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(April 1,  1952 to August 31,  1952)
Aluminum Company of Canada Limited:
for research in Archaeology $  5,000.00
American Heart Association Inc. (New York):
to the Department of Anatomy for research.., —        769.18
Barley Improvement Institute (Winnipeg):
to the Department of Agronomy for barley research      2,000.00
Canadian Pulp and Paper Association (Western Division):
to the Department of Biology and Botany
for chemical barking research..      1,000.00
Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (through the
University Research Committee on Planning Legislation,
r       for research in planning legislation _i.__—.'■ ' 2,500.00
Cwilong, Dr. B. M.:
to the Department of Physics for special research .        250.00
Defence Research Board (Ottawa):
to the Department of Anatomy for research -.    2,000.00
to the Department of Animal Husbandry
for research  .— . . — . 3,150.00
to the Department of Bacteriology for research .  1,000.00
to the Department of Chemistry for research... ■. ^. 11,475.00
0 ;    to the Department of Geology for research——.  1,750.00
to the Department of Mining for research—.—. . 10,000.00
to the Committee on Oceanography for research  1,684.47
to the Department of Philosophy for research  650.00
fdfhe Department of Physics for research— .  4,300.00
to the Department of Physiology for research. :_1 1,500.00
to the Department of Zoology for research -—-  1,500.00
Department of Agriculture (Ottawa);
to the Department of Horticulture for
vegetable seed project.: __._J_^ —J_ .     1,500.00
to the Department of Dairying for milk
proteins research       1,775.00
Department of Education (Victoria):
for archaelogical studies in the Tweedsmuir
Park Area  . ——. —     8,650.00
Department of National Health arid Welfare:
to the Faculty of Medicine for research.: ~. -:. —   12,148.18 Department of Labour (Ottawa):
to the Faculty of Law for industrial
arbitrations research      1,000.00
Dingwall, Mr. W. (Wright Station):
for Hereford Bull research         100.00
Eldorado Mining & Refining Company (Ottawa):
to the Department of Mining for
Carnotite Research  35,034.90
International Nickel Company of Canada (Ontario):
to the Department of Chemistry for research  55.24
Lee, Mr. Dan (Hanceville):
for Hereford Bull research  50.00
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto):
to the Department of Biochemistry for
research  in cancer biochemistry      2,950.00
to the Department of Botany for enzyme
studies of cancerous cells      1,290:61
to the Department of Chemistry for carcinogens
research      1,750.00
National Research Council (Ottawa):
to the Department of Anatomy for research  2,200.00
to the Department of Biochemistry for research  1,250.00
to the Department of Botany for research  3,216.00
to the Department of Chemistry for research  3,695.00
to the Department of Civil Engineering for research  500.00
to the Department of Dairying for research  1,250.00
to the Department of Pharmacology for research  700.00
to the Department of Poultry Husbandry for research  1,000.00
to the Department of Physics for research  20,900.00
to the Department of Physiology for research  223.66
to the Department of Surgery for research  2,000.00
to the Department of Zoology for research  5,475.00
for research at the B. C. Medical Institute  2,075.00
for research at the Vancouver General Hospital  2,825.00
North American Cyanamid Ltd.:
to the Department of Horticulture for
special research project        1,200.00
Wildlife Management Institute (Washington, D.C):
to the Department of Zoology for Manitoba
Waterfowl study         966.38
B. C. Game Department (Vancouver):
to the Department of Zoology for work
in fisheries and wildlife $  9,306.24
B. C. Loggers' Association:
for work at Forestry Camp, Haney  20,000.00
B. C. Polio Fund:
for special equipment in Virus Laboratory         590.00
Carnegie Corporation of New York:
for the development of French-Canadian studies      1,471.32
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of
Canada Limited:
for the R. W. Brock chair in Geology     7,500.00
Department of National Health and Welfare:
to the Department of Bacteriology for the
training of bacteriologists      2,302.76
to the Faculty of Medicine for supervision
and training of psychiatric social workers      5,282.68
to the Department of Psychology for
training in clinical psychology      5,301.55
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc:
for the Anthropological Museum      2,960.58
for the lectureship in Forestry         731.54
Nelson Bros. Fisheries Ltd.:
grant to the Department of Zoology for
work in fisheries      1,000.00
Sherritt Gordon Mines Limited (Toronto):
for the Sherritt Gordon Chair in Metallurgy   10,000.00
Brodie, Mr. H. Gordon:
grant for the rowing crew	
Brodie, Mr. M. G.:
grant for the rowing crew	
Brodie Brush Company:
grant for the rowing crew	
Campbell, the late Anne S. (estate):
for the fund in medicine	
Carson, Mr. Richard (Calgary, Alberta):
for men's residence furnishings	
Cavers, Miss Anne:
for the Research and Postgraduate
Fund  in  Surgery	
Hebb, Dr. Frank J.:
for the President's Fund..
225.00 I.O.D.E., Vancouver Municipal Chapter:
for the Little Mountain Play School         200.00
Jefferd, Miss Dorothy:
for the Frederick Wood Theatre  5.00
Joe, Mr. Andrew (Victoria):
for men's residence furnishings  1 0.00
Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority:
for the Dean of Women's Fund  50.00
Kappa Mothers of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority:
for the Dean of Women's Fund  100.00
Miller, Mr. Charles (Ottawa, Ontario):
for men's residence furnishings  10.00
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto):
special fellowship in Biology and Botany      1,800.00
National Council of Jewish Women, Vancouver Section:
for the women's dormitories  150.00
Pousette, Mr. John (Sultan, Ontario):
for men's residence furnishings  10.00
Robertson, Dr. H. Rocke:
for the Research and Postgraduate
Fund   in  Surgery         500.00
Rooney, Mr. S. W. (Ocean Falls):
for men's residence furnishings  10.00
Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Frank:
for the Frederick Wood Theatre  100.00
Sawers, Mr. Norman (West Vancouver):
for men's residence furnishings  1 0.00
Spencer, Col. Victor:
grant for the rowing crew      1,000.00
Sume, Mr. Roy:
for men's residence furnishings  10.00
Taylor, Dr. T. M. C:
for the Frederick Wood Theatre  50.00
Vancouver Panhellenic Alumnae:
for the women's dormitories         100.00
Vickery, Mr. Charles (Scarsdale, New York):
for men's residence furnishings  1 0.00
Wilson, Mr. Kenneth W. (Trail):
for men's residence furnishings  10.00
Women Students:
for the women's dormitories  76.08
Worthington, Miss M. E.:
for the Dean of Women's Fund  10.00
NOTE: the names of donors who contribute annually to scholarships,
bursaries, prizes, and loans funds which have already been established, will be published in May, 1953. For the period April 1,
1952 to August 31st, 1952 the University wishes to acknowledge
a total contribution through scholarships, bursaries, prizes, loans,
and various associated funds, of $34,319.16.
Campbell, the late Anne S.  (estate):
for the bursary fund	
Doerksen, Mr. Jake (Winnipeg):
for the University General Loan Fund
Graduating Classes of 1952:
for a student loan fund	
Lower Mainland Dietetic Association:
for a student loan fund	
MacGill, Miss Elsie Gregory:
for the Judge Helen Gregory MacGill
Memorial Student Aid  Fund	
McKechnie, the late Dr. R. E. (estate):
for the scholarship fund	
Rogers, the late Jonathan (estate):
for the scholarship fund	
Summer Session Students' Association:
for the Summer Session Loan Fund-
Vancouver Home Economics Association:
for a student loan fund	
for the Daniel Buchanan Scholarship Fund..
..$      750.00
Delta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority:
bursary in Session 1952-53 for student $        50.00
Estey, Mr. R. M.:
for the Alan Walter Shore Memorial Scholarship  10.00
Somerset, Miss Dorothy:
for a Summer School of the Theatre bursary  17.50
for a Summer School of the Theatre bursary  17.50
Better Business Bureau: two prizes of $50.00 for students in Commerce.
British Columbia Tuberculosis Society: establishment of the British Columbia Tuberculosis Association Christmas Seal Bursary Fund, to
assist students in special fields of Nursing, with an initial grant
of $2,000.00.
California Standard Company (Calgary, Alberta): etablishment of scholarships to the annual value of $1,875.00.
Canadian Construction Association (Ottawa, Ontario): prize of $50.00
for the best senior engineering thesis in the session   1951-52.
Chris Spencer Foundation: additional scholarship of $225.00 awarded in
July,  1952, to student entering University.
Government of France: a special book prize in the session 1951-52 given
through the French Consul in Vancouver.
I.O.D.E., Provincial Chapter: special grant of $100 for bursary assistance
in the session 1952-53.
Pharmacy Alumni Association of U.B.C: three book prizes for students
in Pharmacy.
Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Limited (Montreal, Quebec): prize of medical
instruments for a student in the Faculty of Medicine.
Theta Chapter of Phrateres: entrance scholarship of $100.00 for a woman
student commencing University studies.
Victoria Naval Officers' Association: special entrance scholarship of
$300.00 to be awarded annually.
Women's Christian Temperance Union: a second prize of $25.00 additional to present award of $50.00.
Bonnett, Mrs. A.  E.  (Oliver): several sets and miscellaneous items.
Cleaves, Mr.  R.  D.: books on mining.
Dreyfus, Mrs. Alice: books in French, and several periodicals.
Fyfe-Smith, Mrs. Mary G.: a number of books.
Goodwin, Dr. R. S.: twenty miscellaneous medical books.
Graduating Class in Nursing, 1952: reference books and texts.
Imperial Optical Company: thirty-five volumes on optical medicine.
Isaacs, Mrs. C: a number of volumes.
Jordan, Miss (West Vancouver): collection of books.
Mechanics Institute Library (Montreal): six cartons of Parliamentary
Mulder, Mrs. C: one hundred books and serials on language and
Maclnnes, Dr. Isabel: fourteen volumes on history and philosophy.
McLennan, Mr. Lester W. (Fullerton, Calif): valuable collection of books.
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc: twenty volumes on forestry and
miscellaneous books; maps of India; prospectuses of the British
Canadian  Lumber Corporation,  etc.
Robinson, Mr. E. S.: several sets of Sweet's catalogues.
Thrupp, Dr. Sylvia (Chicago): a number of periodicals.
University of New Brunswick Library: various volumes.
Williams, Dr. M. Y.: files of journals, and other material.
Wilson, Dr. Wallace: manuscript "Lilly".
Gifts from the following are also acknowledged: Baker Library (Harvard
University); B. C Provincial Library; B. C. Research Council; B. C.
Telephone Company; Bell, Mrs. Aubrey F. and sons (Victoria);
Bell, Mr. K. V; Bell, Mr. William; Bishop, Miss Claire; Black, Dr.
W. G.; British American Oil Company; British Empire Cancer
Campaign (London, Eng.); Brooke, Dr. C. V.; Buckley, Mr. George;
Canadian Association for Adult Education (Toronto); Carlsen, Miss
Irene; Carnegie United Kingdom Trust; Clarke, Mr. Howard; Cooke,
Prof. A. C; Daniells, Dr. J. Roy; de Pfyffer, Mr. Robert; Doukhobor
Research Committee; Eldridge, Mr. Paul; Forest Library (Oxford,
Eng.); Gage, Dean W. H.; Grant, Mrs. B. D. (White Rock); Harley,
Mr. D. L. (Kellogg Foundation, Michigan); Imperial Oil Company;
Inste. Brasileiro de Educacao-Rio; Legation of Switzerland in
Canada; Leimanis, Dr. E.; Lincoln, Mr. James F.; Lion Grinding
Wheels; Marsh, Dr. L.; Mawdsley, Dean M. Dorothy; Moffatt, Mr.
James A.; Mole, Mr. Allan; Montgomery, Mrs. C. A.; McEvoy,
Mr. Dermot; Maclnnes, Mr. W. H.; National Business Publications;
National Council of Jewish Women (Vancouver Section); Newcomen
Society in North America; Ontario Research Council (Ottawa);
Peel, Mrs. L. W.; Polar Year Archives (Denmark); Public Library
Commission; Pugi, Mr. Kalev; Queen's Printer (Ottawa); Regional
Public Library (Olympia, Wash.); Rockefeller Foundation (New
York); Royal Danish Consulate (Vancouver); Ryerson Press (Toronto); Sage, Dr. W. N.; Sanderson, Dr. Charles; Saskatchewan
Teachers'   Federation;   Scribner's (New York);   Smith,  Mr. C.  W.; Social Science Research Council; Soward, Prof. F. H.; Study Group
Committee, Cooperative Services Branch (Winnipeg); Taylor, Mr.
T. (West Vancouver); Tudor Press (London, Eng.); Union of British
Columbia Municipalities; University of California Press; University
of Edinburgh; University of Illinois; University of Toronto Library;
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey; Vancouver Public Library; Weaver,
Dean Myron M.; West Vancouver Little Theatre; Winspear, Mr.
Alban (North Vancouver); Wood, Prof. F. G. C; Wood, Dr. S. N.
(Williams Lake); Wootton, Miss Anna; Wright, Miss Helen.
Aubrey, Mr. F. C: volumes 31, 32 of English and Empire Digest.
Belli, Ashe, & Pinney (San Francisco): reprints of addresses.
Black, Dr. Edgar: back issues of the Dalhousie Review.
Blackwell, The Hon. Mr. Justice Leslie, Q.C. (Capetown, S.A.): books
written by the author about South Africa.
Board of Transport Commissioners for Canada (through E. R. Hopkins,
Esq., Secretary, Ottawa): on mailing list for Parliamentary records
and copy of annual statutes.
Boulton, Mr. O. J.: Becarrius' Crimes and Punishment (rare book).
Bull, Mr. E. B.: collection of legal material.
Butterworth & Company (Toronto): Empire Law List, 1952-53.
Campbell, Meredith, & Beckett: current issues of Nebraska Law Review,
Washington Law Review, Pennsylvania Bar Association Quarterly,
George Washington Law Review.
Campney, Owen, Murphy & Owen: volume of Canada Law Reports, and
odd issues of Canadian Bar Review and other periodicals.
Crease, Davey, Lawson, Davis, Gordon & Baker (Victoria): miscellaneous
collection of legal literature.
Curtis, Dean George F.: selections from the Encyclopedia of Social
Department of Justice (Ottawa): draft criminal code and report of Royal
Commission on Revision of Criminal Code.
Gregory, Mr. Alan S.: periodicals and books.
Herbert, H. F., Esq., C.A.: partial file of Canadian Chartered Accountant.
Kapak, Mr. W. P. (Nelson): large number of books.
Kirke-Smith, Mr. W.: Canada Law Reports, 1951.
Librarian of Carleton College (Ottawa): collection of provincial statutes
and nominate reports.
Macdonald, A. A., Esq., Q.C: volumes 17-19 (incomplete) of Australian
Law Journal.
McGechan,   Dean R.  O.  (Wellington,  N.Z.):  Statutes of New Zealand,
unbound,  1949 and 1950.
Maclnnes, Mrs. G. L.: B. C. and Canadian Statutes; unbound issues of
Canadian Bar Review.
Maclnnes,   Dr.   Isabel:   copies of Canada   Law   Reports,   Canadian   Bar
Review, and Advocate.
Pennington, R. A., Esq., C.B.E.: two copies of Public and Private Acts of
B.C.,  1951  (second session) and  1952.
Queen's Printer (Fredericton): New Brunswick Statutes, 1952.
Queen's Printer (Regina): Statutes of Saskatchewan,   1951   (second session) and 1952.
Queen's Printer (Winnipeg): Manitoba Statutes, 1952.
Scott, Dr. W. R.: old legal documents from Nova Scotia.
Sloan,   The   Hon.   Chief  Justice:   Report   of  the   Commissioner  of   the
Workmen's Compensation Board,  1 952.
Sochasky, Mr. M. I.: rare law books.
Survey of the Legal Profession (Boston): book on Bar Examinations and
Admission to the Bar.
Swedborg, Mr. E. W. (Portland, Ore.): map on the judicial system of the
United States.
University of Alberta Library: Alberta Statutes, 1915, 1922; North-West
Territories Ordinances for 1888.
Walker, Mr. William: miscellaneous collection of B.C. Reports, Canada
Law Reports, and Canadian Bar Review.
Anthropological Museum
Arneil, Mr. William S.: copper bowl, probably of North West Coast
Indian origin.
Beecher, Mr. F. (Sidney): six very fine tiny baskets of Pacific and North
West Coast area, additions to those already donated and known
as "The Beecher Collection".
Fyfe-Smith, Mrs. J.: series of fifteen Oceanic baskets and fifteen tropical
Hutton, Mrs. Charlein: collection of Costa Rican cast gold ornaments:
pre-Columbian (for permanent loan), valued at $3,000.
Lamb, Mr. H. Mortimer: Japanese temple carving.
Sully, Miss Barbara (North Caulfeild): over one hundred baskets from
North West Coast and Pacific area.
Arnold,   Mr.   Thomas   (Montreal):   framed   copy  of  the  Mausoleum of
Halicamassus, and a number of books on Art and Architecture.
Ferguson, Mr. R. S.: twenty-six copies of National Building Code.
Grieve, Mr. John: fifteen copies of the A.I.S.C, Steel Handbook for use
in classes.
Tittley, Mr. J. O. (Montreal): twenty-six booklets on design and control
of concrete mixtures.
Watson, Mr. J. F.: large number of architectural periodicals.
Merck and Co. (Montreal): cortisone; cortone acetate saline suspension.
Merck and  Co.   (Rahway,   N.J.):   cortisone  and   hydrocortisone;   ACTH
Biology and Botany
Associated Concentrates (Woodside, New York): granulestin for hypertension research.
Stanton, Mr. G. S. (Belleville, Ont.): loan of Redler Conveyor and accessories valued at $3,500, for an indefinite period.
Community and Regional Planning
Maple Ridge Council: payment of expenses up to $400 for printing and
publishing of planning survey of Maple Ridge.
Electrical Engineering
British Columbia Electric Railway Company: annual membership in
CI.G.R.E. (International Conference on Large Electric Systems)
for 1952.
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc: books.
Thirwell, Mr. H. L.: a number of books on forestry.
Geology and Geography
Aho, Mr. Aaro (Berkeley, Calif.): valuable suite of rocks and ores with
maps and descriptions.
Burnett, Mr. W. B.: suite of valuable minerals—gold, cosalite, etc.
Gillanders, Dr. E. B. (Edmonton): large collection of uranium ores from
Eldorado Mine, Port Radium, N.W.T., and Ave and Fay Mines,
Athabasca District, Saskatchewan.
Guiget, Mr. Marcel (Wells): specimen of cosalite crystals.
McKechnie, Mr.: tin and tungsten specimens from Yukon Tungsten Corporation property.
Nichols, Mr. C. P. (Salmon Arm): large collection of minerals and fossils.
Hseuh-Chih, Dr. Wei (Consul-General of the Republic of China, on behalf
of his Government): seventy varieties of Cattleya Orchids.
Casselman, Mrs. V. D.: sixteen books "Famous Composers and their
Graduating Class in Pharmacy, 1952: book-stand.
13 Physics
Jorgenson, the late Carl: astronomical hobby equipment including 6"
reflector and Schmidt Camera, complete with mount; 4" refractor,
complete with finder; 3" refractor with finder; small microscope
and miscellaneous filters, eyepieces, etc.; also journals.
Slavonic Studies
Malkin, Mrs. Philip: collection of books on Russia.
University Extension
J. I. Case and Company (Racine, Wisconsin): film and film strips valued
at $700.
Fee, A/rs. A. H.: collected papers of the late Dr. A. R. Fee.
Jones, Mr. Philip A. (Vernon): 33 western butterflies in individual glass
Leech, Mr. H. B. (San Francisco): three monographs on spiders and one
on land snails.
Tait, Mr. Hamish: outstanding sample of termite damage to massive
structural timbers in Vancouver.
Tout, Mr. Geoffrey (Lowestoft): lanclets from the Dogger Bank.
Horrockses  (Canada)   Limited:   presentation copy of  recently published
history of the Company.


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