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APRIL 1977 - MARCH 1978
A Thank You and Report
of Private Gifts, Grants and
Bequests to the University
of British Columbia The long-awaited Aquatic Centre at the University of B.C. was
officially opened September 27. It is much more than just a swimming
pool: it is designed to meet the recreational, competitive and
academic needs of UBC's students, faculty and staff; and to supplement
existing pool facilities in the community. In addition, The John W.
Buchanan Fitness and Research Centre at the pool will offer exercise
apparatus and fitness testing as well as research facilities for
faculty and graduate students.
The dream of an aquatic centre was realized through the generosity
of students, alumni, faculty, staff, friends of UBC, corporations,
foundations and government grants. See page 4. TABLE OF CONTENTS
The University Thanks its Friends 1
The University Wants to Serve You 1
A Special Gift to Help Fulfill a Special Need 2
Wills & Bequests Committee 2
President's Advisory Committee on Fund Raising 3
Commerce/Engineering Fund 3
The Asian Centre Fund 3
The UBC Aquatic Centre Fund 4-5
The UBC Memorial Fund 6
The UBC Alumni Fund 7-8
Outstanding Student Support 9
Sources of Funds for Capital Construction 10
Private Support for the University 11
Buildings on UBC Campus 12
Gifts-in-Kind 13
Memorial Gifts 15
Gifts, Grants & Bequests 17 IN MEMORIAM
During 1978, the University of B.C. was saddened by the deaths of
two people closely associated with its fund-raising activities -- Dr.
Walter H. Gage and Alfred T. Adams.
The death of former president Walter Gage on October 3 at the age
of 73 ended a 52-year association with UBC that began in 1921 when he
enrolled as a freshman student. In addition to many generous personal
gifts, Dr. Gage inspired graduates and friends of the University to
support its many activities and needs by his unparalleled example of
selfless devotion to the welfare of the University.    . ,
Alfred T. Adams served UBC as executive director of the University
Resources Council from 1964 until his untimely death at the age of 63 on
December 22. For more than 14 years he was an untiring ambassador on
behalf of the University in the community. He did his utmost to ensure
the success of dozens of projects, large and small. The University has
much to be grateful for as the result of the perseverance of this modest
and resourceful man.
The University owes much of its stature to private gifts. Research,
teaching projects, scholarships and bursaries have been supported by
individual benefactors, alumni, firms, students, foundations and
associations. Many of the major buildings, as well as a wide variety of
other projects, serve as testimony to the generosity of those who helped
to build UBC.
Gifts have been made anonymously, directly, in memory of relatives,
in honour of friends and by bequest. Many alumni and other donors
contribute annually. During the year benefactors donated $7,163,761.
The University is deeply grateful to those who have given such
generous support and also thanks the many volunteers who have helped
generate gifts.
This brochure does not include the names of donors to the Alumni
.Fund. Provincial and Federal grants are recorded in other publications.
The University wishes to express gratitude to donors in a variety
of ways.
If you do not receive UBC Rzpofvti  or the Alumni ChAonlcJLe. we will
be pleased to place you on the mailing list.
You may wish to have a list of faculties, departments, schools and
institutes, information regarding a specific teaching or research
program, faculty or department, or advice in seeking sources of
information or answers to problems.
The results of research conducted at the University are freely
available and we are eager that they should be of the widest benefit.
A variety of excellent facilities are open to the general public
for conferences, social functions, workshops and seminars. They cater
for ten or a thousand persons and are backed by food, accommodation
-and programming services.
The magnificant site, the beauty of the campus and the varied
activities of its community make UBC an outstanding place to visit.
We will be happy to help you guide a friend or conduct a tour.
Enquiries to:
The Resources Office
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5
The establishment of the Royal Canadian Legion Chair in Family
Practice has enabled UBC to create a separate Department in Family
Practice in the Faculty of Medicine. The Royal Canadian Legion -
Pacific Command has pledged $40,000 a year to support the chair. Major
activities of the new Department will be development of a service,
teaching and research program in community geriatrics.
There are some 152,000 people aged 85 years and over in Canada.
Since older people require a great deal of health care support, this is
perhaps Canada's most urgent social issue.
With our present pattern of care, 14,000 extra hospital beds will
be needed by 1984 to accommodate elderly people. However, many would
prefer to remain in their own homes and would do so if assistance were
provided by visiting health specialists and volunteers.
These health care experts, trained for a team effort, would
provide support and care for the elderly to enable them to continue to
function in their home settings.
There is great need for financial support of the research aspects
of this program. Members of the faculty will be pleased to discuss
with any interested person ways in which this community involvement of
the University can be supported.
The University is grateful to the Chairman, Mr. David Brousson, and
to the members of this Committee, for the exhaustive examinations they
have conducted; and to those many individuals, foundations, corporations,
associations and universities in Canada and the USA, who assisted their
The Committee:
Mr. D.M. Brousson, ChaJjiman
Mr. A.T. Adams
Mr. A. Baxter
Mr. J.L. Denholme
Dr. W.C Gibson
Mr. S. Hebenton
Mr. E.C Hurd
Mr. R.W. Macdonald
Mr. A.M. McGavin
Mr. G.A. Thorn
The fund was established to supplement monies from Provincial
capital grants for additions and renovations to the Henry Angus Building
(Commerce and Business Administration) and a new building now shared by
the Departments of Civil and Mechanical Engineering. Pledges and gifts
in the amount of some $750,000 have been received and were divided
equally between the two buildings. Both facilities are in full
The Wills & Bequests Committee appreciates how greatly the stature
of the University has been enhanced by gifts through the wills of its
friends. The first bequest -- for $12,000 -- was received in 1928. The
many subsequent bequests range from $50 to approximately $14,500,000
from the estates of Isaak and Dorothy Killam. This magnificent support
has enabled the University to develop in fields that otherwise would
remain fallow.
During the fiscal year 1977-1978, $343,006 was received from 30
bequests. Since 1928, the University has been advised of a beneficial
interest in 245 wills, known amounts in 1978 cases totalling over $25
million, most of which has been received. In addition, there have been
a variety of bequests-in-kind in the past year including books,
paintings, photographs, carvings and collections of artifacts.
The University would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with
its friends and their estate advisers, intentions in regard to bequests.
UBC is concerned that benefactors should be kept up-to-date in their
particular fields of interest.
Howard C. Green
Wills & Bequests Committee
Enquiries: The Resources Office
Telephone (604) 228-3917
To promote cultural, trade and academic relations between North
America and the Asian countries of the Pacific Rim, steel girders from
the Sanyo Corporation's Expo '70 Pavilion in Japan were accepted on
March 22, 1971 by the Government of British Columbia as a first gift for
a fund to build an Asian Centre in Vancouver.
The leaders of the fund recommended that the building should be
sited on the UBC campus so that it could house UBC's Asian-language
library, the largest collection in Canada, and also serve as a research
and community centre backed by the Asianists working at the University.
The University is grateful to friends in Japan, in the Pacific Rim
and to the Fund Chairman, Mr. Joseph L. Whitehead, and the Committee for
their sustained efforts.
On November 4, 1978, the Honourable Patrick McGeer, provincial
Minister of Education, announced that the University had been authorized
by the provincial government to borrow $3.59 million to complete
construction of the centre, which now is expected to open late in 1980. THE UBC AQUATIC CENTRE FUND
The official opening of the Aquatic Centre took place on September
27 and fulfilled the dreams of generations of students, faculty and
alumni that the University should have a covered pool.
In 1972, the students by a referendum imposed upon themselves and
their successors a levy and raised a bank loan to provide $925,000 in
cash as the lead gift for the fund.
The student gift was backed by grants from the University, the
Government of British Columbia and the B.C. Recreational Community
Facilities Fund and Sport Canada/Recreation Canada; and by generous
gifts from alumni, faculty, staff, friends, corporations and foundations.
These various sources produced some $2,000,000 in grants, gifts and
pledges towards the cost of the Aquatic Centre.
The design of the pool is unique: its style is recreational, yet
it provides for almost all major aspects of international aquatic
competition. Five unrelated activities can take place in the water at
any one time. Empire Pool will remain in service in conjunction with
the Aquatic Centre during the summer months.
This magnificent centre - possibly the finest in North America -
will serve as the core for swimming, teaching, training, research and
competition throughout British Columbia. It is also a community pool,
available to the general public.
Included in the complex is the John M. Buchanan Fitness and
Research Area which provides a variety of sophisticated facilities,
late Dr. John Buchanan made an outstanding contribution to UBC as
President of the Alumni Association, member of Senate, member of the
Board of Governors and Chancellor.
The Permanent Executive Committee of the Fund
Mr. Don A. Brewster,
Mr. Jack B. Pomfret,
Mr. Alfred T. Adams
Mr. Douglas J. Aldridge
Mr. Robert J. Black
Vice, Chairman
Grant B.
James L.
Cyril V.
Harry J.
. Marilyn
R. Pomfret
The Aquatic Centre is a place for community activity as well as
University activity. These youngsters can learn to swim in one area
of the pool while individual and group activities go on in other
sections of the pool. THE UBC MEMORIAL FUND
The University has established a Memorial Scholarship and Bursary
Endowment Fund which it is hoped will provide a significant source of
student support in future years.
The purpose of the fund is to encourage memorial donations, and to
cater for donations that in themselves would not provide sufficient
investment income to ensure a meaningful award.
The fund is designed to serve persons willing to leave small
bequests to UBC, to serve lifetime donors and to serve corporations
wishing to make gifts in memoriam.
A brochure will be produced listing the persons in whose name
contributions have been received, and these brochures will be given to
each student receiving an award from the fund.
From time to time there have been and will continue to be organized
in memoriam funds of sufficient amount to provide meaningful awards over
a long period.
However, the shrinking value of the dollar has meant that some
earlier and small funds no longer perform the full function intended.
With the permission of the donors concerned, some of these funds might
become part of the new Memorial Fund and this will ensure that the
names of the persons to whom tribute has been paid will remain known to
future generations of students and faculty.
During the year ending March 31, 1978, several hundred donors made
gifts (a number being repeat gifts) in memory of 101 perons. In most
cases these gifts supported student aid.
A special feature of the Memorial Scholarship and Bursary Fund is
the help it will give to individuals and small groups of donors who are
not in a position to make major gifts at the time of death of a friend
or relative but who may hope to make further lifetime gifts and/or to
include an appropriate provision in their wills. By means of this new
fund the name of a deceased person will be memorialized regularly from
the time the original gift is made.
Alumni Gifts 1977/1978
To the Alumni Fund
Through Friends of UBC Inc.
(USA alumni)
Building Appeals
(USA alumni)
Building Appeals
excluding USA)
Other gifts
(Canadian and Foreign
$    161,959
Donor Designations and Alumni  Fund Allocations from
 the 1977/1978 Campaign 	
Scholarships & Bursaries
N.A.M. MacKenzie Scholarships
N.A.M. MacKenzie Scholarships
Walter Gage Bursary Fund
J.B. Macdonald Bursaries
Wesbrook Memorial Lectureships
Daniel Young Scholarship (USA)
S. California Alumni Scholarship (USA)
Stanley Arkley Library Scholarship
Nursing Scholarships Fund
University Scholarships & Bursary Fund
Catterall Scholarship
Special Campaigns
Geological Sciences Centre Fund
Law Building Fund
UBC Aquatic Centre
Walter Gage Student Aid Fund
Frank Gnup Memorial Fund
Pernarowski Memorial Fund
A.J. Wood Memorial Fund
N.A.M. MacKenzie Fine Arts
Big Block Sweater Fund
Class of '26
Dr. J.F. Morgan Memorial  Fund
Other Allocations
President's Alumni  Fund
Women's Athletic Committee
Men's Athletic Committee
Vancouver Symphony Visit
UBC Alumni Association Programs
Chronicle Creative Writing Contest
Education (Psychology)
195 Other Allocations (continued)
Chronicle Photo Contest
Bob Berwick Centre
Nursing Undergraduate Society (lounge)
Graduate Studies
Special Rowing
Medicine (Research)
Drennan Estate (Medicine)
Class of '27
Cecil Green Park Project
John Buchanan Fitness Centre
Gifts in Kind
$    218,818
Mr. E. Roland Pierrot   Chairman
Mr. John A. Banfield   Vepvuty ChaMman
Mr. Allan D. Thackray   Allocations
Mrs. Barbara Hart Harris
Dr. William Keenlyside
Mr. John Keating
Mr. Alfred T. Adams
Mr. Ian C. Malcolm
Miss Charlotte L.V. Warren
Mr. George E. Plant
Mr. Harry J. Franklin
Ms. Susan Jamieson McLarnon
Mr. Allan D. Thackray  ChaiAman
Mr. E. Roland Pierrot
Mr. John A. Banfield
Mrs. Barbara Hart Harris
Dr. William Keenlyside
Mr. Harry J. Franklin
Mr. Ian C Malcolm
This past fiscal year students at UBC contributed $489,864 to the
capital development of the University: $107,730 to the Aquatic Centre,
$308,100 to the Student Union Building and $74,034 to the Leon and Thea
Koerner Graduate Centre.
Since 1928, students have funded or helped fund 11 major campus
buildings for more than $6 million. This outstanding support is
believed to be unequalled by the students of any other North American
In addition, students have worked for and donated to six special
building campaigns in the past decade. Each year the graduating class
supports various campus activities. The class of 1978 donated $5,000
for day care, $1,500 for rehabilitative medicine and $2,500 to student
aid and legal aid.
Student Contributions to Buildings
Women's Gymnasium
Stadium on East Mall
Brock Hall (for nearly 30 years the centre of
Alma Mater Society activities)
The Armory
War Memorial Gymnasium
Extension of Brock Hall
Place Vanier Residences
Thunderbird Winter Sports Centre
The Student Union Building
Additions to the Thea Koerner Graduate Centre
UBC Aquatic Centre
$   24,543
:    747,000
:    925,000
Mr. Francis M. Johnston   ?nuide.n£
Dr. Stanley T. Arkley   \Jice-?>iuidzwt
Mr. Robert J. Boroughs   Tn.ejiMin.eA
Mr. Ian C. Malcolm   Ex O^icio
Enquiries to: Friends of U.B.C, Inc. (U.S.A.)
P.O. Box 483
From 1915  to 31   March  1978
Province of
of Canada and
Federal Agencies
and General
Private Gifts
(including students'
$6.6 millions)
April   1977 -- March 1978
Grand Total    $7,163,761
Student Aid
14 Donors
Note: Some donors made gifts to more than one project thus the
discrepancy between the number of donors and the number
of donations.
*Includes $547,986 from 24,224 students for the Student
Union Building, Aquatic Centre Fund and Graduate Centre
and $349,424 from the Alumni Fund.
**Includes 6,953 donors to the Alumni Fund.
GIFTS-IN-KIND — April 1977 to March 1978
Buildings on the UBC Campus wholly or largely funded by private gifts
(excluding buildings funded by students)	
Faculty Club - private donors (plus faculty)
Graduate Student Centre - private donors (plus graduate students)
International House - Rotary and others
Cecil Green Park
Geological Sciences Building
Animal Sciences Teaching and Research Unit
Asian Centre
Berwick Special Education Building - Variety Club
These gifts included costumes from Tibet, Korea and Africa, a Han
dynasty horse's head, a birchbark container, Chinese and Japanese scroll
paintings, an African necklace and basket, and an Egyptian alabaster
James Mather Building
Nitobe Garden
Pan Hellenic (Sorority) Centre
Private donors have assisted funding a number of other major
buildings. In all, private gifts account for some 20% of capital
construction. This proportion might be the highest for government
universities in North America.
AIM Instrumentation Ltd.
Abrahamson, Ms. Freda
Abramson, Dr. Harvey
Abu-Zabru, Dr. Nadia
Aikins, Mrs. J.S.
Aklujkar, Dr. A.
American International Investment
Amoco Petroleum of Canada Ltd.
Anthroposophical Society in
Argentine' Embassy
Armstrong, Mr. Don
Armstrong, Dr. W.M.
Babcock, Dr. W.R.
Bagnall, Mr. Guy P.P.
Barkley, Mr. Geoffrey
Barlow, Mrs. E.
Barss, Dr. A.E.
Beames, Dr. Thomas
Belgium, Ministere de l'Education
Bell, Mrs. H.C.
Beveridge, Miss Isabella
Biely, Prof. Jacob
Bird, Mrs. P.E.P.
Black, Mrs. E.C
Blagburn, Mrs. E.
Bonsai 1, Rev. H. Brash
Brackenbury, Mrs. Alice D.
Brigham Young University
B.C. Hydro
Bryan, E.H., Jr.
Bryner, Dr. Cyril
Burgess, the late Mr. R.E.
Burke, Mrs. Margaret
Cal mi c Limited
Campbell, Miss Marion
Canadian Industries Ltd.
Central & East European Studies
Society in Southern Alberta
Chang, Mr. Bomshik
Clemons, Mrs. Elaine
Committee of Butchach
Coughlin, Ms. C.
Davidson, Mr. B.
de Gruyter, Mr. Walter (USA)
Delack, Dr. J.B.
Dewar, Mrs. Gudrun
Dohm, Hon. Thomas A.
Dolmage, Dr. V.
Duff, Mrs. Ethel
Eddie, Mr. J.H.
Ellis, Mr. Jack
Ennis, Mr. A.
Escott, Mr. H.E.
Folbigg, Miss Joyce
Fraser Institute
Freeman, Miss I.D.
Frier, Mr. W.E.
Gasque, Mr. W. Ward
George Washington University
German Consulate
Gibbard, Miss I.D.
Glass, Dr. R.A.
Gordon, Mrs. R.M.
Gottschalk, Mr. & Mrs. A.W.
Green, Mrs. F.W.
Gruber, Mr. Josh
Ham, Mrs. E.G.
Hayward, Mrs. M.
Higgins, Ms. Lois
Hope, Ms. Eva
Hunter, Mrs. Pearl
Industrial Relations Centre
Institute of Psychophysical
Jericho Hill School
Jetter, Mr. Joseph
Johannson, Ms. A.M.
Johns, Mrs. S.C.
Johnson, Dr. Elizabeth
Kania, Mr. Ed
Kidd, estate of Dr. H.M.
Koerner, Dr. Walter C.
Kon, Mr. Hidemi
Korean Consul-General
Korean Embassy
Lapidary Club of Vancouver
Layzell, Ms. Tannis
Leamy, Mrs. B.
Leary, Mrs. S.
Logan, Mrs. H.T.
McAdam, Dr. D.W.
MacAllister, Dr. R.N.
13 McBean, Mr. Angus
McGavin, Mr. Alan
McKenzie, Dr. N.A.M.
McLeod, Mrs. M.C.
MacMillan, estate of Mr. H.R.
McSwail, Dr. J.C.
Maister, Mr. D.H.
Mawdsley, Dr. M.
Menzies, Mr. A.F.
Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Paul
Minoza, Ms. Dorothy (NWT)
Money, Mr. W.T.
Morrison, Mr. D.M.
Moth, Mr. & Mrs.
Mulligan, Mr. Brian
Munn, Mrs. E.V.
Neilson, Mr. Einar P.
Nevill, Mr. T.J.
O'Friel, Mr. J.
Osborne, Mr. R.F.
Padgham, Mr. Bert
Palmer, estate of Mrs. J.E.
Park, Mr. Sang-Hoon
Parsons, Mr. James
Pearse, Prof. Peter
Pfizer Company Limited
Placer Development Ltd.
Portsmouth (City of) (England)
Priestley, Mr. & Mrs. Ken
Real Estate Board of Greater
Reid, Mrs. Irene
Reinland Centennial Committee
Richardson Century Fund
Robins, A.H. Canada Ltd.
Robins, Mrs. Dorothy
Robson, Mrs. N.
Ross, Mrs. Frances
Rouge, Ms. N.A.B. (NWT)
Royal Netherlands Embassy
Schulson, Mr. S.E.
Science Council of Canada
Scott, Ms. Eileen
Servizio Culturale Italiano
Shaw, Mr. Paul
Slovak Cultural Foundation
Smith, Dr. CH.
Soward, Dean F.H.
Spanish Embassy (Ontario)
Stead, Mrs. Lucy
Stewart, Mr. Douglas
Swiss Consulate
Thompson, Dr. Mark
Toms, Mr. H.N.W.
Trimble, Mr. & Mrs. J.K. (Ontario)
Vancouver General Hospital
Verner, Dr. Coolie
Volkoff, Dean G.M.
Wainman, Mr. A.W.
Warkentin, Ms. Raija (Finland)
Weber, Mr. G.
Wescott, Mrs. Kathleen
Wiesman, Mr. Brahm
Willey, Mrs. P.
Williams, Dr. E.P. (Alberta)
Will ox, Mr. Paul
Wood, Mr. C.B.
Wyness, Miss Enid S.
Young, Mr. Albert
Zilberman, Mrs. M.
(April 1977 to March 1978)
Gwen Allen
Jack Aron
Edith Ashton
Russell A. Bankson & Ella E.
John D. Beaty
Joyce Beketa
Mary Bell
Nat Bell
Walter Bennett
Dr. Ernest Billig
W.G. Bird
Edgar C. Black
Steve Borden
Sharon Louise Brewster
Haig Brown
A.F.E. Buck
Edith & Jacob Buckshon
J. Buller
A. Burton
Harriet Sarah Byrne
Captain Thomas Byrne
David Caldwell
Ruth E. Cameron
J.M. Carr
Alexander Lorraine Carruthers
Ivy Clark
M.B. Cohen
J. Ewart Collins
Toby Cook
Donald R. Darling
April David
Ghent Davis
G.M. Dawson
C.W. Deans
Frank de Bruyn
Peter Demco
Tommy Diespecker
Dr. Ira Dilworth
Lieut. Soul is Ditmars
Emily Duff
Wilson Duff
Jay Emery
Barry English
John A. Evoy
Burkhard H. Flamant
David Fouks
Max & Lillian Freeman
John C. Frisby
T. Frisby
Bertrand & Neil a Galloway
Donald Gayton
J.W. Gehrke
Frank Gnup
C.L. Gorvich
Dr. Martin Greenall
Allan S. Gregory
E. Frances Gunning
Deanna Hall
Gene E. Heagle
I.B. Holubitsky
Howard Hunter
William L. Hurford
Thomas Francis Hurley
Dr. Marianne Rose Lourie-Jetter
Ethel Johns
Dixon Jones
Harold A. Jones
Ernestine A.M.E. Kania
Mrs. Kennedy
George Wi11i am Kenwood
Dr. W.T. Kergin
H.B. King
Les King
Earl Kinney
Heather Lawson
Constance Nicholson Lea
Gladys Ledingham
Chris Lin
David Bell  Little
Jessie Gordon MacCarthy
Judge Helen Gregory MacGill
Ellen Ethel McHattie
Harriet McKay
Robert James McMaster
Amalia McNeil
V.Z. Manning
Dr. W.L. Manning
Dr. Peter Gee-Pan Mar
Joel H. Marcoe
Dr. Jack M. Margulius
John J. Mason
Herbert Melton
William Mercer
J.F.R. Miller
William C. Moresby
Dr. Joseph F. Morgan
Leo Morris
A.J. Mouncey
Ernest A. Munro
Victoria Nagler
Alan W. Neill
Percy W. Nelms
S. & R. Nemetz
15 Elizabeth Tong Ng
Desmond 0'Brien
Victor Olacke
Dr. CD. Orchard
Paul & Doris Ostoich
Doris Pearson
Elizabeth Peers
J. Roddy Pegg
Terrance Reid Pel ton
Dr. M. Pernarowski
Edward Peskett
Winona R. Pulleyblank
Edith M. Rainbow
Grant Redford
Robbie L. Reid
Catherine Roberts
H. Rocke Robertson
A. Rothstein
William G. Rowe
Harolde J. Savoy
George D. Saxton
Dr. & Mrs. S. Schaffer
Ernest Searle
R.D. Sheret
Abraham Shuer
Narajan Singh Sidhoo
Gilbert Smith
Helen Gordon Stewart
Isabel Maitland Stewart
Louis Toban
Ronald S. Toban
Catherine Cooke Topping
Hans A. Torn'son
Ethlyn Trapp
E. Bruce Tregunna
Dr. Joseph Vickar
M.M. Waterman
Dr. Andrew Wilson
Myer Wine
E.S.H. Winn
Paul & Jennie Wolochow
Douglas P. Woodley
Hon. W.C Woodward
Sam Zivot
GIFTS, GRANTS & BEQUESTS — April 1977 to March 1978
The following list of donors does not include the names of donors
to the Alumni Fund. Provincial and Federal grants, other than special
grants supporting fund raising by private donors, are recorded in other
Abbott, Dr. F.S.
Abbott, Miss Hope
Abram, Mr. Bert
Acacia Lodge No. 22
Academy of General Dentistry of
Ackner, Miss Hazel
Action B.C.
Adamovich, Mr. L.
Adams, Mr. A.T.
Adams, Miss N.M.
Adams, Dr. T.N.
Addington, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Ager, C.A. & Associates Ltd.
Ahlborn, Dr. Boye
Aikins, The Hon. Mr. Justice J.S.
Aird, Mr. C.A.
Aizeman, Miss S.
Akhurst, Mr. & Mrs. H.W.
Akhurst Machinery Limited
Aklujkar, Mr. A.N.
Albert, Mrs. Ida
Alberta Agricultural Research
Alberta Gas Trunk Lines (Alberta)
Alcan Co. of Canada Ltd. (Quebec)
Alcoa Foundation (USA)
Alexander, Mr. H.L.
Allan, Mr.  & Mrs.  S.W.
i   Allen, Dr. CS.
:    Allen, Mr.  Dan (Alberta)
;    Allen, Mrs.  Edith
i    Allen, Mr.  N.A.
'   Allied Shipbuilders Limited
I    Alma Mater Society
Alpha Delta Phi  Fraternity
Alpha Gamma Delta Mothers'  Club
Altman & Altman
Aluminum Company of Canada, Ltd.
Alumni Association of UBC
Amacher, Dr.  K-A
Amax Petroleum of Canada
American Foundrymen's Society
American Society for Metals
American Woman's Club
Amoco Foundation, Inc. (Alberta)
Andersen, Arthur & Co.
Anderson, Dr. CP.
Anderson, Mr. J.D.
Anderson, Mr. R.G.
Anderson, The Hon. Mr. Justice R.P.
Anderson, Mr. Renie
Andreasen, Mr. & Mrs. N.
Andrew Foundation (Ontario)
Andrew, Dr. & Mrs. G.C.
Andrusiak, Mr. & Mrs. P.
Anglican Foundation of Canada
Angus, Mr. H.F.
Aquitaine Co. of Canada Ltd.
Araki, Mr. Dennis
Architectural Institute of B.C.
Armour, Mr. & Mrs. J.D.
Armstead, Mrs. E.M.
Armstrong, Mr. J.R.
Armstrong, Dr. R.L.
Army Benevolent Fund
Army Navy & Airforce Veterans
Ladies Auxiliary
Aron, Mrs. Julia
Arpi's Industries Ltd. (Alberta)
Arrow Transfer Co. Ltd.
Ashland Oil Canada Limited
Association of Administrative
Association of B.C. Professional
Association of B.C. School
Association of Commonwealth
Universities (England)
Association of Professional
Economists of B.C.
Association of Professional
Engineers of B.C.
Association of University &
Colleges of Canada (Ontario)
Atkinson, Mr. L.A.
Automotive Transport Association
of B.C.
Ayers, Mr. P.J.
B.C. Anaesthetists' Society
17 B.C. Association for the Mentally
B.C. Association of Social Workers
B.C. Cancer Foundation
B.C. Captain Cook Bi-Centennial
B.C. Cattlemen
B.C. Central Credit Union
B.C. Council of Garden Clubs
B.C. Cranberry Marketing Board
B.C. Dental Hygienists Association
B.C. Epilepsy Society
B.C. Dentists Wives Association
B.C. Federation of Labour
B.C. Floral Art Club
B.C. Forest Products Ltd.
B.C. Foundation for Non-Animal
B.C. Fruit Growers' Association
B.C. Gymnastic Association
B.C. Health Sciences Research Fund
B.C. Heart Foundation
B.C. High School Boys' Basketball
B.C. Hotels' Association
B.C. Hydro & Power Authority
B.C. Library Association
B.C. Medical Association
B.C. Medical Centre
B.C. Medical Research Foundation
B.C. Medical Services Foundation
B.C. Oto Ophthalmological Society
B.C. Professional Pharmacists'
B.C. Real Estate Association
B.C. Research
B.C. Society of Internal Medicine
B.C. Society of Preventive
B.C. Sugar Refining Co. Ltd.
B.C. Surgical Society
B.C. Teachers' Credit Union
B.C. Teachers' Federation
B.C. Telephone Company
B.C. Tree Fruits Ltd.
B.C. Tuberculosis Christmas Seal
BCMEA 1977 Conference
BMI Canada Limited (Ontario)
Babb, Mr. & Mrs. CE.
Bach, Mr. F.W.
Bachmann, Ms. Elke
Backland, Mr. & Mrs. B.
Badovinac, Mr. G.
Bailey, Mrs. B.
Bailey, Mr. & Mrs. W.M.
Baines, Mr. D.W. (Ontario)
Baker, Ms. Ann (Ontario)
Baker, Mr. G.J.F.
Balfour, Mr. Charles B.
Ballance, Ms. K.
Ballenas Secondary School
Balmer, Mr. James
Bandoni, Dr. Robert
Banham, Mr.  James A.
Bank of Montreal
Bank of Nova Scotia
Bankson, Mr. D.H.
Bapco Paint Ltd.
Barichello, Mr.  R.
Barker, Mr. K.G.
Barnes, Dr. W.C
Barnett Lumber Industries
Barr, Mr. D.A.
Barss, Dr. A.F.
Bart!am, Mr. E.
Bartlett, Mr. S.P.
Barton, Ms. Ethel
Bartram, Miss G.C.
Basaraba, Dr. N.
Basco, Dr. N.
Bass, Dr. Frederick
Batten, Ms. L.E.
Baxter, Mr. Allen
Bay, The
Bayly, Mr. L.J.
Bean, Mr. J.
Bean, Mr. J.M.
Beck, Ms. Q.E.
Beckett, Ms. Janet
Beckingham, Mr. W.
Becton-Dickinson Research Centre
Beech, Mr. J.E.
Bell, Mrs. Angela
Bell, Dr. H.M.
Bell, Mrs. Sybil
Belshaw, Mrs. Betty J.
Belyea, Mr. A. (England)
Beneficial Foundation Inc. (USA)
Bennet, Mr. J.F.
Bennie, Mrs. Sheila M.
Berlwo, Mrs. J.
Bernius, Mr. G.R. (Ontario)
Bernstein, Mr. S.
Berry, Dr. J.C.
Berryman, Mr. J.A.
Best Printing Co. Ltd.
Best, Dr. R.V.
Beta Sigma Phi
Bethlehem Copper Corporation Ltd.
Beutel, Mrs. B. (Quebec)
Bevis, Dr. R.W.
Bewley, His Honour Judge L.A.
Biagioni, Mrs. S.E.
Biely, Mr.  George
Biely, Dr.  J.
Biggs, Ms.  M.A.   (Ontario)
Bilheimer, Mr. Lee
Billig, Mrs. Hilda
Birks Family Foundation (Quebec)
Bisalputra, Dr. T.
Bjarnason, Ms. S.G.
Black & Decker Mfg. Co. Ltd.
Black, Mrs. E.C
Black, Mr. R.J.
Black, Mr. W.W.
Blair, Mr. G.
Blake, Mrs. E.K.
Blandy, estate of Mrs. E.A.
Blodgett, estate of Mr. R.C.
Blom, Mr. Joost
Blum, Mr. W.M.
B'Nai B'Rith Women Centennial
Chapter 1022
Boag Foundation
Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.
Bogardus, Mr. P.W.
Bogoch, Dr. A.
Bokstrem, Dr. Peter
Bonner & Fouks
Borden, Mr. Charles L. (USA)
Borden Chemical (Western) Limited
Bosnick, Mr. R.
Bouck, Mr. Justice J.C.
Boughton & Company
Bourne, Mr. C.B.
Bower, Mr. & Mrs. E.C.
Bowley, Mrs. K.B. (Ontario)
Bowling Proprietors' Association
of B.C.
Bowman, Ms. A.J.
Boxer, Mr. & Mrs. E.W.
Boyce, Mr. H.M.
Boyle, Miss Marion
Bradwell, Mr. & Mrs. M.G.
Bragg, Dr. D.B.
Branda, Mrs. A.
Brandon University (Manitoba)
Brandt, Mr. M.J.
Branston, Mr. A.S.
Brawner, Mr. Kenneth
Brearley, Dr. K.T.
Brennan, Dr. M.J.
Brethour, Mr. & Mrs. G.
Brethour, Mr. I.
Brett, Mr. Gilbert
Brewster, Dr. B.H.
Brewster, Mrs. M.S.
Bridges, Ms. V. (USA)
Brink, Dr. & Mrs. V.C.
Bristol-Myers Laboratories of
Canada (Ontario)
British Pacific Life Insurance
British Pacific Properties Ltd.
Brog, Mr. W.C. (USA)
Bronfman, the Samuel and Saidye
Family Foundation
Brossard, Mr. R.A. (USA)
Brown, Mr. A. Sutherland
Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Ian
Brown, Mrs. K.I.
Brown, Miss Margaret
Brown, Dr. T.J.
Browning, Mr. & Mrs. A.
Brownrigg, Mrs. J.R.
Bruk, Mr. John
Brumwell, Dr. Charles
Bryans, Dr. F.E.
Buck, Mr. F.A.M. (USA)
Buckerfield's Limited
Buckingham, Ms. Sandra
Buckshon's Pharmacy Limited
Buell, Ellis, Sargent & Russell
Bull, the Hon. Mr. Justice E.B.
Bull, Housser & Tupper
Bullen, Mr. Paul D.
Bullock, Dr. Michael
Bunnell, Dr. Fred
Burchill, Mr. J.S.
Burdikin, Mr. J.J.
Burgess, Dr. A.E.
Burgess, Mr. D.G.H.
Burian, Mr. H.J.
Burian, Mr. W.J.
Burke, Mrs. Betty (Alberta)
Burke, Dr. H.E.
Burke, Ms. Margaret
Burnaby Public Library
Burndorfer, Dr. Hans
Burne, R.R. Company (Alberta)
Burnyeat, Mr. Grant
Burnyeat, Mr. J.W.
Burrard View Community School
Burrard Yacht Club Bridge Club
Burridge, Mr. K.O.L.
19 Burroughs Wellcome and Co. (Canada)
Ltd. (Quebec)
Burt, Ms. Ellen
Burton, Dr. A.F.
Burton, Dr. W.D.
Busch, Mr. W.
Bustart, Mr. B.
Butler Brothers Supplies
Butner, Mr. & Mrs. D. (Alberta)
Byrne, Mr. T.S.
Canada Cement LaFarge Ltd.
Canada Packers Foundation
Canadian Army Welfare Fund
Canadian Association of Animal
Breeders (Ontario)
Canadian Association for the
Mentally Retarded (Ontario)
Canadian Association of University
Teachers (Ontario)
Canadian Bechtel Ltd. (Ontario)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Canadian Cellulose Co. Ltd.
Canadian Committee for Fertility
Research (Quebec)
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis
Canadian Daughters' League,
Provincial Council of B.C.
Canadian Diabetic Association
Canadian Forest Products Ltd.
Canadian Forestry Association
Canadian Foundation for the
Advancement of Pharmacy (Ontario)
Canadian Fund for Dental
Education (Ontario)
Canadian Heart Foundation (Ontario)
Canadian Institute of Mining and
Metallurgy B.C. Section
Canadian Jewish Congress
Canadian Kenworth Ltd.
Canadian Mining & Metallurgical
Foundation (Quebec)
Canadian National Exhibition
Canadian National Institute for
the Blind (Ontario)
Canadian Natural Gas Processing
Association (Alberta)
Canadian Pacific Airlines,
Employees Charitable Donation
Canadian Paraplegic Association,
B.C. Division
Canadian Paraplegic Association,
B.C. Women's Auxiliary
Canadian Pest Management Society
Canadian Polish Congress, B.C.
Canadian Public Health Association
Canadian Pulp & Paper Association
Canadian Stevedoring Co. Ltd.
Canadian Tobacco Manufacturers
Council (Quebec)
Canadian Tuberculosis & Respiratory
Disease Association
Canadian Union of Public Employees
Local 116
Canadian Union of Public Employees
Local 389
Canadian Union of Public Employees
Local 1004
Canadian Union of United Brewery,
Flour Local 300
Canadian Wheelathon Sports B.C.
CARS (Ontario)
CIL (Quebec)
Cadboro Bay Ladies Badminton Club
Calder, Mr. John
Calgary Controlled Air Design &
Sales Ltd. (Alberta)
Calhoun, Mrs. Margaret
Cameron, Dr. D.S.
Cameron, Mr. Wm. M.
Campbell, Mr. A.T.R.
Campbell, Ms. Audrey L.
Campbell, Dr. D.B.
Campbell, His Honour Judge D.H.
Campbell, Mr. G.T.
Campbell, Mr. J.J.R.
Campbell, Mr. J.K.
Campbell, J.K. & Associates Ltd.
Campbell, Mr. & Mrs. M.M.
Campbell Soup Company Ltd.
Campney & Murphy
Camsharp Management Ltd.
Candido, Dr. E.P.M.
Capatos, Mr. & Mrs. G.
Cargill Grain Limited (Manitoba)
Cariboo Bar Association
Carino, Mrs. Dolores
Carl berg Jackson Partners
Carr, Mr. G.R. (England)
Carr, Mr. & Mrs. J.W. (England)
Carr, Mrs. M.L.
Carrothers, Mr. Justice A.B.B.
Carruthers, Mrs. Winona 0.
Carson, Mr. D.
Carter, Mr. R.J.
Cartwright, Mrs. M.N.
Carty, Ms. Elaine
Case Existological Laboratories
Casey, Mr. L.M.
Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd.
Casti, Mr. J.L. (USA)
Catholic Women's League of Canada,
Vancouver Council
Cayley, estate of Mrs. H.S.
Central Okanagan Bursary Committee
23 Society
Ceramic Tile Contractors
Association of B.C.
Certified General Accountants
Chan, Mrs. Alice
Chan, Mr. Chin-ping
Chan, Ms. Gwendolyn
Chan, Mrs. Mary
Chang, Dr. B.
Chao, Ms. Florence
Chapman, Mr. G.L.
Charlton, Mrs. M.
Chartered Investments Ltd.
Chartered Life Underwriters of
Canada, Vancouver Chapter
Chase, Dr. R.L.
Chaston, Mr. John
Chemetics International Ltd.
Chemical Institute of Canada
Cheng, Mr. Colin
Chernov, Mr. M.
Cherry Motors  (Chilliwack) Ltd.
Cherry, Dr. & Mrs. S.
Cheskicki, Mr. J.
Chestnut, Ms. Laura
Chevron Canada Limited
Chevron Canada Limited (Alberta)
Chiarenza, Dr. M.
Children's Hospital
Chilliwack Medical Society
Chin, Harry Lin Foundation
Chinese Student's Association
Chisholm, Mrs. B.
Chitty, Dr.  D.H.
Cho, Miss S.B.
Chown, Mr.  E.H.   (Quebec)
Christian, Dr. R.R.
Christie, Miss Y.
Christopher, Mr.  G.Z.
Chrysler Canada Ltd.
Chung, Mr.  S.K.
Chung. Dr. Wallace
Clark, estate of Mrs. Adaline May
Clark, Dr.  D.G.
Clark, Mrs. Rosalyn
Clark, Mr.  Wm.  C.
Clark, Mr.  W.C.
Clark, Mr. W.L.
Clark, Wilson & Co.
Clarke, Dr.  B.R.
Clarkson Gordon & Co.
Clement, Dr. A.H.
Clement, Mrs. M.I.
Clements, Mr. & Mrs. Earl
Clerkson, Mr. Donald
Cliff, Mr. R.L.
Clyne, the Hon. & Mrs. J.V.
Clyne, Mr. N.S.
Cmiralova, Ms. D.
Coates, Mr. G.D. (Alberta)
Cochrane, Mr. Don
Coffin, estate of Mr. F.W.
Cohen, Mr. H.
Cohen, Mr. Jack
Cohen, Mr. Joe
Cohen, Mr. M.B.
Cohen, Mr. & Mrs. Moe
College of Dental Surgeons of B.C.
College of Pharmacists of B.C.
College of Physicians & Surgeons
of B.C.
Collins Barros
Collins, Mrs. Mark
Collins, Mr. S. (Alberta)
Columbia Junior College
Combustion Engineering Canada
Cominco Ltd.
Comitas Club
Conger, Mrs. Helen
Connaghan, Mr. & Mrs. Charles
Connell, Mr. J.R.
Conrads, Mr. Franz
Continental Designs Ltd. (Alberta)
Continental Oil Company (USA)
Cook, Dr. CE.
Cook, Mrs. Daryl L. (Ontario)
Cook, Mrs. D.G.
Coope, Dr. M.G.R.
Coopers & Lybrand
Copley, Mr. R.E.
21 Cornish, Mr. R.W.
Coronado Mortgage Corporation
Corporation of Land Surveyors of
Corporation of the District of
Corteen, Dr. R.S.
Cosulich, Mr. CS.
Cottel, Mr. P.L.
Couch, Mr. E.A.
Coulthard, Prof. T.L.
Council of Forest Industries of
Coupland, Mr. H.D.
Courtice, Mrs. Wendy
Coutts, Mr. K.D.
Coyne, Mr. J.W.
Cowan, Dr. Ian McTaggart
Cowell, Mr. & Mrs. G.
Cowichan Valley Hoo Hoo Club
Cowlard, Mr. J.W.
Cozens, Mr. Russ
Craddock, Dr. M.K.
Crabtree, the Harold Foundation
Craig, Dr. CE.
Craig, Mr. K.H.
Craig, Mr. Justice W.A.
Craven, Mr. H.M.
Craven, Mr. & Mrs. Roy
Creasy, Mr. & Mrs. D.J.
Credit Union Foundation of B.C.
Creel man, Mr. P.
Creer, Mr. F.B.
Crees, Mr. D.
Creighton, Mr. Neil R.
Crestbrook Forest Industries Ltd.
Creston Valley Foods Ltd.
Crichton, Dr. Anne
Crommelin, Mr. E.C
Crossman Machinery Co. Ltd.
Crown Zellerbach Canada
Crows Nest Industries Ltd.
Crozier, Mr. L.H.
CU. & C. Health Services Society
Cull en Detroit Diesel Allison Ltd.
Culos, Mr. P.R.
Cummings, Mr. W.W. (NWT)
Cumpston, Ms. Diana
Cunningham, Mr. Alvin
Cunningham, Mr. J.R.
Curie, Mr. & Mrs. F.H.
Cyanamid of Canada Limited
Cyprus Anvil Mining Corporation
Cystic Fibrosis Association
Czaykowski, Mr. B.
Czetwertynski, Dr. Elizabeth
Daem, Mr. & Mrs. A.E.
Daem, Miss Clara
Dafoe, J.W. Foundation (Manitoba)
Dai ley-Thorpe Travel Inc. (USA)
Dairy Industry Credit Union
Daniel, Mr. J.B.
Daniells, Mrs. Laurenda
Daniels, Mr. CP.
Darling, Mr. G.D.
Darling, Mrs. Edna (Alberta)
Darling, Mr. & Mrs. M. (Alberta)
Darling, Mr. & Mrs. R. (Alberta)
David, Dr. Charlotte
Davidson, Dr. Park
Davidson, Dr. R.G.
Davies, Ms. H.
Davies, Mr. M.W.
Davis & Co.
Davis, Mr. Irwin
Davis, Mrs. Mary
Day, Mr. C.A.
Daykin, Mrs. J.H.
Dayton & Knight Ltd.
de Bruyn, Dr. J.
Delane, Mr. G.D.
Delaney, Mr. P.W.
Del brook Garden Club
Delta Firefighters Hockey Club
Delta Kappa Gamma Society
Delta Gamma Fraternity - Vancouver
Delta Smelting & Refining Co.
Deloitte, Haskings & Sells
Demco, estate of Mr. Peter
Demmery, Miss A.C.
Dempsey, Mr. Wm. S.
Dempster, Dr. J.R.H.
Denike, Dr. K.G.
Dennison, Dr. J.D.
DeRose, Mr. De De
Desmoulin, Mr. G.R.
De-Vescovi, Mrs. Adela
Devonian Foundation and Devcan
DeVries, Dr. J.
De Wolfe, Mr. & Mrs. J.F.
Diamond, Mr. Jack
Dick, Mr. R.A.
Dickey, Dr. M.R.
Dickie, H.W. Limited
Dieliessen, Mr. Tom
Diggins, Miss Joyce
Dirks, Dr. J.H.
Ditmars, estate of Mr. Wm. C.
Dittmer, Ms. Trudy (Ontario)
Dixon, Mr. G.G.
Dobbin, Miss Geraldine
Docksteader, Mr. & Mrs. C.
Dodson, Mr. E.D.
Doman Industries Ltd.
Dome Petroleum Ltd. (Alberta)
Domtar Foundation (Quebec)
Douglas, Dr. G.R.
Douglas, Mr. & Mrs. M.J.
Douglas Symes & Brissenden
Dow Chemical of Canada, Limited
Downing, Mr. M.E.
Downing, Mr. R.O.
Downs, Mr. & Mrs. Charles
Drance, Dr. S.M.
Drew, Mr. Graham
Driftmeir, Mr. D.
Drouin, Ms. M.
Drummond, Miss A.M. (Scotland)
Drummond, Dr. & Mrs. A.D.
Drummond, Mr. Peter
Dryer, Mr. Justice V.L.
Dueck, Mr. & Mrs. C.
Duff, Mrs. Marion J.
Dumont, Dr. M.A.
Dumont, Mr. W.E.
Duncan, Dr. CP.
Dunfee, Mr. D.R.
Dunlop, Dr. J.A.
Dunn, Dr. & Mrs. W.L.
Dunwoody & Company
Durbach, Prof. E.
Dutton, Dr. G.G.S.
Dykeman, Ms. L.
Earle, estate of Mr. E.S.
Earle, Mrs. S.P.
Earle, Mr. W.D.S.
Easdon, Mr. George
Eastwood, Mr. G.E.P.
Eaton, Mr. & Mrs. D.
Eaton Foundation
Ebco Industries Ltd.
Edgeworth, Mr. A. (Alberta)
Eccleston, Mr. J.
Edgar, Mr. J.C.
Edmonton Catholic Mission to the
Deaf (Alberta)
Education Student's Association
Educational Research Institute
of B.C.
Edwardson, Mr.  & Mrs. A.M.
Egleston,  Mr.   D.J.
Eitzenberger, Mr. A.A.
Eldorado Nuclear Limited
Electro/Medical  Technology,  Inc.
Ellingham, Miss J.C.
Elliot, Dr.  Alfred
Elliot,  Mr.   & Mrs.   George
Elliot, Mr.   R.M.
Elliott, Mr.  T.M.
Elliott, Mr. Thomas
Emery, Mr.   P.C
Enderton, Mr.  S.W.
Eng, Mr.  Anthony
Eng, Mr.   Peter
Engineers'  Wives Association
English, Mrs.  Kirsten
Esau, Mr.   D.   (Alberta)
Escott, Mr.  H.E.
Esson, Mr.  W.A.
Eurocan Pulp & Paper Co.  Ltd.
Evans, Mrs.  Barbara
Evans, Mr.  J.B.
Evans Products Co.
Fab-Co Forest Products Ltd.
Faculty Women's Club
Fahrni, Dr.  B.M.
Fahrni, Dr.  W.H.
Fairbairn, Dr.   D.J.   (Alberta)
Fallis, Miss Mary
Farley, Mr.  Jack
Farnell, Mr.  & Mrs.  E.B.   (Alberta)
Farris, Chief Justice J.L.
Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy
Farstad, Mr.  L.
Federated Cooperatives Limited
Federation of Medical Women of
Canada, B.C.  Branch
Fennell, Mr.  E.J.
Ferber, Mr.  P.G.
Fiberglas Canada Ltd.   (Ontario)
Field, Mr.  David C.
Field, Miss J.
Field, Mr.  J.L.
Fieldgate, Mr. N.
Field's Stores Limited
Financial  Executives Institute
Finn, Mrs.  Jean (USA)
Finnigan, Dr.  CV.
Finning Tractor & Equipment Co.  Ltd.
Finora, Ms.  Sally
23 First Memorial Services Ltd.
Fisheries Association of B.C.
Fitzgerald, Mr. T.F.
Fleming, Mr. Rich
Flewelling, Mr. L.M. (Ontario)
Flick, Ms. Jane
Flores, Dr. R.M.
Ford Foundation
Ford, Ms. K.L.
Forest Engineering Research
Institute of Canada
Forest Industrial  Relations
Forsythe, Mr. Wm.
Fortune, Ms. Ruth
Fouks, Mr. & Mrs. A.
Fouks, Mrs. J.G.
Four H Scholarship
Foweraker, Dr. J.C.
Fowler, Guy Memorial Trust
Foxwell, Dr. R.G.B.
Fraine, Mr. J.W.
Francke, Mr. R.L.
Franklin, Mr. H.J.
Fransblow, Dr. P.
Fraser, Mr. I.D.
Fraser Valley Bar Association
Fraser Valley Dental Society
Fraser Valley Milk Producers'
Fraser Valley Regional Library
Freeman, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Frender, Dr. Robert
Freeman & Company
Freson, Mr. & Mrs. R. (Alberta)
Friberg, Mr. R.L.
Friends of Chamber Music
Frisby, Mr. A.E.
Frisby, Mr. & Mrs. R.O.
Frisby, Mr. & Mrs. T.S.
Frith, estate of Mrs. Bessie C
Frome, Mrs. A.
Frosst, Charles E. & Co. (Quebec)
Fruehauf Trailer. Co. of Canada
Ltd. (Ontario)
Fugro, Inc. (USA)
Fukuhara, Mr. Bob S.
Fukuyama, Mrs. Margaret
Fuller, Mr. C.A.
Fulton, Dr. E. Margaret
Fulton, Mr. Justice E.D.
Fulton, Mrs. Fern
Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian
Gage, Dr. Walter
Galloway, Mrs. Bertrand
Galloway Lumber Co. Ltd.
Gardiner, Thornton Partnership
Gardner, Mrs. Dorothy (Barbados)
Gardner, Dr. J.A.F.
Gardner, Mrs. Mary
Gargrave, Mr. A.J.
Garrow, Dr. D.G.
Gaube, Mr. E.C
Gautshi, Mr. E.H.M.
Gayton, Mr. & Mrs. Robert (Ontario)
Gehrke Stationery & Printing Co.
Gell, Mr. M.
General Motors of Canada Limited
Genestar Development Company
Geotex Consultants Ltd.
Geotting, Mr. B.
Geranazzo, Mr. M.P.
Germann, Mr. Z.J.
Gerry, Mr. M.C.L.
Gerstmar, Ms. R.C.
Gibb, Hiltz & Syal
Gibney, Mr. W.H.R.
Gibson, Ms. Joyce
Gibson, Dr. & Mrs. W.C.
Gibson, Mr. W.R. (Alberta)
Gilbert, Mr. N.
Gillespie, Dr. H.S.
Gil more, Miss Patricia
Girl Guides of Canada
Gladwell, Mrs. Gail
Glanville, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Glass Manor Ltd.
Glaxo Canada Limited (Ontario)
Godfrey, Mr. L.M. (Ontario)
Godwin, Mr. CI.
Godwin, Mr. Colin
Goel , Dr. D.P.
Goertz, Mrs. Helen
Gold, Dr. A.V.
Goldberg, Dr. M.A.
Goldenberg, the Hon. H. Carl, Q.C.
Golder Brawner & Associates
Goldman, Mr. Rene
Gomes, Mr. A.M.
Gordon, Ms. Bonnie
Gordon, Mr. H.W.
Gorham, Ms. K.P.
Goss, Dr. Richard
Gould, Hon. Mr. Justice J.G.
Gourlay, Mr. C.C.
Government of Canada, Minister of
State Fitness and Amateur Sport
Graphic Arts International Union
Local 210
Graham, Dr. B.D.
Graham, Dr. D.C
Graham, Mr. Douglas
Graham Budge & Co. Ltd.
Graham, Mr. F.
Graham, Ms. Mary
Grand Lodge of B.C., A.F. & A.M.
Grant, Lt. Col. E.J.
Grant, Mr. & Mrs. J.R.T.
Graphics, C.H. Services Limited
Graves, Mr. H. (England)
Gray, Dr. R.F.
Green Grass Management Ltd.
Greenwood, Mr. Ian
Gregory, Mr. Andro
Gregory Industries Limited
Griffing, the Rev. John (England)
Griffiths, McLelland & Co.
Grippo, Mr. S.
Gronlund, Mr. M.D.
Groome, Dr. L.J.
Gropper, Dr. P.T.
Groves, Mrs. M.M.
Grzybowski, Dr. Betty
Guild, Yule, Schmitt, Lane & Murray
Guinn, Mr. W.F.
Gulf & Fraser Fishermen's Credit
Gulf Oil Canada Limited (Alberta)
Gunning, Dr. H.C.
Gyro Club of Kamloops
Hacker, Mr. Cecil
Haddock, Mr. P.G.
Hagler, Mr. Ronald
Hahn, Ms. H.E.
Hall, estate of Mr. Percy Barr
Hall, Mr. & Mrs. R.O.
Hallbauer, Mr. R.E.
Halm, Ms. Katarina
Hamber Foundation
Hamilton, Mrs. W.L. (Ontario)
Hannah Institute for the History
of Medical and Related Sciences
Hansen, Ms. E.L.
Hanson, Ms. Anne
Hanson, Mr. & Mrs. H.H.
Hanson, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Harder, Dr. D.H.
Harding, Mrs. B.A.
Hards, Mrs. W.B.
Hardy, Dr. W.N.
Harnetty, Dr. P.
Harper, Grey, Easton & Company
Harris, Mr. B. Gregg
Harrington, Dr. D.H.
Harris, Mr. G.S.
Harrison, Mr. R.S.
Harrop, Dr. T.J.
Harshenin, Mr. A.P.
Hart, Dr. A.L. (New Zealand)
Hart, Miss Dora C
Hatch, Prof. R.B.
Hattori, Dr. T.
Hawk, Mr. G.W. (USA)
Hawk, Dr. H.E.P.
Hawley, Miss M.G.
Hawthorn Foundation
Heagles, Mr. G.E.
Heath, Mrs. E.C.
Hedley, Mr. M.S.
Heighway, estate of Mrs. F.E.
Heiss, Mr. U.P.
Helliwell, Mr. J.F.
Hemmings, Ms. Carol
Hender, Mr. Byron
Hendrickson, Ms. Inga C
Heninger, Prof. S.K.
Henning, Ms. Agnes
Herbert, Mr. R.G.
Herchmer, Miss E.C.
Hetherington, Mr. J.D.
Heuman, Mr. D.
Hewitt, Mr. Larry
Hick, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Hick, Ms. M.A.
Hickling, Mr. M.A.
Hicks, Mr. J.B.
Hicks, Dr. Robert
Higgins, Mr. R.B.
Hilborn, Mr. Ray
Hill, Mr. D.A.
Hill, Mr. L.E.
Hill, Mr. P.G.
Hill , Dr. R.H.
Hi 11 quist, Mr. & Mrs. R. (Alberta)
Hindson, Mr. R.E.
Hinkson, Mr. Justice E.E.
Hirota, Mr. & Mrs. Jackson
Hoare, Mrs. M.J.
Hobbs, Dr. E.D.
Hoffman La Roche, Inc. (USA)
Hoffman, Ms. Lore
Holbrook, Mr. D.R.
Holland, Dr. S.E.
Holm, Mr. D.G.
Holmes, Ms. M.M.
Holmes, Mr. Tom
25 Holness, Mr. T.A.
Holsti, Dr. K.J.
Hopkins, Dr. D.T.
Hood, Miss Margaret
Hornby, Dr. C.A.
Horner, Frank W. Ltd.
Horsman, Ms. Nancy C.
Horton, Miss B.J.
Hospital Employees' Union,
Local 180
Housing Corporation of B.C.
Housken, Mr. & Mrs. M. (Alberta)
Houston, Mrs. James
Houston, Dr. Stuart (Saskatchewan)
How, Rev. G.C
Howard, Dr. Betty
Howes, Mr. J.F.
Howes, Mrs. M.L.
Howitt, Mrs. E.B.
Hudson Bay Oil & Gas Co. Ltd.
Hudson, Miss W.J.
Hughes, Mr. T.S.
Humber, Mrs. Caroline
Humphreys, Mr. A.N.
Hundert, Dr. E.J.
Hunt, Dr. J.E.
Hunter, Mr. Allen
Huntington Chorea Foundation
Hurley, Mrs. Leona (USA)
Huron & Erie Mortgage Corporation
Hurt, Mr. Howard
Hurton, Ms. Nancy
Hurvitz, Mr. L.H.
Hutton, Mr. J.M.
IAC Limited
Imperial Oil Limited (Alberta)
Imperial Oil Limited (Ontario)
IODE Burnaby Chapter
IODE Provincial Chapter
Inco Limited (Ontario)
Independent Order of Foresters
India Club of Vancouver
Inglis, Dr. A.M.
Ingo, Mr. K.L.
Ingram, Mr. R.M.
Institute of Chartered Accountants
of B.C.
International Association of
Machinists and Aerospace Workers
International Brotherhood of
Teamsters (USA)
International College of Dentists
International Institute of
Applied Systems Analysis (Austria)
International Longshoremen's &
Warehousemen's Union
International Order of Job's
Daughters Grand Guardian Council
of B.C.
International Union of Operating
International Woodworkers of
Interior B.C. Dental Association
Interwest Computer Systems Ltd.
Ironside, Ms. Anne
Irving, estate of Mrs.
Diano 0.
Irving, Ms. M.A.
Italian Committee for Scholastic
and Cultural Activities
Irving Clinic
Ivens & Ivens
IWA Credit Union
Izard, Miss P.
Jacks, Dr. Q.D.
Jackson, Mr. & Mrs. F.
Jacobson, Dr. Simon
Jaffe, Mrs. M.
James Dr. D.G.L.
Jamieson, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Janz, Mr. Doug
Jarowicz, Mrs. Julia
Jefferies, Mr. & Mrs. T.P.
Jenner, Mrs. E. (Alberta)
Jetter, Mr. Joseph
Jewish Community Centre
Jinks, Dr. G.M.
Johns, Ms. D.R.
Johnson, Dr. A.C. (Ontario)
Johnson, Dr. A.M.
Johnson, Mr. Alan
Johnson, Mr. C.W.
Johnson, Ms. W.
Johnston, Ms. Lynda
Johnston, Mrs. Myrtle
Johnston Terminals Ltd.
Jones, Ms. Diane
Jones, Mr. D.H.
Jones, Ms. H.
Jones, Miss P.A.
Jones, Mr. & Mrs. R.A.
Jones, Dr. T.K.
Jordan, Prof. R.M.
Journeyman Training & General
Industry Promotion Fund
June, Mr. W.O.
Kaehn, Mr. & Mrs. C.N.
Kagetsu, Mr. & Mrs. T.
Kaiser Resources Ltd.
Kalbfleisch, Mrs. O.A. (Ontario)
Kanetkar, Mr. Viny
Kania, Dr. J.E.
Kapoog Singh Siddoo Foundation
Karras, Major E.H.
Katz, Dr. Joe
Kawaguchi, Ms. Linda
Keenleyside, Mrs. K.H.
Keenleyside, Dr. Wm. M.
Kellogg, W.K.  Foundation  (USA)
Kennco Explorations (Western)
Kenny, Mrs. M.L.
Kensit, Mrs. Judi
Kent, Charles Chan Golden Wedding
Scholarship Foundation
Kenwood, Mr. L.G.
Ker, Priestman & Associates Ltd.
Keremeos Branch of the Penticton
& District Credit Union
Kerley, Miss Linda
Kerrisdale Dental Health Clinic
Ketchum Manufacturing Sales
Limited (Ontario)
Kew, Mr. J.E.M.
Kidney Foundation of B.C.
Kidston, Mr. J.B.
Kimberley & District Teachers'
Kimmins, Dr. J.P.
King, Mr. F.E. (Alberta)
King, Mr. H.M.
King, Mr. M.
Kinghorn, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce
Kirk, Mr. J.M.
Kirk Mailing Service
Kirsch Company (USA)
Kirson, Dr. Sidney
Kirstiuk, Mr. Julian
Kirstiuk, Mrs. Katherine
Kitts, Dr. W.D.
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver
Klohn Leonoff Consultants Ltd.
Knapp, Dr. F.M.
Knox, Dr. S.G.
Kobbervig, Prof. Karl
Kockums, Letson and Burpee
Koerner, the Leon and Thea
Koerner, Mr. & Mrs. Walter C.
Koffler Stores Limited
Kokan, Dr.  P.J.
Kolberg,  Mr.  A.
Korchinsky, Mr.  N.N.
Kositsky, Mr.  L.
Kraft Foods Ltd.   (Quebec)
Kosciuszko Foundation,  Inc.   (USA)
Krahn, Dr.  J.J.
Krishnamurti, Dr. CR.
Komori, Mr. Edward
Krajina, Dr. V.J.
Kummetz, Mr. & Mrs. B. (Yukon)
Kutney, Dr. J.P.
L & K Lumber (North Shore) Limited
Labatt, John Limited (Ontario)
Ladies' Pharmaceutical Auxiliary -
Ladies' Orange Benevolent
Ladner Downs
Ladner, the late Dr. Leon J.
Laithwaite, Mr. A.B.
Lakowski, Mr. R.
Lam, Ms. Betsy
Lamb, Dr. W.K.
Lambda Kappa Sigma Alumni
Lambert, Mrs. N.D.
Landers, Mrs. Mary K.
Lando, Mr. & Mrs. Esmond
Landon, Mr. G.L.
Larkin, Dean P.A.
Lasor, Ms. B.
Latta, Mr. & Mrs. C.
Laurentide Financial Corp. Ltd.
Lauriente, Mr. T.W.
Law, Miss A.M.
Law Foundation
Lawaguchi, Ms. Linda
Lawson, Mr. D.J., Q.C.
Lawson, Mr. H.D.
Laycoe, Mr. Robert
Leard, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph
LeBlond, Dr. P.H.
Lecky, Mr. J.D.
Lee, Miss Isabel
Lee, Robert Ltd.
Le-Fohn, Mr. & Mrs. Lou
Legal Services Commission
Legg, Mr. Justice H.P.
Lehman, ,Dr. Eric
Lehman, Dr. P.O.
Leja, Mr. J.
Lennox Industries (Canada) Ltd.
27 Leonard Foundation (Ontario)
LePatourel , lis. D.
LePatourel, Mrs. D.R.
Lepkin, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Lester, Mr. & Mrs. R.
Lewis, Ms. CJ.
Lewis, Mr. J.R.
Levy, Dr. L.A.
Li, Mr. Jeffrey
Lieb, Mr. & Mrs. Vernon L.
Lieblich, Mrs. G.
Liley, Dr. N.R.
Lilly, Eli & Company (USA)
Lin, Dr. Paul T.K. (Quebec)
Lindner, Mr. G.
Lions Club of Mayne Island
Lions Club - Mount Pleasant Branch
Lions Club Vancouver South
Lister Bolt & Chain Ltd.
Little, Mrs. Eleanor
Liva, Miss S.
Longson, Ms. D.B.
Loomer, Mrs. R.
Loomer, Dr. R.L.
Loos, Mr. J.
Lord, The Honourable A.E.
Loughborough, Mrs. J.L. (Ontario)
Louie, Mr. Jack
Low, Mr. Gordon (England)
Lowe, Mrs. Rosemary
Loxterkamp, estate of Mr. J.B.
Ludwig, Dr. Donald
Luft, Dr. E.
Lund, Mr. Bonar
Lunden, Mrs. Edna
Lusztig, Mr. Peter
Lye, Mrs. M.H.
Lynn, Ms. A.
McAllister, Ms. K.
MacAulay, Ms. F.K.
McCann, Miss E.K.
McCann, Mr. Walter
MacCarthy, Mrs. D.J.
McCauley, Mr. & Mrs. G.T.
McConkey, Dr. A.S.
McConkey, Dr. J.P.
McConnell, Miss B.
McCosh, Mr. F.D. (Alberta)
McCrae, Mrs. Helen
McCreary, Dr. J.F.
MacCrimmon, Mr. K.
McCullough, Mr. F.G.A.
McCurdy, Mr. Hugh
McDermid, Mr. John C
McDiarmid, Mr. L.A.
MacDonald, Mr. H.C.L.
McDonald, Dr. D.M.
McDonald, Mr. Ian W.
Macdonald, Mr. J.A.
Macdonald, The Hon. Mr. Justice
McDonald, Mr. & Mrs. P.
McDonald, Miss R.E.
McDonald, Miss Sheena
MacDonald, Mr. W.C.
MacDonell, Ms. M.E.
McDougall , Mr. J.J.
MacDowell, Miss J.M.
Macfarlane, Mr. Justice A.B.
MacFarlane, Mr. Justice M.M.
McFerran, Mr. & Mrs. R.
McGavin, Mr. Alan
McGavin, Ms. K.M.
McGee, Ms. Donna
MacGill, Dr. E.G. (Ontario)
McGraw, Dr. R.W.
McGreer, Dr. D.E.
McGregor, Miss B.L.
McGregor, Mrs. M.F.
McKee, Ms. I.M.
Maclnnes, estate of Mr. W.H.
Mclntyre, Hon. Mr. Justice W.R.
McKay, Mr. & Mrs. Fraser
McKay, Miss Georgia
McKay, Hon. Mr. Justice H.C.
McKechnie, Mr. & Mrs. Neil
McKechnie, estate of Mr. R.E.
McKenzie, Dr. A.D.
MacKenzie, Dr. C.J.G.
MacKenzie, Mr. & Mrs. G.
McKenzie, Mrs. J.R.
McKenzie, Mr. Justice L.G.
MacKenzie, Mr. M.H.
MacKenzie, Dr. N.A.M.
McKinnon, Mr. R.A.
Mackoff, His Honour Judge A.A.
McLaughlin, R. Samuel Foundation
McLean, Mr. Cyrus H.
McLean, Dr. D.M.
MacLean, Mr. E.G.
McLean Foundation (Ontario)
MacLean, Mr. F.A.
MacLean, Mr. Justice H.A.
McLean, Mr. J.A.
McLean, Mr. J.F.
McLean, Mr. James C.T.
McLean, Mr. R.C.
McLennan Motors Ltd.
MacLeod, Mr. A.B.
McLeod, Mr. H.
McLeod, Mr. M.C.
McLeod, Mr. Vernon
McLoughlin, Mr. B.W.F., Q.C
MacMillan Bloedel Limited
MacMillan Co. of Canada Ltd.
MacMillan, estate of Mr. H.R.
MacMillan, H.R. Family Fund
MacMillan, H.R. 'Stroke Program'
MacMillan, Mr. J.L.
McMillan, Mr. K.G.
MacMillan, Dr. J.M.
McMullen, Mr. T.M.
McNamee, Ms. C.
MacNaughton, Mr. & Mrs. N.
McNeely, Dr. J.A.
McNeill, Mrs. J.B.
MacNeill, Mrs. M.A.
MacNiel, Dr. H.C.
McPhee, estate of Mr. D.S.
MacPhee, Dr. & Mrs. E.D.
McPherson, Dr. G.D.
McQuarrie, Mr. CD. , Q.C
McRae, Dr. D.M.
MacRae Montgomery Spring
MacRae, Mrs. R.L.
MacRitchie, Dr. & Mrs. D.M.
McVicar, Mrs. D.
Madderom, Mr. Peter
Mah, Miss Judy
Mah, Mr. L.C
Mahood, Mrs. A.
Mair, Mr. R.J.
Mair, Ms. Susan G.
Maitland, Mr. J.D.
Maiden, Miss C.L.
Mallory, Miss H.E.
Mai ones, Ms. Joyce
Manitoba School for the Deaf
Mann, Mr. D.E.
Mann, Dr. R.M.
Mann, Mr. S.K.
Manners, Dr. G.D. (USA)
Manning, Mr. D.M.
Manning, Mrs. V.Z.
Manuel, Mrs. D.
Mapson, Mr. G.K.
Mar, Ms. Maryette A.
March, Prof. B.E.
Marcoe, Dr. K.D.
Marine Design Associates Ltd.
Marks, Dr. Stephen
Marsh & McLennan Limited
Marshall, Mr. T.C.
Martin, Mr. S Mrs. C.G.
Martin, Mr. D. (Alberta)
Martin, estate of Mrs. Julia E.
Martison, Mr. M.B.J.
Mason, Mrs. Mary
Masonry Advancement Fund of B.C.
Masonry Research Foundation (Ontario)
Mather, Mrs. J.M.
Mathison, Dr. A.K.
Mathison, Mr. & Mrs. R.A.
Matkin, Mr. J.G.
Matter, Mr. E.
Matthews, Dr. A.W. (Ontario)
Mauer, Mr. Frank
Mavinic, Mr. D.S.
Maxwell, Mrs. J.R.C.
Mayes, Mr. & Mrs. S.
Medical Services Association
Meek, Dr. R.N.
Megginson, Mr. & Mrs. P. (Ontario)
Meixell, Mr. J.W.
Mellow, Mr. G.E.
Melnechenke, Mrs. F.
Melnick, Mr. T.J.
Melton, Mrs. Doreen
Mercantile Bank of Canada
Mercer, Ms. E.B.
Mercer, William M. Ltd.
Merck Frosst Laboratories (Quebec)
Merck, Sharp & Dohme Canada Ltd.
Meredith, The Hon.  Mr.  Justice K.E.
Metropolitan Bio-Medical
Laboratories Ltd.
Middleton, Mr. & Mrs.  F.T.
Milbrandt, Dr.  W.E.
Miki, Dr.  Ken
Miller, Mr.  B.E.
Miller, Mr.  Dave
Miller, Dr.  H.S.
Millward, His Honour Judge P.J.
Militimore, Dr. J.E.
Minions, Mr.  & Mrs.  Mack
Mitchell, Dr. & Mrs. A.K.
Mitchell, Mr.  & Mrs.  Fred
Mitchell, Dr.  J.R.
Mitchell, Dr.  R.A.
Mitchell, Mr.  Richard
Mitchell T.V., Radio & Rentals Ltd.
Mitsubishi  Corporation
Miyagawa, Mr.  P.
Mobil  Oil  Canada Ltd.   (Alberta)
Mohawk Oil  Co.  Ltd.
29 Moir, Mr. J.G.
Mol, Ms. Els
Molhoj, Mr. 0.
Molnar, Mr. S.E.
Molson's Companies Donation Fund
Monro, estate of Dr. A.S.
Montgomery, Dr. M.P.
Moody, Mr. & Mrs. G.
Munn, Dr. R.E. (Ontario)
Morfitt, Mr. George
Morgan, Mr. & Mrs. CD.
Morgan, Mr. & Mrs. G.C.
Morgan, Ms. M. (Saskatchewan)
Morguard Trust Company
Morrison, Dr. B.M.
Morrison, Mr. D.M.
Morrison, Dr. F.A.
Morrison, Mr. W.J.
Mortgage Investment Association of
Morton, Dr. K.S.
Morton, Dr. H.
Moyls, Dr. B.N.
Meunster, Mr. L.J.
Mullins, Dr. P.M.
Multiple Sclerosis Society of
Canada (Ontario)
Munro, Miss Constance E.
Munro, Mr. G.N.
Munroe, the Hon. Mr. Justice F.C.
Munroe, Mr. J.D.
Murchie, Dr. K.E.
Murdoch, Dr. D.C.
Murray, Ms. Diane
Murray, Mr. Justice G.L.
Murray, Dr. J.W.
Murtha, Mr. P.A.
Muscular Dystrophy Association of
Canada (Ontario)
Mussell, Ms. Karen
Myers, Dr. J.H.
NATO (Belgium)
Nabob. Foods Ltd.
Nadeau, Dr. J.S.
Nakai, Dr. S.
Nanaimo Regional General Hospital
Narod Developments Ltd.
Narod, Mr. Milton
Nasmith, Mr. H.W.
National Cancer Institute of
Canada (Ontario)
National Foundation (USA)
National Sanitarium Association
National Trust Company
Native Daughters of B.C.
Neen, Mr. D.J.
Negrin, Miss E.L.
Neilans, Mr. P.N. (Alberta)
Neill, Dr. J.W.
Neill, Dr. W.R.
Nelms, Dr. & Mrs. G. Leroy
Nelson, Mrs. Ann
Nelson, Ms. A.C.
Nelson, estate of Mr. Arthur
Nelson, Diocese of
Nemetz, The Hon. N.T.
Nemetz, Mr. & Mrs. Ted
Nesbitt Thomson & Co. Ltd.
Nestle (Canada) Ltd. (Ontario)
Newfield, Mrs. Grace
Nevile, Mr. B.T.S.
Nevin, Mr. N.C.
Newman, Ms. S.F.M.
Newmont Exploration of Canada Ltd.
Newmont Mining Corporation (USA)
New Westminster Secondary School
New York Life Insurance Company
Ng, Mr. J.P.
Nichol, Mrs. K.M.
Nishko, Dr. N.
Noel, G.A. & Associates
Noonan, Mr. R.W.
Noranda Foundation (Ontario)
Nordman, Mr. Brian
Norman, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Norris, Mr. George
North, Francis S. Foundation
North Fraser Harbour Commissioners
North, Mrs. M.
North, Dr. R.N.
North Shore Crematorium Ltd.
North Shore Medical Society
North West Machinery & Sales Co.
North West Survey Corporation
(Yukon) Ltd. (Alberta)
Northair Mines Ltd.
Northcote, Mr. T.G.
Northside Toyota Ltd. (Alberta)
Northwest Association of Physical
Medicine and Rehabilitation (USA)
Northwestern Society of Intestinal
Northwood Pulp & Timber Ltd.
Notre Dame University of Nelson
Norvan Investments Ltd.
Nu-West Development Corporation Ltd.
Ocean Construction Supplies Limited
Ohs, Ms. Harriet
Okanagan-Mainline Real  Estate Board
O'Keefe,  Mr.   M.J.
Okulitch, Mr.  G.J.
Olafson,  Dr.  G.A.A.   (Ontario)
01 ah, Mr.   & Mrs.  A.J.   (Alberta)
Oldridge,  Mr.   O.A.
01 sen, Mr.  & Mrs.   Frank
01 sen, Mr.  & Mrs.
Omicron Kapp Upsilon
Orange Benevolent Association
Orchard, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Orchard, Mrs. R.F.
Order of Ahepa
Order of the Eastern Star
Orlaw, Dr. R.G.
Orr, Mr. W.A.
Ortho Pharmaceutical (Canada) Ltd.
Orthodontic's Study Club
Osborne, Dr. R.F.
Oshika, Mr. A.
Osterling, Ms. D.
Ostrom, Mr. A.R. (Ontario)
Ottawa Foundation for Medical
Research  (Ontario)
Outtrim, Mr.  & Mrs.  W.L.   (Alberta)
Overland, Mr.   R.G.
Owen, the Hon.  Walter S.  & Mrs.
Pacific Coast Fisherman's Mutual
Marine Ins.  Co.
Pacific Egg & Poultry Association
Pacific Logging Company Ltd.
Pacific Petroleum Ltd.   (Alberta)
Pacific Truck & Trailer Ltd.
Page, Mr.  H.J.
Panco Poultry Ltd.
Parker, Mr.  C.H.
Parker, Ms.  F.A.   (USA)
Parker-Jervis, Ms.  H.A.C
Parminter, Dr.  D.
Parnall, Mr.  J.E.
Parrott, Mr.  & Mrs. Jack
Parson, Dr. T.R.
Patmore, Mr. A.B.
Patrick, Mr.  R.L.   (USA)
Patrucco, Mr.  Gary
Patsch, Mr.  B.J.G.   (USA)
Patterson, Dr.  F.P.
Patton, Mr. W.E.
Paulson, Mr. S.G.
Payne, Mrs. A.N.
Pearson, Dr. L.I.C   (USA)
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell  & Co.
Pel ton.  Mrs.   E.F.
Pel ton, Ms.  V.B.
Pemberton Securities Ltd.
Pennant, Mrs. K.
Pennington, Mr. J.M. (Ontario)
Pennock, Mrs. F.J.
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter AD
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter AP
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter B
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Vancouver
President's Council
Percival-Smith, Dr. R.K.L.
Permanent, The
Peterman, Dr. Randall
Peters, Dr. Ernest
Petroleum Research Fund (USA)
Pfizer & Co. Ltd. (Ontario)
Phi Delta Kappa Chapter
Philips Electronics Ltd. (Ontario)
Phillips Brothers (USA)
Phillips, Mr. R.J.
Physics Society
Piercy, Mr. J.D.
Piffer, Ms. N.G.
Piloto, Prof. A.E.
Pincher Foundation
Pinder, Dr. G.D.
Pinder, Mr. M.N. (England)
Pinette & Therrien Mills Ltd.
Pinkerton, Mr. Gerry
Piper, Dr. M.S.
Pirie, Dr. G.E.
Place, Ms. Hilary & Rita
Placer Development Ltd.
Plant, Mr. & Mrs. P.S.
Plant, Ralph S. Limited
Plimsoll Club
Police Mutual Benevolent Association
of Vancouver
Pomfret, Mr. Jack
Pomfret, Mrs. Marilyn R.
Poole, Mr. W.G.
Porter, Dr. G.B.
Potts, Ms. M.A.
Powell, Mrs. M.B.
Powley, Mr. M.D.
Powrie, Dr. W.D.
Preto, Mr. V.A.
Prevost, Mr. M.F. (Quebec)
Price Waterhouse & Co.
Prince Charles Secondary School
Pring, Mr. Barry
Prize, Mrs. Cecelia (USA)
31 Procter & Gamble Co. of Canada Ltd.
Prosterman, Dr. B.D.
Province of B.C., B.C. Community
Recreational Facilities Fund
Province of B.C., Health Branch
Province of B.C., Cultural Services
Pull en, Mr. & Mrs. John
Pulleyblank, Mr. E.G.
Pulleyblank, Mrs. R.E. (Alberta)
Puterman, Dr. M.L.
Quadra Steel Ltd.
Qualicum Bay Lioness Club
Quickenden, Mr. Robert (Manitoba)
Quileute Title IV
RCMP Veterans' Association
Race, Mrs. M.M.
Racey, Mr. R.S.
Radke, Mr. E.
Rae, Hon. Mr. Justice G.G.S.
Rae, Dr. M.V.
Ramage, Mr. & Mrs. T.E.
Ranson, Mr. & Mrs. H. (Ontario)
Ratner, Ms. Hindy
Ratzlaff, Dr. H.C.
Rayonier Canada (B.C.) Ltd.
Read, Jones, Christoffersen Ltd.
Read, Mr. Stanley
Real Estate Board of Greater
Real Estate Institute of B.C.
Rebrin, Miss I.
Ree, Dr. Rimhak
Reed Shaw Stenhouse Ltd.
Reid, Mr. & Mrs. J.G.
Reid, Mrs. Marie
Reid, Mr. R.S.
Reid, Mr. S. Jamie
Registered Nurses' Association
of B.C.
Remnant, Dr. Peter
Renney, Dr. A.J.
Retail Clerks Union, Local 1518
Retail, Wholesale & Department
Store Union Local 580
Reynolds, Mr. & Mrs. C.B.
Revelstoke Companies Ltd. (Alberta)
Revelstoke Sawmill Radium Ltd.
Rhodes, Mr. E.C.
Richardson, James & Sons, Limited
Riches, Miss H.E.
Riches, Mr. R.
Riedel, Dr. Bernard E.
Riley, estate of Mr. Christopher
Rio Tinto Canada Explorations
Ritchie, Mr. A.G.
Ritchie-Smith Ltd.
Ritter, Mr. Robert
Roberts, Dr. C.W.
Roberts, H.A. Ltd.
Roberts, Mrs. M.V.
Robertson, Mr. Justice A.B.
Robertson, Mr. W.D. (Ontario)
Robinson, Mr. & Mrs. George
Robinson, Dr. & Mrs. J.L.
Robinson, Dr. John (Ontario)
Robinson, Miss Jo-Anne (Alberta)
Robinson, Dr. T.J.
Robson, Mr. Eric
Rockefeller Foundation (USA)
Rogers, Mr. E.T.
Rogers, Mr. George
Rooney, Mr. Brian
Roots, Mrs. M.P.
Roper, Mr. & Mrs. W.
Rosevear, Mrs. Ann
Ross, Prof. I.S.
Rotary Club of Coquitlam
Rotary Club of Hope
Rotary Club of Richmond
Rotary Club of Vancouver
Rotary Club of Vernon
Rothwell, Dr. G.S.
Rouse, Mr. G.E.
Rowles, Dr. C.A.
Royal Arch Masons of B.C.,
Grand Chapter
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Canadian Legion Pacific
Royal Canadian Legion #4
Royal Canadian Legion #10
Royal Canadian Legion #15
Royal Canadian Legion #16
Royal Canadian Legion #43
Royal Canadian Legion #61
Royal Canadian Legion #68
Royal Canadian Legion #88
Royal Canadian Legion #94
Royal Canadian Legion #139
Royal Canadian Legion #148
Royal Canadian Legion #160
Royal Canadian Legion #167
Royal Canadian Legion #178
Royal Canadian Legion Manitoba
& Northwestern Command (Manitoba)
Royal College of Physicians &
Royal Trust Company
Royal Westminster Regiment
Rowles, Dr. C.A.
Rubeck, Mr. R.F.
Ruddell , Mr. C.L.
Runeckeles, Dr. V.C.
Russell, Mr. Don (Yukon)
Russell & Du Moulin
Russell Food Equipment Ltd.
Russell, Mr. Gordon
Russell, Mr. James
Russell, Dr. R.D.
Ruttan, Hon. Mr. Justice J.G.
Ryan, Dr. J.E.B.
Ryan, Dr. J.G.
Ryan, Mr. Michael M.
Sacks, Mrs. L.
Sales & Marketing Executive of
Salmon Arm Arts Council
Saltzman, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Samonte, Ms. G.G.
Sanders, estate of Mr. G.F.
Sandoz (Canada) Ltd. (Quebec)
Sandwell, Mr. P.R.
Sankey, Mrs. D.W.
Santos, Mr. J.W. (USA)
Sarich, Judge Anthony
Sato, Mrs. Hanako
Sauder Foundation
Sauder Industries Ltd.
Sauder, Mr. William
Saunders, Ms. Judith
Savery, Mrs. A.G.
Savitt, Dr. S.F.
Savory, Mr. G.N...
Savoy Foundation (Quebec)
Sawchuk, Mr. H.R.
Sawkins, Mr. W.P.
Sawula, Mr. L.W.
Schachter, Dr. J.J. (Saskatchewan)
;Schau, Dr. M.P.
Schinbein, Mrs. A.B.
Schloss, Dr. S.M.
Ichneiderman, Mr. S.
Ichool District #2
Ichroeder, Mr. Martin
ichulman Harte Company Ltd.
Schultz, Mr. CD.
Schutz, Dr. R.W.
Schwab, Mr. F.E.
Schweigel, Dr. J.F.
Scintrex Limited (Ontario)
Scoffield, Mr. R.A.
Scott, Prof. A.D.
Scott, Mr. J.S.
Scott Paper Limited
Scott, Mr. & Mrs/V. (Alberta)
Scott, Dr. W.R.
Sea Going Hacks
Seamer, Mr. & Mrs. R.E.
Seamon, Dr. Roger
Sears, Ms. H.J. (USA)
Seaspan International Ltd.
Seaton, Mr. Justice P.D.
Seaton, Dr. R.W.
Selby, Ms. Joan
Seraphim, Mr. R.H.
Sereth, Mrs. Elizabeth
Seymour, Dr. B.R.
Sharpe, Mr. & Mrs. CM.
Shaw, Mrs. Dorothy
Shaw, Mr. F.H.
Shearer, Mr. R.A.
Shell Canada Limited
Sheck, Ms. Cheryl
Sheppard, Mr. A.F.
Sherwood Medical Inc. (USA)
Shields Navigation Ltd.
Shier, Mrs. H.J. (Alberta)
Shim, Dr. S.S.
Shoolbraid, Mrs. K.E.
Shrum, Dr. Gordon M.
Siddons, Miss Pauline
Sidhoo, Ms. Asha
Sidhoo, estate of Mr. Naranjan
Siemens, Dr. A.H.
Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity Alumni
Sigma Tau Upsilon Fraternity
Signori, Mr. E.R.
Si gnus Club of Vancouver
Silver, Dr. J.G.
Similkameen Secondary School
Sinclair, Dr. A.J.
Sinclair, Mr. H.L.
Sisco, Mr. S.F.
Sivertz, Mr. B.
Skalbania, N.M. Ltd.
Skerl, Mrs. Doris M.
Slade, Dr. Kenneth
Slater, Mrs. Marian
Sleigh, Mrs. Muriel
Slinn, Mr. S.P.
Sloan, Alfred P. Foundation (USA)
Slonecker, Dr. CE.
Sluggett, Mr. G. (Alberta)
33 Smith, Mrs. A.M.
Smith, Mrs. C.J.
Smith, Mr. D.J.
Smith, Miss E.K.
Smith, Mr. F.C.
Smith, Harry & Hilda Foundation
Smith, Horace Fund (USA)
Smith, Prof. J.H.G.
Smith, Dr. J.N.M.
Smith, Dr. James
Smith, Mr. John
Smith, Miss K.
Smith Kline Corporation (USA)
Smith Kline & French Canada Ltd.
Smith, Dr. M.J.A.
Smith, Ms. M.P.L.
Smith, Mr. Justice W. Kirke
Smyth, Mr. & Mrs. G.D.L.
Snider, Dr. I.E.
Snyder, Mrs. C.K. (USA)
Sober!ak, Mr. P.J.
Society of Automotive Engineers,
B.C. Section
Society of B.C. Assessment
Society of Industrial Accountants
of Canada (Ontario)
Society of Management Accountants
of B.C.
Society of Management Accountants
of Canada (Ontario)
Society of Real Estate Appraisers
Foundation (USA)
Somers, Ms. Eleanor
Sons of Norway Foundation in
Sottana, Mr. U.
Southard, Miss H.
Southam, Mr. W.W.
Soward, Dean Emeritus F.H.
Sparkes, Dr. J.W.
Sparling, Mr. W.F.
Spencer, Chris Foundation
Spike, Mr. M.W.
Spencer, Mr. Peter A.
Spitzer, Mr. R.
Splane, Dr. R.B.
Spratley, Dr. R.D.
Springer, Mr. R.J.
Sproule, Dr. W.R.
Staff, Traffic & Security
Department, U.B.C.
Stafford, Ms. M.D.
Stager, Mr. & Mrs. T.
Stainer, Mr. J.E.R. (Ontario)
Stanley Drug Products Ltd.
Stanley, Mr. W.N.
Stanton, Mr. T.
Stapleton, Mr. P.J.
Steel Company of Canada Ltd.
Steele, Mr. P.M.
Steele, Mr. R.C.
Steele, Mr. R.D.
Stein, Mr. & Mrs. D.
Stentaford, Mr. G.R.
Steno Pool, Medical Records,
Royal Columbia Hospital
Stephen, Mr. J.C.
Stephens, Dr. D.G.
Sterling Drug Ltd. (Ontario)
Stevens, Miss CP. (USA)
Stevens, Mr. F.S. (Ontario)
Stevens, Mrs. W.W.
Stevenson, Mr. G. (Alberta)
Stevenson, Mr. L.F.
Stewardson, estate of Mr. Alan E.
Stewart, Mr. & Mrs. D.M.
Stewart, Mr. Jack
Stewart, Mr. N.J.
Stewart, Mr. & Mrs. T.
St. Edwards Missionary Association
Stiles, Ms. Norma
St. John, Mr. B. (Alberta)
St. John, Dr. D.J.
Storey, Mrs. A.H.
Stockholder, Ms. K.
Stocks, Mr. R.
Stokes Exploration Management Co.
Stokes, Mr. Roy
Storkcraft Ltd.
St. Paul's Hospital Medical Staff
Strand, Mr. L.M.
Strang, Dr. R.M.
Street, Miss M.M.
Street, Mrs. Sheila
Stroh, Mr. & Mrs. CR.
Stry Credit Union
Stubley, Mr. & Mrs. R.
Students' Wives Association
Stultz, Mr. & Mrs. D. (Alberta)
Stultz, Mr. & Mrs. G. (Alberta)
Sturrock, Mr. H.
Styra, Mrs. D.G.
Sullivan, Mr. G.J.
Sullivan, Ms. M.E.
Summerland & District Credit Union
Summit Engineering Sales (Alberta)
Sun Life Assurance Company of
Canada (Quebec)
Sun-Rype Products Ltd.
Sur-Del Builders Development Ltd.
Sutherland Foundation Inc.
Sutton, Braidwood
Swain, Dr. Harry (Ontario)
Swan Wooster Engineering Co. Ltd.
Swan, estate of Mr. Wm. G.
Swanson, Miss CT.
Swedish Canadian Club
Sweet, Mr. D.G.
Sweid, J.D. and Co.
Swinton, Mr. P.C. (Alberta)
Sydor, Mr. Gregory
Sykes, Mr. & Mrs. E.
Sykes, Mr. P.J.
Sziklai, Dr. Oscar
TMG Flower & Gift Fund
Taggart, Mr. Justice J.D.
Tahsis Company Ltd.
Tait, Dr. R.M.
Talbot, Jackson & Associates Ltd.
Tailing, Mr. & Mrs. R.H.
Taplin, Mr. A.C.
Tate, Dr. R.G.
Tautz, Mr. A.F.
Taylor, estate of Mr. Austin C.
Taylor, Dr. F.J.R.
& Mrs. R.
Dorothea (Ontario)
Taylor, Mr.
Taylor, Dr.
Taylor, Mr.
Taylor, Dr.
Taylor, Mr.
Taylor, Ms.
Teakles, Mrs
Teck Mining Group
Teed, Mr. & Mrs. A.G.
Tempieman, Mr.  & Mrs.   Peter
Tenants of the Marshall  Apts.
[Tenisci, Ms. Teresa
JTetlow, Dr.  Wm.  L.
JTexaco Canada Limited (Ontario)
Texas Gulf Sulphur Ltd.   (Ontario)
IThirgood, Mr.  J.V.
Thorn, Mrs.   F.R.
JThomas, Mr.  H.I.
JThomas, Mr.  M.A.
Thomas, M.A.  and Associates Ltd.
Thompson, Mr.  A.R.
Thompson, David Secondary School
Thompson, Dr. Mark
Thompson, Mr. W.A.
Thompson, Dr. W.A. (USA)
Thompson, Dr. W.E.
Thomson, Mrs. Mary
Thorne Riddel 1 & Co.
Thornton, Dr. James
Thorp, Mr. R.G.W.
Thorsteinsson, Mitchell, Little,
O'Keefe & Davidson
Titley, Miss M.G.
Toby Russell Buckwell & Associates
Todd, Mr. E.C.
Tonks, Dr. M.J.
Tootal, Mr. C.S.A. (England)
Toovey, Mr. J.W.
Topping, Dr. C.W.
Toren, Mrs. R.
Toronto-Dominion Bank
Torrison, Mrs. H.A.
Totem Park Residence Association
Towell, Dr. M.
Townsley, Dr. P.M.
Toy, Mr. Justice S.M.
Trans Company of Canada Ltd.
Trans Mountain Pipe Line Co. Ltd.
Transport Canada (Quebec)
Tredger, Dr. C.N.
Tredwell, Dr. S.J.
Tree Island Charitable Foundation
Truck Loggers Association
Trussell, Mr. P.C.
Tsuruta, Mr. Kinya
Tuberculous & Chest Disabled
Veterans' Association
Tully, Dr. W.A.
Tupper, Sir Charles Secondary
Turner, Mr. W.J.
Turpin, Dr. J.E. Hartley (USA)
Tutte, Mrs. C.A.
Twaites, Mr. B.J.
Tymkiw, Dr. D.W.
UBC Business Review
UBC Law Review
Underwood, Mr. M.A.
Union Oil of Canada Ltd. (Alberta)
United Church of Canada (Ontario)
United Commercial Travellers of
America Ladies Auxiliary 57
United Keno Hill Mines Ltd.
United Steelworkers of America
United Transportation Union (USA)
University of Manitoba
University of Miami
University of Princeton
35 University of Saskatchewan Alumni
University of Victoria
University of Western Ontario
University Women's Club
University Women's Club of New
Unwin, Mr. R.V.
Upjohn Company of Canada (Ontario)
Upjohn Company (USA)
Upper Island Medical Society
Upshall, Miss Muriel
Urquhart, Mrs. A.C.
Usher, Ms. D.R.
Utah Construction & Mining Co.
Vancouver Bar Association
Vancouver B'Nai B'Rith Hillel
Vancouver Business & Professional
Women's Club
Vancouver City Savings Credit
Vancouver & District Dental Society
Vancouver Elementary School
Teachers' Association
Vancouver Estonian Society
Vancouver Fire Fighters' Union #18
Vancouver Foundation
Vancouver General Hospital
Vancouver Gyro Club Charitable
Vancouver Home Economics
Vancouver Junior Chamber of
Vancouver Medical Association
Vancouver Municipal & Regional
Employees' Union
Vancouver Policemen's Union
Vancouver Stock Exchange
Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Waterfront Lions Club
Vancouver Women's Transportation
Vanger, Mr. & Mrs. Andy
Vanity Hosiery & Lingerie Ltd.
Van Messel, Perles and Co.
VanSacker, Mrs. Gail
Vanstone, Mr. E.
Van Teen, Mrs. V.S.
Van Tel Credit Union
van Zoest, Ms. W.
Varshney, Mr. H.B.
Vaughan-Evans, Mr. D. (Wales)
Venkataraman, Mr. S.
Venue West Executive Services Ltd.
Verchere, Mr. B.
Verchere, Mr. Justice D.R.
Vernon, Mrs. L.
Vick Chemical Company (USA)
Victoria Bar Association
Victoria and District' Parent-
Teacher Council
Voboril, Mr. L.
Vogt, Dr. Erich
Voigt, Mr. CH.
Volkoff, Miss Alexandra
Volkoff, Dr. & Mrs. G.M.
Waddell, Dr. Ronald
Wagga Enterprizes Ltd. (Alberta)
Wagner Engineering Ltd.
Wagner, estate of Mr. Morris
Wai, Mr. H.T.
Waiman, Mr. A.W.
Wainwright, Mrs. Esther
Wait, Mrs. E.B. (Ontario)
Wakarchuk, Mr. A.
Walden, Mr. F.E.
Waldie, Dr. A.C.
Waldman, Dr. & Mrs. Roy
Waldron, Mr. I.
Wales, Ms. Flora
Walker, Dr. G.A.H.
Walker, Mr. R.C.P.
Walker, Mr. W.M.
Wallace, Mr. L.J.
Waller, Mr. H.H.
Wallis, Mr. J.H.
Walters, Dr. C.J.
Walters, Mr. J.
Wank, Mrs. S.J.
Wannop, Mr. W.B. (Ontario)
War Amputations of Canada
Ward, Mr. D.W.S.
Ward, Mr. R.K.
Warner-Lambert Canada Limited
Warner, Mr. & Mrs. Mac
Warner & Thompson
Warnyca, Mrs. J.M.
Warren, Miss C.L.
Warren, Mrs. C.L.V.
Warren, Dr. H.V.
Watson, Prof. E.L.
Watson, Ms. Merle B.
Watt, Dr. J.G.
Watt, Dr. N.S.
Weakland, Ms. J.M.
Weatherill, Mr. B. (Alberta)
Weaver, Mrs. Margaret
Webber, Dr. Wm. C.
Weber, Mr. R.J.
Webster, Dr. A.H. (Ontario)
Weeks, Mr. Gerald
Wehrhahn, Dr. C.F.
Weinburg, Dr. Fred
Weiner, Mr. T.L.
Weinstein, Mrs. Blossom
Weldwood of Canada Ltd.
Wellington, Dr. W.G.
Wells, Mrs. E.
Welters, Mrs. P. Lynne
Wenner-Gren Foundation for
Anthropological Research
Werry, Mr. & Mrs. J.G.
Wesco (Ontario)
West Coast Reduction Ltd.
Westcoast Transmission Company
Western Canada Steel Ltd.
Western Co-operative Fertilizers
Ltd. (Alberta)
Westminster County Real Estate
Westminster Medical Association
Weston, Mr. Stanley
Weston, W. Garfield Foundation
West Vancouver Teachers
Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation
Wheelchair Wheelathon '76
Whelan, Mr. Pat
Whisenand, Mrs. E.
iWhite, Mr. D.S.
iWhite, Mr. & Mrs. G.
jWhitehouse, Mr. E.R.
iWhitelaw, Dr. D.M.
iWhite Spot Limited
(Whittaker, Dr. J.V.
{Whittle, Mr. H.D.
Whonnock Lumber Company Ltd.
;Whyte, Mr. & Mrs. W.
Wigod, Dr. Jacob
Wilkinson Company Limited
Wilkinson, Mr
:Will, Dr. H.J.
'Williams, Mrs.
Williams, Mrs.
Williams, Mr.
Williams, Mr.
iWillism Mr. &
Williston, Mr.
& Mrs. G.
Mrs. Joe
Wilson, Ms. M.F.
Winfield Volunteers Fire Department
Winspear Higgins Stevenson & Co.
Wisenthal, Mr. J.
Woelk, Mrs. Nancy
Wolochow, Mr. D.M.
Wolochow, Dr. Michael
Wolridge Foundation
Women of the Moose, Duncan Chapter
Women's Athletic Association
Wonder, Miss Chris
Wong, Mr. Alfred (Quebec)
Wong, Mr. Art
Wong, Mr. E.T.
Wong, Dr. Roderick
Wood, Mr. B.A.
Wood, Mrs. E.F.
Wood, estate of Dr. & Mrs. F.G.C
Wood, Mr. & Mrs. Warren (Ontario)
Wood, Dr. W.S.
Woodsworth, Mr. Eric
Woodsworth, Mr. K.C.
Woodward, Mr. & Mrs. P.A. Foundation
Woodward Stores Ltd.
Woogman, Mr. Joseph
World Wildlife Canada (Ontario)
Worsley, Ms. CM.
Worthington, estate of Dr. G.H.
Wright, Mr. H.M.
Wyndlon, Mr. & Mrs. K.
Xerox of Canada Ltd. (Ontario)
Yeo, Dr. D.J.
Young, Mr. G.G.
Young, Mr. K.G.
Youth Bowling Council of B.C.
Yu, Ms. M.L.L.
Yukon, Government of (Yukon)
Zack, Dr. D.T.
Zack, Mrs. Gertrude
Zaharko, Dr. D.S. (USA)
Zahradnik, Dr. J.W.
Zbarsky, Dr. S.H.
Zappacosta, Mr. C.S.
Zemans, Mr. & Mrs. Newton
Zephyr Mercury Sales Limited
Zeski  & Klimic Families
Ziebart, Ms.  Cathy
Zolbrod, Dr.  Leon
Zlotnik, Mr.  & Mrs.  N.
the late Mr. C.
Mr.  & Mrs.  G.


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