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April 1st,  1945, to May  15th,  1946
Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, Western Branch, a fellowship of $1,000 for
graduate studies  in Forestry
Shell Oil Company, Limited, $1,000, to provide a fellowship for research in Chemistry,
Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Geology, Physics, or Geophysics,
$750 to be paid to the winner of the fellowship and the balance to the University
for equipment and supplies in connection with the research work
Standard Oil Company of British Columbia Fellowship (replacing the original Scholarship),  $1,100
The International Brotherhood Pulp, Sulphite, and Paper Mill Workers, Ocean Falls,
Local No. 312, a scholarship of $200 awarded by the Brotherhood and available
for a student resident in Ocean Falls, Port Alice, Port Mellon, Powell River, or Wood-
fibre, for attendance in the First Year of the University
Pacific Mills Limited, a scholarship of $250 to children of employees in Pacific Mills
and Canada Boxes Limited who are resident in British Columbia
Mr. R. J. Pop, a scholarship of $150 in Zoology
Dorothy and William Dorbils Scholarship, $2,000, for graduate studies in humanities
or pure sciences (to be awarded  in  1950)
U.B.C. Alumni at Summerland, B.C., a scholarship of $250 awarded by a citizens' committee to a graduate of Summerland High School for attendance at the University  of  British  Columbia
Wartime Convalescent Homes, War Charity Fund, Inc., Vancouver Division, $10,000,
the interest of which is to be used for a scholarship available for the sons or
daughters of R.C.A.F.  veterans
B. C. Packers Limited, four prizes for essays on Fisheries, two of the value of $100
each, and two of $50 each
Canadian   Institute of Mining  and  Metallurgy,  a  prize of  $100  for a  Master's thesis
on  Mining,  Geology or  Metallurgy
Carswell   Company,   Limited,   Publishers,  Toronto,   Ontario,   three   book  prizes  to  the
value  of  $20  each  for the  leading  student  in  each year  of the  course  in the
Faculty of Law
J. W.  Dafoe Foundation,  two prizes of  $100 each  for essays  in the  Department of
History and the Department of Economics,  Political  Science, and Government on
subjects  dealing  with  international  co-operation
Mr. J.  R. J.  Llewellyn Jones, a  prize of  $50  for outstanding  research  ability  in the
field of entomology
Mrs. D. A. McKee, a prize of $30 for highest standing in Third Year Agriculture
Mr. T.  Ingledow, two prizes of $50 each in Electrical Engineering
H.  R. MacMillan Export Company Limited,  $750 a year for three years for prizes  in
Anonymous, $1,000, the interest of which is to provide $30 as an annual essay prize
in  International  Relations
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stanley McLean, $1,000; four bursaries of $250 each (session 1946-
47), for scholastic ability and financial need, with preference to students whose
homes are in remote parts of British Columbia
Pacific Meat Company, a bursary of $200 for research related to problems of the
meat industry
Provincial Council of British Columbia, Canadian Daughters' League, an additional
bursary of $100 for a woman student entering the Teacher Training Course
The Kiwassa Club of Vancouver Bursaries, four bursaries of $150 each, available to
assist women students proceeding to the course in Public Health Nursing or
Social Work
The Jack Cohen Bursary, $1,500, donated by Mr. S. J. Cohen to provide an annual
bursary of $150 for ten years for a student entering the Fourth Year of Commerce
Mrs. Angela Bell, $1,500, to provide for ten years an annual bursary of $150, to be
$1,000 Anonymous  Bursary  increased to  $1,500,  to  assist the student  to whom  the
bursary had been awarded to continue with  his course  in  Medicine
The Mary C. Lipsett Bursary,  from  $250 to  $300
Mr. H. R. MacMillan, $500 for Forestry Loan Fund
Mrs.  Douglas Stewart,  $200 for the President's Fund
Alumnae, University of Toronto, $50 for the Dean of Women's Fund
Dr. Laval  Leeson,  $10 for the President's Fund
Anonymous donation of $750 for the President's Fund, to be used for bursaries and
Mrs.  W.  L. Armstrong,  Endowment  Fund  for Medical  Research
Anonymous donation, $25,000, to be allocated as an endowment to the research funds
of the University to be used towards research in Preventive Medicine with the
proviso that from time to time it may be used for any research purpose other
than Preventive Medicine
B. C. Industrial and Scientific Research Council, $2,000 for establishing a series of
permanent study plots on the University Forest Reserve at Pitt Lake, B.C., this
project to be known as "Silvicultural Survey of the University Forest Reserve"
Canadian Fishing Company,  Limited, $800 for research on herring meal
Dr. W. Chalmers, Western Canadian Chemical Industries, Limited, $400 and $265 for
research in fish oils, or for an addition to the poultry buildings
Ocean Industries Laboratory, $400 for research on the use of stickwater in poultry
Safeway Stores Limited, $2,000 to complete the Poultry Farm Survey and to expand
the studies on poultry meats
Surrey Co-operative Association,  $1,000  for research work in  poultry nutrition
Dean G. G. Cosens, Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto, Ontario, $100 for research  in Forestry
Mr. Robert Fiddes, $5,000 a year for a period of ten years to establish a Chair of
(Further awards will be announced later)
Lauder, Mercer, and Company, Limited, $250 a year for an indefinite period, to provide a bursary for a male student registered in the final year of the Commerce
Teamsters' Joint Council No. 36 (Mr. Birt Showier, Secretary), a bursary of $250 a
year for five years, available for a son or daughter of a member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in British Columbia for attendance at the
Mr. George W. Norgan, $10,000 to provide a scholarship of $1,000 a year for ten
years in the Faculty of Law
Mr. J. W. Pattison, $1,000 to provide a scholarship of $200 a year for five years in
Social Service
Alaska   Pine   Company,   Limited   (Mr.   L.   J.   Koerner,   President),   $6,000   to   provide
scholarships for ten years as follows:
$150 in Forestry
$150 in Wood Chemistry
$150 in Commerce
$150 in  Economics
The Vancouver Daily Province, $1,250 to provide a scholarship of $250 a year for
five years in Government or Political Science
Mr. George T. Cunningham, $750 to provide a scholarship of $150 a year for five
years in  Pharmacy
Mr.  P.  W.  Burbidge,  $250 a year  for  an   indefinite  period  for  scholarships
Brigadier Noel D. Lambert, President and Managing Director of Northern Construction, $1,000 to provide scholarships in Engineering in the amount of $200 a year
for five years
General Construction,  Campbell  River,  B.C.  (Mr.  John  Boyd,  President and Managing
Director), $2,500 to provide scholarships of $500 a year for five years
Mr. H.  R. MacMillan,  $2,500  for annual  scholarships to the value of  $500  a year
for  five years
Major-General D. M. Hogarth, Toronto,  $250 a year for ten years, to be allocated by
the Committee on  Prizes,  Scholarships,  and  Bursaries
Jno.  Inglis and Company, Toronto (Mr. A. L. Ainsworth, Vice-President and Managing
Director),   $250   a  year   for   ten   years,   to   be   allocated   by  the   Committee   on
Prizes,  Scholarships,  and  Bursaries
Canadian  Forest  Products,  Limited,  an  annual  scholarship of  $500  for  five years  in
Northern   Electric  Company,   Limited   (Mr.   T.   C.   Clarke,   District  Manager),   $500  to
provide an annual scholarship of $100 for five years in Electrical Engineering
Bequest from Mr. Jonathan Rogers, $75,000 for the erection of a building to house
the Department of Home Economics, with a provision that the residue of the
estate be paid to the University to be invested by it and the income derived
therefrom to be used for bursaries
The B. C. Industrial and Scientific Research Council, $5,147.16 for a Poultry Mortality Building, the money to be handled by the Research Council and this
building to be constructed  near the poultry plant at U.B.C.
Bequest from Mr. Thomas Holmes Johnson providing $25,000 as an endowment fund
to be known as "The Thomas Holmes Johnson  Bursary" to provide bursaries to
be  awarded  to  students  from   Prince   Rupert
Mr.  H.  R. MacMillan,  $3,000 for organizing and establishing a  Forest  Library
Advertising and Sales Bureau of Vancouver Board of Trade,  $1,000 for a course  in
British Columbia  Packers,  Limited,  $7,500  for a course  in  Fisheries
Mr. J. W. McConnell, President, The McConnell Foundation, $25,000
Mr. R. J. Pop, complete museum collection of Canadian fur-bearing animals, as soon
as suitable accommodation can be provided for this exhibit
I.O.D.E., Vancouver Municipal Chapter,  $400 for the purchase of reference books for
the  University  Library
Lions' Ladies' Club of Vancouver,    $1,000 for a  library for the use of service men
and service women attending the University
Mrs. Eva Bene, oil painting
Mrs.   R.   L.   Reid,  the  honorary  degree  gown,   cap,   and   hood  belonging  to  the  late
Dr. R. L. Reid
Spring  Session  Association,  $237.66  for  the  University  Library
Mrs. A.  J. Taylor and Major  E.  D. Taylor,  Zeiss telescope
Valedictory  Gift  of Class of  1945,  two  pairs  of  ornamental  wrought  iron  gates  for
the entrance to the Stadium
Mrs. J. H. Senkler, gift of books to the Law  Faculty
The Powell River Company, Limited, gift of a film entitled "A River of Paper"
From Dr. H. W. Riggs, Dr. W. A. Whitelaw, Dr. P. A. McLennan, estate of the late
A. G. Smith, Esq., Dr. Olive Sadler, Mr. Walter Hardwick, Mrs J. K. Henry, Mr.
Cecil Killam, Dr. Sylvia Thrupp, Miss C. J. de V. Van Steenwyck, Miss Lucille
Malkin, Dr. G. M. Ehlers, Dr. L. M. Greene, Dr. Annie H. A. Henderson, Mr. J.
S. Garrett, Dr. Basil Matthews, Mrs. L. W. Peel, Mr. T. Dowbor, Mrs. H. L.
Bailey, Sir Thomas White, the British Columbia Underwriters' Association, the
Henry George Club, the Carnegie Institution, Washington, D.C., the Eastman Kodak
Company, Rochester, N.Y., the Vancouver General Hospital, the Vancouver
Medical Association Library, the Missionary Research Library, New York, the Victoria Committee of France-Canada, the Provincial Library, Victoria, B.C., the
Red Cross Superfluity Shop, Vancouver, B.C. GIFTS OF BOOKS TO THE LAW LIBRARY, FACULTY OF LAW
The Attorney-General of British Columbia,  B. C.  Statutes
The Attorney-Genera! of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Statutes
The Attorney-General of Nova Scotia,  Nova Scotia Statutes
Mrs. K. M. Beckett, Case Books
Mr. D. Braidwood, Case Books
Mrs. Horace Buck, Halsbury Laws of England
Messrs.  Campbell, Meredith,  and  Beckett,  Revised  Reports
Dean G.  F. Curtis, Textbooks
Messrs. Davis, Hossie, and Company,  Nominate Reports
Mr. John Farris, Halsbury Laws of England
Mr. M. Gourlay, Miscellaneous Texts
Mr. Garfield King, Harvard Law Review, Textbooks
Mr. T. E. Ladner, Case Books
Mr. A. R. MacDougall, Canada Law Reports (unbound)
Mr. Justice Macfarlane, Reports
f- Mr.  Edwin Meredith, Ontario Law  Review  1-31
I Messrs.  McPhillips &  McPhillips,  Miscellaneous textbooks
Professor  Frederick  Read, Miscellaneous textbooks
f Mr. H.  Richmond,  Western Weekly  Reports  (unbound)
« Mr.  R.  H. Tupper,  Harvard Law Review
I The Vancouver Law Students' Society, Textbooks
[ Magistrate H. S. Wood, Miscellaneous
; Mrs. J. H. Senkler, Rare old Nominate Reports, etc.
I Mr. J. W. Eastham, Provincial Plant Pathologist, Vancouver, B.C.: A valuable collection
i of Myxcomycetes and a number of books and publications dealing with this group
f Mrs.   Irene   Mounce   Stewart,   West  Vancouver,   B.C.:   A   valuable   set   of   books   and
I pamphlets on Mycology and Forest Pathology
. (For Herbarium and Botanical Gardens)
Seeds and Herbarium Specimens
j ENGLAND Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
| IRELAND Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin
i NEW  ZEALAND Botanic Gardens, Christchurch
i SWITZERLAND Jardin  Botanique, Champex
L MacKENZIE  RIVER,   B.C. Dr. C.  H.  Crickmay
[ SPIDER   ISLAND,  B.C. Sergt.  H.  F. Harp
f Dr.  I. McT. Cowan:  Samples of wood of Pinus flexilis and Larix Lyallii, collected  in
( the B.C.  Rockies
■ Mr. H. R. MacMillan: Copies of recent publications for distribution to senior students
j. H. R. MacMillan Export Co.:  $5,000 for development work on the University Research
[ Forest
j Dean   G.   G.   Cosens,   Faculty  of  Forestry,   Toronto   University:   $100  for   research  on
j University Forest
i Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, Western  Branch:  $1,000 annually for Research
I Fellowship
Mr. A. E. Collins, B. C. Forest Service: Sections of trees from Northern British Columbia
The Timberman, B. C. Lumberman, Timber of Canada:  Back issues to complete files
B.  C.  Lumber and Shingle  Manufacturers' Association:  A complete transcript  of the
recent hearings of the Royal Commission on Forestry
Mr. George F. Sternberg, Hays Museum, Kansas: Oredont skull
Professor George A. Gillies, Vancouver: Specimen of asbestos and sfichtite from South
Africa and samples of oil from Pitt Meadows
Mr. H.  E. Odium, Vancouver:  Eighteen publications on Geology and Mining
Mr.  Charles  Ney,  Pioneer Gold  Mines:   Rocks and  Ores  from Vanada  Mines,  Texada
Island,   B.C.
Dr. S. J. Schofield: Picture of the first staff of the University DEPARTMENT OF HORTICULTURE
Dominion  Experimental  Station,  Summerland,  B.C.:   Shipments of  fruit specimens of
pears, apples, and grapes for systematic study
Dominion Experimental Station, Saanichton, B.C.: Fruit specimens for systematic study
Mr. W. H. Robertson, Provincial Horticulturist, Victoria B.C., and district horticulturist
and field men: Twelve boxes of fruit variety specimens for systematic study
The  Dominion  Department  of Agriculture,  the  Provincial  Department of Agriculture,
The B. C. Co-operative Seed Association, Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Buckerfield's
Ltd.: Contributions toward the cost of the Vegetable Seed Trial Project
Mr.  Rexford S.  Marshall:   $100  for  additional  work  in  the  Department
The Dominion Department of Agriculture, Plant Products Laboratory, Vancouver: Seed
Testing Demonstration materials
(For the Museum of Zoology)
Dr.  I. McT. Cowan, Vancouver:  Ectoparasites of birds and mammals
Mr. H. B. Leech, Vernon: Parasitic wasps
Mr. E. W. Pfeiffer, Vancouver:  Ectoparasites of birds and mammals
Mr. K. Racey, Vancouver:  Ectoparasites of birds
Mr. H. V. Wearne, Quick: Ectoparasites of mammals
Mr. J. D. Yarwood, Vancouver: Ectoparasites of birds and mammals
Other Invertebrates:
Mr.  H.  Leech,  Vernon:  Several  collections of  freshwater Crustacea
Mr.  R. W. Pillsbury, Vancouver:  Several collections of marine invertebrates
Mr. Guy Thompson, Vancouver:  1  tarantula
Dr. M. Y. Williams, Vancouver: A collection of marine Mollusca
Amphibia and Reptilia:
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Fowle, Toronto:  21   specimens of Ontario amphibians
Mr. and Mrs. L.  I. Korner, Vancouver:  1  alligator skin
Mr. R. W. Pillsbury, Vancouver: 2 amphibians from Burnaby Lake
Mr. F. C. Withler, Boston Bar: 3 specimens of amphibia from Babine Lake and
Boston  Bar
Major Allan Brooks, Okanagan Landing:   11   specimens from British Columbia
Dr. I. McT. Cowan: 59 specimens from British Columbia and Alberta
Mr. C. J. Guiget, Vancouver:  1  black pidgeon hawk from Lulu Island, B.C.
Mr. J. Hatter, Lake Cowichan: 10 specimens from British Columbia
Mr. J.  H. Holman, Vancouver:  Burrowing owl and herring gull  from Lulu  Island,
Mr. K. Racey, Vancouver: 3 specimens from Manitoba, Arizona, and New York
Professor G. J. Spencer, Vancouver:  :1   ruddy duck
Mr. F. C. Withler, Boston Bar:   1   Hoelboell grebe
British Columbia Game Commission,  through H. Tyler,  Invermere:   1   white-tailed
Mr. N. Cameron, Golden: Skulls of 2 moose
Mr. H. D.  Fisher, Kamloops: 45 specimens from British Columbia
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Fowle, Toronto: 6 specimens from Ontario
Mr.  H.  U. Green,  Banff:  2 water shrews from  Banff,  Alta.
Mr. J. Hatter,  Lake Cowichan: 90 mammal specimens from Alberta and British
Mr. R. S. Hayes, Game Warden, Courtenay: 2 beaver skeletons
Mr.  R.  D.  Hughes, Vancouver:  Whale "bone"
Mr. L. Jobin, Game Warden, Williams Lake:   1   hump-nosed bat
Miss I. Musfelt, Vancouver:  3 muskrats from Burnaby Lake,  B.C.
Messrs. Walter Peyto and Robert Peyto,  Banff:  241   specimens from the  Banff
Mr. H. V. Wearne, Quick:  1  coyote,  1   moose
Mr. F. C. Withler, Boston Bar: 4 specimens from Babine Lake, B.C.
(General Acknowledgments)
Mr.  E.  R.  Buckell,  Dominion   Entomological   Laboratory,  Kamloops:   Identifications of
social Hymenoptera
Professor G. A. Gillies, Vancouver:  1  book
Dr. M. Hatch,  University of Washington, Seattle:   Identifications of B. C. terrestrial
Mr. G. Hopping,  Dominion Entomological  Laboratory, Vernon:  Identification of B. C.
Mr. H. B. Leech, Dominion Entomological Laboratory, Vernon: A further contribution
of entomological  literature;  identification of B. C. Coleoptera
Mrs. O. Sadler, West Vancouver:  Numerous scientific reprints
Miss E. H. Smith, Empire Fumigating Co., Vancouver: A textbook of Entomology


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