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Abbott Laboratories Ltd. (Montreal): y
Oral  Erythromicin  Project  $ 3,852.00 ^/
Aberdenn, Mr. James F.:
B.C. Educational Research Council   10.00 k
Aluminium Laboratories Ltd. (Montreal):                                                          ■ y
Grant for Research in Metallurgy  1,000.00<-
American Chemical Society (Washington, DC): y
Petroleum  Research Grant   8,040.00 /
Research  in Geophysics   145.88 t—'
American Cyanamid Co. (New York): y
-   -   ■ )Y
Research in Phenolic Oxidations         3,500.00*
Armstrong High Schools,
B.C. Educational Research Council   10.00
Atomic Energy of Canada: y'
Uranium   Oxide   Research     25,500.00
B.C. Heart Foundation: /
Research in Anatomy _..  1 5,375.00  yy
Research in Surgery         3,550.00 *
Research in Pharmacology   27,750.0Q</
Research  in Anaesthesia          1,275.00^'
Research   in  Medicine         2,975.00^^
Grant to Strong Laboratory  .... 17,062.50//
B.C. Hydro and Power Authority: N   /
Professorship in Electrical Engineering   15,000.00 *
B.C. Medical Research Foundation:
Research in Medicine         5,445.00 Y
Research in Obstetrics          1,295.61 V
Research in Physiology   500.00/
Research in Surgery        2,200.00Y
Research in Pharmacology         2,500.00 Y
Research in Biochemistry         5,000.00*^
Grant to Strong Laboratory  '.__  3,960.00 Y
B.C. Sugar Refining Co. Ltd.:
Sugar Beet Research        1,000.00/
B.C. Teachers Federation:
B.C. Educational Research Council   500.00   t.
B.C. Tuberculosis Society: y
Grant to Continuing Medical Education  .        2,500.00 *
Brewing 8c Malting Barley Research Institute: y
Barley  Breeding  Research   800.00 /
Bristol Laboratories (Syracuse, N.Y.):
Metabolic studies on fungi producing chlorine-containing /
antibiotics     2,000.00 V Britannia Secondary School: .
B.C. Educational Research Council   5.00 y/
The British Drug Houses (Canada) Ltd. (Toronto): y
Research Project in Microbiology   2,000.00v
Burroughs Wellcome 8c Co. (Canada) Ltd. (Lachine, Que.): y
Research in Cardiovascular Pharmacology   850.00 v
Campbell Pharmaceuticals Inc. (New York): ,
Research in Ophthalmology   3,000.00 1/
Canadian AMCO Ltd. (Toronto): r
Research in Geology  1,000.00/
Canadian Arthritis 8c Rheumatism Society (B.C. Division): .
Rheumatic Disease Unit  20,000.001/
Research in Paediatrics         2,000.00
Canadian Arthritis & Rheumatism Society (Toronto): .
Rheumatic Disease Unit  3,000.00 Y
Research in Pathology  3,900.00  y
Grants to Strong Laboratory  6,834.00  Y
Canadian Cancer Society: y
Cancer Research Centre Equipment   13,361.64  '/
Canadian Explorations Ltd.: y
Research  in  Geophysics   5,000.00 V
Canadian Industries Ltd.:
Granfto Zoology ...  600.00 Y
Canadian Mental Health Association: /
Mental  Health  Research   3,750.00 K
Canadian Nurses Association (Ottawa): /
Research in Anthropology and Sociology  100.00^
Canadian Pulp 8c Paper Association, Technical Section, /
Pacific Coast Branch: /
._.--• Grant to Chemical Engineering  500.00 »
Canadian Uranium Research Foundation: y
Uranium  Research  50,000.00 V
Canex Aerial Exploration Ltd.: y
Research in Mineral Exploration   2,000.00 Y
C.I.B.A. Company, Pharmaceutical Division (Dorval): y
Research in Anatomy         1,250.00 5/
Coast Explorations Ltd.:
Research in Biochemistry   900.00|/
Community Chest 8c Councils of the Greater Vancouver Area:
Interviewing Program for area development        4,500.00 Y
Consolidated Mining 8c Smelting Co. Ltd. (Trail): /
Grant for Research in Metallurgy         7,500.00 '
Forestry Research on the influence of fertilization and
other factors on Cone Production by Douglas Fir         4,000.00
The Council on Economic 8c Cultural Affairs Inc. (New York):
Appraisal of structural instability and diversification possibilities
in the Agricultural sector of Malayan Economy         2,500.00 Y
Davis, Mr. and Mrs. A. E.:
Gift to Respiratory Function Laboratory  5.00 M
Driver, Mr. George W.: y
Research in Ophthalmology   300.00 \Y
Eastview Elementary School: ./
B.C. Educational Council Research   25.00 *
/ Eldorado Mining 8c Refining Ltd. (Ottawa):
Research in Metallurgy 	
The Elite Taxi Co. and Staff:
Respiratory Function  Unit 	
Forward Engineers Limited:
Nickel  Ore Research 	
Metallurgy Trust Fund 	
Fournier, Mr. and Mrs. Albert:
Respiratory Function Unit 	
Frosst & Co., Charles E. (Montreal):
Research in Chemistry 	
Government of Canada, Department of Agriculture:
Research in Animal Science 	
Research in Dairy Science 	
Research in Plant Science	
Government of Canada, Department of Citizenship and Immigration:
Indian Research Project	
Government of Canada, Department of Forestry:
Research in Forestry .
Government of Canada, Department of Mines and Technical Surveys:
Research in Geology	
Government of Canada, Medical Research Council:
Common Grant, Research	
Personal Awards 	
Government of Canada, Department of National Defence:
Various Research Board Grants	
Government of Canada, Department of National Health and Welfare:
Grants far Projects in Social Work  .")_.
Government of Canada, National Research Council:
Research in Metallurgy 	
Research in performance standards for Building Site Planning
Research in Zoology 	
Research in Mathematics	
National Research Council Grants 	
Research in Physics 	
Green, Mrs. Kathleen:
Research and Postgraduate Fund - Surgery 	
Halsey, Mrs. N.:
Gibson Research Fund - Psychiatry	
Halterman, Mrs. Carl:
Research in Opthalmology 	
Horticultural Trades Association:
Research in Horticulture 	
Imperial Oil Limited (Toronto):
Grant to Department of Chemistry 	
International Lead 8c Zinc Research Organization (New York):
Research in Metallurgy 	
International Nickel of Canada Ltd.:
Research  in Geophysics 	
The Jensen Family:
Respiratory Function  Unit 	
Jewitt, Mr. W. G.:
Research and Postgraduate Fund - Surgery	
12,500.00 y
6.oo y
2,208.61 y
3.50 X
4,700.00 /
19,780.00 y
2,200.00 Y
162,359.48 v y
10,289.17     Y^
2,000.00 Y
2,583.33 Y
187,601.66 f
190.65 y
1,000.00 y
10.00^ Y
Johnston, Dr. Gordon C: y
Research and Postgraduate Fund - Surgery  1 0.00 v\
Keevil Mining Group Ltd. (Toronto): ,
Biogeochemical  Research   500.00   V
Keremeos Teachers Association:
B.C. Educational Research Council   10.00./
Kimberley School District No. 3: /
B.C. Educational Research Council   10.00 »
King, Miss Daphne:
Research in Mental Deficiency  10.00«X
Koerner Foundation, Leon and Thea:
Research- in Preventive Medicine   4,500.00 v
John Labatt Limited:
Studies of Glyceryl Ethers  8,552.00
Eli Lilly 8c Co. (Indianapolis):
Research  Fellowship in Chemistry   10,800.00
Luke, Dr. W. R. F. (Toronto):
Research in Ophthalmology   20.00 v\
McGeer, Dr. Edith: /
McGeer Research Fund -Psychiatry   100.00 v
McKenzie, Dr. A. D.: y
Research and Postgraduate Fund - Surgery  1,500.00 Y
McWaters, Mr. J.: y.
Respiratory Function Unit   10.00 .Af
Mangnall, Mr. E. and Family:
Respiratory Function  Unit   lO.OOMf'
Montgomery, Miss Janet E.:
Research and Postgraduate Fund - Surgery  250.00 /
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada:
Research Grant to Dr. T. L. Perry -Pharmacology  6,250.00 *
Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada: y
Muscular Dystrophy Research Grants   16,877.40 *
National Cancer Institute of Canada: /
Various Grants for Cancer Research   105,159.51 /
National Institute of Health (Bethesda, Md.): y
Research in Chemistry   1,665.00 /
Research in Biochemistry   28,032.00 /
Research in Psychiatry   10,682.00 i'\
Research  in  Dentistry   4,284.00 /
Research in Anatomy  500.00 '-'
New Westminster Elementary Teachers Association: y
B.C. Educational Research Council     10.00V^
Patey, Mr. Charles: y
Research in Ophthalmology   100.00 0\
Poulenc Limited (Montreal): .
Research in Pharmacology   3,000.00 4/
Province of British Columbia: ,.
Federal Public Health Grants   1 86,999.03 Y
Archaeological   Research    3,000.00^
Poultry Science Research   2,500.00i/
Psychiatry Research   4,000.00 Y
Agriculture - Soil Science       3,967.01 Y Agriculture - Soil Capabilities   2,100.00 j//
Public Libraries Research   1,400.00  /^
Pulp 8c Paper Research Institute of Canada (Montreal): /
Wood Quality Studies   3,000.00/
Riley, Mr. Christopher: y
Research in Mineral Explorations  75.001^
Rix, Dr. and Mrs. D. B.: /
Research in Ophthalmology   10.00   ' i
Sechelt Teachers Association: -
B.C. Educational Research Council   10.001/
Smith, Kline 8c French, Inter-American Corporation (Montreal): y'
Research in Ophthalmology   2,000.00 lY
Smith, Dr. Michael: y
Research in Biochemistry   200.00 ^
Sprague Electric Co. (Massachusetts): y
Research in field of thin oxide films   9,375.001/
Steel Co. of Canada Ltd.:
Research in Metallurgy   1,000.00V
Suburban Taxi Co. Ltd.: y
Respiratory Function Unit   15.00)/
Sugar Research Foundation (New York):
Research in Agricultural Engineering   1,823.00*^"
Syntex Corporation of Mexico (Mexico): y
Research  in  Chemistry   3,000.00 *Y
Thompson, Dr. G. B.: y
Research and Postgraduate Fund - Neurosurgery  7b&lY
Toporchak, Mr. F.:
B.C. Educational Research Council   5.00 Y'
Tuberculosis & Chest Disabled Veterans Association:
Research in Respiratory Disease  2,000.00r
United Cerebral Paly Research 8c Educational Foundation Inc.
(New York):
Grant for Research in Psychiatry         1,800.00 I
United Keno Hill Mines Ltd.:
Research in Geochemistry        4,000.00 *Y
University of California: y
Clinical Drug Evaluation - Surgery      16,728.00 yY
University of Washington: y
Research in Pathology   490.76 Y
The Upjohn Co. of Canada: y
Research in Chemistry        6,000.00^
The Vancouver Foundation: yf
J. Russell Fund - Research in Rehabilitation Medicine   1,164.60      •
B.C. Disaster Relief Fund - Applied Science Research  24,820.1 iv/
Vancouver General Hospital: ,f~
Technician's Salaries   9,771.94   *
Vancouver Parent-Teachers Council:
B.C. Educational Research Council   10.00
Wada, Dr. J. A.: y
Neurological Research   200.00 Y
Wardle, Mr. P.:
Alpine Research Fund - Plant Science  25.00i--j
/ Weaver, Dr. H. G.:
Research and Postgraduate Fund - Medicine  50.00 /
Welding Research Council: /
Research on Solidification of Nickel Base Alloys        2,000.00 V
Woodward Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. P. A.:
Research in Psychiatry  614.35 Y
Vancouver General Hospital: ,
G. F. Strong Laboratory Research Fund        4,550.00 V
American Can Co. of Canada Ltd.: y
Aid to Education  ___$ 1,000.00 /
Anonymous Gift  10,000.00     '
Ash Temple Ltd.:
Dr. G. Plant Memorial Fund - Dentistry   10.00 V
Association of Co-Operative Pre-school Groups:
For Child Study Centre   800.001''
B.C. Association of Broadcasters:
University of B.C. Project   1,435.00 Y
B.C. Dental Supply Co. Ltd.: /
For Faculty of Dentistry  7.50 *
B.C. Hydro 8c Power Authority: /
Public Administration Course for Government Employees  1,575.00*^
B.C. Library Association:
School  of Librarianship   100.00 /
B.C. Packers Limited: y
For Chair of Fishery Biology  3,500.00/
B.C. School Trustees Association:
B.C. School Trustees Association Project Grant   3,716.55 i/
Bene, Dr. Eva: y
Friends of International House Account  100.00/
British Ropes Canadian Factory (1963) Ltd.: y
Educational Program, 1964   500.00y
Battle, Mr. W. F. T.: y
for Portrait of Miss D. Somerset - Dept. of Theatre   300.00/
The California Standard Co. (Calgary): /
Maintenance Grant for Fellowship in Biochemistry  500.00 Y
The Canada Council (Ottawa): /
Travel   Expenses     425.77 /
Canadian A.rthritis and Rheumatism Society, B.C. Division: y
Contribution for salary expenses   7,499.961'
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation: y
Grant for student research assistant  450.00y
Canamac Pictures Ltd.: y
Grant to University Resources Committee  100.00 Y
Central Mortgage 8c Housing Corporation:
Grant for School of Planning   1,898.70   /
Certified General Accountant's Association: y
Grants for Instruction in Commerce  45,383.82 Y
Children's Hospital: .
Grant far salaries - Paediatrics  8,000.00 k Civil Liberties Association: y
Friends of International House  35.OO*'
Clyne, Hon. J. V.: .
for Portrait of Miss D. Somerset - Dept. of Theatre  300.00/
Comitas Club:
Friends of International House  10.001/
Du Pont of Canada Ltd. (Montreal):
Graduate School Program - Physics        5,000.00
Garden City Parent Teachers Association: y
Friends of International House   5.00(/
Government of Canada, External Aid Office (Ottawa): . y
University of Malaya      80,091.77   /
Government of Canada, Department of Fisheries (Ottawa): y
Extension Dept. of Fisheries        4,842.1 1 Y
Government of Canada, Dept. of National Defence: yY
Contributions for salary expenses        4,666.69  '
Haig-Brown, Mr. R. L.: .jy
President's Fund  50.00 **
Health Centre for Children:
Grants for Paediatrics      25,556.48 /
Holland, Mr. W. L: y
Japan Student Exchange   10.00 /
Frank W. Horner Ltd.: y
for Reading Room in Pharmacology  750.00 Y
Hudson's Bay Company: y
Italy to-day, Promotion of Romance Studies   500.00/
Hughes, Mr. T. S.: y
President's  Fund   60.00 Of
Institute of Chartered Accountants: y
Grants to Commerce      19,861.27/
Jones, Mrs. Violet K.: y
Gift to Percy R. Edwards Heart Fund  10.00*/
The Kapoor Singh Siddoo Foundation:
for Kapoor Singh Lectureship   750.00 /
Grant to Faculty of Medicine        5,000.001/"
Kellogg Foundation, W. K.: y
Grant for continuing Medical Education       1 1,250.00V/
Koerner Foundation, Leon and Thea: y
Grant to Community and Regional Planning          1,000.00^
Grant to Dept. of German   500.00 *'*
Grant to Dept. of Romance Studies        1,000.00    if
Grant to Audio Visual, Extension Dept.   500.00
Grant to Faculty of Law         1,000.00
Grant to Museum of Anthropology        1,400.00
Grant to Publications Board - Commerce         1,000.00
Grant to Ophthalmology Research Unit        5,000.00
McCreary, Dean J. F.:
President's  Fund   5.00/
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M.:
Paintings, Reproductions and Photographs for Fine Arts  881.00 r-
President's  Fund    50.00
McLean Foundation (Toronto): y
Paintings and Sculpture for Fine Arts        5,000.00 Y McLean, Mr. J. F.: L-
President's Fund  50.00 i-l
MacMillan Family Fund Trust, Dr. H. R.:
for Dal Grauer Foundation   5,000.00 /
National Productivity Council (Ottawa): /
Work Study School - Commerce  7,350.00 Y
Nelson Bros. Fisheries Ltd.: .
Chair of  Fisheries   1,250.00 Y
Nichol, Dr. H. and Dr. D. C. Feir: y
Psychiatry  Reading  Room   55.00 /
Ogilvie, Dr. Alfred L. and Margaret: i,
G. L. Plant Memorial Fund - Dentistry  10.00«f
Paulus, Miss Ingeborg: /
Japan Student Exchange   \0.00Y
The Poliomyelitis and Rehabilitation Foundation of B.C.:
for work in Paediatrics  2,500.00'*»"
for Rehabilitation Medicine   5,000.00 V
Province of British Columbia,
B.C. Toll Highways and Bridges Authority: ,
Public Administration Course for Government Employees.  J 75.00 "'
Province of British Columbia, Dept. of Education: y
Salary and Benefits - Technical Staff  15,179.27/
Province of British Columbia: y
B.C. Hospital Insurance Service   2,800.00 V
Grants for Technical Branch - Education   34,824.82v/
Read, Prof. Stanley E.: V
President's  Fund   50.00 Y\/
Friends of International House  25.00
Real Estate Council of B.C.:
Salesmen's Courses in Real Estate   25,550.00 Y
Robertson, Dr. John G.: .
Friends of International House  25.00*/
,-JRoss, Dr. Phyllis G., C.B.E.: y
for University Resources Committee   1,200.00 /
Sales and Marketing Executives Club: .
Sales Management Course - Commerce  3,000.00/
Schaffer, Mrs. Leslie: y
Friends of International House   100.00 y\
Scott, Dr. W. R.: ,
Dr. G. Plant Memorial Fund - Dentistry  5.00 '/
Shrum, Dr. Gordon M.: y
Trophy and Shield Graduate Students Association   24.2oY
Shuswap Okanagan Dairy Industries Co-Operative Association: /
Travel and Expense, NOCA Forage Scholarship in Plant Science 200.00 Y
Silversides, Mr. G.:
Friends of International House  25.00 \J(
Simmons 8c McBride Ltd.: /
Lectureship in Medicine   500.00 /
Society of Industrial and Cost Accountants: y
Cost Accountants Course in Commerce  8,000.00 /
Somerset, Miss Dorothy: /
Frederic Wood Theatre Operating Account   250.00*
y Steiner, Mr. A. B.: ,	
Friends of International House   50.00 *""
Stekl, Mr. Arthur: y
Friends of International House   20.00 •/,
United Nations (New York):
for Institute of Planning in Ghana   526.48 j
University of B.C. Summer Session Association:
Japan Student Exchange   200.00 </
The Vancouver Foundation: y
Williamson Foundation - Professorship for Retarded Children — 5,030.67 (^
The Vancouver General Hospital: y—
Technician's Salaries   5,185.27 Y
The Vancouver Junior Chamber of Commerce: y
Course in Executive Training   9,173.50 J/
Viscount Alexander Parent Teacher Assoc: y
Friends of International House  5.00/
Wainman, Dr. and Mrs. A. W.: y
Friends of International House   50.00Y
Whiteside, James - Walter Lee Parent Teachers Assoc.:
Friends of International  House   15.00
Wood, Dr. A. J.:
President's Fund   50.00/^
Zonta Club of Vancouver: .
Friends of International House   25.00/
Province of British Columbia: y
Capital Construction Grant  $2,466,662.00
Association for Retarded Children of B.C.:
for Observation Centre        5,000.004/*
Allen, Leslie A. (Toronto): -
Grant for Building Construction (Shares)       13,000.00*/
Canada Council:
Grant for construction of Multi-Purpose Theatre and Classroom    65,095.00 '
Koerner Foundation, Leon and Thea: y
Grant to Buildings and Grounds        1,000.00*^
Estate of Aileen Smith:
for University Training Hospital       10,000.00 '
Vancouver Foundation - Bischoff Fund:
Facilities for Neurological Research         2,463.72*/
Woodward's Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. P. A.: y
for Bio-Medical Library      60,000.00 Y
Woodward, Mr. P. A.: y
for Bio-Medical Library     130,000.00 Y
Total contributions in this list  $        950.00
Ames, Dr. C.
Blond, Dr. E. D.
Blumes, Dr. J.
Buckwold, Dr. A. K.
Chechik, Dr. M. M.
Corbin, Dr. T.
Diner, Dr. A.
Fishman, Dr. J. L.
Friedman, Dr. J. C.
Fuldauer, Dr. H.
Gelfand, Dr. S. B.
Gelmon, Dr. J.
Hayes, Dr. A. M.
Hirschberg, Dr. W.
Hock, Dr. L.
Kanee, Dr. A.
Katz, Dr. F.
Kaplowitz, Dr. H.
Kirson, Dr. S.
Kline, Dr. T.
Krasnoff, Dr. M.
Levine, Dr. M.
Malkin, Dr. Y.
Marcoe, Dr. K.
Margolese, Dr. S.
Mickelson, Dr. M.
Moscovich, Dr. S.
Nacht, Dr. M.
Naimark, Dr. J.
Olfman, Dr. A.
Panar, Dr. B. D.
Panar, Dr. M.
Sanders, Dr. N.
Shuster, Dr. H.
Smordin, Dr. S.
Snider, Dr. I. E.
Waterman, Dr. M.
Yorsh, Dr. R.
Various Donors - U.B.C. Development Fund    140,068.44
Friends of U.B.C.  Inc. (Bellevue, Wash.)   20.00
Canadian National Institute for the Blind:
Ophthalmology Research Unit   546.57 l/
Koerner, Dr. Leon J. Agency:
Ophthalmology Research Unit   546.58
Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Auxiliary:
Contribution for Book Purchases   17.75
Aikins, Mr. Carroll:
for Purchase of Books on Buddhism  500.00 ^
B.C. Bond Dealers Association: y
for Books on Commerce and Business Administration   200.00 Y
B.C. Cancer Foundation: y
Contribution for Bio-Medical Library         3,103.00*/
Campbell, Mrs. E. A.: y
Contribution for Bio-Medical Library   250.00 H
Canadian Society of Radiological Technicians:
Grant for Book Purchases  50.00 /
Henn, Mrs. Agnes: y
Gift for Extension Dept. Library  5.00/<
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M.: /
Gift for Purchase of Library Books        2,000.00Y
MacMillan, Dr. H. R.: -
for Library Book Purchase Fund  495.08 /
Vancouver General Hospital: y
Grants for Bio-Medical Library         7,875.00 Y^
Woodward's Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. P. A.: y
Grant for Medical Library Collection      55,000.00 Y^
The Canada Council (Ottawa):
Specialized Library Collection in Slavonic Studies         2,500.00/
Canadian Jewish Congress, Pacific Division: y
Judaica Fund for Library  50.00 v
A total of $89,370.75 was received during the campaign and has been distributed
as follows:
President's Fund  $ 13,140.44
MacKenzie Alumni Regional Scholarships   14,700.00
Friends of the Library   6,000.00
Athletics and Recreational Facilities   2,000.00
Student Union Building   1,000.00
Frederic Wood Theatre Foundation   13,000.00
Special Scholarships  3,000.00
Canadian Olympic Hockey Team   5,510.00
MacKenzie American Scholarships  880.14
Student Winter Sports Arena (Development of Facilities)  12,182.00
University Nurses Scholarships  1,071.50
Granville Mayall Memorial Scholarship   550.00
York  Lectureship   Fund    500.00
Library   Building     552.00
Dean E. D. MacPhee Commerce Alumni Student Aid Fund  2,015.50
Friends of Agriculture   4,657.75
Victoria   University    1,165.00
Miscellaneous other projects less than $500.00 each  7,446.42
(The amount shown is normally the annual value of the award or awards).
Acadia Camp Residents—bursary  $ 140.00   /
Adelphian Scholarship  Fund—scholarships   1,000.00   Y
Agnew, the late Dr. A. M.—(fund established by family and friends) y
—scholarship     200.00 Yy
Aikins, Mr. Carroll—prizes   75.00/'
Alliance Francaise (Vancouver)—bursaries  450.00 Yy
Allied Chemical Canada  Ltd.—scholarship   646.00     y
Allied Officers' Club Auxiliary—bursary   125.00 '/
Allstate Insurance Co.—bursary   100.00 Yy
Apha Delta Phi (B.C. Chapter)—bursary   50.00 Y.
Alpha Delta Pi Sorority (Beta Kappa Chapter)—bursary   50.00 Yy
Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority (Delta Zeta Chapter)—bursary  50.00 //
Alpha Gamma Delta Mothers' Club—bursary   100.00 /
Aluminum  Company  of   Canada   Limited   (Montreal)—scholarships
and grants   1 ,A00.00f/y
Alumni of Business Management Course (Vernon)—bursary   250.00'v/
Alumni of U.B.C, through the Annual Giving—scholarships   14,700.00//
Aluminum   Laboratories   Limited   (Montreal)—fellowship    2,396.00 Y
American Society  of  Heating,   Refrigerating,   and  Air-Conditioning y
Engineers (B.C. Chapter)—scholarship   250.00 ►
American Society for Metals Foundation for Education and Research y
—scholarship  500.00 Y
American Society for Metals, B.C. Chapter—scholarship   400.00 \y
American Woman's Club—bursary   250.00 /
American Zinc Institute and Lead Industries Association—fellowship 2,500.00 V
Andison, the late Mrs. J. G.—fund established by her friends .
as a memorial  100.00 Yy
Anglo-Canadian Shipping Company Limited—bursary   300.00/
Architectural   Institute of British Columbia—prizes and scholarship 450.00 \'y
Armstead, Mrs. Daniel (Lions Bay)—scholarship and prize   350.00Y^
Aron, Mrs. Jack—bursary in memory of her husband  50.00 */
Association of Professional Engineers of British Columbia—prizes.  300.00//
Automotive Transport Association of B.C.—scholarship   250.00/
RnAanrv-h, ths |gfe Ida Helen—scholarships  250.00 */
Baird, Mrs. W. S. and Gibson, Mrs. W. C.—prize  50.00 *
Balfour,  the late Helen L.—prize   250.00  _./
Barton, the late Dr. G. F. R.—scholarship established by friends ond y
colleagues    100.00 //.
Bateman, Mrs. S. J. (Chilliwack)—scholarship  100.00 Yy
B.C. Association of District Superintendents and Inspectors of Schools
—scholarships   300.00^
B.C.  Beef Cattle Growers' Association—bursaries   1,000.00 i—
B.C. Dental Association—scholarship and bursaries   1,000.00 Y
14 B.C. Dentists' Wives Association—bursaries   1,800.00*^
B.C. Federation of Women Doctors—scholarship   100.00 fl^y
B.C. Fish and Game Protective Association, Lower Mainland Zone— y
—scholarship  150.00^
B.C. Hydro Veterans Association—bursaries   200.00Yy
B.C. Society of Internal Medicine—bursary  550.00 Y^
Belkin, Mr. Morris—prize   100.00   Y^.
Bell, Mrs. Angela—bursary   150.00"*-/
Best Printer Co. Ltd.—prizes and bursary   300.00 Y.
Beta Sigma Phi Sorority (Xi Alpha Chapter)—bursary  50.00l/
Birks Family Foundation (Montreal)—bursaries   3,215.001/
Bishopric, the late Mrs. Alice—anonymous memorial prize  25.00 1/
B'nai B'rith Chapter No. 77—scholarship  .  50.00yy-
Boag Foundation—scholarship   250.00 Y.
Bolocan, Mr. J. L. (Edmonton)—prize   25.00t/
Borden Company Limited (Toronto)—prize   100.00 *^
Borrie, Mr. W. J.—scholarship   250.00 ;. y
Bostock Memorial Lectureship—prize   75.00Yy
Boughton, Anderson, McConnell 8c Dunfee—prize  50.00 Y_
Boultbee, Mr. J. N.—prize   25.00
Rr.,,1.,-...   thp  Inte Margaret Jane—bursaries      500.00 Yy
Bralorne  Pioneer Mines  Limited—scholarships   300.00
Brissenden, P. R., Esq., Q.C.—scholarship or bursary  300.001
British America Paint Co. Ltd. (Vancouver and Victoria)—scholarships 1,000.00 (/
British Columbia Association of Social Workers—prize   100.00 Y
British Columbia Association of Social Workers (Greater Vancouver
Area Branch)—prize   25.00 Y
British Columbia Bond Dealers' Association—scholarship   \50.00fYy
British Columbia Centennial   1958 Committee—scholarship   500.00 l/
British Columbia Corrections Association—bursary   50.00*"'/7
British Columbia Dietetic Association—scholarship   100.00/
British Columbia Dental Supply Co. Limited—scholarship   200.00 \fY
British  Columbia   Hydro and   Power  Authority — fellowships  and
scholarships   6,000.00'
British Columbia Forest Products Limited—scholarships and bursaries 8,700.00 i
British Columbia Federation of Labour—bursary   250.00/ Yy
British Columbia Fruit Growers' Association—scholarship   250.00 tYy
British Columbia Hotels Association—scholarships   1,500.00 Yy
Britih Columbia Institute of Agrologists—bursary   250.00 /
British Columbia Japanese-Canadian Citizens' Association—scholar- •"
ship   100.00 V
British Columbia Loggers' Association—scholarship and bursary  600.00*/^
British Columbia Lumberman—essay awards   225.00 tfy.
British Columbia Lumber Manufacturers' Association—prizes   700.00^
British Columbia Medical Association—bursaries   1,000.00 Y"
British Columbia Parent-Teacher Federation—scholarships   400.00 L.	
15 British   Columbia   Parent-Teacher   Federation   (various   branches)—
Child Welfare Scholarship Fund   	
British Columbia Recreation Association (Vancouver Island Council)
—scholarship   150.00i/
British Columbia Sugar Refining Company Limited—scholarships  3,500.00^
British Columbia Surgical Society—bursaries   300.00//
British Columbia Teachers' Federation—prizes and scholarships   9,600.00Vy
British Columbia Telephone Company—scholarships   2,500.00 '
British Pacific Life Insurance Company of Vancouver—scholarships.. 250.00 Y
Bruce, the late Hon. R. Randolph—scholarship   250.00 Y
Buchanan, the late Dean Daniel—scholarship established by friends .
and colleagues  150.00 /
Buckland, the late Dr. Donald C. (memorial  established  by friends)
—scholarship      150.00  l/
Buckshon's Pharmacy—bursary   100.00 V
Buell, Ellis, Sargent 8c Russell—bursary   150.0Q*/f
Bull, Housser 8c Tupper—bursary   300.00/ .
Burbidge, Mr. P. W.—scholarships   250.00 Vy
Burrard Dry Dock Company Limited—-scholarships   1,200.00^/
Burroughs  Wellcome  and  Company   (Montreal) —  fellowship  and
scholarship     1,250.00,.
Business and Professional Women's Club of New Westminster
—scholarship   125.00/
fjutrhnrtr the Igfe W'lliam B.—bursaries v  600.00 Y
Can.r.hel-1:r~t4^4fl.&~A*u3fL_S.—bursaries   1,200.00 Y
Campney, Owen 8c Murphy—scholarship        250.00^/-
Canada Permanent Mortgage Corporation—prize   50.00 v
Canada Permanent Trust Company—prize   100.00 i/
Canadian Anaesthetists' Society,  British Columbia Division—bursary 100.001/V
Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society—prize   100.00/
Canadian Bechtel  Limited—bursaries   600.00 l/
Canadian  Broadcasting Corporation—-prizes    500.00 lY
Canadian Cancer Society - British Columbia and Yukon Division—
bursary     500.00 Yy
Canadian Forest Products Ltd.—scholarships and prizes   2,000.00 Yy
Canadian Forestry Association of B.C.—scholarship   200.00 j/,
Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy—scholarships 300.00 Y.
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce—scholarships  6,400.00 \Y
Canadian Industrial Traffic League—prizes   90.00V
Canadian Industries Limited—fellowship and maintenance grant  2,400.00 Y
Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, B.C. Section—prizes.. 105.00  Y
Canadian Life Insurance Officers Association and Canadian Bankers
Association—scholarships in Summer Session Course, in personal y
and business finance   2,500.00 *"
Canadian National Institute for the Blind—bursary   1,000.001/ /
Canadian Officers' Training Corps—bursaries   300.00  \/
Canadian Pittsburgh  Industries Ltd.—scholarship    250.00 V y
Canadian  Polish  Congress—prize    1 50.00 /
Canadian Pulp and Paper Industry Magazine—essay awards  75.00 y1
16 '.OO /
Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists—scholarship   350.00
Canadian  Stevedoring  Company  Limited—bursary   300.00^  y
Canadian Transport Company Limited—scholarship   lOO.OOt/
Canadian Uranium Research Foundation—fellowship  2,500.00/ y
Canadian Western Pipe Mills Ltd. (Port Moody)—fellowship   1,000.00*/
Canadian Women's Press Club—scholarship   250.00 Y*Y
Cariboo Bar Association—bursary   250.00 Y^
Cave and Company Limited—prize   100.00 Y'
Cayley, the late Mrs.—scholarship   100.00  Y'
Chadwick,  Potts & Company—scholarship   100.00 Yy
Charles E. Frosst 8c Co. (Montreal)—scholarship   250.00 f/
Chartered Life Underwriters (Vancouver-New Westminster Chapter)
—bursary     200.00*/
Chemical Institute of Canada—prizes   50.00 Y^
Chertkow, Mr. Irving G.—bursary  50.00 Y
Chetkow, the late Moe and Leah—prize   100.00 l^^
Children's Aid Society of the Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver— y
scholarship  400.00 Y^
Chilliwack Medical Society—bursary   300.OOf'
Chilliwack Rotary Club—bursary  300.00 Y\
Chris Spencer Foundation—scholarships   8,600.00yY
CHQM   (Radio)—scholarships     1,000.00 »/
Ciba Company Limited (Montreal)—prize   100.001/
Clark, Wilson, White/ Clark 8c Maguire—bursary   200.00 i/
Clarkson, Gordon 8c Co., Chartered Accountants—research and service awards, and prize  746.00 YY
Class of Agriculture '21—scholarship   200.00 l/
Clayburn-Harbison   Ltd.—fellowship     2,000.00 J/?'
Cohen, the late Manly—bursary contributed by friends   50.00 Y
Cohen, Mrs. M. B.—bursary   25.00 Y^~
Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. Moe—bursary   25.00 Y"^
Coleman, Dr. H. T. J.—(scholarship established by anonymous donor) 100.00 YYY
College of Physicians 8c Surgeons, B.C.—scholarship   1,500.00.. Yy
Collins 8c Collins, Chartered Accountants—scholarship   .250.00 Yy
Columbia Cellulose Company, Limited—scholarships   10,000.00*
Comitas Cub—bursary  200.00 Yy
Cooper-Widman Limited—scholarship  _  250.00v y
Coquitlam Farmers'  Institute—bursaries   600.00 Y
Cowichan Valley Medical Association—bursary  _-.._  300.00 **
Craig, the   late  Elizabeth  K.—memorial  scholarship established by y
husband, sisters, and brother   300.00 //^
Crown Zellerbach Canada  Limited—scholarships   16,600.00/
Cummer, Mrs. Charles (Edmonton)—bursary   50.0oYy
Cunningham, Mr. Alvin (Cypress Park)—bursary   200.00/'
Cunningham, Mr. George T.—scholarship and prize  300.00'   y
Cyanamid of Canada Limited (Montreal)—scholarship   750.00 /
Dairyland   Credit   Union—scholarship    200.00 Yy
Dauphinee,  Mr. T. M. (Ottawa)—bursary   250.00/0
Davis & Company—bursary   400.00 /
17 Day,  the late Dr. Isabel (memorial scholarship given by anonymous .
donor)   50.00 t/
de Bruyn, Professor and Mrs. J.—prize (in memory of their son Frank) 100.00 _•-/
Delta Gamma  Fraternity—bursaries   200.00 Yy
Delta Gamma Sorority, Alpha Phi Chapter (Dean of Women's Fund) 50.00"/
Delta Kappa Gamma Association—scholarship  300.00^y
Department of Social Welfare Province of British Columbia—bursary 1,000.00*
d'Estrube, Dr. and Mrs. P. F.—scholarship in memory of their daughter, Janine Elizabeth      	
Dicks, Mr. W. Jack H. (Armstrong)—bursary   275.00'*'/
Dilworth, the late Dr. Ira (Vancouver)—prize   50.00 vV
Dome   Petroleum   Limited   (Calgary)—scholarship    500.00 v/
Douglas, Symes 8c Brissenden—bursary   300.00 t/
Dow Chemical of Canada Limited (Sarnia)—scholarship and grant- 750.00  ?y
Du Pont of Canada Limited—scholarship and grant   1,700.00 Y
r.iip<.muir. thp Inte H(T    '""" .rhnlnr-hip 250.00   t/
East Asiatic Company—scholarship  . . 500.00 y
Edith Cavell  Hospital  Ltd.—bursary   50.001/
Eilertson, the late Hawk (estate)—bursaries   \,000.00 yY
El Centro Hispano Canadiense (Vancouver)—prize   25.00 yy
Elkington, Dr. and Mrs. E. H. W. (Victoria)—scholarship   400.00 CY
Empire  Stevedoring Company Limited—bursary   300.00' y
Engineering Institute of Canada—prize   50.00 V
Engineering Institute of Canada (Vancouver Branch)—prizes   150.00./'
Engineers' Wives' Association—bursary    500.00 Yy
Entomological Society of British Columbia—prize   15.00^ y
Faculty of U.B.C—scholarship   200.00 v'
Faculty Women's Club of the University of B.C.—scholarship and y
bursary     750.OOl//
Fairview Branch No. 178, Royal Canadian Legion—scholarship  100.00 //
Far East Week Committee—scholarship   100.00 Y
Farris, Stultz, Bull 8< Farris—scholarship   200.00 |r
Federation of Telephone Workers of British Columbia, Plant Division
—scholarship     500.00
Finning Tractor and Equipment Co. Ltd.—scholarships   1,900.00 Vy
Fisheries Association of B.C.—scholarships   1,200.00^
Fort Camp Students' Council—bursaries   120.00 Yt
Frank W. Horner Limited (Montreal)—prize   100.00 V i
Fraser Valley Bar Association—bursary   300.00 w
Fraser Valley Milk Producers' Association—bursaries   800.00//
Fraser Valley Regional Library—bursary   100.00"/-
Fresco Club—bursary  50.00 //
Freeman, Freeman, Silvers & Koffman—bursary  100.00 Y
Freeman,   Mr.   Max—bursary    25.00 \Y
Friedman, Dr.  and Mrs. Sydney M.—prize   25.00  Yy
Friends of Chamber Music—scholarship   50.00 y
Fruehauf Trailer Company (Dixie, Ontario)—scholarships   400.001//*
Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Vancouver Alumnae Chapter—bursary .... 100.00 /
Gehrke, the late J. W.—memorial scholarship by Gehrke's Limited..- 100.00 /
18 General   Accountants'   Association—scholarship   	
General Construction Company Limited—scholarships	
General  Motors of Canada Limited—scholarships and grant
Gibson, Mrs. W. C. and Baird, Mrs. W. S.—prize 	
Gill   Interprovincial   Lines   Ltd.—scholarship  	
Goldenberg, H. Carl, Esq., O.B.E., Q.C.—prize 	
Gordon Young (B.C.) Limited—bursary 	
Gow,  the  late Mrs.  Quan—memorial bursary established  by family
and  friends 	
Graduating Classes of 1959—bursary 	
Graham, the late Dr. J. Meredith (memorial prize given by anonymous
Grand Chapter of B.C., Order of the Eastern Star—fellowship 	
Grand Lodge of Antient and Accepted Free Masons of British Columbia—bursaries 	
Grant Industries Ltd.—service award 	
Greater Vancouver District Registered Nurses' Association—scholarship 	
Gunning, Dr. H. C.—bursary	
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph—scholarship	
Halom, Dr. Stephen—prize
Hamber, the late Honourable E. W.—scholarships and prize 	
Hamilton   Insurance Agency  Ltd.—scholarship 	
Hamilton, Lieut. James Douglas (memorial prize provided by friends)
Harlow, Marion—prize established in her honour 	
H. A.  Roberts Ltd.—scholarship 	
Harper, Gilmour, Grey 8c Co.—scholarship 	
Harrison, the late Ella J. (memorial prize established by friends)..
Hatfield, Miss Janet—scholarship 	
Health Officers of British Columbia—prize 	
Heavy Construction Association of B.C.—scholarships and prize	
Hebb,  the   late  Dr.   and  Mrs.  Thomas  Carlyle—{scholarship  established by son and daughters)
Heighway, the late Florence E. (bequest).—scholarships and bursaries
. Helliwell, Maclachlan 8c Co.—bursary and service award 	
Highmoor, Mr. C. K. (Islington, Ont.)—bursary and prize 	
Hill-Tout,  the  late  Ben  (memorial  prize established  by  family and
Hoffar's   Ltd.—scholarship   	
Hoffman-LaRoche Limited (Montreal)—scholarship 	
Holland, the late Dr. Laura—(scholarship established by friends and
Holland, the late Dr. Laura—scholarship 	
Holland, the late Mrs. Mary Graham—scholarships —
Hoo Hoo,  Kamloops Branch—bursary 	
Hospital Employees Union Local  180—scholarships .—
Hotel Association of Prince Rupert—scholarship 	
Hudson's Bay Company (Vancouver)—service awards
50.00 Y
250.00 y
50.00 /
150.00 V
200.00 J
3,000.00 Y~~
596.00 ^
300.00 Yy
350.00 *-"
200.00 y
300.00 K„
19 Hutchinson,   Dr. Andrew  H.  (scholarship  established by friends and
H. W. Wilson Foundation, Inc. (New York)—scholarship	
Industrial  Forestry Service Ltd.   (Prince George)-
Ingledow, Dr. T.,  P.Eng.—scholarships 	
Inland Natural Gas Co. Ltd.—scholarship 	
Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia—bursary
Insurance Company of North America—prize 	
Interior Dental  Society—bursary 	
International   Business Machines Company  Limited  (Toronto)
saries and grant 	
International Longshoreman's and Warehouseman's Union—scholarships  	
International Nickel Company of Canada Limited—scholarships and
International Union of United Brewery, Flour, Cereal, Soft Drink and
Distillery Workers of America,  Local  300—bursary 	
I.O.D.E., Vancouver Municipal  Chapter—scholarship 	
I.O.D.E., Admiral Jellicoe Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,   Bastion Chapter (Nanaimo)—bursary 	
Canadian  Scottish  Chapter—bursary
Coronation  Chapter—bursary 	
Duncan Dogwoods Chapter—bursary 	
H.M.C.S.   Discovery Chapter—bursary 	
Jessie F. Gordon Chapter—bursary 	
Kerrisdale   Chapter—bursary   	
Lady May Cambridge Chapter—bursary	
Lieut. Col. Merritt, V.C., Chapter—bursary
Mildred Britton Brock Chapter—bursary ..
Mt. Garibaldi Chapter—bursary 	
Point Grey Chapter—bursary 	
Princess   Betty  Chapter.—bursary  _.
Provincial   Chapter—bursaries    ..
R.C.A.F. Chapter—bursaries  _.
Royal City Chapter—bursary  „
Royal Emblem Chapter—bursary	
Ruskin Chapter—Alfred Newton Wolverton Memorial
R.A.F. Silver Jubilee Chapter—bursary
Triple Entente Chapter—bursaries 	
University Chapter—prize 	
Unknown  Warrior  Chapter—-bursary  __
Valcartier Camp Chapter—-bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,   Worthington Memorial Chapter—bursary 	
Italian scholarship (donated by friends) 	
I.W.A. Credit Union, New Westminster—scholarship 	
James,  Fern Cochrane—memorial scholarship contributed by friends
Jamieson, the late Annie Bruce, LL.D.—prize 	
200.00 y
250.00 /
200.00 Y
250.00 Y\
1 oo.oo//
200.00 Yy
130.00   Yy
400.00 y
75.00 \J
300.00  Vy
100.00    Yy
100.00 k/
300.00 ii
50.00 y
20 Jamieson, the late Annie B.—(scholarship established by friends and
Jefferd,  Mr. Arthur H.—scholarship 	
J. Fyfe Smith Co. Limited—scholarship	
J. K. Campbell 8c Associates Limited—scholarship
Johnson, the late Alfred (estate)—bursaries 	
Johnson, the late Thomas Holmes—scholarships ...
Johnston, the late Douglas F. (estate)—bursaries
Johnston Terminals Ltd.—fellowships 	
Kania, Dr. and Mrs. J. E.—scholarships	
Kapoor Singh Siddoo Foundation—scholarships 	
Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumni—bursary 	
Katznelson, Mr. and Mrs. K.—bursary 	
Kennecott Copper Corporation (New York)—scholarship and grant —
Kent, Mr. Charles—bursaries 	
Kergin,  the  lote Dr. W. T.  (memorial  scholarship from anonymous
Ketchum Manufacturing Sales Limited (Ottawa)—bursary	
Khaki University of Canada Administrators—bursaries 	
Kia Ora Service Club—bursary 	
King, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. (scholarship in memory of their daughter,
Karen Elaine)	
Kirk, the late Mrs. Thomas H.—scholarship 	
>^Kitchen, the late Willard (bursaries established as a memorial by his
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver—prize, scholarship, bursaries 	
Kiwassa Club of New Westminster—scholarship	
Klein, the late Mr. I. J.—scholarship	
Knapp, Professor F. M.—scholarship 	
Koch, Mr. Albert O.—bursary	
Koerner, the late Thea—(scholarships endowed by friends)
Koerner, Mr. Walter C—^scholarships and bursary	
Koerner, Messrs. Walter and Leon—scholarship	
KVOS (Canada) Ltd.—scholarships 	
Ladies Pharmaceutical Auxiliary—bursaries 	
Ladies  Pharmaceutical Auxiliary (Victoria)—bursaries _.
Ladner, Leon J., Esq., Q.C.—prizes	
Ladner, Leon J., Esq., Q.C. and family—scholarship 	
Ladner, Downs, Ladner, Locke, Clark and Lenox—prize
Lady Laurier Club—bursaries	
Lafarge Cement of North America Ltd.—scholarship ....
Lambda Kappa Sigma Sorority (Alpha Lambda Alumnae Chapter)—
Lambert, Brigadier Noel D.—scholarship	
Lamond, Dewhurst and Associates Ltd.—scholarship 	
Lando, Mr. Esmond—bursary	
Larsen,   the   late   Professor  Thorleif—(scholarship  established  as   a
memorial by friends) 	
Later  Chemicals   Ltd.—scholarship  	
oo y
oo y
00 /
oo y
.oo y
i oo.oo y
5o.oo y
600.00 Yy
200.00 /
350.00 /
i oo.oo y
150.00 Yy
75.00 /
500.00 v
loo.oo y
200.00 Yy
300.00 i/
200.00 y
loo.oo y
500.00 j^T"
500.00 \y
250.00 y
ioo.oo y
100.00 /
21 Laurentide Financial Corporation Ltd.—scholarship   250.00 V
Law Society of British Columbia—prize and graduate fellowship  3,200.00//
Lawrence, Shaw, McFarlane 8c Stewart—bursary  300.00 /
Lederle   Research  Division, American  Cyanamid Company—scholar- /
ships  1,500.00 y
Leeson,  the  late  Dr.  H.  Lavell—scholarship  established  by  family,
colleagues and friends  100.00*^
Lefevre, the late Mrs. J. M.—scholarship   200.00 Yy
LeFohn, Mr. L. J.—scholarship   250.00 */
LeGallais, the late Maud—bursary contributed as memorial by friends
and former students  25.00 Y^
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation—scholarships  5,000.00 /
Le Patourel, the late Mr. H. C.—fellowship  500.00*y
Life Underwriters Association of Vancouver—scholarship   275.00 *.
Lions Gate Branch No. 79, Royal Canadian Legion—scholarships   1,000.00 v y
Lions Ladies Club (Vancouver)—bursaries   200.00 /
Little,  the  late David Bell—scholarship established by friends and
family    100.00 /
Little, Mrs. David Edmund—scholarship in memory of her husband.. 1 00.00'/'
Lower Mainland Pharmacists' Association—bursary   200.00/
Lundell, the late Kirsten C.—bursary in memory of Dorothea Lundell 1 50.00 Y
Mack, the late Annie M.—scholarship  250.00//
Maitland, Mr. J. Douglas—scholarship   250.00Y7
Mallinckrodt Chemical Works Limited (Montreal)—prize   50.00*"/
Manson, Mrs. Rolf S. and Rolf S., Jr.—bursary  500.00/
Marcoe,   Dr.   K.   D.   (Vancouver)   and  Dr.  M.   (Houston,  Texas)  — ,
scholarship in memory of Joel Harold Marcoe   1 00.00 Yy
Marine Drive Men's Residences Association—bursary   160.00 /
Mayall,   the   late   Granville—memorial   scholarship   established   by y
friends      250.Oo/,
MCA Inc. (New York)—scholarship   850.00 {/,
Mead Johnson of Canada Ltd. (Toronto)—prize   100.00 yy
Medical Board of the Vancouver General Hospital—scholarship  200.00 y
Medical Services Association—scholarships   2,A00.00y/y
Medical  Services  Incorporated—scholarships   1,000.00 Yf
Merck, Sharp & Dohme of Canada Limited—prizes   50.00V
Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. (Rossland)—bursary   300.00 Y
Morrison, the late Mrs. A.  B.—scholarship   100.00 //
Morrison Steel 8c Wire Co. Ltd.—service award   300.00 yY
Mount Pleasant-Cambie  Kiwanis Club—bursary-loan    400.00*^ /
Mulholland, Mrs.  F. D. and family—bursary   75.00*-
Munro, Mrs. E. and Miss Constance—scholarship in memory of Ernest
A.  Munro     150.00 •/.
Myers, the late Dr. Ernest Roland—scholarships   2,000.00//
McCarter, Nairne  8c  Partners,  Architects—scholarship   400.00 '
McDiarmid,   Mr.   Neil  H.—scholarship        	
McGill Graduates' Society of B.C.—scholarship  125.00 c/ y
Maclnnes, Dr. Isabel (prize donated by friends in her honour)  100.00   t>    .
Maclnnes, Mr. W. H.—scholarships and prizes   1,700.00 YY
22 McKee, the late Mrs. D. A.—prize  50.00 Yy
McKee, the late Dr. David—scholarship  200.00    /
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M.—prize established in his honor  100.00 /
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M.—scholarship in his honor  \50.00Yy
McLean Foundation (Toronto)—scholarships   5,000.00_/
McLean Fraser, the late Clara (fellowships in memory of her husband) 2,250.00Y
McMahan, Mr. William—scholarship  600.00/
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc, LL.D.—prizes and scholarships 5,800.00//
MacMillan, the late Mrs. H. R.—scholarships and bursaries   2,500.00 Vy
MacMillan, Bloedel 8c Powell  River Limited—scholarships   2,550.00 r/
Macmillan Company of Canada Limited (Toronto)—prizes   200.00 t^
McRae, the late J. J.—memorial prize from anonymous donor   25.00/
MacRae, Mrs. John—bursary   250.00 Yy
Nabob Foods Division, Kelly Douglas 8c Co. Ltd.—scholarships  1,000.00/^
Nagler, the late Victoria—memorial scholarship contributed by friends 1 00.00 /
National Council of Jewish Women,  Vancouver Section—-bursaries y
and scholarship   550.00 j/
National Drug and Chemical Company of Canada Ltd., B.C. Drugs
Division—scholarship  200.00 ,
Native Daughters of British Columbia—scholarship   1 50.00 1/^
Neilson, the late Dr. J.  R.—memorial book prize established by a /
friend     50.00 /
Nelms, the late Percy W.—memorial prize established by relatives
and- friends   25.00_/
Nelson, the late Stephen Kenneth—memorial scholarship established
by friends  .7,  50.0o/
Nemetz, the Hon. Mr. Justice N. T.—scholarship  100.00 t	
Nicholson, the late Dr. F. J.—scholarships   1,500.00*/^.
Nisei  Varsity Clut>—scholarship   100.00 *",
Northern Commercial Company Limited (Seattle)—scholarship   500.00 Y
Northern   Electric  Company   Limited  (Montreal)  —  fellowship  and
scholarship     2,000.00^/^
North Shore Medical Society—bursary   lOO.OO//
Northwest Plaster Bureau—scholarship   250.00,/
Ocean Cement Limited—B.C. Cement Division—scholarship   250.00 Y'
Okanagan-Mainline Real Estate Board—scholarship   500.00i>/
Okanagan Valley Medical Staffs—scholarships   1,000.004//
Oppenheimer Bros. 8c Company—scholarship   500.00/
Osborne, the late Leonard—memorial prize from anonymous donor — 25.00 Y
Osier, Hammond and Nanton—scholarship   200.00  Y
Osier Society of Vancouver—scholarship   200.001/
Owen, the late Richard—memorial prize established by classmates  25.00 Y^
Pacific Brewers' Warehousing Ltd.—scholarships   5,000.00*/
Pacific Coast Terminals Co. Ltd. (New Westminster)—scholarships., 950.00 ^Y
Pacific Meat Company Limited—bursary   200.00  Y^
Pacific Resins 8c Chemicals Inc.—scholarship   300.00 t/
Palmer, the late Richard Claxton (scholarship established by friends -      y
and colleagues)  400.00 *//
Pan-Abode Buildings Ltd.—scholarship   500.00 r
23 Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Pi Gamma Chapter—bursary   100.00
Panhellenic Association and  Inter-Fraternity Council—bursary   50.00 *     ,
Paper  Industry Management Association—scholarship    446.00 "/-
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell 8c Co.—scholarship and service award   696.00 /.,
Pemberton  Securities  Limited—scholarship   250.00*- /
P.E.O.   Sisterhood, Chapter AD—bursary   1 00.00 "vx
P.E.O.  Sisterhood,  Chapter AM—bursary   100.00
P.E.O.   Sisterhood,  Chapter B—bursary   1 00.00 /
P.E.O.  Sisterhood, Vancouver Chapter—bursary   345.00 **,
Peter Kiewit Sons Co. of Canada Limited—scholarship   500.001-
Pfizer  (Canada)—fellowship     500.00 Y
Pharmaceutical  Association  of the  Province of   British  Columbia— /
scholarships, prize,  bursary   500.00 */
Philharmonic Music Club, Vancouver—scholarship   50.00 V-/
Pi Beta Phi Fraternity, Vancouver Alumnae Club—scholarship   500.00 j
Phillips, the late Sperry (bursary established by friends and colleagues) 150.00     /
Phrateres, Theta Chapter (U.B.C.)—scholarships   150.00|/,
Physical   Education—R.A.F.  Prize   25.00 /
Plant, Mr. G. E.—prize   50.0qV/_
Players' Club Alumni—bursary   50.00*y
Police  Mutual   Benevolent Association—scholarship   250.00V /
Pop, Mr. R. J.—scholarship   1 50.00/
Poulenc Limited (Montreal)—fellowship and scholarship   750.00 Yy
Poultry   Industries  Fund—bursary   150.00 ^/
Pre-Medical Society (U.B.C.)—bursaries   200.00 *
Price Waterhouse 8c Company—scholarship and service award   646.00 y
Primrose Conservative Club of Vancouver—scholarships   400.00 *
Pringle,  Flying Officer Reverend George Robert—(memorial bursary
established by friends)   300.00/^-
Procter & Gamble Company of Canada Limited—bursaries and grant 2,100.00 /
Provincial Council of British Columbia, Canadian Daughters' League y
—bursaries     200.001/
Provincial   Health   Branch   of   the   Province   of   British   Columbia— /
scholarship      1 00.00 *y
Quota Club (Vancouver)—bursary   100.00 V y
/Ravenhill, the late Dr. Alice—scholarship   200.00,//
Raworth, the late Archibald—scholarships   600.00' Yy
Rayonier  Canada   Limited—scholarships   2,000.00 Yy
R.C.A.F. Veterans' Fund—bursaries   550.00 Y
___. Rea, Mr. Bill—scholarship   1,000.00 V
Read,   Jones,   Christoffersen—scholarship    200.00
ship   250.00 V/
Riddell,   Stead,   Graham,   8c   Hutchison   (Chartered   Accountants)— /
Realtor Division,  Real Estate Institute of British Columbia—scholarship 	
Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. S. R.—bursaries   300.00
lell,   Stead,   Graham,   8c   Hutchison   (Chartered   Accountants)—
service award  396.00
Robertson, Dr. H. Rocke—prize established in his honor   150.00//
Robert S. Day and Son Limited—bursary   150.00 //
Rogers, the late Jonathan C.—scholarships and bursaries         4,500.00 /
% Rotary Club of New Westminster—bursary
Rotary Club of Vancouver—bursaries
Rothstein, the late Mr. A.—bursary (contributed by family) 	
Royal  Arch Masonic Order—scholarships  	
Royal Canadian Legion, South Vancouver Branch No.  16—bursaries
Royal   Institution—scholarships 	
Ruffel, Mr. Joseph P. (Parksville)—scholarship 	
Rush,  the late George—bursaries 	
Russell  8c DuMoulin—scholarship  	
Russell Food Equipment Limited—scholarship 	
Ryckman, the late Nancy E.—scholarship 	
Sales and Marketing Executives of Vancouver—scholarships 	
S. 8c K. Limited, Plywood Division, Employees—scholarship in memory
of the late S. M. Simpson	
Sanders, the late Felix Guenther—scholarships  .	
Scandinavian Businessmen's Club—scholarship 	
Schinbein, Mrs. A. B. and Dr. John E.—scholarship 	
Schlage Lock Company of Canada Limited—scholarship
Schlumberger  of  Canada—scholarship
Sclater, Captain John (New Westminster)—scholarship
Schultz, His Honour Judge William A.—prize	
Sea Going Hacks—bursary 	
Shaffer, the late Marion A.—bursary 	
Shapiro, the late Mr. Benjamin—(bursary donated by his children)—
Shaw, the late James Curtis—scholarship (established by friends and
Shell Canada Limited—fellowship and grant	
Shrum,  Dr. Gordon  M.—prizes 	
Shulman, Mr. Isaac—prize in memory of Thomas Francis Hurley	
Shuswap-Okanagan   Dairy   Industries   Co-operative   Association   —
Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity—bursary 	
Signus Club of Vancouver—prize 	
Sir John Franklin P.T.A.—bursary 	
Smith, Davidson 8c Lecky Ltd.—scholarships
Smith, the late Jean Mcintosh—scholarship
Smithson,  Mr.  H. William—bursary 	
Social Work Staff—prize
Society of  Industrial  and  Cost Accountants of British  Columbia—
Socony Mobil Oil of Canada Ltd.—scholarships and grants 	
Soderman,  the late Daisy Sidney—bursaries 	
Soroptimist Club of New Westminster—scholarship 	
Spohn, Dr. Peter H.—memorial scholarship donated by friends and
S. P. Slinn Ltd., Consulting Engineers—scholarship 	
Ssu, the late Dr. Yun-I—memorial prize endowed by friends	
.00 i>*
.00 y
oo y
oo y
oo y
00 Yy
00 /
00 /
250.00 1
250.00 y
100.00 /
350.00 y
5o.oo y
125.00 y
100.00 *•"
200.00 tfY
50.00 yY
500.00 k/
500.00 /
i oo.oo y
25.00     '
ioo.oo y
ioo.oo y
25 Standard Oil  Company of  British  Columbia   Limited  —  fellowship,
grant, and scholarships 	
Steel Company of Canada—bursaries and grant 	
Stevens,   Mrs.   Helen   D.—scholarship  	
St. Paul's Medical Staff—bursary 	
Stry Credit Union—bursary
Summer Session Association—scholarships,  prizes and bursary
Summerland  Kiwanis Club—bursary 	
Superior Courts Judges—scholarship 	
Surrey Co-operative  Association—bursary 	
Sutton,   Braidwood, Morris,  Hall 8c Sutton—scholarship 	
Swan, Col. W. G.—scholarship 	
Taylor,  Mr. Austin C-—scholarship 	
Taylor, the late Elizabeth Brydon—scholarship 	
Terminal   City  Club—scholarship  	
The California Standard Company—scholarships	
The Vancouver Sun—scholarships 	
Thorn, the late David—scholarships and bursary 	
Timber Preservers Limited—prizes 	
Toban, Mr. Louis—bursaries 	
Toohill,  the late Louis Lipsey—scholarships 	
Touche, Ross, Bailey, and Smart—service award 	
Trans-Canada   Investment  Corporation   Limited—scholarship   	
Trans-Mountain Oil Pipe Line Company—scholarships and grant 	
Trites, the late Dr. A. E.—memorial prizes established by friends	
Truck  Loggers' Association—scholarships  	
Tri-Services Committee,  University of B.C.—scholarships and prizes
Turnbull, Mr. H. L. W. and family—scholarships 	
U.B.C.  Employees, Local Union  116—scholarship  .'_
Ukrainian   Professional   and   Business  Men's   Club   of  Vancouver—
Union Carbide Canada Limited—scholarships and grant 	
United Fisherman and Allied Workers Union—scholarship 	
Universities' Service Club—bursary 	
University of British Columbia Branch No. 72 of the Canadian Legion
—scholarships and bursaries 	
University Nursing  Division,  U.B.C. Alumni—scholarship 	
University Women's Club of Vancouver—scholarship and bursaries.	
University Women's Club of New Westminster—scholarship 	
Upper Vancouver Island Medical Society—bursary 	
Vancouver and District Home Economics Association—scholarship	
Vancouver Bar Association—bursaries 	
Vancouver B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation—scholarships 	
Vancouver Business and Professional Women's Club—bursaries 	
Vancouver City Hall Employees Society—bursary	
Vancouver Civic Employees Union Outside Workers—bursary 	
Vancouver  Electrical  Association—scholarship   	
Vancouver Elementary School Teachers' Association—scholarships .	
Vancouver Federal  Employees Credit Union—scholarship 	
9,100.00 , ,
4,000.00' /
300.00-v y
735.00 '„
300.00 */
1,000.00 <   ,
250.00 /
450.00 V
1  00.00   Yy
2,700.00 " /
9,500.00 Y .
450.00 Yy
250.00 /
200.00 Y
1,500.00 fy
396.00 Yy
150.00 V/
250.00 /
600.001 /
965.00 YY
250.00 y
2,500.00 '
200.00 V/
200.00 Y
800.00 Y
550.00 y/
200.00 Xy
1,200.00 V
350.00 y
26 Vancouver Fire Fighters' Union Local  1 8—bursary   200.00/
Vancouver Foundation—
The Edward J. Meilicke Fund  240.001/
The Ellen Ethel McHattie Bursary Fund  300.00 Y
The U.B.C. Scholarship and Bursary Fund  400.00 V
The VanDusen Graduate Fellowships in Forestry  6,000.00 ^
The Vinten Fund Bursary  250.00 /
Vancouver General  Unit,   Local   180,   Hospital   Employees'   Union— y
scholarships   500.00 //-
Vancouver Girl Guides Council (Elizabeth Rogers Trust)—scholarships 350.00
Vancouver Hoo Hoo Club—scholarship and prize   500.00\_     y
Vancouver Junior Chamber of Commerce—scholarship   300.00 yY
Vancouver (Kingcrest)   Business  and   Professional  Women's Club—
bursary    _  50.00|/
Vancouver   Local   Office,   Unemployment   Insurance   Commission— /
scholarship     150.00 /.
Vancouver Medical Association—scholarship    500.00V/
Vancouver Panhellenic Alumnae Association—bursary   200.00 //
Vancouver Policemen's Union—scholarship   250.00     y
Vancouver Postal Club—scholarship   150.00
Vancouver Real Estate Board—scholarship   500.00
Vancouver Secondary School  Teachers'  Association—scholarships.  600.00 YY
Vancouver Secondary Women Teachers—scholarship    300.00
Vancouver Stock Exchange—scholarship  _  250.00/
Vancouver Symphony Society—scholarship    1 00.00 »
Vancouver Transportation  Club—bursary          200.00J-'
Vancouver Tug Boat Co. Ltd.—scholarship   500.00 Yy
Vancouver Women's Canadian Club—scholarships   400.00 Yy
Vancouver Women's Transportation Club)—bursary   50.00 Y
Vickar, the late Dr. Joseph—memorial bursary contributed by friends 100.00 /
Victoria Bar Association—bursary   150.001/,
Victoria Daily Times (Victoria)—prize   1 00.00 t
Victoria Home Economics and Dietetic Association—bursary   150.00
Wagner, the late Mr. and Mrs. Morris—scholarships   1,500.00 Y
Wainwright, the late  Iris V.—scholarship   150.001    .,
War Amputations of Canada, Vancouver Branch—bursaries   2,000.00 j/
War Memorial   Bursary Fund—bursary   1 00.00 /
Warner-Lambert Canada Limited—fellowship and grant   1,500.00 Y^
Warren,  the  late  R.  Morgan—scholarship  endowed  by friends and y
colleagues    250.00 Y
Waterman, Mr. and Mrs. M. M.—bursary   25.00 t/
Weaver, Dean Emeritus M. M.—prizes   75.00 Y
Wescott, the late Lillian Mae—scholarship   60.00 j/.
Western Canada Steel Ltd.—scholarships   1,000.00 j
Western Plywood Company Limited—bursaries   400.00
West Kootenay Branch, B.C. Division, Canadian Medical Association
—bursary     250.00 '*y
West Kootenay Rod and Gun Club Association—bursary   100.00 /
Westminster County  Real  Estate  Board—scholarship    250.00    yY
27 Westminster Medical Association—bursary   400.00'
Westminster Paper Company (New Westminster)—scholarships   3,800.00 Yy
West Vancouver Teachers' Association—scholarship   200.00 ./
Whitelaw, the late Mrs. W. A., and family—scholarship   250.00 Yy
White  Spot  Restaurants  Limited—bursaries   2,000.00^/
Wine,  Mr. and Mrs.  Myer—bursary   50.00 Y
Winn, the late E. S. H. (established by Dr. R. Waddell, Dr. H. Guen-
ther, and Dr. Gary Hill)—bursary   300.00 /
Winspear, Higgins, Stevenson and Doane—scholarship   300.00V.
Wolochow, Dr. Michael—bursary in memory of his mother  25.00^. •
Women's  Big  Block Club—scholarship   1 00.00/.
Woodward, the late Hon. W. C.—scholarships   250.00 Yy
Woodward Stores Ltd.—scholarships   5,000.00 //
World University Service, U.B.C. Committee—bursaries   1,000.00 Yf
Yarrows   Limited   (Victoria)—scholarships    1,200.00//
Yates, the late Nora (estate)—bursaries   850.00
Young, Dr. Maurice—prize   50.00/y
Zack, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney—bursary   100.00 Yy
Zeta  Psi  Fraternity, Sigma  Epsilon Chapter-—bursary   50.00 V
Anonymous Donors:
one  bursary  60.00 /
three   prizes     125.00   /
one  scholarship    1 00.00 c/
Ambassador of Switzerland (Ottawa): book prizes donated by His Excellency.
American   Institute  of  Chemical   Engineers:   membership,   membership  pins,   and
Association of Professional Engineers of British Columbia: gold medal.
Board of the New Westminster Public Library: medal.
Bristol Laboratories of Canada (Montreal): books.
British Columbia Teachers' Federation: two silver medals.
Canada Law Book Company Limited (Toronto): books.
Canadian Association of Geographers: books.
Canadian Institute of Forestry: gold medal.
Canadian Pharmaceutical Association: books.
Carswell Company Limited (Toronto): books.
CIBA Company Limited (Dorval, Quebec): medical illustrations prize.
C. V. Mosby Company (St. Louis, Missouri): book prizes in Medicine.
Department of English: English Honours Medal.
Eagles, Dean B. A.: book prizes.
Encyclopaedia Britannica of Canada Ltd.: two sets of "Great Books of the Western
Federal Republic of Germany: book prizes.
Frank W. Horner Limited (Montreal): two gold medals.
Government of France: medal and book prizes, scholarships for study in France.
28 Governor General of Canada: gold medal provided by His Excellency.
Graduating Class of 1958 (Commerce): merit shields.
Hamber, the late Honourable E. W.: gold medal.
Henderson, the late Dr. H. A.: medal established as a memorial by friends and
Hoffman-LaRoche Limited (Montreal): prize.
Ingram & Bell Limited: special gifts.
International House Association (Vancouver): book prize.
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver: gold medal.
Law Society of British Columbia: gold medal.
Lefevre, the late Mrs. J. M.: gold medal.
Merck, Sharp 8c Dohme of Canada Limited (Montreal): books.
Mcintosh, the lote William George: book prize.
Piulenc Limited (Montreal): goia medal.
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada: medal.
Sandoz   Pharmaceutical,   Division   of  Sandoz   (Canada)   Ltd.   (Dorval):   book   and
equipment prizes.
Sigma Tau  Upsilon  Honorary Agricultural  Fraternity:  gold medal  in  memory of
P/ofessor Wilfrid Sadler.
Singer Company of Canada Ltd.: portable electric sewing machine.
Society of Chemical Industry: inscribed gold key and subscription.
United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada (Vancouver Branch): silver medal.
Vancouver Natural History Society: book prize.
Weaver, the late Dean Emeritus Myron M.: silver medal.
Anonymous: the Richard and Mary Legh Trophy.
Anonymous: book prize.
Agricultural Undergraduate Society (in honour of Dean Clement).
Association of Professional  Engineers of British  Columbia (in memory of Edward
Augustus Wheatley).
Bennett, the late Dr. A. E. H.
Bollert, the late Dean Mary L. (established by her family and friends).
Boulton, the late Margaret Jane.
Bower, the late Patricia E.
British Columbia Tuberculosis Society.
Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, British Columbia Section.
The Caribbean Students' Association.
Classes of 1 929 (in commemoration of the observance of the 25th anniversary of
the Class of '29).
Class of Law '48 (on tenth anniversary).
Cliff, the late Ronald Lorraine.
College of Dental Surgeons of B.C.
Columbia Preceptory No. 34 Knights Templar Vancouver.
Commerce Graduates (through Alumni Annual Giving, in honour of Dean Emeritus
E. D. MacPhee).
Corkum, Mr. Carroll Howe.
29 Cromie-Dix Memorial Fund (established by colleagues and friends in memory of
Samuel Patrick Cromie and William Derek Dix).
Culter, Mrs. Leila B. and Messrs. Richard and Lawrence (in memory of Carl J.
E. L. Sauder Lumber Company Limited (Mrs. Amy E. Sauder Trust Fund).
Frith, Mr. Walter D.
Gibson, Mr. W. Clarke and other donors (medical students loan fund).
Georgian Club of Vancouver (to mark the 50th Anniversary in 1961 of the founding of the Club).
Graduating Classes of 1928 (Wesbrook Memorial).
Graduating Classes of 1937.
Graduating Classes of 1952.
Graduating Classes of 1955.
Graduating Classes of 1956.
Graduating Classes of 1961.
Graduating Classes of 1 962.
Graduating Classes of 1963.
Graduating Classes of Agriculture, 1962 and 1963.
Graham, the late Roy (memorial established by his family).
Hamilton, the late Mr. Duncan A.
Imperial Industries Limited.
Jetter, the late Dr. Marianne.
Kierstead, the late Prof. E. M. (memorial established by anonymous donor).
Knox, the late Dr. A. W. D. (Bill) (memorial established by his friends and colleagues).
Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Auxiliary.
Matchett, Mr. Robert S., and others.
Meilicke, Mr. Hugo E. (through the Vancouver Foundation).
Mount Pleasant-Cambie Kiwanis Club.
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Woodward's Foundation.
Murphy, the late Paul E.
MacGill, the late Judge Helen Gregory (memorial established by her family and
McMahon, Mr. Frank M. (The Dal Grauer Graduate Student Aid Fund).
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc, LL.D., (one for forestry students and one for
Nursing Students Assistance Fund (various donors).
Pacific Coast Branch, Technical Division, Canadian Pulp and Paper Association.
Pharmaceutical Association of the Province of British Columbia.
Pharmacy Alumni (in memory of Dean E. L. Woods).
Phi Delta Delta Legal Sorority.
Pi Beta Phi Fraternity.
Robertson, the late Mrs. Lemuel F. and family (the Lemuel F. Robertson Memorial
Fund in Classics).
Rotary Club of Marpole.
Sato, Mr. and Mrs. Tsutae.
Sauder, the late Mrs. Amy E.
Section of General Practice, B.C. Division, C.M.A.
Sherwood, Mr. Ernest G.
Special Spring Session Students, 1946.
30 Summer Session Association.
Thompson, the late Dr. Charles J.
University Student Liberal Club.
University Women's Club of New Westminster.
Vancouver Normal School.
Vancouver Normal School Graduates.
University Women's Club of Vancouver.
Wagner, the late Mr. and Mrs. Morris.
Wing, the late Marjorie Thelma.
W. K. Kellogg Foundation.
Worthington, the late Dr. G. H. (in memory of his sons).
Worthington Memorial Chapter, I.O.D.E.
Anonymous donors (various funds).
Alliance Francaise (Vancouver)—summer scholarship.
American Association of University Women Educational Foundation—scholarships.
American Can Co.—award and grants.
B.C. Indian Arts and Welfare Society—bursaries.
Bowker, Dr. H. A., and Neville, Dr. W. (Ladysmith)—scholarship.
B.C. Youth Foundation—financial assistance for students.
British Columbia Library Association—bursaries and loans for students.
British Council.
Burnaby District Teachers' Council—bursaries.
Canada Council—scholarships and grants.
Canadian Federation of Medical Women—loans.
Canadian Federation of University Women—scholarships.
Canadian  Foundation  for the Advancement of  Pharmacy—Graduate  Fellowship,
E. L. Woods Memorial Prize, and the Aubrey A. Brown Award.
Canadian Industries Limited—fellowships in wildlife management.
Catholic Lawyers Guild—bursaries.
Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Ottawa)—fellowships for community
Chilliwack University Women's Club—bursary.
Commonwealth Scholarships.
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada Limited—undergraduate
scholarship and graduate fellowships.
Crofton House Alumnae—entrance scholarship.
Crown Zellerbach Canada Limited—scholarships for teacher training.
Engineering Institute of Canada—Harry F. Bennett Loan Fund.
Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd.—postdoctoral fellowship.
French Government—scholarships and medals.
Imperial Oil Limited—scholarships and grants.
Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire—entrance bursaries and overseas scholarships.
International  Business Machines  Limited (Don Mills,  Ontario)—scholarships and
31 International Nickel Company of Canada—graduate research fellowships.
International Pulp, Sulphite, and Paper Mill Workers, Local 312, Ocean Falls—
entrance scholarship.
International Woodworkers of America, Local 1-80—bursary.
I.O.O.F., Grand Lodge, Grand Encampment, and Rebekah Assembly—bursaries to
the total of $1,500.
Johnson's Wax Fund (Racine, Wisconsin)—scholarships.
Langley Scholarship and Bursary Committee—scholarships and bursaries.
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation—scholarships, prizes, and grants.
Leonard Foundation—scholarships.
Merritt Diamond Mills Limited—bursary of $250.
Mackenzie King Scholarship Trustees—scholarships.
MacMillan, Bloedel 8c Powell River Limited—$4500 in entrance scholarships.
National Council of Jewish Women of Canada—scholarship and bursaries.
National Research Council—bursaries, studentships, and post-doctoral fellowships.
Naval Officers Association of B.C.—bursaries and loans.
Northern Electric Company—bursaries.
North Vancouver Teachers' Association—scholarship.
Order of the Eastern Star—scholarships.
P.E.O. Sisterhood—student loans and International Peace Scholarships.
Pilkington Glass Limited (Toronto)—scholarships.
Prince George and District Dental Society—bursary.
Rhodes Scholarship Trust—scholarships.
Rockefeller Brothers Theological Fellowship Program—scholarships.
Rotary Club of Duncan.
Rotary Foundation—fellowships.
Royal Canadian Engineers Memorial Scholarship.
Royal Canadian Legion (Pacific Command)—scholarships.
Royal Canadian Legion (various branches)—scholarships and bursaries.
Royal Commissioners for the Exhibition of 1851—scholarships.
Salmon Arm Teachers' Association—scholarship.
Shell Canada Limited—postgraduate scholarships.
Sir Charles Tupper Chapter, I.O.D.E.—bursary.
Social Science Research Council—awards and grants.
Steel Company of Canada—graduate awards.
Summerland (Alumni and Citizens)—entrance scholarship.
Territorial Government of Yukon—scholarships.
United Kingdom Government—Athlone Overseas Scholarships.
University Women's Club of Victoria—student loans.
Vancouver Hi-Y Teens—scholarship.
Viscount Bennett Trust Fund (Canadian Bar Association)—scholarship.
West Point Grey Branch, Royal Canadian Legion—scholarship.
Women's Institute of B.C.—scholarships.
Woodrow Wilson Foundation—fellowships and grant.
World University Service (U.B.C. Branch—exchange scholarships.
Mr. M. M. Waterman, for assistance in obtaining bursaries.
The Province of British Columbia for the Government of B.C. Scholarships and the
Government of B.C. Bursaries.
Plimsoll Club (Vancouver)—-for obtaining scholarships.
A. T. R. Campbell, Esq., Q.C.—for assistance in obtaining scholarships, prizes, and
bursaries for the Faculty of Law..
Alumni Annual Giving—for scholarships, prizes, bursaries, and loans.
Aikins, Mr. Carroll:
two prizes of $50 and $25 respectively for essays in the field of Buddhist
Allstate Insurance Co.:
bursary of $1 00 in Commerce.
B.C. Arena, Auditorium & Stadium Association:
scholarship of $200 for the session 1964-65 in Electrical Engineering.
Boughton, Anderson, McConnell 8c Dunfee:
prize of $50 in Faculty of Law.
Boulton, the late Margaret Jane:
bequest to provide bursaries annually to total  of $500  in  Faculty of Law.
Also a bequest to be used for loans to students in Law.
Buell, Ellis, Sargent 8c Russell:
bursary of $150 in the Faculty of Law.
Bull, Housser 8c Tupper:
bursary of $300 in the Faculty of Law.
Campney, Owen 8c Co.:
scholarship of $250 in the Faculty of Law.
Cariboo Bar Association:
bursary in Law of $250, in memory of P. E. Wilson, Q.C.
Clark, Wilson, White, Clark 8c Maguire:
bursary of $200 in Faculty of Law.
Cyanamid of Canada Limited (Montreal):
scholarship of $750 in chemical engineering.
Douglas, Symes 8c Brissenden:
bursary of $300 in Faculty of Law.
Farris, Stultz, Bull 8c Farris:
scholarship of $200 in Faculty of Law.
Gow, the late Mrs. Quan:
memorial bursary established by family and friends.
Harper, Gilmour, Grey 8c Co.:
scholarship of $1 00 in the Faculty of Law.
H. W. Wilson Foundation, Inc. (New York):
scholarship of $350 annually for three years in the School of Librarianship.
Interior Dental Society:
bursary of $250 for dentistry.
L'Alliance Francaise de Vancouver:
bursary of $150 as a memorial to the late Chief Justice A. C desBrisay and
Mrs. desBrisay.
Lawrence, Shaw, McFarlane 8c Stewart:
bursary of $300 in Faculty of Law.
33 Mack, the late Annie M.:
bequest to provide annual scholarship in Engineering of $250.
Marcoe, Dr. K. D. (Vancouver) and Marcoe, Dr. M. (Houston, Texas):
scholarship of $100 in memory of Joel Harold Marcoe.
Mayall, the late Granville:
memorial scholarship of $250 annually endowed by friends and colleagues,
field of transportation.
MCA Inc. (New York):
scholarship of $850 in creative writing.
Meilicke, Mr. Hugo E. (through the Vancouver Foundation):
loan fund for graduate students.
Nelson, the late Stephen Kenneth:
scholarship of $50 annually endowed as a memorial award by his friends.
Russell & DuMoulin:
scholarship of $400 in the Faculty of Law.
Scandinavian Businessmen's Club:
scholarship in science and engineering of $250.
Society of Industrial and Cost Accountants of British Columbia:
scholarship of $ 1 00 in Faculty of Commerce.
Ssu, the late Dr. Yun-I:
annual prize of $50 endowed as a memorial by his friends.
Sutton, Braidwood, Morris, Hall 8c Sutton:
scholarship of $200 in the Faculty of Law.
Vancouver Girl Guides Council:
scholarship of $100 for any faculty.
Vancouver Women's Transportation Club:
bursary of $50 in field of transportation, Faculty of Commerce.
White Spot Restaurants Limited:
two bursaries each of $250 a year for four years, for employees or employees
Zack, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney: /
bursary of $100 annually for students in School of Librarianship. /
Aluminium Laboratories Limited (Montreal):
graduate fellowships increased from value between $1100 and $1600 to
$2000 plus tuition fees.
Alumni Association of U.B.C: (through Annual Giving Programme):
each of the forty-two Norman MacKenzie Alumni Regional Scholarships increased from $300 to $350.
Association of Professional Engineers of B.C.:
prizes increased from total of $150 to $300 annually.
B.C. Association of District Superintendents and Inspectors of Schools:
Dr. H. B. King Memorial Scholarship increased from $150 to $300 annually.
B.C. Dentists' Wives Association:
bursaries for dentistry increased from total of $800 to $1200 annually.
B.C. Federation of Women Doctors:
scholarship increased from $50 to $100.
British Columbia Forest Products Limited:
entrance scholarships increased from total of $2400 annually to $3200 annually, and total of bursaries increased from total of $4300 annually to
B.C. Parent Teacher Federation:
scholarship in Home Economics and Education increased from $100 to $200
34 British Columbia Sugar Refining Company Limited:
scholarships increased from total of $2500 to $3500.
Collins 8c Collins, Chartered Accountants:
J.   Ewart Collins Memorial Scholarship increased from  $100  to $250 annually.
Davis 8c Company:
bursary in Law increased from $250 to $400 annually,
de Bruyn, Dr. and Mrs. J.:
Frank de Bruyn memorial prize increased from $50 to $100 annually.
Engineers' Wives Association:
bursaries in Engineering increased from $300 to $500 annually.
Faculty Women's Club:
bursaries increased from $125 to $400.
Fraser Valley Bar Association:
bursary in Law increased from $150 to $300.
Greater Vancouver District Registered Nurses' Association:
scholarship in Nursing increased from $250 to $350.
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver:
graduation prize in Commerce increased from $75 to $ 100.
Ladies' Pharmaceutical Auxiliary (Victoria):
bursaries in Pharmacy increased from $100 to $200 annually.
Lafarge Cement of North America Ltd.:
scholarship in civil engineering increased from $300 to $500 annually.
Lower Mainland Pharmacists' Association:
additional bursary of $1 00 provided.
Maclnnes, Mr. W. H.:
scholarships and prizes increased from a total of $1350 to $1700 annually.
MacMillan Company of Canada, Publishers:
prizes in creative writing increased from total of $100 to total of $200 annually.
Okanagan-Mainline Real Estate Board:
scholarship increased from $250 to $500 annually.
Shell Canada Limited:
fellowship increased from $1800 to $2250 annually.
Western Plywood Company Limited:
bursaries in Forestry increased annually from total of $250 to $400.
Total donations in this list $     1,045.00
Ablowitz, Mr. Harry (West Vancouver)
Adams, Dr. James R.
Alexander, Mr. R. B. (Victoria)
Barnett, Mrs. K. (North Vancouver)
Barnett, Dr. and Mrs. R. D. (Burnaby)
Black, Mr. G. L. (Alberta)
Caldwell, Miss Eleanor D.
Crowhurst, Dr. S. E.
Currie, Mr. Baird (West Vancouver)
Curtis, Mr. Thos. L.
Customcolor Laboratories Ltd.
35 Ewasew, Dr. and Mrs. L. M.
Geary, Miss Eunice
Gow, Mr. Quan
Hemenway, Miss S. Maxine (Ontario)
Kakutani, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Lam, Mrs. Alice
Loewen, Harvey & Morfitt, Limited
Maguire, Mr. J. S.
McDonald, Miss Lois
Miyamoto, Mr. Harry
Park, Mr. and Mrs. Yip Kew
Patton, Mrs. W. D.
Quan, Mr. Ben
Quan, Miss Jean
Quan, Mr. Joe
Schoberg Family
Tanco, Mr. George
Thatcher, Mrs. V. Joyce
Tilt, Miss Joan (Ontario)
Tuttle, Mr. and Mrs. A. (Ontario)
Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald
Yuen, Mrs. Charlie
Zane, Dr. and Mrs. Edward (Hawaii)
Total contributions in this list    $        281.00
Bene, Mrs. John
Bidin, Miss Rina
Blandford, Baroness De H.
Coope, Mrs. Renee
Culos, Mrs. Marino
Fuyarchok, Miss Patricia
Giese, Miss Rachel
Gooch, Mr. Bryan
Halpern, Dr. Ida
Hauschka, Mr. Walter
McBean, Mrs. Gerald O.
Mainardi, Mrs. Emillia
Morse, Baroness Kate
Munro, Mrs. Hector
Ragona, Mrs. Paul
Robbins, Mrs. William
Ross, Mr. A. R.
Schaffer, Mrs. Leslie
Schuldt, Mrs. Phyllis
Shelton, Mrs. Alice
Stanlow, Miss Marguerite
Miscellaneous Donors
Total contributions in this list  $     1,258.64
Au, Mr. K. T.
Butt, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Y. (Ontario)
Chan, Mr. Kai-Sun
Chan, Mr. Paul T. L.
Chan, Mr. Raymond W. N.
Chan, Mr. Wah-Chun
Chang, Mr. Joseph J. C. (Iowa)
Che, Mr. Y. S. (California)
Chen, Miss Margaret
Chiu, Dr. W. K.
Chow, Mr. T. L. (Colorado)
Chu, Mr. Andy
Chu, Dr. Josephine (Ohio)
Chui, Mr. Wai-Fat
Chung, Mr. David C. W.
Chung, Mr. David Y.
Fan, Mr. Harry E. S.
Fan, Mrs. Y. C.
Ho, Dr. and Mrs. Francis
Ho, Miss Leesan
Ho, Miss Maria
Hu, Mr. Charles
Hui, Mr. Stephen
Kan, Mr. Bernard
Ko, Miss Cecilia
Lam, Mr. H. C.
Lam, Mr. Paul
Lee, Mr. Cheuk-Yu
Lee, Mr. R.
Lee, Dr. and Mrs. Randolph (Ontario)
Lee, Mr. Robson Yu-Yang (Ontario)
Lee, Mr. Wai
Leung, Mr. Ernest
Li, Mr. Jack
Liang, Mr. Jeffrey D. S.
Lin, Dr. W. C
Ma, Mr. Cedric (Terrace)
Mak, Dr. T. C. W.
Ng, Miss Betty
Ng, Mr. Simon
Ng, Miss T. K.
Shan, Mr. K. C.
Sheng, Mr. C. C.
Sheng, Mr. Robert
Sun, Mr. Chunlan (Ontario)
37 Sun, Mr. W. C.
Tarn, Mr. T. K. Sebastian
Ting, Miss Judy
Tong, Mr. King-Lam
Tong, Mr. William
Tst, Mr. Ronald S.
Tse, Mr. Shui-Yim
Wai, Mr. and Mrs. Tsang-Wing
Wang, Mr. B. S. P. (Ontario)
Wat, Miss Lily
Watt, Mr. Alexander C. K.
Wei, Miss Min-Min
Wong, Miss Alana
Wong, Mr. Dick-Chao (North Vancouver)
Wong, Miss Lily O. P.
Wong, Mr. S. L.
Yee, Mr. Laurie King (Victoria)
Yeh, Mr. Benjamin
Yip, Mr. Hin-Fong
Young, Mr. Francis
Young, Mr. Simon (North Vancouver)
Yu, Professor Y. N.
Yuan, Mr. John
Yue, Miss Colleen
Yue, Dr. and Mrs. K. P.
Total contributions in this list  $     1,236.50
Allen, Mr. Don G.
Anderson, Mr. J. D.
Armour-Brown, Mr. A.
Arnott, Mr. Edgar L. (Manitoba)
Atchison, Mr. M. E.
Bell, Professor H. R.
Bird, Mr. Geoff
Blackburn, Mr. Mel
Chinnery, Dr. M. A.
Christie, Mr. J. S.
Condon, Mr. Frank
Culbert, Mr. Dick (West Vancouver)
Davis, Mr. Gordon
Delavault, Dr. R. E.
Donner, Dr. W. R.
Eckersly, Mr. J. Allan
Gabrielse, Mr. H. (Ontario)
Gage, Dean Walter H.
38 Gidluck, Mr. Marc (South Burnaby)
G. M. Dawson Club
Godwin, Mr. C. (Yukon)
Hallisey, Mr. Richard (Alberta)
Hampton, Mr. Murray O. (Yukon)
Heslop, Mr. W. G.
Hutchison, Dr. W. W.
Johnston, Mr. David L. (Utah)
Kerr, Dr. R. B. Y
Kerr, Mr. John
Lemieux, Mr. Marc
McAusland, Mr. Jim (Ontario)
McCracken, Mr. Douglas
McMillan, Mr. W. J.
McTaggart, Dr. K. C.
Mackie, Mr. Jim
Mathews, Dr. W. H.
Meding, Miss Monica
Montgomery, Mr. J.
Northcote, Mr. Ken
Okulitch, Mr. Andy
Okulitch, Dr. V.J.
Panteleyev, Mr. Andre (New Westminster)
Parry, Mr. Jack
Paul, Mrs. Allan
Pedersen, Mr. Rolf
Postle, Mr. John
Preto, Mr. Vic
Roberts, Mr. Colin K. (Victoria)
Rosseau, Mr. Gordon
Roy, Mr. Douglas (Ontario)
Ruus, Mr. E.
Sellmer, Mr. Walter
Stanley, Mr. Alan
Templeman-Kluit, Mr. Dirk
Thompson, Dr. R. M.
Van Ryswyk, Mr. R. J. (Ontario)
Wheeler, Mr. H. (Edmonton)
White, Dr. W. H.
Williams, Dr. M. Y.
39 /
Agriculture Class of 1963:
for the Dean Clement Student Aid Fund $ 146.46
Akrigg, Mrs. Philip: .
for the Frances Gunning Memorial Bursary  1 0.00 Y
for the  English Honours Medal   100.00
for University bursaries   20.00
for Architecture Student Fund   50.00
for the Dr. A. E. H. Bennett Medical Fund  1.26
for Computing Centre Awards         5,000.00
for the Neil Douglas McKay Scholarship Fund       17,675.62
Atlas Steel Company (Welland, Ontario): /
University Scholarship Fund  50.00 \y
Badenoch, the late Helen (estate): y
for the Helen Badenoch Scholarship Fund         7,817.93 /
Baikie Bros. Logging Co. (Campbell River): y
direct award to student  250.00Y
Bank of Montreal (Montreal): /
Bank of Montreal Canada Centennial Scholarships         3,000.00 \y
B.C. Beef Cattle Growers Association (Kamloops): /
for beef cattle research bursaries        2,000.00 /
B.C. Credit Union League:
for the Jim Wallace Credit Union Award  250.00
B.C. Dietetic Association: /
for the B.C.D.A. Scholarship Fund  .-. 107.72/
B.C. Drama Association, Inc. (Trail): ,
for Extension Theatre Scholarship Fund   1 83.43 l/
B.C. Fairs Association (Victoria): y
direct award to student   300.00 /
B.C. High School Boys' Basketball Association: /
direct awards to students  850.00i.Y
B.C. Parent Teacher Federation:
for Child Welfare Scholarship Fund   200.00   *
Bennett, the late Dr. A. E. H. (estate): /
for the Dr. A. E. H. Bennett Medical Students Fund   960.1 1  /
Birks Family Foundation (Montreal): y
for Birks Family Foundation Awards   1,650.001/
Boulton, the late Margaret J. (estate): y
for the Oswyn John Boulton Bursary Fund   10,000.00 v
for the Oswyn John Boulton Student Assistance Fund   22,727.01 f/
Bralorne Pioneer Parent-Teacher Association (Bralorne): y
direct award to student  150.00 (r
Brentwood Park Parent-Teacher Association: .
for summer session Extension awards  10.00 J/
Buchanan, Mrs. Florence:       ; /
for the Dean of Women's Fund   20.00 *
Burnaby District Teachers' Council: /
direct awards to students  1,150.00  /
Butchart, the late William B. (estate): /
for the Florence M.  Butchart Bursary Fund  :.... 501.69/
40 Campbell, the late Anne S. (estate):
for the Anne S. Campbell Bursary Fund   350.00  Y
Canadian Council on Urban and Regional Research (Ottawa): y
direct award to student        4,000.00 Y
Canadian Fina Oil Limited (Alberta): yY
direct award to student and grant to University   950.00
Canadian Heart Foundation (Toronto):
National Heart Foundation  Fellowship         5,250.00*-^
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (Toronto): y
grant to University additional to scholarships          1,600.00   |/
Canadian Life Insurance Officers Association (Toronto): y
Medical fellowship and grant to University         2,750.00
Canadian National Exhibition (Toronto):
direct award to student   600.00*'^'^
Canadian Restaurant Association Foundation (Toronto):
direct award to student   200.00 Y
Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Ottawa): _..  «.-
national fellowships and bursaries       10,000.00  Y       )
travelling fellowship award   400.00 *""'     '
Clark, Dr. Nigel H.: y
for scholarship fund  100.00 /
Clayton, John F. (Cookesville, Ont.): y
tor the University Sopron Memorial Loan Fund   22.50 Y\
Commonwealth Development Corporation (Lagos, Nigeria): /
direct award to student   l,238.95*y
Comox District Teachers' Association (Comox):
direct award to student   170.00 (/
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada Ltd. (Trail): y
Cominco Undergraduate  Scholarships   3,550.00 i/^
Corkum, Mr. Carroll Howe (Keats' Island): y
for the Carroll Howe Corkum Loan Fund   820.00/
Courtenay Credit Union (Courtenay): y
direct award to student  250.00 /
Craig, Dr. Charles E.:
for the Elizabeth K. Craig Memorial Scholarship Fund  A80.00Y^~
Craigmont Mines Ltd.: y
Canadian Exploration Limited Fellowships   5,000.00 Y
Czaykowski, Mr. B.: ■ •'
for the T. Halpert-Scanderbeg Scholarship Fund   50.00*1
Diamond, Mr. Philip: ,,
for the Manly Cohen Memorial Bursary Fund   20.00 >-J
Dow Chemical of Canada, Limited (Sarnia):
direct award to student   100.00
Duffy-Williams Corporation (Seattle):
direct award to student   600.00
Du Pont of Canada Limited (Montreal):
grant to University additional to scholarship   300.00*
Educational Foundation for Jewish Girls (New York):
direct award to student   500.001'
Eilertson, the late Hawkins (estate):
for the Hawk Eilertson Bursary Fund   399.60 /"
Elder, Dr. Henry:
for the Architecture Student Fund   500.00 V
41 20.00 V
100.00  X
50.00 /
4,000.00 <*y
725.00     sy
2,250.00    y
850.00 /
E. L. Sauder Lumber Company Limited: /
for the Mrs. Amy E. Sauder Trust Fund        2,000.00 /
Faculty Women's Club: /
for the Dean of Women's Fund   150.00/
Fallis, Miss Mary:
for the University Student Assistance Fund   50.00 /
for the Dean of Women's Fund  50.00 i/
Federated Co-Operatives Limited (Canoe): /
direct award to student   200.00  /
Freeman, Freeman, Silvers 8c Koffman: /
for the Manly Cohen Memorial Bursary Fund 	
Freyman, Mr. J.:
for the T. Halpert Scanderbeg Scholarship Fund	
Gage, Dean Walter H.:
for various scholarships and bursaries 	
Gibson, Mr. A. Earson:
for Summer Session Extension Awards	
Giese, Dr. Rachel:
for the T. Halpert-Scanderbeg Scholarship Fund 	
General Motors of Canada Ltd. (Oshawa):
grant to University additional to scholarships 	
Gladstone Secondary School:
direct awards to students	
Graduating Classes of 1962:
for the Graduating Class Loan Fund 	
Grand Guardian Council of British Columbia
(International Order of Job's Daughters):
direct awards to students	
Grant, Mrs. Winifred: ,
for University Scholarship Fund   10.00 tX
Greater Vancouver Operatic Society: /
direct award to student .  75.00 Y
Grolier Foundation Inc. (New York): /
direct award to student  300.00k
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. (Islington, Ontario): /
for the Joseph David Hall Memorial Scholarship Fund   1,000.00^
Heighway, the late Florence E. (Vancouver): y
for the Florence Heighway Scholarship Fund   63,828.97Y
Heller, Mr. Paul: y
for summer session Extension awards  10.00 Y
H. J. Heinz Company of Canada Ltd. (Ontario): y
direct award to student  300.00 V
Hunter, Miss Patricia (Richmond): y
for the Dean of Women's Fund   7.00 Mi
H. W. Wilson Foundation (New York): /
for the H. W. Wilson Foundation Scholarship   1,000.00 /
Imperial Oil Limited (Toronto): y
direct awards to students  3,000.00 Yy
grant to University   1,000.00*/
International Association of Machinists (Washington, DC): /
direct award to student   1,000.00 Y/
International Business Machines Limited:
grant to University additional to scholarships   500.00 I
42 International Nickel Company of Canada Ltd. (Ontario): y
\r\co Graduate Research Fellowship   2,500.00 Yy
gftant to University additional to scholarships   2,500.00 y
I.O.D.E.  (National Chapter, Toronto, Ontario): y
direct awards to students  2,500.00   /
I.O.D.E. (Sir Anthony Eden Chapter):
direct award to student   100.00 </
I.O.D.E. (Vancouver Municipal Chapter):
direct award to student   1 00.00 i/
for the Dean of Women's Fund  50.00 /
I.O.D.E. (Provincial Chapter, Alberta): y
direct award to student   250.00 i/
I.O.D.E. (Worthington Memorial Chapter): y
for the Worthington Memorial Chapter I.O.D.E. Loan Fund  300.00/
John Labatt Limited (London, Canada):
direct award to student and grant to University   400.001
Johnston, the late Douglas F. (estate): y
for the Douglas F. Johnson Bursary Fund  214.2.8 '
Kelowna and District Branch, Okanagan Valley Teachers' Association
(Kelowna): y
direct award to student   250.00 Y
Kelowna and District Credit Union (Kelowna):
direct award to student  500.00 /
Killam, Mrs. Frank Richard: y
for the Elizabeth K. Craig Memorial Scholarship Fund  480.00 /^
Kitimat Scholarship Association (Kitimat):
direct awards to students  700.00 '
Kitsilano Secondary School:
staff scholarship   250.00     *-"^
Knox, Dr. W. J. (Kelowna):
for the Dr. A. W. D. (Bill) Knox Memorial Fund         1,000.00V
Lambda Kappa Sigma Alumni Bursary - total   100.00
(Mrs.) Catherine Brown
(Miss) Serena Brown
(Miss) Ann Gladstone
(Mrs.) Gail Klier
(Miss) Kay Lee
(Mrs.) Marge Martell
(Mrs.) Jean Molyneaux
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
grant to individuals  Fund   3,000.00 Y
Leonard Foundation (Ontario): y
direct awards to students   4,250.00 £--/
Lester Pearson Senior Secondary School (New Westminster): y
direct awards to students   1,500.00   >/
the late Annie M. (estate):
AllfllU MIL OTULH. JLHUlUrship Fund        5,000.00 Y^
Maleszewski, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. (North Burnaby): y
for the T. Halpert-Scanderbeg Scholarship Fund  10.Oo/
Manson, Mrs. Betty:
for the Dr. Rolf S. Manson Memorial Bursary Fund       4,543.00 j/    .
Montreal Trust Company (Vancouver):
direct award to student   346.00
43 MacDonald, Mrs. Alexander Sterling Jr. (Beverly, Mass.):
for the Janine Elizabeth d'Estrube Scholarship Fund
McGregor, Mr. Fred:
for summer session Extension awards	
Maclnnes, Mr. W. H.:
for the W. H. Maclnnes Scholarship Fund 	
McKechnie, the late Dr. R. E. (estate):
for the R. E. McKechnie Scholarship Fund	
McKenzie, Dr. A. D.:
for the Dr. A. W. D. (Bill) Knox Memorial Fund 	
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc, LL.D.:
see under Vancouver Foundation
MacMillan, Bloedel and Powell River Limited:
for summer session Extension Awards	
MacPhee, Dean E. D.:
for the Commerce Loan Fund	
Native Daughters of British Columbia:
for the Native Daughters of British Columbia Scholarship Fund
Navy League of Canada (Toronto and Vancouver):
direct awards to students 	
Nelms, Mr. V. C. (Glencoe, Ontario):
for the Percy W. Nelms Memorial Book Prize	
New Westminster Elementary Teachers Association (New Westminster):
direct award to student 	
New Westminster Lions' Club (New Westminster):
direct award to student 	
North Okanagan Teachers' Association (Vernon):
direct awards to students 	
North Shuswap P.T.A. (Chase):
direct award to student	
Order of the Eastern Star (Grand Chapter of British Columbia):
direct awards to students	
Parksville and District Credit Union (Parksville):
direct award to student 	
Pech, Dr. S.:
for the T. Halpert-Scanderbeg Scholarship Fund	
P.E.O. Sisterhood (Supreme Chapter):
direct awards to students	
P.E.O. Sisterhood (Chapter AO):
for the Dean of Women's Fund 	
P.E.O. Sisterhood (Chapter S):
for the Dean of Women's Fund 	
Province of New Brunswick (Fredericton):
direct award to student 	
Quesnel Secondary School P.T.A. (Quesnel):
direct award to student	
Rzepka, Mr. Jan:
for the T. Halpert-Scanderbeg Scholarship Fund
Richmond Junior-Senior Secondary School:
direct award to student 	
Roche Anniversary Foundation (Montclair, New Jersey):
Hoffman-La Roche Inc. Fellowship in Chemistry __
Rogers, the late Jonathan (estate):
for Jonathan Rogers Fund 	
13.00 ^
2,200.00. '</__.
167.77 y
5oo.oo y
100.00 V   .
210.00 /
9oo.oo y
20.00 y
250.00 y
400.00 Y
100.00 y/'
2,000.00 y
200.00 v/
1,250.00 y
250.00 y
100.00 r
4.oo y
3oo.oo y
267.66 f/
44 Ross, Dr. Phyllis, C.B.E.: y
for graduate scholarships   240.25 Y
Rotary Club of Quesnel (Quesnel): , y
direct award to student   200.00 Y
Royal Bank of Canada (Vancouver): y
grant to University additional to award to student  692.00   /
Royal Canadian Legion—Direct awards to students: /
Branch No.  15 (Abbosford)  1 00.00 /
Branch  No.  35  (Armstrong)  200.00</,
Dominion Command (Ottawa)  800.00 Yy
Pacific Command  (Vancouver)    7,850.00 Y
Branch No. 25 (Vernon)   300.00//
Lions Gate Branch No. 79 (Vancouver)   1,000.00*"/
West Point Grey No.  142   350.00i//
Branch No.   122 (Golden)   200.00 |//
Branch No. 175 (North Surrey)   100.00,*/
Branch  No.   198 (Alert Bay)  .  \50.06Yy
Branch No. 123 (Part Alice)   400.001/
Royal Trust Company:                                                     ' _/
for summer session Extension Awards   50.00 /
Runge, Mr. John: . r,
for the T. Halpert-Scanderbeg Scholarship Fund   3.00 "^
Rush, the late George (estate): ..
for the George Rush Bursary Fund   5,000.00 /
Sandison, Mr. J. M.: y
for University scholarship fund   25.00-/
Schlumberger of Canada (Calgary): y
grant to University additional to scholarship   500.00   Y
School District Direct Awards:
No. 37 (Delta)    300.00 v-""
No.   18 (Golden)   350.00 /
No. 48 (Howe Sound)   400.00   y
No.   57 (Prince George)   400.00   Y^^
Scott, Mr. Morley (Ottawa):
for the Lemuel F. Robertson Memorial Fund in Classics   100.00 /
Smith, Mr. E. E.: y
tor the Fern Cochrane James Scholarship Fund   50.00 V/
Soderman, the late Daisy Sidney (estate):
for the Oscar Soderman Memorial Bursary Fund 	
Smithers Lodge No. 240, B.P.O.E. (Smithers):
direct award to student   1 00.00v
Standard Oil Company of B.C. Ltd.:
for summer session Extension Awards   50.00'^"
Steel Company of Canada Limited (Hamilton): y
fellowship in Metallurgy   2,000.00 /^
Summer Session Association:
for the Summer Session Association Loan Fund   5,000.00 i
Sunset Memorial Centre:
direct award to student   100.00
Tourist Services Limited (Whitehorse, Y.T.): /
direct award to student  400.00 /
J Ucluelet P.T.A. (Ucluelet): /
direct award to student   200.00 /
University of Toronto Alumnae (Vancouver): y
for the Dean of Women's Fund   50.00   /
University Women's Club of New Westminster:
for the University Women's Club of New Westminster Loan Fund 350.00 i/
Vancouver Foundation (for various awards): -
Vancouver Foundation Kenya Awards   4,000.00    ,
Vinten Fund Bursary   250.Oo/
Alma VanDusen Fund   2,900.00Y
Edward J. Meilicke Fund   240.00 Y
Wm. E. and Emily Ross Fund  1,500.001/
U.B.C. Scholarship and Bursary Fund  400.00/
H. R. MacMillan Family Fund No. 2   5,600.00 /
Miscellaneous     1,1 25.00 Y
Ellen Ethel McaHttie Fund  150.00 «/,
VanDusen Fellowships in Forestry   6,000.00 / .
Helen Pitt Fund for Fine Arts   125.00 X/,
Vancouver Secondary Women Teachers' Association for the V.S.W.T. /'
Loan Fund  300.00 *
West Quesnel P.T.A. (Quesnel): '    ;  /
direct award to student   200.00 Y
White, Mr. William: y
for the University Scholarship Fund   6.00 y\
Whitehouse, Miss Josephine:
for University Student Assistance   79.06[
Woman's Benefit Association (Michigan): /
direct award to student   250.00 /
Young Women's Christian Association (Vancouver):
direct award to student   200.00 */
Yukon Territory Department of Education (Whitehorse, Y.T.): i/
direct award to student   600.00   V
Zeldowicz, Dr. L.: y
for the T. Halpert-Scanderbeg Scholarship Fund   25.00 v\
Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Joint RAIC-CMHC Committee (Ottawa): 55 colour slides of Chicago Architectural projects taken by various
Agricultural Engineering
Mr. Wm. B. Thompson (c/o W. J. Bush 8c Co. (Canada) Ltd., Vancouver): One
Orange Exchange "Ridgelimiter."
Bacteriology and Immunology
Prof. Marquese Aldo Castellan (Lisbon, Portugal): Several cultures of rare species
of Bacteria and Fungi.
46 Chemical Engineering
Columbia Cellulose Co. Ltd. (Vancouver): Entertaining Graduates of Chemical Engineering on plant inspection at Castlegar.
Consolidated Mining 8c Smelting Co. Ltd. (Trail): Entertaining Graduates of Chemical Engineering on plant inspection at Trail.
American Petroleum Institute (Data Distribution Office, Texas A. 8c M. University,
College Station, Texas): API tables and catalogs of Data Physical and Thermo
Properties. Supp. for the period 1-1-63 to 6-30-63; Infrared Spectral Data
Supp. for period 1-1-63 to 6-30-63; Raman Spectral Data Supp. for period
1-1-63 to 6-30-63; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectral Data Supp. for
period 1-1-63 to 6-30-63.
Moore, Mr. A. B. (Vancouver): Piece of Roman Iron found at Bardown, Kent.
Fine, Mr. George W. (c/o Ritter Co. Inc., Rochester, N.Y.): One spotlight for use
in laboratories or operations.
Plant,  Mrs. G.  L.  (Vancouver):  Several  hundred  kodachrome of histological and
histopathological  preparations of the teeth  and their supporting structures.
Numerous periodontal instruments. Collection of books on periodontology.
Fine Arts
Gvernment of the Federal Republic of Germany (c/o Dr. W. D. Hoops, Consul,
Vancouver): 24 books on German Art.
Furniss, Mr. A. B. (Penticton): "California Coast Redwood" an annotated bibliography.
Home Economics
Harris, Mr. Vernon: Hardwood Lumber Specimens.
Shives, Arnold K., estate: Books and maps.
Chief Forester (B.C. Forest Service, Victoria): 28 large size photographs showing
Forestry activities in B.C.
Bennett, Mrs. A. S., estate (New Westminster): Dress of 100 years ago.
Anderson, Mrs. M. Claire (Ladner): Costumes of 1880.
McLean, Mrs. G. D. (Vancouver): Costumes of 1880.
Wilson, Mrs. A. R. (Chilliwack): Display "Lessons in Lace Making."
Housing Administration
Fort Camp Women's Council: Singer Sewing Machine - Cabinet Model.
Industrial Relations
Lamond, Mr. Conrad M. (Vancouver): Film "Arbitration in Action."
47 International House
Mission City Rotary Club: Carousel Slide Projector.
Library Acquisitions
Alliance Francaise of Vancouver: 29 books in French and  12 issues of journals.
Arkley, Mr. and Mrs. S. (Bellevue, Wash.): 80 volumes of Children's Books.
Boulton, the late Margaret Jane: About 250 books, mainly works of literature and
literary criticisms.
Brommell, Mr. J. F. (West Vancouver): Books on Economics, Historical Works and
Classic Literary Works, numbering about 300.
Canadian Union of Students: 80 Books on French Canadian Culture.
Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany (Vancouver): 21 books on Art.
Dalton,   the   late Annie  Charlotte:   300  books,  primarily  works  of  literature  by
English and Canadian Authors of the 20th century.
High Commissioner for India (Ottawa): 47 books on India or by Indian writers.
Italian Consulate (Vancouver): 25 guide books to the museums and monuments of
Italy. 8 illustrated catalogues of museums and galleries in Italy.
Lontoret  for  Kulturelt Samkven   MED  Utlandet  (Oslo,   Norway):   150   works  by
contemporary Norwegian Authors.
McLennan,  Mr.  Lester (Fullerton,  Calif.):  5 books,  including Barrie,  J.  M.   Peter
Pan   in   Kensington  Gardens,   illustrated   by A.   Rachham.   1906  Greenway,
K. A. Apple Pie, 1887.
Mechanical Engineering
Vickers-Sperry of Canada Ltd. (Vancouver): Vickers Hydraulic Pumps, one Hydraulic Motor, one Oil Tank and several Control Valves (on permanent loan).
Charles Bruning Co. (Canada) Ltd. (Vancouver): Model No. 500 Copyflex Machine.
Boxer, Mrs. Jennie (Vancouver): Music Journals.
Buchanan, Miss Sheila (Vancouver): Music Books.
Cherniavsky, Mr. Jan (Vancouver): Music and Phonograph Records.
Doherty, Mr. Ian (Vancouver): Phonograph Recordings.
Modern Music Limited (Vancouver): Music.
Royal Netherlands Embassy (Ottawa): Phonograph Recordings and Scores.
Schuldt, Mrs. Harold (Vancouver): One used Bluethner Grand Piano.
Strang, Mrs. Berta (Vancouver): Music.
British Council (London, England): Music and Recordings by contemporary English
School of Nursing
Laughland, Mrs. R. G. K. (Vancouver): American Journal of Nursing - Professional
Magazine. Copies of last three years issues of the American Journal of Nursing and current issues as they are received.
Dolman, Dr. C E. (Vancouver): One book "Florence Nightingale" by Cecil Wood-


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