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UBC Publications

UBC Publications

Creative giving 1972

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I regard the UBC as an institution which has a greater potential than
any other for making a contribution to the future of the population
of this Province.
With best wishes,
H. R. MacMillan
I make this donation on behalf of my sons, Rene, who graduated
from medicine last year, and Stephen, who is continuing his geology
course; and in recognition of the splendid education the university
has given them, which equals the best that could be obtained in
any other university. I am privileged to be able to do this little bit
to help the university maintain its excellence.
Please apply the donation where it will do the most good.
Yours sincerely,
Edward F. Weir.
The University owes much of its stature to private gifts.
Research, special teaching projects, scholarships, prizes and bursaries have been supported by individual benefactors, alumni, firms,
students, foundations and associations. Many of the major buildings, as well as a wide variety of other projects, serve as testimony
to the generosity of those who helped to build UBC.
The basic support of the University is provided by fees and by
the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada.
The excellence of the education it offers, however, depends in part
on financial assistance received from friends. Gifts have been made
anonymously, directly, in memory of relatives, in honour of friends
and by bequest. Many alumni and a number of other donors contribute annually. During the year benefactors donated $5,581,787.
The University is deeply grateful to those who have given such
generous support and also thanks the many volunteers who have
helped generate gifts.
This brochure does not include the names of donors to the
Alumni Fund. Provincial and Federal grants are recorded in other
With twelve faculties, eight schools and seven institutes, the
University's needs are many and varied. Support is welcome in every
area of teaching, research and capital development; and money for
the assistance of students is essential. As the needs of the University
change over the years, we welcome the opportunity to discuss with
donors the form their support might take. No gift is too small —
and none too large.
The University Resources Council
Enquiries: A. T. Adams, Executive Secretary, University Resources Council,
The University  of British  Columbia,   Vancouver 8,  B.C.  Tel.:  228-3917. SOURCES AND DESIGNATIONS OF GIFTS
The University wishes to express gratitude to donors in a
variety of ways.
If you do not receive UBC Reports or the UBC Alumni
Chronicle we will be pleased to place you on the mailing lists.
You may wish to have information regarding a specific teaching or research programme, faculty or department; or the advice of
one of our many experts useful in seeking sources of information
or answers to problems.
The results of research conducted at the University are freely
available and we are eager that they should be of the widest benefit.
A variety of excellent facilities are available to the general
public for conferences, social functions, workshops and seminars.
They cater for ten or a thousand persons and are backed by food,
accommodation and programming services.
The magnificent site, the beauty of the campus and the varied
activities of its community make UBC an outstanding place to visit.
We will be happy to help you guide a friend or conduct a tour.
Sources outside Canada donated $377,924 of the $5,581,787 received.
From 1915 to 31 March, 1972
This bar graph shows that private gifts have been the second largest source of funds for
construction since the University opened its doors.
Province of
British Columbia
Government of
Canada and
Federal Agencies
Enterprises and
General Funds
Private Gifts
(including Students
$5.5 Milion) ALMA   MATER   SOCIETY
□ ffice nr     PRESIDENT	
Student Union Building, Univanity of British Columbia
August, 1972
On behalf of the students I would like to thank all the many friends
of the University who have contributed so generously to all aspects of the
I am happy to report that today's students follow the fine tradition
of their predecessors. The student body is presently repaying a $3,500,000
debt incurred to construct the Student Union Building. Student participation
was a very significant factor in the fund raising campaign for the recently
completed Geology Building. In that project the student campaign was the
only one to exceed its target. In the coming year it is my fervent hope that
the students can once again be called upon to contribute to the campaign to
construct a new covered pool at U.B.C.
The student attitude at U.B.C. has been and continues to be best
expressed by our motto:
Tuum Est
/Jlfi^f £cy^-^^
j/Uoug Aldridge^
N. A. M. Mackenzie Scholarships  $ 22,400.00
Alumni Bursary Fund  20,400.00
J. B. MacDonald Bursaries  5,600.00
Wesbrook Memorial Lectureships  1,000.00
Daniel Young Scholarship (U.S.A.)  500.00
California Alumni Scholarship (U.S.A.)  500.00
N. A. M. Mackenzie Scholarships (U.S.A.)    .... 5,000.00
Nursing Scholarship Fund  1,663.40
C. C. Rickoff Fund   (U.S.A.)  2,656.00
F. Hartley Bursary (U.S.A.)  1,000.00
Geology Building Fund  48,255.00
Agriculture Building Fund  7,126.75
President's Alumni Fund  15,101.10
Men's Athletic Committee  3,687.70
Women's Athletic Committee  2,500.00
"Reaching Out"  2,800.00
Fine Arts  1,000.00
Medical Undergraduate Society  194.00
Badminton Training Project  200.00
Undergraduate Dental Journal  400.00
International House  2,500.00
Women's Study Course  3,000.00
Urban Vehicle Design Competition  2,000.00
History Department Audio-Visual  440.00
Education Students "Incubus"  480.00
Education Students' Lounge  420.00
UBC Bicycle Club  100.00
Fort Camp Special Yearbook  800.00
Community College Study   ,  3,000.00
Canadian Culture Series Fund  400.00
University Visitations '72  400.00
U.B.C. Thunderbird Sports Centre  200.00
U.B.C. CVYR Station  766.50
International Geographical Union Delegation .    .    . 500.00
U.B.C. Forester Publication  250.00
Latin American Studies  750.00
Libraries  6,294.90
Cecil Green Park  1,500.00
Special Rowing Fund  9,045.00
Faculty and Class Projects  9,416.70
Reserve for Interim Recommendations  42,348.95
Total Allocations  226,596.00
Other Gifts from Alumni to U.B.C  89,658.00
Three Universities Capital Fund Donations
from Alumni  3,479.00
Total Disbursements and Allocations  319,733.00 UBC ALUMNI FUND
1972 -1973
Mr. Donald MacKay  Chairman
Mr. Kenneth L. Brawner .... Past Chairman
Mr. M. Keith Douglass  Chairman, Allocations Committee
Mr. Mike Rohan  Vice-Chairman, Phonathon
Mrs. Frederick Field  President, UBC Alumni Association
Mr. Don Currie  Treasurer, UBC Alumni Association
Mr. Alfred T. Adams  Resources Council Representative
Mr. Harry Franklin  Executive Director, UBC Alumni Association
Mr. Clive Cocking  Chronicle Editor, UBC Alumni Association
Mr. Ian C. Malcolm  Director, UBC Alumni Fund
1972 - 1973
Mr. Francis M. Johnston
Mr. Stanley T. Arkley .
Mr. Robert J. Boroughs
Mrs. }. Ottenberg . . .
Mr. Frederick L. Brewis
Mr. Cliff Mathers . . .
Dr. Richard A. Montgomery
. President
. Vice-President
. Treasurer
. Director
. Director
. Director
. Director
1971 - 1972
The campaign began in October 1971 and reached a pledge total of
$185,000 by 31 March, 1972, towards the $500,000 fund goal.
Support has come from a very wide cross section of individuals and
corporations with an interest in the industry. The students' by referendum,
are giving 100% donation support. The University is grateful to the outstanding team of volunteers leading the Fund.
The Fund, and the University's allocation of $512,000, will provide
experimental plots, greenhouses, storage for equipment, and units for beef
cattle, dairy cattle, poultry, sheep and mink.
Mr. R. A. Blair
Mr. B. Chance
Dr. M. F. Clarke
Dean Emeritus F. H. Clement
Mr. H. Cornwall
Mr. J. Diamond
Dean Emeritus B. A. Eagles
Mr. I. F. Greenwood
Mr. C. W. Jaggs
Mr. T. Louie
Mr. V. F. MacLean
Mr. R. I. Ross
Mr. V. V. Spencer
Mr. A. B. Staples
The Hon. C. Wallace
Mr. C. N. Woodward
The Hon. C. M. Shelford, Honorary Chairman
Mr. R. M. Hungerford, Co-Chairman
Mr. G. J. Okulitch, Co-Chairman
Mr. J. R. Armstrong
Mr. T. Cohen
Mr. G. H. Reifel
Mr. J. G. Rose
Dean M. Shaw
Mr. D. W. Stewart
Mr. A. W. Wilson
Mr. G. J. Blair
Mr. H. Capozzi
Mr. D. Carson
Mr. H. A. Clee
Mr. L. A. Dagg
Mr. J. Diamond
Mr. G. A. Drew
Mr. L. J. Friesen
Mr. J. E. Gage
Dr. W. C. Gibson
Mr. R. H. Gram
Mr. J. Gray
Mr. I. F. Greenwood
Mr. R. T. Hager
Mr. N. E. Holbek
Mr. E. Morgan
Mr. M. Power
Mr. G. H. Reifel
Mr. W. S. Ritchie
Mr. J. G. Rose
Mr. R. Stace-Smith
Mr. D. M. Stewart
Mr. I. T. Leslie (deceased)   Mr. H. R. Whittall
At 15 September, 1972, pledge total had reached $427,000
A most successful fund drive, under the chairmanship of Dr. Aaro E.
Aho, was launched in January 1970 and achieved some $2,000,000. Donations came from corporations, friends of the University, and alumni, students
and faculty of the Department of Geological Sciences. The Board of Governors allocated $930,000 from Provincial capital grants towards the building.
The fine teamwork by the architect, the faculty and UBC's Department
of Physical Plant resulted in the building of a functional and most economic
facility. A saving of $28,000 in moving costs was affected by the students,
technicians and faculty undertaking the moving of a considerable amount of
furniture and equipment.
The Centre, opened on 25 April, 1972, makes available undergraduate
laboratories for students in Geology and Geophysics and common facilities
for the Department of Geological Sciences, notably a reading room, museum,
machine shops, seminar rooms, and a students' lounge. Major items of equipment are still required for graduate and faculty research facilities on the third
floor. Wings containing offices for the teaching staff and graduate students
will be added at an early date and financed by a special additional allocation
of $500,000 by the Board of Governors. The broad aim of the project is to
bring together, in one part of the campus, those disciplines concerned with
the earth sciences. Geophysics, Metallurgy and Soil Science are already
located in adjacent permanent buildings; Mineral Engineering, Oceanography
and Civil Engineering are awaiting new structures.
The combined resources of eight faculties and departments will establish
the University of British Columbia as one of the world's leading centres for
instruction and research in earth sciences.
31 March, 1972
Plans for a Law Building Fund of $500,000 to supplement a $3 million
allocation by the University for a new law building were completed by the
end of the fiscal year under review.
The Fund co-chairmen are: Mr. R. W. Bonner, Q.C. and Mr. A. B. B.
Carrothers, Q.C.
* At 15 September, 1972, the pledge total had reached $332,000
Since 1928 the University has been advised of a beneficial interest in
183 wills, known amounts in 147 cases totalling $22,885,172. In addition,
the University has received a variety of bequests-in-kind including property,
books, paintings, artifacts, skulls, and stamps.
Potential benefactors will find that their lawyer, trust officer, accountant
or estate planner will have on file advices relating to the needs of the University. The Committee will be pleased to send newsletters and information to
friends of UBC.
The Hon. H. C. Green - Chairman
Mr. J. N. Bell
Mr. P. R. Brissenden
Mr. J. A. Broadbent
Mr. J. M. Buchanan
Mr. A. J. Ellis
Mr. D. L. Johnson
The Hon. Mr. Justice A. E. Lord
Mr. W. H. Mowat
Mr. R. H. Tupper
Mr. R. S. Whyte
The Hon. Chief Justice J. O. Wilson
Mr. F. M. Johnston
The Hon. Mr. Justice N. T. Nemetz - Chancellor
Dr. W. H. Gage - President
Dr. A. J. McClean - Dean of Law
Mr. A. T. Adams - Executive Secretary, Resources Council
Mr. A. Baxter - Treasurer, Department of Finance
Mr. H. H. Hallett - Assistant Executive Secretary, Resources Council
Mr. I. C. Malcolm - Director, Alumni Fund
Mr. K. C. MacKenzie - Chairman
Mr. L. Amighetti
Mr. W. S. Armstrong
Mr. C. P. Daniels
Mr. O. C. Dolan
Mr. G L. Leigh-Spencer
Mr. E. T. Linnell
Mr. J. M. Maclntyre - Professor, Faculty of Law
The function of the Resources Council is to advise the Board of Governors regarding private funds for the University. It also encourages and assists
volunteers and faculty in the raising of funds.
Mr. A. F. Armstrong - Chairman
President and Managing Director,
Scott Paper Limited.
Mr. H. R. Whittall - Vice-Chairman
Richardson Securities of Canada.
Mr. A. T. Adams - Executive Secretary
Resources Council, UBC.
Mr. H. H. Hallett - Assistant Executive Secretary
Resources Council, UBC.
Mr. R. G. Bentall, »
Executive Vice-President,
Dominion Construction Co. Ltd.
Mr. J. A. Broadbent,
Fidelity Life Assurance Co.
Mrs. F. Field,
Alumni Association, UBC.
Dr. W. H. Gage,
President, UBC.
Dr. W. C. Gibson,
Head, Department of the History of
Medicine and Science, UBC.
The Hon. Howard C. Green, PC, Q.C,
Wills & Bequests Committee.-
Dr. M. F. McGregor,
Director of Ceremonies, UBC.
Mr. D. MacKay - Chairman of Alumni Fund
Electric Reduction Co. of Canada.
Mr. I. C. Malcolm,
Alumni Fund Director, UBC.
Mr. T. A. Myers,
Information Services, UBC.
The Hon. Mr. Justice N. T. Nemetz - Chancellor, UBC.
Mr. R. J. Springer,
Prospex Industries Ltd. and Lakex Mines Ltd.
Mr. B. Stuart-Stubbs
Head Librarian,
Library, UBC.
Mr. M. White,
Deputy President and Bursar, UBC.
The needs of the University are many and varied. Support is welcome in every area of teaching, research and student aid.
However as the needs and priorities of the University change we suggest that wherever possible benefactors consult the University
regarding current needs in the areas of their interests.
Agricultural Sciences
Applied Science
(including Fine Arts,
Humanities, Music,
Social Sciences)
Commerce 8_ Business
Graduate Studies
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Unrestricted grants
Book collections
Building grants
Chairs of teaching and research
Equipment grants
Community and Regional Planning
Home Economics
Physical Education &
Rehabilitation Medicine
Social Work
Animal Resource Ecology
Applied Mathematics & Statistics
Asian and Slavonic Studies
Astronomy and Space Science
Industrial Relations
International Relations
Centre for Contining Education
Computing Centre
Extension & Continuing Education
Fine Arts Gallery
Memorial Fields & Gardens
Student Services (residences,
furnishings & equipment)
fellowships (awards for graduate study
and/or research)
Scholarships (primarily to permit students
with high academic merit to begin
or continue studies)
Bursaries (grants to students in need
of financial assistance)
Prizes (awards for special achievement
in a particular subject or field)
Loans (repayable grants)
Fellowship, scholarship
and bursary funds
Fine arts collections
Furnishing grants
Gifts for campus development
(landscaping, playing fields, gardens)
Research grants
Gifts may bear a name designated by the donor.
11 GIFTS IN KIND — April 1971 to March 1972
GIFTS, GRANTS AND BEQUESTS — April 1971 to March 1972
Abraham, Mr. G. (Delta)
Anaconda Company (U.S.A.)
Annet, Mr. U. S. (Osoyoos)
Arkley, Mr. and Mrs. S. T. (U.S.A.)
Bene, Mrs. J.
Bralorne Can-Fer Resources
B.C. Telephone Company
Burnett, D. H. & Associates Ltd. (Burnaby)
Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. R.
Cominco Ltd.
Falconbridge Nickel Mines
Field Enterprises (U.S.A.)
Gates, Mr. R. (England)
Gibbard, Mr. J. E.
Grolier Limited
Hallnor Mines Ltd. (Ontario)
Hallamore, the late Dr. Joyce
Harshaw, Mr. N.
Hutcheson, Miss A. (New Westminster)
Johnson, Dr. F. H.
Koerner, Dr. W. C.
Lippincott, J. B. (Quebec)
Lochhead, Mrs. K. Y.
Logan, Mrs. H. T.
McGraw-Hill (U.S.A.)
MacGregor, Mrs. S. (Ghana)
MacKay, Dr. J. R.
McMillan of Canada (Ontario)
Mason, Mrs. M. (Gibsons)
Ministere des Affaires Culturelies (Quebec)
Mosby, C. V. Co. (U.S.A.)
Mulholland, Mrs. J.
Newmont Mining Corporation
Northern Electric Company Ltd.
Prentice-Hall Co. (U.S.A.)
Romani, Mr. V. (Italy)
Roschatsky, Mr. H. (Surrey)
Saunders, W. B. Co. (Ontario)
Sisson, Mrs. E. A.
Skerl, Mrs. A. C.
Smith, Miss A. M.
Smith, Dr. J. H. G.
Southey, Mrs. V. J. (Delta)
Steffansson, Mr. and Mrs. G.
Supply and Services, Staff of the
Department of
Tait, Mr. and Mrs. R. S.
Welford, Mr. R. G. (White Rock)
During the year 44 friends donated gifts-in-kind which included an Eskimo collection, an antique
batik cloth of the Royal Family of Thailand, some gold ore, a radio transmitter and receiver, udder
washers, an Emily Carr oil sketch, a grass woven necklace from Timbuktu, and books.
The Abbott Foundation (U.S.A.)
Abbott Laboratories Ltd. (U.S.A.)
Abbott, Mrs. Patricia Alma
Aberle, Dr. D. F.
Actium Enterprises Ltd.
Adams, Mr. A. T.
Adams Laboratories Ltd.
Adams, Dr. R.
Adamson, Mr. R. S.
Adamson, Mr. T. J.
Adie, Mr. L.
Aetzel, Miss Edith
Agriculture Women's Undergraduate Society
Aho, Dr. A. E.
Aird, Mr. C. A.
Akhurst, Mr. H. W.
Akrigg, Mr. and Mrs. G. P. V. (England)
Albert, Mrs. Ida
Alberta Distillers Ltd.
Alberta Wheat Pool
Alcan Co. of Canada Ltd. (Quebec)
Alcan Research and Development Ltd.
Alcon Laboratories, Inc. (U.S.A.)
The Alcuin Society
Allan, Dr. B.
Allan, Mr. J. F. S.
Allan, Miss Pamela (Alberta)
Allen, Dr. C. S.
Allen, Lady (England)
Allergan Pharmaceuticals (U.S.A.)
Alma Mater Society
;  Alpha Gamma Delta Mother's Club
i Alpha Omega Society
!  Alsbury, Mr. J. S. (Coquitlam)
j Amax Exploration Inc.
'  American Can of Canada Ltd. (Ontario)
American College of Dentists, Washington-
B.C. Section (U.S.A.)
American Louver of Canada Limited (Quebec)
American Medical Association (U.S.A.)
.  American Metal Climax Foundation (U.S.A.)
American Rhododendron Society (Surrey)
American Right of Way Association
American Smelting & Refining Co. (U.S.A.)
American Society of Heating, Refrigeration
& Air Conditioning
American Society for Metals
American Women's Club
Ames, Dr. C.
Amoco Canada Petroleum Company Ltd.
Anderson, Miss E. A. (England)
Anderson, Emil Construction Co. Ltd. (Hope)
Anderson, Mrs. L. S.
Andres Wines (B.C.) Ltd. (Port Moody)
Andrew, Dr. G. C.
Anglican Churchwomen Diocese of
New Westminster
Anglo Canadian Shipping (Westship) Ltd.
Anonymous — 59 gifts
Aquitaine Co. of Canada Ltd. (Alberta)
Archeological Society of B.C.
Archibald, Mr. H. P.
Architectural Institute of B.C.
Archer, Mr. A. R.
Argue, Dr. K. F.
Arkley, Mr. H. O.
Armour, Mrs. Elizabeth
Armstead, Mrs. D. M.
Armstrong, Mr. A. T.
Armstrong, Brawner & Spenton
Armstrong, Mr. D. L.
Armstrong, the late Edith Mary
Armstrong, Dr. J. E.
Armstrong, Mr. Wm. M.
Arneil, Dr. A. S. (Chilliwack)
Arnott, Mr. E. L. (Prince Edward Island)
Aron, Mrs. Julia
Art Council of the Nanaimo Regional District
Arthur, Dr. J. F.
Ash Holdings Ltd. (Cranbrook)
Ashley, Mr. and Mrs. H. (Ganges)
Aspinall, Mr. T. E. (Penticton)
Association for Asian Studies, Inc. (U.S.A.)
Association of B.C. Professional Foresters
Association for Childhood Education (Surrey)
Association of Commonwealth Universities
Association of Co-operative Pre-School
Association of Professional Engineers of B.C.
Association for Retarded Children of B.C.
Atkins, Mr. D.
Atkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H.
Atlantic Richfield Foundation (U.S.A.)
Automotive Transport Association of B.C.
Averback, Mr. M. L.
Avery, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. (U.S.A.)
Ayerst Laboratories (U.S.A.)
Ayerst, McKenna & Harrison Ltd. (Quebec)
Aylard, Miss C. Muriel (Victoria)
B.C. Association of District Superintendents
and Inspectors of Schools (Mission)
B.C. Association of Social Workers
B.C. Bakery (Natal)
B.C. Beef Cattle Growers' Association
B.C. Blueberry Co-operative Association
B.C. Coast Vegetable Co-operative
B.C. Council of Garden Clubs
B.C. Cranberry Marketing Board
B.C. Cultural Fund Advisory Committee
B.C. Dental Hygienists' Association
B.C. Dentists' Wives' Association
13 B.C. Department of Agriculture (Victoria)
B.C. Dermatology Foundation
B.C. Equipment Company Ltd.
B.C. Forest Products Ltd.
B.C. Fruit Growers' Association (Kelowna)
B.C. Heart Foundation
B.C. High School Boys' Basketball Association
B.C. Hotels' Association
B.C. Hydro & Power Authority
Land Department & Gift Committee
B.C. Institute of Agrologists
B.C. Interior Fruit & Vegetable Workers'
Union, Local 1572 (Penticton)
B.C. Interior Vegetable Marketing Board
B.C. Jockey Club
B.C. Library Association
B.C. Medical Association
B.C. Medical Research Foundation
B.C. Mushroom Market Board
B.C. Nursery Trades Association
B.C. Oto-Ophthalmological Society
B.C. Parent Teachers' Federation
B.C. Pre-School Teachers' Association
B.C. Pre-school Teachers' Association
B.C. Pre-school Teachers' Association
Kamloops Branch
B.C. Professional Pharmacists' Society
B.C. Professional Recreation Society
B.C. Research Council
B.C. Rugby Union
B.C. Salmon Derby
B.C. Society of Internal Medicine
B.C. Sugar Refining Co. Ltd.
B.C. Telephone Company
B.C. Tree Fruits Ltd. (Kelowna)
B.C. Tuberculosis Christmas Seal Society
B.C. & Yukon Chamber of Mines
Bacon, Mr. W. R.
Bahry, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Bailey, Mr. G.
Bakery & Confectionery Workers' International
Union of America (U.S.A.)
Bank of Nova Scotia
Bapco Paint Ltd. (Victoria)
Baragar, Mr. R. (Ontario)
Barbeau, M. J.
Bard, Mr. and Mrs. J. L (U.S.A.)
Barker, Mr. C, L.
Barnes, Dr. Wm. C.
Barnwell, Mr. G. F. (U.S.A.)
Barr, Mr. D. A.
Barr, Mrs. Mary
Barr, Mr. and Mrs. P.
Barriere & District Rock Club (Little Fort)
Barrow, Dr. B.
Basaraba, Dr. N.
Basham, Mr. P. W. (Ontario)
Battle, Mr. W. F. T.
Battrum, Dr. H. A.
Baumann, Mrs. A. M. (U.S.A.)
Baumann, Mr. F. W.
Baxter, Mr. and Mrs. S.
The Bay (Burnaby)
The Bay
Beattie, Miss Alice (Victoria)
Beaudoin, Mr. P. G.
Bechtel Foundation of Canada (Ontario)
Becker, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. & sons
David and Jonathan (U.S.A.)
Benm, Mrs. Gisela
Beirnes, Mrs. A. D.
Beley, Mr. M. J. G. (Coquitlam)
Belkin Packaging Ltd.
Bell, Miss Ester and Staff
Bell, Mr. G. L
Bell, Dr. H. M.
Bell, Mr. J.
Bell, Mr. J. A.
Belshaw, Dr. and Mrs. C. S.
Bene, Dr. Eva M.
Bennett & White Construction Co. Ltd.
Bennington, Mr. P. (Port Hardy)
Benson, Mr. and Mrs. J. (U.S.A.)
Benson, Dr. K. I. G. (Victoria)
Berger, Dr. B.
Berglund Ranch Ltd. (Merritt)
Berlow, Mr. and Mrs. L.
Bernstein, Dr. V.
Berry, Mr. J. C. (West Indies)
Berry, Mr. L. H.
Bertram, Mr. F. E.
Beta Sigma Phi Sorority
Bethlehem Copper Corporation Ltd.
Bickle, Mrs. Margaret E. (Ontario)
Biely, Mr. J.
Billig, Mrs. H.
Billing-Meyer, Dr. W. (Victoria)
Billings, Mr. F. L. (Quebec)
Bird, Mr. J. I.
Bird, Mr. J. M.
Bird, Mrs. P. F. P. (Kaleden)
Birks' Family Foundation
Birmingham, Mr. W. H.
Bismeyer, Mr. and Mrs. C.
Bismeyer, Mr. and Mrs. E.
Bismeyer, Miss Marily
Bismeyer, Mrs. Mary
Black, Mrs. E. C.
Black, Dr. D. McC.
Black, Mr. J. E.
Black, Mr. J. H.
Black, Dr. J. M.
Black, Mr. and Mrs. K.
Black, Miss M.
Black, Dr. R. A.
Blagg, Mr. M. (Quebec)
Blair, Mr. D. G. (Alberta)
Blue Sage Riders (Osoyoos)
Blundell, Mrs. W. C.
B'Nai B'Rith Hillel Foundation
Boag Foundation
Bokstrom, Dr. P.
Bond, Mr. H. E.
Bonham, Dr. C. H.
Bonner, Mr. R. W.
The Boone & Crockett Club (U.S.A.)
Boucher, Dr. H. H.
Boughton, the late Ethel F.
Boughton, Street & Company
Boulton, Mr. K. C.
Bowling Proprietors' Association
Bowmer, Dr. E. J.
Bowron, Dr. D. G. (Quesnel)
Boyes, Dr. G. H. (Ontario)
Boyles, Miss S. M.
BP Oil and Gas Ltd. (Alberta)
Bradley, Miss Eleanor J. •
Bradshaw, Rev. R. G. (Manitoba)
Bralorne Can-Fer Resources Ltd.
Brettoner, Mrs. K.
Brewerton, Mr. and Mrs. J. P.
Bridges, Dr. J. H.
Brink, Dr. and Mrs. V. C. •
Brissenden, Mr. P. R.
Bristol Laboratories of Canada Limited
British Canadian Importers
British Metal Corporation (Canada) Ltd.
Britton, Mr. F. H.
Brock, Dr. P. W. (U.S.A.)
Brockley, Dr. C. A.
Brookes, Mr. M.
Brown, Mrs. D. G.
Brown, Mrs. Muriel
Brown, Mr. P. M.
Brown, Mr. R. J.
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. (Ganges)
Brown, Mr. R. R.
Buchanan, Mrs. Florence M.
Buchanan, Mr. J. M.
Buchanan, Mr. T. D.
Buchnall, Mr. A. F. (Alberta)
Buckerfield's Limited
Buckland, Mr.. C. C. (
Buckley, Mrs. Patricia T.
Buckner, Dr. and.Mrs. C. (Ontario)
Buckshon's Pharmacy Limited
Buell, Ellis, Sargent & Russell
Buffan, Mrs. Laura (Saskatchewan)
Button, Mr. C. F.
Bull, The Hon. Mr. Justice E. B.
Bull, Housser & Tupper
Buller, Mr. A. E. (Ontario)
Burchell, Mr. E. J.
Burd, the late Francis J.
Burgess, Mr. T. E.
Burke, Mr. B. E.
Burley, Dr. B. J.
Burns, Mr. P.
Burridge, Dr. K. O. L
Burroughs Wellcome & Co. (Canada) Ltd.
Burton, Mr. A. D.
Busch, Dr. I. W.
Bussey, Mr. E. W. (Manitoba)
Butler Brothers Supplies Ltd. (Victoria)
Butler, Dr. G. C.
Butson, Mrs. Alice (Ontario)
Canada Permanent Trust Company
Canada Tungsten Mining Corp. (Ontario)  .
Canadian Air Transportation Administration
Construction Branch
Canadian Arthritis & Rheumatism Society
Canadian Association for the Mentally
Retarded (Ontario)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Canadian Cellulose Company Ltd.
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Canadian Daughters' League
The Canadian Diabetic Association (Ontario)
Canadian Feed Manufacturers' Association,
B.C. Division
Canadian Fina Oil Ltd. (Alberta) ■
Canadian Forces Base (Europe)
Canadian Forest Products Ltd.
The Canadian Foundation for the
. Advancement of Pharmacy (Ontario)
Canadian Fund for Dental Education
Canadian Heart Foundation (Ontario)
Canadian Industries Ltd. (Quebec)
Canadian Information Processing Society...
Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy,
B.C. Section
Canadian Jewish Congress, Pacific Division
Canadian Johns-Manville Co. Ltd. (Ontario)
Canadian Labour Congress (Ontario)
Canadian Library Exhibitor's Association
Canadian Life Insurance Association (Ontario)
Canadian National Exhibition (Ontario)
Canadian National Institute for the Blind
Canadian National Institute for the Blind
Canadian Pacific Airlines —
Employees Charitable Donation Fund   ,.
Canadian National Sportsmen's Show
Canadian Paediatric Society (Quebec)
Canadian Paraplegic Association,
Women's Auxiliary
Canadian Physiotherapy Association,
Vancouver District
Canadian Pittsburgh Industries Ltd. (Ontario)
Canadian Polish Congress
Canadian Port & Harbour Association
Canadian Pulp & Paper Association
Canadian Restaurant Association Foundation
The Canadian Review of Sociology and
Anthropology (Quebec)
15 Canadian Schenley Distilleries Ltd. (Quebec)
Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Canadian Stevedoring Co. Ltd.
Canadian Structural Clay Association (Ontario)
Canadian Superior Exploration Ltd.
Canadian Tobacco Manufacturers' Council
Canadian Union of Public Employees,
Local 116
Canadian Union of Public Employees,
Local 389
Canadian Veterinary Nutrition Laboratories
Ltd. (Abbotsford)
Canadian Wine Institute (1967) (Ontario)
Cadman, Miss B. E.
Cadman, Miss Brenda
Cadman, Mr. and Mrs. S. (Langley)
Calverly, Dr. R. K.
Cambon, Dr. E.
Cameron, Mr. B.
Cameron, Mrs. M. A.
Cameron, Miss Hazel B.
Campbell, the late Annie S.
Campbell, Mr. E.
Campbell, J. K. & Associates Ltd.
Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. (Saturna Island)
Campbell, Dr. N. J.
Campbell, Dr. R. B.
Campney & Murphy
Caple, Mr. and Mrs. K. P.
Carling Breweries Ltd.
Carr, Mr. J. M. (Victoria)
Carroll, Mr. B. (Manitoba)
Carter, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. (Victoria)
Carter, Mr. K.
Casey, Dr. S. P. C.
Cashmore, Mrs. A. A.
Cassiar Asbestos Corp. Ltd. (Ontario)
Casson, Mr. R. J.
Caterpillar Tractor Co. (U.S.A.)
Cates, Mr. J. H.
Catholic Family & Children's Service
Cathro, Mr. R. J.
Cave, Dr. W. S. (Kelowna)
Cayley, the late Beverley
Centennial Wheelchair Wheelathon
Certified General Accountants Association
of Canada
Chadwick, Potts & Co.
Challenger Equipment Ltd.
Chandler, Miss Martha H. (U.S.A.)
Chang, Miss Helen (U.S.A.)
Chap Copy Ltd.
Chaplin, Mr. R. F.
Chapman, Mr. E. P. Jr.
Chard, Mrs. S. E. (Ontario)
Charles, Mr. W. D. (Alberta)
Charlesworth, Mr. E. A. (White Rock)
Chase, Dr. R. L.
Chaster, Mr. G. D. (U.S.A.)
Chataway, Mr. R. T.
Chemex Labs. Ltd.
The Chemical Institute of Canada (Ontario)
Cherry, Mrs. S.
Chevron Standard Limited (Alberta)
Chiarenza, Mr. C.
Children's Hospital
Children's Rehabilitation & Cerebral Palsy
Chilliwack Medical Society (Chilliwack)
Chow, Mr. C. (Victoria)
Chow, Miss Sue-Zone
Chown, Mr. E. H.
CHQM Radio Station
Christie, Dr. R. L. (Alberta)
Christmann, Mr. and Mrs. D.
Christopher, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. (U.S.A.)
Church, Mr. J. S.
CIAB Company (Quebec)
Clandinin, Dr. D. R. (Alberta)
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. B. J.
Clark, Mr. J. A.
Clark, Wilson, White, Clark & Maguire
Clarke, Dr. A. E.
Clarke, Dr. D. A. (Kelowna)
Clarke, Mrs. Louise (Abbotsford)
Clay, Miss M. J. (Victoria)
Clerihue, Mr. V. R.
Clerk, Mr. J. M.
Cliff, Mr. A. B.
Clingman, Mr. A. E.
Coates, D. W. Enterprises Ltd.
Coates, Dr. W. H. (U.S.A.)
Cochran, Mr. R. (Alberta)
Coell, Mr. E. (Aldergrove)
Coell, Mr. and Mrs. W. (Aldergrove)
Cohen, Dr. A.
Cohen, Mr. J. H.
Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. M.
Cohen, Mrs. M. B.
Cohen, Dr. S.
Cohen, Mr. T.
Colcleugh, Miss A. A.
Coleman, Messrs. Robert and Sidney
Colgate-Palmolive Company (U.S.A.)
College of Dental Surgeons of B.C.
College of Physicians & Surgeons of B.C.
Collier, Mr. E. J. (Manitoba)
Collins & Collins
Columbia Grain Co. Ltd. (Abbotsford)
Columbia Junior College
Columbia Nurseries Ltd. (Rosedale)
Cominco Ltd.
Comitas Club
Commonwealth Drilling Ltd. (Alberta)
Community Arts Council (Chilliwack)
Como Lake Co-operative Pre-school
Association (Port Moody)
Connaghan, Mr. C. (Skookumchuk)
Consortium of Pulp and Paper Companies,
Committee on Air and Stream
Continental Insurance Co. of Canada
Continuing Education Centre (Alberta)
Conwest Exploration Co. Ltd. (Ontario)
Consumers' Co-operative Association
(Pitt Meadows)
Consumers Glass Company Limited
Cooley, Mrs. E. C. (Campbell River)
Copp, Mr. and Mrs. D. H.
Coquitlam Fine Arts Council (Coquitlam)
Corbet, Mr. M. M. (Victoria)
Corbett's Nurseries Ltd. (Aldergrove)
Cornforth, Mr. and Mrs. T. L.
Corporation of Land Surveyors of the
Province of B.C. (Victoria)
Corwin, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Cottingham, Miss M. E.
Cottrell, Mr. F. H.
Couch, Mr. E. A.
Couldwell, Mrs. J. M.
Council of the Forest Industries of B.C.
The Council of Ontario Universities (Ontario)
Coupland, Mr. H. D.
Coutts, Mr. and Mrs. W. D.
Covell, Mrs. E.
Covington, Mr. A. E. (Ontario)
Cowichan District Teachers' Association
Cowichan Valley Medical Society (Duncan)
Craig, Dr. C. E.
Cram, Dr. Wm. T.
Crampton, Mrs. F. V. (Delta)
Crawford, Mr. and Mrs. F. L.
Crawford, Mr. Wm. Y.
Crestbrook Forest Industries Ltd.
Croatian Fraternal Union of America (U.S.A.)
Crofton, Dr. and Mrs. F. (Surrey)
Croll, Dr. R. O. (Victoria)
Crosby, Emily and Gordon (Ganges)
Crosby, Mr. and Mrs. L. O. (U.S.A.)
Crosby, Mr. R. T.
Cross, Mr. and Mrs. G. H. (Victoria)
Crossling, Mrs. C.
Crown Tire Service Ltd.
Crown Zellerbach Canada Foundation
Crown Zellerbach Canada Limited
Crows Nest Industries Limited
Cruchley, Mrs. C.
CU. & C. Health Service Society
Cultural Development Branch (Alberta)
Cunningham, Mr. A.
Cunningham Drug Stores Ltd.
Curtis, Mr. G. F.
Cyprus Mines Corporation (U.S.A.)
Dagenais, Mr. J. J. (Quebec)
Dahl, Mrs. Joan
Dairy Industry Credit Union
Dalgleish, Mr. and Mrs. F. M.
Daniells, Dr. R.
Darling, Miss Elizabeth
Darney, Mr. R. J.
Davidson, Dr. A. (Ontario)
Davis & Company
Davis, Mrs. Ghent
Davis, Mrs. Phyllis E. G.
Davis, Mr. R. E. G.
Dawe, Mr. J. M. W.
Dawson Developments Ltd.
Dawson, George M. Memorial Fund
Dawson, Mr. K. M. (Mexico)
Dawson, Mr. R. H. (Williams Lake)
Deeley, the late Alfred
Deighton, Mr. J. R.
De Lane, Mr. G. D. F.
Del Norte Mining Group (U.S.A.)
Delta Rockhounds (Delta)
Delta Credit Union (Delta)
Delta Farmers' Institute (Delta)
Delta Gamma Fraternity —
Vancouver Alumnae
Delta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta
Department of Health Services and
Hospital Insurance (Victoria)
Department of Indian Affairs and
Northern Development (Ontario)
Derics, Mr. I. A.
Derry, Mr. D.
Desjardins, Mr. E. J.
Dewar, Mr. R. A. D.
DeWolfe, Mr. J. F.
Diamond, Mrs. J. J.
Diespecker, Rev. and Mrs E. N.
(Family and Friends)
Dirom, Mr. G. A.
Dobson, Mr. and Mrs. J. (Duncan)
Dodson, Mr. E. D.
Dolly Varden Mines Ltd.
Dome Petroleum Limited (Alberta)
Dominion Bridge Company Limited
Domtar Foundation (Quebec)
Donaldson, Mr. G. B.
Donner Canadian Foundation (Ontario)
Douglas, Symes & Brissenden
Dow Chemical of Canada Ltd. (Ontario)
Dowa Mining Co. Ltd.
Drance, Dr. S. M.
Drummond, Dr. A. D.
Dryer, The Hon. Mr. Justice V. L.
Duff, Mrs. D. C. B.
Duffell, Dr. S. (Ontario)
Dunbar Memorial Co-operative Pre-School
Dunfee, Mr. D. R.
Dunham, Mr. C. B.
Dunn, Mr. W.
Dusting, Mrs. N. R.
Dynasty Explorations Limited
17 Eagles, Mr. B. A.
Earl, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. (Ganges)
Earl, Mr. J. P. (Libya)
Eastman, Mr. M.
Eastman, Mr. and Mrs. N. D.
Eastview Co-operative Kindergarten
The T. Eaton Co. Limited
Echlin, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. (U.S.A.)
Eckman, Mr. H. W.
Edith Cavell Hospital Ltd.
Education Research Institute of B.C.
Education Student's Association
Egan, Mr. and Mrs. D. (Haney)
Eldridge, Mr. G. S.
Eldridge, Mrs. G. S.
Electrical Engineering Club
Eliot, Miss A. A. (U.S.A.)
Elliot, Dr. A. J.
Elliott, Dr. G. R. F.
Elliott, Mr. T. M. (U.S.A.)
Ellis, Mr. F. W.
Ellis, Kroll & Goseltine
Ellison, Dr. L.
Elphinstone, Mr. N. P.
Emerton, Mr. W. R.
Emery, Mr. P. C. (Britannia Beach)
Emmons, Mr. W. F.Empire Stevedoring Co. Ltd.
The Engineering Institute of Canada
Vancouver Branch
Engineers' Wives' Association
English, Mrs. J. S.
Epstein, Mr. and Mrs. N.
Ericksen, Mr. W. F. (Victoria)
Erridge, Mr. C. P.
Erskine, Mrs. Doris (Whonnock)
Esco Limited (Coquitlam)
Evans, Mr. B. (Alberta)
Evans, Mr. K. (Saskatchewan)
Faculty Women's Club
Fahrni, Dr. G. S.
Fahrni, Mr. K. C.
Fahrni, Mrs. Mildred
Fahrni, Dr. W. H.
Falconbridge Nickel Mines Ltd. (Ontario)
Fallis, Miss Mary (Prince George)
Farrell, Mr. G.
Farrington, Mrs. Gretchen (U.S.A.)
Farris, Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy
Farstad, Mr. L.
Fay, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. (Alberta)
Federation of Telephone Workers of B.C.,
Traffic Division
Federation of Telephone Workers of B.C.,
Plant Division
Fee, Mr. T. P.
Ferber, Mr. P. G.
Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. G. (Chilliwack)
Ferguson, Mr. G. C.
Fields, Mrs. Betty P.
Finlayson, Mrs. J. N.
Finning Tractor & Equipment Co. Ltd.
Finucane, Mrs. Kathleen
Fishman, Dr. L.
Fladgate, Mr. D. G.
Fletcher, Mr. and Mrs. G. E.
Fleming, Mrs. Mary A.
Flygt Canada Ltd.
F. M. C. Foundation (U.S.A.)
Foley, Mr. H. S.
Folkins, Dr. J. A.
Foote, Mr. D. P.
The Ford Foundation (U.S.A.)
Ford, Dr. J.
Ford, Mr. S. D.
Forshaw, Mr. R. P. (Ontario)
Forward, Dr. A. D.
Forward, Dr. F. A.
Forward, Mr. and Mrs. P.
Foster, Mr. and Mrs. D. W.
Foster, Mr. R. L. (Quebec)
Fosty, Mr. G. W. (Alberta)
Fowler, Guy Memorial Trust
Fowlis, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Foxwell, Dr. R. B. G.
Franklin, Mr. V.
Fransblow, Dr. P.
Frantz, Mr. and Mrs. R. (U.S.A.)
Fraser, Dr. A. A.
Fraser River Harbour Commission
Fraser Valley Bar Association (White Rock)
Fraser Valley Milk Producers' Association
Fraser Valley Regional Library (Abbotsford)
Fredeen, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. (U.S.A.)
Freeberne, Mrs. M. A. (Kenya)
Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. C. N. H. (Surrey)
Freeman Foundation Ltd.
Freeman, Freeman, Silvers & Koffman
Freeman, Dr. R. D.
French, Mr. D. A. (Alberta)
Fresco Club
Friends of Chamber Music
Frosst, Charles E. & Co. (Quebec)
Frost, Dr. A. C. G.
Fruehauf Trailer Co. of Canada Ltd. (Ontario)
Funk, Mr. H. J.
Furukawa Mining Co. Ltd.
Fyfe-Smith, Miss Florence
Gabrielse, Mr. H.
Gage Educational Publishing Limited
Gage, Dr. J. E.
Gage, Dr. W. H.
Gaglardi, Mrs. N. R. (Mahood Falls)
Galbraith, Mr. R. M. (Columbia)
Gale, Mr. R. E.
Gale, Mr. W. E.
Galpin, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Gait, Mr. and Mrs. I. (Ontario)
Gamble, Mr. G. H. (Alberta)
Gamma Phi Beta, Vancouver Chapter
Gardiner, Mrs. G. (Bella Bella)
Gardiner, Rev. and Mrs. J. C.
Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. L. J.
Garlick, Mr. D. H. (Manitoba)
Garner, Dr. M. K. (Texada Island)
Garnett, Mr. G.
Garrow, Dr. D. G.
Garry, Dr. J. (Prince George)
Gaube, Mr. O.
Gault, Mr. W. A. (Ontario)
Gaunt, Miss Margaret (England)
Gehrke Stationery & Printing Co. Ltd.
Geigy (Canada) Limited (Quebec)
Gelfan, Dr. and Mrs. S. B.
Gemmill, Dr. D. (Powell River)
General Dairy Machinery & Supply Ltd.
General Distributors Ltd.
General Engine Sales and Services Ltd.
General Foods Limited (Ontario)
General Motors of Canada Ltd. (Ontario)
Geo-Marine Services Ltd.
Gerllays, Mrs. Dean
Gerson, Prof, and Mrs. W.
Giant Battery Co. Ltd.
Gibbens, Mr. and Mrs. A. and Family (Surrey)
Gibbs, Mr. and Mrs. E. (U.S.A.)
Gibson, Mrs. Barbara
Gibson, Mrs. Barbara C.
Gibson, Dr. G. A. (Courtenay)
Gibson, Dr. W. C.
Gilbertson, Mr. and Mrs. T. (U.S.A.)
Gilchrist, Miss K. F.
Gill Alltrans Express Ltd.
Gill, Mrs. E. M. (Port Alberni)
Gillanders, Dr. E. B. (Surrey)
Gillespie, Dr. H. S.
Girl Guides of Canada
Gish, Mr. N. J.
Gladstone Secondary School
Glavin, Mr. J. H.
Godfrey, Mr. L. M. (Ontario)
Goepel, Mrs. F. T.
Goldenberg, Mr. H. C. (Quebec)
Golder, Brawner & Associates
Goldsmith, Mr. D.
Goodall, Mrs. T. B. (Chilliwack)
Goodwin, Mrs. G. B. (Ontario)
Gordon, Mr. R. D. (Port Washington)
Gordy, Mr. P. L. (Alberta)
Goresky, Dr. D. M.
Gormely, Mr. M. W.
Gould, The Hon.-Mr. Justice J. G.
Gower, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. (Alberta)
Gower, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. (Victoria)
Graduate Geology Group, U.B.C.
Graff, Mr. G. W. (Alberta)
Gram, Mr. R.
Grams, Mrs. Sharon L. (Quesnel)
The Granby Mining Company Limited
Grand Lodge of B.C., A.F. & A.M.
Granger, Mr. G. G.
Grant-Mann Lithographers Ltd.
Gravey, Mr. and Mrs. T. R.
Gray, Mrs. Helen
Gray, Mr. J. G. (Alberta)
Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian
Citizen Association
Greater Vancouver Water District
Greater Victoria Library Board (Victoria)
Green, Mr. L. H.
Green, Mrs. W. R. (Ontario)
Greenwell, Mrs. Ellen
Greenwood, Miss Bessie
Gregg, Mr. E. E.
Gregory, The Hon. Mr. Justice G. F. T.
Greig, Mr. R. W.
Griffiths, Mrs. Joyce M.
Griffiths, Dr. M.
Griffiths, McLelland & Co.
Growe, Dr. G.
Guichon, Gerard Ranch Limited (Quilchena)
Gulf and Fraser Fishermen's Credit Union
Gulf of Georgia Towing Co. Ltd.
Gulf Oil Canada Ltd. (Alberta)
Gulf Oil Canada Ltd. (Ontario)
Gunning, Mr. H. C.
Gunter, Mr. and Mrs. D.
Gutrath, Mr. G. C.
Hacker, Mr. C. (Abbotsford)
Haebler, H. Co. Ltd.
Hagler, Dr. R.
Haig-Brown Mr. R. L. (Campbell Rivei)
Hall, Mr. F. E. (Ontario)
Hall, Dr. F. M.
Hallamore, the late Gertrude J.
Hallonquist, Mr. F. E.
Halonen, Miss P. M.
Hamber, Mrs. E. W.
The Hamber Foundation
Hanel, Mrs H. J. (Nanaimo)
Hansen, Mrs. Olive (Alberta)
Harder, Dr. D. H.
Harder, Leon, June and Denise (Kokish)
Hardwick, Dr. D.
Hardwick, Dr. F. C.
Harper, Gilmour, Grey & Co.
Harris, Dr. G. S.
Harris, Mr. J. L.
Harris, Mr. R. C.
Harris, Dr. R. E. (Alberta)
Harrison, Mr. H. W. R.
Harrop, Dr. T.
Hart, Mr. A. H.
Hartree, Mr. and Mrs. J. G.
Hartwell, Miss Isabel
Harvard University (U.S.A.)
Hatfield, Miss Janet M.
Hauer, Mr. R.
Hauger, Miss Charlotte
Hawthorn, Dr. H. B.
Hay, Mr. E. C.
Hay, Mr. J. D.
Hay, Mr. K. A.
19 Hay, Mr. V. J.
Hayes, Dr. A. M.
Hebenton, Mr. S.
Hecht, Mr. J. R.
Hedge., Mr. and Mrs. F.'(U.S.A.)
Hedley, Mr. J. B.
Heighway, the late Florence E.
Heller, Mr. P.
Hellyer, Dr. and Mrs. D. T. (U.S.A.)
Henslowe, Mr. and Mrs. P.
Hepting, Mrs. Mary and Family
Herbert, Mr. F. H.
Hersog, Mr. H.
Hewson, Dr. J. C.
Hicklenton, Mr. B.
Hicks, Mrs. Bruce
Hicks, Dr. R. N.
Hicock, Mrs. Winifred P.
Higgs, Mr. F. G.
Hillier, Mrs. Wendy (Ontario)
Hillview Co-op Pre-school
Hinds, Mrs. Elizabeth (Quebec)
Hinkson, The Hon. Mr. Justice E. E.
Hiram Walker-Gooderham Worts Ltd.
Hodge, Mr. and Mrs. R.
Hodgson, Mr. A. G.
Hoen, Dr. E. L (U.S.A.)
Hoffars Limited
Hoffman-La Roche Ltd. (Quebec)
Hogg, Mrs. Elsie May
Holland Landscapers Ltd.
Holland, Mr. S. S. (Victoria)
Holland, Dr. Wm. L.
Hollway, Mr. I. (Duncan)
Hollyburn Co-operative Pre-school
Holm, Mr. A. V. (Victoria)
Holme, Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
Holmer, Mr. R. C. (U.S.A.)
Holmes, Mrs. Arthur E.
Holmgren, Mr. and Mrs. C. (Saskatchewan)
Holyk, Mr. W. (Ontario)
Hooper, Dr. Laura (U.S.A.)
Hopper, Mr. J. M. H. (Cranbrook)
Horner, Dr. F. A. (Nanaimo)
Homer, Frank W. Ltd.
Hospital Employees' Union #180
Hou, Mrs. C. A.
Howard, Mr. D. A.
Howe Sound Secondary School (Squamish)
Howell, Mr. W. A.
Hsieh, Dr. Y. S.
Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co. Ltd.
Hudson, Dr. P. W.
Hudson, Dr. R. J.
Hudson's Bay Oil and Gas Company Limited
Huestis, Mr. H. H. (Abbotsford)
Huggard, Mrs. R.
Hughes, Mrs. Elizabeth (Switzerland)
Hughes, Dr. P.
Hughes, Mr. T. S.
Hungerford, Mr. R. M.
Hunt, Dr. J. E.
Hunter, Mr. E. N. (Manitoba)
Hunter, Dr. G. C.
Huntington, Mr. and Mrs. A. R.
Huntington's Chorea Foundation (U.S.A.)
Hurt, Mrs. Beth
Hutchison, Dr. W. W.
Hyde, Mr. R. H.
Hyslop, Miss Fiona (Quebec)
IBM (Victoria)
IFIP Secretariat (Switzerland)
Imperial Oil Limited (Alberta)
Independent Order of Oddfellows,
Grand Lodge
Indermuehle, Mr. and Mrs. C. A.
Industrial Audio Visual Association
Ingledow, Dr. T.
Inglis, Dr. A. M.
Inland Natural Gas Co. Ltd.
Institute of Chartered Accountants of B.C.
Insurance Co. of North America (Ontario)
Intercontinental Packers Ltd.
Interior B.C. Dental Society
International Copper Research Association
Inc. (U.S.A.)
International Minerals & Chemical Corp.
(Canada) Ltd. (Ontario)
International Nickel Company of Canada Ltd.
International Nickel Company of Canada Ltd.
International Order of Job's Daughters,
Grand Council of B.C.
International Order of Job's Daughters,
Supreme Guardian Council (U.S.A.)
International Union of Brewery Workers' Union,
Local 300
International Woodworkers of America
(New Westminster) Credit Union
International Woodworkers of America #1-424
(Prince George)
I.O.D.E. Burnaby Municipal Chapter
I.O.D.E. Dr. W. J. Knox Chapter
I.O.D.E. Municipal Chapter of Vancouver
I.O.D.E. Provincial Chapter of B.C.
I.O.D.E. Ruskin Chapter
I.O.D.E. Triple Entente Chapter
I.O.D.E. University Chapter
I.O.D.E. Worthington Memorial Chapter
Irish, Dr. E. J. W. (Alberta)
Irvine, Mr. W. T.
Irving, the late Diana Ogilvy
Irving, Dr. J. A.
Irwin, Mr. A. B. (Ontario)
Irwing Clinic (Kamloops)
Iverson, Mrs. Lome
Izard, Miss Patricia (Ontario)
Jackson, Mrs. B.
Jacques, Mrs. Kathleen (Duncan)
James, Mrs. Pat
Jamieson, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Japanese-Canadian Citizens' Association
of B.C.
Jardine, Mrs. Gladys K.
Jarvis, Mr. J. B.
Jarvis, Mrs. J. B.
Jennings, Mrs. Dorothy F. (Victoria)
Jensson, M. Jean (Ontario)
Jervis, Mr. and Mrs. B.
Jewell, Miss Hattie (Victoria)
Jewell, Mrs. Helen (Victoria)
Jewson, Mrs. R. H. (U.S.A.)
Jinks, Dr. G.
Johnson, Mr. A. J. F.
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. C. P. (U.S.A.)
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. (U.S.A.)
Johnson, Mrs. Esther (U.S.A.)
Johnson, Dr. F. H.
Johnson, Dr. H. W.
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. J. S.
Johnson, Mr. K. L
Johnson, R. D. & Associates (Alberta)
Johnston, Dr. A. C.
Johnston, Mr. D. L.
Johnston, Dr. J. I.
Johnston, Dr. M .M.
Johnston, Mr. Wm. A. (Alberta)
Jorgensen, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. (U.S.A.)
Jorgenson, Mrs. A. B.
Jorgenson, Mrs. Margaret
Joseph, Mr. H. R. (U.S.A.)
Joswey, Dr. J. R. (Saskatchewan)
Journeyman Training & General Industry
Promotion Fund
Kaburda, Dr. M.
Kadzielawa, Mr. A. S. (Ontario)
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp. (U.S.A.)
Kaiser Resources Ltd.
Kamm, Mr. C. C.
Kania, Dr. J. E.
Kanik, Mr. S. A. (Ontario)
Karall, Mrs. E.
Katarius, Mr. J. W. (Alberta)
Keate, Mr. J. S.
Keivall, Miss M.
Kell, Gordon Fine Clothes Ltd.
Kell, Mr. and Mrs. J. D.
Kellog, W. K. Foundation (U.S.A.)
Kelly, Douglas & Co. Ltd.
Kelly, Mr. R. L. (Prince George)
Kelly, Mrs. Sue (North Delta)
Kelowna General Hospital (Kelowna)
Kelsey, Mr. D. J.
Kendrick, Mrs. Bernice (Victoria)
Kennco Exploration Ltd.
Kennecott Copoer Corporation (U.S.A.)
Kennedy, Dr. H. K.
Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. T. V.
Kennedy, Mr. W. J.
Kennon, Mr. S.
Kenny, Dr. D. T.
Kenny, Mr. R.
Kenonuir, Mrs. R. J.
Kent, Charles Chan Foundation
Kerr, Mr. L. J.
Kerr, Dr. and Mrs. R. B.
The Kerr Steamship Company Ltd.
Kerrisdale Dental Health Clinic
Ketchum Manufacturing Sales Ltd. (Ontario)
Kettyle, Dr. G. D. M.
Kich, Mr. W.
Kidney Foundation of B.C.
Kidston, Mr. J. B. (Greece)
Kikuchi, Mr. T.
Killam, the late Dorothy J. (Quebec)
Kimberley & District Teachers' Association
Kimura, Mr. E. T. (Fraser Lake)
King, Mr. F. E. (Alberta)
King, Miss Pamela M.
Kinsbury, Mr. J. (Alberta)
Kinsmen Clubs of New Westminster
The Kinsmen Rehabilitation Foundation of B.C.
Kirk, Mr. and Mrs. D. (Surrey)
Kirker, Mr. R. J. (Alberta)
Kirkham, Dr. R. V. (Ontario)
Kirkland, Mr. K. J.
Kirson, Dr. S.
Kirstine, Dr. W. D. (Victoria)
Kirstiuk, Mr. J.
Kirstiuk, Mrs. Katherine
Kiss, Mr. Z.
Kitchen, Miss Agnes M.
Kitchen, Miss E. Hazel
Kitimat Scholarship Association (Kitimat)
Kitsilano Co-operative Kindergarten
Kiwanis Club of Summerland (Summerland)
Kiwanis Club of Uptown Vancouver
Klassen, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Klausner, Mr. J.
Kless, Mr. M. A.
Kliman, Dr. M. R.
Klose, Mr. G. W. (Alberta)
Knowles, Mrs. Charles L.
Knutson, Mr. and Mrs. K. (U.S.A.)
Kobbervig, Mr. K. I.
Kochan, Mr. J. M. (Saskatchewan)
Koerner, Leon and Thea Foundation
Koerner, Dr. L. J.
Koerner, Dr. W. C.
Kolberg, Mr. A.
Koons, Mr. C. V. (U.S.A.)
Kootenay Bar Association (Cranbrook)
Kornder, Dr. L. D. (Surrey)
Kozdroski, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Kraft, Mr. W. J.
Krafts Foods Ltd. (Quebec)
Kruckeberg, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. (U.S.A.)
Kulich, Mr. and Mrs. J.
21 K.V.O.S. TV (B.C.) Ltd.
Labatt Breweries of B.C. Ltd.
Ladies Auxiliary of the United Commercial
Travellers of America
Ladies Pharmaceutical Auxiliary
Ladner, Dr. L. J.
Ladner, Mr. T. E.
Lady Laurier Club
Laing, The Hon. A. (Ontario)
Laing, Mr. C. E.
Laing, Mr. H. D.
Lambda Kappa Sigma Sorority
Lambert, Mr. J. D.
Lambert, Miss Nona C. (Aldergrove)
Lambert, Brig. N. D. (Aldergrove)
Laminated Timber Institute of Canada
Lando, Mr. and Mrs. E.
Landon, Mr. and Mrs. L. G. (White Rock)
Lane, Mr. W. T.
Langley, Mr. A. E.
Langston, Dr. R. G.
Lanskail, Mr. D. A. S.
Large, Miss M. I.
Larsen, Dr. A. A. (Victoria)
Lauder Ranches Ltd. (Quilchena)
Laurentide Financial Corp. Ltd.
Laws, Mr. K. R. (U.S.A.)
Lechner, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Lecky, Mrs. John
Lecky, Mrs. John MacD.
Ledingham, Mr. and Mrs. G. M.
Lee Foundation (Malaysia)
Lee, Miss Nancy (Victoria)
Lees, Dr. M. A. (Powell River)
Leighton, Mr. J. F.
Leith, Mr. M. V.
Lennard, Lt. Col. Sir Stephen (Whonnock)
Leonard Foundation (Ontario)
LePatourel, H. C. Fund
Leshgold, Mrs. Katherine
Lerman, Mr. and Mrs. C.
Lerman, Mr. and Mrs. N. H.
Letson & Burpee Limited
Levis, Mr. S. A.
Leviton Manufacturing of Canada Ltd.
Lewis, Mrs. H. K.
Lewis, Mr. J. E.
Lewis, Mr. J. W. D.
Licensed Practical Nurses' Association of B.C.,
Vancouver Chapter
Lidster, Dr. E. L. R. (N.W.T.)
Liebe, Dr. C. J. (Mission City)
Life Underwriters' Association of Vancouver
Lightfoot, Mrs. Dorothy
Lillooet Community Scholarship Fund
Lilly, Eli and Company (Canada) Ltd.
Lin, Prof. P. T. K. (Quebec)
Lind, Dr. F. O. (Courtenay)
Lindberg, Mr. P. (Britannia Beach)
Lindsay, Mr. J. R. A.
Lindsay, Dr. R. K.
Lioy, Dr. F.
Little, Mrs. Margaret L
Little, Mr. and Mrs. W. E.
Lloyd Smith Nurseries Ltd. (Pitt Meadows)
Lynn Valley Co-operative Pre-school
Lockwood Survey Corporation
Logan, Mr. H. F. (Princeton)
Long Lac Mineral Exploration Limited
Longstaffe, Mr. and Mrs. J. R.
Lord, Mr. C. S. (Ontario)
Lorimer, Dr. and Mrs. W. C. (Manitoba)
Loring Laboratories Ltd. (Alberta)
Loughlin, Dr. J. L. (Abbotsford)
Louie, H. Y. Co. Ltd.
Loupa, Mr. L.
Loveseth, Mr. G. E. (Alberta)
Lovick, Mrs. M.
Lumb, Mr. F. V.
Lund, Dr. J. C.
Lundahl, Mr. and Mrs. L N. (U.S.A.)
Lyle, Mr. and Mrs. W. E.
Lyttle Bros. Ltd.
McAfee, Miss Irene
MacAllister, Dr. R. M.
McCaffrey, Mr. R. P. (Ganges)
McCallister, Mr. R.
McCarter, Nairne & Partners
McConnell, Dr. J. A.
McCormick, Dr. A. Q.
McCreary, Dr. J. F.
McCreery, Dr. R. G.
McCuaig, Mrs. Margaret
McCullough, Mrs. E. A.
McDiarmid, Mr. H. A.
MacDonald, the late Aileen F.
McDonald, Dr. D. M.
MacDonald, Mrs. E.
McDonald, Mrs. Friedie
McDonald, Dr. H. W. (Victoria)
McDonald, Mr. I. W.
MacDonald, The Hon. Mr. Justice J. A.
MacDonald, Mr. R. C.
MacDonald, Mr. R. W.
MacDougall, Miss A. L. (U.S.A.)
McDougall, Mr. J. J.
MacEachern, Mr. and Mrs. R. B.
McEachern, Mr. R. G.
McElhanney Surveying & Engineering Ltd.
Macfarlane, The Hon. Mr. Justice A. B.
McFarlane, The Hon. Mr. Justice M. M.
McGavin, Dr. Allan M.
McGechaen, Mr. S.
MacGill, Mrs. Elsie G. (Ontario)
MacGowan, Mr. J. (Alberta)
McGraw, Dr. R. W.
MacGregor, Mr. D. D. (Ontario)
McGregor, Mrs. Fred
Mclnnes, Mr. J. E. Jr.
Mclnnes, Dr. Wm. (Dawson Creek)
Mcintosh, Mr. D. L. (Summerland)
Mcintosh, Dr. J. R.
Mclntyre, The Hon. Mr. Justice W. R.
Mclvor, Mr. and Mrs. A.
MacKay, Dr. D.
McKay, Mrs. Rosaline (Summerland)
MacKay, Mrs. Stuart (Ontario)
McKechnie, Mr. N. D. (Victoria)
McKechnie, the late R. E.
McKeen, Mr. G. B.
MacKen, Mr. L. C.
McKenzie, Dr. A. D.
McKenzie Barge & Derrick Co. Ltd.
MacKenzie, Dr. C. J. G.
McKenzie, Mr. D. J. A.
McKenzie, Mrs. K. D.
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M.
MacKenzie Valley Pipe Line Research Ltd.
MacKenzie Valley Pipe Line Research Ltd.
McKeown, Mr. M. (South Africa)
McKinlay, Dr. W. D.
McLaren, Mrs. Evelyn
McLaren, Mr. N. B. (U.S.A.)
McLaren, Rev. and Mrs. R. A.
McLaughlin, Mr. and Mrs. P. C.
Maclazwil Foundation
McLean, Mr. and Mrs. A. C.
McLean, Dr. D. M.
The McLean Foundation (Ontario)
McLean, Mr. G. B.
MacLean, The Hon. Mr. Justice H. A.
McLean, Mr. J. E.
MacLean, Mr. V. F.
MacLeod, Mr. and Mrs. H. J.
McLeod, Mrs. M. R. (Ontario)
McLoughlin, Mr. B. W. F.
McMaster, Mrs. Constance E.
MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.
MacMillan Bloedel Ltd. (Nanaimo)
MacMillan, Mr. H. R.
MacMillan, H. R. Education Fund
MacMillan, H. R. Family Fund
MacMillan, H. R. Family Fund No. 2
McMillan, Mr. W. J. (Victoria)
McNab, Mr. G.
McNaught, Dr. D. R.
McNichol, Mr. A. (Turkey)
McPhee, the late D. S.
McPherson, Dr. G. D.
McQueen, Mr. W. C.
McQuillan, Mr. B. A. (Courtenay)
McTaggart, Dr. K. C.
Magid, Mr. M.
Malcolm, Mr. R. D. C.
Mallory, Miss H. E. (Vernon)
Mann, Mrs. A. J. (Saskatchewan)
Mann, Mr. D. E.
Manning, Mr. V. Z. (Ladner)
Maravelias, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. (U.S.A.)
March, Mrs. B. E.
Marcoe, Dr. K. D.
Markle, John and Mary Foundation (U.S.A.)
Marks, Dr. E.
Marsh & McLennan Ltd.
Marshall, Mr. F. L. (Kelowna)
Marshall, Mr. G. W.
Martin, Dr. and Mrs. D. L (U.S.A.)
Martin, Mrs. Gladys E.
Martin-Marietta Corporation (U.S.A.)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (U.S.A.)
Massot Nurseries Ltd.
Mathews, Dr. W. H.
Mathews, Mrs. W. H.
Mawhinney, Mr. J. D.
Mayhew, Mr. G. R. (Victoria)
Mead Johnson Canada Ltd. (Ontario)
Meagher, Dr. and Mrs. E. P.
Medical Services Association
Meek, Mr. R.
Meekison, Dr. W. G. (Williams Lake)
Mendels, Mr. D. N. (Quebec)
Mercer, William M. Limited
Merck Frosst Laboratories (Quebec)
Merck, Sharp & Dohm Canada Ltd. (Quebec)
Metropolitan Bio-Medical Laboratories Ltd.
Meyers, Mrs. Virginia
Middleton, Mr. L.
Middleton, Mr. W. E. K.
Miles, Mrs. C. C. (Manitoba)
Milhollin, Mr. H. H. (U.S.A.)
Millbank Memorial Fund (U.S.A.)
Miller, Dr. H. S.
Miller, Mrs. M.
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. P.
Miller, Dr. S.
Millerd, Mr. F. (Ontario)
Mills, Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
Milne, Mrs. Nordis
Minnes, Dr. J. F.
Mitchell, Mr. G. S.
Mitchell, Dr. W. J.
Mitsubishi Metal Mining Co. Ltd.
Mitsui & Co. Ltd.
Mobil Foundation Inc. (Alberta)
Mobil Foundation, Inc. (U.S.A.)
Mobil Oil Canada Ltd. (Alberta)
Molson Breweries B.C. Ltd.
Money, Dr. and Mrs. P. L. (Ontario)
Monger, Mr. J. W. H.
Monrufet, Mr. R. A.
Montgomery, Miss Clara E. (U.S.A.)
Moodie, Mrs. H. M. (England)
Moore, Mr. and Mrs. J. (Langley)
Moore, Mr. and Mrs. W. (Delta)
Morgan, Dr. L. T.
Morris, Mrs. Brenda (Ontario)
23 Morris, Mrs. Rae
Mortifee, Mr. A. W. J.
Morton, Dr. K. S.
Moss, Mr. J. M.
Mouat, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. (Ganges)
Mouat, Mr. and Mrs. L (Ganges)
Mouat, Mr. N. (Ganges)
Mouat, Miss O. (Ganges)
Mountjoy, Dr. E. W. (Quebec)
Moxon, Mrs. B. O.
Moxon, Miss Mary C.
Muir, Misses Inez and Patricia
Muir, Mr. J. F.
Muller, Mr. B. H. (U.S.A.)
Mulroy, Mr. W.
Munn, Mrs. Elizabeth
Munro, Mrs. B. E.
Munro, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. (Courtenay)
Munroe, The Hon. Mr. Justice F. C.
Munroe, Dr. J. D. (Coquitlam)
Muraro, Mr. T. W. (Ontario)
Murchie, Dr. K. E.
Murphy, A. A. & Sons Ltd. (Saskatchewan)
Murray, Dr. F. E.
Murray, Dr. J. R.
Murray, Dr. J. W.
Murray, Mrs. T. J.
Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada
Muth, Dr. H. J. (Nelson)
Myren, Miss Juliette (U.S.A.)
Nacht, Mrs. M.
Naegele, Mrs. Daphne N.
Nairn, Air Vice Marshall K. G.
Nash, Miss Susan
Nasmith, Mr. H. W. (Victoria)
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Ontario)
National Council of Jewish Women,
Vancouver Section
National Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada Ltd.
National Feeds Limited (Manitoba)
National Sanitarium Association (Ontario)
Native Daughters of B.C., Grand Post
NATO (Belgium)
Needoba, Mr. J. C.
Nelms, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. (Ontario)
Nelson, Mr. G. R. (U.S.A.)
Nelson, Mr. J. E. (U.S.A.)
Nelson, Mrs. L. P. (U.S.A.)
Nelson, Mrs. R. W. (Alberta)
Nelson, Mr. W. I. Jr.
Nemetz, The Hon. Mr. Justice N. T.
Nesbit, Mr. D. R.
Nesbitt, Mrs. E.
Nesbitt, the late Ellen Emma (New Brunswick)
The Netherlands' Association
Neudorf, Mr. P.
Neumann, Mr. K. H.
New Imperial Mines Ltd.
New Westminster Business & Professional
Women's Club
New Westminster Teachers' Association
Newman, Mrs. Helen (Alberta)
Newman, Dr. M.
Newmont Mining Corporation (U.S.A.)
Newton, Mr. C. S.
Newton, Mrs. Joan A. (Alberta)
Nichol, Dr. H.
Nicholson, Hon. J. R. (Victoria)
Nickel, Mr. and Mrs. J. (Surrey)
Nippon Mining Co. Ltd.
Nissen, Mr. and Mrs. G. (Campbell River)
Nittetsu Mining Co. Ltd.
Nix, Dr. Margaret E. (U.S.A.)
Noakes, Mrs. F.
Noble, Mr. J. H.
Noble, Mrs. Marjorie
Noble, Mr. and Mrs. R. S.
Noel, Mr. G. A.
Norgan Foundation
Norgate Co-operative Pre-school
Norman, Mr. G. W. H.
North Delta Soccer Club (Delta)
North Fraser Harbour Commissioners
North Pacific Shipping Company Ltd.
North Shore Medical Society
North Shore Rock & Gem Club
North West Industries Ltd.
Northcote, Dr. K. E. (Victoria)
Northern Commercial Co. Ltd. (U.S.A.)
Northwest Plaster Bureau Inc. (U.S.A.)
Northwest Survey Corporation Ltd.
(Yukon Territory)
Norton, Mrs. J.
Oberlander, Mrs. Cornelia
Ocean Cement Limited
Ocean Cement Ltd., Marpole Depot
Drivers' Lunchroom
Oforsagd, Mr. M. W. (Alberta)
Okanagan Helicopters Ltd.
Okanagan-Mainline Real Estate Board
Okanagan Valley Medical Staffs (Kelowna)
Okanagan Valley Pre-school Teachers'
Association (Kelowna)
Oliver, Mr. J.
Oliver, John Secondary School
Olsen, Mr. A.
Order of Ahepa, Gladstone Chapter No. C.J. 6
Order of the Eastern Star,
Grand Chapter of B.C.
Order of the Eastern Star, Ruth Chapter No. 22
Oreck, The Hon. Judge N. L.
Oriel, Mr. Wm. M.
Orr, Mrs. B. B.
Orr, Air Vice Marshall W.
Ortho Pharmaceutical (Canada) Ltd.
Osborne, Mr. W. M.
Osier Society
Ostensoe, Mr. E.
Oswald, Mrs. Patricia
Otter District Farmers' Institute (Aldergrove)
Owen, Miss Gladys (Saskatchewan)
Owens, Mrs. Kate
Pacific Coast Fisherman's Mutual Marine
Insurance Co.
Pacific Coast Terminals Co. Ltd.
Pacific Egg & Poultry Association (U.S.A.)
Pacific Elevators Ltd.
Pacific G.M.C. Ltd.
Pacific International Freightliners Ltd.
Pacific Petroleums Ltd. (Alberta)
Pacific Press Limited
Pacific Resins Ltd.
Pacific Terex Ltd.
Pacific Western Airlines Ltd.
Pagan, Dr. R. (Nelson)
Paine, Dr. R. J.
Pan-Abode Buildings Ltd.
Panar, Dr. B.
Panco Poultry Ltd. (North Surrey)
Paper Industry Management Association
Paridon Bulb Company
Parkam, Mrs. Minnie (Alberta)
Parkinson, Mr. S. S.
Parnall, Mrs. J. E. A.
Paterson, N. M. & Sons Ltd. (Ontario)
Paterson, Mr. R. G. (Gillies Bay)
Patterson, Mr. D. C.
Pearson, Mr. J. F.
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.
Pedley, Mr. S. J.
Pemberton Securities Ltd.
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AD
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AM
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AP
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter B
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Vancouver President's
Peerless, Dr. S. J.
Pennock, Mr. M. R. (Horsefly)
Pentland, Mr. W. S. (Ladner)
Permasteel Engineering Ltd.
The Petroleum Research Fund (U.S.A.)
Administered by the American Chemical Society
Pfizer & Co. Ltd. (Quebec)
Pharmaceutical Association of the
Province of B.C.
Phelps, Mr. J. W.
Phillips, Mr. A. H.
Phillips, Hager & North Ltd.
Philpott, G. M. Company Ltd.
Pierce, Mr. A. F.
Pike. Mr. J. A.
Pilutik, Dr. W. J.
Pinchin, Mr. V. L. (Manitoba)
Pinsky, Mr. G. A. (Alberta)
Placer Development Ltd.
Planning Students' Association
Plester, Mr. and Mrs. G. L.
The Plimsoll Club
Police Mutual Benevolent Association
Poole, Mr. W. H. (Ontario)
Poore, Mr. and Mrs. C. G.
Port Alberni Harbour Commissioners
(Port Alberni)
Poulenc Limited (Quebec)
Poultry Science Coffee Club
Powell, Mr. P. (Ontario)
Pratt-Johnson, Dr. J. A.
Preston, Mr. G. (Langley)
Preto, Mr. V.
Price, Mr. P. (Ontario)
Price, Mr. T. E.
Price Waterhouse & Co.
Proctor & Gamble Co. of Canada Ltd.
Proctor, Mr. and Mrs. J. (U.S.A.)
Prosterman, Dr. B. D.
Province of B.C., Dept. of Agriculture
Pullen, the late Mary Elizabeth
Purcell, Dr. G. E. (Mission City)
Quilchena Cattle Company Ltd. (Quilchena)
Quintana Minerals Corporation
Rae, The Hon. Mr. Justice G. G. S.
Ranch Hand Foods Limited
Randall, Dr. and Mrs. H. S.
Randall, Mr. J. G. (Fort Langley)
Raphael, Mr. and Mrs. L.
Rapske, Mr. R.
Ratner, Dr. R. S.
Rau, Dr. J. L.
Rayonier Canada (B.C.) Ltd.
R.C.A.F. No. 6 S.F.T.S. (Ontario)
REACH Centre Association
Read, Jones, Christoffersen Ltd. (Victoria)
Read, Jones, Christoffersen Ltd.
Read, Dr. P. B.
Read, Mrs. S. E.
Read, Mr. S.
Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
Real Estate Institute of B.C.
Rebbeck, Dr. P.
Reed, Shaw, Osier Ltd.
Rees, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Reesor, Mr. J. E. (Ontario)
Reeve, Mr. D. D.
Regina Astronomical Society (Saskatchewan)
Registered Nurses' Association of B.C.
Reid, Mr. and Mrs. R. F.
Reif, Mr. F. C.
Reifel, Mr. H. F.
Reimer's Nurseries Ltd. (Yarrow)
Reinhard, Mr. 0. F.
Renney, Dr. A. J.
Research Corporation (U.S.A.)
Retail Food & Drug Clerks' Union
Retail Wholesale & Department Store Union
Local 580
Reubart, Mr. D.
Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Reynolds, Dr. P. J. (Nanaimo)
Richards, Mr. A. E. (Ontario)
Richards, Dr. F.
Richards, Dr. H. M. (Kamloops)
Richardson Century Fund (Manitoba)
Richmond, Delta Pre-school Teachers'
Richmond Gem & Mineral Club
Riddell, Stead and Company
Rio Algom Mines Ltd. (Ontario)
Riondel Community Chest (Riondel)
Riordan, Mr. and Mrs. E. J.
Riordon, Mr. P. H.
Rislov, Mrs. Natalie O. (U.S.A.)
Ritchie-Smith Ltd. (Abbotsford)
Roberts, Mr. C. K. (U.S.A.)
Roberts, Mr. W.
Robertson, Mr. A.
Robertson, The Hon. Mr. Justice A. B.
Robertson, Mr. A. C.
Robertson, Mrs. D. B.
Robin Hood Multifoods Limited (Quebec)
Robinson, Mrs. G. Irene
Robinson, Dr. J. M. (Mission)
Roche, Mr. A. I.
Roddick, Dr. J. A.
Roer, Mr. P. O.
Rogers, Mr. C. B. W. (Ontario)
Rogers, Mr. L. V.
Rogers, Mr. R.
Roiseland, Mr. A. (U.S.A.)
Roiseland, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. (U.S.A.)
Rose, Mr. and Mrs. B.
Rose, Mr. J. M.
Ross, Mr. J. A.
Ross, Mrs. Sheila H.
Rotary Club of Duncan
Rotary Club of New Westminster
Rotary Club of Smithers
Rotary Club of Vancouver
Rowbottom, Mr. T. E. (Quebec)
Royal Arch Masons of B.C., Grand Chapter
Royal Canadian Legion
Royal Canadian Legion #15 (Abbotsford)
Royal Canadian Legion #4
Ladies' Auxiliary (Chilliwack)
Royal Canadian Legion #61 (Delta)
Royal Canadian Legion Mount Pleasant
Ladies' Auxiliary
Royal Canadian Legion #229, Whalley Branch
(North Surrey)
Royal Canadian Legion (Oyama)
Royal Canadian Legion #217 (Salmo)
Royal.Canadian Legion #16
(South Vancouver Branch)
Royal Canadian Legion Pacific Command
Royal Canadian Legion Pacific Command
Ladies' Auxiliary #15 (Abbotsford)
Royal Legion Pacific Command
Ladies' Auxiliary #61 (Delta)
Royal Canadian Legion Pacific Command
Ladies' Auxiliary (Enderby)
Russell Food Equipment Ltd.
Russell and Du Moulin
Russell, Mr. M. B.
Ruttan, The Hon. Mr. Justice J. G.
Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. B. (Kokish)
Ryan, Dr. J. G.
Ryan, Mr. M. M.
Sabiston, Mrs. V. M.
St. Giles United Church Women
St. Paul's Hospital Medical Staff
Saltzman, Mr. and Mrs. M.
Salvage Association
Sanders, the late G. F.
Sandy, Dr. J. T.
Sankey, the late Elsie L.
Sanguinetti, Mr. M. H.
Sangster, Dr. D. F. (Ontario)
Sargent, Mr. H. (Victoria)
Sargent, Mr. R.
Saskatchewan School Trustees' Association
Saskatchewan Wheat Pool
Sauer, Mr. C. D. (Ontario)
Sauer, Mr. and Mrs. I. V. N.
Scandinavian Businessmen's Club
Scarfe, Dr. N. V.
Schachter, Dr. J. J. (Saskatchewan)
Schau, Dr. M. P. (Ontario)
Schell, Mrs. R. G. (Penticton)
Schiedel, Mr. and Mrs. V.
Schiff, Dr. and Mrs. H. (Alberta)
Schilder, Mrs. Marie
Schinbein, Mrs. A. B.
Schiplo, Mrs. H. W.
Schloss, Dr. and Mrs. S. M.
Schmitt, Dr. N. (Trail)
Schofield, Mrs. W. B.
Schuldt, Mr. H. E.
Schultz, The Hon. Mr. Justice Wm. A.
Schweigel, Dr. J. F.
Scott, Professor A. D.
Scott Paper Limited
Scott, Dr. and Mrs. W. R.
Seacon Services Ltd.
Sea-Going Hacks
Seaman, Mrs. Leah V. (N.W.T.)
Seaspan International Ltd.
Seaton, The Hon. Mr. Justice P. D.
Seaton, Mr. P. E.
Sechelt Motor Transport Ltd. (Sechelt)
Segal, Mr. J.
Seigneuret, Mr. J. A.
Selkirk College (Castlegar)
Selma, Mr. D. C.
Sheppard, Mr. and Mrs. F. G.
Seraglia, Dr. M.
Seraphim, Mr. and Mrs. R.
Seth, Dr. V. K.
Shanahan, Mr. A. M.
Sharp, Dr. and Mrs. R. F.
Sharp, Mr. Wm. M.
Sheldon, Mr. R. F.
Shell Canada Ltd.
Sheriff, Mr. W. J.
Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd. (Alberta)
Shimmin, Miss Phyllis
Shindler, Mrs. Selma
Shives, Mr. K. B.
Shrum, Dr. G. M.
Shultup Management & Investments Ltd.
Shuttleworth, Mr. Wm.
Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity Alumni
Sigurdson, Mr. H. S.
Simon Fraser University
Simpson, Dr. D. G.
Simrose, Mr. and Mrs. G. (Vanderhoof)
Sinclair, Dr. A. J.
Sinclair, Mr. and Mrs. E. (U.S.A.)
Siwash Society
Sixth Avenue Co-operative Pre-school Group
Skelton, Mr. J. (Ontario)
Skerl, Mrs. Doris M.
Skinner, Dr. R. (Ontario)
Sloan, Alfred P. Foundation (U.S.A.)
Sloan, Mrs. David A.
Sloan, Mrs. Margaret A.
Smart, Mr. J. E.
Smart, Dr. M. R. (Vernon)
Smit, J. K. & Sons Diamond Products Ltd.
Smith, Miss Anne M.
Smith, Mr. C. E.
Smith, Mr. D. (Alberta)
Smith, Davidson & Lecky Ltd.
Smith, Dr. E. L.
Smith, Harry & Hilda Foundation
Smith, Prof. J. H. G.
Smith, Kline & French (Quebec)
Smith, Mrs. M.
Smith, Mr. M. (U.S.A.)
Smith, Mrs. Mary A. (U.S.A.)
Smith, The Hon. Mr. Justice W. K.
Smitheringale, Mr. W. V. (Comox)
Society of Industrial Accountants of B.C.
Society of Industrial Accountants of Canada
Society of Real Estate Appraisers' Foundation
Soderstrom, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. (Alberta)
Sons of Norway
Soroptimist Club of New Westminster
Soregaroli, Dr. A.
Sorenson, Mr. S. E. (Clayburn)
Soulsby, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. (Penticton)
Souter, Mrs. Edna
South, Mr. D. (Victoria)
South West Imports Limited
Southam, Mr. G. T.
Souther, Mr. J. G.
Spencer, Chris Foundation
Sprague Electric Company (U.S.A.)
Springer, Mr. K. J.
Springer, Mr. R. J.
Sproule, Dr. W. R.
Spurr, Mr. J. (Victoria)
Stace-Smith, Dr. R.
Stafford, Mr. P.
Stamenov, Mrs. Carol
Standard Oil of B.C. Ltd.
Standard Oil Company of California (U.S.A.)
Standard Oil (Indiana) Foundation, Inc.
Stanley Drug Products Ltd.
Stanley, Mr. and Mrs. H. (Ontario)
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co.
Stearman, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Steel Co. of Canada Ltd. (Ontario)
Steinberg, Dr. M. W.
Steiner, Mr. and Mrs. A. B.
Stephen, Mr. J. S. (Greece)
Steuter, Mrs. Jutta
Stevens, Mrs. Helen D. (Kamloops)
Stevens, Mr. H. H.
Stevenson, Dr. J. S. (Quebec)
Stevenson, Mr. R. W.
Stewart, Dr. A. J.
Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. D. M.
Stewart, the late Helen Gordon
Stewart, Mr. J. C. F.
Stewart, Miss Jessie F.
Stewart, Mr. W. B. (Williams Lake)
Stewart, Dr. W. D.
Stockett, Miss J. C.
Stockwell, Mr. J. E.
Storey, Mrs. Agnes H
Storey, Mr. F. McL.
Storey, Mr. J. B.
Storkcraft Limited
Stout, Mr. J. G. (Alberta)
Strong, G. F. Rehabilitation Centre
Stry Credit Union
Students of Anthropology 320
Student Wives' Association
Sturrock, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. (Ontario)
Sulley, Mr. W. K. E.
Sullivan, Mr. J.
Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. of Canada Ltd.
Sumitomo Shoji Canada Ltd.
Sumner, Walter C. Foundation (Nova Scotia)
Surrey Co-operative Association
Sutherland, Mr. A. W.
Sutherland, Mr. R. R.
Sutherland-Brown, Mr. A.
Sutter Investments Ltd.
Sutton, Braidwood, Morris, Hall & Sutton
Svendsen, Mr. and Mrs. E. (U.S.A.)
Swallow Mr. J.
Swan, the late Mr. W. G.
Swanson, Dr. C. O.
27 Sweid, J. D. and Co.
Swiftsure Towing Co. Ltd.
Swonnell, Mr. D. W. (Victoria)
Taggart, The Hon. Mr. Justice J. D.
Tahsis Company Ltd.
Tait, Mr. R. S.
Tait, Dr. and Mrs. W. M.
Talbot, Mr. and Mrs. J. G.
Tarr, Dr. H. L
Tassell, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. (U.S.A.)
Tassell, Mr. L P.
Tate, Dr. R. G.
Taylor, Mr. A.
Taylor, Mr. C. Jr.
Taylor, Dr. J. A. (Victoria)
Taylor, Mr. J. M. (U.S.A.)
Taylor, Mr. N. W. (Alberta)
Teachers of Home Economics Specialist
Teagle Foundation (U.S.A.)
Tektonix, Inc. (U.S.A.)
Telford, Dr. K.
Templeman-Kluit, Mr. Dirk
Tennant, Mr. J. M.
Tennant, Mrs. S. J. (Port Moody)
Terry, Mr. A. N.
Texaco Canada Limited (Ontario)
Theta Chapter of Phrateres
Thibault, Mrs. M. (Yukon)
Thirkell, Mr. and Mrs. F. W.
Thomas, M.A. & Associates Ltd.
Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. D. (Nanaimo)
Thompson, David Secondary School
Thompson, Dr. G. B.
Thompson, Mr. P. R.
Thompson, Mrs. Robert M.
Thomson, Mrs. David
Thomson, Mrs. Mary
Thordarson, Dr. R.
Thores, Dr. O. A. (Prince Rupert)
Thorne, Gunn, Helliwell and Christenson
Thorsteinsson, Mrs. Marily A.
Thorsteinsson, Mitchell, Little & O'Keefe
Tilley, Mrs. John S. (Ontario)
Tom Thumb Co-op Play Group
Toombs, Mr. R. B. (Ontario)
Toy, Mrs. M. B.
TPL Industries Ltd.
Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline Ltd.
Tredger, Dr. C. M.
Trelford, Mrs. W. A. (Ganges)
Trester, Dr. P. H.
Trettin, Dr. H. P. (Alberta)
Trigg, Woollett & Associates Ltd. (Alberta)
Trout, Mr. R. G. (U.S.A.)
Truck Loggers' Association
Trueman, Mr. E. A. (Alberta)
Trumbull, Mr. J. L.
Trussell, Dr. P. C.
Tuberculosis and Chest Disabled Veterans'
Tufts, Mr. I. E.
Tupper, Sir Charles Secondary School
Tupper, Mrs. M. A.
Turner, Mr. M. G.
Tutton, Mr. J.
Tysoe, The Hon. Mr. Justice C. W.
22nd International Geographical Congress
U.B.C. Student Chapter A.I. & C.S.Ch.E.
Underhill & Underhill
Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs
Union Oil of Canada Ltd. (Alberta)
United Fishermen and Allied Workers' Union
United Grain Growers Ltd.
United Nations Association
United Tire of B.C. Ltd.
University of Alaska (U.S.A.)
University Club of Vancouver
University Pharmacy Ltd.
University of Victoria
University Women's Club (Cloverdale-Langley)
University Women's Club of Vancouver
Upper Vancouver Island Medical Society
(Campbell River)
Utah Construction & Mining Co. (U.S.A.)
Vancouver Board of Trade Sales & Marketing
Executives' Club
Vancouver Business & Professional Women's
Vancouver City College Students and Staff
of the Diesel Engineering Division
Vancouver City Hall Employees' Association
Vancouver City Savings Credit Union
Vancouver Civic Employees' Union
Local #1004
Vancouver & District Home Economics'
Vancouver Elementary School Teachers'
Vancouver Equipment Corp. Ltd.
Vancouver Estonian Society
Vancouver Federal Employees' Credit Union
Vancouver Fire Fighters' Union Local 18
Vancouver Foundation
Vancouver General Hospital - Medical Board
Vancouver Ikebana Association
Vancouver Junior Chamber of Commerce
Vancouver Kiwanis Welfare Foundation
Vancouver Medical Association
Vancouver Natural History Society
Vancouver Secondary School Teachers'
Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd.
Vancouver Stock Exchange
Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Transportation Club
Vancouver Tugboat Co. Ltd.
Vancouver Women's Transportation Club
Vaage, Mr. R.
Vadis, Mr. and Mrs. G. Q.
Vance, Mr. J. A. (Ontario)
Van Der Gracht, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Vandewater, Dr. S. L. (Ontario)
van Loon, Miss Irma
Van Norden, Dr. H.
Van Sacker, Mrs. Gail L.
Van Waters & Rogers Ltd.
Variety Club of Western Canada Tent 47
Veno, Mr. M.
Verbrugge, Mr. C. R. (Ontario)
Vicelli, Miss Letti J.
Vickers, Mr. and Mrs. D. N.
Victoria Bar Association (Victoria)
Victoria and District Parent-Teacher Council
Victoria Home Economics & Dietetic
Association (Victoria)
Victoria Medical Society
Victoria Real Estate Board
Vilstrup, Mr. A.
Vince, Dr. D. J.
Vineberg, Mr. S.
Virtue, Dr. R.
Visscher, Miss Elizabetta
Vivian, Mr. and Mrs. R. K.
Volkoff, Dr. and Mrs. G. M.
von Rosen, Dr. E.
Voth, Mr. Ben (Chilliwack)
Vozoff, Mr. K. (Australia)
Waddell, Dr. R. (Prince Rupert)
Wagner, Dr. R. (Surrey)
Wagner, the late M.
Walley, Dr. K. M.
Walls, Dr. J. W. (Abbotsford)
Walters, Mrs. M.
Walzak, Mr. P. J.
War Amputations of Canada,
Vancouver Branch
Ward, Mr. and Mrs. P.
Warner Lambert Canada Ltd. (Ontario)
Warren, Dr. D. H.
Warren, Dr. H. V.
Warshawski, Dr. R. J.
Waterman, Dr. M. J.
Watson, Mr. E. L.
Watson, Mr. and Mrs. K. D. (U.S.A.)
Watson, Mr. Wm. E.
Watt, Dr. J. G.
Webber, Dr. W. A.
Weddell, Mr. T. A.
Wee Wisdom Co-operative Playground
Weinstein, Mr. L. A.
Weld, Mrs. Marjorie
Weldwood of Canada Ltd.
Wellington, Dr. W. G.
Wells, Mr. and Mrs. J. (Victoria)
Wellwood. Dr. R. W.
Welsh, Mr. S. W.
Wenegast, Mr. W. G.
Wertz, Mr. F. R.
Wesbrook Co-operative Pre-school Group
Wesdrill Equipment Ltd.
West Coast Reduction Ltd.
Westall, Mrs. C. Jane
Westcoast Transmission Company Limited
Westcu Foundation
Western Canada Steel Limited
Western Decalta Petroleum Limited (Alberta)
Western Mines Ltd.
Western Realty Projects Ltd.
Westlynn Co-operative Pre-school
Westminster County Real Estate Board
Westminster Medical Association
Westminster Regiment Association
Wheeler, Dr. J. O (Ontario)
Whitbread, Dr. J. L. M. (Victoria)
White, Mr. C. E. (Victoria)
White, Dr. J. C.
White, Dr. J. V.
White, Mr. L. G.
White Pass & Yukon Corporation Ltd.
White Spot Limited
Whitehead, Mr. T.
Whitelaw, Dr. D. M.
Whitford, Mr. D. F. H. (Peachland)
Whitinger, Mr. and Mrs. L. (U.S.A.)
Wiely, Mr. F.
Wilcox, Dr. G. P. (Quesnel)
Wilcox, Mr. J. C. (Summerland)
Wilkie, Dr. T. F.
Wilkinson, Mrs. B. (Saskatchewan)
Williams, Mr. E. M.
Williams, Dr. E. P. (Alberta)
Williams, Mr. F. M. G. (Quebec)
Williams Lake Kindergarten Association
(Williams Lake)
Williams, Dr. M. Y.
Wilson, Mrs. F. B.
Wilson, H. W. Foundation Inc.
Wilson, Dr. and Mrs. H. W. (U.S.A.)
Wilson, Mr. J. L. (Victoria)
Wilson, The Hon. Mr. Chief Justice J. 0.
Wilson, King & Co. (Prince George)
Wilson, Dr. and Mrs. R. J.
Wilson, Miss Ruth M. (Ontario)
Wilson, Dr. W. M. G.
Wiltzen, Mrs. Janet H. (Alberta)
Windsor, Mr. and Mrs. C.
Wine, Mrs. Myer
Winspear, Higgins, Stevenson & Doane
Wolfe, Dr. J. B.
Wolverton, Mr. N. E.
Wonfor, Mr. J. (Australia)
Wood Gundy Securities Limited
Wood, Mr. J.
Wood, Mr. J. E. R.
Wood, Mr. N. E.
Woodcock, Mr. J. R.
Woodley, Mr. J. L.
Woodward, the late Marion L. D.
Woodward, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Foundation
Woodward, P. A. Trust
Woodward Stores Ltd.
29 Woolliams, Dr. E. N. (Douglas LaKe)
Wooster, Mr. H. F.
Wootton, The Hon. Mr. Justice R. A.
World Federalists of Canada Central
Vancouver Island Branch (Courtenay)
World Wildlife Fund (U.S.A.)
Worrall, Dr. J. G.
Wright, Mr. and Mrs. E.
Wright, Mrs. K. Joan
Wright, Mr.
Wright, Mr.
Wright, Mr.
Wright, Mr.
L. F.
N. S.
P. L.
W. J.
Mrs. K. (Surrey)
Wylie, Dr. B.
Wyse, Mr. J.
Yarwood, Dr. C. E. (U.S.A.)
Young, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. (U.S.A.)
Young, Mr. J. W. (Alberta)
Young, Mr. G. W.
Youngquist, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. (U.S.A.)
Yukon Territory, Government of the
Zack, Mr. D. T.
Zack, Mr. S.
Xerox of Canada Ltd. (Ontario)
Ziebol, Miss Dona (U.S.A.)
Ziebol, Mr. and Mrs. G. (U.S.A.)
Ziemba, Mr. Wm. T.


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