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UBC Publications

UBC Publications

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 9 /     —     £>   tf
American Metal Company of Canada Ltd. (Toronto): .y
grant for geology  $ 750.00*"
B.C. Foundation for Child Care, Poliomyelitis, and Rehabilitation: .
Kinsmen Chair in  Neurological Research         5,000.00 *"
B.C. Vegetable Co-operative Association (Richmond): /
vegetable storage  research   600.00 V
Brewing 8c Malting Barley Research Institute (Winnipeg): y*
barley breeding research   800.00 *
Bristol Aero-Industries Ltd. (Winnipeg): .
grant for physics        1,000.00/
British Columbia Heart Foundation:
for research in Faculty of Medicine       14,700.00
British Columbia Medical Research Foundation:
for the G. F. Strong Laboratory :      13,826.50 /
Burroughs Wellcome Co. (Canada) Ltd:
for cardio vascular research     850.00  /
California Research Coroporation (San Francisco):
grant for geophysics  ■    5,000.00V
Canadian Industries Limited (Montreal):
grant for chemical engineering   '       400.00*""^''
grant for zoology   900.00 i"-""
Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, Pacific Coast Branch: y
research grant for chemical engineering 1  300.00-/
Ciba Co. Ltd. (Dorval, Que.):
for   research   in   anatomy            1,250.00
Clokie, Dr. J. K. A.:
Research and Postgraduate Fund  in Medicine   25.00
Columbia Cellulose Company Ltd: - y
for poplar diseases research   150.00 J'
Consuejo Nacional de Investigationes Cientificas
(Buenos Aires, Argentina): . y-
for research in physics         3,995.00 *■
Cyanamid of Canada Ltd. (Toronto): y
for poultry project _'_        2,000.00 ^
Davidson, Mr. John S.: \
for  neurological   research     50.00 *^
Defence Research Board (Ottawa): y:
research grant, chemistry        5,410.00 ''v
Department of Agriculture (Ottawa): /
B.C.  Cancer Society equipment grant    20.00
Department of Agriculture (Victoria): >
farm  business grant         2,000.00 /
for special  poultry research          1,550.00 V
Department of Health and Welfare (Victoria): y~
Federal   Public Health grants     129,157.23'
/" Department of Mines and Technical Surveys Research: (CA&UftuJ «W&% ^f^"*'/ y
for isotype geology research, geophysics         2,000.00    /
for element relationship in soils and rocks research, geology        3,800.00  '
for research on change in agricultural land use in
Soviet Far  East,  geology and geography         3,500.00^
Department of Veterans' Affairs:    i,C-vUXjJ\ /3 (2.    (5_?yV' \/
for biochemistry project  „  249.00 *
Eldorado Mining and Refining Ltd. (Ottawa): /
grant for mining and metallurgy   1 0,000.00*'
Eli Lilly and Company (Indianapolis, Indiana): ,
for  research  in Chemistry   3,000.00/
Gower, Dr. J. A. (Kennco Explorations (Western) Ltd.): y
for mineralogy  research    120.00 ~J
for research equipment, geology   120.00   v(
Hickernell, Mr. L. N.: .
for the research and postgraduate fund, surgery   50.00
for the research and postgraduate fund, medicine   50.00 *r
Hume, Mr. Fred: «^
for the Neurological Research Fund   100.00 v'
Hungarian Refugee Emergency Council (Department of
Citizenship and Immigration, Vancouver):
for the history of Hungarian Refugee Movement research   100.00i/
Interprovincial   Co-operatives Ltd. (Winnipeg): y
for soil science research   500.00|/
International Nickel Co. of Canada Ltd. (Toronto): ,
grant in physics   500.00 *•
grant in mining and metallurgy   500.00
Jane C. Childs Memorial Fund (New Haven, Conn.)
for B.C. Research Council   1,800.00 V
Johnson & Johnson (Montreal): /
for trauma research unit —.  6,000.000-'
Lash, Mr. G. H. (Montreal): \s
for the Research and Postgraduate Fund in Surgery  25.00V*
Manning Seed Company (Seattle): f
for tree seed research  400.00
Medical Board, Vancouver General Hospital
for the Research and Postgraduate Fund in Surgery ,
in memory of Dr. J. E. Neilson   100.00V
Meilicke, Mrs. E. J. and family: y
for research  in surgery   10.00/
Mobil Oil of Canada Ltd. (Calgary): .
grant for geology   400.00 /
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Woodward's Foundation:
for research equipment in anatomy and biochemistry   3,275.00 l/
for   neurological   research    1,000.00,/
Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada (Toronto): y
muscular dystrophy research   22,111.23/
neurological research   4,836.56*/
Mutation Mink Breeders Association (Racine, Wis):
research on  mink :  1,200.00 /
McGeer, Dr. Edith G.: f
for   neurological   research    750.00 V
McGeer, Dr. P. L.: /
for   neurological   research    750.00   '
f McKenzie, Dr. A. D.: y
for the research and postgraduate fund, surgery   474.80 V
National Academy of Sciences (Washington, DC): y
grant  for zoology   1,242.00 /
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto): yf
for research, Faculty of Medicine   36,761.35
National Institute of Health (Bethesda, Md.):
for the B.C.  Research Council    36,700.00»   y
for research, zoology   3,099.00 1/
National Research Council (Ottawa):
grants  to various departments    16,900.00 /
grants   in   pharmacology    1,720.00 /
O'Bryan, Mr. J. T.: ,y
for  neurological   research     100-00  vA
Orthopaedic Section of the S.A.M.S. Fund of the Medical Board:
Trauma Research Fund   1,000.00
Patterson, Dr. F. P. and Morton, Dr. K. S.: . /
for trauma research, surgery  750.00 '/
Prenrer, Mrs. P.A. V-
for the Research and Postgraduate Fund in Surgery  50.00    /
Ralston, Mr. W.:
for the  Neurological Research  Fund   300.00 \\
Research Corporation (New York): y
grant  for zoology   3,350.00'
Frederick Gardner Cottrell Grant,  chemistry   2,400.00
Reventlow, Mr. V.: v/
for mink research   50.00 y\
Royal Canadian Golf Association (Toronto): y
for sports turf research   300.00/
Russell, Mr. Clarence: y
for the Neurological Research Fund   25.00 I\
Sherritt Gordon Mines: ,
nickel ore research grant  3,483.45 /
nickel powder research grant  4,297.08 v
Siddoo, Mr. Tara Singh: y
for the Research and Postgraduate Fund in Surgery   500.00 /
Standard Oil Company of British Columbia Ltd.: y
for  Chemical  Engineering    150.00 ^
Syntax Corporation of Mexico (Mexico): y
research grant for chemistry   1,000.00
Taylor, Mr. Austin C: y
Canada Mink Breeders research  210.00 /
United States Government (Washington):
for special   research  chemistry   15,000.00£-^/
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Seattle): y
research in physiology on muscular fatigue of fishes  1,344.19/   f
U.S. Vitamin 8c Pharmaceutical Corporation (New York):
research  grant,   medicine     2,275.00
Vancouver Foundation: .
research grant, economics   ZZ.AA^y
H. R. MacMillan Fisheries Expedition grant   10,000.00 /^
Vancouver General Hospital (Department of Urology): /
for the Research and Postgraduate Fund in Surgery   100.00 v
Wilkinson, Mr. J. W.: y
for the Research and Postgraduate Fund, Surgery   300.00 |/f GRANTS FOR TEACHING AND GENERAL PURPOSES
Advertising and Sales Bureau, Vancouver Board of Trade: ,
grant for Faculty of Commerce         1,000.00'
American Chemical Society (Washington, DC):
petroleum research fund travel grant  800.00 V
for the President's Fund  100.00
Banff Oil Ltd. (Calgary):
for the geology field school   100.00 if
B.C.  Foundation for Child Care,  Poliomyelitis and  Rehabilitation:
for  instruction  in  special  education        12,000.00*'
Bloedel, Mr. Prentice (Winslow, Washington):
for history of forest industries in  B.C.   250.00 vV
Bloedel Foundation (Bainbridge Island, Washington):
for the President's Fund        3,300.001/
British American Oil Company Ltd. (Calgary)
for the geology field school   500.00 j/
British Columbia Teachers Federation:
British Columbia Educational Research Foundation grant   500.00 -y
California Standard Company (Calgary):
equipment grant for geology   .___          1,000.00^
for geology field school   500.00^
CnrnpheU   thp IrrfP Anne S   (estnte):
medical fund _-  350.00 "
Canada Council: /
for professorship in architecture and Japanese art  _       3,500.00 V,
for special  lecturer   393.50/
for Indian Carving programme      10,000.00/
Canadian Cancer Society:
for the lectureship in Medicine   500.00 •■
Canadian Exploration Limited:
for research professorship in geophysics      10,000.00 i/
Canadian Life Insurance Officers Association (Toroonto):
Life Insurance Association Commerce Fund         7,500.00/
Canadian Mental Health Association (Toronto):
grant for  psychiatry         3,614.79/
Canadian National Committee for UNESCO: +/
for UNESCO display at P.N.E.         1,100.00V
Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, Pacific Coast Branch:
for library books, chemical engineering   50.00|/
Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Ottawa):
grant for teaching in town planning         2,000.00 /
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada (Trail):
equipment grant, mining and metallurgy         1,050.00 V
Department of Fisheries (Ottawa):
for educational work in co-operative producing
and selling among fishermen         4,842.90 V
Fargo Oils Ltd. (Calgary): ^
for geology field school   50.00 v
Ferranti-Packard Electric Ltd. (St. Catherines, Ont.):
annual grant for mathematical, physical, and "       j
practical   sciences    600.00 ^ J
French Petroleum Company of Canada Ltd. (Calgary): J
for geology field school   100.00'
Fund for Adult Education (White Plains, N.Y.):
for liberal arts programme, Extension  6,500.001
Gray, Mr. John G. (Colgary):
for the geology field school   10.00 H
Health Centre for Children:
Health Centre for Children grant, Faculty of Medicine       29,508.37/    /
Honolulu Oil Corporation (Calgary): /
for the geology field school   100.00 /
Hudson's Bay Oil and Gas Company Ltd. (Calgary): y
for the geology field school   200.00 (/
Hughes, Mr. T. S.: y
for the Harry Hawthorn Foundation   70.00 /
International Nickel Co. of Canada Ltd. (Toronto): y
grant for mathematics         3,000.00 /
I.O.D.E., University Chapter:
for fine arts         1,000.00
Jacklin, Mr. Walter A.: /
for equipment, music       2,000.00 *
Kerr, Dr. S. A. (Calgary): ,,^,
for geology field school   1 0.00 /
Koerner, Leon J., Esq., LL.D.: y
for the History of Forest Industries of B.C.   2,500.00 /
Koerner, Mr. Walter:
contribution for special portrait  1,000.00 |/
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
grants for extension, law, and economics         4,800.00 "-
Mobil Oil of Canada Ltd. (Calgary): y
for the geology field school   500.00/
Morrison, Dr. E. S.: y
for the Garnet Sedgewick Memorial Fund   20.00
MacMillan, H. R. Esq., C.B.E., LL.D., D.Sc:
for the Collison Collection, anthropology       10,000.00
MacMillan, Bloedel and Powell River Ltd.:
for the Chair of Forest Pathology         5,000.00)
McKeen, Senator S.S.:
for the York Lectureship, Faculty of Medicine 	
Nelson Bros. Fisheries Ltd.:
for the Institute of Fisheries  _•_	
Pharmaceutical Association of the Province of British Columbia:
medical illustration fund, for exhibition at P.N.E.   200.00
Province of British Columbia, Education Technical Branch
(Victoria): /
for technical staff, Faculty of Education        8,351.76 /
Rayonier Canada Limited:
for forest products studies        1,500.00)
Soule, Professor Donald E.: ^y
for the Frederic Wood Theatre   15.00 /
Stewart, Mrs. Douglas: y
for the President's Fund   500.00)/
Surrey Co-operative Association (Cloverdale): y
grant for poultry science .  2,500.00 i/^ Vancouver Foundation: >
the H. R. MacMillan Lectures on Fisheries   600.00 ^
Vancouver General Hospital: /
grant for Medical   Illustrations  Department   5,000.00"/
Various Donors (Faculty of Education): ,
The Alberta Helen Bredin Piano Memorial Fund   20.00^^
Alma Mater Society: /
for International House Furnishings and Equipment fund   15.00 *
Canada Council (Ottawa): ,
grant for Buchanan Building extension   131,320.00 V-
grant  for  Library  extension   206,000.00 v.
grant for Cultural and Social Centre   245,700.00 V/
grant for residence units  46,250.00 *
Embassy of Yugoslavia (Ottawa): , y
for International  House Furnishings and Equipment Fund   25.00*r
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
for Faculty Club and Senior Social Centre   2,790.00
Lett, the Honourable Chief Justice Sherwood: \/
for the Faculty Club   300.00^,
Province of British Columbia Capital Grant:   465,958.33/
Schaffer, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie: y
for  International  House  Furnishings and Equipment   50.OO1'!
Various Donors (Capital Gifts Campaign):   833,618.48'/
Wainman, Prof. A. W.: -
for International  House Furnishings and Equipment   150.00 /
British Columbia Cancer Foundation:
for the  Bio-Medical   Branch  Library    2,666.67^
British Columbia Forest Products Ltd.:
for library books,  international affairs   500.00 /
Canadian Physiotherapy Association, B.C. Branch: ,
for the Bio-Medical  Branch  Library   50.00 /
Canadian Society of Radiological Technicians, B.C. Division: ,-'
for special books, Library   50.00 *
Faunt, Miss Jessie (North Vancouver): y'
for  Extension  Library purposes   10.00 'f\
Frank W. Horner Limited (Montreal): y
for the Horner Reading Room in Pharmacology  500.00 y
Harlow, Mr. Neal: .V
for the Harry Hawthorn Foundation:   10.00 v
Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia:
Institute Library grant   300.00*/
Koerner, Mr. Walter C:
for the Walter C  Koerner Slavonics Collection   2,500.00 '/
Lones, Mr. T. S. (Crescent Beach):
for  Extension  Library purposes   5.00'Y Native Sons of B.C. Post No. 2 (through Mr. E. Raftery,
Chief Factor): /
for the Howay-Reid Memorial Fund   25.00   y
Taylor, Dr. H.:
for the Harry Hawthorn  Foundation   60.00 iy
Vancouver General Hospital: y
grant for Bio-Medical Branch Library        6,666.00   l^
Total contributions in this list  $        723.00
Burke, Prof. Brian E.
Caple, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth
Fell, Mrs. J. P.
Koerner, Dr. Leon J.
Lanning, Miss Mabel M.
Lanning, Mr. R. J.
Mercer, Miss Eleanor
McGregor, Dr. Malcolm
McMechan, Mr. Melville (West Vancouver)
Pech, Dr. Stanley
Roberts, General Sir Ouvry
Ross, Mrs. Frank MacKenzie
Smith, Miss Anne M.
Tucker, Mrs. Frances H.
Wilson, Mrs. Ethel
Wilson, Dr. Wallace
Friends of the Library $ 4,699.25
President's Alumni Fund  ..    '.... 3,782.00
U.B.C. Development Fund    3,297.00
Bursaries, Scholarships, Loans:
Dawson  Club  Loan  Fund    20.00
Donald Buckland Memorial Scholarship   35.00
Dr. A. W. D. (Bill) Knox Memorial Award  114.00
Dr. Lavell H. Leeson Scholarship Fund   5.00
Garnet Sedgewick Memorial Fund   5.00
Judge Helen Gregory MacGill Loan Fund   20.00
Laura Holland Scholarship   10.00
Lemuel F. Robertson Memorial Fund in Classics  100.00
Lieut. James Douglas Hamilton Book Prize   5.00
Medical Ball Bursary Fund  20.00
Richard Claxton  Palmer Memorial  Scholarship   50.00
Social Work Prize   30.00
U.B.C. Alumni Regional Scholarships   3,132.50
Total donations in this list $        534.00
Bleasdale, Mr. Walter (Summerland)
Brown, Mrs. Hilary (Hornby Island)
Conell, Mr. H. M.
Cyprus, Mr. Nathan
Faculty of Education Staff Members
Housez, Mrs. D.
International House Students Club
Isaacs, Miss Marjorie
Murrell, Mr. and Mrs. John F.
MacPhee, Dean E. D.
Schaffer, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie
Stephan, Mrs. C. H.
Wainman, Prof. A. W.
Radio  Station CFJC  (Kamloops)    $ 156.00 ^
Radio Station CFUN  (Vancouver)    312.00/
Radio Station CHWK (Chilliwack)   _ 156.00 j/
Radio Station CJAT (Trail)   208.00/
Radio Station CJAV (Port Alberni)   156.00*/
Radio Station CJDC (Dawson Creek))   156.00 /,
Radio Station CJIB (Vernon)   195.00      .
Radio Station CJOR (Vancouver)   520.001/
Radio Station CJV1  (Victoria)  :  819.50V/
Radio Station CKDA (Victoria)   197.00/
Radio Station CKLG (North Vancouver)   260.00*^
Radio Station CKNW (New Westminster)   702.00V
Radio Station CKOK (Penticton)   195.00/
Radio Station CKOV (Kelowna)   195.00 t^
Radio Station CKPG (Prince George)   156.00^
Radio Station CKWX (Vancouver)   3,702.00 V
Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae  $ 5/297.52     .
Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority   8,134.75 Vi
Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority  _i_-  6,373.55 v
Alpha Phi Fraternity  __  7,220.85 /
Delta Gamma Sorority   7,482.19 y"
Dyke, Mr. and Mrs. Lome (Athens, Greece)   25.00
Gamma  Phi Beta Sorority   7,872.001/,
Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority  1  6,962.02/
Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority  _<_    6,972.53 /
Adams Pharmacol Products Ltd.: y
for the Student Emergency Aid Fund $ 50.00 r
American Can Company (Hamilton):
for the American Can Company Scholarships   702.00
B.C. Beef Cattle Growers' Association (Kamloops): y
for bursaries in beef cattle field        2,000.00^^
B.C. High School Boys' Basketball Association: 	
direct assistance for special students    600.00 /
B.C. Society of Internal Medicine:
contribution additional to regular bursary  ...  550.00 l/
RgnnPtt thP Into Dr. A   E. H. (estate):
for the Dr. A. E. H. Bennett Medical Students Fund         1,115.98 t/
Bews, Mary E.:
for the Woodsworth Memorial Scholarship  333.33 \X
British Columbia 1958 Centennial Committee:
endowment for the British Columbia 1958 -
Centennial   Scholarship        10,000.00 *—
Burnaby Parent Teacher Council: y
direct award for special assistance   60.00 /
Butchart, the late William B. (estate): //^
for the Florence M. Butchart Bursary Fund        1,093.57   ^
Campbell, the late Anne S. (estate):
for the Anne S. Campbell Bursary Fund   350.00   '^
Campbell River Parent Teacher Association: ^_
direct assistance for special student   75.00  /
Canada Council (Ottawa):
Canada   Council   Fellowship           5,650.00 if
Canadian Legion of the B.E.S.L. (Dominion Office): y
direct assistance for special students   900.00 /
Canadian Legion of the B.E.S.L. (Provincial Command):
direct assistance for special students         2,750.00 l/
Canadian Legion of the B.E.S.L. (Branch 153, Bralorne):
direct assistance for special student   100.00
Canadian Legion of the B.E.S.L. (Fort St. John):
direct assistance for special student   200.00
Canadian Legion of the B.E.S.L. (North Burnaby):
direct assistance for special students   300.00*/
Canadian Mathematical Congress (Montreal): y
for Summer Session prizes in mathematics   150.00 /
Canadian National Exhibition (Toronto):
special scholarship   600.00 tr
11 Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Ottawa):
awards in Community and Regional Planning 	
Chapman, Dr. G.:
for the Lauries Ltd. bursaries	
9,200.00 /
450.00 K
City Fire Fighters Union (New Westminster):
direct assistance for special student   150.00/
Coronation Chapter, I.O.D.E.:
endowment for the Coronation Chapter,  I.O.D.E., Bursary         2,800.00 l/
Cowichan District Teachers Association:
direct assistance for special students 	
Duncan Dogwoods Chapter, I.O.D.E. (Duncan):
direct assistance for special student 	
DuPont Company of Canada Limited (Montreal):
grant additional to Scholarship 	
Empire Swim Club:
for direct assistance to special students 	
Faculty Women's Club:
for the Anne Wesbrook Scholarship Fund 	
as a memorial to Fern Cochrane James 	
Frith, Mr. Walter D.:
for the Walter D. Frith Student Aid Fund 	
Gage, Dean Walter H.:
for scholarship, bursary, and loan funds 	
General Motors of Canada Limited (Oshawa):
grant to University additional to Scholarships
Government of Yukon Territory, Department of Education:
for direct assistance to special student 	
Gladstone Junior-Senior High School:
direct awards for special students 	
Grand Chapter of B.C. Order of the Eastern Star:
for the Elizabeth Bentley Memorial Scholarship
Hi-Y-Teen Inter Club Council:
direct award for special student 	
Holland, the late Mary Graham (estate):
for the Mary Graham Holland Scholarship Fund
Imperial Oil Limited (Toronto):
Imperial  Oil   Undergraduate  Scholarships   	
grant-in-Aid to University 	
Independent Order of Job's Daughters, Grand Guardian Council:
direct assistance for special students 	
International Nickel Company of Canada Limited (Toronto):
International   Nickel  Graduate Scholarships  	
65.00 y
50.00 y
500.00 V
275.00 ",,
10.00 V
5oo.oo y
1,051.00 %f
ioo.oo y
9,015.12 /
2,800.00 \Z
2,000.00 y
grant to  University additional  to  undergraduate  awards         2,500.00
12 /
I.O.D.E., National Chapter (Toronto):
direct assistance for special students         6,350.00
Kent, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. (Berkeley, California): y
for   student  assistance     100.00 Y
Kiwanis Club of New Westminster: y
direct assistance for special student   300.00 //
Leonard Foundation (Toronto):
direct assistance for special students         3,700.001
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:
Summer Session Extension and Grants to Individual Funds        3,500.00 fc/
Lillooet Community Scholarship Committee (Lillooet): .-       /
direct assistance for special student  250.00 y
Magee High School Students Union:
direct assistance for special students   300.00 /
Mallory, Miss Evelyn:
for the Nursing Students Assistance Fund   100.00 *^f"
Muche, Mr. Walter and Bergner, Mr. G.:
for University Student Assistance in memory of William Voss_. 5.00 *i
McDonald, Mrs. Dorothy:
for the Pi Beta Phi Vancouver Alumnae Scholarship   2.00 Of
Maclnnes, Mr. W. H.:
for the W. H. Maclnnes Scholarship Fund        5,000.00 /
McKechnie, the late Dr. R. E. (estate):
for the Dr. R. E. McKechnie Scholarship Fund .  166.46 l/
McKenzie, Dr. A. D.:
for the A. W. D. Bill Knox Memorial Fund  -  100.00  /
National Cancer Institute of Canada (Toronto): 	
for National Cancer Institute of Canada Fellowship         5,775.00
National Heart Foundation of Canada (Toronto):
for National Heart Fellowship in Medicine        4,000.00
National Research Council (Ottawa): y
for post-doctoral fellowships         4,000.00
Native Daughter of British Columbia: y
for the Scholarship  Fund   210.00^
Navy League of Canada (Toronto): y
direct assistance for special student   500.00
New Denver Bursary Award Committee (New Denver):
direct assistance for special student   100.00
Nelson Diocesan Scholarship Committee:
direct assistance to special students   750.00   -^
New Westminster Elementary Teachers Association:
for assistance to special students   200.00if
New Westminster Lions Club:
direct assistance to special student  250.00 /
/ (/
New Westminster Parent Teacher Council: ,
direct assistance for special students   175.00 v
North Okanagan Teachers' Association (Vernon):
direct assistance for special students   200.00/
"_? Oppenheimer, Mr. David G.:
» for the Oppenheimer Bros. 8c Company Centennial
Scholarship Fund  _.       1,500.00    *"
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter C: ''
for special assistance to student  25.00 /
Pi Beta Phi Fraternity (Winnipeg):
for the Pi Beta Phi Social Work Loan Fund  147.83/'
Pi Beta Phi Fraternity Vancouver Alumnae Scholarship:
for the Pi Beta Phi Scholarship   10.001
Procter 8c Gamble Co. of Canada (Toronto): /
grant additional to bursaries   600.00 V
Rnners. the late Jonathan (estate):
for the Jonathan  Rogers Awards   190.00   /
Rotary Club of Haney (Haney): ,
direct assistance for special student .—   250.00
Royal City Victoria Cross: -y
direct assistance for special student   150.00
Rush, the late George (estate): y
for the George Rush Bursary Fund        5,000.00 ''
Rutherford, Mr. T. J.:
for special prizes in agriculture   90.00 *
School of Home Economics:
for the Vancouver and District Home Economics
Association Scholarship   2.00 /
Shell Oil Company of Canada Limited: .
grant additional to research fellowship   500.00 /
Smith, Mrs. H. D.:
for the Pi Beta Phi Vancouver Alumnae Scholarship  5.00 tK
Smithers Parent-Teacher Association (Smithers): ,
direct assistance for special student   75.00  V
Stewart, Mrs. Douglas:
for the Pi Beta Phi Vancouver Alumnae Scholarship   500.00/
Supreme Chapter P.E.O. Sisterhood:
direct assistance for special students         1,000.00 /
Turnbull, Mrs. Agnes G.:
for the Dr. H. L. W. Turnbull Scholarship Fund         1,000.00 /
Ucluelet Parent Teacher Association (Ucluelet):
direct assistance for special student   350.00 v
University of Toronto Alumnae Club:
for the Dean of Women's Fund in memory
of Mrs. Thora Dolmage     50.00 y
14 Vancouver Foundation: ,
assistance for special students   550.00/^
Vancouver Secondary Women Teachers' Association: y
for special loans to teachers-in-training   200.00 ^
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation (Princeton, N.J.):
for graduate scholarships         2,000.00*/*^
Woodsworth, Mr. D. E.: .
for the Woodsworth Memorial Scholarship   333.33/
Woodsworth, Mr. K. C:
for the Woodsworth Memorial Scholarship  333.34 \y
Wright, Mr. C. E. (Miniota, Man.):
for the Ronald L. Cliff Student Aid Fund  50.00 »/
Y.W.C.A. (Vancouver):
for direct assistance to special student   100.00 4/
direct award for special student  50.00
for the Vancouver Home Economics Association Scholarship  4.00 V y
for Vancouver High School Scholarships       3,000.00 y
for University Scholarship Endowment Fund         1,000.00
for the University Student Assistance Fund  lOO.OO/
Total donations in this list $     1,385.00
Agnew, Mrs. A. M.
Boyes, Dr. D. A.
Bryans, Dr. F. E.
Claman, Dr. D.
Evans, Dr. A. M.
Garner, Dr. Mary K.
Hardie, Miss M.
King, Dr. D. M.
Mouat, Mr. W. H.
McKenzie, Dr. A. D.  /
Thomson, Dr. F. B.
Uchida, Dr. H.
Whitelaw, Dr. D. M.
Total contributions in this list  . $        150.00
Amyot, Dr. G. F. (Victoria)
Anderson, Dr. L. F. (Courtenay)
Barclay, Dr. W. S.
Beattie, Dr. A. N. (Victoria)
15 Benson, Dr. K. I. G. (Prince George)
Black, Dr. Donald (Kamloops)
Black, Dr. Duncan (Vernon)
Bowmer, Dr. E. J.
Clarke, Dr. D. A. (Kelowna)
Elliott, Dr. G. R. F.
Findlay, Dr. Ian (Dawson Creek)
Gayton, Dr. J. L.
Gibson, Dr. G. A. (Cranbrook)
Kennedy, Dr. H. K. (Cloverdale)
Kettyls, Dr. G. D. M. (Chilliwack)
Kincade, Dr. G. F.
Larsen, Dr. A. A.
Lindsay, Dr. J. H. (Trail)
Mahaffy, Dr. C. E. (Victoria)
Mather, Dr. J. M.
Murray, Dr. Stewart
McMaster, Dr. S.
Nelson, Dr. A. John
Read, Dr. John H.
Sinclair, Dr. W. (Prince Rupert)
Sunderland, Dr. W. F.
Taylor, Dr. A. J. (Victoria)
Whitbread, Dr. J. L. M. (Victoria)
WiMits, Dr. Reba E.
Wylde, Dr. E. W. (Courtenay)
Additional   contributions      $ 70.00
Cooke, Professor A. C.
Fleury, Prof. F. S. A.
Gage, Dean Walter H.
Johnston, Miss Anne
Contributions  to  date   $     3,352.00
Akrigg, Dr. Philip
Andrew, Dean and Mrs. G. C
Banham, Mr. James
Biely, Dr. Jacob
Black, Dr. Edgar
Black, Prof. Charlotte
Bluh, Dr. O.
Boyle, Rev. S. Bryson
Boyles, Prof. Sadie
Bryner, Mrs. Cyril
16 Burke, Professor Brian E.
Chant, Dean and Mrs. S. N. F.
Cooke, Prof. A. C
Creighton, Prof. J. H.
Crooker, Dr. and Mrs. A. M.
Curtis, Mrs. G. F.
Dallas, Dr. Dorothy
Daniells, Dr. Roy
Dolman, Dr. C. E.
Faculty Women's Club
Frederickson, Miss Margaret
Friesen, Dr. J. K.
Gage, Dean Walter H.
Gibson, Dr. W. C.
Gratsos, Mrs. Beatrice
Grauer, Chancellor and Mrs. A. E.
Harlow, Mr. and Mrs. Neal
Heywood, Prof. Robert
Holder, Prof. Mary E.
Jeffels, Prof. R. R.
Johnson, Dr. F. Henry
Johnstone, Dr. F. R. C.
Katz, Dr. Joseph
Korner, Mrs. I by
Ladner, Leon J., Esq., Q.C.
Lasserre, Prof. Fred
Loffmark, Prof. R. R.
Marquis, Dr. G. W.
Morrison, Dr. Edmund
McCrae, Dean Helen
MacKenzie, President N. A. M.
/   McKenzie, Dr. A. D. •
MacPhee, Dean E. D.
Noakes, Dr. Frank
Opechowski, Dr. W.
Osborne, Prof. Robert
Roberts, Mr. Aubrey
Rogers, Mrs. E. T.
Shrum, Dean G. M.
Sloan, Mr. Peter
Somerset, Prof. Dorothy
Sonnenschien, Mrs. Gina
Soward, Dean F. H.
Volkoff, Dr. G. M.
Wainman, Dr. A. W.
Watters, Dr. R. E.
Whitelaw, Dr. D. M.
Wilson, Dr. Wallace
Wilson, Mrs. Ethel
Wood, Dr. A. J.
Total donations to date  $        196.00
Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity, B.C. Chapter.
Atkins, Miss Willo
Blow's Prescriptions Pharmacy Ltd. (Prince George)
Broad, Mr. Alan E.
Dunbar Nurses Group
Nagle, Mr. Clyde
Northrup, Mrs. Anne
Ramage, Mr. and Mrs. T. E.
Ramage, Dr. T. E.
Richmond, Mr. Anthony (Beaver Cove)
Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle
West, Mr. G. M. (Prince Rupert)
Williams, Joyce and Jerry
Total donations to date —. $     1,046.00
Akrigg, Dr. and Mrs. G. P. V.
Andison, Dr. J. G.
Andrew, Dean G. C.
Barclay, Prof. May
Birney, Dr. A. Earle
Black, Prof. Charlotte
Borden, Dr. and Mrs. C. E.
Bressler, Dr. D. W.
Bryner, Mrs. Cyril
Carrasco, Anita (San Francisco)
Chant, Dean and Mrs. S. N. F.
Cooke, Prof. A. C.
Cooper, Mrs. Emily E.
Derry, Dr. Douglas
Ferguson, Elizabeth (San Francisco)
Finlay, Prof, and Mrs. A. H.
Friedman, Dr. Sydney M.
Friesen, Dr. J. K.
Gage, Dean Walter H.
Gay, Beatrice (San Francisco)
Jeffels, Prof, and Mrs. R. R.
Langdon, Lenore (San Francisco)
Langdon, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas (San Rafael, California)
Loffmark, Professor Ralph
Logan, Prof, and Mrs. Harry
Mahony, Grace (San Francisco)
Muir, Professor and Mrs. J. F.
Murdoch, Dr. and Mrs. D. C.
18 Macintosh, Dr. J. R.
MacKenzie, President N. A. M.
McLean, Col. J. F.
MacPhee, Dean E. D.
Peebles, Professor and Mrs. A.
Prendiville, Helen (San Francisco)
Opechowski, Professor and Mrs. W.
Robbins, Dr. and Mrs. W.
Shrum, Dean G. M.
Smith, Dr. Marion B.
Soward, Dean F. H.
Sundel, Dorothy (San Francisco)
Volkoff, Dr. G. M.
Watters, Dr. R. E.
Weinberg, Dr. Kurt
(The  amount shown  is  normally the  annual value of the award or awards).
Alliance   Francaise   (Vancouver)—bursary    $ 200.00*
Allied   Officers'   Club  Auxiliary—bursary    100.00     y
Alpha Delta Phi (B.C.  Chapter)—bursary   50.00/^
Alpha  Delta  Pi  Sorority  (Beta  Kappa  Chapter)—bursary   50.00 *y-
Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority (Delta Zeta Chapter)—bursary   50.00*'^
Alpha  Phi   Sorority  (Beta  Theta  Chapter)—bursary    50.00 ^
Aluminum  Company of Canada  Limited  (Montreal)—scholarship y
and  grant    1,200.00 »/
Alumni of Business Management Course (Vernon)—bursary   250.00 *
Alumni of U.B.C, through the Development Fund—scholarships  4,800.00 */,
American  Marietta  Company   (Seattle)—scholarships  500.00
American   Society   of   Heating,   Refrigerating,   and   Air-Conditioning
Engineers   (B.C.   Chapter)—scholarship    250.00 y^
American Society for Metals Foundation for Education and
Research—scholarship      500.00 ^y
American  Society for Metals,  B.C.  Chapter—-scholarship   400.00 tf y
American Woman's Club—bursary   250.00v/
Andison, the late Mrs. J. G.—fund established by her friends
as   a   memorial    100.001
Anglo-Canadian Shipping Company Limited—bursary   300.001 _
A. P. Gardner 8c Co.—scholarship   300.001^"
Architectural  Institute of  British Columbia—
prizes and scholarships   450.00 /
yjArmstead, Mrs. Daniel—scholarship and prize   300.00 »/
Association of Professional Engineers of British Columbia—prizes  150.00 /
Atlas Asbestos Company  Limited—prize  _  200.001/
Automotive Transport Association of B.C.—scholarship   150.00/
J 1/
J/ Ayerst,  McKenna 8c Harrison Limited  (Montreal)—
Baird, Mrs. W. S. and Gibson, Mrs. W. C.—prize
P-.lfonr     thp   Into   Hglpn   I    p.jflfi	
F.  R
■bursary established by friends
Barton,   the late Dr. G.
and   colleagues   	
Bateman,  Mrs. S. J.   (Ch
B.C.  Association of District Superintendents and Inspectors
of Schools—scholarship 	
Beef Cattle Growers' Association—bursaries 	
Credit  Union  League-—service award  	
Drugs   Limited—scholarship   	
Electric Veterans Association—-bursaries 	
Government   Employees'   Association—bursaries
Indian Arts and Welfare Society—scholarships .
Society of  Internal  Medicine—bursary  	
Belkin,  Mr. Morris—prize 	
Bell,  Mrs. Angela—bursary 	
Beta Sigma Phi Sorority (Xi Alpha Chapter)—bursary
Better  Business Bureau—prizes 	
B'nai   B'rith  Chapter  No.   77—scholarship  	
Boag   Foundation—scholarship   	
Bolocan,  Mr. and Mrs. J.  L. (Calgary)—prize 	
Borden  Company Limited  (Toronto)—prize 	
'Borrie, Mr. W. J.—scholarship 	
Bostock   Memorial   Lectureship—prize   	
Boultbee, Mr. J. N.—prize 	
Brissenden,  P.  R.,   Esq.,  Q.C.—scholarship or bursary 	
Britannia Mining and Smelting Company Limited—scholarship 	
British America Paint Co. Ltd. (Vancouver and Victoria)—scholarships
British Columbia Association of Social Workers
(Greater Vancouver Area   Branch)—prizes 	
British Columbia Bond Dealers' Association—scholarship 	
British Columbia Cement Company Limited—scholarships 	
British Columbia Centennial   1958 Committee—scholarship 	
British Columbia Corrections Association—bursary 	
British Columbia  Dietetic Association—scholarship 	
British   Columbia   Dental   Supply  Co.   Limited—scholarship   	
British  Columbia   Electric  Company  Limited—fellowships,
scholarships and service award 	
British Columbia Forest Products Limited—scholarships and bursaries
British  Columbia   Federation  of Labour—bursary  	
Columbia Fruit Growers' Association—scholarship 	
Columbia   Hotels  Association—scholarships   	
Columbia Institute of Agrologists—bursary 	
Columbia Loggers' Association—scholarship and bursary 	
Columbia  Lumber Manufacturers'  Association—prizes 	
Columbia   Parent-Teacher  Federation—scholarship 	
British Columbia Psychological Association—bursary	
British Columbia Sugar Refining Company Limited—scholarships 	
200.00 "/
225.00 /
100.00 * y
100.00 /
1,000.00 y
250.00 *y
300.00 y
100.00 Vy
450.00 *y
150.00 //
250.00 y.
250.00 y
250.00 y\
1,000.00 V
125.00 ]/\
6,250.00 \,y
3,600.00 y
250.00 y
100.00 <- y
75.00 Y   /
2,500.00  /
20 Canadian Anaesthetists' Society, British Columbia Division—bursary 100.001/^
Canadian Bank of Commerce—scholarship         1,200.00-'
British Columbia Surgical Society—bursaries   300.00   *y
British Columbia Teachers' Federation—prizes and scholarships.  2,400.00i^
British Columbia Telephone Company—scholarships   2,500.00 " "/"
British Columbia  Transformer  Co.   Ltd.—scholarship    250.00^-/^
British Pacific Life Insurance Company of Vancouver—scholarship  250.00'/^
PiW    thp   lntp  Hrin    R-   Rnndnlnh cirhnlnr^hip _  225.00 i/*
Buchanan,  the late  Dean  Daniel—scholarship  established by
friends   and  colleagues     125.00 fc/*
Buckland, the late Dr.  Donald C.  (memorial established by
friends)—scholarship    100.00  i/
Buckshon's Pharmacy—bursary   100.00/^
Bunston  Ltd., Electrical  Products—scholarship   300.00^^
Burbidge,  Mr.  P. W.—scholarships   250.00 ^y
Burrard Dry Dock Company Limited—scholarships   750.00 \f
Burroughs  Wellcome  and  Company   (Montreal)—fellowship and
scholarship     1,250.00 *-/
Bu.tohnrt    thp   late   Willinm   R hursnries     250.00^   ,
Campbell,  the late Anne S.—bursaries__  800.00 \/f
Canada Permanent Mortgage Corporation—prize   50.00 ^
Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, and
Recreation, B.C. Lower Mainland Branch—scholarship  50.00 l/T
Canadian   Bechtel Limited—bursaries   600.00 //
Canadian  Broadcasting  Corporation—prizes   200.001;_//
Canadian Cancer Society—British Columbia Division^bursary   500.00 *S
Canadian  Forest Products Ltd.—scholarships and prizes   500.00"
Canadian Forestry Association (B.C. Branch)—scholarship  200.001
Canadian  Foundation for the Advancement of Pharmacy— y
scholarships and bursary   450.00///
Canadian  Industries Limited—fellowship and  maintenance grant  2,400.00 •/,
Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, B.C. Section—prizes  105.00-/^
Canadian Hife Insurance Officers Association and Canadian Bankers
Association—scholarships in Summer Session Course, in personal
and buiness finance, three-year grant, annually   10,000.00K
Canadian  Mathematics Congress—prizes   150.00 fy
Canadian   Medical   Association—bursaries    1,000.00        .-
Canadian National Institute for the Blind—bursary   1,000.00//'
Canadian Officers' Training Corps—bursaries __>.  300.00 /^-
Canadian Pittsburgh  Industries Ltd.—scholarship   250.00  y'
Canadian  Society of   Exploration  Geophysicists—scholarship  350.00 *•
Canadian  Stevedoring Company Limited—bursary   300.00 'u'/
Canadian Transport Company Limited—scholarship   100.00 ■/
Canadian Women's Press Club—scholarship and scholarship fund
grant   500.00
Cariboo Gold Quartz Mining Company—scholarship   250.00 /
Cave and Company Limited—prize   100.00  \r
Canadian  Freightways Limited—scholarship   300.00 //
Canadian Industrial Traffic League—prizes     75.00 Cayley,  the  late Mrs.—scholarship 	
Central   Mortgage   and   Housing  Corporation   (Ottawa)—bursaries..
Charkow,   Mr.   A.   Max—bursary  	
Charles  E.   Frosst 8c  Co.   (Montreal)—scholarship 	
Chemical  Institute of Canada—prizes 	
Chertkow, Mr.  Irving G.—bursary 	
Chetkow,  the late  Moe and Leah—prize 	
Children's Aid Society of the Catholic Archdiocese of
Chilliwack Rotary Club—bursary 	
Chris  Spencer  Foundation—scholarships  	
Ciba Company Limited (Montreal)—prize 	
CKNW (Radio NW Limited)—scholarship	
Clarkson, Gordon 8c Co.,  Chartered Accountants-
award  and  prize  	
Class of Agriculture '21—scholarship 	
Cohen,  Mrs. M. B.—bursary 	
Cohen,  Mr. and Mrs. Moe—bursary 	
Coleman, Dr. H. T. J. (scholarship established by anonymous donor)
Collins   8c   Collins,   Chartered   Accountants—scholarship   	
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada  Limited
—fellowship,   scholarships  and  grant  	
Cooper-Widman   Limited—scholarships  	
Coquitlam  Farmers'   Institute—bursaries  	
Cowichan Valley Medical Association—bursary 	
Crown Zellerbach Canada Limited—scholarships 	
Cunningham, Mr. Alvin (Cypress Park)—bursary 	
Cunningham, Mr. George T.—scholarship and prize 	
Dauphinee,  Mr. T.  M.—bursary 	
Davis  &   Company—bursary 	
Day,  the late Dr.  Isabel  (memorial scholarship given by
anonymous donor) 	
Deeks-McBride   Ltd.—scholarship   	
Delta  Gamma   Fraternity—bursaries   	
Delta Gamma  Sorority, Alpha Phi  Chapter
(Dean of Women's Fund) 	
Delta Kappa Gamma Association—scholarship
Dicks, Mr. W. Jack H. (Armstrong)—bursary ..
Dilworth,  Dr.   Ira (Vancouver)—prize
Dow Chemical of Canada  Limited—scholarship and grant
Du Pont of Canada Limited—scholarship and grant	
Pnncmiiir. the  late  Hon.  Jomes—scholarship 	
East Asiatic Company—scholarships 	
Edith Cavell Hospital  Ltd.—bursary 	
Elkington, Dr. and Mrs. E. H. W. (Victoria)—scholarship
Empire  Stevedoring  Company  Limited—bursary
Engineering   Institute  of Canada—prize
Engineering Institute of Canada (Vancouver Branch)—prize __.
Engineers' Wives'  Association—bursary   _	
'    /
loo.oo y
100.00 /
400.00 1^
loo.oo y
oo y
.00 1/
oo y
oo y
oo /
00 /
00 i/
oo y
3oo.oo y!f
75.00 y
50.00 Y
240.00 /
25.00 y
750.00 Yy
50.00 /y
50.00 y
200.00 /
22 Entomological Society of British Columbia-
Faculty of  U.B.C.—scholarship 	
Faculty Women's Club of the University of B.C.
—scholarship and bursary 	
Federation of Telephone Workers of British Columbia,  Plant
Finning Tractor and  Equipment Co.  Ltd.—-scholarships
Fisheries  Association  of   B.C.—scholarships	
Food  Executives Club—scholarship 	
Foote   Mineral   Company—fellowship  	
Fort Camp Students' Council—bursaries 	
Fox, Mr.  and Mrs. A. Nathan—bursary 	
Franks, Mr.  and Mrs.  Dave—bursary 	
Frank W.  Horner Limited (Montreal)—prize 	
Fraser  Valley  Bar Association—bursary  	
Fraser Valley Milk Producers' Association—bursaries
Fresco  Club—bursary    	
Freeman,   Freeman,  Silvers  8c  Koffman—bursary 	
Freeman, Mr. Max—bursary 	
Friedman,  Dr. and Mrs. Sydney M.-
Gallinari,  Mr.  Lucien—prize 	
Gamma  Phi  Beta Sorority, Vancouver Alumnae Chapter-
General Construction Company Limited—scholarships 	
Genera) Motors of Canada  Limited—scholarships and grant-
Gibson, Mrs. W. C. and Baird, Mrs. W. S.—prize  _'	
Gill   Interprovincial   Lines  Ltd.—scholarship  	
Gladstone Chapter No. 6 C. J. Order of Ahepa—prize
Goldenberg,  H. Carl, Esq., O.B.E., Q.C.—prize 	
Gordon Young (B.C.) Limited—bursary 	
Graduating Classes of 1959—bursary
Graham, the late Dr. J. Meredith (memorial prize given by
anonymous donor)
Greater Vancouver District Registered Nurses' Asscoiation
Greenberg,  Dr. and Mrs. A. B.—bursary 	
Griffiths  8c  Griffiths—scholarship  	
Ha lorn,  Dr.  Stephen—prizes 	
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph—scholarship 	
Hamber,  Chancellor  Emeritus E.  W.—scholarships and  prize
Hamilton   Insurance   Agency   Ltd.—scholarship   	
Hamilton, Lieut. James Douglas (memorial prize provided by friends)
Harrison, the late Ella J. (memorial prize established by friends)	
Hatfield, Miss Janet—scholarship 	
Health Officers  of British  Columbia—prize 	
Heavy Construction Association  of  B.C.—scholarships  and  prize—
Hebb, the  late Dr.  and Mrs.  Thomas Carlyle  (scholarship
established by son and daughters) 	
Helliwell, Maclachan 8c Co.—bursary 	
425.00 /
1,500.00 t^y
250.00 *.
200.00 fy
25.00 '*
40.00   l"^
100.00 iS/
50.00 i^
25.00 <-^
25.00 */
50.00 yy
10,550.00  t'
50.00 /
350.00 \Y,
75.00 y
oo y
00 /
00 /
00 "S.y
350.00 S
200.00 y
23 Hill-Tout, the late Ben (memorial prize established by family
and friends) 	
Hoffar's Ltd.—scholarship 	
Hoffman-LaRoche   Limited   (Montreal)—scholarship   	
Holland, the  late  Dr.  Laura (scholarship established by
friends and colleagues)  	
Hnllnnd. the late Dr.  Laura—scholarship ..	
hlnllnnH. th,e [gfe Mrs. Mary Graham—scholarships	
Hoo Hoo,  Kamloops Branch—bursary 	
Hotel  Association  of  Prince  Rupert—scholarship 	
Hudson's  Bay Company (Vancouver)—service awards 	
Hudson's  Bay Company  (Victoria)—service   award 	
Hutchinson, Dr. Andrew H. (scholarship established by friends
and colleagues) 	
Ingledow,   Dr.  T.,   P.Eng.—scholarships   .	
Inland Natural Gas Co. Ltd.—scholarship 	
Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia—bursary	
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (Local 213)—bursary
International Nickel Company of Canada Limited—
scholarships and grants 	
International Union of United Brewery, Flour, Cereal, Soft
Drink and Distillery Workers of America, Local 300—bursary
I.O.D.E., Vancouver Municipal Chapter—scholarship 	
I.O.D.E.,   Bastion Chapter (Nanaimo)—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,  Canadian  Scottish  Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E., Captain Cook Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,  Coronation  Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,   Cowichan Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,  Duncan  Dogwoods Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,  Kerrisdale   Chapter—bursary   	
I.O.D.E.,   Lieut. Col. Merritt, V.C., Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,  Mildred  Britton  Brock Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,   Princess   Betty Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,  Provincial Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,   R.C.A.F.   Chapter—bursaries   	
I.O.D.E.,  Royal City Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,   Ruskin   Chapter—Alfred   Newton   Wolverton   Memorial
I.O.D.E.,  R.A.F. Silver Jubilee Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,   Sir Anthony Eden  Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,   Sir Charles  Tupper  Chapter—bursary  	
I.O.D.E., Triple  Entente Chapter—bursaries 	
I.O.D.E., University Chapter—prize 	
I.O.D.E.,  Unknown  Warrior Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E., Valcartier Camp Chapter—bursary 	
I.O.D.E.,  Worthington Memorial Chapter—bursary 	
I.W.A. Credit Union, New Westminster—scholarship	
James, Fern Cochrane—memorial scholarship contributed by friends
I'tinr""".  tho  lntp AnniP Bmr-P. LLP.—prize _	
40.00 y
300.00 /
200.00 *
600.00 y
200.00 y
250.00 V
loo.oo ;/
250.00 //
100.00 \
200.00 ^y
100.00 /
300.00 V"
250.00 /.
300.00 /
100.00 /
100.00   Yy
3oo.oo y
50.00 /
100.00 /
100.00   /
300.00     .
5o.oo y
24 Jamieson, the late Annie B.—(scholarship established by friends
and colleagues) 	
J.   Fyfe Smith  Co.  Limited—scholarship   	
Kania, Dr. and Mrs. J. E.—scholarships 	
Kappa Kappa Gamma Mothers' Club (Dean of Women's Fund) 	
Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae  (bursaries and Dean of Women's
Katznelson,  Mr.   and  Mrs.   K.—bursary 	
Kemp Agencies Limited—bursary 	
Kennecott Copper Corporation  (New York)—scholarship and grant
Ketchum Manufacturing Company Limited (Ottawa)—bursary 	
Khaki   University of Canada Administrators—bursaries 	
Kia Ora Service Club—bursary 	
Kinsmen Club of West Point Grey—bursary  ±	
Kirk, the late Mrs. Thomas H.—scholarship  l	
Kitchen, the late Willard (bursaries established as a memorial
by  his daughters)  	
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver—prize and scholarship
Kiwassa Club of New Westminster—scholarship 	
Klein, the late Mr.   I. J.—scholarship 	
Koch, Mr. and Mrs. Albert O.—bursary 	
Koerner, Leon, Esq., LL.D.—scholarship and fellowship
Koerner, Mr. Walter C.—scholarships and bursary 	
Koerner, Messrs. Walter and Leon—scholarship 	
Ladies Pharmaceutical Auxiliary—bursaries 	
Ladies Pharmaceutical Auxiliary (Victoria) 	
Ladner,  Leon J., Esq.,  Q.C.—prizes
Ladner, Leon J., Esq., Q.C. and family—scholarship _—
Ladner, Downs, Ladner, Locke, Clark and Lenox—prize .
Lady Laurier Club—bursaries	
Lambert,   Brigadier Noel  D.—scholarship 	
Lando, Mr.   Esmond—bursary
Leeson, the late Dr. H. Lavell—scholarship established by
family,   colleagues,   and   friends  	
Later Chemicals Ltd.—scholarship 	
Law Society of British Columbia—prize 	
Lederle Research  Division, American  Cyanamid Company
Lefevre, the late Mrs. J. M.—scholarship
LeFohn,   Mr.  L.  J.—scholarship 	
Leon  and Thea   Koerner  Foundation—scholarships  	
Le Patourel, the late Mr. H. C—fellowship 	
Life Underwriters Association of Vancouver—scholarship
Lions Club of Vancouver Chinatown—bursary	
Lions Gate Branch No. 79, Canadian Legion-
Lions Ladies Club (Vancouver)—bursaries 	
Lower Mainland Pharmacists' Association—bursary ..
Macaulay, Nicolls, Maitland 8c Co. Ltd.—scholarship
150.00 *y
250.00 *
400.00 /
100.00 i/'
25.00 /
240.00 /
2,000.00 £•"'
200.00 /^
250.00 i/-
500.00 *-/
275.00 /"
500.00 /
25 Mallinckrodt Chemical Works Limited (Montreal)—prize   25.00 /
Mead Johnson of Canada Ltd.—prize   50.00 w ,
Medical   Ball  Bursary Committee—bursaries   2,000.00 V
Medical  Board  of  the Vancouver General  Hospital—scholarship   200.00 /.
Melton  Real  Estate (Vancouver)—scholarship   250,00   y
Merck &, Co.  Ltd.  (Montreal)—scholarship   200.00*/
Mobil Oil of Canada Ltd.  (Calgary)—scholarship and grant  800.001-/
Morrison, Mrs. A.  B.—scholarship   70.00 /
Morrison Steel 8c Wire Co.  Ltd.—service award   300.00 /
Mount  Pleasant-Cambie  Kiwanis  Club—bursary-loan    400.00 V
Mulholland, Mrs. F. D. and family—bursary  75.00/
Munro,  Mrs.  E. and Miss Constance—scholarship  in memory of
Ernest A. Munro   150.00/
Murphy,   Brigadier  and   Mrs.   William—scholarship    250.00 ^
Myers,  the  late  Dr.   Ernest  Roland—scholarships    1,700.00*<'
McCarter,   Nairne  8c  Partners,   Architects—scholarship    400.00V  .
McGill Graduates' Society of B.C.—scholarship   100.00 j/
Maclnnes, Dr.  Isabel (prize donated by friends in her honour)  100.00 /
Maclnnes, Mr. W. H.—scholarship and prizes   1,175.00  /
Mcintosh Supply Ltd.—scholarship   250.00'/
McKee. the late Mrs. P. A.—prize   40.00 /
McKee. the.late Dr. David—scholarship   150.001/
Mackenzie,  Mr.  Don—bursary in his honour established by ,
friends and colleagues   250.00/
McLean  Foundation  (Toronto)—bursaries   1,000.00/
MacMillan,  H. R.,  Esq.,  D.Sc, LL.D, C.B.E.—prizes
and scholarships   5,800.Q0l/
MacMillan, Bloedel 8c Powell River Limited—scholarships   1,450.00'
Macmillan Company of Canada Limited (Toronto)—prizes   100.00/
MacRae,  Mrs.  John—bursary    200.00/
Nabob Foods Division, Kelly Douglas 8c Co. Ltd.—scholarships  1,000.00 /
National Council of Jewish Women, Vancouver Section
—bursaries and  scholarship   300.00 'y
National Paper Box Company Limited—bursaries   400.00JJU
Native   Daughters   of   British   Columbia—-scholarship     150.00*
Naval Officers Association of British Columbia
—scholarships  and   bursary-loans     900.00 /
Neilson, the  late Dr. J.  R.—memorial  book prize
established by a friend   50.00^
Nemetz, Nathan T.,  Esq.,  Q.C. and Herman,  Esq.—scholarship   100.00'
New York  Life   Insurance Company—fellowships,  scholarships, /
and bursaries   5,000.00'/
Nicholson, the late Dr. F. J.—scholarships __  1,000.00 /,
Nisei   Varsity  Club—scholarship    100.00 t
Northern Commercial Company Limited (Seattle)—scholarship  500.00/
Northern Electric Company Limited  (Montreal)—fellowship /
and scholarship   2,000.00 V
North  Shore  Medical Society—bursary   100.00 v
Northwest  Plaster Bureau—scholarship   250.00 V
26 O'Leary,  the late Paul A.  (prizes established by anonymous
donor as a memorial)   100.00 f\
Oppenheimer Bros.  8c Company—scholarship _   500.00 (/
Osier,   Hammond and Nanton—scholarship    200.00 /
Osier Society of Vancouver—scholarship   100.00//
Pacific Brewers' Warehousing  Ltd.—scholarships   5,000.00     /
Pacific Coast Terminals Co.   Ltd.   (New Westminster)—scholarships 500.00//-
Pacific Meat Company Limited—bursary   200.00 iff
Pacific Northwest Personnel Management Association—scholarship __ 250.001/
Palmer, the late Richard Claxton (scholarship established
by friends and colleagues)    300.00*^/-
Pan-Abode   (1951)   Ltd.—scholarship     500.00 s/^
Panhellenic Association and Inter-Fraternity Council—bursary   35.00 /C)
Paper Industry Management Association—scholarship   225.00 •/
Pearce, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. (Sardis)—scholarship   100.00 Y
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell 8c Co.—scholarship and service award   696.00 t/<
Pemberton   Securities   Limited—scholarship     250.00//
Pendakur, Mr. V. S.—scholarship   400.00 /
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AD—biennial bursary   140.00 •/,
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter AM—bursary   100.00 l<
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Chapter B—bursary  100.00 *-*"
P.E.O. Sisterhood, Vancouver Chapters—bursary   240.00 '^y^"
Peter Kiewit Sons Co. of Canada Limited—scholarship   345.00 /
Pfizer   (Canada)—fellowship    500.00/'
Pharmaceutical Association of the Province of British Columbia
—scholarship and prize   150.00' \Y
Pi Beta Phi  Fraternity, Vancouver Alumnae Club—scholarship   500.00 <f^^
Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Pi Gamma Chapter—bursary  75.00'/^
Phillips, the late Sperry (bursary established by friends and colleagues) 150.00 ty,
Phrateres,   Theta  Chapter (U.B.C.)—scholarships    150.00 /
Plant, Mr. G. E.—prize  25.00 /
Players'  Club  Alumni—scholarship    50.00 fc/
Police  Mutual  Benevolent Association—scholarship    250.00 r/^-
Polish-Friendship "Zgoda"  Society—prize    100.00 ^
Pop, Mr. R. J.—scholarship   150.00*/
Poulenc  Limited (Montreal)—fellowship and  scholarship   750.00 r.
Powell River Company Limited—scholarship and prize   725.00/-
Pre-Medical  Society  (U.B.C.)—bursary   100.00 \Yy
Price Waterhouse 8c Company—scholarship and service award   646.00 *Yy
Primrose Club of Vancouver—scholarships  375.00   /
Pringle, Flying Officer Reverend George Robert
(memorial bursary established by friends)   250.OOlYy
Procter 8c Gamble Company of Canada Limited—bursaries and grant 2,100.00 \Y
Provincial Council of British Columbia, Canadian Daughters'
League—bursaries   200.00 "^""^
Provincial Health Branch of the Province of British Columbia ,  .-
—scholarship     1 OO.OCl/
Quota Club (Vancouver)—bursary   100.004 y
Ravenhill. the late Dr. Alice—srhnlnrshj^  175.00  K
27 Rayonier Canada  Limited—scholarships   2,000.00 /
R.C.A.F.  Veterans'  Fund—bursaries    450.00 Y.
Rea,   Mr.   Bill—scholarship    1,000.00 */
Read,   Jones,   Christoffersen—scholarship     200.00'/
Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. S.  R.—bursaries   300.00 /
Riddell, Stead, Graham, 8c Hutchison (Chartered Accountants) /
—service   award    .  396.00ly'/
Robertson,  Dr.  H.   Rocke—prize established in his honour   150.00//
Robert S. Day and Son Limited—bursary  150.00 Y
■fopprs. the late Jonathan C.—scholarships and bursaries      3,000.00  /
Rotary Club of New Westminster—bursary   250.00//
Rotary Club of Vancouver—bursaries   1,500.00 V
Rothstein, the late Mr. A.—bursary (contributed by family)   100.00   /
Royal   Arch   Masonic  Order—scholarship    300.00 \Y
Royal   Institution—scholarships   1,600.00 **
R,,ch    the  Into  Pieorne hi.rsr.ries  200.00 ^
Ryckman, the  late Nancy...E.—scholarship..  250.00 /
Satanov, Mr. and Mrs. Joe—bursary   25.00 X/
Savage   Shoes   Limited—fellowship     1,500.00 V
Schinbein, Mrs. A. B. and Dr. John E.—scholarship  250.00 K
Schlage Lock Company of Canada Limited—scholarship   250.00//
Schlumberger of Canada—scholarship and grant  .. 1,000.00 V
Schultz,  Judge  William A.—prize    100.00 Y
Sea Going Hacks—bursary   200.001/
Seattle  Branch,  U.B.C. Alumni—scholarship   240.00 V/
■Shoffar    trip Into Mnrinn A.^-hii. snrv ...  300.001/
Shapiro, the late Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin— •
(bursary  donated  by   his   children)    50.00 /
Shaw,  the late James Curtis—scholarship (established by y
friends and colleagues)   100.00 /
Shell Oil  Company of Canada Limited—fellowship and  grant   2,300.00 Y/
Siddoo,   Mr.   Kapoor  Singh—scholarships    500.00 <//
Sidney Roofing and  Paper Co. Ltd.—scholarships   250.00 Vy
Sigma  Phi  Delta   Fraternity—bursary   50.00 y/
Signus Club of Vancouver—prize   75.00*
Simson-Maxwell   Ltd.—bursary    200.00V/
Smith,   Mr.   Frank  F.—scholarship    300.00 /
Smith,  the late Jean Mcintosh—scholarship   450.00 {/
Social  Work .Staff—prize    25.00lX
Standard Oil Company of British Columbia Limited—fellowship, y
grant,  and scholarships   3,100.00/^,
Steel Company of Canada—bursaries and grant   1,000.00//
St.  Paul's Hospital—resident fellowship   1,800.00/
St.  Paul's Medical Staff—bursary   300.00*/
Stry Credit Union—scholarship   300.00 V/
Summer Session Association—scholarships, prizes and bursary   585.00 Vy
Summerland  Kiwanis Club—bursary  .  1 00.00
Super-Valu  Stores  Ltd.—scholarship   1,000.00
/ Surrey Co-operative Association—bursary
Swan, Col. and Mrs. W. G.—bursary 	
Taylor,  Mr.  Austin C.—scholarship
Tnvlor. the late Elizabeth Brvdon—scholarship
Terminal City Club—scholarship 	
The  California  Standard Company—scholarships
The Canada Permanent Trust Company—prize ___.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce—scholarship _„_
The Vancouver Sun—scholarships 	
Thorn, the late David—scholarships and bursary _
Thompson, Dr. Charles J.—prizes 	
Timber Management Limited (Vancouver)—service award
Timber  Preservers  Limited—prizes  	
Timber  Sales  8c  Distributors  Limited—scholarship  	
Toban,   Mr.   Louis—bursaries  	
Toohill,  the  late Louis  Lipsey—scholarships 	
Trans-Canada Investment Corporation Limited—scholarship 	
, Trans-Mountain Oil  Pipe Line Company—scholarships and grant.
Transportation and Customs Bureau, Vancouver Board of Trade
Truck Loggers' Association—scholarships 	
Tri-Services Committee, University of B.C.—scholarships 	
Turnbull, Mrs.  H. L. W. and family—scholarships 	
U.B.C.  Employees, Local Union  116—scholarship 	
Union  Carbide Canada  Limited—scholarships and grant    	
United  Empire Loyalists'  Association  of Canada
(Vancouver   Branch)—prize  	
United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union—scholarship 	
United Jewish Peoples Order (Vancouver Branch)—scholarship
Universities'  Service Club—bursary
University of  British  Columbia   Branch  No.  72  of  the
Canadian Legion—scholarships and bursaries 	
University  Nurses'  Club—scholarship 	
University of Toronto Alumnae—Dean of Women's Fund 	
University Women's Club  of Vancouver—scholarship and  bursaries
University Women's Club of New Westminster—scholarship 	
University Women's Club of White Rock—bursary  _„-__	
Upper  Vancouver   Island  Medical   Society—bursary  	
Vancouver and District Home Economics Association—scholarship ___.
Vancouver and District Labour Council—scholarships 	
Vancouver Bar Association—bursaries 	
Vancouver   B'nai   B'rith   Hillel   Foundation—scholarships   	
Vancouver Business and Professional Women's Club—scholarship —
Vancouver City Hall  Employees Association—bursary 	
Vancouver   Electrical  Association—scholarship   __	
Vancouver Elementary School Teachers' Association—scholarships
and prizes 	
Vancouver Federal   Employees Credit Union—bursary  	
Vancouver  Festival  Society—scholarships  	
5oo.oo y
250.00 Y ,
50.00 YyY
200.00 V
300.00 V"
715.00 Yy
35.00 y
200.00 l/^
200.00 /
100.00 '
75.00 1
250.00 y
500.00 tfY
150.00 i/
250.00 l'
1,600.00 »/
350.00 Yy
500.00 /
29 Vancouver Foundation—
The Harold S. Foley Jr. Memorial Resident Fellowship   1,800.00   ^
The VanDusen Graduate Fellowship in Forestry  1,500.00   /
Vancouver Local Office, Unemployment Insurance Commission /
—scholarship     150.00 -"
Vancouver   Panhellenic  Alumnae  Association—bursary    200.00«/
Vancouver   Policemen's   Union—scholarship    250.00 k -
Vancouver   Postal   Club—scholarship     lSO.OOv/
Vancouver  Real   Estate   Board—scholarship    500.00*
Vancouver Sales  Executives Club—scholarships   400.00 v
Vancouver Secondary School Teachers'  Association—scholarships.... 600.00 k
Vancouver Secondary Women Teachers—scholarship   300.00'—^
Vancouver   Stock   Exchange—scholarship     250.00,/
Vancouver Tug  Boat Company Limited—scholarship   500.00 '/y
Vancouver Women's  Canadian  Club—scholarships    400.00V
Victoria Daily Times (Victoria)—prize   100.00/^
Victoria Home Economics and Dietetics Association—bursary  100.00 V/
U/^inwrinht     thp    Into   Iris   V.—scholarship   _  1 35.00 ^
War Memorial Bursary Fund—bursary   70.00\/
Warner-Lambert of Canada Limited—fellowship and grant   1,500.00^
Warren, the late R. Morgan—scholarship endowed by friends /
and  colleagues     250.00/
Waterman, Mr. and Mrs. M. M.—bursary   25.00 /
Weaver,  Dean Emeritus M. M.—prizes   75.00 Y
Wescott,  the late Lillian Mae—scholarship   60.00 v/
Western Canada Steel Ltd.—scholarships   1,000.001*
Western Plywood Company Limited—bursaries   250.00 /
West Kootenay Branch, B.C. Division, Canadian Medical Association ,
—bursary     250.00 /
West Kootenay Rod and Gun Club Association—bursary  100.00 rf
Westminster Medical Association—bursary   400.00//
Westminster Paper Company (New Westminster)—scholarships   3,800.00 y
West Vancouver Parent-Teacher Council and Associations >
—scholarship     150.0Q /
West Vancouver Teachers' Association—scholarship   175.00 i<y
Whitelaw, Mrs. W. A. and family—scholarship  200.00 V
Williams, Mr.  E. F. (West Vancouver)—scholarship   200.00 Vy
Winspear, Hamilton, Anderson 8c Company—scholarship  300.00/y
Women's Big  Block Club—scholarship   75.00 v"
Woman's Christian Temperance Union of British Columbia—prizes _ 75.00V/
Woodward, the  late  Hon. W.  C.—scholarships _  250.00 *•
Woodward Stores Ltd.—scholarships   3,000.00 t^
World   University  Service,   U.B.C.  Committee—bursaries  1,000.00
Yarrows  Limited   (Victoria)—scholarships    250.00 \   .
Young,   Dr.   Maurice—prize —  50.00 /
Zeta Beta Tau, Alpha Chi Chapter—bursary  50.00 /
Zeta Psi Fraternity, Sigma Epsilom Chapter—bursary  50.00   V
30 Anonymous Donors:
two bursaries   160.00 Y
three prizes  125.00 t/
one scholarship  :  50.00 /
Ambassador of Switzerland (Ottawa): book prizes donated by His Excellency.
American   Institute  of Chemical   Engineers:   membership,   membership  pin,   and
Association of Professional Engineers of British Columbia: gold medal.
Bristol Laboratories of Canada: books.
British Columbia Lumberman: award of merit, subscription, and double payment
for articles published.
British Columbia Teachers' Federation: two silver medals.
Canada Law Book Company Limited: books.
Canadian Association of Geographers: books.
Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, B.C. Lower
Mainland Branch: special prize.
Canadian Institute of Forestry: gold medal.
Canadian Pharmaceutical Association: books.
Carswell Company Limited (Toronto): books.
Civil Defence Organization: special prize.
C. V. Mosby Company (St. Louis, Missouri): book prizes in Medicine.
Department of Mathematics: books.
Eagles, Dean B. A.: book prizes.
Federal Republic of Germany: book prizes.
Frank W. Horner Limited (Montreal): two gold medals.
Government of France: medal and book prizes.
Governor General of Canada: gold medal provided by His Excellency.
Graduating Class of 1958 (Commerce): merit shields.
Hamber, Chancellor Emeritus E. W.: gold medal.
Ingram & Bell Limited: special gifts.
International House Association (Vancouver): book prize.
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver: gold medal.
Law Society of British Columbia: gold medal.
Lefevre, the late Mr. J. M.: gold medal.
Merck 8c Co. Limited (Montreal): books.
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada: medal.
Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, Division of Sandoz (Canada) Ltd: (Montreal: book prizes
and equipment.
Sigma Tau Upsilon Honorary Agricultural Fraternity: gold medal  in memory of
Professor Wilfred Sadler.
Singer Sewing Machine Co. (Vancouver):  portable electric sewing machine.
United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada (Vancouver Branch): silver medal.
Vancouver Natural History Society: book prize.
Weaver, Dean Emeritus Myron M.: silver medal.
Anonymous: the Richard and Mary Legh Trophy.
Agricultural Undergraduate Society (in honour of Dean Clement).
Association of Professional  Engineers of British Columbia (in memory of Edward
Augustus Wheatley).
"""""" th» int" n.   A   F   H  ffV.r medical students).
Bollert, the late Dean Mary L. (established by her family and friends).
British Columbia Tuberculosis Society.
Canadian   Institute  of  Mining  and  Metallurgy,   British  Columbia  Section.
The Caribbean Students' Association.
Classes of  1929 (in commemoration of the observance of the  25th  anniversary
of the Class of '29).
Class of Law '48 (on tenth anniversary).
Cliff, the late Ronald Lorraine.
Columbia Preceptory No. 34 Knights Templar Vancouver.
Cromie-Dix Memorial Fund (established by colleagues and friends in memory of
Samuel Patrick Cromie and William Derek Dix).
Culter,  Mrs. Leila B. and Messrs. Richard and Lawrence (in memory of Carl J.
E.  L.  Sauder Lumber Company Limited (Mrs. Amy E. Sauder Trust Fund).
Frith, Mr. Walter D.
Gibson,  Mr.   W. Clarke  and  other donors (medical  students   loan   fund).
Graduating Classes of 1928 (Westbrook Memorial).
Graduating Classes of 1937.
Graduating Classes of 1952.
Graduating Classes of 1 955.
Graduating Classes of 1956.
Graham, the late Roy (memorial established by his family).
Hamilton, Mr. Duncan A.
Imperial Industries Limited.
Kierstead, the late Prof. E. M. (memorial established by anonymous donor).
Knox,   the   late   Dr.  A.   W.   D.   (Bill)   (memorial   established   by   his   friends  and
Robertson, Mrs. Lemuel F. and family (the Lemuel F. Robertson Memorial Fund
in Classics).
Matchett, Mr. Robert S., and others.
Mount Pleasant-Cambie Kiwanis Club.
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Woodward's Foundation.
Murphy, the late Paul E.
MacGill,  the late Judge  Helen Gregory (memorial established by her family and
MacMillan, H.  R.,  Esq., D.Sc, LL.D., C.B.E., (one for forestry students and one
for others).
Nursing Students Assistance Fund (various donors).
Pacific Coast Branch, Technical Division, Canadian Pulp and Paper Association.
Pharmaceutical Association of the Province of British Columbia.
Pharmacy Alumni (in memory of Dean E. L. Woods).
Phi Delta Legal Sorority.
Pi Beta Phi Fraternity.
32 Rotary Club of Marpole.
Sato, Mr. Tsutoe,
Sander, the late Mrsf AmyE.
Section of General Practice, B.C. Division, C.M.A.
Special Spring Session Students, 1946.
Summer Session Association.
Thompson, Dr. Charles J.
University Student Liberal Club.
University Women's Club of New Westminster.
Vancouver Normal School.
Vancouver Normal School Graduates.
W. K. Kellogg Foundation.
Worthington, the late Dr. G. H. (in memory of his sons).
Anonymous donors (various funds).
American Can Co.—award and grants.
B.C. Academy of Sciences—awards and grants.
B.C. Youth Foundation—financial assistance for students.
British Columbia Library Association—bursaries and loans for students.
British Columbia Social Credit League—essay prize of $500.
British Council.
Burnaby District Teachers' Council—bursaries.
Canada Council—scholarships.
Canadian Association of Real Estate Boards—scholarship.
Canadian Federation of University Women—scholarships.
Canadian  Foundation  for the Advancement of Pharmacy—Graduate  Fellowship
and E. L. Woods Memorial Prize.
Canadian Industries Limited—fellowships in Wildlife Management.
Canadian Institute of International Affairs—Newton Wesley Rowell Postgraduate
Canadian Legion (Dominion and B.C. Commands)—entrance scholarships.
Canadian Legion (various branches throughout the Province)—numerous scholarships.
Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Ottawa)—fellowships for community
Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada  Limited—undergraduate
Crofton House Alumnae—entrance scholarship.
Crown Zellerbach Canada Limited—scholarships.
Eldorado Mining and Refining Limited—fellowship.
Engineering Institute of Canada—Harry F. Bennett Loan Fund.
French Government—scholarships.
Imperial   Oil   Company—undergraduate   and   graduate   scholarships   and   grants.
Imperial   Order   Daughters   of   the    Empire—entrance   bursaries   and   overseas
International Nickel Company of Canada—graduate research fellowships.
International Pulp, Sulphite, and Paper Mill Workers,  Local 312,  Ocean Falls—
entrance scholarship.
33 I.O.O.F., Grand  Lodge,   Grand  Encampment,  and  Rebekah Assembly—bursaries
to the total of $1200.
I.W.A. Local 1-80—scholarship.
Kiwanis Club of New Westminster—special student assistance.
Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation—scholarships, prizes, and grants.
Leonard Foundation—scholarships.
Mackenzie King Scholarship Trustees—scholarships.
MacMillan, Bloedel & Powell River Limited—$2,800 in entrance scholarships.
National Research Council—bursaries, studentships, and postdoctoral  fellowships.
Northern Electric Company—bursaries.
North Vancouver Teachers' Association—scholarship.
Ontario Research Foundation—research scholarships.
Order of the Eastern Star—scholarship.
P.E.O. Sisterhood—student loans.
Pilkington Glass Company Limited—scholarships.
Rhodes Scholarship Trust—scholarship.
Rotary Club of Duncan.
Rotary Foundation—fellowships.
Royal Canadian Engineer Memorial Scholarship.
Royal Commissioners for the Exhibition of 1851—scholarships.
Salmon Arm Teachers' Association—scholarship.
Shell International Petroleum Company—fellowships.
Social Science Research Council—awards and grants.
South Peace Teachers' Association—scholarship.
Summerland (Alumni and Citizens)—entrance scholarship.
Territorial Government of Yukon—scholarships.
United Kingdom Government—Athlone Overseas Scholarships.
University Women's Club of Victoria—student loans.
Viscount Bennett Trust Fund (Canadian Bar Association)—scholarship.
West Point Grey Branch, Canadian Legion—scholarship.
Whitehorse Lions Club—scholarships.
Women's Institute of B.C.—scholarship.
Wood row Wilson Foundation—fellowship and grant.
World University Service (U.B.C Branch)—exchange scholarships.
Special Acknowledgements
Department of Education Student Assistance Funds:
Government of B.C. Scholarships to the total of $202,788 and Government
Bursaries to the total of $61,650 (for students in attendance at the University of B.C.).
The Plimsoll Club (Vancouver).
Waterman, Mr. M. M.—special assistance in obtaining bursaries.
Alphi Chi Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity:
bursary of $50 for any field.
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers:
scholarship of $250 for students in Mechanical Engineering.
Andison, Mabelle Louise:
scholarship fund established by friends as a memorial to Mrs. J. G. Andison
and open to students in the field of French Language and Literature.
British Columbia Association of Social Workers:
prize  of. $100   provided   by  an   anonymous   donor   for the   best  all-round
student in First Year Social Work.
British Columbia 1958 Centennial Committee:
endowed scholarship   of  $500   annually for  undergraduate studies   in  the
humanities and social sciences.
British Columbia Social Credit League:
through a donation  from Mr. V.  C.   Maddock,  a   prize of  $500  for the
best essay on the monetary system of Canada.
Butchart, the late William Broadfoot:
bequest to establish the  Florence M.   Butchart  Fund to provide bursaries.
Canadian Bank of Commerce:
scholarship of $1200 a year for duration of winner's university programme,
open to employees of the Bank. Established in honour of H. R. MacMillan,
Esq., D.Sc, LL.D, C.B.E.
Canadian Bechtel Limited:
bursaries to the total of $600  annually for undergraduates  beginning or
continuing studies in engineering.
Canadian Freightways Limited:
scholarship for $400  for students entering   First  Year  Commerce.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:
prizes to total of $200 for best television and radio plays.
Chapman, Dr. D. C:
the Lauries Ltd. (Vancouver), operators of Group and Fashion First Stores,
bursaries of $450 in Commerce for the session 1960-61.
Duncan Dogwoods Chapter, I.O.D.E.:
bursary of $300 for undergraduates from the Cowichan Area.
East Asiatic Company (B.C.) Limited:
scholarship of $500 for sons and daughters of employees of Company and
affiliated   companies   entering   University  (or   Victoria   College)   from   high
Federation of Telephone Workers of British Columbia, Plant Division:
scholarship   of   $500   for   sons   and   daughters   of   employees   beginning
University studies.
Foote Mineral Company:
fellowship of   $1500  for  graduate  study  or  research   in  pure  or  applied
science related to the metallurgical or chemical  industry, plus a grant of ,
$500 for special equipment and other expenses.
Gallinari, Mr. Lucien A.:
prize of $50 in Labour Law, Faculty of Law.
Halom, Dr. Stephen:
prize   of  $200   for   study  essay   in   field   of   local   and   regional   planning      y
administration. /
Hoffars Ltd.:
scholarship of $300 in Third Year Mechanical Engineering.
Hotel Association of Prince Rupert:
scholarship   of   $300   for   students   entering   the   University   from   School
District No. 52.
35 I.O.D.E., Coronation Chapter:
endowed   scholarship   of   $100   annually,   established   on   the   occasion   of
the relinquishment of the Chapter's Charter.
I.O.D.E., Lieut-Col. Merritt, B.C. Chapter:
bursary of $50 in the Faculty of Medicine. .
Kia Ora Service Club Bursary:
bursary   of   $200   offered   to  students   planning   a   career   in   the   area   of
children's work.
James, Fern Cochrane:
annual scholarship of $100 established as a memorial by friends, for award
to a woman student with highest standing in  First Year  English.
Ladies Pharmaceutical Auxiliary (Victoria):
bursary of $100 in Pharmacy for students from Vancouver  Island:
Lower Mainland Pharmacists' Association:
bursary of $1 00 for students in Pharmacy.
Melton Real Estate (Vancouver) Ltd.:
scholarship of  $250 for students  in Commerce  in   urban  land  investment
Munro, Mrs. Ernest and Miss Constance:
scholarship of $150 in memory of Ernest A. Munro, for students proceeding
to teacher training.
Maclnnes, Mr. W. H.: /
scholarship   of   $200   for  undergraduates  outstanding   in   study   of  Greek. /
Naval Officers Association of British Columbia:
two scholarships of $150 each for members of the U.N.T.D. and two
bursary-loans of $300 each for service and ex-service personnel and their
Pendakur, Mr. V. S.:
undergraduate   scholarship   of   $400,   in   honour   of   his   father,   Virupanna
Setty Pendakur, for a student from India or of East Indian origin.
Pre-Medical Society (University of B.C.):
bursary of $100 for student  in  the  Faculty of Medicine;   also additional
bursary of $ 1 00 for session 1 960-61.
Royal Arch Masonic Order:
scholarship of $300 for sons and daughters of members beginning University
Rush, the late George:
bequest to establish two or more bursaries for needy students.
Rutherford, Mr. T. J.:
prizes to total of $90, for session 1960-61, for essays in field of agriculture.
Steel Company of Canada Limited:
annual bursary of $500 a year for four years, plus a grant-in-aid to
the University of $500 for each bursary.
Thorpe, the late Mrs. Edith:
bequest of $2,000, through her executors, to provide bursaries for students
engaged in cancer research.
Toban, Mr. Louis:
bursary of $ 1 00 for students in Pharmacy.
University Women's Club of White Rock:
bursary of $100 for woman student from areas of White Rock and Surrey.
Vancouver Elementary School Teachers' Association:
eight prizes of  $50  for  proficiency  in  Summer School  courses.
Vancouver Real Estate Board:
scholarship of $500, in honour of Charlie Brown, for students in Third
Year Commerce in the real estate field.
36 Vancouver Sales Executive Club:
scholarship of $200, in honour of Ben Benwell, for Third Year Commerce
Marketing option.
Vancouver Secondary Women Teachers' Association:
loan fund of $200 for students in practice teaching.
Vancouver Sun:
special   scholarship  of  $500  a  year  for  five  years,   for  carrier  with   high
standing entering University or Victoria College from high school;
graduate scholarship of $2000 for graduating or graduate students proceeding
to graduate studies in the field of journalism.
West Kootenay Rod and Gun Club Association:
bursary of $100 for students in the field of wildlife management.
(1) prize in surgery of $50 in memorial of Dr. J. R. Neilson.
(2) four  scholarships  of   $750   each   for  students   entering   the   University
from Vancouver High Schools, session 1960-61 only.
(3) prize in surgery of $150 in honour of Dr. H.  Rocke Robertson.
Canadian Women's Press Club:
scholarship increased from $250 to $500.
Corswell Company Limited:
book prizes increased from total of $60 to $105.
Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, B.C. Section:
prizes increased from total of $75 to $1 05.
Faculty Women's Club.
Anne Wesbrook Scholarship Increased from $200 to $300.
Life Underwriters' Association of Vancouver:
scholarship increased from $250 to $275.
McCarter, Nairne 8c Partners:
scholarship increased from $250 to $400.
P.E.O. Vancouver:
Frances Milburn Memorial Bursary increased from $240 to $345.
Princess Betty Chapter, I.O.D.E.:
bursary increased from $100 to $125.
R.C.A.F. Chapter, I.O.D.E.;
bursaries increased from total of $175 to $250.
Rotary Club of Vancouver:
five bursaries each increased from $250 to $300.
Schultz, His Honour Judge William A.:
prize increased from $75 to $ 100.
Sir Charles Tupper Chapter, I.O.D.E.:
bursary increased from $75 to $ 100.
Timber Preservers Limited:
prizes increased from total of $200 to $250.
Timber Sales and Distributors Limited:
award increased from $300 to $350.
U.B.C. Alumni Association:
sixteen  scholarships  of   $300  each   provided   in   place  of  ten   scholarships
of $250 each.
United Jewish Peoples Order:
Max  Erenberg   Memorial   Scholarship   increased   from   $100   to   $150.
University Nurses Club:
scholarship increased from $75 to $100.
37 Vancouver City Hall Employees Association:
bursary increased from $100 to $150.
Vancouver Secondary School Teachers' Association:
scholarships increased from total of $300 to $600.
Vancouver Secondary Women Teachers' Association:
scholarship increased from $250 to $300.
Vancouver Sun:
two scholarships each  increased  from  $400 a year  for 5  years to $500
a year for five years.
Banfield, Mr. W. Orson: seventeen titles, history.
Beveridge, Mrs. M.  I. (from the estate of the late J. Alexander Walker): sixteen
boxes   books,   periodicals,   pamphlets,   etc.,   relating   to   architecture.
British   Columbia   Young   Buddhist   League:   one   hundred   volume   set  of   "The
Tripitaka,"  new Taisho edition of the  complete   Buddhist Scriptures.
Brown,   Mrs.   B.   L.   (through Mrs.  Dorwin   Baird,   North Vancouver):   books  (29
volumes) Canadiana.
Buchanan, Miss Sheila: books.
Commonwealth   National   Library   (Canberra):   fifty-seven   books   on   Australia.
Crummy, Mr. Richard B.: one hundred and seventeen books, general.
Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (Prague): book, Slavonic Studies.
Daggett,, Dr. Harry M.: thirty books, chemistry.
Dallas, Mr. John C. (Calgary): set (55 volumes) Great Books.
Elliott, Mr. D. H.: fifty-two books Canadiana.
Hall, Miss Unina (West Vancouver): nine titles literature.
Hamilton, Mr. R. A. (Whonnock): five hundred books on art, architecture, general.
Hill-Tout, Mr. William S.: six titles literature.
Lang, Mr. N. McKee: thirty-six titles English Literature.
Martin, Miss Fredericka (Cuernava, Mexico): twenty-one books, language.
Mauriaucourt, Mrs. Pierre (Burnaby): forty-four books, French literature.
MacKenzie, Dr. N. A. M.: eighty-five books, Canadiana.
MacKenzie, Mrs. N. A. M.: one hundred and forty titles general.
MacMillan,   H.   R.  Esq.,  C.B.E.   LL.D., D.Sc:   nineteen  titles,  books,   periodicals
relating to history, geography.
Scholefield, Mrs. Dorothy A.: books.
Trapp, Dr. Ethlyn: two books, literature.
Black,   Dr.   E.  P.:  Society for  Experimental   Biology and Medicine,   Proceedings;
Royal Society of Canada, Transactions.
Burke, Prof. B.C.: National Association Accountants Bulletin.
Bryner, Dr. C: Chess Review.
Campbell, Dr. J. J. R.: Journal of General and Applied Microbiology.
Creighton, Prof. J. H.: Listener; Times Lit. Supplement.
Daggett, Dr. H. M.: Puget Sound Chemist; Union Postale.
Friedman, Dr. S. M.: American Institute of Biology Sciences, Bulletin.
Gage,   Dean W.   H.:  American Mathematical   Monthly;   American Mathematical
Society Bulletin,  Notices, Proceedings, transactions;   Calcutta Mathematical
Society,   Bulletin;   Canadian   Journal   of  Mathematics;   Royal   Astronomical
Society of Canada, Journal.
38 Gibson, Dr. W. C: Medical Journal of Australia.
Hawthorn, Dr. H. B.: Iskra.
Hayward, Dr. L. D.: Pulp and Paper Magazine of Canada; Tappi.
Hooley, Dr. J. G.: Chemistry in Canada.
Hrennikoff, Dr. A.: Canadian Journal of Mathematics (for exchange).
Hull, Dr. T. E.: Canadian Journal of Mathematics (for exchange).
James, Dr. R. D.: Circolo Mathematico di Palermo Rendiconti; Indian Mathematical Society Journal;   Mathematics  Student Mathematica  Scandinavica;
Universite Institute de Statistique, publications.
Jennings, Dr. S. A.: Societe Mathematique de France, Bulletin.
Marcus, Dr. M. D.: Illinois Journal of Mathematics; Washington Academy of
Sciences, Journal.
McDowell, Dr. C. A.: Canadian Journal of Chemistry (for set 2).
Moyls, Dr. B. N.: Canadian Journal of Mothematics (for exchange); Canadian
Mathematical Bulletin.
Murdoch,   Dr.  B.  N.:   Canadian Journal  of Mathematics  (for exchange);   Com-
mentarii Mathematici Helvetici;; Internationale Mathematische Nachrichten.
Peebles, Prof. A: Engineering Journal.
Riddehough, Dr. G. B.: Society for Psychic Research, Journal.
Shrum, Dean G. M.: Pacific Science Congresses, Proceedings.
Simons, Dr. W. H.: Mathematics Magazine.
Soward. Dean F. H.: Canadian Army Journal.
Volkoff, Dr. G. M.: Physics in Canada.
Warren, Dr. H. V.: Times Weekly Review; Observer.
Boyd, Mrs. Bruce (West Vancouver): law books, reports and texts.
United   Nations   Library:   League   of  Nations  Treaty  Series   and   other   League
legal material.
B.C. Coast Vegetable Marketing Cooperative:  300 lbs. carrots, 300 lbs. onion,
600 lbs. potatoes.
Fraser Valley Milk Producers Association:  200 ft. of No.   1266T thermocouple
Nichiman Co. (Vancouver) Ltd.: lengths of plastic pipe.
Provincial Motors: two sets cord piston rings and piston.
Bonnycastle, F/L W. R. (Aylmer, Que.): four wooden poles covered with northwest
Indian style carving.
Bennett,   Rev.   R.   M.   (Toronto,   Ont):   Survey  of   the   Chinese   Mainland   Press
(six months), 1959.
National Central Library (Taipei, Taiwan, China): periodicals and magazines.
Buckland, Mrs. D.: one Monstera plant.
MacDonald, Dr. W. L.: one incense cedar.
McKeen, Senator S.: two India rubber plants.
Warren, Mr. H. (Victoria): eleven varieties of geraniums.
Chemical and Petroleum Research Laboratory (Carnegie Institute of Technology):
Complete set of Raman Spectral data.
Freudenberg, Mr. Carl (Mannheim, Germany): Oil seals.
Rossini, Prof. F. D. (Pittsburgh, Penn.): copy of 1953 bound volume of American
Petroleum Institute Project 44.
Vancouver General Hospital: cylinder of methane.
Dobbin, Mr. F. A. R.: Eastman topographic aerial camera.
Walker, A. J. (estate): planimeter and compass.
Association  of Casualty and   Surety  Companies   (New York):   educational   kits.
British Columbia  Bond Dealers' Association: complete Moody's  Investors Service
Cross, Mr. George: George Cross News Letter.
Fay,   Dr.  C.   R.   (Belfast,   Ireland):   photograph  of  Commemoration   Service   for
Captain   George  Vancouver,   May   1954,   St.   Peter's   Church,   Petersham,
Life   Underwriters  Association  of  Canada   (Toronto):   complete   set  of Training
Course Material.
Vancouver Stock Exchange: Financial Post Corporation Service.
University of Toronto Alumnae (Vancouver Branch):   book,  in memory of Mrs.
Thora Do Image.
General   Electric   X-Ray   Co.:   one   high   voltage   rectifier   filament   transformer
insulated for 65KV.
W. H. Steer and Company: three Eimac 304 triodes.
W.   L.   Stevens   Ltd.   (New   Westminster):   Westinghouse   3A   H.P.   230V   D.C
Motor, $100.00.
Burch,   Mr.   Cyril:   hand   carved   replica   of   the   University  crest   in   hardwood.
Swinton, Mr. Kurt (President, Encyclopedia Britannica of Canada Ltd., Toronto):
complete set of the Great Books of the Western World.
Fraser, Mr. Alex: "Still Life"—oil painting by Vanessa Bell.
Gibson. Dr. William C: portfolio of prints from the Musee Atger at Montpelier.
Andrews, Major L. R.: Proceedings of Fourth World Forestry Congress, 3 volumes,
'   19'54.
BriffjtfColumbia Lumberman,  Mitchell  Press  Ltd.:Fibreboard 8c   Partiale   Board,
'Vol   l-VI. Technical papers published by the F.A.O. of the U.N.,   1958.
Brodfe, Mr. J. A. Chief, Division of Timber, Ontario Departments of Lands and
Forests: two hundred trees.
McKee, Mr. R. G. (Victoria): copy of "Final Report of the Royal Commission of
/Inquiry on timber and forestry 1909-1910."
MqjMfijah, H. R. Esq., C.B.E., D.Sc, LL.D.: one copy of "My Partner the River."
National Lumber Manufacturers' Association (Washington, DC.): wood structural
.design literature.
Quel's Printer (Victoria): 400 copies of "Forest Resources of British Columbia
■ student use.
Bafity^Mr. Harry (Alice Arm): suite of pyrargyrite specimens from Torbrit Mine.
CoQSWJilated Mining and Smelting Co. (Trail): mineral specimens from the Bluebell
J§j£) H. B. Mines.
Curnrfftt-gs, Mr. W. W. (Toby Creek): quantity of bournonite.
DavijRdti, Mr. Tony (Surrey, England): suite of barium minerals.
Geoloaffcal   Research   Labs.   (Mr.   S.   A.   Kanik,   Calgary,   Alberta):   subscription
1» stratographic logs for N.E.B.C
Gower,   Dr.   J.   A.:   gift   of   mineral   specimens   from   several   localities   in   the
; riQ&riboo District.
Kennco  Explorations  (through Dr.  J.  A.  Gower):   donation  of  night  school  fees
■Jjjfl mineralogical supplies and equipment.
Nebo/Mr.  W.   I.: collection of Cambrian fossils from the  Hutton  Mills area
vjBijhthe Fraser River.
PiorafieK-Bralorne Mines (Bralorne): suite of gold ore.
Uni»|?»Keno   Hills  Mines   Ltd.   (Elsa,   Y.T.):   suite   of  ore   minerals   from   the
*jffso Mine.
ZajaSP,Mr.   I.  S.  (Iron Ore  Company  of Canada.  Schefferville,   P.Q.):  suite  of
iron ore samples.
ChlrlPfR. Will 8c Company Ltd.   (London  Ont.)  (through  Mr. W.  F.   Holshoe,
j  Vtfricouver): drugs.
E. S.jjJ|.uttlewor.h  Ltd.  (Don  Mills,  Ont.)   (through  Mr. J.  A.  Winram,   North
"wjfricouver): drugs.
FraHfcip/. Horner Ltd. (Montreal) (through Mr. D. A. Chipperfield, Vancouver):
'  OTvgs.
Glwco^kllenburys (Canada) Ltd. (Toronto) (through Mr. J. R. S. Carter, Vancouver):
J *|R)gs.
JoHn Wyeth 8c Brother (Canada) Ltd. (through Mr. Ian Coote, Vancouver): drugs.
Scherinji   Corporation   Ltd.    (Montreal)   (through   Mr.   A.    M.   Johnston,    New
,   Westminster): drugs.
I   •
Maunsell, Mrs. J. H. (Keremeos): lace caps, apron, sleeves, collar for Cfetbing
Museum Collection. "6-
Montcrieff, Mr. George (A. G. Montcrieff 8c Son): four tables for ,w»:-, in
students' lounge. ,\/
Wood, Mrs. M. M.: shawl, silk embroidered, sent from India one hundred.Jgars
Leach, Mr. Robin (Christchurch, N.Z.: fine collection of fishes frotflK/^pss
Island, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. _**>£)
Adam, Mr. James C. (Beloit Iron Works, Beloit Wisconsin); and Bucklan
D. C. (Vancouver): Thompson steam engine indicator, Boulin Ml
tachometer, Ferrante clip-on ammeter.
Warner Electric Brake and Clutch Company (Beloit, Wisconsin, through Sfcr.' L.
Butterfield, c/o Elworthy and Co. Ltd. Vancouver): Warner si|^_>$25
electric clutch coupling. *SP*P
Tremblay, Mr. G. R. (Abbott Laboratories, Montreal): twelve picture|f*fcJOrly
medical costumes. -i.-*o;>
British Columbia Electric Company Ltd.: five 3KV transformers; five wliwhour
meters. ct. •
Centre d'information du Cobalt (Brussels, Belgium): 500 gm high purity'^fobalt
rondel les. no*.!
Consolidated Mining  and  Smelting  Company of Canada   (Trail):   mass
National Research Council (Ottawa): liter of high pressure autoclave. M
Cooke, Professor A. C: violin, bow and case.
Dobie, Captain and Mrs. W.: assorted music.
Fuller, Mrs. E. W. (Courtenay): hymn book (handwritten, 1830).
Goodwin, Mr. and Mrs. C. Richard: assorted music.
Heyworth, Mr. H. G.: seven violins and one viola.
Ingledow, Mr. and Mrs. T.: one zimbalon.
Jacklin, Mr. Walter: three violins, three violas, and one cello.
Jones, Miss Ruth: eight boxes of assorted music.
McBean, Mrs. T. Cicely (North Vancouver): music.
New   Westminster  Men's  Vocal   Club   (New   Westminster):   male  chorupfcpfsic
library. , ,
Vancouver Symphony Society: orchestral music.
Ward, Mr. Harry: two oboes, English horn. |?>v
Young, Mrs. R. S.: violin, bow and case.
Crooks, Mr. J. W.: Remington's Practice of Pharmacy (1897 ed.)
Leuty, Mr. C. C: Certificate of Indenture as Apprentice (Great Britain—1861).


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