00
-Elunde-L-Atffea^Esq.,   M.A.,   B.C.L.—scholarships        6,000.00-
B'nai   B'rith  Chapter  No.   77—scholarship        50.00
Boag   Foundation—scholarship           250.00
Bolocan, Mr. J.  L.  (Edmonton)—prize          25.00
Borden Company Limited  (Toronto)—prize     100.00
Borrie,  Mr.  W.  J.—scholarship       250.00
17 Bostock  Memorial   Lectureship—prize      _ ____  75.00
Boughton,  Anderson,  Dunfee  &  Mortimer—prize         50.00
Boultbee,  Mr. J.  N.—prize          25.00
Boulton, the late Margaret Jane—bursaries      500.00
Boyd,   Mr.  John—scholarships   and   bursaries        . 500.00
Bralorne    Pioneer   Mines   Limited—scholarships  _      300.00
Brissenden, P. R., Esq., Q.C.—scholarship or  bursary      350.00
British  American  Paint Co.   Ltd.  (Vancouver and  Victoria)—scholarships  1,000.00
British   Columbia   Association   of   Social   Workers—prize       __  100.00
British Columbia Association of Social  Workers (Greater Vancouver
Area    Branch)—prize          ____   25.00
British   Columbia   Bond   Dealers'   Association—scholarship ___   150.00
British   Columbia   Centennial   1958   Committee—scholarship ___    500.00
British   Columbia   Corrections   Association—bursary       50.00
British   Columbia   Dietetic   Association—scholarship   100.00
British   Columbia   Dental   Supply  Co.   Limited—scholarship  __   _  200.00
British   Columbia  Hydro  and  Power Authority—fellowships and  scholarships    6,000.00
British  Columbia  Forest   Products   Limited—scholarships and  bursaries     14,700.00
British   Columbia  Federation of   Labour—bursary    __   _  350.00
British   Columbia   Fruit   Growers'   Association—scholarship  ___   250.00
British    Columbia    Hotels   Association—scholarships     ....  ___   1,500.00
British   Columbia   Institute   of  Agrologists—bursary   250.00
British   Columbia   Japanese-Canadian   Citizens'   Association—scholarship      100.00
British   Columbia   Loggers'  Association—scholarship  and  bursary  __  600.00
British  Columbia  Lumberman—essay awards _       225.00
British  Columbia  Medical  Association—bursaries    1,000.00
British  Columbia  Medical Association, Section of Psychiatry—prize  300.00
British    Columbia    Parent-Teacher   Federation—scholarships         400.00
British   Columbia   Parent-Teacher   Federation   {various   branches)—Child   Welfare
Scholarship   Fund             	
British   Columbia   Recreation  Association   (Vancouver   Island  Council)—scholarship 150.00
British   Columbia  Sugar   Refining   Company   Limited—scholarships     3,500.00
British   Columbia   Surgical   Society—bursaries  ....    300.00
British   Columbia   Teachers'   Federation—prizes  and  scholarships      9,600.00
British    Columbia   Telephone   Company—scholarships   .   2,500.00
British   Pacific  Life  Insurance  Company  of  Vancouver—scholarships     250.00
Bruce, the late Hon.  R.  Randolph—scholarship    250.00
Buchanan, the late Dean Daniel—scholarship established by
friends  and   colleagues     __   1 80.00
Buckland,  the  late Dr.  Donald C.  (memorial established  by friends)—scholarship 150.00
Buckshon's   Pharmacy—bursary     ____ __   100.00
Buell,   Ellis,   Sargent   &   Russell—bursary         150.00
Bull,  Housser  & Tupper—bursary        300.00
Burbidge, Mr. P. W.—scholarships      . 250.00
Burrard   Dry   Dock  Company   Limited—scholarships          1,200.00
Burroughs Wellcome  and  Company  (Montreal)—fellowship  and  scholarship  1,250.00
Business and Professional Women's  Club of  New Westminster—scholarship    125.00
Butchart, the  late William  B.—bursaries     750.00
Campbell, the  late Anne  S.—bursaries    .1,400.00
Campney,   Owen  &   Murphy—scholarship  _.  250.00^
Canada   Permanent   Mortgage   Corporation—prize   —_  —   50.00
Canada   Permanent   Trust   Company—prize     ..._  ..__ 100.00
Canadian  Anaesthetists'  Society,   British  Columbia   Division—bursaries  200.00
Canadian   Bechtel   Limited—bursaries    ___     __   600.00
Canadian   Broadcasting   Corporation—prizes        __ _   500.00
Canadian Cancer Society,  British Columbia and Yukon Division—bursary  500.00
Canadian   Forest   Products   Ltd.—scholarships  and   prizes     2,000.00
Canadian   Forestry  Association   of   B.C.—scholarship   200.00
Canadian  Foundation   for  the  Advancement  of   Pharmacy—scholarships  300.00
Canadian   Imperial   Bank   of   Commerce—scholarships  6,400.00
Canadian   Industries   Limited—fellowship and  maintenance  grant  ...   2,400.00
Canadian   Institute of  Mining  and  Metallurgy,  B.C.  Section—prizes  120.00
Canadian  Life   Insurance  Officers Association  and  Canadian   Bankers  Association
—scholarships   in  Summer   Session  Course,   in   personal   and  business  finance 2,500.00
Canadian   National   Institute   for   the   Blind—bursary    1,000.00
Canadian   Officers'   Training   Corps—bursaries  300.00
Canadian   Pittsburgh   Industries   Ltd.—scholarship    250.00
Canadian   Polish   Congress—prize       ...   ..    150.00
Canadian   Society  of   Exploration   Geophysicists—scholarship       350.00
18 Canadian   Stevedoring   Company   Limited—bursary        300.00
Canadian   Transport   Company   Limited—scholarship     100.00
Canadian  Western   Pipe  Mills  Ltd.   (Port  Moody)—fellowship     1,000.00
Canadian   Women's   Press   Club—scholarship         250.00
Cariboo   Bar  Association—bursary        250.00
Catholic Women's  League of  Canada,  Vancouver  Division—bursary     50.00
Cayley,  the  late Mrs.   H.  S.—scholarship      l no 0ft
Chadwick,   Potts  &  Company—scholarship   _     100.00
Charles  E.  Frosst & Co.  (Montreal)—scholarship     250.00
Chartered  Life  Underwriters (Vancouver - New Westminster Chapter)—bursary .... 200.00
Chemical   Institute  of  Canada—prizes         50.00
y   Chetkow, the  late Moe and Leah—prize     1 nn on
Chevron   Standard   Limited—scholarships      __       2,500.00
Children's Aid Society of the Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver—scholarship  .... 400.00
Chris   Spencer   Foundation—scholarships          8,600.00
CHQM     (Radio)—scholarships                    1,000.00
C.I.B.A.   Company   Limited   (Montreal)—prize    ... 100.00
Clark,  Wilson,  White,  Clark & Maguire—bursary      200.00
Clarkson,   Gordon  &  Co.,  Chartered  Accountants—research   and   service   awards,
and prize              . 8850.00
Class  of Agriculture  '21—scholarship         .200.00
Class of  Law   '53—scholarship      200.00
Class   of   Medicine   '54—bursary           100.00
Cohen,   the  late  Manly—bursary  contributed  by  friends       50.00
Cohen,  Mr.   M.   B.—bursary         25.00
Cohen,  Mr.   and  Mrs.  Moe—bursary          .. 50.00
Coleman,  Dr.   H. T.  J.—scholarship  (established  by anonymous donor)    100.00
College  of  Physicians   &  Surgeons,   B.C.—scholarships     1,500.00
Collins   &   Collins,  Chartered  Accountants—scholarship        250.00
Columbia   Cellulose   Company,   Limited—scholarships       10,050.00
Comitas  Club—bursary  __           200.00
Coote,  Roxburgh  &   Kuys  Realty  Limited—prize      100.00
Cortese,   Mr.   Gino—prize           100.00
Cowichan   Valley   Medical   Association—bursary      300.00
Craig, the late  Elizabeth K.—memorial scholarship established  by husband,
sisters,   and   brother          300.00
Crown  Zellerbach  Canada  Foundation—scholarships _       16,600.00
Crumb,  Professor J. A.—prize established by  friends      25.00
Cunningham,  Mr.  Alvin   (Cypress   Park)—bursary    __   200.00
Cunningham,  the  late Mr.  George T.—scholarship and  prize       300.00
Cyanamid  of   Canada   Limited   (Montreal)—scholarship   750.00
Dairyland   Credit   Union—scholarship         200.00
Dauphinee, Mr.  T. M.  (Ottawa)—bursary     250.00
Davis  &   Company—bursary          400.00
de Bruyn, Professor and Mrs. J.—prize (in memory of their son Frank)   100.00
DeWitt-Huberman, the late Jeanette—prize in her memory   25.00
Delta   Gamma   Fraternity—bursaries           225.00
Delta  Gamma Sorority, Alpha Phi Chapter (Dean of Women's Fund)   50.00
Delta   Kappa  Gamma  Association—scholarship          300.00
Department   of   Extension—scholarships         ____  2,000.00
Department of  Social Welfare  Province of British Columbia—bursaries    2,000.00
d'Estrube, Dr. and Mrs. P. F.—scholarship in memory of their daughter,
Janine   Elizabeth              	
Dicks, Mr. W. Jack H.  (Armstrong)—bursary   __  275.00
Dilworth, the  late Dr.   Ira (Vancouver)—prize        50.00
Dome   Petroleum   Limited   (Calgary)—scholarship          500^00
Douglas,   Symes   &   Brissenden—bursary         300.00
Dow Chemical  of Canada  Limited  (Sarnia)—scholarship  and  grant  750.00
Dukowski,  Mr.   and Mrs.  A.—scholarship             100.00
Du  Pont of  Canada  Limited—scholarship  and  grant    ....   ....    1,700.00
Dunsmuir, the   late  Hon. James—scholarship      250.00
East   Asiatic   Company—scholarship           500.00
Edith  Cavell   Hospital   Ltd.—bursary         50.00
Education   Undergraduate   Society—bursaries        .-.. 200.00
"X   Eilertson,  the   late  Hawk  (estate)—bursaries         1,000.00
Elkington,  Dr. and Mrs.  E.  H. W.  (Victoria)—scholarship     400.00
Empire   Stevedoring   Company   Limited—bursary        300.00
Engineering   Institute  of  Canada—prize   __     50.00
19 Engineering   Institute  of Canada   (Vancouver  Branch)—prizes    150.00
Engineers'   Wives'   Association—bursary     500.00
Entomological   Society  of   British  Columbia—prize     15.00
Faculty   of   U.B.C.—scholarship      200.00
Faculty Women's Club of the University of B.C.—scholarship and  bursary   750.00
Fairview   Branch   No.   178,  Royal   Canadian   Legion—scholarship  . 100.00
Far   East   Week   Committee—scholarship       100.00
Farris,  Vaughan,  Taggart,  Wills  &  Murphy—scholarship    200.00
Federation of Telephone Workers of  British Columbia, Plant Division—scholarship 500.00
Financial   Executives  Institute,  Vancouver  Chapter—scholarship  100.00
Finning   Tractor  and   Equipment   Co,   Ltd.—scholarships      2,200.00
Fisheries   Association   of   B.C.—scholarships       1,200.00
Fort   Camp   Students'   Council—bursaries    .■     ... 120.00
Fouks,   Arthur,   Esq.,   B.A.,   Q.C.—bursary       1,000.00-
V  Fouks,   the   late   Moses—bursary       150.00
Frank W.   Horner  Limited   (Montreal)—prize  100,00
Fraser   Valley   Bar  Association—bursary     300.00
Fraser   Valley   Dental   Association—bursary           	
Fraser   Valley   Milk   Producers'   Association—bursaries   800.00
Fraser   Valley   Regional   Library—bursary      100.00
Fresco   Club—bursary              50.00
Freeman,   Freeman,     ilvers   &   Koffman—bursary       100.00
Freeman,   Mr.   Max—bursary        25.00
Friedman,  Dr. and  Mrs.  Sydney M.—prize  25.00
Friends  of Chamber  Music—scholarship         100.00
Friends  of  U.B.C.   (United   States)—scholarships        1,800.00
,  Fruehauf  Trailer  Company   (Dixie,  Ontario)—scholarships                400.00
Fyfe-Smith,    Florence—bursary          .  500.00
Gamma  Phi  Beta  Sorority,  Vancouver Alumnae Chapter—bursary    100.00
,v    Gehrke, the  late J. W.—memorial  scholarship by Gehrke's  Limited        100.00
General   Accountants'  Association—scholarship   __   _ 1,500.00
General   Foods   Limited   (Toronto)—scholarships      2,000.00
General  Motors of Canada  Limited—scholarships and grant      9,600.00
Giant   Yellowknife   Mines   Limited—scholarship     2,500.00
Gibson, Mr. W.  C. and Baird,  Mrs.  W.  S.—prize     50.00
Gill   Interprovincial   Lines   Ltd.—scholarship         250.00
Goldenberg,  H. Carl,  Esq., O.B.E.,  Q.C.—prize   15.00
Gordon   Young   (B.C.)   Limited—bursary        350.00
\     Gow,  the  late  Mrs.   Quan—memorial  bursary  established  by  family  and  friends 100.00
Graduating   Classes   of   1959—bursary       150.00
Graduating   Class  of   1965—bursary          200.00
->    Graham, the late Dr. J.  Meredith—memorial prize given by anonymous donor .... 50.00
Grand Chapter of B.C., Order of the Eastern Star—fellowship   6,000.00
Grand Lodge of Antient and Accepted Free Masons of British Columbia—bursaries 3,300.00
Grant   Industries  Ltd.—service  award       535.00
Greater  Vancouver  District  Registered   Nurses'   Association—scholarship     350.00
Griffiths,  McLelland  &  Co.—prize        50.00
Gulf  and  Fraser  Fishermen's Credit  Union—bursary     350.00
Gunning,  Dr.   H.  C.—bursary      100.00
Hall, .Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph—scholarship       400.00
Hamber, the  late Honourable E.  W.—scholarships and prize   2,800.00
Hamilton,  Lieut.  James  Douglas—memorial  prize  provided  by  friends    20.00
Harlow,   Marion—prize  established   in  her  honour        25.00
H.   A.   Roberts   Ltd.—scholarship     200.00
Harper,  Gilmour, Grey  &  Co.—scholarship       100.00
Hatfield,   Miss   Janet—scholarship     200.00
Health Officers of British Columbia—prize   100.00
Heavy  Construction  Association  of  B.C.—scholarships  and   prize  1,000.00
Hebb,   the   late   Dr.   and   Mrs.  Thomas  Carlyle—scholarship   (established   by   son
and   daughters)         450.00
 Heighway,  the   late  Florence  E.  (bequest)—scholarships  and  bursaries    5,000.0.0
^FfeTlTwell,  Maclachlan  &  Co.-—bursary  and  service  award    735.00
Highmoor, Mr.  C.  K.  (Islington, Ont.)—bursary and  prize    50.00
Hill-Tout, the late  Ben—memorial  prize  (established by  family and friends)  .. 50.00
^ Hoffar's   Ltd.—scholarship      300.00
Hoffman-LaRoche   Limited   (Montreal)—scholarship     200.00
, Holland, the  late  Dr.  Laura—scholarship  (established  by  friends and  colleagues) 380.00
;  Holland,  the   late   Dr.   Laura—scholarship      1 00 00.
Holland,  the   late Mrs.   Mary  Graham—scholarships      1,450 00
20 Hospital  Employees Union  Local   180—scholarships       500.00
Hossie,  Mrs.  David  Neil  and  family—scholarship      150.00
Hudson's  Bay  Company  (Vancouver)—service   awards        2,140.00
Hutchinson,  Dr. Andrew  H.—scholarship  (established  by  friends and  colleagues) 200.00
H.  W. Wilson  Foundation,  Inc.  (New York)—scholarship      350.00
Industrial   Forestry Service  Ltd.   (Prince  George)—scholarship    200.00
Ingledow,    Dr.    T.,   P.Eng.—scholarships         300.00
Inland   Natural  Gas  Co.   Ltd.—scholarship      250.00
Institute of  Chartered Accountants  of   British  Columbia—bursary      250.00
Insurance   Company  of   North  America—prize     200.00
Interior   B.C.   Dental  Association—bursary     250.00
International  Business Machines Company Limited (Toronto)—bursaries and grant 1,500.00
International  College of  Dentists  (Canadian  Section)—scholarship   100.00
International   Longshoreman's  and   Warehouseman's   Union—scholarships    2,200.00
International   Minerals & Chemical  Corporation  (Canada)   Limited—scholarship  .. 1,000.00
International  Nickel Company of Canada  Limited—scholarships and grants   5,000.00
International   Union  of  United  Brewery,   Flour,   Cereal,  Soft  Drink  and  Distillery
Workers   of America,   Local  300—bursary      250.00
I.O.D.E.,  Vancouver Municipal  Chapter—scholarship        100.00
I.O.D.E.,   Bastion   Chapter   (Nanaimo)—bursary        200.00
I.O.D.E.,  Canadian   Scottish  Chapter—bursary   100.00
I.O.D.E.,    Coronation   Chapter—bursary   ____      140.00
I.O.D.E.,   H.M.C.S.   Discovery  Chapter—bursary   _.  100.00
I.O.D.E.,  Jessie  F.  Gordon  Chapter—bursary      75.00
I.O.D.E.,   Kerrisdale   Chapter—bursary        100.00
I.O.D.E.,  Lady  May Cambridge  Chapter—bursary       100.00
I.O.D.E.,  Lieut.  Col.  Merritt,  V.C.,  Chapter—bursary   70.00
I.O.D.E.,   Mt.   Garibaldi   Chapter—bursary   100.00
I.O.D.E.,   Princess   Betty  Chapter—bursary    150.00
I.O.D.E.,  Provincial  Chapter—bursaries      200.00
I.O.D.E.,    R.C.A.F.    Chapter—bursaries      250.00
I.O.D.E.,   Royal   Emblem   Chapter—bursary     100.00
I.O.D.E.,   Ruskin  Chapter—Alfred  Newton  Wolverton Memorial   Bursary     300.00
I.O.D.E.,  R.A.F. Silver Jubilee Chapter—bursary    100.00
I.O.D.E.,   University  Chapter—prize       50.00
I.O.D.E.,   Unknown  Warrior  Chapter—bursary    _   100.00
I.O.D.E.,   Valcartier  Camp  Chapter—bursary       __ 100.00
I.O.D.E.,  Worthington   Memorial   Chapter—bursary    300.00
Irving   Clinic   (Kamloops)—scholarship          500.00
)f^-lx_dj]ai_^e Ja^e ^igjnq  (e^ate>;—scholarships      6,000.00
"—^tralian   scholarships   (donatecT by   friends)          1 80.00
I.W.A.   Credit   Union,   New  Westminster—scholarship   250.00
J.   A.   Beckow   Limited—scholarship          500.00
James,  Fern   Cochrane—memorial  scholarship  contributed  by  friends     120.00
^Jamieson,  the   late  Annie  Bruce,   LL.D.—prize  ____      50.00
Hamieson, the  late Annie B.—scholarship (established  by  friends and  colleagues) 150.00
Jefferd,  Mr.  Arthur  H.—scholarship    "200700
J.  K.  Campbell   &  Associates  Limited—scholarship   —. 350.00
lonn.nn, the   Inte  Alfred  (estate)—bursaries      5.000.00
^ Johnson, the   late  Edward~TTear)~W.—memorial  scholarship established  by friends 50.00
'""Johnson,   the   late   Thomas   Holmes—scholarships    lf050.00
^-Johnston, the   late Douglas F.  (estate)—bursaries       2,000.00
Kania,  Dr.  and Mrs. J.  E.—scholarships       400.00
Kapoor   Singh   Siddoo   Foundation—scholarships  750.00
Kappa   Kappa  Gamma  Alumnae—bursary       150.00
Kennecott  Copper Corporation  (New York)—scholarship  and grant   2,000.00
Kent,   Mr.   Charles—bursaries    300.00
■VKergin, the late Dr. W. T.—memorial scholarship (from anonymous donor)  250.00
Ketchum   Manufacturing   Sales   Limited   (Ottawa)—bursary      50.00
Khaki   University of  Canada  Administrators—bursaries       600.00
King, Mr. and Mrs. F. E.—scholarship (in memory of their daughter, Karen Elaine) 350.00
JrKirk,  the  late  Mrs.  Thomas  H.—scholarship      100 nn
>Kitchen, the late Willard—bursaries (established as a memorial by his daughters) 1,500.00
Kiwanis Club  of Vancouver—prize,  scholarship,   bursaries  _  850.00
Kiwassa   Club   of   New   Westminster—scholarship        250.00
""Klein,  the   late  Mr.   I.  J.—scholarship      150.00
Knapp, Professor F. M.—scholarship      75.00
Koch,  Mr.   Albert  O.—bursary        100.00
y  Koerner, the  late Thea—scholarships (endowed by  friends)     500.00 Koerner, Dr. Walter C.—scholarships and bursary  	
Koerner,  Messrs.  Walter  and  Leon—scholarship _	
KVOS-TV   (Canada)    Ltd.—scholarships    	
Ladies    Pharmaceutical   Auxiliary—bursaries     	
Ladies   Pharmaceutical   Auxiliary   (Victoria)—bursaries     	
Ladner,   Leon  J.,   Esq.,   Q.C.—prizes  	
Ladner,  Leon J.,  Esq.,  Q.C, and  family—scholarship  	
Ladner,  Downs,  Ladner,   Locke, Clark and  Lenox—prize    _
Lady   Laurier   Club—bursaries     	
Lafarge   Cement  of   North  America   Ltd.—scholarship    	
Lambda  Kappa  Sigma    orority  (Alpha  Lambda Alumnae  Chapter)—bursary
Lambert,  Brigadier  Noel  D.—scholarship     	
Lamond,   Dewhurst  and  Associates  Ltd.—scholarship    	
Lando,   Mr.   Esmond—bursary    	
y Larsen,  the late Professor Thorleif—scholarship (established as a  memorial
by   friends)
Later Chemicals  Ltd.—scholarship     	
Laurentide   Financial   Corporation   Ltd.—scholarship       _.
Law Society of  British Columbia—prize  and graduate fellowship   	
Lawrence,  Shaw,  Stewart   &   McLoughlin—bursary   	
Lederle   Research  Division,   American  Cyanamid  Company—scholarships  	
Lee,  Mr.  Robert—prize     	
Leeson, the late Dr.  H.  Lavell—scholarship (established  by family, colleagues
and    friends)    	
>H_efevre,  the   late  Mrs.  J.  M.—scholarship   	
LeGallais, the  late Maud—bursary (contributed as memorial by friends and
former   students)          	
Leon  and  Thea   Koerner  Foundation—scholarships       	
..  Le  Patourel,  the  late  Mr.  H.  C.—fellowship     	
Letson   and   Burpee   Limited—prizes      	
Lett, the late Chief Justice Sherwood—memorial scholarship established by
Alumni,  Faculty,  and    taff,   Students,  and   Friends   	
Life   Underwriters  Association  of  Vancouver—scholarship    	
Lions   Ladies   Club   (Vancouver)—bursaries       —	
J.ipjSon, the late_Arnie_(estgte).-=—bursary
> Little,TRe Tate David  Bell—scholarship (established  by friends and family)
Little, Mrs.  David  Edmund—scholarship  (in memory of her  husband)	
Lower   Mainland   Pharmacists'  Association—bursary     	
Lower   Mall   Residences   Association—bursary  	
y   Lundell, the late Kirsten C.—bursary (in memory of Dorothea Lundell) 	
i-Mack, the  late Annie  M.—scholarship —   	
Maitland,   Mr.   J.   Douglas—scholarship        	
^Malkin,  the   late  Kit—memorial   scholarship      	
Mallinckrodt   Chemical   Works   Limited   (Montreal)—prize    	
Mann,  Mrs. A. J.—scholarship  in  memory of her husband 	
Manson,  Mrs.  Rolf  S.  and  Rolf S., Jr.—bursary 	
Marcoe, Dr.  K. D. (Vancouver) and Dr. M. (Houston, Texas)—
scholarship   (in  memory  of  Joel   Harold  Marcoe)   	
Mayall, the  late Granville—memorial scholarship (established by friends)  ..
MCA   Inc.   (New  York)—scholarship        	
Mead Johnson of Canada  Ltd.  (Toronto)—prize     	
Medical   Board of the  Vancouver  General   Hospital—scholarship   	
Medical   Services   Association—scholarships        	
Medical    Services    Incorporated—scholarships       —	
Merck,  Sharp &  Dohme of  Canada  Limited—prizes    	
Merrill   Prindle  Book  Prize         	
Mitchell, Mr.  and  Mrs.  R.  F.  (Rossland)—bursary   — 	
Monsanto   Canada   Limited—scholarship       	
^Morrison, the  late Mrs.  A.   B.—scholarship     	
Morrison Steel & Wire Co. Ltd.—service award    	
K Mouncey, the late Ada—memorial scholarship  (established  by friends) 	
Mount   Baker  High  School   Bursary     	
Mulholland, Mrs.  F.  D.  and  family—bursary        	
Munro,  Mrs.  E. and Miss Constance—scholarship in memory of Ernest A.  Munro
VMyers,  the   late   Dr.   Ernest   Roland—scholarships  	
McCarter,  Nairne  &   Partners,  Architects—scholarship     	
McDiarmid,  Mr.   Neil   H.—scholarship          -
McGill   Graduates'  Society of  B.C.—scholarship   	
Maclnnes, Dr.  Isabel—prize (donated by friends in her honour) — 	
TOO. 00
1 00.00
22 Maclnnes,  Mr.  W.  H.—scholarships and prizes    1,750.00——
V'Maclntyre, the late Dr. Malcolm—scholarship established by friends    100.00
VMacKenzie,  the  late  Donald  Fraser—scholarships      1.000.no
McKay,   Ruby—the  Neil  Douglas  McKay  Scholarship  Fund        1,500.00—	
MacKechnie,   Mrs.   Lachlan   Neil—scholarship    __     500.00
> McKee,   the   late  Mrs.   D.  A.—prize       50.Op
f McKee,  the   late  Dr.   David—scholarship   _   22_L__Q
MacKenzie,  Dr. N. A. M.—prize established in his honor     125.00
v McLean Fraser, the late Clara—fellowships in memory of her husband   2,250.00
McMahon,   Mr.   William—scholarship      600.00
> McManus,   the   late   William—bursary __    3O0J.O
MacMillan,  H.  R.,  Esq., C.B.E.,  D.Sc,  LL.D.—prizes,  fellowships  and  scholarships 139,200.00	
..  MacMillan,  the  late Mrs.  H.   R.—scholarships and  bursaries     2.500.00
MacMillan,  Bloedel  &  Powell  River  Limited—scholarships      2,550.00
Macmillan  Company  of  Canada  Limited  (Toronto)—prizes    200.00
1C McPhee,  the   late  Donald  S.—awards     19,000 nn
< McRae, the   late J. J.—memorial  prize from  anonymous donor      25.00
MacRae,   Mrs.   John—bursary       250.00
Nabob Foods  Division, Kelly  Douglas  & Co.  Ltd.—scholarships      1,000.00
v Nagler, the  late Victoria—memorial  scholarship  contributed  by friends    100.00
National Council of Jewish Women, Vancouver Section—bursaries and scholarship 600.00
National Drug and Chemical Company of Canada Ltd.,  B.C. Drugs Division—
scholarship         200.00
Native  Daughters of  British  Columbia—scholarship     150.00
*' Neilson, the  late Dr. J. R.—memorial book prize established by a friend   50.00
Niemen, Mrs. Ann—Norris-Mebius Bursary  Fund   __  600.00
'"Nelms, the   late Percy W.—memorial  prize established  by relatives  and  friends. 25.00
KNelson,  the   late  Stephen  Kenneth—memorial  scholarship  established  by  friends 50.00
Nemetz,  the   Hon.  Mr.  Justice  N.  T.—scholarship   200.00
^Nicholson, the  late Dr.  F. J.—scholarships      1.500.00
Nisei   Varsity   Club—scholarship      100.00
Northern   Commercial   Company   Limited   (Seattle)—scholarship     500.00
Northern   Electric  Company   Limited  (Montreal)—fellowship  and   scholarship    2,000.00
North   Fraser   Harbour   Commissioners—scholarship      500.00
North- Shore  Medical  Society—bursary       300.00
Northwest   Plaster   Bureau—scholarship   ._      250.00
Ocean  Cement  Limited,   B.C.   Cement  Division—scholarship  1,250.00
Ohlman,   Mr.   Henry—scholarship     __     100.00
Okanagan-Mainline   Real   Estate   Board—scholarships       1,000.00
Okanagan   Valley   Medical   Staffs—scholarships  1,000.00
Oppenheimer   Bros.   &   Company—scholarship      500.00
VOsborne,  the   late  Leonard—memorial  prize  from  anonymous donor   25.00
Osier    ociety  of  Vancouver—scholarship         200.00
vOwen, the  late  Richard—memorial prize established by classmates    25.00
Pacific   Brewers'  Warehousing   Ltd.—scholarships      _   5,000.00
Pacific Coast  Terminals Co.   Ltd.  (New Westminster)—scholarships   950.00
Pacific  Meat  Company—bursary     _     200.00
Pacific   Pine   Co.   Ltd.  (New  Westminster)—scholarship  300.00
Pacific   Resins  &  Chemicals   Inc.—scholarship         300.00
X Palmer, the  late Richard  Claxton—scholarship (established by
friends   and   colleagues)     _      400.00
Pan-Abode   Buildings   Ltd.—scholarship        500.00
Panco   Poultry   Ltd.—research   awards     _  2,500.00
Panhellenic   Association   and   Inter-Fraternity   Council—bursary      50.00
Pa.i_y.3i,.. the.[ate  Frankj£stfit£_fc—scholarships  and  bursaries  ? 500.00
Paper   Industry  Management   Association—scholarship    _   500.00
Peat,  Marwick, Mitchell  &  Co.—scholarship  and  service  award    835.00
a Pegg, the late J. Roddy—memorial  bursary established by family and friends .... 50.00
Pemberton   Securities   Limited—scholarship        250.00
P.E.O.   Sisterhood,   Chapter  AD—bursary      _ __ 100.00
P.E.O.  Sisterhood,  Chapter  AM—bursary       100.00
P.E.O.   Sisterhood,   Chapter   B—bursary      100.00
P.E.O.   Sisterhood,   Vancouver   Chapter—bursary      400.00
P.E.O.   Sisterhood,  Chapter   F—bursary   __  50.00
Pfizer    (Canada)—fellowship      _   500.00
Pharmaceutical Association of the Province of  British Columbia—
scholarships,   prize,   bursary      500.00
Pi   Beta  Phi  Fraternity, Vancouver  Alumnae Club,  scholarship    250.00
Phi  Gamma  Delta  Fraternity,  Pi  Gamma  Chapter—bursary      100.00
23 V  Phillips, the late Sperry—bursary established by friends and colleagues  	
Phrateres,   Theta   Chapter   (U.B.C.)—scholarships        .
Physical    Education—R.A.F.   prize   	
Players'    Club   Alumni—bursary          	
Police   Mutual    Benevolent   Association—scholarships      	
Poulenc   Limited   (Montreal)—fellowship   and   scholarship   ____ 	
Poultry    Industries   Fund—bursary          ,
Price Waterhouse & Company—scholarship and service  award	
Primrose   Conservative   Club   of   Vancouver—scholarships   	
Pringle,   Flying   Officer   Reverend   George   Robert—memorial   bursary   (established
by   friends)       _ 	
Procter   &   Gamble Company   of Canada   Limited—bursaries  and  grant  	
Provincial   Council   of   British   Columbia,   Canadian   Daughters'   League—bursaries
Provincial Health Branch of the Province of British Columbia—scholarship 	
^Ravenhill,  the  late  Dr.  Alice—scholarship  _   	
•.. Raworth,   the   late   Archibald—scholarships   ____   	
Rayonier   Canada   Limited—scholarships     	
R.C.A.F.    Veterans'   Fund—bursaries     ._    	
Rea,   Mr.   Bill—scholarship     _     	
Read   Jones   Christoffersen—scholarship   __     	
Realtor  Division,  Real   Estate   Institute of  British  Columbia—scholarship 	
Retail   Food and  Drug   Clerks  Union,  Local   1518—scholarships
Retail,  Wholesale  &  Department  Store  Union,  Local  535—bursary  	
Riddell,  Stead, Graham  &  Hutchison  (Chartered Accountants)—service award
Robertson,  Dr. H.  Rocke—prize  established  in his honor   	
Robert   S.   Day  and   Son   Limited—bursary       	
^Rogers, the  late Jonathan C.—scholarships and  bursaries 	
Rotary  Club  of   New  Westminster—bursary     	
Rotary  Club  of  Vancouver—bursaries  _     	
Rothstein,  the   late  Mr.  A.—bursary  (contributed  by  family)   _   	
Royal   Arch   Masonic   Order—scholarships     _   	
Royal  Canadian Legion, South Vancouver  Branch  No.  16—bursaries   	
Royal    Institution—scholarships        -   	
Ruffel,   Mr.   Joseph   P.   (Parksville)—scholarship   	
^Rush,   the   late   George—bursaries         	
Russell    &   DuMoulin—scholarship     	
Russell   Food   Equipment   Limited—scholarship       	
^Ryckman,   the   late  Nancy  E.—scholarship       	
Sales  and  Marketing   Executive of Vancouver—scholarships    	
S. &  K.  Limited,  Plywood Division, Employees—scholarship in memory of the  late
S.   M.   Simpson          	
y Sanders,  the   late   Felix  Guenther—scholarships      	
Scandinavian   Businessmen's   Club—scholarship   ____  	
Schinbein,   Mrs.  A.   B.  and  Dr.  John  E.—scholarship    	
Sclater,   Captain   John   (New   Westminster)—scholarship    	
> Scheet,  the  late  Pearl  MacKenzie—scholarship      —	
Schlumberger of Canada—scholarship and grant      	
Schultz,   His  Honour Judge  William   A.—prize    -	
* Schwartz, the   late  Dr.  Loraine—memorial  prize established  by friends
and  colleagues        „
Scott   Paper   Company   Limited—scholarships      	
Sea   Going   Hacks—bursary   ___ _     	
v Shaffer, the  late Marion A.—bursary  ____ ,  	
Shapiro, the  late  Mr.   Benjamin—bursary  (donated by  his children)  _____	
y Shaw, the  late James Curtis—scholarship (established by friends and colleagues)
>f Sheret, the late Robert D.—memorial bursary established by friends  	
Sherritt-Gordon   Mines   Limited—scholarship       — 	
.VShopland,  the  late  Stella—memorial  prize  established  by friends    	
Shulman,  Mr.  Isaac—prize  in memory of Thomas Francis  Hurley	
Shuswap-Okanagan   Dairy   Industries  Co-operative  Association—scholarship  	
Sigma   Phi   Delta   Fraternity—bursary        	
Signus  Club of  Vancouver—prize    —   	
Simson-Maxwell—bursary        ____     	
Sir  John   Franklin  P.T.A.—bursary       	
Smith,   Davidson   &   Lecky   Ltd.—scholarships      	
> Smith,   the   late   Jean   Mcintosh—scholarship       	
Smithson,  Mr.  H.  William—bursary          	
Social   Work  Staff—prize         — 	
1 00.00
24 Society of  Industrial and Cost Accountants of British Columbia—scholarship   100.00
X'Soderman,  the   late   Daisy  Sidney—bursaries  —   __   4.000 nn
Sons   of   Norway—scholarships          900.00
Soroptimist  Club  of   New  Westminster—scholarship       100.00
Spohn,  Dr. Peter H.—memorial scholarship donated by friends and colleagues .... 150.00
S.  P. Slinn  Ltd., Consulting  Engineers—scholarship     100.00
\ Ssu, the  late  Dr. Yun-I—memorial  prize endowed by friends  ._   50.00
Standard Oil  Company of British Columbia Limited—fellowship, grant
and   scholarships         .._.   5,500.00
Steel Company of Canada—bursaries and grant ____  4,000.00
Stevens,  Mrs.   Helen  D.—scholarship _      300.00
St.  Joseph's  Unit,  Local   180,  Hospital  Employees  Union—scholarship     250.00
St.   Paul's   Medical   Staff—bursary       300.00
Stry   Credit   Union—bursary        400.00
Summer  Session Association—scholarships,  prizes and  bursary       735.00
Summerland    Kiwanis   Club—bursary     _. 150.00
Superior    Court    Judges—scholarship              300.00
Surrey Co-operative Association—bursary     300.00
Sutton,  Braidwood,  Morris,   Hall  &  Sutton—scholarship        200.00
Swan,   Col.   W.   G.—scholarship         1,000.00-
Tahsis   Company   Limited—scholarship   __     500.00
Taylor,  Mrs.  Austin C.—scholarship          250.00
> Taylor,  the   late  Elizabeth   Brydon—scholarship          450.00
Terminal   City   Club—scholarship            100.00
The   Vancouver   Sun—scholarships __       — 9,500.00
VThom, the   late   David—scholarships  and  bursary   _   _ 450.00
Timber   Preservers   Limited—prizes        250.00
Toban,   Mr.   Louis—bursaries       200.00
vToohill,  the  late Louis Lipsey—scholarships        7.000.00
Totem   Park   Residence   Association—bursaries __      200.00
Touche,  Ross,   Bailey,  and  Smart—service  award        535.00
Trans-Canada   Investment  Corporation  Limited—scholarship ._  150.00
Trans-Mountain  Oil  Pipe   Line  Company—scholarships  and  grant      7,500.00
v-Trites, the  late Dr. A. E.—memorial  prize established  by friends   150.00
Truck   Loggers'   Association—scholarships          250.00
Tri-Services  Committee,  University of  B.C.—scholarships and  prizes    750.00
Turnbull,  Mrs.  H.  L. W.  and  family—scholarships       965.00
U.B.C.   Employees,   Local   Union   116—scholarship        350.00
Ukrainian Professional and Business Men's Club of Vancouver—fellowship   1,000.00
Union Carbide  Canada  Limited—scholarships and  grant        1,800.00
United Fisherman and Allied Workers Union—scholarship    200.00
United  Steel  Workers  of America—scholarships    __   1,000.00
Universities'   Service   Club—bursary        225.00
University of  British Columbia  Branch No. 72 of the Canadian Legion—
scholarships   and  bursaries          1,500.00
University  Nursing  Division,  U.B.C.  Alumni—scholarship     100.00
University Women's Club of Vancouver—scholarship and bursaries    1,000.00
University Women's Club of  New  Westminster—scholarship      250.00
Upjohn of Canada  Limited—scholarship        200.00
Upper  Vancouver  Island Medical  Society—bursary   ._     250.00
Vancouver and  District Home  Economics  Association—scholarship   250.00
Vancouver Bar Association—bursaries     _   600.00
Vancouver  B'nai   B'rith  Hillel  Foundation—scholarships       550.00
Vancouver  Business and  Professional  Women's  Club—bursaries      200.00
Vancouver City  Hall   Employees Society—bursary  _.     200.00
Vancouver  Civic  Employees   Union—bursary        150.00
Vancouver   Elementary  School   Teachers'   Association—scholarships      1,200.00
Vancouver  Federal   Employees   Credit   Union—scholarship        350.00
Vancouver  Fire  Fighters'  Union  Local   18—bursary      200.00
Vancouver Foundation—
The  Edward J.  Meilicke  Fund       240.00
The  Ellen   Ethel  McHattie  Bursary Fund      300.00
The  U.B.C.  Scholarship  and  Bursary  Fund      400.00
The   VanDusen  Graduate  Fellowships  in   Forestry      6,000.00
The Vinten  Fund  Bursary         250.00
Vancouver General Unit, Local  180, Hospital Employees' Union—scholarships   500.00
Vancouver Girl   Giudes  Council   (Elizabeth   Rogers  Trust)—scholarships     250.00
Vancouver  Hoo   Hoo  Club—scholarship   and  prize       500.00
Vancouver   Junior   Chamber   of   Commerce—scholarship       300.00
25 Vancouver   Local.  Office,   UIC - NES—scholarship      150.00
Vancouver   Medical   Association—scholarship       . 500.00
Vancouver   Alumnae   Panhellenic   Association—bursary      200.00
Vancouver   Policemen's   Union—scholarship       __   500.00
Vancouver    Postal   Club—scholarship         200.00
Vancouver  Real   Estate   Board—scholarships        2,500.00
Vancouver Secondard  School  Teachers' Association—scholarships    600.00
Vancouver   Secondary   Women   Teachers—scholarship       400.00
Vancouver   Stock   Exchange—scholarship        250.00
Vancouver   Symphony   Society—scholarship         200.00
Vancouver   Transportation   Club—bursary       200.00
Vancouver   Tug   Boat  Co.   Ltd.—scholarship        500.00
Vancouver   Women's   Canadian   Club—scholarships        400.00
Vancouver  Women's  Transportation   Club—bursary        100.00
VanSacker,  Mrs.  K.   G.—bursary          100.00
v Vickar, the late  Dr. Joseph—memorial  bursary contributed by friends   IOO.OO
Victoria   Bar   Association—bursary             150.00
Victoria   Daily  Times  (Victoria)—prize        100.00
Victoria   Home  Economics and   Dietetic  Association—bursary      150.00
Victoria   Real   Estate   Board—scholarship         250.00
VWagner, the  late Mr.  and  Mrs.  Morris—scholarships       1,500.00
n^Vainwright,  the  late   Iris  V.—scholarship        150jj0
Waldman,  Mr.  and  Mrs.   Meyer—bursary  in their  honour  established  by  friends "oOJOO
War  Amputations  of  Canada,  Vancouver   Branch—bursaries   4,000.00
War Memorial Bursary Fund—bursary        100.00
Warner-Lambert Canada   Limited—fellowship and grant      1,500.00
Warren, the late R. Morgan—scholarship endowed by friends and colleagues  250 00
Waterman,   Dr.   M.  J.—prize          25.00
Waterman, grandchildren  of  Mr.  M.  M.—bursary     60.00
Waterman, Mr.  M.  M.—bursary         25.00
>' Weaver, the late Dean Emeritus M. M.—prizes       75^00
Weldwood  of  Canada   Limited—bursaries       "500^00
> Wescott, the late Lillian Mae—scholarship   60,00
Western   Canada   Steel   Ltd.—scholarships          1,005.00
Western  Star  Lodge   No.   10,  I.O.O.F.—bursary    250.00
Western  Vinegar  Limited  (Cerebos,   Canada,   Limited)—scholarship     1,000.00
West Kootenay Medical Association—bursary     ._  250.00
West  Kootenay Rod and Gun Club Association—bursary    100.00
Westminster County Real  Estate  Board—scholarship     500.00
Westminster Medical  Association—bursary        400.00
West Vancouver Teachers' Association—scholarship       300.00
vWhitelaw, the late Mrs. W. A., and family—scholarship   250JJQ
White Spot Restaurants  Limited—bursaries     _ 2,00TT00
Wilson,  Dr. and Mrs. Wallace—scholarship and prize       1,600.00—
Wine,  Mr. and Mrs. Myer—bursary       50.00
^Winn, the late E. S. H. (established by Dr. R. Waddell, Dr. H. Guenther, and Gary
Hill)—bursary             300.00
Winspear, Higgins,  Stevenson  and Doane—scholarship   —  300.00
Wolochow, Dr. Michael—bursary in memory of his mother     25.00
Women's Auxiliary  to  the  Canadian   Paraplegic  Association—bursaries     400.00
Women's Big  Block Club—scholarship       100.00
^Woodward, the late Hon. W. C.—scholarships      250.Q0
Woodward Stores Ltd.—scholarships    —   —  3^05T00
Yarrows   Limited   (Victoria)—scholarships      —  1,200.00
XYate^. the., late Nora (estate)—bursaries ...-   JM-2&
Young,   Dr.  Maurice—prize     —  —   —-   50.00
Zack,  Mr. and Mrs. Sidney—bursaries _     -  - ~ 500.00
Anonymous Donors:
one bursary _       —— —-   60.00
prizes  -   -— ~~   225.00
one scholarship       —-   150.00
Ambassador of Switzerland (Ottawa): book prizes donated by His Excellency.
American Institute of Chemical Engineers: membership, membership pins, and subscription.
Association of Professional Engineers of British Columbia: gold medal.
Board of the New Westminster Public Library: medal.
Bristol Laboratories of Canada (Montreal): books.
British Columbia Teachers' Federation: two slver medals.
Canada Law Book Company Limited (Toronto): books.
Canadian Association of Geographers: books.
Canadian  Association for  Health,  Physical   Education and  Recreation, Vancouver and  District
Branch:   medal.
Canadian Institute of Forestry: gold medal.
Canadian Pharmaceutical Association: books.
Carswell Company Limited (Toronto): books.
CIBA Company Limited (Dorval, Quebec): medical illustrations prize.
Commonwealth Forestry Bureau (Oxford): book prizes.
C. V. Mosby Company {St. Louis, Missouri): book prizes in Medicine.
Department of English: English Honours Medal.
Eagles, Dean B. A.: book prizes.
Federal Republic of Germany: book prizes.
Frank W. Horner Limited (Montreal): two gold medals.
Government of France: medal and book prizes, scholarships for study in France.
Governor General of Canada: gold medal provided by His Excellency.
Graduating Class of 1958 (Commerce): merit shields.
Hamber, the late Honourable E. W.: gold medal.
Henderson, the late Dr. H. A.: medal established as a memorial by friends and colleagues.
Hoffman-LaRoche Limited (Montreal): prize.
Ingram & Bell Limited: special gifts.
International House Association (Vancouver): book prize.
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver: gold medal.
Law Society of British Columbia: gold medal.
Lefavre. the late Mrs. J. M • qo|d medal,
Merck, Sharp & Dohme of Canaaa Limited (Montreal): books.
Mcintosh, the hate William George^..book prize.
Poulenc Lim^teiy'TM'ontrealJ^g'^a'meyal.
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada: medal.
Sandoz Pharmaceutical, Division of Sandoz (Canada) Ltd. (Dorval): equipment prize.
Schwartz, the late Dr. Loraine: book prize contributed as a memorial by friends.
Sigma  Tau   Upsilon  Honorary  Agricultural   Fraternity:   gold   medal   in   memory   of   Professor
Wilfrid  Sadler.
Singer Company of Canada Ltd.: portable electric sewing machine.
Society of Chemical Industry: inscribed gold key and subscription.
Vancouver Natural History Society: book prize.
jy^^^tenl^.ff-i^^P — Emeritus Myron M.- silver mflflgl. a
Anonymo^s'"' trie"Tticliard and /Wary Leagh Trophy.
Anonymous: book prize.
Agricultural Undergraduate Society (in honour of Dean Clement).
Association  of   Professional  Engineers of  British  Columbia  (in  memory  of  Edward Augustus
Bennett  the late Dr. A. E. H.
Bollert, the late Dean Mary L. (established by her family and friends).
Boulton, the late Margaret Jane.
Bower, the Totp Pg|prin F
British Columbia Tuberculosis Society.
Canadian Institute of Minng and Metallurgy, British Columbia Section.
The Caribbean Students' Association.
Classes of  1929  (in commemoration of the observance of the 25th anniversary of the Class
of  '29).
Class of Law '48 (on tenth anniversary).
Cliff, the late Ronald Lorraine.
College of Dental Surgeons of B.C.
Columbia Preceptory No. 34 Knights Templar Vancouver.
Commerce   Graduates  (through  Alumni  Annual   Giving,   in  honour   of   Dean   Emeritus   E.   D.
27 Corkum, Mr. Carroll Howe.
Cromie-Dix Memorial Fund {established by colleagues and friends in memory of Samuel Patrick
Cromie and William Derek Dix).
Culter, Mrs. Leila B., and Messers. Richard and Lawrence (in memory of Carl J. Culter).
E. L. Sauder Lumber Company Limited (Mrs. Amy E. Sauder Trust Fund).
Frith, Mr. Walter D.
Gibson, Mr. W. Clarke, and other donors (medical students loan fund).
Georgian Club of Vancouver (to mark the  50th  Anniversary in  1961   of the  founding   of the
Graduating Classes of 1928 (Wesbrook Memorial).
Graduating Classes of 1937.
Graduating Classes of 1952.
Graduating Classes of 1955.
Graduating Classes of 1956.
Graduating Classes of 1961.
Graduating Classes of 1962.
Graduating Classes of 1963.
Graduating Classes of Agriculture, 1962 and 1963.
Graham, the late Roy {memorial established by his family).
The Kiwanis Club of Uptown Vancouver.
.Jdaau JteJQ.. theUat^Mj,^Jb_aPJ^*^
Imperial Industries Limited.
Kierstead, the late Prof. E. M. {memorial established by anonymous donor).
G. T. Cunningham Memorial Loan Fund.
Knox, the late Dr. A. W. D. {Bill) (memorial established by his friends and colleagues).
Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Auxiliary.
Matchett, Mr. Robert S., and others.
Meillicke, Mr. Hugo E. {through the Vancouver Foundation).
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Woodward's Foundation.
» Murphy*. ih^a^EftuJU&^
MacGill, the late Judge Helen Gregory (memorial established by her family and friends).
McMahon, Mr. Frank M. (The Dal Grauer Graduate Student Aid Fund).
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc, LL.D. (one for forestry students and one for others).
Nursing Students Assistance Fund (various donors).
Pacific Coast Branch, Technical Division, Canadian Pulp and Paper Association.
Pharmaceutical Association of the Province of British Columbia.
Pharmacy Alumni (in memory of Dean E. L. Woods).
Phi Delta Delta Legal Sorority.
Pi Beta Phi Fraternity.
6U>totsGn,^i_^.A^ and family (the  Lemuel  F.  Robertson Memorial  Fund  in
Rotary Club of Marpole.
Sato, Mr. and Mrs. Sutae.
Sauder >_ ^thaiafce. -Mife .Aiay.^,
Section of General Practice, B.C. Division, CM.A.
Sherwood, Mr. Ernest G.
Special Spring Session Students, 1946.
Summer Session Association.
Thompson, the late Dr. Charles J.
University Student Liberal Club.
University Women's Club of New Westminster.
University Women's Club of Vancouver.
Vancouver Normal School.
Vancouver Normal School Graduates.
West Coast Transmission 'Cornean'y^tTmited,
W. K. Kellogg Foundation.
Worthington, the late Dr. G. H. (in memory of his sons).
Worthington Memorial Chapter, I.O.D.E.
Anonymous donors (various funds).
Alliance Francaise (Vancouver)—summer scholarship.
American Association of University Women Educational Foundation—scholarships.
American Can Co.—award and grants.
28 Bank of Montreal—scholarships.
Bank of Nova Scotia—scholarships.
B.C. Indian Arts and Welfare Society—bursaries.
B.C. Youth Foundation—financial assistance for students.
Bowker, Dr.  H. A., and Neville, Dr. W. (Ladysmith)—scholarship.
British Columbia Library Association—bursaries and loans for students.
British Council.
Burnaby District Teachers' Council—bursaries.
Canada Council—scholarships and grants.
Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society—bursaries and loans.
Canadian Federation of Medical Women—loans.
Canadian Federation of University Women—scholarships.
Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy—Graduate  Fellowship,  E.  L.  Woods
Memorial Prize, and the Aubrey A. Brown Award.
Canadian Industries Limited—fellowships in wildlife management.
Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants—fellowships.
Catholic Lawyers Guild—bursaries.
Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Ottawa)—fellowships for community planning.
Chilliwack University Women's Club—bursary.
Commonwealth Scholarships.
Consolidated  Mining  and  Smelting Company of Canada  Limited—undergraduate  scholarship
and  graduate fellowships.
Crown Zellerbach Canada Limited—scholarships.
Engineering Institute of Canada—Harry F. Bennett Loan Fund.
Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd.—postdoctoral fellowship.
French Government—scholarships and medals.
Imperial Oil Limited—scholarships and grants.
Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire—entrance bursaries and overseas scholarships.
International Business Machines Limited (Don Mills, Ontario)-—scholarships and bursaries.
International Nickel Company of Canada—graduate research fellowships.
International    Pulp,   Sulphite,   and   Paper   Mill   Workers,   Local   312,   Ocean   Falls—entrance
International Woodworkers of America, Local 1-80—bursary.
I.O.O.F., Grand  Lodge, Grand Encampment, and Rebekah Assembly—bursaries to the total of
Johnson's Wax Fund (Racine, Wisconsin)—scholarships.
Langley Scholarship and Bursary Committee—scholarships and bursaries.
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation—scholarships, prizes, and grants.
Leonard Foundation—scholarships.
Mackenzie King Scholarship Trustees—scholarships.
MacMillan, Bloedel & Powell River Limited—$4,500 in entrance scholarships.
National Council of Jewish Women of Canada—scholarship and bursaries.
National Research Council—bursaries, studentships, and post-doctoral fellowships.
Naval Officers Association of B.C.—bursaries and loans.
Northern Electric Company—bursaries.
Order of the Eastern Star—scholarships.
P.E.O. Sisterhood—student loans and International Peace Scholarships.
Pilkington Glass Limited (Toronto)—scholarships.
Prince George and District Dental Society—bursary.
Rhodes Scholarship Trust—scholarships.
Rockefeller Brothers Theological Fellowship Program—scholarships.
Rotary Foundation—fellowships.
Royal Canadian Engineers Memorial Scholarship.
Royal Canadian Legion (Pacific Command)—scholarships.
Royal Canadian Legion (various branches)—scholarships and bursaries.
Royal Commissioners for the Exhibition of 151—scholarships.
Shell Canada Limited—postgraduate scholarships.
Sir Charles Tupper Chapter, I.O.D.E.—bursary.
Social Science Research Council—awards and grants.
Steel Company of Canada—graduate awards.
Summerland (Alumni and Citizens)—entrance scholarship.
Territorial Government of Yukon—scholarships.
United Kingdom Government—Athlone Overseas Scholarships.
University Women's Club of Victoria—student loans.
Viscount Bennett Trust Fund (Canadian Bar Association)—scholarship.
Women's Institute of B.C.—scholarships.
Woodrow Wilson Foundation—fellowships and grant.
World University Service (U.B.C. Branch)—exchange scholarships.
Mr. M. M. Waterman, for assistance in obtaining bursaries.
The Government of Canada—Canada Loans.
The Province of British Columbia for the Government of B.C. Scholarships and the Government
of B.C. Bursaries.
Plimsoll Club (Vancouver), for obtaining scholarships.
Alumni Annual Giving, for scholarships, prizes, bursaries, and loans.
Allardyce, Mrs. W. J. and Family:
annual scholarship in biology of $100 as a memorial to Dr. William John Allardyce.
American College of Dentists (Washington - B.C. Section):
scholarship of $50 in dentistry.
Bennett & White Construction Co. Ltd.:
bursaries to the total of $2000.
Berrvman. the late Mrs. W. 5.:^
scholarship of $100 in memory of her husband for medical students.
Billig, Mrs. Ernest:
bursary of $150 in Medicine or Education as a memorial to Dr. Ernest Billig.
Canadian Kodak Co. Limited (Toronto):
graduate scholarship  of   $1000  for  session   1966-67  in   Chemistry,   Physics,  or   Chemical
Catholic Women's League of Canada, Vancouver Diocese:
bursary of $50 in librarianship.
Cerebos (Canada) Limited:
annual   scholarship   of   $1000   in   agriculture,   known   as   'Western   Vinegars   Centennial
Scholarship", donated  by Cerebos (Canada)   Limited.
Class of Medicine '54:
bursary of $100 as a memorial to Dr. William Campbell.
Columbia Cellulose Company Limited:
prize of $50 for the course Chemical Engineering 470.
Coote, Roxburgh and Kuys Realty Limited:
prize of $100 for student with highest standing in subject of Urban Land Investments.
Cortese, Mr. Gino:
prize of $100 for proficiency in the final year of Medicine.
Crumb, Professor Emeritus J. A.:
book prize in honour of Dr. j. A. Crumb established by friends.
Department of University Extension:
scholarships of $2000 annually for two years in the Diploma Program of Adult Education.
prize of $25 established as a memorial to Jeanette Dewitt-Huberman.
Education Undergraduate Society:
bursaries to total of $200.
Financial Executives Institute, Vancouver Chapter:
graduate scholarship of $100, in field of accounting and finance.
J.oufrs. thr Infp f_.1nsf.r-
annual bursary of $150.
Fraser Valley Dental Society:
bursary for students from Fraser Valley in Faculty of Dentistry.
Fyfe-Smith, Florence:
annual bursary of $500 for native Indian student in Education or Social Work.
Giant Yellowknife Mines Limited:
graduate fellowship of $2500 plus $500 to the University in field of mineral engineering.
Graduating Class of 1965:
bursary of $200.
Griffiths, McLelland & Co., Barristers and Solicitors:
prize of $50 in law of torts.
Gulf and Fraser Fishermen's Credit Union:
bursary of $250 for dependents of members.
Hossie, Mrs. David Neil and family:
establishment of a scholarship of $150 annually in Corporation Law.
International College of Dentists (Canadian Section):
scholarship of $100 in field of dentistry.
J. A. Beckow Limited:
graduate scholarship of $500 in science or mechanical engineering.
30 Johnson, the late Edward (Ted):
scholarship of $50 in forestry established by classmates and friends as a memorial.
Knowlton Realty Limited (Alberta):
Centennial scholarship of $3000 for postgraduate study for student from Cambridge.
Lee, Mr. Robert:
prize of $100 in the field of estates management.
Lett, the late Chief Justice Sherwood:
memorial  scholarship with present annual value of $1500, endowed  by alumni,  faculty
and staff, students, colleagues, friends, and organizations.
Mann, Mrs. A. J.:
scholarship of $100 in field of horticulture as a memorial to her husband.
MacKechnie, Mrs. Lachlan Neil:
annual   scholarship of  $500   in  memory  of the   late  Dr.   Lachlan  Neil   MacKechnie  for
student entering the Faculty of Medicine.
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc, LL.D.:
eighteen scholarships, each of $3200 plus a grant of $500 to the University,  in honour
of former Presidents, Dr.  N. A. M. MacKenzie, Dr.  L.  S. Klinck, and the late   Dr.  F.  F.
North Shore Harbour Commissioners:
scholarship of $500 in field of transportation.
Ocean Cement Ltd.:
scholarships to total of $1000 for employees' sons and daughters entering University from
high school.
Panco Poultry Ltd.:
research awards to the total of $2500 annually for students in the field of poultry science.
Pegg, the late J. Roddy:
memorial bursary established by family and friends.
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter F:
bursary of $50 for nursing or social work.
^cjjfegj^tiaJfli&j'f-nrl MnrKpnrifr.,,
scholarship of $250 for students in nursing.
Section of Psychiatry, B.C. Medical Association:
the Arthur Crease award for the best thesis or essay on o psychiatric subject by a student
graduating in Medicine.
Sheret, the late Robert D.:
memorial bursary of $100 established by friends and colleagues.
Sherritt Gordon Mines Limited:
graduate scholarship of $1000 annually in Mineral Engineering.
Shopland, the late Stella:
annual prize of $75 established as a memorial by friends and colleagues in the field of
children's literature.
Tahsis Company Ltd.:
entrance scholarship of $500 for sons and daughters of employees.
Totem Park Residence Association:
two bursaries of $100 each.
Upjohn of Canada (Ontario):
prize of $200 for general proficiency in First Year Pharmacy.
VanSacker, Mrs. Kenneth G.:
memorial bursary established as a memorial to Kenneth George VanSacker, B.A.Sc.
Waterman, Dr. M. J.:
prize of $25 in honour of his father for the field of dental morphology.
Waterman, Mr. M. M. and family, and Gelfand, Dr. and Mrs. S. B.:
bursary of $50 to honour Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Waldman on the occasion of their fiftieth
Wedding  Anniversary.
Westcoast Transmission Company Limited:
fund of $5000 for graduate students in Mineral Engineering.
Western Star Lodge No. 10, I.O.O.F.:
bursary of $250 endowed as a memorial to the late Tobias Tellefsen for study in the field
of philosophy.
Wilson, the late
Book prizes to  value of  $100  for graduates of  Faculty of Medicine  who  have demonstrated high ethical standards and outstanding leadership in the profession.
Women's Auxiliary to the Canadian Paraplegic Association:
bursaries to total of $400.
Zack, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney:
bursaries to total of $400 in memory of Mr. and Mrs. M. Fouks and Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Agriculture Women's Undergraduate Society:
annual bursary increased from $50 to $75.
Brissenden, P. R., Esq., Q.C:
annual scholarship-bursary increased from $300 to $350.
Chevron Standard Limited (Calgary):
two undergraduate scholarships each increased from $400 to $500.
Friends of Chamber Music:
scholarship increased from $50 to $100 annually.
Friends of University of B.C. (United States):
scholarships increased from total of $1,000 to total of $1,800.
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C:
Joseph David Hall Memorial Scholarship increased from $300 to $400 annually.
H.M.C.S. Discovery Chapter, I.O.D.E.:
bursary increased from $75 to $100.
Industrial Forestry Service Ltd. (Prince George):
scholarship increased from $150 to $200.
Kerrisdale Chapter, I.O.D.E.:
bursary increased from $75 to $100.
Medical Services Association:
scholarships in Medicine increased from total of $2400 to43000 annually.
Maclnnes, Mr. W. H.:
Mary  Stewart   Maclnnes   Scholarship   increased   from   $250  to  $300  annually,  and  the
William Eugene Maclnnes Scholarship from  $250 to $300 annually.
Okanagan-Mainline Real Estate Board:
scnolarships increased from total of $500 to total of $1000.
Princess Betty Chapter, I.O.D.E.:
bursary increased from $125 to $150.
Quan Memorial Bursary Fund:
bursary in memory of Mrs. Quan Gow and Mrs. Jean Quan Yee, established by family and
friends, increased from $50 to $100.
Retail Food and Drug Clerks Union, Local 1518:
scholarships increased from total of $700 annually to total of $1050 annually.
Royal Arch Bursary Committee:
four scholarships of $300 each in place of three scholarships of $300 each.
Social Work Staff:
prize in Social Work increased from $50 to $100.
Standard Oil Company of British Columbia:
fellowship increased from $1100 to $1500 annually.
Vancouver Secondary Women Teachers:
scholarship increased from $300 to $400.
Vancouver Women's Transportation Club:
bursary increased from $50 to $100.
Waterman, M. M., Grandchildren of:
bursary increased to $60.
Westminster County Real Estate Board:
scholarship increased from $250 to $500 annually.
Westminster Medical Association:
bursary increased from $400 to $500.
(Total contributions in this list— $1,400.00)
Campbell, Mr. George T.
Coupar, Mr. Robert B.
Ellis, Mr. William E.
Fee, Mr. Thomas P.
Gaff, Mr. Kerr E. G.
Hubert, Mr. F. H.
Jackson, Mr. Robert G.
Kennedy, Mr. William J.
Leighton, Mr. John F.
Lindholm, Mr. Louis F.
Oliver, Mr. M. Daniel
Pearce, Mr. T. G.
Philpott, Mr. William E.
Potter, Mr. John E.
Sullivan, Mr. Ralph
Tennant, Mr. John M.
Tufts, Mr. Ian E.
Turner, Mr. G. G.
Wootton, Miss Anna F. (Victoria)
Young, Mr. Gordon W.
(Total contributions in this list— $6,395.00)
Affleck, Mr. Edward
Akrigg, Dr. G. P. V.
Andrew, Dr. G. C.
Appelbe, Mr. F. E.
Angus, Dean and Mrs. H. F.
Boggs, Dr. Theodore H. (Ladysmith)
Boyce, Mr. Harry M.
Brooks, Mrs. Anne
Brown, Miss Joanne
Buckerfield, Mr. E. Ernest
Byng-Hall, Mrs. E.
Chitty, Mr. Dennis H.
Clearihue, Chancellor J. B. (Victoria)
Cliff, Mr. Arnold B.
Clyne, the Hon. J. V.
Clyne, Mr. J. Stuart
Creighton, Mr. J. H.
Crummy, Mrs. Richard B.
Dobbin, Miss Geraldine F.
Eastman, Dr. S. Mack
Errington, Mrs. G. R. (New Westminster)
Farrell, Miss Kathleen
Farris, Miss Ann
Farris, Mrs. Dorothy
Fyfe-Smith, Miss Florence
Gibson, Dr. William C.
Gregory, Mrs. Allan S.
Hamber Foundation
Hardy, Mrs. A. E.
Harris, Mrs. E. L.
Harris, Dr. Lawren
Hebb, Mrs. Dorothy
Helliwell, Mr. John L.
Houise, Miss Violet (West Vancouver)
Hyatt, Mrs. Glen C.
Ingledow, Mrs. D.
Isaacs, Miss Marjorie
Jetter, Mrs. J.
Jones, Mrs. Frederick T. (Westbank)
Keate, Mr. Stuart
Keddie, Mrs. Morgan
Keenleyside, Dr. H. L.
Kidd, Dr. Honor M.
Koerner, Dr. Leon J.
Koerner, Dr. and Mrs. Walter C.
Korner, Mrs. Ivy
Ladner, Mr. and Mrs. Leon J.
Lang, Mr. Norman McKee
Larsen, Mrs. Irene
Law, Mr. J. E.
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation
Lewis, Miss Evelyn I.
Lewis, Mr. K. G.
Lindsay, Mrs. Shelagh
Logan, Dr. H. T.
Lord, the Hon. Mr. Justice A. E.
Lord, Mrs. Arthur
Low-Beer, Mrs. M. A.
Mainwaring, Mr. W. C.
Malkin, Mrs. Philip
Malkin, Mrs. Robert E.
Mayne, Mr. Thomas W.
Mazzeo, Mr. Rosario (Boston, Mass.)
Mercer, Miss Eleanor B.
Moe, Mrs. Olive
Morrison, Mrs. Christopher
MacDonald, Dr. W. L.
McGregor, Mrs. Chris
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M.
McQuillan, Mrs. T. J.
Norton, Mrs. Mary
Nowlan, Miss L. M.
Parsons, Miss Lucile
Players' Club Alumni of U.B.C.
Prentice, Mr. John G.
Pumphrey, Miss Avis
Reif, Mr. F. C.
Reston, Miss Vera E.
Richardson, Mrs. Jessie
Riddehough, Professor G. B.
Risk, Mr. Sidney
Roaf, Mrs. Mary E.
Robbins, Dr. W.
Ross, Dr. Phyllis G.
Roys, Mrs. Alice (Seattle)
Scudamore, Miss Joyce
Shrum, Dr. G. M.
Skerl, Dr. A. C.
Smith, Miss Margaretta
Steiner, Mr. D.
Stewart, Mrs. Douglas
Swencisky, His Honour Judge A. H. J.
Taylor, Mrs. Kathleen R.
Wallinger, Mr. Gordon A.
Walton, Mr. A.
White, Mr. Victor
Wilson, Mrs. J. E.
Winch, Mrs. H. C. (West Vancouver)
Withrow, Mr. D. W. (Mission City)
Women's Canadian Club of Vancouver
Wootton, Miss Anne
Wood, Mr. and Mrs. F. G. C.
(Total contributions in this list — $856.80)
A. R. Mann Ltd. (Duncan)
Clement, Mrs. F. M. (White Rock)
Cunningham Drug Stores Limited
Fort Pharmacy Ltd. (Fort Langley)
Gardiner's Pharmacy (Aldergrove)
Hersog, Mr. Henry
Hewitt, Mr. Gordon B.
MacDonald Drugs (Cranbrook)
Macken, Mr. Leon
National Drug and Chemical Company of
Canada Ltd.
Pharmaceutical Association of the
Province of B.C.
Reasbeck, Mrs. Margaret I. (Fernie)
Sample's Nelson Pharmacy Ltd.
Tab Drugs
Wood, Mr. G. S. (Prince George)
Woodland, Mr. H. E. (Courtenay)
Yarwood Drugs Ltd. (Squamish)
(Total contributions in this list — $260.00)
Arneil, Dr. A. S. (Chilliwack)
Benson, Dr. K. I. G. (Victoria)
Bonham, Dr. G. (North Vancouver)
Black, Dr. D. (Mission)
Bowmer, Dr. E. J.
Clarke, Dr. D. A. (Kelowna)
Cull, Dr. J. S.
Findlay, Dr. Ian D. (Kamloops)
Cunningham, Dr. A. J. (Powell River)
Elliott, Dr. G. R. F.
Evans, Dr. G. P.
Gayton, Dr. J. L.
Gibson, Dr. G. A. (Courtenay)
Kettyls, Dr. G. D. M.
Hunt, Dr. C. L.
Kokan, Dr. P. (Nelson)
Larsen, Dr. A. A. (Victoria)
Mackenzie, Dr. C. J. G.
Meekison, Dr. W. G. (Nanaimo)
Nelson, Dr. A. J.
Robinson, Dr. J. M. (Prince George)
Schmitt, Dr. N. (Trail)
Smith, Dr. J. A.
Symon, Dr. L. (Toronto)
Taylor, Dr. J. A. (Victoria)
Whitbread, Dr. J. L. M. (Victoria)
(Total contributions in this list — $ 1,069.50)
Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. (Victoria)
Barnett, Mr. R. D. (South Burnaby)
Barnett, Mrs. R. E. (North Vancouver)
Bianco, Mr. Lon
Bianco, Mr. Rudy
Boyles, Miss S. M.
Bryan, Miss Bettimay
Caldwell, Miss E. D.
Canada Trust Company
Chambers, Mr. and Mrs. M.
Chinese Nationalist League of Canada
Ching, Mr. and Mrs. Allen (Hawaii)
Chinn, Mrs. Edith D.
Chinn, Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. (California)
Chong, Mr. and Mrs. Dick
Chong, Dr. Henry K. H.
Chong, Mr. and Mrs. Tom
C.P.A. Stewardesses and Crew
Crotty, Mr. and Mrs. R.
Danaher, Miss Margaret E.
Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Norman V.
Docherty, Mr. Ronald (North Vancouver)
Dykeman, Mr. J. Murray
Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard
Ewasew, Dr. Leo M.
Fong-Dickman, Mrs. E. E.
Gunderson, Mr. and Mrs. D.
Harper, Miss Mary
Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. R. F.
(West Vancouver)
Hemenway, Miss S. Maxine (Toronto)
Hogarth, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L.
(West Vancouver)
Hopkins, Miss Jean F. C.
Hoshina, Mr. Y. (Tokyo)
Ing, Mrs. Jessie J.
Joe, Mr. Norman
Jones, Mrs. Herman (Bonita, California)
Kirkland, Mrs. May
Knauer, Mr. and Mrs. James
Knox, Mrs. Dorothy
Ko, Miss Pauline
Kwan, Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Lai, Mr. and Mrs. L. B.
Lam, Miss Alice
Lam, Mr   Paul
Lau, Mr. and Mrs. Seth (Hawaii)
LeBlanc, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond
Lee, Mr. Harry
Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. V. (Victoria)
Lee, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Q. (California)
Louie, Mr. and Mrs. Tim
McDougall, Miss A.
McLean, Miss D. B.
Magnusson, Mr. and Mrs. R.
Mah, Mrs. E. G.
Mah, Mr. and Mrs. Roy (West Vancouver)
Mansfield, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. (Richmond;
Meagher, Mr. and Mrs. John
Miyamoto, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Moe, Mr. and Mrs. James (Honolulu)
Montador, Mr. John (North Vancouver)
Murdoch, Miss June (Toronto)
O'Connor, Mr. Harold (Tokyo, Japan)
Patton, Mrs. W. D.
Piccolo, Mr. and Mrs. E.
Quan, Mr. and Mrs. Soong Hoy
Quan, Mr. and Mrs. Lin Yew
Quan, Mr. and Mrs. Wah
Quan, Mr. and Mrs. Peter
Quan Lung Sai Tong Association
Roberts, Miss Rosemary B. (California)
Schoberg, Miss Frances
Schroder, Mr. and Mrs. (Hawaii)
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. P. N. (Calgary)
Tanco, Mr. and Mrs. George
Thatcher, Miss V. Joyce
Thomson, Miss Florence (North Surrey)
Thomson, Miss Isabelle (North Surrey)
Tilt, Miss Joan (Toronto)
Trapp, Dr. Ethlyn (West Vancouver)
Tuttle, Mr. A. S. (Toronto)
Tuttle, Mrs. Avanell (Toronto)
Tyau, Mr. and Mrs. George (Hawaii)
Wallace, Miss Anne E.
Whitaker, Mr. and Mrs. Ben (West Vancouver)
Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Warner C. L.
Wilson, Miss Joan
Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald
Wootten, Mr. and Mrs. Philip A.
Yee, Mr. and Mrs. Dan (Hawaii)
Yee Family (Hawaii)
Yong, Mr. and Mrs. Lowe Gai
Zane, Dr. and Mrs. Ed (Hawaii)
(Total contributions in this list — $964.00)
Abramson, Mr. and Mrs. John C. (Richmond)
Bank of Montreal (Vancouver)
Bell, Dr. and Mrs. D.
Bogardus, Mrs. Mary S.
Bourquin, Mrs. A. E.
Bourquin, Mrs. M. A.
Challier, Mr. Michael
Chambers, Mr. Graham A.
Cottingham, Mrs. Anne M. (Richmond)
Curran, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Dagg, Mr. Christopher J. (Ottawa)
Dunn, Mr. K. M. (North Vancouver)
Earle, Mrs. Isobel
Eaton, Lieut. Col. and Mrs. Fred
Frost, Miss Joan L.
Garnett, Mr. Gilbert
Gell, Mrs. Roy
Gilbert, Miss Helen C.
Gilley, Miss Dorothea (Nanaimo)
Gunn, Dr. Wm. G.
Harbour Investments
Hawkesworth, Mr. Richard B.
Hoffmeister, Mr. J. R.
Holland, Mr. H. C.
Kaye, Miss Wendy (West Vancouver)
Limon, Miss Emily (West Vancouver)
McCuaig, Mrs. M. K.
McMartin, Mr. J. P.
Madam Runge Limited Staff
Menzies, Mr. and Mrs. A. Ross
(West Vancouver)
Mitchell, Mr. Kyle
Morrison, Dr. Edmund
Overholt, Mrs. John D.
Overholt, Mr. and Mrs. M. J.
Parker, Mrs. Helen
Pegg, Mrs. L. Kern
Pioneer Electric Ltd. Employees
Robson, Mr. Douglas B.
Rogers, Mrs. Gail
Roper, Mr. and Mrs. B.
Samis, Mr. and Mrs. B. C.
Saunders, Mr. Brian
Schultz, His Honour Judge William A.
Skyline Toastmistress Club
Smith, Mr. David R.
Storie, Susanne and Alex
Thomas, Dr. J. C.
Vancouver Supply Company Limited
Walters, Mr. Garry R.
Whittle, Mr. and Mrs. John C.
Woodley, Mr. and Mrs. W. Gray
Bullen, Dr. P
Bures, Dr. D.
Christian, Dr
Derry, Dr. D.
Divinsky, Dr. N
Leimanis, Dr. E
(Total contributions in this list — $545.22)
Luft, Dr. E.
Murdoch. Dr. D. C.
R. R. Sion, Dr. M.
White, Dr. G.
Anonymous donors
(Total contributions in this list — $1,238.00)
Baxter, Miss Edna L.
Boyes, Mr. F. C.
Broome, Mr. E. B.
Brown, Miss Margaret E. (North Vancouver)
Cottingham, Miss M. E.
Daniells, Dr. Roy
Doberar, Miss Pauline
Erickson, Mr. Ture
Fallis, Miss Mary
Fiszhaut, Miss Gustavo
Gibbard, Mr. John E.
Hardwick, Mr. and Mrs.
Hardwick, Mrs. Jean N. C.
Hayden, Miss Alice H. (Seattle, Wash.)
Howard, Mrs. Irene
Johnson, Dr. F. Henry
Kilgour, Miss Alma Jean
Langley Teachers Association (Fort Langley)
Lawrence, Miss Lottie L.
Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. K. G.
McConnell, Miss Ruth
MacDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred J.
McGechaen, Prof. J. (West Vancouver)
MacKenzie, Mrs. R. K.
McRae, Miss Joyce A.
McTavish, Miss Isabel
New, Mrs. Donald (Galiano)
Penner, Dr. Philip
Rothstein, Dr. S.
Roxburgh, Miss Jean W.
Smith, Dr. Robin N.
Stubbs, Mr. and Mrs. G. T.
Tansor P.T.A. (Duncan)
Thomas, Mr. David
Tompkins, Dr. G. S.
Truax, Professor C. W.
(Total contributions in this list — $1,005.00)
Ames, Dr. Clifford
B.C. Dental Supply Co. Ltd.
Bloom, Dr. Louis
Bokstrom, Dr. Peter
Bremner, Dr. Earl M. (Haney)
Marshall, Dr. Leslie F.
Marshall, Dr. Donald G.
Mercer, Dr. John F. (Victoria)
Morrison, Mrs. R. (Victoria)
Murchie, Dr. Kenneth E.
British Columbia Dental Assistants' Association McLeod, Miss J. M.
Creasey, Dr. G. I.
Eggers, Dr. L. L.
Gerlich, Mr. Irvin V. (United States)
Grady, Dr. L. King
Hall, Dr. Frank N.
Hayes, Dr. Arthur M.
Hornibrook, Dr. J. L.
Joiner, Dr. W. M.
Lee, Dr. D. S.
Lewis, Dr. J. C
Nasedkin, Dr. J. N.
O'Neil, Dr. Robert J.
Osborne, Dr. Clark
Panar, Drs. M. and B. (New Westminster)
Porteous, Dr. William S.
Ramage, Dr. T. E.
Scott, Dr. William R.
Sinclair, Mr. Bruce
Waterbury, Mr. D.
(Total contributions in this list — $500.00)
Aikins, Mr. Justice J. S.
Bird, the Hon. Mr. Justice J. I.
Branca, Mr. Justice A. E.
Bull, Mr. Justice E. B..
Collins, Mr. Justice F. Kay
Dryer, Mr. Justice V. L.
Gregory, Mr. Justice G. F. T.
Hutcheson, the late Mr. Justice J. G. A.
Lord, Mr. Justice A. E.
McFarlane, Mr. Justice M. M.
MacLean, Mr. Justice H. A.
Munro, Mr. Justice F. Craig
Nemetz, Mr. Justice N. T.
Norris, Mr. Justice T. G.
Ruttan, Mr. Justice J. G.
Sheppard, Mr. Justice F. A.
Sullivan, Mr. Justice H. J.
Verchere, Mr. Justice D. R.
Wilson, Chief Justice J. 0.
Wootton, Mr. Justice R. A.
Anonymous - for   medical   bursaries        $     1,000.00
Anonymous - for education  bursaries    —      217.60
Anonymous - for Faculty of Law Student Aid         15.00
Anonymous - for the  Agriculture  Bursary  Fund        _ 270.00
Anonymous (estate) - for Bursary Fund              2,953.05
Anonymous -  Faculty of Law Student Fund          64.50
Anonymous - for the Agricultural  Bursary Fund      _         1,155.00
Anonymous - for the Neil Douglas McKay Scholarship  Fund      _        3,000.00
Allardyce, Mrs. John:
for the Dr. W. John Allardyce Memorial Scholarship     500.00
Andersen, Mrs. Erling (Prince George):
for the Erling K. Andersen Memorial Scholarship Fund _   _  200.00
Barbaree, Jean (New Westminster):
for Dean of Women's Fund         61.00
B.C. Dietetic Association:
for the B.C.  Dietetic Association  Scholarship       98.00
Billig, Mrs. E.:
for the Dr. Ernest Billig Memorial Bursary Fund             1,000.00-.
Billing-Meyer, Dr. W. (Victoria):
for the Richard Owen Memorial Prize      50.00
Birks Family Foundation (Montreal):
for scholarships and bursaries               3,000.00
Bitten, Reverend Arthur:
for bursaries          50.00
British American Oil Company Ltd.:
for graduate fellowship       _          3,000.00
36 Buchanan, Mrs. Florence:
for the Dean of Women's Fund    20.00
for the  Florence M.  Butchart Fund               2,392.96
. r.amnhpJJ_tbB |ote Anne S   (p.rntpV,
the  Anne  S.  Campbell   Bursary  Fund        600.00
Canadian Heart Foundation:
Canadian   Heart Foundation  Fellowships         1,250.00
Canadian Life Insurance Association (Toronto):
Canadian  Life   Insurance  Medical   Fellowship          4,750.00
Canadian National Institute for Blind:
A.   E.   Baker  Foundation      _.        3,600.00
Canadian Polish Women's Federation Branch No. 4:
T.   Halpert-Scanderbeg   Scholarship   Fund  100.00
Chang, Miss Helen (Los Angeles, Calif.):
for  University   Loan  Funds         500.00
Clark, Dr. Nigel H.:
for   loan  funds    600.00
for the William Campbell Bursary Fund         100.00
Claxton, Mr. Peter (Victoria):
for the Dean Clement Fund in Agriculture _.       25.00
Columbia Preceptory No. 34 Knights Templar:
for the  Columbia  Preceptory   Loan  Fund     500.00
Consolidated  Mining and Smelting  Company  of Canada  (Trail)          2,300.00
Corporation of the City of Duncan:
for the  Premier Bennett Testimonial  Bursary     375.00
Craig, Dr. Charles E.:
for the Elizabeth K. Craig  Memorial Scholarship Fund     480.00
Department of Slavonic Studies:
for  the   T.   Halpert-Scanderbeg  Scholarship     46.96
Drummond, Mr. Barry H. (North Vancouver):
for the John Owen Memorial Fund      10.00
Faculty Women's Club:
for the  Dean of Women's  Fund     300.00
Fallis, Miss Mary M.:
for the  Dean  of  Women's  Fund  __ _   50.00
for scholarship fund           50.00
Fireco Sales Limited (Rexdale, Ontario):
for the  Fireco  University Admisson  Bursary    428.00
Forestry Class of 1966:
for the Ted Johnson Memorial Scholarship     20.00
Fowler, Mrs. Guy:
for the Guy Fowler Memorial Fund           1,178.11-—
Funk, Miss Gloria:
for the  Ronald L. Cliff  Student Aid Fund       100.00
Gage, Dean Walter H.:
Scholarships  and  bursaries  ._            2,177.88
Gilpin, Mr. W. J. (Port Alberni):
for  the Ted Johnson  Memorial  Scholarship     20.00
Graduating Classes of 1965:
for the  Graduating Classes  of  1965  Bursary Fund        4,162.59
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. J. C (Islington, Ontario):
for the Joseph David Hall Memorial Scholarship  Fund           1,000.00—
'~tloT''th"e"We,3"caT''T-'ur'_ary  "unci  .!_           2,547.23
Helmer, Dr. Cecil D.:
for the John Owen Memorial  Fund   20.00
Holland, Professor W. L:
for  scholarship  fund        300.00
International Business Machines Co. Ltd.:
I.B.M. Computing Centre Scholarships         5,000.00
Irving, the late Diana OgilvWestqteJ:
tor the "-JTancTand P.AE.  Irving Scholarships  ._  6,000.00
Jackson, Mr. F. Ivor (Trepanier):
for the Laura  Holland Scholarship         20.00
i^D-^^helaJe Douglas, f, (efitfltfiV
for  the  Douglas F.  Johnston  Bursaries       428.04
37 Kappa Kappa Mothers Gamma Club:
for the Dean of Women's Fund       200.00
Lindsey, Mrs. C C:
for the Dean of Women's Fund   . . .....  ...            .. 25.00
London Drugs (No. 2) Ltd.:
for the Sam and Jake Bass Scholarship ..         .      ......      .  ....       5,000.00
Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada (Toronto):
Muscular Dystrophy Association Fellowship ...... .        .            .... 800.00
McDaniels, Mr. Eugene:
for the A. J. Mouncey  Scholarship  ...  ....             15.00
Maclnnes, Mr. W. H.:
for the W. H. Maclnnes Scholarship Funds             9,843.05—
MacKechnie, Mrs. L. N.:
for the Dr.  Lachlan Neil MacKechnie  Scholarship Fund       10,000.00
McKechnie, the late Dr. R. E. (estate):
for the R. E. McKechnie  Scholarship  Fund      ...      ... 167.88
for the Donald S. McPhee Forestry Awards      ...    .                    5,000.00
McRae, Miss Joyce:
for World University Service Bursaries     5.00
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto):
National  Cancer  Institute  Fellowships           4,125.00
Native Daughters of B.C., Grand Post:
for the Native Daughters of  B.C.  Scholarship     210.00
Nelms, Dr. and Mrs. G. LeRoy (Ottawa):
for the Percy W.  Nelms Memorial  Prize   50.00
Nelson Laundries Limited:
Frank Cox Memorial  Bursaries       800.00
Portsmouth, Miss K. M.:
for the A. J. Mouncey Scholarship  Fund     15.00
Shaw, Miss Mary S.:
for  Dean  of Women's  Fund      15.00
Simon Fraser Chapter, Order of DeMolay (New Westminster):
for University bursaries      100.00
for the Pearl MacKenzie Scheel Scholarship Fund           5,000.00
for the Oscar Soderman  Bursary  Fund              1,114.71
Stirk, Miss Louie:
for the Ellis H. Morrow Scholarship     10.00
Summer Session Students' Association:
for the Summer Session Students Loan Fund           4,000.00
Surguy, Mr. K. P.:
for  the   Italian  Scholarship  Fund  2.00
University of Toronto Alumnae:
for the Dean of Women's Fund        50.00
Vancouver Alumnae Chapter of Delta Gamma:
for the Mildred  Brock Memorial  Bursary Fund           3,653.27
Vancouver and District Home Economics Association:
for  the   Home  Economics  Scholarship       140.75
Vancouver Foundation:
for the Hugo E. Meilicke Student Aid Fund           1,819.71
Vancouver Yukoners' Association:
for the Flying Officer Reverend George Pringle Memorial  Bursary Fund   20.00
Venables, Mr. Hugh:
for the John Owen Memorial  Fund       15.00
Wagner, Mr. H. W. (Ottawa, Ont.):
for the John Owen Memorial  Fund     10.00
Westcoast Transmission Company Limited:
loan  fund  for graduates  in Mining           5,000.00
Western Star Lodge No. 10 Independent Order of Oddfellows:
for the Tobias Tellefsen Bursary Fund in Philosophy           6,000.00
Wills, Mr. Charles H.:
for the Elizabeth  K.  Craig Memorial Scholarship     750.00
Wiknn   tho Inte r;r   Wnllnre-
for the Dr. Wallace Wilson Leadership Award         2,000.00
38 W. K. Kellogg Foundation (Battle Creek, Michigan):
W. K. Kellogg Foundation Loan Fund for Dentistry ....    15,000.00
Wotherspoon, Mr. A. H. B.:
for the John Owen Memorial Fund    11.00
For various bursary, scholarship and loan funds  $ 12,042.40
Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans in Canada     $ 850.00
Bank of Montreal  (Montreal)       3,000.00
B.C. Boys Basketball Association     800.00
B.C.   Fairs  Association   (Victoria)          200.00
B.C. Interior Fruit and Vegetable Workers Union (Penticton)     500.00
Board  of School Trustees S.N  48  (Squamish) _    400.00
Bowker, Dr.  H. A. (Ladysmith)      250.00
Burnaby   Parent-Teacher  Council    _    125.00
Canadian  National Exhibition Association  (Toronto)       600.00
Canadian Council on Urban and Regional  Research (Ottawa)  __    1,750.00
Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Ottawa)      7,900.00
Chilliwack   District  Teachers  Associaton   (Chilliwack)      300.00
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada  Limited (Trail)    6,600.00
Courtenay   Rotary  Club  (Courtenay)       300.00
Ford Motor Company of Canada (Ontario)   __ 750.00
Gladstone  Secondary  School         900.00
Gordon  H.  Clark Scholarship  Centre  (Minneapolis,  Minn.)      1,200.00
Government of Yukon Territory (Whitehorse, Y.T.)  1,000.00
Grand Guardian Council of  B.C.,  International Order of Job's Daughters    750.00
Grand  Lodge of Alberta (Calgary)      500.00
Grand Chapter of British Columbia Order of the Eastern Star  1,600.00
Grant  Student   Body  (Portland,  Oregon)       100.00
Greater Vancouver  Registered  Nurses Association     350.00
Grolier Foundation  Inc.  (United States)  __ —  600.00
Howe Sound Secondary School (Squamish)   —   300.00
Independent Order of Odd Fellows (Vancouver)   1,250.00
International  Association of  Machinists (United  States)     1,000.00
International  Order of Job's  Daughters,  Bethel  No.   19   100.00
International Nickel Company of Canada Limited (Toronto)     3,000.00
International  Union of Operating Engineers (United States) __   2,000.00
I.O.D.E.,   National  Treasurer  (Toronto, Ontario)     3,300.00
I.O.D.E.,  Provincial Chapter of Alberta   500.00
John  Labatt  Limited (London, Ont.)    825.00
Kelowna and District Branch, Okanagan Valley Teachers Association (Kelowna).. 2850.00
Kelowna and District Parent-Teacher Council  (Kelowna)    175.00
Kimberley and  District Teachers Association (Kimberley)     150.00
Kitsilano  Secondary School  Staff      275.00
Kiwanis Club of Summerland  (Summerland)         300.00
Ladies Auxiliary No. 66, Royal Canadian Legion (Lillooet)   150.00
Ladies Auxiliary No. 4,  Royal Canadian  Legion (Chilliwack)   150.00
Ladies Auxilary  No. 48, Royal Canadian  Legion _     100.00
Leon  and  Thea   Koerner  Foundation _   3,000.00
Leonard   Foundation   (Toronto)      3,400.00
Navy   League  of   Canada       600.00
New   Westminster  Parent   Teacher   Council .—    250.00
Norgan   Foundation,   P.N.E.       250.00
P.E.O.   Sisterhood,   Supreme  Chapter       2,800.00
Prince  George   District  Teachers  Association  (Prince  George)        400.00
Prince   George   Senior  Secondary  School   (Prince  George)   2,175.00
Qualicum   Beach   Secondary   School   Students'  Council      300.00
Rotary Club of Smithers  (Smithers)    150.00
Royal   Canadian   Legion   (Provincial   Command)       11,450.00
39 Royal   Canadian  Legion  Branch  No.  2   (New  Westminster)      200.00
Royal   Canadian   Legion   Branch   No.  25   (Vernon)   __   600.00
Royal   Canadian   Legion   Branch   No.   142          350.00
Royal   Canadian   Legion   (Abbotsford)   ....      100.00
School   District   No.   37   (Delta)         300.00
School   District   No.   43   (Coquitlam)    100.00
School   District   No.   57   (Prince   George)         100.00
Sir  Charles Tupper Chapter,   I.O.D.E  __..._____ ____   75.00
Sir   Charles  Tupper   Secondary   School   „.       .__ 600.00
Tuberculosis  and   Chest   Disabled   Veterans   Association   __   1,000.00
Vancouver    Foundation    ...       21,650.00
Vancouver  Foundation:  Wm  &   Emily   Ross  Fund     1,150.00
Winnipeg   Foundation   (Winnipeg,   Man.)     ______   1 00.00
Anonymous _—     _   394.00
I'Alliance Francaise de Paris (Paris, France);  110 books, French literature.
Arkley, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley (Bellevue, Wash.): 95 books, children's literature.
Feistmann, Mr. Frederick (Chilliwack): German books and periodicals.
Burgess, Mrs. W. H. (Vancouver): books on mining.
Cherniavsky, Mrs. Michael (Bourg D'un, France): volumes of English literature.
Cowell, Mrs. J. (Vancouver): four books on African music and dance.
Czavkowski, Mr. B. (Vancouver):  14 books.
fleflflff't-L,EistfltflM At,.far.Jritirr.Y.,tAumJjimm co*lertion °f Commonwealth stamps, philatelic journals
and books.
Finlayson, Miss Barbara (Vancouver): books and periodicals on social work.
International Pacific Halibut Commission (Seattle, Wash.): books and journals on fisheries and
Khalsa Diwan Society (Vancouver): a full set of Sikh scripture.
Leighton, Miss Margaret (West Vancouver): three children's books.
Livermore, Prof. H. V. (Vancouver): six books in Spanish, early editions.
MacLennan, Mr. Lester (Fullerton, Calif.): two books: 50 years of book collecting and one play.
Main, Mr. James (Vancouver): a set of "Louisiana revised statutes".
Plowden-Wardlaw, Mr. W. J. (Vancouver): four books.
Ryder, Miss Dorothy (Calgary): one book on bookbinding 1600-1800.
Scudder, Dr. G. G. E. (Vancouver): 44 volumes on natural history.
Sexsmith, Mrs. Eleanor M. (Vancouver):  four cartons of books - good editions of classics and
early school texts.
Shopland, Miss Mary (Vancouver):   1750 books -  in  education,  librarianship,  mountaineering,
English literature.
Stuart-Stubbs, Mr. T. E. (Vancouver): 59 books.
Verner, Dr. Coolie (Vancouver): two books on cosmography and geography; two early editions
of American history.
Townsley, Mr. E. E. (Vancouver): nine books on painting and sculpture.
Vancouver Cantata Society (Vancouver): 73 books of music, in memory of Leonard Wilson.
Wilson, Dr. and Mrs. Wallace (Vancouver): 150 books.
Imperial   Chemical   Industries   Ltd.   (Wilmslow,   England):   two  films  on   the   life   cycle   of   the
malaria parasite and coccidiosis in poultry.
Agricultural   Engineering
Erridge, Mr. C. P. (Sun Rype Products Ltd., Kelowna):   15 volumes of Food Technology Journal
Greenwood, Mr. I. F. (Sun Rype Products Ltd., Kelowna): three cases applesauce.
Anderson, Dr. and Mrs. L. S. (West Vancouver): African carvings from Kenya.
Borradaile, Mr. and Mrs. O. H. (West Vancouver):  collection of various textiles from  Pakistan
and Africa.
40 Cooke, Mr. Albert (Vancouver): woven textile - Mandarin badge of rank.
Cowell, Mr. J. M. (Vancouver): African thumb piano.
Jones, Mr. A. (Vancouver): dip net and chief's seat from Sierra Leone.
Lindsey, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. (Vancouver): collection of items from Singapore and Sarawak.
MacBean,  Mrs.  C.   P.  and  Miss M.  E.  (West  Vancouver):   collection of  oriental   weapons  collected by Col. A. C. Fisher, C.N., R.E. in China from 1956/59.
Parson, Mrs. Lucille (Vancouver): Maori skirt and Arabic silver bracelet.
Quick, Mrs. J. A. (Vancouver): Navajo blankets and baskets from the northwest coast.
Smith, Mrs. Anne M. (Vancouver): Japanese culture material.
Wilson, Mrs. Wallace (Vancouver): two Ashanti gold weights in cast brass.
Buildings and Grounds
Leask, Mr. L. (Vancouver): Japanese stone lantern for Nitobe Memorial Gardens.
Chemical  Engineering
B.C. Forest Products (Crofton): groundwood (pulp) samples.
Cassiar Asbestos Corp. Ltd. (North Vancouver): asbestos fibre.
Canadian Industries Ltd. (Calgary): supply of methyl iodide.
Celgar L*d. (Castlegar): one drum pulp samples.
Crane Canada Ltd. (Montreal): 35 books - "Flow of Fluids".
McGregor, Mr. B. H. (Toronto): 20 copies of "Introduction to Analogue Computers" by
Dr. R. M. Howe.
Civil   Engineering
Holland, Mr. H. N. (North Vancouver): engineering books for Applied Science Reading Room.
Wire Rope Industries of Canada Ltd. (Vancouver): power tools for Civil Engineering Work.
Craumb, Dr. J. A. (Morton, Wash.): collection of over 1,000 volumes on economics.
Electrical  Engineering
Kharadly, Dr. M. M. (Vancouver): I.E.E. publications for Electrical Engineering Library.
McFarlane, Mr. Gordon (B.C. Telephone Co., Vancouver): three antique telephones.
Redpath, Mr. W. E. (I.B.M., Vancouver): two 727 magnetic tape drives.
Extension  Department
Alter, Mr. Henry (National Educational Television, New York): print of 16 mm colour film
"Writings on the Sand" - study of  present day East   Indian problems.
Buck, Dr. Frank E. (Vancouver): photographic supplies and equipment.
Krueger, Dr. F. A. (Chicago, ML): set of Encyclopaedia Britannica for University of Rajasthan,
Jaipur, India.
Fine Arts
r^r^r|nr ^c+nt^ "f Mrti Hortense M. (Chatham. Ont.): three oil paintings - Hortense M.
Institute  of  Fisheries
International North Pacific Fisheries (Vancouver): collections of fishery serials and publications.
Dustin, Mr. N. R. (Vancouver): books and journals for Forestry Reading Room.
Institute of Forest Genche's (Placerville, Calif.): 24 species of coniferous cones from California.
Jeffrey, Mr. S. (North Vancouver): books for Forestry Reading Room.
Meyers, Mrs. H. A.: Seguoia gigantea tree for research forest, in memory of Mrs. Meyers'
Dickson, Mr. A. (B.C. Forest Service, Kamloops); Mr. B. Boulton (Kamloops Hoo-Hoo Club);
Mr. J. Tessier (Kamloops Pulp Co.); Mr. Alan Moss (S. M. Simpson Ltd., Kelowna): entertainment of 290 forestry students and staff on student field trip, September,  1965.
Plywood Manufacturers' Assoc, of B.C. (Vancouver): 30 copies of "Plywood Reference
41 Geology
B.C. Dept. of Highways: maps and photographs of 12 mile slide, Hope-Princeton.
Post, Mr. Austin (Port Angeles, Wash.): aerial photographs of British Columbia glaciers.
Hoops,  Dr.  W.  D.  (Consul  of  Federal   Republic  of Germany,  Vancouver):  two  books;   "Acta
Pacis Wetphalicae"; "Bierteljahreschefte fur Zeitgeschichte".
Home Economics
Canada Packers Ltd. (Vancouver): supplies of cooking fat and cleaning materials.
Canada Safeway  Ltd.  (Vancouver):  supply of meat  and  meat  cutting  demonstration-lecture
to students.
Reckitt & Coleman (Canada) Ltd. (Toronto): supply of French's products.
Robin Hood Flour Mills Ltd. (Vancouver): supply of Robin Hood products.
Housing  Administration
McCourt, Mr. F. (Vancouver): painting and frame for Sherwood Lett House.
Mechanical   Engineering
Hydraulic Services & Equipment Co. Ltd. (Vancouver): one double lock hydraulic valve.
Boxer, Mrs. Jennie (Vancouver): copies of Opera News magazine.
de Ridder, Mrs. Allard (Vancouver): chamber music and music books.
Drouin, Mrs. R. P. (Vancouver): copy of 'Arnold Schoenberg, A Perspective'.
Heyworth, Mr. H. G. (Vancouver): eight violins and a violin bow.
Ibberson, Mrs. W. H. (Vancouver): music.
Joiner, Mr. M. F. (Vancouver): music.
Paredis, Mr. H. P. (Vancouver): two violins and bows.
Parsons, Mrs. Lucille (Vancouver): picture.
Reid, Mrs. C. (Vancouver): phonograph recordings.
Shelton, Mrs. Herbert (Vancouver): phonograph recordings and music.
Williams, Mr. Reynolds (Williams Piano House, Vancouver): one studio upright piano.
Stanley   Drug   Products   Ltd.   (Vancouver):   one   drying   oven   and   two   single-punch   tablet
Physical   Education
Smith, Miss Anne (Vancouver): seven cups and silver trophies.
Plant Science
Buckerfields Ltd. (Vancouver): 16 sacks Uplands Special Fertilizer for flower trials.
Poultry Science
Billings, Mr. F. L. (Hoffman-LaRoche Ltd., Toronto): supply of Rovimix and vitamin additives.
de Pape, Mr. R. (Hogg-Daw's Laboratories Ltd., Toronto): supply of vitamins.
K-Vet Laboratories Ltd. (North Surrey): I gal. Parazine Poultry Wormer.
Krieger's Hatcheries (Aldergrove): 5,000 day old chicks.
Merck, Sharp & Dohme of Canada (Vancouver): supply of Amprolium and one book.
Rehabilitation  Medicine
Finley, Mrs. G. S. (Vancouver): textbooks on electrotherapy, anatomy, massage, kinesiology.
MacMillan Co. of Canada Ltd. (Toronto): book on electrotherapy and actinotherapy.
Saunders Publishing Co. (Philadelphia, U.S.A.): book on rehabilitation medicine.
42 Zoology
B.C. Fish & Game Branch: one wild sheep skeleton, two cougar sketetons, 14 cases salmon.
Bedard, Mr. Jean: ectoparasites of birds.
Brocklebank, Mr. C: living colony of termites.
Chitty, Dr. D. H.: three books on control of rats and mice.
Cory, Bro. Lawrence (California, U.S.A.): egg of Californian newt for experimental purposes.
Crowe, Mr. Harry C. (Vancouver): stuffed baby seal.
Lanko, Miss Joyce (Victoria, Australia):  large collection of Western  European  and  Australian
Liley, Dr. N. R.:  150 species of South American freshwater fish.
MacLachlan, Mr. R. W. (Vancouver): lady goldfinch.
Millar, Mr. Michael (Victoria): ectoparasites of birds and mammals.
Mitchell,   Dr.   R.   (U.S.   Forest   Service,   Portland,   U.S.A.):   collection   of   colour   slides   showing
histological   effects  of  balsam  woolly  aphid on  wood  structure.
Plowden-Wardlaw   (Vancouver):    437   bird   skins   from   South   America,   Africa,   Europe   and
British Columbia.
Wilde,  Dr.  W.,  Cringan, Dr. A.  T.  (Guelph,  Ont.):  2  black and  2 red squirrel  carcases.


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