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 Endowments and Donations 881
May 15th, 1946, to May 15th, 1947
Fellowships and Scholarships
Canadian   Foundation   for   the   Advancement   of   Pharmacy,   two   Teaching
Fellowships of  $30.0  each to assistants in Pharmacy.
Canadian Industries Limited, annual fellowships of $750 for graduate study
and research in Agriculture, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Forestry,
Forest Engineering,  Mining or Metallurgy.
B. C.  Sugar  Refining Company  Limited,  scholarships  to  the  value of  $2,500
annually for scholarship in Agriculture, Bacteriology, Biology and Botany,
Chemistry, Fisheries,  Home Economics and Zoology.
British Columbia Telephone Company, scholarships to the total of $2,500 for
a year's graduate study at the University of British Columbia in Physics,
Mathematics and  Physics,  Engineering  Physics  and  Electrical and  Mechanical Engineering.
Canadian   Association   for   the   Advancement   of  Pharmacy,   two   scholarships
of $100 each.
Canadian Association for Health, Physical  Education and Recreation, annual
scholarship of $50 to a student completing the Physical Education Course
in the Second Year of Arts and Science.
Crofton  House  Alumnae,  annual   scholarship  of  $175   for a  student  entering
University of British Columbia from Crofton House School.
The  Dafoe  Foundation  Scholarship,  $200  scholarship  to a  student  in  Social
The   T.   E.   and   M.   E.   Ladner   Memorial   Scholarship   (Mr.   Leon   J.   Ladner),
$10,000,  annual   scholarship  of  $300  for a student whose home  is  in the
Delta Municipality of the Lower Fraser Valley.
Pharmaceutical   Association   of   the   Province   of   British   Columbia,   annual
scholarship of $100 for a student entering Second Year Pharmacy.
Players'   Club  Alumni   Scholarship,   annual   scholarship   of   $50   for  an  active
member  of the Players'  Club.
Primrose Club Scholarship, annual scholarship of $150 in memory of the late
Honourable R. L. Maitland, K.C., for a student in the Faculty of Law.
Shanahan's Limited,  Importers, annual  scholarship of $500  in Chemistry.
The  Transportation  and Customs Bureau  of the Vancouver Board  of Trade,
four scholarships of $75 each in the following branches of Transportation:
Airways—Highways—Railways and Waterways.
Winspear,   Hamilton,   Anderson  and   Company,   two   scholarships  of   $150   for
students in Commerce taking the Accounting Option.
Relinquishment   of   British   Columbia   Electric   Railway   Company   Limited,
scholarship of $600 by Mr. George Best—winner—-to be used for special
equipment in  the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
The   J.   W.   Dafoe  Foundation,   two   prizes   of   $100   each   for   essays   in   the
Department of History and the Department of Economics, Political Science
and Sociology on subjects dealing with international co-operation (Session
Dr. "Wilder Penfleld, prize of $100 to a student In the Graduating Class of any
Faculty (Session 1946-47).
Pharmacy  Awards — The  Frosst  Proficiency  Awards from  Pharmaceutical
Association, Inc., two prizes of $50 each, five prizes of $25 each   (similar
prizes for 1947-48).
Pharmaceutical   Association   of   the   Province   of   British   Columbia,   annual
prize of $50 for a student in Pharmacy.
Toronto General Trust Corporation, annual prize of $30 in the Faculty of Law.
Trail, B. C, Board of Trade.  $75 book prize for Department of Architecture
relative to Community Planning.
The Transportation and Customs Bureau of the Vancouver Board of Trade,
four annual prizes of $75 each for reports on Transportation.
United Empire Loyalists Association  (Vancouver Branch), $25—cash prize—
replacing a $10 book prize formerly awarded.
Vancouver Bar Association Prize, prizes to the total of $100 for the Faculty
of Law.
Anonymous Book Prize for the Faculty of Law, $25. 382 The University of British Columbia
Allied Officers' Auxiliary Bursary, fund of $2,500 to provide annual bursary
of $75 for a Veteran Student.
Allied  Officers'  Auxiliary  Fund,  sum  of  $2,500  to provide  special  bursaries
from time to time for Veterans requiring financial assistance.
American Women's Club, Vancouver, B. C, an additional bursary of $100 for
Social Work.
Mr.  R.  G.  Cole,  Hamilton,  Ontario,   $300  to  be used  to assist a  student  in
Mining Engineering (or some other purpose as the University might see
Mr.  C.  T.  McHattie,  annual  bursary  of  $300  in  the  Social  Work  Course In
memory of his wife, Ellen Ethel McHattie.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stanley McLean, four bursaries of $250 each (Session 1946-47),
for scholastic ability and financial need, with preference to students whose
homes are in remote parts of British Columbia.
Nursery School Association of Victoria, B. C. (Miss V. E. Ashdown, Organizing
Secretary),  two bursaries of $250  each in order to assist students who
plan to take up Nursery School Work.
W. D.  Shaffer Bursary, annual bursary of $200 to be awarded to a student
entering  Teacher  Training  Course.
The  United  I.O.O.F.  Bursaries,  six bursaries  of  $200  each provided  by the
Grand Lodge of the British Columbia I.O.O.F.,  the Grand Encampment
and the Rebekah Assembly for students in any Faculty.
University Women's Club General Bursary, $100 for a woman student in any
year and Faculty.
Vancouver Bar Association Bursaries, two bursaries of $100 each for students
In the Faculty of Law.
Anonymous Bursary, $1,000 to assist a worthy student to continue his course.
Frank W. Horner Limited, gold medal for efficiency each year in the Department of Pharmacy.
Endowment of Chair of Instruction
Mr. Robert Fiddes, $5,000 for support of Department of Music (second
Loan Funds
Mrs. J. W. deB. Farris, $10 to assist the Art Loan Fund.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Koerner, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Koerner—$100 to assist the
Art Loan Collection.
Donation of $150   (contribution of Social Work students), fund to be under
the direction of Miss Marjorie J. Smith, Department of Social Work.
Home Economics Loan Fund, miscellaneous donations received by the Department of Home Economics amounting to approximately $600.
Mr. H. R. MacMillan, C.B.E., third annual contribution of $500 to the Forestry
Loan Fund for students in Forestry (Session 1946-47).
Spring  Session  Students'  Association,   $2,054.60  for  Loan  Fund  for Veteran
Mrs. Douglas Stewart, $150 for the President's Fund.
Donations to Dean of Women's Loan Fund  (University of Toronto Alumni—
Kappa Kappa Gamma, Active  Sorority—Kappa Kappa Gamma Mothers'
Club, $140).
Anonymous,  $50 for the President's Fund.
Anonymous, $1,500 for the Student Loan Fund.
Donations for Research
Associate Committee on Synthetic Rubber Research, National Research Council, Ottawa, grant of $3,520 made to Department of Physics.
Appropriation for "assisted researches"—
(a) $5,900—for Rubber Research;
(b) $5,400—for Nuclear Physics.
The above amounts are mainly for expenditures on equipment, although
in the case of (b) provision is made for a full-time Assistant.
B. C. Fruit Trees Limited, expenses paid for three students to inspect facilities
in Okanagan in connection with survey of fruit industries.
B. C. Telephone Company, $1,500 for scientific research, to be used for the
purchase of equipment in the field of engineering. Endowments and Donations 883
Canadian Fishing Company, Limited, $1,000 additional donation for continuation of the research on Fish Oils.
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada, Ltd., Trail, B. C,
donation—$50,000 for scientific research.
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada Ltd., Trail, B. C,
donation of 4060 pounds of lead valued at $406 to the Department of
Physics for the protection of research investigators who will be working in
Nuclear Physics.
Research Donation from Geological Society of America, $2,000 for an investigation on the relationships of plants to ore deposits, received through
Dr. M. Y. Williams, to be carried on by Dr. H. V. Warren; also $400
granted for special research on fossial pleospongia, to be carried on by
Dr. V. J. Okulitch.
H. R. MacMillan Export Co. Ltd., $5,000 for development of the Forest Research Area at Haney, B. C.
Small Fruit Farm Study, $2,000 from outside sources for research. (Safeway
Stores, Ltd.)
$1,000 Canadian Fishing Company for continuation of the research on Fish
$5,000 for Milk Cost Survey—
Vancouver Milk Distributors   $2,000
Provincial  Department  of Agriculture      2,500
Victoria Pasteurized Milk Distributors' Association       500
Swift  Canadian   Company  Limited,   fellowship   $1,000   for  research   on  Food
Products and Nutrition:
$750 for recipient  of fellowship;
$250 for equipment for  research,  etc.
Awards Made Available Through the Vancouver
Men's Canadian Club
B.  C.  Drug  Company,  Limited,   $100  a year for a period  of five years for a
student  in  Pharmacy.
The Robert S. Day & Son Bursary, $150 for a student proceeding to Fourth
Year Commerce  (annual).
Mr. H. R. MacMillan, C.B.E., $500 a year for a period of five years for Special
Lecturers in the Department of Forestry.
Mr. Austin C. Taylor, Boultbee-Bosustow Memorial Scholarships, scholarships
of $250 a year for a period of ten years to students completing the third
year in Mining or Metallurgical Engineering.
The W. C. Woodward Scholarships, $250 a year for a period of five years for
a student in Commerce.
Donations for Buildings
Ogilvie Flour Mills Company Limited, $1,000 for the Poultry Mortality Building to supplement the $5,000 given by various Feed Companies previously.
Pharmaceutical Association for the Province of British Columbia, $5,000 to
purchase  equipment  for   the  Pharmacy  Building.
CKNW Radio Station, New Westminster, B. C, $25 donation to the University
of British Columbia Musical Society.
B. C. Forest Products Limited, donation of $5,000 per annum for a period
of five years to establish a Professorship in Forest Entomology.
H. R.  MacMillan Export Company,  Ltd.,  $5,000 per annum for a period
of five years to establish a Professorship in Forest Mensuration.
Mr. H. R. MacMillan, C.B.E., $5,000 per annum for a period of five years
for work in the Department of Forestry (Professor of Silviculture).
Mr. H. R. MacMillan presented to the University Library an original water
colour of Nootka Sound painted by a British officer about 1792.
Gift of material for classroom purposes from .the International Nickel Company of Canada, Ltd.
Gift to The University of British Columbia of the late Judge Helen Gregory
McGill's LL.D.  gown,  Hood and cap.
Mrs. R. E. McKechnie, gift of a billiard table to be used by student veterans. 384 The University of British Columbia
Survey Map Store, Iveagh Estate, London, England, gift of maps to the Department of Geology and Geography.
Junior  League of Vancouver,  for work  in  the Department  of  Social  Work,
$3,000 (third instalment).
Knights of Columbus, $250 for a student entering Social Work.
Grant from the Dominion Government for Social Work education at the University of British Columbia in order to increase the number of qualified
social  workers—University of British Columbia portion  of grant  $8,576
for scholarships and $7,700 for administration.
A. W. Scott, $55 for Department of Pharmacy.
Mr. B. Knowlton,  $55 for Department of Pharmacy  (to be used to purchase some piece of equipment for the Pharmacy Building).
Mr. C. Lightbody, $55 for books or other equipment for the Department
of Pharmacy.
Mr. C. D. Houghland,  $55 for books or other equipment for the Department of Pharmacy.
Pharmaceutical Association of the Province of British Columbia, valuable
contribution   of   equipment   and   supplies   for   the   Department   of
Pumps and  Power Limited,  hydraulic  turbine for use  in  the proposed  new
Hydraulic Laboratory.
Summer  Session   Students'  Association,   $40   donated   to   the  Department  of
University Extension.
The Hon. H. H.  Stevens,  complete  set of  "The Report and Evidence of the
Royal Commission on Price Spreads".
University Women's Club of Vancouver, brass plaque in memory of the late
Judge Helen  Gregory McGill,  LL.D.,  to be placed in  the  University  of
British Columbia Library.
Vancouver  Board  of  Trade,   Advertising  and   Sales  Bureau,   $1,000   for   the
Course in Advertising in the Department of Commerce.    (Second annual
' Veterans'  Land Act, Mr. I.  T.  Barnet, District Supervisor, Vancouver,  B. C,
$250 to assist some phase of work under the Veterans' Land Act.
Gifts of Books, Periodicals, Etc., to the Library
Mr. H. R. MacMillan, for a further grant of $2,000 for the expansion of the
MacMillan Collection  in Forestry, and for other books,  periodicals, and
early maps.
Mrs. A. J. T. Taylor, for the collection of 500 volumes relating to the Arctic
and Antarctic assembled by her late husband.
The "Vancouver Daily Province", for a complete file of the "Province", 1894-
1945, and a file of the Vancouver "Sun", from 1927 to 1945.
The Vancouver "Sun" for a model C. Recordak microfilm  reader,  valued at
Mr. A. E. Miller, of Penticton, for 383 volumes relating to literature and the
fine arts.
Dr.  Annie H.  Abel Henderson,  of Aberdeen,  Wash.,  for 227  volumes slnd a
large number of pamphlets from her historical library.
Miss E. J. Bostock, Monte Creek, for a large collection of official publications
.   assembled by her father,  the late  Senator Bostock.
The B. C. Lumber and Shingle Manufacturers' Association, for copies of the
evidence and arguments submitted to the Sloan Commission on Forestry.
The Library of Congress and the Department of Geology for large and important collections of British, American and German military maps.
Mrs.  Lucy Edwards Crittenden, for a collection of books and pamphlets relating to John Ruskin.
Mr. H. Mortimer Lamb, for books, periodicals, and an original painting, "The
Totems", by Jack Shadbolt.
The Vancouver Women's Musical Society for the gift of its library of sheet
Mrs. E. G. Sutcliffe, and Mrs. Don Haet, of Nanaimo, for gifts of operatic and
orchestral  scores,  etc.
The Soviet Embassy, Ottawa, for a collection of recent Russian publications.
Major-General H. F. G. Letson, for the gift of his technical library, and the
loan of his military library.
The Provincial  Library,  Victoria,  for  periodical  files,  duplicate  year  books,
etc., and a duplicate set of the British Columbia Sessional Papers.
The Canadian Trades and Labor Congress, for a file of the Congress "Journal".
Mr. William Dorbels, for books, pamphlets, etc., for the Howay-Reid Collection.
From: Dr. Lome Pierce, Toronto; Mr. Frank Buckland, Kelowna; Mrs. J. G.
A.  Hutcheson; Dr. William Proctor;  the Swedish Consulate, Vancouver;
Mr. Isaac Burpee, Portland; Mr. J. Duff,. Sidney; Miss Julia C. Stockett;
the Vancouver Public Library; Mr. A. Hotson; Dr. W. H. Taylor, Wash- Endowments and Donations 385
ington, D.C.; Mrs. Nelson Spencer; Mrs. Jonathan Rogers; Miss Dallas
Johnson, Victoria; Mr. A. T. Ruffle, Chapman's Camp; Mr. D. H. Le Page,
Powell River; the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association; the Canadian
Medical Association; the Library of the College of Puget Sound; Dr. H.
V. Warren; Dr. F. J. Belinfante; Mr. J. R. Browning; Dr. J. G. Hooley;
the Canadian Embassy, Paris; Mr. A. S. Wootton; Mr. Alfred Watts; Mrs.
H. C. Tait; Mrs. A. Pringle; Mr. Lester McLennan, Richmond, California;
the Cleveland Public Library; Dr. L. M. Greene, Smithers; the late Rev.
W. T. Keeling; Field Marshal the Viscount Montgomery; Prof. T. Larsen;
Mr. H. S. Fowler, Blubber Bay; Mrs. Gordon Bell; Mr. J. W. Eastham;
Miss E. Beck; Mrs. P. W. Barker; Mrs. G. W. Knipe; the Vancouver
Medical Association; Mr. Grenfell Allen; Mr. Ralph Gustafson, New
York; Dr. Dave Turner; Miss E. Molesworth; Dr. Lionel Stevenson, Los
Angeles; the Library of the University of Western Ontario; the British
Council, London; the Summer Session Association, 1946, and the Class of
Agriculture '21.
Gifts of Books to the Law Library, Faculty of Law
Attorney-General for Ontario,  Statutes.
H. E. Bond, Esq., Canadian Bar Review and B. C. Reports.
Mrs. N. P. Buckingham, textbooks and Reports.
Messrs.  Campney, Owen and Murphy, textbooks.
Canada Law Book Company, Notable British Trials.
J. Chalmers, Esq., Hansard  (Can.).
G. F. Curtis, Esq., textbooks.
C. T. Hamilton, Esq., textbooks and Statutes of Canada and British Columbia.
Messrs. Holgate and Summerfleld, miscellaneous.
Gilbert D. Kennedy, Esq., textbooks.
Garfield A. King, Esq.   Canadian Bar Review and miscellaneous.
Messrs. Ladner, Carmichael and Downs, textbooks.
Mrs. A. P   Luxton, Halsbury (1st ed.) and textbooks.
J. A.  Macdonald,  Esq.,  Reports.
R. M. Macdonald, Esq., Rare old nominate Report.
Messrs.  MacDougall, Morrison and Jestley,  Supreme Court Reports.
M. A. MacPherson, Esq., K.C., Hansard  (Can.)  1917-1934.
Elmore Meredith, Esq., Revised Reports.
The Minister of Labour, Ottawa, Labour Gazette.
T. G. Norris, Esq., K.C., textbooks.
S. J. Remnant, Esq., textbooks.
H. Richmond, Esq., Canadian Bar Review and miscellaneous.
Henry Smilie, Esq., textbooks.
Dr. C. W. Topping, textbooks.
R. K. Walkem, Esq., Reports.
His Honour Judge D. Whiteside, Reports and texts.
A. M. Whiteside, Esq., K.C., Set of All England Reports; and miscellaneous.
Department of Biology and Botany
Dr. George S. Allen, Department of Forestry, University of British Columbia:
Two volumes of "Puerto Rico Trees". Twenty-two volumes "Caribbean
(For Herbarium and Botanical Gardens)
Seeds and Herbarium Specimens
CANADA Dominion Arboretum and Botanic Garden, Ottawa
GREAT BRITAIN Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Royal Botanic Garden,  Edinburgh
UNITED STATES Morton Arboretum, Lisle, 111.
SWITZERLAND Botanic Garden, Basel.
Professor G. Spencer, Department of Zoology The University of British Columbia: Fruit of Kigelia africana, Africa.
Mr. Neil MacGregor, Chilllwack, B.C.: Herbarium of the late Mr. H. B. Mac-
Gregor. The University of British Columbia
Department of Geology and Geography
Frofessor G. A. Gillies: A valuable specimen of telluride gold ore from Cal-
goorlie, Australia.
Miss Jane Hailing,  Vancouver, B.C.: A dentalium  necklace from an Indian
grave, Alaska.
Mrs. Wallace O. Wright, Vancouver, B.C.: A mounted mule deer head.
Mr. G. E. Whitner, Vancouver, B.C.: Indian artifacts from Lytton and Lil-
looet, B. C.
Mr.  R.  C.  McCrossan,  Dr. A.  Lawson and Associates of  the  former  "Word
Museum": A Pleistocene horse skull, Alaska.
Department of Home Economics
Northland Automatic Appliances, Vancouver,  B.C.:  Gift of a  Bendix Automatic Home Laundry.
National Pressure Cooker Company:  Presto-Cooker and Pressure Cooker.
Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
British Columbia Telephone Company, Vancouver: A length of 600 pair
telephone cable for experimental work in the Communications Laboratory.
Crossman Machinery Co. Ltd., Vancouver: Early type of Bipolar Electric
Generator. '
Robinson Electric Co. Ltd., Vancouver: Steam pressure regulating leslie
valve in section for demonstration purposes.
Dr. Gustav Schilder, Vancouver: Mercury Vapor Quartz Lamp with transformer and stand.
Mr. A. C. R. Yuill, Vancouver: A section of hollow copper conductor of the
Boulder Dam transmission line type.
Department of Mining and Metallurgy
The Aluminum Company of Canada, Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.: 25 pounds of
Aluminum Casting Alloys.
Cave and Company, Vancouver, B.C.: Mineralite Collection—mounted specimens of fluorescent minerals.
Copper Development Association, London, England: A collection of publications on Copper Metallurgy.
Dominion Oxygen Company, Ltd., Vancouver, B. C.: Complete series of
"Welding Instructions and process literature.
Electro Metallurgical Company of Canada, Ltd., Welland, Ontario: A collection of samples of pure ferro-alloys and inoculants.
Marshall-Wells, Limited, Vancouver, B. C: A collection of alloy steels for
experimental work.
Westland Iron & Steel Foundries Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.: Specimens of pig
iron and ferro-alloys.
Wilkinson's Limited, Vancouver, B.C.: Length of inconel tubing for special
application in the laboratory.
Department of Social Work
The Provincial Division of Child Welfare—Books.
The Vancouver Island Canadian Association of Social Workers: $20 for Social
Work Students' Fund.


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