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Creative giving 1979

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Creative Giving
April 1978
March 1979
The University
of British Columbia
■■ mm:
.   . si.
■ Creative Giving
April 1978
March 1979
The University of British Columbia Cover.
Massive totem poles and B.C. Indian
houses formerly located in Totem Pole
Park on the UBC campus have now been
moved to a site adjacent to the Museum
of Anthropology, thanks to a generous
grant from the Devonian Foundation of
Calgary. The foundation's grant also
enabled the University to complete the
theatre gallery, used for meetings and
multi-media presentations, in the interior
of the adjacent museum.
Picture by Carol Craig. CONTENTS
To Our Friends In The Community    5
Introduction   6
The University Wants To Serve You   6
Wills and Bequests    7
Gifts-in-Kind    8
Outstanding Student Support    8
The UBC Alumni Fund
Alumni Giving From All Sources    9
Year Ended 31 March 1979
Donor Designations and Approved Allocations    10
1978 — 1979 Campaign
Executive Committee    13
Allocations Committee   13
Friends of U.B.C. Incorporated (U.S.A.)   13
The U.B.C. Memorial Fund    14
Sources of Funds for Capital Construction   15
at the University of British Columbia
Private Support for the University   15
Gifts-in-Kind    16
Donations Were Made in Memory of    18
Gifts, Grants & Bequests   20 TO OUR FRIENDS IN THE COMMUNITY:
It gives me great pleasure to have this opportunity to extend the
thanks of the entire University to our many friends in the community
who each year provide tangible support for a variety of campus activities through financial gifts or gifts-in-kind.
While grants from the Federal and Provincial governments are and
should remain our main source of revenue, private gifts play a vital
role in UBC affairs. Among other things, they enable the University to
provide financial assistance to deserving students, aid in the construction of new buildings and the purchase of special equipment and
support and expand areas of excellence in teaching and research.
In short, private gifts enable the University to do many things for
which funds are not available from governments. We welcome this
assistance and hope that it will continue to expand.
The University does everything possible to express its gratitude to
donors and the general public by making its facilities available for
public use on a year-round basis. In addition to encouraging attendance
at hundreds of free lectures, concerts, sports events and other activities,
a variety of excellent facilities are available for conferences, social
events, seminars and workshops. Free publications on these activities,
prepared by our Department of Information Services and the Alumni
Association, are available. The University also has resources available
to answer enquiries concerning its teaching and research programs and
provides advice in seeking sources of information and answers to
I am convinced that the UBC campus is one of the liveliest and most
interesting places in all of Canada. Much of this is due to the generosity
and continuing interest of donors. I know that other members of the
community join me in expressing the gratitude of the University to
donors for their ongoing support.
I invite you to maintain contact with the University by directing your
enquiries to The Resources Office, The University of B.C.,
2075 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5.
Telephone (604) 228-3917.
Yours sincerely,
/ YO^^y^
Douglas T. Kenny,
President. Introduction
The University owes much of its stature to private gifts.
Research, teaching projects, scholarships and bursaries have
been supported by individual benefactors, alumni, corporations,
students, foundations and associations. Many of the major
buildings, as well as a wide variety of other projects, serve as
testimony to the generosity of those who helped to build UBC.
Gifts have been made anonymously, directly, in memory of
relatives, in honour of friends and by bequest. Many alumni and
other donors contribute annually. During the year benefactors
donated $8,383,298.
The University is deeply grateful to those who have given
such generous support and also thanks the many volunteers who
have helped generate gifts.
This brochure does not include the names of 8,210 donors to
the Alumni Fund. Provincial and Federal grants are recorded in
other publications.
The University Wants To Serve You
The University wishes to express gratitude to donors in a variety of ways.
We will be pleased to place you on the mailing lists if you do
not receive UBC Reports or the Alumni Chronicle.
You may wish to have a list of faculties, departments, schools
and institutes, information regarding a specific teaching or
research program, faculty or department, or advice in seeking
sources of information or answers to problems.
The published results of research conducted at the University
are freely available and we are eager that they should be of the
widest benefit. A variety of excellent facilities are open to the general public
for conferences, social functions, workshops and seminars. They
cater for ten or a thousand persons and are backed by food, accommodation and programming services.
The magnificant site, the beauty of the campus and the varied
activities of its community make UBC an outstanding place to
visit. We will be happy to guide a friend or conduct a tour.
Enquires to:    A. James Brown, Director of Fund Raising
The Resources Office
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C.     V6T 1 W5
Telephone (604) 228-3917
Wills and Bequests
The University is grateful for the help, understanding and
financial support of its many friends over the past years. Some
have indicated that support by making direct gifts to the University, others by naming the University as beneficiary in their wills.
Our Wills and Bequests Committee was formed to inspire confidence in and stimulate the interest of benefactors, potential
benefactors and of persons concerned with the drawing up of
wills; and to acquaint them with the University's needs and the
form of support desired.
Gifts, so made, may be designated to an area of particular interest or may be undesignated for use at the discretion of the
Various reasons have been given by donors for considering
UBC in their estate planning; the gift is consistent with a lifelong
interest in the University or a particular field; experiences as a
young person with limited finances struggling to better himself;
the desire to memorialize the name of a loved one; or simply
that UBC is an institution worthy of support.
The University will welcome the opportunity of acquainting its
many friends and their estate planners with the satisfaction to
be had, in making provision for The University of British Columbia through their Estate Planning Program.
Enquiries: The Resources Office
Telephone (604) 228-3917 Gifts-in-Kind
Each year, UBC's library and museum collections are expanded and enhanced as a result of gifts-in-kind. These generous
gifts from individual friends of the University, special-interest
groups, governments and corporations fill gaps in existing collections or form the nucleus of new collections of material which
are used by students and faculty members for teaching and
research. Gifts-in-kind also benefit the public generally since
most are on display in museum collections or are available
through the UBC library system. The University also holds title
to property which has been received as bequests in wills or
which has been transferred to the University during an individual's lifetime. The University welcomes enquiries from
friends on matters related to property.
Outstanding Student Support
This past fiscal year students at UBC contributed $461,063 to
the capital development of the University: $105,958 to the
Aquatic Centre, $300,000 to the Student Union Building and
$55,105 to the Leon and Thea Koerner Graduate Centre.
Since 1928, students have funded or helped fund 11 major
campus buildings for more than $6.6 million. This outstanding
support is believed to be unequalled by the students of any
other North American university.
In addition, students have worked for and donated to six
special building campaigns in the past decade. Each year the
graduating class supports various campus activities. The class of
1979 donated $400 to the Walter Gage Memorial Plaque, $7,500
to the UBC Crane Library and $2,000 to the President's Committee on the Concerns of the Handicapped. Student Contributions to Buildings
1928: $     24,543 Women's Gymnasium
1937: 39,032 Stadium on East Mall
1939: 78,900 Brock Hall (for nearly 30 years the centre
of Alma Mater Society activities)
1941: 48,000 The Armory
1947: 367,000 War Memorial Gymnasium
1957: 325,000 Extension of Brock Hall
1959: 150,000 Place Vanier Residences
1962: 185,000 Thunderbird Winter Sports Centre
*1968: 3,500,000 The Student Union Building
*1968: 747,000 Additions to the Thea Koerner Graduate
1971: 1,350 Asian Studies Centre
*1974: 925,000 UBC Aquatic Centre
The UBC Alumni Fund
Alumni Giving From All Sources
Year Ended 31 March 1979
Gifts received through Alumni Fund:
Direct $ 230,202
Friends of UBC, Inc. (USA) 39,094
Exchange on US funds 5,313
Interest earned on deposits 13,066
Gifts received from alumni through
the Resources Office:
Building appeals 9,038
Other Gifts 120,823
$ 417,536 Donor Designations and Approved Allocations
1978 - 1979 Campaign
Scholarships & Bursaries:
N.A.M. MacKenzie Entrance Scholarships $    25,871
N.A.M. MacKenzie Regional College Scholarships        4,800
MacKenzie USA Scholarships 1,196
Walter Gage Bursary Fund 40,193
J.B. MacDonald Bursary Fund 1,620
Alumni National Scholarships 5,500
NITEP Bursary Fund 1,805
Daniel Young Scholarship (USA) 250
So. California Alumni Scholarship 500
Arkley Librarianship Scholarship 475
University Scholarship & Bursary Fund 1,575
Jennie Gillespie Drennan Memorial Scholarship 8,303
Special Campaigns:
Nursing — Golden Jubilee Scholarship 2,581
Jessie MacCarthy Memorial Fund 2,155
Walter H. Gage Memorial Fund 52,407
Big Block Sweater Fund 3,876
Frank Gnup Memorial Scholarship 5,330
Wolfgang Gerson Prize Fund 4,935
President's Alumni Fund 10,000
Aquatic Centre Fund 40,916
Geological Sciences Building Fund 85
Special Rowing Fund 910
Men's Field Hockey Tour 2,460
Class of'26 175
Walter Gage Student Aid Fund 1,760
A.J. Wood Memorial Fund 222
George J. Spencer Memorial Fund 160
Burke/Penn Memorial Scholarship Fund 100
Other Allocations (over $100 each)
Friends of the Library $    3,582
Friends of the Woodward Libary 160
Crane Library 362
Crane Library (Gage Memorial Gifts) 2,820
10 Colbeck Collection
Arkley Collection of Children's Books
Wesbrook Memorial Lectureships
Men's Athletic Committee
Friends of Rowing
Women's Athletic Committee
Women's Rowing
Geology Equipment
Rehabilitation Medicine
Agricultural Sciences
Fine Arts
Home Economics
Applied Sciences & Engineering
Social Work
Panhellenic House
Fairview Committee
Alumni Association Activities
Dean Blythe Eagles Fund
Blythe & Violet Eagles Fund
A.J.Wood Book Fund
Mineral Exploration Research Fund
David Bell Little Memorial Bursary
Ethel Johns Memorial Scholarship
Dorothy Somerset Memorial Scholarship
Dean of Women
George S. Allen Memorial Fund
Robert F. Osborne Book Prize
Heather Howard Memorial Fund
Asian Centre
George Pringle Bursary
11 Peter Howard Memorial Scholarship 250
A.L. Flock Memorial Fund 115
UBC Press (Gage Memorial Gifts) 338
J. Lewis Robinson Bursary 240
J.M. Carr Memorial Scholarship 150
Harry Logan Memorial Fund 225
Dr. V.C. Brink Book Prize 600
J.F. Morgan Book Fund 250
E. Francis Gunning Bursary 200
Debating Society 600
Other Allocations (over $100 each) continued
Education Students' Conference $        520
Student Summer Orientation Program 3,063
Home Economics Students' Conference 500
Chronicle Creative Writing Contest 575
Continuing Education Survey 112
Medieval Studies Conferences 1,059
Mathematics Workshop 2,000
Miscellaneous    (Projects receiving under $100) 3,998
Gifts in Kind 455
Sub-total $      293,742
Designated by donors through Resources Office       129,861
Excess of unallocated funds $    423,603
(over allocated funds) 6067
Total $    417,536
12 Executive Committee
Mr. John A. Banfield Chairman
Mr. Alan D. Thackray  Allocations
Mrs. Barbara Hart Harris
Dr. William Keenlyside
Mr. John Keating
Mr. E. Roland Pierrot
Mr. Paul L. Hazell
Mr. Robert J. Smith
Mr. Alfred T. Adams
Allocations Committee
Mr. Allan D. Thackray  Chairman
Mr. John A. Banfield
Mr. E. Roland Pierrot
Mrs. Barbara Hart Harris
Dr. William Keenlyside
Mr. Harry J. Franklin
Mr. Dale T. Alexander
Friends of U.B.C. Incorporated (U.S.A.)
Mr. Francis M. Johnston President
Dr. Stanley T. Arkley Vice-President
Mr. Robert J. Boroughs Treasurer
Mr. John M. Gunn
Mr. Frederick L. Brewis
Mr. P. Gerald Marra
Mr. Stewart W. Turner
Enquiries    to:    Friends    of    U.B.C,    Inc.    (U.S.A.)
P.O. Box 483
Bellevue, Wa.    98004
13 The UBC Memorial Fund
The University has established a Memorial Scholarship and
Bursary Endowment Fund which it is hoped will provide a significant source of student support in future years.
The purpose of the fund is to encourage memorial donations,
and to cater for donations that in themselves would not provide
sufficient investment income to ensure a meaningful award.
The fund is designed to serve persons willing to leave small
bequests to UBC, to serve lifetime donors and to serve corporations wishing to make gifts in memoriam.
A brochure has been produced listing the persons in whose
name contributions have been received, and these brochures will
be given to each student receiving an award from the fund.
From time to time there have been and will continue to be
organized in memoriam funds of sufficient amount to provide
meaningful awards over a long period.
A special feature of the Memorial Scholarship and Bursary
Fund is the help it will give to individuals and small groups of
donors who are not in a position to make major gifts at the time
of death of a friend or relative but who may hope to make further lifetime gifts and/or to include an appropriate provision in
their wills. By means of this new fund the name of a deceased
person will be memorialized regularly from the time the original
gift is made.
14 Sources of Funds for Capital Construction
at the University of British Columbia
From 1915 to 31st March 1979
From: Province of British Columbia $ 122,235,565
Government of Canada and
Federal Agencies 51,966,847
Ancillary Enterprises and
General Funds 29,210,477
Private Gifts
(Including Students - $6.6 million)      $   44,546,396
Total Investment in U.B.C. Land,
Buildings & Equipment $ 247,959,285
Private Support for the University
April 1978 - March 1979
Grand Total $8,383,298
No. of Donors
& Organizations
$ 2,676,965
Individual Donors
$ 8,383,298
To: Capital Items
$    960,659
Student Aid
$ 8,383,298
*Number exclusive of 8,210 donors to the Alumni Fund.
r*Discrepancy in number of donors caused by some donors
giving to more than one project.
15 Gifts-in-Kind
April 1978 to March 1979
Abramson, Dr. Harvey
Adams, the late Mr. Alfred T.
Adams, Mrs. M.J.
Ames, Dr. M.A.
Aplin, Mr. J.D.
B.C. Forest Products Ltd.
B.C. Packers Ltd.
B.C. Provincial Museum
Barwick, Ms. Diane
Beichman, Mr. Arnold
Biely, Dr. Jacob
Black, Mrs. William
Boag Foundation
Bodwell, Mr. E.V.
Borden, the late Dr. Charles E.
Boyes, Mrs. Winnifred E.
Brebner, Mrs. Marion
Brennan, Mrs. Pegeen
Bryans, Dr. John V.
Burndorfer, Mr. Hans
Canadian Forest Products
Canadian Merchant Service Guild
Calgary, The University of
Cameron, Mr. & Mrs. E.F.
Carr, Mrs. J.M.
Carter, Mr. E.V.
Carter, Miss Mary E.
Caswell, Dr. J.
Chatham Steel Ltd.
Clearihue, Miss Joyce
Cooke, Prof. A.C.
Covell, Prof. H.
Craig, the late Mr. CE.
Crown Zellerbach Co. Ltd.
Cumming, Dr. John
David, Mr. Joe
Davis, Miss Judith F.
de Mezey, Mr. Albert
Eagles, Dr. Blythe
Egan, Miss Carol
Foote, Mr. A.J.
Foothills Pipelines Ltd.
Frederick, Mr. Timothy
Fukuaishi, Mr. K.
Gage, the late Dr. Walter
Galik, Mr. Frank
Garrett, Mr. Robert
Gerow, Mr. & Mrs. A.
Gibara, Mr. Roger
Gibson, Dr. William C.
Gill, Miss Helen
Gill, Ms. Kuldip
Goodall, Miss Joan
Gose, Mr. E.B.
Cray, Mrs. T.W.A.
Griffith, Mr. William S.
Ham, Mrs. Eva
Hansen, Mr. G.A.
Harland, Mr. Gary
Harnetty, Mr. P.
Harrison, Mrs. E.
Harvey, Mrs. E.M.
Hay, Ms. L.A.
Hogarth, Dr. Donald
Holden, Mr. & Mrs. R.
Holland, Mrs. Joyce
Holmes, the late Mr. Boynton
Horner, Frank W. Limited
Humphrey, Mr. Keith
Hyland, Mrs. N.
lida, Dr. S.
Isetan Company Ltd.
Johnston, Mr. D. Lukin
Kaiser, Mr. Gary
Kamegaya, Mrs. Chie
Kidd, the late Dr. Honor
Killam, Ms. Mia
Kingscote, Prof. A.A.
Koerner, Mrs. Otto
Komai, Dr. Sumiya
Ladner, the late Mr. Thomas E.
Lee, the late Mrs. Louise
Lindhelm, Dr. Rene
Longstaffe, Mr. J.R.
Lowe, Mrs. J.E.
McAdam, Mr. D.W.
MacDonald, Mr. Kennedy
MacMillan, the late Mr. H.R.
Marshall, Mr. Paul
Marsland, Mrs. Gene
Marston, the late Mrs. Barbara
Mason, Mr. N.J.
Mayor of Oga City
16 Merivale, Mrs. Patricia
Miller, the late Mrs. J.J.
Milsum, Dr. J.H.
Mock, E.V.
Moe, Mrs. Olive
Morden, Mrs. Gladys B.
New, Mr. Donald
Nomura, Mr. J.
Osborne, Mr. R.F.
Parker, Mrs. J.C.
Patton, Mrs. Merla M.
Pearse, Dr. Peter
Pearson, Dr. Richard
Petzold, Mr. A.H.
Pierce, Mr. Alan
Pollack, Mr. Barry
Pollay, Dr. R.W.
Popelik, Mrs. Elsie
Rayonier Canada Ltd.
Razzell, Dr. W.
Regeczi, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Reid, Mr. Bill
Richmond Plywood Corp. Ltd.
Riddehough, the late Mr. C.B.
Roseberry, Dr. R.
Rosenthal, Dr. Alex
Rushton, Mr. Gerald
Safarik, Mr. Douglas
Sandilands, Mrs. D.
Schrack, OF.
Shaneman, Mrs.
Shepard, Mrs. Ida J.
Sheppard, Mr. Justice F.A.
Sherrin, Mr. Robert
Smith, Mr. Russell
Soka, Mr. G.
Sokagakki, The
Soward, Dr. F.H.
Steam, Dr. Wm. T.
Swiss Consulate
Tamagawa University
Thompson, Dr. Mark
Vandewater, Mrs. Anne C.
Verner, Dr. Collie
Wainman, Mr. A.W.
Weeks, A.C. Ltd.
Weldwood of Canada Ltd.
Wescott, Mrs. Kathleen
Westcoast Transmission Co.
Whonnock Industries Ltd.
Wilkinson, F.C.
Windsor Lumber Ltd.
Winch, Mrs. Gladys
Wyeth Ltd.
17 Donations Were Made in Memory of:
April 1978 to March 1979
Adams, Alfred T.
Aird, Mrs. T.
Albright, William D.
Aron, Jack
Ashton, Edith
Atkinson, J. Scott
Bankson, Russell & Ella E.
Bawden, Miss R.J.
Beaty, John D.
Becker, Beverley Maureen
Bennett, Walter
Bernard, Madeline
Billig, Dr. Ernest
Binning, B.C.
Bird, W.G.
Black, Edgar C.
Bodman, P.B.
Bonner, R.W.
Borden, Charles E.
Borden, Steve
Brewster, Sharon Louise
Buckson, Edith & Jacob
Burvis, Mrs. Ollie
Byrne, Captain Thomas & Harriet
Caldwell, David
Cameron, Ruth E.
Carr, J.M.
Coffin, Frederick W.
Cohen, M.B.
Davis, Ghent
Dean, Barbara
Delaney, J.J.
Demco, Peter
Dick, Norma
Diespecker, Tommy
Edwards, Mike
Emery, Jay
English, Barry
Evoy, John A.
Fouks, David
Fouks, Jack
Fraser, Ken F.
Frohlinger, Sharon Yocowar
Gerson, Wolfgang
Gibson, Thomas & Myrtle
Girik, Frank
Gorvich, C.L.
Gould, Manuel
Greenall, Dr. Martin
Greenwood, Glen
Gregory, Allan S.
Hall, Percy Barr
Harlow, Neal
Heighway, Florence E.
Henderson, G.G.
Hill, Ernest D.
Holt, Dorothy
Hornby, C.A.
Huberman, Jeanette Dewitt
Hunter, Howard
Hurford, William L.
Hurley, Thomas Francis
Israels, Dr. Sydney
Jetter, Dr. Marianne Rose Lourie
Johns, Ethel
Johnston, Elmer
Jones, Dixon
Jones, Harold R.
Kania, Ernestine A.M.E.
Kenwood, George William
Kergin, Dr. W.T.
Kidd, Robert Campbell
King, Les
Kinney, Earl
Kitchen, Williard
Krugel, Fred
Ladner, Leon J.
Lambert, Noel D.
Lawson, Heather
Lee, Constance Nicholson
Ledingham, Gladys
Lin, Chris
Little, David Bell
Lyle, Bill
MacCarthy, Jessie Gordon
MacGill, Judge Helen Gregory
McHattie, Ellen Ethel
McKay, Harriet
McLaughlan, R. Samuel
McLarnon, Rosalyn E.
McLarnon, Walter W.
18 Mar, Dr. Peter Gee-Pan
Marcoe, Joel H.
Margulius, Dr. Jack M.
Mazzoli, Barbara Jean
Merrell, Margaret
Moberly, Walter
Morgan, Dr. Joseph F.
Morris, Leo
Morrison, Ruth
Monro, Dr. Alexander Stewart
Munro, Ernest A.
Nagler, Victoria
Neil, Mary Webber
Neilson, J.R.
Nelms, Percy W.
Nemetz, S. & R.
Ng, Elizabeth Tong
Nicol, J.
O'Brien, Desmond
Orchard, Dr. CD.
Paggett, Raymond & Debra
Paskins, William A.
Peers, Elizabeth
Pegg, J. Roddy
Perkins, Albert
Pernarowski, Dr. M.
Pulleyblank, Winona R.
Purvis, Mrs. Ollie
Rainbow, Edith M.
Read, Frederick
Redford, Grant
Reid, Robbie L.
Rose, Dr. William
Rothstein, A.
Rowe, William G.
Sanders, Guenther Felix
Sands, J im
Searle, Ernest S.
Shepherd, Duncan
Shopland, Stella
Shuer, Abraham
Simpson, Mary
Sleigh, Muriel
Smith, Gilbert
Stanley, Thomas Ward
Stanzl, Frank
Stein, Harry L.
Stewart, Isabel Maitland
Swan, MacKenzie
Tassin, Dr. J.J.
Taylor, Steve
Toban, Ronald S.
Trapp, Ethlyn
Tucker, Gilbert
Vanderleur, Anne
Vassar, PS.
Vickar, Dr. Joseph
Walshaw, Melville
Waterman, M.M.
Watson, A.F.
Weaver, Myron M.
Webb, Christopher E.
Whillans, George S.
Whitchut, Leslie Ann
Whitty, Virginia
Wilson, Albert
Wilson, Dr. Andrew
Wine, Myer
Winn, E.S.H.
Wolochow, Paul & Jennie
Woodley, Douglas P.
Woods, EL.
Woodward, Hon. W.C.
Yoshida, Toyozo
Young, E.V.
Young, Katherine Ann
Zivot, Louis & Ida
Zivot, Sam
19 Gifts, Grants & Bequests
- April 1978 to March 1979
The following list of donors does not include the names of donors to the
Alumni Fund. Provincial and Federal grants, other than special grants
supporting fund raising by private donors, are recorded in other publications.
A.M. Security Ltd.
A.U.C.E., Local One
Abbott, Dr. Frank S.
Abercrombie, Mrs. W.
Aberle, Mr. David F.
Ablowitz, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Abraham, Ms. D.B.
Accounting Development Fund
Acton, Ms. K.
Adam, Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyne
Adams, the late Alfred T.
Adams, Mr. J.R.
Aders, Mr. P.
Agricultural Sciences Undergraduates
Ahepa Family Scholarship Committee
Ahlborn, Dr. Boye
Aisenstadt, Nussia & Andre
Akhurst Machinery Limited
Akrigg, Mr. OP.
Albagami, Mr. A.H.S.
Alberni District Guides & Brownies
Albert, Mrs. Ida
Alberta Agricultural Research Trust
Alcoa Foundation
Alcon Laboratories, Inc.
Alcuin Society
Alexander, Mr. D.L.
Alexander, Mr. E.A.
Allan, Ms. Elizabeth
Allan, Ms. J.M.
Allen, Dr. C.S.
Allen, Mrs. Edith
Allen, Mr. Nelson A.
Allen, Dr. & Mrs. Peter
Allergan Pharmaceuticals
Allied Shipbuilders Limited
Allison, Ms. Enid
Alma Mater Society
Alp, Mrs. Jacquline
Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity
Alpha Gamma Delta Mother's Club
Alpine Garden Club of B.C.
Aluminum Company of Canada, Ltd.
Alumni Association of UBC
Amacher, Dr. K-A
Amax Minerals Exploration
American Association of University
American College of Physicians
American Cyanamid Company
American Society for Metals
American Trucking Associations, Inc.
American Woman's Club
Amherst Lioness Club
Amoco Foundation, Inc.
Anderson, Mr. G.
Anderson, Ms. Jean
Anderson, Mrs. M.
Anderson, Mr. R.S.
Anderson, Mrs. Susan
Anderson, Mr. W.
Andrew, Dr. & Mrs. G.C.
Andrews, Dr. Leslie G.
Andrusiak, Mr. and Mrs. P.
Anglo Canadian Shipping (Westship)
Annandale, Mr. K.F.
Aquitaine Co. of Canada Ltd.
Arbanas, Ms. L.
Archer, Cathro & Associates Ltd.
Architectural Institute of B.C.
Argus Industries Ltd.
Armitage, Ms. A.
Armour, Mr. & Mrs. J.D.
Armstead, Mrs. E.M.
Armstrong, Ms. Elsse
Armstrong, Dr. Richard L.
Aron, Mrs. Julia
Arrow Transfer Co. Limited
Arthritis Society
Asarco Exploration Co. of Canada Ltd.
Asher, Mrs. N.
Aspin, Mr. F.
Associated Engineering services Ltd.
20 Association of B.C. Professional
Association of B.C. School
Association of Manitoba Educators
of the Hearing Impaired
Association of Professional
Economists of B.C.
Association of Professional
Engineers of B.C.
Association of Universities and
Colleges of Canada
Atherton, Mr. David
Atherton, Mr. Wilfred
Atrens, Mr. J.J.
Au-Young, Ms. Grace
Austin-McKillop, Mrs. Mardonna
Automotive Transport
Association of B.C.
Avokumovic, Mr. Ivan
B.C. Association of Hospital
B.C. Association for the
Mentally Retarded
B.C. Association of Social Workers
B.C. Cancer Foundation
B.C. Captain Cook Bi-Centennial
B.C. Central Credit Union
B.C. Council of Garden Clubs
B.C. Dental Hygienists Association
B.C. Dentists Wives Association
B.C. Federation of Labour
B.C. Floral Art Club
B.C. Forest Products Ltd.
B.C. Foundation for Non-Animal
B.C. Fruit Growers Association
B.C. Health Association
B.C. Health Sciences
Research Fund
B.C. Heart Foundation
B.C. High School Boys
Basketball Association
B.C. Home & School Federation
B.C. Hotels Association
B.C. Hydro & Power Authority
B.C. Institute of Agrologists
B.C. Institute of Technology
B.C. Library Association
B.C. Lung Association
B.C. Medical Association
B.C. Medical Research Foundation
B.C. Motor Transport Association
B.C. Oto Ophthalmological Society
B.C. Packers Limited
B.C. Pharmacists Society
B.C. Real Estate Association
B.C. Registered Music Teachers
B.C. Research
B.C. Society of Internal Medicine
B.C. Sugar Refining Co. Ltd.
B.C. Surgical Society
B.C. Teachers Credit Union
B.C. Telephone Company
Baba, Miss
Bach, Mr. F.W.
Backley, Mr. W. Alan
Backun, Mrs. M.
Bacon, Donaldson & Associates Ltd.
Bailey, Mr. H.J.
Baillie, Mr. G.C. Blair
Baines, Mr. D.W.
Baker, E.A. Foundation
Baker, Mr. C.J.F.
Baker, G.R. Memorial Hospital
Balanko, Dr. Michael
Balbi, Mr. Rick
Balfour, Mr. Charles B.
Ballance, Ms. Karoline
Ballenas Secondary School
Balmer, Mr. James
Bandoni, Dr. Robert
Bank of Montreal
Banks, Mr. W.C.
Bankson, Mr. D.H-
Bapco Paint Ltd.
Baransky, Ms. Ann
Barazza, Mr. Dino
Barber, Mr. Fred G.
Barnett Lumber Industries
Barone, Mr. Frank
Barr, Mr. N.K.
Barrett, Mr. Laurence
Bartlett, Mrs. S.P.
Barton, Ms. Ethel
Basaraba, Dr. Neil
Basco, Dr. Norman
Basler, Ms. Ellen
Bates, Dr. D.V.
Bawden, estate of Miss R.J.
21 Baxter, Mr. Allen
Baxter, Mr. D.A.
Bay, The
Bayly, the late Mr. L.J.
Bayside Suppliers Ltd.
Beak Consultants
Beales, Ms. Edith H.
Beaman, Mr. W.J.
Beamish, Dr. K.I.
Beaton, Mrs. Mary
Beaver, Mrs. G.E.
Becker, Mr. R.
Beckingham, Mr. W.
Begg, Mrs. W.J.
Bekker, Dr. J.B.
Belinski, Mr. A.
Belkin Packaging Ltd.
Bell, Mr. Gordon
Bell, Mr. G.R.
Bell, Dr. H.M.
Bell-Irving, the Hon. H.P.
Bellward, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Belshaw, the late Mrs. Betty J.
Bemi, Mrs. S.M.
Bendicson, Mr. D.
Benedict, Mr. E.
Beneficial Foundation Inc.
Bennett, Miss Eileen
Bennett, Mr. H.
Bennett, Mr. J.F.
Bentley, Ms. Lynne
Bentley, Mrs. W.E.
Berger, Hon. Mr. Justice T.R.
Berlow, Mr. and Mrs. L.
Bernard, Mr. F.P.
Bernoe, Ms. Julianne
Bernstein, Mr. Stephen
Bernstine, Dr. M.
Berol Pencil Co.
Berry, Mrs. E.M.
Berry, Mr. Leonard
Berry, Mr. Wallace
Best Printing Co. Ltd.
Beta Sigma Phi
Bethlehem Copper Corporation Ltd.
Bevis, Dr. R.W.
Bickneill, Mr. R.J.
Bie, Dr. W.F.
Biely, Dr. J.
Billig, Mrs. Hilda
Billingsley, Mr. N.
Bilojelic, Ms. Carla
Binning, Mrs. B.C.
Birks Family Foundation
Birt, Mr. J.C.
Bischoff, Herman Foundation
Bjerring, Mrs. K.H.
Black, Mrs. E.C.
Black, Mr. G.C.
Black, Mrs. Grace
Black, Mr. R.J.
Black, Mr. Sam
Black, Mrs. Virginia
Black, Mr. Wesley
Blackboum, Mr. D.J.
Blair, Mr. Gilbert C.
Bligh, Mr. S.W.
Blinn, Mr. Deam W.
Blom, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Blott, Mr. CR.
Blue River Lions Club
Blunden, Mr. R.H.
B'Nai B'Rith Women's Centennial
Chapter 1022
Boag Foundation
Bodman, Dr. & Mrs. G.B.
Bodman, Mrs. P.
Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.
Bolton, estate of Mr. F.D.
Bond, Miss Ethel
Borden, Ms. Carol-Ann
Borden, estate of Dr. CE.
Borden Chemical (Western) Limited
Bossio, Mr. Armando
Boston, Mrs. S.
Bouck, Mr. Justice John C.
Bouey, Mr. Robert
Boughton & Company
Boulton, Mrs. S.M.
Bourne, Dr. C.B.
Bousfield, Mr. E.L.
Boving, Mr. Peter A.
Bowell McLean Motor Co. Ltd.
Bowling, Mr. & Mrs. G.
Bowman, Ms. Audrey J.
Boxer, Mrs. E.
Boyce, Mr. Harry M.
Brackenridge, Ms. M.
Bradbury, Mr. Russell
Bradford, Mr. J.D.
Bradley, Dr. L.O.
Bramwall, Mr. B.
22 Brandon University
Brass Ring Enterprises
Brattle, Mr. Bill
Brebner, Ms. M.K.
Bregden, Mr. E.
Brennan, Dr. M.J.
Brewery & Soft Drink Workers
Local 300
Brewster, Dr. B.H.
Briggs, Mr. John
Briggs, Mrs. Mary
Briggs, Mrs. R.
Briley, Ms. Betty
Brink, Hudson & Lefever Ltd.
Brissenden, Mr. P.R.
Bristol-Myers Laboratories
British Pacific Properties Ltd.
Brock, Mrs. Myrtle
Brockley, Mr. C.A.
Bronfman, the Samuel & Saidye
Family Foundation
Brooks, Mrs. N.
Brown, Mr. B.S.
Brown, Mr. D.G.
Brown, Mr. J.T.
Brown, Miss Margaret
Brown, Dr. T.H.
Browning, Mr. C.A.
Bruce, Mr. G.
Brunt, Ms. Louise
Bryans, Dr. F.E.
Bryenton, Mrs. Margaret W.
Bryer, Mr. Victor
Buchan, estate of Mrs.
Edith Grace
Buchanan, Mr. J.B.
Buchanan, Miss Mildred
Buckson's Pharmacy Limited
Buell, Ellis, Sargent & Russell
Bulkley Valley District Hospital
Bull, the Hon. Mr. Justice E.B.
Bull, Mr. E.C.
Bull, Housser & Tupper
Buller, Mr. R.
Bullock, Dr. Michael
Burchill, Mr. J.E.
Burdiken, Mr. J.J.
Burgess, Dr. A.E.
Burgess, Mrs  D.C.
Burgess, Mr. D.G.H.
Burian, Mr. W.J.
Burke, Mr. H.E.
Burke, Ms. Margaret
Burke, Mrs. Margo
Burnaby Creative Writers' Society
Burnaby Historical Society
Burndorfer, Dr. Hans
Burnett, Mr. H.J.
Burrard Yacht Club Bridge Club
Burrell, Mr. Gordon
Burridge, Mr. K.O.L.
Burroughs Wellcome & Co.
(Canada) Ltd.
Burton, Dr. Albert F.
Burton, Mr. P.
Busch, Ms. F.
Bush & Bohlman Ltd.
Butler Brothers Supplies Ltd.
Butler, Mr. R.B.
Byrne, Mr. Thomas S.
Canada Cement LaFarge Ltd.
Canada Law Book Limited
Canada Packers Foundation
Canada Trust Company
Canadian Academy of
Canadian Anaethetist Society -
B.C. Division
Canadian Army Welfare Fund
Canadian Association for the
Mentally Retarded
Canadian Association of Animal
Canadian Association of University
Canadian Bechtel Ltd.
Canadian Broadcasting Corportion
Canadian Cancer Society
Canadian Certified General
Accountants Association
Canadian Committee for Fertility
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis
Canadian Daughters League
Canadian Dermatology Foundation
Canadian Diabetic Association
Canadian Forces Base Chilliwack
Canadian Forest Products Ltd.
Canadian Forestry Association
23 Canadian Foundation for the
Advancement of Pharmacy
Canadian Foundation for Diseases
of the Liver
Canadian Fund for Dental Education
Canadian Industries Limited
Canadian Institute of Child Health
Canadian Institute of Forestry
Canadian Jewish Congress
Canadian Kenworth Ltd.
Canadian Life Insurance
Canadian Lung Association
Canadian Marine Drilling Ltd.
Canadian Masonry Centre
Canadian Mining & Metallurgical
Canadian National Institute for
the Blind
Canadian National Sportsmen's Show
Canadian Natural Gas Processing
Canadian Occidental Petroleum
Canadian Paraplegic Association
(B.C. Division)
Canadian Pest Management Society
Canadian Polish Congress,
B.C. Branch
Canadian Pulp & Paper Association
Canadian Society for Chemical
Canadian Society for the Study
of Education
Canadian Stevedoring Co. Ltd.
Canadian Superior Exploration Ltd.
Canadian Tobacco Manufacturers
Canadian Union of Public Employees
CBA Engineering Ltd.
C.E.P. Management Services Ltd.
CKNW Orphan's Fund
CP Air Employees Charitable
Donations Fund
CU. & C Health Services Society
Cahill, Ms.
Caine, Mr. B.D.
Caisse Populaire Rimouski
Caldwell, Ms. E.
Calhoun, Mrs. Margaret
Callaghan, Mr. Justice H.A.
Cameron, Dr. D.S.
Cameron, Ms. Doreen
Cameron, Ms. H.B.
Cameron, Mr. Wm. M.
Cameron, Mr. W.R.
Campbell, Mrs. A.B.
Campbell, Ms. Audrey L.
Campbell, Mr. C
Campbell, Mr. D.J.
Campbell, Mrs. E.F.
Campbell, Miss G.
Campbell, Ms. J.M.
Campbell, Mrs. R.
Campney & Murphy
Camsharp Management Ltd.
Canarim Investment Corporation
Cancer Control Agency of B.C.
Candido, Dr. E.P.M.
Cane, Mr. Ted
Canfor P & H Social Club
Cantell, Mr. E.T.
Capilano College
Cariboo Bar Association
Cariboo Memorial Hospital
Carines, Ms. Sharon
Carlson, Mrs. S.A.
Carrier, Ms. Brenda
Carrothers, Mr. Justice A.B.B.
Carter, Mr. & Mrs. A.W.
Carter, Mr. R.J.
Case Existological Laboratories Ltd.
Cashmore, Mrs. K.A.
Cass, Mrs. Mary
Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd.
Castillon, Mrs. H.
Cattley, Mr. RED.
Cayley, estate of Mrs. H.S.
Celestino, Ms. J.L.
Central Okanagan Bursary Committee
23 Society
Ceramic Tile Contractors
Association of B.C.
Chadwick, Mrs. C.
Chambers, Mr. E.
Chan, Mrs. Mary
Chan, Mr. Peter King Luen
Chang, Mr. B.
Chant, Ms. Nell
Chao, Ms. Florence
24 Chapman, Mr. & Mrs. R.
Charlton, Ms. Joan
Chartered Life Underwriters of
Canada, Vancouver Chapter
Chase, Dr. R.L.
Chase, Dr. W.H.
Checkik, Mr. V.
Chemetics International Ltd.
Chemical Engineering Society
Chemical Institute of Canada
Cheng, Mr. Colin
Cheng, Mr. Kim
Cherman, Dr. D.
Cherniak, Miss Judy
Cherry, Dr. & Mrs. S.
Chesko, Dr. E.E.
Cheslecki, Mr. John
Chevron Canada Limited
Chiarenza, Dr. M.
Children's Hospital
Chilliwack General Hospital
Chilliwack Medical Society
Chin, Harry Lin Foundation
Chitty, Dr. Dennis H.
Chitty, Mrs. Helen
Cho, Miss SB.
Chown, Mr. EH.
Chown, Mr. Eric V.
Chuck, Mr. Chung
Chung, Mr. Su K.
Chung, Dr. Wallace
Church & Dwight Co. Inc.
Churchill, Ms. Sharon
CIBA Ceigy
Clark, Mr. G.S.
Clark, Mr. R.
Clark, Mrs. Rosalyn
Clark, Mr. W.L.
Clark, Wilson & Co.
Clarke, Dr. B.R.
Clarke, H.F. Limited
Clarke, Mrs. J.N.
Clarke, Ms. M.
Clarkson Gordon & Co.
Clarkson, Ms. Margaret I.
Clerke, Mr. R.C.
Clerkson, Mr. Donald
Clibbert, Mrs. Marion
Cliff, Mr. R.L.
Clinical Chemistry Trust Fund
Clode, Mrs. M.
Clyne, The Hon. & Mrs. J.V.
Clyne, Mr. Norval S.
Coady, C.J. & Associates
Coburn, Mr. I.
Coffin, estate of Mr. Frederick W.
Cohen, Mrs. MB.
Cohen, Mr. & Mrs. Moe
Cohen, Mr. T.
Cohen, Mr. Ted
Cohn, Mr. W.
Coldstream Fire Department
College of Dental Surgeons of B.C.
College of Pharmacists of B.C.
College of Physicians &
Surgeons of B.C.
Collins Barrow
Collins, Mrs. Mark
Cominco Ltd.
Comitas Club
Committee for Mr. D. Gargett
Condon, Ms. Ena
Congoran, Mr. T.M.
Connor, Mr. T.
Cook, Mr. A.
Cook, Mrs. Daryll
Cook, Mr. T.A.
Cook, Ms. Thelma S.
Cooke, Mr. CAM.
Cooke, Mr. D.B.
Cooke, Ms. Edna
Cooper, Mrs. Gladys
Coopers & Lybrand
Copley, Mr. R.E.
Cornett, Mr. Alan
Coronado Mortgage Corporation
Corris, Ms. Shirley
Corteen, Dr. R.S.
Couch, Mr. E.A.
Council of Forest Industries of B.C.
Coupland, Mr. H.D.
Coutts, Dr. K.D.
Cowell, Mr. & Mrs. G.
Cowichan District Hospital
Cowichan Valley Hoo-Hoo Club
Cowichan Valley Medical Association
Cowin, Mr. Robert
Cox, Mrs. Evelyn
Crabtree, the Harold Foundation
Craddock, Dr. M.K.
Craig, Mr. Justice W.A.
Crane, Mr. & Mrs. John
25 Craven, Mr. H.M.
Crawford, Mr. N.
Crawshaw, Mr. M.L.
Credit Union Foundation of B.C.
Creer, Mr. F.B.
Creighton, Mrs. Mary M.
Crestbrook Forest Industries Ltd.
Creston Valley Foods Ltd.
Croatian Fraternal Union of
Crossman Machinery Co. Ltd.
Crown Zellerbach Canada Foundation
Crows Nest Industries Limited
Crozier, Mr. Lome H.
Cudmore, Ms. Nellie
Cullen Detroit Diesel Allison Ltd.
Cumberland Diagnostic & Treatment
Cumberland General Hospital
Cumings, Mr. George
Cumpston, Ms. Diana
Cunningham, Mr. J.R.
Cunningham, estate of Mrs.
Myrtle W.
Cyprus Anvil Mining Corporation
Czaykowski, Mr. B.
Czetwertynski, Mrs. Elizabeth
Dewitt, Mr. V.L.
Dewolfe, Mrs. Harold
Dewolfe, Mr. R.
Deyell, Miss Jessie
Dick, Dr. J.
Dick, Mrs. Shirley M.
Dickey, Dr. MR.
Dickie, Mr. F.B.
Dickie, H.W., Limited
Dienes, Mr. Leslie
Diggins, Miss Joyce
Dimick, Dr. J.E.
Dinsley, Mr. T.H.
Divinsky, Miss Judy
Dixon, Miss OP
Dobbin, Miss Geraldine
Dobbs, Mr. O.
Dohm, Mr. Justice T.A.
Dolmage, Campbell & Associates
(1975) Ltd.
Doman Industries Ltd.
Dome Petroleum Ltd.
Donald, Mr. R.
Donaldson, Mr. F.B.
Doray, Ms. Victoria
Douglas College
Douglas, Mr. & Mrs. M.J.
Douglas, Mr. Paul
Douglas, Symes & Brissenden
Dove, Mr. A.J.
Dow, Mr. A.
Dow Chemical of Canada, Limited
Down, Mr. E.
Downie, Miss E.
Downing, Mr. M.E.
Doyle, Mr. Michael
Doyle, Ms. Minnie
Drab, Mr. H.E.
Draeseke, Mrs. M.J.
Dragon, Ms. Helen
Dragon, Mr. M.
Dronin, Mr. L.
Drummond, Mrs. Edith
Dryer, Hon. Mr. Justice V.L.
Dumaresq, Mr. D.J.
Dumont, Dr. M.A.
Duncan, Dr. CP.
Dunfee, Mr. D.R.
Dunford, Ms. B.J.
Dunlop, Dr. J.A.
Dunn, Dr. & Mrs. W.L.
Dunn, Mr. W.M.
Dunsmore, Mr. CE.
Du Pont of Canada Exploration Ltd.
Durand, Mrs. G.H.
Durkin, Ms. Gertrude
Durrant, Mr. G.W.
Durupt, Mr. H.J.
Dvorak, Mr. James
East Chilliwack Co-op
Eaton Foundation
Ebco Industries Ltd.
Econo Mart 73
Edelweiss Credit Union
Edmunds, Mr. J.S.
Education Students Association
Educational Research Institute
of B.C.
Edwards, Mr. J.A.
Edwardson, Mr. & Mrs. A.M.
Eggertson, Mrs. Carroll
Egli, Mr. Marcel
Ehling, Mr. L.A.
Ehling, Mr. M.A.
26 El Circulo
Eldorado Nuclear Limited
Elk Creek Waterworks Co. Ltd.
Elliot, Dr. George
Elliot, Mr. R.M.
Elliott, Mr. CR.
Ellis, Mr. D.V.
Ellis, Judge Hugh
Ellwood, Mr. E.
Elphinstone Secondary School
Elsevier North-Holland, Inc.
Elvin, Mr. R.W.
Emery, Mr. P.C.
Emmerson, Mrs. Jane
Empey, Mrs. P.M.
Eng, Mr. Anthony
Eng, Mr. Peter
Engineering Institute of Canada
Engineers Wives Association
English, R.A. & Associates
English, Dr. W.N.
Enright, Mrs. C.
Erco Industries Ltd.
Ernst, Mr. David
Eta Theta Chapter
Eureka Lodge No. 103
Eurocan Pulp & Paper Ltd.
Evans, Mrs. Barbara
Evans, Mr. H.M.
Evans, Mr. J.B.
Evans, Ms. Kathleen
Evoy, Mr. & Mrs. H.R.
Executive Marketing Services
Faculty Womens Club
Fafard, Mr. Terry
Fahrni, Dr. B.M.
Fahrni, Dr. W.H.
Fairclough, Mr. R.
Falconbridge Nickel Mines Ltd.
Falconer, Mr. W.B.
Fallis, Miss Mary
Fankhouser, Mr. J.
Fanning, Ms. J.M.
Farley, Mr. Jack
Farquhar, Mr. KB.
Farquhason, Mr. Bob
Farrell, the late Mr. Gordon
Farris, Mr. J.L.
Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy
Fawcus, Mr. Justice K.S.
Fearman, Mr. F.W.
Federated Co-operatives Limited
Federation of Medical Women
of Canada
Festing, Mrs. A.K.
Field, Mr. D.C.
Field's Stores Limited
Filtness, Ms. J.
Financial Executives Institute
Finnegan, Dr. C.V.
Finning Tractor & Equipment Co. Ltd.
Finnsson, Ms. Florence
Finora, Ms. Sally
Fisher, Mr. A.W.
Fisher, His Honour Judge T.K.
Fishwick, Mr. K.N.
Fitzgeorge-Parker, Mrs. Clare
Fladmark, Dr. K.R.
Fleck, Mrs. GEL.
Fleishman, Mr. N.M.
Fleming, Mr. N.A.M.
Fletcher, Ms. Jean
Flewelling, Mr. L.M.
Flick, Ms. Jane
Foort, Mr. James
Ford, Dr. Denys
Ford, Ms. M.
Ford, Ms. N.
Ford, Mr. W.L.
Fording Coal Limited
Forler, Miss V.M.
Forrest, Mr. Stewart
Fortune, Miss Ruth
Forward, Dr. C.N.
Foster, Mr. Ev.
Foster, Ms. Marlene
Foster, Mr. W.F.
Forsyth, Ms. I.
Fouks, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur
Fouks, Mrs. Jack
Foxwell, Dr. R.G.B.
Fowler, Mr. G.A.
Fowler, Guy Memorial Trust
Frankie Robinson Enterprises Ltd.
Franklin, Mr. H.J.
Franklin, Mrs. Myrtle
Franks, Mr. & Mrs. W.
Fraser, Dr. Arthur
Fraser, Mrs. Elspeth
Fraser Fisheries Ltd.
Fraser, Ms. Isabel
Fraser Valley Dental Society
27 Fraser Valley Milk Producers'
Fraser Valley Regional Library
Fratkin, Dr. L.B.
Freeman & Company
Freeman Foundation Ltd.
Freeman, Mr. & Mrs. H.
French, Dr. S.W.
Frender, Dr. Robert
Fridriksson, Mr. Thor
Friedman, Dr. & Mrs. Sydney
Friends of Steve Taylor
Frisby, Mrs. K.
Frith, estate of Mrs. Bessie C.
Frizell, Mr. W.
Frobeen, Mrs. L.
Frohlinger, Sharon Memorial Fund
Frosst, Charles E. & Co.
Frosst, Merck & Company Ltd.
Fruehauf Trailer Co. of Canada
Fry, Miss Joyce
Fugro, Inc.
Fullerton, Rev. W.E.
Fulton, Miss Andrea
Fulton, Mr. Justice E.D.
Fulton, Dr. E. Margaret
Fulton, Miss M.
Furnes, Mr. H.A.
Gage, estate of Dr. Walter H.
Gainer, Mr. Bob
Galitzine, Ms. Eve
Gallagher, Ms. Linda
Galloway, Mrs. Bertrand
Garden Club of Vancouver
Gardner, Mr. D.
Gardner, McDonald & Co.
Gardner, Mrs. W.J.
Garg, Ms. Lori
Gargett, Ms. Ann E.
Garibaldi-Whistler Development
Co. Ltd.
Garner, Dr. R.
Gaube, Mr. E. Otto
Cautshi, Mr. E.H.M.
Gear, Mr. & Mrs.
Gellman, Dr. D.D.
General Motors of Canada
Gentlemen Two Men's Wear Ltd.
German Canadian Business &
Professional Association of B.C.
Germann, Mr. Z.J.
Gerry, Mr. M.C.L.
Getz, Dr. Leon
Gibb, Mr. Harry
Gibney, Mr. W.H.R.
Gibson, Mrs. A.S.
Gibson, Dr. E.M.
Gibson, Mr. J. Gordon
Gibson, Dr. & Mrs. W.C.
Gibson, Mr. W.R.
Gilbertson, Mr. J.
Giles, Mr. George
Gillespie, Dr. H.S.
Gillespie, Mrs. Wilma
Gilley, Mr. H.P.
Girl Guides of Canada
Giuliani, Mr. James
Glaxo Canada Limited
Glenwright, Mr. John
Glitter Gals
Glover, Mr. M.
Glyn-Jones, Ms. Vivian
Coble, Mr. R.A.
Godfrey, Mr. L.M.
Goel, Dr. DP.
Gold, Dr. A.V.
Gold, Ms. Jean
Cold, Mr. KM.
Goldberg, Mr. M.A.
Golden Hospital Auxiliary
Goldenberg, The Hon. Mr. H. Carl
Colder Associates
Goldman, Mr. Rene
Goodchild, Mrs. EH.
Collevitch, Ms. R.
Gordon, Mr. G.F.
Gordon, Mr. John
Gordon, Mr. J.P.
Cordon, Ms. O.
Gordon, Mr. P.J.
Gorge Road Hospital
Gorosh, Mr. & Mrs. John
Gosse, Mrs. Doreen
Gould, Mr. Justice J.G.
Gouldstone, Mr. B.A.
Goulet, Mr. CRD.
Gourlay, Mr. C.C
Covan, Dr. W.R.
Government of Canada, Minister of
State Fitness & Amateur Sport
Graf, Mr. J.
28 Graham, Mr. Ian
Handley, Mr. H.J.
Graham, Ms. J.
Hannah Institute for the History
Graham, Mrs. J.S.
of Medical and Related Sciences
Graham, Ms. Sheila
Hannay, Miss M.J.
Graham, Mr. & Mrs. V.E.
Hansen, Mr. & Mrs. T.
Grand Lodge of B.C., A.F. & A.M.
Hansen, Mr. W.L.
Granger, Mr. H.M.
Hanson, Mr. Max
Grant, Mr. Keith
Harder, Dr. D.H.
Graphic Arts International
Hardwick, Dr. D.F.
Union Local 210
Hardy, Dr. W.N.
Gray Beverage Company Ltd.
Harnetty, Dr. P.
Gray, Mr. & Mrs. Earl
Harper, Grey, Easton & Company
Cray, Dr. CR.
Harris, Dr. G.
Gray, Mr. J.D.
Harrison, Mr. E.L.
Gray, Mr. LT.
Harrop, Dr. T.J.
Green, the Hon. H.C.
Hart, Miss E.L.
Greenfield, estate of Mr. E.P.
Harvey, Mr. & Mrs. W.H.
Gregory, Mr. Andro
Harwood, Mr. Bruce
Gregory Manufacturing Ltd.
Hatch, Professor R.B.
Griffin, Miss Mary
Hawthorn, Mrs. Audrey
Griffin, Mr. T.F.
Health Administrators Association
Griffiths, McLelland & Co.
of B.C.
Grippo, Mr. S.
Health Centre for Children Society
Gronlund, Mr. MD.
Health Labour Relations
Cropper, Dr. P.T.
Association of B.C.
Groves, Mrs. M.M.
Health Record Association of B.C.
Crowe, Dr. G.H.
Heavenor, Mr. Robert
Guild, Yule, Schmitt, Lane
Heighway, estate of Mrs. Florence E.
& Murray
Heiss, Mr. U.P.
Guinn, Mr. W.F.
Helliwell, Mr. J.F.
Gunn, Dr. C.C
Hender, Mr. Byron
Gushue, Ms. Betty
Hendrickson, Miss Inga
Gyro Club of Kerrisdale
Heninger, Professor S.K.
Haase, Ms. Irene
Henry, Mr. J.A.
Hacker, Mr. Cecil
Hesketh, Mr. Albert
Hagen, Mrs. E.
Hetherington, Mr. J.D.
Hager, Mr. D.C.
Hetherington, Mrs. J.D.
Hager, Mr. R.T.
Hetherington, Mrs. P.
Hagler, Mr. R.
Hewitt, Mr. L.
Haire, Mr. L.A.
Hickling, Mr. M.A.
Haley, Mr. CM.
Hicks, Mr. J.B.
Hall, Mr. H.U.
Hicks, Dr. R.
Hall, Mr. O.J.
Higginbottom, Mr. R.A.
Hall, estate of Mr. Percy Barr
Hill, Ernest D. Memorial Trust
Halliday, Ms. A.
Hill, Mr. L.E.
Halliday, Dr & Mrs. F.M.
Hill, Mr. Philip G.
Halpern, Mr. G.R.
Hill, Dr. R.H.
Hamakawa, Mr. Mutusumi
Hills, Mr. D.
Hamber Foundation
Hinchliffe, Ms. Jo
Hammermill Paper Co.
Hinkson, Mr  Justice E.E.
Handkamer, Mr. R.
Ho, Ms. Sylvia
29 Hoan, Dr. W.S.
Hobbs, Dr. E.D
Hobbs, Mrs. V.M.
Hobkirk, Mr. H.
Hobson, Mr. J.
Hoebig, Mrs. P.M.
Hoffman-La Roche Limited
Hogan, Mrs. Mary
Holbrook, Mr. D.R.
Holesman, Ms. Edna
Holliday, Mr. E.M.
Holm, Mr. D.C.
Holness, Mr. T.A.
Holsti, Dr. K.J.
Holt, the late Mr. Arthur
Holt, Ms. P.
Holtan, Mr. Frank
Holy Family Hospital
Homeniuk, Mr. V.A.
Hood, Miss Margaret
Hornby, Mrs. A.L.
Horner, Frank W. Ltd.
Horner, Ms. J.
Horsman, Ms. Nancy C.
Hospital Employees Union Local 180
Hougham, Mr. G.
Hourston, Mr. Wm. R.
Housing Corporation of B.C.
Housing and Urban Development
Association of Canada
Houston, Mr. J.A.
Howard, Dr. Betty
Howard, Mr. R.B.
Howe Sound Teachers Association
Howes, Dr. J.F.
Howes, Mrs. M.L.
Howren, Mr. M.
Hudson, Miss W.J.
Hudson's Bay Oil & Gas
Company Limited
Hughes, Ms. Betty
Hughes, Mr. J.
Hughes, Mr. T:S.
Hultberg, Mr. CR.
Hume, Mr. Lome
Humphreys, Mr. A.N.
-Humphries, Mrs. Mary
Hundert, Dr. E.J.
Hunt, Dr. J.E.
Huntec (70) Limited
Hunter, Mr. Aline
Hunter, Mr. Allen
Hunter, Mr. Harold
Hunter, Mrs. RAM.
Huntingdon, Mrs. S.C
Hurt, Mr. Howard
Hurvitz, Mr. L.N.
Hutcheon, Judge H.E.
Hutton, Mr. J.M.
Hutton, Ms. Nancy
Hyams, Mr. Robert
Hyland, Mr. J.N.
IAC Limited
I.O.D.E. Provincial Chapter
I.O.D.E. Burnaby Chapter
I.O.D.E. No. 15
I.O.D.E. R.C.A.F. Chapter
I.W.A. Credit Union
Ikota, Mr. M.
Iljamo, Mr. M.
Imperial College of Science
and Technology
Imperial Oil Limited
Imperial Tobacco Limited
Inco Limited
Independent Order of Foresters
Industrial Forestry Service Ltd.
Inglis, Dr. A.M.
Ingo, Mr. K.L.
Ingram, Ms. Betty
Ingram Pharmaceutical Company
Institute of Chartered
Accountants of B.C.
International Association of
Machinists & Aerospace Workers
International Brotherhood of
International College of Dentists
International Development
International Hearing Aids (1972)
International Longshoremens &
Warehousemens Union
International Order of Jobs
International Sea-Land Shipping
Service Ltd.
International Union of Operating
Irving Clinic
30 Irving, estate of Mrs. Diana O.
Irving, Ms. M.A.
Iverson, Ms. Flo
Jablonsky, Mr. George
Jackson, Mr. & Mrs. R.
James, Mr. Dale
James, Mr. D.G.L.
James, Ms. Teresa
Jamieson, Ms. Ann
Jamieson, Ms. C.A.
Jamieson, Mrs. E.
Jardine, Mrs. Gladys K.
Jarowicz, Ms. Julia
Jenkins, Mr. Bob
Jenkins, Mr. & Mrs. H.M.
Jenkins, Mr. J.R.
Jet Equipment & Tools
Jetter, Mr. Joseph
Johnsen Landscaping Limited
Johnson, Dr. A.M.
Johnson, Mr. C.W.
Johnson, Miss D.
Johnson, Ms. Frances M.
Johnson, Mr. Peter
Johnson, Mrs. N.
Johnson, Ms. Norma
Johnson, R.D. & Associates Ltd.
Johnston, Mr. D. Lukin
Johnston, Ms. Lynda
Johnston, Mr. W.
Johnstone, Mr. B.A.
Jones, Mr. CS.
Jones, Ms. Diane
Jones, Ms. Heather
Jones, Mrs. Shirley
Jopling, Mr. Morris
Jordan, Professor R.M.
Journeyman Training & General
Industry Promotion Fund
Jull, Mr. E.V.
Kaiser Resources Ltd.
Kamloops District Teachers
Kamm, Mrs. E.
Kania, Dr. J.E.
Kaplan, Mr. Larry
Kapoor Singh Siddoo Foundation
Keenleyside, Ms. A.M.
Keenleyside, Mr   E.W. Irvine
Keenleyside, Dr. Miles H.A.
Keenlyside, Dr. Wm. M.
Kelland, Ms. Valerie
Kellogg, W.K. Foundation
Kelly, Mr. A.C.
Kelly, Ms. Gladys
Kenah, Mrs. K.N.
Kennedy, Dr. J.M.
Kenny, Dr. DT.
Kent, Charles Chan Golden
Wedding Scholarship
Kenwood, Mr. L.G.
Keple, Mrs. K.L.
Ker, Priestman & Associates Ltd.
Kerekes, estate of Mrs. A.P.
Keremeos Lions Club
Kerley, Miss Linda
Kerr, Dr. R.B.
Kerrisdale Dental Group
Ketchum Manufacturing Sales
Key, Dr. Chapin
Kidd, Mrs. P.R.
Kidney Foundation of B.C.
Kidson & Company
Kimberley Legion Society
Kimmins, Dr. J.P.
Kincaid, Mrs. T.
King, Mr. F.E.
King, Ms. M.E.
King, Mr. Phil
Kinghorn, Mr. Bruce
Kirk, Mr. J.M.
Kirschner, Mr. W.
Kirson, Dr. Sidney
Kispiox Band Council
Kitchen, Miss E.H.F.
Kiwanis Club of Summerland
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver
Kjikstad, Edward Agency
Kliman, Dr. MR.
Klohn Leonoff Consultants Ltd.
Klonoff, Ms. Mary
Klowaty, Mr. Tony
Knapp, Dr. F.M.
Knight, Miss M.
Knox, Dr. S.C.
Kockums, Letson & Burbee
Koerner, Mrs. Iby
31 Koerner, the Leon & Thea
Koerner, Dr. & Mrs. Walter C.
Koffler Stores (Western) Ltd.
Kohn Electric Ltd.
Kokan, Dr. P.J.
Komori, Mr. E.
Kootenay Bar Association
Kootenay Lake District Hospital
Korchinsky, Mr. N.N.
Korn, Dr. G.W.
Kosciuszko Foundation, Inc.
Koslosky, Mr. P.A.
Krajina, Dr. V.J.
Krause, Ms. Dorleen
Krebs, Mr. M.
Kropius, Mr. Walter
Kropp, Mr. D.
Kuhn, Mr. & Mrs. F.
Kurtz, Dr. Chester
Kuta, Ms. M.I.
Kutney, Dr. J.P.
Kydd, Mr. D.W.
L & K Lumber (North Shore) Limited
Labash, Mr. Joseph
Labatt Breweries of B.C. Limited
Labatt, John Limited
Ladies Orange Benevolent
Ladies Pharmaceutical Auxiliary
Ladner Downs
Ladner, the late Dr. Leon J.
Ladner, Mr. Thomas E.
Laehrm, Ms. H.
Laidlaw, Mr. T.K.
Laithwaite, Mr. A.B.
Lakai, Ms. Kathy
Lakowski, Mr. Romauld
LaLond, Mr. Cecil
LaLonde, Mr. Victor
Lam, Ms. Betty
Lam, Mrs. E.
Lambda Kappa Sigma Alumni
Lambert, Ms. L.A.
Lambert, Mrs. N.D.
Lando, Mr. & Mrs. Esmond
Lane, Dr. A.
Lane, Mr. R.F.
Langhammer, Mr. B.
Langley Chapter of the Eastern
Langley-Surrey University
Women's Club
Lappin, Mrs. H.
Larsen, Mr. F.J.
Larson, Mr. A.
Lassen, Mr. Knud
Laurentide Financial
Corporation Ltd.
Lauriente, Mr. T.W.
Law Foundation
Lawler, Mr. James
Lawrence, Ms. M.
Lawson, Mr. D.J.
Laycoe, Mr. Robert
Leavitt, Mr. D.
LeBlond, Dr. Paul H.
Lee, Ms. Kathy
Lee, Robert Ltd.
Legal Services Commission
Legg, Mr. Justice Hugh P.
Leith, Mr. Murray V.
Leliott, Mr. F.
Leonard Foundation (Ontario)
Lepp, Dr. V.A.
Lerche, Mr. Jon
Leroux, Ms. Olga
Leslie, Mr. & Mrs. S.
Lester, Mr. R.A.V.
Lester, Mr. & Mrs. R.K.
Letham, Ms. I.
Leung, Ms. Goretti
Leung, Dr. S.W.
Lewis, Judge C.J.
Lewis, Miss Eva
Lewis, Miss J.R.
Liang, Dr. M.Y.
Licenced Practical Nurses
Association of B.C.
Lieb, Mr. & Mrs. V.L.
Light, Ms. Mary
Liley, Dr. N.R.
Lilly, Eli and Company (Canada)
Lin, Dr. Paul T.K.
Lindsay, Miss S.
Lions Gate Hospital
Lippman, Ms. F.L.
Lister Bolt & Chain Ltd.
Little, Mr. Douglas
32 Little, Mrs. Eleanor
Little, Mr. J.B.
Livsey, Mr. J.B.
Loban, Mr J.A.
Local Committee CFBS
Lofstedt, Mr. & Mrs. R.
Lofvendahl, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Loncarevic, Mr. Bosko
Long, Mr. CF.
Longridge, Dr. D.M.N.
Longstaffe, Mr. J.R.
Longstaffe, Mrs. Marietta
Loomer, Dr. R.L.
Loos, Mr. John
Lord, the Hon. A.E.
Lorz, Mrs. S.
Lougheed, Ms. Marie
Louie, Mr. Willis
Loutit, Ms. Connie
Loutit, Dr. D.
Loutit, Mr. Jim
Louvie, Mrs. N.
Luft, Dr. Erhardt
Lund, Mr. Bonar
Lusztig, Dr. Peter
Lynn, Ms. Mabel
McAfee, Dr. Ann
McAfee, Harder & Associates
McArthur, Mr. H.E.
Macaulay, Nicholls, Maitland
& Co. Ltd.
MacBean, Mr. D.W.C.
McBee, Miss Tillie
McBride, Mr. J.A.
McBride, Mrs. M.
McBryde, Mr. W.
McCarter, Nairne & Partners
McCarthy, Mr. Bob
McConnell, Miss B.
McConnell, Dr. J.A.
McCrae, Mrs. Helen
McCreary, Dr. J.F.
MacCrimmon, Ms. Marilyn
McCullough, Ms. L.
McCullum, Rev. & Mrs. J.A.
McCusker, Ms. J.
McDermid, Mr. J.C.
McDermott, Mr. J.
McDevitt, Ms. Evelyn
McDonald, Dr. D.M.
MacDonald, Mr. H.C.L.
McDonald, Mr. I.
McDonald, Mr. Ian W.
MacDonald, Mr. J.
Macdonald, the Hon.
Mr. Justice J.A.
McDonald, His Hon. Judge L.M.
Macfarlane, Mr. Justice Alan B.
MacFarlane, Mr. Justice M.M.
McCarry, Ms. T.
McGavin, Mr. Allan M.
MacGill, Dr. E.G.
McGraw, Dr. R.W.
McCreer, Dr. D.E.
McGregor, Miss B. Louise
Mclllree, Mr. J.N.
Maclnnes, estate of Mr. W.H.
Mcintosh, Mr. A.
Mcintosh, Mr. G.B.
Maclntyre, Mrs. G.
Maclntyre, .Hon. Mr. Justice W.R.
MacKay, Mrs. D.
MacKay, Ms. Isabel
Mackay, Ms. J.
MacKay, Mr. K.
MacKay, Mr. P.
MacKay, Mrs. R.S.
McKechnie, Mrs. D.C.
McKechnie, estate of Dr. R.E.
MacKedie, Mrs. M.
McKee, Ms. I.M.
McKenzie, Mrs. A.
McKenzie, Dr. A.D.
McKenzie, Mrs. Agnes
McKenzie, Mrs. B.
MacKenzie, Dr. C.J.G.
MacKenzie, Ms. Helen
McKenzie, Mr. Justice L.G.
MacKenzie, Mrs. M. Claire
MacKenize, Mr. Murray H.
MacKenzie, Dr. NAM.
Mackenzie, Mrs. T.
Mackoff, Mr. Justice A.A.
MacKoff, Mrs. R.
McLachlin, Mr. B.M.
McLallen, Mr. J.A.
McLallen, Mrs. L.
McLallen, Mr. W.
McLaren, Ms. M.A.
McLarnon, Dr. James
McLaughlin, Ms. L.
33 McLaughlin, R. Samuel
MacLean, Ms. Ann
McLean, Mrs. Catherine
McLean, Dr. D.M.
MacLean, Mr. F.A.
MacLean, Mr. Justice H.A.
MacLean, Mr. Ian
McLean, Mr. J.C.T.
McLean, Mr. J.F.
McLean McCuaig Foundation
Macleod, Miss A.
McLeod, Mr. C.
MacLeod, Mrs. H.J.
McLeod, Ms. J.
McLeod, Mr. M.C.
McLeod, Mr. Vernon
McLoughlin, Mr. B.W.F.
McMartin, Ms. J.
McMeekin, Mr. G.R.
MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.
MacMilan Co. of Canada Ltd.
MacMillan Family Fund
MacMillan, estate of Mr. H.R.
MacMillan, Miss Isabel
McMillan, Dr. J.M.
McMillan, Mr. Ken
McMillen, Mr. M.R.J.
McMiller, Mr. A.
McMurtry, Dr. M.R.S.
MacNab, Mrs. J.L.
McNair, Mrs. M.C.
McNeely, Dr. J.A.
McNeil Laboratories
MacNiel Management Ltd.
McPhedran, estate of Mrs. M.E.
McPhee, estate of Mr. D.S.
MacPhee, Ms. Jennie
MacPhee, Ms. Joan
McPherson, Dr. CD.
McRae, Mr. D.M.
MacRae Montgomery Spring &
MacRitchie, Dr. & Mrs. D.M.
Macobson, Mr. N.
Madderom, Mr. Peter
Mafco Imports Ltd.
Maggs, Dr. Alex
Mahon, Andrew Foundation
Mainguy, Mr. J.W.
Mair, Ms.Susan G.
Majar, Mr. R.W.
Malcolm, Mr. R.D.C
Malfet, Mr. Paul
Malkin, Mrs. Mary
Mallory, Miss H.E.
Malherbe, Mrs. F.L.
Malone, Ms. W.
Mann, Mr. CR.
Mann, Ms. Iva
Mann, Dr. R.M.
Manners, Mr. G.D.
Manning, Ms. J.
Mar, Ms. M.A.
Marchuk, Mr. W.
Marcoe, Dr. K.D.
Marcoe, Dr. Malcolm
Marks, Dr. E.
Marks, Dr. Stephen
Marocchi, Ms. E.B.
Marsh & McLennan Limited
Marshall, Mr. T.C
Marshall, Mrs. W.C.
Martin, Mr. David
Martin, Ms. Dorothy
Martin, Ms. Irene
Martin, Mr. James
Martin, Mr. John
Martin, Ms. Mary
Marzoli, Mr. P.
Massey, Geoffrey Architects
Mason, Ms. Kathleen
Mather, Mrs. J.M.
Mathers, Mr. F.D.
Mathiesen, Dr. A.K.
Matkin, Mr. J.G.
Matsqui-Sumas-Abbotsford General
Mattessich, Mr. R.
Matthias, Mr. R.
Mattison, Ms. S.
Mavinic, Mr. D.S.
Monro, estate of Dr. A.S.
Moore, Ms. Jean
Moorhouse, Ms. A.
Morfitt, Mr. George
Morgan, Mr. Alan
Morgan, Mr. E.F.
Morgan, Ms. Martha
Morgan, Ms. Mona
Morgan, Mrs. Rose
Morguard Trust Company
34 Morrey, Ms. R.E.
Morrey, Mr. Ted
Morris, Mr. R.
Morrison, Dr. B.M.
Morrow, Mr. W.H.
Morton, Dr. K.S.
Morton, Ms. Margaret
Mouakes, Ms. Dorothy
Mount Saint Francis Hospital
Mount Saint Joseph Hospital
Mowatt, Ms. CM.
Mowatt, Ms. Marjorie
Moxon, Ms. M.
Moyls, Dr. B.N.
Muenster, Mr. L.J.
Muir, Mr. D.J.
Mullins, Dr. Peter
Multiple Sclerosis Society of
Munday Trailers Ltd.
Munn, Dr. Mary
Munro, Miss Constance E.
Munroe, the Hon. Mr. Justice F.C.
Murray, Mr. Justice G.L.
Muscular Dystrophy Association
of Canada
Myall, Mrs. R.W.T.
Nabob Foods Ltd.
Nadeau, Dr. J.S.
Naden, Dr. J.R.
Nairn, Air Vice Marshall K.C.
Nakai, Dr. Shuryo
Nascardo, Mr. Ruben
Nash, Mr. M.W.
Nassachuk, Mr. Frank
National Association of College
Stores, Inc.
National Cancer Institute
of Canada
National Council of
Jewish Women
National Foundation
National Retinitis Pigmentosa
Foundation of Canada
Native Daughters of B.C.
Neen, Mrs. D.J.
Negrin, Miss E.L.
Nelson, Ms. Ann
Nelson, Ms. Annette C
Nelson, estate of Mr. Arthur
Nelson, Diocese of
Nelson, Mr. M.M.
Nelson's Jewellers Ltd.
Nemetz, the Hon. NT.
Neroutsos, Mr. C.H
Nesbitt, Mr. J.D.
Nesbitt Thomson & Co. Ltd.
Nestle (Canada) Ltd.
New, Mr. L.D"
New Westminster Public Library
New York Life Insurance
Newby, Prof. F.S.
Newman, Mr. W.
Newmark, Ms. Florence
Newmont Mining Corporation
Ng, Dr. John Paul
Nichols, Mr. W.F.
Nicol, Mr. John
Nishko, Dr. N.
Nomad Club
Noonan, Mr. R.W.
Noranda Foundation
Norden, Mrs. Lillian
Nordlund, Miss E.
Nornan, Ms. Peggy
North Fraser Harbours
North, Mrs. Margaret
North, Dr. Robert N.
North Shore Medical Society
North West Survey Corporation
(Yukon) Ltd.
Northwest Lath and Plaster
Northwestern Society of
Intestinal Research
Northwood Pulp & Timber
Norton, Mrs. Lois
Noton, Mr. J.R.
Notre Dame University of Nelson
Nottingham, Mr. A. Miles
Nu-West Development
Corporation Ltd.
Nystrom, Mrs. P.
O'Brien, Mr. Kerry
Ocean Construction Supplies
Ocean Fisheries Limited
Ochiai, Mr. K
35 O'Connor, Ms. Florence
Odium, Mr. R.M.
Ohs, Mr. R.J.
Okamatsu, Mr. & Mrs. Y.H.
Okanagan Holdings Limited
Okanagan-Mainline Real Estate
O'Keefe, Mr. M.J.
O'Kulita, Mr. V.J.
Oldridge, Mr. O.A.
Oliver, Mr. E.
Omstead, Ms. Carol
One Hundred Mile District
General Hospital
Order of the Eastern Star
Grand Chapter of B.C.
Order of Elks of Canada
Ormston, Mr. & Mrs. GT.
Orr, Mrs. Grace
Orr, Ms. T.M.
Orr, Mr. W.A.
Orthodontist's Study Club
Osborne, Mr. R.D.
Ostrander, Ms. M.
Ottawa Foundation for
Medical Research
Overmyer, Mr. D.L.
Owen, Mr. Walter S.
Pacific Coast Fisherman's
Mutual Marine Ins. Co.
Pacific National Exhibition
Pacific Petroleums Ltd.
Pacific Press Limited
Pak, Mr. Chin
Palaty, Mr. M.
Pan American Petroleum
Parents without Partners
Parker, Mr. C.H.
Parker, Mr. T.
Parkhave & CM.
Parnall, Mr. J.E.
Parris, Ms. Merlene
Parry, Ms. Lily M.
Parsons, Mrs. Lucille
Pastinsky, Mr. B.
Paterson, Mrs. G.S.
Patterson, Dr. F.P.
Patterson, Mrs. Lillis
Patton, Mr. W.E.
Paul, Ms. Jeanne
Paul, Mr. R.H.
Peace Arch District Hospital
Pearne, Mrs. L.
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.
Pedley, Ms. M.E.
Pegg, Mr. D.C.
Peg's Place
Pemberton Securities Ltd.
Penner, Mr. G.C
Pennington, Mr. J.M.
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AD
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AM
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AP
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Vancouver
President's Council
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter WY
Perex, Mr. K.T.
Perks, Mr. MAM.
Permanent, The
Perry, Judge F.S.
Peters, Dr. Ernest
Peterson, Mr. SB.
Petroleum Research Fund
Pfizer & Co. Ltd.
Phi Delta Kappa Chapter
Philips Electronics Ltd.
Phillips, Mr. Arthur
Phillips Barratt Hillier Jones
& Partners
Phillips, Hager & North Ltd.
Phillips, Ms. R.
Phillips, Mr. R.J.
Phillips, Mr. W.
Physics Society
Physiotherapy Association of B.C.
Pickles, Dr. A.C.
Piercy, Mr. J.D.
Piffer, Ms. Norma G.
Piggot, Mrs. Eleanora
Piloto, Prof. A.E.
Piltz, Mr. H.K.
Pincher Foundation
Pinder, Dr. CD.
Pinette & Therrien Mills Ltd.
Piper, Mrs. E.E.
Piper, Dr. M.S.
Pirie, Dr. CE.
Pither, Ms. Dorothy
Pitt Polder Ltd.
Placer Development Ltd.
Planning Institute of B.C.
36 Plumbley, Mr. & Mrs. W.
Police Mutual Benevolent
Association of Vancouver
Pollock, Ms. Ann
Pollock, Mr. J.R.
Poison, Mr. J.A.
Pomfret, Mr. Jack
Pomfret, Mrs. Marilyn R.
Poole, Mr. W.G.
Port Moody Senior Secondary
Porter, Dr. G.B.
Potts, Mr. D.
Potts, Mr. & Mrs. J.E.
Poulenc Pharmaceutical Co.
Pow, Mr. CO
Powell, Mrs. MB.
Powley, Mr. MD.
Presad, Ms. Sheila
Prevette, Mr. Garry
Prevost, Mr. M.F.
Price, Mr. Curtis
Price, Mr. G.
Price, Mr. George
Price Waterhouse & Co.
Primer, Mr. M.
Prince, Mr. W.
Prinsenberg, Dr. Simon
Prior, Mr. D.M.
Prior, Mrs. Peggy
Pritchard, Ms. Fiona
Pritchard, Mrs. H.
Probko, Mr. Don
Probyn, E.R. Limited
Prodanchuk, Mr. D.
Proskurniak, Mr. P.
Prosser, Mr. R.D.
Prosser, Mr. R.J.
Prosterman, Dr. B.D.
Proudfoot, the Hon Madam
Justice Patricia M.
Prouse, Mrs. A.
Province of B.C., Cultural
Services Branch
Province of B.C., Health Branch
Prudential Insurance Company
of America
Pudlas, Mr. Ken
Pulleyblank, Mr. E.C.
Pulp & Paper Research Institute
of Canada
Puppin, Mr. A.R.
Purdue University
Queen Victoria Hospital
Queens Park Hospital
Radamaker, Mrs. W.
Rae, Mr. Justice CCS.
Ransford, Dr. Peter
Ranta, Dr. L.E.
Rawlins, Mrs. B.
Rayonier Canada (B.C.) Limited
Read, Jones, Christoffersen Ltd.
Read, Mr. S.E.
Read, Mr. Stanley
Real Estate Board of
Greater Vancouver
Real Estate Institute of B.C.
Rebagliati, Ms. M.
Rebrin, Miss I.
Redmond, Mrs. L.
Ree, Dr. Rimhak
Reese, Mrs. C.
Reeves, Mr. R.W.
Registered Psychiatric Nurses
Association of B.C.
Rehabilitation Medicine
Undergraduate Society
Reid, Ms. C.S.
Reid, Mr. J.C
Reid, Mr. & Mrs. J.C
Reid, Dr. P.E.
Reid, Mr. R.S.
Reif, Mr. & Mrs. K.E.
Remnant, Dr. Peter
Research Corporation
Resources for the Future, Inc.
Retail Clerks' Union, Local 1518
Reubart, Mr. Dale
Reunion Fund
Revelstoke Companies Ltd.
Rex, Mr. R.A.
Reynolds, Mr. A.
Reynolds, Mr. P.M.
Rhodes, Mr. E.C.
Rice, Mr. M.C
Richardson, James & Sons,
Richfield Properties Ltd.
Richmond, Mr. WO.
Ricker, Dr. W.E.
Riedel, Dr. B.E.
Riedel, Mr. S.
37 Riggs, Ms. Susan
Riley, estate of Mr. Christopher
Riley, Mrs. MR.
Rimar Holdings Ltd.
Rioual, Miss W.
Ripley, Mr. Pat
Risse, Mrs. Alice
Roberts, Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey F.
Roberts, Mr. & Mrs. Don
Roberts, Dr. F.J.
Roberts, Mrs. M. Violet
Robertson, Mr. Justice A.B.
Robertson, Mr. A.W.
Robertson, Mr. C.E.G.
Robertson, Mr. G.A.
Robinson, Mr. & Mrs. J.L.
Robinson, Mr. W.G.
Robson, Mr. Ray
Rockefeller Foundation
Roger, Ms. DEC
Rogers, Mrs. A.K.
Rogers, Mr. B.A.
Rogers, Mr. George
Rogers, L.V. Secondary School
Rogers, Mr. R.G.
Rooney, Mr. B.
Rooney, Mr. & Mrs. Sid
Roote, Mr. Ian
Rootman, Dr. Jack
Rose, Mrs. J.
Rosenberg, Dr. H.S.
Rosevear, Mrs. Ann
Ross, Ms. Eileen
Ross, Mr. H.F.
Ross, Mrs. Hope
Ross, Prof. Ian
Ross, Mrs. M.
Rotary Club of Princeton
Rotary Club of Vancouver
Rothwell, Dr. G.S.
Rowe, Mr. W.H.
Rowley, Ms. E.
Royal Arch Masons of B.C.,
Grand Chapter
Royal Canadian Legion,
Pacific Command
Royal Canadian Legion, No. 10
Royal Canadian Legion, No. 15
Royal Canadian Legion, No. 16
Royal Canadian Legion, No. 25
Royal Canadian Legion, No. 68
Royal Canadian Legion, No. 88
Royal Canadian Legion, No. 160
Royal Canadian Legion, No. 178
Royal Trust Company
Rowell, Ms. B.
Rubeck, Mr. R.F.
Rudland, Mr. T.
Runcie, Mr. A.
Runeckeles, Dr. V.C
Runzer, Mr. G.
Rushton, Dr. S.J.
Russell & Dumoulin
Russell, Ms. Elma
Russell, Mrs. E.M.
Russell, Mr. James
Russell, Dr. R.D.
Rust, Miss M.
Rutledge, Mr. Edward
Rutledge, Mr. Harold
Ruttan, Hon. Mr. Justice J.G.
Ruus, Mr. E.
Ryan, Dr. J.E.B.
Ryan, Dr. J.G.
Ryan, Mr. M.M.
Ryan, Mrs. Sue
Ryder, Mr. A.C.
Sales & Marketing Executives
of Vancouver
Saltzman, Mr. M.
Salvage, Cordon Co. Ltd.
Samonte, Ms. G.C
Samuels, Mr. & Mrs. Jack
Sanderson, Ms. Emily
Sanderson, Ms. Irene
Sanderson, Mr. R.A.
Sandhu, Prof. K.S.
Sauder Foundation
Sauder Industries Ltd.
Savery, Mrs. A.G.
Savitt, Dr. S.F.
Sawada, Mr. Shikyo
Sawkins, Mr. W.P.
Sawyer, Mr. J.E.
Schackleton, Mr. L.
Schackter, Dr. J.J.
Schadt, Mrs. J.H.
Schering Corporations Limited
Schilder, Mrs. Marie
Schiller, Ms. Moni-Claire
Schinbein, Dr. J.E.
38 Schloss, Dr. S.M.
Sherman, Mr. Milt
Schmoeller, Mr. M.C.
Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd.
School District No. 1
Shim, Dr. S.S.
School District No. 39
Shima, Mr. Kazuo
School District No. 40
Shirran, Mr. A.F.
School District No. 48
Shoolbraid, Mrs. K.E.
School District No. 55
Short, Mrs. J.E.
School District No. 56
Shorthouse, Mrs. F.E.
Schrodt, Miss P. Barbara
Shuswap Lake General Hospital
Schuk, Mr. Herb
Shuttleworth, Mrs. D.M.
Schuldt, Mr. H.E.
Siemens, Dr. AH.
Schuman & Harte Co.
Siddon, Dr. T.E.
Schutz, Dr. R.W.
Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity Alumni
Schwab, Mr. B.
Signori, Mr. E.R.
Schweigel, Dr. J.F.
Signus Club of Vancouver
Scobie, Mr. Wayne
Silva, Mr. Antonio
Silver, Dr. J.G.
Scotchman, Ms. Yvonne
Simpson, Mr. B.
Scott, Prof. A.D.
Simpson, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Scott, Mrs. B.
Simons, H.A. (International) Ltd.
Scott Paper Limited
Sinclair, Dr. A.J.
Scott, Dr. W.R.
Singer, Mr. & Mrs. Jack
Seaconsult Marine Research Ltd.
Singh, Mr. Raj
Seaman, Dr. C.V.F.
Sivertz, Mr. B.
Seamon, Dr  Roger
Skalbania, N.M. Ltd.
Seaport Crown Fish Co. Ltd.
Skerl, Mrs. D.M.
Searle, CD. & Co. of Canada
Slade, Dr. Kenneth
Slanley, Mr. LB.
Sears, Mr. David
Slight, Mr. J.S.
Sears Employees
Slind, Mrs. M.
Seaspan International Ltd.
Slinn, Mr. S.P.
Seaton, Mr. Justice P.D.
Sloan, Alfred P. Foundation
Seaton, Dr. R.W.
Sloan, Mr. David A.
Segal, Mrs. Mary
Sloan, Ms. D.E.
Segal, Dr. Sydney
Small, Mrs. Ina
Selby, Ms. Joan
Small, Mr. R.
Senay, Mr. George
Smallbone, Mr. D.W.C
Senff, Mrs. Ursula
Smith, Mr. Al
Shackleton, Mrs. & Mrs. L.
Smith, Mrs. C.J.
& family
Smith, Mr. David A.
Shafron, Mrs. F.
Smith, Mr. E.A.
Shafron, Morley Agencies Ltd.
Smith, Mrs. Eva
Sharkey, Mr. Jack
Smith, Mr. F.C.
Shastri Indo-Canadian
Smith, Mrs. Gilbert
Smith, Mrs. Grace M.
Shaw, Mrs. D.
Smith, Harry & Hilda Foundation
Shaw, Miss D.E.
Smith, Horace Fund
Shearer, Dr  R.A.
Smith, Mr. J.B.
Shell Canada Limited
Smith, Prof. J.H.C
Shepherd, Mr. C L.
Smith, Mrs. K.
Shepherd, Ms. Charlene
Smith Kline & French Canada Ltd.
39 Smith, Mrs. L.
Smith, Mrs. L.M.
Smith, Mrs. L.R.
Smith, Mrs. M. Paulette L.
Smith, Ms. Marion
Smith, Mr. V.K.
Smith, Hon. Justice W. Kirke
Smitna, Mr. John
Smythe, Mrs. Gail
Society of Automotive Engineers,
B.C. Section
Society of Management
Accountants of B.C.
Society of Real Estate Appraisers
Somerford, Mr. & Mrs. Frank
Sonntag, Mr. N.
Soroptimist Club of New
Sorrentino, Mr. Fulvio
Sottana, Mr. Umberto
Soulsby, Mrs. E.
Southam, Mr. & Mrs. C.T.
Southard, Miss Hazel
Southard, Mrs. Lois
Southwestern Drug Warehouse
Soward, Dr. F.H.
Sparling, Mr. W.F.
Sparwood Secondary School
Speare, Ms. M.
Spears, Mr. Donald
Spears, Mr. T.A.
Speidel, Ms. Wilma
Spencer, Chris Foundation
Spitzer, Dr. R.W.
Splane, Dr. R.B.
Spry, Mr. F.R.
Spur Ranch Ltd.
Stainsby, Mr. CD.
Stanill, Mrs. Helen
Stanley Drug Products Ltd.
Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club
Stanton, Mr. Terrill
Stanzl, Frank Construction Ltd.
Starkey, Mrs. Elizabeth
Starr, Mr. Dale
Statham, Mr. Al
Steel Company of Canada Ltd.
Steele, Mr. R.C.
Steele, Mr. R.D.
Steele, Mr. T.
Stefanini, Ms. Ruth
Steiner, Ms. Mary
Stentaford, Mr. G.R.
Stephany, Mrs. E.
Stephens, Dr. D.C.
Stephenson, Dr. J.M.
Sterling, Mr. Mark
Stevens, Mrs. M.L.
Stevens, Ms. Shirley
Stevens, Mr. W.W.
Stevenson, Mr. J.E.
Stevenson, Mr. L.F.
Stewart, Mr. & Mrs. D.M.
Stewart, Mr. Jack
Stewart, Mr. & Mrs. W.G.
St. Anselm's Ladies Guild
St. Clair-Sobell, Mrs. E. Joyce
St. Helen's Anglican Church
St. Paul's Hospital Medical Staff
St. Vincent's Hospital
Stinson, Mrs. E.
Storey, Mr. D.
Storkcraft Ltd.
Strand, Mr. L.M.
Strand, Mr. Ron
Strand, Dr. R.M.
Street, Miss Margaret M.
Street, Mr. R.H.
Strong, Miss M.B.
Strongitharm, Judge E.D.
Stry Credit Union
Students Wives Association
Studio Chorale
Sturrock, Dr. F.L.
Styra, Mrs. D.C.
Subedar, Mr. H.
Suen, Dr. C.H.
Summerland, Corporation of
Summerland General Hospital
Summit Engineering Sales
(Calgary) Ltd.
Sun Life Assurance Company of
Sun-Rype Products Ltd.
Sunshine Coast Scholarship,
Bursary & Loan Society
Surrey Single Parents Association
Sutherland, Mr. A.K.
Sutherland, estate of Mr. B.W.
Sutton Braidwood
40 Sutton, Mr. G.
Swain, Mr. Harry
Swan, estate of Mr. Wm. G.
Swan Wooster Engineering Co.
Swedish Canadian Club
Sweet, Mr. D.C.
Sweid, J.K. and Co.
Swencisky, Judge A.H.J.
Swinton, Mr. A. Hans
Swinton, Mr. Paul
Sykes, Mr. P.J.
Szabo, Ms. Christine
Tachi, Mr. & Mrs. Y.
Taggart, Mr. Justice J.D.
Tahsis Company Ltd.
Tait, Ms. Anne & Colleagues
Tan, Mr. M.
Tansey, Mr. J.G.
Tape, Mr. Bob
Tarleck, Mr. R.D.
Tate, Dr. R.G.
Tautz, Mr. A.F.
Taylor, estate of Mr. Austin C.
Taylor, Mrs. E.R.
Taylor, Mr. Glen
Taylor, Dr. H.E.
Taylor, Dr. I.E.P.
Taylor, Mrs. J.
Taylor, Ms. J.C.
Taylor, Mr. J.P.
Taylor, Mrs. J.W.
Taylor, Mrs. Paul
Taylor, Ms. R.L.
Teck Mining Group
Telecommunications Workers
Templeman, Mrs. Muriel
Tessler, Mr. L.
Tetlow, Dr. Wm. L.
Texasgulf Inc.
Thomas, Miss Jo
Thomas, Dr. J.W.
Thomas, Mr. M.A.
Thomas, Mr. M. Arthur
Thompson, Berwick, Pratt
& Partners
Thompson, David Secondary
Thompson, Mrs. G.
Thompson, Dr. G.B.
Thompson, Mrs. M.J.
Thompson, Dr. W.J.
Thompson, Mr. W.J.
Thomson, Mr. G.E.
Thomson, Mr. Jim
Thomson, Mr. R.E.
Thorne Riddell & Co.
Thorsteinsson, Mitchell, Little,
O'Keefe & Davidson
Thurston, Mr. F.R.
Tickner, Ms. Mary
Timbers, estate of Dr. Honor M.
Timco, Mr. & Mrs. W.C.
Timple, Ms. Grace
Tindle, Dr. P.
Toby Russell Buckwell &
Todd, Mr. E.C.
Todd, Robert Architects
Toews, Mrs. E.
Tofino Hospital Society
TohCan Limited
Tomlinson, Mr. Ken
Topping, Ms. Wendy
Toronto Dominion Bank
Totem Park Residence
Tough, Mr. W.J.
Tournemille, Mr. P.
Towell, Mr. G.S.
Towell, Dr. M.
Toy, Mr. Justice S.M.
Trail Regional Hospital
Trans Mountain Pipe Line
Co. Ltd.
Trans-Pacific Fish Ltd.
Tredger, Dr C.N.
Tredwell, Dr. S.J.
Tremayne, Mrs. N.E.
Trewin, Mr. H.E.
Trites, Mr. A.E.W.
Trout, Mr. R.
Trumbull, Mr. L. Lyman
Trumbull, Madge Hogarth Agency
Trussell, Dr. P.C.
Tsetsekos, Mrs. T.
Tsze, Dr. Wok M.
Tuberculous & Chest Disabled
Veterans Association
Tully, Dr. Wm. A.
Tupper, Mr. David
41 Tupper, Sir Charles
Secondary School
Turner, Mr. F.J.E.
Turnill, Mr. Eric
Twinning, Mr. M.H.
Tyerman, Ms. J.
Tyler, Mr. P.
UBC Business Review
UBC Employees Local 116
UBC Law Review
USV Pharmaceutical Corporation
Underhill, Mr. R.W.
Union Oil of Canada
United Church of Canada
United Fishermen and Allied
Workers Union
United Keno Hill Mines Ltd.
United Transportation Union
University Club of Vancouver
University House of Beauty
University of Miami
University Pharmacy
University Women's Club of
New Westminster
University Women's Club of
Unwin, Mr. R.B.
Uphill, Mr. Marvin
Upjohn Company
Upjohn Company of Canada
Upper Island Medical Society
Upton, Mr. F.M.
Ure, Mrs. K.D.
Urquhart, Mr. H.B.
Utah Construction & Mining Co.
Vail, Ms. Lynne
Valentine, Mrs. J.
Valley Landscaping
Vance, Mr. Gary
Van Cleve, Mr. & Mrs.
Vancouver Bar Association
Vancouver B'Nai B'Rith Hillel
Vancouver Business &
Professional Women's Club
Vancouver Centennial Museum
Vancouver City Employees
Group Charities
Vancouver City Savings Credit
Vancouver & District Dental
Vancouver Elementary School
Teachers Association
Vancouver Foundation
Vancouver General Hospital
Vancouver Horticultural Society
Vancouver Jaycees' College
Vancouver Kiwanis Welfare
Vancouver Medical Association
Vancouver Municipal & Regional
Employees Union
Vancouver Natural History
Vancouver Policemen's Union
Vancouver Stock Exchange
Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
Vancouver Women's
Transportation Club
Vaniterson, Mrs. S.
Van Messel, Perles & Co.
VanSacker, Mrs. Gail
Van Tel Credit Union
Vaughan, Mr. D.L.
Vaughn, Mr. & Mrs. W.
Vennewitz, Mr. W.A.
Versatile Publishing Co. Ltd.
Vick Chemical Company
Victoria Bar Association
Victoria & District
Parent-Teacher Council
Vogt, Dr. Erich
Volkoff, Dr. & Mrs. CM.
Volkoff, Mrs. Olga
Vowles, Mr. Bob
Wada, Mr. M.
Waddell, Dr. Ronald
Wade Williams Partnership
Wagner Engineering Ltd.
Wagner, estate of Mr. Morris
Wainman, Mr. A.W.
Wakefield, Mr. Bob
Wakeley, estate of Mrs. C.V.L.
Waldie, Dr. A.C.
Waldman, Dr. & Mrs. Roy
Walker, Mr. D.
Walker, Mrs. Irene
42 Walker, Mr. R.C.P.
Walley, Dr. & Mrs. K.
Walsh, Mr. J.W.
Walters, Mrs. S.
Wannop, Mr. Wm. B.
War Amputations of Canada
Ward, Mr. R.K.
Warkenin, Mr. D.L.
Warner-Lambert Canada Limited
Warner, Mr. W.L.
Warnock Hersey Professional
Services Ltd.
Warr, Mr. M.
Washington, University of
Watamanik, Mr. P.
Watkins, Mr. John
Watt, Dr. J.C.
Watt, Dr. N.S.
Weakland, Ms. Jean Marie
Weaver, Mrs. Margaret
Webb, Mr. J.
Webber, Mr. H.C
Webber, Ms. P.C.
Weber, Mr. H.J.
Weber, Mrs. O. Melba
Webster, Mrs. CD.
Webster, Ms. Daisy
Webster, Mrs. Jean T.
Webster, Mr. M.E.
Weeks, Mr. Gerald
Wegenkittle, Mr. F.
Wehrhahn, Mr. CS.
Weidendorf, Mrs. M.
Weinburg, Dr. F.
Weinstein, Mrs. Blossom
Weir, Mr. D.H.
Weiss, Dr. Leonard
Welch, Mr. E.
Weldwood of Canada Ltd.
Wells, Ms. Donna
West Coast General Hospital
West, Mr. Ken
West Kootenay Medical Society
West Vancouver Friends of
the Retarded
West Vancouver Parent Teachers
Council & Association
West Vancouver Sketch Club
Western Canada Fertilizer
Western Canada Hydraulic
Western Canada Steel Ltd.
Western Co-operative Fertilizers
Western Optical Ltd. and
Affiliated Companies
Westinghouse Canada Ltd.
Westman, Ms. Nora
Westminster County Real
Estate Board
Western Medical Association
Weston, the W. Garfield
Westwood Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Weyerhaeuser Company
Whiddon, estate of Mrs. Nellie
Whitaker, Mr. Roy
Whitby, Mrs. E.C.
Whitcutt, Mrs. O.
White, Mr. Don
White, Mrs. Elsie
White Spot Limited
Whitelaw, Dr. D.M.
Whitelaw, Mr. CR.
Whiteley, Mr. A.S.
Whitmar, Mrs. A.
Whittaker, Dr. J.V.
Whittle, Mr. H.D.
Whonnock Industries Limited
Whyte, Mr. M.
Whyte, Mr. W.
Wickett, Mr. W.P.
Wickham, Mr. K.
Wiebe, Mr. Victor
Wight, Miss W.
Wilkie, Dr. D.
Will, Dr. H.J.
Williams, Mrs. C.I.
Williams, Ms. Eleanor
Williams, Mr. L.G.
Williams, Mrs. Mary
Williams, Mrs. S.P.
Williard, Mr. J.
Williston, Mr. Ray G.
Wilson, Mr. A.E.
Wilson, Mr. D.C.
Wilson, Mr. E.
Wilson, Mr  F.
43 Wilson, Mr. G.S.
Wilson, Mr. J.D.
Wilson, Ms. K.
Wilson, Ms. Muriel
Wilton, Mr. E.
Winch, Ms. P.J.
Winnipeg Foundation
Winspear, Higgins, Stevenson
& Co.
Winter, Ms. Janice
Wire Rope Industries Ltd.
Wisenthal, Mr. Jonathan
Wold, Mrs. B.J.
Wolff, Ms. Marg
Wolochow, Mr. D.M.
Wolochow, Dr. Michael
Woloshyn, Ms. Lenore
Wolridge Foundation
Wong, Mr. Alfred
Wong, Mrs. D.P.
Wong, Mr. E.T.
Wong, Dr. Roderick
Wood, Mrs. B.
Wood, Dr. W.S.
Woodbridge, Mrs. S.
Woodward, Ms. F.M.
Woodward, Mr. & Mrs. P.A.
Woodward Stores Ltd.
Workers' Compensation Board
World Bank
World Wildlife Canada
Wosnuk, Mr. J.S.
Wouters, Mrs. J.
Wu, Mrs. CS.
Wyeth Limited
Wylie, Dr. B.
Wynnchuk, Ms. Mary
Xerox of Canada Limited
Yaholnitksy, Mrs. F.
Yates, Mrs. A.
Yeo, Dr. D.J.
Yeung, Dr. Edmund
Yorkshire Trust Company
Yorque, Ralf Society
Yoshida, Dr. Y.V.
Youmans, Mr. V.
Young, Mr. G.
Young, Dr. J.H.
Young, Dr. J.W.
Young, Ms. Kathleen
Young, Mr. K.G.
Young, Mr. Maury
Young, Dr. MD.
Young, Mr. & Mrs. W.M.
Youth Bowling Council of B.C.
Yu, Dr. W.
Yukon, Government of the
Zack, Ms. Beatrice
Zack, Mrs. Gertrude
Zack, Mrs. Sidney
Zaitzeff, Mr. & Mrs. A.
Zbarsky, Dr. S.H.
Zeldowicz, Dr. H.C.
Zephyr Mercury Sales Limited
Zintel, Ms. Bessie
Zivot, Dr. Aaron
Zolbrod, Dr. Leon
Zonto Club of Toronto
44 ._______£_
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada  V6T 1W5


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