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Abbott Laboratories Ltd. (Montreal):
for  research, pharmacology 	
Allied Florists and Growers of Canada Inc. (B.C. Region):
for floriculture research, Horticulture 	
All-Masters Duplicate Bridge Club (Victoria):
for research in medicine 	
American Chemical Society (Washington, DC):
for  research  in  chemistry  	
American Contract Bridge League (Victoria):
for special research,  Faculty of Medicine
American Metal Co. of Canada Ltd. (Toronto):
for equipment in geology 	
American Zinc Institute Inc. (New York):
for research in mining and metallurgy 	
Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (Ottawa):
for uranium research, mining and metallurgy	
B.C. Foundation for Child Care, Poliomyelitis and Rehabilitation:
research grants, Faculty of Medicine 	
B.C. Power Corporation (Vancouver):
B.C. Electric research professorship in Electrical Engineering...
The British Columbia Heart Association:
for research in various departments, Faculty of Medicine 	
British Columbia Medical Research Foundation:
for research in various departments, Faculty of Medicine	
Canada Council (Ottawa):
grants for anthropology and sociology 	
Canada Mink Breeders (Clarkson, Ontario):
for mink research, Animal Science 	
Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society, B.C. Division:
for research in connective tissue diseases	
research  unit equipment grant 	
for research in medicine 	
Canadian Cancer Society, B.C. Division:
scientific apparatus and equipment for cancer research unit-
medical services building trust	
Canadian Cooperative Wheat Producers' Ltd. (Winnipeg):
for research into economics of food production and demand,
agricultural   economics   	
Canadian Industries Ltd. (Montreal):
grant in zoology 	
Canadian Mental Health Association (Toronto):
grant in neurological research	
grant. Faculty of Medicine 	
i        500.00 v
300.00 y
9,480.00 y
1,000.00 y
2,607.26  r
6,500.00 y
7,280.00 y
15,000.00 [/^
24,190.00  y
33,030.00 f^"
2,000.00 y
3,300.00 ^
20,000.00 yC
575.14 Y ■>
5,500.00 \y
468.75 y Canadian Nurses Association (Ottawa):
Canadian Nurses Association research grant 	
Canadian Pulp and Paper Association:
pulp and paper industry grant, chemical engineering
Cannings, Sgt. and Mrs. R. (Richmond):
for the Research and Postgraduate Fund, Medicine
Ciba Co. Ltd. (Dorval, Quebec):
Ciba Fund for Anatomy 	
Cleveland, Mr. Mons:
for Research and Postgraduate Fund, Surgery 	
Clokie, Dr. J. K.:
for Research and Postgraduate Fund, Medicine 	
Commercial Solvents Corporation (San Jose, Calif):
for research in poultry science 	
Cyanamid of Canada Ltd. (Toronto):
for project in poultry science 	
Davidson, Mr. John S.:
McGeer Neurological Research Fund 	
Defence Research Board (Ottawa):
for research, various departments 	
Department of Mines and Technical Surveys (Ottawa):
grants for geology and geophysics 	
Department of National Defence (Ottawa):
for special research, zoology 	
for special research, physics 	
for special research, anthropology
Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources (Ottawa):
Canadian Wildlife Service grant, zoology 	
archeological  investigation,  Fraser Canyon 	
Department of Public Works (Ottawa):
for Fraser River Model research, Civil Engineering 	
Eldorado Mining and Refining Ltd. (Ottawa):
for special researches in mining and metallurgy 	
Federal Public Health Grants:
through the Department of Health and Welfare, Victoria,
for various departments	
Fisheries Research Board of Canada (Vancouver):
special  industrial survey grant 	
Forward Engineers Limited:
for nickel ore research	
Fredbeck, Mrs. J. (San Mateo, California):
for G. F. Strong Laboratory Research Fund 	
General Foods Corporation (Caldwell, Idaho):
for potato study problems, Biology and Botany 	
Hamber Foundation:
for research at Health Centre for Children, paediatrics
Hogg, Mrs. Sydney:
for Research and Postgraduate Fund, Surgery	
Institute of Paper Chemistry (Appleton, Wisconsin):
for research in chemistry
International Order of Job's Daughters Bethel No. 7:
for muscular dystrophy research 	
500.00 ^
10.00 V
1,250.00 Y~
25.00 ^
1,000.00 \f
1,500.00 V
50.00 w;
122,790.00 V
5,500.00 y
2,000.00 V
23.00    i
5,000.00  *>
1,500.00 "^
46,734.68 y
10,000.00 */
164,375.37 V
3,557.50 VA
681.33 V
25.00 ^
3,000.00 C
5,000.00 V/
3,924.38 J
50.00\/ y
Kerr, Dr. R. B.: y
for the  Research and Postgraduate Fund, Medicine   25.00 ;/
Kirkland, Miss J. M.:
for the Research and Postgraduate Fund, Medicine   7.50>>f
Koerner, Mrs. M.: y
for research in Kidney Disease, Surgery  20.00 Y
Koring, Mr. Carl (West Vancouver): ( ,
for research, surgery   100.00 'n
Medical Reseach Council (Ottawa):
equipment  grant,  biochemistry       13,250.00^
Mobil Oil of Canada Ltd. (Calgary):
grant  for geology    400.00
Murphy, Dr. H. O.:
for the  Research and Postgraduate Fund, Medicine   20.00
Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada (Toronto): y
muscular dystrophy research, physiology       2,060.00 Y
muscular dystrophy research. Faculty of Medicine       14,032.71   Y
Mcintosh, Mr. W. G.:
for Research and Postgraduate Fund, Surgery  500.00 Y^
McKenzie, Dr. A. D.:
for the Research and Postgraduate Fund, Medicine   15.00 Y
for the  Research and Postgraduate Fund, Surgery   812.50  Y
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto):
awards and grants for cancer research, Faculty of Medicine      75,200.60  '
National Institutes of Health (Bethseda, Maryland):
National  Institutes research grants, biology         6,106.00
National  Institutes research grants, chemistry      50,959.00
National Institutes research grants, Faculty of Medicine      16,315.00
National Institutes research grant, Bacteriology and Immunology      2,000.00
National Institutes research grant, Zoology     21,054.00
National Research Council:
equipment and research expenses in connection with Y^)
fellowships in Chemistry, zoology, metallurgy, physics      10,000.00 T
grants for research, various departments   320,108.83 r    •*
National Science Foundation (Washington, DC): y
for research, zoology        3,300.00 Y
National Trust Company Limited: y
scientific apparatus and equipment for cancer research unit        2,477.\9Y
Ortho Pharmaceutical (Canada) Ltd. (Don Mills, Toronto):
for Research and Postgraduate Fund,  Surgery   650.00
Pomeroy, Mr. David:
Thomas Bulman and Annie T. Pomeroy Research,
Faculty of Medicine   400.00 Hr
Population Council Inc. (New York): /
for population research, Animal Science         8,500.00 /
Poulenc Limited (Montreal):
for neurological research   800.001
Province of British Columbia, Department of Agriculture (Victoria):
for various researches, Faculty of Agriculture         5,490.00
for B.C. Egg studies, Poultry Science        2,000.00
Research Corporation (New York):
for research in chemistry        9,000.00
'/ Sherritt Gordon Mines Limited (Toronto):
for nickel  ore  research,  metallurgy         1,030.46 v
Thompson, Dr. Gordon B.:
for trauma research        1,000.00   v
Trice, Miss A. M. (Richmond):
for the Research and Postgraduate Fund, Medicine   10.00   '
United Cerebral Palsey Research and Education Foundation Inc.
(New York):
grant for neurological research         3,375.00 V
United Keno Hill Mines Ltd. (Toronto):
for research in mineral exploration, geology         3,000.00 X.
Univesity of Washington (Seattle):
for special project, pathology   258.35 ^
Ure, Mrs. William:
for the Research and Postgraduate Fund, Medicine   5.00 v
Vancouver Foundation:
B.C. Flood Emergency research. Engineering   20,000.00 ^
Vancouver General Hospital:
for research fund, Faculty of Medicine   650.00 *•'
for Research  and  Postgraduate  Fund,  Surgery   500.00  v
isotope   service     650.00 '►'
Victoria Duplicate Bridge Club (Victoria): /
for research in medicine  29.00V
Wada, Dr. John A. and Mrs. Mary:
Wada Research Fund, neurological research   50.00 Y
Wada, Dr. J. A.:
Wada Research Fund, nerological research  400.00 Y
Warner-Lambert Canada Ltd. (Toronto):
for research  material  and  equipment,   Pharmacy   300.00 Y
Western Chemical Industries Ltd. (Vancouver):
for special research. Pharmacy   250.00 y
American Can Co. of Canada Ltd. (Hamilton):
aid to education programme   500.00 Y
American Institute of Pacific Relations Inc. (New York):
for Asian Studies research publications         3,948.91   v
Asia Foundation (San Francisco): ' ,
for seminar on International  River Basins         l,941.70v
B.C. Association of Broadcasters:
grant supporting training and seminar Extension        2,500.00 V
B.C. Central Credit Union (Vancouver):
for graduate programme in Commerce   650.00 V
B.C. Lions Football Club:
for athletics   (football)           2,500.00 ^
Bloedel Foundation (Bainbridge Island, Washington):
for  1962  Lecture Series         4,800.00V
British Columbia Dental Association:
for the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration   200.00 */
for planning for Faculty of Dentistry        4,050.00   V y
British Columbia School Trustees Association:
B.C. School Trustees Project Grant  500.00
Buck River Lumber Company (Smithers):
for liberal education project. Extension   300.00
Bureau of Technical Assistance Operations, United Nations (New York):
for work of Institute of Community Planning in Ghana  285.57'
r^rxphnll,    thri  Into   Ai.np  ^    fpctntpV
for work in the Faculty of Medicine   350.00
Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society (B.C. Division):
for special honorarium and expenses  562.80*-
Canadian Life Insurance Officers Association (Toronto):
grant for work in Commerce and Business Administration         6,250.00'
Canadian Universities Foundation (Ottawa):
grant for special purposes         1,000.001/
Cathaldo, Mr. J. L. (Dallons Laboratories Inc., El Sequndo, Colorado):
for cardiac research, medical  illustrations   150.001
Ciba Company Ltd. (Dorval):
for lectureship, Faculty of Medicine   100.00
Dominion Construction Co. Ltd.: y
for President's Committee Student Service Overseas  100.00 'Y
Government of Canada:
Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Ottawa): Y
grant for work in town planning, School of Architecture        3,063.80
External Aid Office (Ottawa): .
for University of Malaya project, Commerce      32,706.85 Y
Financial and Stores Branch (Ottawa): .
for educational work in fisheries techniques   626.45k
Department of Fisheries (Ottawa):
for work in fisheries   774.25 Y
Department of Fisheries (Ottawa):
for educational work in fisheries techniques and cooperative
selling among fishermen,  Extension Department        5,568.67 Y.
University of Malaya Project      29,769.00 V
Harris, Mrs. Ellen:
for International House   25.00*-^"
Hawthorn, Dr. H. B.:
for miscellaneous purposes   35.00 Yf
Health Centre for Children:
grant for paediatrics       18,354.98 Y
Holland, Professor W. L:
for Pacific Affairs Journal   500.00   /	
Ingledow, Dr. T.:
for President's Committee Student Services Overseas   500.00 Y
Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia: y
for work in Commerce   220.004/^
I.O.D.E. University Chapter: /
University Chapter I.O.D.E. Trust Fund         1,400.00 V
Jacklin, Mr. Walter A.: y
for equipment,  music         1,500.00 Y
Kamloops Board of Trade (Kamloops): /
for Junior Management Course,  Commerce         1,395.331/
Katz, Dr. J.:
for the President's Fund  3.00 \y Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
grants  for  various   purposes        10,450.00
Lifton, Mr. H. A. (New York):
for Pacific Affairs Journal   10.00 v
Merck Sharpe 8c Dohm of Canada Ltd. (Montreal):
for the Merck Lectureship, Faculty of Medicine   400.00 »/
McLean, Col. J. F.: ,
for miscellaneous purposes   25.00 A
McKeen, Senator S. S.:
for the York Lectureship, Faculty of Medicine   500.00   >■
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc, LL.D.:
visiting lecturer's grant   54.75 '^
H. R. MacMillan Lectures         1,210.00 /
for the President's Fund   725.00 *
H. R. MacMillan Lectures, Fisheries   719.75 Y1
acquisition of indian cultural material and archaeological
explorations        7,500.00 f
See also under Vancouver Foundation
National Research Council (Ottawa): . .
for Nuffield Foundation Visiting Lecturer Programme         2,000.00 v
Parkhouse, Mrs. M. D.:
for the Department of Medicine Fund         1,000.00)/
Pathfinder Engineering Ltd. Operations:
for President's Committee Student Service Overseas   300.00 Y
Province of British Columbia (Victoria):
for the School of Rehabilitation Medicine   400.00Y
B.CH.I.S.  Grant         1,200.00 U"
from the Department of Agriculture for milk grading project
in Agriculture         4,000.00 i/
Province of British Columbia, Department of Education,
Technical Branch (Victoria): .
for technical staff,  Faculty of Education       13,787.65 '
Read, Professor Stanley, E.:
for the President's Fund       100.00 Y
Royal Commission on Government Organization (Ottawa):
for the Dean of Medicine Fund         2,125.00 Kf
Soward, Dean F. H.:
for miscellaneous purposes  25.00 V
Taylor, Dr. H. E.:
for miscellaneous purposes  25.00  Y
Vancouver Alumnae Chapter, Delta Gamma Fraternity:
for President's Committee, Student Services Overseas, /
project No.   1     50.00*/
Vancouver Foundation: .
H. R. MacMillan - C.H. Clay manuscript grant   251.07 ^
Williamson Foundation:
professorship in field of retarded children         2,518.77  f'
H. R. MacMillan:
lectures in fisheries   719.75    \s
H. R. MacMillan:
for acquisition of indian cultural material and
archaeological  excavation          7,500.00    ► y
Hugo E. Meilicke: /
for special  purposes    426.91 \
Wainman, Professor A.: y
for International House   50.00 k
Western Regional Groups, M.R.C. and N.C.I.: /
for western regionalgroup meeting, pathology         2,125.00 *•
Whitelaw, Dr. D. M.:
for miscellaneous purposes   25.00
Zonta Club of Vancouver:
for International House   25.00
Anonymous: y
Intellectual  Prospecting  Fund        10,000.00   ■
American Philosophical Association (San Francisco):
for furnishings,  International House   15.00
Canadian Cancer Society (B.C. Division): y
for Medical Sciences Building      74,558.00 Y
Canada Council (Ottawa): y~
grant for construction of Fine Arts Building   283,750.00*^
Chess Federation of Canada:
for International House Furnishing Fund   5.00
Continuing Medical Education: yY
for International House   25.00
International House Students Club:
for International House Furnishings Fund   300.00\Y
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc, LL.D.: .
research at Health Centre for Children         2,500.00 W
Nemetz, Nathan T., Esq., Q.C: /
for International House   100.00 V
Province of British Columbia (Victoria):
capital construction grant  1,312,505.00
Read, Professor Stanley E.:
for International House   200.00
Schaffer, Mr. L.: ^Y*'
contribution to International  House   250.00)'
Siddoo, Dr. J. K.: /
Kopoor Singh Siddoo Fund for development of Medical Faculty      2,500.00
Siddoo, Dr. Sarjit A. K.: /
Kapoor Singh Siddoo Fund for development of Medical Faculty       2,500.00
Various donors and Miscellaneous (Development Fund): '      y
for capital development  766,681.52    .
Wainman, Mrs. C. L.:
U.B.C. International House Construction Grant  500.00 \V
Total contributions in this list $     1,660.00
Akrigg, Dr. G. Philip V.
Basaraba, Dr. J.
Beamish, Dr. Katherine
Bell, Mr. H. R. (Ladner)
Belshaw, Dr. Cyril
Black, Miss Charlotte S.
Black, Professor Sam
Branca, Angelo Ernest, Esq., Q.C.
Brink, Dr. Vernon C
Capelle, Miss Pauline
Clingman, Dr. Allen E.
Constantinides, Dr. P.
Conway, Dr. John S.
Copp, Dr. D. Harold
Cox, Mr. Leonard
Davies, Professor G. O. B.
Department of Agricultural Engineering
Dolmage, Miss Grace
Eagles, Dean Blythe A. (North Burnaby)
Eden, Dr. John
Farmer, Dr. J. B.
Flynn, Miss Yvonne
Forsyth, Dr. James S.
Friesen, Dr. J. K.
Froese, Dr. Charlotte
Gibson, Dr. W. C.
Goetz, Dr. Marketa
Gose, Dr. E. B.
Gourlay, Professor Colin C.
Hayward, Dr. L. D.
Heslop, Prof. W. C.
Holder, Miss Mary E.
Jeffels, Professor R. R.
Johnson, Dr. F. H.
Logan, Col. H. T.
McCreary, Dean J. F.
McDonald, Miss Lynn (New Westminster)
McLennan, Dr. Hugh
McKenzie, Dr. A. D.Y
Marsh, Dr. Leonard C.
Miller, Dr. C. W.
Morton, Mr. Murray K.
Placer Development Limited
Remmant, Dr. Peter
10 Scarfe, Dean N. V.
Shirran, Mr. A. F.
Signori, Dr. E.
Slind, Dr. L. H.
Smith, Miss Elizabeth B.
Smith, Miss Gordon A. (West Vancouver)
Smith, Miss Marjorie V.
Snider, Dr. Robert F.
Stankiewicz, Dr. W. J.
Stewart, Dr. Ross
Vancouver Sun
Wainman, Prof. A. W.
Watterson, Dr. Donald J.
White, Dr. W. H.
Whittaker, Professor J. V.
Williams, Dr. M. Y.
Wilson, Mrs. Ethel D.
Wilson, Dr. Wallace
Contributions in this list $   11,331.00
AC Rubber Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
B.C. Transformer Co. Ltd. (North Burnaby)
Baillie, Mr. George H. (Montreal)
Bamford, Mr. W. B. S.
Berg, Mr. Henry (North Surrey)
Berry, Mr. George (Ontario)
Blair, Miss Ruth M.
Boggs, Mr. and Mrs. T. R. (Ladysmith)
Boggs, Mr. Theodore H. (Ladysmith)
Boyce, Mr. H. M.
British Ropes Canadian Factory Ltd.
Brown, Mr. Fred B.
Bryons, Dr. Fred E.
Buck, Mr. F. E.
Campney, Hon. Ralph O., Q.C.
Carson, Mr. J.J.
Chant, Dean S. N. F.
Church, Mr. John R. (Quebec)
Clearihue, His Honour Joseph B. (Victoria)
Cliff, Mr. Ronald Laird
Collins, Mr. Mark
Commonwealth Construction Co. Ltd.
Cook, Mr. James
Coxon, Mr. Howard O. (Ontario)
Cramp, Mr. Frank
11 Cromie, Mr. Don C.
Daniells, Dr. Roy
Davidson, Dr. George F. (Ontario)
Davies, Professor G. O. B.
Diamond, Mr. Ralph W. (Alberta)
Dierdoff, Mr. W. R. (Brentwood)
Dolman, Dr. C. E.
Dyde, H. A., Esq., Q.C. (Alberta)
Eagles, Dean Blythe
Elliott, Dr. George
Fairey, Dr. F. T. (Victoria)
Farris, Mr. Bruce M.
Gallaway, Mr. G. H.
Giant Battery Co. Ltd.
Gibson, Dr. William C.
Goldstein, Mr. Edwin (Ontario)
Haig-Brown, Dr. Roderick L. (Campbell River)
Harkness, Mr. R. D. (Quebec)
Hart, Mr. Arnold G. (Quebec)
Hoggarth, Mr. E. L.
Holland, Dr. W. L.
Hossie, D. N., Esq., Q.C.
Jarrett, Mr. W. F.
Jeff els, Professor R. R.
Johnson, Mr. Vernon E. (Ontario)
Jones, Mr. J. S.
Keate, Mr. Stuart (Victoria)
Kinnaird, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. (North Burnaby)
Klinck, Dr. Leonards. (West Vancouver)
Lang, Mr. Norman McK.
Llewellyn, Miss Cynthia
McCrae, Dean Helen
Maclnnes, Mr. A. S.
Maclnnes, Dr. Isabel
McKenzie, Dr. A. D. </
MacKenzie, President N. A. M.
McLaughlin, Mr. W. E. (Quebec)
MacLeod, Dr. H. J.
McLean, Col. J. F.
MacPhee, Dean E. D.
Mantle, Mr. G. W. (Ruskin)
Mayne, Mr. A. F. (Quebec)
Meilicke, Mr. H. E.
Miller, Mr. M. (North Vancouver)
Montreal Trust Company
Murrin, Mr. W. G.
Myers, Dean David
12 Narod Construction Ltd.
Nelson, Dr. A. John
Nicol, Mr. Eric
Osborne, Professor R. F.
Owen, Walter C, Esq., Q.C.
Parnall, Mr. J.E.A.
Perry, Dr. G. Neil
Perry, Mr. R. D. (Trail)
Pybus, Mr. Ralph C.
Riley, Mr. W. C. (Manitoba)
Ritchie, Mrs. Winnifred (Victoria)
Roberts, Sir Ouvry L.
Robertson, Dr. Norman A. (Ontario)
Rothstein, Dr. Samuel
Scarfe, Dean N. V.
Scotland, Mr. G. H.
Searle, Mr. Stewart A. (Manitoba)
St. Clair-Sobell, Dr. J.
Soward, Dean F. H.
Stevens, Hon. H. H.
Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M.
Sutton, Mr. J. P.
Tait, Miss Myrtle I.
Taylor, Mr. M. L.
Towers, Mr. Graham (Ontario)
Tupper, R. H., Esq., Q.C.
Twaits, Mr. W. O. (Ontario)
VanDusen, Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Victoria Press Limited (Victoria)
Weinstein, Mr. E.
Wilson, Mrs. Ethel
Wilson, Dr. Wallace
Webster, Mr. Colin W. (Quebec)
Whitley, Mr. T. F.
Wood, Mr. Edward C. (Quebec)
Contributions in this list  $     1,450.00
Abbotsford District Teachers' Association
B.C. Principals and Vice-Principals Association
B.C. Teachers' Federation
Belmont Park Teachers Association (Victoria)
Board of School Trustees, District No. 25 (Barriere)
Board of School Trustees, District No. 58 (McBride)
Board of School Trustees, District No. 4 (Windermere)
Board of School Trustees, District No. 18 (Golden)
13 Board of School Trustees, District No. 20 (Salmon Arm)
Board of School Trustees, District No. 29 (Lillooet)
Board of School Trustees, (North Vancouver)
Board of School Trustees, District No. 39 (Vancouver)
Board of School Trustees, District No. 47 (Powell River)
Board of School Trustees, District No. 59 (Peace River South)
Board of School Trustees, District No. 80 (Kitimat)
Board of School Trustees, District No. 8 (Slocan)
Board of School Trustees, (Victoria)
Britannia Junior-Senior High School (Vancouver)
Burnaby Teachers' Association (Burnaby)
Chilliwack District Teachers' Association (Chilliwack)
Clark, Mr. J. F. (Langley)
Comox District Teachers Association (Comox)
Creston Valley Teachers' Association (Creston Valley)
Fernie Local B.C. Teachers' Federation (Fernie)
Greater Victoria Teachers Association (Victoria)
J. Lloyd Crowe High School (Trail)
Keremeos Teachers Association (Keremeos)
Kitimat District Teachers Association (Kitimat)
Ladysmith District Teacher Association (Ladysmith)
Langley Teachers' Association (Langley)
Lord Tweedsmuir High School (Cloverdale)
L. V. Rogers High School (Nelson)
Maple Ridge Teachers' Association (Haney)
Mission Senior High School (Mission)
Mount Arrowsmith Teachers Association (Qualicum Beach)
Nanaimo Senior High School (Nanaimo)
Nelson District Teachers' Association (Nelson)
North Kamloops Jr. Sr. High School (North Kamloops)
North Okanagan Teachers Association (Vernon)
North Surrey High School (North Surrey)
Nova Scotia Association of Urban and Municipal School Boards (Halifax)
Ocean Falls District Teachers Association (Ocean Falls)
Oak Bay Senior High School (Victoria)
Penticton District Association of Teachers (Penticton)
Penticton Secondary School (Penticton)
Princess Margaret High School (North Surrey)
Princeton District Teachers Association (Princeton)
Queen Elizabeth High School (North Surrey)
Richmond Hill School
Saanich Teachers' Association (Saanich)
Saltspring Elementary and Secondary (Gulf Islands)
School District No. 6 (Kootenay Lake)
School District No. 7 (Nelson)
School District No. 1 1 (Trail)
School District No. 14 (South Okanagan)
School District No. 37 (Ladner)
14 School District No. 23 (Kelowna)
School District No. 41 (Burnaby)
School District No. 3 (Kimberley)
School District No. 31 (Merritt)
School District No. 32 (Fraser Canyon)
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
School District No. 67 (Ladysmith)
School District No. 42 (Maple Ridge)
School District No. 75 (Mission)
School District No. 46 (Merritt)
School District No. 53 (Terrace)
School District No. 77 (Summerland)
School District No. 65 (Cowichan)
School District No. 66 (Lake Cowichan)
Semiahmoo High School (White Rock)
Sooke Teachers' Association (Sooke)
Stubbs, Mr. D. R. (Armstrong)
Trail District Teachers' Association (Trail)
Vancouver Elementary School Teachers Association
Vancouver School Administrators Association
Victoria College (Victoria)
Victoria High School (Victoria)
B.C. Cancer Institute:
for the Bio-Medical Branch Library  $    2,942.001^
British Columbia Bond Dealers Association:
for library books, Commerce   300.00 Y
Canada Council (Ottawa): y
for collections in Slavonic Studies         2,500.00 '
Canadian Institute of Radiological Technicians (Victoria): y
grant to Bio-Medical Branch Library   50.00
Canadian Society of Radiological Technicians (Lower Mainland Branch):
for the Bio-Medical Branch Library  50.00 V_»^
Faulkner, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. (Copper Beach):
for  Extension   Library  Fund    6.00 Yf
Frank W. Horner Limited (Montreal): /,
for Horner Reading Room, Department of Pharmacology  750.00 f
Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia:
library grant, Commerce   300.00'
Miscellaneous Donors:
for the Friends of the Library Fund   505.00 y
Smith-Kline & French, Inter-American Corporation, (Montreal): >
for purchase of journals and books for research in biochemistry 500.00 Y
Vancouver General Hospital: /
for the Bio-Medical Library        6,860.00 /
Contributions in this list  $ 186.50
Barber, Mr. C. (Montreal, P.Q.)
Ellis, Mr. E. N.
Eskin, Mr. Barnett
Gilbert, Miss M.
Gose, Dr. E. B.
Humphrey, Professor H. Ruth
Lewis, Professor H. C
Linda I, Mr. J.
Marriage, Professor Adrian
Morrison, Professor Edmund
McDonald, Mr. H.
Newby, Mr. F. S.
Petersen, Dr. B. E.
Pritchard, Mr. A. (Toronto, Ontario)
Read, Professor Stanley E.
Robson, Dr. J. (Toronto, Ontario)
Roy, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. (Gibson's)
Sawyer, Dr. A. E.
Shaver, Rev. J.
Tollman, Dr. W. E.
Watters, Dr. R. E.
Alberni Trades Unions Bursary Committee (Port Alberni):
awards  to  selected  students  $ 500.00
Allied Chemical Canada Ltd. (Montreal): /
University grant-in-aid  additional  to  scholarship    250.00 "
American Can Co. of Canada Ltd. (Hamilton): /
scholarship for selected student   494.00 Y
%irlfinr"-h ,An Mol°" fp't"tpb /
for the Helen Badenoch Scholarship Fund   4,195.39 l
Baikie Bros. Logging Co. Ltd. (Campbell River): y
award for selected student   250.00 *^
Bank of Montreal Centennial Scholarships (Montreal):
awards for selected students    1,500.00 \
B.C. High School Boys' Basketball Association: y
awards for selected students   750.00 Y
Bennett. Dr. A. E. H. (estate): /
for the Dr. A. E. H. Bennett Medical Students Fund   714.02V
Bralorne-Pioneer Parent Teacher Association (Pioneer): /
award for selected student   150.00V
Brentwood Park Parent-Teacher Association: ./
for summer session extension awards   10.00 *
16 Buchanan, Mrs. F. G.: .
for the Dean of Women's Fund   20.00 Y
Canada Dry Limited (Toronto): y
award for selected student  250.00 Y
Canadian Exploration Limited (Vancouver):
for fellowships  in  Earth Sciences   10,000.00^/
Canadian Fina Oil Limited (Calgary): /
award for selected student  250.00 v y
grant-in-aid to University   700.00 Y
Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy (Toronto): y
for   assistantship   in   Pharmacy    1,200.00 Y^
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (Toronto): %y
University  grant-in-aid    600.00
Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, B.C. Section: /
for the C.I.M.M., B.C. Section, Loan Fund  500.00 y
Canadian Kodak Sales Limited (Toronto): y.
award to selected student  A00.00*y
Canadian National Exhibition (Toronto): .
awards for selected students   600.00 r
Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Ottawa): yi L
bursaries for selected students   1,200.00        7
fellowships  for selected  students   13,800.00       \
travelling scholarship in architecture  — 500.00 Y\
Claussen, Mr. Allan F. (Grandue Mine): *
for the Paul E. Murphy Student Aid Fund   7.12V"T
Colonial Development Corporation (Lagos, Nigeria): y
award for special student   2,000.00 Y
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada Ltd.: y
Cominco Undergraduate  Scholarships   4,050.00(K
Corkum, Mr. Carroll H. (Keat's Island): y
for the Carroll Howe Corkum Student Aid Fund „  1,145.00 Y
Cummer, Mrs. Charles (Edmonton):
for the Douglas Jordan Hammond Memorial Bursary  50.001-^
Delta Gamma Fraternity:
bursaries for blind students   200.00
DuPont of Canada (Montreal):
University grant-in-aid additional  to scholarship   300.00
Eilertson, Mr. Hawkins (estate):
for the Hawk Eilertson Bursary Fund        3,177.34 I
Ellis, Mr. T. E. H.:
for University Scholarship Fund   150.00
Faculty Women's Club:
for the Anne Wesbrook Scholarship Fund   590.00
Fallis, Miss Mary: y
for the Student Emergency Aid Fund  50.00 (/_
for the Dean of Women's Fund  50.00
Frith, Mr. Walter D.: y
for the Walter D. Frith Student Aid Fund   500.00 Y
Gage, Dean Walter H.: yY
for various scholarship funds  875.85 Y
General Motors of Canada Limited (Oshawa, Ont.): y
University grant-in-aid additional to scholarships   4,000.00 y
17 George Davis Bivin Foundation Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio):
award for selected student  400.00^/
Georgian Club of Vancouver: y
for the Georgian Club Fiftieth Anniversary Student Aid Fund—. 1,760.00 Y
Gibson, Mr. A. E.: .
for summer session extension awards   100.00 y
Gladstone Junior-Senior High School:
awards for selected students   650.00 y
Graduating Classes of 1961:
for the Graduating Classes of 1961 Student Aid Fund   400.39   |/
Hall, Mr. J. C. (Islington, Ont.):
for the Joseph David Hall Memorial Scholarship Fund   427.36  V
Harlow, Mrs. Neal (New Jersey): .
for the B.C. Library Association Book Prize   50.00 y
Heighway, Mrs. Florence E. (estate):
for the Florence E. Heighway Medical Scholarship and
Bursary Fund       33,900.00 Y
Heighway, Mr. G. G.:
for the Florence E. Heighway Medical Scholarship and y
Bursary Fund          1,500.00^
Henderson, the late Dr. H. A.:
contributions to the Dr. H. A. Henderson Memorial Medal Fund y
by colleagues and friends   600.00''!
H. J. Heinz Company of Canada Ltd.: /
award to selected student   300.00 V
Imperial Oil Limited (Toronto):
awards for selected students   2,100.00 Y
University  grant-in-aid     1,500.00y
Independent Order of Qdd Fellows, Grand Lodge of British Columbia:
awards for selected students   250.00 Y
International Brotherhood Pulp, Sulphite and
Paper Mill Workers Port Alberni Local No. 592: /
award for selected student  500.00./
International Business Machines Co. Ltd. (Don Mills, Toronto): y
grant-in-aid to University additional to scholarships   500.00Y
International Nickel Co. of Canada Ltd. (Toronto): y
University grant-in-aid additional to scholarships   2,000.00 v
International Order of Job's Daughters (Grand Guardian Council): /
award for selected student  350.00 »
I.O.D.E. National Chapter (Toronto):
awards for selected students   4,100.00*/
I.O.D.E. Provincial Chapter (Alberta): y
award for selected student ;  500.00 Y
Jackson, Mrs. H. G. (Chicago, III.): \y
for the Dean of Women's Fund   10.00 Y
.   Inhnsnn. the late Alfred (estate): /
for the A. Johnson Bursary Fund     100,000.00 V
Johnston, the late Douglas F. (estate): /
for the Douglas V. Johnston Bursary Fund   214.30 Y
Kelowna 8c District Branch of the Okanagan Valley
Teachers Association:
award for selected student   250.00
/ Kendrick, Mr. J. S.:
for Student Emergency Aid Fund 	
Kerrisdale Hi-Y Teens of Magee High School:
awards for selected students 	
Kimberley District Teachers Association (Kimberley):
direct award for selected student 	
Kitimat Scholarship Association (Kitimat):
awards for selected students 	
Kitimat Schools' Band Parents' Association (Kitimat):
for Summer Session Extension awards 	
Kiwanis Club of New Westminster (New Westminster):
award for selected student	
Knox, Dr. W. J. (Kelowna):
for the Dr. A. W. D. (Bill) Knox Memorial Fund
Krosby, Mr. H. P. (East Paterson, N.J.):
for the University General Loan Fund 	
Ladies Auxiliary to the Carpenters Union (Campbell River):
award  for selected student 	
Lantz, Miss Myrla (Toronto):
for the University Scholarship Endowment Fund 	
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
Grants to  Individuals Fund 	
Leonard Foundation (Toronto):
awards for selected students 	
Magee High School:
awards for selected students 	
Mathe, Mr. Louis E. (Don Mills, Ontario):
for the Student Emergency Aid Fund 	
McAshan Educational 8c Charitable Trust (Houston, Texas):
award for selected student -	
McDiarmid, Mr. E. H.:
for the Frederick Armand McDiarmid Memorial Fellowship Fund
McKechnie, Dr. R. E. (estate):
tor the K. t. /v\cK.ecnnie Scholarship Fund	
McKenzie, Dr. A. D.
for the Dr. A. W. D. (Bill) Knox Memorial Fund	
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto):
for graduate  fellowships 	
National Heart Foundation of Canada (Toronto):
for postgraduate fellowship 	
Navy League of Canada (Vancouver):
award for selected student	
| New Denver Bursary Award Committee (New Denver):
' award for selected student	
100.00   v
i oo.oo \y
750.00 y
180.00 y
10.00 "^
3,000.00 4^-
350.00 Y'
10.00 */"
850.00 "
21,000.00 Y^
550.00 y
3,250.00 y
4,250.00 IY
600.00 y
100.00  /
New Westminster Business and Professional Women's
Club (New Westminster): -
award for selected student   125.00k/
New Westminster Elementary Teachers' Association
(New Westminster): y
award for selected student  200.00 V
New Westminster Lions Club (New Westminster):
award for selected student   250.00 Y^
19 New Westminster Parent Teacher Council (New Westminster):
awards for selected students  	
New Westminster Public Library Board:
for the Ruth E. Cameron Memorial Medal 	
North Okanagan Teachers' Association (Vernon):
awards for selected students 	
Order of the Royal Purple (McBride):
award for selected student 	
Osborne, Professor R. F.:
for physical education prize 	
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Supreme Chapter:
award to selected student 	
P.E.O. Sisterhood (Vancouver):
for the Dean of Women's Fund 	
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter D:
for the Dean of Women's Fund 	
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter F:
for the Dean of Women's Fund 	
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter AD:'
for the Dean of Women's Fund 	
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter H:
for the Dean of Women's Fund 	
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter S:
for the Dean of Women's Fund 	
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter AH,:
for the Dean of Women's Fund 	
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter AO:
for the Dean of Women's Fund 	
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter B (New Westminster):
for award for selected student 	
Professional Engineers Association of B.C.:
for the University Scholarship Endowment Fund 	
Quesnel Rotary Club (Quesnel):
award for selected student
Robin Hood Flour Mills Limited (Montreal):
award for selected student  	
Robson, Mr. C. George:
for University Scholarship Fund 	
Rogers, the late Jonathan (estate):
for the Jonathan Rogers Bursary Fund 	
Rotary Club of Haney:
awards for selected students 	
Rotary Club Foundation:
Oscar A. Olson Rotary Foundation to assist blind students 	
Royal Canadian Legion West Point Grey Branch No. 142:
for the U.B.C. Branch No. 72 Canadian Legion Scholarship Fund
Royal Canadian Legion (British Columbia and
Northwestern States Command):
awards to selected students 	
Royal Canadian Legion (Ottawa):
awards to selected students 	
Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 35 (Armstrong):
awards to selected students 	
275.00 V
800.00 \J
75.C0  V
25.00 /
20.00 J
50.00 (/
25.oo y
25.00 y
50.00 y
io.oo y
100.00 \X
262.44   Y
5oo.oo y
1,167.1 TY
600.00 /
20 Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 102 (Fort St. John):
awards to selected students	
Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 148 (North Burnaby):
awards to selected students 	
Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 153:
awards to selected students 	
Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 153:
awards to selected students 	
Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 198 (Alert Bay):
award to selected student 	
Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 160 (Comox):
award to selected student 	
Royal Trust Company (Vancouver):
for Summer Session Extension Awards
Rush, Mr. George (estate):
for the George Rush Bursary Fund	
Sandwell and Company Limited:
for Summer Session Extension awards
School District No. 37 (Delta):
award for selected student	
School District No. 12 (Grand Forks):
award for selected student	
Sclater, Captain John (New Westminster):
for the Elsie Black Lorimer Sclater Memorial Scholarship Fund
Smith, Mr. E. E.:
for the Fern Cochrane James Scholarship Fund 	
Soderman, the late Daisy Sidney (estate):
for the Oscar Soderman Memorial Bursary Fund 	
Standard Oil Company of B.C. (Vancouver):
for Summer Session Extension awards	
Steel Company of Canada Ltd. (Hamilton, Ont.):
University grant-in-aid additional to bursaries 	
University grant-in-aid additional to fellowship 	
fellowship for graduate student	
Stewart, Mrs. D. M.:
for the Pi Beta Phi Fraternity Vancouver Alumnae Club
Swan, Col. W. G.:
for the MacKenzie Swan Memorial Scholarship Fund 	
Tilser, Dr. George (Burnaby):
for the Student Emergency Aid Fund 	
Trans-Mountain Oil Pipe Line Company:
University grant-in-aid additional to scholarships 	
Trites, Dr. A. E. (Memorial contributed by friends and colleagues):
for the Dr. A. E. Trites Memorial Prizes	
United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of
America, Local Union 1822 (Campbell River):
award for selected student	
University of Toronto Alumnae (Vancouver):
for the Dean of Women's Fund 	
University Women's Club of Vancouver:
for the University Women's Club of Vancouver Loan Fund-
for the Dean of Women's Fund 	
200.00 y
350.00 Y
350.00 y
100.00 /
150.00 Y
5,000.00 y
200.00 y.
100.00 V
650.29 y
50.00 y
1,000.00 y
1,000.00 yy
2,000.00 Y
5oo.oo y
25,000.00 y
19.27 Y
500.00 y
3,018.75- y
100.00 Y
300.00 Y
21 Vancouver Foundation:
E. J. Meilicke  Fund Awgrd   250.00   %f
William 8. Emily Ross Fund   1,000.00  Y,
U.B.C. Scholarship and Bursary Fund   350.00   /
Kenya Students Awards   4,000.00  Y
VanDusen Fellowships in Forestry   3,000.00 Y
Ellen Ethel McHattie Bursary   300.00   ^
Lord Strathcona  Bursary   500.00 ^
Harold S. Foley Jr. Resident Fellowship   900.00
Vancouver Hi-Y Teens: >
direct award for selected student   100.00 Y
Vancouver Secondary Women Teachers' Association: y
for Education Loan Fund   200.001/^
Vancouver Sun: .,
for Summer Session Extension Awards   1 00.00 Y
Wagner, the late Morris (estate): /
for the Tina and Morris Wagner Foundation   40,954.01   Y
Weiss, Mr. G. M. (Ottawa):
for the Student Emergency Aid Fund   2.25   Y
Windermere District Women's Institute (Invermere): -
for the Student Emergency Aid Fund   1 0.00v/.
Women Rotary (White Rock): -
award to selected student   250.00y^
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation (Princeton, N.J.): y
for graduate awards   2,000.00 Y
Young Women's Christian Association (Vancouver): y
award to selected student   100.00 V
Anonymous: q.
awards to selected students   1,600.00 •
for the Dean of Law Assistance Fund   1 00.00   *■"'
for the Marion Harlow Prize in Librarianship   125.00   ^
scholarships for Vancouver High Schools   2,000.00 Y
for University Scholarships   500.00-Y
for the Dr. VV. T. Kergin Memorial Scholarship   500.00 . if
Contributions in this  list   690.00
Lee, Mr. and Mrs. L. (Steveston)
Mothers Circle Point Grey Chapter Order of De Molay
Simon Fraser De Molay Chapter
Contributions in this list $ 105.00
Farris, Mrs. J. W. deB.
Hartley, Mr. Miles C (Chicago)
Purslow, Mrs. N.
University Administration
Wright, Mr. Thomas G.
Contributions in this list  $        365.00
Arneil, Dr. A. S. (Nelson)
Barclay, Dr. W. S.
Beattie, Dr. A. N. (Victoria)
Benson, Dr. K. I. G. (Victoria)
Black, Dr. Donald (North Vancouver)
Black, Dr. Duncan (North Vancouver)
Bonham, Dr. G. (Prince George)
Bowmer, Dr. E. J.
Clarke, Dr. J. A. (Kelowna)
Cull, Dr. J. S.
Cunningham, Dr. A. J. (Dawson Creek)
Elliot, Dr. G. R. F.
Evans, Dr. G. P. (Prince Rupert)
Findlay, Dr. Ian D. (Kamloops)
Gayton, Dr. J. L.
Gibson, Dr. G. A. (Courtenay)
Gundry, Dr. C. H.
Hunt, Dr. C. L.
Kennedy, Dr. H. K. (Cloverdale)
Kettyls, Dr. G. D. M. (Chilliwack)
Kincade, Dr. G. F.
Larsen, Dr. A. A.
Lindsay, Dr. J. H.
Mather, Dr. J. M.
McAnulty, Dr. A. J. (Cloverdale)
MacKenzie, Dr. C. J. G.
McMaster, Dr. S.
Nelson, Dr. A. John
Newton, Dr. J. B. (Cranbrook)
Read, Dr. John H.
Singleton, Dr. J. A.
Smart, Dr. M. R. (Toronto, Ontario)
Smith, Dr. J. H.
Sunderland, Dr. W. F. (Burnaby)
Swan, Dr. R. C. (Nanaimo)
Taylor, Dr. J. A. (Victoria)
Wauchrob, Dr. M. J. (Mission)
Whitbread, Dr. J. L. M. (Victoria)
Willits, Dr. R. E.
Wylde, Dr. E. W. (New Westminster)
(The amount shown is normally the annual value of the award or awards).
Adelphian Scholarship Fund—scholarships
Agnew, the late Dr. A. M.—(fund established by family and friends)
Alliance  Francaise  (Vancouver)—bursaries  	
Allied Chemical Canada Ltd.—scholarship 	
Allied   Officers'   Club Auxiliary—bursary  	
Alpha  Delta  Phi  (B.C. Chapter)—bursary	
Alpha  Delta Pi Sorority (Beta Kappa Chapter)—bursary 	
Alpha  Gamma  Delta  Sorority  (Delta  Zeta  Chapter)—bursary 	
Alpha   Gamma  Delta  Mothers'  Club—bursary  	
$     1,000.00 V
Aluminum Company of Canada Limited (Montreal)—scholarships
and grants 	
Alumni of Business Management Course (Vernon)—bursary 	
Alumni of U.B.C, through the Development Fund—scholarships
Aluminium  Laboratories  Limited  (Montreal)—fellowship
American Society of Heating,  Refrigerating,  and Air-Conditioning
Engineers  (B.C.  Chapter)—scholarship
American Society for Metals Foundation for Education and Research
American Society for Metals, B.C. Chapter—scholarship _.    	
American Woman's Club—bursary	
Andison, the late Mrs. J. G.—fund established by
her friends as a memorial 	
Anglo-Canadian  Shipping Company Limited—bursary 	
Architectural  Institute of British Columbia—prizes and scholarships
Armstead, Mrs. Daniel (Lions Bay)—scholarship and prize 	
Association of Professional  Engineers of British Columbia—prizes.—
Atlas Asbestos Company Limited—prize 	
Automotive Transport Association of B.C.—scholarship 	
Badenoch, the  late  Ida Helen—scholarships 	
Baird, Mrs. W. S. and Gibson, Mr. W. C.—prize 	
Balfour,  the  late Helen L.—prize 	
Barton,  the late Dr. G. F.  R.—-bursary established
by friends and colleagues 	
Bateman,  Mrs.  S.  J.  (Chilliwack)—scholarship 	
B.C. Association of District Superintendents and
Inspectors   of   Schools—scholarships   	
B.C. Association of Real Estate Boards—scholarship 	
B.C.  Beef Cattle Growers' Association—bursaries 	
B.C.   Dental Association—scholarship and bursaries 	
B.C.   Dentists Wives Association—bursaries  	
B.C.   Drug  Limited—scholarship  	
596.00 /
100.00 y
50.00 V
1,400.00 y
250.00 V
250.00 Y
ioo.oo y
300.00 y
200.00 Vy
225.00 y
100.00 Y
15o.oo y
400.00 Y
200.00 Y
24 B.C. Electric Veterans Association—bursaries	
B.C.   Federation of Women  Doctors—scholarship
B.C. Fish and Game Protective Association,
Lower Mainland Zone—scholarship 	
B.C.  Society of  Internal  Medicine—bursary 	
Belkin,   Mr.   Morris—prize  	
Bell,   Mrs.   Angela—bursary  	
50.00 y
Best Printer Co. Ltd.—prizes and bursary 	
Beta Sigma Phi Sorority (Xi Alpha Chapter)—bursary_
Better Business Bureau of Vancouver—prizes 	
B'nai B'rith Chapter No. 77—scholarship 	
Boag Foundation—scholarship 	
Bolocan,  Mr. J.  L.   (Edmonton)—prize  	
Borden Company Limited  (Toronto)—prize 	
Borrie, Mr. W. J.—scholarship 	
Bostock Memorial  Lectureship—prize 	
Boultbee,  Mr. J.  N.—prize  -	
Boultbee, Sweet 8c Co.  Ltd.—scholarship 	
Bralorne  Pioneer  Mines  Limited—scholarships  	
Brissenden, P. R., Esq., Q.C.—scholarship or bursary	
British America Paint Co. Ltd. (Vancouver and Victoria)—scholarships
British Columbia Association of Social Workers—prize 	
British Columbia Association of Social Workers
(Greater Vancouver Area Branch)—-prize	
British Columbia  Bond Dealers' Association—scholarship 	
British Columbia Cement Company Limited—scholarships 	
British Columbia Centennial  1958 Committee—scholarship 	
British Columbia Corrections Association—bursary 	
British Columbia Dietetic Association-—scholarship 	
British Columbia Dental Supply Co. Limited—scholarship 	
British  Columbia  Electric Company—fellowships and  scholarships	
British Columbia Forest Products Limited—scholarships and bursaries
British Columbia Federation of Labour—bursary 	
British Columbia Fruit Growers' Association—scholarship 	
British  Columbia  Hotels Association—-scholarships 	
Britih Columbia  Institute of Agrologists—bursary 	
British Columbia Japanese-Canadian Citizens' Association
British Columbia Loggers' Association—scholarship and bursary
British Columbia  Lumberman—essay awards  	
British Columbia  Lumber Manufacturers'  Association—prizes 	
British Columbia Parent-Teacher Federation—scholarship 	
British Columbia Sugar Refining Company Limited—scholarships
British Columbia Surgical Society—bursaries 	
British Columbia Teachers' Federation—prizes and scholarships—
British Columbia Telephone Company—scholarships 	
British Columbia Transformer Co. Ltd.—scholarship 	
550.00 Y
150.00 Y
50.00 V
100.00 f^""^
250.00 Yy
25.00 Y
300.00 Y
loo.oo y
600.00 y y
160.00 fy
ioo.oo y,
2,500.00 ^
3oo.oo yy
8,600.00 fY
2,500.00 yy
25 British  Pacific Life  Insurance Company of Vancouver—scholarship..
Bruce, the late Hon. R. Randolph—scholarship 	
Buchanan, the late Dean Daniel—scholarship
established by friends and colleagues 	
Buckland, the late Dr. Donald C (memorial
established  by  friends)—scholarship  	
Buckshon's Pharmacy—bursary 	
Burbidge, Mr. P.W.—scholarships 	
Burrard Dry Dock Company Limited—scholarships 	
Burroughs Wellcome and Company (Montreal)
—fellowship   and   scholarship  	
Butchart, the late William B.—bursaries 	
Campbell, the late Anne S.—bursaries 	
Canada Permanent Mortgage Corporation—prize 	
Canadian Anaesthetists' Society,  British Columbia  Division-
Canadian Arthritis and  Rheumatism Society—prize 	
Canadian Bechtel Limited—bursaries	
Canadian  Broadcasting  Corporation—prizes  	
Canadian Cancer Society—British Columbia and Yukon Division
Canadian Forest Products Ltd.—scholarships and prizes 	
Canadian Forestry Association of B.C.—scholarship 	
Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy
—scholarships and bursary 	
Canadian  Freightways  Limited—scholarship   	
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce—scholarships 	
Canadian  Industrial Traffic  League—prizes 	
Canadian  Industries Limited—fellowship and maintenance grant	
Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, B.C. Section—prizes	
Canadian Institute of Steel Construction—scholarships 	
Canadian Life  Insurance Officers Association and Canadian Bankers
Association—scholarships in Summer Session Course, in personal
and business finance 	
Canadian Medical Association British Columbia Division—bursaries..
Conadian National  Institute for the Blind—bursary 	
Canadian Officers' Training Corps—bursaries 	
Canada  Permanent Toronto General Trust Company—prize 	
Canadian Pittsburgh  Industries Ltd.—scholarship 	
Canadian Polish Congress—prize 	
Canadian Pulp and Paper Industry Magazine—essay awards 	
Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists—scholarship 	
Canadian Stevedoring Company Limited—bursary  _	
Canadian Transport Company Limited—scholarship  	
Canadian Uranium Research Foundation—fellowship 	
Canadian Western Pipe Mills Ltd. (Port Moody)—fellowship 	
Canadian Women's Press Club—scholarship and scholarship fund
225.00 Y
150.00 Y
125.00 t^
100.00 ^
250.00 lY
i, 200.00 y
1,250.00 V/.
300.00 y
1,200.00 y
50.00 Yy
100.00 Yy
500.00 y
500.00 * /,
500.00 y
400.00 '
75.00      y
2,400.00 y
650.00 Y
300.00 y
50.00 J
250.00 */*
75.00 lY
350.00" y
300.00 v y
26 Cariboo Gold Quartz Mining Company—scholarship   250.00 ,    ..
Cave and Company Limited—scholarship and prize   250.00 Y
Cayley,  the  late Mrs.—scholarship   100.00 y
Central  Mortgage and Housing Corporation  (Ottawa)—bursaries  	
Charkow,  Mr. A.  Max—bursary   100.00 Y
Charles E.  Frosst & Co. (Montreal)—scholarship   250.00 Y~~
Chemical   Institute  of Canada—prizes    50.00 K
Chertkow, Mr. Irving G.—bursary  50.00 Y~
Chetkow, the late Moe and Leah—prize  1  100.00 Y
Children's Aid Society of the Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver y
—scholarship     350.00/^
Chilliwack Medical Society—bursary   300.00-/
Chilliwack   Rotary  Club—bursary    300.00 Y
Chris Spencer Foundation—scholarships   7,625.001''
Ciba Company Limited (Montreal)—prize   100.00 t-"^
Civil Service Federation of Canada (Vancouver - New Westminster /
District   Council)—bursaries     300.00 j/
Clarkson, Gordon 8c Co., Chartered Accountants— y
research and service awards, and prize   600.00 Y
Class of Agriculture '21—scholarship   200.00    y
Clayburn-Harbison   Ltd.—fellowship     2,00.00*^
Cohen, Mrs. M. B.—bursary   25.00//
Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. Moe—bursary   25.00 /
Coleman, Dr. H. T. J.—(scholarship established by anonymous donor) 100.00 Y
Collins 8c Collins, Chartered Accountants—scholarship   100.00 Y
Comitas Clut)—bursary   200.00/
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada Limited
—scholarships   4,400.00
Cooper-Widman   Limited—scholarships   250.00
Coquitlam  Farmers'  Institute—bursaries    600.00^/
Cowichan Valley Medical Association—bursary    300.00 YyY
Crown  Zellerbach  Canada  Limited—scholarships    16,600.00 ^
Cunningham, Mr. Alvin  (Cypress  Park)—bursary   200.00*/
Cunningham, Mr. George T.—scholarship and prize   300.00 Y
Dairyland  Credit  Union—scholarship   200.OoY ,.---
Dauphinee,  Mr. T. M. (Ottawa)—bursary   250.00 W"
Davis  8c  Company—bursary    250.00/"
Day, the late Dr. Isabel (memorial scholarship
given by anonymous donor)   75.00 *" /
Deeks-McBride   Ltd.—scholarship   300.00 «/.
Delta Gamma  Fraternity—bursaries   200.00 Y
Delta Gamma Sorority, Alpha Phi Chapter (Dean of Women's Fund) 50.00 \Y.
Delta Kappa Gamma Association—scholarship   300.00 Y
Department of Social Welfare, Province of British Columbia—bursary 1,000.00 \Y
Dicks, Mr. W. Jack H. (Armstrong)—bursary   240.00 Y
Dilworth, Dr. Ira (Vancouver)—prize   25.00 /
Dome Petroleum  Limited  (Calgary)—scholarship   500.00Yy
Dow Chemical of Canada Limited (Sarnia)—scholarship and grant_._ 750.00 Y
27 ./
Du  Pont of Canada Limited—scholarship and grant   1,700.00 Y
Dunsmuir, the late Hon.  James—scholarship         ,            , 20Q.Q", Y
East Asiatic Company—scholarship   500.00 Y
Edith Cavell Hospital Ltd.—bursary   50.00      .
Eilertson, the late Hawk (estate)—bursaries   1,000.00 j/
Elkington, Dr. and Mrs. E. H. W. (Victoria)—scholarship   400.00V/
Empire Stevedoring  Company  Limited—bursary    300.00 Vy
Engineering  Institute  of Canada—prize   50.00 /
Engineering Institute of Canada (Vancouver Branch)—prizes  150.00//
Engineers' Wives' Association—bursary   300.00/
Entomological Society of British Columbia—prize   1 5.00 y
Faculty of U.B.C.—scholarship   200.00 ^
Faculty Women's Club of the University of B.C.
—scholarship and bursary   425.00 '
Far East Week Committee—scholarship .'.  100.00 Y
Federation of Telephone Workers of British Columbia, .
Plant Division—scholarship  500.00  W,
Finning Tractor and Equipment Co. Ltd.—scholarships   1,500.00 Yy
Fisheries Association of B.C.—scholarships   1,200.00 Yy
Fort Camp Students' Council—bursaries   1 00.00 /
Franks, Mr. and Mrs. Dave—bursary   40.00 y
Frank W. Horner Limited (Montreal)—prize   100.00V/
Fraser Valley Bar Association—bursary  1 50.00 ¥
Fraser Valley Milk Producers' Association—bursaries   800.00v/
Fresco  Club—bursary  .  50.00 //
Freeman, Freeman, Silvers 8c Koffman—bursary   100.00 Y
Freeman, Mr.   Max—bursary   25.00   /
Friedman, Dr. and Mrs. Sydney M.—prize  25.00   Y
Fruehauf Trailer Company (Dixie, Ontario)—scholarships   500.00 Yy
Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Vancouver Alumnae Chapter—bursary  100.00 fy
General Accountants' Association—scholarship   1,500.00/,
General Construction Company Limited—scholarships   500.00 V
General Motors of Canada Limited—scholarships and grant   10,000.00 Yy
Gehrke, the late J. W.—memorial scholarship  100.00 /
Gibson, Mrs. W. C. and Baird, Mrs. W. S.—prize   50.00  Y
Gill Interprovincial Lines Ltd.—scholarship  250.00//
Gladstone Chapter No. 6 C. J. Order of Ahepa—prize   100.00 Yy
Goldenberg, H. Carl, Esq., O.B.E., Q.C.—prize   15.00/,
Gordon Young (B.C.) Limited—bursary   350.00 Y/
Graduating Classes of 1959—bursary   150.00
Graham, the late Dr. J. Meredith (memorial prize given by /
anonymous donor)   75.00'-/
Grand Lodge of Ancient and Accepted Free Masons of
British   Columbia—bursaries     3,300.0C
Greater Vancouver District Registered Nurses' Association
—scholarship     250.00 '   .
Greenberg, Dr. and Mrs. A. B.—bursary   75.00 /
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph—scholarship   160.00/
28 Hamber, the late Honourable E. W.—scholarships and prize	
Hamilton   Insurance Agency  Ltd.—scholarship  	
Hamilton, Lieut. James Douglas (memorial prize provided by friends)
Harlow, Marion—prize established in her honour 	
Harrison, the late Ella J. (memorial prize established by friends)	
Hatfield, Miss Janet—scholarship 	
Health  Officers of British Columbia—prize 	
Heavy Construction Association of B.C.—scholarships and prize..
Hebb, the late Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Carlyle
(scholarship established by son and daughters) 	
Heighway, the late Florence E. (bequest)—scholarships and bursaries
Helliwell, Maclachlan 8c Co.—bursary and service award	
Highmoor, Mr. C. K. (Islington, Ont.)—bursary and prize 	
Hill-Tout, the late Ben (memorial prize established by family and
Hoffar's Ltd.—scholarship 	
Hoffman-LaRoche   Limited   (Montreal)—scholarship  	
Holland, the late Dr. Laura (scholarship established
by friends and colleagues) 	
Holland, the late Dr.  Laura—scholarship 	
Holland, the late Mrs. Mary Graham—scholarships .___
Hoo Hoo,  Kamloops Branch—bursary 	
Hospital Employees Union Local   180—scholarships __
Hotel Association of Prince Rupert—scholarship 	
Hudson's Bay Company (Vancouver)—service Owards
Hutchinson, Dr. Andrew H. (scholarship established
by friends and colleagues) 	
Industrial Forestry Service Ltd. (Prince George)-
Ingledow,  Dr. T.,  P.Eng.—scholarships 	
Inland Natural Gas Co. Ltd.—scholarship 	
Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia—bursary_.
International Business Machines Company Limited (Toronto)
International Longshoreman's and Warehouseman's Union
International Nickel Company of Canada Limited
—scholarships and grants 	
International Union of United Brewery, Flour, Cereal, Soft Drink and
Distillery Workers of America,  Local 300—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,  Vancouver Municipal Chapter—scholarship 	
I.O.D.E.,  Bastion Chapter (Nanaimo)—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,  Canadian  Scottish  Chapter—bursary  	
I.O.D.E.,  Coronation Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,  Cowichan Chapter—bursary  	
I.O.D.E.,   Duncan  Dogwoods  Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,   H.M.C.S.   Discovery  Chapter—bursary  	
I.O.D.E.,  Jessie F. Gordon Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,   Lieut. Col. Merritt, V.C., Chapter—bursary 	
20.00 Y
200.00 \^y
100.00 v/
400.00 *-"'
\,000.00 yy
450.00 Yy
50.00 Y
50.00 yr
270.00 y
1,000.00 Y
200.00 y
250.00 }Y
250.00 y
1,500.00 y
2,200.00 V
4,784.00 y
100.00 y,
200.00 Y
100.00 Yy
125.00 y
100.00 Y
300.00 Y
75.00 Y
75.00 V
50.00 Y
29 I.O.D.E., Mildred  Britton  Brock Chapter—bursary   50.00//
I.O.D.E.,   Point Grey Chapter—bursary   100.00 V
I.O.D.E.,  Princess   Betty Chapter—bursary   125.00 V?
I.O.D.E.,  Provincial Chapter—bursaries   200.00 /
I.O.D.E., R.CA.F. Chapter—bursaries  250.00 /
I.O.D.E.,  Royal City Chapter—bursary   75.00 Y
I.O.D.E.,  Royal   Emblem Chapter—bursqry   100.00 /
I.O.D.E.,   Ruskin Chapter—Alfred Newton Wolverton Memorial
Bursary     300.00 \X
I.O.D.E.,  R.A.F. Silver Jubilee Chapter—bursary   100.00 /,
I.O.D.E., Sir Anthony Eden Chapter—bursary   100.00 V.
I.O.D.E., Sir Charles Tupper Chapter—bursary   75.00 V
I.O.D.E., Triple  Entente Chapter—bursaries   300.00 Y
I.O.D.E.,  University   Chapter—prize    50.00   /.
I.O.D.E.,  Unknown  Warrior Chapter—bursary   100.00 /.
I.O.D.E., Valcartier Camp Chapter—bursary  100.00 /
I.O.D.E., Worthington Memorial Chapter—bursary   300.00 Y
I.W.A. Credit Union, New Westminster—scholarship  250.00 /
James, Fern Cochrane—memorial scholarship contributed by friends 100.00 Y
Jppnieson. the  late Annie  Brucef LL.D.—prize ...  50.00 '
J^rmesoj^l^elo^tej^qig-S^^fscholarshin established
by friendsana colleagues)   150.00   /
Jefferd, Miss Dorothy M. and Mr. Arthur H.—scholarship  200.00//
J. Fyfe Smith Co. Limited—scholarship   250.00 V.
Johnson,  the  In.P  Alfred  (estnteW.i.rcnriPs   4,500.00   /.
Johnson, the late Thomas Holmes—scholarships   1,050.00 Y
■Inhnc-tnn. the late Douglas F. (estate)—bursaries   2,000.001/,
Johnston Terminals Ltd.—fellowship   1,500.00 ^
Kania, Dr. and Mrs. J. E.—scholarships   400.00 y'y
Kappa Kappa Gamma Mothers' Club (Dean of Women's Fund)  100.00 Yy
Katznelson, Mr. and Mrs. K.—bursary   25.00 *
Kennecott Copper Corporation (New York)—scholarship and grant— 2,000.00 Y
Kergin, the late Dr. W. T. (memorial scholarship from /
anonymous donor)   100.00/
Ketchum Manufacturing Sales Limited (Ottawa)—bursary — 50.00 V/
Khaki University of Canada Administrators—bursaries   500.00V/
Kia Ora Service Club—bursary   200.00
King, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. (scholarship in memory y
of their daughter, Karen Elaine)   350.00 \Y
Kirk, the late Mrs. Thomas H.—scholarship   100.00 _/"
Kitchen, the late Willard (bursaries established as a memorial
by his daughters)   1,500.00 yy
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver—prize and scholarship  325.00 Y,
Kiwassa Club of New Westminster—scholarship  250.00//
Klein, the late Mr. I. J.—scholarship  150.0o/
"Koch, Mr. Albert O.—bursary   100.00 Y
Koerner, Leon, Esq., LL.D.—scholarship and fellowship  1,500.00  Y
Koerner, the late Thea—(scholarships endowed by friends)  400.00   Y Koerner, Mr. Walter C.—scholarships and bursary .  3,500.00
Koerner, Messrs. Walter and Leon—scholarship   90.00 tY"
KVOS (Canada) Ltd.—scholarships  200.00 &/^
Ladies  Pharmaceutical  Auxiliary—bursaries   200.00' /
Ladies Pharmaceutical Auxiliary (Victoria)—bursary   1 00.00 /
Ladner,  Leon J.,  Esq.,  Q.C.—prizes   100.00'^^
Ladner, Leon J., Esq., Q.C. and family—scholarship   AOO.OOY
Ladner, Downs, Ladner, Locke, Clark and Lenox—prize  50.00 tr
Lady Laurier Club—bursaries  150.00 J«<r
Lambert,   Brigadier Noel  D.—scholarship   300.00 /
Lando,  Mr.   Esmond—bursary   100.00*/
Larsen, the late Professor Thorleif—(scholarship established
as a memorial by friends)   100.00^"'
Later Chemicals Ltd.—scholarship  100.00 #/"
Laurentide  Financial  Corporation  Ltd.—scholarship    250.00*Yy
Lauries Ltd.—bursaries   450.00 yy
Law Society of British Columbia—prize   200.00^
Lederle Research Division, American Cyanamid Company ,             y
—scholarships   1,200.00 /
Leeson, the late Dr. H. Lavell—scholarship established by y
family, colleagues,  and friends   75.00^/
Lefevre. the late Mrs. J. M.—scholarship   125.00 Yy
LeFohn, Mr. L. J.—scholarship   250.00*-/,
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation—scholarships   3,000.00 Y
Le Patourel, the late Mr. H. C—fellowship   500.00 Y
Life Underwriters Association of Vancouver—scholarship   275.00 tY .
Lions Club of Vancouver Chinatown—bursary   100.00 \
Lions Gate Branch No. 79, Royal Canadian Legion—scholarships.— 1,000.00
Lions Ladies Club (Vancouver)—bursaries   200.00 ^
Little, the late David Bell—scholarship
established by friends and family   100.00 Y
Lower Mainland  Pharmacists' Association—bursary    100.00*''
Macaulay, Nicolls, Maitland 8< Co. Ltd.—scholarship  — .' 250.00 U"^-
Mallinckrodt Chemical Works Limited (Montreal)—prize   50.00
Martin Marietta Corporation  (Seattle)—scholarship   300.00
Medical Board of the Vancouver General Hospital—scholarship  200.00'   Y
Medical Services Association—scholarships   2,400.00 V _
Medical Services Incorporated—scholarships   1,000.00
Mobil Oil of Canada Ltd. (Calgary)—scholarships and grants  1,600.00
Morrison, Mrs. A. B.—scholarship  70.00 Yy
Morrison Steel 8c Wire Co. Ltd.—service award  300.00 Y
Mount Pleasant-Cambie Kiwanis Club—bursary - loan   400.00*-^^
Mulholland, Mrs. F. D. and family—bursary  75.OO^
Munro, Mrs. E. and Miss Constance—scholarship
in memory of Ernest A. Munro  150.00
Mvers. the late Dr. Ernest Roland—scholarships   1,700.00
Mead Johnson of Canada Ltd. (Toronto)—prize   100.00
Medical  Ball  Bursary Committee—bursaries         2,000.00
% /
McCarter,  Nairne 8c Partners, Architects—scholarship   400.00 ^
McDiarmid, Mr. Neil H.—scholarship   	
McGill Graduates' Society of B.C.—scholarship   100.00
Maclnnes, Dr. Isabel (prize donated by friends in her honour)  100.00  \f"
Maclnnes, Mr. W. H.—scholarships and prizes   1,350.00 /
Mcintosh Supply Ltd.—scholarship   250.00 Yj
U.-k'-,-.   trip Into MX*    n   A  pri-rp   40.00
Mr.Kee. the late Dr. David—scholarship   200.00   /
Mackenzie, Mr. Don—bursary in his honour
established by friends and colleagues  100.00 0(
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M.—prize established in his honour  50.00   {/
McLean Foundation (Toronto)—bursaries  1,000.00 Y
McLean Fraser, the late Clara (fellowships in
memory of her husband)   2,250.Oo/
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc, LL.D.—prizes and scholarships 5,800.00 Y
MacMillan, Bloedel 8c Powell River Limited—scholarships   2,550.00*/,
Macmillan Company of Canada Limited (Toronto)—prizes  100.00 Vy
MacRae, Mrs. John—bursary   225.00 /
Nabob Foods Division, Kelly Douglas 8c Co. Ltd.—scholarships  1,000.00 Y
Nagler, the late Victoria—memorial scholarship
contributed by friends   100.00 Y
National Council of Jewish Women, Vancouver Section
—bursaries  and scholarship   550.00 Y
Native Daughters of British Columbia—scholarship   150.00 Y
Naval Officers Association of British Columbia
—scholarships and bursary-loans    900.00 Y
Neilson, the late Dr. J. R.—memorial book prize y
established by a friend  50.00 Y
Nemetz, Nathan T., Esq., Q.C.—scholarship    100.00  /
Nicholson, the late Dr. F. J.—scholarships   1,000.00 Yy
Nisei Varsity Club—scholarship  100.00 Yy
Northern Commercial Company Limited  (Seattle)—scholarship  500.00 i
Northern Electric Company Limited (Montreal) /
—fellowship and scholarship   2,000.00 Y
North Shore Medical Society—bursary   100.00 j/
Northwest   Plaster   Bureau—scholarship    250.00 Y
Okanagan-Mainline Real  Estate Board—scholarship   250.06' */
O'Leary, the late Paul A. (prizes established by 5/
anonymous donor as a memorial)   100.00 /
Oppenheimer Bros. & Company—scholarship   500.00/ -
Osier, Hammond and Nanton—scholarship   200.00 /
Osier Society of Vancouver—scholarship   200.00 V/
Owen, the late Richard—memorial prize established by classmates  25.00 V /
Pacific Brewers' Warehousing  Ltd.—scholarships   5,000.00 Vy
Pacific Coast Terminals Co. Ltd. (New Westminster)—scholarships  692.00 Y
Pacific Meat Company Limited—bursary   200.00 /
Palmer, the late Richard Claxton (scholarship
established by friends and colleagues)   350.00   V
32 Pan-Abode   (1951)   Ltd.—scholarship    500.00Yy
Panhellenic Association and Inter-Fraternity Council—bursary   35.00 Y
Paper Industry Management Association—scholarship   346.00 Y
Pearce, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. (Sardis)—scholarship   1 00.00 /
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell 8c Co.—scholarship and service award  696.00*/^
Pemberton Securities Limited—scholarship   250.00 X^Y
Pendakur, Mr. V. S.—scholarship   400.00 v/
P.E.O. Sisterhood,  Chapter AD—bursary    100.00^
P.E.O.  Sisterhood,  Chapter   AE—bursary     100.00 "/^
P.E.O.  Sisterhood, Chapter AM—bursary   100.00 Yy
P.E.O. Sisterhood,  Chapter B—bursary   100.00 Y^
P.E.O.  Sisterhood, Vancouver Chapters—bursary   3A5.00Yy
Peter Kiewit Sons Co. of Canada Limited—scholarship   500.00 k    -.
Pfizer  (Canada)—fellowship   500.00 Y^
Pharmaceutical Association of the Province of British Columbia
—scholarship and  prize   150.00 ^--y
Philharmonic Music Club, Vancouver—scholarship   50.00 /
Pi Beta Phi Fraternity, Vancouver Alumnae Club—scholarship   500.00 Y^.'
Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Pi Gamma Chapter—bursary   1 00.00 '     ^
Phillips, the late Sperry (bursary established by friends and colleagues) 150.00 Yy
Phrateres, Theta Chapter (U.B.C.)—scholarships   \50.00\y'
Physical Education—R.A.F. prize  25.00 \/y
Plant,  Mr. G.  E.—prize  _.  50.00*-"^
Police Mutual  Benevolent Association—scholarship   250.00
Pop, Mr. R. J.—scholarship  1  150.00 \Y
Poulenc Limited (Montreal)—fellowship and scholarship  750.00 a/
Pre-Medical Society (U.B.C.)—bursary  200.001^/.
Price Waterhouse 8c Company—scholarship and service award   646.00 Y\y
Primrose Conservative Club of Vancouver—scholarships   400.00 Y
Pringle, Flying Officer Reverend George  Robert
—(memorial bursary established by friends)   250.00 \Y
Procter 8c Gamble Company of Canada Limited—bursaries and grant 2,100.00 YY
Province of British Columbia, Department of Social Work—bursary.. 1,000.00 Y
Provincial Council of British Columbia, Canadian Daughters' League
—bursaries    200.00 W'"'
Provincial Health  Branch of the Province of British Columbia
—scholarship     100.00 '
Quota Club (Vancouver)—bursary   100.00 ^
Ravenhill, the late Dr. Alice—scholarship   200.00 Y
Rayonier Canada  Limited—scholarships   2,000.00 Y
R.C.A.F. Veterans'  Fund—bursaries   500.00 y
Rea, Mr. Bill—scholarship  1,000.00 Yj
Read, Jones, Christoffersen-—scholarship   200.00 /
Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. S. R.—bursaries   300.00 V
Ridded, Stead, Graham, 8c Hutchison
(Chartered Accountants)—service award   396.00 Yy
Robertson, Dr. H. Rocke—prize established in his honour  150.00
Robert S. Day and Son Limited—bursary   150.00 '■
33 Rnnprc;    thg   li-itp    Irvnnthnn   C —-.cr-hcMnrchipc   ancj   bursaries    3,500.00 /
Rotary Club of New Westminster—bursary   250.00"^
Rotary Club of Vancouver—bursaries   1,800.00Y
Rothstein, the late Mr. A.—bursary—(contributed by family)   100.00-'
Royal  Arch Masonic Order—scholarships    600.00^/
Royal   Institution—scholarships    1,600.00 /
Ruffel, Mr. Joseph P. (Parksville)—scholarship   500.00 i/
P,,.h    thp IntP Conrne hiirggries     400.00Y
Russell Food Equipment Limited—scholarship   350.00 Y
Ryckman. the late Nancy E.—scholarship   300.00 '/
Schinbein; Mrs. A. B. and Dr. John E.—scholarship   250.00//
Schlage Lbck Company of Canada Limited—scholarship   250.00 ' y
Sclater, Captain John (New Westminster)—scholarship   250.00 /
Schultz, His Honour Judge William A.—prize   100.00 /
Sea Going Hacks—bursary   200.00 V
Seattle Chapter, U.B.C. Alumni—scholarship   240.00./
Shaffer, the late Marion A.—bursary  350.00V
Shapiro, the late Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin /
—(bursary donated by his children)   50.00/
Shaw, the late James Curtis—scholarship
(established by friends and colleagues)   100.00''/
Shell Oil Company of Canada Limited—fellowship and grant        2,300.00 Vy
Siddoo, Mr. Kapoor Singh—scholarships   750.00    ,
Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity—bursary   50.00|//
Signus Club of Vancouver—prize   150.00 r
Simson-Maxwell—bursary     200.00*/
Smith, Davidson 8c Lecky Ltd.—scholarships   500.00 Y
Smith, Mr. Frank F.—scholarship   300.00*/
Smith, the late Jean Mcintosh—scholarship   450.00 Y
Social, Work Staff—prize   25.00 "/
Soderman, the late Daisy Sidney—bursaries   3,000.00 V
South Vancouver B.C. Branch 16 Canadian Legion—scholarships  250.00 i/
Spohn, Dr. Peter H.—memorial scholarship /  /
donated by friends and colleagues  125.00 \  >
S. P. Slinn Ltd., Consulting Engineers—scholarship   1 00.00 Y
Standard Oil Company of British Columbia Limited
—fellowship, grant, and scholarships   3,000.00*/
Steel Company of Canada—bursaries and grant  3,000.00v^
Stevens, Mrs. Helen D.—scholarship   300.00 Y
St. Paul's Medical Staff—bursary   300.00.'^/,
Stry Credit Union—bursary   300.00 •/
Summer Session Association—scholarships, prizes and bursary  535.00  •*' .
Summerland Kiwanis Club—bursary   100.00 ►"/
Superior Courts Judges—scholarship   300.00 Yy
Super-Valu Stores  Ltd.—scholarship   \,500.00Yy
Surrey Co-operative Association—bursary   300.00V  /
Swan, Col. W.  G.—scholarship   1,000.00 /
Taylor,  Mr. Austin  C.—scholarship   250.00 /
34 Taylor, the late Elizabeth Brydon^scholarship   350.00 Yy
Terminal City Club—scholarship   100.00 Yy
The California Standard Company—scholarships .  2,700.00 Yy
The Vancouver Sun—scholarships   5,500.00 Yy
Thr"", +hr Intr Dnvid i  ~rh"lnr-hip- and bursary  400.00 Y
Timber Management Limited (Vancouver)—service award  250.00 a//
Timber Preservers Limited—prizes   250.001//
Timber Sales 8c Distributors Limited—scholarship   350.00 /
Toban, Mr. Louis—bursaries   200.00 Y
Toohill. the late Louis Lipsey;—scholarships  1,500.00) U/
Touche, Ross, Bailey, and Smart—service award   396.00 Yy~
Trans-Canada Investment Corporation Limited—scholarship   150.00 J
Trans-Mountain Oil Pipe Line Company—scholarships and grant  7,500.00Y~
Trites, the late Dr. A. E.—memorial prizes established by friends  140.00 Y*^
Truck Loggers' Association—scholarships   250.00/"
Tri-Services Committee, University of B.C.—scholarship   600.00V/'-
Turnbull, Mrs. H. L. W. and family—scholarships  890.00      y
U.B.C. Employees, Local Union 116—scholarship   250.00 ^
Ukrainian Professional and Business Men's Club of Vancouver
—fellowship     1,000.00 <
Union Carbide Canada Limited—scholarships and grant  2,500.00 ^ y
United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union—scholarship  200.00 /^
United Jewish Peoples Order (Vancouver Branch)—scholarship   100.00O>
Universities' Service Club—bursary   200.00 /
University of British Columbia Branch No. 72 of the Canadian Legion .
—scholarships and bursaries   1,500.00 Y^
University Nursing Division, U.B.C. Alumni—scholarship   100.00 Yf
University of Toronto Alumnae—Dean of Women's Fund   75.00*//
University Women's Club of Vancouver—scholarship and bursaries 800.00 Y
University Women's Club of New Westminster—scholarship   250.00V/"/
University Women's Club of White Rock—bursary  100.00 //
Upper Vancouver Island Medical Society—bursary  250.00 I
Vancouver and District Home Economics Association—scholarship  250.00 /
Vancouver Bar Association—bursaries    1,000.00 i
Vancouver B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation—scholarships   250.00 l
Vancouver Business and Professional Women's Club—bursaries  200.00 y
Vancouver Chinese Association of Commerce—bursary   100.00Yy
Vancouver City Hall Employees Society—bursary   150.00 /
Vancouver Civic Employees Union Outside Workers—bursary  150.00/
Vancouver   Electrical Association—scholarship   250.00^
Vancouver Elementary School Teachers' Association ,
—scholarships and prizes   1,600.00 •/
Vancouver Foundation—
Vancouver Federal Employees Credit Union—bursary   350.00 Yf
Vancouver  Festival Society—scholarships   250.00
The Edward J. Meilicke Fund   240.00   /
The Ellen Ethel McHattie Bursary Fund  300.00 */y
The U.B.C. Scholarship and Bursary Fund   400.00 /
35 The VanDusen Graduate Fellowships in Forestry   3,000.00 1/
Vancouver General Unit, Local 180, Hospital Employees' Union
—schola rships   500.00 V
Vancouver Girl Guides Council (Elizabeth Rogers Trust)—scholarships 250.00\/
Vancouver Hoo Hoo Club—scholarship and prize   500.00 *'
Vancouver Junior Chamber of Commerce—scholarship   300.00 Y
Vancouver Local Office, Unemployment Insurance Commission "/
—scholarship     150.00Vy
Vancouver Medical  Association—scholarship   500.00K/
Vancouver Panhellenic Alumnae Association—bursary   200.OOV
Vancouver Personnel 8c Industrial Relations Association—scholarship 250.00/
Vancouver Policemen's Union—scholarship   250.00 y/
Vancouver Postal Club—scholarship   150.00*
Vancouver Real Estate Board—scholarship   500.00|/
Vancouver Sales and Marketing Executives Club—scholarships  400.00v /
Vancouver Secondary School Teachers' Association—scholarships —_ 600.00 /
Vancouver Secondary Women Teachers—scholarship   300.00 /
Vancouver Stock Exchange—scholarship   250.001/
Vancouver Tug Boat Co. Ltd.—scholarship   500.00 Y
Vancouver Women's Canadian Club—scholarships   400.00 *
Vickar, the late Dr. Joseph—memorial bursary contributed by friends 100.00 /
Victoria Bar Association—bursary _.  150.00*/
Victoria Daily Times (Victoria)—prize  100.00 Y
Victoria Home Economics and Dietetics Association—bursary   100.00 V
WnorT". *^° 'i*" kA* "nrl Mrr  Mnrir    Trhnlnnhim  1,000.00 V
Wainwright, the late Iris V.—scholarship   135.00 'Y,
War Amputations of Canada, Vancouver Branch—bursaries  2,000.00/.
War Memorial Bursary Fund—bursary   90.00 vy
Warner-Lambert Canada Limited—fellowship and grant  1,500.00 Y
Warren, the late R. Morgan—scholarship /
endowed by friends and colleagues   250.00 *
Waterman, Mr. and Mrs. M. M.—bursary  25.00 /
Weaver, Dean Emeritus M. M.—prizes   75.00 Y
Wescott, the late Lillian Mae—scholarship   60.00 i/
Western Canada Steel Ltd.—scholarships   1,000.00 §/
Western Plywood Company Limited—bursaries   250.00 /
West Kootenay Branch, B.C. Division, Canadian Medical y
Association—bursary     250.00 ry
West Kootenay Rod and Gun Club Association—bursary  T 00.00 YY
Westminster Medical Association—bursary   400.00/
Westminster Paper Company (New Westminster)—scholarships   3,800.001/,
West Vancouver Teachers' Association—scholarship   200.00 Y
Whitelaw, Mrs. W. A. and family—scholarship   200.00/\
Williams, Mr. E. F. (West Vancouver)—scholarship   200.00 Y
Wine, Mr. and Mrs. Myer—bursary   50.00 Y
Winn, the late E. S. H. (established by Dr. R. Waddell,
Dr. H. Guenther, and Dr. Gary Hall)—bursary   300.00^/
Winspear, Higgins, Stevenson and Doane—scholarship   300.00 t
36 Women's Big Block Club—scholarship   ] 00.00
Woman's Christian Temperance Union of British Columbia—prizes  75.00 l/
Woodward, the late Hon. W. C.—scholarships   250.00 ^/^/
Woodward Stores Ltd.—scholarships   5,000.00Yy
World University Service, U.B.C. Committee—bursaries   1,000.00y y
Yarrows  Limited  (Victoria)—scholarships    1,200.00'y/
Yates, the late Nora (estate)—bursaries  750.00 *
Young, Dr. Maurice—prize   50.00 Y
Zeta Beta Tau, Alpha Chi hapter—bursary   50.00: *"/
Zeta Psi Fraternity, Siga Epsilon Chapter—bursary   50.00 Y
Anonymous Donors: y
one bursary   60.00   ^
three prizes   100.00   Y
Ambassador of Switzerland (Ottawa): book prizes donated by His Excellency.
American   Institute of Chemical Engineers:  membership,   membership pins,  and
Association of Professional Engineers of British Columbia: gold medal.
Board of the New Westminster Public Library: medal.
Bristol Laboratories of Canada (Montreal): books.
British Columbia Teachers' Federation: two silver medals.
Canada Law Book Company Limited (Toronto): books.
Canadian Association of Geographers: books.
Canadian Institute of Forestry: gold medal.
Canadian Pacific Air Lines: transportation for selected summer session winners.
Canadian Pharmaceutical Association: books.
Carswell Company Limited (Toronto): books.
C. V. Mosby Company (St. Louis, Missouri): book prizes in Medicine.
Eagles, Dean B. A.: book prizes.
Encyclopaedia Brirannica of Canada Ltd.: two sets of "Great Books of the Western
Federal Republic of Germany: book prizes.
Frank W. Horner Limited (Montreal): two gold medals.
Goodwin-Ellis Advertising Ltd.: special award.
Government of France: medal and book prizes.
Governor General of Canada: gold medal provided by His Excellency.
Graduating Class of 1958 (Commerce): merit shields.
Hamber. the late Honourable E. W.: gold medal.
Henderson, the late Dr. H. A.: medal established as a memorial by friends and
Hoffman-LaRoche Limited (Montreal): prize.
Ingram 8c Bell Limited: special gifts.
International House Association (Vancouver): book prize.
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver: gold medal.
Law Society of British Columbia: gold medal.
Lefevre, the late Mr. J. M.: gold medal.
37 Merck, Sharpe 8c Dohme Limited (Montreal): books.
Mcintosh, Mr. William George: book prize.
Poulenc Limited (Montreal): gold medal.
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada: medal.
Sandoz  Pharmaceutical,   Division  of Sandoz   (Canada)   Ltd.   (Dorval):   book  and
equipment prizes.
Sigma Tau  Upsilon  Honorary Agricultural  Fraternity:  gold  medal  in  memory of
Professor Wilfrid Sadler.
Singer Sewing Machine Co. (Vancouver): portable electric sewing machine.
Society of Chemical Industry: inscribed gold key and subscription.
United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada (Vancouver Branch): silver medal.
Vancouver Natural History Society: book prize.
Weaver, Dean Emeritus Myron M.: silver medal.
Anonymous: the Richard and Mary Legh Trophy.
Anonymous: book prize.
Agricultural Undergraduate Society (in honour of Dean Clement).
Association of Professional Engineers of British Columia (in memory of Edward
Augustus Wheatley).
Rpnnett. the lote Dr. A. E. H.. (for medical students).
Bollert, the late Dean Mary L. (established by her family and friends).
Bower, the late Patricia E.
British Columbia Tuberculosis Society.
Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, British Columbia Section.
The Caribbean Students' Association.
Classes of 1929 (in commemoration of the observance of the 25th anniversary of
the Class of '29).
Class of Law '48 (on tenth anniversary).
Clifff the lata Ronnlri I "rmin.
College of Dental Surgeons of B.C.
Columbia Preceptory No. 34 Knights Templar Vancouver.
Corkum, Mr. Carroll Howe.
Cromie-Dix Memorial Fund (established by colleagues and friends in memory of
Samuel Patrick Cromie and William Derek Dix).
Culter, Mrs. Leila B. and Messrs. Richard and Lawrence (in memory of Carl J.
E. L. Sauder Lumber Company Limited (Mrs. Amy E. Sauder Trust Fund).
Frith, Mr. Walter D.
Gibson, Mr. W. Clarke and other donors (medical students loan fund).
Georgian Club of Vancouver.
Graduating Classes of 1928 (Wesbrook Memorial).
Graduating Classes of 1937.
Graduating Classes of 1952.
Graduating lasses of 1955.
Graduating Classes of 1956.
Graduating Classes of 1961.
38 Graham, the late Roy (memorial established by his family).
Hamilton, the late Mr. Duncan A.
Imperial Industries Limited.
IpttPr. the Inte Dr. Marianne.
Kierstead, the late Prof. E. M. (memorial established by anonymous donor).
Knox, the late Dr. A. W. D. (Bill) (memorial established by his friends and colleagues).
Robertson, Mrs. Lemuel F. and family (the Lemuel F. Robertson Memorial Fund in
Matchett, Mr. Robert S., and others.
Mount Pleasant-Cambie Kiwanis Club.
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Woodward's Foundation.
Murphy, the late Paul E,
MacGill, the late Judge Helen Gregory (memorial established by her family and
MacMillan, H. R., Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc, LL.D., (one for forestry students and one for
Nursing Students Assistance Fund (various donors).
Pacific Coast Branch, Technical Division, Canadian Pulp and Paper Association.
Pharmaceutical Association of the Province of British Columbia.
Pharmacy Alumni (in memory of Dean E. L. Woods).
Phi Delta Delta Legal Sorority.
Pi Beta Phi Fraternity.
Rotary Club of Marpole.
Sato, Mr. and Mrs. Tsutae.
Sauder, the late Mrs. Amy E.
Section of General Practice, B.C. Division, C.M.A.
Sherwood, Mr. Ernest G.
Special Spring Session Students, 1946.
Summer Session Association.
Thompson, the late Dr. Charles J.
University Student Liberal Club.
University Women's Club of New Westminster.
University Women's Club of Vancouver.
Vancouver Normal School.
Vancouver Normal School Graduates.
Wagner, the late Mr. and Mrs. Morris.
Wing, the Inte Mnrjorie Thelmn.
W. K. Kellogg Foundation.
Worthington, the late Dr. G. H. (in memory of his sons).
Anonymous donors (various funds).
Alliance Francaise (Vancouver)—summer scholarship.
American Can Co.—award and grants.
B.C. Academy of Sciences—awards and grants.
B.C. Indian Arts and Welfare Society—bursaries.
39 B.C. Youth Foundation—financial assistance for students.
British Columbia Library Association—bursaries and loans for students.
British Columbia Social Credit League—essay prize of $500.
British Council.
Burnaby District Teachers' Council—bursaries.
Canada Council—scholarships.
Canadian Association of Real Estate Boards—scholarship.
Canadian Federation of University Women—scholarships.
Canadian Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy—Graduate Fellowship,
E. L. Woods Memorial Prize, and the Aubrey A. Brown Award.
Canadian Industries Limited—fellowships in wildlife management.
Canadian Institute of International Affairs—Newton Wesley Rowell Postgraduate
Catholic Lawyers Guild—bursaries.
Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Ottawa)—fellowships for community
Commonwealth Scholarships.
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada Limited—undergraduate
scholarship and graduate fellowships.
Crofton House Alumnae—entrance scholarship.
Crown Zellerbach Canada Limited—scholarships.
Engineering Institute of Canada—Harry F. Bennett Loan Fund.
French Government—scholarships.
Imperial Oil Limited—graduate scholarships and grants.
Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire—entrance bursaries and overseas scholarships.
International Nickel Company of Canada—graduate research fellowships.
International Pulp, Sulphite, and Paper Mill Workers, Local 312, Ocean Falls—
entrance scholarship.
I.O.O.F., Grand Lodge, Grand Encampment, and Rebekah Assembly—bursaries to
the total of $1200.
I.W.A. Local 1-80—scholarship.
Johnson's Wax Fund (Racine, Wisconsin)—scholarships.
Kerrisdale Hi-Y Teens—scholarships.
Langley School District Scholarship—bursary fund.
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation—scholarships, prizes, and grants.
Leonard Foundation—scholarships.
Mackenzie King Scholarship Trustees—scholarships.
MacMillan, Bloedel & Powell River Limited—$2,800 in entrance scholarships.
National Research Council—bursaries, studentships, and post-doctoral fellowships.
Northern Electric Company—bursaries.
North Vancouver Teachers' Association—scholarship.
Order of the Eastern Star—scholarship.
P.E.O. Sisterhood—student loans.
Pilkington Glass Limited (Toronto)—scholarships.
Rhodes Scholarship Trust—scholarships.
Rotary Club of Duncan.
Rotary Foundation—fellowships.
Royal Canadian Engineer Memorial Scholarship.
40 Royal Canadian Legion (Pacific Command)—scholarships.
Royal Canadian Legion (various branches)—scholarships and bursaries.
Royal Commissioners for the Exhibition of 1851—scholarships.
Salmon Arm Teachers' Association—scholarship.
Shell Oil Company of Canada.
Social Science Research Council—awards and grants.
Summerland (Alumni and Citizens)—entrance scholarship.
Territorial Government of Yukon—scholarships.
United Kingdom Government—Athlone Overseas Scholarships.
University Women's Club of Victoria—student loans.
Vancouver Hi-Y Teens—scholarship.
Viscount Bennett Trust Fund (Canadian Bar Association)—scholarship.
West Point Grey Branch, Royal Canadian Legion—scholarship.
Women's Institute of B.C.—scholarship.
Woodrow Wilson Foundation—fellowships and grant.
World University Service (U.B.C. Branch)—exchange scholarships.
Alliance Francaise (Vancouver):
bursary of $100 for the session   1961-62 to honour the memory of Mrs.
Thedy Block-Bauer.
Badenoch. the late Helpn (p.<..ntPi-
endowed scholarships in fields of public health and journalism.
B.C. Association of Real Estate Boards:
annual scholarship of $250 (Mary Simpson Scholarship) for undergraduates
in the Estates Management Programme.
B.C. Fish and Game Protective Association, Lower Mainland Zone:
scholarship  of   $150   for  students   in   game   management,   Department  of
B.C. Medical Services Incorporated:
scholarship, of $500 a year for two years, for students entering the Faculty
of Medicine.
Best Printer Co. Ltd.:
bursary of $150 in field of Animal Science and prizes to total of $150 in
Faculty of Law.
Board of the New Westminster Public Library:
Ruth Cameron Memorial Medal for the outstanding student for the B.L.S.
Bralorne Pioneer Mines Limited:
several scholarships of $150 each for sons and daughters of employees continuing studies beyond high school.
Canadian Pulp and Paper Industry Magazine:
prize of $75 for summer essays submitted by forestry students.
Canadian Western Pipe Mills Ltd. (Port Moody):
annual fellowship of $1500 for graduate study in Metallurgy.
Chilliwack Medical Society (Chilliwack):
bursary of $300 offered annually to medical students.
Civil Employees Union Outside Workers (Vancouver):
bursary of $150 for members, or sons and daughters of members, in any year
and faculty.
41 Civil Service Federation of Canada (Vancouver-New Westminster District Council):
two bursaries of $ 1 50 each for sons and daughters of members.
Cummer, Mrs. Charles:
bursary of $50 in Faculty of Medicine for session   1962-62 in memory of
Douglas Jordan Hammond.
Clarkson, Gordon and Co.:
service award amounting to tuition fee for accounting students in Commerce.
Comitas Club:
bursary of $200 for students in training as physiotherapists in the course in
Rehabilitation Medicine.
Donald James Lee Memorial Bursary Fund:
fund contributed  by parents and  friends  of  Donald James  Lee  to provide
bursary assistance for students in Faculty of Medicine.
Dr. A. E. Trites Memorial:
endowment of prizes of annual value $140 for proficiency in obstetrics and
gynaecology by friends of the late Dr. A. E. Trites.
Dr. A. M. Agnew Memorial:
endowed scholarship of approximately $180 annually for proficiency in ob-
stetics and gynaecology. Contributions from friends, colleagues, and family.
Dr. H. A. Henderson Memorial:
medal for proficiency in obstetrics and gynaecology,  established  by friends
and colleagues.
Dr. W. T. Kergin Memorial:
scholarship of $100 annually established by an anonymous donor as a memorial to the late Dr. William Thomas Kergin.
Fruehauf Trailer Company of Canada Limited (Dixie, Ontario):
scholarships to total of $500 for students in the physical education field.
Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of British Columbia:
bursaries to total of $3300 for sons and daughters of members, and other
Heighway, the late Florence E. (estate):
bequest to provide scholarships and bursaries for medical students.
Helliwell MacLachlan and Co.:
service award in amount of $250 for student in Arts and Science who intends
on graduation to enter articles for chartered accountancy.
H.M.C.S. Discovery Chapter, I.O.D.E.:
bursary of $75 for students in the U.N.T.D.
Industrial Forestry Service Ltd. (Prince George):
scholarship of $150 for students from Prince George proceeding from high
school to pre-Forestry or Forestry.
International Business Machines Company Limited (Don Mills, Toronto):
bursaries annually to total of $1000 for undergraduates; scholarships ranging
from $200 to $1000 for employees or sons and daughters of employees.
International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union:
scholarships for sons and daughters of members;  three of $400 each for
students beginning University studies and four of $250 each for students
continuing undergraduate studies.
Inhninn, tin. Intp Alfrrd (fftntp)-   ._, u _.,,_,,
bequest of $100,000 to provide bursaries to enable selected students in the
United Kingdom to attend the University of B.C.
Koerner, Mr. Walter C:
scholarship of $500 for students entering University from high school offered
in competition in the creative writing field.
42 Medical Services Association:
two scholarships, each of $600 a year for two years, for students entering
the Faculty of Medicine.
Mobil Oil of Canada Ltd. (Calgary):
scholarship of $400 in engineering plus a grant of $400 to the department
concerned for its teaching programme.
Okanagan-Mainline Real Estate Board:
annual scholarship of $250 for students in Commerce, estates management
Oscar Olson Rotary Foundation Trust:
bursary fund for blind students at the University, session 1962-63.
Provincial Chapter, I.O.D.E.:
bursary of $100 for woman student in Social Work, in memory of Anna E.
Ruskin Chapter, I.O.D.E.:
bursary of $ 150 for students in Library Science for session 1962-63 to commemorate the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Chapter.
Russell Food Equipment Limited:
annual scholarship of $350 for students in School of Home Economics taking
a dietetic major.
Siddoo, Mr. Kapoor Singh: /
annual scholarship of $250 in Faculty of Forestry.   '
South Vancouver Branch No. 16 Royal Canadian Legion:
two bursaries of $125 each for students beginning studies at the University.
Superior Court Judges (Members of the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of
British Columbia):
scholarship of $300 in the Faculty of Law.
University Women's Club of Vancouver:
loan fund for students in Education.
Vancouver Business and Professional Women's Club:
two bursaries of $100 each for women undergraduates.
Vancouver General Unit, Local 180, Hospital Employees Union:
two scholarships of $250 each for sons and daughters entering University
from high school.
Vancouver Girl Guides Council:
two scholarships, one of $150 and the other of $100 for active members
entering the University from high school.
Vancouver Natural History Society:
prize in field geology for session 1961-62.
Vancouver Section National Council of Jewish Women of Canada:
bursary of $100 in field of adult education and bursary of $100 for Social
Victoria Bar Association:
bursary of $150 for students in the Faculty of Law.
Wnnnpr. thp IntP Mr   and Mrs   Morris (pstntp)-
establishment of the Tina and Morris Wagner Student Aid  Fund for the
humanities and social sciences and for scholarships in these fields.
Wine, Mr. and Mrs. Myer:
bursary of $50 for undergraduates.
prize of $25 for proficiency in School of Librarianship programme.
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers:
scholarship in Mechanical Engineering increased from $250 to $300 annually.
Automotive Transport Association of B.C.:
Elmer Johnston Memorial Scholarship increased from $ 1 50 to $250 annually.
Burrard Dry Dock Company Limited (North Vancouver):
annual scholarship increased from $1000 to $1200.
Canada Law Book Co. Ltd. (Toronto):
book prizes increased from one in any year to one in each year of Law course.
Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society:
prize in Medicine increased from $50 to $100 annually.
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce:
scholarships increased from $1200 to $1600 each annually.
Canadian Polish Congress:
scholarship increased from $100 to $150 annually.
Chapter AE, P.E.O.:
bursary increased from $75 to $100.
Cowichan Valley Medical Society:
bursary in Faculty of Medicine increased from $200 to $300 annually.
Mallinckrodt Chemical Works:
prize in Chemistry increased from $25 to $50 annually.
Mead Johnson of Canada Ltd.:
prize in Medicine increased from $50 to $100 anunally.
Pi Gamma Chapter of the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta:
bursary increased from $75 to $ 100.
Plant, Mr. G. E.:
prize in Engineering increased from $25 to $50 annually.
Rotary Club of Vancouver:
additional bursary of $300 provided to increase number of awards from five
to six annually.
U.B.C. Alumni Association:
entrance scholarships increased from total of $6600 to $12,600 annually.
Vancouver Bar Association:
bursaries in Law increased from total of $600 to $1000 annually.
West Vancouver Teachers' Association:
scholarship in Education increased from $175 to $200 annually.
Women's Big Block Club:
scholarship increased from $75 to $100 annually.
Yarrows Limited (Victoria):
annual scholarship increased from $ 1000 to $ 1200.
Department of Education Student Assistance unds:
Government of B.C. Scholarships to the total of $258,827 and Government
Bursaries to the total of $105,320 (for students in attendance at the University of B.C.).
The Plimsoll Club (Vancouver).
Waterman, Mr. M. M.—special assistance in obtaining bursaries.
Black, Dr. E. P.: Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, Proceedings;
Royal Society of Canada, Transactions.
Burke, Prof. B. C: National Association Accountants Bulletin.
Bryner, Dr. C: Chess Review.
Campbell, Dr. J. J. R.: Journal of General and Applied Microbiology.
Daggett, Dr. H. M.: Journal of Chemical Education; Puget Sound Chemist; Union
Friedman, Dr. S. M.: American Institute of Biological Sciences, Bulletin.
Gage, Dean W. H.: American Mathematical Monthly; American Mathematical
Society Bulletin, Notices, Proceedings, Transactions; Royal Astronomical
Society of Canada, Journal.
Gibson, Dr. W. C: Medical Journal of Australia.
Halpert-Scanderbeg, Prof. T.: Cahiers Pologne-Allemagne.
Hayward, Dr. L. D.: Pulp and Paper Magazine of Canada; Toppi.
Hooley, Dr. J. G.: Chemistry in Canada.
Hull, Dr. T. E.: Canadian Journal of Mathematics; Canadian Mathematical Bulletin.
James, Dr. R. D.: Circolo Mathematico di Palermo Rendiconti; Indian Mathematical Society Journal;  Mathematica Scandinavica;  Mathematics Student.
Jennings, Dr. S. A.: Societe Matematique de France, Bulletin.
Marcus, Dr. M. D.: Illinois Journal of Mathematics; Washington Academy of
Sciences, Journal.
McDowell, Dr. C. A.: Canadian Journal of Chemistry.
Moyls, Dr. B. N.: Canadian Journal of Mathematics; Canadian Mathematical
Murdoch, Dr. D. C: Canadian Journal of Mathematics; Commentarii Mathematici
Helvetia; Internationale Mathematische Nachrichten.
Peebles, Prof. A.: Engineering Journal.
Riddenhough, Dr. G. B.: Society for Psychic Research, Journal.
Soward, Dean F. H.: Canadian Army Journal.
Warren, Dr. H. V.: Observer; Times Weekly Review.
Ambaras, Mr. Samuel (New York):   10 posters relating to French Revolution of
Birney, Dr. Earle: approx.  1 25 volumes of poetry, short stories, literary criticisms
and journals.
Bischoff, Mrs. H. D.:  100 books - English classics, school and college editions of
French works.
Bluh, Dr. O. B.: 21 vol. physics texts, German history and literature.
Bulwer, Mrs. H. A.: 75 cartons - books, English literature, fine arts, history.
Carlsen, Miss I. M.: 5 cartons books - Slavonics, music, elementary language texts,
French, English, Canadian novels.
Charters, Mrs. E. M.: assorted books and government documents.
Dwyer, Miss Melva: books on art, French novels and biographies.
Evans, Owen R. (estate) (Lillooet),  Mr.  Ralph Webster:  75 books - history and
Diograpny classics.
Forestry, Faculty of: books on forestry, government publications and miscellaneous.
45 Forestry,  Faculty of (Sopron  Division):  40 books - German forestry and  zoology
books. Some UN publications.
Gibson, Dr. W. C: Opera Divi - loannis Nefue. Divi loannis, Mesve Medicorum
Evan 1541.
Hunstable, Mr. Clifford S. (Saturna,  B.C.):   105 books - American and general
Kanee, Dr. and Mrs. Ben: 4 vols. View of the Biblical World;  in memory of Mrs.
Albert O. Koch.
Holland,   Sir  Robert  (Victoria):   Current   History,   U.S.,   U.K.,   Commonwealth   in
Kitchen, Miss Hazle:  assorted periodicals and newspapers,  special  editions and
Lando, Mr. and Mrs. Esmond: 4 vols. Views of the Biblical World; in memory of
Mrs. Albert O. Koch.
Lakes, Mrs. June C: 34 vols. French and English literature.
Luth, Mr. Dietrich (on behalf of Mr. Walter Luth): books on religion and classical
works (19 books).
Morley, Miss M. Brenda (Kamloops): 25 vols. English and history classics.
Macaulay, Miss V.  I.: Dante's INFERNO, trans, by Cary, illustrated by Gustave
Maclnnes, Dr.   Isabel:   2 copies - collection of German verse  in  translation  by
Dr. Isabel Maclnnes.
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M.: 23 books - fiction and miscellaneous.
McLennan, Mr.  Lester W. (Fullerton, California):  Charles Dickens, A Christmas
Carol, San Francisco, Ranschoffs,  1950; in memory of Dr. R. H. Clark.
MacMillan, Dr.  H.  R.:   Bannerman,  David Armitage - The  Birds of the  British
Isles V. 1-5; B.C. The Mineral Province of Canada Progress of Mining 1900;
International   Boundary Comm.,   (U.S.  Alaska  and  Canada)  Joint  Report  -
along 141st meridian.
New, Mr. D. H.: 35 books - recent fiction and miscellaneous.
^Njjrmr"   F   M   .-.o-r-tPJ^Mrc   |. Norman, Ottawa): approx. 180 vols. Chinese and
Japanese classics; approx. 450 issues of periodicals in English and Japanese.
Rose, Dr. W. J. (Naramata, B.C.): Periodicals, Poland 8c Germany, Polish Review.
Shearer, Mr. A. R.: 2 cartons - scientific textbooks and journals.
Shrum, Dr. Gordon: 160 books - physics texts, general science.
Snyder, Miss B.: 30 vols. International Medical Digest.
Thacker, Mr. T. L. (Hope, B.C.): 166 vols, biology, ornithology, etc.
Wearne, Mr. Harry (Quick, B.C.): rare works on natural history.
Jack, Miss Dorothy: Pottery from Cyprus and examples of Spanish ceramics.
Mognaschi, Mrs. C. R. (Lima, Peru): Peruvian textiles dating from Incan era.
Smith, Mrs. Sidney Garfield: Aleutian Pouch, miniature baskets.
Wright, Mrs. A. Fraser: pottery from Cyprus and examples of Spanish ceramics.
Ettrack, Mrs. D. (Cloverdale): Blackfeet beaded artifacts.
Marshall, Mrs. Elizabeth D.: Mandarin rank buttons and snuff bottle.
46 t
Jessiman, Mr. Roy: 6 volumes "Masters of World Architecture".
Bennett, Rev. R. M. (Toronto): Periodicals, "Survey of the China Mainland Press"
and "Current Background".
Volkoff, Dr. G.: 10 years of the periodical "Science" ranging from 1948-1960.
Phinney, Mr. John I.: 10 years of copies of "Chemical Extracts".
Gelletly, Mr. J. U. (Westbank, B.C.): collection of trees.
Jack, Mr. W. R. (Hatzic, B.C.): collection of gladiolus bulbs.
Canadian Industries Limited (Montreal): lathe.
Canadian Industries Ltd. (James Island, B.C.) (Mr. R. B. Carpenter): 1 Isomantle (3
Itrs. capacity); 1 Mercury Thermometer (Taylor); 1 Mercury Thermometer
(W. H. Kassier); 1 Electrophotometer 115V. (Elmer & Amend); accessories -
1 stand, 3 filters, 3 test tubes; 3 automatic burettes complete with flasks.
American Petroleum Institute (College Station, Texas): API Tables and Catalogs
of Data; Phys. and Thermo Properties, Infrared Spectral Data, Mass Spectral
Data, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectral Data, - Supp. for the period
1/1/61 to 6/30/61.
Manufacturing Chemists' Association, Inc., (Washington, DC): Category B -
Infrared Spectral Data, Lot No. 3.
Dunbar, Mr. D. Gordon: 1 DLS standard tape and tension handle; 1 compass for
Wild Tl theodolite; 1 set diagonal eyepieces for Wild Tl theodolite.
Ross, Dr. Phyllis: 1 radio-gramaphone, 4 electric toasters - for the use of girls in
Phyllis Ross Hall.
Hall, Prof. Emeritus Amy Violet: copies of theses on William Morris and Milton.
Photostatic copies of Ramsay's Gentle Shepherd.
National Film Board of Canada (Mr. L. Chatwin): 2 films - "Cattle Ranch" and
"Numbers in Color".
Burch, Mr. G.: OEEC Documentation - "Ecology of American Forest Species -
Erosion and Reafforestation".
Cronk, Mr. C. P. (Wallesley, Mass.): books, technical journals, trade journals,
miscellaneous forestry publications of historical value.
Foley, Mr. J. (MacMillan, Bloedel 8c Powell River Ltd.): back files of various trade
and forestry periodicals.
Rayonier B.C. Ltd., Marpole Sawmill Division (Mr. F. Gartner): lumber for experimental uses.
Kootenay Forest Products Ltd. (Nelson, B.C.): Two copies "Proceedings 16th Annual Northwest Wood Products Clinic".
Robinson, Dr. J. L.: Conservation Report - "Ocanabee Region".
Sedgwick, Mr. Bryan Harry: nine bound volumes (1949-1957) of Western Logger
8c Lumberman and The Truck Logger.
Smith, Dr. J. H. G.: Book "Lasy I Przemlysl Lesny W Poloce", and textbooks.
Smith, Mr. Ralph: back issues of "Forestry Chronicle" and "Journal of Forestry".
State University College of Forestry (Syracuse, N.Y.): book - "Forestry College
Sopron Division, Faculty of Forestry U.B.C. (Mr. K. Roller): 8 volumes of books.
Research Division, Forest Service, Victoria (Mr. S. Spilsbury): 5 volumes of books
(Pubbli Cazioni Roma 1957-1960).
Weyerhauser Co. Forestry Research Centre (Mr. N. E. Johnson): de Vilbiss
Buckland, Mr.  F.  C: samples of high grade gold-silver ore,  Louilt Gold Mine,
Wenatchee, Washington.
Ewanchuck, Mr. H.: suite of ore specimens from Premier Mine, B.C.
Ross, Mr. G. M. (White Rock): books on the Canadian Rockies.
Lederle - Cyanamid of Canada: Declomycin Capsules - 150 MG.
Various food products and  materials for  Experimental   Food  Laboratories  from
the following:
Faculty of Agriculture, University of B.C. (Dr. Ormrod).
Dept. of Bacteriology, University of B.C. (Dr. Stock).
B.C. Dept. of Agriculture, (Quesnel) (Mr. R. Fry).
Canada Foods Ltd. (Kentville, Nova Scotia) (Mr. L. Kildinsky).
48 Canada Rice Mills (Mr. R. Menzies).
Canada Starch Co.
Dept.  of Agriculture,  (Summerland,   B.C.  (Mr.  J.  A.  Kitson  and  Dr.  D.  R.
Fraser Valley Milk Producers Association   (Miss  S.  Whittaker and   Dr.   K.
Griffiths Laboratories (Toronto) (through Mr. J. Stubbs, Vancouver representative).
Kidd Bros. Produce Ltd. (Mr. H. Kidd).
Monsanto (Canada) Ltd.
Nabob Foods (Mr. C. A. M. Cooke).
.Nolley's (Mr. R. H. Denike).
' National Starch 8c Chemical (Canada) Ltd. (Mr. Peter Lake).
Salad-Sheriff-Horsey Ltd. (Mr. Tony Wilson).
iJ L Turnbull Ltd. (Mrs. Stone).
Textile and design samples from the following:
W. R. Brock Ltd.
A:*B. Caya Ltd.
Ahthony Foster 8c Sons Ltd.
Arthur Sanderson 8c Sons (Canada) Ltd.
B.C. Packers Ltd. (Miss Doris Noble, Mr. D. Barbour): fish products, plant protein
Canada   Packers   Ltd.   (Mr.   Andy   Lloyd):   shortening,   margene,   lard,   soaps.
French's Spice, Agents - Rickett 8c Coleman Ltd.: French's spices, seasonings,
Hoover Company Limited (Hamilton, Ontario) (through Mr. D. M. Tebbutt, Vancouver District Manager): cleaning equipment.
Nabob Foods Mfg. Division (Kelly Douglas): spices, seasonings, flavourings, coffee,
peanut butter, jelly powders.
Robin Hood Flour Mills Ltd. (Mr. A. C. Rae): Robin Hood flour and cake mix.
Roux,fe.-W. Agencies (Mr. G. W. Roux) (agents for Damorita Products, Outremont,
Quebec): CANAC whole milk powder.
Wilson, Mrs. W.: needlework picture, 100 years old.
Peacock Bros. Ltd.: 350 psi pressure gauge.
-V   .'
Ashdawn, Miss D. S.: 2 pictures of Bach and Mozart.
Biener, Mr. Harry: collection of orchestral music.
Cooper,"Mrs. Adele E. (Coquitlam) (on behalf of Centennial Year Chapter, I.O.D.E.)
Nine volumes of "Imperial History and Encyclopedia of Music".
Docherty, Mr. Ian: Louisville Orchestra First Edition Phonograph Recordings.
Heyworth, Mr. H. G.: 1 original painting by Mr. Heyworth.
Kaye, Mrs. Peter: violin and two bows.
Macbean, Mrs. Cicely P.: music for voice.
Martin, Mrs. G. M.: music for voice.
49 MacKenzie, Mrs. Murray: Music for voice.
MacKenzie, Mrs. N. A. M.: phonograph recordings.
Wil'ioms, Mr. Reynold: practice clavier piano keyboard.
W. Carsen 8c Co. Ltd. (Don Mills, Ontario) and
Canadian Laboratory Supplies (Vancouver): microscope.
Grace HospitaK Dr. J. Carroll): 2 60-1300 recorders, 4  MOB Strain Gauge Amplifier, 1 467B Transducer. .j '
Donaldson, Mr. Earle (Revelstoke): antique sputum cup. .3"
Ker, the late Mr. W. L. (Ambleside Pharmacy): 24 miscellaneous old pharmaceutical and science texts. •.,-
Boe, Mr. B. (Williams Lake) (courtesy of Dr. F. R. Garner): 1 rowing machine.
B.C. Telephone Co. (Mr. F. Noonen): 2 sets - Bell Telephone Recordings.
.  £
B.C.   Psychological   Association:   purchase   of   books   as   gift   to  the   Psychology
Department  Library.
Bandoni, Dr. R. J.: large series of rare fungus beetles.
B.C. Fish and Game Department: 600 - 8" Steelhead trout.
Brown, Mr. Peter J.: one Erebus odora, giant tropical cutworm moth found locally
1000 miles north of its range.
des   Chenes,    Sr.   Guy   Terral    (Mexico):    One   skin   of   fulvous   tree   duck.
Fisheries Research Board (Nanaimo) Fish and Game Branch (Vancouver,^Mr. J.
Terpenning): 500 Kokanee salmon and 600 Kamloops trout.
Krebs, Mr. Charles: large series of rare fleas from brown and varying 4erpming
and rod-backed vole, from Bake Lake, N.W.T.
Kuyt, Mr. Ernie (Yellowknife, N.W.T.): twelve fresh skins and skulls of tjje Mackenzie varying hare and a  large series of rare fleas from the same.
Leech, Mr. H. (California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco): four species of
Sarcophagid parasitic flies.
Rausch, Dr. Robert (Arctic Health Research Centre, Anchorage, Alaska): specimens
of parasitic worms. . '


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