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May 1st, 1947 to May 1st, 1948
The following gifts, grants and bequests donated this year are announced for the
first time. The official list of Prizes, Scholarships, Bursaries, etc., which were
donated in previous years are given in detail in the University Calendar.
Atomic Energy Commission:
to the Department of Physics for construction of Van de Graaff
Generator     $32,500.00
B.C. Forest Products Limited:
for expenses of research work in forest entomology ,        1,000.00
British Columbia Electric Railway Company Limited:
to the  Department of Mechanical and  Electrical  Engineering
for special research equipment J  600.00
British Columbia Research Council:
to the Department of Physics for research on air conditioners
and the electrical analogues calculator        1,000.00
Geological Society of America:
to the Department of Geology and Geography for research
work in plant and sub-surface geology       4,000.00
National Cancer Institute:
to the  Department of  Physics for research on the effects of
radiations from tracers on tissue        1,500.00
National  Defence  Research Board:
to the  Department of Physics
(a) investigation   into the  problem   of   using   non-linear
capacities for mixing at ultra-high frequencies       2,650.00
(b) investigation of noise of semi-conductors with special
reference to  crystal diodes       4,700.00
(c) project  on   microwave   spectroscopy   at   one   centimetre wave length       2,000.00
(d) establishment    of    a    nuclear    physics    "techniques
laboratory"      10,000.00
(e) development of a system of control of a field produced by an electro-magnet        1,500.00
National Research Council:
to the Department of Physics
(a) Synthetic Rubber Programme—Continuation of present work        6,750.00
(b) Chalk River Atomic Energy Research  Programme:
(i.)     ion source development         1,750.00
(ii.)    disintegration   schemes   and   energy   levels  of
radio-active isotopes         2,279.00
(c) General Research Programme
(i.)     biophysical research on amino acids       2,000.00
(ii.)    raman and infra-red spectrum       2,800.00
(iii.)   nuclear  magnetic   moments        1,275.00
(d) Geophysics
distortion of audio-frequency electro-magnetic fields
by electrical conductor        1,000.00
(e) Bursaries        6,300.00
(f) Studentships       5,250.00 National Research Council:
Grants-in-aid to members of staff
Department of Botany        1,400.00
Department of Chemistry       4,000.00
Department of Dairying        1,800.00
Department of Mining and Metallurgy        1,700.00
Department of Physics      14,120.00
Department of Zoology        1,850.00
National Research Council:
to the Department of Chemistry from Chalk River Laboratories
(a) for rubber investigation       2,000.00
(b) apparatus valued  at       2,000.00
Safeway Stores Limited, in co-operation with the Empress Manufacturing Company, Vancouver,  and the Fraser Valley Growers',
Mission,  B.C. for study of the small fruits industry       2,000.00
Vancouver Milk Distributors' Association:
for milk cost survey        1,600.00
Victoria  Pasteurized  Milk Distributors':
for milk cost survey  400.00
Architectural Institute of British Columbia:
to the Department of Architecture for the purpose of equipping a model-making and testing department  800.00
Estate of the late Hugo Brash:
bequest to the Faculty of Agriculture and the Department of
of Animal Husbandry, for work and equipment        1,000.00
Canadian Pharmaceutical Association:
to the Department of Pharmacy for the purchase of material or
special equipment for a Pharmacy Library  500.00
Hillel  Foundation, Vancouver Lodge No. 668, B'nai B'rith:
for a study hut on the campus       4,000.00
Pharmaceutical  Manufacturing  Firms:
gifts of supplies to the Department of Pharmacy approximately      2,000.00
Provincial Department of Agriculture:
for the purchase of equipment for work in Dairy Technology.... 952.00
British Columbia Packers, Limited:
for continuation of work in the Course on Fisheries       7,500.00
Estate of the late Mrs. Anne S. Campbell:
$26,800.00 for needy students who show leadership; and to
assist in the establishment of a Faculty of Medicine with power
to use portions thereof for providing equipment to improve
the Pre-Medical Courses     26,800.00
Dominion  Department of Fisheries:
increase in grant for the Adult Education Programme for
Fishermen directed by the Extension Department       5,000.00
Dominion Government Grant:
for the Department of Social Work (1947-48)      10,166.40
Mr. Robert Fiddes:
$5,000.00 a year for ten years for a Chair of Music—third
instalment       5,000.00
Vancouver Board of Trade, Advertising and Sales Bureau:
for the course in Advertising conducted by the Department of
Commerce,  (1947-48)       1,000.00
donation towards the work in Slavonic Studies  100.00
Alaska  Pine Sales, Limited:
through Mr. Walter J. Koerner—to establish the "Otto Koerner Memorial Trust Fund", the interest on which is to be used
for the purchase of books and materials for music and fine arts    25,000.00
Class of Arts '22:
to be held in trust for some special purpose  307.28
University Chapter, Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire:
transfer of funds from the "University Chapter, I.O.D.E. Loan
Fund for Women" to a new account for the establishment and
operation of a University Art Centre          2,500.00
Mary L. Bollert Loan Fund:
Donation from the Misses Florence and Grace Bollert..  500.00
Donation from women graduates of the University of British
Columbia to establish a loan fund for women students to
honour the memory of the late Dean Bollert  600.00
Law Society of British Columbia—Memorial Endowment Fund:
the interest from the fund to purchase works on legal history,
political theory, etc., not usually purchased for law libraries
—for the Faculty of Law       3,000.00
Helen Gregory McGill Student Loan  Fund:
to initiate the fund from the Phi  Delta  Delta  Legal Sorority to
assist women students in  Law or Social Work    140.00
Mr. H. R. MacMillan, C.B.E.:
for the Forestry Loan Fund—fifth instalment    500.00
Dr.   D.   F.  Stedman,  through   the  Ottawa   Branch   of the  Alumni
for the  University Loan Fund      500.00
Mrs. Douglas Stewart: For the President's Fund   200.00
Summer Session Student's Association Loan Fund:
for teachers in attendance at the Summer Session — 300.00
Vancouver Island Canadian Association for  Social Workers:
for the Social Work Students'  Fund    20.00
Mr. A. H.Williamson: For the  President's Fund  10.00
Anonymous: For the President's Fund    10.00
Anonymous: For the Home Economics Loan Fund  225.00
British Columbia Packers Limited:
fellowship for research and study in Fisheries,  1947-48        1,200.00
Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy:
two teaching fellowships of $300.00 each to assistants in Pharmacy,   1947-48      600.00
H. R. MacMillan Export Company, Limited:
two fellowships of $750.00 each for graduates in Forestry...        1,500.00
Sherritt-Gordon   Fellowship in  Metallurgy:
for a graduate in  the   Faculty of Applied Science in   Metallurgical Engineering, 1947-48        1,600.00
Estate of the late Alan Boag:
a scholarship awarded annually by the trustees of the  Estate
for an essay on Socialism      250.00
Automotive Transport Association of British Columbia:
scholarship in the Department of Commerce   150.00
3 British Columbia Daily Newspapers Association:
annual scholarship to a student in the Department of Commerce   _ -  200.00
Daniel Buchanan Scholarship:
an annual scholarship of $100.00 donated by members of the
Mathematics Department in recognition of Dean Buchanan's
leaching and research, for a student in the Department of
Mathematics    - ...-. 100.00
Canadian Forest Industries Scholarships:
two scholarships of $200.00 each awarded through the Forests
Insects Control Board, Ottawa, by the B.C. Loggers' Association and the B. C. Lumber and Shingle Manufacturers' Association for students in the Department of Forestry  400.00
Laura   Holland  Scholarship:
an annual scholarship of $100.00 for a student in Social Work,
donated through friends of Miss Holland  100.00
Kelly,  Douglas and Company, Limited:
The Nabob Scholarship in Food Technology, annual scholarship 300.00
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver Scholarship:
for a student in the Department of Commerce  150.00
Mr.  I. J. Klein:
gift of a trust fund to establish the N. Leo Klein Memorial
Scholarship $100.00 (formerly a bursary) on a permanent basis.
An annual award in the Department of Commerce       3,500.00
Estate of the late Mrs. Nancy Elizabeth Ryckman:
donation, for "Nancy Ryckman Scholarship" an annual
scholarship of $180.00 for students, men or women, who have
attended school in East Kootenay, B. C       6,297.79
Mr. W. J. H. Dicks, Sidney, B.C.:
trust fund of $5,000.00 established to provide the Geldart Ria-
dore Bursary    150.00
Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire Bursaries:
Admiral Jellicoe Chapter:
two bursaries of $50.00 each for veteran students    100.00
Sir Charles Tupper Chapter:
bursary for a teacher in the Summer Session.   50.00
Triple Entente Chapter:
two bursaries of $75.00 each for veteran students  150.00
Worthington  Memorial Chapter:
bursary for a veteran student :  100.00
Lady Laurier Club:
bursary for a woman student who has given war service  500.00
Mr. and  Mrs. J. Stanley McLean, Toronto, Ontario:
four bursaries of $250.00 each for students who live in remote
parts of the  Province   (Session   1947-48)        1,000.00
National  Paper Box Limited:
two bursaries of $200.00 each, one for a student in the Department of Commerce, and one for a student in the Faculty of
Agriculture    400.00
Rotary Club of Vancouver:
bursary to assist studenis taking the Social Work Course to
make a study of the housing and care of aged persons in the
City of Vancouver  300.00
Mr. Louis Toban:
bursary  to  a  student entering   Third   Year   of the course  in
Pharmacy  100.00
United Distillers Limited:
bursary for married veteran student with children  250.00
Vancouver Public Library Staff Association Bursary:
an annual bursary for a student  intending  to adopt librarian-
ship as a  profession..  150.00
The Architectural Institute of British Columbia:
annual   prize  to  student  in   the   Department  of Architecture,
prizes to consist of a medal and books.  200.00
B.C. Lumber Manufacturers' Association:
competition prizes $100.00; $75.00; $50.00, and $25.00 for
students in the Department of Architecture, for the best designs for a new Lumbermen's Arch in Stanley Park  250.00
B.C. Tree Fruits Limited,   Kelowna, B.C.:
three prizes to students in  Commerce for survey of the fruit
industry  300.00
Hewitt Bostock Memorial Lecture Prize:
for the best essay on the Bostock Lecture  25.00
The Canada Law Book Company  Prize:
annual book prize for students in the Faculty of Law	
The Chemical Institute of Canada Book Prizes:
two book prizes, $25.00 each, for students in the Department
of Chemistry  50.00
Mr. W. Dorbils:
annual prize for an essay on Canadian History  50.00
Entomological Society of the Province of B.C.:
annual book prize for a student in Zoology   15.00
Mr. C. D. Houghland:
two annual prizes of $50.00 each for students in  Pharmacy  100.00
Mr. W. N. Kelly:
prize for   Mechanical   Engineering  student   (similar  prize for
1948-49)  15.00
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver:
annual prize to accompany the Kiwanis Club Sold Medal  50.00
Law Society of British Columbia:
cash prize equivalent in value to the call and admission fee to
accompany the Gold  Medal in the Faculty of Law	
H. R. MacMillan  Export Company,  Limited:
second instalment of $750.00 to provide a fund of $2,250.00 for
prizes in  Forestry  750.00
Northern  Peat Moss Company, Limited:
prize for a student in Agriculture  (1947-48)  100.00
Vancouver Board of Trade, Transportation and Customs Bureau:
three prizes of $75.00 each, in the Department of Commerce
(1947-48)   225.00
two cash prizes for the  Department of Home Economics, one
of $50.00 and one for $25.00  75.00
B. C. Teachers' Federation   Scholarship:
increased from $50.00 to $100.00 annually  100.00
International Brotherhood of Pulp, Sulphite and Paper Mill Workers'
Local 312,  Ocean   Falls,  B.C.:
scholarship increased from $200.00 to $250.00  250.00
Summer Session Students' Association:
scholarship increased from $40.00 to $75.00 annually...  75.00
Timber Preservers Ltd.:
increase   in   prizes from   $135.00  to $180.00 annually by  the
addition of three  special  merit awards of $15.00  each to the
three prizes of $65.00, $45.00 and $25.00 respectively  180.00
Architectural Institute of British Columbia—medal for the Department of Architecture.
French Government—re-establishment of silver and bronze medal awards, scholarships and book prizes discontinued during the war.
Law Society of British Columbia—gold medal for the Faculty of Law.
University of British Columbia—silver medal for the Faculty of Arts and Science.
Mrs. C. B.  Archibald, for a set of "Eminent Personages" (London  1859).
Dr. Lloyd  Bolton  of   Santa   Clara,  California,  for   a   useful   collection  of  reports
and periodicals.
Dr. Charles E. Borden, for 50 volumes of miscellaneous literature.
Mr. R.J. Browning, for a collection of English architectural photographs.
Mr.   Isaac   Burpee   of   Portland,   Ore.,   for   books   presented   to  the   Howay-Reid
The Canadian   Embassy in Paris, for the   10-volume new edition  of "Le Chanson
de Roland".
Mr. W. A. Carlyle, for a collection of books relating to mining and  metallurgy.
Mrs.   Renee  H. Chipman of  Montreal,  for a collection of papers and manuscripts
from the  library of her father, the late  Lionel   Haweis.
Mr.  Arthur  Cobourn   for  sets   of   Carlyle,    Ruskin,   Motley   and   other   standard
The   Custodian   of   Enemy   Property   for  a   large   and   most  useful   miscellaneous
collection of German literature.
Mr. William  Dorbils,   for 350 volumes of  Canadiana   to be distributed  between
the Howay-Reid collection and the main library.
Mr. Henry Doyle, for a collection of periodicals including very rare early volumes
of the "National Geographic Magazine".
Mr. H.  L. Draper, of Haney, for a collection of texts and other works in the fields
of Commerce and   Economics.
Mr. J. W.  Eastham, for some 4000 books,  leaflets, pamphlets, etc., from  his own
library and from the library of the late J. K. Henry.
Prof. Walter   H.   Gage,  for a collection of  mathematical  publications  including
the  1829 edition of Jacobi's "Fundamenta Nova".
Dr. Lachlan Gilchrist of the University of Toronto, for a  1726 edition of Newton's
"Principia" and a copy of the "Elements of Euclid" published in 1714.
Mr. W. W. Lefeaux, for a set of the reports and  appendices of the  Rowell-Sirois
Mrs. G. G.  McGeer,  for correspondence files, briefs  and reports from  the library
of her husband, the late Senator G. G. McGeer.
Mr. D. A. McGregor, for the final instalment of a very large collection of cartoons
clipped from newspapers during the Second World War.
Mr. Lester McLennan of Richmond, Ca!., for items of Canadiana for the Howay-
Reid  collection.
Mr. H. R. MacMillan, for continuing grants to augment the H. R. MacMillan
collection in Forestry, and for several collections of old maps and charts
relating to Canada.
Mr. C. Winfield Matheson, for 8 volumes to be added to the William and Mary
Forbes contribution.
Mr. Albert Millar of Oliver, for periodical sets relating to petroleum.
The late Mr. Justice Murphy for a copy of "The Trial between James Annesley and
Richard, Earl of Anglesey"  (London,   1744).
The Provincial Library *nd Archives, Victoria, for the many books, documents, etc.,
sent to the Library during the year.
Mrs. Cecil O. Scott, for 350 volumes of genera! literature from the library of her
late husband.
Mr. Sydney Scott, for a collection of periodicals, University publications, and reports of the Institute of  Pacific  Relations.
Miss Julia Stockett, for books contributed to the recreational libraries supplied
to Acadia Camp and the  Fort Camp.
The University of Western Ontario for several volumes of "Grip" and other items
of Canadiana.
Vancouver Public  Library, for 20 volumes of general literature.
Vancouver Daily Province, for newspaper files and copies of B. A. McKelvie's
monographs entitled "Maquinna the Magnificent" and   "Fort Langley".
Vancouver Sun, for a back file of the B. C. Directory, and for a microfilm subscription to the paper itself.
Mr. Harry Wearne of Quick, for copies of Baker's monograph on "Calico Painting and Printing" and Bowdler-Sharpe's "Monograph of the Birds of Paradise".
Other gifts were received from: Mrs. W. E. Adams; B.C. Optometric Association;
B.C. Research Council; Canadian Institute of International Affairs; Canadian
Medical Association; Canadian Palestine Committee; National Council for
Canadian-Soviet Friendship; Canadian Welfare Council; Mr. Peter G. Castran;
Mr. D. M. Churchill; Dr. Dorothy Dallas; Mrs. W. Garland Foster; Dr. Joseph
Gibbs; Glasgow University Library; Mrs. Gordon D. Herbert, Kelowna; Rev.
P. J. Hettrick, O.M.I., Fort St. James; Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Hudson; Mr. W. J.
Irwin; Mr. A. Edgar Kidd; Dr. L. S. Klinck; Prof. Fred Lasserre; James F.
Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation, of Cleveland, Ohio; Mr. Walter J. Lind;
Major F. V. Longstaff, of Victoria; Mr. T. R. McCloy; Prof. L. A. MacKay;
Mr. William Mair; Miss Mona Morley; Mr. J. J. Morse, of Kamloops; Miss
Nora Neilson; Mr. D. W. Oswald; Mr. Jack Priest; Mrs. A. Pringle; Mr. K. Raht;
Library of the Royal Bank of Canada, Montreal; Library of the University of
Saskatchewan; Mr. E. Sewell; Mr. J. Sheffield; Dr. G. M. Shrum; Library of
Sir George Williams College, Montreal; Prof. F. H. Soward; Dr. G. F. G.
Stanley; Dr. W. H. Taylor, of Washington, D.C.; Mrs. William Ure; Vancouver
Poetry Society; Mr. W. Vellutini, of Trail; Dr. D. D. Vollan, of West Vancouver;
Dr. R. E. Waiters; Mr. Alfred Watts; Rev. J. Elmer Whelpley. GIFTS OF BOOKS TO THE LAW LIBRARY, FACULTY OF LAW
Mr. Baugh Allen, Ontario Law Reports and Manitoba Law Reports; also Western
Weekly Reports, etc.
Mr. A. H. Bain, B. C. Reports and Canada Law Reports.
Mr. H. R. Bray, English Reports Annotated  1866-1900.
Messrs. Bourne & Desbrisay, B. C. Reports.
Butterworth and Company, Fortnightly Law Journal Vol. 12, part 6.
Mr. J. Chalmers,   Hansard,   1947.
Mr. A. R. Clute, K.C., Nominate Reports and Law Journal Reports.
Mr. B. H. Tyrwhitt-Drake, B. C. Statutes.
Mr. George C. Crux, Miscellaneous and Canada Law Reports.
Mr. Thomas Elliott of B. C. Yukon Chamber of Mines, Miscellaneous.
Mrs. R. W. Hartley, Textbooks.
Law Society of British Columbia, Statutes Canada.
Messrs. McDougall, Morrison & Justley, Canada Bar Review.
Mrs. G. G. McGeer, British Hansards, and miscellaneous
Mrs. Jessie McGill, Corpus Juris.
The Hon. Ian Mackenzie, a complete set of Hansard, volumes for the past several
Senator McKeen, House of Commons and Senate Debates, Proceedings, etc.
Mr. N. T. Nemetz, California Code.
Powell River Corp., Powell River, (R. H. Scanton), Statutes of B.C.; Statutes of
Canada,  etc.
Mr. F. D. Pratt, Dominion Law Reports, etc.
Mr. A. Bruce Robertson, Common Law Reports.
Mr. H. Smilie, various Statutes and textbooks.
Mr. David Spencer, case books and  Reports.
Judge J. D. Swanson Estate, Reports, Digests, Canada  Law Journal and textbooks.
Mr. R. H. Tupper, boxes of books and papers.
Mr. George H. R. Turner, textbook.
University of Toronto, four textbooks.
Anonymous, British Columbia Reports and Canada Bar Review, Halsbury Laws
of England 1st Edition, Canada Year Book, Statutes, miscellaneous Old Statutes, Nominate  Reports, textbooks.
Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island Fur Breeders' Associations, fifty mink valued
at $1,500.00 to $2,000.00.
Marwell Construction Company,  special  journals and   technical  books  valued   at
Mr. Bayard O. Iverson, Kimberley, B.C., skull of grizzly bear.
Mr. G. H. Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Ontario, asimina triloba (Young trees).
Seeds and Specimens:
CANADA Central  Experimental  Farm, Ottawa
Dr. M. Y.Williams, Churchill
ENGLAND Royal  Botanic Gardens, Kew
IRELAND Howth Demesne Gardens,  Dublin
Botanic  Gardens,   Glasnevin,  Dublin
FRANCE Musee National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris
HOLLAND Botanical Garden, Amsterdam
SWITZERLAND Botanical Garden, University, Basel
SWEDEN Botanical Garden, Gothenburg
FINLAND Botanical  Garden of the  University Helsinki, Suomi
PORTUGAL Jardin Botanique, Faculte des Sciences, Lisbon
REPUBLIC Gardin   Botanico "Carlos Thays", Buenos Aires
Bond   Dealers' Association,  industrial manual, supplements thereto, and binder.
Professor A. B. Recknagel, a series of oil paintings by Canadian Artists of typical
scenes in the logging  and  milling  industry.
Mr. John C. Chalmers, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma;  a collection
of labelled fossils.
Mr. Douglas, specimen of halite and sylvite from Willkie, Sask.
Mr.  F. Ebbutt, specimen of aikenite from Cobalt, Ontario.
Mr. A. Ede, specimen of yukonite.
Dr. Foshag, specimen of livingstonite (U. S. National Museum).
Dr. M. H. Frohberg, several telluride specimens from Eastern Canada.
Mr. W. R. Jones, suite of copper minerals from   Peru; suite of tungsten ore from
Emerald Mine, Salmo,  B. C.
Mr. J. Lamb, several suites of Slocan ores.
Mr. H.  Reinbold, suite of minerals from Black Hills, South Dakota.
Mr. K.  Roberts, several  native copper nuggets from Dezadeash Area, Yukon.
Major E. D. Taylor, suite of zeolite minerals from Goose Creek, Va.
Dr. R. M. Thompson,   several   nickel sulphides from  Food  Mine, Sudbury; several
copper arsenides from  Mohawk River, Mich.
University of Mexico, suite of Mexican minerals.
University of Stockholm, Sweden: suite of iron and lead bismuth minerals.
Dr. H. V. Warren: Indian artifacts from near Kleena Kleene, B. C.
Mr. Frank Whiting: suite of bismuth tellurides from Good Hope Mine, Hedley, B. C.
Mrs. Charles Milne,  California, in  memory of her sister Mrs.  Peter McNaughton:
a  damask tablecloth  and a cash donation  of $100.00.
Mrs.  F.   E.   Burke:   collection  of books,   pamphlets,  and  clippings  on   Ornamental
Dominion   Experimental  Station,  Summerland,   B.C.:  shipments of fruit  specimens
of pears, apples and grapes for systematic study.
Dominion   Experimental  Station,  Saanichton,   B.C.:  fruit specimens  for systematic
Dominion  Department of Agriculture,   Provincial   Department of Agriculture,   The
B.C. Co-operative Seed Association,  Brackman-Ker Milling Co.: contributions
toward the cost of the Vegetable Seed Trial Project.
Mr. J. W. Eastham: Collection of Seeds and Nuts; also collection of miscellaneous -
pamphlets of historical interest.
Mr. W. H.  Robertson,   Provincial   Horticulturist, Victoria,   B.C.,  and district horticulturist and field men: fifteen boxes of fruit variety specimens for systematic
Precise Engineering Limited, Vancouver,  B.C.: a cylinder pressure gauge.
Dr. Gustav Schilder, Vancouver,  B.C.: X-ray Transformer  Rectifier and Controls.
Union   Steamship   Company,  Vancouver,   B.C.:   a   Plan   Position   indicating   Type
Radar Set.   U. S. Navy Model SO-8.
Al Steel and Iron Foundry Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.: set of Gamma-ray negatives of
casting inspections.
Britannia Mining and Smelting Co. Ltd., Britannia Beach, B.C.: 300 pounds of
grinding balls.
Late W. A. Carlyle: library of mining and metallurgical books.
Denver Equipment Company,   Denver,   Colorado:  Denver  Mineral  jig.
Professor H. M. Howard: Fahrenwald Laboratory Flotation Cell.
International Nickel Company of Canada, Limited, Copper Cliff, Ontario: portable spot-testing equipment; set of samples showing industrial uses of nickel
and nickel alloys; set of technical  bulletins for the metallurgical library.
Sherritt Gordon Mines, Limited, Sherridon, Manitoba: gas reducers; Electrolytic
cell; Pachuca tank.
Vancouver Iron Works, Limited, Vancouver, B. C: X-ray negatives to illustrate weld
inspection methods.
Westland Iron and Steel Foundries Limited: graphite blocks and rods for laboratory melting equipment;  Gamma-ray   negatives for  laboratory instruction.
Merck and Company, Limited, Montreal, Que., through Mr. J. Rosin: Merck Index,
Manual of Therapeutics and Materia Medica and Reagent Chemical and
Mrs. Alice Cooper, Parksville, B. C: a large collection of books and periodicals.
Anonymous: numerous books and periodicals.
DK and Mrs. A. W. Bowles, New Westminster, B.C.: a text-book of Entomology.
Mr. E. R. Buckell, Kamloops, B. C: I 142 vials of B.C. Odonata with complete card
map distributional records; 1800 card index references of The Canadian
Canadian  Industries Ltd.,  New Westminster: samples of new insecticides.
Miss M. Dozell,  Prince  Rupert: a rare cave cricket.
Mr. W. Downes, Victoria: identification of thousands of Homoptera to species.
Mr. J. W. Eastham and Mr. W. Eastham, Vancouver: Entomological literature.
Mr. O. French, Blue  River: Ectoparasites of mammals.
Dr. K. Graham, Sault Ste. Marie: a large collection of Diptera.
Mr. James Grant, Vernon: Ectoparasites of birds.
Mr. Rex Hayes, Courtenay: Ectoparasites of beaver.
Hercules Powder Co., Wilmington,   Delaware: samples of new insecticides.
Mr. G. R. Hopping, Vernon: many adult and immature stages of Coleoptera, identified to species.
Julius Hyman & Co., Denver, Colo.: samples of new insecticides.
Mr. Hugh B. Leech, Vernon: many Coleoptera identified to species; much entomological literature.
Mr. W. Mathers, Vernon: a collection of Lepidoptera.
Dr. F. O. Morrison, Macdonald College, Que.: economic Insects.
Mr. J. A. Munro, Okanagan Landing: Ectoparasites of birds, identification of bird
Dr. M. Y. Williams, Vancouver: Ectoparasites of birds and mammals.
Mr. J. Wynne, Vernon: Ectoparasites of birds.
Mr. J. Yarwood, Vancouver: Ectoparasites of birds and mammals.
Other Invertebrates:
Mr. Hugh  B. Leech, Vernon: fresh water Crustacea.
Mr. R. W. Pillsbury, Vancouver: marine invertebrates.
Messrs. Carl and Michael Ray, Vancouver: tarantula.
Mr. T. F. Smith, North Vancouver: marine Mollusca.
Mrs. A. J. T. Taylor, Vancouver: collection of limpets.
Dr. T. W. M. Cameron and the Institute of Parasitology, Macdonald College, Que.:
collection of reprint literature of Parasitology.
Dr.  I. McT. Cowan, Vancouver:   a large  collection  of internal   parasites  of B. C.
mammals and birds.
Mr. H. D. Fisher, Vancouver: Parasites of the seal.
Mr. David Fowle, Toronto: slides of blood parasites of birds.
Mr. H. Godfrey, Vancouver: Parasites of the whitefish.
Mr.  Charles  Guiguet, Vancouver:   Endoparasites  of birds   and   mammals of the
Queen Charlotte Islands.
Mr. W. B. M. Hick, Vancouver: Parasites of cohoe salmon.
Mr. E. D. MacLean, Vancouver: Endoparasites of turkey.
Prof. R. B. Miller, University of Alberta, Edmonton: slides and preserved specimens
of various stages of the prairie fish worm.
Miss lola Musfeldt, Vancouver: slides of muskrat worms.
Prof. G. J. Spencer, Vancouver: collection of worms from   B. C.  fish,   birds and
Mr. John Tener, Vancouver: collection of parasites from ducks.
Prof.   H. J. VanCleave,  University of  Illinois: slides of identified thorny-headed
II Fish
Dr. C. M. Breder, New York: Specimens of blind fish.
California Academy of Sciences, San  Francisco: barracuda, leopard shark, sting
ray, flying fish, shark sucker, electric ray.
Mr. H. W. Chang, Institute of Zoology, Shanghai: specimens of Chinese fishes.
Dominion Department of Fisheries, Vancouver: salmon and salmon eggs.
Fisheries Experimental Station, Vancouver: samples of fish oils and fats.
W. B. M. Hick, Vancouver: specimens of marine fishes.
Provincial Game Commission, Vancouver: trout fingerlings.
United States National Museum, Washington: angler fish.
Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver: specimens of marine fishes.
Western Chemicals, Vancouver: samples of pilchard and herring oils.
Mr. G. V. Wilby, North Vancouver: specimens of marine fishes.
Birds and Mammals
R. E. Allan, Vancouver: specimens of wood duck.
A. F. Gill, Princeton: I mountain lion.
Edward Goodall, Victoria: 22 birds from British Guiana.
James Hatter, Vancouver: specimens  (3) of white pelican.
L. Jobin, Williams Lake: 6 specimens of rock rabbit.
P. W. Martin, Vancouver: specimens of Sabine Gull, Heerman Gull, Xantus mur-
relet, red phalarope, northern phalarope, and magpie.
H. D. Mulligan, North Vancouver: specimens of rough-legged hawk, northwestern
crow and several ducks for study.
J. A. Munro, Okanagan Landing: specimens of Ross goose.
Kenneth Racey, Vancouver: specimens of brown thrasher.
R. M. Stewart, MasserU-6 specimens of Queen Charlotte Pine Grosbeak, 2 sharp-
tailed sandpipers.
Vancouver Parks Board, Vancouver: birds and mammals.
Mr. H. R. MacMillan, C.B.E.: gift of silk screen reproductions.
Dr. Lawren Harris: gift of mouldings for the framing of silk screen reproductions,
donated by  Mr. MacMillan.
National   Research  Council: a German Glider donated  to the University  Glider
Anonymous: $5,000.00 for the purchase of Totem Poles for the University of British


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