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UBC Publications

UBC Publications

UBC Publications

Creative giving 1980

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 The University      fvy
of British Colutnjbi^r «^
■«•* Creative Giving
April 1979
March 1980
The University of British Columbia Cover
Grassy valley in the shadow of the
Ladner Clock Tower and Main Library is
a favorite spot for studying and socializing by UBC students in fine weather.
UBC Information Services photograph
by Jim Banham. CONTENTS
To Our Friends In The Community      5
Introduction      6
The University and You      6
Wills and Bequests      7
Gifts-in-Kind      8
Outstanding Student Support      8
The UBC Alumni Fund
Alumni Giving From All Sources    10
For Year Ended 31 March 1980
Alumni Annual Giving    10
Report of Donor Designations and Approved
Allocations 1979-1980 Campaign    11
The UBC Alumni Fund 1979-1980 Committees    14
The UBC Memorial Fund    15
Sources of Funds for Capital Construction at
The University of British Columbia    16
Private Support for the University    16
Gifts-in-Kind    17
Donations Were Made in Memory of    19
Gifts, Grants & Bequests    21  TO OUR FRIENDS IN THE COMMUNITY:
One way in which you, the citizens of this province, have expressed
your continuing confidence in the work of The University of British
Columbia is reflected in your generous support of a wide range of
campus activities through financial gifts and gifts-in-kind.
Over the years, these gifts have enabled us to provide financial
assistance to deserving students, aid in the construction of new
buildings, purchase new equipment and bolster areas of outstanding
teaching and research. Our new Museum of Anthropology has been
enriched by gifts of artifacts and other material from interested
citizens and our library collection expanded through the generosity of
book collectors who wished their personal libraries placed at the
disposal of a wider audience.
I know that I speak for the entire University community when I say
that UBC is deeply grateful for these tangible additions to its
For its part, the University has done everything in its power to make
its facilities available to the public in general. Its library serves a national clientele; its academic, cultural and sporting activities are freely
available to the public at low cost or at no charge, and, when not required for academic purposes, the University strives to make its
facilities available for a wide variety of purposes, such as conferences,
seminars, workshops, etc.
In giving to the University, donors have the satisfaction of knowing
that they are contributing to the creation of one of Canada's leading
centres of excellence.
I invite you to maintain contact with the University by directing
your enquiries to the Resources Office, The University of British Columbia, #207 - 6328 Memorial Road, Vancouver, B.C., V6T 1W5.
Telephone [604J228-3917.
Yours sincerely,
Douglas T. Kenny,
President Introduction
The University owes much of its stature to private gifts. Research,
teaching projects, scholarships and bursaries have been supported by
individual benefactors, alumni, corporations, students, foundations and
associations. Many of the major buildings, as well as a wide variety of
other projects, serve as testimony to the generosity of those who
helped to build UBC.
Gifts have been made anonymously, directly, in memory of
relatives, in honour of friends and by bequest. Many alumni and other
donors contribute annually. During the year benefactors donated
The University is deeply grateful to those who have given such
generous support and also thanks the many volunteers who have
helped generate gifts.
This booklet does not include the names of 7,£>48 donors to the
Alumni Fund. Provincial and Federal grants are recorded in other
The University and You
The University is deeply conscious of the debt of gratitude it owes
its many donors and is anxious to express that gratitude by being of
service to you.
Its many superb facilities are open to the general public for conferences, social functions, workshops, and seminars. They can cater for
small groups or for larger ones of up to 1,000 persons and are backed
by food, accommodation and programming services.
Our Aquatic Center is available for use by the public as is the
Museum of Anthropology, whilst a visit to one of our renowned
gardens should be considered a must.
Throughout the year music recitals, stage plays, film festivals,
displays of dancing and exhibitions of art are an ongoing feature of
campus life to which you are cordially invited.
Results of research conducted at the University are published and
are freely available should you wish to know of them.
If you do not already receive copies of UBC Reports or the Alumni
Chronicle, we would be delighted to place your name on our mailing
lists. The magnificent site, the beauty of the campus and the varied activities of its community make UBC an outstanding place to be, and
we most heartedly extend an invitation to you to visit us. We will be
happy to guide you or a friend, or even arrange a tour.
Enquiries to:       A. James Brown, Director of Fund Raising
Resources Office
The University of British Columbia
#207 6328 Memorial Road
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5
Telephone [604] 228-3917
Wills and Bequests
The University is grateful for the help, understanding and financial
support of its many friends over the past years. Some have indicated
that support by making direct gifts to the University, others by naming
the University as beneficiary in their wills.
During the year 1979-1980, the sum of $1,259,781.92 was received
from 35 such bequests.
Our Wills and Bequests Committee was formed to inspire confidence in and stimulate the interest of benefactors, potential benefactors and of persons concerned with the drawing up of wills, and to acquaint them with University needs and forms of support desired.
Gifts, so made, may be designated to an area of particular interest
or may be undesignated for use at the discretion of the University.
Various reasons have been given by donors for considering UBC in
their estate planning; the gift is consistent with a lifelong interest in
the University or a particular field; experiences as a young person with
limited finances struggling to better himself; the desire to memorialize
the name of a loved one; or simply that UBC is an institution worthy
of support.
The University will welcome the opportunity of acquainting its
many friends and their estate planners with the satisfaction to be had
in making provision for The University of British Columbia through
their Estate Planning Program.
Enquiries to: A. James Brown, Director of Fund Raising
Resources Office
The University of British Columbia
#207 6328 Memorial Road
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5
Telephone [604] 228-3917 Gifts-in-Kind
Each year, UBC's library, works of art and museum collections are
expanded and enhanced as a result of gifts-in-kind. These generous
gifts from individual friends of the University, special-interest groups,
governments and corporations fill gaps in existing collections or form
the nucleus of new collections of material which are used by students
and faculty members for teaching and research. Gifts-in-kind also
benefit the public generally since most are on display in museum and
art collections or are available through the UBC library system. The
University also holds title to property which has been received as bequests in wills or which has been transferred to the University during
an individual's lifetime. The University welcomes enquiries from
friends on matters related to property.
Outstanding Student Support
This past fiscal year students at UBC contributed $495,581 to the
capital development of the University: $108,939 to the Aquatic Centre,
$302,010 to the Student Union Building and $84,632 to the Leon and
Thea Koerner Graduate Centre.
Since 1928, students have funded or helped fund 12 major campus
buildings for more than $6.6 million. This outstanding support is
believed to be unequalled by the students of any other North
American university.
In addition, students have worked for and donated to six special
building campaigns in the past few years. Each year the graduating
class supports various campus activities. The class of 1980 donated
$2,500 to the President's Committee on the Concerns of the Handicapped - a wheelchair ramp at Brock Hall, $2,500 to the Law Students'
Legal Advice Program - summer clinics for legal assistance, and $1,500
to the University Day Care Council -basic equipment for Children's
Recreation Centre. Student Contributions to Buildings
Women's Gymnasium
Stadium on East Mall
$  24,543
Brock Hall (for nearly 30 years the centre of Alma
Mater Society activities)
The Armory
War Memorial Gymnasium
Extension of Brock Hall
Place Vanier Residences
Thunderbird Winter Sports Centre
The Student Union Building
Additions to the Thea Koerner Graduate Centre
Asian Studies Centre
UBC Aquatic Centre The UBC Alumni Fund
Alumni Giving From All Sources
For Year Ended 31 March 1980
Direct $ 364,363
Friends of UBC, Inc. (USA) 69,094
Exchange on US Funds 5,295
Interest Earned on Deposits 17,556
Building Funds 20,461
Gifts-in-Kind 19,116
Other Gifts 111,966
Total      $ 607.851
Not included are bequests to UBC made by UBC alumni, amounting to
Alumni Annual Giving
(As Reported By The UBC Alumni Fund)
For The Year Ended 31 March, 1980
(Reserve) as at April 1979:
$ 104,202
Adjustment for unclaimed grant:
UBC Alumni Fund
$ 364,363
Friends of UBC Inc. (UBC)
Exchange on US Funds
Interest Earned on Deposits
$ 562,510
Designated by Donors
Approved by the Board of
(Reserve) as at 31 March 1980: $    81,511
1979 - 1980 CAMPAIGN
Gift Designations
NAM. MacKenzie Entrance Scholarships
N.A.M. MacKenzie Regional College Scholarships
MacKenzie U.S.A. Scholarships & Bursaries
Walter H. Cage Bursary Fund
J.B. MacDonald Bursaries
National Alumni Scholarships
N.I.T.E.P. Alumni Bursaries
Daniel Young Scholarship (U.S.A.)
So. California Alumni Scholarship
Arkley Scholarship in Librarianship
President's Alumni Fund
Walter H. Cage Memorial Fund
Wolfgang Gerson Prize in Architecture
Friends of the Library
Aquatic Centre
Golden Jubilee Scholarship Fund in Nursing
Jessie McCarthy Memorial Fund
Dental Alumni Challenge Fund
Frank Cnup Memorial Scholarship
Big Block Sweater Fund
Burke/Penn Memorial Scholarship
Alfred T. Adams Memorial Bursary
Parents Fund
Spatsizi Research Fund
Wesbrook Memorial Lectureships
Friends of the Woodward Library
Crane Library
Crane Library (Gage Memorial)
Colbeck Collection
Arkley Collection of Historical Children's Books
Women's Athletics
Women's Rowing Travel Fund
Men's Athletics
Men's Athletics— Soccer
— Lightweight Rowing
— Special Rowing
— Rugby Tour
— Skiing
Friends of Rowing
Asian Centre Fund
Home Economics
Agricultural Sciences
Agricultural Sciences Founding Prizes
Agricultural Class Picture Fund
Donor Alumni
Designated   Association        Total
Allocations   Allocations    Allocation
$ 14,845
$ 23,109
$ 37,954
11 Social Work 280                   • 208
Medicine 2,585                  - 2,585
Medical Research 502                  - 502
Logan Memorial Research Fund 1,877                  - 1,877
John F. McCreary Lectureship Fund 125                  - 125
Dermatology 100                  - 100
Rehabilitation Medicine 200                 - 200
UBC Eye Centre 160                 - 160
Pharmaceutical Sciences 120                  - 120
Geology 365                   - 365
Mineral Exploration Research Fund 2,000                 - 2,000
Forestry 255                   - 255
Applied Sciences 190                 - 190
Electrical Engineering 170                 - 170
Cecil Green Park Awning 9,152                  - 9152
Collins Racquet Sports Instruction 1,000                 - 1,000
Lecturers to China Fund 500                 - 500
Walter H. Gage Student Aid Fund 1,270                  - 1,270
Panhellenic House 1,102                  - 1,102
Alumni Association 500                   - 500
Mechanical Engineering Field Trip 22,900 2,000 24,900
UBC Memorial Scholarships & Bursaries Fund 1,000                 - 1,000
Jennie Gillespie Drennan Memorial Scholarships 7,372                  - 7,372
George J. Spencer Memorial Fund 150 - 150
A.J. Wood Memorial Scholarship 128                  - 128
A.J. Wood Book Fund 250 - 250
Kit Malkin Scholarships 105 - 105
Delta Kappa Gamma Society, Delta Chapter
Bursary 355 - 355
Harry Logan Memorial Scholarship 420 - 420
Diamond Jubilee Directors Fund (Nursing) 200 - 200
Dr. J.F. Morgan Book Prize 250 - 250
George S. Allen Memorial Scholarship 195 _ 195
Roy Daniells Memorial Scholarship 100 - 100
Marjorie J. Smith Memorial Fund 105 - 105
J.W. Gehrke Memorial Fund 250 - 250
Women's Student Loan Fund 2,010 - 2,010
Foreign Student In Need 100 - 100
Medical Students Loan Fund 100 - 100
B. & N. Galloway Memorial Fund 5,000 - 5 000
B.C. Fruit Growers Association Golden Jubilee
Scholarship 500 - 500
Dr. M. Lazarchuk Scholarship in Ukranian 300 - 300
B.M. Becker Memorial Prize 150 - 150
George R. Pringle Memorial Bursary 100 - 100
David Bell Little Memorial Scholarship 100 - 100
J.M. Carr Memorial Scholarship 100 - 100
B.C. Pharmacists Society Scholarship 500 - 500
Norma Dick Memorial Scholarship 100 - 100
Leonard Osborne Memorial Book Prize 100 - 100
B.C. Surgical Society Bursary Fund 500 - 500
Arnold Webster Memorial Scholarship 4,000 - 4 000
Violet & Blythe Eagles Prizes 150 - 150
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AD, Memorial Bursary 150 - 150
Frank A. Forward Memorial Scholarship 100 - 100
J.W. Hartley & J.W.R. Murphy Bursary 1,000 - 1,000
Peter Howard Memorial Scholarship 250 - 250
12 Sam Nataros Memorial Scholarship
Class of 1925 Fund
Classes of 1926 & 1928 Funds
Class of 1929 Bursary Fund
"Studies in Medieval & Renaissance History"
Graduate Students Travel Fund
UBC Debating Society
Chemical Engineering — Conference Travel
Chemical Engineering Field Trip
Physical Education Undergraduate Society
UBC Chronicle Creative Writing Contest
Alma Mater Society
UBC Intramural Program
G.M. Dawson Club (Geology)
Home Economic Undergraduate Society
Commerce Undergraduate Society
Cooperative Campus Christian Ministry
Student Health Services
Museum of Anthropology
Songfest '80
Individual Student Travel
Miscellaneous (Projects Receiving under $100)
As of September 30, 1980, $214,570 has been donated. More than 30 grants,
in the amount of $14,000 have been made.
Our most grateful thanks to all who have contributed.
Executive Committee
Mr. John A. Banfield, Chairman
Mr. William S. Armstrong,
Allocations Committee
Mr. E. Roland Pierrot, Scholarships
and Bursaries Committee
Mr. Robert E. Tulk, Projects
Research Committee
Allocations Committee
Mr. William S. Armstrong, Chairman
Mr. Dale T. Alexander
Mr. David W. Donohoe
Mrs. Barbara Hart Harris
Mr. Allan D. Thackray
Miss Nancy E. Woo
Projects Research Committee
Mr. Robert E. Tulk, Chairman
Mr. Dale T. Alexander
Friends of UBC Incorporated (USA)
Mr. Francis M. Johnston, President
Dr. Stanley T. Arkley,
Vice President
Mr. Robert J. Boroughs, Treasurer
Mr. Dale T. Alexander
Mr. A. James Brown
Mr. Harry J. Franklin
Dr. Peter Jones
Mr. George E. Plant
Mr-.David G. Smith
Scholarships & Bursaries Committee
Mr. E. Roland Pierrot, Chairman
Mr. Dale T. Alexander
Mrs. Lynne A. Carmichael
Mr. Helmut Penner
Mr. Carl Stymiest
Mr. John F. Schuss
Dr. George M. Volkoff
Headquarters Address:
Mr. Dale T. Alexander
Mr. Frederick L. Brewis
Mr. P. Gerald Marra
Mr. Stuart W. Turner
Friends of UBC, Inc. (USA)
P.O. Box 483
Bellevue, Wa. 98004
Walter H. Gage Memorial Fund Committee
Mr. Russ Kinghorn, Chairman
Dr. Erich W. Vogt,
Deputy Chairman
Dr. Benjamin N. Moyls,
Mr. Dale T. Alexander
Mr. W. Gordon Blankstein
Mr. Byron H. Hender
Miss Joanne Hinchcliffe
Mr. Anders Ourom
14 The UBC Memorial Fund
The University has established a Memorial Scholarship and Bursary
Endowment Fund which it is hoped will provide a significant source of
student support in future years.
The purpose of the fund is to encourage memorial donations, and to
cater for donations that in themselves would not provide sufficient investment income to ensure a meaningful award.
The fund is designed to serve persons willing to leave small bequests to UBC, to serve lifetime donors and to serve corporations
wishing to make gifts in memoriam.
A brochure has been produced listing the persons in whose name
contributions have been received, and these brochures will be given to
each student receiving an award from the fund.
From time to time there have been and will continue to be organized in memoriam funds of sufficient amount to provide meaningful
awards over a long period.
A special feature of the Memorial Scholarship and Bursary Fund is
the help it will give to individuals and small groups of donors who are
not in a position to make major gifts at the time of death of a friend
or relative but who may hope to make further lifetime gifts and/or to
include an appropriate provision in their wills. By means of this new
fund the name of a deceased person will be memorialized regularly
from the time the original gift is made.
Donors interested in making in memoriam gifts for scholarships and
bursaries, or considering other forms of student support, are asked to
write or call:
Byron Hender, Director
Awards and Financial Aid
The University of British Columbia
2075 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5
Telephone: [604)228-5111.
15 Sources of Funds for Capital Construction
at the University of British Columbia
From 1915 to 31st March 1980
From:   Province of British Columbia $132,865,107
Government of Canada and
Federal Agencies 51,966,847
Ancillary Enterprises and
General Funds 29,210,477
Private Gifts
(Including Students - $6.6 million) $   45,486,279
Total Investment in U.B.C. Land,
Buildings & Equipment $ 259,528,710
Private Support for the University
April 1979 - March 1980
Grand Total $9,559,470
Sources Amount        No. of Donors
& Organizations $ 2,557,676 292
Corporations 1,031,547 364
Foundations 3,259,044 75
Bequests 1,259,780 35
Individual Donors 1,451,423 1,662*
$ 9,559,470
To: Capital
$ 1,405,482
Student Aid
$ 9,559,470
*Number exclusive of 7,648 donors to the Alumni Fund.
^Discrepancy in number of donors caused by some donors
giving to more than one project.
16 Gifts-in-Kind
April 1979 to March 1980
These gifts included a collection of Canadiana books, African artifacts, a mineral specimen, Chinese silk embroideries, Athapaskan and
Northwest Coast Indian artifacts, a Peruvian textile, and an Emily Carr
Abramson, Dr. Harvey
Adams, Mr. John
Affleck, Mrs. Elsie J.
Aklujkar, Dr. A.
Alaska Highway Pipeline Panel
Ames, Dr. Elinor
Amstatter, Mr. Andrew
Anderson, Mrs. Catherine
Arkley, Mr. ST.
Asian Vegetable Research &
Development Centre
Australian Consulate General
Avakumovic, Dr. Ivan
B.C. Provincial Research Centre
Banmen, Dr. John
Barr, Mrs. James
Beichman, Mr. & Mrs. Arnold
Belcher, Miss Molly
Belgian Consulate
Belgium, Ministere de I'Education
Benbasat, Dr. Izak
Bennett, Dr. Jonathan
Berkeley Laboratory, Lawrence
Biely, Prof. Jacob
Birks, Henry & Sons Ltd.
Black, Miss Mary L.
Brazil, Embassy of
Brongers, Mr. Rein
Brown, Dr. Daniel J.
Buckerfield, Miss Anna
Burndorfer, Mr. Hans
Canadian Energy Research Institute
Calder, Mr. James A.
Carnegie Council on Policy Studies in
Higher Education
Carr, Miss Elsie N.
Carter, Mr. E.V.
Centre de Recherche en Histoire
Chapmen, Miss Rhoda
Chile, Consulado General
Clearihue, Dr. Joyce
Clyne, Mr. Norval S.
Cotti, Mr. Claude
Culbert, Mrs. Shirley
Dagenais, Mr. John
Davidson, Mrs. Edna
Davidson, Dr. & Mrs. R.
Davis, Dr. H. Craig
Dexter, Dr. Albert S.
Dikaiou, Dr. Kiki Cr.
di Sermoneta, Miss Sveva Caetani
Donnelly, Mr. Gaylord
Driscoll, Mr. Walter
Dwyer, Miss Melva J.
Dyson, Mr. Rod and John Gorham
Earle, Miss Fay
Edwards, Mr. Grant
Ellin, Mr. A.R.
Elliott, Dr. Brent
Elrod, Mr. J. McRee
Elson, Mr. & Mrs. Robert T.
Embassy of the Republic of Iraq
Erdman, Mrs. Erika
Estonian Church Foundation
Fleetwood, Mr. Charles G.
Fraser, Mr. Alexander
French, Mrs. Lillian
Friends of the Botanical Garden
Friends of the Garden
Gathe, Mrs. Anita
Geochemical Laboratory
Gibson, Dr. William C.
Gill, Ms. Kuldip
Goodall, Miss Joan
Griffith, Dr. William S.
Gritzuk, Mr. Torry
Gutman, Dr. Gloria
Hadassah-Wazo Canada Research
Hagaler, Dr. Ronald
Haig-Brown, Mrs. Ann
Ham, Mrs. Eva G.
Hamilton, Mr. R.M.
Hardy, Dr. Victor
Hawthorn, Dr. & Mrs. H.B.
Helmer, Mr. Wilhelm
Henrey, Mrs. Madelein
17 Heselton, Ms. Rosemary
Heslop, Prof. W.G.
Hoar, Dr. W.S.
Hollick-Kenyon, Mr. Tim
Home, Mr. J.
Howard, Ms. Patricia
Howes, Dr. John F.
lida, Dr. S.
Inglis, Mr. Stephen
Israel Information Centre for Canada
Japan Foundation
Japan Museum of Haiku Literature
Jetter, Mr. Joseph
Johnson, Dr. Elizabeth
Jue, Mrs. Helen
Jung, Mr. Helmut
Kalra, Miss Sheila
Kennedy, Mr. William J.
Kingsley Fairbridge Society
Kinzel, Mr. James
Koerner, Dr. Walter C.
Korean Traders Scholarship
Lambert, Mrs. H.
Lane, estate of Mrs. Elva I.
Lieblich, Mrs. Gabriella
Littauer, Mr. Lucius N. Foundation
Livermore, Dr. H.V.
Lohbrunner, Mr. & Mrs. E.H.
McCartney, Mrs. Margaret
MacLaren, Mr. & Mrs. D.R.
MacKenzie, Dr. Norman A.M.
McNeill, Mr. David M.
MacPhee, Dr. E.D.
Margaritis, Dr. Stephan
Mathur, Mrs. V.
Merivale, Dr. Pataricia
Middleton, Dr. W.E.K.
Miess, Mr. Martin M.
Mikasinovich, Mr. B.
Miller, Mr. R.R.
Milsum, Dr. J.H.
Mitchell, Mr. Howard
Miyamoto, Mr. M.
Molnar, Dr. Dennis
Moore, Mr. Larry F.
Mowshowitz, Dr. Abe
Mowshowitz, Dr. Harriet
Netherland, Minister Van Nederlandse
New Westminster Public Library
O'Neill, Mrs. Evelyn
Osborne, Mr. R.F.
Pack, Miss Mary
Page, estate of Mr. Vero Shaw
Perry, Mrs. Kathleen J.
Poindexter, Mr. R.D.
Prang, Dr. Margaret E.
Preston, Mr. George
Quastel, Dr. Juda
Robertson, Mr. A. Bruce
Robinson, Mrs. G.L.
Royal Netherlands Embassy
Royal Ontario Museum
Ruppenthal, Dr. Karl M.
Sage, Mr. W.D.M.
Sawyer, Mr. & Mrs. Alan
Scott, Mrs. Barbara
Shahrokh, Mr. B.K.
Shane, Mr. & Mrs. Walter
Simon, Mr. Zoltan
Sloan, Mr. David A.
Sonner, Mr. E.
Soochow University Library
Soward, Dean E.H.
Spanish Embassy
Stepanoff-Kontchalovski, Miss
Stuart-Stubbs, Mr. Basil
Talia, Mr. & Mrs. Felilse
Tana, Mrs. Tomoe
Telfer, Miss Jean
Thompson, Dr. Mark
Thomson, Mr. A.D.
Turner, Miss Lucy
University of New Brunswick
Van Dusen Botanical Garden
Verchere, the Hon. Mr. Justice
David R.
Verner, estate of Dr. Coolie
Wainman, Mr. A.W.
Warkentin, Mrs. Raija
Watson, Mrs. Eva
White, Dr. H.E.
White, Ms. Merry I.
Wickberg, Dr. Edgar
Williamette University
Wills, Miss Claudette
Winch, Mrs. Gladys
Wood, Mrs. Amber
Woodward, Mr. R.S.
Zapata Granby Corporation
Zolbrod, Dr. Leon
April 1979 to March 1980
Adams, Alfred T.
Ashmore, Edward James
Ashton, Edith
Auld, Jean M.
Bankson, Russell A. & Ella E.
Bawning, Jacob
Beattie, John K.
Beaty, John D.
Becker, Beverly Maureen
Beckett, Harry
Bell, Amelia
Bellinger, R.A.
Belshaw, Betty
Billig, Dr. Ernest
Binning, B.C.
Black, Edgar C.
Boag, Alan
Boyle, Robert
Briddick, Irene
Buchan, Edith Grace
Burton, A.
Byrne, Harriet Sarah
Byrne, Captain Thomas Scully
Cameron, Dr. Maxwell A.
Cameron, Ruth E.
Carr, J.M.
Carruthers, Alexander Lorraine
Clark, Margaret McDavid Fordyce
Coffin, Frederick
Cohen, M.B.
Colley, Sidney
Collins, J. Ewart
Collins, Mark
Cooper, Robert
Cottingham, Mollie
Croucher, Margaret
Cumming, Lewis
Daniells, Roy
Dauphinee, Josephine
Davis, Ghent
De Bruyn, Frank
Demco, Peter
Diespecker, Tommy
Dilworth, Dorothy Anne
Edwards, Mike
Emery, Jan
English, Barry
Farris, Dr. Evelyn Fenwick
Fraser, Ken F.
Frederici, Frank
Greenall, Dr. Robert Martin
Gregory Allan S.
Gwynne-Vaughan, David & Blanche
Hall, Deanna L.
Harlow, Marian
Hathaway, Ella
Henderson, G.G.
Hillier, E.
Hornby, Dr. C.A.
Huberman, Jeanette
Hunter, Diane
Hunter, H. Howard
Hurford, William L.
Johns, Ethel
Johnson, Margaret L.
Johnston, Elmer
Jones, Cecil L.
Jones, Harold A.
Jones, Paddy
Kenwood, George William
Kergin, Dr. W.T.
Kidd, Robert Campbell
King, H.B.
King, Karen Elaine
King, Les
Kinney, Earl
Lambert, Noel D.
Lawson, Heather
Lay, James C.
Lea, Constance Nicholson
Ledingham, Gladys
Leigh, M. Digby
Letson, G.M.
Logan, Gwyneth
Logan, Harry
Lysyk, Karen
McCreary, Dr. John F.
McDonald, John Haley
MacGill, Judge Helen Gregory
McHattie, Ellen Ethel
Maclntyre, Malcolm
19 McKay, A.M.
McLeod, Vernon
McLuckie, Louise Elliott
Madsen, Karen Elaine Florence
Manson, W.H.
Mar, Dr. Peter Gee-Pan
Marcoe, Joel
Margulius, Dr. Jack M.
Markle, Jack
Mason, Dr. John J.
Middleton, Robert
Moberly, Robert
Morison, C.K.
Morris, Leo
Munro, Ernest A.
Neill, Allan W.
Neilson, J.R.
Ng. Elizabeth Ton
O'Brien, Desmond
Orchard, Dr. D.C.
Paterson, Dr. Frank R.
Peck, Adam
Pegg, J. Roddy
Pernarowski, Dr. M.
Perry, D.G.
Pitt, Helen
Pizarsky, Joanne
Price, Sidney
Quiring, Peter
Radelet, Ethel
Rainbow, Edith M.
Raindahl, Gary
Read, Frederick
Redford, Grant
Rehn, N.M.
Reid, Dr. J.A.C.
Reid, Robbie L.
Roach, Victor
Roberts, C.B.
Rowe, William G.
Sadler, Wilfred
Sampson, Harry
Saxton, George
Schaffer, Dr. & Mrs.
Schinbein, Dr. A.B.
Schofield, Fred
Shepherd, Duncan
Sheret, Robert D.
Skerl, Dr. A.C.
Smith, Gilbert
Sofield, Roy
Stanley, Thomas Ward
Stratmoen, Catherine
Thompson, F.B.
Toban, Ronald S.
Trapp, Ethlyn
Tucker, Gilbert
VanSacker, Kenneth George
Verner, Coolie
Vickar, Dr. Joseph
Wahl, Abraham
Waldman, Dr. Roy
Walford, Alfred
Waterman, M.M.
Watson, A.F.
Weaver, Myron M.
Wellwood, Mary
Whillans, George S.
Winn, E.S.H.
Wittington, Winnifred
Wong, Leslie
Woodley, Douglas P.
Woods, E.L.
Woodward, Hon. W.C.
Woodward, William Douglas
Wright, Leah
Yoshida, Toyozo
Young, E.V.
Zivot, Sam
- April 1979 to March 1980
The following list of donors does not include the names of donors to
the Alumni Fund. Provincial and Federal grants, other than special grants
supporting fund raising by private donors, are recorded in other publications.
A. & S. Investments
A.U.C.E. Local One
Abbott, Dr. Frank S.
Abbott Laboratories Ltd.
Ablowitz, Mr. & Mrs. Harry
Accounting Development Fund
Ackroyd, Mr. & Mrs. S.E.
Acme Ventures Ltd.
Adam, Mrs. Doris R.
Adam, Mr. R.J.
Adam, estate of Mrs. Wilda J.
Adams, Mrs. D. Shirley
Adams, Dr. James R.
Adams, Ms. Llewellynne
Adams, Mr. Simon M.
Aetna Life & Casualty
Agnew, Mrs. Pauline T.
Ahlborn, Dr. Boye
Aikins, Ms. Anne E.
Airey, Mrs. R.W.
Akhurst Machinery Limited
Aklujkar, Dr. A.N.
Akrigg, Dr. & Mrs. Phillip V.
Albert, Mrs. Ida
Alberta Agricultural Research Trust
Alberta Children's Provincial General
Alberton, Ms. Eileen
Alcoa Foundation
Alcuin Society
Alexander, Mr. G.
Alexander, Dr. L.D.
Allen, Dr. C.S.
Allen, Mrs. Dorothy B.
Allen, Mrs. Edith
Allen, Mr. Nelson A.
Allen, Mr. Wayne W.
Allergan Pharmaceuticals
Alma Mater Society
Alston, Mr. W.L.
Alta Lipids Canada Limited
Aluminum Company of Canada Ltd.
Alumni Association of U.B.C.
Amax Petroleum of Canada Ltd.
American Accounting Association
American Airlines
American Can Company of Canada
American Cyanamid Company
American Geophysical Union
American Iron & Steel Institute
American Rhododendron Society
American Society for Agricultural
American Society for Metals, B.C.
American Trucking Associations, Inc.
American Woman's Club
Ames, A.E. & Co. Ltd.
Ames, Mr. & Mrs. John
Amoco Canada Petroleum Company
Amoco Foundation, Inc.
Andersen, Arthur & Co.
Andersen & Co. Foundation
Andersen, Dr. Charles P.
Anderson, Dr. J.J.
Anderson, Mrs. Susan
Andrew, Dr. G.C.
Andrusiak, MLr. & Mrs. P.
Angus, Prof. & Mrs. Henry
Ankenman, Dr. G.J.
Applegarth, Dr. Derek
Aquitaine Co. of Canada Ltd.
Architectural Institute of B.C.
Armour, Mr. & Mrs. J.D.
Armstead, Mrs. E.M.
Armstrong, Mrs. Eileen
Armstrong, Mr. John C.
Armstrong, Mr. Peter E
Armstrong, Dr. Richard L.
Armstrong Spallumcheen Savings &
Credit Union
21 Armstrong, Mr. Wm. M.
Arnaud, Mr. Charles
Arnaud, Ms. Mae
Aron, Mrs. Julia
Arthritis Society, B.C. Division
Association of B.C. Professional
Association of B.C. School
Association of Professional
Economists of B.C.
Association of Professional Engineers
of B.C.
Association of Universities &
Colleges of Canada
Assunto, Ms. Susan J.
Asthma Society of Canada
Atkinson, Mr. Harold
Aurum Cermaci Dental Laboratories
Axford, Mr. R.W.
B.C. Anaesthetists' Society
B.C. Association of Social Workers
B.C. Broiler Marketing Board
B.C. Cancer Foundation
B.C. Council of Garden Clubs
B.C. Hotels' Association
B.C. Dental Hygienists Association
B.C. Dentists' Wives Association
B.C. Dietetic Association
B.C. Federation of Agriculture
B.C. Federation of Labour
B.C. Floral Art Club
B.C. Forest Products Ltd.
B.C. Foundation for Non-Animal
B.C. Gymnastic Association
B.C. Heart Foundation
B.C. High School Boy's Basketball
B.C. Home Economics Association
B.C. Hydro & Power Authority
B.C. Institute of Agrologists
B.C. Journal of Special Education
B.C. Library Association
B.C. Lung Association
B.C. Medical Association
B.C. Motor Transport Association
B.C. Oto Opthalmological Society
B.C. Real Estate Association
B.C. Society of Internal Medicine
B.C. Society of Preventive Dentistry
B.C. Sugar Refining Co. Ltd.
B.C. Teachers' Credit Union
B.C. Teachers' Federation
B.C. Telephone Company
B.C. Tree Fruits Ltd.
Babler, Ms. Susan
Bacon, Donaldson & Associates Ltd.
Bacon, Mr. William R.
Baglot, Miss Ellen
Bailey, Mrs. E. Pearl
Bailey, Mr. Harold J.
Baillie, Mrs. Elizabeth
Baines, Mr. D.W.
Baird, Dr. Robert M.
Baker, E.A. Foundation
Baker, Mr. S.K.
Balco Industries Limited
Balking, Mr. A.L.
Ball, Mrs. Vera F.
Ballance, Mrs. K.
Balmer, Mr. James
Bandoni, Dr. Robert
Banff School of Advanced
Banham, Mr. James A.
Banham, Mrs. Mary E.
Bank of Nova Scotia
Banks, estate of Mr. & Mrs. Charles A.
Bankson, Dr. Douglas H.
Banting Research Foundation
Bard, Mr. Robert E.
Barnes, Ms. Carolyn
Barnes, Mr. M.P.
Barnes, Dr. William C,
Barss, Dr. A.F.
Bartlett, Mrs. S.P.
Bartlam, Mr. Eric E.
Barton, Ms. Ethel
Basaraba, Dr. Neil
Basco, Dr. Norman
Bateman, Mrs. A.
Bay, The
Beacham, Ms. Lauren
Beagrie, Dr. G.S.
Beames, Dr. R.M.
Beamish, Mrs. Kay & Friends
Beattie, Mrs. Dorothy H.
Beauchamp, Dr. R.D.
Beaudreau, Mrs. Ruth
Beck, Ms. Freda
22 Becker, Ira & Son Ltd.
Beckett, Miss Audrey
Beckett, Mr. E.
Beckett, Mr. Harry
Beech, Mr. Jack E.
Beecham Inc.
Belkin Packaging Ltd.
Bell, Mr. Alistair
Bell, Mrs. Angela
Bell, Mrs. Ethel J.
Bell, Dr. George A.
Bell, Dr. H.M.
Bellinger, Mr. B.
Belshaw, the late Mrs. Betty J.
Bemi, G.E. & Associates
Bemi, Ms. Shirley M.
Beneficial Foundation Inc.
Benjamin Montreal News Reg'd.
Bennett, Mr. J.F.
Benning, Mrs. J.W.
Berger, Mr. & Mrs. Peter G.
Bernius, Mr. Gordon R.
Bernstein, Mr. Stephen
Bernstein, Dr. V.
Berube, Mr. Ken
Best Printer Co. Ltd.
Beta Sigma Phi
Bibby, Mr. Wainwright M.
Bickle, Mrs. Margaret E.
Biely, Dr. J.
Big N'Tall Shop
Bilinski, estate of Mrs. Emily
Billig, Mrs. Hilda
Bilsland, Mr. J.W.
Binkert, Mrs. June
Binning, Mrs. B.C.
Birks Family Foundation
Bishop, Ms. Brenda
Black, Mrs. E.C.
Black, Mr. Robert J.
Blair, Mr. Gilbert C.
Blakely, Mr. Robert J.
Blanchard, Mr. G.M.
Blunden, Mr. Roy H.
B'Nai B'Rith Women's Centennial,
Chapter 1022
Boag Foundation
Bobak, Mrs. Molly
Boden, Mr. & Mrs. J.A.
Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.
Bonfield, Mr. B.W.
Boots Drug Stores (Western) Ltd.
Borden Chemical (Western) Ltd.
Boshier, Dr. Roger
Boudreault, Mr. F.R.
Boughton & Company
Bourey, Ms. Nancy
Bourget, Ms. Gail A.
Bourget, Mr. & Mrs. Rene
Bourne, Dr. C.B.
Bourne, Lyall, Davenport & Herbert
Boutillier, Mr. R.J.
Boyce, Mr. Harry M.
Boyle, Mrs. S.M.
Boyles, Miss Sadie M.
Bramalea Limited
Brammall, Mrs. B.M.
Branch, Mrs. Elizabeth
Brandon University
Brauner, Dr. & Mrs. C.J.
Brawn, Ms. Stephanie M.
Brawner, Messrs. Ken & Charles
Bray, Mr. W.H.
Brechin, Mr. G.L.
Brenda Mines Ltd.
Brennan, Mrs. Lilian Jane
Brennan, Dr. Michael J.
Brett, Mrs. Grace B.
Brewery & Soft Drink Workers,
Local 300
Briddick, Ms. Florence H.
Brink, Hudson & Lefever Ltd.
Brink, Dr. & Mrs. V.C.
Brissenden, Mrs. Norine
Bristol-Myers Pharmaceutical
British Pacific Life Insurance
Brock, Mrs. David
Brooks, Miss Lillian
Brown, Mrs. Brenda
Brown, Mrs. D.M.
Brown, Mr. J.E.
Brown, Mrs. Louise A.
Brown, Miss Margaret
Brown, Mrs. Maria
Brown, Mrs. Mary
Brown, Mr. Robert
Brown, Dr. T.H.
Brown, Mr. W.T.
Browne, Mrs. Florence J.
Bryner, Dr. Cyril
Buchan, estate of Mrs. Edith Grace
23 Buckland, Dr. Roger
Buchwald, Mr. & Mrs. H.
Budge, Grahame & Co. Ltd.
Budget Rent-A-Car
Buell, Ellis, Sargent & Russell
Buell, Mr. Thomas A.
Bull, Housser & Tupper
Bulley, Dr. N.R.
Bullock, Dr. Michael
Burchill, Mr. John Ernest
Burdett, Mr. P.E.
Burdikin, Mr. John James
Burgess, Dr. Arthur E.
Burgess, Mr. Donald G.H.
Burke, Mr. H.E.
Burling, Dr. R.W.
Burnaby Creative Writers' Society
Burnaby North Sr. Secondary School
Burnaby Public Library
Burns Fry Limited
Burnyeat, Miss Elizabeth
Burrard Yacht Club - Bridge Club
Burridge, Dr. K.O.L.
Burroughs Wellcome Ltd.
Burton, Dr. Albert F.
Busby, Ms. Kathleen
Butchart, Miss Barbara
Byrne, Mr. Thomas S.
Canada Cement LaFarge Ltd.
Canadian Academy of Periodontology
Canadian Army Welfare Fund
Canadian Arctic Resources Committee
Canadian Association of Animal
Canadian Association of University
Canadian Bechtel Ltd.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Canadian Cancer Society,
B.C. & Yukon Division
Canadian Certified General
Accountants Association
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Canadian Daughters' League,
Provincial Council of B.C.
Canadian Diabetic Association
Canadian Economics Association
Canadian Forest Products Ltd.
Canadian Forestry Association
Canadian Foundation for
Advancement of Pharmacy
Canadian Fund for Dental Education
Canadian Gas Processors Association
Canadian Geological Foundation
Canadian Heart Foundation
Canadian Hoechst Limited
Canadian Hunter Exploration Limited
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Canadian Information Processing
Canadian Institute of Child Health
Canadian Institute of Mining &
Metallurgy, B.C. Section
Canadian Jewish Congress
Canadian Life Insurance Association
Canadian Lung Association
Canadian Mining and Metallurgical
Canadian National Institute for the Blind
Canadian National Sportsmen's Shows
Canadian Paediatric Society
Canadian Paraplegic Association
(B.C. Division)
Canadian Pest Management Society
Canadian Political Science Association
Canadian Pulp & Paper Association
Canadian Society for Chemical
Canadian Society of Exploration
Canadian Stevedoring Co. Ltd.
Canadian Tobacco Manufacturer's
Canadian Union of Public Employees,
Local 1004
Canadian Union of Public Employees,
Local 389
Canadian Wheelathon Sports, B.C.
C.I.R. Administration & Research Ltd.
CKNW Orphan's Fund
CP. Air Employees Charitable
Donations Fund
CU. & C. Health Services Society
Caine, Mr. & Mrs. Harry
Calderwood, Miss Yvonne
Calhoun, Mrs. Margaret
Cambon, Dr. E.
Cameron, Mr. Wm. M.
Campbell, J.K. & Associates Ltd.
24 Campbell, Ms. M.
Campbell, Ms. May
Campbell, Mr. M.C
Campbell, Ms. Molly
Campbell, Dr. N.J.
Campbell Studio Staff
Campbell, Mr. Tony
Campney & Murphy
Capatos, Mr. & Mrs. G.
Carey, Ms. Dorothy H.
Cariboo Bar Association
Cariboo College
Carlson, Miss Una
Carpenter, Mr. M.J.
Carruthers, Mrs. Winona O.
Carter, Mr. & Mrs. A. Charles
Carter, Mr. A.M.
Cashiers - Dairyland
Cassidy, Dr. Pat N.
Cayley, estate of Mrs. H.S.
Central Okanagan Bursary Committee
23 Society
Ceramic Tile Contractors Association
of B.C.
Cerenzia, Mr. R.E.
Chan, Dr. A.P.
Chan, Dr. Bob
Chan, Dr. Kai Sun
Chan, Mrs. Mary
Chan, Mr. N.J.
Chang, Dr. B.
Chant, Mrs. Nellie L.
Chant, Dr. S.N.F.
Chapman, Mr. M.A.
Charlton, Dr. W.J.
Charter, Miss CE.
Chase, Dr. R.L.
Chemetics International Ltd.
Chemical Institute of Canada
Cheney, Mrs. H.H.
Cheng, Mr. Colin
Cherniack, Mrs. S.M.
Chernoff, Mr. Joe A.
Cherry, Dr. Sheldon
Cherry, Mrs. T.A.
Cheslecki, Mr. John
Chevron Canada Limited
Chiarenza, Dr. M.
Chilcott, Mr. S.I.
Children's Hospital, Vancouver
Chilliwack Medical Society
Chin, Miss Donna
Chin, Harry Lin Foundation
Chisick, Mr. & Mrs. Max
Chodirker, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Chodirker, Dr. & Mrs. W.B.
Choi, Mrs. Jennifer
Christensen, Mr. J.V.
Christian, Mrs. Florence M.
Christianson Pipe Ltd.
Christie, Dr. D.R.
Christopher, Mr. Arthur B.
Chu, Dr. Gerald
Chu, Mrs. Rita
Chung, Mr. Su K.
Chung, Dr. W.B.
Churchill Investment Corporation
C.I.B.A. Ceigy
Claghorn, Mrs. Constance B.
Clapoff, Mr. Morris
Clark, Mr. C.A.F.
Clark, Mr. Donald M.
Clark, Ms. Velma L.
Clark, Mr. W.L.
Clarke, Mr. Anthony
Clarke, Dr. B.R.
Clarke, Mrs. Mary Ellen
Clarkson Gordon & Co.
Cleland, Mr. A.
Cleland, Mr. E.H.
Clerke, Ms. Elizabeth M.
Clerke, Ms. Melinda
Cluett, Mrs. Frances M.
Clyne, the Honourable J.V.
Cohen, Mrs. MB.
Cohen, Mr. Ted
Coherent Inc.
Colquhoun, Mr. & Mrs. A.
College of Dental Surgeons of B.C.
College of Pharmacists of B.C.
College of Physicians & Surgeons of
Collins Barrow
Cominco Ltd.
Connolly, Mr. P.H.
Consolidated Cinola Mines Limited
Cook, Mrs. Daryll
Cook, Mrs. Lorna
Cook, Mr. T.A.
Cook, Dr. Thelma S.
Cooke, Ms. Katharine B.
Cooley, Dr. Dennis G.
25 Coope, Dr. Marian G.R.
Copeland, Mr. Van P.
Coppin, Ms. Nancy E.
Corporation Centro Regional de
Coronado Mortgage Corporation
Corrigal, Dr. D.M.
Corteen, Dr. R.S.
Cotte, Dr. A.R.
Cottingham, estate of Miss M.E.
Couch, Mr. E.A.
Council of Forest Industries of B.C.
Coupland, Mr. H.D.
Cowell, Mr. & Mrs. G.
Crabtree, The Harold Foundation
Craddock, Dr. M.K.
Craig, Miss Bonnie
Craig, The Hon. Mr. Justice W.A.
Craven, Mr. H.M.
Crawford, Ms. Patricia T.
Crean, Dr. P.
Credit Union Foundation of B.C.
Creelman, Mr. Preston
Creighton, Mrs. Kathleen
Cressman, Mr. R.
Crestbrook Forest Industries Ltd.
Crestview Foundation
Crockett, Dr. David J.
Crooker, Mrs. Guild L.
Crosby, Mrs. Muriel
Crossman Machinery Co. Ltd.
Crowe, Ms. Ruth E.
Crown Zellerbach Canada Foundation
Crozier, Mr. Lome H.
Cull, Miss Isobel
Cullen Detroit Diesel Allison Ltd.
Cumming, Mr. David
Cumming, Dr. George Graham
Cumming, estate of Mr. Lewis
Cumming, Mr. Wm. J.
Cupit, Mr. F.
Cutler, Dr. & Mrs. Barry S.
Cyprus Anvil Mining Corporation
Czaykowski, Mr. B.
Czetwertynski, Dr. Elizabeth
Dairy Industry Credit Union
Daniells, Mrs. Laurenda
Dansereau, Dr. Pierre
D'Appolonia Consulting Engineers Inc.
Darling, Mr. F. Peter
Darling, Miss Helen
Darrenwald, Mr. Gordon G.
Davidson, Dr. Park
Davidson, Dr. R.G.
Davies, Mr. M.W.
Davis & Co.
Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Hall
Davis, Mr. Irwin
Davis, Mr. Michael
Dawson, Mr. John C.
Day, Dr. B.
Dayton & Knight Ltd.
Dearing, Ms. Enid
Debas, Dr. Haile T.
de Bruyn, Dr. J.
Deiter, Miss Claudia
Delta Gamma Fraternity,
Vancouver Alumnae
Delta Kappa Gamma Society
Demaerschalk, Dr. J.P.
Dempster, Dr. J.R.H.
Denike, Mr. Clifford CE.
Denman, Dr. K.
Derkson, Dr. Gary D.
Desjardins, Mr. E.J.
Desjardins, Mr. Pit U.
Devere, Ms. Sonya
Dewar, Mr. Gudrun
Dewdney, Mr. F.H.P.
Dewinetz, Ms. L. Dianne
DeWitt, Mr. Vernon L.
Diamond, Mr. A.W.
Diamond, Ms. Dorothy
Diamond, Mr. S.
Dickey, Dr. MR.
Diehl, Mr. Carl
Dillingham Corporation Canada Ltd.
Dilworth, Ms. Catherine A.
Dilworth, estate of Mr. Harold M.
Dimitri, Mr. M.J.
Dimmick, Dr. James
Dixon, Mrs. Pat
Dobb, Mr. Victor
Dobbin, Miss Geraldine
Dobereiner, Mr. John P.
Dohm, the Honourable T.A.
Dollard, Miss Claudia
Domada Enterprises Ltd.
Dome Petroleum Ltd.
Donaghy, Mrs. O.J.
Donald, Dr. David
Donegani, Mrs. N.K.
Donis, Dr. Frank
26 Donnelly, Mrs. Margaret A.
Donner Canadian Foundation
Donovan, Mrs. Evelyn W.
Dooling, Dr. Peter John
Doray, Mrs. Audrey
Doree, Ms. Joan
Dorey, Ms. Janet L.
Douglas & Mclntyre Ltd.
Douglas, Mr. & Mrs. Morris James
Douglas, Mrs. Norma
Douglas, Symes & Brissenden
Dow, Miss Beth
Dow Chemical of Canada, Limited
Dowling, Mr. C.F.
Dowling, Mrs. Norah
Downing, Mr. M.E.
Drane, Mr. & Mrs. A.W.
Drive, Mr. George
Dronin, Mr. L.
Drummond, Dr. A.D.
Drummond, Mr. John
Drury, Mr. J. Alfred
Duamel, Mr. C.
Dumbries, Mrs. Margaret
Dumont, Dr. M.A.
Dunbar, Mr. J.R.
Duncan, Dr. CP.
Dunfee, Mr. Donald R.
Dunham, Ms. Mabel K.
Dunlop, Dr. J.A.
Dunn, Dr. H.C.
Dunwoody & Company
Durbach, Prof. E.
Durity, Dr. Felix A.
Dyson, Ms. Muriel
Eady, Mr. & Mrs. Francis
Eagles, Dean Emeritus Blythe
Eaton Foundation
Eaton, Mr. & Mrs. George
Ebbels, Ms. Kathleen E.
Ebco Industries Ltd.
Edelweiss Credit Union
Edgar, Mr. J.C
Edmonton Civic Employees' Welfare
Chest Fund
Education Students' Association
Educational Research Institute of B.C.
Edwards Laboratories
Edwards, Mrs. Winnifred
Ehling, Mr. Leo A.
Eldorado Nuclear Limited
Elgood, Mr. J.B.
Ellesmere Resources Ltd.
Elliot, Dr. George
Elliot, George Secondary School
Elliot, Mr. Robin M.
Elliott, Mr. Gordon R.
Elliott, Mr. J.A.
Elliott, Mr. Thomas
Ellis, Dr. Donald W.
Ellis & Hodges
Elphicke, Mrs. F.H.
Elsted, Mr. Chris
Elworthy, Mrs. Myrta G.
Emery, Mr. P.C
Eng, Mr. Anthony
Eng, Dr. John P.
Engineering Institute of Canada
Engineers' Wives Association
Entwistle, Mrs. Hilda
Erickson, Ms. Penny
Eriks, Mr. CD.
Esso Minerals Canada Ltd.
Esson, Ms. Fran M.
Esterly, Dr. Daniel M.
Eurocan Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd.
Evans, Mrs. Barbara
Evans, Mrs. E.O.
Ever-Lite Electric Ltd.
Eyolfson, Mr. Arne L.
Faculty Women's Club
Fages, estate of Mr. Harry
Fahrni, Dr. W.H.
Fairbridge Society Inc.
Fairclough, Mr. R.
Falconbridge Nickel Mines Ltd.
Falconer, Mr. Robert J.
Fallis, Miss Mary
Farley, Dr. A.L.
Farmer, Dr. D.
Farris, Vaughan, Wills &
Fathers, Mrs. Loretta A.
Faux, Ms. Judith M.
Federated Cooperatives Limited
Federation of Medical Women,
B.C. Branch
Feimann, Mrs. Marjory E.
Feldbrill, Mr. & Mrs. Victor
Ferrier, Mr. & Mrs. Willard
Fessler, Dr. A.
Fickel, Dr. Donald L.
Fickling, Mr. C.A.
Fielding, Mr. David
27 Fife, Miss Susan
Financial Executives Institute
Filipowicz, Mrs. Henryka
Finnegan, Dr. C.V.
Finning Tractor & Equipment Co. Ltd.
Firth, Mr. Frederick A.
Fish & Wildlife Branch Staff
Fitzgerald, Mrs. E.Z.
Flaherty, Mrs. Josephine
Flegg, Ms. Sharon
Florczyk, Ms. June
Fonseca, Mr. Ceridwen
Food Science Department
Foort, Mr. James
Foothills Pipeline (South Yukon) Ltd.
Forestal International Limited
Forster, Ms. Eileen
Fortune, Miss Ruth
Foster, Prof. J.
Fouks, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur
Foundation for Latin American
Anthropological Research
Fowler, Guy Memorial Trust
Fox, Ms. J. Louise
Foxwell, Dr. R.G.B.
Francis, Mrs. Mary
Fraser, Dr. J.
Fraser, Mr. L.A.
Fraser Valley Bar Association
Fraser Valley Dental Society
Fraser Valley Milk Producers'
Fraser Valley Real Estate Board
Fraser Valley Regional Library
Fraser, Ms. Wanda
Fredeman, Dr. W.E.
Freed, Mr. & Mrs. I.
Freed, Mr. & Mrs. Morris
Freed, Mr. Sam
Freedman, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest
Freedman, Hon. Chief Justice Samuel
Freeman & Company
Freeman Foundation Ltd.
Freeze, Dr. R.A.
Friday Lunch Club
Friedman, Dr. S.M.
Friesen, Dr. J.K.
Frimer, Dr. Michael L.
Frith, estate of Mrs. Bessie C.
Frosst, Charles E. & Co.
Frost, Mrs. Aileen
Fruehauf Trailer Co. of Canada Ltd.
Fry, Ms. Joyce
Fry, Dr. Peter D.
Frye, Dr. Northrop
Fugro, Inc.
Fukushima, Miss Karen
Fuller, Mr. W.C.
Fulton, Ms. Janet
Funk, Mr. C.A.
Gale, Dr. Dennis A.
Gals, the Glitter
Gamache, Mrs. Genevieve M.
Gardner, Mr. D.
Gardner, Dr. J.A.F.
Gardner, McDonald & Co.
Gardner, Mrs. W.J.
Gaube, Mr. E. Otto
Gautshi, Mr. Edwin H.M.
Geisler, Mrs. Helen
General Motors of Canada Limited
Genetics Society of America, Inc.
Gerber, Mrs. Jean
Germann, Mr. Z.J.
Gerry, Dr. M.C.L.
Gerson, Mrs. Hilde
Gerstein, Mr. Bertrand
Gerstmar, Ms. Retha C
Giant Burger Drive-In
Cibney, Mr. William H.R.
Gibson, Mr. & Mrs. Ken
Gibson, Mr. William R.
Gilchrist, Ms. Katy
Gilchrist Memorial Scholarship Fund
Cilland, estate of Mr. Eugene M.
Gillanders, Dr. D.A.
Gillespie, Dr. H.S.
Gillespie, Mrs. Margaret A.
Gilmore, Ms. Maryke G.
Giovando, Mr. Laurence
Girl Guides of Canada
Girls in Route Accounting
Glass, Mr. Irving I.
Glaxo Canada Limited
Glaxo Research (Group) Limited
Glenemma Ladies Club
Glideson, Mrs. Margaret
Glotman, Mr. Martin
Glove, Mr. Maurice
Glover, Mr. M.
Gobert, Mr. Robert
Godfrey, Mr. Langford M.
28 Goel, Dr. DP.
Gold, Dr. Andrew V.
Coldenberg, the Hon. H. Carl, Q.C
Colder Associates
Good, Mr. D.A.
Goodale, Mrs. Dorothy
Goodall, Dr. & Mrs. William
Goodanetz, Ms. Kathleen J.
Goodman, Dr. C.B.
Goolden, Mrs. M.
Gordon, Mrs. F. Marjorie
Gorosh, Ms. Rosalie
Goss, Mr. & Mrs. Brian
Gouge, Mrs. Patricia M.
Gouldstone, Mr. B.A.
Gourlay, Prof. Colin C
Cove, Ms. Ethel
Crad Class of 1979
Graham, Mr. D.L.
Graham, Ms. Mary
Granard Management & Leasing
Services Ltd.
Grand Lodge of B.C.,A.F. & A.M.
Grant, Mrs. Gladys E.
Grant, Mr. H.
Graphic Arts International Union
Local 210
Green, Dr. Cecil H.
Greenberg, Mr. Sidney
Greene, Ms. Judit K.
Greenline Biochemicals Ltd.
Gregory, Mr. Andro
Gregory Manufacturing Ltd.
Grice, Mrs. Pat
Griffiths, Mr. & Mrs. Ellis
Griffiths, McLelland & Co.
Grigat, Mrs. Martha
Grill, Mr. Edwin
Grimmer, Miss Carol
Grippo, Mr. S.
Gronlund, Mr. MD.
Gropper, Dr. P.T.
Groten, Dr. & Mrs. Arthur
Groten, Dr. & Mrs. Harold
Group of Professional Engineers of
B.C. Hydro & Power Authority
Grover, Mrs. Marion J.
Groves, Ms. Myrtle M.
Gubbe, Miss Lila L.
Guild, Yule, Schmitt, Lane & Murray
Guinn, Mr. W.F.
Gusenthwaite, Mr. Terry
Cutkin, Prof. M.
Gyro Club of Kamloops
Hacker, Mr. Cecil
Haddock, Dr. P.G.
Hain, Mrs. Freida M.
Hall, Mr. H.U.
Hall, Mrs. William C.
Halladay, Miss Marg
Halston, Miss Lillian
Hamada, Mr. J.S.
Hamber Foundation
Hamilton, Ms. Etta
Hamilton Foundation
Hamilton, Mr. R.J.
Hamovich, Dr. & Mrs. Jerry
Hamovich, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph
Hampton, Mrs. E.
Haney Women's Institute
Hannah Institute for the History of
Medical and Related Sciences
Hansen, Dr. Burdette R.
Hanson Foundation
Harder, Dr. D.H.
Hardie, Mr. Glenn M.
Hardy, Mrs. Margaret
Hardy, Dr. W.N.
Harman, Mr. J.H.
Harper, Grey, Easton & Company
Harris, Mr. G.S.
Harrison, Mr. P.J.
Harrison, Mr. R.B.
Harrop, Mr. Alan C
Harrop, Dr. T.J.
Hartley, Mr. & Mrs. Garry
Harvard University
Hatch, Mr. Douglas
Hawkesworth, Ms. Maureen
Hawkins, Mrs. Jean M.
Hawthorn, Dr. H.B.
Hay, Miss Roberta
Hayes, Ms. June
Haywood, Mr. J.
Head, Mr. CM.
Heald, Mr. W.
Heath, Mr. B.M.
Heavenor, Mr. Robert
Heighway, estate of Mrs. Florence E.
Heinrich, Mrs. Augusta
Heinritz, Mr. William
Heller, Samuel Ltd.
29 Hemmings, Ms. Carol
Hender, Mr. Byron
Henning, Dr. H.
Hereditary Disease Foundation
Herman, Miss Vivian
Hermant, Percy Foundation
Herson, Miss Naomi
Hertzman, Dr. V.
Hewitt, Mr. Gordon B.
Hewitt, Mr. L.
Hewitt, Mrs. Mary E.
Hibbard, Mr. James C
Hicks, Mr. J.B.
Hiemstra, Mr. Roger
Higgins, Mr. Raymond F.
Higgins, Capt. John W., Jr.
Highfield Ranch
Hildebrand, Dr. H.D.
Hill, Dr. Arthur T.
Hill, estate of Mrs. H.A.E.
Hill, Dr. L.E.
Hill, Dr. Philip G.
Hill, Dr. R.H.
Hilton, Miss Corby
Hilton, Miss Dayle
Hirakida, Ms. Joan
Hirtoe, Ms. Linda
Ho, Mr. William
Hoar, Dr. D.I.
Hoar, Mr. Kenzie
Hoar, Dr. Wm. S.
Hobart, Prof. John
Hobbs, Dr. E.D.
Hockey Canada
Hockridge, Mrs. Grace R.
Hodges, Dr. John
Hoffman-La Roche Limited
Holland, Dr. William L.
Hollick-Kenyon, Mrs. Margaret A.
Holm, Dr. David G.
Holness, Mr. T.A.
Holsti, Dr. K.J.
Holt, estate of Mr. Arthur
Hood, Miss Dorothy
Hood, Miss Margaret
Hoogstra, Mr. Julian
Hooley, Dr. J.G.
Hopkins, Mr. Robert
Hopwood, Dr. V.
Horie, Mr. Bill
Hornby, Misses Susanne & Christa
Home, Coupar, Manson & Shaw
Horner, Frank W. Ltd.
Horner, Mrs. Mary
Hospital Employees' Union, Local 180
Hospital for Sick Children Foundation
Housego, Dr. Ian
Household Finance Corporation
Houson, Mr. B.
Houston, Mr. James
Howard, Miss Barbara
Howell, Ms. Margaret J.
Howes, Mrs. Margaret L.
Hubbard, Dr. Robert H.
Huberman, Mr. Sam
Huckell, Dr. V.F.
Hudson, Mr. Mel
Hudson's Bay Oil & Gas Company
Hughes, Ms. Ellen
Hughes, Ms. Mary
Hughes, Mr. T.S.
Humphrey, estate of Mrs. Florence
Humphreys, Mr. A.N.
Hundert, Dr. E.J.
Hundman, Mr. John
Hunt, Dr. John E.
Hunt, Mr. John R.
Hunt, Mr. Lloyd C.
Hunter, Mr. Allen
Hunter, Dr. Marlene E.
Huntingdon, Mrs. Ethel
Hurt, Mr. Howard
Husband, Mrs. Isabella
Husband, Mr. Robert P.
Hutchinson, Mr. E.M.
Hutchinson, Mr. & Mrs. Gordon &
Huters, Dr. T.D.
Hutton, Dr. Gordon H.
Hyde, Dr. E.J.
I.O.D.E. Dogwoods Chapter
I.O.D.E. Provincial Chapter
I.O.D.E. Royal Bride Chapter
I.W.A. Credit Union
Impra, Inc.
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Independent Order of Old Fellows,
Rebekah Assembly of B.C.
India Club of Vancouver
30 Ingleton, Mr. & Mrs. M.J.
Inglis, Dr. A.M.
Ingram, Mr. R.M.
Institute of Chartered Accountants
of B.C.
Institute for Research on Public
Interior B.C. Dental Association
International Association of
International Brotherhood of
International College of Dentists
International Copper Research
Association Inc.
International Longshoremen's &
Warehousemen's Union
International Order of Job's
Daughters Grand Guardian Council
of B.C.
International Sea-Land Shipping
Service Ltd.
International Union of Operating
International Woodworkers of
America Local 1-423
Interprofessional Association of
Rehabilitation Medicine of B.C.
Iredale, Mr. Norman R.
Irving Clinic
Irving, estate of Mrs. Diana O.
Irving, Ms. Margaret A.
Israels, Mrs. Rita E.
Iverson, Mr. T. Boyce
Izard, Miss P.
Jackman, Mrs. H.R.
Jacks, Dr. Q.D.
Jackson, Mrs. S.L.
James, Dr. D.G.L.
James, Ms. Patricia
Jamieson, Ms. Carol A.
Jamison, Ms. Mary
Japan World Exposition
Japanese-Canadian Citizens'
Association of B.C.
Jarowicz, Ms. Julia
Jauviosh, Mrs. R.
Jaworski, Mr. Christopher
Jeffery, Mr. Michael
Jenkins, Mr. A.E.
Jessup, Mr. Frank
Jim, Mr. C.K.
Jobs Daughters - DeMolay Temple
Johnson, Mr. C.W.
Johnson, Mr. Edwin W.
Johnson, Judge G.H.
Johnston, Ms. Lynda
Johnston, Mrs. Marjorie J.
Johnston Terminals Ltd.
Johnstone, Mr. E.H.
Jolliffe, Dr. & Mrs. P.A.
Jones, Ms. Carmen M.
Jones, Ms. Diane C.
Jones, Mrs. Edna
Jones, Mr. E.P.
Jordan, Prof. R.M.
Joubin, Dr. Franc. R.
Journal of the Commerce Undergrad
Kahn, Mr. Leon
Kaiser Resources Ltd.
Kalman, Dr. Harold D.
Kamloops Business & Professional
Women's Club
Kamloops District Teachers
Kamloops North Rotary Club
Kanee, Dr. & Mrs. Abe
Kanee, Dr. Ben
Kang, Ms. Kerri
Kaplan, Dr. J.H.
Kapoor Singh Siddoo Foundation
Karasick, Mr. KB.
Karman Western Apparel
Katz, Mr. & Mrs. Bernard
Kaufman, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Keate, Miss Linda
Keay, Miss Elizabeth
Keeling, Ms. M. Elizabeth
Keenberg, Dr. A.A.
Keim, Ms. Margaret E.
Kellett, Mrs. J.R.
Kelly, Prof. T.
Kelowna Medical Society
Kennedy, Dr. Robert W.
Kennedy, Mrs. Thelma
Kenning, Ms. Astrjd V.
Kenny, Dr. Douglas T.
Kensit, Mrs. Judi
Kent, Charles Chan Golden Wedding
Scholarship Foundation
31 Kenwood, Mr. L. Gary
Keremeos Teachers Association
Kerr, Mrs. J.
Kerr, Mrs. J. Carlson
Kerr, Dr. Robert B.
Kerrisdale Dental Group
Ketchum Manufacturing Sales Limited
Kidney Foundation of B.C.
Killam, estate of Mrs. Dorothy J.
Kimmins, Dr. James P.
King, Mr. F.E.
Kirk, Mr. J.M.
Kispiox Band Council
Kitsilano Secondary School
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver
Kiwassa Club of Kerrisdale
Kjekstad, Mr. Paul
Klai, Mrs. Marjorie
Kline, Ms. Carol
Kline, Dr. Terry S.
Klohn Leonoff Consultants Ltd.
Knapp, Dr. F.J.
Knapp, Mr. John
Knowles, Mr. Malcolm S.
Knox, Mrs. James H.
Knox Outreach Committee
Knox, Dr. S.G.
Knox United Church
Kockums, Letson and Burpee Limited
Koerner, Mrs. I by
Koerner, Foundation Leon & Thea
Koerner, Dr. & Mrs. Walter C
Koffler Stores [Western] Ltd.
Koffman, Mr. & Mrs. Herb
Kolberg, Mr. A.
Kolbus, Mr. Ron
Komori, Mr. Edward
Koop, Ms. Katherine
Kootenay Bar Association
Kootenay Real Estate Board
Korchinsky, Dr. Nestor N.
Kornder, Ms. Thais L.
Korsch, Mr. and Mrs. S.
Kosciuszko Foundation, Inc.
Kozak, Mr. A.
Kraft Limited
Krahn, Dr. John J.
Kreftin, Mrs. Leona
Krishnamurti, Dr. CR.
Kuenzli, Miss Betty-Jo
Kuhn, Mrs. F.
Kuklinski, Miss Ingrid
Kydd, Mr. D.W.
Labatt Breweries of B.C. Limited
Labatt, John Limited
Lacate, Mrs. Marily
Ladies' Orange Benevolent Association
Ladies' Pharmaceutical Auxiliary
Ladner Downs
Ladner, Mr. Thomas E.
Laidlaw, Mr. Thomas K.
Laing, Mr. John A.
Laithwaite, Mr. A.B.
Lakowski, Dr. Romauld
Lamar, Mr. Edward P.
Lambda Kappa Sigma Alumni
Lambert, Mrs. N.D.
Lander, Dr. J.J.
Lando, Mr. & Mrs. Esmond
Lang, Mr. Mark D.
Lang, Miss Nancy
Larkin, Dean P.A.
Laurentide Financial Corp. Ltd.
Law, Mr. Anthony
Law Foundation of B.C.
Lawson, Mr. D.J., Q.C.
Lawson, Ms. Kerry
Lawson, Mrs. Nell K.
Laycoe, Mr. Robert
LeBlond, Dr. Paul H.
LeBourveau, Mr. Homer B.
Lechelt, Mr. Adolph
Ledingham Construction Ltd.
Lee, Robert Ltd.
Leedham, Walker & Company
Legacy Ltd.
Legal Services Commission
Leggatt, Mr. L.C
Lehmann, Dr. Peter O.
Leigh, Ms. Valerie
Leighton, Mr. John F.
Leith, Mr. Murray V.
Leonard Foundation
Lett, Mrs. Sherwood
Leung, Dr. S. Wah
Levy, Dr. L.A.
Levy, Mrs. Michael,
Levy, Mr. & Mrs. S.
Lewis, Mr. Anthony
Lewis, Dr. Donald R.
Lewis, Ms. J.R.
Liberty Investments Ltd.
32 Lieblich, Mrs. G.
Lihon, Ms. Rose M.
Liley, Dr. N.R.
Lilly, Eli and Company [Canada] Ltd.
Lions Club, Vancouver South
Lofvendahl, Ms. Myrtle I.
Logan, Miss Margaret F.
Logan, Mr. W. Gordon
Long, Dr. James S.
Long, Mrs. Kay
Longstaffe, Mr. J.R.
Loomer, Dr. R.L.
Loos, Mr. J.
Lord, Miss Dora
Lornex Mining Corporation Ltd.
Lotzkar, estate of Mr. Leon
Low-Beer, Mrs. M.A.
Lowe, Miss Norah
Luckyj, Ms. Anna L.
Lueck, Mr. Rolf G.
Luft, Dr. Erhardt
Lund, Ms. Mary
Lundell, Mr. O.F.
Lundy, Miss Bev
Lusztig, Dean Peter A.
MacBain, Mrs. K. Patricia
McCarter, Nairne & Partners
McClacherty, Mrs. Ann
McCombie, Mr. A.D.
McConville, Mr. Charles G.
McCrae, Mrs. Helen
McCrea, Mrs. Wendy J.F.
McCreary, Mr. Wm. J.
McCreary, James & Annabel
McDermid, Miller & McDermid Limited
McDonald, Dr. D.M.
McDonald, Mr. Ian W.
MacDonald, Mr. H.C.L.
McDonald, estate of
Mrs. Maureta Evelyn
McDormand, Mrs. Jacqueline
McDougall, Mr. Archie
McDougall, Mrs. J.J.
McElney, Dr. & Mrs. J.H.
McFarlane, Dr. Donald
McGarrigle, Ms. Monica
McGavin, Dr. Allan M.
McGeachan, Mr. D. Edwin
MacGill, Dr. E.G.
McGown, Mr. William F.
McCraw, Dr. R.W.
McGregor, Miss B. Louise
McGregor, Mr. Fred
McGregor, Dr. G.I.
McHugh, Mrs. Frances
Maclnnes, estate of Mr. W.H.
Mclnnis, Ms. Dora
Mcintosh, Mr. G.R.
Mcintosh, Mrs  Jean
Maclver, Miss Donna
Mackay, Mrs. H.
McKay, The Hon. Mr. Justice H.C
McKechnie, estate of Dr. R.E.
MacKedie, Mr. & Mrs. B.
McKenzie, Dr. A.D.
MacKenzie, Mr. Donald
MacKenzie, Dr. NAM.
McKillop, Bob & Family
MacKimmie, Mr. & Mrs. Grant
McKinney, Miss Kay
MacKinnon, Mrs. Lorrie
McKinven, Mr. Peter
McKittrick, Ms. Lillian
McLachlin, Mr. R.A.
McLaren, Mr. & Mrs. W.D.
McLaughlin, R. Samuel Foundation
McLean, Mrs. Doris
McLean Foundation
MacLean, Mr. Ian
McLean, Mr. James C.T.
McLean, Mr. J.F.
McLean McCuaig Foundation
McLean, Mrs. Penny L.
MacLean, Mr. & Mrs. R.
McLennan Motors Ltd.
McLeod, Mr. David M.
McLeod, Mrs. Esther
McLeod, Miss Judy
McLeod, Mr. M.C.
McLeod, Mr. Myron C.
McLeod, Young, Weir & Company
McLuckie, estate of Mrs. M.L.
McMahon, Mr. E. Michael
MacMillan Bloedel Ltd.
MacMillan Co. of Canada Ltd.
MacMillan, estate of Mr. H.R.
MacMillan H.R. Family Fund
McMillan, Miss Isabel
McMillan, Mr. K.G.
McMillan, Dr. J. Malcolm
33 McMullan, Mr. Daniel L.
McNaughton, Mr. D.S.
McNeil, Mr. D. Barry
McPhee, estate of Mr. D.S.
McPherson, Dr. CD.
McQuarrie Hunter
McRae, Mr. DM.
MacRae Montgomery Spring &
MacRitchie, Dr. & Mrs. Donald M.
Mack, Mrs. Florence
Macken, Mrs. Maureen
Mahon, Andrew Foundation
Mahoney, Mr. & Mrs. W.R.
Mahony, Ms. Carol
Maira, Mr. R.J.
Maitland, Mr. J.D.
Major, Mrs. Marjorie
Maleszewski, Mr. S.
Malfet, Mrs. E.
Malfet, Mr. Paul
Malkin, Mr. H. Richardson
Malleck, Dr. & Mrs. H.
Mallory, Miss H.E.
Malone, Dr. W.
Mann, Dr. & Mrs. Robert
Manniche, Ms. Gitte
Mar, Ms. Marayette A.
March, Prof. Beryl E.
Marcoe, Dr. K.L.
Marcoe, Dr. Malcolm
Margetts, Dr. & Mrs. E.L.
Margolis, Mrs. Harold
Marits, Dr. M.
Markel, Mrs. Sylvia
Marsh, Dr. Leonard
Marsh & McLennan Limited
Martin, Mrs. D.
Martin, Ms. Susanne E.
Martins, The
Mason, Mrs. Mary
Mason, Mr. Robert C.
Masonry Advancement Fund of B.C.
Masonry Research Foundation
Mather, Mrs. J.M.
Mathisen, Dr. A.K.
Matthews, Dean A.W.
Maxwell, Dr. T.M.
Mayers, Ms. Janet M.
Mead Johnson
Meade, Mr. Harlan
Mearns, Mr. William C.
Medical Services Association
Mednick, Dr. & Mrs. Jerome P.
Meek, Dr. R.N.
Meikle, Mr. Wallace
Melanson, Ms. Kathleen
Melanson, Mrs. Valerie A.
Melton, Mrs. Alice E.
Melton, Mr. Jim
Meltzer, Mrs. Nancy
Mendrinos, Ms. Andreas
Merck & Co.
Merck Frosst Laboratories
Merck Sharp & Dohme Canada Ltd.
Meredith, Ms. Lynn
Merivale, Dr. Patricia
Merrell, Mr. J.H.
Merrick, Mr. Paul
Metropolitan Clinical Laboratories
Meyer, Miss Patricia
Meyers, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Mickenberg, Mr. David
Middleton, Mr. Howard
Middleton, Robert Memorial Fund
Middleton, Mrs. W.E.
Midland Doherty Limited
Mikulko, Miss Jessie M.
Milbrandt, Dr. W.E.
Milburn, Ms. Jean E.
Miller, Mrs. Angela
Miller, Prof. C.W.
Miller, Dr. H.S.
Miller, Miss Linda
Minchin, Mr. Richard
Ministry of Human Resources Staff
Minnes, Dr. J.F.
Mitchell & Associates Ltd.
Mitchell, Schuller & Co.
Mitsubishi Corporation
Miyake, Dr. M.
Mobil Oil Canada Ltd.
Mohammed, Mr. V.H.
Moi, Ms. Ruth
Moir, Mr. J.G.
Mol, Ms. Els
Monro, estate of Dr. A.S.
Monsanto Canada Ltd.
Montgomery, Mr. E.H.
Montreal Trust Company
Montrose Development Limited
34 Morfitt, Mr. George L.
Morgan, Dr. Ruth H.
Morguard Trust Company
Morito, Messrs. Kosen & Masanari
Morrison, Dr. B.M.
Morrison, Mr.  Don
Morrison, Dr. Finlay A.
Morrison, Mrs. Irene M.
Morrison, Mrs. R.E.
Mortgage Investment Association
of B.C.
Morton, Dr. K.S.
Morton, Dr. W.R.
Moscovich, Dr. M.
Mosher, Mrs. Vera
Moss, Ms. Gwenna
Moxon, Ms. M.
Moyes, Dr. Peter D.
Moyls, Dr. Benjamin N.
Muenster, Mr. L.J.
Mullinger, Dr. M.A.
Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
Munn, Dr. R.E.D.
Munro, Miss CE.
Munroe, Mrs. Doris C.
Murchie, Dr. K.E.
Murphy, Mrs. Constance
Murray, Mr. Angus W.
Murray, Mrs. Vera
Muscular Dystrophy Association
of Canada
Musgrove, Dr. James E.
Mutter, Mrs. Laurie
Myers, Dr. J.H.
Mysak, Mr. Lawrence
Nabob Foods Ltd.
Nadeau, Dr. John S.
Nadler, Mr. Leonard
Nagy, Dr. A.G.
Nail, Mrs. V. McK.
Nakai, Dr. Shuryo
Narod Group
Nation, Mrs. Ann M.
Nation, Mrs. Madeleine H.
National Cancer Institute of Canada
National Council of Jewish Women,
Vancouver Section
National Collegiate Athletic
National Foundation
National Trust Company
Naud, Mr. B.J.
Needier, Mr. G.T.
Neff, Mrs. Irene
Nelson, Diocese of
Nelson Jewellers Ltd.
Nelson, Mr. John A.
Nelson, Mrs. Sally
Nemetz, Mr. Harry
Nemetz, the Hon. Chief Justice NT.
Nemser, Dr. Ruby D.
Nepaulsingh, Miss Omega
Nerland, Mr. P.M.
Nesbitt Thomson Securities Ltd.
Nestle [Canada] Ltd.
Neufeld, Mrs. June
New Westminster Public Library
New York Life Insurance Company
New York Zoological Society
Newell, Ms. Doreen
Newman, Dr. D.
Newman, Mr. Gill
Newman, Dr. Kenneth
Newmont Mining Corporation
Newton, Mr. D.R.
Ng, Mrs. Sui
Ng, Mr. Ying Cheong
Nichol, Ms. Linda L.
Nicholls, Miss Doris
Nicholson, Mrs. Carolyn M.
Nicholson, Dr. Laurence E.
Nicholson, Dr. Mervin
Nider, Ms. Debbie
Nielsen, Mr. A.
Niskala, Ms. Helena
Nitikman, Foundation B.W.
Nix, Mrs. Margaret I.S.
Nixon, Mr. Ken
Nobbs, Mrs. Jessie I.
Noonan, Mr. R.W.
North Fraser Harbour Commissioners
North, Mrs. Margaret
North, Dr. Robert N.
North Shore Medical Society
North Vancouver Kiwanis Foundation
North West Survey Corporation
[Yukon] Ltd.
Northcott, Mr. Philip
Northwest Lath and Plaster Bureau
Northwestern Society of Intestinal
Northwood Pulp Limited
35 Notre Dame University of Nelson
Novel, Mr. Stuart
Nugent, Dr. R.A.
Nutter, Ms. Linda
Nu-West Development
Corporation Ltd.
Nygard, Ms. Bonita
Obadia, Mr. George
O'Bray, Ms. Irene
Ocean Employees Credit Union
Odium Brown & T.B. Read Ltd.
Ogilvie, Dr. Alfred L.
Ohio Medical Canada Inc.
Okanagan-Mainline Real Estate Board
Okanagan Valley Medical Association
Oldridge, Dr. O.A.
Ontario Cancer Treatment & Research
Ontario Institute for Studies in
Orchard, Mr. A.J.
Order of Ahepa
Order of the Eastern Star,
Grand Chapter of B.C.
Order of the Eastern Star,
Naomi Chapter
Order of the Eastern Star,
Squamish Chapter
O'Regan, Dr. Patrick
Orlaw, Mr. Richard G.
Ormrod, Dr. DP.
Orr, Mr. W.A.
Orser, Mr. Mike
Orth Seminar Group Two
Ortho Pharmaceutical [Canada] Ltd.
Osier Society of Vancouver
Osier, Dr. T.R.
Ostby, Mrs. Annie
Ottawa Foundation for Medical
Oulton, Mr. & Mrs. Doug
Outerbridge, Dr. R.E.
Overmyer, Dr. D.L.
Owen, Ms. Jean L.
Pacific Coast Fishermen's Mutal
Marine Insurance Company
Pacific Dehy Marketing Services Ltd.
Pacific Egg & Poultry Association
Pacific National Exhibition
Pacific Rim Shellfish Limited
Padre Pio Group Centre of Canada
Page, Ms. Jeanne E. and Friends
Palaty, Dr. V.
Panar, Dr. M.
PanCanadian Petroleum Limited
Parker, Mr. C.H.
Parker, Mr. Philip
Parkin, Mrs. Judith M.
Parkhouse, Mrs. MD.
Parksville & District Credit Union
Parnell, Dr. John L.
Parson, Mrs. Ann
Parsons, Dr. T.R.
Patmore, Mr. A.B.
Patterson, Dr. F.P.
Patterson, Mrs. Lucy
Patterson, Dr. M.
Patton, Mr. W.E.
Paul, Mr. Robert H.
Paulson, Mr. & Mrs. Stewart G.
Peace, Mr. Wayne
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.
Pedron, Miss Anne
Pegg, Mr. & Mrs. D.C.
Peiper, Dr. R.E.
Pemberton Securities Ltd.
Penney, Dr. Heather
Pennington, Mr. James M.
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AM
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AP
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Vancouver
President's Council
Perlman, Mrs. Pauline
Permanent, The
Perry, Mrs. Rose
Perspective Enterprises Ltd.
Peters, Mr. B.R.
Peters, Mr. Erich
Peters, Dr. Ernest
Petersen, Mr. AI
Peterson, Mr. & Mrs. D.
Peterson, Mrs. Earl R.
Peterson, Mr. Kenneth
Petroleum Research Fund
Pfizer Canada Inc.
Pharmacy Grad Class of 49
Phi Delta Kappa Chapter
Phillips, Mr. E.C.
Phillips Hager & North Ltd.
Phillips, Mr. W.S.
Physics Society
36 Piasecki, Mr. John A.
Pierce, Mr. Allan F.
Piercy, Mr. John O.
Piffer, Ms. Norma C
Pilecki, Mrs. Phyllis
Piledriving, D.C.D. Co. Ltd.
Pilley, Mr. T.W.
Pinder, Dr. George D.
Pinder, Mrs. Minnie
Pinson, Dr. Raymond
Piper, Dr. M.S.
Pitfield, Mackay , Ross & Company Ltd.
Placer Development Ltd.
Planning Institute of B.C.
Pletcher, Miss Betty
Pollock, Ms. Ann
Pond, Mr. Stephen
Poole, Jack & Associates Ltd.
Pomfret, Mr. Jack
Pomfret, Mrs. Marilyn R.
Pope, Mrs. Helen R.
Porter, Mr. & Mrs. Charles F.
Porter, Mrs. Erica M.
Porter, Mrs. Isabel
Porterfield, Mr. J.A.
Posner, Dr. & Mrs. S.C
Post, Ms. Shirley
Potter, Mr. John E.
Poulenc Pharmaceutical Co.
Poultry Science Students & Staff
Powell, Mrs. M.B.
Powley, Mr. MD.
Preschool Delaine
Precision Attachments Ltd.
Prescription Optical Company Ltd.
Price, Mr. J.W.
Price Waterhouse & Co.
Priest, Mrs. Alice
Pritchard, Mr. Allan
Proctor, Mrs. Irene
Proskow, Mr. & Mrs. John
Prosterman, Dr. B.D.
Province of B.C., Cultural Services
Province of B.C., Health Branch
Province of B.C., Provincial Secretary
Pudlas, Ms. K.A.
Pulleyblank, Dr. E.G.
Pulp & Paper Research Institute of
Pumphrey, Miss Avis
Radcliffe, Dr. Patricia A.
Rademaker, MacDougall & Company
Rae, estate of Mr. Robert Rutherford
Rainbow Club
Raizen, Mr. Morris
Rankin, Miss Reita A.
Rapeseed Association of Canada
Rasmussen, Mrs. W.
Rayonier Canada [B.C.] Limited
Read, Jones, Christoffersen Ltd.
Read, Mr. Stanley E.
Real Estate Board of Greater
Rebrin, Miss I.
Ree, Dr. Rimhak
Reed Shaw Stenhouse Ltd
Reed, Mr. T. Gordon
Registered Nurses' Associaton of B.C.
Rehabilitation Medicine
Wheelathon 1978
Reid, Mrs. Doreen
Reid, Mr. Robert S.
Reid, Mr. William
Reliable Records Office
Remnant, Dr. Peter
Renney, Dr. A.J.
Reppenhagen, Mrs. Darlene
Retail Clerks' Union, Local 1518
Retail, Wholesale & Dept. Store Union
Local 580
Reubart, Dr. Dale
Reynolds, Ms. A.W.
Reynolds, Mrs. Jean
Reynolds, Mr. W.R.
Rhodes, Dr. E.C.
Ricci, Dr. D.R.
Richards, Mr. Wayne E.
Richardson Century Fund
Riches, Ms. Eleanor
Richmond Stroke Club
Riedel, Dr. Bernard E.
Rim Forest Products Ltd.
Rio Algom Mines Ltd.
Rivett, Mrs. Jean
Roaf, Mrs. J.L.
Roberts, Mrs. M. Violet
Robertson, the Hon. A.B.
Robertson, Mr. G.
Robins, Dr. R.E.
Robinson, Mr, A.F.
Robinson, Mrs. Harold A.
37 Robinson, Mrs.  Irene J.
Rockefeller Foundation
Rocky View School Division No. 41
Rodman, Miss L.
Rogers, Mr. Forrest
Rogers, L.V. Secondary School
Rogers, Mr. Robert
Rogow, Dr. Sally M.
Rojo Holdings Ltd.
Rollit, Mr. F.H.
Rooney, Mr.  Brian
Roote, Mr. Ian
Rose, Mr. Herbert
Rose, Mr. Ronald
Rosene, Miss Peg
Rosengarten, Dr. H.J.
Rosevear, Mrs. Ann
Ross, Mrs. Dorothea
Ross, Mr. Robert D.
Ross, Mr. William A.
Rotary Club of Chilliwack
Rotary Club of Hope
Rotary Club of Vanacouver
Rotem, Dr. C. Eve
Rothwell, Dr. G.S.
Rougeau, Mr. J.R. Alexander
Rowland, Mr. MD.
Royal Arch Masons of B.C.,
Grand Chapter
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Canadian Legion, Pacific
Royal Canadian Legion No. 4
Royal Canadian Legion No. 10
Royal Canadian Legion No. 16
Royal Canadian Legion No. 76
Royal Canadian Legion No. 88
Royal Canadian Legion No. 94
Royal Canadian Legion No. 142
Royal Canadian Legion No. 160
Royal College of Physicians and
Surgeons of Canada
Ruccidk, Ms. Lana B.
Rudd, Mr. R. Frank
Runeckeles, Dr. V.C.
Russell & DuMoulin
Russell Food Equipment Limited
Russell, Dr. James
Russell, Ms. Maysie
Ryan, Dr. J.E.B.
Ryan, Dr. J.G.
Ryan, Mr. Michael M.
Sales & Marketing Executives of
Saltzman, Mr. Morris
Sampson, Ms. Linda
Sanders, estate of Mr. G.F.
Sanderson, Ms. Evelyn A.
Sanderson, Mr. R.A.
Sandoz [Canada] Ltd.
Sargent, Dr. Thomas E.H.
Saskatoon Music Festival Association
Sauder Foundation
Sauder Industries Ltd.
Sault, Miss Beatrice N.
Saunders, Mr. Peter Paul
Save-On Meat Market Ltd.
Savitt, Dr. S.F.
Scarfe, Dean Neville V.
Schafer, Ms. Ruth
Schell, Mr. Gordon
Schering Corporation Limited
Schierman, Mr. Grant
Schinbein, Mrs. E. Grace
Schloss, Dr. S. Morton
Schlumberger of Canada
Schneider, Mr. Mel
School District No. 16
School District No. 39
Schoollman, Dr. R.R.
Schubert, Mr. Gage
Schultz, Mrs. Margaret A.
Schwartz, Ms. Phyllis B.
Scotchman, Ms. Yvonne
Scott, Mrs. Annie E.
Scott, Ms. Carol E.M.
Scott Paper Limited
Sea Going Hacks
Seaspan International Ltd.
Seaton, Dr. R.W.
Segal, Dr. Sydney
Selby, Mrs. Joan
Sellers, Mr. Andrew
Sereth Industries Ltd.
Sertoma Club of Canada
Seymour, Mrs. D.J.
Seymour Medical Clinic
Shafer, Mr. A.
Shafron, Morley Agencies Ltd.
Shane, Mrs. Audrey P.M.
Shapiro, Ms. Barbara E.
Shapiro, Mr. & Mrs. J.
38 Sharp, Mr. R.F.
Sharp, Mr. W.D. and D.C.
Sharzer, Mr. Michael
Shaughnessy Hospital
Shaw, Ms. Jean
Shaw, Dr. Michael
Shaw, Dr. M.H.
Shearer, Mr. R.A.
Sheats, Mr. Paul H.
Shell Canada Resources Limited
Shepherd, Mr. C.L.
Sherwood, estate of Mr. George Duval
Sherwood Medical Industries Inc.
Shields, Ms. Dorothy P.
Shim, Dr. S.S.
Shives, Mr. Arnold
Shives, Mr. & Mrs. K.B.
Shkut, Mr. & Mrs. A.
Schoolbraid, Mrs. K.E.
Shorsky, Mrs. J.
Shrager, Mr. & Mrs. Barry
Shrum, Dr. Gordon M.
Shuman, Dr. B.
Shuster, Dr. & Mrs. Harvey
Shuster, Mr. & Mrs. I.
Shuswap Language Committee
Siddiqi, Mr. Khatun
Siddon, Dr. T.E.
Siemens, Dr. Alfred
Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity Alumni
Sigma Tau Upsilon Agricultural
Signori, Mr. E.R.
Signus Club of Vancouver
Silberman, Dr. Fred
Silver, Mr. & Mrs. David
Silver, Dr. J.G.
Similkameen Secondary School
Simon Fraser University
Simons, H.A. [International] Ltd.
Simpson, Mrs. Lily B.
Sinclair, Dr. A.J.
Singer, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Singh, Mr. Deokuare M.
Sipko, Ms. Karin E.
Silvertz, Mr. B.
Skalbania, N.M. Ltd.
Skelton, Miss Allisen
Skelton, Mrs. Doris K.
Skerl, Mrs. Doris M.
Skinner, Mr. & Mrs. W.C
Skotynsky, Mr. Harry
Slade, Dr. Kenneth
Sladen, Dr. J.C.
Slater, Mrs. Leda
Sleman, Mary Circle of First
Baptist Church
Sloan [Alfred P.] Foundation
Slymovics, Mrs. Vera
Smith, Mrs. C.J.
Smith, Mr. David K.
Smith, Dr. E.L.
Smith, Mr. Edmund R.
Smith, Miss Elizabeth A.
Smith, Mr. Frank C.
Smith, Rev. Geoffrey G.
Smith, Mr. Gordon
Smith, Mrs. Grace M.
Smith, Mrs. H.
Smith, Horace Fund
Smith, Mr. J. Bruce
Smith, Prof. J.H.C.
Smith Kline & French Canada Ltd.
Smith, Dr. M.J.A.
Smith, Mr. N.M.
Smith, Mrs. Norah
Smith, Mr. Richard A.
Smith, Mr. Stuart
Smith, Mr. William R.
Snider, Ms. Marcia
Society of Management Accountants
of B.C.
Society of Real Estate Appraisers
Soga, Dr. Matsuo
Sonjan Enterprises Ltd.
Sons of Norway Foundation in
Sonthoff, Mrs. H.W.
Soon, Mr. David K.
South, Mr. Don
South Lake Erroch Landowners
South Park Elementary School
Southam, Mr. Gordon T.
Southam, Mr. W.W.
Southwestern Drug Warehouse Ltd.
Soward, Dean Emeritus F.H.
Spaner, Mr. W.
Spencer, Chris Foundation
Spencer, Mr. Peter A.
Spitzer, Dr. Ralph W.
39 Splane, Dr. R.B.
Spouge, Dr. & Mrs. J.D.
Spratley, Dr. Richard
Squirrel, Mr. Ray
Stager Enterprises Ltd.
Stanley Drug Products Ltd.
Steel, estate of Mrs. Ada Isabell
Steel Company of Canada, Limited
Steele, Ms. Karen
Steele, Mr. R.C.
Steele, Mr. R.D.
Steil, Ms. Lucille
Stein, Mrs. Anne
Steinberg, Dr. M.W.
Stentaford, Mr. G.R.
Stephen, Mr. Hugh
Stephens, Dr. Donald G.
Stephenson, Mrs. Louise
Stevens, Mrs. W.W.
Stevenson, Mr. L.F.
Stewart, Mr. & Mrs. A.J.
Stewart, Dr. J.F.
Stewart, Mr. Jack
Stewart, Mr. Robert
Stewart, Mr. William G.
Stiefel Laboratories [Canada] Ltd.
St. Johns Ambulance Corps
Stobbart, Mrs. Marguerite
Stokvis, Mrs. Elizabeth N.
Storkcraft Ltd.
St. Paul's Hospital Medical Staff
St. Phillips Outreach
Stradiotti, Ms. Ellen
Strand, Mr. L.M.
Strang, Mr. I.L.
Strang, Dr. R.M.
Stratford, Mrs. Sarah C
Street, Miss Margaret M.
Street, Ms. Pauline
Street, Mr. R.H.
Street, Mrs. Sheila
Strem Chemicals Inc.
Strong, G.F. Rehabilitation Centre
Students' Wives Association
Styra, Mrs. Dorothy G.
Such, Mr. L.S.
Sullivan, Dr. L.D.
Sumi, Ms. Susan
Summerland & District Credit Union
Sun, Paterson & Brail
Sussel, Dr. W.H.
Sutherland, Ms. Mary
Sutton Braidwood
Swantje, Mr. Helmut
Swanzey, Mr. W. Norman
Swartz, Mr. & Mrs. Fred
Swedish Canadian Club
Sweet, Mr. D.G.
Swinton, Mr. Paul
Sykes, Mr. P.J.
Syntex Laboratories, Inc.
Szabo, Ms. Christine
Sziklai, Dr. K.
Sziklai, Dr. O.
Tabata, Dr. S.
Tachi, Mr. Yoshihiro
Tahsis Company Ltd.
Takahashi, Mr. Masayukj
Tanabe, Mr. Takao
Tanner, Dr. Aubrey
Tanner, Mr. & Mrs. D.
Tate, Dr. R.C.
Taylor, Ms. Ann
Taylor, Mrs. Audrey
Taylor, estate of Mr. Austin C.
Taylor, Mr. Glen
Taylor, Dr. I.E.P.
Taylor, Dr. J.
Taylor, Miss Karen
Taylor, Dr. P.A.
Taylor, Ms. R.L.
Taylor, Mr. Ian Roberts
Taylor, Dr. Roy
Taylor, Dr. T.
Teagle, Mr. Ernest
Tearoe, Mr. John L.
Teasdale, Dr. Christopher J.
Teasdale, Mr. J.
Teck Mining Group
Telecommunications Workers Union
Telephone Employees' Community
Tennant, Mr. John M.
Terham Management Ltd.
Tetrault, Mrs. Winifred
Thiel, Mrs. Alice L.
Thorn, Mr. W.W.
Thomas, Miss Hilda L.
Thomas, Dr. W.D.S.
Thompson, Mr. A.R.
Thompson, Berwick, Pratt & Partners
Thompson, Mr. Blair
40 Thompson, David Secondary School
Thompson, Mrs. Margaret J.
Thompson, Dr. W.J.
Thomson, Miss Marjory
Thorne Riddell & Co.
Tiers, Mr. Charles A.
Timbers, estate of Dr. Honor M.
Tkachuk, Mr. J.
TohCan Limited
Tolmie, Mr. Kenneth R.
Toronto-Dominion Bank
Totem Park Residence Association
Tough, Mr. Allen
Track, Mr. Norman S.
Trans Mountain Pipe Line Co. Ltd.
Tredger, Dr. C.N.
Tredwell, Dr. S.J.
Tremayne, Mrs. N.E.
Tremblay, Mrs. Donna M.
Trewin, Mr. H.E.
Trim, Mr. George K.
Truck Loggers Associaton
Trueman, Mr. G.E.
Trueman, Mrs. Hilda
Tuberculous & Chest Disabled
Veterans Association
Tucker, Dr. R.D.
Tufts, Mr. I.E.
Tujay Holdings Ltd.
Tully, Dr. J.P.
Tupper, Sir Charles Secondary School
Tupper, Mrs. Margaret A.
Twaites, Mr. B.J.
Twiss, Mrs. Sally
Tynan, Mr. A.E.
UBC Law Review
Ukon Joint Venture
United Church of Canada
United Commercial Travelers of
United Commercial Travelers of
America, Ladies Auxiliary 57
United Keno Hill Mines Ltd.
United Way of Greater Vancouver
University & College Placement
University of Victoria
University Women's Club
University Women's Club of
New Westminster
Unwin, Mr. Robert V.
Upjohn Company of Canada
Utah Mines Limited
Vancouver Bar Association
Vancouver B'Nai B'Rith Hillel
Vancouver Business & Professional
Women's Club
Vancouver City Savings Credit Union
Vancouver & District Dental Society
Vancouver Elementary School
Teachers Association
Vancouver Estonian Society
Vancouver Fire Fighters' Union,
Local No. 18
Vancouver Foundation
Vancouver General Hospital
Vancouver Industrial Education
Vancouver Medical Association
Vancouver Municipal & Regional
Employees' Union
Vancouver Natural History Society
Vancouver Society for Epilepsy
Vancouver Stock Exchange
Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Transportation Club
Vancouver Women's Transportation
Valair, Mrs. J.
Value Industries Ltd.
Van Hobbies Inc.
Van Saun Kennedy Corporation
Van Tel Credit Union
Van Waters & Rogers Ltd.
Vanderlinde, Miss Cerry
Vanderzalm, Mrs. Lorraine
VanSacker, Mrs. Gail
Varian Associates of Canada Ltd.
Variety Club of Western Canada
Tent 47
Vassal, Dr. Kenneth P.
Venturato, Mrs. A.
Verbeek, Mr. & Mrs. N.
Versatile Cornat Corporation
Versatile Publishing Co. Ltd.
Vicks Toiletry Products Division
Victoria & District Parent-Teacher
Victorian Order of Nurses
Visentin, Mrs. Emma
41 Vogt, Dr. Erich
Voigt, Mr. C.H.
Volkman, Mr. & Mrs. John
Volkoff, Dr. & Mrs. CM.
Von Rosen, Dr. E.
Voris, Ms. Joan S.
Vuorensivu, Ms. Cathy
Wada, Mrs. Mary
Waddell, Dr. Ronald
Wadsworth, Mrs. Patricia M.
Wagner, estate of Mr. Morris
Wainman, Mr. A.W.
Waisman Dewar Grout
Wakefield, Miss Patricia
Walair, Ms. Janet
Waldie, Dr. Adam C.
Waldman, Dr. & Mrs. Roy
Walker, Mrs. Jean
Walker, Mrs. Mabel
Wall, Dr. Maurice
Wallace, Mr. Hubert A.
Walters, Mrs. Kay
Walwyn Stodgell Cochran Murray
War Amputations of Canada
Ward, Mr. D.W.S
Ward, Dr. Rodney K.
Ward's Music Ltd.
Warehouse, The
Warner-Lambert Canada Limited
Warren, Ms. Linda
Watson, Mrs. B.
Watson, Mr. Denis M.
Watson, Mr. E.A.
Watson, Mrs. E.M.
Watt, Dr. J.G.
Watts, Mr. Stan
Webber, Mrs. Marilyn J.
Weber, Mrs. O. Melba
Webster, Mr. & Mrs. Bert
Webster, Mrs. Daisy
Weeks, Ms. Annie
Weeks, Dr. Gerald
Weinstein, Mrs. Blossom
Weiss, Mr. David
Weldwood of Canada Limited
Wellman, Mr. & Mrs. W.E.
Wellwood, Mr.  Ernest W.
Wellwood, Mrs. Marjorie E.
Wellwood, Mr. Milton
Wellwood, Dr. Robert W.
Wellwood, Mrs. Vida C.
Welters, Mrs. P. Lynne
West Coast Reduction Ltd.
West, Miss Josephine L.
West Kootenay Medical Association
West Vancouver Sketch Club
West Vancouver Teachers Association
Western Canada Steel Limited
Western Canada Fertilizer Association
Western Optical Ltd. and Affiliated
Westman, Mrs. Nora
Westminster Medical Association
Wexler, Mr. Mark
Weyerhaeuser Canada Ltd.
Weyerhaeuser Company
Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation
Whaley, Mrs. Certrude E.
Whitcutt, Mrs. O.
Whitcutt, Miss Ollie
White, Mr. Donald S.
White, Mr. J.M.
White, Mr. J.V.
White Spot Limited
White, Mr. William
Whitelaw, Dr. D.M.
Whitelaw, Mr. J.W.
Whiteoak Enterprises Ltd.
Whitney, Mr. Albert
Whittaker, Dr. James V.
Whittle, Dr. H.D.
Whittle, Mrs. Kathleen
Whonnock Industries Limited
Whyte, Mr. & Mrs. W.
Widen, W.H. Logging Limited
Wiebe, Mr. Victor
Wiecke, Mr. Peter
Wilbur-Ellis Company of Canada Ltd.
Wilby, Dr. M.
Wilcox, Mr. & Mrs. J.
Will, Dr. H.J.
Williams, Mrs. C.I.
Williams, Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd
Williams, Mrs. Mary
Williams, Mr. Richard E.
Williams, Mr. Stanley
Williston, Mr. Ray G.
Wills, Mrs. E. Elizabeth
Wilson, H.W. Foundation, Inc.
Wilson, Miss Linda M.
Winfield Volunteer Fire Department
42 Winkler, estate of Mr. George E. Zemans, Mr. & Mrs. Newton
Winspear Higgins Stevenson & Co. Zephyr Mercury Sales Limited
Winter, Dr. George R. Zilber, Mr. Jacob
Wiseman, Mrs. Tamara Zimmerman, Mrs. B.M.
Wisenthal, Dr. Jonathan Zipursky, Mr. & Mrs. Irvin
Wolforth, Dr. John Zolbrod, Dr. Leon
Wolridge Foundation
Wong, Mr. Alfred
Wong, Mr. E.T.
Wong, Dr. Jock M.H.
Wong, Dr. Roderick
Wood, estate of Mr. Charles B.
Wood, Gundy Charitable Foundation
Wood, Mrs. Helen
Wood-Hutton, Mr. Lesley W.
Wood, Prof. S.
Wood, Dr. W.S.
Wood, Dr. W.W.
Woodcock, Mr. George
Woodcock, Mrs. Lillian
Woodward, Mr. & Mrs. P.A.
Woodward Stores Ltd.
Woodworth, Mr. John
Workers' Compensation Board
Workman, Mr. & Mrs. A.B.
World Wildlife Canada
Wright, Mr. Harold
Wright Management Ltd.
Wright, Mrs. Virginia
Wuman, Miss Virginia
Wylie, Mrs. Evelyn
Wyness, Ms. Alison
Xerox of Canada Limited
Yandle, Mrs. Anne M.
Yarwood, Dr. CE.
Yorkshire Trust Company
Yoshida, Dr. Y.V.
Young, Ms. Carol L.
Young, Mr. G.W.
Young, Mr, Kenneth C.
Young, Dr. Maurice D.
Youth Bowling Council of B.C.
Yu, Miss Iris Shiang
Yukon, Government of
Zacco, Mrs. Tini
Zack, Ms. Irma
Zack, Dr. & Mrs. John J.
Zackin, Mr. & Mrs. S.
Zbarsky, Dr. S.H.
Zeiss, Carl Canada Limited
43  __££___
The University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V6T 1W5


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