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APRIL   1st,   1962   TO   AUGUST   31st,   1962  THE   UNIVERSITY   OF   BRITISH   COLUMBIA
American Chemical Society (Washington, DC):
Petroleum Research Fund, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering^ 18,125.00 I'
American Contract Bridge League (Victoria):
for research in kidney disease   75.00
American Petroleum Institute (New York)
petroleum research, physics       5,000.00
r   Atomic, Energy Commission (Richland, Washington):
for atomic energy research      8,000.00
Ayerst, McKenna 8c Harrison Ltd. (Montreal): y
for research in pharmacy          300.00 Y
B.C. Feed Manufacturers' Association: y
Province of B.C. egg studies       1,500.00//
B.C. Heart Foundation:
for heart research    24,1 90.00
B.C. Medical Research Foundation:
for medical  research, various fields     1 1,692.00 ir
British Columbia Sugar Refining Co. Ltd.:
for sugar beet research       1,000.0'
Canada Council (Ottawa): ■ y
for small groups research      3,000.00 •■
Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society: y
for research and expenses       6,005.33 Y
Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society, B.C. Division: /
for  equipment,   pathology        8,000.00^/
Canadian Cancer Society, B.C. and Yukon Division: y
Medical Services Buildings Trust, Cancer Research       2,066.23 Y^
Canadian Cooperative Wheat Producers Ltd. (Winnipeg): /
for food economics research      5,500.00 Y
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (Toronto):
for research in paediatrics         400.001/
Canadian Industries Limited (Montreal): yY
for  wildlife  research        1,000.00 Y
Canadian Mental Health Association (Toronto): y
Canadian Mental  Health  Research Grant       1,875.00k
Canadian National Institute for the Blind (Toronto): y
for research in opthalmology       3,000.00 v
Canadian National Sportsmen's Show (Toronto): /
for grouse population research       2,500.00  »
Canadian Patents 8c Development Ltd. (Ottawa): y
for   research,   metallurgy     25,000.00 Y
Canadian Uranium Research Foundation (Toronto):
for uranium research  :____ 28,735.87/' Children's Hospital: y
for  research,   paediatrics     25,000.00
Ciba Company Limited (Dorval, Que.): /
for kidney disease research        1,250.00 1/
Consolidated Mining 8c Smelting Company of Canada Limited (Trail): ^   .
grant to Mining and Metallurgy         800.00*/
Defence Research Board (Ottawa): »
Defence   Research   Board  grants      92,040.00    *
Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources (Ottawa):
for archeological investigation      3,400.00 /
Dow Chemical of Canada Ltd. (Sarnia):
grant to Chemical   Engineering           250.00 /
Duffield, Mr. J. W. (Olympic, Washington): .
forest genetics grant          500.00 /
Fisheries Research Board (Ottawa):
research,  poultry science       2,567.47 Y
Government of Canada (Ottawa): y
for Extra Mural   Research, Agriculture   3,967.00 V
for research,  Mining  and  Metallurgy   18,000.00/
for Recruitment of Pharmacists Research  2,688.17/
for Health Services Research   4,417.26/
for Construction   Industry  Research   l,000.0d/
for research,   Forestry    3,800.00 V
Hume 8. Rumble Ltd.: y
for neurological  research        50.00 /
Hydraulic Service & Equipment Co. Ltd.:
for research.   Electrical  Engineering   100.00 1/
Institute of Paper Chemistry (Appleton, Wis.):
research,   paper chemistry    7,848.75 Y
Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (La Jolla, Calif.): .
tuna fish research, Physiology   1,000.00^
Johnson 8c Johnson (Montreal):
for trauma research unit   6,000.00 Y
Life Insurance Medical Research Fund (Rosemont, Penn.): ,
Life Insurance Medical Research Fund   11,330.00 |/
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation: ,
for research, preventive medicine   10,000.00/
Lloyd, Mrs. M. B.:
for Cancer Research Special  Fund   50.00
Medical Research Council (Ottawa): ,
common grant, research  265,000.00   '
associateships       12,000.00   "'
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada:
for multiple sclerosis research       3,000.00*'
Murray, Mrs. D. R.: .
for cancer  research    15.00    1/
Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada (Toronto): /
for neurological  research   23,336.65 V
McLeod, Mr. P. N.:
for biochemistry   1 00.00   / y
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto): ^s-
various grants for cancer research    97,725.20   '
National Research Council (Ottawa): y
National Research Council Grants  1,052,143.33
special study, building-site planning      6,087.00 Y
National Science Foundation (United States): /
research grants   20,000.00 '
North Vancouver Principals and Vice-Principals Section: yf
B.C. Educational Research Council   10.00
Office of Naval Research (Washington, DC): yf
for special research      4,545.00 1/
Ortho Pharmaceutical (Canada) Ltd. (Toronto):
for  research,  surgery          250.00
Payne, Miss G.: .
for Research and Postgraduate Fund, Surgery   10.00*"^^
Province of British Columbia (Victoria): ,
Federal   Public  Health  Grants     97,837.31 ^
for  archeological  research        4,600.00
B.C.  Random Sample Tests (agriculture)       1,250.00 V
for  horticulture  studies           200.00 Yy
for  research, farm business       1,350.00"'
for  research, farm commodities       3,650.00 ►    /
for  neuropsychiatric   research         7,500.00 Y
Ratzenback, Mr. C: //
for medical  research   20.50 'Y
Real Estate Council of B.C.:
for real estate research, Commerce       7,000.00 »v
Sandoz (Canada) Limited (Dorval, Que.): y
for D.B.I.  Research       1,000.00 Y
School District No. 38 (Richmond): y
B.C.  Educational  Research Council   10.00/
School District No. 63 (Saanich): /
B.C. Educational Research Council   25.00
Smith-Kline & French Inter American Corporation (Montreal):
for  pharmacology   research        1,500.00*
Spencer, the late Col. V. (estate):
for beef research, animal husbandry      2,000.00 '
Thomson, Mrs. Grace:
for the Dr. J. W. Thomson Fund in Surgery       2,000.00 '
Thomson, Mrs. Helga (Redcliff, Alberta):
for the Research and Postgraduate Fund, Medicine   5.00
United Cerebral Palsy Research and Education Foundation, Inc. (New York): y
for neurological research      3,450.00 Y"^
United States Air Force (Washington, DC):
Air Force research, mathematics      8,450.00 /
Vancouver Chinatown Lions Club:
for research in paediatrics       2,000.00 /
Vancouver Foundation:
H. R. MacMillan Grant, economics of reforestation      2,514.80/'
Vancouver General Hospital: y"
G. F. Strong Laboratory Research Fund        650.00 Y
y Vanderhoof and District Teacher Association (Vanderhoof):
B.C. Educational Research Council  20.00  Y
Wada, Dr. J. A.: y
for neurological  research          230.00
Western Chemical Industries Ltd.:
for special research, pharmacy          500.00   W
West Kootenay Power and Light Co. Ltd. (Trail):
for  research   in  electrical  engineering       1,000.001/
American Materials Handling Society, B.C. Chapter:
for research  materials  for  industrial  administration    50.00 Y
for  Metallurgy Trust  Fund         7,899.48
Anglo-British Columbia Packing Co.: j
for the  Institute of Fisheries   250.00*/
B.C. Association of Broadcasters (Port Alberni): j
for communications project, Extension   1,000.00 /
B.C. School Trustees Association:
project grant, Education   1,285.18  Y
Bene, Dr. Eva:
for International  House  25.00 /
British Columbia Packers Limited: .
for the  Institute of Fisheries   3,500.00 Y
Campbell, the late Anne S. (estate): ,
for the Faculty of Medicine   250.00 /
Canada Council (Ottawa): /
for East-West Dialogue   2,350.00 *
Canadian Cancer Society, B.C. and Yukon Division: ,
for Lectureship, Faculty of Medicine   500.00 /
Canadian Life Insurance Officers Association (Toronto): y
grant in Commerce   6,250.00*
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. of Canada Ltd. (Trail): ->
for the Brock Chair of Geology  7,500.00 W
Davies, Professor G. 0. B.: Y
for various purposes   30.00"
Forward Engineers Limited: J
public relations and academic welfare   904.56 v
Gessler, Mrs. E.: /
for  International  House   25.00 '
Gould, Thorpe 8c Easton: /
for Japan Student Exchange   5.00 Y
Government of Canada (Ottawa):
Royal Commission on Government Organization  Research, ,
Faculty of Medicine   712.501/'
University of Malaya Project   30,090.00^
Educational  work in fisheries techniques   389.67/
Haig-Brown, Dr. R. L. (Campbell River): /
for various   purposes   40.00 y
Health Centre for Children: y
grants  for  paediatrics    21,755.42   *
Holland, Professor W. L.: ''
for Japan  Student Exchange   25.00Y
H. R. MacMillan Educational Fund (through the Vancouver Foundation):
grant   for  anthropology   7,500.00y
for   lectureships    6,000.00 Y
for  work in  fisheries   20,000.00*/,
for  work  in silviculture   10,000.00 Y
Hughes, Mr. Thomas S.:
for   various  purposes    35.00
Institute of Chartered Accountants:
grant  to Commerce   6,870.50
I.O.D.E., University Chapter:
for fine arts   500.00
James, Dr. R. D.:
for staff travel funds          400.00
John Wyeth and Brother (Canada) Ltd. (Walkerville, Ont.): y
for the Dean of Medicine Fund      1,000.00 Y
Junior League of Vancouver: y
for child study centre       7,000.00 y
Koerner, Mr. Walter C:
for Museum purchases       1,000.00
Ladner, Leon J., Esq., Q.C:
for various purposes          858.09 Y
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
grants for various purposes   25,230.00 _.
Miller, Mr. R. C: y
for Japan  Student Exchange   25.00 Y
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M.: y
for  various  purposes    50.00 Y"^
McLean, Col. J. F.: y
for various purposes  30.00  »
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., LL.D., D.Sc: /
for special   lectures      3,354.76 Y
for Cross Collection, Anthropology     10,000.00 /
(see also under H. R. MacMillan Educational Fund)
MacMillan, Bloedel & Powell River Ltd.:
for forest mensuration and pathology    10,000.00,    .
for Japan Student Exchange   250.00 Y
McQueen Sales Co. Ltd.: ,
for Japan Student Exchange   25.00 i/
Nelson Bros. Fisheries Limited: y
for work in  fisheries   1,250.00 Y
Pacific District Investment Dealers Association: y
grant to Faculty of Commerce   175.00 Y*^
Province of British Columbia (Victoria): y
for B.C. Hospital Insurance Services  1,600.00 l/x
grant  for agriculture  publications           500.00
Rayonier Canada (B.C.) Ltd.:
for work in Forestry   1 500 Q0 Y^ Read, Professor S. E.:
for various purposes 	
Real Estate Council of B.C.:
for Salesmen's Course, Commerce      7,
Rourke, Dr. A. J. J. (New Rochelle, New York):
for the Dean of Medicine Fund 	
Sales Executive Club:
for Sales Management Course, Commerce       4,
Sherritt Gordon Mines Limited (Toronto):
for the Sherritt Gordon Chair in Metallurgy     10,
Shuswap Okanagan Dairy Industries Co-operative Association (Vernon):
for forage studies, agriculture 	
Systems and Procedures Association:
for  Dean's   Fund  	
United Nations (New York):
for community  planning  project,   Ghana  	
for training  programme 	
Vancouver Foundation:
grant for paediatrics       2,518.77
(see also under H. R. MacMillan Educational Fund)
Vancouver Sun:
Dean of Commerce Fund 	
W. K. Kellogg Foundation (Battle Creek, Michigan):
Foundation  Grant,   Medicine  	
Wood, Dr. A. J.:
for various   purposes  	
Zonta Club of Vancouver:
for  International  House 	
50.00 Y
501.00 *
100.00 V
000.00 V
200.00 /
40.00 /
420.74 x
450.00 Y
50.00 Y
000.00 V
54.25 y
American Institute of Chemical Engineers (U.B.C. Student Chapter):
for  International  House Furnishings Fund   30
Friends of the University of British Columbia (Inc.)
(Bellevue,   Washington)      4,500,
Holland, Prof. W. L.:
International   House Furnishings Fund   50,
Mr. and Mrs*. P. A. Woodward's Foundation:
for Medical  Library planning expense       2,000
Nalos Lumber Limited:
International  House Furnishings  Fund   50,
Summer Session Students Association:
Brock Maintenance and  Building  Fund   100.
Va rious donors   _■ 134,500.
Province of British Columbia (Victoria):
capital   grant    1,208,330.00
Soward, Dean F. H.:
for  International  House Furnishings Fund   50.00
.00 *
,oo y
00 V
oo y
Alma Mater Society:
for Asian Studies book collection          411.35 /
B.C. Library Association:
for research projects, students   500.001^
Canada Council (Ottawa): y
for Asian Studies collection       2,500.00 /
Fell, Mrs. J. P.: y
for library books, research, Slavonic studies   1,000.00^^
H. R. MacMillan Educational Trust (through the Vancouver Foundation): /
for the Forestry Library   500.00 Y
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., LL.D., D.Sc:
for Fisheries Library Fund   216.00
Summer Session Association: /
Library Book Fund   100.00 |/
Vancouver General Hospital: y
for the Bio-Medical  Library   1,000.00 y
Various donors: J,
" \ for the Dr. N. A. M. MacKenzie Collections      2,351.00- t/
Friends of the Library Fund       1,185.75 r
(Note: the full list of awards offered on a continuing basis are
acknowledged in the May Congregation Programme)
Alfred P. Sloan Corporation (New York): .
Alfred P. Sloan  Research  Fellowship   16,675.00 .^
Aluminum Company of Canada Ltd.:                        "' y
University grant additional to scholarships   A00.00\Y
American Can Co. of Canada Ltd. (Hamilton): ./
University grant additional  to scholarship  ,___•___ 500.00/
Armstrong and Spillamacheen P.T.A. (Armstrong): y
direct scholarship award   200.00^
Astbury, Mrs. J. (North Vancouver): ■
for the Vancouver and District Home Economics Scholarship  5.00 Y
Badenoch, the late Ida Helen (estate): ./
for the  Helen   Badenoch  Scholarships    364.00 Y
Bell, Mr. John M. (New York):
for the Paul E. Murphy Student Aid Fund   6.26 */
Bell 8c Mitchell Limited: yf
for the University General Loan Fund   25.20 /
Black, Professor Charlotte: ^y
for the Home Economics Graduation Prize   10.00
British Columbia Beef Cattle Growers Association (Kamloops): y
for bursaries and research   2,000.OoY
B.C. Dentists' Wives Association:                _ y
B.C.   Dentists'  Wives Association Bursary Fund   600.00 (/^
British Embassy (Washington, DC): /
scholarship for Kenya student   2,093.61V7 Buchholz, Mr. G. B.:
for the University General  Loan Fund   5.40 ty"
Burnaby Parent Teacher Council: y
Summer Session Extension scholarship   25.00L
California Standard Company (Calgary): y
grant additional to scholarship   500.00"/
Cameroons Development Corporation (Bota, West Cameroon): /'
special   award     265.OOfc
Campbell, the late Anne S. (estate): y
for the Anne S. Campbell Bursary Fund   250.00 Y
Canadian Heart Foundation (Toronto): -
medical fellowship   2,125.00 Y
Canadian Life Insurance Officers' Association (Toronto): y
medical  fellowship and University grant   2,750.00 Y
College of Dental Surgeons of B.C.: /
Loan Fund  for Dental  Hygiene    1,000.00/
Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd. (Vancouver): y
for Summer Session Extension Awards   1 00.00 ^
Daniells, Dr. Roy:
for the Frank DeBruyn Memorial Prize  25.004^
DeBruyn, Dr. J.: /
for the Frank DeBruyn Memorial Prize   45.00 /
Dickey, Mr. and Mrs. C A. (Atherton, California):
for the Dr. H. Lavell Leeson Memorial Scholarship   10.00ftr
Dominion Stores Limited: y
for Summer Session Extension Awards   250.00 Y
Fowler, Mrs. Guy: /
for the Guy Fowler Memorial Fund   318.35/
Gage, Dean Walter: y
for various scholarships and bursaries   275.00 /
Graduating Class of Agriculture 1962:
for   loan  fund    170.OCT  )/
Graduating Classes of 1962:
Graduating Classes of 1962 Student Aid Fund  4,000.OQ^Y
Grand Lodge of British Columbia, I.O.O.F.:
direct awards to students   1,250.00 1/
Grisack, Howard A.: ,
for the University Sopron Memorial, lyfian Fund   7.80 T
Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (National Chapter): y
direct scholarship award    350.00 ~Y
Industrial Forest Service Ltd. (Prince George):
for  the  Prince George  Forestry Scholarship   150.37 |/
John 8c Mary Markle Foundation (New York): /
special fellowships     12,000.00  /
Kappa Kappa Gamma Mothers Club: /
for the Dean of Women's Fund   ] 00.00 /
Kennecott Copper Corporation (New York): j
University grant additional to scholarship  1,000.00  /
Kiwanis Club of Summerland (Summerland):
direct student award    100.00 /
Ladies Auxiliary Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 16 (Burnaby): y
direct scholarship awards   200.00 Y
10 Lariviere, Rose (Chicago, III.): i
for the Dr. F. S. Nowlan Memorial Bursary   5.00 ^
Letters Club, University of B.C.: /
for the Thorleif Larsen Scholarship Fund   25.00  Y
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation: /
grants to individuals,  and Japan Scholarship   8,000.00 Y
Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada (Toronto): y
post-doctorate  fellowship,   research    3,600.00 /
Maclnnes, Mr. W. H.: ' /
for the W. H. Maclnnes Scholarship Funds   2,000.00 /
National Heart Foundation (Toronto): y
fellowship         2,125.00 V
Pech, Mr. Cyula (New Haven, Conn.): \
for the Scholarship Endowment Fund  2.00 **
P.E.O. Sisterhood: /
P.E.O.  International  Peace Scholarships   1,1 25.00 /
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter A.H.: y
for the Dean of Women's Fund   15.00 Y^
Pharmaceutical Association of the Province of B.C.:
for the Dean E. L. Woods Memorial Loan Fund ..I- 143.09 -
Poultry Industries Fund: /
for the Poultry Industries Bursary Fund  ..  2,272.5,0 \/
Procter & Gamble Company of Canada (Toronto): y
grants additional to scholarships   600.00^^
Raworth, the late Archibald (estate):
for the Amy Woodland Scholarships       7,500.00 Y
for the Archibald Raworth Scholarships       7,500.00 Y
Rena-Ware Distributors Ltd. (Winnipeg):
direct student award           300.00 y4
Rogers, the late Jonathan (estate): y
for the Jonathan Rogers Awards          260.06   Y
Socony Mobil Oil of Canada Ltd. (Calgary): y
University grants additional to scholarships          800.00 Y^
Shell Oil Company of Canada Limited (Toronto):
University grant additional to scholarships          500.00
Shuswap Okanagan Dairy Industries Co-operative Association:
for the NOCA Studies Scholarship          800.00
Soderman, the late Daisy Sidney (estate):
for the Oscar Soderman Bursary Fund          640.03   Y'
St. Michael's Old Girls Association: y.
for the Maud LeGallais Memorial Bursary          510.00 *
Student Nurses Association of B.C.: .,
for summer session Extension Awards   20.00\yY
Summer Session Association: y
for the Summer Session Loan Fund      3,000.00 l/
Thompson, Mr. John F.:
for the Home Economics Graduation Prize  36.00
Tina and Morris Wagner (estate): ,
for the Tina and Morris Wagner Foundation Fellowship Fund ....        886.83 Vyy
for the Tina and Morris Wagner Foundation Fellowship Fund   25,000.00 »/
Y Trans Mountain Oil Pipe Line Company: /
University grant additional to scholarships   500.00 Y
Vancouver and District Home Economics Association: ,/
for the Vancouver and District Home Economics Scholarship  65.00 *
Vancouver Ballet Society: /
for Summer Session Extension Awards   75.00  ^
Vancouver Panhellenic Association Alumnae:
for the Dean of Women's Fund   300.00yY
Vancouver Women's Canadian Club: /
for Summer Session Extension Awards   50.00 '
Young Women's Christian Association (Vancouver): y
Direct award,  Hi Y Teens Scholarship   lOO.OOt/
Aron, Mrs. Jack:
bursary for $50 for undergraduates in Medicine, established by Mrs. Aron in
memory of her husband.
Chadwick, Potts 8c Company, Chartered Accountants:
scholarship of $100 for student in the combined B.Com., CA. programme,
de Bruyn, Professor and Mrs. Jan:
prize of  $50  in  memory of Frank de  Bruyn;  offered  in  the  field  of  17th
Century literary studies.
Friends of Chamber Music:
scholarship of $50 for performance and study of one of the orchestral  instruments.
Graduating Classes of 1962:
The Graduating Classes of 1 962 Student Aid Fund.
Graduating Class of Agriculture 1962:
loan fund for students in Agriculture.
H. A. Roberts Ltd.:
scholarship of $200 for students in Estates Management Programme.
Insurance Company of North America:
prize of $200 for student obtaining highest standing in subject of Insurance
Kent, Mr. Charlie (Aero Garments Limited):
scholarship of $1 00 for Chinese students born in Canada or from overseas.
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver:
bursary of $200 for student in Second Year, field of wildlife conservation;
bursary of $200 for student in Second Year, field of soil conservation.
Lee, Mr. Bick R. (Foo Hung Company Ltd.):
scholarship of $100, for Chinese students born in Canada or from overseas,
in field of engineering.
Little, Mrs. David Edmund:
The David Edmund Little Memorial Scholarship of $100, offered annually to
a student graduating in Physics and continuing to a Master's degree.  Established in memory of her husband by Mrs. Little.
Maud LeGallais Memorial:
bursary established by former students and friends to honour the memory of
Maud LeGallais. For a woman student from Vernon beginning studies at the
12 Nelms, Dr. and Mrs. G. LeRoy:
Prize of approximately $25 annually for student entering the University and
residing north of Peace River.
Pharmaceutical Association of the Province of British Columbia:
bursary of $100 for students entering First Year Pharmacy; scholarship of
$250 for student obtaining highest standing in Third Year Pharmacy.
Poultry Industries Fund Bursary:
bursary of at least $100, endowed through the Poultry Industries Blood Testing Fund, for students in the field of Poultry Science.
Raworth. the late Archibald (estate):
The Amy Woodland Scholarships (one or more of $100 each) for students
beginning or continuing studies at U.B.C, who attended the Amy Woodland
or Central School in Cranbrook. One or more scholarships of $100, the Archibald Raworth Scholarships, similarly for students who attended school in
Squnders. the Inte G.ienther Felix.
scholarships for students, with preference to those in Mathematics or Applied
Shuswap-Okanagan Dairy Industries Co-operative Association:
NOCA Forage Graduate Scholarship for special research in field of Plant
Sir John Franklin P.T.A.:
bursary of $50 for student who has attended Sir John Franklin School, and is
entering the University.
Smith, Mr. H. William, and Smithson, Miss Beverly:
the Aline Smithson Bursary in Nursing of $100.
United Steel Workers of America:
two scholarships of $500 each for sons and daughters of members of the
Union residing in lower mainland and beginning studies at the University.
Vancouver Fire Fighters' Union Local No. 18:
bursary of $ 1 00 for a physically handicapped student.
Vancouver Island Council of the British Columbia Recreation Association:
scholarship of $150 for students entering Physical Education, Recreation Programme.
Westminster County Real Estate Board:
annual scholarship of $250 for students in Commerce taking the Estates
Management option.
The N. A. M. MacKenzie Alumni Scholarship in Physical Education of $150,
established in honour of Dr. N. A. M. MacKenzie, for a student proceeding
to a Master's degree or to Teacher Training.
Increases in Existing Awards
University Women's Club of White Rock:
bursary increased from $100 to $200 annually.
Victoria Home Economics and Dietetics Association:
bursary increased from $100 to $150 annually.
Total contributions in this list  $      799.71
Banford, Dr. S. S. (New Westminster)
Bligh, Dr. C. G. (Burnaby)
Blumes, Dr. J.
Bridges, Dr. J. H. (Burnaby)
B.C. Dentists' Wives Association
Burton, Dr. R.A.J.
Collins, Dr. G. J. (Burnaby)
Craib, Dr. J.
Crowley, Dr. L. V. (West Vancouver)
Davis, Dr. R. W. (Burnaby)
Deering, Dr. Henry
Dickson, Dr. R. G. (North Vancouver)
Donnelly, Dr. K. P.
DuMont, Dr. M. A.
Donovan, Dr. W. G.
English, Dr. L. E. (Kamloops)
Friesen, Dr. John (Richmond)
Gray, Dr. A. (Sidney)
Greenius, Dr. W. C.
Guenther, Dr. H. (Burnaby)
Hastings, Dr. W. G.
Henderson, Dr. H. R. (Kelowna)
Hornibrook, Dr. J. L.
Kita, Dr. Edward (Richmond)
Kjekstad, Dr. B. (Victoria)
Krasnoff, Dr. M.
Kumagai, Dr. P. S. (New Westminster)
Kut, Dr. S.J.
Lotham, Dr. W. H. (Salmon Arm)
McAllister, Dr. R. M. (North Burnaby)
McCann, Dr. K. (North Surrey)
McDonald, Dr. G. G. (Courtenay)
McDonald, Dr. H. W. (Prince Rupert)
McGinnis, Dr. W. D.
McLuhan, Dr. W. W. (Victoria)
McNair, Dr. Dave (Richmond)
Martin, Dr. J. G.
Mielke, Dr. C. D. (West Vancouver)
Moreside, Dr. J. L. (North Vancouver)
Nishiguchi, Dr. K. K.
O'Neil, Dr. R. J.
Prothero, Dr. A. J. S. (Burnaby)
Slakov, Dr. E. I.
Stewart, Dr. Gordon
14 Swanson, Dr. A. E.
Tambosso, Dr. A. S.
Thompson, Dr. W. E. (Victoria)
Trythall, Dr. H. R. (Victoria)
Wales, Dr. C. V.
Wright, Dr. N. R.
Total contributions in this list  $      375.00
Bird, Hon. Mr. Justice H. I.
Collins, Hon. Mr. Justice F. Kay
DesBrisay, Hon. Chief Justice A. C
Hutcheson, Hon. Mr. Justice J. G. A.
Lett, Hon. Chief Justice Sherwood
Lord, Hon. Mr. Justice A. E.
Munroe, Hon. Mr. Justice F. Craig
Norn's, Hon. Mr. Justice T. C.
Ruttan, Hon. Mr. Justice J. G.
Sheppard, Hon. Mr. Justice F. A.
Sullivan, Hon. Mr. Justice Harry J.
Tysoe, Hon. Mr. Justice C. W.
Verchere, Hon. Mr. Justice D. R.
Wootton, Hon. Mr. Justice R. A.
Total contributions in this list  $36,788.00
Angus, Dr. and Mrs. H. F.
Arnott, Mr. E. M. (Victoria)
Bengough, Percy R., C.B.E.
Bloedel Foundation (Seattle)
British Insulated Callendar's Cables Ltd. (London, England)
Brodie, Miss Virginia M.
Brookbank, Mr. C. R.
Bruce, Miss Henrietta (New Westminster)
Buckerfield, Mr. R. Bruce
Burch, Mrs. Olive M.
Byrnell, Mr. and Mrs. A. R.
Chisholm, Dr. Brock (Victoria)
Clyne, Honourable J. V.
Columbia Cellulose Co. Ltd.
Combustion Engineering Superheater Ltd. (Montreal)
Cox, Mrs. Bettie J.
Crease, Dr. A. L. (White Rock)
Dare, Mr. Samuel T. (New Westminster)
15 Davidson, Mr. John S.
Dumas, Mr. L. M. (Chilliwack)
Dunton, Dr. A. D. (Ottawa)
Eakin, Mr. G. T. (Burnaby)
Farris, John L. Esq., Q.C.
Farris, Mrs. John L.
Flavelle, Mr. W. Guy (Port Moody)
Fleming, Mr. R.
Ford Motor Co. of Canada Ltd. (Oakville, Ont.)
Friesen, Dr. J. K.
Godin, Mr. S. (Montreal)
Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. (Toronto)
Goward, Mr. H. A. (Victoria)
Grauer, Mrs. A. E.
Grodelund, Mr. J.
Grossehamig, Mr. M. E.
Guichon, Mr. L. P. (Victoria)
Guichon, Mr. T. K.
Hacker, Mr. Cecil (Abbotsford)
Harms, Mr. H. F. (Abbotsford)
Harris, Dr. Lawren
Haslett, Mr. L. M. (Montreal)
Hayward, Miss R.
Houston, Mr. Georgs (New Westminster)
Jarvis, Mr. L. J. C.
Joubin, Dr. Franc (Toronto)
Jure, Mr. H. M.
Kennon, Mr. Sydney (North Vancouver)
Ker, Mr. Robert H. B. (Victoria)
Kinnear, Mr. David (Toronto)
Kirkhope, Mr. John (North Vancouver)
Koerner, Mr. Walter C.
L. A. Varah Limited
Ladner, Leon J., Esq., Q.C.
Lett, Hon. Chief Justice Sherwood
Lund, Mr. Roy H. (Victoria)
Markham, Mr. R. (West Vancouver)
Matthews, Dean A. W.
Mearns, Mr. W. C.
Merilees, Mr. H. J.
Monahan, Mr. Arthur R.
Morrison, Mr. G. M.
Myers, Miss Helen E.
MacCorkindale, Mr. Hugh N.
McDonald, Mr. H. J.
McGregor, Mr. E. (Victoria)
McGregor, Mrs. F.
16 McLean, Mr. C. H.
MacMillan, Bloedel 8< Powell River Ltd.
Nesbitt, Mr. A. D. (Westmount, Que.)
O'Brien, Mr. M. M.
Paauwe, Mrs. S. M. (Richmond)
Peach, Mr. S. E. (Burnaby)
Purdy, Dr. Harry L.
Richards, Mr. Albert E.
Rogers, Mr. W.
Roshard, Mr. R. (Lillooet)
Ross, the Honourable Frank M.
Ross, Dr. Phyllis, C.B.E.
Rough, Mis Gladys (Victoria)
Skinner, Mr. H. S.
Smith, Mr. H. Greville (Montreal)
Southam, Mrs. G. T.
Taylor, Mr. Austin C.
Thompson, Dr. Homer A. (Princeton, N.J.)
Thomson, Mr. John (Victoria)
Trueman, Mr. M. C. (Victoria)
Tupper, Miss Dorothy M. (Victoria)
Vance, Mr. W. A.
Webb 8c Knapp (Canada) Ltd. (Montreal)
Wellings, Miss Mary
Welsford, Mr. H. G. (Montreal)
White, Mr. Walter (Victoria)
Woodward, Mr. G. G.
York House School for Girls
Total contributions in this list  $ 9,820.59
Alma Mater Society
Bank of Nova Scotia (Vancouver)
Bayly, Mr. L. J.
B.C. Forest Products Ltd.
B.C. Packers Ltd.
B.C. Sugar Refining Co. Ltd.
Bell-Irving, Mr. A.
Buchanan, Mr. J. N.
Canada Safeway Limited
Canadian Kenworth Limited (Burnaby)
C.B.A. Engineering Limited
C. E. Crippen 8c Associates Ltd.
Collins, Hon. Mr. Justice F. K.
Consolidated Mining 8c Smelting Co. of Canada Ltd. (Trail)
17 Davis, Hossie, Campbell 8c McLorg
Flavelle, Mr. W. Guy (Port Moody)
Gibson Brothers Industries
Hamber, Mrs. E. W.
Hooker Chemicals Limited (North Vancouver)
Imperial Oil Limited
Keenleyside, Dr. and Mrs. H. L.
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation
Munro, Hon. Mr. Justice F. C (New Westminster)
MacLean, Hon. Mr. Justice H. A.
Read, Jones, Christofferson Ltd.
Ross, Honourable Frank M.
Vancouver Sun
MacMillan, Bloedel and Powell River Ltd.
Standard Oil Co. of British Columbia
Trans Mountain Oil Pipe Line Co. Ltd.
For the  U.B.C.  Development Fund    530.00
For the President's Alumni Fund   8,142.89
For  the  Friends of  the  Library   3,000.00
For the Alumni Green Field   3,000.00
For the Alumni Scholarships   12,655.00
For miscellaneous projects   51.01
American Society for Testing Metals: thirty-eight volumes A.S.T.M. special technical publication series.
Anglican Theological College: books on astronomy, theology, Ferber Society, vols.
Beaverbrook Foundations (London, England): "Three Centuries of the Westminster
Shorter Catechism", S. W. Carruthers.
Buddhist Publication Society (Kendy, Ceylon): books and pamphlets on Buddhism.
Bulwer, Mrs. M.: Coulter, "Thomas Memoire sur les dipsocees; Archaeologie: or
Miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity, London, J. B. Nichols,   1829.
Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany: eight books on German Art.
Davies, Professor G.: Sir Herbert Maxwell's "Fishing at Home and Abroad".
Dollman, Mr. F. W. (West Vancouver): Parliamentary Affairs, vols. I - IX (bound);
vols. X-XIII (unbound).
Dwyer, Miss Melva: three books on music and art.
Hardy, Mr. A. E.: Book of a Thousand Nights and a Night, by Richard Burton, 8
Holland, Professor W. L.: Publications on Asian Affairs and political affairs;
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Annual Report,   1883-1944.
18 H.R.H., The Princess Royal: Pope-Hennessy, "Queen Mary, 1867-1953", presented
to Dr. Phyllis Ross, C.B.E., Chancellor, for the University.
Hunt, Mr. Lyman (North Vancouver): Euqene Scribe, Oeuvres completes, Paris,
1860,   vols.   1-17.
Japan Consulate: books on agriculture, New Japan, vol. 14, 1962.
Makinen, Miss Sadie: ninety-eight books in Finnish.
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M.: three hundred and fifty books, chiefly on economics and
international law; novels, plays, geography.
MacKenzie, Mrs. N. A. M.: various books and periodicals.
McLennan, Mr. L. W. (Fullerton, California): seventeen books on Oxford and
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., LL.D., D.Sc: five books; New Standard Atlas of
the Dominion of Canada, 1875; illustrated Historical Atlas of the Counties
of Hastings and Prince Edward, Ontario, 1878.
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., LL.D., D.Sc: twenty-four books on fishing, birds -
Hakluyt Society, Second Series, vols. 112-116; books on fisheries.
National Central Library (Taipei, Taiwan, China): books (in English) on international relations, social welfare; periodicals.
Pacific Affairs Institute: nineteen books on economic and political affairs of
Pacfic Affairs (through Professor W. Holland): nineteen books on Asia and international  affairs.
Richter, Dr. J. J.: nine books on Germany.
Riddehough, Dr. G. B.: Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, vols. 37-41.
Rush, Mrs.: fifty books for children, and a projector with slides.
Russell, Mr. P. H.: "Charges Issuing forth of the Crown revenue of England, the
Dominion of Wales . . .", Captain Lazarus Howard, London, printed for John
Wright, 1647.
Soward, Dean F. H.: French literature, historical books on Greece, Scotland, England, Ireland; fourteen books on international affairs and political events.
Tingley, Mrs. A. B. (West Vancouver): seventy-two books, historical, poetry, music.
Waterman, Mr. M. M.: Pentateuch and Hoftorahs, Hebrew text.
Anthropology Museum
Brother Luke (Westminster Abbey, Mission City): swamp grass baskets.
Cunningham, Dr. E. R.: collection of cave rubbings, examples of old Chinese calligraphy.
Lenko, Mr. Stan: set of silk screen prints of contemporary Indian designs by Mr.
Martin, Mrs. W. E.: Kwpkiutl feast dish.
Ross, Dr. Phyllis G., C.B.E.: embroidered deer hide gauntlets.
Vater, Mrs. Anne: Australian aboriginal woven grass bag.
Graduating Classes, Architecture,  1950 and 1951: tapestry, woven in Quebec, by
Mariette Vermette.
19 Raynor, Mr. G. Hayden (Consulate General of the United States, Vancouver):
twenty bound volumes of "Sweet's Catalogues".
Chemical Engineering
Foote, Mr. H. A. (Shellburn Refinery, North Burnaby): two Leeds and Northrup
strip chart micromax temperature records and various spare parts and charts.
Gishler, Dr. Paul E. (Canadian Chemical Company, Edmonton) and Mebon, Mr. John
(Canadian Chemical Company, Vancouver): two 370 lb. drums of Methyl
isobutyl  ketone.
American Petroleum Institute, Beta Distribution Office, Agriculture 8c Mechanical
College of Texas (College Station, Texas): Selected Values of Properties of
Hydrocarbons and Related Compounds, Lot No. 42, October 31, 1961; Infrared Spectral Data, Lot No. 60, October 31, 1961; Ultraviolet Spectral Data,
Lot No. 37, October 31, 1961; Mass Spectral Data, Lot No. 38, October 31,
Manufacturing Chemists' Association (Washington, DC): Selected Values of Properties of Chemical Compounds - Lot No. 13; December 31, 1961; Infrared
Spectral Rate - Lot No. 4, December 31, 1961; Mass Spectral Data - Lot No.
3, December 31, 1961; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectral Data, Lot No.
3, December 31, 1961.
Dean of Women's Office
Ventura Club of Vancouver: tape recorder, to assist blind students.
Women's Residence Association, Fort Camp:  treddle sewing machine;  hair dryer;
Women's  Residence  Association,   Lower  Mall:   sixteen  bathroom  scales;   Oxford
Electrical Engineering
Stevens, Mr. Wilf: White automobile steam engine.
Bernard, Mr. E. (Cultural Attache, French Embassy, Ottawa, Ontario): print of film
"Bernard Buffett".
Hunter, Mr. John (West Vancouver): record of Vaughan Williams "On Wenlock
Fine Arts
Ayriss, Mrs. Harold: on indefinite loan, painting by Frank O. Salisbury.
Curtis, Mr. James D. (Boise, Idaho): illustrated Atlas of the World, London,
England,   1844.
Hoops, Dr. W. D. (Consul, Federal Republic of Germany): nine-foot wall map of
20 Geology
Robinson, Mr. S. A. (West Vancouver): books - geology, resources, etc.
Housing Office
MacKenzie,  Dr. N. A. M.:  on indefinite  loan to Gordon Shrum Commons, two
University  Women's  Club:   on   indefinite   loan   to   Margaret  MacKenzie   House,
portrait of Mrs. Margaret MacKenzie.
Institute of Earth Sciences
Canberra Oil Co. Ltd. (Calgary): seismograph recording truck complete with all
recording  equipment.
Humble Oil and Refining Co. (Houston, Texas): Reynolds type mass spectrometer
analyzer tube.
Kinsmen Laboratory
Lange, Dr. O. S.: surgical instruments.
Slocan Hospital: early books used by Dr. J. E. Brouse.
Kerr, Mrs. Leslie (Barbara Custance):  rental toward purchase of Chickeririg grand
piano for Music Department.
Macdonald, Mr. and Mrs. Colin (Penticton): phonograph recordings.
MacKenzie, Mrs. N. A. M.: phonograph recordings.
Shelton, Mrs. Herbert L.: music and music books.
Plant Science
Bostock, Miss E. and Miss J. (Monte Creek): books, for the laboratory.
President's Office
Creighton, Mrs. Sally Murphy: LL.D. Hood.
Hamber, Mrs. E. W.: desk, stenographer's desk, chairs, used by the late Hon. E. W.
Hamber when Chancellor.
Lord, Mrs. A. R.: academic gown (LL.D.) and hat.
Rehabilitation Medicine
B.C. Society of Occupational Therapy: numerous manuals on occupational therapy
techniques; books on therapy; clinical applications of Recreational Therapy;
weaving patterns.
Elmer, Mr. G. Lloyd (College - Medical Dept., Macmillan Co. of Canada, Toronto):
"Manual of Electrotherapy", Arthur L. Watkins, M.D.
Macmillan Co. of Canada Ltd. (Toronto): "Histology of the Body Tissues"; books.
Simer, G. Lloyd (College-Medical Dept., Macmillan Company of Canada, Toronto):
two copies Putnam Medical Dictionary.
University of Toronto Press (Toronto): "Basic Neuroanatomy" by C. G. Smith.
W. B. Saunders Co., Bookseller (Philadelphia): books; text-book of physiology.


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