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APRIL   1st,   1963   TO   AUGUST   31st,   1963  y
Abbott Laboratories Ltd. (Montreal):
Research Peritonal Dialysis  $     1,035.00
American Chemical Society (Washington, DC): yf
Research in Physical Chemistry         7,000.00
Petroleum Research Grant       13,120.00  Y
American Cyanamid Co. (New York): yY
Research   in  Chemistry         3,500.00'r
Atomic Energy of Canada (Chalk River, Ont.):
Uranium Oxide Research       13,000.00
B.C. Coast Vegetable Co-op Association (Richmond):
Research in pea development  600.00 i-
B.C. Fruit Growers Association (Kelowna):
Research in Fruit Marketing         1,847.00   Y^
B.C. Heart Foundation (Vancouver):
Research in Paediatrics   250.00   ^"
Research in Pharmacology         7,075.00   t^~
Research in Haematology         1,332.84   if
Research  in Anatomy         5,000.00 *-"
Research in Surgery   500.00 <—
Research in Anaesthesia   750.00 <f^
Grant to Strong Laboratory         5,000.00 Y~~
B.C. Manufacturers Association: y
Egg Quality Study         1,500.00'-'
B.C. Medical Research Foundation: #_•'
Research  in  Anatomy         2,790.00 Sr
Neurological Research         1,700.00 Y
Research in Obstetrics        4,000.00 Y'
Research in Medicine        2,800.00 *S ,
Research in Pathology   360.00 y
B.C. Tuberculosis Society:
Salary for Research Assistant in Surgery   900.00 r
Grant to Continuing Education - Medicine       2,500.001/
Barker, Mr. W. Daniel, Assistant Director, Crawford L. Long Memorial
Hospital (Atlanta, Ga.): y
Research in Preventive Medicine   2.00^
British Drug Houses (Canada) Ltd.: -
Research in  Microbiology   600.00 ^Yy
The Canada Council:
Research Project on nature of small groups  1,750.00^
Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society (Toronto):
Research grant in Medicine   2,860.00   *ty
Research in Pathology   1,500.00    Y
Grant to Strong Laboratory   2,106.00 Y Canadian Audubon Society: y
Bald Eagle Research Project   3,400.00y
Canadian Cancer Society:
Cancer Research Unit Equipment  32,617.88 ^
Canadian Chemical Co. Ltd. (Edmonton):
Faculty of Applied Science  1,500.00 Y
The Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy (Toronto): >
Research in Pharmacy   2,100.00fc'
Canadian Mental Health Association (Toronto): /
Neurological   Research     2,343.75 y
Canadian National Institute for the Blind:
Research in Ophthalmology and Surgery  18,049.50   "
Canadian National Sportsmen's Show (Toronto):
Research in Grouse Population   2,500.00 Y
Canadian Nurses Association (Ottawa): y
Grant for Research  in Sociology   800.00^
Canadian Pool Agencies Ltd. (Winnipeg): y
Food Economics  Research   3,500.00"^
Canex Aerial Exploration Ltd.:
Mineral   Exploration     2,500.00  Y
C.l.B.A. Company, Pharmaceutical Division (Dorval, Que.): /
Grant for research in Anatomy   1,250.00 Y
Consolidated Mining 8c Smelting Co. Ltd. (Trail): y
Research in Plant Science and Metallurgy   1,300.00 fv
Dow Chemical of Canada Ltd. (Sarnia, Ont.):
Chemical Engineering Research   250.00 Y
Eldorado Mining 8c Refining Ltd. (Ottawa):
Research in Metallurgy       12,500.00
Forward Engineers Limited:
Nickel Ore Research         1,114.42
Government of Canada, Dept. of Agriculture (Ottawa): /
Extra-mural  Research in Agriculture         2,000.00 V
Government of Canada, Dept. of Fisheries (Ottawa): /
Extension  Dept. of Fisheries         2,250.26   V
Government of Canada, Dept. of Forestry (Ottawa):
Extra-mural Research - Forestry         4,500.00 y
Government of Canada, Medical Research Council (Ottawa): y
Common Grant,  Research   270,000.00
Personal  Awards       18,265.00
Government of Canada, Dept. of National Defence (Ottawa): y
Defence Research Board Grants   45,827.86l^
Government of Canada, Dept. of Northern Affairs and Natural Resources:
Archaeological and Geological Research, Fraser Canyon   6,700.00   Y
Government of Canada, Dept. of Privy Council (Ottawa): y
Research,   Pharmacy     1,145.28 y
Government of Canada, Dept. of Transport (Ottawa): ,/
Research in Oceanography and Micrometeorology       12,125.00
National Research Council (Ottawa):
National  Research Council Grants  1,075,750.00    J
Special Study, Building Site Planning         4,970.36 '
Hill, Miss Mabel:
Ophthalmology Research   10.00 H" Ingledow, Dr. T.:
Ophthalmology Research   50.00 Y
Ingram, Mrs. I. (Burnaby): :
Research in Preventive Medicine   2.00 Y
Jewish Memorial Hospital (New York, N.Y.):
Research in Preventive Medicine   2.00 \X
Johnson & Johnson Limited (Montreal): _
Trauma   Research    6,000.00 Y
Johnson, Miss Agnes, Dept. of Surgery, U.B.C: y
Research in Neurosurgery   200.00 Y
Koerner, Dr. Leon J.: y
Ophthalmology Research   18,049.50 Y
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
Grant for Higher Education   22,800.00   Y
Lead Industries Association (New York): y
Research on Dispersion Hardened Lead Alloys   3,325.00*^
Life Insurance Medical Research Fund (Rosemount, Pa.):
Research Fund - Pharmacology   9,020.00
MacDonald, Dr. D'Arcy (Toronto): yY
Ophthalmology Research   25.00 *
McKim, Mrs. Bessie: y
Ophthalmology Research   1,000.00'
MacMillan, H. R., Family Fund Trust:
Grant for Research in Forestry   3,000.00 y
Grant for Research in Fisheries   3,000.00 i/
Marshall, Dr. M. R. (Edmonton): X
Ophthalmology Research   lOO.OOv
Merck, Sharp 8c Dohme of Canada Ltd. (Montreal): y
Experimental  Induction of Peritonal Adhesions   1,000.00 Y
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada (Montreal):
Research in Pharmacology  6,250.00 Y
Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada (Toronto):
Research in Neurology  1,571.50
Research in Pharmacology  4,175.00 Y
Research in Anatomy  7,425.00 ^Y
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto): y
Various Grants for Cancer Research   107,069.78 Y
National Institute of Health (Bethesda, Maryland):
Grant for Research in Zoology  7,975.00
Pashby, Dr. T. J. (Toronto):                                    _ y
Ophthalmology Research   10.00 Y
Population Council Inc., Medical Division (New York): 	
Research in Animal Science  8,000.00 '
Province of British Columbia (Victoria): y
Federal Public Health Grants   104,237.81  Y
Archaeological  Research    ],950.00 Yy
Neuro-Psychiatric   Research     15,000.00\/
Neurological Research        7,500.00
Research in Dental Pharmacy   \6A.9\Yy
Public Libraries Research          6,000.00*/
Agricultural   Engineering    550.00 Y Agriculture - Elite Seed Project         1,500.00   "
Agriculture - Milk Grading        2,600.00 v
Agriculture - Soil Capabilities  .        1,080.98 '*/
Horticultural   Research     200.00 v
Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada (Montreal):
Forestry  Research          3,000.00 *
Real Estate Council of B.C.: /
Real Estate Research         5,000.00 v"
Research Corporation, Division of Grants (New York):
Research in Metallurgy         3,000.00 Y
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (New York):
„_. ' Grant for Research in Physics         9,200.00 Y
Smith", Kline 8c French Laboratories (Philadelphia): j
Research in Steroid Field, Chemistry        7,000.00   V.
Sniderman, Dr. H. R. (Toronto):
Ophthalmology Research   15.00
Socony Mobil Oil of Canada Ltd. (Calgary):
Grant to Electrical Engineering   400.00   ,
Grant to Geological Research   400.00
Speakman, Dr. J. S. (Toronto): /
Ophthalmology Research   25.00 *
Spencer, the late Victor (estate): /
Beef Research          2,000.00 y
Sugar Research Foundation (New York): .
Research  in Agricultural Engineering   911.50 Y
Sun-Rype Products Ltd. (Kelowna):
Research in Food Technology   450.00 Y
Taylor, Mr. W. H.: /
Medical   Research  - Anatomy   20.00  "
Thomson, Mrs. J. W.: /
Dr. J. W. Thomson Fund, Research in Surgery        2,000.00 1/
United Cerebral Palsy Research and Educational Foundation Inc. (New York): /
Cerebral   Palsy  Research   3,600.00
United States National Science Foundation (Washington, DC): /
U.S. Naval Research - Physics   12,325.00/
Research,  Ionic Studies in Intertidal Crab Species   7,100.00 Y
University of California (Los Angeles): ,
Clinical Drug  Evaluation - Surgery   369.00 Y/
Clinical Drug Evaluation - Medicine   540.00 i
University of Washington (Seattle):
Research in Pathology  1,114.99
The Upjohn Co. of Canada (Don Mills, Ont.):
Research in Preventive Medicine   300.00  Y
Vancouver Foundation: .     .
H. R. MacMillan Grant - Fisheries Expedition      10,000.00 Y
Vancouver General Hospital: /
Technicians   Salaries         2,162.71 V
Vanwest Logging Co. Ltd.:
Research in physical properties of animal feeds         5,000.00 Y
la, Dr. J. A.: /
Neurological   Research     800.00 V Weissman, Dr. I. Oscar (Pittsburg, Pa.): y
Research in Preventive Medicine   2.00 Y
West Kootenay Power 8c Light Co. Ltd. (Trail): y
Research in Electrical Engineering   1,000.00 Y
The Williamson Foundation (Vancouver): y
Research and Observation Unit for Hartdicapped Children   5,000.00 y
Woodward Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. P. A.: y
Research in Blind Reading Machines   3,000.00 Y   .
Research Equipment Grant - Pharmacology   4,000.00   |/
Abbotsford District Teachers Association (Abbotsford): y
B.C.   Educational Research Council   10.00 *
Alma Mater Society, U.B.C: .
1963 Graduates Gift for Library Books   3,000.00 Y
Gift to Special Rowing Fund   2,000.00
International House Seminars   5.00 r
American Can Co. of Canada (Hamilton): y
Aid to Education   1,000.00 if
American Cyanamid Co. (New York): y
for   Pathology   30,000.00 Y^
Anonymous Gift: yy
Dept.  of Chemical  Engineering   200.00 ^y.
Psychiatry Reading  Room   42.50 -v
B.C. Association of Broadcasters (Kelowna):
University of B.C. Project         2,500.00 y
B.C. Central Credit Union:
Gift to Dean's Fund, Commerce   500.00
B.C. Library Association (Vancouver): y
School of Librarianship, Special Account   150.00 Y
Bene, Dr. Eva: y
Friends of International House Account  50.00 Y-
Bloomfield, Mr. L. M., Q.C. (Montreal): y
Yearbook of International Law   100.00 V    .
|-lnn  RnnHolph Bruce Estate (Montreal): /
University Health   Hospital  12,935.73 Y
The Canada Council (Ottawa): y
Travel   Expenses   2,721.64 Y
Specialized Library Collection in Slavonic Studies   2,500.00 Y
Canadian Yearbook on International Law  2,000.00   Y
.Canada-Japan Trade Council (Vancouver): y
Japan Student Exchange   100.00  Y
Canadian Arthritis 8c Rheumatism Society (Vancouver): y
Contribution for salary expenses   2,916.65
Canadian Bankers Association (Toronto): .
Course in Business and Personal Finance for Teachers   3,750.00//^
Canadian Cancer Society, B.C. and Yukon Division:
Faculty of Medicine Lectureship   500.00 Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (Toronto):
Grant for Student Research Assistant 	
Canadian Explorations Ltd. (Vancouver):
Dept. of Geology 	
Canadian Fishing Co. Ltd.:
Grant to Dept. of Fisheries 	
Canadian Industries Ltd. (Montreal):
Fellowship  Award   - Chemistry 	
Canadian Life Insurance Officers Association (Toronto):
Summer Workshop Program in Personal and Business Financse
Certified General Accountants Association (Vancouver):
Grant for  Instruction in Commerce 	
Chant, Dean and Mrs. S. N. F.:
Japan  Student   Exchange 	
CIBA Company, Pharmaceutical Division (Dorval, Que.):
Faculty of Medicine Lectureship
Consolidated Mining 8c Smelting Co. Ltd. (Trail):
Brock Chair in Geology 	
G. M. Dawson Club, U.B.C. Campus:
Gift to Geology Field School 	
Gould, Mr. John G.:
Japan  Student   Exchange  	
Government of Canada, External Aid Office (Ottawa):
University of Malaya  	
Government of Canada, Dept. of Fisheries (Ottawa):
Extension Dept. of Fisheries	
Government of Canada, Dept. of National Defence (Ottawa):
Contribution for salary expenses, Chemistry 	
Griswold, Dean Erwin, Harvard University (Cambridge, Mass.):
for Koerner Foundation Lecture Fund in Classics	
Harris, Mrs. R. C:
Friends of International House 	
Harvard University (Cambridge, Mass.):
Visiting Professors Case Method Program
Hastings School:
B.C. Educational Research Council 	
Hawthorn, Dr. H. B., U.B.C:
President's  Fund 	
450.00 V*
500.00 y
2,000.00 V
Government of Canada, Dept. of National Health and Welfare (Ottawa):
School of Social Work, Summer Institute 	
Government of Canada,
Dept. of Northern Affairs and Natural Resources (Ottawa):
Grant to Anthropology 	
Government of Canada, Dept. of Privy Council (Ottawa):
Royal Commission on Health Services 	
Health Centre for Children:
Grants for Paediatrics 	
Heighway, Mr. G.:
School  of Rehabilitation  	
Herman* Mrs. E. (Smithers):
B.C. Educational  Research Council
3,750.00 '
22,045.67 Y
10.00 «-^
i oo.oo y
7,500.00 y
loo.oo y
22,778.45 V
1,152.58 V*^
3,324.68 y
673.80 V
500.00 y
25.00 M"
1,338.90 y
io.oo y
19,646.79 *
2,000.00 y
5.00 ^ John Howard Society of Alberta, c/o Dr. J. S. Tyhurst, U.B.C: y
Dept. of Psychiatry, Contingency Fund   35.00"*/
Institute of Chartered Accountants: y
Grants   to  Commerce    15,477.50
Sales 8c Marketing Executive Club ,Vancouver Board of Trade: ,
Sales  Management Course   -.  5,427.00 V
International Law Association, Canadian Branch: •
Yearbook of International Law   500.00 Y
The Investment Dealers Association: /
Grant to Finance Division, Commerce   175.00 r
Isaacs, Miss Marjorie: f
Gift to Frederic Wood Theatre Foundation  14.00 *
Junior League of Vancouver:
Grant to Child Study Centre   7,000.00 y
Ker, Mr. R. H. B. (Victoria):
New   President's   Fund    133.00
Ladner, Mr. Leon, Q.C: y
President's Fund   1,200.00 y
Leung, Dr. S. Wah, U.B.C: y
President's  Fund    55.00  *
Lumby Elementary School (Lumby):
B.C.  Educational Research Council   10.00 ">
Macdonald, Dr. and Mrs. John B., U.B.C: f
President's Fund   50.00v"^
MacMillan, Dr. H. R.: .
Library  Purchase  Fund    625.25 Y^
McQueen, Mr. W. C: y
Japan  Student   Exchange     30.00P
Mainwaring, Mr. William C. (White Rock): y
Japan Student Exchange   25.001^
John and Mary Markle Foundation (New York):
Scholarships of Drs. J. A. Hinke, W. E. Shepherd and /
Staff fellowship awards, Medicine   18,000.001/
Merritt School District No. 30 (Merritt): /
B.C. Educational  Research Council   10.00 Y
Mount Arrowsmith Teachers Association, Qualicum District No. 49: y
B.C.  Educational Research Council   10.00r     /
Myers, Dean D. M., Faculty of Applied Science, U.B.C: [ /
Dean of Applied Science Fund  25.00    ^
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto): y
Staff Benefits, Cancer Research Centre  1,598.00 If
National Productivity Council (Ottawa): y
Work Study Research and School - Commerce  12,700.00 Y
Nichol, Dr. Hamish and Feir, Dr. D. C: /
Psychiatry Reading  Room   50.00i/
Ocean Falls District Teachers Association (Ocean Falls): y
B.C. Educational  Research Council   10.00*/
Poliomyelitis and Rehabilitation Foundation of B.C.: y
for work in Paediatrics   1,750.00*^
Powell River School District (Powell River): y
B.C.  Educational Research Council   10.00 Y Prince, Mr. Eugene (Coquitlam):
Research and Postgraduate Fund - Surgery   10.00   V
Province of British Columbia (Victoria): /
B.C.   Hospital   Insurance Services    2,000.00y
Grants for Technical  Branch - Education   6,891.92 Y
Rayonier Canada (B.C.) Ltd.:
Forest   Products   Studies            1,500.00 Y
Real Estate Council of B.C.:
Salesmen's Courses in Real Estate       18,890.00^
The Roche Anniversary Foundation (Montclair, New Jersey): .
Travel Expenses for member of staff         1,000.00 Y
Royal Commission on Health Services (Ottawa): /
Computing   Services           3,565.20 V
Saskatchewan Teachers Federation (Saskatoon):
B.C. Educational Research Council   10.00 1/
Saunders, Mr. Peter Paul: /
Friends of International  House   50.00 V
Saxton, Mr. Andrew E.:
Friends of International House  . 25
Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd. (Toronto): y
Chair   in  Metallurgy        10,000.00
Shrum, Dr. Gordon M.: .
President's  Fund    168.00 V
Society for the Advancement of Management:
Fund for Advancement of Management         2,000.00 Y
Society of Industrial and Cost Accountants:
Cost Accountant's Courses         9,575.00^
South Okanagan School District No. 14 (Oliver): .
B.C.  Educational Research Council  i_  10.00 \y
Soward, Dean F. H., U.B.C: J
Japan  Student   Exchange    10.00*
Tinney, Mr. W. J. (Squamish): /
B.C. Educational Research Council   5.00Y
Tyhurst, Dr. J. S.: ,.,
Psychiatry Reading Room   45.00 *"•
United Nations (New York):
United Nations Technical Assistance - Architecture   937.53     "
Vancouver Foundation:
H.   R.  MacMillan Grant to Anthropology   5,000.00 »*.
H. R. MacMillan Grant to Fisheries Dept.   20,000.00 ^,
H. R. MacMillan Grant to Forestry Dept.   10,000.00 ^ .
H. R. MacMillan Grant to Japan Student Exchange   200.00 Y
H.  R. MacMillan Grant to Salary   5,024.90 i/
Vancouver Junior Chamber of Commerce: y
Junior Chamber of Commerce Course   4,491.50
West Whalley Junior High School (North Surrey):
B.C. Educational Research Council   10.00
John Wyeth & Brother (Canada) Ltd. (Walkerville, Ont.): ,
Medical  Assistance   1,000.00 ►
• Zonta Club of Vancouver: y
Friends of International House   25.00       y
Members of Faculty: y .
University Trust Fund, Supplementary Pensions         1,397.00
The Canada Council (Ottawa): ^
Grant for Construction of Multi-purpose Theatre and Classroom   142,518.00
Province of British Columbia (Victoria): yY
Capital   Grant    1,583,338.00*0
Various   Donors        44,023.35 //
Friends of U.B.C. Inc. (Bellevue, Wash.)   55.00
The Canada Council (Ottawa):
Specialized Library Collection in Slavonic Studies 	
Canadian Physiotherapy Association, B.C. Branch:
Grant for Library  Books
Canadian Society of Radiological Technicians (New Westminster):
Grant for Library Books 	
H. R. MacMillan Family Trust Fund:
Fund for acquiring Books on Exploration       10,000.00
Vancouver Foundation: y
H.  R. MacMillan Grant to Library   500.00 Y
Vancouver GenerafHospital:
For  Bio-medical   Library          7,650.00 ,Y
Various  Donors  .  101.00 'Y~
President's Alumni Fund   2,400.34
Friends of the Library   3,200.34
Frederic Wood Theatre Foundation   11,690.73
Friends of Agriculture   4,603.75
Student Winter Sports Arena,  Development of Facilities   14,500.00
Athletics and Recreational Facilities   815.00
Victoria   University    740.50
Contributions for various purposes   20,015.79
(Note:  This list does  not  include  contributions made  annually on  a continuing
basis. Continuing donations will  be  acknowledged at the time of the  May
Alitalia Airlines (Montreal): .
for the Italian Scholarship Fund   100.00*/
Aluminum Company of Canada Ltd. (Montreal): y
grant to University addiitonal  to scholarships    400.00Y^
Auxiliary to Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity:
for Student Aid Fund   1,000.00 Y
Balkind, Mr. Alvin:
for summer session Extension Awards   8.00 Vf
American Can Company of Canada Limited (Hamilton): y
grant to University additional to scholarships          1,000.00'
Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada:
direct awards to students   300
Badenoch, the late Ida Helen (estate): >
for the Helen Badenoch Scholarships   285.00 Y
Bowker, Dr. H. A. and Neville, Dr. J. W. (Ladysmith): y
Michael   Bowker  Memorial   Bursary    200.00   '
Brentwood Park P.T.A. Association (Burnaby): y
for summer session Extension Awards   \0.00Y
British Embassy (Washington, DC):
scholarships for East African students           1
Cameroons Development Corporation (West Cameroon): .
direct award for student   666.00^
fnmnhell. the Inte Anne S. (estate): /
for the Anne S. Campbell Bursary Fund   250.00'    ,
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: ,  /
for the Anne S. Campbell Bursary Fund   250.00*1
.dian Broadcasting Corporation:
for Alliance   Francaise Bursary   200j
Canadian Heart Foundation (Toronto): '_ y
National Heart Foundation of Canada Fellowship         3,875.00 Y
Canadian Institute of Forestry Wives (Richmond): /
special assistance for student   100.001/
Canadian Life Insurance Officers Association (Toronto): y
for summer session scholarships in personal dnd business finance       2,500.00 Y
for medical fellowship and grant         2,750.00 Y
C.I.M.M., B.C. Section: .
for the C.I.M.M., B.C. Section Loan Fund  190.25 *■*"""
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada (Trail): y
Cominco Graduate Research Fellowships         2,200.00^
De Bruyn, Dr. and Mrs. J.: /*
for the Frank De Bruyn Memorial Prize   25.00 v
Dickie, Mr. Paul M.: y
for the Cromie Dix Memorial Loan Fund  13.00 ■»
Engineers Wives Association: .
for   engineering   bursaries     700.00 W
Evans, Coleman 8c Evans Limited:
for summer session Extension Awards   25.00 \Y
12 Faculty Women's Club: , ^
for the Dean of Women's Fund   50.00^   y
for the E. Frances Gunning Memorial Bursary   10.00^/
for the Dean of Women's Fund   50.00^
for the E. Frances Gunning Memor
Fitzpatrick, Mrs. P. W. (St. Paul, Minn.):
>umc_r^,  /v\i_.  r.   vv.  \->i.  ruui, /Vllllll./. y
for the Janine Elizabeth D'Estrube Scholarship Fund   5.00 II
Ford Motor Co. of Canada Ltd. (Oakville, Ont.):
for postdoctoral   fellowship         5,000.00
Gage, Dean Walter H.: y
for scholarships and bursaries          1,427.00 Y
Giant Battery Co. Ltd.: y
for the Manly Cohen Memorial Bursary  20.001k
Goldsmith, Mr. Allan: y
for the Manly Cohen Memorial Bursary  20.00 •
Goldsmith, Mr. Daniel: '
for the Manly Cohen Memorial Bursary  20.00 Y
Graduating Classes of 1963: y
for the Student Aid Loan Fund         3,000.00 \f.
Grand Lodge of British Columbia, I.O.O.F.: y
direct awards to students          1,600.00 l/
Greater Victoria Schools Drama Festival (Victoria): /
for summer session Extension Awards   150.00 Y
Groberman, Mr. Joel: y
for the Manly Cohen Memorial Bursary   40.00r
Guy Fowler Memorial Fund:
annual   grant     688.75 Y~
Heller, Mrs. Paul: .
for summer session Extension Awards   5.00 Y
Henderson, the late Robert (estate): y
for the Scholarship  Endowment Fund   912.37  »
Imperial Oil Limited (Toronto): y
for direct student awards   900.00 Y^
Industrial Forestry Service Ltd.:
for Prince George Forestry Scholarship  150.00
Isaacs, Miss M.: /
for Extension Department Theatre Scholarships   10.Q0 /
Johnston, the late Douglas F. (estate):
for the Douglas F. Johnston Bursary Fund  21A.82Y
Kappa Kappa Gamma Mothers' Club:
for the Dean of Women's Fund   100.001/
Kemp, Mr. Gerald: y
for the Manly Cohen Memorial Bursary  20.00 V
Kent Chemicals Ltd.: /"
for the Charles Margolus Memorial Scholarship   100.00 Y
Koerner, Mrs. O.: y
for the Italian Scholarship Fund   25.00 /,
for Extension Theatre Scholarship Fund   25.00
Ladies Auxiliary Royal Canadian Legion No. 16 (Burnaby): .
direct student awards   200.00 Y
Ladysmith Recreation Commission (Ladysmith): , /
summer session Extension Awards   150.00.»
Lago Community Council (Aruba): ,
for student assistance   60.0Q/j/
13 Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
for scholarships and grants         9,200.00 Y
Lindenfeld, Dr. Elda:
for summer session Extension Awards   10.00 V
Liverant, Mr. Robert: ,
for the Manly Cohen Memorial Bursary   20.00 V
Livermore, Professor H. V.: i-
for the Italian Scholarship Fund   10.00  *
Loomer, Mr. Herbert:
for the Manly Cohen Memorial Bursary  10.00 Y
Machinery and Supplies Companies Groups: , y
for scholarships in Forestry   4,325.00 »
Manson, Mrs. Rolf S.: y
for the Dr. Rolf S. Manson Memorial Bursary Fund   5,000.00*/
Municipal Chapter of Vancouver, I.O.D.E.: ,
special  bursary assistance   1 00.00 Y
Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada (Toronto):
for muscular dystrophy fellowships   1,700.00 Y
MacDonald, Mrs. Mary (Beverly, Mass.): .
for the Janine Elizabeth D'Estrube Fund   11.70 W
McDougall, Dr. Ruth: y
for summer session Extension Awards   10.00»
McGregor, Mrs. Fred:
for summer session Extension Award   50.00 v(
Maclnnes, Mr. W. H.: ;
for the W. H. Maclnnes Scholarship Funds   2,000.00 V
McLean Foundation (Toronto):
bursaries for special  fields   1,000.00 Y
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto):
for National Cancer Institute Fellowship         1,200.00 jj/
New Westminster Business and Professional Women's Club
(New Westminster):
for the Helen Grimmer Award   125.00 Y
New Westminster Parent Teacher Council (New Westminster): y
direct student awards   250.00^
North Vancouver Lions Club:
direct student  award     100.00 Y
Osoyoos Credit Union (Osoyoos): y
direct award  to student   250.00V
Paterson, Miss Ellen B.: .
for Mount Baker High School Bursary   250.00 Y
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Supreme Chapter: .
special direct award   400.00 V
Procter 8c Gamble Company of Canada Ltd. (Toronto):
grants to University additional to scholarships   600.00 Y
Provincial Chapter of Alberta I.O.D.E. (Edmonton): .
direct award to student   250.00 Y
Robin Hood Flour Mills Limited (Montreal): y
direct award to student   500.001'
14 Ross, Dr. Phyllis, C.B.E.:
for summer session Extension awards 	
Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary Branch No. 48:
direct  award  to student 	
Royal Trust Company:
for summer session Extension Awards 	
Shell Oil Company of Canada Limited (Toronto):
grant to University additional to scholarship
Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School:
direct   awards  	
Sirlin, Mr. Irving:
for the Manly Cohen Memorial Bursary	
Soderman, the late Daisy Sidney (estate):
for the Oscar Soderman Bursary Fund 	
Standard Oil Company of British Columbia Ltd.:
for summer session Extension Awards 	
Steel Company of Canada Limited (Hamilton):
grant to University additional to bursaries ...
Student Nurses Association of B.C.:
for summer session Extension Awards 	
Vancouver Sun:
for summer session Extension Awards 	
Vancouver Women's Canadian Club:
for summer session Extension Award  __.
Vennewitz, Mrs. W. A.:
for summer session Extension Awards 	
Watson, Mr. Barry G. W. (La Jeune Creek):
for  loan  fund 	
Western Odnal Holdings Ltd.:
for special bursaries
Woodward, Mr. and Mrs. P. A.:
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Woodward Foundation Medical Fellowships
5o.oo y
500.00 y~
450.00  y
20.00 r
641.46 y
2,000.00 Y
1,900.00 *
Dean Clement Student Aid Fund 	
Dean E. D. MacPhee Student Aid Fund 	
Dean of Women's Fund	
Don Buckland Memorial Scholarship 	
Dr. Lavell Leeson Memorial Scholarship .
Graduating Classes of 1962 Loan Fund ....
Home Economics Loan Fund 	
Norman  MacKenzie Alumni Scholarships
Richard Claxton Palmer Scholarship 	
University Nurses Club Scholarship 	
University Student Assistance Fund 	
General donations for awards and loans ..
Total contributions in this list         2,000.00
Alto, Dr. William
Ames, Dr. Clifford
Balmer, Dr. Campbell
Banford, Dr. S. S. (New Westminster)
B.C. Dentists' Wives Association
Beamish, Dr. L. W. (New Westminster)
Bishop, Dr. B. A. (Vernon)
Bellamy, Dr. C. P. (North Vancouver)
Bligh, Dr. G. C. (North Burnaby)
Blumes, Dr. J.
Booth, Dr. T. G. (Richmond)
Boyle, Dr. Patrick
Braaten, Dr. C. R.
Braden, Dr. D. O. (Victoria)
Bridges, Dr. J. H. (South Burnaby)
Burns, Dr. D. G. (North Vancouver)
Busse, Dr. L. R.
Carefoot, Dr. J. M. (New Westminster)
Chalmers, Dr. M. A. (New Westminster)
Chambers, Dr. S. A. (New Westminster)
Chambers, Dr. W. (New Westminster)
Ciarnello, Dr. D.
Collins, Dr. G. J. (South Burnaby)
Copithorne, Dr. G. F. (North Vancouver)
Craib, Dr. J. S.
Davis, Dr. R. W. (Burnaby)
Day, Dr. J. R. (Penticton)
Donovan, Dr. W. G.
Dent, Dr. R. J.
Doe, Dr. W. A.
Dickson, Dr. R. G. (North Vancouver)
Dohan, Dr. M. (Victoria)
Donnelly, Dr. K. P.
Elliot, Dr. W. L
English, Dr. L. E. (Kamloops)
Fast, Dr. E. E.
Ferguson, Dr. N. C. (New Westminster)
Friesen, Dr. J. (Richmond)
Gardner, Dr. C. W.
Gifford, Dr. R. J. (New Westminster)
Goh, Dr. C. S.
Grady, Dr. L. K.
Gray, Dr. A. (Victoria)
16 Greenius, Dr. W. 0.
Guenther, Dr. H. (South Burnaby)
Hallett, Dr. W. (North Surrey)
Hare, Dr. H. (Victoria)
Hastings, Dr. W. G.
Hopgood, Dr. D. A.
Inkster, Dr. W. H. (Vernon)
James, Dr. T. W. (Victoria)
Jinks, Dr. Gordon
Joiner, Dr. W.
Julien, Dr. W. (New Westminster)
Kahn, Dr. M.
Kanee, Dr. A.
Kita, Dr. E. (Richmond)
Kirson, Dr. S. (West Vancouver)
Kjestad, Dr. B. (Victoria)
Kumagai, Dr. P. S. (New Westminster)
Kut, Dr. S.
Lee, Dr. D. S.
Lewis, Dr. J. C.
Lind, Dr. L. 0. (West Vancouver)
McBride, Dr. L. R.
McCann, Dr. K. W. (North Surrey)
McDonald, Dr. G. G. (Courtenay)
McDonald, Dr. H. W. (Prince Rupert)
McDonald, Dr. R. L. (Victoria)
MacEwen, Dr. Bruce (Burns Lake)
McGinnis, Dr. W. D.
Macintosh, Dr. I. U. (New Westminster)
McNair, Dr. D. (Richmond)
Marshall, Dr. D. G.
Marshall, Dr. L.
Martin, Dr. E. E.
Martin, Dr. Jim
Mathisen, Dr. M. M. (New Westminster)
Mayne, Dr. D. P. (South Burnaby)
Metcalfe, Dr. B. (Victoria)
Michelson, Dr. M.
Mielke, Dr. C. D. (West Vancouver)
Miller, Dr. R. J. (Richmond)
Mitchell, Dr. F. A. (West Vancouver)
Moreside, Dr. J. L. (North Vancouver)
Munn, Dr. R. E.
Nacht, Dr. M.
Nishiguchi, Dr. K.
O'Dell, Dr. T.
Olfman, Dr. A.
17 O'Neil, Dr. R. J.
Peterson, Dr. W. S. (White Rock)
Pearlman, Dr. N. L. (New Westminster)
Pinsent, Dr. G. A. (North Vancouver)
Porteous, Dr. W.
Power, Dr. J. G. (North Vancouver)
Prothero, Dr. A. J. S. (South Burnaby)
Ramage, Dr. T. E.
Reid, Dr. J. F. (North Vancouver)
Rife, Dr. J. (Cloverdale)
Rondeau, Dr. P.
Ryan, Dr. J.
Scally, Mrs. C. (Nelson)
Shintani, Dr. K.
Slakov, Dr. E.
Smith, Dr. T. G. (Victoria)
Smordin, Dr. S. B.
Soo, Dr. F. W. (Richmond)
Swanson, Dr. A.
Sweeney, Dr. J. B. (West Vancouver)
Tambosso, Dr. A. S.
Tawse, Dr. K. J. P. (New Westminster)
Terris, Dr. R. (Victoria)
Thompson, Dr. W. E. (Victoria)
Tobias, Dr. P. A. (West Vancouver)
Trythall Dr. R. R. (Victoria)
Tsuyuki, Dr. R. S. (North Surrey)
Vroman, Dr. C. (North Burnaby)
Wales, Dr. D. V.
Walhovd, Dr. T. H. (Creston)
Waller, Dr. D. E .(Prince George)
Walley, Dr. K. M.
Walley, Dr. R. A. (Trail)
Waterbury, Dr. D. D.
Welsh, Dr. R. D.
Wolfe, Dr. Blair
Total contributions in this list         4,650.00
A.T.A. Ontario (Toronto, Ont.)
Atom Delivery Ltd.
Automotive Transport Association of B.C.
B.C. Seattle Transport
B.C. Tree Fruits Ltd. (Kelowna)
18 Bowering, Mr. A. J. (Victoria)
Bureau of Economics & Statistics (Victoria)
Canada Safeway Ltd. (Vancouver)
Canadian Kenworth (Vancouver)
Canadian Trucking Associations (Ottawa, Ont.)
Carson Truck Lines Ltd. (North Burnaby)
City Transfer (1945) Ltd. (Powell River)
Consolidated Freightways Inc. (Menlo Park, Calif.)
Cottrell Cartage Ltd.
Crossan Cartage Co. Ltd. (Kitimat)
Crown Tire Service Ltd.
D. Chapman 8c Co. Ltd. (Kelowna)
Doman's Transport Co. Ltd. (Duncan)
D. S. Scott Transport Ltd. (London, Ont.)
Dueck on Broadway (Vancouver)
Flanders Van Service Ltd.
Gibbs Olfield Transport Ltd. (Edmonton, Alberta)
Gill Interprovincial Lines (North Burnaby)
Hayes Mfg. Co. Ltd.
Heaver, Professor Trevor
H. M. Trimble 8c Sons Ltd. (Calgary, Alberta)
Hughes, Professor W.
Ladner Transfer Co. Ltd. (Ladner)
Lang-Ford Truck Equipment Ltd.
Lincoln Transport Co. Ltd. (White Rock)
Loiselle Transport Ltd. (Dawson Creek)
Marpole Transfer
Midland Superior Express (Calgary)
Morris, Mr. W. J.
Motor Carrier Magazine
Macdonald, Mr. R. W.
McQuitty Auto Carriers Ltd. (Burnaby)
P 8c H Trucking (Victoria)
Pacific Cartage
Pacific G.MC Ltd.
Pacific Inland Express Ltd.
Pitkethly Bros.
Public Freightways Ltd.
Rapaport, Mr. M. L. (Toronto)
Richmond Transfer
Robertson Transport Ltd. (Calgary)
Superintendent Motor Vehicles (Victoria)
Tank Truck Services Ltd. (North Burnaby)
T 8c H Cariboo Transport
Teamsters Joint Council No. 36
Thompson, Osen 8c Sherban Ltd.
Traders Service Ltd.
19 Van-Kam Freight Lines Ltd.
Wells Cartage Ltd.
Wholesale Delivery Service Ltd.
Williamson, Mr. H. H.
Zenith Transport
Alumni Annual Giving, Commerce Division:
Student aid fund, to provide loans for commerce students. Contributions in
honour of Dean Emeritus E. D. MacPhee.
Ciba Company Limited (Dorval, Que.):
prize,  consisting  of five volumes of  medical   illustrations  on  the  nervous
system, etc., for annual award in Faculty of Medicine.
Department of English, University of B.C.:
medal for the outstanding graduate of the year in Honours English.
Graduating Classes of 1963:
loan fund of $3,000.
Isaac Shulman, Mr.:
prize of $100 annually in the Faculty of Law, offered in memory of Thomas
Francis Hurley, for best report or essay on a subject related to the ethical
problems and practice of criminal law.
Kent Chemicals Ltd., Vancouver:
bursary of $100 for the session 1963-64, in special field of biochemistry, as
a memorial to Charles Margolus.
Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Auxiliary:
fund of $1,000 for students in any year and faculty,  honoring the association of members of the fraternity with the University.
Lambda Kappa Sigma Sorority, Alpha Lambda Alumni Chipter:
bursary of $100 in Pharmacy.
Lamond, Dewhurst and Associates Ltd.:
annual scholarship of $200 for students in the field of industry psychology.
Manly Cohen Memorial:
bursary in Commerce contributed as a memorial to Manly Cohen, BCom., by
Manson, Mrs. R. S., and Manson, Mr. Rolf S. Jr.:
bursary of $500 annually established and endowed as a memorial to Dr. Rolf
Stuart Manson, for students in Medicine.
Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. (Rossland):
the Robert Donald Mitchell Memorial Bursary, established as a memorial to
their son, in the amount of $300 annually for students in science.
McMahan, Mr. William:
scholarships annually in the amount of $600 from an endowment. For sons
and daughters of employees of Canadian Forest Products Limited in fields of
engineering and forestry.
M. J. Boulton Estate: 1 Academic Gown.
Koerner, Mr. Walter: one large bear, carved in wood by Bill Reid, in modern
treatment of a Haida design.
A 8c M Press (Texas): data sheets "Selected Values of Properties of Chemical
Williams, Dr. Donald H.: 4 phonograph records.
Fine Arts
The Carnegie Corp. (New York): grant toward the purchase of set of slides on Art
of the United States of America. 1500 slides. The Dept. of Fine Arts also
received two textbooks.
Gage, Dean Walter H.: one large oil painting by Emily Carr entitled "Quiet".
Institute of Fisheries
Lorz, H. W. (Victoria): valuable collection of scientific documents.
Ricker, W. E. (Nanaimo): valuable collection of scientific reprints.
Interior Lumber Manufacturers Association (Penticton): "California Coast Redwood" - an annotated bibliography by Emanuel Fritz, University of California.
Yang, Mr. C. W. (Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China): 120 colour slides, publications and wood samples.
Kujawa, Mr. R. J. (Liby, Montana): wooden cabinet with display of mineral specimens and products of the Zonolite Company.
Forbes, Mr. Harry (Legrand, Iowa): two large slices of fossil wood and specimen
of cone-in-cone structure.
Guiget, Mr. Marcel (Wells, B.C.) and Gayle, Mr. (Melrose, Montana): 100 pounds
of eosalite specimens. Specimens of phosphate rock.
Home Economics
Canada   Packers   Ltd.:   supplies  of  margene,   domestic  shortening,   Maple   Leaf
liquid detergent, Maple Leaf soap flakes, sterling soap.
Nabob Foods Mfg. Div. (Burnaby): supplies of extracts, spices and seasonings.
Rickett 8c Coleman: supplies of spice and seasoning, herbs, etc. (French's).
Robin Hood Flour Mills Ltd.: supplies of All-Purpose flour, Robin Hood cake flour,
Easy Bisk.
21 Housing Office
Acadia Camp Householders' Association: playground materials and equipment for
Acadia Camp and Wesbrook householders.
Library Acquisitions
MacPhee, Dean E. D.: typescript of the report (3V) and proceedings (30V) of the
Royal Commission on the Tree Fruit Industry of B.C.  1 957 - 58, along with
70 books on business and accounting.
Dixon, W. H. S.: a number of copies of Western Weekly Reports, Canada Law
Reports, Canadian Bar Reviews and some textbooks.
National Trust Company: 50 copies of the pamphlet "Perpetuities in a Nutshell"
by Professor W. Barton Leach.
McPhee, Mrs. George (Richmond): 52 books on history and politics.
Meyer, Mrs. E.: 98 books in German pertaining to various subjects.
Norway Office of Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (Oslo,  Norway): 25
books of Norwegian literature.
Mining and Geological Engineering
Shannon, Mr. Frank (Riondel): gift of specimens of Krekelite and Minnesotaite
from Bluebell Mine.
Crocker, Mr. Conrad: music for flute.
Federal Republic of Germany: phonograph recordings.
Shelton, Mrs. Herbert: phonograph recordings.
Plant Science
Rain Bird Sprinkler Mfg. Co. (Canada) Ltd.: new model irrigation sprinklers.
B.C. Psychology Association: textbook for psychology library.
Rehabilitation Medicine
The Williams 8c Wilkins Co. (Baltimore, Maryland): Gates Primary Anatomy,
Steedman's Medical Dictionary.
Student's Winter Sports Arena
Cranbrook Foundry Ltd. (Cranbrook): 5 sets of Kays Red Hone Curling stones.
Lazorko, Dr. W.: large collection of pinned beetles from Karlsruche, Germany and
pinned and unpinned beetles from Ontario. Collected by Karl Stephen, Tilbury, Ontario; 36 specimens of Corixidae (Insecta).
Ross, Dr. D. (Ottawa): large collection of forest insects.


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