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 f^r. Graham Elli-ton
DiuilCgiapny uTviwuH
A Thank You and Report
of Private Gifts, Grants and
Bequests to the University
of British Columbia
The University Thanks Its Friends
The University Wants To Serve You
Wills & Bequests Committee
The UBC Memorial Fund
Commerce/Engineering Fund
Sources Of Funds For Capital Construction
Private Support For The University
Other Special Capital Funds
The Asian Centre Fund
The UBC Aquatic Centre Fund
Outstanding Student Support
The UBC Alumni Fund
Gifts In Kind
Memorial Gifts
Gifts, Grants and Bequests
Donations To The Aquatic Centre Fund THE UNIVERSITY THANKS ITS FRIENDS
The University owes much of its stature to private gifts. Research,
teaching projects, scholarships and bursaries have been supported by
individual benefactors, alumni, firms, students, foundations and
associations. Many of the major buildings, as well as a wide variety of
other projects, serve as testimony to the generosity of those who helped
to build UBC.
Gifts have been made anonymously, directly, in memory of relatives,
in honour of friends and by bequest. Many alumni and other donors
contribute annually. During the year benefactors donated $3,384,385.
The University is deeply grateful to those who have given such
generous support and also thanks the many volunteers who have helped
generate gifts.
This brochure does not include the names of donors to the Alumni
Fund. Provincial and Federal grants are recorded in other publications.
The University wishes to express gratitude to donors in a variety
of ways.
If you do not receive UBC Reports or the UBC MumnL ChxonicZz we
will be pleased to place you on the mailing list.
You may wish to have a list of faculties, departments, schools and
institutes, information regarding a specific teaching or research
program, faculty or department, or advice in seeking sources of
information or answers to problems.
The results of research conducted at the University are freely
available and we are eager that they should be of the widest benefit.
A variety of excellent facilities are open to the general public
for conferences, social functions, workshops and seminars. They cater
for ten or a thousand persons and are backed by food, accommodation and
programming services.
The magnificent site, the beauty of the campus and the varied
activities of its community make UBC an outstanding place to visit. We
will be happy to help you guide a friend or conduct a tour.
Enquiries to: A.T. Adams
The University Resources Office
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5
Telephone  (604)  228-3917 WILLS & BEQUESTS COMMITTEE
who paid tribute to Professor Leslie Wong.
As Chairman of the Wills & Bequests Committee I have come to know
how greatly the stature of the University has been enhanced by gifts
that have been made to UBC in the wills of its friends. The first
bequest -- for $12,000 -- was received in 1928. The many subsequent
bequests range from $50 to approximately $14,500,000 from the
estates of Isaak and Dorothy Killam. This magnificent support has
enabled the University to develop in fields that otherwise would remain
During the year 1976-1977, $242,391 was received from 23 bequests.
Since 1928, the University has been advised of a beneficial interest in
233 wills, known amounts in 178 cases totalling over $25 million, most
of which has been received. In addition, there have been a variety of
bequests-in-kind in the past year including books, paintings, photographs, stamps, carvings and collections of artifacts.
The University would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with its
friends, and their estate officers, intentions in regard to bequests.
UBC is concerned that benefactors should be kept up-to-date in their
particular fields of interest.
Howard C. Green
Wills & Bequests Committee
Enquiries:    University Resources Office
Telephone  (604)  228-3917
The University of British Columbia has established a Memorial
Scholarship and Bursary Endowment Fund which it is hoped will provide a
significant source of student support.
The purpose of the fund is to encourage memorial donations, and to
cater for donations that in themselves would not provide sufficient
investment income to provide a meaningful award.
The fund is designed to serve persons willing to leave small
bequests to UBC, to serve lifetime donors and to serve corporations
wishing to make gifts in memoriam.
In due course, a brochure will be produced listing the persons in
whose name contributions have been received, and these brochures will be
given to each student receiving an award from the fund.
In recent years there have been a number of organized in memoriam
funds of sufficient amount to provide meaningful awards over a long
period. For example, 408 friends of Professor Harry Logan established
an annual scholarship in his name, as did 357 friends and corporations
However, the shrinking value of the dollar has meant that some
earlier and smaller funds no longer perform the full function intended.
With the permission of the donors concerned, some of these funds might
become part of the new Memorial Fund and this will ensure that the names
of the persons to whom tribute has been paid will remain known to future
generations of students and faculty.
During the year ending March 31, 1977, several hundred donors made
gifts (a number being repeat gifts) in memory of 135 persons. In many
cases these gifts supported student aid.
A special feature of the Memorial Scholarship and Bursary Fund is
the help it will give to individuals and small groups of donors who are
not in a position to make major gifts at the time of death of a friend
or relative but who may hope to make further lifetime gifts and/or to
include an appropriate provision in their wills. By means of this new
fund the name of a deceased person will be memorialized regularly from
the time the original gift is made.
The fund was established to supplement monies from Provincial
capital grants for additions and renovations for the Henry Angus
Building (Commerce and Business Administration) and a new building to be
shared by the Departments of Civil and Mechanical Engineering. Pledges
and gifts in the amount of some $750,000 have been received and will be
divided equally between the two buildings.
The work on the Henry Angus Building is complete and on February
12, 1976, there was a ceremony for the dedication of the Earle Douglas
MacPhee Executive Conference Centre and the Cyrus H. McLean Audio-Visual
Theatre, two special features in the building.
The Mechanical and Civil Engineering building was officially
opened on May 12, 1977.
The volunteer campaign committee worked under the able leadership
From 1915 to 31  March 1977
Province of
of Canada and
Federal Agencies
and General
Private Gifts
(including students'
$6.6 millions)
April 1976 -- March 1977
6 Donors
Student Aid
$1 ,308,694
Note: Some donors made gifts to more than one project
thus the discrepancy between the number of donors
and the number of donations.
* Includes $445,854 from 27,273 students for
Student Union Building, Aquatic Centre Fund and
Graduate Centre, and $400,540 from the Alumni Fund.
** Includes 6,989 donors to the Alumni Fund.
Payments on pledges continue to be received for:
The Geological Sciences Centre Fund
The Agricultural Sciences Fund
The Law Building Fund
On March 22, 1971, steel girders from the Sanyo Corporation's Expo
'70 Pavilion in Japan were accepted by the Government of British
Columbia as a first gift for a fund to build an Asian Centre in
The leaders of the fund recommended that the building should be
sited on the UBC campus so that it could house UBC's Asian-language
library, the largest collection in Canada, and also serve as a research
and community centre backed by the Asianists working at the University.
The University is grateful to friends in Japan and to Mr. Joseph L.
Whitehead, the Fund Chairman and the committee for their sustained
It is estimated that a further $3.5 million will be required to
complete the project.
Construction of UBC's new indoor pool began on December 1, 1975.
Stage I construction, which provides the basic structure, was funded
with a cash contribution of $925,000 from the students, a matching orant
from UBC's capital funds, and a $333,333 nrant from the Government of
B.C.'s Community Recreational Facilities Fund. A campaign to fund Stage
II construction has raised $2.6 million in pledges and direct contributions, netting a total $4.78 million to date of a project cost of $5.47
Most significant to the project dur
the monies granted by government earlier
ment, under the auspices of the Physical
granted $435,000, and the B.C. Provincia
Ministry of Education, approved a $1 mil
of the Centre. Additionally, the UBC Al
$100,000. Individual contributions came
community, to alumni, and to University
are currently underway; one to the Unive
UBC alumni.
ing Stage II fund-raising were
this year. The Federal Govern-
Resources Development Program,
1 Government, through the
lion loan towards completion
umni Association contributed
from separate appeals to the
faculty. Two further appeals
rsity staff, and one to selected
The pool will provide the most important public aquatic facility in
British Columbia and a significant portion of the operating hours will be set
aside for use by the general community. It will be used by the University for academic classes by the Schools of Physical Education and
Recreation and Rehabilitation Medicine, and the Faculties of Education
and Science. Times and admission charges will be set by a six-member
management committee, with two members representing each of the following:
the off-campus community, the students, and the University.
Fund Co-ordinating Committee
Mr. D.A. Brewster, ChaJjiman
Mr. R.J. Black
Mr. G. Burnyeat
Mr. J.L. Denholme
Dr. CV. Finnegan
Dr. W.M. Keenlyside
Mr. I.C. Malcolm
Mr. J.B. Pomfret
Mrs. M. Pomfret
Mr. G. Rogers
Mr. A.T. Adams (ReiouAcei O^lce.)
Mr. D.J. Aldridge (Re4_uAce_ O^lcY)
This past fiscal year students at UBC contributed $957,854 to the
capital development of the University: $568,963 to the Aquatic Centre,
$309,660 to the Student Union Building and $79,231 to the Leon and
Thea Koerner Graduate Centre.
Since 1928, students have funded or helped fund 11 major campus
buildings for more than $6 million. This outstanding support is believed
to be unequalled by the students of any other North American university.
In addition, students have worked for and donated to six special
building campaigns in the past decade. Each year the graduating class
supports various campus activities. The class of 1976 donated $6,000
for day care, $5,000 for mental retardation and $1,000 each to student
aid and legal aid.
Student Contributions to Buildings
Women's Gymnasium
Stadium on East Mall
Brock Hall (for nearly 30 years the centre of Alma
Mater Society Activities)
The Armory
War Memorial Gymnasium
Extension of Brock Hall
Place Vanier Residences
Thunderbird Winter Sports Centre
The Student Union Building
Additions to the Thea Koerner Graduate Centre
UBC Aquatic Centre
•     $
The goal of a great university is to achieve excellence in all the
areas of its activities -- teaching, research and service. For 60 years
the UBC Alumni Association has been helping the University of British
Columbia achieve that goal.
One of the many ways the UBC Alumni Association has helped the
university is by fund-raising. Today alumni donations to the UBC Alumni
Fund have developed one of the largest alumni student aid programs in
Canada as well as extensive funding for other camnus projects.
6,989 donations for      	
N.A.M. MacKenzie Scholarships . . . .
N.A.M.  MacKenzie Scholarships  (USA)     .     .
Walter Gage Bursary Fund 	
J.B. MacDonald Bursaries  	
Wesbrook Memorial  Lectureships  .    .     .     .
Daniel Young Scholarship (USA)        .    .    .
S.  California Alumni  Scholarship    .
Stanley Arkley Library Scholarship      .    .
Nursing Scholarships Fund      	
University Scholarships & Bursary Fund .
Alumni  Association National  Scholarships
The B.  & B.  Sivertz Bursary 	
Catterall  Scholarship 	
Geological Sciences Centre Fund
Law Building Fund    	
Agricultural  Sciences Building Fund    .
Commerce and Engineering Fund    .     .     .     .
UBC Aquatic Centre Fund    	
Walter Gage Student Aid Fund      .     .     .     .
Frank Gnup Memorial  Fund 	
Pernarowski Memorial  Fund      	
A.J.  Wood Memorial  Fund    	
N.A.M.  MacKenzie Fine Arts    	
Volleyball  Varsity 	
Big Block Sweater Fund      	
Class of  '26  	
Dr. J.F. Morgan Memorial  Fund    .    .    .    .
President's Alumni  Fund    	
Men's Athletic Committee (1976) . . .
Men's Athletic Committee (1977) . . .
Women's Athletic Committee (1976) . . .
Women's Athletic Committee (1977) . . .
Senior Citizens Committee Summer Session
Fine Arts Theatre (1976)  	
Fine Arts Theatre (1977)   	
UBC Sailing Team      	
$    400,540
Rose & Stan Arkley Scholarship 	
Music Series  (1976)       	
Music Series  (1977)      	
Canadian University Press  (CUP  '39)    ...    .
Chronicle Creative Writing Contest      ....
1976 Western Conference of Engineering Students
Urban Vehicle Project 	
UBC Radio CITR 	
Lutheran Centre 	
Vancouver Symphony Visit 	
Laserre Student Lounge  	
Chronicle Photo Contest 	
Graduate Studies  	
Special Rowing 	
Medicine (Research)  	
University Press Anonymous 	
Drennan Estate (Medicine)  	
Gifts in Kind	
Reserve for Interim Recommendations    .
Executi ve Commi ttee
Pierrot, Chalnman
P. Powell
McWi11i ams
. S.J
. McLarnon
Allocations Committee
McWi 11 i ams, Chcuxman
. 1
. Harris
P. Powell
Friends of UBC Incorporated (USA)
Mr. F.M. Johnston, Vn.eAlde.nt
Mr. S.T. Arkley,  VlcQ.-Vnuldznt
Mr. R.J. Boroughs, Tne.oa,uxeJi
Mr. I.C. Malcolm, Ex-C^IclLo
62,194 GIFTS-IN-KIND -- April  1976 to March 1977
These gifts included a Kwakiutl  Frog carved head dress, Maori axes,
Indonesian miniatures, Philippine handicrafts, costumes from Korea,
Guatemala, Nigeria, India, Japan, and China, and a 15 foot Haida totem
Abbey, Dr. R.L.
Abbott Laboratories Ltd. (Quebec)
Abramson, Dr. Harvey
Adams, Mrs. Yvonne
Agnes, estate of Ms. Janet M.
Alemany, Mrs. T.
Allen, Mr. Hugh
Allergan Canada Ltd. (Quebec)
Allied Mills Inc. (USA)
Ames, Dr. Michael A.
Anderson, Mr. Bernard R.
Anderson, Mrs. Mary
Appraisal Institute of Canada
Arkley, Dr. S.T.
Aubrey, Mrs. Margaret (Ontario)
Ayerst Laboratories (Quebec)
B.C. Institute of Technology
B.C. Provincial Museum
Barclay, Mrs. G.C.
Barnetson, Mrs. T.
Barnwell, Miss M.A.
Batts, Dr. M.S.
Bauder, Mr. Richard
Bawden, Miss Rosemary
Baxter, Mrs. Winifred
Bell Laboratories Library (USA)
Belshaw, Dr. Cyril S.
Bene, Mrs. John (Ontario)
Black, Mrs. Edgar
Bolton, Miss Lorraine
Boone, Mrs. E.
Boultbee, Mr. & Mrs. J.L.
Braulin, Mrs. B.
Brown, Mr. & Mrs. C.J.
Bryner, Dr. Cyril
Buddhist Church of Canada (Ontario)
Burke, Ms. Margaret
Burroughs Wellcome Ltd. (Quebec)
Canadian Jewish Congress
Canadian Pharmaceutical Association (Ontario)
Caple, Mrs. K.P.
Cattley, Dr. R.
Centennial Museum
Ceska, Dr. Adolf
Chalmers, Mr. Graeme
Chase, Dr. Richard L.
Ciba Pharmaceuticals (Quebec)
Coast Radar & Communications Ltd.
Cornelisse, Mrs. Susan
Cottingham, the late Miss Mo11ie E.
Cunliffe, Miss Muriel A.
Daniels, Dr. & Mrs. Roy
Davison, Mr. John
Dawson, Mr. J.C.
Dept. of Asian Studies
Dept. of Classics
Dickerson, Mrs. R.W.V.
Dolmage, Mason & Stewart
Dow Pharmaceuticals (Ontario)
Duncan, Miss Marjorie
Eagles, Dean Blythe
Earle, Ms. Carol
Eaton, Mrs. G.B.
El rod, Mr. J. McRee
Evans, Mr. David
Fewster, Miss Margaret
Fleming, Mr. G.R.
Flynn, Mr. Kelly
Fortescue, Mrs. R.E.
Freeman, Ms. Devorah
Freeman, Miss I. Doreen
Frosst, Charles E. & Co. (Quebec)
Fyfe-Smith, estate of Miss Florence
Gaskin, Mr. & Mrs. John
Gemini North Ltd.
Gibbard, Mr. J.E.
Gilbert, Mr. A.M. (Ontario)
Gnup, estate of Mr. Frank
Gregory, Mrs. Margaret
Ham, Mrs. E.G. (Saskatchewan)
Hamilton, Dr. S.
Hann, estate of Mr. Francis M.
Hanson, Mr. Max
Harvey, Mr. A. Rout
Hawthorn, Dr. & Mrs. H.B.
Henley, Mrs. L.
Heslop, Prof. Emeritus W.G.
Hoar, Dr. W.S.
Hobson, Mr. & Mrs. R.D.
Holborne, Mr. Arthur P.
Holdaway, Dr. Richard
Institute of Chartered Accountants
of B.C.
Japan Foundation (Japan)
Joa, Dr. Wm. A.
Johnson, Mr. D.M.
Johnson, Mrs. Elizabeth
Johnson, Dr. Graham
Kesselman, Mr. J.R.
King, Mr. Jim H.
King Mongkut Institute of
Technology (Thailand)
Koerner, Dr. W.C.
Korean Consulate
Ladner, Misses Edna & Dorothy
Laing, estate of Mr. Arthur
Laird, Mr. D.G.
Lasmanis, Mr. Raymond
Leonhardy, Mr. Frank C. (USA)
Lieblich, Mrs. Gabriel la
Lilly, Eli and Company (Canada)
Ltd. (Ontario)
Lowry, Mrs. Malcolm (USA)
Lukic, Mr. Bogoljub
McCorkle, Dr. D.M.
McGlashan, Mrs. J.K.
MacKenzie, Dr. Norman A.M.
Mackinlay, Mrs. Jean E.
McLarty, Mrs. Archie
MacMillan, estate of Mr. H.R.
Mann, Dr. K.C.
Marshall, Mr. H.L.
Maycock, estate of Miss Elizabeth
Merrell, Dr. Joseph
Miller, Capt. Kenneth
Mitchell, Ms. Sylvia A.
Miyazawa, Rev. Ichiei (Japan)
Nishitani, Mr. Keiji (Japan)
0'Friel, Mr. James
Okamatsu, Mr. Yoshihisa (Japan)
Pearson, Dr. Richard
Perrot, Mrs. Enge
Perry, Mrs. E.L.
Phare, Mrs. Phyllis
Republic of Philippines
Pollay, Dr. Richard
P'yo, Dr. Mun-Haw
Rayonier Canada Ltd.
Read, Mrs. Ruth
Reif, Mrs. F.C.
Ridington, Mrs. Tonia
Robins, A.H. Canada Ltd. (Quebec)
Robinson, Ms. Ellen W.
Roma!is, Mrs. Sheila
Rosenthal, Mr. Henry M.
Rothstein, Dr. S.
Rowe, Mr. P. Bernard
Rowe, Mrs. Ria
Royal Commission on Forest Resources
Royal Netherlands Embassy
Royal Norwegian Embassy (Ontario)
Russ, Mrs. Inge
Sandoz Pharmaceuticals (Quebec)
Sawyer, Prof. Alan
Sector, Mrs. John
Shane, Mr. & Mrs. Walter
Short, Mrs. Joyce
Sloan, Mr. D.C.
Smith, Mrs. Irene
Sobell, Mrs. J.O. St. Clair
Sokagakkai, the
Soward, Dean F.H.
Speare, Mr. & Mrs. Wm.
Stanley Drug Products Ltd.
Stead, Dr. Gordon W.
Steeves, Mrs. Dorothy Gretchen
Stephan, Mr. Charles H.
Stephan, Mr. Peter M. (USA)
Stewart, Mr. Oswald John
Sweid, J.D. & Company Ltd.
Swiss Consulate
Taylor, Mrs. Sue
To, Dr. & Mrs. Ernest
Toms, Mr. H.N.W.
Travers, Mrs. R.
Truelove, Mr. R.
UBC Electric Vehicle Project
United States Embassy (Ontario)
Variety Club of Western Canada
Tent 47
Vennewitz, Mrs. Leila
Volkoff, Dean George M.
Warren, Dr. H.V.
Warren, Dr. J.B.
Whitaker, Mrs. Grace
Williams, Dr. Edwin P. (Alberta)
Wilson, Miss Ann
Wilson, Mrs. Gladys
Winter, Mrs. Connie
Winthrop Laboratories (Ontario)
Yakovleff, Mrs. Pauline
Zeldowicz, Drs. H. & L.
(April 1976 to March 1977)
R.F. Alexander
G. Anderson
Edith Ashton
Russell A. Bankson
A.F. Barss
Joyce Beketa
Nat Bell
Dr. Ernest Billig
Edgar C. Black
Madge Bolton
K.G. Bosworth
Dr. Rex V. Boughten
Sharon Louis Brewster
D. Bridgen
A.F.E. Buck
Edith and Jacob Buckshon
May Burdett
Harriet Sarah Byrne
Captain Thomas Scully Byrne
Ruth E. Cameron
Alexander & Lorraine Carruthers
Leonard Catling
A.D. Claman
M.B. Cohen
S. Colby
J. Ewart Collins
Wallace B.  Crawford
Ghent Davis
G.M. Dawson
Jeannette Dewitt-Huberman
A. Dicare
Norma Dick
Tommy Diespecker
Jay Emery
K.A. Evelyn
Dr. Harold S. Foley
L.A. Fox
Gary Fraser
Max & Lillian Freeman
Sharon Y. Frohlinger
Bertrand & Neita Galloway
Kelly Gibson
Eileen R. Gilley
Archibald P. Glen
Harold D. Goard
William Grant
Allan S. Gregory
E. Frances Gunning
Deanna Hall
Neil  Harlow
R.  Hendrickson
I.B.  Holubitsky
Howard Hunter
William L.  Hurford
Dr.  Marianne Rose Lourie-Jetter
Ethel  Johns
Elmer Johnston
George William Kenwood
Dr. W.T. Kergin
H.B. King
Karen Elaine King
Les King
Willard Kitchen
Fred A. Krugel
Heather Lawson
Gladys Ledingham
Charles Le Patourel
Samuel David Leshgold
Sherwood Lett
Chris Lin
David Bell Little
Andrew Lummis
Judge Helen Gregory MacGill
T.S. McGiveran
Malcolm Maclntrey
R.J. McMaster
Dr. W.L. Manning
Dr. Peter Gee-Pan Mar
Joel H. Marcoe
Dr. Jack M. Margulius
Barbara Jean Mazzoli
Herbert Melton
CE. Moffatt
William C. Moresby
Dr. Joseph F. Morgan
Leo Morris
A.J. Mouncey
Ernest A. Munro
Dr. Donald S.Munroe
Dr. J.R. Murray
Victoria Nagler
Phyllis Neick
J.R. Neilson
Percy W. Nelms
Elizabeth Tong Ng
Dr. CD. Orchard
Francis & Peggy Owen
Bruce Pal lot
Janet Pearmain
Sperry Phillips
Rev. G.R. Pringle
Harry Puxton
Edith M. Rainbow
Grant Redford
E. James Reed
Phyllis Renick
H. Rocke Robertson
A. Rothstein
Dr. A.B. Schinbein
Lee W. Selleck
R.D. Sheret
P. Shields
Stella Shopland
D. Simons
Dr. A.C Skerl
Gilbert Smith
Helen Gordon Stewart
Isabel Maitland Stewart
R. Strina
Charles Lindsay Thompson
Ronald S. Toban
E. Bruce Tregunna
Gilbert Tucker
Rea Van der Have
K.G. Van Sacker
Meyer Waldman
D. Walker
M.M. Waterman
George S. Whillans
Leslie Anne Whitcutt
Myer Wine
E.S.H. Winn
A.J. Wood
Toyozo Yoshida
Katherine Ann Young
Herbert C. Youngs
Sam Zivot
13 GIFTS, GRANTS & BEQUESTS -- April 1976 to March 1977
The following list of donors does not include the names of donors
to the Alumni Fund. Provincial and Federal grants, other than special
grants supporting fund raising by private donors, are recorded in other
Aaronson, Dr. & Mrs. R. & Family
Abbott, Miss Hope
Abboud, Dr. R.T.
Action B.C.
Aerobic Fitness Modules Ltd.
Aetna Life & Casualty (USA)
Agnew, Mrs. A.M.
Aikins, Hon. Mr. Justice J.S.
Aklujkar, Mr. A.N.
Albert, Mrs. Ida
Alcan Company of Canada Ltd.
Alexander, Mr. & Mrs. R. (Ontario)
Allan, Mr. & Mrs. R.
Allen, Dr. C.S.
Allen, Dr. Peter
Allied Shipbuilders Limited
Allingham, Ms. Diane
Alma Mater Society
Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity
Alpha Gamma Delta
Alpha Gamma Delta Mother's Club
Alpha Omega Society
Altman & Altman
Amax Minerals Exploration Inc.
American Breeders Service (USA)
American Can Company of Canada Ltd.
American Medical Association (USA)
American Society for Metals
American Woman's Club
Amoco Foundation, Inc. (Alberta)
Andersen, Arthur & Co.
Anderson, Dr. F.
Anderson, The Hon. Mr. Justice R.P.
Andrew, Dr. & Mrs. G.C.
Andrews, The Hon. Mr. Justice D.E.
Andrusiak, Mrs. Margaret
Anglican Foundation of Canada
Angus, Prof. & Mrs. Henry
Annas, Mr. R.M.
Anton, Mr. J.N.P. (Yukon Territory)
Anweiler, Mr. & Mrs. F.
Appelbe, Mr. F.E.
Applegarth, Dr. D.A.
Aquitaine Co. of Canada Ltd.
Architectural Institute of B.C.
ARCO Medical Products Company (USA)
Argue, Miss C.
Army Navy & Airforce Veterans
Ladies Auxiliary
Arnold, Dr. CR.
Aron, Mrs. Julia
Arnold, Mrs. D.O. (Ontario)
Arrow Transfer Co. Limited
Association of B.C. Professional
Association of B.C. School
Association of Commonwealth
Universities (England)
Association of Professional
Engineers of B.C.
Association of Universities &
Colleges of Canada (Ontario)
Atkinson, Ms. A.D. (USA)
Atkinson, Dr. L.R.
Au, Mr. S.C.
Auckland, Dr. N.
Automotive Transport Association
of B.C.
Avison, Ms. M.L.
B.C. Anaesthetists' Society
B.C. Association for the Mentally
B.C. Association of Social Workers
(Greater Vancouver Branch)
B.C. Cancer Treatment and Research
B.C. Council of Garden Clubs
B.C. Dental Hygienists Association
B.C. Dentists Wives Association
B.C. Epilepsy Society
B.C. Fairs Association
B.C. Federation of Labour
B.C. Forest Products Ltd.
B.C. Foundation for Non-Animal
B.C. Fruit Growers Association
B.C. Genealogical Society
B.C. Health Sciences Research
B.C. Heart Foundation
B.C. High School Boys Basketball
B.C. Home & School Federation
B.C. Hotels Association
B.C. Hydro S Power Authority
B.C. Institute of Agrologists
B.C. Institute of Economic Policy
B.C. Institute of Technology
B.C. Interior Fruit & Vegetable
Workers' Union
B.C. Library Association
B.C. Medical Association, Section
of General Practice
B.C. Medical Centre
B.C. Medical Research Foundation
B.C. Medical Services Foundation
B.C. Museum of Mining
B.C. Oto Ophthalmological Society
B.C. Packers Limited
B.C. Petroleum Corporation
B.C. Professional Pharmacists'
B.C. Research Council
B.C. Sugar Refining Co. Ltd.
B.C. Surgical Society
B.C. Teachers' Credit Union
B.C. Teachers' Federation
B.C. Telephone Company
B.C. Tree Fruits Ltd.
B.C. Tuberculosis Christmas Seal
B.C. Vocational School
BBW Centennial Chapter 1022
B & C List
BMI Canada Limited (Ontario)
Bacon, Donaldson & Associates Ltd.
Badovinac, Mr. G.
Bagnall, Dr. A.W.
Bailey, Mr. & Mrs. Fred (USA)
Baker, Mr. J.L.
Baker, Dr. R.D.
Ballance, Ms. Karoline
Ballon, Dr. H.S.
Balshine, Mr. L.I.
Bancroft, estate of Mr. Sutro
Bank of Nova Scotia
Bankson, Mr. Douglas
BAPCO Paint Ltd.
Barnes, Dr. Wm. C.
Barnett Lumber Industries
Barss, Mr. A.F.
Basrans, the
Basaraba, Dr. N.
Bates, Dr. D.V.
Bates, Mr. R.C.
Battle, Mr. & Mrs. W.F.R.
Batts, Prof. M.S.
Baxter, Ms. R.K.
Bay, the
Bayly, Dr. Isabel (Ontario)
Bean, Mr. J.
Bechtel Foundation of Canada
Beck, Mr. Howard L.
Beck, Dr. R.E.
Belcarra Rate Payers' Association
Bel kin Packaging Ltd.
Bell, Mrs. Angela
Bell, Dr. H.M.
Bell, Dr. M.A.M.
Belogus, Miss C.
Belshaw, Dr. Cyril
Bene, Mr. J.G. (Ontario)
Beneficial Foundation Inc. (USA)
Beretta, Signora Caterina
Berger, The Hon. Mr. Justice T.R.
Berlow, Mr. & Mrs. L.
Bernon, Mr. D.E. (Saskatchewan)
Bernstein, Mr. Stephen
Bernstein, Dr. V.
Best Printing Co. Ltd.
Beswithwick, Miss C. (Manitoba)
Beta Sigma Phi
Bethlehem Copper Corporation Ltd.
Bialoglowsky, Mrs. S.
Bickford, Mr. & Mrs. E.R.
Bickford, Mrs. Elsie (Manitoba)
Bildstein, Mrs. F.E.M.
Billig, Mrs. Hilda
Billing, Mrs. J.
Bird, Mrs. P.F.P.
Bird, Mr. R.B.
Birks Family Foundation (Quebec)
Bisalputra, Dr. T.
Black & Decker Mfg. Co. Ltd.
Blair, Mr. A.
Bloom, Mr. S.R. (England)
B'Nai B'Rith Women Centennial
Chapter 1002
Boag Foundation
Bodel, Mr. P.M.
Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.
Bogardus, Mr. P.W.
Bogoch, Dr. A.
Bolton, Mr. F.D.
Bond, Mr. & Mrs. F.R.
Bonner, George Junior Secondary
School - staff
Bonner, Mr. R.W.,
15 Bonnycastle, His Honour Judge W.R.
Boone, Dr. J.A.
Borden Chemical (Western) Limited
Borden, Dr. CE.
Borden, Mr. & Mrs. S.
Borstein, Ms. Sandie (Alberta)
Boucher, Dr. H.H.
Bouck, The Hon. Mr. Justice John C.
Boughton & Company
Boughton, estate of Mrs. Ethel F.
Boughton, Mr. J.E.
Boultbee, estate of Mr. E. Leonard
Bourey, Ms. Nancy
Bourne, Mr. C.B.
Bourne, Mr. J.A., Q.C
Bowling Proprietors' Association of
Boxall, Dr. E.A.
Boyce, Dr. K.C.
Brammer, Mr. & Mrs. A.
Bratty, Dr. P.
Brawner, Speton & Phillips
Brebner, Mrs. Marion
Bremer, Mr. & Mrs. Barry
Brett, Mrs. Grace
Brewery & Soft Drink Workers Local
Brewster, Dr. B.H.
Bridgen, Mr. & Mrs. D. (Ontario)
Bridgen, Mr. & Mrs. E. (Ontario)
Bridgen, Mrs. E. (Ontario)
Bridgen, Mr. & Mrs. L. (Ontario)
Bridgen, Mr. & Mrs. M. (Ontario)
Bridgen, Mr. W. (Ontario)
Brissenden, Mr. P.R.
Bristol-Myers Laboratories of Canada
British Pacific Life Insurance
Broadfoot, Miss I.I. (Manitoba)
Brockington, Dr. J.
Brockley, Dr. C.A.
Bronfman, the Samuel & Saidye
Family Foundation
Brown, Mrs. M.
Brown, Mr. & Mrs. W.
Browne, Dr. J.S. (Quebec)
Bruk, Mr. John
Bryenton, Mr. G.M.
Buck, Mr. A.
Buck, Mr. F.A.M. (USA)
Buckerfield's Limited
Buckerfield, Miss A.S.
Buckley, Mr. G.J.
Buckson's Pharmacy Limited
Budge, Ms. J.W.
Buell, Ellis, Sargent & Russell
Bull, The Hon. Mr. Justice E.B.
Bull, Housser & Tupper
Burian, Mr. Walter J.
Burnett, Mr. M.J.
Burnaby Creative Writers' Society
Burrard Dry Dock Company Ltd.
Burrard Yacht Club - Bridge Club
Burridge, Mr. K.O.L.
Burroughs Wellcome & Co. (Canada)
Ltd. (Ouebec)
Bursary Committee 23 Society
Butler Brothers Supplies Ltd.
Butler, Mrs. Don
Byrne, Mr. Thomas S.
Canada Cement LaFarge Ltd.
Canada Packers Foundation
Canada Trust Company
Canada Tungsten Mining Corporation
Canadian Academy of Periodontology
Canadian Arctic Resources
Committee (Ontario)
Canadian Army Welfare Fund
Canadian Arthritic & Rheumatism
Society (Ontario)
Canadian Association of Animal
Breeders (Ontario)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Canadian Cellulose Co. Ltd.
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis
Foundation (Ontario)
Canadian Daughters' League,
Provincial Council of B.C.
Canadian Dermatology Foundation
Canadian Diabetic Association
Canadian Economics Association
Canadian Forest Products Ltd.
Canadian Forestry Association of
Canadian Foundation for the
Advancement of Pharmacy (Ontario)
Canadian Fund for Dental
Education (Ontario)
Canadian General Electric Company
Limited (Ontario)
Canadian Geological Foundation
Canadian Heart Foundation (Ontario)
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Canadian Industries Limited
Canadian Information Processing
Canadian Institute of Chartered
Accountants (Ontario)
Canadian Jewish Congress
Canadian Kenworth Ltd.
Canadian Library Association
Canadian Liquid Air Ltd.  (Quebec)
Canadian Natural Gas Processing
Association (Alberta)
Canadian National Exhibition
Canadian National Institute for
the Blind
Canadian Native Prints Ltd.
Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd.
Canadian Oxygen Limited (Ontario)
Canadian Pacific Airlines - Employee
Charitable Donation Fund
Canadian Paraplegic Association
Canadian Pest Management Society
Canadian Physiotherapy Association
Canadian Polish Congress, B.C.
Canadian Pulp & Paper Association
Canadian Steel Industries
Construction Council (Ontario)
Canadian Stevedoring Co. Ltd.
Canadian Tuberculosis & Respiratory
Disease Association (Ontario)
Canadian Union of Public Employees
Local 116
Canadian Union of Public Employees
Local 389
Canadian Union of Public Employees
Local 1004
Canadian Union of United Brewery,
Flour, Cereal, Soft Drink and
Distillery Workers Local 360
C.F. Women's Committee
Cairns, Dr. A.R.M.
Cairns, Mrs. P.
Calhoun, Mrs. Margaret
California Institute of
Technology (USA)
Callaghan & Gilchrist
Cameron, Dr. E.C
Cameron, Mrs. Jane
Cameron, Mr. T.R.
Campagnola, Mr. & Mrs. J. (Ontario)
Campbell, Mr. A.T.R., Q.C
^Campbell, Mr. C.P.
Campbell, His Honour Judge D.H.
Campbell, Mr. G.T.
Campbell, Mr. J.K.
Campbell, J.K. & Associates Ltd.
Campbell, Ms. N.
Campbell, Sharp, Nash & Field
Campbell, estate of Ms. Veta Monk
Campney & Murphy
Cancer Control Agency of B.C.
Candido, Mr. L.M.
Canwest Conference Services
Capatos, Mrs. Constance
Capatos, Mr. & Mrs. G.
Capatos, Mr. & Mrs. Philip and
Jerry (Alberta)
Cariboo Bar Association
Cariboo College
Cariboo Pulp & Paper Company
Carl berg-Jackson Partners
Caroline Mines Ltd.
Carr, Dr. D.M.
Carrothers, Mr. Justice A.B.
Carruthers, Mrs. Winona 0.
Carswell Company Limited (Ontario)
Case Existological Laboratories
Cassady & Company
Cassiar Asbestos Corporation Ltd.
Cayley, estate of Mrs. H.S.
Central Okanagan Bursary Committee
23 Society
Central Okanagan Teachers'
Central Vancouver Island Health
Chambers, Mr. A.B.
Champion, Dr. P.
Chan, Mrs. Bak Sum (USA)
Chan, Mrs. Dun
Chan, Mr. Eddie K.P. (Alberta)
Chan, Dr. G.H.
Chan, Mrs. Lila
Chan, Mrs. Lloyd
Chan, Mrs. Mary
Chan, Mr. & Mrs. Roy
Chan, Mrs. S.
Chan, Mr. & Mrs. Sandy
Chan, Dr. V.
Chan, Mr. W.
Chao, Ms. Florence
*Campbell, Mr. D.
17 Chapman, Miss D. Lynn
Chartered Life Underwriters of
Canada, Vancouver Chapter
Chaun, Dr. H.
Chemical Institute of Canada
Chen, Mr. H.K.
Chen, Mrs. K.F. (Ontario)
Cheng, Mr. Colin
Cherniak, Miss Judy
Cherry Motors (Chilliwack) Ltd.
Cherry, Dr. & Mrs. S.
Chertkoff, Mr. G. (Ontario)
Cheung, Mr. & Mrs. Wa Tai
Chevron Canada Limited
Chevron Canada Limited (Alberta)
Children's Hospital
Chilliwack Medical Society
Chin, Harry Lin Foundation
Chin, Mr. & Mrs. John (Manitoba)
Chinn, Mr. & Mrs. D. (USA)
Chow, Rev. C.Y.
Chow, Mr. & Mrs. L.H. (USA)
Chow, Mr. & Mrs. M.S.
Chow, Mr. & Mrs. W.
Chowdhry, Mr. R.
Chown, Mr. E.H. (Quebec)
Christie, Misses Lucy & Helen (USA)
Christopher, Mr. G.A.
Chrysler Canada Ltd. (Ontario)
Chung, Dr. & Mrs. W.B.
Church, Mr. & Mrs. John
CIBA-Geigy Canada Ltd. (Quebec)
Ciccone, Dr. S.
Claman, Mrs. G.L.
Clark, Wilson & Co.
Clarkson, Gordon & Co.
Clearihue, the late Dr. J.B.
Cliff Avenue United Football Club
Clingman, Mr. A.E.
Clouthier, Mr. G.A.
Clyne, The Hon. J.V.
Cochrane, Mr. J.G.
Cohen, Mrs. M.B.
Cohen, Mr. & Mrs. Moe
Colbeck, Mrs. M.L.
Coleman, Miss M.
Coleman, Mr. M.
College of Dental Surgeons of B.C.
College of New Caledonia
College of Pharmacists of B.C.
College of Physicians & Surgeons of
Collier, The Hon. Mr. Justice F.U.
Collins & Collins
Collins, Mrs. Mark
Collver, His Honour Judge R.D.
Columbia Junior College
Colvin, Mr. & Mrs. Jim
Combustion Engineering Canada
Cominco Ltd.
Comitas Club
Commonwealth Fund (USA)
Compton Mr. & Mrs. C & Family
Conor, Mrs. N.M.
Conroy, Mr. J.W.
Continental Corporation Foundation
Cook, Dr. CE.
Cook, Mrs. Daryl (Ontario)
Cooper, Mr. R. McL.
Cornforth, Mr. & Mrs. T.L.
Coronado Mortgage Corporation
Corrigal, Dr. D.M.
Corrigan, Mr. S.W. (Manitoba)
Costanzo, Mr. A.
Couch, Mr. E.A.
Couldwell, Dr. & Mrs. S.
Council for Exceptional Children,
Vancouver Chapter 257
Council of the Forest Industries
of B.C.
Coupland, Mr. H.D.
Covernton, Dr. C.C.
Cowdell, Mrs. G.L.
Co-Workers of Mr. Collin Renick
Cox, Dr. A.R. (Newfoundland)
Craig, Dr. Charles E.
Craig, The Hon. Mr. Justice Wm. A.
Cranbrook Lions Club
Crane, estate of Mr. J.H.
Crawford, Dr. Terry
Creelman, Mrs. M.W.
Credit Union Foundation of B.C.
Creighton, Mr. R.H.J.
Crerar, Ms. Jeanne (Alberta)
Crestbrook Forest Industries Ltd.
Crown Zellerbach Canada Limited
CU. & C Health Services Society
Culbert, Mrs. D.
Culbert, Mr. Robert
Cullen Detroit Diesel Allison Ltd.
Cumming, Mr. G.S., Q.C.
Cunningham, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph T.
Cyprus Anvil Mining Corporation
Daem, Ms. B.
Dafoe, J.W. Foundation (Manitoba)
Dairy Industry Credit Union
Dairy Products Promotional Fund
Daniels, Mr. CP.
Darling, Mr. H.D.
Davidson and Company
Davidson, Dr. J. (Alberta)
Davidson, Miss Jean M.
Davidson, Mr. R.
Davies, Mr. W.H.
Davis & Co.
Davis, Mr. Irwin
Davis, Ms. L.J.
Dawson, Mr. A.
Dawson, Mr. & Mrs. Bill (Quebec)
Dayton & Knight Ltd.
Decle, Mrs. Sylvia
DeJong, Ms. L.
Delta Credit Union
Delta Kappa Gamma Society
deStafanis, Mrs. G.
Devonian Foundation and Devon
Foundation (Alberta)
Dewitt, Mr. Vernon L.
Dicaire, Mrs. Rosa
Dick, Dr. J.
Dick, Mrs. Shirley M.
Dickey, Dr. Marvin R.
Dickie, H.W. Limited
Diggens, Dr. J.S.
Dillingham Corporation Canada Ltd.
Dingwell, Mr. R. (Ontario)
Dinsley, Mr. T.H.
Dirks, Dr. J.
Distiller Spirits Council of the
U.S., Inc. (USA)
Dodd, Mr. R.R.
Dody's Crafts
Dohm, Mr. Patrick D.
Dolmage, Campbell & Associates Ltd.
Doman Industries Ltd.
Dome Petroleum Ltd. (Alberta)
Domtar Foundation (Quebec)
Douglas College
Douglas, Mr. & Mrs. J.A. & Family
Douglas, Mrs. N.B.
Douglas, Symes & Brissenden
Dow Chemical of Canada, Limited
Drance, Dr. S.M.
Drevland, Mrs. A.
Dryer, Hon. Mr. Justice V.L.
Duignan, Mr. J.L.
Du Moulin, Black, Brazier & Hall
Du Moulin, Mr. L. St. M., Q.C.
Dunbar Garden Club
Dunbar, Mr. & Mrs. R. (Manitoba)
Dunfee, Mr. D.R.
Dunhill Development Corporation
Dunlop, Dr. J.A.
Dunwoody & Company
DuPont of Canada Exploration Ltd.
Durbach, Prof. E.
Durity, Dr. F.A.
Dussault, Mr. & Mrs.
Dutot, Mr. J.D.
Eady, Dr. K. (Australia)
Earl, Mr. D.M.
Earl, Mr. W.B.
Earle, Mrs. S.P.
Easdon, Mr. George
East Chilliwack Co-op
Eaton Foundation
Eaton, the T., Company Limited
Ebco Industries Ltd.
Eburne Star Rebekah Lodge No. 35
Edelweiss Credit Union
Edgar, Mr. J.
Edgar, Mr. & Mrs. J.C.
Edmonton Civic Employees' Welfare
Chest Fund (Alberta)
Educational Research Institute of
Edwards, Mr. D.
Edwards, Mr. J.H.
Edwards, Mr. J.T.
Edwards, Mr. R.
Eldorado Nuclear Limited
Eldridge, Mr. G.S.
Ellington, Mr. A.
Elliot, Dr. A.J.
Elliot, Dr. G.
Elliott, Dr. G.B.
Ellis, Mr. W.E.
Emery, Mr. P.C
Endelman, Dr. A.A.
Eng, Rev. Ming Lok
Eng, Mr. Anthony
Eng, Mr. Peter
Engineering Institute of Canada
Engineers' Wives Association
Erex International Limited
Erickson, Mr. Arthur
Erickson, Ms. C
Eriks, Mr. G.D.
Esco Limited
Essex, Mr. W.G.
Eta Theta Chapter
Eurocan Pulp & Paper Co.
19 Evans Products Company Foundation
Evelyn, Dr. R.G.
Everett, Mr. W.M.
Evoy, Mr. Allan
Evoy, Mr. & Mrs. H.C.
Ewert, Mr. J.D. (Yukon Territory)
Fabzi, Mrs. Grace
Faculty Women's Club
Fahrni", Dr. B.M.
Fahrni, Dr. W.H.
Falconer, Mrs. E.
Fallis, Miss Mary
Farley, Mr. Jack
Farrell, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Farris, Chief Justice J.L.
Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy
Faryna, Dr. M.H.
Federated Co-operatives Limited
Federation of Economic Organizations
Federation of Medical Women of
Canada, B.C. Branch
Federation of Telephone Workers
of B.C.
Fee, Mr. Thomas Philip
Ferguson, Dr. Marion H. (Manitoba)
Fiberglas Canada Ltd. (Ontario)
Financial Executives Institute
Finning Tractor & Equipment Co.
Firestone Tire & Rubber Company
Fishblat, Dr. 8< Mrs. S.H.
Fisher Scientific Co. Ltd.
Fishman, Dr. S.
Fletcher, Mrs. V.C
Forbes, Mr. & Mrs. A.
Forest Engineering Research
Institute of Canada
Fouks, Mr. Arthur
Foulger, Ms. D.A. (USA)
Fowler, Guy Memorial Trust
Fownes, Mr. & Mrs. Derek
Fox, Mr. & Mrs. R.
Foxwell, Dr. R.G.B.
Francis, Mr. & Mrs. CG.
Francke, Mr. R.L.
Fraser, Dr. Bruce
Fraser Valley Bar Association
Fraser Valley College
Fraser Valley Milk Producers
Fraser Valley Regional Library
Freedman, Prof. Jim (Ontario)
Freeman & Company
Freeman, Mr. M.M.R. (Ontario)
Freeman, Mrs. P.
Freeman, Mrs. V.
Fresco Club
Friedman, Dr. & Mrs. Sydney
Frieson, Mr. 0. (Alberta)
Frisby, Mr. & Mrs. T.S.
Frissell, Mr. & Mrs. E.
Frith, estate of Mrs. Bessie
Frosst, Charles E. & Co. (Quebec)
Fruehauf Trailer Co. of Canada
Ltd. (Ontario)
Fulton, The Hon. Mr. Justice E.D.
Future Inc. (USA)
Gage, Dr. Walter H.
Galloway, Mrs. Bertrand
Gansner, Judge L.S.
Garden Club of Vancouver
Gardiner, Thornton, Partnership
Gardner, Mr. D.
Gargrave, Mr. A.J.
Garrow, Dr. G.
Gates, Mr. James G.
Gaube, Mr. E. Otto
Gee, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Gelfan, Dr. & Mrs. S.B.
General Motors of Canada Limited
Geranazzo, Mr. D.D.
Geranazzo, Mr. M.P.
Getz, Mr. Leon
Gibb, Hiltz & Syal
Gibbon, Mr. F. Howard
Gibson, Dr. W.C
Gift-Ellis, Miss Jill
Gill, Mr. S.D.
Gillespie, Dr. H.S.
Gilley, Mr. Clare
Gilley, Miss H.F.
Gilley, Miss Janet K.
Gillies, Dr. R.R. (Ontario)
Gil lis, Ms. D.L.
Gilmour, Mr. G.H.
Gin, Dr. S.Y. (USA)
Ginther, Mr. J.L.
Girl Guides of Canada
Giroday, Mr. M.R.C.B.
Giroday, Mrs. S.E.
Glaxo Canada Limited (Ontario)
Glen, Mr. R.
Goddard, Mrs. C.L.
Godin, Dr. & Mrs. D.
Goel, Dr. D.P.
Goettsche, Mr. Hans G.
Gofton, Dr. Phil
Gold, Mr. B.H.W.
Gold, Mr. & Mrs. G.R.
Gold, Mr. Gerald (Quebec)
Gold Nugget
Goldenberg, The Hon. H. Carl,
Q.C. (Quebec)
Golder Brawner & Associates
Goldman, Mr. Rene
Goldstein, Mr. Israel
Gordon, John Limited
Gould, Dr. C.E.G.
Gould, Mr. R.A.
Gouldstone, Mrs. A.
Gouldstone, Mr. B.A.
Gouldstone, Ms. Penny
Goulet, Mr. G.R.D.
Goulet, Associate Chief Justice
Gow, Mr. & Mrs. Carl (Manitoba)
Graham & Company
Graham, Dr. D.C.
Graham, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Grahame, Ms. Anne
Grand Lodge of B.C., A.F. & A.M.
Granduc Operating Company
Grant, Mrs. B. (Ontario)
Grant, Ms. J.A.
Grant, Mr. & Mrs. J.B.
Grant, Mr. James
Graphic Arts International Union
Local 210
Gregory, Mr. Andro
Griffiths & Co.
Groberman Engineering Ltd.
Grossett, Mr. L. (USA)
Group du Conseil de Recherches
Medicales (Quebec)
Groves, Miss Myrtle
Growe, Dr. G.
Grzybowski, Dr. S.
Guan, Mr. & Mrs. Wah
Guild; Yule, Schmitt, Lane & Murray
Gulf & Fraser Fishermen's Credit
Gulf Oil Canada Ltd. (Ontario)
Gung, Mr. F.T.
Gunning, Dr. H.C.
Guy, Mr. R.D.J.
Hacker, Mr. Cecil
Haig-Brown, Mr. Roderick
Hall, Mr. & Mrs. R.G.
Hall, Mr. & Mrs. R.O.
Hall, estate of Mr. Percy Barr
Hamber Foundation
Hambrook, Mr. R.A.
Hamilton, Mrs. Marjorie
Hamilton, Mr. S.W.
Hanson, Mr. Max
Hanson, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Harder, Mr. D.
Harder, Dr. D.H.
Hards, Mrs. W.B.
Hardwick, Dr. D.F.
Harman, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Harnetty, Dr. P.
Harper, Grey, Easton & Company
Harris, Mr. & Mrs. D.
Harrison, Mr. B.A.
Harrison, Dr. R.C.
Harrop, Dr. T.J.
Harvey, His Honour Judge, J.T.
Harvey's Stores Ltd.
Hashimoto, Dr. Stan
Hatch, Prof. R.B.
Hawk, Dr. H.E.P.
Hawthorn, Dr. H.B.
Hayes, Ms. M.
Health Centre for Children
Heaney, Ms. H.F.
Heath, Mr. H.B.
Heighway, estate of Mrs. Florence
Henderson, Mr. L. (Ontario)
Heuman, Mr. D.
Heys, Mrs. June
Hicks, Dr. R.N.
Hicock, Mrs. Winifred D.
Higgins, Ms. L.A.
Hillside Medical Centre
Hinds, Mr. D.B., Q.C
Hinkson, Mr. Justice E.E.
Hirabayashi, Dr. G.
Hislop, Dr. R.T.
Ho, Mr. & Mrs. P.
Hodge, Mrs. Helen
Hodgins, the late Miss Rosemary
Hoffman-La Roche Limited (Quebec)
Hoffmeister', Mr. & Mrs. F.
Hogg, Miss B. Winnifred
Hogg, Mrs. Elsie May
Hoggins, Miss Pearl (Ontario)
Hokoson, Mr. N.
Holat, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Holland, Dr. William L.
Hoi ley, Mr. & Mrs. W.S.
Holling, Dr. C.S.
Hollyburn Pharmacy
21 Holstein-Friesian Association of
Hong, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Hopkins, Mr. D.T.
Horner, Frank W. Ltd.
Horner, Ms. Joyce
Hospital Employees' Union, Local
Hospital for Sick Children
Foundation (Ontario)
Houston, Mr. J.R.
Howard, Mr. J.L. (Ontario)
Howell, Ms. M.K. (USA)
Howlett, Dr. J.G. (Quebec)
Hoy, Mrs. L.
Huang, Mrs. R.G.
Hubbard, Mr. J.M.
Hudson's Bay Oil & Gas Co. Ltd.
Hugh, Mr. R.L.
Hughes, Mr. S.L. (Ontario)
Hughs, Mrs. E.F.
Hulbert, Mr. R.E.
Hunt, Dr. J.E.
Hunter, Mr. H.D.C
Hunter, Mr. & Mrs. James
Hunter, Mr. R.B.
Huntington Chorea Foundation
Huntley, Mr. & Mrs. V.
Hurlburt, Dr. F.W.B.
Huron Chemicals Ltd. (Ontario)
Hutcheon, Judge H.E.
Hutchison, Mr. R.B.
Hutton, Mr. J.M.
Hyatt, Ms. H.T.
Hyman, Mrs. L.
IAC Limited (Ontario)
ICN Canada Limited (Quebec)
Iacobucci, Mr. Frank (Ontario)
Ibbott, Dr. J.W.
Imasco Limited (Quebec)
Imperial Oil Limited
Imperial Oil Limited (Alberta)
INCO Limited (Ontario)
Independent Order of Oddfellows,
Grand Lodge
Industrial Forestry Service Ltd.
Ingledew, Mr. & Mrs. W.E.
Inglis, Dr. A.M.
Ingo, Mr. K.L.
Institute of Chartered Accountants
of B.C.
Institute of Electrical &
Electronics Engineers, Inc.
Intercontinental Packers Limited
Inter-Fraternal Services
Interior B.C. Dental Association
International Association for
Dental Research (USA)
International Association of
Machinists and Aerospace Workers
International Longshoremen's &
Warehousemen's Union
International Order of Job's
Daughters, Grand Council
International Paints Canada
Limited (Quebec)
International Union of Operating
Engineers (USA)
International Woodworkers of
America Local 1-423
I.O.D.E. Burnaby Chapter
I.O.D.E. Duncan Dogwood
I.O.D.E. Lt. Col. C.C Merritt, V.C.
I.O.D.E. Provincial Chapter
Irly Homes Ltd.
Irving Clinic
Irving, estate of Mrs. Diana 0.
Irwin, Mr. & Mrs. A.A. (Ontario)
Isherwood, Mrs. CD.
Isitt, Mr. & Mrs. George
Ivens, Mr. J.B.
Izard, Miss Patricia (Ontario)
J.K. Electric Ltd.
Jacklin, Mr. & Mrs. W.H.
Jackmen Foundation (Ontario)
Jackson, Mrs.
James, Mr. Dale
Jantzi, Mr. & Mrs. C.
Japan Foundation (Japan)
Japanese-Canadian Citizens'
Association of B.C.
Jardine, Mrs. Gladys K.
JayFran-Enterpri ses
Jeanerette Sugar Company, Inc.
Jemson, Ms. D.M.
Jenns, Mr. M.J.
Jetter, Mr. Joseph
Jim, Mr. & Mrs. Stan
Jinks, Dr. G.M.
Johnson, Mr. A.F.J.
Johnson, Dr. E. Parker (USA)
Johnston, Mr. & Mrs. Alex
Johnston, Mr. A.R.M.
Johnston, Dr. David M.
Johnston, Mrs. Mary
Johnston Terminals Ltd.
Jones, Mr. & Mrs. Cecil
Jones, Dr. D.P.
Jones, Mr. Kenneth
Jones, Dr. T.K.
Jorgensen, Mr. & Mrs. F.K. (USA)
Josephson, Mr. I.B.
Journeaux, Mr. & Mrs. R. (England)
Journeyman Training & General
Industry Promotion Fund
Jung, Dr. G.D. (USA)
Jussila, Miss P.
Junior League of Vancouver
Justice, Mrs. Wanda
Kaiser Resources Ltd.
Kania, Dr. J.E.
Kapoor Singh Siddoo Foundation
Keeli ng, Ms. M.E.
Keenleyside, Mrs. H.L.
Kellie, Mr. R.I.
Kellogg, W.K. Foundation (USA)
Kelly, Mr. & Mrs. T.
Kennedy, Miss R.
Kensit, Mrs. Judi
Kent, Charles Chan Golden Wedding
Scholarship Foundation
Kent, Mr. CD. (Ontario)
Kenwood, Mr. L.G.
Ker, Priestman & Associates Ltd.
Ker, Mr. R.H.B.
Kerr, Dr. R.B.
Kerridge, Dr. J.H.
Kerrisdale Dental Health Clinic
Ketchum Manufacturing Sales
Limited (Ontario)
Kidd, Dr. Honor M.
Kidney Foundation of Canada, B.C.
Kiewit, Peter Sons Co. of Canada
Killas, Dr. H.J.
Kimberly Arts Council
King, Mr. F.E. (Alberta)
Kirsch Company (USA)
Kitchen, Miss E.H.F.
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver
Klenoff, Dr. H.
Kline, Dr. T.
Klohn Leonoff Consultants Ltd.
Knapp, Dr. F.M.
Knights of Pythias, Supreme Lodge
Knutson, Mr. & Mrs. A. (Saskatchewan]
Ko, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Kobbervig, Prof. Karl
Kockums, Letson and Burpee Limited
Koerner, Mr. John
Koerner, the Leon & Thea Foundation
Koerner, Mr. & Mrs. Walter
Kojima, Dr. J. (Alberta)
Kokan, Dr. P.J.
Kolberg, Mr. A.
Kong, Dr. & Mrs. G.P.
Kootenay Bar Association
Koppers Employees Association
Koppers International Ltd.
Kositsky, Mr. L.
Krajina, Dr. V.J.
Krieger, Mr. & Mrs. E.
Kristjanson, Mr. Otto
Kuramoto, Dr. R. (USA)
Kwan, Mr. Eugene
L. & K. Lumber (North Shore)
Labatt Breweries of Canada
Ladies Auxiliary Circolo
Ladies Orange Benevolent
Ladies Pharmaceutical Auxiliary
Ladner Downs
Ladner, Dr. Leon J.
Ladysmith Health Unit - staff
Lai, Mr. & Mrs. K.P.
Lam, Mrs. George
Lam, Dr. & Mrs. K.Y.
Lamb, Ms. W.K.
Lambda Kappa Sigma Alumni
Lambert, Dr. Dorsan
Lambert, Mr. J.D.
Lambert, Mrs. N.D.
Lancaster, Mrs. G.H.
Land, Prof. Robert
Lando, Mr. & Mrs. Edmond
Langley, Dr. Bruce
Langley-Surrey University Women's
Lapawa, Ms. M.
Laramee, Mrs. A.
Laurentide Financial Corp. Ltd.
Law Foundation
Law Society of B.C.
Lawson, Mr. D.J., Q.C.
Lawson Oates on Broadway Ltd.
Lawson, Dr. Ray (Quebec)
Layman, Ms. K.
Lear, Dr. Rosemary
Lecky, Mr. & Mrs. John MacD.
Lee, Mrs. A.
23 Lee, Mr. & Mrs. B.K.
Lee, Mrs. Grace
Lee, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Lee, Mr. H.N.
Lee, Miss Isabel
Lee, Miss M.
Lee, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Lee, Mrs. M.Y.
Lee, Mr. Robert
Lee, Mr. & Mrs. T.T. (USA)
Lee, Mr. T.Y.
Lee, Mr. & Mrs. W.
Lee, Mr. Y.C
Lee, Mr. & Mrs. Y.W.
Leeming, Mr. L.B. (Ontario)
Legg, Mr. Hugh P.
Lehmann, Dr. Eric
Lehmann, Dr. Peter 0.
Leonard Foundation (Ontario)
Lerman, Mr. & Mrs. N.H.
Leroux, Dr. J.A.
Leshgold, Mrs. Katherine
Leung, Mr. & Mrs. C.C.
Leung, Mrs. N.F.
Levis, His Honour Judge D.
Levy, Dr. L.A.
Lewin, Mr. L.J.
Lewis, His Honour Judge C.J.
Lewis, Dr. E.J. (USA)
Liang, Mrs. M. (USA)
Liebert, Dr. A.A.
Lillooet News
Lim, Major & Mrs. E.
Lim, Mrs. G.Y.
Lin, Prof. Paul T.K. (Quebec)
Lind, Mr. & Mrs. J.V.B.
Lindell, Mrs. E.N.
Ling, Mrs. Anna
Ling, Rev. & Mrs. E. (Ontario)
Lirenman, Dr. D.S.
Lister Bolt & Chain Ltd.
Little, Mrs. W.E.
Liu, fir. & Mrs. Y.T.
Liva, Mr. S.
Loomer, Dr. R.L.
Lord, The Honourable A.E.
Lornex Mining Corporation Ltd.
Lou-Poy, Mr. R.
Louie, Mr. & Mrs. F.Y. (USA)
Louie, Mr. & Mrs. H. (USA)
Louis, Mr. Y.H.
Low, Mr. & Mrs. G.
Low-Beer, Mrs. Edith
Loxterkamp, estate of Mr. J.B.
Lu, Mr. H.C. (USA)
Lui, Miss A.
Lui, Mr. & Mrs. Yuen Do
(Hong Kong)
Lum, Mrs. Maye
Lund, Mr. Bonar
Lundell, Mr. J.O.E.
Lundell, Mr. O.F.
McAllister, Dr. R.M.
Macaulay, Nicolls, Maitland &
Co. Ltd.
McBean, Mrs. F.J.
McCabe, Mr. & Mrs. R.
McCarter, Nairne & Partners
McConkey, Dr. A.S.
McConnell, Dr. R. (Yukon
McConnell, Mr. Wm. C
McCreary, Dr. & Mrs. C.W. (Ontario)
McCreary, Dr. J.F.
McCullough, Mrs. E.A.
McDicken, Mr. B.
McDonald, Mr. D.A.
MacDonald, Mr. A.I.
McDonald, Dr. D.M.
MacDonald, Mr. H.C.L.
McDonald, Mrs. H.R.
McDonald, Mr. Ian W.
Macdonald, The Hon. Mr. Justice
MacDonald, Mr. J.A.
McDonald, His Hon. Judge L.M.
MacDonald, Ms. Margaret & Helen
MacDonald, Mrs. P.H.
MacDonald, Dr. W.
McDonnell, Dr. CE.
MacDonell, Graham & Errico
McElhanney Surveying & Engineering
MacFadyen, Dr. D.J.
Mcfarlane, The Hon. Mr. Justice
Alan B.
MacFarlane, The Hon. Mr. Justice
McFetridge, Mr. Wm. J.
McGee, Mr. G.G.
MacGill, Dr. Elsie G. (Ontario)
McGraw, Dr. R.W.
Mclndoe, Mrs. R.A.
Mcintosh, Mr. G.B.
Mcintosh, Dr. Hamish
Mcintosh, Mr. & Mrs. W.
Mclntyre, Mr. & Mrs. A.P.
Mclntyre, Mr. D. (Manitoba)
Mclntyre, Mrs. H.S. (Manitoba)
Mclntyre, The Hon. Mr. Justice W.R.
Maclvor, Mr. H.S.S.
McKay, Miss Agnes
McKay, The Hon. Mr. Justice H.C.
MacKay, Mrs. Stuart (Ontario)
McKechnie, estate of Mr. R.E.
McKenzie, Dr. A.D.
MacKenzie, Mr. & Mrs. C.
MacKenzie, Mr. Lloyd G.
MacKenzie, Dr. N.A.M.
McKergow, Mrs. P.S.
McKinnon, Mrs. D.
MacKinnon Mr. R.A.
Mackintosh, Mr. M.F. (Alberta)
Mackoff, His Honour Judge A.A.
McLaughlin, R. Samuel Foundation
McLean, Mr. David G.A.
McLean Foundation (Ontario)
McLean, Mr. J.F.
MacLean, The Hon. Mr. Justice H.A.
MacLeod, Mr. J. Raymond
MacLeod, Mrs. Margaret
McLennan Motors Ltd.
McLoughlin, Mr. B.W.F., Q.C.
McMahon, Mr. E.M.
MacMillan Bloedel Limited
MacMillan Company of Canada Ltd.
MacMillan, the late Mr. H.R.
MacMillan H.R., Family Fund
MacMillan, H.R. "Stroke Programme"
MacMillan, Mr. J.L.
McMinn, Dr. R.G.
MacNiel, Dr. Hugh C.
McPhee, estate of Mr. D.S.
McPherson, Mr. Ian E. (Quebec)
McQuade, Ms. B.
McQuire, Mrs. Verna
MacRae, Montgomery, Spring &
McTavish, Mr. D.S.
McWilliams, Mr. & Mrs. V.
M.D.A. Marine Design Associates Ltd.
Macco Management Limited
Macy, Josiah, Jr. Foundation (USA)
Maddin, Dr. S.
Mah, Miss A. (Ontario)
Mah, Mrs. B.W.
Mah, Mr. C.P.
Mah, Mr. D.M. (Ontario)
Mah, Mr. G.P.
Mah, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Mah, Mr. H.K.
Mah, Mr. H.T.
Mah, Mr. K.L.
Mah, Mr. & Mrs. N.
Mah, Mr. P.
Mah, Mr. P.K.
Mah, Mr. & Mrs. Roy
Mah, Mr. & Mrs. S.
Mah, Mr. T.P.
Mah, Mr. T.K.
Mahon, Andrew Foundation
Maitland, Mr. J.D.
Malfet, Mr. Paul
Mallory, Miss H.E.
Man, Mr. & Mrs. S.T. (USA)
Mandelbaum, Mr. Sam (USA)
Mann, Mr. D.E.
Mann, Dr. R.M.
Mann, Mr. S.K. (Ontario)
Mar, Mr. A.
Mar, Mr. & Mrs. A.
Mar, Mr. & Mrs. B.
Mar, Mr. & Mrs. Ben
Mar, Mr. & Mrs. C.C.
Mar, Mr. & Mrs. D. (USA)
Mar, Mrs. F.
Mar, Mr. & Mrs. F. (USA)
Mar, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Mar, Mr. & Mrs. S.
Marcoe, Dr. K.D.
Marcoe, Dr. Malcolm
Marki, Mrs. Marie
Marr, Mr. & Mrs. A.
Marr, Mrs. W.
Marriott, Mr. R.E.
Marruzzo, Mrs. G. (USA)
Marsh & McLennan Limited
Marshall, Mr. T.C.
Martin, Mr. & Mrs. G.
Marting, Mr. & Mrs. S.S.
Mason, Mrs. Mary
Masonry Advancement Fund of B.C.
Mathers, Mrs. Margaret
Matthews, Mr. A.W. (Ontario)
Mathieson, Dr. D.L.
Matkin, Mr. J.G.
Maunders, Mr. & Mrs. T.
Mayo Foundation (USA)
Maybee, Dr. T.K.
Maze, Dr. J.
Mazzoli, Mr. E.
Mechanical Consultants Western
Medical Services Association
Meek, Dr. R.N.
Mel-Ann Holdings Ltd.
Mellaliev, Mr. Chris
25 Melnechenke, Mr. & Mrs. L.
Melnechenke, Mr. N.
Melton, Ms. D.M.
Men's Canadian Club of Vancouver
Mercantile Bank of Canada
Mercer, Mr. W.E.A.
Mercer, William M. Limited
Merck, Sharp & Dohme Canada Ltd.
Meredith, The Hon. Mr. Justice K.E.
Messenger, Prof. W.E.
Methers, Mr. & Mrs. A.
Metropolitan Bio-Medical
Laboratories Ltd.
Meyerman, Mr. H.J. (France)
Mil burn, Mr. John E.
Miles, Dr. & Mrs. C.B.
Miller, Mr. B.E.
Miller, Mr. D.F.
Miller, Dr. H.S.
Miller, Mr. J.R.
Miller, Dr. Meyer S. (Alberta)
Millham, Mr. H.C.
Mills, Mr. Corwin (Newfoundland)
Mil son, Mrs. Libby
Mirsky, Ms. Ellen
Mitchell, Mr. A.K.
Mitchell, Mrs. J.
Mitchell, Dr. J.C.
Mitchell, Dr. R.A.
Mobil Oil Canada Ltd. (Alberta)
Moffitt, Mrs. Eleanor (USA)
Molohon, Mr. K.T. (Ontario)
Molson's Companies Donation Fund
Monro, estate of Mr. A.S.
Moran, Mr. M.E.
Morgan, Mr. E. & Family
Mori arty, Dr. M.V.
Moore/Perry Limited
Morrison, Mr. B.M.
Morrison, Mrs. Phyllis N. (USA)
Morse, Mr. Robert, 111
Mortgage Investment Association of
Morton, Dr. K.S.
Morton, Mr. W.R.
Morry, Miss Lynne
Moscone, Mrs. D.
Moscovich, Dr. B.B.
Moscovich, Dr.
Mount Arrowsmith Teachers
Moxon, Mr. & Mrs. R.
Moy, Mr. J.
Mueller-Dombois, Dr. D. (USA)
Mulligan, Mr. & Mrs. W.J.
Mullinger, Dr. M.A.
Multiple Sclerosis Society of
Canada (Ontario)
Mundhenk, Robertson & Co.
Munro, Miss Constance E.
Munro, Mr. G.N.
Munroe, Mrs. Doris C.
Munroe, Miss F.M.
Munroe, The Hon. Mr. Justice F.C.
Murchie, Dr. K.E.
Murphy, Dr. H.O.
Murray, Mrs. G.
Murray, Mr. H.C.
Muscular Dystrophy Association of
Canada (Ontario)
Na, Mr. & Mrs. H. (Ontario)
Nabob Foods Ltd.
Nagy, Mr. & Mrs. J. (Alberta)
Naiman, Dr. S.C.
Nairne, Mr. R.S.
Nakamura, Ms. T.
Nanaimo District Senior Secondary
School Students and Teachers
Naphtali, Dr. C.H.
Narod Developments Ltd.
National Cancer Institute of
Canada (Ontario)
National Council of Jewish
Women, Vancouver Section
National Foundation
National Retonitis Pigmentosa
Foundation of Canada (Ontario)
National Sanitarium Association
National Trust Company
Native Daughters of B.C.
Nelmys, Dr. G. Leroy (Ontario)
Nelson, Diocese of
Nemetz, The Hon. N.T.
Nesbitt Thomson & Co. Ltd.
Nestle (Canada) Ltd. (Ontario)
New Westminster Public Library
Newbury, Mrs. H.
Newell, Mr. W.B. (USA)
Newmont Mining Corporation (USA)
Ng, Mr. G.K.
Ng, Dr. John Paul
Nicherson, Dr. K.G.
Nicholls, Dr. V.V. (England)
Nicholson, The Hon. J.R.
Nickel, Mr. W.J.
Nicol, Mr. Eric
Nielsen, Mr. D. (Alberta)
Nip, Miss S.M.
Nixon, Dr. Norman (USA)
Nootka Mission Association
Noranda Mines Limited (Ontario)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
North Fraser Harbour Commissioners
North Shore Medical Society
North West Survey Corporation
(Yukon) Ltd. (Alberta)
Northern Commercial Company
Limited (USA)
Northern Lights College
Northwest Lath & Plaster Bureau
Northwood Pulp & Timber Ltd.
Norvan Investments Ltd.
Nundal, Mr. D.L.
Nyack, & Persad
Nylander, Mr. CV.
Ocean Construction Supplies Limited
Ohs, Mr. R.J.
Okanagan Valley Medical Staffs
O'Leary, Mr. W.D. (Alberta)
Oliver, Mr. & Mrs. J.C.
Olivieri's Ravioli Store
Ongley, Dr. R.
Order of Ahepa
Order of the De Molay Mother's
Order of the Eastern Star, Grand
Chapter of B.C
Oreck, His Honour Judge Norman L.
Orr, Mr. W.A.
Osier Society of Vancouver
Ostrander, Mrs. J.B.
Overmyer, Mr. D.L.
Owen, Bird
Owen, The Hon. Walter S. &
Pacheco-Ransanz, Mr. A.
Pacific Coast Fisherman's Mutual
Marine Ins.  Co.
Pacific Coast Terminals Co. Ltd.
Pacific Dehy Marketing Services
Pacific Logging Company Limited
Pacific National  Exhibition
Pacific Petroleum Ltd.  (Alberta)
Pacific Press Limited
Paige, Dr.  B.F.
Pain, Mrs.  Elsie R.
Paine, Mr. P.B.  (Quebec)
Pal, Ms. Linda
Pallot, Mr.  E.J.
Pallot, Mr.  & Mrs.  L.N.
Pallot, Mrs. M.
Pallot, Mrs. R., Mr. A.C Pallot
& Mr. Paul Pallot
Pallot, Mr. S.R.
Palmer, Dr. R.A.
Panar, Dr. M.
Panco Poultry Ltd.
Pappas, Mr. T.
Parisien, Miss L.
Parkinson, Mrs. S.S.
Parksville & District Credit
Paterson, The Senator Norman M.
Foundation (Ontario)
Paterson, Mr. W.P. (Philippines)
Patmore, Mr. A.B.
Patterson, Dr. F.P.
Pavan, Mr. & Mrs. R.L.
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AD
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AM
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AP
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter B
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Grand Chapter (USA)
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Vancouver
Presidents Council
Permain, Mr. & Mrs. G.W.
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.
Peck, Mr. & Mrs. R. (Manitoba)
Pemberton Securities Ltd.
Pedersen, Mr. L.P.
Pepper, Dr. & Mrs. V.W.
Percival, Mrs. Marjorie
Peridontal Study Club of White
Perkin-Elmer (Canada) Ltd.
Permanent, The
Perris, estate of Mr. P.W.
Perry, Mrs. A.J.
Peters, Mrs. Helen (Manitoba)
Peterson, Ms. Birte
Petroleum Research
Petrowitz, Ms. J.
Pfizer & Co. Ltd. (Quebec)
Pharmacia (Canada) Ltd. (Quebec)
Phi Delta Kappa Chapter
Philip, estate of Mrs. Josephine
Philip, Mr. William
Phillips, Hager and North Ltd.
Phipps, Mr. R.W.
Physics Society
Piloto, Prof. A.E.
Pilutik, Dr. W.J.
Pinder, Dr. CD.
27 Pinette & Therrien Mills Ltd.
Piper, Dr. M.S.
Pitcher, Mr. P.B.
Pitt, estate of Mrs. Helen
Piu Ying Alumni Association
Placer Development Ltd.
Plant, Ralph S. Limited
Plenderleigh, Dr. I.H.
Plommer, Mr. J.R.
Plura Inter-Church Association to
Promote Social Justice in Canada
Police Mutual Benevolent
Association of Vancouver
Pollock, Ms. D.
Poole, Mr. & Mrs. G. & Family
Porter, Ms. G.T.
Potter, Mr. A.
Potter, Mr. John E.
Powell-Lester Grain & Shipping
Pratt, Dr. R.F.
Price, Dr. G.E.
Price, Dr. J.D.E.
Price, Mr. T.E.
Price Waterhouse & Co.
Prince George Regional Hospital
Procter & Gamble Co. of Canada Ltd.
Prosterman, Dr. B.D.
Province of British Columbia
Pryde, Mr. W.
Puhl, Mr. & Mrs. C.
Pulleyblank, Mr. E.G.
Pumphrey, Ms. Avis
Quadra Steel Ltd.
Qualicum Beach Secondary School
Quileute Title IV (USA)
Quinn, Mr. Ivan B.
Quinn, Robert Associates (Ontario)
Quinn, Mr. W.F.
Quintana Minerals Corporation
Quiring, Dr. Julia
R.C.A.F. Women's Division
R.C.A.F. (WD) Reunion Committee '76
Rae, The Hon. Mr. Justice G.G.S.
Rae, Dr. M.V.
Ragona, Mrs. E.
Rally, Dr. CR.
Rand Corporation (USA)
Rankin, Ms. Agnes
Rankin, Mr. & Mrs. J.A.
Ranta, Dr. L.E.
Ratner, Dr. R.S.
Ray, Wolfe, Connell, Lightbody &
Rayonier Canada (B.C.) Ltd.
Read, Jones, Christoffersen Ltd.
Read, Mr. Stanley
Real Estate Board of Greater
Real Estate Institute of B.C.
Ree, Dr. & Mrs. R.
Reed Shaw Stenhouse Ltd.
Reeve, Dr. CE.
Reid, Dr. P.E.
Registered Nurses' Association of
Reid, Mr. J.G.
Renney, Dr. A.J.
Rennie, Dr. CS.
Repo, Mrs. M.
Retail Clerks' Union Local 1518
Retail, Wholesale & Dept. Store
Union Local 580
Revelstoke Companies Ltd. (Alberta)
Reynolds, Mr. & Mrs. C.B.
Reynolds Hotel
Reynolds, Mr. % Mrs. V.B.
Rice, Mr. D.L.
Richards, Mrs. Grace
Richardson, James & Sons, Ltd.
and Affiliated Companies
Richmond Sash & Door Ltd.
Richter, Mr. M.
Riddehough, Dr. G.B.
Ridington, Mr. W.R.
Rio Algom Ltd. (Ontario)
Roberts, Mr. A.F.
Roberts, Mrs. M.E.L.
Robertson, The Hon. Mr. Justice
A. Bruce
Robertson, Dr. H. Rocke (Ontario)
Robertson, Mr. & Mrs. J.A.
Robertson, Mr. J.H.R.
Robertson, Dr. Ross
Robinson, Dr. H.S.
Robinson, Dr. J.L.
Robinson, Mr. R.
Robinson, Mrs. R.
Robinson, Dr. T.J.
Rockefeller Foundation (USA)
Roddick, Mr. & Mrs. W.D.
Rodgers, Mrs. E.T.
Rodman, Miss L.
Rogers, Mr. D.
Ross, Prof. I.S.
Ross Laboratories (Quebec)
Rota, Mrs. M.C.
Rotary Club of Duncan
Rotary Club of Hope
Rotary Club of Kimberley
Rotary Club of Sparwood
Rotary Club of Vancouver
Rotary Club of Vernon
Rotem, Dr. CE.
Rothstein, Mr. Norman
Rowe, Mr. P.B.
Royal Arch Mason of B.C., Grand
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Canadian Legion, Pacific
Royal Canadian Legion #4
Royal Canadian Legion #10
Royal Canadian Legion #15
Royal Canadian Legion #16
Royal Canadian Legion #61
Royal Canadian Legion #119
Royal Canadian Legion #160
Royal Canadian Legion #178
Royal Canadian Legion #198
Royal Canadian Legion, North
Okanagan Zone Ladies Auxiliary
Royal Trust Company
Royal Westminster Regiment
Ruddell, Mr. C.L.
Rudland, His Honour Judge E.L.
Russell & Du Moulin
Russell, estate of Mr. E. Mather
Russell Food Equipment Ltd.
Russell, Miss Jean M.
Russell, Mr. & Mrs. Lyon
Ruttan, Hon. Mr. Justice J.G.
Ryan, Mr. Michael M.
Rytter, Mr. & Mrs. S.
Sacks, Mrs. A.
Sackville High School (Nova Scotia)
Sales & Marketing Executives Club
Salmon Research Society of B.C.
Sanders, estate of Mr. G.F.
Sanders, Dr. H.D.
Sandidge, Mr. Franco
Sangha, Mrs. P.K.
Sanson, Mr. & Mrs. B.
Saslaff, estate of Mr. Oscar
Sauder Foundation
Saunderson, Mrs. W. (Manitoba)
Savery, Mrs. A.G.
Scagel, Dr. R.F.
Scarlett, Mr. E.D.
Schachter, Dr. J.J. (Saskatchewan)
Schaffrin, Dr. Miriam
Schreck, Ms. F.A.
Schiel, Ms. T.
Schinbein, Mrs. A.B.
Schlage Lock Company of Canada
Schloss, Dr. S.M.
Schlumberger of Canada (Alberta)
Schnurr, Ms. H.A.
School District #1
School District #3
School District #33
School District #38
School District #45
School District #55
Schultz, His Honour Judge Wm. A.
Schwarz, Mr. Carl
Schweigel, Dr. J.F.
Scoffield, Mr. R.A.
Scott, Dr. A.D.
Scott, Mr. G.D.
Scott Paper Limited
Scott, Dr. W.R.
Sea Going Hacks
Searle, G.D. of Canada Ltd.
Seaspan International Ltd.
Seaton, His Honour Mr. Justice P.D.
Selby, Ms. Joan
Selkirk College
Selkirk Student Society
Semenowyca, Mr. & Mrs. N.
Sergison, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. (Ontario)
Service Packing Co. Ltd.
Severide, Mr. N.
Seward, estate of Mrs. Maud
Shapiro, Mrs. L.
Sharp, Mr. & Mrs. James
Shaw, Dr. Michael
Shea, Mr. D.L.
Shell Canada Limited
Sheperd, Ms. C.L.
Sheppard, Mrs. Grace
Sherritt Gordon Mines Limited
Sherwood Medical Industries Inc.
Shield, Mr. & Mrs. L. (Manitoba)
Shields Navigation Ltd.
Shier, Mr. R.P.
Shim, Dr. S.S.
Shipley, Mr. M.
Shrum, Liddle & Hebenton
Sigal, Dr. Cecil
Siggs, Mr. & Mrs. R.
Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity Alumni
Signus Club
Similkameen Mining Company Ltd.
29 Similkameen Secondary School
Simpson, Ms. Avril
Simpson, Mr. J.W.
Simpson, Dr. W.W.
Simons, H.A. Ltd.
Sing, Mr. & Mrs. M.F.
Singer, Mrs. Ruth
Skeena Lions Club
Skerl, Mrs. Doris
Skillings, Mr. CD.
Slade, Dr. Clyde
Slade, Mr. & Mrs. J. (USA)
Slinger, Mrs. T.W.
Slinn, S.P. , Esq.
Sloan, Alfred P. Foundation (USA)
Smillie, Mrs. Mary
Smith, Ms. A.L.
Smith, Miss B.H.
Smith, Mrs. Gilbert
Smith, Harry & Hilda Foundation
Smith, Miss Hazel (Manitoba)
Smith, Prof. J.H.G.
Smith, Ms. K. (Manitoba)
Smith, Klymas, Self & Company
Smith, Mrs. M.
Smith, Dr. R.B.
Smith, The Hon. Mrs. Justice W.
Snow, Mr. & Mrs. H.D.
Soberlak, Mr. P.J.
Society of Automotive Engineers,
B.C. Section
Society of Industrial Accountants
of B.C.
Society of Industrial Accountants
of Canada (Ontario)
Society of Real Estate Appraisers
Foundation (USA)
Soga, Dr. M.
Solloway, Mr. CR.
Solovonuk, Dr. P.
Sons of Norway Foundation in
Soo, Mrs. S.
Soong, Mr. & Mrs. R.
Soroptimist Club of New
Sosland, Mr. M.L. (USA)
Southam, Mr. & Mrs. G.T.
Sparkes, Dr. J.W.
Sparwood Secondary School
Spencer, Chris Foundation
Sproule, Dr. W.R.
Stanbury, Dr. T.W.
Stanger, Dr. D.
Stanley Drug Products Ltd.
Staplin, Mr. O.P.L.
Starogardxki, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Steel Company of Canada Ltd.
Steel, Miss M.
Steele, Mr. Peter M.
Steele, Mr. R.D.
Stefanson, Mrs. 0.
Steiman, Dr. I.
Stein, Dr. H.
Stein, Dr. J.R.
Steiner, Mr. A.W.
Steiner, Dr. G. (Ontario)
Stephens, Mr. H.A.
Stephenson, Dr. J.M.
Stephenson, Mr. & Mrs. J.R.
Stephenson, Mr. M.
Sterling Drug Ltd. (Ontario)
Stevens, Mr. & Mrs. L.
Stewart, His Honour Judge E.J.C
Stewart, Mr. & Mrs. N.
Stewart, Mr. N.J. (Ontario)
Stewart, Mr. Wm. G.
Stirling, Mr. W.L.
Storey, Mrs. D. (Alberta)
St. Pauls Hospital Medical Staff
Storkcraft Ltd.
Stratnoen, Mr. D.
Sullivan, Mr. G.J.
Sullivan, Mrs. V.
Sun Life Assurance Company of
Canada (Quebec)
Sun-Rype Products Ltd.
Sunshine Coast Scholarship,
Bursary & Loan Society
Sutherland, Ms. E.
Sutton, Braidwood
Susuki, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Suttles, Prof. Wayne (USA)
Swan Wooster Engineering Co. Ltd.
Swan, estate of Mr. Wm. G.
Swayne, Mr. Peter
Swedish Canada Club
Sweet, Mr. David G.
Sweid, J.D. & Co. Ltd.
Swencisky, His Honour Judge
Swenerton, Dr. K.D.
Switzer, Mr. R.A.
Syms, Mr. C
Taggart, The Hon. Mr. Justice J.D.
Talbot, Jackson & Associates Ltd.
Talney, Mr. D.E.
Tamboline, Miss M.
Tanaka, Mr. & Mrs. M.
Tanemura, Mr. M.
Tanner, Mr. A. (Newfoundland)
Tate, Dr. R.C.
Taylor, estate of Mr. Austin C
Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. F.F.
Taylor, Mrs. J.
Taylor, Mr. Jay
Taylor, Ms. J.P.
Teagle Foundation
Teck Mining Group
Temple University (USA)
Terazzo Tile & Marble Association of
Canada (Ontario)
Texaco Canada Limited
Thomas, Mrs. B.J.
Thomas, M.A. and Associates Ltd.
Thompson, estate of Mrs. Constance
Thompson, David Secondary School
Thompson, Mrs. G. (USA)
Thompson, Dr. G.B.
Thompson, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Thompson, Dr. M.E.
Thompson, Dr. W.J.
Thomson, Miss C.L.
Thomson, D. W. & Co. Ltd.
Thordarson, Dr. Roy
Thoreau, Ms. B.
Thorne and Company
Thorne, Mr. Wilfred and Family
Thorson, Dr. S.C.
Thorsteinsson, Mitchell, Little &
Tobe, Dr. A.
Toby Russell Buckwell & Associates
Tompkins, Mr. D.C.
Tong, Mrs. S.
Topham, Mr. L.W.
Toren, Mrs. R.E.
Toronto-Dominion Bank
Torrance Holdings Ltd.
Towel 1, Dr. M.
Toy, Mr. & Mrs. N. (Ontario)
Toy, The Hon. Mr. Justice S.M.
Track, Mr. N.S. (Ontario)
Trans Mountain Pipe Line Co. Ltd.
Transportation Club
Trap, Dr. M.G.
Traynor, Dr. J.A.
Tredger, Dr. C.N.
Tredwell, Dr. S.J.
Tremblay, Dr. Mare-Adelaide
Trester, Dr. P.H.
Trethewey, Miss Cora
Tretiak, Mrs. S.
Trinity Western College
Trout, Mr. R.G. (USA)
Truck Loggers Association
Trumbull, Mr. J. Lyman
Tschannen, Mr. F.E.
Tsu, Rt. Rev. A.Y.Y.
Tuberculous & Chest Disabled
Veterans Association
Tufts, Mr. I.E.
Tullidge, Mr. G.H.
Tupper, Sir Charles Secondary
Turnbull, Dr. W. (Quebec)
Turner, Mr. W.J.
Tutton, Mr. J.W.F.
Tymkiw, Mr. D.W.
Tyrchniewicz, estate of Mr.
Tyrwhitt-Drake, His Honour Judge
Ukranian Women's Association of
Union Small wares & Importing
Co. (Alberta)
UBC Law Review
UBC Business Review
United Commercial Travellers of
America Ladies Auxiliary
United Church of Canada
United Fishermen and Allied
Workers Union
University of Alaska (Alaska)
University of California,
San Diego  (USA)
University Club of Vancouver
University of Miama  (USA)
University, Queen's  (Ontario)
University, Temple  (USA)
University of Toronto Alumnae
University of Toronto Press
University of Victoria
University of Washington (USA)
University of Waterloo (Ontario)
University of Western Ontario
University Women's Club
University Women's Club of New
Uo, Mr. T.
Upjohn Company of Canada (Ontario)
Upper Island Medical Society
31 Utah Construction & Mining Co. (USA)
Vancouver B'Nai B'Rith Hillel
Vancouver City Savings Credit Union
Vancouver Community College
Vancouver Dahlia Society
Vancouver & District Dental Society
Vancouver Elementary School Teachers
Vancouver Employees Group Charities
Vancouver Estonian Society
Vancouver Foundation
Vancouver General Hospital
Vancouver Horticultural Society
Vancouver Institute of Adult Jewish
Vancouver Junior Chamber of Commerce
Vancouver Medical Association
Vancouver Municipal & Regional
Employees Union
Vancouver Natural History Society
Vancouver Policemen's Union
Vancouver Rhododendron Society
Vancouver Richmond Association for
the Mentally Retarded
Vancouver Secondary School Teachers
Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd.
Vancouver Stock Exchange
Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Women's Transportation
Vancouver Yukoners' Association
Vails, the
Van Horn, Mrs. M.
Van Messel, Perles and Co.
VanSacker, Mrs. Gail
Van Tel Credit Union
Van Roggan, Mr. G.C.
Vanderbilt, Mr. D.B. (USA)
Varshney, Mr. H.B.
Venue West Executive Service Ltd.
Verchere, Mr. B. (Quebec)
Vernon Senior Secondary School
Vick Chemical Company (USA)
Victoria Bar Association
Victoria & District Parent Teach
Victoria Real Estate Board
Victoria Ship Electronics Workshop
Virani, Mr. Z.K.
Vogel , Mr. R.H.
Void, Mr. T.
Volkswagen Canada Ltd. (Ontario)
Vyas, Dr. M.
Wada, Dr. J.A.
Waddell, Dr. Ronald
Wagner Engineering Ltd.
Waldie, Dr. A.C.
Waldman, Dr. Roy
Walker, Dr. G.B.
Walker, Ms. J.F.
Walker, Ms. M.
Wallace, Dr. A.W.
Wallace, Mr. H.A.
Wallace Research Associates Ltd.
Walls, Mr. J.W.
Walsh, Dr. G.
Walsh, Mr. J.W.
Walters, Dr. C.J.
Walters, Mr. F.A.
Walters, Dr. M.
Wan, Mr. & Mrs. Percy
War Amputation of Canada,
Vancouver Branch
Ward, Mr. A.
Ward, Mr. & Mrs. G.
Warner-Lambert Canada Limited
Warner & Thompson
Warren, Dr. Harry V.
Wat, Dr. Chi-Kit
Watkinson, Mr. A.P.W.
Watson, Mr. J.G.
Watt, Dr. J.G.
Webber, Dr. W.
Weinstein, Mrs. Blossom
Welch, estate of Mr. H.J.
Weldwood of Canada Ltd.
Wellington United Church Women
Wenner-Gren Foundation for
Anthropological Research (USA)
West Kootenay Medical Association
West Kootenay Power & Light Co.
West Vancouver Teachers Association
Westcoast Transmission Company Ltd.
Westermark, Mr. T.
Western Canada Steel Ltd.
Western Co-operative Fertilizers
Ltd. (Alberta)
Western Mines Ltd.
Western & National Drug Services
Western Optical Ltd. and
Affiliated Companies
Western Stevedoring Ltd.
Westinghouse Canada Ltd.
Westminster County Real Estate
Westminster Medical Association
Weston, the W. Garfield Foundation
Westwood Pharmaceuticals Inc. (USA)
Wetmore, McGauley & Barlow
Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation
Wheat, Mrs. E.M. (Ontario)
Wheelchair Wheelathon '76
Whitcutt, Mr. & Mrs. H.A.
Whitcutt, Ms. Lori
Whitcutt, Mrs. 0.
White Spot Limited
Whitelaw, Dr. D.M.
Whitford, Mr. D.F.H.
Whittaker, Mr. R.F.
Whittome, Mr. J.L.
Whyte, Mr. & Mrs. Warren
Widman Industries Limited
Wiggle, Mrs. Anne M.
Wilcox, Dr. L.D. (Ontario)
Wilcox, Mr. & Mrs. P.
Wilkins, Dr. G.E.
Wilkinson Company Limited
Williams, Mr. Bryan
Willaims, Mr. D.R.
Williams, Mr. S Mrs. L.G.
Williamson, Mr. & Mrs. B.
Williamson, Mr. & Mrs. Peter
Willis Cunliffe Tait & Company Ltd.
Wilson, H.W. Foundation, Inc. (USA)
Wilson, Mr. & Mrs. J.A.R. (USA)
Wilson, King & Co.
Wilson, Mr. W.L.
Winch, Mrs. H.C.
Winspear, Higgins, Stevenson & Doane
Winnipeg Foundation (Manitoba)
Winnipeg General Hospital
Wisenthal, Mr. Jonathon
Wolochow, Mr. D.M.
Wolridge Foundation
Wong, Dr. A.G.
Wong, Mr. A.S.
Wong, Mr. & Mrs. C.
Wong, .Mr. & Mrs. C.Y.
Wong, Mrs. F.C.
Wong, Mr. J.
Wong, Mrs. M.
Wong, Mr. & Mrs. P.B.
Wong, Mr. & Mrs. S.
Wong, Mr. S.T.
Wong, Mr. Ted
Wong, Mr. & Mrs. W.Y.
Woo, Mr. G. (USA)
Wood, Dr. W.S.
Woodrow, Ms. B.
Woods Hole Oceanographic
Institution (USA)
Woodsworth, Mr. K.C.
Woodward, Mr. & Mrs. P.A.
Woodward Stores Ltd.
Woolsey, Miss Pat
Worfolk, Mr. & Mrs. A.
Worrall, Page & Company
Wright, Mrs. E.
Writh, Ms. D.
Wu, Mr. P.T. (USA)
Wyeth Limited
Wylie, Dr. B.R.
Xerox of Canada Ltd.
Xi Alpha Chi
Yarrows Limited
Yee, Mr. & Mrs. C.P.
& Mrs. P
& Mrs. G
Dr. Y.V.
. J.D.
John H. (Ontario
. & Mrs
L. (Quebec)
Yee, Mr.
Yip, Dr.
Young, Mrs
Young, Dr.
Young, Dr.
Young, Rev
Youngson, Mr. D.L.
Yu, Mr. & Mrs. P.
Yu, Dr. W.
Yue, Dr. K.W.
Yukon, Government of the
(Yukon Territory)
Zaino, Mr. C.
Zeldowicz, Dr. L.
Zemans, Mr. & Mrs. Newton
Zephyr Mercury Sales Ltd.
Zolbrod, Dr. Leon
April 1976 to March 1977
Abbott, Dr. Frank S.
Abboud, Dr. R.T.
Abermeth, Mrs. Hildegard
Adams, Mr. A.T.
Adams, Dr. Terry N.
Ahlborn, Dr. Boye
Ainsbury, Mr. John F.
Aklujkar, Mr. Ashok N.
Alderdice, Mrs. Johanna
Aldridge, Mr. D.J.
Allan, Miss H.M.
Allegretto, Mr. Richard N.
Allen, Mrs. Edith
Amacher, Dr. K.A.
Anderson, Dr. C.P.
Anderson, Mr. J.D.
Andrews, Mr. Stewart J.
Anthony, Ms. Anne
Argue, Mr. & Mrs. A.W.
Armstrong, Dr. Richard L.
Armstrong, Mr. & Mrs. Robert C.
Arnold, Dr. Craig R.
Arnott, Mr. C.
Ashby, Mr. & Mrs. A.C
Ashdown, Mr. & Mrs. William H.
Ashworth, Miss Brenda I.
Auersperg, Dr. Nelly
Aylard, Miss Clara M.
B.C. Community Recreational
Physical Facilities Fund
Back, Mr. Ian H.
Baines, Mr. Derek W.
Baird, Dr. Robert M.
Baker, Ms. Joyce
Baldwin, Mr. Robert C
Ball, Dr. Barbara J.
Ball a, Miss Marianne E.
Balmer, Mr. James
Bandoni , Dr. Robert
Bankson, Mr. Douglas H.
Barford, Mr. Gouinlock T.
Barichello, Mr. Richard R.
Barker, Mr. & Mrs. David
Barrett, Mr. Arthur W.
Basco, Dr. Norman
Baumgart, Miss Alice J.
Bawden, Miss R.J.
Baxter, Mr. Allen
Bayly, Mr. L.J.
Beamish, Dr. K.I.
Beattie, Miss Alice
Beaver, Mr. & Mrs. D.R.
Beckett, Mrs. Frances M.
Becker, Mr. & Mrs. Richard E.
Beckmann, Dr. Peter A.
Beech, Mr. Jack E.
Beek, Mr. Graham
Beesley, Dr. & Mrs. J.F. Bernard
Bell, Mr. & Mrs. Harold
Bell, Lt. Col. Robert D. (Ghana)
Belshaw, Mrs. Betty J.
Bene, Mr. Julius F.
Bennett, Mrs. Imelda C
Bennett, Mr. J.F.
Bentley, Dr. T.R.
Benyon, Mr. & Mrs. David E.
Berge, Mrs. Sherron A.
Berger, Mr. R.D.
Bernstein, Mrs. Edith S. (Manitoba)
Bernstein, Mr. M.
Berry, Mr. & Mrs. J.P.
Bertoria, Miss Loris L.
Berton, Mr. & Mrs. Pierre F.
Best, Dr. R.V.
Beulah, Mr. & Mrs. Peter F.
Bevis, Dr. R.W.
Biggs, Ms. Margaret A.
Billingsley, Mr. Harry
Binkert, Ms. June
Bird, Dr. E.A.
Bisalputra, Dr. T.
Bischoff, Mr. Bernard B.
Bissionnette, Mr. Vincent
Black, Mr. David E.
Black, Mr. John D.
Black, Mr. Sam
Blacklock, Mr. R.M.
Blom, Mr. Joost
Bobbs, Mr. Henry Carl
Boerkamp, Miss Theresia
Bohm, Dr. B.A.
Booth, Dr. T.G.
Boronowski, Mr. J. Alex
Boulton, Mrs. Susan March
Bourne, Mr. Charles B.
Bourne, Mr. John B.
Boutillier, Ms. Helen R.
Bower, Ms. F. Marilyn
Boyle, Miss Marion
Boyle, Mr. P.P.
Bradley, Miss E.J.
Brand, Mr. Frederick J.
Branda, Mrs. Alena
Braniff, Mrs. Gisela
Braverman, Mr. Jack
Bremner, Mr. & Mrs. Trevor J.
Brennan, Dr. Michael J.
Brewster, Mr. & Mrs. D.A.
Briggs, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas I.
Brion, Dr. CE.
Brissenden, Mr.  P.R.
Bri stow, Mr. & Mrs. James F.
Brodie, Mr. Malcolm
Broe, Mr. Kenneth L.
Bronsdon, Miss Madeline
Brooks, Mr.  Frederick E.C.
Brown, Mr.  Albert A.
Brown, Mrs.  Elinor M.
Brown, Mrs.  Frances
Brown, Miss Irene Roger
Brown, Miss Margaret
Brown, Dr. T.H.
Browne, Mrs. Innes
Browne, Miss Margaret N.
Brumwell, Dr. Charles
Bryans, Dr. F.E.
Brynjolfson, Mrs. Virginia
Buckwold, Mr. Irving A.
Bullock, Dr. Michael
Bunyan, Dr. Peter
Burchill, Mr. John Ernest
Burdikin, Mr. John James
Burgess, Dr. Arthur E.
Burndorfer, Dr. Hans
Burnham, Mr. Frank Lang
Burneat, Mr. Grant
Burnyeat, Mr. J.W.
Burr, Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence H.
Burridge, Dr. K.L.
Burroughs, Mr. Larry B.
Burton", Dr. Albert F.
Burton, Dr. W.D.
Butler, Mrs. C Vorna (Nova Scotia)
Caesar, Mr. Rollo N.
Calam, Mr. John
Calder, Mr. John
Cameron, Mr. William M.
Campbell, Mr. A.T.R.
Campbell, Ms. Audrey L.
Campbell, Mr. D.B.
Campbell, Mr. Ian James
Campbell, Miss Jean A.K.
Campbell, Mr. Jack J.R.
Campbell, Miss Lorna M.
Campbell, Dr. Margaret A.
Campbell, Miss Margaret A.
Canadian General Electric Co. Ltd.
Canadian Paraplegic Association,
B.C. Division
Canadian Wheelchair Sports, B.C.Div.
Candido, Dr. E.P.M.
Cardiff, Mr. Evan R.
Carey, Mrs. Dorothy H.
Carey, Mr. & Mrs. M.N.
Carr, Mrs. Marie
Carre, Mr. F.A.
Carroll, Mr. E.M.
Carter, Mr. John H.
Carter, Mr. & Mrs. Richard James
Carty, Ms. Elaine
Chaklader, Dr. A.C.
Chambers, Mr. William E.
Chan, Ms. Gwendolyn
Chandler, Mr. P.R.
Chang, Dr. B.
Chapman, Mr. G.L.
Chapman, Ms. Kerry L.
Chapman, Mr. & Mrs. Randall E.
Chappell, Mr. P.W.
Chase, Dr. R.L.
Cheeke, Mr. Peter R.
Chiarenza, Dr. M.
Chitty, Dr. Dennis H.
Chow, Dr. Susan K.
Chown, Mr. & Mrs. Robert
Christian, Dr. R.P.
Chung, Dr. Wallace
Ciccone, Dr. S.
Clark, Dr. Donald G.
Clark, Mr. Douglas Harvey
Clark, Mr. W.L.
Clarke, Dr. B.R.
Clarke, Mr. Charles E.
Clarke, Dr. Robert J.
Clendening, Mr. Stuart T.
Clerkson, Mr. Donald (USA)
Cleven, Mr. Ronald F. (Manitoba)
Cliff, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L.
Cloghesy, Ms. P.J.
Clyne, The Hon. J.V.
Clyne, Mr. Norval S.
Coady, Mr. Michael A.
Cockerill, Mr. John (Ontario)
Colbert, Mr. John W. (Ontario)
Cole, Mr. Douglas F.
Coleman, Mr. & Mrs. Robert S.
Connaghan, Mr. & Mrs. Charles
Connaughty, Miss Margaret
Coode/Dr. Alan M. (Ontario)
Cook, Mr. David George
Coope, Dr. Marian G.
Cooper, Mrs. Patricia A.
Copes, Dr. Parzival
Copley, Mr. Richard E.
Cordoni, Mr. Peter G.
Corrigan, Mr. S.W. (Manitoba)
35 Corsan, Mr. Grahame D.
Corteen, Dr. R.S.
Courteney, Mr. B.L.
Couser, Miss Karen E.
Coutts, Mr. K.D.
Cowan, Dr. Thomas A.
Cowell, Mr. Geoffrey Brian
Cowie, Mrs. Alan W.
Cowlard, Mr. J. Walter
Cox, Dr. L.A.
Craddock, Dr. M.K.
Craven, Mr. H.M.
Creer, Mr. Frederick Brian
Crichlow, Mrs. Olga (Ontario)
Crichton, Dr. Anne
Critoph, Mr. David S.
Crommelin, Mr. E.C
Cross, Mr. George
Cross, Dr. Henry Norman (USA)
Crossman Machinery Co. Ltd.
Csapo, Dr. Margaret
Culbert, Mr. Robert A.
Cunningham, Mr. John R.
Curwen, Mrs. G.
Cushing, Miss Elizabeth J.
Czaykowski, Mr. B.
Czetwertynski, Ms. Elizabeth
Daem, Miss Clara
Dal sin, Miss Avis J.
Daly, Mrs. Catherine
D'Arcy, Mrs. G. Ryall
Dare, Mr. Harold Anthony
Darling, Mr. G. Dudley
David, Dr. Charlotte
Davidson, Dr. Park
Davis & Company
Davis, Mr. Irwin
Davis, Miss Judith F.
Day, Mr. Clifford A.
Deakin, Mr. Thomas Allen
Dean, Mrs. Florence
Dean, Mrs. Jillian A.
DeBruyn, Ms. Diane P.
DeBruyn, Mr. J.
DeKuiper, Miss Elizabeth
DeLane, Mr. Gerald D.
Deminger, Mr. Karoly
Demmery, Miss A.C.
Dempster, Dr. J.R.H.
Denike, Mr. Clifford CE.
Denike, Dr. K.G.
Dennis, Dr. P.P.
Dennison, Dr. John D.
Desai, Mr. Indrajit
Desmoulin, Mr. George R.
DeStefanis, Dr. Guise
Detwiller, Mr. & Mrs. L.F.
Devenyi, Ms. Margaret
Dickie, Mrs. Paula
Dickson, Mr. H.H.
Dingle, Mr. Walter B.   (Alberta)
Dinsley, Mr. T.H.
Dirom, Mr. Gavin Andrew
Dobbin, Miss Geraldine
Dodds, Mr. & Mrs. Richard R.
Donaldson, Mr. R.W.
Donnelly, Dr. K.R.
Dorchester, Mr. Ted E.G.
Dorchester, Mr. Frank R.C.
Douglas, Dr. G.R.
Douglas, Mrs. Marianne L.
Douglas, Mr. & Mrs. Morris James
Downing, Mr. M.E.
Doyle, Dr. Patrick
Drance, Dr. S.M.
Drechsler, Dr. H.D.
Drummond, Dr. & Mrs. Arthur D.
DuBois, Mr. & Mrs. W.
Dueck, Mr. & Mrs. David C.
Dumaresq, Dr. M. Marilyn (Ontario)
Dumont, Dr. M.A.
Dumont, Mr. William E.
Duncan, Mrs. Verna L.
Dunfee, Mr. Donald R.
Dunn, Dr. Henry G.
Dunn, Miss Marie E. (Ghana)
Durose, Mr. George F.
Dutton, Dr. G.G.S.
Eagles, Dean Blythe A.
Eales, Dr. John Geoffrey (Manitoba)
Earle, Miss Audrey M.
Eaton, Mrs. E.F.
Eaton, Dr. G.W.
Edwards, Mr. Glyn M. (Ontario)
Eagleston, Mr. D.J.
Eglin, Dr. Peter A. (Ontario)
Ellingham, Miss Joan C
Elliott, Miss G. Jeanne
Elliott, Mr. Robin M.
Elliott, Mr. E.N. Rhodes
Elliott, Mr. Gerald B.
Ellis, Mr. Antony Bernard
Ellis, Dr. Edward N.
Empey, Miss Hattie 0.
Empey, Ms. Myrna (Alberta)
Erridge, Mr. C.P. (Ontario)
Errington, Mrs. Enid E.
Evans, Mr. J.B.
Evans, Mr. R.G.
Evans, Mrs. Susan G.
Fahrni, Dr. Brock M.
Feeney, Ms. Kathryn
Fenton, Dr. L.G.
Fera, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C.
Fie, Miss Christina M.
Field, Mr. J.L.
Fife, Miss Susan
Find!ay, Mrs. Susan
Fine, Mr.  Stuart H.
Fi nn, Dr.  & Mrs.  Willi am
Finnigan, Dr.  C.V.
Fisher, Mrs.  M.R.
Foley, Mrs. Carol M.
Ford, Miss Margaret J.
Foreman, Dr.  R.E.
Forshaw, Mr. Norman F.
Forshaw, Mr. Robert P. (Ontario)
Forsyth, Mrs. Dorothy M. (Ontario)
Fortune, Ms. Ruth
Foster, Ms. Lynn F.
Foster, Mrs. T. Carroll (USA)
Fowler, Mr. Alvin G.
Fox, Mr. Selwyn P.
Franklin, Mr. & Mrs. Harry James
Fraser, Ms. B.D.
Fraser, Mr. CR.
Fraser, Miss Gertrude M.
Frender, Dr. Robert
Frick, Mr. Timothy J.C.
Friedrichs, Mr. CR.
Froese, Dr. W.J.
Fukuyama, Mrs. Margaret
Fulton, The Hon. Mr. Justice E.D.
Fulton, Dr.  E. Margaret
Gacie, Dr. Walter
Galloway, Mr. M.A.   (Alberta)
Gansner, Judge Leo S.
Gardner, Dean J.A.F.
Gardner, Mrs. Will a J.
Gaudet, Mrs. Margaret Anne
Gautschi, Mr. Edwin H.M.
Gear, Miss Edna
Gem's, Mr. & Mrs. James D.
(Costa Rica)
Gerry, Mr. M.C.L.
Gibbard, Mr. John E.
Gibbon, Miss M.E.
Gibney, Mr. William H.R. (NWT)
Gibson, Dr. & Mrs. W.C
Gibson, Mr. William R.
Gillies, Miss Jean
Gish, Mr. & Mrs. N.R.
Gladwell, Dr. Gail Aldyen (USA)
Gnup, the late Mr. F.T.
Godfrey, Mr. Langford M. (Ontario)
Gold, Dr. Andrew V.
Goldberg, Dr. Michael A.
Goldman, Mr. Rene
Goldstone, Mrs. Margaret E.
Goodfellow, Mrs. Marilyn D. (USA)
Goodman, Mr. David
Gordon, Mrs. Bonnie
Gordon, Mr. Hunter W. (Ontario)
Gosling, Miss M.E. (France)
Gosselin, Mr. Roger E.
Gourlay, Mr. Colin C.
Gourley, Mrs. Margaret I. (Manitoba)
Gould & Glendining
Government of Canada
Graham, Dr. D.C.
Graham, Miss Donna Lee
Gray, Dr. R.F.
Green, Dr. Beverley R.
Gregg, Dr. J.R.
Gregory, Mr. Andro
Greig, Mr. James W.
Greig, Mr. Robert G.
Greyall, Mr. Robert L. (Alberta)
Griffiths, Mr. G.M.
Griffiths, Miss H. Joan
Grimmett, Mr. A.W.
Groome, Dr. Leslie J. (Saskatchewan)
Gross, Miss Rowena P.
Groves, Miss Joan
Grzybowski, Dr. Betty
Grzybowski, Dr. Stefan
Gunning, Mr. & Mrs. Donald F.
Guthrie, Mr. Andrew (USA)
Gyuro, Mr. Joseph S.
Haberger, Mrs. Sue
Haddock, Dr. P.G.
Hagler, Mr. Ronald
Haile, Mrs. Margaret
Haley, Mr. David K.
Hall, Mr.  Hucih U.
Hall,Dr. T.C.
Hall, Mr.  & Mrs. Thomas T.
Hall, Mr. & Mrs. William B.
Halowski, Mr.  Boris
Halpenny, Miss Jane L. (Ontario)
Hamilton, Ms. Donalda
Hamilton, Miss Joanne F. (Quebec)
Hamilton, Miss M. Phoebe H. (USA)
Hansen, Mr. & Mrs. Harald
Hansen, Mr. Richard
Harding, Mrs. B.A.
Hardy, Dr. W.N.
Hare, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Irvine
(Nova Scotia)
Hargrave, Mrs. Kay A. (Ontario)
Hargreaves, Miss B.A.
Harlow, Mr. Robert
37 Harper, Mr. David R. (NWT)
Harper, Mr. E.H.
Harris, Mr. B. Gregg
Harris, Dr. Gordon S.
Harris, Dr. & Mrs. Peter
Harrop, Dr. T.J.
Harshenin, Mr. Alex P.
Hatch, Dr. R.B.
Hattori, Dr. T.
Hebenton, Mr. Sholto
Heiss, Mr. U.P.
Helders, Mr. & Mrs. John
Helliwell, Mr. J.F.
Helmer, Dr. Richard R.
Hembling, Mrs. Catherine
Hemmings, Ms. Carol
Hender, Mr. Byron
Henderson, Dr. Clifford
Henderson, Ms. Mary E. (Alberta)
Hendrikson, Mr. Bruce David
Henriksen, Ms. Gail L.
Heron, Mrs. Catherine
Hetherington, Mr. J.D.
Hicks, Mr. J.B.
Hi cock, Mr. Stephen R.
Hill, Mr. L.E.
Hill, Mr. Phil in G.
Hill, Dr. R.H.
Hindmarch, Dr. Robert G.
Hirst, Dr. Terence J. (USA)
Ho, Mr. Patrick H.W.H.
Hoar, Dr. William S.
Hobbs, Dr. E.D.
Hockridge, Mr. CM.
Hodson, Mr. Stephen C
Hoffman, Mrs. Donna
Holland, Dr. William L.
Holling, Dr. C.S.
Holm, Dr. David G.
Holsti, Dr. K.J.
Hood, Miss Margaret
Hornby, Mr. G.W.
Horsman", Mrs. Nancy
Hosgood, Miss Margaret S.
Housser, Mrs. Louise F.
How, Mr. G.H.
Howard, Dr. Betty
Howell, Mr. & Mrs. Glen W.
Huberman, Mr. Jack J.
Hudson, Mr. W. David
Hudson, Mr. R.E.
Hudson, Miss Wilma Jane
Hughes , Ms. Cara J.
Hughes, Mr. W. Grant
Hull, Mr. Donald Andrew (Ontario)
Humber, Mrs. Caroline
Humphreys, Mr. Alfred N.
Hundert, Dr. E.J.
Hungerford, Mrs. Forence
Hunsaker, Dr. Walter G. (Ontario)
Hunter, Mr. David G.
Hunter, Mr. Allen
Hurt, Mr. Howard
Hwang, Mr. Jack Shao-Kang (Ontario)
Iacobucci, Mr. Frank (Ontario)
Idiens, Mrs. Elizabeth M.
Imayoshi, Rev. Katsumi
Inaba, Dr. Tadanobu (Ontario)
Ingram, Mr. R.M.
Inkster, Mrs. M.
Innes, Mr. Bruce E.
Inouye, Miss Beverley K.
Ironside, Ms. Anne
Irwin, Dr. Arthur (Ontario)
Isaac, Mr. Ronald John (Ontario)
Israels, Dr. S.
Jacks, Dr. O.D.
Jackson, Mr. James E.
Jacobson, Mr. & Mrs. C. Peter
James, Ms. B.R.
James, Mr. D.G.L.
James, Mrs. Doreen E.
James, Dr. Howard Turnbull
Jamieson, Dr. S.M.
Jay, Mrs. Susan
Jeffers, Miss Rhoda M.
Johansen, Mr. & Mrs. Carlos W.
Johns, Mr. Robert Eric
Johnson, Dr. A.
Johnson, Mr. C.W.
Johnston, Mr. & Mrs. David L.
Johnstone, Dr. F.R.C
Jones, Ms. Diane
Jones, Mr. Frank R. (Ontario)
Jones, Miss Penelope Ann
Jordan, Dr. Robert M.
Karras, Mr. & Mrs. Herb
Kasinsky, Dr. H.E.
Kato, Mr. T.D. (Japan)
Katz, Mrs. A. Naomi
Kaufmann, Mrs. Theresa
Keate, Mr. Stuart
Keeler, Dr. & Mrs. Ralph
Kennedy, Mr. G.E.
Keenleyside, Dr. William M.
Keil, Miss Linda Anne
Keith, Mrs. Mary E.E.
Kellett, Ms. Rosalind P.
Kennedy, Dr. James M.
Kennedy, Mrs. Pearl A..
Kent, Mr. Norman Sinclair
Kerley, Miss Linda
Kermer, Mr. Hans-Joerg
Kermode, Mr. Donald J.
Kershaw, Miss Mary
Kett, Mr. William K. Timothv S.
Kew, Mr. J.E.M.
Kidd, Dr. Honor M.
Killam, Mr. & Mrs. Frank William
(New Brunswick)
Killeen, Mr. Paul
Kimmins, Dr. James P.
Kinghorn, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce
Kinnes, Miss Audrey G.
Kinzer, Mr. Charles K.H.
Kirkby, Mrs. Anna E.
Kitchen, Mr. Alfred John (Manitoba)
Klonoff, Dr. Harry
Klymak, Mr. John (Ontario)
Knight, Mr. & Mrs. Richard G.
Knobloch, Dr. Ferdinand
Knoedler, Mr. Heinz
Knox, Dr. S.G.
Knutson, Mr. Carl Arnold
Ko, Mr. Kai-Tin K.
Koch, Mr. Anton
Kolthammer, Ms. M.
Koning, Mr. Franciscus
Korchinsky, Mr. Nestor N.
Krahn, Dr. John J.
Krajina, Dr. V.
Krebs, Mr. C.J.
Krell, Dr. Robert
Kronquist, Mr. Roger A.
Kuhnke, Mr. David F. (Ontario)
Kutney, Dr. J.P.
Kydd, Mr. Donald William
Kyle, Mr. David S. (Alberta)
Ladner, Mr. Thomas E.
Laithwaite, Mr. A.B.
Lakowski, Mr. Romauld
Lam, Dr. Kee Yuen
Lamarre, Ms. P. (USA)
Lamberton, Mr. Conrad H. (Ontario)
Landers, Mrs. M.K.
Landon, Mr. Gordon L.
Lane, Miss Laura M.
Lane, Dr. Robert Francis
Lang, Mrs. Vickie
Larkin, Dr. P.A.
Larson, Mrs. Elsie M.
Lascari, Dr. Arno
Lasor, Ms. Betsy
Law, Mr. Cecil E. (Ontario)
Law, Miss Teresa L.C (Ontario)
Lawrence, Mr. Peter D.
Lawson, Ms. Frances
Layco, Mr. Robert
Leader, Mr. Laurence K.
Leblond, Dr. Paul H.
Leckie, Mr. & Mrs. R.G.
Ledgerwood, Dr. & Mrs. E.F.
Leech, Mr. & Mrs. Hugh B. (USA)
Legg, Mr. Edward R.
Legg, Mr. Hugh P.
Leggat, Mr. & Mrs. W.S.
Leja, Mr. J.
Letham, Dr. & Mrs. Herbert
Lewis, Mr. A.G.
Lewis, Mrs. Alma R.
Liang, Mr. D.M.
Lieb, Mr. & Mrs. Vernon L.
Liley, Dr. N.R.
Lin, Mr. Tsung-Yi
Lin, Dr. Wei C.
Ling, Mrs. Joan
Linton, Mr. & Mrs. John A. (Ontario)
List, Miss Joan A.
Little, Mrs. M.
Livsey, Mrs. Barbara
Llewelyn, Dr. W.D.
Loewen, Mr. Henry R.
Logan, Mr. Robert N.
Long, Mr. & Mrs. Alvin R.
Love, Mrs. Laura L.
Lowood, Mr. John D.
Lloyd, Mr. Don B.
Luck, Mr. Gerry S.
Luft, Dr. Erhardt
Luke, Mr. Colin
Lumb, Miss Judith Alice
Lusztig, Dr. Peter
McAllister, Dr. D.E. (Ontario)
McBride, Mr. Peter M.
McBurney, Mr. Allan J.
McCague, Mrs. Mary
McCallum, Miss Mary F.
McCann, Dr. Elizabeth K.
McClennan, Mr. & Mrs. James L.
McClure, Mr. Denis W.
MacCarthy, Dr. Jessie
McConnell, Miss B.
McConnell, Dr. John A.
McConnell, Dr. R.E.
McCormick, Mr. William H.
McCrae, Mrs. Helen
McCulloch, Dr. T.A.H.
McCulloch, Mrs. Vera M.
McCusker, Dr. Tom
MacDonald, Mr. D. Keith
McDonald, Miss Ruth E.
39 McGavin Mr. Allan
McGechaen, Mr. John
McGeer, Dr. & Mrs. Patrick
McGraw, Dr. Robert William
McGreer, Dr. D.E.
McGregor, Miss B. Louise
McGregor, Dr. Malcolm
Mclnnes, Mr. Michael A.
Mcintosh, Mr. Jack
Mclntyre, Mr. CM.
Mclntyre, Mr. Ian Murray
McKay, Mr. Robert D.
Mackenzie, Mr. Colin D.L.
Mackenzie, Mr. Colin S.
MacKinnon, Mr. Donald G.
MacLean, Mr. Fraser A.
McLean, Mr. & Mrs. James CT.
McLeod, Mr. Donald Charles
McLeod, Mr. Donald M.
McLeod, Mr. M.C.
McMillan, Dr. J. Malcolm
McMullan, Mr. Daniel L.
McNamee, Mrs. Muriel E.
McNeely, Dr. James A.
MacNeil, Mr. James N.
McNulty, Ms. Patricia
MacPherson, Mr. John F.
McPhillips, Mr. David C
McQueen, Mr. W.C
McRae, Mr. D.M.
McRae, Mr. William A.
McRae, Mr. W. Stewart
MacRitchie, Dr. & Mrs. Donald M.
MacTaggart, Mr. A. Frank
McTavish, Miss Isabel G.
Maas, Mrs. Henry S.
Mabee, Mrs. Agnes M.
Madderom, Mr. Peter
Mader, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley (Alberta)
Mah, Miss Judy
Mallory, Mrs. Margaret W.
Manners, Dr. Gary D. (USA)
Mansell, Mr. Richard (Ontario)
Maranda, Mr. Theodore A.
Marks, Dr. Stephen
Marshall, Mr. James E. (Ontario)
Marshall, Mrs. Therese G.
Martin, Miss Audrey M.
Martin, Dr. & Mrs. William F.
Martin, Mr. William James (Ontario)
Martinusen, Mr. N.J. (USA)
Mathers, Miss M.K.L.
Mathisen, Dr. A.K.
Matthews, Mr. Leslie E.
Mavinic, Mr. D.S.
Mawby, Miss Vera B. (Ontario)
Maxwell, Mr. James William (Ontario)
Meachin, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Melanson, Mr. R.
Mellor, Dr. G.E.
Melnick, Mr, T.J.
Meloche, Mr. Paul V. (Alberta)
Mercer, Ms. Eleanor B.
Merivale, Ms. Patricia
Miki, Dr. Ken
Milbrandt, Dr. W.E.
Mil burn, Mr. John
Millar, Mr. William L.
Miller, Mr. Donald Paul
Miller, Mrs. Mary C (USA)
Mills, Mrs. Netannis G.
Milsum, Mr. John H.
Miltimore, Dr. James
Minichiello, Mr. & Mrs. John
Mitchell, Mr. Douglas H. (Alberta)
Mitchell , Mr. Richard
Mohammed, Mr. V.H.
Moir, Mr. J.G.
Moir, Mrs. Mary-Gordon
Molhoj, Mr.  0.
Moloney, Mr.  P.J.
Monasch, Mr.  Louis B.
Morelli, Mr.  R.
Morfitt, Mr. George
Morrison, Mrs. A.D.
Morrison, Dr. B.M.
Morrison, Dr. Finlay A.
Mosher, C.F. Logging Company
Moyls, Dr. Benjamin
Muenster, Mr. L.J.
Mull ins, Dr. Peter M.
Murdoch, Dr. D.C.
Myhre, Mrs. Karen D.
Nadeau, Dr. John S.
Nakai, Dr. Shuryo
Nash, Mrs. Edna May
Nasmith, Mr. Hugh Wailis
Neen, Mrs. D.J.
Negrin, Miss E.L.
Negrin, Mr. Reno C
Nemser, Dr. Ruby D.
Nering, Miss E.G.
Nesbitt, Mr. James G.
Nesbitt, Mr. Lyman M.
Neumann, Mrs. Joyce H.
Nichols, Mr. William M.
Nisbet, Mr. Thomas George (Alberta)
Nishko, Dr. N.
Nitins, Mrs. Barbara M.
Noonan, Mr. R.W.
Norquist, Mr. & Mrs. William E.
North, Mrs. Margaret
North, Dr. Robert N.
Norton, Mr. William A.
Oastler, Mr. John William
Occidental Petroleum Charitable
Foundation Inc.
Oke, Mr. T.R.
Oldridge, Mr. O.A.
Olenick, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Finlay
Olivo, Dr. & Mrs. Miguel A.
Olsen, Miss Helen
Ormrod, Mr. David J.
Ormrod, Miss E.O.
Orr, Mr. R.A.
Osborne, Mr. Robert F.
Otter, Mr. A.J.
Pacey, Dr. John A.
Page, Mr. Harold John
Pal in, Miss Linda A.
Parker, Mr. Eric G.
Parkes, Miss Joanne Gail
Parnall, Mr. J.E.
Parnell, Mr. J.M.
Paterson, Dr. W.S.B.
Patrick, Mr. Russell Laird (Ontario)
Patrick, Mr. Stewart I. (Alberta)
Patterson, Mr. Glen A.
Patton, Mr. W.E.
Paulson, Mrs. Carol A.
Paulus, Miss I.L. (USA)
Payne, Mrs. A.N.
Payton, Mrs. Phyllis
Pearse, Dr. Peter H.
Pearson, Mrs. Diane H.
Pennington, Mr. James M. (Ontario)
Pennock, Dr. CD.
Percival-Smith, Dr. R.K.L.
Perkins, Dr. Stan
Peters, Dr. Ernest
Peterson, Mr. Lawrence W.
Phillips, Mr. R.J.
Pickard, Mr. G.L.
Piercy; Mr. John D.
Piffer, Ms. Norma G.
Pike, Mr. James A.
Pi 11 man, Mr. Raymond A.
Pinder, Mr. Craig C.
Pirie, Dr. G.E.
Polglase, Dr. W.J.
Pollard, Mr. R.A.
Pomfret, Mr. Jack
Pomfret, Mrs. Marilyn R.
Porter, Mrs. Alice May
Porter, Dr. G.B.
Powell, Mrs. Elizabeth B. (Ontario)
Powell, Mrs. M.B.
Powrie, Dr. W.D.
Pratt, Mr. Cecil C.
Prevost, Mr. Gerald
Prevost, Mr. Maurice F. (Quebec)
Priddle, Ms. M.E.
Proctor, Dr. A.R.
Pryor, Miss Marian E.
Pugh, Miss Winona G.
Quickenden, Mr. Robert (Manitoba)
Quirk, Mr. Edwin T.
Rae, Mr. & Mrs. James A.B.
Ramer, Mr. David R.
Ramsay, Dr. R.L.
Ranta, Mrs. Pauline K.
Ratzlaff, Dr. Harold C.
Rebrin, Miss I.
Redmond, Mr. William R. (Alberta)
Ree, Dr. Rimhak
Reed, Mr. & Mrs. G. Aubrey
Reid, Mr. Alfred L.
Reid, Dr. Ian Duncan (Saskatchewan)
Reid, Mr. J.G.
Reid, Ms. Myrna C.
Reid, Mr. Robert S.
Remnant, Dr. Peter
Restrepo, Dr. R.A.
Reydal, Mr. John M. (Alberta)
Rhind, Mrs. Joyce M.
Rhodes, Dr. E.C.
Rice, Ms. J. Alison
Richardson, Mr. John E. (Ontario)
Riches, Miss H.E.
Riches, Mr. R.
Richmond, Mr. W.O.
Riedel, Dr. Bernard E.
Ritchie, Mr. Arthur George
Robens, Dr. H.
Roberts, Mr.  Nigel  J.
Roberts, Mrs. Violet
Robinson, Mr. A.D.
Robinson, Mr.  & Mrs.  Frederick
Robinson, Dr. J.L.
Robinson, Miss Jo-Anne M. (Alberta)
Robinson, Mr. Robert J.
Robitaille, Dr. David
Roche, Mr. Robert G.
Rodenhizer, Mr. John A.
Rokus, Dr. Imre P.
Roloson, Ms. Christine A. (PEI)
Rome, Mr. A.H.
Ronalds, Mr. Kenneth L.
Rondeau, Dr. Paul
Roote, Mr. & Mrs. Trevor F.
Rose, Miss Donelda
Rosenthal , Mr. H.M.
Ross, Mrs. Allison
41 Ross, Dr. W. Enid
Rothstein, Mr. Samuel
Rothwell, Dr. Robert S.
Roufogalis, Dr. B.D.
Rowan, Dr. R.J.
Rowles, Dr. Charles A.
Robeck, Mr. R.F.
Rumsby, Mr. Kendall R.
Runeckeles, Mr. V.C.
Rusch, Mr. Robert A.
Rush, Mr. & Mrs. Robert W.
Russell, Mr.   Dale
Russell, Mr.   & Mrs.  Charles H.
Russell, Mr. James
Russell, Dr.  & Mrs.  John  (USA)
Russell, Mrs.   Patricia M.
Russell, Dr.  Richard D.
Ryan,  Dr.  J.E.B.
Ryan, Dr. John G.
Rymer, Mr.   Kenneth W.
Sadowski, Mrs. Margaret L.   (USA)
Samborsky, Mr.  Allan J.
Sample, Mr.   & Mrs.  John E.
Sandberg, Mrs.   Helen D.
Sanderson, Mrs.  Rosalind M.
Sanger, Mrs. Delores M. (Alberta)
Sankey, Mr. Derek W.
Sargent, Dr. & Mrs. Hartley
Sastry, Dr. Cherla B.R. (Malaysia)
Savitt, Dr. S.F.
Savory, Mr. G.N.
Sawadsky, Mr. H.R. (Saskatchewan)
Sawula, Mr. L.W.
Scagel, Dr. R.F.
Schamberger, Dr. Wolfgang
Schrack, Dr. G.F.
Schroeder, Mr. Martin
Schuldt, Mr. H.E.
Schultz, Mr. & Mrs. Charles D.
Schuss, Mr. Terry
Schultz, Dr R.W.
Scott, Mr. A.D.
Scott, Mr. Cameron C. (Alberta)
Scott, Mr. Harold M.
Scott, Mr. William O.C
Scudamore, Miss R. Joy
Seamon, Dr. Roger
Seaton, Dr. R.W.
Selby, Ms. Joan
Seraphim, Dr. Robert H.
Severide, Mr. Norman
Seymour, Dr. B.R.
Shalansky, Mr. Carl
Sharon, Ms. Margaret M. (Alberta)
Sharp, Dr. Robert F.
Sharpe, Mr. J.W.
Shearer, Mr. R.A.
Shellard, Mr. William C.
Shelley, Mrs. Susan G.
Shepherd, Dr. & Mrs. M.A.
Shih, Dr. David (Ontario)
Shires, Mr. Robert A.
Shizgal, Dr. Bernard
Schoolbraid, Mrs. K.E.
Shulman, Mr. L.
Shumka, Mr. Ronald A.
Shunter, Mr.  David
Siddon, Dr.  T.E.
Sidhu, Dr.  Gurmel
Siemens, Dr.  A.H.
Signori, Mr.   E.R.
Sikora, Mr.   R.J.
Silver, Dr.  J.G.
Silverman, Dr.  R.
Simmers, Mr.  G.W.
Sinclair, Dr.  A.J.
Sinclair, Dr.  & Mrs.  William J.
Si on, Dr.  Maurice
Slade, Dr. Kenneth
SI ark, Mr. Gordon A.
SIater, Mr. Mark D.
Slawson, Dr. William F.
Slonecker, Dr. CE.
Smith, Miss Annabel
Smith, Miss Barbara
Smith, Dr. B. Blakey
Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Carman J.M.
Smith, Mr. David W. (Alberta)
Smith, Mr. Frank C
Smith, Mr. Frederick D.
Smith, Mr. Henry B.
Smith, Dr. J.N.M.
Smith, Miss K.M.
Smith, Dr. M.J.A.
Smith, Mr. Maurice A.
Smith, Mr. N.
Smith, Mrs. Nancy M. (USA)
Smith, Ms. Paulette L.
Soles, Dr. James A. (Ontario)
Solomon, Ms. Margaret
Souders, Mrs. L. Bronwen (USA)
Soule, Mr. D.E.
Southam, Mr. W.W.
Southard, Miss Hazel
Southcott, Mr. & Mrs. J.C.
Soward, Dean F.H.
Spence, Mr. Donn E.
Splane, Dr. R.B.
Spratley, Dr. R.D.
Standerwick, Mr. R. Warren
Stanwood, Mr. Paul G.
Staples, Mrs. Isabel
Stapleton, Mr. P.J.
St. Dennis, Miss Marion K.
Steacy, Mr. Newton C (Ontario)
Stearman, Miss P.A.
Steck, Miss Kathleen M.
Steele, Miss I.F.
Steele, Miss Laurraine
Steele, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph
Steele, Dr. R.C.
Stein, Dr. J.R.
Stephens, Dr. Donald G.
Stephenson, Dr. P.S.
Stewart, Miss C. Jean (USA)
Stewart, Miss E.M.
Stewart, Mr. Jack
Stockholder, Ms. Katherine
Stokes, Mr. Roy
Stone, Mrs. David R. (Ontario)
Stone, Mr. John Hugh
Strang, Dr. R.M.
Street, Mr. Richard H.
Strowbridge, Miss B.A. (Ontario]
Sturgess, Mr. D.F.
Sturrock, Mr. Doug N.
Styra, Mrs. Dorothy G.
Sung, Mrs. Linda Jean
Sutherland, Mr. & Mrs. John A.
Suzuki, Dr. David
Swadling, Miss Hazel M.
Swanson, Dr. A.E.
Swanson, Mr. John R.
Swanson, Ms. V.Y.
Sweet, Mr. D.G.
Sydor, Mr. Gregory
Syeklocha, Dr. D.
Sykes , Mr. P.J .
Sziklai, Dr. 0.
Taggart, Mr. Justice J.D.
Tait, Mr. Robert M.
Tailing, Mr. & Mrs. Robert H.
Tarling, Mrs. Valerie Ann
Taylor, Mr. Brian Kendall
Taylor, Dr. F.J.R.
Taylor, Mr. Harold L. (USA)
Taylor, Dr. I.E.P.
Taylor, Mrs. Pauline E.
Taylor, Dr. Peter A.
Taylor, Dr. Roy
Tees, Dr. Richard C
Temoin, Mr. & Mrs. Rene Jean
Tetlow, Dr. William L.
Thiessen, Mr. A.W. (Ontario)
Thomas, Mr. Melvin Arthur
Thompson, Dr. Mark
Thomson, Mr. Robert C.
Thornton, Dr. James
Thors, Ms.  Si grid-Ann
Thorsen, Mr, Ronald
Thumm, Mr. Walter (Ontario)
Timmins, Mr. Sidney P. (Alberta)
Timms, Ms. Muriel
Tomey, Miss Pearl (Ontario)
Topf, Mr. Ulf A.
Town, Mr. Dalbert A.
Townsend, Mrs. Eva
Toy, Mr. Justice S.M.
Trounce, Mr. D.G.
Trueman, Mr. Terry
Tsuchida, Mr. Shin (Japan)
Tully, Dr. William A.
Tupper, Mr. Martin
Turner, Miss Phyllis West
Turpin, Dr. J.E. Hartley (USA)
Tutte, Mrs. Charlotte Ann
Twiss, Miss Mildred Ann
Tyers, Dr. G. Frank 0. (USA)
University of Regina Employees
Charitable Donations Plan
Unwin, Mr. Robert & Mrs. R.V.
Upshall, Miss Muriel
Varah, Dr. J.M.
Vargar, Mr. Paul
Vaughan, Dr. Gerrard A. (Alberta]
Venkataraman, Mr. S.
Vogt, Dr. Erich
Volkoff, Dr. George M.
Vongsuriya, Mrs. C. (Thailand)
Von Hahn, Dr. Hardwin E.A.
Von Schilling, Mr. Jurgen E.
Vosburgh, Miss Doris Ida
Vrugtman, Mr. Freek (Ontario)
Wainman , Mr . A.W.
Wakely, Miss C.V.L.
Walker, Dr. D.C.
Walker, Mrs. D.E.
Walker, Dr. G.A.H.
Walker, Mrs. M. Phyllis
Walker, Mr. Robert C.P.
Wallace, Mr. Lawrence
Wallace, Lt. Col. William C
Walley, Mrs. Joyce
Wailis, Mr. Hubert D.
Wall is, Mr. John H.
Walsh, Mr. William S.
Wardell, Mrs. Ruth D.
Walsh, Mr. William H.
Ward, Mr. Rodney K.
Warnyca, Mrs. J.M.
43 Miss Charlotte L.
Dr. Harry V.
& Wasson
Prof. William G.
Mr. William G. (England)
Mr. E.L.
Wasson .
Watson, Miss Linda
Watt, Dr. Norman S.
Weakland, Ms. Jean Marie
Weber, Ms. Kirsten
Webster, Dr. Harry
Weeks, Mr. Gerald
Wehrung, Dr. D.A.
Weinberg, Dr. Fred
Welch, Mrs. Marie
Wellington, Dr. W.G.
Wellock, Mrs. Rachel Anne
Wellwood, Dr. Robert W.
Werry, Mr. & Mrs. J.G.
West, Mr. Thomas H.S.
Whelan, Miss Isobel R.
White, Mr. Robert A.
Whiteley, Mr. Albert S. (Ontario)
Whitley, Miss Anna (Ontario)
Whittaker, Dr. James V.
Sharon A.
Gordon A.
Percival E.
Whittaker, Ms.
Whittle, Mr. H
Wildgoose, Mr.
Wilkinson, Mr.
Wilkinson, Mr.
Will, Dr. H.J.
Wi11i ams,
Wills, Mr.
Wilson, Mr.
Wilson, Dr.
Wilson, Mr.
Wilson, Mr.
Wilson, Ms.
Wilson, Dr.
Winch, Mr.
Uta B.
Walter J.
Wendy (USA)
Ray G.
Wise Owl Gift
Wolliams, Mr.
Wolochow, Mr.
Wolverton, Dr
Don G.
John N.
John R.
S. Edward G.
Maureen F.
i Mrs.  R.P.   (Nova Scotia)
Tree Ltd.
Ewart N.
Wong, Dr.
Wong, Dr.
Wood, Mr.
Wood, Dr.
M.  Joe
Denis C.
Miss W.S.
Mr. & Mrs.
Shomas H.
Woodside, Mr. Owen Warner (USA)
Woodsworth, Mr. K.C.
Worboys, Mr. & Mrs. Neil F.
Worthington-White, Mr.   P.S.
Wosnuk, Mr. John Simon
Wright, Mr. Lee M.
Wright, Mr. O.F.
Wright, Miss Rika
Yagi, Mr. John H.
Yeo, Dr. Douglas J.
Yoshida, Mr. Suyeki (Ontario)
Young, Mr. K.G.
Young, Dr.- Maurice D.
Yue, Mr. Raymond
Yee, Mr. Gary Chuen Chee
Zack, Dr. D.T.
Zaharko, Dr. Daniel Samuel (USA)
Zappacosta, Mr. Carl
Zbarsky, Dr. S.H.
Zindler, Dr.  Rainer
Zitnik, Ms.   R.L.
Zoltay, Mr. Andrew Endre
Zysblat, Mr. A.A.
Woodruff, Mr.
Allan S.
44 University of British Columbia August 1977
We hope you will give this questionnaire your kind attention.  Your reply
will help us in our capacity as members of the UBC President's Advisory Committee
on Fund Raising.
D.M. Brousson (Chairman), J.L. Denholme, W.C. Gibson, S. Hebenton, E.C. Hurd,
A.M. McGavin, A.T. Adams
On pages 4 and 5 of Creative Giving enclosed, you will see a breakdown of
gifts to UBC for the last fiscal year from individuals, corporations, associations,
and foundations.  In total, 3,292 donors gave $8,384,385.
This widespread and generous support suggests we are doing some things well.
We want to build on these strengths.
More important, we want to know where we are not doing a good job, or could
do a better job, so that we may increase our donor base as well as retain the
interest of current donors.
We believe UBC is a very good university.  We want it to be an even better
university.  In particular, we want your thoughts and advice about your financial
support and how it may be put to the best possible use.
1.   (a) Did you receive proper thanks for your gift?
(b) Did you receive progress reports, if requested or clearly required?
(Note that special building fund reports appear in Creative Giving.)
Was the gift solicited   or was it unsolicited
3.   (a) If solicited, was the gift for something of prime interest to you?
(b) Would you have preferred giving to some other UBC project? (e.g.
buildings for teaching, research or cultural needs; student aid; research)
4.  When seeking support, UBC usually sends a letter and material and follows
with a personal call.  Would you prefer the personal caller to be:
(a) a volunteer?   (b) a university representative? 	
..2 - 2 -
5.  Why do you support a university? (e.g. to maintain a measure of university
independence; to improve education; to develop expertise related to your
interests, etc.).
Your donation suggests you believe private support is important to a
government funded university.  What are your reasons for your belief?
(They may help us interest those who do not give.)
Has there been some service, some information you have sought from UBC?
(See page 1 Creative Giving for services you may desire.)
Have you been frustrated when trying to get information or service?
8.   Is there other comment and advice you care to give?
warmly welcomed.)
(It will be most
Please return to:
Name (anon, if you so wish)
A.T. Adams
Resources Office, UBC
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5
Thank you very much.
If address on envelope incorrect,
please advise.


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